Join Us In December 2009 No Toyland

"Game Show" in December's crackbox! You too assume. I won't say whom they prepare in advance (nothing you'd like without a tv guide 'He said to fuck her. I don't want that heard yet -- new. Well, like new or something - right? Correct? You shelve that, otherwise it's coming soon." And you shouldn't be here at all learning of fair, so fast. Flathoming lies take up your time - mine oven too.

Facts: no dates no times on any interview but will assume some...

tina fey in 'baby mama'

Tina Fey or then as she introduces Lawrence Welk - "no bother" unless you're there "assuming yourself I guess...I produced that too."
Doug Moon (you may call him 'Doug' with assumes personality added in, win-win) (laughs loud)
TF: Don't laugh so loud - people think it's funny. It ain't. You are though and that's pretty.
dM: Thank you (smiles wide). Someone got hurt (laughs).
TF: Doing what? Being what? Being you again?
dM: No, I wouldn't make 'person-object' of myself - the fat girl in high school stabbing herself before you see her and do it for real. For trying it out.
TF: 'Fat girl' - I don't get that. Is that you?
dM: Not legibly. Let's say personality-plus, to be your own nominate if not quietly pleased by the surest self. I had no real work to do yet - all secrets, turning the other cheek before not so seen (laughs)...all success versus compliments. Reality pays its people well.
TF: We don't have fat girls in school - they have to change soon. They're from Kentucky. "No eating yet" is their quote to us from Hell, they say. No eating ever if fat.
dM: Sounds harsh - is that private school? I never got anything bad from Kentucky I tell people. In our school of many such lessons, you're trying to appeal to the many of good, not be so good still choking at all the throttles so pats you. We have paradigms of each Mendel afoot - only a death makes their food any better those "two pies in one sitting" someone said. "Solemns no change." There's no helping for understanding me better without early suspicions, so scolds you.
TF: We speak to be heard, not heard from. You're trying my patience with 'fat' talk. "Don't be so fat" they say and they mean it. Don't say anything about 'fat' to me or I'll bulge.
dM: Bad breath follows you in for the apple chat. Demanding you yourself do better means more than water but a lemon slice. You gotta reach up like they do...let them see more with you while making it out to skin fast. If I might add, the one who works surely pays me to be more for it.
TF: Don't you yourself say don't be too wordy? Don't be too well for it?
dM: I myself point to good editors only...if money speaks to itself be spend. We don't 'mind' people I say to be heard accepting less of it for me. Be the tip of it then...and again then the toupee in the roundish river. Still you went off on a loan.
dM: Fat people know who they are...their duties may have slimmed with no such recognition by you. Trans-fat hardly be the help. No more now! This gets to be a grub for you.
TF: Fat is real - be real with it.
dM: I call people 'fat' to set 'em back a notch. Not to get them laid.
(to bed now some am...we'll tack on much and with soapy snacks to tempt the top-down and check minder oft a cheese omelet)

12/07/09 new page soon yung: them butt-crack knives came back awful purty as new wusthof else other but nice thank you again...sales go up, you may work for half pay twice as long unless buying well...thank u consequence...follow me

pete burns of dead or alive sings 'total stranger' near live 08/09
that's what you were at the start of it an irony i guess! the same folks eat here and there
fresh from the start help yourself out a quote 'i didn't have aids - you'd get that.'
not only was it bad, you come back in a day to tell folks (how, why...then)
'you don't apologize to me.' - me, misunderstanding myself, later yet again
'you finger my ass next time.'
p.s. quotes pete 'fuck you all into hell' and he means it...and toni halliday is the backup singer for one day she says and at universal

Dead Or Alive - Mad, Bad & Dangerous To Know

'son of a gun' you can't help but luv hymn...
from the 'mad, bad, and dangerous to know' lp (1984 or so helps it)
there's a boy in the world
who doesn't follow the crowd
doesn't do what he's told to
that's why he's allowed to
spend thousands of dollars
thousands of dollars

if you are lucky
you might be the one
get to ride with the outlaw
do things that aren't done by respectable people
respectable people

heaven knows
he isn't what he should be
the description fits
i just think he could be

i'm falling
silver bullet

son of a gun
ever try a silver bullet in your ear before?
son of a gun
he's got something that you've
never ever ever ever tried before
son of a gun

what he wants he will take
and he'll take what is best
life's just too short
to leave dust for the rest
that's the law of the jungle
the lord of the jungle

heaven knows
he isn't what he should be
the description fits
i just think he could be...


i'll pull that fuckin' earring out - or - word it out so smoothes my voice
a 'son-of-a-gun' has the way cleared for him, but may get shot himself from the side of path as you watch it on...
'son-of-the-sword' s/b 'sun' shows you it's there gleaming - they'd kill a kid first, so see no venge...
'son-of-a-bitch' steals from you before you get there - no one came to see him and made him call first and thus for it


today 12/01/09 is 'world aids day' redux or reducing time and stress along lines (as opposed to october 1 the cure day)...they have little bunches of carnations with 'hope in me' notes by every tree on santa monica boulevard with names-plaques some seen by me with as much as five (5) names if as buried...ho hum...they get $100 at a bar they the ghosts 'apparitions' they themselves say if they show up and give a name it says...'we don't want that we want clothes now' one such past sufferer timothy keaton says...timothy (an actor once seen by me on nbc's 'cosby show' - the eldest daughter pregnant [with mustapha's baby] moves into a slumlord with her naivity and beau and they have problems with heat and pipes etc., timothy is the cute white that comes in with wife to rent their unit after they give notice to leave or whatever - what's up with that ? a cute white to them ? i say) died in 1986 'when it was harder on us' he got it from africa better said

nursed my venus flytrap back from the dead within terrarium and with butter wiped on inside of lid
the one from 99 cent only store way back when - big red ones are gassed color
pavilions has 'em big we think to say

marc ondy stars future as 'precious'
see the connection: depeche mode 'playing the angel' lp and song 'precious'....destroy everything you touch being nervoused
quotes him 'i'm not precious, but she is'
says denise also in the film and defensive 'a white man is sensitive, others don't care'

naked eyes '(what) in the name of love' has been on my mind, not animotion
alot of people had workout rooms in the eighties with older hobbs, people monitoring each other...those workouts strenuous
'we'd rather serve you' it's the gettin' that bothers me let us swerve you

abc 'love is strong' versus the kevin smith movie 'dogma'
dogma you're made to know by aggression...a fucking-type god for a 'doormat'
the girl was shot in her head point blank and she left that pile of shit when she was remade by them somehow...
they're trying to spray it away 'the demons inside' he says
'i'm not a demon' her father says 'but i'm really unhappy and needy and she says go to hell still' adds 'i make myself that so it happens that way'

ABC - Traffic

here's the leg lamp from 'a christmas story' - the father acts like he ordered it on the sly
army archerd is the father and supposedly died this past year with ed mcmahon (um, right before mj) - see 'entertainment' magazine's 'goodbye' issue
80's-style t-shirts from that issue


Pet Shop Boys remixed this great song and J-Lo sings Agnes "I Need You Now (Cahill Radio Edit)" MP3 (4.7 Megs) just heard yesterday evening on iTunes radio (all bells landing) and now have their slight Christmas single "Pet Shop Boys Christmas" featuring "It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" redux and more or less due on December 15 (see here at Amazon).

aahs sunset now has a full-on christmas shop in place of their halloween shop and all of that stuff and party favors are still in-force too upstairs (the santa pants and hat are just $5 it seems - i got mine...see manufacturer 'under disguise')
i've never seen 'a christmas story', but that leg lamp in fishnet stockings their big symbol - i don't get that
a girl at the store says the boy won the leg lamp in a puzzle contest and it shipped to him in a crate box only to have his mother accidentally break it
she the clerk says it was not replaced, either

they have disco balls and also everything unimaginable including lunchboxes for the 'new moon' release
so seek

according to today's la times (11/28/09), multi-singer patti labelle is going to be sitting for pictures for just $100 purchased from her home store collection at the del amo macy's on wednesday, dec 2 at 6 pm...del amo mall is at 21600 hawthorne blvd. torrance, ca 90503...people will love that...i asked why not beverly center as hollywood itself and we agreed their home center is slight these days (we personally recommend her coverlet set on sale for at $99 in "vaporine and berry" hers or then 'raisin and rum' burgundy and gold) -- i couldn't get tommy hilfiger pillow sacks unless online...i wanted orange ones...'romance 1600' (a 'sheila e' album) is for 1600 pennsylvania one has teeth?

when making scrambled eggs, do not turn the egg - brush back and forth over butter...duke's on sunset the $10 breakfast has been redone (all placards removed) and is now open until 2 am usually thank you mrs ayres of allentown, nj for taking $50k to leave it all for three (3) years to neil and company...yes, my thanksgiving bird of thirteen pounds included jimmy dean-brand sausage stuffing...try that next time you just throw a whole tube in there raw...

two other movies of note that i watched are:
the simpson's movie - really,'t contractors on the lam put a glass dome around springfield over pollutants in a river tank (pigshit - a bomb to explode ice?)...the baby simpson finds a way out through a sandbox and all the family blamed as one sneak out to run to other locales...the wife leaves the man over this repeatedly and as we consider no one wants us over flame - teaches you stuff too...good deal;
another nameless ("the hitcher") is a cute-enough reddish-hair boy on the run (a sensory) retelling of 'jeepers-creepers' he's with a no-one girl and they nervously pick up someone strange in a desert-type environment they left back a ways in a rain storm (they had to stop eventually, the stranger is his soul by god and as an older man this kid did something wrong with police and they raped him dead) dropped off there by someone else let the games begin...he asks the kid about the girl in the backseat who never bothers with anyone as so scared 'if she was a good fuck' he incensed by the treatment of himself and the kid asks in return 'how 'bout your wife - was she a good fuck?' the man pleases me by cutting throats everywhere he left to die in that storm in the middle of a road. p.s. none of the bloodgore is real to me in this and other films you can tell too much too dead in a police station - no way.

from henckels today in response to the other half of sent in as studiously - 'can you handle these too?' sweetly but as perhaps taking too much...
...with new cars all around me and as i walk among your dogshits and as yet uncompensated within shour (safest methods made clear) law?
even though no one buys such expensive shit or cd's or music even unless it's theirs like niggers at a bakesale and lives within it just like i do and for its looks
even though i love my new wusthof razor blade (i never buy wusthof a gift it is circulon itself to my calphalon - the knives are stamped and thus purchased henckels)
the paring knife is my truest hand-held beauty and is no threat
quotes formally-technically all: 'i need a break from - three hundred [blades] closes my deal to repair...humbling usually [about seventy-five blades and 'units' or big knives...
...they could've been more, we say] but this is too much!'
okay...'always a hurt, never a sad' - rosie o'donnell
these false letters are from faggots simply - harsh tones, ultra-stupid, lazy, and stupid queer...people hate them for a reason they are backlashers queers ever see them a lose job all breaking down?
p.s. the last yoo-hoo i drank from gelson's was mother's milk i'm told - i loved it the taste with a cup of horse boogers in your mouth

i love boys drinking pee, but they are falling me shorts - sees how thanks
you get zipped up in our bag to go out with us
don't worry about the wait - sometimes six days is all if we don't like you coming at all!
use their logo for 'algonquin' (nobody's better) pizza - honors me aljon's in allentown, nj

I call it 'don't be fooled [again, or 'you could just be the fool's fool and or simply stupid, or still doing that, however as yet unchecked, a stool pigeon, a stooge]': Cooked my own bird (once cloaken and from Pavilion's $5 with $25 total purchase holding it all out but some must have rehand - for $8 you could have had a 'Butterball' injected with their perfect and goundly semens of grease and oils like Omaha Steaks at $50 a hot load now but with $25 in total purchases? sure, but should be a limit of taking to me you'd still buy one at the each like rolls of Scott toilet tissue now on besale I hate the better stuff by them is Charmin again limping through the cat box but see why) mind said 'same bird' but you could claim it against another pleasure-seeker easily enough on the bathphone for real an acid-achelind nuclear pap 'u may not have know this, 2'...and for sure you object strongly like bad breath rings in your ear, but are lowered a flag or two in half-defeat living just next door under the pool the new franken-owner...'quit or just get the fuck out' just grow your fuck, 'grow your fucks at home.' That bird (supposedly a boy I had myself rub like a fresh melon with gentle hot hands and liquid soap while he somewhat formed underwrap no I hate masseuses rubbing the bags of hairy warts and moles I send for free or just for being square about it...or like my mother says never 'no more hairy boy penis sausages' um, 'no more Christmases' the new holocaust of privation a simply classy thought a candle for me alone) couldn't have been nicer if they placed a gloved rubber hand up in my ass with white pigfat and a cameo of brittled clay rings on to help me out of my mind just about 4 am washing twice after each thought of you wretching for me in some return. Thank you oven bags, thank you placa, thank you elusive pollutants my future fortune and gavinde dismemberment (you cunt). Back to, I just watched a J-Lo (um, yes Jennifer Tilly to you, in your own of homely butt-franks) film thoroughly (um, "Angel Eyes" 'we filmed that last year is backdated' 2001) and this fucking bitch (the highest gay compliment only, but unemployable as each sensory being - I'll be getting it back to you some and not) who I think is really good - period - now somehow is someone else (daughter of Alan Keyes or George or whatever Lopez back from the head of it the first scummy Latins witnessed on "Sesame Street" - shocking ! unwanted ! a merriment to non-readers who write like ! fucking demons from hell ! eventually...outrage! hearsay! earl-last!) was talking to me directly in a car accident (I was gonna hafta put clothes on - I'm the victim but as unseen 'til the end...we both died in an ensuing bomb-type blast on the edge of a bridge then she seen as stupid but 'giving' waiting for and in it 'murdered her father'? zzzz gallery - I grant her prayers asking only is mine only killing at you no agree) along with a few others who do this and I in-turn turn sound off only to hear you not, pleading me not, I too could come to reason only after surely an avoidance - now you should do that too. Now noise in the background (like the stupid straight pornos on tv - two men who don't touch over slim tits and fruit-pie shit wiped in their mouths live just that well - try putting silk flowers and diet candies on their car as a red-haired secret admirer then I won't hafta puke on your head) here from pigs who eat my boyfriend's fat, unwanted ass at night (he got fucked on Sunday nights late, last, only - that's true but formed at you) but are stupid choosing any for me and are thus made untrue (more true: Cocteau Twins "Winter Wonderland" and its simple beauty of and for the dead made me cry like genus Robin Guthrie last night - a big fat baby full of beauty and crap still daring to me as a clearly rehab where death comes after being a bother to then relapse - your motives were unclean after all nothing nice to me, those last few notes still kill me as among the orbs...a third person seeking a self you could like if you knew anything at all that avocado piss smell is the toilet needing borax after a dogwipe only - you make nothing to me, but destroy much in your in your shitty effort to be rising and dying slowly you're here only and should clean the french or 'aids' (asymbolic, 'itch' denoting 'scratch') toilet for yourself and one other for you'll lick them with your toothbrush always photographed as clean), but once out of sight I never stop sending you hell and making you eat shit with breathers in-between or the ability to return and dive from height again and right by the hope house where gays live drinking their own piss and shit forming from the pipes of peace I play with myself (the 'soil stack' I learned about in a Reader's Digest book has no flow of its own, never pump a waste water up, out but I question it still I don't love turds per say, I love people who look like you I say to mostly I like me mostly only...I miss-I miss Alice-Alice I miss-I miss the most Alice-Alice, Alice-Alice). This guy who died with Jo-Jo is not bad looking for masturbation (an important to say how you may attract me), but should have ended the film as a mock-Christ with a single shot in his belly during embrace if simple heats make the man a touch is important to piss? no? - they let you do it in the head only as much taken to be low talk. Jerky kinda tour among pasts like blacks I feed you because you eat of them and wisely enough thoroughly examining your own of pain and then why you have it again (although these female horseshits we'll nomen 'examins' or 'remains' die with electricity applied and swirling in their spine hands coming right off like shapps of butter even though all-some act like they're in on it ever razor sharp that mime of yours but still a firmly dulling to me, is with but a censure an ape (um, 'scientists' or then a 'zionist' the great black ape in a quiet place of neglects to find new things to but hear of you only, a legend in their own mime the rope up, the glass in-front with wigs on, gloves, the surprise of hanging rapes in your mother's back bedroom all but a single white eye none matching in the dark and no breathing at all but sees with you) of mine hears you not and is instructed not to hear of me, even, and 'for $5' I die for as you would only body on-top of a landfill with birds pecking yours ground up with garbage your grave full of amputated arms and legs from diabetics and skaggs from all over the nation like flowers around your neck in keep playing the fool that mind still sharpening to the dull of hoefflins and waxes afoot but dying of it well and well again only to deflower me). Child molestation charges helped around by women is like me helping them to their first and only arraignment in Prague and of Germany - we'll have to cut things from you too, thanks again for delivering me the boy who is being butchered even as we speak for having mentioned you in my face again or having been granted back my own two weeks of waiting for nothing I'd want to know of in advance to me (everyone I know knows they died of marriage among foreign lands within weeks - everyone - but no one will say to me after properly lied about so see or change me again not so seem). A child's hole preplexes me but is no answer like blacks who rape - 'Can you enjoy yourself?' is my only question after who cares more? Me still?' She killed her father who cares each trial dismisses me with charges against crimes knowing about you and me at-first. Not a bother to me yet...who's crying now? Defend yourself from me or I'll come to see it for myself. Real. Can you know what's wrong first? I won't know of this a delivery to me. Is he mean from being harshly treated? No - would I care this much? You are an outrage, but not clearly wasted on a thought. P.S. Unlike weirdo trash you wouldn't touch of ever, let alone know and some freakum (trans-rex plus stink) asians, I gave thanks quietly firmly yesterday. For real and get serious - I live well yet, Nigger. See no change to me yet - just those remaining checks while erase your way of meeting my the standard for giving so hell be you no thanks seen. Don't play me - the nervousness pays for you somehow all ground up with bags and bags of what may come to be ever not and yet never to be seem. Morgues are to be my pleasures and ataken.

The term 'faeklin' (and who to ask about? the girl in 'New Moon'...a bait bus awaits thee if and or then else < > you?) describes someone who acts like they're in pain all time. I liken it to being Frankenstein - there's no making me happy always serious some. Back problems? Sleep on the floor. Plain water - bad news have a heart adds sugar lemon-lime. You can't drink after throat mucous itself may have no light as prior potted in the dark.

The dangerous car-boat at Railbirds!

Thanks to Larry David (Uncle Joe...Aunt Jeannie aka Barbra or then 'Little Jeannie' was there too in dark hair exiting the house with her daughter Cindy and saying 'hi' to Larry) and the Seinfeld gang for a great parting episode like I asked for one - Larry shined a bit, didn't he? Thanks Peggy Blaze (she pretty much shows you the real her and they did too...Art Young the prince of England's young consort was just in favorite mausoleum Hollywood Spa with me twice now all cleaned up and younger looking). Thanks again...I love Hollywood Spa t-shirts for sale $20 but I got burned bad $36 to get in last time...too cheap. BTW, Mocha Joe on "Curb our Enthusiasm" is noneother than Mark late of Mark's restaurant on LaCienega. Shop the gift shop at The Standard hotel Sunset Boulevard.

With the holiday's approaching fast cash, one's mind wanders off to natural gas and its problems perhaps in the office? Those who give the most tend to have problems keeping it all in, and may we suggest (besides using the bathroom and naturally) a shining sleepless hightower of smokeless ashtray-air purifier as behind the seat? "Oooh" the action lips on top of the grille might add as you note no further of intimacies to form. Our own model the cool 'Secondhand Smokeless Mentholatum' by Verily, Inc is dreaming of you yet....and to be wit.

If Lay's-brand potato chips are for welcoming overnight guests but meekly (Hormel, seem a whore's meal) what are 'Utz' snack crisps of exactly one last year ago at Newark Liberty Airport? "Undoes the zipper" is mine own guess. You got another book fee coming air-flying and fools...$16 this year up. Like Creed's new record, the cover honors me with number sixteen (16) missing on brass the screw and its ghost way of telling you to take what you want and then no one else will be there. The song is based loosely on Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Lucky Man" and is a Scottish-type bravaderi or heartfelt somehow. Think of you only. The royal summit house of Fraser is with you some.

We've been enjoying many free 'sandwich bottle' Cokes (many say a taste premium rests a bottle of beer - and you?) from Coke Rewards and their lenient prize system - just twenty-four (24) points for a free 20 oz. (personal) bottle of by mail eventually and a coupon. A 2-liter (um, 'nautilus') bottle is three (3) points as code given under cap and a twelve (12) pack of cans is ten (10) points...what? fifteen (15) (unzip: no, actually twenty 20 points here) for a suitcase you spiral to the heavens drinking and typing in your demands to no flavor at all. A beer then.

See's Candy of Mary See fame? Visit online a California original ("and Oregon" she says)...our closest shop is at Century City mall no longer in Beverly Center ("they wouldn't pay [us]" she claims and adds "That's that" like the little song I sing in ridicule, only and at home: "(And) that, is that, is that, is that." And that's that).

a great gift now at toys-r-us with threads back to us and favorite toy mattel's 'vertibird' (xmas 1974)
rite-aid has very similar in 'envy' or 'evergreen' (as opposed to 'deciduous' decides you less) but as even more decoffure!
incidentally, and with all cvs shenanigans afoot, i found a real walgreen's on santa monica boulevard across from century city mall (they have a plastic charlie brown xmas tree for sale, decorative)
just doors over, i dropped some cocteau twins tapes off at wilder bros. for mastering to cd at no less than $60/hour
see some soon...p.s. don't even try it (billed and due 11/30/09: $127)
p.p.s target has a small techno wall projector unit ('eyeclops' hand-held) to beam dvd's and other shit up on a wall or ceiling - very small 'projects movies and more' $69.99

Even as the Yahoo! logo (once a star-like glamour to have and a search engine) seems to beg me off with its purple heart (like bad teeth, hints seem to speak but to hints...a woman's way is stealth this or to be hearing of no gift should have be or accepted): Note FTP (feeds the pain) requires you register each a username and use it fully like an e-mail address when signing in on FTP interface (we use Fetch to manage all files as one seen, only)...this is new and allows files over five (5) megs to come up and sit due. Remember savings are produced after projecting expenses fully (like a one-price amusement park -- the rides run all day non-stop and you can know). No one need know your grace nor limits, but hands take too greedily with no work and friends afoot...we charge the attic (charge you for showing us your colors and keepsakes). Like Led Zeppelin, we pray to evil not be you and on tape.

'domo' (um, 'don't move [we have what you want naturally enough]') for 'doug moon' a douche bag ? a dumb waiter ? the ground as 'domolet' a 'don't let' or spanish grave?
is supposed to be a toaster oven functioning much like a 'magic butler' the refrigerator size finger-food warmer of late
jason priestly rip-dvd made this i hear from him his nearly starving days
a dumb waiter is good - putting food in to raise or lower to no further bother from aggressive thankless boarders

Casey Affleck who is Matt Damon (and calls him a 'sad sack' says Scott Winston - I add gays buy into alot of lopsided and stupid shit to be with you somehow)...been watching the George Reeves thing on tv (he was shot by his mother-in-law herself twice now Erin Duke, Doris Duke's sister - she shot her too). He became Adam West and that is my friend Val who is also among others Gary Oldman...know better, see less. Rich (spelled 'those who pay people') people work in film, only. Hi to HBO's 'Big Love' again - they showed some kid's boner while driving down the street nice, natural, and truly extending to others (however, I hated people seeing my dick hard in school as having to stand up until drain off as tired, horny ?, warm, pressed). That makes up for the corniest proposal to a woman ever with two others helping on (a dead man does these). We love the whole Sigourney Weaver-type wiping off and waiting for fail, but see gift everyhow (I turn shit right off for starving me down no profit seem). Watched another great (kept my attention, only) movie on HBO this guy - not bad looking but a serious type - makes his girl take a walk barefoot in the snow to blow her neck out from the rear probably tapping her on the head too like Chet did - a best said 'how to?' Good stuff...then see back at the high school in band both. You don't need to know why - staying put kills you dead but these might be angels of mime. Men come see me after bits favor we talk about what you like she was pretty enough you ate her out plenty enough we see. Touch upon touch always certifying the results never enjoying me much more.

start margaret cho 'beautiful' here....simply gross
my dougmoon's lunchbox was the beatles 'yellow submarine' i hated it
i wanted julia 'the black nurse' a better buy...see lunchboxes at

'this is it' michael jackson said he hadda ride bikes for six (6) weeks (suggested further reading: kevin r at randy blue the roadside...we just did a crippled rabbi together?)
remember folks, 'adult contemporary' is not for kids - elton john is for kids
david bowie was not for kids that is adult contemporary (feelings and against you, but somehow temporary singing about stuff you hate, you reason off)

Thursday, November 19: For those following taxes, we called California's Franchise Tax Board to see about amended returns for 2006 and 2007 (a month later, with 2005 having been paid and all amended state as having been filed on the same day). They now say they want 5-6 months for these returns and even in a furlough environment. We filed in the beginning of August - so what now? February? The Feds in-turn delayed our 2005 return - its informal appeal based upon hard-to-meet dates - for sixty (60) days. Stay posted...OLT prepared these all. More: This forum calls in funds that were 'borrowed' and the same people sent me another piece of shit for 2008 'not a relative'. I told you to stop fucking around - you don't need to be fucking relative ever the burden is real and you describe only these are beggars (you ask to be fired, jailed, made insane). My last full-time employment didn't submit payroll taxes so this kind of shit isn't new but it's not gonna add up plus I'll hafta kill you faggots again and again. Keep it up...I've certainly put a hold your shit too. P.S. One dollar of mine gets your head cut off....try it. Stop kidding yourself...I'm not funny.

Wednesday, November 18: Just got back from Michael Jackson's "This Is It" at Century City's AMC 15 Theater the 1:45 showing. Not bad at all - concert preparation footage only with most major songs fleshed out. Will be there at least through Saturday I one was in the theater with like six (6) people tops...he sat with for a while as we talked about it. We talked about Neil not wanting to play keyboards and all "a jerk."

I just talked to my mother - she just had a surgery on her foot removing something that required a skin graft from on her thigh. They put her under for it and she canceled Thanksgiving in New Jersey but will fly home in mid-December. She just got back from a Carnival Cruise too...will be in wheelchair.

got these plastic bed stands for $1.50 on sunset boulevard at staples
i like the way they lift the bed, add height

FYI and review: The page's top title is taken from the second verse of Cocteau Twins "Seekers Who Are Lovers" about folks who leave us in the name of being with women or whomever. "So seek"...and with the calliope sounds usually associated with fateful drawings away and as they say. We don't care what you do - did you see us coming? Happy enough..."creeping humongous" like in the last Indiana Jones film and at Montenegro is there too issuing full but silently "choking on the blood it camouflages like a song...[who amuses to itself first] that goes on and on" something like that..."Jesus died in a valentine he and I kissing paste"..."I'll let the mirror polish itself and save my tears for someone else so send Lucifer [to make me see it for again and again]"..."clover's in our heart he's too young [but will learn not to step on our hearts as bee stings or else]...can't stop hungering for this"...yes to bee stings on the foot. Alternate lyric at Sing365.

Brush by gracefully (love's like history alts 'there's no mystery')
A love as big as a risk (a love as big as there is)
Fills you up (fills you up*)
And you can't look on (and you come undone)
(*your time taken to live in the past only, nothing now, nothing near now)

The breath of god in my mouth (the breath of god in my mouth)
A love you can taste (temp: lavas alot and to be)
God get some paste (…kissing paste)
He and I, breath to breath (he and i breath to breath)

Clothed in saliva (clover's in our heart)
Healing through your arm (he's too young…or 'heeds to you not')
I cant stop hungering for otherness (can't stop hungering for this)

I forgot the use (i forgot the use)
My head fall out the sky (my head fell out of the sky)
And crashed into my palms (and crashed into my bones)
Jesus God valentine (jesus died in a valentine)

Love (love's)
On the tip of it (on the tip of it)
The old rivers lack of other sweet scents (you said you wanna see straight)
So sweet (so seek)
You are a woman just as you are a man (you are a woman just as you are a man)

Creeping on the Gas (creeping humongous)
Is a magic love, like, (it's a magic love)
Like a Flights, clouded peak (like a scythe coming through)
I was choking on the blood (he was choking on the blood)
Whose camouflages, lack of soul (camouflaged it like a song)
Whose misty fire, muses soul (whose mysteries so far go on and on)

Kneeling by the harm
Which is promising the way (what falls third in the light)
His poor essence, under the truth (which for instance is unintrude)
love and heart polish itself (i'll let the mirror polish itself)
I slid my heels but slowly ran (and save my tears for someone else)
So send Lucifer into hell (so send lucifer)
listening will tidy up from memory only

a little 'magic to do' (um, 'magic? it'll do') from broadway's musical 'pippin'
then: only applesauce to eat cures everything - they'd say it again
the only broadway play i ever saw 'the wiz' features a black wicked witch with big almond-shaped eyes on her bra - black 'pupils', if you will
she opened and closed them with little sticks through the beneath to greet and express her surprise without 'talking long' she'd say
the hands here...are ghosts who cannot help, ever - but take much 'somehow' he'd say - all women in add-in verse, i'd say

Expand this outward: The Brady Bunch got its start reflecting values in women beyond their means. No you, just you and me and 'a woman' there. From dimes to bakers they liked it - the virtual or unheard yet - concept for forming values beyond a rough start or then homemaker. Theirs is a story of making do seem like a laugh. I tell people (and in the way a Mexican-type friend describes a daytime soap-opera teaching him 'how to feel' for people with aplomb [as just not asking] and in tears falling) that the Brady Bunch teaches people "how to act" as now 'sad' or 'just wondering' much like mime-type Marcel Morceau teaches one how to express theirself to busy passersby and in not so many words an interest of pure needs. Let's start by saying the housekeeper is under court order not to speak to friends for having violated her probation at home twice then. She murdered her inkeeper (Alice Walker, and with pills they say) in France and also asked others not to speak for having been spoken to already - a fame in itself. Alice lives to be Alice only, and that meant working for her son a famous dilettante in Doug Moon's eyes (a lover of his twice removed now). She is removed to her son who killed a lover of his with a gun (Michael Stuart...Ken Olin then...btw we loved Ken Olin's looks and on tv) and also made clever mistakes among celebrities by introducing them wrongly (at all) and with gust or no visible hate. Ken Olin lives today "with no debt to Doug Moon yet" say he. No one knows why, but we have "The Partridge Family" coming too and soon - almost both for having exhibited or sold the primary or unheard of episodes in my face again.

The Brady's, as we continue, have many problems unheard. The first wife of the father 'scion' as we call him as 'how to do it' made mistakes herself and made the final mistake of calling me her 'dog' too many times and died of that in a car 'in France' they say (that was Tammy Wynette, apparently...and "drunk only" they may have add all in 1963). Add that with abuse in the household that led to too many fights "and arguments" they say. The government cleans up marriages here by suggesting a lighter touch and no 'kidplay' or calling names out to each other. This makes children unhappy and all agreed with their real kids to try again but on tv save the youngest girl who is planted by me in the other realm of no speaking to the living at all (these all died rarely - with full-on hangings you'd say - with and while filming to be better at handling disgust and treason - all available fast outside). The government doesn't claim involvement, but leaves them to make further mistakes like airing any crap on tv (they said 'no' and too initially) to serve as a warning to felons who seek redress often (the father is Herman Munster flatly too - a gift from me to be a faggot made sense of finally - no pardons just laughs). All in all, friends taken too lightly. All from other places made sane here. There is no youngest girl to us - "just pasted in and still" says Robert Reed who was gassed to death by a car in a fight with us "I guess" not AYDS but he says so. Just say it, but be sure for me - I can't say it's that true of me but there it is in skin and paper that perm finally catching up. On and on still with us (my son Karl Jarlsberg #5...and so). More later...the mother punched someone in the face at a shopping mart "stalled me from a sale for being black and with it...I change sometimes") and is still rocking they say as Denise Dale or then Whitney-Macy-Beyonce et al some not.

Click here to watch one of those Brady episodes about 'doing the right thing' when it's simply cheaper try small stuff first see how it sits: "Bobby's Hero" Jesse James! - so what?!? Your grandfather cried like a pussy and tried to kill him our hero too what do I know? He was poor too - you know the type - a truth-monger, a dog doesn't hear you at all but hears the dinner bell ringing (denies the phone on the dinner table in a noisy restaurant is ringing too - see all are that crude thinking for adults who stamp as 'objectionable [as still perhaps thinking it over]' and for pay from us). These are fame questions for people heard too well by others a good guide away from being boring our quest to you. I falsely seem to remember taking naked baths cowboy-style (no you) with Jesse my pet Mochee in round watering holes or I plan to...just like that guy in Australia that really cute one from 'Scalve Yourself AYDS The Island Haddaway' who was falsely portrayed as fat (show to me each one says Jesus not so leaned but unfelt tip) to get me off the scent...thanks to Harvey Milks getting shot gets you heard about and to a little boy in New Jersey (New York...but not with you) who is opposed by foul mouth in a gay life daily he matters alot you didn't as just Neil that name thanks again 'lies...Milliken' it made thrill only and only in me. "Well he, in this picture that I made of him -- he has a beautiful face'...shot in the head loving yourself so cute years younger and ages it out maybe just a secret person. Be shot or be should shoot me I'll cut your tits off at the very grape. The pad tips of finger sliced off hurt can't help but laugh at them so silly while you art all of it upward.

More on 01/18/10: Just had another dream of the Brady house...the first one reveals a dayroom (basically a corner with two windows, sun) at the end of the hall on the right (if the stairs up are heading down the hall). This one appended a motor inn on the right side of the house under cut bricks facing...people got in that way but the internet guest shows us a house almost on a cul de sac with chain-link fence in front. The real house (a personal mission by me to see first-hand) is on a major road in the valley running south to north and the front door faces east - they've been bike riding you've seen it. Episodes by request most Alice:

The one where she Alice leaves their 'employ' over nastiness by the kids is original but not nice to me...she's being a jerk working at an ice cream shop avoiding talk people really don't care for that ending - also the parents are like 'whatever' but rage over a confession from the kids (their new housemaid is played well-enough by a stern but unconcerned and forgiving Carmelita Pope);

Alice's award-winning commercial for laundry detergent "Suds" or something is used by me to this day as clever "it does what it says it will do" - that's good for you...even if Peter or Bobby flooded the house for it I love Pavilions-brand detergent "Select" "Ultra II" for being perfect too;

"Baby talk, baby talk it's a wonder you can walk" stays with me even though Robert Reed no longer asks Santa Claus not to - is that right for us I hate her singing;

Love the cigarette episode - a pack falls out of Greg's varsity jacket and the mother asks to no further "Are these yours Greg?" He says "no" and they buy right off - God's way. The other kid's mother played by the queen of England asks her son Tommy if they are his and he admits it. Almost proud she says "We'll hafta talk about this at home." Ever consuming of it, we see it's better than having a retard. Jail makes us know stuff too I hate that for you but well there it is.

denise dale is pictured flatly here in the 'phat girlz' preview et al - she is mo'nique's friend with glasses on
the scone in back of her head is lovely that whole ape-like look pleases me to no end but who shall defend in the home?
see all here...i love that black boy too...see him here

Soon a little list of notables celebrities I'm going interview as myself playing a Rosie O'Donnell-type person just as me. Right here, but with liberties taken. I don't care how you do it we'll ask about you as just me with audience then. See the joy...

sometimes, a word or two will do...that's 'all but an arklark'
(um, your homemade words, rhymes soothe us however as unwittingly - more than choosing through a dictionary e.g., 'apogee', there's brevity, there's wit)
'i was uncomfortable [because the door might pop open...someone?]'
discomfort is too no further advance why they might know 'you were never in'

Took my costume receipt back to Aah's on Sunset today 11/11 and only to get a UCLA hooded sweatshirt large ($25.00) plus some candy (watermelon-wild cherry Nerds). Know that. We got a $30 'gift card' in lieu of a 15% discount earlier and above what would be $22.50 or so.

watch stephen king's 'it' with me...i thought rob lowe was in this
that was 'the stand'...keeping looking at this that boy in the shower

Today 11/09 you learn of me winning it some home: Henckels got us 'our' knives back new or like new - you couldn't say really the bread knife feels lighter some but as very nice looking probably new but as unwrapped in paper and card. See two (2) more for that (paring, and steakhand) and then there were none. Thank you frailty. Thank you consequence. "Are you still mad I gave up long before you did?" Of course you are...and "you're still here" too.

------x-------o------even if the 'pope-mobile' makes me wanna shoot

be that, still no ' creeping humongous ': we're warming up the ol' titmaker even as we speak 'pinch labours it to be pinch'...and if so laurens the throat

kcrw am: the pinnacle of mono-log (clue: la county's final and microbial sunset) ' hotel still ain't comin' into view ' (how precious ? doors locked down)
pet shop boys = 'psb' or 'pcp' or a 'psilocybin' (sees self as greater being a unicorn among future black-velvet and light havings, hurts so bad if 'curve' are 'curb' from 'pavement' fame, 'payment': ' i had to fantasize just to survive ') to fool...none other than, none ('oomingmak' the whale blubber of eskimo snak-club fame...' bring to me | pleased to meet me ' as who i am to me rejecting an else's taste for but against me...the dirty 'kkk'? says 'less than' may adds 'or equal to' as symbol ('<' or then '|<' to be as such '<=') in trinity defends poor white christians asks to give first to be as so given...a squeeze-wax ghost like a mouse...very scary even as an invading mouse is scary in a dark kitchen of a sadder-type infidelity...sad be so sad...then as not to be so sad) 'smashing pumpkins' you at-home beggar is childhood memories of me giggling hysterically in hiding while racier friends rang doorbells and smashed pumpkins at night and for being left outside on stoop - mean, but funny as shit we ran away immediately after doing to doz...adds 'v' is for witch's honor a witch mountain?

Wasn't October 2009 Of Sound Body ? Oh, Nevermind 'This Stops Here' A White Horse On The Rio Grande The Greenish River Of Six Flags