Apple iTunesApple iTunes
a country rat gets involved with his neighbors too much and they leave to get away
a pepe lepu story, kinda, with no real trait or body of thought
i haven't seen, but suggest disney at whim to see you shine
the ending is cute - they float away on a barge eating but no one sees anything funny about it, really
like us - we don't care at all...they stink
litter food brings us bugs, bugs bring us rats with their noises, rats brings us snakes are pretty much it if dogs get bit
say 'rat-tah-twee' to mean 'rat's ass' a noun or home of it
someone says newly and of late: 'they mention your really stupid (licks at lips, one-sex panaform)'
know who i am - i know who you are always like fastcat darts know all old the holes after a while
no one here searches for meaning in lives and others - we have that mammary glanded
any personification is cheap - we hassle you bads at home and abroad
think it over at a loan hut sampling your teeth in a jar with gnats francking the gums
the very fact-finder of lost loves...hanta-iii forest starring mr. since

'my mother makes copies of the itunes gift certificates and sends 'em off - whomever cashes first, wins it all most'
tell 'em sent ya a buckin'

Just next month and ready now you slime! December 2007 "Alas, Woe, And Berude"

Start it up this early! A remingle of The Ronettes famous Christmas song "Sleigh Ride" The Jingle Belles - A Christmas Cracker Vol. 1 - Sleigh Ride
Sounds the same to me...same as.

We here in America still celebrate Christmas (however erroneously) and we me and Terry went to look at expensive Noble (Douglas) Fir trees at Mr. Greentrees on Doheny (just north of Santa Monica before Sunset) while waiting for my dealer to call (I don't believe in waiting per se I sleep or something no life in this body to make me wait is no pay)...very expensive, but very nice lot with plenty of extras. I gave that lot to ghosts years ago. No, we have nothing yet payday is Friday. Of course Home Depot will always be there with non-expensive trees and great gifts to boot, but is not neighborhood.

One hundred forty bucks ($140) for a beautiful tree? They are pretty though Beverly Hills and all old motherfuckers better live well...and me a beggar still. Mister "Man" Greentrees is jail, by the way.

Then, note Koontz Hardware has the motors (um, "ornamotion") for the Christmas tree that make ornaments spin when plugged into a twinkle light set. Two (2) in a pack, no more than that recommended per string of lights. So there - about $8.00 per set of two (2) motors. Lots of great lights and decorations too.

I called the folks at Oster to get new clips cheap for my hair clipper (you can even get them individual, say 1/2" and why? $1.03 plus $3.50 shipping or so) ...1-800-887-6682. Try that then, Target had none.

as you can see, these are in thousands at least - still going strong, thank your site see we do that well
little to no pay yet of course while earnings mine are invested backwards to fill your coffers, we'd say
says one "that's not really true...we don't like you" japanese or something racist will follow you want to "honor" someone else again
you better "save face"

Just saw the most bitter version of "Legend Of Sleepy Hollow" on Time-Warner Cable (from menu, select "On-Demand", then scan "free" offerings) that until November 29...very good and for free. We think it stars  Disney's Dean Jones as Ichabod, his daughter an early Lindsay Lohan (this 1993 or so), and Mindy "Facts Of Life" Cohn of all people. Bad news this. Hi to "Braun Bones" from and of Colleen Dewhurst fame. Hi. Just watched Neil playing Bruce Lee (our friend Philip Kwan from UCLA is this remade...killed fourteen (14) men singlehandedly and was ultimately killed by the actor who plays Steven Tyler one fine day out...then he had his head caved in by Chris' father one day lately) make love to Michael "Brian Jones Rolling Stones" Umbro onscreen. "He hated my kisses, but thought then again...not bad." Whatever. A firecracker to be thrown up in all your faces. With this feature we add new "Kyle" underwear as seen in a boutique here in West Hollywood for twenty-one dollars ($21.00). I loved yellow.

Madonna was playing Mamie Van Doren for local gay press here at Eleven restaurant days a week ago (before Thanksgiving or that night) - she flattered me and my naked pictures. Thank you. We peeked in the window behind her as flashbulbs went off for her at the bottom of the stairs posing in the newly refurbished restaurant. Looks like success issues some.

Thought I Saw Lily Tomlin So Old Younger Than My Mother Though
11/27/07 1051
Just walked down Santa Monica Boulevard to Circus Books to inquire (versus "enquire" or to simply ask someone else to look for you) about my long-since application with some woman named "Sandra" who's only there in the morning...with months on sign in the window, seems they're not hiring now of course (I've stopped in before, you see). See Circus Books anyway for really cheap DVD's in bins and they have all of B.A.L.L.S. Studio's offerings at $7.95 or so. Or so for ample holiday gift giving no one does anything for me ever racing to and from in cars you pay for that I don't. "We just don't want the bitch around." You don't want me to live, either. I see it to you daily. You should keep your fucking mouth shut, I'd say...for the holidays on out. P.S. You don't read anything here about me, Fool. To fool...I believe in you. Yesterday's favorite. Days earlier, I returned a can of Yuban extra dark to Pavilions with no bother, but yesterday 'no' to a big jug of Folgers (we overbought for the holidays it seems). Curse you. Do you know what I do to people who don't give me what I want? Personally, just between you and I, I kill 'em in time. Why would you and I know each other this way? We wouldn' wasn't opened, no. Just extra-type vigilance (vagina is in there) with brown people watching your own pennies. All the money I spend there annually and still no profit to you how. We got good stuff at Trader Joe's (grind your own beans always...and get your new TJ's advent calendar with chocolates inside like I did, $1.19) and always keep Gevalia in your thoughts for being so good to you and a cheap machine with.

talk talk do their song 'i believe in you'...enough there ain't enough crippled world

here i am my spirit
i've seen heroin for myself
on the street so young laying wasted
enough there ain't enough
crippled world
i just can't bring myself to see it starting

tell me how I fear it
i bought prejudice for myself
is it worth so much when you taste it?
enough there ain't enough hidden hurt
a time to sell yourself
a time for asking

how long?

how low?

an advent wreath so purty from sundays 1, 8, 15, and 22 (lighter) before x-mas
for the dead to see...light on sunday dinners only
the catholic shop seems to have all you seek and ups

just got to watching this mostly...was too young when released
surprised to gloria vanderbilt's son richard in here as driver...
comic actress lily tomlin plays the lead mostly her brother the little he does back to camera
grubby and with nanette fabray in center lead with judy lentoski's daughter brenda some as pescow
not bad but see the mirth fade with priests who hate people
then leave us all standing...wondering why
grubby this in brooklyn heights only...their hate is real
'saturday night fever' is like 'tommy'...unseen by us really but soundtrack

Pet Shop Boys "Only The Wind" MP3 (4.0 Megs) from the "Behavior" LP (1990) not yet noted to us on iTunes or left some. This song a very favorite of mine...also must seek "Cubism" in concert DVD and VIDEO! The song is "Integral" from their latest album and they are "erudite" (um, "book smart") if anything, we say. The song is about Richard Haskell (of Gloria Vanderbilt fame) who "interferes too much" to be saned here. "Perfect." One adds "He's a psycho to us." Adds Richard "I have my odds." Me adds "The song, written and sung by me, is really about getting around my mother - what else can I do for myself when she says 'not now' or 'later on' and hurts my feelings always? We do something else for ourselves just to hear her say 'perfect'...'insular'...[and] that's all." + "Only the wind is about people who don't stay with you ever. A knock and a flee too." All else faked by me for you too. "Tennant/Lowe - stays with you, spies on how you do things." Erudition itself.

It's only the wind blowing litter all around
Just a little wind and the trees are falling down
There's nobody crying, that was yesterday
Inside we're all smiling, everything's okay

It's only the wind blowing cans along the street
Someone's dustbin lid playing havoc with the peace
There's nobody hiding behind a locked door
And no one's been lying, 'cause we don't lie any more

It's only the wind, how it takes you by surprise
Suddenly begins, then before you know it dies
My hands are not shaking, I don't touch a drop
You must be mistaken, I know when to stop

When life is calmer, I have no doubt
No angry drama, a storm blows itself out

It's only the wind, they say it's getting worse
The trouble that it brings haunts us like a curse
My nerves are all jangled, but I'm pulling through
I hope I can handle what I have to do

When life is calmer, I have no doubt
No angry drama, a storm blows itself out
A storm blows itself out...

I'm sorry

(translate, "The March Of Leaves" in Russian-Dyke...a favorite of mine yet you), in "Paninaro" it's "guillermo" or say "jing-a-lo"...Italian for "last in line always" or no such bother to you yet. Just pick it up one day.

Just As Shitty As Last Year Thanks Again
11/23/07 1325
What do you mean you didn't have enough to eat yesterday and you were born black? Everything is about as cheap as it can get and no matter what you are, it lures folks in from outer space they can't believe you live so well being just that people are so stupid for you each of cherish to the heights for no such labor or bother. What if you had to make rice, coffee, or kidney beans from nature bescratch (with this, my roommate burps loud again nearly in face - save any hissing squelch of fart - to manifest another false self in the company of others who certainly manifest yet softly). Well, I had traditional fare prepared here at home yesterday if somehow you pay if you do not, and that meant turkey (just a half breast we made stuffed under the skin with longstem of herbs, thyme - like a breast cancer we say of blacks treating it or then a hostile implant done quite wrong enough), mashed potatoes, corn, Stove Top turkey stuffing, candied yams with marshmallows, turkey gravy, crescent rolls, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream. Just before we sat down to eat, the roommate (another overfed, overdone here) left the table in hostility so I could sit and eat with the spirits of the dead yet present. They got mad he slept late from a nap and I had to start dinner myself. I assured them earlier they didn't hafta rush back to their graves yesterday to stay everywhere you wanted and enjoy people (mostly they are made to leave for mayhems issued against others there - so what?) Thinking to myself, I didn't have anything to be mad about really the day went my way...thanks to the father of that fool who helped out with real hard cash just days earlier we still have needs in excess of spending and a nasty little drug habit...when will I know ease? Thanks again to Chris Ondy and all my other lovers - John - for being so nice to us while Sean visits us. No one cares about us anyway - see that an old man.

Recent notes: We loved Celine on "Ellen" this past week bits of broken French (Neil says "that's the real one - that's why") - pictures of her family and all. It was just like she was starting out the whole French Canadian thing in brown leather tee hee. We liked that having seen the "piper laurie" (playing for keeps - looking to be held from as on strings always) from Cirque du Soleil um, "Dragon" and Las Vegas enough...see more soon.

Celine Dion "Shadow Of Love" Céline Dion - Taking Chances - Shadow of Love from her new album entitled "Taking Chances" what discussed but unseen usually on the "Ellen" show...I liked this one here when I peeked in always so worried the samples don't live it up to you.

Saw my friend Timothy Marvin Kyles as singer Marvin Gaye cover an early Tina Turner routine on tv - it was him. See the likeness there he does drag like that and that is who she is when not staffed properly. They waffle back and forth some. This from Norwegia or something and early on the sixties or seventies we'll look.

Tina Turner? "I Might Have Been Queen" Tina Turner - Private Dancer - I Might Have Been Queen the VERY DEVIL at iTunes laughs at every harm I suggest you and from a grave he cheap sales to others here. So seek "One Of The Living" from "Thunderdome" too.


Jerry Goldsmith "Main Title" Jerry Goldsmith - Basic Instinct - Main Title from the "Basic Instinct" soundtrack LP (1992). No, we don't seek a "BI" III. Not just yet...and remember, a 'basic instinct' is to survive, not to may hafta kill though.

Led Zeppelin "Misty Mountain Hop" Led Zeppelin - The Complete Led Zeppelin (Remastered) - Misty Mountain Hop the one we was missing out loud. From the new "Complete Led Zeppelin" and the album named-titled "IV" not...

Our celebrity "cash made" list continues somewhat for and against Larry King:

Jerry Seinfeld $6,300,000 (mother produces and gets half - that is, $6,300,000 - as "Donald King", father is George Steinbrenner...all pay is "studio talk" or timing with others, not advertising pay - see that)
Julia Louis-Dreyfus $6,300,000 (studio talk)
Larry King $12,600,000 (thanks again...)
Elton John $7,200,000 + $85,000 in collection or old themes (all previous collected - this is the new one who plays often, the previous emptor made $86, not real ever...I am him and charge Universal daily for its fee)
Robert Duvall $12,600,000
Quinn Cummings $13,000,000
Lily Tomlin $19,000,000 ("and she's down to six million and she's mad..." says John)
John Travolta $16,700,000  ("no reserves...we think it's more" + produces like crazy under name Daniel Hill)

Was watching Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" on tv last night and that woman with Jimmy Stewart boggled me having all the loving that Chris Ondy provides so close to me...his grandmother was Patricia Nixon then Ann Sumtry then I guess Kim Novak...Robert Duvall plays some. No Princess Grace, but close. God called - get her outta here.

this the window at lemon tree as seen before...eight (8) bats is for me
merchandising beyond anyone's interest paid off big here...note that...this movie needs to be seen some

the ol' bamboo ensures a little privacy for no bother...$1 a roll at a yard sale...this took two (2) rolls or both i bought has african demons in it
i see-make snakes and smoke issue from top holes when invited back home and a huge snake rizzles at bottom not mine (the snake plant repels real ones with heat and bother as issues only...the lights simply invigorate)
secularly (what we see, only) you can get all lights at target i see

your host should look alot least one came out
the pee-pee so small in another shot
can't let my mother show you anything...maybe more of this stuff later most is junk

So then one evening later NOV13:
Led Zeppelin appears to us context: Get "Kashmir" Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Remastered) - Kashmir finally and we recommend that all GO TO HELL with "In The Evening" here EVIL. Then get the opus that is "Carouselambra" Led Zeppelin - In Through the Out Door (Remastered) - Carouselambra from "In The Out Door" (1979) heavy guitars laden and great text of funerals made. Long, but whirly keyboards fail into great sympathy of height and heavy. Not to miss...makes my day here on CD if I fast forward most times to my singing out ' i couldn't stand another day ' it says not ' another day '...not even one.

and you ' where was your helping? where was your bow? '

Date-just...Alanis Morissette enflamed singer of recent and troubled times guessed my weight coming into our building last night as sat on my usual toadstool despite her little of lies against me having you here barely back and sounding off. I go as she lept away up stairs "Aren't you....that and that there?" She comes back down to me "No...then again no" - another liar of showbiz strength halitosis. We had her clearly and add that right up to me a big star in my face (I sing your stuff too picking through the lessons I've never learned ever 'you are everything to me' too another lesson of to hirsute). Maybe a song later I'm so bored I could die but boys loved me bad last night in fantasy land those imaginary cocks are getting real you'll know of mine at. Remember what I told you A.P. - "I'm the very Doug Moon" and I'll get you right here when I come down what is right now that fucking troll won't deliver furs after stripes are inside the meat.

Alanis Morissette "Everything" Alanis Morissette - So-Called Chaos - Everything from the "So-Called Chaos" LP (2004) with her mother Julienne posing on the cover badly enough...we liked this alot. Then "Eight Easy Steps" she says-begs to me. Maybe add "21 Things I Want In A Lover" (yeah, about three weeks) too from "Under Rug Swept" (2002). Then again, we all fall back to "Are You Still Mad?" ('of course you are' - very transcendental with here) and "Unsent" and its hidden meanings 'dear jonathan...i fucked you too much...i used to be attracted to boys who wouldn't lie with me...and speak softly only of theirselves'...all mine. Don't get too involved with yourself, but to know you yourself is to know others and very well no escape some. I hate myself too usually. Both from "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" (1998). This girl was Alannah (um, "Black Velvet") Myles and is now reborn to God. She says to me "I know everything now..." Why? All then 33,999...

searches for ' dear jonathan | i loved you too much | i used to be attracted to boys who would lie to me | and think softly of theirselves ' 

Don't care for me again. "The helpin' hand is the hurtin' hand." - dM
What will and thanks it to be without again. You get yours somehow.
"Ah, yeah - how's that?" There ain't nuthin' there (say, on a finger) I lied again the ol' placebo (um, "placed to be with you [but not as used]") effect.

"You just don't know people anymore - now admit that." - dM who doesn't want you to strain the whole bank thinking it over
  who also notes it's the space between us that lets others in so fluently...

Congratulations to A. Rosemary Shulman (adds the "A" is for "Ava" and it "honors Abraham" directly as previous a quote early on) for completing twenty (20) years (1987-2007) at UCLA (with a small break bought back with $60 in fees). Rosemary moved to California with me alone and we both got jobs there after sweating it out over a month or so July through guarantees it seems. Newer: People ask of me "Who was 'Abraham' to you at the time?" No bible study or fact of day as Catholic only, I though of Abraham as strictly human - one of the first placed or known of solidly as having-speaking - who fathered the wandering tribes of "Israel" (means "even if you do, you won't keep this"..."our first harking or light shining outward again" to me - not a plan of it made me a "new beginning" only) or the first facts made here and of grandsons making their own outward and not in his home with - sand cultures, tents. Jews are all that were then (and we see them enter happily still to this dimension still the first out of an imaginary door over the sea from an abeyance or being held else out onto the sand of middle east product wiped clean by hand of). We see other bleak references to being unfortunate and confused with lamb's blood on doors mention - very superstition in their orientation made (mostly, all worship to folks who conquer the commercial world - all other including the black and bald cancers of our youth goes unseen). God never speaks to men I'd say and has few truths for as He made man ('the' mystery to me as taught to say not really think about...the sorrowful, heavenly-gazed man with globe-size mind maybe, and knows how he made the world?) walks around and surveys us only with complete knowing and no mind for speaking you as ever happy enough until you enter me - a "Tommy" of The Who-fame type. He sees and knows why, gives you wisdoms only and in your reduced sets of being unfortunate speaking to it. Me, I loved learning about Cain (Neil) and Abel (Brian or then Abraham remade to us once more he fought God..."he God was crying to me too much and old too..." plus is Michael or Richard in there fucking around Neil is king again over Brian and Brian hated leaves us and we see all fall down for you - now see that...a divorce of sorts). Then came Moses to fight him again in Egypt but ten (10) years later. Then twenty (20) years sees Isaac as the newborn Christ six (6) months in almost getting hit on the head with a rock as Abraham-Moses had his doubts as for leaving them (four years and it's done to you always for having left me). Good stuff, but not accurate they say.

Soup stocks? Boil one (1) head of iceberg lettuce to nothing solid in low to no water then adds two (2) carrots chopped up for an hour (1) that is its color. That is soup stock. No, don't pull the head apart - we made to simmer with you talking thinking aloud with others about. Soup feeds everyone - be clear about that. Soap dish or soaps made with lettuce fail us bad - do not try it.    

Cocteau Twins "Mizake The Mizan" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 1 - Mizake the Mizan from the "Lullabies To Violaine, Volume 1" comp (now, 2006) - explore this track of field great stuff everywhere...original goodnesses for living in the halcyon that is Los Angeles and some England. I thought "Sultitan Itan" rang in real loud here me. See "Violaine" and "Seekers Who Are Lovers" here and vastly remolded on Volume 2. Otherwise, "Pink Orange Red", "Great Spangled Fritillary" and "Melonella"..."Pepper-Tree"..."Quisquose", etc. In my vast opinion, "Aikea-Guinea" a big hit with folks should only be removed from "The Pink Opaque" album for mixing and reverb quality. All songs are best heard here. The originals are difference is with some made both.

benihana's and lawry's are still open we see...

Finally and despite the address given! We find the authorized (no fee) payment center for Southern California Edison just doors past the Flynt Publications building (oval and brown at Wilshire, basically) on the left hand side heading south on LaCienega with Western Union in the window a simple mailbox place (a lowly black woman announces to simply 'pay your bills!' on a small poster in the window here). I got pissed off again walking yesterday all the way to Olympic and beyond, but triumphed making death threats to the above against a bogus address given previously leaving you around or up in Beverly Center with a 1/2 address (in my mind, road travel previously showed me where to pay finally but with an electric company logo out front - so willing to try again here yesterday but this is basically a false memory to me). Of course jerk-off Terry's all "I woulda told you that if you called me [at work]." For a whole dollar on the sidewalk? I can't visualize anything with that mind speaking its shit. Someone get this piece of shit outta my face this year. I went to Taco Bell instead and soothed my nerves with their value menu a cold and tooth still pressing me I eat lollipops.

Bitch, please - we live here and at a moment's touch. Each moment given you is movement in your direction to not be. You make us wait, you wait too. The very last minute is yours shining in me....a job of it now. Like finding out what female shampoo really has Rogaine in it while you pay for nothing we see. Use both now...crush pills. You don't pay and you don't see neither. I'll give you a hint: it squeezes out purple Herbal Essence "breaks over"...others brands flavors.

"You pull down my beaded curtain one more time and your computer's going over the balcony." A fact recently stated by dM...the drunk threw stuff last night who cares less?

Had a great porno recently (for evidencing great stance with other men) featuring Larry Flynt, Bob Guccione, and Hugh Hefner among others youthed fucking some asian bitch in a wedding dress like after a cheap wedding but in Japan or something a library. Not bad, but that bitch was too much with her noises. Too big to get you here...someone above works against us favorably too. Nice job guys I like the dark haired guy alot and Hefner as blond too and as me kinda. You Tube took it all by upload, but rejected the one hundred megabyte (100) file shaved down a bit finally and 'for size' (of them dicks).


Tomorrow at Universal Studios Hollywood In Front Of The Entrance To The Theme Park (I Got This By E-mail Yesterday)!

Saturday, November 10


Universal Studios Hollywood and the Environmental Media Association present the Universal Eco-Fair. Over 20 organizations will participate, promoting green living, events and offering a day of free family fun.

Location: Theme Park entrance in front of the Universal Globe; 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Your MTA ticket gets you a free eco-bag for conserving cashes further....

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same old shit plus some
you need, i have it...
but above us all a failed button directs to a store a finial sale - we need explains
you tried, and died again
you just died and died

You Hittin' It Now, Octopleussy 2007

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