for your shopping needs
maybe you know more - black friday and all is no sham
one week from friday last week don't feed the hate

get the holiday blues - fresh out now - in december 2016

for 'the girls' - a knit diaper from target while they last that is
ever notice how hard it is to buy panties?

mr. coffee very stylish and its introductory price about that at $15 even (this on 12/15)
people balk at the plastic made from bananas or whatever - i'd give one and have it over too

'nightmare' before christmas retold in one night - the rendition interesting
before the movie a pen and a man? a house and a room, i'd say

'that's not the truth - you gotta have something in there people hate: your side of things as told by me...the fats to be trimmed somewhat' - dM fight and flight as one envelope

the approach is true - fish or fest skinned in a backyard
rosemary clooney (the 'whoa-oh-oh' as chimney smoke in elvis' blue christmas) worked after all...neil's mother

recall: 'if they took everything i have and spread it about it wouldn't matter much - they'd just have stuff they don't like with another petty obligation' - dM sneakers, jeans, and a pot of underwear no cash thanks and with a three-week wait i chose not to notice...check the address just once i don't get mail much it matters to not have a wait thank you a gain i got the sweatshirt yes the sneakers too clean but the bruin undersewn is new the jeans are thick is this some old woman's stuff? ok in time we'll see more a trifle-trefoil who is this?

one blue bulb at end should be green: when i leave here i hafta call every day to make sure the bitch is okay and isn't doing things i hate finding out the next day
why ask? it's his to change or ruin? i'm not me i'm you and i threw your glass paperweight in the trash because i remembered i hated it
sneakers, jeans, some shorts...fingered your coffee this morning in a mug it was hard to spit i can't spit much anyway always talking the truth first
the cable didn't ring up i had to rise it needs the computer?
it pays to know me - dirty as they are the dead drink no swill imagine that licking my balls to see who i am is no tall order

while you slept on the couch in the room you dominate with filths on tv and then music your father was here - your father/mother $3 later
my uncle as you slept as my lover's mother providing the guest for me my new title though i renew ties
presenting the lifesavers storybook featuring no flavor assortments beyond roll and the coupon i got for drinking coke a minute maid that's not the same but ok water juice as possibly no nutrition
the candle base when the bowl with washer is thrown away for the second time
you get yours you don't pay me back i have it somewhere
is fraeked (a wig-wearer no touching) - not yours anyway as guest or nurture i agree to see the light
your gift is skimming the unwarranted for the heft i will receive unduly

like any grave someone quips i have mine 'not very nice' - here's my latest pie for myself pistachio
never one to live in denial, we celebrate the last graham pie shell merely pushed at chocolate pudding with a darker crust at just ninety-nine cents a pour and real cool whip is cheap too
not good? pistachio is brandy flavor, btw

top news for today 11/09 you to wait for small sums unspoken a laird: the guy we both killed in 'phantasm ravager no 5' (the car thief) was at an atm today in full makee or no way to get it wrong it was him - i waited to humbly ask of it, but he wouldn't relent, me with bags ralph's labrea or fountain no rock out. 'phantasm 5 ravager thanks...' with foreword by 'fool' - we still appreciate it for being novel or our last feature here tonight. it's still a bit rude or as i say probably a 'markand' people instill steal them to use on others - why? eases a overthought mind back to charges met by rote. it's him - so what? 'i am sexy to you and you know' - europeans once bought of it

'gross' you don't hafta say it we make room for each other i get back before the sun from a building of homeless ghosts and boy people would love that but i see so much stuff coming and going and i think funny enough no needs to touch just getting around will flesh fast as, to wait for no one you see...good enough a check on my door from parents that never bounces (delivered the 14th from the 11th ostensibly i don't pay rent i process for a money order only the rent paid to whom? why?) reinforces and takes from too ' a gift of misdelivered? japanese gift maybe me too you are me? only if our fathers are the same one genie has never happened ever - we deposit all anyway to make it stick noticing western federal aren't they oop? ones i get back are the ones i write the pay direct now cancelled on that be warmed we want you to quit helping me to note nothing but another checks no waiting find it's waiting with you not ...'not on the lease?' you are simply stupid deliver to the address one notch over no favors here...nigger...the grandfather a nigger each a nigger takes from having only no rich me at the door...christ niggers a hand of thinking help me sure...the lord god of all niggers are you kidding me? you did this? you know you are a beggar...don't play rich i'm rich worth more dead? i ignore your plead psychically - give me an answer i can use i have that already i reveal nothing but 'accrued but unearned' is rent paid in advance only a fool keeps this handy most are from me making lies for you to eat as ordered (they patchwork otherwise and we share as southern the belt)...why bother it you need to know death it comes here anyway like having seemed healthy or attractive it's apparent. christ died. i guess. you need to know or as i say 'oh, i didn't get that. 'is that all?' using the past to predict the future 'i'd hafta crap right in you - never did' i piss it out to no wishes in the 'em when you have it some don't last. some do. someone does. 'nothing i choose' unless i lived anyway get it tin man no greases no hari kari but linfine? dial up as long as you care full volume over and over you can't do anything admit that the storybook we agree as stabile. rescusi-annie unproven a taint you gear up with get runover by unfelt.

watched 'american beauty' again as waves in and out of paid seat reality - please, the girl the guy in the garage fucks isn't ghandi sending some jew a chocolate mail bomb with chips isn't the only thing that changed you made annette benning's lover ugly she cried only because she cheated and he wasn't available anyway as little black rich girl at oscar time (i liked it but others political made me punch somebody in their head to wisen up with a fresh thought only 'pump' i loved the nazi kid but his father is hurt by white devils (with enough of their own to bother their mother) and the kid he made is beautiful but hard to keep loving one picture one pose one dollar and a woman down on the sidewalk with bags clutching a skateboard? who cares the guy doesn't hold up as used? it's for me after all i take 'em from the original thought yum now you eat it as i recall ice cream six pints past abuse of not having some now or having to buy four no thanks i had some anyway...

q: answer to the 'real' cheese question before anyone asked - an assemblage of blood-nitrous opinion that reinforces the idea that anyone could be right not asking for more trouble before it ends: 'we're not that bad, he's not [that good about things]' please i can be someone who hates being the exception after maths - should i cater? just the usual 'too happy' to shit it back out right here...thank all who closed 2016 with tinkering or at least figuring out how cash for paper leaves you happy in claims court 'i still fucked her father's ass back in '76 - so probes it'...

storyteller: 'it two of us took fifteen minutes to drown that cunt under a big, fat jacuzzi mat - what then? the bitch got out thanking us for being 'too serious' or something reverts bob guccione (ne 'giovacchini' - it's personal) or the dark haired guy the best of three latents seem in some japanese library wasteland (more sperm eaten less by those who exhume only - no mouth farts need apply as yogurt or 'say it again' sammy)...the last now addressed firmly with a hot log placed on-top after smoulding with rots...loved that green background a fat wad in me them...

you've got your penis butter and my hock-olate feces bupp caught in its own snafu: recent discussions overturn the alley oop comic con that suggests your lack of smarts begins with a 'private' (no telling you blimp) list of names e.g., 'fat black bitch' that get paid so much each so every ($2 an ear) and that's for us all to eat, pay, shop and rent back to ourselves ('this is worth nothing juiced or the water core the work left to a new jail in the minquana target now as paid in hanes 'd' cups) no way out, nothing more 'that's all folps 400' the glutton serving portions as provisonal? thank you all you thank! see a plane ticket as down the lane a service paid occasionally - a junky record store is a service watching junk that doesn't sell.use recurring pay only it pays for the lesser stuff...but seriously, add and remove taxes for even more delving down before and after dinner sacrificing the both keys in smartly but that's for their programs to babcock down and around and keep it out unless a wart is removed every week as pay $3 and they sell their steaks for scott toilet paper never to call triple aaa from home again 'we had to go all three at once' like a plane avoiding barbados representing holds on culture gain 'fiddle dee dee a nigger won't obo - now a bit of clarinet at the sax, snap'...we thank you all but we all are all here lunching you birthdays 'your pick' and you might think it over when we don't work - it's not the pay that matters it's how much you make working it all free that all can rely on as freed to us all though our havings may betray our gratitude 'so dumb plus points for later they realize'...on down the rope there's no savings if you don't spend it all when granted at pay plus then you wait to see what we got you...merry berry cummerbund remember you're still dumb but that mouth won't quit saying stuff to my cabbage patch kids doral cooker 'a bit of rice won't work, black bean mitts'...what stinks but won't offend? pete russell in honduras 'just google it right back, bitch'...get it home p.s. keep stuff out, its description - no one needs to know porno costs so much it doesn't pay to deliver anything beyond a check cashed and that's a good note 'i never buy that' meets sale boy on their own terms you pay the florist to cut back on the flowers from the funeral home 'all-night hangers in white fusilige say i'm sorry you were late again?' died saying, not touching take a tip

forgive forgive no one need assume a lack of professionalism it's here x one more day will matter and then both will receive you and i 'who the hell is this?'

december's manage soon it's the 6th or so 'saint nicklaus' day to us an orange (tangerine then i have mine 5 lbs for $5 dollars plus change near target) in your strawberry stocking a half-fur poached to your your way up washing by's not all baby talk you fully grown and quite nearby all the while~

went to the pavilions (um, 'paddingtons' no great white way) on melrose at vine recently and thus panda express it was okay i loved it really passing by cahuenga just today but the 'vans' store is no match to west hollywood and it's chow-less version avoid the crumb...still getting used to ralph's cheese from standger farms (kroger kenny rogers i'm guessin' and the ties that bind they say it's 'sandblasted' by the way and i can't get the stuff to come right out - one still takin' pills transferred by rivers gultch to target for to piss no vodkas that drip but probably tofts to no water a seafarer's tomb - the other trying to save up for his 'there are no friends in banking' pledge to those who wouldn't buy at a garbage tin rather than agree it's probably not crap after all anyway 'not to offend sensibly by asking for a refund' biscaying 'what's in a shit quelches me thirst anyway'...metamucil at an all-time high as big gun left behind...great party store for heinous oddball stuff on the way walking near vine - a great big rump of cardboard and plastic decorations lots of rare stuff like halloween skeleton window santas of many designs and big ice cream cones that may not light inside as no great skill made jones (by white elephant they all had 'em as top vant 'milk shaved' too - what's sad left about you - the lower clugg by law is gone as shown? raspy marvel: recent conversations admit the noral 'coffee cake' inspiration was at frazier mother dung of rice jimmies 'your mother wasn't cleared') but alas no led rubber ducks - see ebay if need you 'em to flash their colors just like me it mocks ghosts 'but doesn't hear them' about $1.50 unsent they keep the old adage 'see you on the way down' deaf and dumb too 'act to cheats'...back to tits, no manage at night just call it in~

alanis morissette 'eight easy steps' from the 'so called chaos' lp 2004
still we argue how to be me - no people stuff in my peephole - this is ruta lee (new delhi) type stuff
we say 'alliteration' despite peter piper's practical penis to porridge a puff
but seriously, last rites is no oint o' thank heaven god blush you

how to stay paralyzed by my fear of abandonment
how to defer to men in solveable predicaments
how to control someone to be a carbon copy of you
how to have that not work and have them run away from you

how to keep people at arms length and never get too close
how to mistrust the ones who supposedly love the most
how to pretend you're fine and don't need help from anyone
how to feel worthless unless you're serving or helping someone [new]

i'll teach you all this in 8 easy steps
in a course of a lifetime you'll never forget
i'll show you how to in 8 easy steps
i'll show you how leadership looks when taught by the best

how to hate women when you're supposed to be a feminist
how to play all pious when you're really a hypocrite
how to hate god when you're a prayor [praying-type person] and a spiritualist [we're praying for you, as too much light]
how to sabotage your fantasies by fears of success

i've been doing research for years
i've been practicing my ass off
i've been training my whole life for this moment I swear to you
culminating just to be this well-versed leader before you

how to lie to yourself and thereby to everyone else
how to keep smiling when you're thinking of killing yourself
how to numb a'la holic(k) to avoid going within
how to stay stuck in blue by blaming them for everything

castro, sure~ like a little girl you think it will matter some...never mind public death threats, one such says 'is dead already - we have it' this is monday...he asked about the cuban masks in my grandmother's basement 'round the particle-board pool table a kit then: the red-haired wilhelmina (spelled correctly now?), the bald wart-bearer with dark circles ('gavriel' gave everything), the bedeviled van dyke ('wilhelm'), the green-hat castro or oily man ('mga' or 'omega'), and....

it's 'cyber (cipher or mirrored light) monday' 11/28/16! not so icy after all...for buying online:

check out the office depot banner above - they have an envy printer for around $50 this week...ours a double-sided model is the 4520 we like it cartridges are cheaper too...tell 'em sent you be clear about that - is that you? assume nothing the printer is there still...through 11/28 the sale quote me...the cartridges are number '63' for comparison's sake....

something to make you unhappy and a get-up-and-go thought for no gesthalt:
your printer seen, we move on to the price one-half of best buy's current of $99 we got ours last year at this time
the walnut 3-tier shelf is from target's 'room essentials' collection - about $17.99 and completely adjustable you to assemble e-z enough
lemonhead candy canes to make you run right out - now at the '99 only' store (they broke coming home - you'll fume anyway wrapped so tight)
what will they think of next? batteries are the big steal there...for no recharging

googlecast? just reinvested in its theme of playing media (videos, movies) on a tv locally - is good for ipad in particular (or iphone as such then) not so much the computer...i guess...playing for others is theme no so much touching for choices in mind approved media then...

waiting at norm's on thanksgiving...i thought to myself 'what if i brought someone here for the first time - would they hate it?'
'is it like going to the westside [inglewood, i.e., the airport] by bus in the afternoon - all burnt out-looking?'
the light is not right then - pollutants...
i love nighttime it happens soon enough.

extra: the east or shady wing at norm's - you pay at left

heading back up to the santa monica boulevard bus line hardly a soul around
this is halfway at melrose and that is the chrysalis building at lower left (the pacific design center dressed like an ikea is in the distance)
the 4ad office was on right across the street (4ad is when abraham 'died' only to return once mentioned they say)

the big black ? sale forming the next day - i was at target the night before tv's in the aisles everywhere polaroid has a new 32" for $58 - is that good? more: looked today 11/28 the same tv is $42.50 on clearance - gotta have bacon to steal~

best buy the day before friday - all are suspiciously closed but '99 only' was open that's where i was heading
looked flatly dead excepting exterior plant carts but lo' and behold we shopped for sale bargains every day

these tubs 'sewn' on la brea would make a great chair or cleopatra - can you feel it?

terry at dinner thanksgiving - the proof's in the pudding~
you can have breakfast all day - they were fast and sure today if their suggested tip was off-kilter
they suggested $5 beforehand in the head - i speak to them before i get there and for just $36 bucks i remitted

it rained miraculously from the cold and on thursday night - a big good here
this is the rainbow that appeared on saturday afternoon 11/26 - i guess (yes, that's it)

made my first loaf of white bread no egg - it's catholic bread kinda we call it 'erplahtki' her plot keep? 'her plan to dominate but with a pussy' ussr 'asian' but also oriental crossed eyes remember that little bun side dish with sauerkraut? 'krepla' i guess

still reeling from the election (either way, a hell inside of hell or hell)...i didn't get to vote you know
change of address not made by mail service
ever work voting? hardly a quick or sane process - long day plus math foolery 'toss that shit out'
i vote for hillary when i can...incumbents...against all fancy talk 'no shit' was packed with faggots and i wasn't important 'straight talk to the top of the heap' plus shmezz
you don't vote money 'jonnie cash'? santi cum bags i been very good some say 'all judges removed this time' hurt me so bad i don't mess with texas
see? i didn't say 'yes, a blind motherfucker stole my mail...packs it back up too'

bye janet reno and florence henderson...i guess i'm real, death is mean trust that eyes bulging people made this talking to me hip cancer heart attack respectively - rectal cancer? you better keep running...better to croak of jumping jacks...'couldn't hack it' long pot sticks punch you down...gasp uhh pump-pump-pump! pshaw

curve 'the birds they do fly' from 'open day at the hate fest'
an interesting song, nonetheless

love is love is
nothing without jews
love is love is everything you lose
open up your heart and you will see
love is love is
nothing else from me

turn on your fart-light
right behind wherever you go
pu! what stinks are you et?
ba dah-dah-dah dee dee dum
you are dumb heart-lights~

like a vermin - still working on that one

11/24 got back from norm's at twilight no incidents - soup, salad, main course and pie - all nice enough thankful for no cooking no caring for cooking afterward - $40 or so...walked around ralph's labrea and rock n' roll ralphs looking for colored string bulbs i need orange for weather...see ya soon

we needed yeast and dry non-fat milk to start up the bread machine sometime all compact and teflon inside...brand-new too...we mean brand-new...both target and best buy with lines outside maybe just best buy....

where it all goes: was walking home with terry from target a block away and we found this cuisinart bread maker labled 'brand new, never used' (model bmkr-200pc about $150) behind mcdonald's so we took it in...nice bistro table was there too but i want hologram in there...we'll give it a try and see how it works out and yes it was never used...happy thanksgiving, to fool!

more: the unit is noisy (watching tv nearby? compare to a washer machine that well received by jerks), but is damned charming - the teflon pan lowers in as turned slightly to the left, but locks down when turned right and with great ease - the bread kneader is a metal-type plug that inserts in a hole in the pan and you can watch the action the kneading is sincerely thorough but if you're waiting to bake perhaps looking in with a flashlight you can get started right away it makes a bun of flesh and keeps going most reminiscent of wonder bread - try your own bread recipes when you get comfortable...

reuben in chains: target has the three-pot servers you require for stocking the trough $27-$29 i like people who plan it ahead and keep warm
we have an oval white big pot with pull-out ceramic not used much but we made our own chicken soup today
chocolate cream pie with graham crust...delicious instant pudding with cool whip (noting real cream turns red - the brown gets green yuck)
mom sent $50 for dinner so we're on for tomorrow rather thans-giving

who's who for thanksgiving: 1) a dude ranch in colorado 2) eat and bake

11/22 rented a zip car today to go fess up on the west side with the rent thanks to terry's dad or whatever then cruise into the holidays with all makeshift afford (nothing before you see)...norm's looks like our holiday meal destination they got ham or turkey and i liked the idea alot no fussing with no guests, kinda - we'll be the guest and outta there soon enough...more later

see the point

my latest feature is the nighttime pygmalion of hollywood boulevard - all kindred and me traversing the sights from sunset, labrea
burger king, the very king of burgers our origin perhaps with great value menu items (a cheeseburger, a spicy chicken sandwich both at $1 each...nice)
hard rock is at the kodak theater further on right
time zone? thursday 2:06 am is the last shot on 11/17

fyi, the 'pygmalion' statue reference is he the king hated it too much with no people around - too stark or revealing...worked better, lovely even with crowds gathering (my meaning short: turning the lights on in the dark - an end of times kinda after confetti the world disagreed)

planet hollywood: when asked for the number-one hard rock ever someone's all 'honolulu' - i hate that there's like new york (a staging? i was never there) and los angeles (star-packed beverly center) these are universal and hollywood boulevard at mention...the 80's ruled

that's still open? a few things delighted me here - hooters is still around? great!
the important vision here is the mta subway entrance under the girl billboard flinging upward - this is a major stop along the route to universal city in the valley
$1.75 granted $2 a ride to each of the awares paved the way

people mock up these sights locally and it should seem no less glamourous to be here
a wish-dream is a carmel by the sea...overcast, firepits, no turning back on pch unless you to prove...that dutch desert road in your hometown offers no help to the sea
pot gettin' legal and all ('i'll betcha' home grown and sewn)...see nothing fits around the teaneck of anti-thought

ours was breza road in allentown 'welcome~ you are fucked' gettin' back out
madame tussaud's is still my influence shrek's wife presented lately as warrior over witches (real*) is interesting and full of life - now well-laced but as hiding they witches wanted the man (top refuse lithgow is supposed to be shrek inside) apparently
*i saw three of them flying around the top of a telephone pole with tails like a snake i'd say fat and curved - like angels? small
don't mess with that harry potter ride at universal all you may ever need - keep the porn - the next one you raise up from the grave be mine

cockeye (say 'cockie'): good rain tonight 11/20 - great rain - in california like poor people are on vacation get out the grass pinata full of corporate shit...pu! the website 'escheat for your kids' old too that 1923 piana and stockings toss it...

was zit worth it? no. 'please - i'm not you.' i do nothing ever 'for this shit?' and know its bladder value - barely enough time? does the rest mandate change? i don't feel any different working out - zero weight gain and no to the teat...move that out clear to reason...

keeps relationships actively lit and so to say...guessing

hdmi ghandi: got a new general electric hdmi wheel from target still lickin' my wounds over the price thought it was $24 but it turned out it was some other nigger rig and i had to remit $40 (then later less $5 with coupon sainted me by mail) great unit though...maybe you? my tv doesn't want me to fuck around and who didn't go blind as brown making all connects proper a zagnut - any puerto rican knows how tidy the furniture is when they come for the rents 'i hadda shit in it the cassa boxspring - sorry 'bout that' picture-in-picture soon but pez don't say...pez penis from underneath....what is tokyo these days?'live and let die' ! you gotta win against blacks all james bond these last few days still a goodie...sad to see grace explode (noted in 'view to a kill') they know the price 'nothing special'...more: mini usb included says hdmi is no more than a wire wrap written 'round the tree? maybe just end-to-end facility as long as women are found see 's' cable a known junk but i pursue still - i never had a chance to cheap it around by simple smart led test (light diode plus battery) ...lazy meets eye lasers run aground soon enough...led are galvaned and squared against pulling some that's electricity from light touching but as square?...brilliant cotch though...logic as afterward...

first poopie sighting on tumblr! looking for some boy lickin' feet a pretty 'wolfgang' no one picture will do 'all in a good light' spermatozoda all with affair now punch that...pinion down into that you? latest crapout in the tattoo parlor had no jar of flies for first place 'solace'...year 'round the best scrubber in galvo jeans 'rock it, rock it'...someone said pete burns just passed? no mold yet...'we want jeans not levers' he squits back - 'eat its bum, fool'

hothead: use the oven with a cracked door at 200 degrees it heats uniformally and just let notice at ambient then hot (i.e., wait 'til you feel hot before noticing)...not good for the spruce? it's not the time to say be carelessly informed and hope be for the teeth if rotted out...back to same a gin work never rots or grows a mold...take a tip...

nothing yet as 2016 closes
we worked 2005-2008
these bitches tried to get me to sell their junkyard of new shit - it's their books after all see why not 'i'd rather die of chambord' or of having to drink wine with rings on i know nothing good i'm supposin'...the stuff i like is now firmly a shit working too hard but after me...'look at me' what was the last fave i caught off guard by not fluoring? the beatles owe me a bra and with no cupping...

keep the '99 only' stores in mind this holiday season plenty of everything you seek to please others nice selection labrea and melrose is near one....

back to crack october 2016

a couple of panoramas from that halloween party

somehow is useful...