i seen 'em
both - one and two
or - one, and the other one
'what follows' - sure
'what fails to note us most'
'what makes you quiet and sure'
if half the place just rushes in
i close the door from behind
you don't hafta bloody your nose over it
first we talk
a little singing,
a little dancing,
you sucked someone's cunt at gunpoint over the friendly skies?
there are greater gifts given to be everywhere
i'm not you reeling with memories of pain
i have real hurt
the only hurt
i know pain and its one prayer
never again the dancer -
i can't stand it
but i'll try harder next time
a mind i can't enjoy is like someone who knows everything
but can't stop talking
what good is knowing
when you can't see that something's wrong?
and be quick at that
i have to rescue niggers every day from white hate
someone lifts the house
someone eats and makes vapors
i eat
and quick at that
but i don't eat chili at my dad's apartment
a man cooking means:
there's no lift
you know too much
and won't do
i do too much
and won't say
why pray more?
pfft: when i'm in my home people will listen
help them know more of it what while nothing's coming
you're not me
not yet
i can pray too
but i choose not to listen instead
when you hurt, i hurt
unless you're being dragged in by your tender throat
i can't help but laugh
if you can't trust video
you can make one of your own
that's not real -
it's here somewhere
refleshing a wound

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earlier: this is bliss' black friday banner to no avail - click anyway
must've been 'nothing seem until the day is here'-type thing (no pay...)


leave this place for december 2013...or i'll leave the fridge open all night to cool the whole house down

the at&t rewards card $25 worked today wow - we pay ourselves it seemed

trader joe's sports regular and kitchen (broadbush) wreaths $9.99
smallish the gamble or tabletop wreath thought less than five snickers 'mace your own' $5.99
p.s. their peppermint pretzel thins are good...

thank the office for the coffee and bun - see? no pee
what did the elfin k-cup say to the learning lemon tree? 'oh, say can you see'

mosaic's excellent winter wonderland and tree now at hollywood and la brea (one block from the chinese theater...but um)
lighting nightly?

the new one hundred-dollar chinchilla (this from money mart) looks like the checks in 'catch me if you can' - more than lovely to look at

the end result of that surgery story here in the flesh - the outer marks thought me the wound plus stitches center - is the burn inside on the gummy fat layer and not the bandage too
get me that electric mole and eyebrow haggler at xmas sometime
fear not and so many needles? like bee stings on the face i'd say 'i couldn't count 'em - lots of them' a number can be misleading 7-10? 'no more than a dozen'

fpu, this is logitech's c615 at work - any other is just laptop as aptly named
hold our contempt (and if 'familiarity breeds contempt') as virtue

'over the limit' - thanks again, at&t the day america died you weren't there anyway all the bombs in france 'a farm' and yet only one eye poked out say la vye...

follow up 12/08 no great glory but okay: no, validating is not key the card now reads 'invalid' and other nonsense...cash doesn't have to ask prepaid is still perfect i'd say but has lots of enemies - first mistake? hertz letting non-credit in...too bad for credited beggars p.s. the camera works again - check later for no folds in...local nets

curse: i'm back in los angeles, stop praying 1800 and unpacked on 12/04 - you should learn how to say 'no'

love me two times both cheap, what i get for paring my hairy asshole to you ('estermarie' uppity take one), bad breath eggeaters adp-adt still griming up the housework: that logitech mouse-webcam bothered the fuck outta me today with apple that resists an eye lounge and with the windows crapper of excuses both cheap bald and ugly like me - is a phonograph needle one wire acting up over the scratchy record no one played - why bother explaing a cunt...do not buy yet...i might just break with a hammer for being what it is always a shit (laptop still very good) let eggland eat shit...unpleasant tits and asses in rubber clothes mostly (looks good to me infire quick change) always draining like pap smears at the police gets you obama's hearing aid all showing up like 'i love lucy' perfectly filmed in god's asshole the marriage of technology and the body shames-high flame for old white skin latin america...we know you hate it, it asks of us (each gay decision here 'g8' met with paid performers (pee-fag who cares tuna opposed the flush of a toilet so what - crapheads and lousy fucks meet used and reused no litterbugs they all leave a feminine of notes and leave naked 'too drunk' now then now) - we cared to omit sense and foul odors only very shrub...i'd dig those bitches up for this usb (really 'blulb' a fucked up barf - no instructions, no how needed...eat shit it worked yesterday and you're still showing off the crap no one ever leaves outside in the cold where you gonna be...the at&t grinch card 'see how little cared' showed up today with their mascus debit card a pin (last four of acct number why ask if credit don't take...get junky laser checks on the sidewalk soon 'how they eat' they owe you a life, female nigger the sheer pote of out-and-out laughs can't cover it all)...'john lennon is the real nigger of this world' - dM i hadda shut that old wiry bitch up again 'save face' bitch your piss suckin' son eating mourges of canfe outta pig blobsters rocks me balls !!! i love him wanna see? paul morris maybe soon i love him...and fatties slobs like the kings but asks like blow them all sours me note 'i know i'm no one special in this way' i never think about you ever - is true

no it doesn't work on that fuckin' revue box either 'for work' - didn't we kill that once - 'no need' my paycheck money built hollywood back up to slime+glory nights fast food even chick fil a is my gasbox nigger again and now - keep the old wicked faggots with you at night and the queen too (paycheck processors adp let her back in - trust that you don't need her protection ever see 'pounds' out leave some only no cash meat see how they stole corporate america only the army disbanded to be in-between over bomb threats but blowjobs at their club scenes now there are no dykes just dumb girls only)..niggers thank their money chick fil a they honor me don't mention gay who cares...

men make decisions women learn of them - keep learning no one need learn of the tubes you cut out at city-walk at night...fraud shit class made in my name gets you no checks ever in your name and i mean it to the sidewalk...not even one will you see again...simply illiterate but programs a computer what disabled fuck bag makes that happen? crank

this is tracey thorn's 'mother' marketing a song 'then she dies of it'...
chrissie hynde, the song's author - 'we all work together as scottish, kinda...made her copy late and it squashed - she hates all others' - liz fraser
'the movie has chrissie hynde [um, 'pretenders' use no 'the' without album title] taking a steal', but i thought i better qualify this one - dM

pretenders '2000 miles' the original christmas eve song from 'back on the chain gang' ep (1981)

by the way, abraham's (moses', moises part ii) stick is real so are its threats among plague or simultaneous bother no intent: the stick (i made one here as seen) distributes its mass cleanly and before long a real snake head or two move from inside itself...the crocodiles here start as newts-chameleons by the way little and everywhere i pet them today but never not a big one...abraham is also gandalf 'god of all fathers'...the german earth spirit 'the spoken of the earth spirit'...he says

kirstie alley and katie couric what fun - and then shelley long? bring it on...remember: you have kirstie for hurting shelley long too much on 'cheers' and she couldn't care less who you are...the money helps...was reportedly farrah fawcett for a while great did a good job too...she couldn't be 'supergirl's lynda carter though...'the crotch was too tight'? too 'feld' they said...downright searing with gold lame (um, 'le may')...i love malapropisms or using a wrong but similar-sounding word a la archie bunker (e.g., gentiles-genitals) however is not public...being paid less is...twitter in reverse?

ask to take another look at jamie lee curtis 'blue steel' - remade - like scavullo in 'maniac', ron silver is almost lovely now...well slap my balls, pinch my dick...p.s. 'filo' first in, last out - only a dope fires a gun with the bullet's lip being last...

not jewish, a halon of it: don't discount a blue ceramic bulb-lighted tree - spooky - we had 'em...we have stuff eclectic to see why not, only 'every light beautiful to the dark'...'a beauty is beneath me like i made it all' - dM

'if god goes to hell to answering your prayers, i think of it never.' - dM like oscar wilde but be better at saying

publix: has the candy apple mix i used $1.39, produce...not caramel, candy

stuart flea market a&b: the mother and bother said no for rain even if you do - see ya next time...red lobster (you hafta go to six flags to get red lobster in los angeles the new monorail and all) tonight there is no tomorrow terry's parents a couple of playgirls played at thanksgiving and the pool shop too we test our potato water for rain here...bye!

more design elements - from marshall's way back
hi will - hey this is dayton, ohio get that

treasured ceramics from my childhood: the holy family - our girl mary with shepherd-angel types with no man around (neil or the angel gabriel is her direct companion he sweets her around she doesn't like him much he says and he hides in the barn 'where she works on being without me' - 'you're not nice' she says to him 'i need nice people' she got thrown out of her barn for starting a fire with him somehow 'he's cute, but he's too little' she says 'a man's man made mine' she furthers...'is not god' - dM, is my god sometimes)
she is mother to six no less and some aren't really there i'm the third one apparently a girl is first always
'you get a girl trying to make a man or then no insult' - dM
whatever you are you 'get it up and running' - me
found another gift from me the b&d dustbuster i still love them...the shop i bought the cookie cutter at had a chia pet-type nativity set (and a large michelob bottle lighted) for around $20 i loved the idea for garden and moss - for the fireplace and flames i see brilliant on the logs you burn 'great balls of fire' we'd say...the restaurant yesterday 'shuckers' showcases great costume jewelry on the way in - cheap too - a studio lot almost private the decor is like friday's or chili's i guess...energetic...brenda 'king of queens' tattoo'd right arm mother ankle bracelet of tattoo...

this is a grapevine strung with orbs - the moon, kinda
whatever - i like a tube with clouds in it always seen from angles you can land still too big to see movement or slope change over time or test for, light is direct line only and a circle is exclusion merely no text
space reduces everything to energy no mass should be the oceans as working on it first - ghosts are all energies held or less to be seen

'all is bright': 'one got beaten bad for rushing the pot - throwing it all away in the name of not having anything (the woman throwing the cranking fan out of the hot air balloon and feeding all to sharks for wondering why she's there at all with sex-type stuff in mind) - maybe he is me look again' good-looking but paul rudd after all and overly wet...first film? 'clueless' even those boys with the car got used bad...

no guide: 'gays don't like anyone being ugly in an atmosphere of gain.' - dM

for others: 'it's easy to share the good times' - dM

read on:

RE: CAS : (en_US) iTunes Store; Follow-up: 302241981‏

Doug Moon 8:29 AM
To: itunesstoresupport@apple.com, Doug Moon

No, I thought I'd watch when I get back to Los Angeles tomorrow. Florida may have outstanding issues with you. Other things downloaded as previously bought download and play again here. We'll wait. I sell for iTunes if and when as affiliate (dougmoon.com) and get concerned we're not being taken seriously as have and hold. Help me know.

> Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 07:45:46 -0800
> From: iTunesStoreSupport@apple.com
> To: noomguod@hotmail.com
> Subject: RE: CAS : (en_US) iTunes Store; Follow-up: 302241981
> Follow-Up: 302241981
> Hello again,
> This is just a quick follow-up to your previous request. I wanted to ensure that your iTunes Store issue has been taken care of. I am looking forward to your reply so that I can be certain it has been fully resolved.
> Sincerely,
> Ezel
> iTunes Store Customer Support http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/ww/

'red says to know less, but keep on movin'...' - dM to blue as lit from behind

'if light comes from behind, dark is to be out front' - dM

'the light shows you, the dark tells you' - dM

krispy kreme dozens award one for one on thursday, december 12!

sand-seeking faucet at the foot bent over to save shit water - good solution to excess bother

mom and ed electrifying the background setting - they pay me as it pays
mom hasn't changed one bit but has sold my favorite homes to you at cutthroat prices - 'back to you, bob' cochran (a 'bobbed' cock ran - get it?) ever hear of property taxes without the kids getting smarter?

the marriner at the restaurant - see me to be better sometime
no, 'pre-supposition' is when we both doubt you, 'elegy' is when we ask you look at yourself again - be that dumb
more than irritating and dumb, people hate smart people and by the way you got hurt alot - so what?
i just don't want to fear a word spoken is 'the reaper' you speak of
to fool: all your doubts didn't deliver you from being short and squat - thank you again 'the smurfs' sure
someone said all the wars you fought took their toll and you're missing some body mass 'never buy'
no - i could've been you

shoreline - like new jersey still perfect views but people who need to approve your absence everywhere
like top o' the mast at island beach state park it is, was

the place known as 'shuckers' trust it's nice enough
like a john hughes film - there's nothing ugly ever

me today on our brand-new logitech c615 webcam lens (walmart) or then kmart
we went to buy the same one an unused here yet - a bit pricey, but no windows-mac functionality except on the previously bought unit - this one $80 boxed black now and no disk inside you dial up internet files
see ya later logitech revue with google tv still at sear's (unguided internet no computer, just a cable router and wi-fi - no rca in/out just hdmi or 'high-density media interface' media is sight only no sound hdmi has no sound incorporated)
p.s. the cold hard of apple tv still delivers us meat, i guess $100 (pay per view with hdmi clarity no rca in/out, firmly no browser even after i paid, you tube but probed and remoulged for the dead and their concerns, exclusively mistakenly uses mac mini's airport to blurb costs - a light funk, needs cable wi-fi only hdmi to tv still i maintain was supposed to be a mouse framing boxes only on a mac and sending down a hall in a home to the tv where it rests on-top showing media with audio vox sent too audio vox or voice is self-powered sound unlike phono but like aux and like electricity cannot be sent through the air must be video encoded or banded with video as stripes and extracted by codec or converted to electricity for speakers very high tech as speakers work by an electromagnet that pushes against the positive resident magnet in-back and with ohms or a charge already on the meter at half-spot up resisting change to extemes or poles...get that? no?

12/02 we create no deadlines but honor them this way: went to eagle marsh (a local golf course clubhouse) for brunch (eggs, chicken parm - good cokes) yesterday it was raining and perfect to me though my mother hates rain no joke 'is it your bones or what?' both-all flying around like witches at night -- today it was a place on the way to fort pierce called 'shuckers' an old-ish marriot i guess but boy is it misleading it was beautiful and the food was good too i had a bacon cheeseburger and a smart caesar salad to start (me passing around the flavor to others who eat comparatively 'a god thing' while others who sit and pay however) and with great fountain cokes $9 tip three people at 15% figure it out yourself ...nice place the surf and quality of the decor made me think of toni halliday and there it is...brenda 'high school diplomat' lentoski served 'which one is my mother?' i had to pick a patron but a loose crowd on a cloudy day is mine i don't like alot of people around even at the bathhouse in hollywood all taking with me like a surprise party given in my home - and get this, i don't mean oaken dumps either - these are places to be paying while others work their tits off for mere sense...i like it alot except for this weird ship mascot tied up you'll get later...

more dimension here - big open spaces [design oriented] people miss doing lap shots and for no appeal the mirrors floor-to-length work well
always welcome but beveled is best
it's not like you can just have it the house and where it is

yesterday's perspective and so-to-speak (that's a not a walker, fool - it's for grabbing cans...hi to paul)
there is a slab of pavement outside surrounded on two sides by hedge -
i'd have three sides thick but consider a countenance (face surrounded by black ozone or a homeless beggar settin' up shop) always only once but now on the mind
*light and heat excluding oxygen is ozone

'all is bright' what itunes could improve as paying-sought too dark a frame: 'don't kill - she's asked' the third note handwritten from wife through the window...these video problems aren't mine i know that...will watch back in la?

note #1: 'i told her you were dead' (like santa no gifts cause you died?);
note #2: 'i couldn't take it anymore'
note #3: 'don't kill - she's asked' (about you alot four years in the pen - is someone's mother, actually, he robbed her, she lost her mind is gone forever almost)

very nyc: i still love the 'demi' cup and saucer set from starbucks - shiny red gold silver and black...at banner link...demi is one-tenth or some less i think my initials 'dcm' say it all - decimates or leaves one-tenth the army strength (no food? no words - is too naughty)

their hologram of mail coupons go around like currency i hear chilled bottle after chilled bottle, and i helped: i was hot on it today at my coke rewards trying to enter the first 2-liter bottle of caffeine free coke to no avail a white cap stamped this time - they didn't mention caffeine bottles in their 'so what did you drink this time?' frame here in florida...old bottle? a known lech, i'm still drinking the small bar-serve cans in the garage fridge...forty (40) points a chilled bottle still...2-liters are three (3) points in...other packages more generous to accrue points always...gather some...right now it's me and ol' santy (the toilet? no)

linkshare total inception to date no itunes
includes over 1,600 impressions (initiated sales name and number) today 12/01
{*} left the program or dougmoon.com only

the entrance by request very enorma or better than you still at it - gate and garden and rain too note all are screens forth in-front
i thank the neighbors for lighting closed garage doors at night either side very elegant

a message in them thar hills? doug moon messenger? dumb message?
what's yours? 'to fool'

1) don't mention my six gold albums - as madonna having paid for then
2) don't merge i'm a sick girl
3) don't mention my sick gut (or six kids, goats - with two grandchildren then)
4) don't make me say it (make me six grand)
5) doug moon music
6) demagogue (a 'rabblerouser', a poly-sci of appeal to emotions if religion's greatest failure is death, these are dead...icon? latent, hoping to be)

money maker the idea: why don't they have health insurance for pets? 'cause you can just replace 'em

re 'all is bright': 'it ain't the thieves at night that bother the trees, it's getting to be the sales' - dM traditionally, nobody comes out of the lot for you they don't care

god blessed continuity: terry's scar by phone is a one and one-half inch crescent he says above the navel and as most surgeries have a cosmetic appeal...in my head, they inject the area a dangerous one for histimine or liver reaction i'd call it or swelling and once having separated layers they insert to unfold a plastic 3-m type mesh (they wait for the dark-ish bulb to appear through a lateral opening in the muscle wall like in ridley scott's 'alien') and then burn or melt the fat layer covered with mesh with a soldering type wand that issues the fat through its squares 'ovals' they say at once a gummy dripping silicone then, then staple the wound shut with surgical gun and tape outside with surgical grade tape what is viciously hard to remove...tap for inaccuracies later...

it's raining steadily today the first day of december - that's carnival like snow...
of course los angeles had rain right when i leave - it's like someone's paying for it it's that dry there
some days it's like shit and piss blowing overhead and across by firehose
the faucet? has a spray hose inside the round and but one lever on the right up and down - very tri-tech (you only like it 'cause you have it and have mastered its trades...meanwhile the battery-operated hands-free soap dispenser i paid for is excellent at lengths made and while i check any the water supply for sources turned off on electric eyes dispensing water and yet)
i swear i have things to know 'why not' only as i check to make sure my gifts were all received a+ is the grade yet that endust sweeper full of long blonde hair but here still...up from oranges boiled and strained

red maple? sea salts around the bottom roots just once and then year after year see - i get my maple syrup from oranges boiled and strained corn syrup...see corn balls...is milk lemonade?

look - your kid gets a full-on bulldozer for $279 at target this week (even as city target balks?) - and who to dies more?
and with snow ahead? 'nobody misses that' - dM
when i was young, the best you could hope for was the tru-smoke bulldozer i had the yellow-blue dumptruck twice the christmas one burned out but birthday in august
one day my glass-frame of curio with favorite toys afallen...see ebay be prepared to pay twice
a vintage t-shirt with toy logo only then? you put clear droplets in the smoke stack to issue a battery-powered oily smoke - the whole experience is rich
cat? chinese american technitrade
oops! this is walmart's ad...look for 'john deere' at target - cuter looks
i told people on facebook that walmart employees gave up their pay for friday to endorse sales at twenty percent off - they don't mind

fresh fish from the day 11/30 (like screen savers, but better - i did 'em):

i love this one like an off-night at oj's - what are 'we' gonna do?
'psst - remember the hood'...raping old 'women' on the embarcadero (um, the ill-fated raised earthquake-bound highway in san francisco)

from the 'i ain't never seen brush that thick' folder: the everglades prove nothing [mood] moves - way too thick to think about, like rats and horsetail, why janet jackson and dionne warwick fly planes

pumpkin pie can cure aids with selenium from the seasonal gourds? yeah, but 'aids eats with you' - dM no little girl with promise-vows

honor us pizza: every friday night in allentown our family watched 'the brady bunch' prime time and ordered a large plain pizza with half mushrooms and sausage (that means half the pizza has mushrooms and ground italian seeded sausage on it when you pick it up two adults four kids)...the life you savor may be your own...aljon's 1975-1976 elo 'evil woman' just had canned mushrooms and only with my steak (um, diamond mushrooms) - nothing fresh eats here, nothing

sitting down to the table: 'look at you - eating steak and with no job' - terry the roommate's mother, and ghost - you should fight over shrimp with chicken in a stagnant swamp and plus 'it's not like you got the wrong ones' - dM no bib and tucker

wanatanabe - want a ton of beatings? what it took from-of me in the grave? one-such named 'what of it?' mind over says 'what in time i'd be'

lenape - a gay ('israeli, is really gay' another corpse fucker) corrected 'let her pay for one' it says

growing up with christmas cookies in mind, we had the camel, the bell, the one-legged santa with bag for gingerbread - never 'the grading' or jewish star within
one other was 'the cow lading' or lying down very much a sheep
a day of the dead no causing to work, these were $1.50 at a small 'support small businesses' shop in port st. lucie (jensen beach near crawdaddy's restaurant) today - brazil we guess
i couldn't get this asshole into a proper mart all day long in aquariums
i need to shop a little every day a little something (see green dot...)
and to quote me in the car 'and note, you don't keep your promises'
or alternate 'you've kept all of your promises but you're [to be] enjoying me too much' - curve 'the colour hurts'
plenty of takin' from pills to pilsner: ed, supposed owner and job offerer later says 'no, you can't work here - you gotta be smart' pu! why it don't pay to ask - $40k a year? you get a job for that, a 401k
i run tapes on people what-if's and at present value rates (npv - what's it worth today) - obama 'i don't buy insurance - i have it'

the last drecks (dregs? s/b 'drapes' as hidden value) of the thanksgiving dinner i attended in delray - just a tube shot the walker and jews thus

revenue or stats for november 2013 - so far
close 11/30 the very day at 1,080 then

where it all went - november 2013 distribution

need a lift: try baking soda and a little vinegar after the fact - some - to make breads wider and fatter if no additional mount or adds are sought - i did on corn muffins (and if johnny cakes) skip the tough talk...sets it up...

thank you all for 1,800+ sale incidences (impressions) yesterday 11/29...'you buy, i fly' + 'you can't pay with your good looks'? or good-looking people as i hear it...our midday lunches carefree are worth alot more, apparently...

'all is bright' here free while u waste it...forty-five minutes in is rewarding in itself and enough...today's the day...more: excellent mainstay and worth the fig leaves...the steinway - the possessor won't pay for it and they won't take it with them or move it - good sense and pretenders xmas ditty '2000 miles' redone at end (sing it along with up in the song) 8/16 signing off on it...for now, gentle...

update saturday nov 30 stuart flea market a & b maybe tomorrow: itunes still hasn't met my demands as envisions one running to buy the cd for file matting a junk or jump heap...netflix cowering under silverlight a viewing option only...florida hates no money changing hands no pay very winnipeg win a peg, when i pay, lenape let 'em pay...very dade county, dead counting...why i got refused at the airport last time save american's strict of business i kept a boy with me 'i fall in love to get called' - pretenders

mr. greentree's - home of dionys (um 'douglas') the living tree ('fraser'? opened too soon - young - 'i could've been more' as needles sharp) - opened today 11/29 - i get mine there when i get one (on doheny again, the haunted lot)...

11/29 mom's scar of the knee seen today and finally - hardly visible after two-and-one-half months, but right down the front nonetheless with stitch holes some - no keloids or fat layer dubs...great...her stockings had a light run in it yesterday down the right foot and i asked 'is that it?' a full vis a vis...tired of unnecessary surgery talk - see 'madeline' the book when i was a kid a true horror story...

read e-mail:

He’s the one making enemies. Not me. I pay rent here too.

On Nov 29, 2013, at 4:21 PM, Doug Moon wrote:

Don't make an enemy of next door - is cute enough the dog left alone I guess. Get the office to enquire. As for laundry soap - there's enough for now. Both iTunes and Netflix are pissing me off with service issues today - cheap, stupid mothers.

> From: tjackson@ucla.edu
> Subject: and bits
> Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2013 16:15:57 -0800
> To: noomguod@hotmail.com
> I had to complain to the front desk about the stench emitting from the apt next door. It smells like dog kibble. I don’t like that guy.
> I’m going to the store to buy laundry soap. You left 2 empty containers for me. Thanks.

'from lake geneva to the finland station' - pet shop boys 'west end girls' they don't get up early it says and are grace (lyric? 'from everywhere to everywhere' singer neil tennant says...moon offers 'from the highest points to the highest places'...p.s. lake geneva is always camp david where reagan the biggest threat sits while on vacation negotiating sense and finland station is where the coldest norwegians are up at the north pole 'the thing' or then kurt russell now just bradley cooper - all that matters, the atm...ask the mask

'manchurian' equals 'mandarin' nothing extra ever and if the 'maltese' eats this (doesn't make me happy...is serious too much, an evil foot-tickler)

thought you'd like to see my new drivers license picture - no?
i love it - very steve buscemi

where i was sitting this evening next to jeannie almost reliving her helen keller days 'orphan'

geri and husband 'ed' doing the placa - ye olde fraser is the oldest mat here this evening her mother far younger ('splits into a man here after me - she got her wish...danish')
richard and his father alternating paths in the back - sometimes brother-in-law they leave alot and eat alot too - nice kids
they take a box like an elevator down 'from a building top, like' they say and the box opens - richard's mother was here too 'briefly' she says
'we make sure he's there - we can see him this day...others cloudy somewhat'
i see nothing

evanescence 'swimming home' what's rented again

i rented 'all is bright' at itunes but it's not ready yet (they don't want you originating the film unusally as first-see wait wait wait...ad norms with 'john dies' too or netflix to you $8 monthly code first month et free)...code 42110...meanwhile, the bradford's christmas still streams at me...'yes, nicholas...' abc's 'eight is enough'...we're not 'ad', we are 'reporting' no questions, no forth...

black friday? again, very shroud or the doom of xmas shopping in malls after the holiday fact a retail clerk's quote for lots of extra work heading their way...is ours too...cyber monday? online ordering making up for deficit malls...cutthroat...cyber is 'cipher' or mirror hatching-flashing...

he's back today friday 11/29...it's gonna be time to get the ol' chicken pole out
these keep birds moving as intended - they spread alot of flu with phlegms and with nothing taken ever aback

black friday at gevalia five (5) coffees plus free mug $20 - good deal today only...p.s. you gonna pay $100 for their coffee maker ordered today (we have ours still...i had to dry it once with a fan underneath, but it works yet and to this day a black one makes twelve cups)...see on-sale department: great round waffle iron $25 leggo-my-eggo and logo-statement umbrella...'when it rains, it pours'...

black friday at sear's? adult resin or brown plastic wood grain pool table $300 as in weekly ad 'space maker' (we had one fashioned a kit green felt top of pure particle board in my grandmother's basement and surrounded by cuban mardi gras masks of the day - warm - and note particle board is right for paint cans and other non-veneer uses plus the unusual of stink, but requires proper support underneath like no other...plywood is about $35 a sheet and at a $46 asking price, particle board is $20 but heavy with glues on top of your car to be home on a picnic table and perhaps for a train set - fire resistance? go to hell) - minibikes, go carts < $300 craftsman silver riding lawnmover < $900

mom and her grandmother i.e., meryl streep - no shit
superstar laurie metcalf was there too...shirley (versace's 'very sophisticated' confidante-sister type donatella) and jeannie (barbra, 'fargo' too) too both too young

calling board checklist:

[x] roommate terry, ex-surg
[x] scott moon, brother-son
[x] leslie moon, sister-daughter on telstar or car call coming in
[x] chris moon, brother-son
[x] the father and wife, cube

join us -'all is bright' the movie is at itunes $4.99 to rent or hd then...we sense good here...chrissie hynde, too

'come in out of the light' - dM our thanksgiving with family types in del mar (um, 'ray' like 'martin' county 'marin' is sweeter in california) went well...the biggest fake tree ever 100 feet in that city above ft. lauderdale and lower than burt reynolds' jupiter

like disneyland's dixie (um, is 'diseased', literally) riverride this waterway was at the pool and patio - all clean and worthy of sight
no speedsters + real wealth

these lemons - ostensibly our jewish mix of saturs (savers) and lemorrah (lemons sour) as only i know - convinced me real to no savings ever
i was assured one bloody knife death (um, 'passion') as directed in-fold and by me - i hate to be thinking

the seatings at length a community wealth say 'not in my home'...'ever' the books nod and note...lasagne? the 'madagne' (mad dog) was there
more lastings to be later fed

'i unneedily popped the top'? tx 'i nearly bought the farm' - dM or 'ate the whole cracked [cobble] pot'

mom saw mannheim steamroller (xmas forth, late of disney's main street electric parade) the night before i arrived here and in stuart, florida...she was all keyed up 'like she was in it...'

see: that hp printer (excellent copier, scanner too) is there $30 friday only at walmart model#: 2514 (experience: from time to time the hard plastic paperfeed rollers dry out and won't distribute a clean sheet - moisten a finger and roll them long and flat in the back and on-top of the paper only - is programming refusal also for local coupons printing...no worries...the cartridges are about $30 for the both b&w and color when sale priced at staples and last about six months with regular home use not counting the starter kit if dried a bit in lot and storage)...

mom took me to jc penney at the local mall days ago to redress although all i brought is new levi's jeans from macy's...shirt, pants, socks, shoes, belt even - she was seriously ugly i hate clothes shopping without wishmart or no money down -- so all izod and dockers i swore i'd never buy again although i certainly have them usually and don't wear at all an insult by me...pleats in front 'no way'...then i got some adobo plentiful here at publix $2 a big one many styles too (though coke 2-liter $2 flat no gifts $4 on coke from me even though cvs is here?)...sharpie small keychain felt pens in colors never enough of them...walmart...doughnuts, cakes, candies, hawaiian punch original mix in a big handsome jug no sever $1.88...

' she was hungry | she required me, entirely ' - front 242 'tragedy [for you]'

macy's parade among preparations: omi god 'kinky boots'...for me?

kinky boots it is - worthy and a movie look for it

check out walmart* on black friday - i was there here in florida - and thank you to this day for that $30 hp inkjet printer delivered in a snap to a fedex local office on sunset boulevard a few years back (december 2011 then)...the ink cartridges still reasonable at staples (with $2 monthly rebates and as per)...other at banner link

*and if 'success settles for less every time you side with it' - dM...hi sean nettles living out here i see it desert storms

we luv studio films no lecture, moralizing: anchor bay entertainment...see 'all is bright' preview plus sums paid (ne 'phantasm')

tomorrow's gift bouquet $20 - remember yours?
happy thanksgiving bits early and all in travel
good movies: 'amadeus', 'planes, trains and automobiles', 'auntie mame'

sample: ol' santy egg nog at dinner (johnnie walker)...we had some

the bottle, the man

that gator came back you can almost see - then dove off
i was fighting anacondas all night in my dreams - they zoom around fast on land in and out of bars

thinking of a word 'no one said it to [for] you'...

a wallet in the back never - makes your ass sloppy plus blacks around?

both pics at jensen beach wednesday 11/27
hands raised for coconuts the seed that floats to new land only after storms no drinks - four only per tree? five maybe - the moon jelly is this in the water

per yahoo: '0' visitors to your page in the last hour - is it true? no - and it starts there...being inaccurate

the wildlife here is exemplary of no other - a baby alligator two feet long was outside too and dove in
i got right rid of that skezza cottonball heat in favor of lower temps

the virgin at rest and on tv somehow...shrink the pic to see devotional image
the two phantasm balls are bells from pavilions - my gift to thee (i hadda stuff 'em full of cotton on the way over)

no more advent calendars at starbucks (see banner links)? try ebay for everything nunce - a big success these

we made ours mincemeat from a jar (she has a crust guard, a clasp too) - visiting others tomorrow
notice krispy kreme in the corner

adam & the ants 'stand and deliver'

coconuts: headaches, hair problems...smoke?

elton john we'll be back: lyric 'paying your hb demands forever' from 'someone saved my life tonight' if 'hb' is housing and board or bonds...half a board away in length is free for you then they go out and recruit some too...when you pay now, they eat now too...'they eat some, somehow - an army of it'

a 'bond' is government-issued only based upon one's ability to tax forth - you pay half face value, carry around a document that is fully valued for payment and when, and then have a little note stating annual interest past date...savings bonds, for example, mature in under seven (7) years and you pay half face for them...at a bank...

a better shot of our complex

11/26 awaiting word on terry the roommate's surgery today 10:00 a.m. check in $100 co-payment at ucla umbilical hernia or drinking friend poking out around the navel...i asked prudential by wire overhead for free high-option coverage they said $14 a month...usually $850 a month if serious and from your paid person...we'll wait...the court will cancel that flat 'we tried'...

this just in 1910 eastern: he's home now groggy, nauseous...'will sleep' bandages (one clear one?) can be taken off thursday, he says

update 11/27 1515 eastern all is well no pain but nausea...

american music awards usually in march: everyone looked good, especially the lead of one direction...good...good...'we hafta wear wigs' take yours back with me soon, at home one week away so what?

re meeting britney backstage for $2,500 and with the quote 'no one would pay you' (just bits off center?):

'please, you can get a blowjob cheaper than that' - my mother

'everything is priced to sell' - god over

'someone cares, the price steep' - me 'priced to stay on the shelf for on-demand or cash-paying, thinking customers'

...while waiting for dinner they dr*nks try and get 8:00 p.m. service every day our little group ('you can enjoy anything if you wait for it' - dM 'and if you think about it, too') - visit fathead.com on-the-wall sizeables or blown up pictures

things i've grown tilling the soil and easily enough:

concord grapes
green peppers

great gifts and decorations at home depot these days...
attic ladder for stapling among 2x4's $108

see here the attic drop door in action - this is from the manatee-sea cow - actually a full-on pig - aquarium in fort pierce on 11/30 the last day in november

outdoor funhouses and other good everyhow...trees cheap...small harms everywhere
excellent noise: eiffel towers a few sizes with flash bulbs going off
lowe's too - got me 18' of rope lights red $10 in a box - 24' with corded length i could't believe it, i still don't (shop the link they're there...and colors)

our new car is a cadillac srx crossover get that lots of insides...video for backing up no can do

the traject changes by moving or intending the steering wheel
'xm' sirius is nice - jazz fusion - like cabs-limos in new york city
the radio mentions having bluetooth or wireless capability too but all the options make you a psilon or art nut, toybox stalker

these small croutures for cream at cb2 about $13

mom got this from me - i got at spiegel (see banner link forward) way back when
sadly, the grape vine bought for here didn't make it...

west hollywood runs a pickup van-train-bus at night look for the stops along santa monica boulevard and routes - gross?
ride forever...

the basic look out back here in florida it's still opening up to me

all in one jacuzzi - see no more yet
a nice place to cobb your pot but i signal cold like ca

monday 11/25: made it to west palm beach florida (terminals at american shabby at los angeles but nicer elsewhere) last evening two flights one from dallas the weather is great all the way rain and more rain dallas so clean and nice but colder...

but days left thanksgiving: remember the crust and lace of mincemeat (plums, pears, nuts) pie alongside pumpkin with cream of topping, coffee...keep the table varied...then homemade cranberry bread the recipe here somewhere (december 2008 - the very last time i was with mom at thanksgiving, no less)...we made ours

besides failing (bank) card to (green dot) card cash transfers, green dot wants cash for the load up on money pak and the money pak card itself now - beware - simply buy something point of sale then get added cash for the green dot stuff...then no advise me

see ya soon, dallas and florida
balloons at pavilions...i hadda work my ass off wrangling a free sparkling water under the just for u program lately (aquafina flavor splash raincheck to some other wit)

11/21 more on Kennedy's for having more said and about: The woman on the Today Show very bright is identified to me as Kathleen Kennedy - not Maria Shriver a Kennedy this one is one of John's kids somehow ? anyway what remains here is the identity of Lee Radziwill or Jackie's sister who went on to be Katherine Ross and also queen of overnight stays in NYC Leona Helmsley in older age...Jackie, despite claims is not played by Lee in some sort of covert, but was Liz Taylor in actuality and the real Kennedy event at home (is Richard's mother known to us as Daphne ruler of snakes ? of Dian(as)ys (snake dionysus) what dies in front of you a subobject of Dionys or same but directly clued what shapeshifts endlessly and makes stuff too). The person shot in open limousine is portrayed to the public to be Scott Glenn (the picture is good as Glenn or Kyle our friend loosely) the hero astronaut was shot in his bed at home by his father for threats - one of the women said she had his brains all over the back of her head and turned and couldn't believe it. The father who shot him is supposed to be Danny DeVito all that remains who was J. Edgar Hoover (Lyndon Johnson who was shot too in this affair)...more later...I couldn't say more previously as there is a sitting duck there in that film somehow that I as Martin was involved with arranging (ugly) and that I might have been him Kennedy (our world is that ugly to me - you get made little again to sad but political parents who want 'to honor him' we are Catholics and I get to wonder about the picture in my bedroom what was already there and cracked of its glass) along with FBI darling John Derringer (a shooting gallery type). I'll be in Dallas soon 'da last place' you'd ride in front of...Scott Glenn is associated freely with MLK's murderer (or assailant - he might not have died there but should run from the same said it does occur) James Earl Ray. Next up then is the hard ride visiting the moon on jetliner drugged and visited by voices what he reports to be a short trip and but a small box only the size of a refrigerator with light radiating held around it. I suggested that is a space port that is very deep looking out at the world in space (see the Wings album cover 'Back To The Egg') the box is his statement the port is mine then. He said the moon gets bigger and then shrinks right away to this box and is light held only.

raining here, clouds...

this is the newest rolls convertible i ever seen...savored on hilldale 11/20
if this is for me, degree'd dental assistants at home is for you helping to refuel with coal
get the facts, be current: rolls royce motorcars or thereof what's some

forgive the blur - i hadda to catch this in motion and not be a freak about it

shakespear's sister 'stay' figures it alone

this is my quote five times watched now: this girl's soul - a real party to have around a party or parting - comes to address another critical moment ready to kill someone under-represented who won't stick around if returned to health - the soul wants to be there at the end of this gathering of facts and as this is wanted by me, but can't stand the fact that anyone here would get in the way if in-fact we know our destiny because we are here already we know we'll be there no change matters when to and from are not linked but evidenced...she goes to kill the bitch but notices she doesn't really like either of them and gags on the thought of having even one around - noting her old nose some style, she leaves it all instead to be alone in it waiting for her ship to arrive...so to speak, she never makes a wrong move but is smart and ridicules their cripple of caring for on the grave...some argue the copper bowl is christ's copper and glass - is body fluids mixed and the dead as water evidencing itself again...

"I thank people for selling to me. For the fact, they have it." - dM

re courageous acts in porno quoted me 'a temerity' god over says 'they leave alot [on the table] - trust that'...be reactant is my offering to not care, ever

the very next day (ruled: don't come up to me in a bar, either): giada d. (bigger than most without mention) reports her gig at barnes and noble was 'good enough' (nineteen hundred 'crims' she says) but at moments tense (someone fell in front of her and couldn't get up and then someone 'died' of 'appatriate' behavior or fighting friends - i note now they shoot folks hindering rescue at the tree lighting ceremony in nyc always a small brown-ish female in wrap winter coat screaming afterward from the upper arm 'you didn't have to do that'...dullards...the crowd leans on you bad so scary to me once) and half-as-measured payment ($600 out of $1,400 'examined [to be true]' she says...'we sold half book' as barnes are a bit classy we seem, letting 'no sale' or then 'no vent' intermesh in the line to (book soup makes you buy of later missing with it too you won't be able to keep your personal obtains) and 'no' that stuff is not of mine but honors me i guess and for what? you don't pay me that way i'd have mine as speaking for which - be normal and expected of to be seen, please i fight my own demons lured of me...p.s. you'll be courted now...more: i've never seen anyone more shrunken and bitter (um, 'bothered') at a signing personally seen in my head only - must be able to get away with it - loved the all-star cook special for thanksgiving on the food network - lively, thanks...

if heaven weren't true: i tell the queen even when presented by proxy (a person of similars) you should be the quote to in the face of a lingering doubt i never have - classy - i hate know-it-alls i can't speak over the excite downing me a plane and also knowing personally as unproven who the fuck are you anyway be bright and bright at it....you never sell making it a wrong...the queen is at once the most important thing and less than expected with having to burl your own discerns of at it...i have to quiet my words to distill meaning i had no misgivings but who am i again? we are america...of the stars and god's hand made

'think of this as a cloth towel dispensor in a public restroom' - 'round and 'round it goes drying 'to a significant savings if you're just that cheap and self-serving a back-up to unnecessary thrift and actually some - your review is the paper waste who wins with me then? 'a family of trees fallen | be haunted'...recycling, usually a leisure of self-pay (hottened? pick your own poop with our 'hair is no human-content like sewn-on freckles' bag 'no faces see to but yours' and the ancient gauve known as 'yellow, to grout our showerhead' if taking no loans is also no so much money for you, too - today is no such cheap with aggressive as opposed to abusive drunks around who lose fights handily enough but whine when abused to be no more seen with and add it all up i like you for liking me still cost me no more bits at the one pump raising your costume as yet so is unseen the cast aluminum vent)...anyway - why ask why when certain of only have dying there is no life in this body because it's cheaper to now talk with eyes and sheps no less bulging than answering for your small gake of lies and their noted auntie-treasure of having anyone at all to avoid the inevitable (any exposure versus the shame and eventuality) of lamenting the self slightly near or above it you know you don't mean or have to say it a week on drugs in an eighty-dollar motel with hate or naked tube sight of granks at the helm 'water to water no rubbers' say blacks 'never' even with no electric hand drill powering a cheap pump or at all say i - 'i (my auditory q: or muddened signal through butt-stamp to myoob make your own omegas or be overly arranging hairs from an ugly dried up lawn their casp flowers in a hot green pan and with the usual of unnecessary hagglings in and around lamont avenue) still think about 'x' or 'y' often enough while i and others never offer current or bitch-to-black as soul bitch answers to an old test but think why not just accept the gift given of others ranting about though no hair problems sheaved or described until their old mother dies of pills obtained from a hairless ball sack ratcheting legumes for the best of groans sourced of in the head only and at the gaussian rave next door a caught-on-tape party only with scant coupons for no women and bars without drinks and red skelton knishes on teaks at-once and uncertainly a poison to be tea'd on noburry lane a one-piece black shit we made together with our savings now borrowed at attractive rates but you're here why?...until the lovely black niggers at the post office ate my crap this weekend waiting for an out-of-state check another mother replies mini 'make me a cash two wishes and new cadillac too' better not be that buick abu redressed as pomley that's yours to notice halfway to 'sayin' it my way' a bleeding ruby tuesday with thoughts of me having one too in the grave a fuckin' tiara i could just cry but your husband is here again shooting me up with liver fats all aids ever gave me and washing around in the toilet too...don't stand there i couldn't ever shut off even one apple computer in the office either having to select 'fool' on a moused-up menu again and cursing its god-art smile to die of silence waiting for anything better said wait again...that survived me or had to shit on the sidewalk picking wall coverings with your hole? the smile has its way no anger so to muse...to thee i give newton to note falling if you fall it's the 'all paid for' quote i hate 'don't envy me a fortune let it rot to the top then display again having it said' you were trained with the certain of eye not to bother but with me see fortune made to be seen...mine: i hate personal fortune with me humbled by seeing without saying - let it pink slip to be pork and public pot only as a proprietorship and partnerships so do i die no more checks to be getting in on your gig as i pay for it each one paid and as paying and now refuse a cube death to corporations who never pay anyone without a salary quote (annual contract and haul grand piano as scene to half day of showing and street lights and no more of pubic signs however where hand over hand - i.e., makes smart aloof ones already salary-retained play the market and show me how too - how wins are extracted personally speaking you were hired previously for having two sources too many) wages their day against others abstaining from (three shifts, seven days usually at today's service-oriented rates -- a veritable prison but see $30 fedex a bag of drugs before 10 am joy joy or then tuna melt - support lightly with women speaking freely in a fag bar no worries) and by the way no one owns anything i don't know about who cares what japan does in america you shit in my yard to piss anywhere we too are one and a shame...they never let people live i never let 'em see it show...

the only thing twice shittier than public advocacy is cruel humor - you want to know, ask someone new and forget what's so small to the bed...statistics must be mine and are truly personal and witless too...count me out

who killed tower? jews can't rob jews at solomon's but comfortably live in lawless ruins like russia's kids they gave oldsters a gift of no sales backwards in an afterlife of having to do and say...theirs is a show business truly and they never renegotiate anything you are a beggar twice with government now both taxing me...see the culprit as the dumb-ass fuckin' artists signed who prefer their own bulges shit to newcomers and their fuckin' stupid songs about a feeling quoted of to life - see cumtree 'party 'til we die' is thus illegal some of us advance while others stay behind in a false or unpublished market - all summaries of knowing too much personal shit at ease what a dump of paper and plastic you did this making sames - no pay, no play - before, you didn't even get to hear a song or know title if you didn't buy albums how would you get that without airplay? hot on it? take a chance...and tower flat-out robs (relieves) people in the basement that's the shrimp (copies) missing in action you couldn't handle the sweet-to-be-nothings (small-ish takings) of success they have to make up with no public prayers of bother (a job left then - unwanted copies you make us now even aftermarket bmg wouldn't budge)...come to die, die trying it said...you don't spend mine making your fat glories of by farts (i don't listen, period - a jail made of it but seem with mine everlast) - they are old, mean, and ugly don't shine too bright young dumb pigs - i eat of snakes instead...no bites to be here...thank you india, frailty

siouxsie robs us blind 'kiss them for me' as related by top of the pops

the voice? are these famous or trying to be? can't keep scraping cher behind the ears...i sing to be them some are bits to be magical, not like them as judged by them liking them...get the facts there's no one like that here still sad-looking you died of vinyl and wrap and had a heat roller at home selling catalogs to credit reversals now smarter see lots in shipping dress and just before bankruptcy half-filings a number only held halved in business text 'we want to sell ours being made of - you to hold that stuff' - get some imelda marcos going in no way intended a slap a black church doesn't fetch a pine or workers burning a bull full of crap...but seen to be pumping at first out in-front of the train the two if prayer is opposing and facing up the front...before a bomb strikes they know about it some...they might think of one later they say...it's not like anyone can hold still or stop the train by holding too...

'what's next - you gonna sell tents to a fork in the road?' - dM

'...like a pitchfork in a graveyard' - dM

'don't bother getting up - i found the weebles wallet' - dM

'i paid the bitch last week - now she's back asking me for my money' - dM

'i don't keep a spare unless you're driving home in a hurry - you can't drive blind and fly me home by the hopes in the same shorts of time...' - dM

another loose, live 'otherness'-type cut from cocteau twins 'aloysius' mp3 (2.5 megs) (be saned: 'allo-wishus' alt with 'allo-english' - excellent stuff wonder why it's off on the side? inverts outwardly 'so send us another | send us a jubilee - yeah'...from the 'treasure' lp (1984)

salt as prayer: 'make me money center' (momentarily granted me and from be centered to and fro)

does anything-type - i did this myself for shakespear's sister 'stay', moodswings 'state of independence', others cassette singles 'kiss them for me' siouxsie great stuff with no mention of champagne pools shaped like hearts 'did you just fart in my glass? prim'
excellent quiet is the 'basic instinct' theme a gold in my hair - no impurities at all just surrogate mother masked as is fresh milked
'for every mother ('mugger'), another (a 'shrugger')
'i saw her waitin' around in an old mink - i say old because it was grayed out all along the back and the fishing wire was showin' signs of still being well-warned...i got all tuckered out just looking on'

'bring to me | be pleased to meet me'

note: napster had asymptot 'calling france' - wiped from the face of the earth

giada at 'the grove' barnes and noble 7pm with her new book 'why not now?' monday 18th the title is really 'feel good food'...fell for it good - fooled

word perfect: 'derelict' denounces kings, slurs their language (mine: the least for the least)

'they don't pay them for gettin' naked, they pay them for making a plate' - dM

starbucks, redux: the demi cup and saucer set all aglow (in red, silver, and gold shines) is nice too...at banner link...silence to both a piss is first proffered then apres your stool - be science blinded by scent (this means to jerks sitting around there 'reading' 'keep your lip shut as nothing to hear of - i'd piss right in you, but you should think of your seat as the only object to be sought and i like the room to be me' end text 'public deference' no overhear unless asking to be heard also - forward persecution feels to good for you)

allentown nj's zip '08501' money '08', death '5', who '01'...west hollywood is '90069' if '48' is finely found dead as limed down a pussy...meow...

honors 'wuzzles' - miracles - get it? mirror balls but to fashion me in words
people say what about a twat? i make it like edward g. robinson - sideways banana lips with cigar 'm-look here, see' myuck-myuck 'see'

explore fingerhut for ideas...beware that stinky vhs that doesn't record dvd's i have it still hooked up in every which way 's' cables and all...as home record, i hate homemade junk anyway...used to be paying was truth every time now your junky stuff chokes me back the tears the cd's i have are junky titles...think about having a library, think about me not getting liner notes at regular size but at a sneeze, think about gary numan changing all the roland instruments in 'telekon' (1980) to half-nil you'll never know their basic keyboard stuff like 'prophet', 'juno', and 'synclavier' too?...think about itunes having every last witch ever made in their oppressive manowich database...a sure loser at first, not to mention having both the balls braids in, they hardly ever err but i do think...they have all because there is no true discern every last witch...

foul note: i'd have 'cd now' stock in a second...

at&t u-verse is sending us a thank you visa-mastercard for $25 due dec 6...we owe time-warner cable $75 still per our calculations...no gifts there, however we added another tier for $10 more a month $59 + $10

cvs unveils their new wreath styles $25 each - add one traditional green and poinsettias

the best banana in the whole world: trader joe's on sunset at laemmle 5 (at crescent heights) has the best bananas $0.19 the each always i enjoyed one yesterday 11/13...they have hard decorative breads too (e.g., walnut and cranberry) $3.99...our tj's has cranberry upside-down cakes...all reasonably priced...i guess a dozen large fresh eggs is still $1.49

la unified's plan to staff with ipad's but with samsung in its place is coming up cold - in toilets?

hey, cvs: adobo seasoning available at amazon - 'trader's choice' was what we used from cvs and liked alot (no matter, is a substitute for bread crumbs...)
more: for the table that demands skinless no crumbs plus mine a breast dipped in beaten egg and then coated with italian crumbs baked one hour at 350 degrees oven
the last two were great also - chickens bleed alot these days however no heat will mend my recipe our oven set to 425 degrees to capture any loss due to flashing

scuzzy stockings at cb2...$8.95

$64.95 mecha-tree at cb2

town meet re tower records monday, november 18
we protest a lack of faith
p.s. we'll be happy when that parking lot is full again - you took enough land otherwise and we hate your farmer's market too - all money hands demonstrating who's not paying and without those in thursday night counselings - no affair, no buys, just spend
you can be that anywhere old affair now a cook - we're here to handle 911 stigma i guess, but hollywood really lights me up and is central

never say never - lacienega at holloway

tracey's at-home version of 'why does the wind' notice ben watt's back

kiddie art from lacienega and melrose

at the cvs at lacienega and beverly - bluetooth player $50

demand: wizard of oz cake plus poppies at 8709 santa monica boulevard the 'cake and art' shop near the 'b' brick & mortar boutique
where are my dragees?

pavilions today 11/12:
oroweat oat bread $2.99 a loaf
philly cream cheese $2.49
haagen dazs pint $3
hershey's chocolate bar large $1.50
lots else...then not much

trader joe's turkey dinner in a wrap their 'turkey gobbler' sampled well (add prepared sweet potatoes from their frozen section): white meat turkey, stuffing, raw cranberries and gravy somehow $3.99 fresh - slice and swirl with gravy like stromboli it is

the yellow outdoor boutique still awaiting friends...
i worked at vca santa monica airport as a temp way back when
some say 'expensive'

yesterday's 11/11 veteran's day service from my perspective the mayor abbe land conjuring of me - toni halliday gave the convocation as else
the sal suds fountain in forefront behind black t-shirt (heading east)

at bed bath & beyond a vw camper tent...what $50?

the scales of justice withheld on lacienega

starbucks has these new $30 advent (as the four sundays what approach christmas plus one candle for christmas day mass) calendars of mini-gifts that excites children waiting for saint nick - great for thanksgiving or 'rather thans giving'...describe: little brass and silver-colored coffee tins each with something nice inside and one holds a limited edition mini-gift card $5 or so...check them out at banner link the tins actually firmed on a magnetic brown chalkboard not apparent at the store...

speaking of which, see cactus coolers at amazon

the truly superior 'carrie' of brian depalma fame now has her mother's chapel music nipped for a clubgoing of song 'on your own' serge devant-coyle girelli...a stature is known to be...as the new, promo? the original is indelible...when rock n' deaths were real...a star is born...

revisit for the holidays that tree lined with rope light - very amputee, very art life
see a sale made light

pavilions arting me the right way - along our lines < $20 a door
heft? i thank people for stealing pieces from the door a visitor of some sort very rare here...a viscount (you or them, asks always and to know for sure) or someone you need to impress with harms
'the bags are heavy with good these days for little cash' - dM eat at the lights, fire engines racing around

pets? little people, dolls, puppets do me fine...invest a little life in one i hate disagreement among kingsfords or no bread...'watch me bleed'

'starlett' johansson (songstress 'pink' without voice and mennen stick no anti-perspirant just metals as 'deodorant' for b.o. as heated up a foghorn leghorn) notes porn (now known as 'tron') has a place as shown me on tv, but i hate trying around me...people who fight everything ground up in repeating patterns with no further precedent know to get all you want when you want it - we hate greed only...jealousy (jails us) is here too note its 'sickness' after days and days a croup really 'am i evil?' no 'you just want to know if people still like you' your dick...have yours first then kill your kids with it...you 'make your bets in life and take your share' - chrissie hynde p.s. you give nothing but regrets have one to yourself and without them listening in...some people are deeply affecting their beauty - note better usually - the plates served on may be unholy however not your place to review and rate or speak even...my point?

veteran's day service is 11 am tomorrow at the sal guarriello (interpret me: 'sal' or saddle suds for time away from partying to sell the roses back) fountain park near the ihop at holloway and santa monica fork...i'll be around so silence me

bearded chia pets? chia 'cock and balls'...fyi, igy, favorite last name 'babcock' a watering hose pointed up, a talker...last seen on the asian palace 'vengeance' a home alone...

red cashews or 'old friends' at 'fantasy island' (is a doctor-ordered gym membership for neurosis or laying around feeling guilty) to browsers that don't display page titles - ours is 'licks and separates' like a bra but is envelopes at profur year end...or spanish clothing with rear insignia 'nothing is yours' lower back in scripts a pink breathless...sewn to be frills

no matter how cheap yahoo web hosting is $12.95 a month for unlimited moto-speak, i'm havimg difficulty paying by depleted credit cards - any help? you borrowed my monies and set off burginess or having without me surely a stumble...december 7 is my drop-dead date...what am i - a fuckin' joke?

upswing - young, hoping to have: mom sent me a plane ticket to florida (west palm beach stopping in texas - from bless to bless) on my favorite or choice airline american november 24 and notably at my regular paying price of $350 or so maybe as much as $412 with taxes...direct flight home dec 4...like a russian prostitute with a gun 'no, chance, no chance'...hayzee 'shiny shiny' the song...

trying to milk the roommate's upcoming surgery like a divorce all red tears my mother writes back 'oh, [your brother] scott had that months ago and nobody was around or needed' - and she watches from the side or above here why no visits...a pro-surgery type (no big babies need apply) i think people are so weird taking the bus home with no friends all worried someone will see your belly button or balls at the local motel 6...it never dawned on me that people entering high school a year later were kicked out of somewhere else a dirty secret...spare yourself first...'i retire, you resign, you win, i lose' - toni halliday 'men are from mars'

wandering about, ebay has these little mole zappers like electrolysis but serious minded for visible ketone or pigment take a look the as-used prices are pretty good under $100 bips...maybe you open your own shop we argue whether dots have their place (right, down) 'they help keep cocks outta my ass' someone negules...i don't have problems like that or mosty hafta dress up like a tunnel no am assume pass-fail...back to, they say will pick off anything i hate little girl solutions ('hold your breath') but some of these accursed mentions won't fade out...what if someone actually helped? my teeth would fall down the drain dentures (naturally to not) are fun to consider they look like birth control and their crabbage quote the aneurysm (you can keep your smelly ol' liver but not your mind - all through the armpits these days although leg 'spider' veins are hard to get at from a stool) you apply individual teeth to a round picking out the ones not wanted only a certain masque or cheap dentura 'i use yellow ones to compliment ours alone' what brings about the flaws i desire in others another blackguard trying to know prospers in hygiene and the principles or building blocks of auto sound...just for thinking 'bout stuff love their front page suggestions at ebay although i can't afford much these days...maybe a little job gagging on warts...hives! whatever

why does helen keller wear tight pants? so you can read her lips~
'mirror don't work for her' she's behind that's why...'she can't see you'

the airport was about one extra day in town the holiday passes too fast, in our way of saying...a quote: 'they didn't waste any time notifying us fast and i stayed in a hotel so seem...no bills yet, either, that is, not one day billed out of two, i'd say...the government wins again'

one more time

gary numan 'the calling' keeps me calling back
words change to suit assholes - we have it all anyway you don't and thus be you
fuckin' crumbs if you wait long enough you can be them but are never ever a choosen among choices a bag is a bag

got me a two-pound shove (um, 32.0 ounces) of jimmy dean pork sausage now in the freezer the 'freeze by' date noted...$5 at pavilions

'someone has to hurt outright for my mentions - let it be you' - dM now that is value you don't ask if i'm gay, you find out like michael jackson's mother eavesdropping on the phone an older brother has taken a lover her reaction of nose opening wide is thus paid

first, the official site have you seemed douglas deniro freeman kline - this, about me...'douglas' for a firm connect, de niro fighter as ledged out (god's friend if you see pacino or then debralee scott the girl most likely to be on hole's 'live through this' the next one is me in flame, toni, liz, and neil and her my ex-wife fed to sharks? she was hungry too that big shark 'manitoba' for fat hawaiian faces all that tread...my father 'fish' or uncle), freeman a big deal good-looking is however number two, 'kline' a spelling for a neo-jew cutthroat venturing outward, a old man (omen, another jerk-off) as male van dyke or declined discover card you have no degree if you get one i can't remember getting a degree or then bankruptcy as nevus or mole with cash? i'm not fooled these bitches came out of the grave (i know what to see blades of grass as earrings is one) for a $5 check 'da tease'...tomorrow never comes, neither does good...you gotta close the table now...'i know who bob cochran is it could take alot of sucking on the wrong ones, bitch' - dM who only remembers being moved to tears, mostly...there's no check, fool, keep sucking if it's no threat you need a better mike, anyway, and new amp too...

no, you are a reject...seeks sames

things are tight around the ankles when green dot won't complete a cash transfer across accounts the note of hits the account but drops in a day - why at&t again...now, you see nothing but cancel a debit to meet credit on your terms i can't say and do now can i see the question? women seem to sense an improper but i laid with the man what grants you only and in years to come so what go back to hell or i come to see you and without mention of me again...know your friends you probably never ever met...we know buttlickers...you have an obligation to help me do better saying you but you won't - i can't quite believe you're real! it can't be that true a beggar like that god says you are really that maybe you should lend money the lowest of the low after defending gays...what is 'charity'? 'cheerless giving' i don't wait for you to pay us less, you hafta notice things the way you do without guile or guide along and if 'greed kills people, avarice watches them die' averages us you are charity forced to recognize your own needs to be met soon enough you put good in first to get yours out a matter of personal-size scales versus world-one i don't keep good credit to help you, it's to down your plane should cancer kill you like all the ones you kill with birds good luck with that you'd be better off laying eggs people die from shrapnel inside the case you can't know enough like cleopatra tossing the most vicious snakes outta the tub over your right to know i get away without your consent when i'm full the dinner bell rings for rags and their harvest of scraps mentioned but there's food you see good but not until i have it secured a cro-magnon type we all find the pot of gold once we're sure there isn't any more to be sheen of...not ever will you see flames flickering on my walls...never will you wonder and burn too...you'll be sainted and up too high to see who dies an unknown with nothing living better than all of it dying off still and living to talk more...no examples to follow you....bless yourself be seen at it...just me and the above flamed of paper...flickering...you are no one but at stops on the way a rest haus how much could they know...a hot bag of dust eating under my wheels...take that off...and remember whole worlds of gods don't form over a fear of being you or being shot at - you see to see it different and until it comes 'there is no talk among thieves'...

rule, for sure: you receive in good order first, then, they can do whatever they do - just do it then, do it again ~ or else you'll be simply wakin' about it

You Hafta Tell A Friend - Is That Something For Me? Re-Seek Your Usual Plot Of Gold In October 2013
I don't wanna know that stuff about hatemongs - see the sale upward. Note cheap and flavened too. Nevermind the weird we're alone now?...I just listened to myself in a car crash badly hurt. Crying helps and I pass around unbeknownst to you like faked abortions crying at night to their only mother a lifesaver - potent. You to defend yourself from a self at night.

nextras (as 'no-ones' next to us? no, i can't afford that - 'neck strains'):

all very chumley from ours past - love my shirt on left
doug, leslie, mom, and scott i guess...chris but the point is pumpkin