Obama Would Read On To Make Endless And Unneccessary Comment From No One Special Where No One Gets To Speak - Hate To Think I Was Delayed Over Philadelphia "Where A [Gun-Toting] New Jersey Goes To Die..."
Buttcrack...I tell security-types to get that make-up off and see them hairy legs up in me. I keep one of Chris Ondy's in mine....for no bother yet. Crown of thorns tattoo around right muscle to me grip. Can you believe someone gets hurt more than me hearing of this? Go up in it to be seen leaving.

Thirty k less a year for the vote it says and you work for half pay when you close a restaurant over death to be comment. Honor yourself plainly to be seen. You die trying to save someone. I like that. Go with fake (feel-good) stuff it's better always for me. I hate knowing anything more than what I brought to hear unless inspire the wind...like I hated Microsoft Windows '95 (the big dumb buttons of distributed access versus streamline its format - the welcome at Pacific Design Center but seem to be me.

this lenox pop was supposed to be at weddings with some share? it is not mine to say...these private only and with no ratty gold tips that is not prim care
we here use them thick greek wedding candle holders with blue rims and air bubbles to drink piss simply, but i don't know why you make them (getting hate to come is easy - will ask for sex, add coffins)
however, is object free...eating-drinking with others was purely the problem with stink and bother i don't want excess thoughts and of them?
these wins are unbearable and very political to me...i made it that way you leave me out always as unnatural (you ask to be odd things of my person) and i hate (hover flame) you for it with this
a sip on my soda says as offered my bearded (a little blonde mustache) mother 'lets share nothing together and die well right here unless you object' like you object to a shit on my cracker at a jewish wedding - you do?
and thus their work begins with no further to be thoughts of you...a humour yet you
tell me nothing until i'm worthy of having to be known - we each serve our own plates to no one we know of yet...what if i'm not just people with versus people vis a vis ripping the place up for everything i think of
when two latins fuck that is truly in a morphing grave - isn't that what you meant for me to overhear? when i choose, you see no truth to me about their women we are one at a loss only
that means we like people across lines until they speak of knowing us already like the bible speaks us rocks to the head for dullards in the way only, we will know and like each other alot when we've lost ours to no choice
you made me agree you were a black - okay, whatever
now you too
p.s. jews are demanded by me 'you could leave some'
one day i'll know more or less about me

(chris 1972-piss) always honor my coventries or shelves with age groups of lifting about and over like escalator...or face their aggressions or not having yours and not being with said
aggression is always met with dismiss and remove...any sexual exceptions are because of study only a study of still...i need to know of others pre-plan not think i know
you amuse me in a dump only...this, a dump yet
my brother needs me to kill the world while i fag with comics over this
one will die, the other will die too
they all will die the baby of the family needs no one to help them over the cliff all feelings about only the mother used
be sane, be with
one last note: i forgive no one this - we value each other to be with only hurt embarrassment and tricks?
no - you pay the way to these and no further to thought, they will always be unto me no matter how dead and worked clean
others spanish (fewer pans pots white-black to span this) you crave with me are what led here - your other family burned you to death eyebulb with a heater in a car - thank them again jewish mother of hides
i still can't get laverne & shirley to be named tops over and over because they hate me for suggesting breast cancer is best left to a cum towel tightened around their fucking throat - i keep mine here, but some loss
my meat comes from the ocean floor - the finest of scavengers feed me a harshest electric of pinch to the tip for bothering it scallop
our world made me know no man for a bother but relieved me sensibly and only - ask for more politely and yet i try to run away from my thoughts and to be still
this one whined at me for companionship on meth new place an all and i reacted sharply to thought cruising security agents but the butt was nice we don't loom in my family yet - one step away, men hate less made flesh
i paid for everything here (with you in tow) and still was worthwhile ever you fool - you can't be here with no effort others stack out
quotes wolfgang puck (he worked at the cafe and we met surely) - 'i don't know him, but fine'
one day you know nothing

reduce you: this looks security and radiostat - good - was too dark and lightened in adobe to be anything at all
another save the glory of still awaiting of my words the truest trounce...still i further seek a hole lens like of imac to film crotches secretly on the way in saturday night

we're back from fool - days later
we ran into toni halliday incognito at the airport - she is photographed from behind by me slyly at right blonde hair, brown suit
can you imagine our flance at horror when they subtracted twenty or so people from the security check line to go else and we were together in a scandal-type matrimony?
only i know but she thinks i'm a stalker or something...security came and talked to me eventually because our flight was delayed about eight (8) hours and i hate chita rivera skins on my fake as being trance
we got back safe and sound at 3 o'clock in the morning and i had goodie bags awaiting the storm my real anger management
do nothing...be nothing...you win again...i hate to think you used me to make a dull point i wasn't there really you be fool
hi sean yes your hat is called a 'tailspin' you are fine plus be fine raoul girandola all are mine even if you're not real versus not real to me your grandmother (ruth westheimer?) isn't real but spilled real orange juice on me
sean sean sean call anytime...the mind is magic you are a fag? me? anyone else can tell you i never stop hurting people ever i am not special ever be how
be mine, it does not pay me yet you...never eat this shit without me you see it hurts when i don't talk right (you wait to know me as else-more)?
your marriage is still a farce-force field, like gay marriage a fact farce and hoedown...let's get married...too
tell me something i don't know about you...i'm married too...i have kids...get something right...be me...i hunt and kill everyone a faggot who disagrees only ever a coward is this i get scared easy too
p.s. a woman keeps house for me...no pay, shops alone sean sean sean you are my son? you are now
my family makes it look really bad my mother is madonna for sure - fuck that - sharon stone is too my sister we are real but not real to you (she filmed atop mexico heights lately with couples the title is beyond excellent)
real to you is a second day job at home
real isn't real yet
real means you know more than should you don't know...i know some will not have it
because it is shameful to me...because you don't have money
that's real as 'top minds' try and dissect your fooleries
you know me...i know about you...i rescued four (4) neils (geraldo) from prison to have that glamour me
we'll get them for this here...we got them already for sure
sucking dicks? only you know why
people let me do it only
you don't touch my candipher with pinhole tits...okay maybe i win
as for you retards out there -  can i go to hell as you the beginning of any dull, another fancy to rhyme?
46% of our target furs are shaved - this takes forever
woman punishes you for making that special - you are special to me anyway
that is a woman: one job just done leads to another hate crime...but seriously we are all women as long as you order that in advance
like cannolis - you don't need to add spittle with the cream for later at home just get it done
their kids do it 'til then too...my mother didn't order anything? she demanded me open
i never deliver anything but that is because you're here ordering nothing but sames from me
for this, my mother runs everything next calendar year for no sakes ask her to begin
she made aids with me i guess that's right we deserve it still
next time just ask me what to do - do nothing until you know what to do
until it does inform me or fear...still i'd be the last part of the wait
i have it...like you do but you ask me
i have it somewhere talking about me and how i don't matter
sex matters and we defeat you only to think again (devo answers each nuclear threat penis with prapped twinkies and cake? no, you don't hafta spray that in here)
you win with and without me, but me
sell now p.s. nobody matters when they don't make things come and go
you don't matter to me yet i guess sean sean sean
advent: each note i receive in my head runs counter to joy mostly - toni is portrayed as a psycho nutcake calling security over you not being with...please...one agent asp (airline fake) was you changing in the admiral's lounge...
we'll fuck you dead for that while i give nothing away...we fucked you last night while i lied with my friend alone you and i and i also helped niggers fuck you to death? at city gardens i had to ask to follow in
your ass was great i say still with heroin needle across the lower back but don't worry a spanish king doesn't need to know me much...after the fall you know i'm embarrassed for you both and us but see nothing come
the greatest gift? distance and just being you to me
meanwhile toni's (toni collette's that's the blonde) roughly 8 1/2" x 11" black box at security with one inch depth is rumoured the new curve album on ampex i see but do not say questions and sleep inside myself
we deserve no more for making no more of it...so ask better questions or be not to me
we like you both (one upper crough and the other private citizen but my nominate for best looking boy on plane for each time) and cite all back to the hate that surrounds me but says to me to take it up the ass later
those security agents no matter were embarrassing me only and die well if now only you...they will be that but don't say just yet no one cares 1) about the self first so sure, about me ever 2) about me i'll handle that again
no one is sure but you..be sure...i won't and grounded every plane that sashayed by while i waited and melted some too
i hafta shake the bag never admit me and make my own stuff come a black cat-like plane for across the universe with headlights so what i'm here now mammoth car...forgive you simple days later so happy now
a new curve album? who sang? you get up front to sing to be sure and sure again...we never hurt my beauty ever
jesus died arguing the facts with folks and just like the jewish houdini pleasing no ones over obvious fault - i'm here and kill physically for sure when i get assaulted...i'd marvel at what's left only
i will cry and die simply the minute it happens but no one knows for sure if it's really happened yet your thoughts bargain you simply and for keeping you here
the world i know has no great men and no great shakes (unless a lowly black that knifes you while pronouncing we'll talk later) they bend spoons with their minds so what
...i don't suggest your esp to me at esp lengths it's like two saccharines to a sweet
huh? my mother's husband delivered a usb-attachment as an apple ipod shuffle the difference being it is an mp3 knockaround after getting the $5 base at ebay not included - i have this already and will ask of stores later
the real one uses the headphone jack to play and charge at all in the base space needle placed...no mp3's necessary thanks no cheap to cheap we don't work for no new format pay we honor ownership unless mick jagger triad
now i'm thinking about a more than $5 placed to no joint yours and another sexfool laughs with no teeth out because life was so damned good to me for holding jesus to the flame? no way more unless you halve to me!
innocent enough for people who fuck in a grave, but is there a point? my mind says 'no a gift from above - can we have this still?' not from apple you can't..you said this is illiad beginning with attach like jesus made it
why would anyone want this? for sales? any junk thought meets me this way...we don't buy or even touch an ipod to hear junky mp3's yet...i hafta pray to enjoy this shit you know
i don't need to be this to know this crap i need $50 from them for selling their dumb shit and all of that old dead-in-the water crap as hopeful for myself from the memories of snow hags in this way
everything delivered is returned to you twice or maybe less you...we work against every gifting by being cheap with it faster and still
jesus is still here dying in me...anyone that makes me less or the same by speaking to me is that a fool dried as apricot maybe not any one more
see it made clean at your seat no boy ever told me what was important that's for sure only magic smiles make me smile and no poster made less of anyone is good you keep your distance no two minds abut unless one made sure
thanks for straightening yours teeth to be like mine it is less to me but maybe hurts you as noughahyde i love that too but smells?
no boy ever smelled that bad after i ate his ass out (no secret person) but the stockmarket won't buy and sell so easy these talking days people like me worship ease and hidden gift so what...trust that the cure's at the door
see yourself in and out of me dead...we form these words but not for pay yet
did you die too? let me see it...i love rotting flesh on the bone animating in my day
i love that...your sonic butterfly closing in that shiny cloud and you somehow capture a vacuum cleaner bag worth of chintz scraps and you can't dance and sing anymore but dust everywhere
can't you just fart well enough to charm the whole store? start at the mall with your tits out
rule: we smart niggers never prove you we disprove only at your lengths softly unless here yuck yup
i've said the most stupid things?
no never to smart and at a care
you fear ugly only and at looking up
the grandmother's very face made me stop hurting you at-large for a minute...keep some nearby
i pray for continuity in conversation only? better questions
some fool long after i'm dead can't wait to give me a gift shitted on up the road
your gift always seems like something i have
my gift is delivered me first unawares
you get some shit later you only break up and make unto yours used me
remember credit - we buy more with it as not having much each but money pays you right off
owe more and cleanly at that with some brake and buck
the answer? stop hurting the gains wth talk about you not having
get some more for us with us telling you what we want only
you get yours like every good you get all secrets and 'no thanks'
the dead man on the cross is that first a slag    


And about frozen ponds, God over says use pine of 2x4's across on ropes that submerge when freezing and use every six feet (6') over and above that well. Freezes inside perhaps and stops people from racing around too much. You step over to if and...no ice breaks well if these.

Angel hair pasta (um, "capellini") has the egg for you, Young Faggot and girl. I just bought me the thought with eating some - I want an egg in pasta always or undigest wheat and oil ("semolina" or see darker dots out of) like in nuts and with farts no (if "sisteens" are from raw eggs in food - hardly good at you but okay...put in water with a cracked-open shell only for ten [10] minutes or less the gas of oxygen that coats gets out). Feel the springy difference or have the pills taken by you. Durham ('endure them' then) wheat is fine, but no eggs once said. Sometimes healthnut egg processes are made to belch like lead (with lemon rinds) but if so ignore like cans pop open some. Take Pepto-Bismol always for this and of these. For note gain, Mueller's makes it all right and with eggs.

Remember L.L. Bean (a Nabisco Inc. subsidiary) has been with "since 1912"...and duck shoes plus good ol' Maine style.

Tom Jones "If He Should Ever Leave You" Tom Jones - 24 Hours (Bonus Track Version) - If He Should Ever Leave You good stuff and new from the "24 Hours" LP (2008).

Lifehouse "First Time" First Time a great new song by them and on video. From the "Who We Are" LP (2008) on Geffen.

Britney Spears "Circus" Britney Spears - Circus - Circus from the "Circus" LP (2008) on Jive - A Flock Of Seagulls' home label. She was just on tv paying for this...

"Basic Instinct" the club scene took place at Mudd Club in San Francisco - we've been there they had a pillow room upstairs for picking up...was filmed in bits at Jewel's Catch One in LA too (known for its bad location the "Crenshaw" (um, blacks or then black businesses hosting us or old women is like "Compton" but closer to here) district and hostilities ever you - try again).

Went to T.G.I. Friday's today 12/01/08 with Dad at Langhorne, PA (I love Pennsylvania the commonwealth of it) and boy ! I love it there nice boy waiter and all (their celebrity cook Guy Fieri is just that Corey Feldman kid winning again but spittle on my food if all guys on tv do that). I had their Jack Daniel's ace burger with rotterdamm swiss (um, 'provolone') and bacon so good but okay. The ambience is nearly good and the menu comes right at you I like that adds chicken tortilla soup with Christmas red chips and plenty of Doug references to boot. Then on to Home Depot (trees are cheap around $20 plus and also large lawn-type decorations are greater edge here - Eddie's outside hanging our lights right now), Newtown, PA and then be around home. So, good deal.

Forever? You'd be willing to undo the self to have this, to go back at once to. Before you knew what to do, you would do this. Never - not ever have we. Adult? Add ultimately (and again). All of your lays significant and added up ultimately into one mercy - you.

Hey! McDonald's has deep-fried cherry pies again...usually two (2) for $1. I got my Nike sneakers at Kohl's for about $60...got some new hats too but elsewhere at JC Penney's. What else? Dick's Sporting Goods has a lime-green minibike (Baja Motorsports) for $289.98 - get that but make sure the chain is concealed with guard. That model is for 'in pro per' bankruptcy or in-person, you get other ideas with helmets here.

this is my bathroom when home van gogh 'irises' sure...try and find that blue sink

our office with fish picture - it changes and grows feathers it promises you

this hutch purchased 1974 after grandpa died good luck - stamped 'stanley furniture' inside (see 'corinthia')

mom's supreme of decor with christian lalor door

bottom of hutch with lenox 'solitaire' versus 'eternal' with gold rim some holiday stuff

kitchen all by lowe's - good enough

rear drawing room with daytime sight

fireplace, me on tv somehow all angel-guarded

the fish from above office come to rest - it shows me how

our front parlait windows that open and close naturally enough

the rear deck as seen from rear drawing room

wreaths hanging in our basement still - no trees on friday now are here yesterday; rain now

the basement sink with auto box pump up to the lateral soil stack

my mother's husband has 'wine' made from hard, greenish grapes from out back in our 'garden' - yet see

mother and husband or vice-versa at sister leslie's earlier on buttonwood in jackson, nj

leslie's daughter skylar(k) earlier and again - a little ondy for us yet

my room here at the house - opulence

i love muslin (beige cotton fabric) and they had the chair covered in it for me - that's real

the hall leading to our rooms - neil painted it...gross

the round moshesh say 'mose-ezz' carpet in the foyer - not yours yet

a better light with the olympus but uptight, skinny - starlet

the lowe's kitchen other side - again is uptight, bastards you

my grandmother had alot of roman junk, but this has gotta take the cake: a heart chair

the mother's bedroom is gassy, sacred

i like this spreading its polynesian wings outside on the deck at night, pure motor pink
neil says he and john ondy took a class in stockholm, pa to make these bars from scratch with kits, kinda, up to $9k and

something for you hard won - so many old bitches around

something for me...

never to be real enough...

where we do our clothes some near the garage

from in the garage we see it come locked

another hard winter sees it gone

these outdoor ovens melt metal into the bottom through grate over wood and around it too - ladle all out with mitt on
home depot has 'em - we had an outdoor fireplace here out on the deck - dumb, huh
they got rid of that along with my $1,000 green riding mower from sear's - she says "lawn service" now

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