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Non 'Mangina' 7-Up ? Is Not Ginger Ale Nor Is It Coke And Pepsi Mixed Down And With A Twist
Form no more truths in December 2011 and but with us and that means 'no you'.

someone asks how do you make a ball, a globe? i roll clay in my hand on a table
a circle i'd make with a center pin (radius) and a pencil tied at string length going around as tensed (diameter)
the circle goes in a square (area) to exert itself top bottom and sides
the same circle is cut in half to make cube front and back - the first is its full opposition stated, the second is where it the opposition begins and ends
the circle is as big as it gets, but you only ever to get to see a map (x times y) or depth of focus forward and backward the pages turn away
when you take in sight with light behind you, something's moving and is changing it seems but that is not god's sight as big or small - all is still
a lens makes movement when it shines with light and when it takes in light in sampling at rate that allows the note (frame)

that turned out so well, let's continue:
i've been shown the ball 'om' at a height of rest as that lighted bed of lettuce i sight as having been seen outside the universal shell
the shell is formed by a figure eight with the white room it is going around at diagonal speeds keeping the constants across and dropping somehow down
when this is all one piece as just me all black and to make the white circular space station with three rotors or swinging arms what is the white room
the shell in this black model is relaxed to form a candle up center to the ball a timing downward and then as wax ocean below to round dish with lattice rim and making that will be the ether at distance a trick in moving me by will
we know you have this candleform, but the idea is how to give fifty thousand years sleep to one's self as the next self only without having said buck out here...more later
next is up the morgana or death figure as tornado or jewel thief in the cartoon 'spiderman' - the eyes shine and dial in turning as diamonds
this is recognition, but is very flattering me
in space we make a figure as tall as any plus some - the idea is bigger than any mind can draw and to expect nothing
you approach anything to get the news of being there in local sight
this one lays down in front of you to reach the size of a man in your shop maybe and at night - each layer at a map or sample the mid is interpolate (sized between like a shoe size)
the mind fucks come from the distance between the two figures blending with with the same samples made in the back as leaving the height of the center being and presented all at once like a trip through the woods
'you can't see the forest from the trees' done well but and done down
it always seems like a step too far but this is one step to see at your map - we make it to scare you bald
more than intriguing, these are real distances, mother
to get the eyes to turn diamonds like dials is the blinking of three taillights, kinda (one, two, three as left to right? not mine - do your own)
this morgana person is pictured with the vangogh umbrella it's in there very common to my innates (inmates) orange street lights
while you might see, you don't get my interlacings at naught what never cease to please at load a friend
bigger than you picture like a fool practicing falls it's the trying i hate
gamma (gander for a grandeur) is this - too much life and death or distance at great heights or light's way of having you know all too well for no pay
the eye that comforts light with black center to avoid stirring is pulled deep inside to form cone's eye has the cone outward flexing to dark to feel any
the dead have seen too much, it seems
gamma is long waves formed about whatever you see that torture you and as unseen yet a heart racing
is in my sun powdering or all in its way to show me a nuclear prowess and begin collecting nothing i care about
morely disintegrating on the way in it stamps at me...white 'paquing' kinda
p.s. the most impressive sight in a tornado is a big sheet of black smoke turning to be still and move aside
if all of nature hard wires itself, you should think about a walk down the street as falling forward but with a foot always on the ground
the sun but a memory you're seeing on the floor the only failsafe i think of ever

these arrived from mcdonald's - a pocketbook of five (5) one dollar ($1) chez's each for handing over at the desk
i guess they sell 'em - i never bought a ronald mcdonald credit card but think more toward not knowing the remaining value on it and hiding the thought well - a beggar's banquet is this
someone i once met at night wanted me to buy then 29 burgers on a card with someone else's money they wouldn't spell it out kinda - i'd do that if i wanted to
bothering with the balance is like someone who divides fractions longhand past three decimal places (to provide more than a percent) - it's because you can't do other things well or you simply can't
i can
if i do it, it is to refresh the whole process what seems like it wouldn't be too hard at all but then again maybe i can't be bothered
god's mind will walk me through it, but as first present? shortly after angers me...yours isn't a failsafe you know
adding zeros to the remainder makes it own point if zero is balance on a scale or nothing yet
i wait until there is pay - this isn't pay, but close to rates of pay how much for how little time spent with
my survey says to mcdonald's that even if their food (fries) weren't good, it is because i gave them a voucher so they shouldn't take me seriously? not true
please - it's about people who bring nothing to dinner this isn't yours to cover with being clever and i agree but with choice in mind and i don't ever choose to pay with you as avoiding me
the fries are never anything but good and usually it won't matter at all - there are women in the wallpaper but men at the desk i don't like looking on asking whom is most like me?
i usually tell people i'm making a website and never seek your company if i don't like the food - wrong in bothering a pleasure made elsewhere
i wish you'd complain there as i keep rags and junky stuff for the occasion who made who i hate stink
i ask myself as others 'borrow' is it worth it? he or she is sometimes but this isn't for you
who's paying? i don't like you saying it anyway as i like to pay too - you off and down the road with others paying me
the more you do for people the more you know you have nothing to say about their money it's the work involved getting to it
people think you should be fired for bankruptcy or garnishment - they should be starved to death in africa where its simply done i think
i like keeping people informed but as taking interiors like these and telling afterwards for think about being good i think about saving your life or theirs but only once
remember, 'you can't polish a turd' - stephen king's 'christine'

Noting what's simply new since '92: "Le Sabiens: The Same Beings" is about siamese twins or then lesbians (hessians, hassis) a favorite craught of mine along with "Never Mine: The Buttocks" a good joke, basically. Long awaits is the new "Hangover II" and rates itself iTunes today Dec 6 an unfinished sympathy if you keep doing it to no gain like I sometimes wonder then I do not hafta pay I guess. Nothing over a cruel toilet-type bowl is ever good to say with your mouth full so leave out ends that you seem to know so well and just be happy wishing others it so well. Plot? Desirable jarbons per faggots not these do all for you oh say can you say and provide for me too. How? Wampum? Laughs mean someone got hurt or made to know my anger and talk about it never but see wins here to lose elsewhere or then Allan 'Salada' Funt will rise in the morning his bags were full of pyoor too but I know why I know. Cigarettes in a toilet? Hishing cigarettes in a yellow toilet with blue water I'd say no poopy. Run Sheba run you retard ! for you is that easy we give on having soaps with you here Scott's tomb of pale humes afound and Curtiss candies restored. I might watch later by recycle not the paper's too cheap with your stuff on it I wait 'til the cover doubles down 'did you see as this' but at your home now like 'Willard' with snakes wettling under a dog he has a nursing assistant in the basement is that still about me. I'm not doing so well, but I'm doing better than cheap vows of mine not to anymore 'you wish you'. I left alone, I left a note, I'd love to know....thanks cunt (cut! that's a shapp). Nothing good comes to you. Fact finding but after the fact is noting yet...

No one writes me back? All of the friends on Facebook and still I thank ye...someone says people see and hear you anyway via modems and connections. So? Voices don't see I'm still here sometimes and others not - never do I show you what you see (in jail - hardly a place to show off but I do I guess two cells - one, then two). People who see would come right in? For that level of risk me shits? Gets to be hassled by all to know how little you might spend a part if a play. Still, it isn't my money reaching in. It's my bargains now just clipped up for another $138 from $125 or less a month evens it out under budget for mc hammer's 'magic sap' (you sometimes hafta sign in as without your password or key and internet hinders these an offensive beatrix or 'beak of hat tricks' of not only joblessness if you need be) phone internet and cable all your stuff from posh money people (no one thanks these ever for their evenflo nights of need nots) are expensive but they don't cost me any much either - you have two someones like these here? Two cheaps fail to a sure thing flying to your certain death pulling wing flaps with strings like someone with hot plates at the new Bennigans. "Thank you, no" at condials of film to just like people, but not so that much to let you leave like another error in thought drags off the dnner table - and you have the flame for it so keeps to myself the heaping manure of one's body language cross-stemmed for 'both anal pleasure' yutts it a greener yolk 'butt i'm not halo'...

---------------------i don't pay much to hate you and as asians will, lift a little 'up up'

December 25 is not long away, but the 1st is on Monday - try that one more out. The state has decided to garnish wages on January 1 from monies sent and with adjustments owed. Owed means you gave mine (matched with federal retiuns to others I wouldn't shit in and by hand-arm). We are comforted here not by those sharing the ride as saint and when gets the shovel out back the other the snapping turtle's eggs. I'm sure I don't match and care about who gets these and are spending my concern getting to no the point. See ya then....and now. Ask me how. Each letters the garbage with your thoughts and mine also. Also, life's losers (a phone call as universal access permits me - Jews call a job you have only as listed not under hiring but chuck charities - we can't do it this any better, but we see more to having a point made once I can't help but notice - you never help anyone be it alone or once without me that one time I stopped to clarify I don't pass others by in life).

Big businesses never have the money but you rush in to take part of a sale to buy one or both back at full-retail prices. I want an eBay that bids for things in your home and someone goes and gets it done! So cheap too. People know too much and guarantee simple cash at remit for a good sit with the flanz (sees before an approval however is dying still we need more info speak-softly love a no-one knows where it may get to and stops it from being a thought), but I tell safely after to make it known hurt with besides you are that trying to cloud me I might like you still we are both male and I cry and beg weirdly never nor do I smell bad. Even if you don't know cum means your shit smells like rotten pork in the gums a thing that shouldn't notice too well (when you're doing better we won't hafta fight with whomever's accepting the award but during the show and thinks it all real on tv), I hate playing to people they are still here farting rubbers if no one wipes their lips down with simple 'glide stuff' taps and harrold laughs. Ask them something then tell me when I tell you not to wait just lunch right in.

You don't panic paying your bills and think bankruptcy is like stealing afar (you never see anything, I do - you flace). A job is stealing to those who know no prison but think I'm going to jail to pay back society. You cross the border to avoid high pricers riding each alone with you under spayed blankets with 'hot corn' on them lips signed 'tata' for the 'mr. burns' circles the lanced breast of greased half-open eyelids in a game of life's 'chance' you'll not only live but be at 'work' (arriving late as rent house aluminum sider first-one pardoner the 'laps laugh') the very next day and drink no water to be life's fountain to the 'old lonely' bus. All the sun I got and still there's none right here and on my way back.

No chinese new year saw a round key-cabled motor box shock the head (as 'new' one thought) off a reddened fatched neck onto the floor but shop early for size and 'masure' one become two, if that. Our riddle are new and floating around somewhere sensitive steapoulchz. Q: Who asked the jack to 'eat each of each fart'? One, if it's big - juck over to pee'd to see whuch in the sime. Cheese wrist tightner. Make it one self - be britten.

The story is about Saleem not taking the time - we don't care about when and if it's not them (even if they the quiznos are about things you know, recall is a can't stump 'em my-way). Trainspotting might be about us just licking butts a hearing (is really shy of me hating whole shits on Friday afternights then all if begins ? but is really about Scottish faggots we never kill but pull apart with dart-doured horses and bleats once set aflame with fougers old kild is the real me. "They hate making lunch [what'd they'd bring 'for sons' for tours guests - "two and then none you'd yet." Give them as ghosts a comb and save us the shits for cotting a hernia or spinning at the spine. "B: Yeah, but can you do it right now and then have someone fake it before it gets troubled by tooled or what's our own shutdown?" "Don't ask me to see if it's there yet - you just came down to see, and it's only me."

spying on freaks next door: that picture ghosts at me

our own offerings <>$0 take shape this year

Shop early, stay up later: CVS Santa Monica-LeCienega has the Mr. Clean Auto Dry Car Wash Gun for $4.99 right now...see Amazon. A great gift anywhere you shoot it...screw soap bottles into it.

The UCLA Student Store (of faculty, staff, and students) currently features the HP 3050A radiohead printer for $39.95 for more upscale clientele. "I dream of wires" - Gary Numan

"Rocky Horror" ("I'm just a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania") takes place in Bala Cynwyd (say 'Bala Kinwood') PA no matter what anyone says...he, 'Frank N' says "King Of Prussia" - whatever - Neshaminy where army nuts Nabisco at lengths is and larger scene of course is "Fields Of The Nephilim" Philadelphia...Bethlehem and all nearby. "Time Warp" was real good too - trust that as we piece together alot of personality. Yes, like Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide", I'm just digging it now if a child is no one to please if you ADD (attention deficit disorder) it all up. Is at iTunes also and I'm sure...this song is Bachman Turner Overdrive's "Taking Care Of Business" if Cocteau Twins are still Captain And Tennille "Angel Face"...Toni's in the studio this week "pre-production with Moon's thoughts afoot and beyond me."

News afore: Chick-Fil-A (landmark chicken filet sandwiches, waffle fries, plus sum) is now open at the old Raleigh's (Rally's) site Highland and Sunset...

the street santa monica today looking east - i've been trying to keep the clouds and cool weather around but food growing is complains...
the salad train is grown in tustin-modesto (near san jose-santa ana they say - huh?)
meanwhile we have a new triple a office next door (see left)
in the distance white is 'emser' where they store film 'chem serve' - used to be tiles, film, and plates

here are the new tennis courts above west hollywood library and parking at night on 11/27

three-prong seating 'honors god' just under awning there atop parking and as such

Cyber (cipher - mirrors flashing over distances) Monday 11/28 when people get back into the office from Thanksgiving and order away their money online. We made-coined "Black Friday" in New Jersey when sister Leslie worked at Quakerbridge Mall (Lawrence, NJ - Jeans West) and to mean the dread that follows with shopping the very next day. What is an 'android'? A person who shops too long and enjoys you working. A 'droid'? A person who takes your job and fares thee well at it. No one dead yet, or 1) a person who didn't die right 2) a person who is dying still, respectively. Both bother me. Adds 1) you know their name 2) could be anyone. Humanoid? A person playing a robot or android, vaguely human in intent. A 'vegan'...

texts: prefix 'an-' means 'doesn't follow you', suffix '-oid' means 'doesn't listen'...root-suffix '-dr-' means 'drawn in it'...'human' is 'hunan' means 'you feed it here' if '-man' means 'hands on [as me]' and 'han-' or said 'hu' as follows is 'colorful'...'who now?' leads me to think 'cruel' and means 'coldly kept'...

a few more syntax (adding up as in meaning) letters: prefix 'as-' means 'opposes as does' and 'ad-' means 'never asks, just does to you'...i was complaining about the word 'bade' (to 'brave' you) or 'to call and receive still [and with fumes afoot]' yesterday (it's real though) - always like playing 'scrabble' being cheap with a word and 'to wit' or have instant meaning to me...

we've got that holiday spirit - the incense cobra strikes
'incense or [for] else' - birds of paradise, we don't ever intentionally chase spirits away

mr greentrees is open on the doheny pumpkin lot now...

all douglas or noble firs, they got flocking like snow too

and the beat goes on: turkey rice soup today - many options, one floor plan

That $19 HP printer at Walmart (model #1051) is back up today $10 to $29 - still, you could've bought all-in-one (scanner printer copier) for $25.63 yesterday to be at your door...they wouldn't take my UCU credit card but days early...maybe you then. Also note Walgreen's - a neighborhood that hates inner-city kids stealing - has a Canon printer on sale this week for $20 (the 'IP2702' what prints only?) From here, take the #4 MTA bus west to Century City is on Santa Monica Boulevard near the McDonald's on the right there. McDonald's have those great Coke glasses again with the McRib meal and it seems. Other than, Rite-Aid has the wilted Charlie Brown pinecone trees this year a Walgreen's symbol 'til now. I love the look of that tree...other false firs 6' are around $25 and are nice there.

this is 'dunchovy' or the 'la fontaine' at fairfax and fountain - an impossibly rich setting for noise and neighbors
the road foreground in this shot runs north and south, the overall house itself faces north

this is the house we visited for wine and cheese way back the chrissie hynde house way up top right in the middle white - great views
is hollywood boulevard way up there, but expect no christmas parade there today 11/27 and at dusk near the chinese theater lots

this is chrissie hynde's single for 'talk of the town' - from trader joe's sunset

pretenders 'talk of the town'
from 1981 or so 'pretenders ii' officially
such a drag
to want something, sometimes
one thing leads to another, i know
where's the time?
what did you do for mine?
nobody knew
you arrived like a day
dressed like a cloud
i made a wish
and said it out loud
loud in the crowd
everybody overheard
it was the talk of the town

it's not my place
to know what you feel
i'd like to know
but why should i?
who were you then?
who are you now?
come and let me find out
find a hideout

back in my room
i wonder then i
sit on my bed
and look at the sky
up in the sky
how do you bade [burn each page as you turn]?
like the talk of the town

maybe tomorrow -
maybe someday
maybe tomorrow -
maybe someday
you've changed your place in this world
you've changed your place in this world

oh, but it's hard
to live by the rules
i never could
and still never do
beer holes in sight [serious alts: 'mirrors in sight' - a slaggart]
she never bothered you
you call the shots and they follow
i want you still
from the distance and go
back to my room
you'll never know
i want you
i want you but now
it's the talk of the town

maybe tomorrow -
maybe someday
maybe tomorrow -
maybe someday
you've changed your place in this world
you've changed your place in this world

taupe of the town not so black and white with piss and sweat afoot - hard work
many good interprets - is the father of soul
note: a blonder, older toni halliday gave us egg nog at koontz yesterday 11/26 selling weber grills for her jail...
koontz has a great assortment of rare-ish xmas lights, but you probably get led lights cheaper at rite-aid, and probably
what's scoring with me is darker twinkle lights in red, green and yellow - no blue really, or then all halon blue

hippodrome, london, 1958
if videodrome is underwater (drome: without looking you can see it still) what is 'hippodrome'?
a castle - four walls no insides; literally 'a fort'

and pet shop boys + the cars lead singer ric ocasek (u 2 supplant) -- and why not?
may we suggest rolling stones 'harlem shuffle' and bronski beat 'hit that perfect beat'
one more: tom petty 'you got lucky'

Great mobile web success with the 'LG900' is using Google (you select from the menu grid under "Internet Search" it reformats everything and also shows pictures smally in-between texts). I'll update here as I use and see for myself. Large pages paginate or form lines or blocks and you request more as you scroll down. I added a memory card (to be labeled 'external' or override memory) for about 4,000 megs or 4GB about $20 at CVS with adaptor or larger card included...

More veil from XTube!

tonight it was turkey pot pies with pepperidge farm pastry chefs, carrots, celery, potato, and peas?
the peas got left out, but the sauce is just butter and flour and milk some broth maybe...'bechamel' sauce? say 'vegetable'
the other note (left) is frozen bread loaves per se we are thawing-rising for the occasion payday on thursday-wednesday evening again
sos steel wool pads clean everything perfect, by the way - we grew up on brillo, but these pads shine the oven right up the way we like it (like new)
electric ovens: when loading the food-spill rings, know they are separate and should never touch - the metal bowl goes in first to rest on the oven top inside, the ring goes around the electric coil and then both are placed downward (the coil has metal extensions - three - that rest on-top of the shine ring)

just three hours later left at room temperature ! bake in the morning

new at moon moca at pacific design center...photographs ostensibly from william burroughs-cobain before he ran home
hedi slimane smells like teen spirit all prior to 1950, i'd say (free)

That Delta dentist ('FAGS' he says on his business card) still didn't pay me my $300 - my drug dealer wants cash. This the only open short-term issue as so far...teach, Omid Farahmand.

' where the machmen meet the machines | and play kill by numbers ' - gary numan 'down in the park'
the machmen are those who demand things fast-lane and the machines are roboto just doing it no matter who's there no rush
kill by numbers is when it's all over - who learns about who, who had more of what they think they want - who's at a loss?
'who knows more, who cares more?' - dM

Kiss singer Paul Stanley (at far left, 'love at first sight') yelling at quitarist Ace Frehley (at far right 'a bomb detonated') at or during a recent book signing at Book Soup 11/20 "Get it done! Get it done!" like he was being zipped up a ghost from France in tight leathers. $40K is the reputed take...


directions in new jersey from allentown to the traditional 'bah humbug' sign in twinkle lights (is on the road that intersects route #1 with the flagstaff-flagpost hotel that burned down - one other was is in piscataway, nj):

leave allentown towards hightstown on main street
at reed's sod farm turn left and drive to route 130
right on route 130 splits at cranbury (jamesburg), bear left
then left at 'dayton deans' arrow
'bah humbug' is on this road at left (we are heading to grandma's in middlesex, nj - for neil)


a great digital clock at koontz $75 (bottom left is the abbreviated day of the week or simply 'fri')
very orwellian...

more decorate at aah's

you can still be the turkey at dinner...

outdoor fun adding to last year's texts

this just in friday, 1829: just finished my second perfect 'plate' (are you gonna fix yourself 'a plate' is our language) another 'pot of laundry'...

picture tour 11/25 our day off...

smallish-type xmas trees at aah's sunset $3.99 - for the mary dashboard?

santa boot decoration as poking through roof $9.74...from under the pool is raining alot

dr. denton's or one-piece body socks are back at aah's - they have lots of them
alternate stop:

example prime example: the wall display is combing the ashes today no bother

acapulco restaurant on lacienega torn down i hate that

a view up lacienega north today i strode...

eat less - be more for it

one day later - two instead of one

just $58 to destroy one...or then $28 a lesser or smaller object
reminds me of mattel's 'thor' - a styrofoam bird-hawk with a three-foot wingspan you flew like a kite - yellow plastic claws and beak
then the 'asshole' survival kit for the rear window one guesses
more: hourglass wine or martini glasses one-hour tops $75/four; seven deadly sins scotch glasses each one etched with 'sloth', etc. $195/seven
glow-in-the-dark moon clock, guitar pick punch, personalised state [of residence] necklaces, crocheted headphones, bonsai forest, moss terrarium, pallet chair very tres expensive though, um, leather walrus-seal to test for sharks, church keys (triangle punch can openers)

Take a LoOk: Uncommon Goods a factory of it. The rubber-bottomed ice-cube trays ($2.99 or so) are non-performers (really for jello molds?) - stick with white at best extras for you my note.

Watched some "Rocky Horror" last night big laughs...fave song so far is Susan Sarandon singing about bedtime 'touch me' in the morning...Steven Tyler character is the lead with J Geils playing music...watched some "Miracle On 34th" - the Santa's face right up-front is laughable! Watched some Macy's parade that "Newsies" ("Annie" without a soul) shit is poor-people and boring but Neil Diamond OK! It was a real treat for the kids to have Harry Potter's magic around, huh. What else? My attention is limited but we see some to the hottest, smallest oven.

Natalie Wood? That wasn't too long ago - he did her, and she did him. They were optioning a fishing service in Long Beach and she wouldn't play along. Now they seek insurance from a name borrowed for the boat and that is always cat-meets-dog or someone we like to pay. She's not naturally real knowing top dogs, but suffered her fate of having me here. Best of luck to you and by the way, he was made to live with us in 1976 (this in 1972). He had a big house on Queen's Road here...

"Elvira" the movie (1988) is at iTunes don't forget a favorite among laughs and while James Bond plays on all weekend. I love "Moonraker" and "Live And Let Die"...Michael Jackson is actor Yaphet Kotto by the way. "View To A Kill" is good too Grace Jones, the "Phantasm" house and all..."Phantasm" I-IV is now available at iTunes's a shame we couldn't work out my pay schedule for $18M plus this year either 2011 no pay to. Your kids? What do I care?

a snowman among other ceramics at chi chi larue's faunt on santa monica

artifaux wreaths at koontz hardware lately $21.99

the green tree with lights is precious at night...both, koontz
a large fake tree is $180 about

Maybe you: Starbucks has boxes like wine (and in-case you haven't noticed) that are ostensibly called 'travelers' (what means to toil? carafes approximately $13 at the each Terry says) and you can use for take-out to chilly environs. Seen first by me today 11/24 at lines for Best Buy.

the turkey was superb - this was my plate around 5-6 p.m.
the rice wasn't mine...a suffering?

today 11/24 many people are sleeping on this street in a queue (labrea at santa monica) to get in to best buy tomorrow-ish
we just passed them on this walk to see if $0.99 had birds and they do not
the hollywood sign is in the distance of hills - thank you 'lg900'
like santa's sled it is, a dullard

I'm cooking the traditional feast here - yes - this year: a twelve-pound bird bought weeks ago with sausage (Jimmy Dean-type) stuffing and gravy made in Reynold's own roaster bag, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with marshmallow, corn, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. Pumpkin pie and whipped cream for dessert. All from Pavilions, it seems. Wild rice, I guess.

$0.99 Only stores have everything for the feast if you're low on coca...see in your head 'everything but the bird' or so they say. Maybe not. I was just in there and what stands out is four (4) cans of grapefruit soda by Fanta - an excellence. Hours are 7-6 tomorrow 11/24. Our mini mac was revised today at the Apple Store Genius Bar in Beverly Center with a high-speed wire re-install and is now optioned again. Thanks 'Dan'...

this is the bag i carried my computer to and fro in - it honors doug moon with the last heiroglyph
don't argue it's me

Walmart - something very uncommon here (fishing, guns, sewing - plus tenures) you hafta go to Stevenson (Porter?) Ranch past Six Flags take the 101 north to the 170 to the '5' I drove this every day half an hour it's on the left - has their circular making the rounds in our paper. They have an HP printer (um, the HP 1051 all-in-one still on sale this 11/26 $25.63 all-told with standard shipping) no frills for $19...starting at Friday 12:00 am. and it comes with printer packs why me worry? Staples finally keyed me up with four Cokes (at $1.59 each plus $0.04 CRV) plus one later ($1.44 coupon) for their rewards program. So seem.

terry got these too about $60 plus little at local retail and they look alot better in-person but more black-ish and heavy gray
these are flat-footed however by nike and ruined the nails on my pinkie toes (metacarpals?) with purple bloods (they're healing, the leathers)
visit kohl's online - they're offering sales and such after today for thanksgiving market
no more fat jokes, elizabeth taylor ham - my mac is acting up again
p.s. 'we' stole madonna's black and gold-rimmed 'bustier' from frederick's in hollywood - it was worth it
black friday - is that your husband?

MJ trial thoughts some soon by the singer. "Not too hair"...he says. "Not yet."

Kennedy reprise: "Frasier" has Joe Franklin-FDR in seat as appears...any other takers? JFKennedy was on the last show as staffer and is "Frasier" ? for now I thought it was me still a baby talk.

For that coffee table book I'm compiling 'knowing means something': You are the "lowest of the low" - s/b 'lowest of the lobe' or least seen with? Mine is "lowest of the load" - you feel safe talking as ensconced within [as in dump truck or peck of wood], but will be seen with great algor when finally dumped out to be pile in the driveway. Don't burn it so fast. The thinking man's blowjob? I tell my mother not to talk about blowjobs as offering too much to already said. To the Feds, sure.

More: This is "nuts beyond nuts" s/b "knuckles beyond nuts" - hurts too bad as punching your balls or taking too much from parties and playing the ol' chex mix of complaints. A party is a group 'gift' platter with it servancy only. Part luck...part paying out for it staying. Afterwards, ten to twelve. Twelve to two. After-hours you to drink at six am. Night shifts...

If blacks (infamy or 'the children') take no less than or equal to (inclusive) six (6) days to kill ('kiln' the smallest, hottest oven) over an ad-hoc, these should be noted as excessive in cries to the darkness - they want to review your good in a line-up before you see your next serious crime or infraction:

Lover's Lane #1: Posed as an undervalued homosexuality for no closet, this one suggests "People have a right to know each other before you do." Tip: A couple (frame: one month is my usual max) is a firm resignation to an acid death - no one knows you, or seeks same ('up one hole, down another' - dM). "Someone's living, someone's dying." Be public - show us the good. And we like fornication - it makes room for promotion. Show us the money later - and we'll show you ours never.

Lover's Lane #2 The Landlubber #2: "I should know everyone before you do" as male-female may present an aged fare of well-wishers and found remembrances of a-hole extent (you have many mothers as flawed and queer). Says "leave a party every now and again for others who can't attend" (these are serious war-time half-witted apologies - 'have a home lit' it is being the exception we fear unless having to be this laid-off). I myself can't stand up for twenty (20) of thirty (30) guests-participants and use them to score myself 'bald' (I should commit suicide I guess be it angst in the pants - salt plus lemon?) Some of the nicest people (never a wheel spun of cloth behind the eyes) go rabid bald from drugs (like eaters-drinkers drool a 'cashmere' or 'gray' off and down a hand), but I still sucked their dick - the highest honor given me to return (drugs 'room aids' made me lay around for it too much I thought + "you don't just suck on my dick." - dM) "Only health reciprocates and thus fears dying." - dM who always honors an invitation before shoulding or gentle leaving with begins, but seeming a party and a bank 'I do not pay for what I do not want' nor do I charge the bank for what I do not have but hate them just sitting there and popping up all over to suggest a Chase-Morgan renaissance. You kill a name and two-thumbs down goes the sign language...'never pay for people' is to host them (make them come).

Share tips for improving-enjoying, but out loud. People shouldn't keep too much porridge inside for drop-by guests. Like pain, it makes bad memories. These are flame built to wonder the sky. "Let yourselves go [from work as one day off Taco Bell]." Everyone wants to pay for [my] dinner and offer it the first line of coke...please, you are still dying off as brand-name. "To Whom It May Concern" covers any loss of income by tooth. Use a standard greeting to be my guest c/o Walter Matthau. "Where was my plate?"

What does the lescombe (the part of me I can't say too fast - um, 'last crumb') "I hate your guts" mean? To me I'd stab a pile of innards on the floor or I hate your needs being expressed too cleanly at me a reasoned being. In oream (noting myself from the outside as making inward), it means "I'd have to kill you again coming back in." Franking off, it means you're old and bitter. It means I can't stand the thought of your kids being posed me.

the ghosts butchered in 'evil dead' number one carry on for filth over this when giving off...this is why and true to form a 'hubris' (won't even listen - again, giving and to taking fast)
we'll pull that right in no talk
luann is kaye ballard, apparently, seen in madonna's 'who's that girl' (father-in-law's office played by sir john mills) another childhood 'fascination street' (when you're all about a good-looking man - you can't know enough) for me
'dream street' is no penny lane - people seem to know you everywhere you go as it keeps getting bigger and better as welcome

Excellent Mac-type application to convert YouTube videos to MP3 "Fastest Free You Tube Downloader" - all you may ever need for hard-to-get, hard-to-find tracks that vary in sound-length. Tip: Doing the right thing (taking the time) pays only, always. The rest bills you steadily down and to be out doing, outdone.

So far I snatched with great success (nary a drop):
Sarah Cracknell 'the perfect sixties girl born of the English blood royal' her solo mart "Ready Or Not";
"JK Wedding Entrance" is Michael Jackson harmoning me as ill-conceived funeral by fat (fact) club Jews maybe we kill them all (is all friends thought of by me if a death should and changes something - Fonda MTV is the wedding me and Terry stiffed one weekend we apologize as one thought, Tina Ivans is there mother of Harry Potter's #1 girl and is Poison Ivy Rorshach, Jason Priestley hi - all with differences of opinion a conjure and 'leave only to let them rule the rent');
Elizabeth Fraser forgetting "Moses" and her AIDS death c/o House Of Fraser "Mary" from Yann Tiersen yeah you cried but it took alot...
p.s. if you died of AIDS you know you are energy weak always from lightweight starving...I just sat for the AIDS van...the roommate got $90 but I wouldn't do anything but interview $25 - not with him do I test he was mad too and made me go as 'unemployed' what a fucking hafta ask for my blood I'm the Christ, you fool - pay proper AIDS (effort paused) lies in me I'm a harmony type it hurts to Terry, however, if you're not born to the fucking street maybe you die with version slumber two every time you come to be no drive by's yet...then there's mass suicides a party town...dying alone...that hurts

no one accepts my definitions...'hubris' the euro-greet consisting of a single hug and a quixotic halochan 'first' kiss
houdibra who'd of thunk it? a hooded cootie bra who needs a bra coup d'grace the fish n'ept and i wonder-u eye and body length arm spray with soap-hair fancil and alturo chem tantalure to fittle any t-mount bias and cup 'o' zinneman caviar jorvaen with 'soup matters' signs and plastic 'gizzy' welfare shemps honoring famous no-shows of cancer victims and lemon-limes disease 'les cash au folpes!'

Google's Ad-sense isn't paying up this month at all?

there's no escape from heaven, nigger
sunscreen is working magic on the scalp but me tits are threaded with smelly ass veins that leak egg-drop potato water and fresh green peas (just retsyn - the parchment oblige-gas)

madonna 'beautiful stranger''s new enough

When shopping at Pavilions, their Lucerne natural cheese slices cheddar 'sharp' were excellent their 8 ounce pack.

devo 'what we do' from the new album (tip: 'everbody's got one and is some') 'something for everybody' (what - 2011?)
read into the spanish beauty of pete burns and devo's 'snowball' live
snowball is about a mental patient who rejects you somehow still and as devo are her suitor, you're certainly ardent, but she is a real retard and never stops trying to get away from you
sure, as much as doing forward flips going up a hill of snow...devo are 'hirsute' and finally, her perfect suitor...slavic, and unconcerned with feminine wiles
devo is for 'devotee' - a madhouse of solving female troubles with a word - with a saying
devo's studio version of 'snowball' plus sum limited from the 1980 album 'freedom of choice'

Happy Birthday Marc Ondy...November 14 'someone to die with' - dM that means people will kill you for being with him all balled up - you too (here we note that Marc got Ozzy Osbourne at a local book signing for monies owed him 'for drugs' 1976 - he got a card with $60 and regards - he'll get you too)

Look, Ma! Just for today (a carried-over Veteran's Day sale) Macy's has a queen set by Sealy $397 - how about it? Today's sale 11/15 at Macy's $267 Sealy Canal Cushion Firm queen set...a new mattress set breathes clean air and is dry and warm always.

Everything's going well enough - now if I can just get that dentist to repay the $300 he owes me still and by Delta Dental over their max wait of 45 days later...simply for being bullied by them. Should I challenge their work for physical review next? I won something for nothing for writing in...

Devo's general store is selling the old JFK pompadoo and nasa-type shirt from the 'New Traditionalists' era (our childhood remembered to the moon with style - people who breathed gas in reaching outer space and in the car) bundled up for $35. The expanded energy dome center should be taken seriously as well...this is not accommodating to you, but sees to you in your needs defined. FYI, the astronaut's name is 'Nutra Speaks' not everything he says should gets through the radio of helmet, but he'll tell what he can when he can. He travels among the orbs - as living entities - gets scared and elated hard on him, but he delivers a parthenon or ring about us of good nutrition our mainstay and quasi-doom too. A celebration of stepping stones or then our forbears.

from doheny drive over the weekend taken with my new phone the 'lg 900' - greystsone park is closed from november 11 through january 12 (some say monorail or refurb)
i had to throw the day-old bagels in the bushes they get 'em though (some recommand asian wouldn't let me proceed +/- not yet, anyway)
there was alot of lightning-gunshot last night i sat hopeful of bloody apocalypse yet...spare change
carnival - excitement - cedars opened up on people i guess sixteen (16) toll?
what? could've been you or me and easily enough...count me out one
i was in a jewish-style (no classroom) morgue in my dreams days ago and 'we' hacked people up in waist-layer tubs and many people come in to take a part quickly - genius!
simply gross and with requisite scares too - we faced west somehow
i had to lick a jello-like structure what was in the head a sticky pink foam kinda like from fish (cerebellum, cerebrum then from a woman)

pretenders 'tradition of love' as 'transcendental' blanks out the eyes 'transsexual' as eats someone else's food, not apparent as taking little less

'tradition of love' pretenders 'get close' lp
don't you go away

c'mon get close to me [um, 'congoleum']

the hassles of the day

made a real mess of me

the moon is in the sky

and the stars are out tonight

shimmer in the pools
of your eyes

in the moonlight

nice to touch

you're lovely to look at

touch, touch

in the tradition of love

hear the summer breeze

all the nighttime's listening

eyes are sparkling now

and the ocean's glistening

[you'd] sail upon a sea

of love feeling the mood

lilacs seem to be

everywhere with their perfume

love -

love - 


you can in a breath

blow the storms out of the sky

a hurricane retreats

in the blinking of your eye

if anything my heart

is ignited by yours

c'mon baby now

let's make love
our final choice

ooh, nice to touch

you're lovely to look at

touch, touch

in the tradition of love

love - 



because you're dying of small talk…
to grope along the ground 

novo [sing] hosannah [has no voice as if to sing me praises]
thank fuck…sail my fish-stocked water coffin with scalloped stink-minder in black fan

our ed hardy-christian audigier (um, 'dior' or then the roommate terry previous lifetime) candle needs to be remembered as such no reason
chrissie hynde who has on a football helmet says the sun shines backwards and sucks it all up [in china or france]' then
she wears the helmet when people hurt her in france plus reshapes your head too - i stole that from her
here's the roman candle at amazon and i'm sure the shop at beverly center moonlight candles has 'em too (oops - looks like they closed up shop there)

this is chrissie too selling insurance for herself...through nabisco at army services
neil gave her $100 grand outright when she started off 1983 'my father loved him for it' but she laments him losing his life to drugs 'like me'
i call it a rock 'n' roll lifestyle and you're still not with us all the way 'we still don't like you' it says to me

itunes now has 'phat girls' for's sophal numeric date is 11/11/11 - you're all 666...

while supplies last: cvs has 28" automated grim reapers (red eyes flash and noises) on sale for $3.75 right now - we got one - they have all halloween stuff drastically reduced for immediate sale...

because they enjoy me too much: 'rocky horror' to me is about someone like me who you won't take care of - hence, he is making his perfect man (not yet done by any measure look-see) and you interrupt that act by dropping by man and woman....nevermind the man, the woman is kinda interesting the devil and mrs. jones, but i can't get on with my work and i can't have you around either and so ever-our-sweetheart must die to escape your boredoms...what's wrong with him? look again our sweetheart from brazil or the queen from circus of stars in mexico how dare you!

this is devo's piano room on sunset tonight 11/10 a beautiful crystal evening for the holidays
thanksgiving is thursday the 24th fyi...i bought some kids some alcohol on the street tonight and they tipped me $5 - true?

trader joe's on sunset has eight dinner candles for $2.99 - i bought some tonight in beige
that was after going to mcdonald's and having their mcrib sandwich as meal - not bad
i got a french fry survey for $5 in consideration too

debbie harry 'french kissin' in the usa from the trevor horn-geffen lp 'rockbird' (1986)

the 'courageous cat' theme song what inspired curve's 'worst mistake' (one full cartoon from our childhood)

the uss nimitz - ever heard of it? my mother thinks it was made to defend 'us' from 'him' or's something from heaven that travels space and ocean (one and the same to some) addition to making rome surround (or our coliseum of basin by tightening all buildings into one big circle), i make it appear some nights it comes from the hills beyond sunset heading here diagonally almost from the northwest is a huge black submarine oval in front (so like a weiner squished down) and is quite huge...a black rectangular box is lower left facing and underneath...that's all...think of 'star trek iv' and no windows seem...

in my dreams lately are applications of placebo and i can't bring it forward enough - a slap or overlay of inferior somehow a 'jo-jo' or something...more later...i 'm spending alot of time with people this way...more later

visit devo's mutato site for a brief film on kevin bacon's synopsis (what i tell you to see) and lookalike and a ship of fools near foil radiators in france - 'veritable bomb-makers to the stars' he ('teamleader' mark mothersbaugh) devo...the crackers are about ikea and nabisco shelves as big crackers a bit heavy but compiled as such with sawwoods...great gifts and material fabric pulled over films to make a sense of it...all in step with my time...

pet shop boys 'later tonight' from 1986 the 'please' lp - someone wrote some good piano here

pet shop boys 'later tonight'

you wait 'til later
'til later tonight
you wait 'til later
'til later
'til later tonight

that boy
never cast a look
in your direction
never tried to work
for your affection
dresses like the mart
of your invention
torn and draught

he is the headboy
of the school of thought
that plays in your intentions
night and day

and you wait 'til later
'til later tonight
you wait 'til later
'til later
'til later tonight

'cause tonight always comes...

being a sell-out can sometimes cost you too much

no bus-walk to ikea: staples is acting like real beggars on their 'rewards' credit for hp another beggar (with rear teeth missing?) ...the computer both in-store and here alone innocently enough won't pay...cite me filths...sez november 17 now...$8 in soaks the cartridges in a harsh oil to get the foams out and then soaks them in inks fully - they then wire the company how many and get new sell...

ikea knows nothing of it but try the internet as no savvy...take one
the names might produce something if exit no code

my new phone number - an 818 or is 'the valley' - 'lg900' (818) 203-1411...magic jack is still (323) 375-6627...for moto look back (310) 272-6392 and is on-sale at tracfone again $20...having one phone is like wireless printing 'two cheaps fail to a sure thing' i dream of wires and still 'the old ways'...

why waits for nothing in, to be condemned to the street for trying me out pert plus:

the legs are all gray if the blood is centered left and right - why not be nicely done?
each leg was generously priced at just $3.50...the tabletop (how much discouragement could it be?) had all the holes ready (thank u india)
the screws come suspiciously close to the surface ? but, um ? let them wonder it (thank u silence)...

this one was a black mother of pearl putting up - the worst by far, i see and need to see
all fights and hardware reminds just $20 to dump your shit down, down

$50 for this one replaces a wire deep-dish rack and says goodbye to towels getting little pulls
implement from stores? people try and make it all look bad but i see no oslo and everything holds up even the cups are brutal to truth
we have rags basically (white la faglias are monogrammed 'CMU') but more room near the tinmachine shines it all up for god moving across the waters
the bad feelings go away a christmas morn and i never lose sight of having nothing mine but yours anyway...and if holidays prove you out and down
you don't shine the room, anyway - huh
i don't defend me even in 'stance' - to know and be that

gorillaz 'dare' spelled out by and briefly -

cut me off
it's dead!

you've got to press it on you
you adjust to fake it
that's what you do, baby
hold it down, yeah

jump in the moment
move me
jump back before
and feel like you were there
yourself [alts 'you said']
and work it out

never did no harm
it's dead
cut me off!

'You Hear Me Talking You Don't Hear What I Say I Guess It Don't Even Matter' That's Foreigner I Quote Music To Further Capture Me Hatebox All Of Burdens To Be Aroused Much Earlier Than October 2011 
I sew the gold, you to woolen it....a just born gets to lick on me cane.

be so to rare the hot diggity dog with dry mustardy 'ask-about' oint with pee-pee already skinning me cash olives and moledy teats for it 'just one' brown dazzle eyepatch wagons-out the devil's work like greed and vande-allan boogers:
-----------------------------------------------------oh, god! shoestring crabs and an old flatched asshole with bag-wipe 'finnish anchor' sclems aka 'herbert skii-dine' or 'hunger-curtiss'
'i'll crotch your back while you pin that wheel'

the standard hotel on sunset interiors

the standard hotel pool area - very hip a bit olde in the am on 11/27

near chin-chin at sunset plaza: a new retail lot goes into action this on 11/27

we close with pink floyd's 'the wall' getting much ado + attention lately ('hey you' overheard yesterday adds 'the wall', 'run' and 'comfortably numb' circa 1980) and with siouxsie too...'peek-a-boo'