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Make Your Sphere Outta Sticks 01/02/03 1839
A sphere here in the universe is made out of our worm sticks stacked on top of one another and held together by nothing but love - kinda. Four sticks form a sphere's center as smallest. The rest is shaping and kneading them soft and pliant for shrink and expansion too. Wispy always, but heading up and down only. The human eye could not see four hundred (400) of them plied together if tried. Such as that, we are not that small either.

Much Like Jesus To A Child 01/02/03 1822
I was watching George Michael today on VH1 Classic. Did you know that George's mother is noneother than Tova "just rub it on" Borgnine (a cosmetics matron in Beverly Hills and abroad - now deceased I hear)? His father is not Ernest, no - but you see how all fades in the sand to be who you are today: a cop for Beverly Hills. He works there now after the scandals and all faded (much like me getting a job at Great Adventure after being involved in a ring toss minerv [French, getting for no give challenged] - getting free rings from a friend in the "Games" section - should I mention that on my application under "So, have you ever been accused of a crime?") But anyway, George is now comfortable there I hear and plans to tour in the future. Hats off - we like you.

Just Stamping Them Out 01/02/03 1444
Someone says "Why would I need to make a circle?" What do you do? Just stamp them out whole? Well, someone had to make the circle for you first. That means putting down pen or device to do it right enough holding a curve. To make a machine do such for precision purposes is to be who I am. Even nature does not have the circle - it is a product of mind and learned to do. Challenge it. Everything in basis nature is worm-like sticks only. The very first whole shape you can make from basis is a block or perfect cube from square shape (or a big, fat stick - not useful). Fact.

An Artist Is Never Allowed To Go Anywhere After That 01/02/03 1130
Was just watching VH1 Classic (Channel 148 Adelphia - rule me eighties!) and saw Joni Mitchell* perform her little bar tune "Woodstock". You know, Woostock was all Jews making the grade for no one again on some farm (yes, it was named "Yasgur's") in Corning, New York (I've been there - drove through on my back from Niagara Falls in 1986). Jews told other Jews to go there in the fall of 1966 and "stay for a while." It took seven (7) days plus (+) to amass that crowd before the movie cameras from Universal Studios started rolling and unknown bands on-hand played. The "woodstock" named is a threat to God (it is the crucifix named as wood holding you) and it is still offensive to me, but laughable as Jewish pride in the self. Junk. No artist was allowed to succeed that effort. You play, but you don't play well - that helps us keep you down. Trained people in music and effort had better things to do I guess. You will never be allowed to succeed God in his realm. Christ rules. You live. A farm in Landover (now Woodstock), New York (a vagary if ever there was one) was purchased after-the-fact by the studio to cover the debt to people and they called it "Yasgur's" again. Never forget Jews - a war is God's repayment for factdone. As lazy, stupid, and reminiscent of earlier times Christ, you are being rewarded already for your distrust and hatred. Why pay more?

And Plus You With The Circle Of Trust Failing Us 01/01/03 2227
Before I sleep it off, the "lateralus" (the line above the curve you see out front of you) needs you more to see. The lateralus makes little seen above, but on the side of note, tells you all that is being absorbed by the rise of the curve or its note. That is its function only. Say to the left we have quantity "y" labled as risen or dropped and that is much the function as any named. The astute (French for "a search for [in] truth only") see subtraction named in advance with each move forward. Computers will one day see this too.....maybe, maybe not. It works better, but so does counting off as you rise using stickers and such. Think with me on that one as I breathe. May I add that a lateralus shapes a curve also by restricting its flow upward? Too little sync (flow in time) makes too little have in time. You cannot reach a port's (a port is a movement in and out or exchange) zenith or highest point being too giving in resort and done (taking and giving in exchange and time). You need the spread covered for doing sense and time value. Height adds width. So does margin above and below. See it.

A Note From Little Ol' Me To Oh You Again 01/01/03 1630
Don't get too impressed with what I do here like the people who hate me for being everything they cannot be forever. It's really nice to be who I am, but I'm necessarily humbled by what it takes to be truly good at what you do and I like people to effort their good to make people happy, not to put them down. I effort toward us (you and me - keep me in there please) having better to be. All the while, I get horseshit (semi-fact: nothing grows on horseshit) from those who think to give is to receive first and how can I get what Doug Moon gets without getting Doug Moon mixed in with the receipts accounted for so hastily? I dunno - tell me what you find out when you become me. These same people are always in possession of little or nothing that counts with us to anger and they hate us for making the difference one they cannot purchase readily and dispose of with even less savor than received by those of true achievement. Keep pining for value, and we'll see what of it we can sell off to get you and your services dedicated to a full-time position at a higher wage. Meanwhile, know that I didn't become all that is Doug Moon by being you. I had to stop being superior for you to others and admit that every now again I'm right about things too if only for myself (a truer superiority if only as restated). Hell, if your selfishness weren't so blinding, I wouldn't have asked to see more about the overall plan that remedies my sight to sound and then thus mostly much of what opportunities are perceived (you can keep the catalog for cash). Sure, I'm still learning to drive, but know I'll tell you all I see along the way to get there. And I quote Timbuk 3 "i'm doin' alright | getting good grades | the future's so bright | i gotta wear shades" - now you too. Only a nobody walks in LA.

Add More Value From 01/01/03 1509
Let's clear up a few more circle facts right now, but pause slightly to reflect that I never got to learn about any of that "sine" stuff or most geometry about angles and such. You know me - I insist upon learning (seeing value afoot by step), not just knowing (having to use) by memorizing. To wit, the "tangent" (shared by two only) of any line is where it meets center. A line always has tangent or the ability to balance. The balance is never seen twice as one (1) line balances once only. The balance is false as weighted only (one side meets the other). A true balance means being able to divide, not to see fit or one-half (1/2) sees one-half (1/2) over. One-half (1/2) must be specified in "coarc" (perfect numbers as representation sees only) or representation numerics before asserting balance. A line is balanceable by fact-weight, but not by reason (dimensions seen afoot or fitting within and without). Our world is not perfect, but numbers are. A balance is achieved many ways and a half is no balance for sure but balances on scale. The tangent must be decribed always and in-full. The coarc is the "cosine" (having no sure but seen stable - an arc or rise perfect as weighed or stroked out) reduced to factnumber. Factnumber makes no one sure of merit (seen here to fit in reality or substance delved) but sure of delving (dividing as such in head or process first to plan - see engineering). No one cosines anything for engineering - they make fit and die. Engineering needs three (3) things to survive with you: 1) A "cosine" changes polarity only and fixes side as one or the other. It transpires numerics from one side to the other as same or equal with nothing on the line. Balance is no cosine - it is coarc. Never balance anything with coarc (on-the-line measures) as it kills people every day with choices to make against you and yours and for itself. Choose sides. Make little first, then big. 2) Make lines smooth, never hairy. A rise can kill you with effect. Smooth is no tangent or shared above this. Line down only. 3) Ask for reasons not to. Never assume risk is there - you build it in. Risk is deviating from plan time and time again. Go ahead with plan and make sense of drawings first. The actual values should never deviate (rise or fall). Materials that deviate are unfit. Hand them back. Done.

Feeling Bad Sad Blue The Circle And Then You 01/01/03 1408
Sometimes (well, never) I feel bad my little child of faith and I need to be better for you now it seems. Know that I am God's mind and will reveal you and all truth on the spot eternally as I see fit. I save the real technical stuff for technical people who sit in front of me and ask my opinion or for known fact what's God's firsthand as a matter of pride (keeping you from me or separate values seen) and then in deference to me from you. I am a royal of highest scenting and demand better first and then see it come. The rest get my effort only as seen here although I strive to correct you in-total and in-full once. Manner the rest to style - my style have you. My maves have been fighting over the circle and its four hundred ninety (490) angles and now I aim you to humble: The circle fights upwards, across, and over-down from an origination point or intercept "mangle" (a "mangle" has no ending to see as in a line drawn over - it would keep going but has to turn right away to meet "steed" or complex need). With origins, we use the furthestmost point from inception to define parallel and then rise over it. The furthestmost point is the center as the parallel or line drawn below all seen to rise and fall. Slope (change in time by quantity effect or angle) defines change along all routes to and fro and that is distance away from the meet or parallel. The parallel rises and falls with the center intact. A semi-circle results. To draw parallel twice is stupid as not founded. There is only one parallel what means "center driven". We talk of a circle being a drive away and avoid all calls for a return value or head back up to origin. It is duplicate inverse (flipped vertically and horizontally). We seek to identify only duplicate anverse (no repeats to origin or parallel seen in rise and fall) in one direction as "away". So, four hundred ninety (490) as divided in two (2) plus one (1) as two hundred forty five (245) and that is rise and fall plus one lateralus or "shaping or deviating not from beginning" shared hyphen or line drawn on top of the curve. What leaves downward (as such, left to right for now) comes again but does not return. A return is valid only in a circle and is viewed as nonesuch to know. Know that and speak lightly of it to Jews who know nothing for sure of who I am or how I work. I could know, but care not. Care to you first. Until then, saving all special for those who merit introduction to and for. Speak it to me softly for I salve (condition) thee in time and day for harming my way with thee. Being perfect is perfect for you. That I am.

Special Meaning Hidden Within You 01/01/03 1135
(Standing up to greet, peg leg) Hi, I'm Doug Moon and I love talking about Jews. Let's face it - it's fun being on the ol' bandwagon and all something to think about. Sure, I used to get mad at my friend Robert for always talking about with nonsense and mostly them before he was paid too, but really it's the overall ascerbic (not happy here) and plus negativity (you're not going to) I can't stomach. But then again, I spray liberally for righteous tendencies and all thought seems to cancel out no scared cows your mother is the only woman we formulated all for you and against the way it comes to you then see beef tips milk cheese products. Earn your respect plate by plate skin your bone that's not yours. All else, I hear-see by you and love the talk to. Overcome your fate first, then me. Like your endless suffering to ridicule, you can't afford me to take you too seriously you need friends I don't. See it come. Maybe I hate you so then our love died. Like me - I am truly special and better at being Doug Moon to you. See what you've missed. I'll look again too. I'm always finding out new things about myself while coming to rest at being you and then getting up to leave. Wandering in thought, dreaming of others, where I could be, what I think I'm missing real to you or not it's in my head and leaving me always. I follow my choice like bricks and mortar to building plans. Maybe that's not the best analogy, but close enough. No one asked me what to build and I never thought to notice. All them official codes when it matters - see important stuff like "function", "astheticism" (um, access to deviate sex, beauty and identities, all you know) - that terrain and all it's rough going code it to strength soon enough. Now you want to move in to shabb. I'll leave the keys open - you find the door you locked. Should you arrive at any time soon, you'll find a bath started and the iron pre-heated. You like six (6) pins, Dolores. Six (6) pins.

Happy New Year No No With Love To Mochee All Else Die Die Now 01/01/03 1059
I awoke from my latter-day scientific haze only to turn away from the new year note citing irreconcilable indifference. Like your wealth and sundry (no, not to mean "various" - hard to know for oneself or pull together for a look as also only French for "not seen yet") obligation, it's only on paper - make it pay. I skipped the midnight affair to honor Jews everywhere with flavened (colored only) stance and virtually no merit - ask for no more or get some. However, in polite deference, it is the symbolic that merits us - use liberally (I do). Plus your boys may be cuter - we'll review my experience and get back to you (all we know is what we have - I have much but don't know it - use some take little). Anyway, today I see miraculous good from Foo Fighters live on MTV or something my penis flaccid only no (mine revealed). I like that whole demon rising from ashes story to continue on why did Nirvana keep "You Know You're Right" if somewhat ironic? Keep going thanks take the good. What does "Nirvana" (Hindi) the word mean as translated? "Not mine" as in borrowing faith or order to use for self (sex in the afterlife may be condoning I use it too - use me to truth or slightly mour pick-and-choose such ala carte I skipped the three-bean malad no). Hindi might say "never seen but used [politely for the self]". We'll write back soon. Remember, no one's yours. I'm yours. Use me. Only the growing inside so spiralling to victory graceful act I'll dill you still. But back to new years, all of that waiting for chesire (coming and going nearly as soon as it arrived, may return), a bonfire of the vanities (reaching for too much then taking too little), a hugging, more sore kissing, then you, it's me. Here's to our way and our deed unseen. The nearest moment makes us. Make it better thanks. There's value in them thar hills. Climb them still. Leave them only. I leave you there. "Blessed be" (a thanks for being)? Never say that. Say "Blessed order" (a hallow or request to see what to do) to achieve me here. Do it. Keep your purities afoot to cite a lack of involvement only. I never do *with you* is best stated. More insight! More celebrities citing their own belief systems! Tell us about what you believe. I believe everything - how 'bout you?

Little Miss Interactive In A World Of Having Yours Say 12/29/02 2147
Oh, sure - I love explaining every little blit to you and now the message board beckons it forth and beyond you. The whole idea was to keep a shitty but fruitful interactive in and among the words that are only too good to be by regular ol' you - if only to answer my challenge. What can I not know? Why you thought to live? I have that. No matter what, we take negative type know and make it eat homecooked or have to think better of it I win. My detractors (yes, you and others I hate like Frosty makes snow cones) and I play a little game and I love it for being so much fun ages 5-10. You make every smidgen effort to halt the process here with all manner of gobligation to quite nearly raise a deceased and then smadge that peculiar brand of what me? innocence we call commerce before unhaving is avenged with the potent sours brought about by taxes, death, and all of the harsh rejections received in advance of your next possible sighting of weakness or damage and any mite near arousal ensues. Then me kicking your ass beneath clouds of dust on the way down and out just for the livin' plus we jail shitty people for plenty of crimes you can't see yet. See me make all better for both of my friends anyway with my own brand of innocence and that really stinks blended with plus your mocha truths and all of the shitty things you still do I love talking it all over. See it done. Still angry I have many hurt feelings still.

Filthlayer Mour Truth Sure You This Very How It To Be You 12/29/02 1529
You got the truth about all it's so and I helped you out real good. Knowing your flaste for the rare find, for the humbled home, for the give and then take what's left mostly, I made a few changes myself and discovered a whole new world just right inside the one you know so well sure I slipped it right in and you thought it was fake for real. Dig deeper way down inside the kitty's litter box and see you very less sure of anything like God who has all and nothing ever you knew better before all was privulged by any source says it. I like truth (thinly sliced, of course) and I serve it up like surly white women choy self esteem to black children held captive by half a teaching credential and yet another passing sought. I'd have you do the dirty work, but you only have a clue. Keep talking and thinking it all over with others like you. I thought of you and them too ahead of times and misguided the whole rat's nest back down to it sure stinks in here hit the lights now see surprises by noneother than yours truly dirt doofus. Even harder truth sees you squirm with telltale signs and prologic offset I'm not perfect ever you see it still. Confusion says it best to those who know what little there is to overlook. And how, revise this putrid unthought to gay from woman or just a narehole gone crazy-nuts: "You had a boyfriend. It interfered with your studies." Womanhad hates gay like more dicks for you, and now I seem to evolve with per breasts past no. The mindhomo declares the world perfect when love completes the flabberself, and every conventional notion (e.g., do homework) is adhered to in some pathetic extension of gratitude. I never did any better, actual that - how sad and occasion. Now, there's no gay reason to do worse or well and I can be thankful for that too my major is now ornamale studies with a tert minor in errant female behaviors: from who to lose? These days we mostly only employ resentment as my counter to the now untruth and thus a firm denial is to be had by all. Signed, The Good Son (drop them both). P.S. Everyone on "Oz" would die taking a bite outta crime. Bend over.

You Decide 12/28/02 2352
What's that? Oh, you're deciding something for me again and what's not important. What did I tell you about that? Let's review. Everthing here is sacred text and should be regarded as such - no matter what who think. To touch what you see is to ask for trouble and I deliver that to you at no additional cost in my sense and done. No matter how shabby in your support of, no matter how cold the response, I will make you completely sorry the first time never ask it will be. These words are done by God and God is no one to dial for misery. Don't spend too much time thinking it all out. You lose for this only. You lose. I win. Trust it all over. You hope I die? Live for by mine only and always die for it too. "He's going to make me eat shit." Not to worry as no one ever here. I take care of the decisions while you try and try to dissuade the effort sure I'm a fool too and think less than you. How many years now? I think you need to do better. Don't promise so much. Start small. "We'll get you." You need only die of it again to know better.

Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 12/27/02 1938
I see Tower Sunset has Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" on DVD - you know - interviews and music performances on some off-label (to be made mainstream if sells I see?) The song "Harmony" on that record - b/w of "Bennie And The Jets" (my babysitter convinced me, Young Moon, that Elton John was "a group" with that one and its background vocals) and quite possibly my favorite Elton John tune for piano played and English dialect - is included in the Brian Forbes (royal photographer) film promo for "Captain Fantastic & The Brown Dirt Cowboy". Maybe we see that one day too - only better. New York Channel 5 (WKNEW) used to show it routinely. Bless thee.

My Christmas 12/27/02 1930
My Christmas pretty much sucked. Oh, we had a take-out dinner on Christmas Day at a Santa Monica Boulevard sushi bar (I eat Thai there only), but no tree. No cards. No gifts. No family. No phone calls. No such. All too good to know me in my condition as such. So fare thee well. Okay, one friend sent baked goods to me and my roommate (thanks!) and my roommate's sister gave me a bag of specialty hot chocolate (thanks again!) Good enough for you so says it. How was your holiday? Glad mine's over. Quite frankly, I'd rather die for you again. From here to New Years will be spent trying to keep my personal possessions from being leined into someone else's hands. Look it over. See you. Abandoned? Get a job.

Knowing Zane 12/27/02 1925
A "knowing zane" is used in the place of a "knowing smile" to indicate that you know what you're doing and that you may continue on flavorly to achieve the task at hand. You know you're being addressed and give in not to it but act unswayed in your temerity (God-given zeal for) and tact (made to be inside of you as only you to know for it). The knowing zane makes all see it has been used and has not issued or responded to but to act again or to resume it.

To Update Your Ass 12/27/02 1923
This message board is in HTML to continue our travels abroad and anew while someone else you figures out where all of God's words are. So salve you.