We Close This Month In Anger - So Be It And Only Twenty-Four Days Until Christmas My Calendar This

It Is The Speaker's Obligation To Be At Once Understood
11/30/03 1822
Let there be no doubt - you say one thing to me on the street or cause me any undue prejudice and I will hurt you bad. I do the coward's turn on all you may see and even if decided with you at propers bargain no gain. I had walls banged today over music and some brown snot (off-bred, not of likes) curse me over groceries bought off a picket always after passing, but if care to, I care to too. What's another four (4) weeks to them for this? All to be fired one day anyway. I will never seek to be understood by the likes of you ever. We hate us seeing at all. Have a day at my expense and live less of them. I wasn't made to fight it of, I was made to know of you better. Know that of and to me and then who to try? Oh, yeah - I gotta parse my cash, then walk to a grocer only to meet at that. Kiss to my fucking ass, shred.

the real playboys mansion

An Afternoon Spent At Dunellen Do I Have To?
11/30/03 1519
Yes, I took a lonesome walk up to Greystone Mansion killing my fucking feet uphill for a visit a voice of woman in my head "Can you stay for forty-five minutes [while I suit this or make merry]?" Oh, sure I guess immediately and surely breaching at twenty (20) minutes tops ("you're free of it now....no bother" as havings had and never sure of how long it takes me to see it well done). The sun shining, the turtles and fish in the garden entertaining as always - that picture in the library (a Renoir) finally replaced with lesser as sold (I peek in all the windows). A gaze over the driveway makes me know of a boy corpse that wanders the grounds on Halloween each year for being once dressed as a mummy and thus shot dead in the driveway for trespassing at night in 1952. His father - a Mexican groundskeeper - let him in aftersaid (a bomb? a wary traveler? who knows?) The boy's corpse was taken by police in 1976 and captured in a jail cell (levered to France) for thirteen (13) weeks living and dying then with an audience present (he would not die as thus only rots on the bone to death). I put this all to rest now (we spoke today - according to miss, him standing around bored and now then off to Portugal with my permiss), but we liven these things as jerks truly. Simply jerks looking for the reason all that dies befriends thee to my opinion and on. Fourteen (14) of all remain to be, of those three (3) more killed on-site. I had a vision of one room being used to shackle another man for something done blood running down. I never intrude on these things, really. Trust is an issue here.

Yesterday A Day Of Machines
11/30/03 1126
I'm out walking yesterday and I chance upon a box placed to trash for a big aluminum coffee pot that cooks whole turkeys in oil with even a thermometer on the outside indicating bake speed (I hear from the above that a turkey tastes great this way even after cleaning the pot). Sounds good to me - tradition that down. Beyond at Sav-On I see the folks at Black & Decker have a few more machines to stuff at once in the ol' Popeil (not to mention formal mounting hoods for our toaster ovens as under the cabinet we love them the look of it I've actually installed a few myself). One pictured above (the "Arctic Twister") takes regular old ice cream (I like Haagen Dazs myself the name means "friendly way" in Dutch) and stroftens it up warmly for a lovely cone (I recommend Scoopy the clown's brand of cone monger) making soft-serve ready at home counter (the cherished Dairy Queen in Hollywood at Sunset and LaBrea now missing). Better than a McFlurry with tastes like old white milk, you fold in your own edibles and make a happier day of it. I like that to be. This is the time for giving and receiving Black & Decker-style and I might hafta buy one of these for the both of us as sooner heard from.

take that of d. todd serfass
sends you a' buckin'

I'm So Proud Of New Toy
11/29/03 2150
I'm so proud of Liz's Lene Lovich "New Toy" MP3 (3.8 Megs) commercial for Target (the song is from the album "Flex" 1980). Come to find out "Lene" was actually my second grade teacher Mrs. Susan Keosian gone big time. She taught me that there might be other people in the world too (I was of self and cute - "bad breath, though" but a boy's wonder to plague you), where babies come from ("a hole in the middle"), and the lasting achievements of papier mache (flour plus more water with strips of newspaper over a balloon perhaps or chicken wire see my earlier joke for grandeur let all dry - paint at leisure we made Easter eggs with plastic grass inside). Her mother (Grace Slick) got her in the door with Elton and they hung out in Freehold with others planning and plotting (I heard earlier of Rumson, New Jersey and Deep Purple being as same in a big old house there). The Freehold Raceway a setting for practice outdoors. What brought this on? Simply [Jefferson] Starship singing "Sara" (I prefer "Jane" - "you're playing a game" now "find your way back") in a Kansas-like setting and the story unfolded. Keosian (the name means "hard of hearing" in France) was "from Kansas" she'd once say. More magical times.

Don't Get Me Wrong My Little Heat Press
11/29/03 1831
No, I didn't work on campus Warner Bros. in Burbank. We save that as best and last for real stars doing real things. I was only there twice. Once to see "The Perfect Storm" as VIP guest (parking says this to you as right under the water tower) in the executive movie theater with digital camera showing all of the heat pops in perfect clarity and then to see "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" being taped. At that, Whitney Houston guested to promote Moesha as Cinderella - in fact, the people from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" called me here yesterday to confirm two (2) tickets to that show for early January at NBC headquarters. I responded accordingly (again, "be here at three in the afternoon but you should come earlier perhaps the previous day we don't guarantee seats ever to the likes of you" and simply I agree have not sees it). Meanwhile back, I temped at Warner Bros. in beautiful downtown Glendale where I also first lived for one year July 1987 through June 1988 on Louise Street (it goes like this heading east - Hollywood, Los Feliz "feliz" is "heaven" in Spanish where the park is and the observatory entrance, then Glendale - the Glendale Galleria and all is right there with mountains around - beautiful). Warner Bros. houses technical operations (sound and voice dubbing only) in the Bank of America building on Brand. I love Glendale and anyway it was less of a shock to be there just at first then you can find your way among (in the newspaper see Gramercy Place? oh - I still don't know of that well).    

be mine tonight give me your love

All I Want For Christmas Part I
11/29/03 1725
The "Freestyle Explosion" box set Volumes 1-5 (featuring Promise Circle "Be Mine Tonight" and Freeze "I.O.U." - Neil makes this happen with Madonna) and a sofa can of Jack Link's beef jerky naturals. I really like the brand name "Enjoy" they sold it to us in big bags at Warner Bros. Enjoy uses real pizza-pepper chips (garbols) on their jerky and I just love that for a black pepper insteads. I get little bags of both from the AM/PM up on Sunset now crude oil with all the fixin's still (ARCO refuses to honor their pact to stay open and fresh so they change names during recessions into "Sunset Oil").

Sounds From The Past
11/29/03 1503
Everytime I search for Devo online I get Bell Biv Devoe with them spider eyes. Now who is that good at saying? Whitney Houston and mother tell of having worked at Union Carbide GAF in New Brunswick, NJ "for pennies" but that the shop provided a little store for mothers who needed. Almost full with diapers, food, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and other else they may need on the way home. That's nice for no charge to them but one of your own guards the stock. Have that please.

Union Carbide GAF 11/29/03 1430
Stay in tune with my findings. Not only was my mother's uncle Howard Hughes (of Standard Oil fame) any way you slice it, but my grandfather in Ohio and then New Jersey founded Union Carbide and GAF (now both owned by Kodak or, the US Army). My grandfather made millions but couldn't use it as stroke victim. The cash resides in and around as I sniff it out firmly. Union Carbide made plates for photographs and film while GAF made Viewmaster on film - all the holes they left digging for oil now resumed in place. My grandfather says our childhood home cost forty grand ($40,000) to own - otherwise why bother? My mother's mortgage one hundred dollars ($100.00) a month while others came and went. "Oh, sixteen grand" my mother's grasp on finances infirm to this day. Dime Bank collects insurances only as I understand it. When I turn fifty-two (52) maybe more about this. In the meantime, me and my mother fight over a GAF viewmaster made out of maroon plastic now go into the light. Hundreds of photo wheels maybe I have it now in storage, but I think she may have nipped it on her last trip out here. A coffee table item of great joy for me as featuring national parks and such. Um, Apple Digital? We made that too in 1953 (photo cards for cameras). I still own much I see. 

More About Hef
11/29/03 1418
Hugh Hefner never wore that stuff you see - a concomitant pursuit against his wives. He was young and railing against this because his father printed Reader's Digest and wouldn't let people have anything unless he his father was involved. Reader's Digest (Massachusetts) went under and was picked up by the US Army (again) to do better. Christine's mother is first wife Meghan Tappin who was with until 1972 (died of TB - "tail bone" eating the dead - gross). Barbie Benton (Karen Black's sister) entered the picture in 1976 and stayed through 1984. Kristie Turlington entered and left within two (2) decades you'll see.  

Texas Is Like The Playboy Mansion
11/28/03 2306
Maybe you just figured out too that there is no Playboy Mansion is Holmby Hills. Hugh Hefner used the old Vanderbilt estate called "Greystone" for all affair to be seen as such. His house in Holmby Hills far more modest (Julie Andrews has one of the nicest homes there I hear from her and that is featured prominently and interior-wise in the movie "Clue" with her son Tim Curry and daughter Lesley Anne Warren et al by former marriages of Herbert Lom or thus Blake Edwards). I really like the way this all works out because anyone can have Greystone for a day grounds picnics now simply abandoned at the northern-most end of Doheny (at Loma Vista, I believe yes that's it). Long gardens and pools of lilypads with turtles. A great staging. Elton John reports that he was supposed to live there in the mansion but he couldn't handle it after one (1) week - ghosts and I confirm this for friends (one night a visitor for me here - purple glitter in circles of angel hair around the eyes right in my face she was - "Maggie" hi). He bought it in 1976 for eight million dollars ($8,000,000) cash - that was alot of pussy then. A recent walk up there and around at night by me and my roommate sees many other homes to be - a lone Tiffany lamp on a property that burnt down it lights the way home for someone (she has that, thanks not) and the Sharon Tate house actually on Cynthia north of Sunset. See that now.

this could be me

I Love Neilsy More Than Anyone Dou(g)
11/28/03 2304
Neilsy made all of the songs at Naked Highways into real MPEG's now for the taking AND keeping. Collect them all as I will. With Macs, we use Audion to convert errant MP2's into MP3's. Now you see it too. Yes, that is Neil Geraldo in the picture (1998). Neil is only nine (9) years older than me.

I Pardon Michael Jackson Like You Pardoned Nixon, Carter, Ford, and Carter
11/28/03 2048
No, no one I'm interested in wants to discuss Michael Jackson's being with boys your lustre to be and ours to date. The last batch of accusation was laughed off. God suggests you pixel that first. I don't bring people back from the dead for this crap and no you won't have much here in this area from me. The whole world standing around guessing of a child's hole. A child's pee-pee. No. Trust me - you don't have anything anyone wants ever.

Oh, God Another Ruse To Fit Inside
11/28/03 1451
You know, I love Johnny Depp as much as the next guy - but sexiest no you mercy give. JFK Jr. the reason anyone would say in the first place as further ridicules his father. Mel Gibson. Mark Harmon. Bruce Willis? Sure. Sean Connery? Oh - for older types ("The Hunt For Red October" was on today - when they actually got there half the crew was eaten up by half the crew - open spit in the engine room - you know). Remington Steele? A bit suave for me (nothing refined makes its way here among me my hairy legs). Timothy Dalton - will do (I still remember those wicked nights in Colombia to James Bond). After that, who could say? And why reason it? I have the print copies I need. Runner-up Justin Timberlake (still looking the part in Memphis I see, never once "sluggish" - and talk to as now in Melbourne, Australia "We didn't want that" [for me]" and reveals Prince Edward died - that's why down under being buried here). You know, Johnny our friend only (we talked briefly of this) died touring the Sahara in March as friend of and as (sometime after his pirate movie was released - a Puerto Rican company operating in Mexico did this) and I told only those at Amazon to make faith happen among the edit (as "be afraid, be very afraid"). Now back about six (6) weeks - he says four (4) - we ponder meaning as such. No more! Who is the real Cortez? Record producer Stephen Hague. Who is sexiest? You got me. For me, no one you'd know. P.S. I got March, but obviously that is crap. God and I aren't getting along and I hope it chokes to death on pure shit. One day, I get there and make it eat mine first up.       

Taking Another Look At Chicken Rolls But Not To You
11/28/03 1057
Chicken rolls? No. These are sliced bread and without the crust rolled up with shalots (an onion) and but chicken paste within and then all deep fried to crisp. Dip that by end in a plum sauce (really oranges deep stewed and flavored). You'd need a toothpick through to hold together (they use skewers and slice off). Wolfgang Puck made Chin Chin happen. The rice and menu are being messed with however routinely. Back to basics I command thee. The dumplings I had the other night are balls of egg flour covering a pinkish deviled chicken with cilantro on the outside looking like seaweed dripping in oil. Tastes great! Know the difference. 

simply the finest eggs

As I Enter My Thansgiving Prayer
11/28/03 0924
I told mind on the way I'll thank the whatether after I'm seated and happy enough with yesterday's offerings. I decided to go to Norm's (a favorite diner restaurant - I have mine own picture we took earlier maybe you see onward - use the above until so may this be) on LaCienega for my Thansgiving a meal to be had (as I rationed "an army cooks this"). Not bad I sat at the bar and ate single the peppered meat and all was pretty good (you start with soup and salad). Thanks, Norm's - those cranberries delicious. While there, Toni Halliday told me in mind that she stopped into a preview dinner on the way to LAX the night before as she left for Vancouver - it wasn't bad for her neither, but she didn't like it too much. Those people worked theirs asses off just a bit too hard to present it all and I carried out my pumpkin pie in a bag feeling not too bad about everyone leaving me behind to this (the roommate in Minnesota with family). I called my mother back and the family mine was with her, but my fortunes begged me right back here still with all making much the same in the way of little notice nor change. Hope yours was as well. I sat in Chin Chin the night before late and felt particularly happy to be there eating of too (no chicken rolls though I tried something else szechuan dumplings and thanked that moment to the ether-up bend over I meant that still I'm reheating the chicken fried rice for lunches).    

All The While You Were Wondering
11/27/03 1153
Last night I encountered this new release "Remixed & Revisited" by Madonna at Tower Records Sunset and loved the pocket image. Now you see too. I haven't heard any of the tunes (trying to save what's simply not done) but enjoyed my visit there as much as going Sav-On at LaCienega and Santa Monica they both have alot of holiday spirit and will brighten the day. I get, of course, psychically speaking, that the Juicy-Fruit slurpee is on the way, but for Christmas and will be red. I've been right before, you know. I caught some off your little home movie yesterday while the channels are blanked out. Matthew McConaughey back from the lab and all we talked briefly and I promised not tell about Hightstown, New Jersey and his mother renting to my friend Chris Ondy. That guy didn't kill anyone you know, but his mother saw him hit a woman once he needed the bread inside. Oh, tale upon tale of needing better to happen and all rise before it. Once down, sometimes up better and just a bit nicer for the effort. Stop playing games. Billy London? Brother Charles hit him and it was over then. The mother knew. Update: This record has my seal of approval the music is good here I listened at the gay t-shirt shop Don't Panic Santa Monica and San Vicente just this now. They sell the hotter CD's - sure. Update: Song I liked? "Nothing Fails" it's first up. Smelled a bit of Cat Powerses (clawing, scratching) in there too on another song but go to second one "Love Profusion" instead of next Neil plays in here. Thanks - this stuff freshens the air with Madonna's real voice to you.

Hey! It's My Turn To Hear You Speak
11/26/03 2003
With all of these MPEG's I must quote a woman in defense "You're not free to ignore stuff, ya know."

The Man Who's Escorting Don Juan To His Bride Knows Nothing Of It
11/26/03 1709
So I'm cruising the Lime Wire last night after Chris Lowe suggests to me "Morricone? no" and that he did the awesome trumpet slide resample in the only version of "I Want A Dog" MP3 (5.7 Megs) (from "Introspective" - "we liked the word - what does it mean who knows?") that ever mattered to me some others heard are simply awful (retest not). Oh, this the period that produced the also awesome "Don Juan" of Lewis A. Martinee fame (see on "Alternative" but as edited down - I have the "Domino Dancing" EP on vinyl the only full art version thanks give something up my funny uncle another use - always something poignant reduced by dumb much like editing Fleetwood Mac's "Sarah" for a greatest hits comp). Oh, I'm without my records, but I'm helped now by this and feel better trying to get little things like "I Want To Wake Up" from "Actually" and then I traipse upon seemingly covers like "Send Me An Angel" oh! Tennant may do great of this (did he already?) After the download only "blecch!" as singer Paul Young unexpecting me. Off-fact: Dusty Springfield is Neil Tennant's mother - have that. Is there any reason, Chris, to ignore my value? No. If I support you, it is because you lived me in sonic riches of glory for years onward. Have that again. Be me. Update and for Chris Lowe: "Introspective" means not of the 'tall self' or, not to be judged by others. It is of me and for me - a disquise not. "Intraspective" - there are only two (2) as the self does not transfer from one to the other leaving "inter" or "among" flailing - suggests you could do more to please others - use it that way. How it might be with others looking on is intraspect. "This release - a bit intraspective for us [we'd like more of you, less of trend]." Thusly, "Introspective" was not made for you or your use, really. For God. The colors above thank God for seeing them. Nearly all Chris of. Says Chris "No one has to look at it - it is mine." Test the others, he would say.

I'll Try And Keep Today's Report More Normal
11/26/03 1437
I'm still waiting for a dialed invitation to lunch (tomorrow's open - I'll bring the personality, you have the cash, right? we'll invite yet another to handle the cooks and drinks out). Yes, and funnily enough, I tell people you need to be "normal" about me. Normal means not gathering excitement or being obscure. Don't tell that one joke here - keep the offenses down. I'm rare and need you to be better about things all around. So last night I was talking to Paris Hilton who apparently has checked out of realm all of those greasy videos now garner much mention and little to note. I pay attention to little of your fancy out there ho hum, but I've heard about Paris from friends like Dizzy (Paul Diaz) who works at Bristol Farms (she shops there, I hear) and gets excited about anything related to Lucy (Lucille Ball), Mr. Ed, or Zsa Zsa Gabor (there was only one Gabor sister by the way your wig - I consider Eva "dispicable" I say for being the evil twin or the one who sheds light on the subject a comparison - Elvis' first wife in wedlock and our interests afoot). I turned away Paris at first for an off-note (I'm getting haggard about people speaking in flats to me) but she returned at call to talk and we got together for some fun with others she explains most this way "nobody cares". TV gives you the impression this is a young person who died not. She is dead and was forty-eight (48) years old last week when it happened again (this is three times now, apparently - she is an aged but harmonious soul). I asked "are you of Hilton ancestry or is that just actress name stuff" as thinking not really appropriate but done anyway okay if that is your name still not right. I also asked "are you rich or what?" She told me her father was Nicky Hilton, but that he died pretty washed out and that the name still gets a little basket for her as such. Good enough - the name a prestige now handled by the Army the "H" a symbol for the twin towers of France (Normandy - he fought there). Being an accountant, we talked about a name sold to being just 'goodwill' as no price set at market until sale (we pay you our thoughts only - no real sighted value without the name attached - the name makes value only for no thought other - not really a sale, just goodwill) and she asked me "What is a 'local asset'?" I said that is one that is sold by geography - in other words, use of the name in France, but not in America - to local use only. Oh, now we both know (to truth). Oh, she knows Neil and she tells me that she was being charged thirty dollars ($30.00) for a tape of songs that he made (simply prospectus for art and news projects she works for "E!" as an analyst - see it all) but that she said 'no' to the sale upon receiving his entry. Apparently, she wanted something new. He was gonna sue her he said (being Neil and all) and actually tried to sue her in court (yup that's Neil) but no battled ensued the court said no to him and rebuked her at first she finally paid now at fifty cents ($0.50) for the bother and plus he looked to hurt her with words........whatever. Okay, now that closes our stale. And to now, further leanings.    

Of Course You Are Going Straight To Hell For Opposing Me Once At Strength But Why Not Let Teddy Ruxpin Say It To You Best
11/25/03 1416
Someone asked me to decode Teddy Ruxpin's action plan (as played on single-side cassette - no bother), and hear goes: A teletype corrects it, splice in on top using colons and semi-marks for broadenings - listen up. The (computer) line on top raises and distributes eyebrow movements. Distributes means "make noise" to the bear (a whisper out). Use two (2) dots "dot-space-dot" using semi-colons ";" as dots and the spacebar twice as forms a space (follow along for next). On bottom line, "claverles" (for "open thoughts, nothing said but sought of"). All claverles are sound activators in the bear. Use claverles to make the bear sing "Song 1" on the reverse as said, but with no timing loops - it just raises to sound the jaw that drops at each movement of closing we give later. Film reverse on study and make the bear drop twice before each note said we recommend. Opens eyes ("alert" they are closed) using a semi-colon ";" drops in one (1) second repeat at will. "Holds bib" (mouth at jumps) at two (2) semi colons ";" reduced. Use a period "." underneath the second semi-colon slightly, barely to cancel the code for semi-colon (will not read as but). Same for three (3) semi-colons for "makes shift" ("robbs") and the bear dances in place. No one wanted the bear to speak your word - a Jewish person's device I guess to hear I'm bored with Jews and their speaking of such. This bear is French or something old. I get "type session 64:" for the keylock.   

Let Me Tell It
11/25/03 1300
I love my late-night fashions of the dit mind aberred (have an extra God "fuck" on me, Jesus to see will then Mary Cunt?), but the party's over now for you. As usual, my daily limit exceeds your truth no wand to bear. Oh, that "only your money" thing rings in your truth with a returned deposit on account (only fifty-dollars $50.00, my own as unfathered at home see it at once returned to you too) and a plus another check from my occasioned mother for two-hundred dollars ($200.00) on the same day too (a wounds heals but softly I knew). It's alive! For every since, a new bargain to feel. These reveals of mine are made simply with you to see how all is made margin to me so I seat what's mine right next to what's yours and what's left to think about is how being this is made to eat shit at your hands? No. What is it? My next number is doing that old actor at lunch thing - dinner with an unmet (Robert Redford for one did this) at five thousand dollars ($5,000) both answered and unpaid (he did this at six grand prices per meal and nobody asked of one ever). Your self-named savior as wounded by commerce and collect asks you to notice nothing be free I'm embarrassed too (yes, I feel that but have been given extraordinary insight into all felt by a bad memory fading fast how much did you get to keep feeling of it anyway and seek to reduce at once with me - I'm as puzzled as rope swings). Oh! Nothing borne of happy (but seeing as you later) I enter at fee pregnant with twins. Your savior needs the cash bad. Your savior loves his gay life in Los Angeles. Your savior does this to nothing said or done each day. Of course I'm real you dumb bitch, but a dumb human counterpart who refuses to ask how I might do this to you while pulling every lever and pushing every button might work you down out off. "You can do it Duffy Moons if two can do it!" (partner that off - I think to alone not - thanks to Queen Elizabeth, an ABC after-school special, 1976). I'd burn my eyeballs out lying here seeing you down, but I simply can't accept the Discover Card rewards my mind provides me like a Liva Snap each time I get mad at the world (wait to hear someone scream or complain, an explosion - your gift of fruit bearing at the door in the form of roommate arriving home at day - after all, our neighbor across the street was Roldolph Hess you know - he hated no one their kid never walked to school so what does that mean to yours eating with? see it come to stay in and around a guide for friend they take everything still). The immediate response sought sure but small and hardly life-bearing. Please - my command was issued. You sweat the bake I've got other things to do (will try you often at home though - will be there often at home I try everything new). So - all reported to you and know me sane and sure for yours to be sure. "We already put him to death." Oh, brother - you better write your stuff out too I make no victory of it you live. I raped your corpse with shine and say it like this ever getting to know only great so then you will meet me often to hear it said back again to no fruit, no bear, no heart and no care. A once wealthy-enough New Jersey faggot living in Los Angeles got to know great all over, but ate shit trying to be with you. Oh, well - now you know I wasn't answering to anything talked perfect it was good and real for the taking back but see how it ends all so sneaky. How 'bout you? The truth isn't that bad for me - is it? Yours is probably. Keep it coming I've got a sacred holiday to piss on for being stretched too thin by all that claims to collect (um, correct) me. We'll never accept your version either but I swing from love to love and avoid your branches. If you rape my virgin's eat ass in a pink jailhome will you know it as well as you say it was when well-enough won't do? Yours. I hate people. Shoot that. Get real. Thank not. Have some. No problem.                  

Truth Systems They Breathe Back At What Sight
11/25/03 1347
That's a pretty cold response at Ebay - guess it sends just the same scent I'm relying on farts to find what I killed let's liven the road to I speak. I hate having these trumpt systems in place of I'll hafta trust it each senses a guide. I'm only simply being protected from my own volumes in rows and rows of your easily-absorbed permanent palpable stink oh so how the cold of it kills everything you came to understand see how swift this swims barely and then at once of it sink. You are witnessing nothing borne of mine yet. I promise to notice not what you have while I make what I have take all that it took back to that place we'll both have at notice you'll find every last one I forward mistakes. Hate this act ever you will. I swore to kill this for years more than it had to be at once set in front of me. You will seat this first and see how all comes down and around in simple themes of dying and dying for to never dead but onces it seems I lived to this. If at such prices, I seat. So sits the fuck down. So sit while I compliment the work of what's simply not noted by such as by same. Suck my holicock like God does it all the way up to golly grandeur. Thought you'd kill me dead still you died of the giving I'd get. Sample you died it says. Sample mine to know yours on any one day I found this true. You died in it that once an ungodness piece of face-bitten shit I couldn't stop killing once I'd get. You died long of. You over this made to died at my bear a living one tipt on my signal so samples one more but as signaled sends samples to know none of mine to this sent. No mind samples what's mine if to so sent I'd send what's a photo to sample what's so often said but to samples by no dish once what's bought of my hate. XXXXX. X. I'd have you in hot desert piss (X) again to once and then ever to fate this my only mother to you so fashions and so flavors your plate a lonely lowly cocksucker I'd once meet (X). So answers one prayer then said to bring fuckings by factfucking that fact to much former so to fucked that once pig but just a fuck. End this to fucked pri-faggot but a tiny unflame against whatever it's endless says sell this you profit my blame then die of. Never touch my tit to drink while I rhyme to riddle what's left of you most left. Stink off, for every with of your bitch I'd have it all killed for a living daily. Die soon so to something you said but to a note all drains down past I'm in the way I'd neither for fish or ask once of it pay. Your mother a leatherlight is homesdown with all the meat she'd call "Marshall" for a town named before sunset and parts found once in-between.                      

I Hope You Get A Softer Side To The Brown And Yet Browner Buys Valleys Of Sears In Fast Before You Add Another Wall Of Water To The Action Below
11/25/03 1229
You know, in some small fashion of hector wave, I'm transplying your closed-closet phart of Moon-sending by music in message and shapes rather than having me hear it. Subliminally speaking feels nothing I haven't seen down yet done by your mouth overt guts the garro a massive block of tooth and toenail, you see a hide devil deep down within technical limits shit-hating your adas withering the wit and then adds some cuntra-melody to sing in easy arrangements to the self sunk swan. If I hear this one bitch sing this "I hope you [fucked me better than God ever fucked Eve it's nearly a damn] song, I'm gona silence your mood in the time it would take to erase the only original thought ever taken to mean anything once everything made more, for one adolescent swing-set to catch fire and burn your bras to cinder heights for the symbols lain. All scratch flats and dig deeper be that first. I hate untoward media attention by unwatched viewer to same and mark your space in the battery e-fork with jagged smiley faces to indicate no preference to playing a cinder already sighted and seen washing around in a sea of since being once saying twice bring. "Oh, you wrote a song - I'll call the number on the dial and it seems yes, but it rings. No answer to that, a 976-PALL "The Guestings In Life Find Ours Flying Home By One Sensor While Theirs Are Seen Finding Hell Hopes To Homes Dying Once Silenced At Private Pays Pending Per Finding Per Silent Per Fee". I think-heard "Guesses Of Less Lives Lives In One Hour Dials Power Port Power One Hour Reaches Flat For A Fee").
Let's Review Each And Every To No Thought Once Ever
11/23/03 1829
That list below published here previously of course, but hidden in defense of self. None challenge the thought, but more reject by favored thought stirs same to reject. Back to pocket. Give me one more chance to make it real I repeat no matter how evident to seem. Embrace the lucrative I hate the thought practically. Clarities for e-mails and beyond: I never pay for anything with my money - I mostly get "chump" (big dumb dollars seen as then thus used as lump not earned by lift-buck versmouth, a slather of savings seen no scrimp never, not known as hourly, or, every cent spent making this day perfect to yet live another - quality over quality, not service, not you and dubble bubble of pin soup God's holy chample of chicken wire and hovertits turned on to attend my very ass let me doily by each end dust). It is spent as always only yours ever. Your effort to reduce and margin charges your magnaphage of accounts - not mine. I only mix up the shells - you choose to decide nothing of value I see you won again "zipper me up?" soon equals "pluck my back" in most cultures signaling feminine esoterics I see to it and then blend right in. My singular truth is glory ever as rendered to no interest - yours always coming up short so concerned about small dicks (you have none yet to know small or tall you set aside time to sample - mine is perfect know that - long enough to please anything I'd want to fuck me, and quite fat around to add complaint an upload - see "flaccid, the thinner the air" under the "passes unnoticed - empties on top to bottom, it's over-sampling each herror hundreth-byte - lose changes? at once reformat to graven bic disk? having to something a bit nicer? hallo a per gain? no exit starts hear" just after "no bother" is sung to the melody of "why boil the muse - butt your pencil down" - no taste to pelt how sooner combed - no balls equals very satisfying morgasms overhead but long after the bone now twice-faked by you remits all surgical enhancement a sponge method - a little dick may to fucks your child saved by this as God) and credit problems (a river runs through it - pay yourself in savings first I leave precious little to leave but a clue to thought of but simply not reasoned) and mental illness (never suspecting stamps once a defeat, having the "less fortunate" over for dinner nightly each entree pouched to surly inspiration, knowing the question well enough to have asked of it in phases before having to cough the whole thing up to false pretenses your win slightly harder to take home a year's supply of here's this again deeply discounted why rent: simply an unwanted to rephrase once and ever to nil effect but you see it with one of your additional senses supremely failing to note but at once a clarity to others I see dead people). I never work that hard to please anyone all work of play and being better than you no matter what a perk - but you're hardly the stuff of conquest clawing the furniture one day pulls a fine knit from lacen labors so teases the flesh. Such intrigue can you believe this crap a God-like voice (tic-tac females at sylvan pitch - no mood argument, pilbs of tri-color salvos, slowly lowering the hose so held to drain simple that's physics at work in my mind you know I'm tricky that way a sewer keeps secrets too barely hinting at thought so sees). Are you trying to sell me my own garbage again in yet another hospitality plot in woman-owned toyland full of escort santa candy and "I'll have that" games each gift given to sense exchanges the rude awakening of an even greater greed to simply giving something up silent night holy night remember that pause at the inn. In there suckles a rude death holly off. So to humble my cloven greet.       

Below, a junker in process. Will talent later.

The Flying Monkeys Were Simply Paid With Leather Snacks Each Light Responded To Lever Then Exactly One Cheddared Fish To Riddle
11/23/03 0645
I watched a little bit of "The Wizard Of Oz" now again on televicid the other day - usually holding my carboled water until an Easter showing forbids it like ground turkey and seedless grapes per-question a holiday dinner served with ham merely to note. That leads to my fantasies of augur over resolve and placement. In my vision-dream, the wicked witch wrongly involved ever to be accused has Dorothy's dress on backwards, the dog now top-stitched to purslet as just this now reacting to sturgeon flaps (the anvil hide luxuriorfors the within, fur-trained coin calver, assert tick minder, shast of Hartz cologne "Prall"). The Scarecrow has been strupmulched to one-fifth the bother acknowledges a Christmas bale. All them smarts bin-strapped for cash-meanings with bits of costume seeing to just how it was done. The tin man heart-timed washerine simply boils the whole hamper down to galvaned teat. Dine-user just passions soap bleach addeds down his fummel as the oil and wood-fired bottlerust in both upper-legs (neoshorted for odd-even) heats up the ol' sword of the dance bursitis clothesing each number-cycle in a puff of steelwool and tinkerbot PU! The liverdance complete as each of an arm prior to seen flapping stiffens to wand as if to signaling a sort of hoises, flatterley. The cowardly lion waves to passersby in three repeating steps of fear-free skintframing (wobble down to closer look, hoil back to seems, clementine's gangle at bitten-off dints top hat a mere). He's wearing the tin man's knee-boots and a studio bra ronging with red sequins. His ass-fur has been clipped out to give the tin man's face a breather from acting surprised at each third by lurch we needed a tail.

Fourteen Original Creation Beings With It I Am 11/21/03 1124
By repeat demand I care not to dream it (as who, what, where to this a world of):
Bartholomew > Abraham > Jesus > Doug Moon
Meredith > Mary > Geraldine (mother)
Michael, Archangel > *no incorporeal > Richard DeSandre (demon, friend)
Luke > *no incorporeal > Paul DeSandre (demon, friend)
Matthew > Isaiah > Chris Moon (brother)
Mark > John, Baptist > Fran Ermi (friend)
John > Lucas > John Fitzgerald (friend)
Montgomery > *no incorporeal  > Terry Jackson  (ex, roommate)
Marcus > *no incorporeal > Robin Guthrie (famous, music)
Desdemona > *no incorporeal > Elizabeth Fraser (famous, music)
Esmeralda > *no incorporeal > Toni Halliday (famous, music)
Sebdursa > *no incorporeal > Dean Garcia (famous, music)
Frederich > *no incorporeal > Paul Diaz (friend)
Bryant > *no incorporeal > Timothy Kyles (friend)
Desmond > *no incorporeal > Alan Tucker (ne Moon - Nix)

All seraphim (handles our world to it). More later - no barking I'll bite.
Pay attention - I got fourteen (14) sons of age too, you'll remember. Lots of hosts here. We all came or devil you to it.

my license now up for bid eBay

While You Were Thinking 11/21/03 1515
I was just talking to a friend out loud in my room no one there and all and I answer my doubt with "Oh, yeah - well, did you know...." that there is no Mexico in South America, really? Oh, sure - those smarter know that there is only Texas in the North American root and no more all the way down to the Panama Canal. All of Mexico is on the left looking up and Panama City just feeds off to the Rio Grande what is green with chlorine and weeds (not a natural flow so strong and so lapsing - I've seen it in Nuevo Laredo, Texas it is like Six Flags made it in hoops). Puerto Vallarta (a resort)? In oceans Paraguay at the tip - also Mexico's air signal to "have a boat" - it means "take off on left" [just heading south, but sees the sea as a plane would]. Mexico is us, but barred from here for being else - we didn't want it, really but there is. Your Baja, my breath. What does that mean, really? An evil insubordinate incident made it happen - the War Of 1812 in France. A whig. So there - run and hide. No Mexican guests the right border - you know this. We keep our safe this way. On top of North American continent is an ocean of Galillee (barred to entry it says). North American Strait - runs all the way from Northern Seattle (can't go there either or you'll be shot at) all the way to Quebec of France and out on the ocean Atlantic. Every sailor knows that. Littered with bodies of men yet (natch). Niagara Falls man-made all originated here with this. We dump water from above sometimes a barrel a body back. I've been there too but nothing is as desolate (given back) as Galveston, Texas all Army people done down. Sad. Almost Florida it says but not quite. Eight hundred (800) miles away. It runs Texas, Alabama, Florida like that. New Orleans? In Texas route. Louisiana is mostly Texas proper - a black take-back of sorts by port. Now see that.

Lathers Up So Real To Dumb Simply Pumice It With Lava 2000-3 Oh Sure Cleans Your Ashtepipe Whilst It Dirties Your Dishes
11/21/03 0917
Random thinking: I'm using body Zest now - mind says it has granulated wool in it. I like that. If you put it in a bucket it'll grow sides so luxurious. I usually prefer the Lever 2000 unscented (body-parts #63 A,B - never to whole, a trimble, a duct - especially adores this) but you can't just get two (2) bars of it near major buying decision commitment so to speak my publisher. It's like my favorite brand of toilet tissue Scott white - I have to book a full flight with swingsash and cord home. That I very do - I have enough Scott now in closets to wipe the world down off of evil but I have to thank bulk prices at evert (buying less of) purchasing rates that's real enough to benefit. One day rolls of tower like Legoland perhaps once a small fee to tour our tribute to "Ice Castles". Sure, when I was little we saw the *real* motherfucker Mickey Mouse - the Florida Mickey, the grand mauvre red and black stiff to major as so reals to us - cycled right up a tightrope that bitch was real too Disney On Parade at the Spectrum in Philly. I asked and I saw with blackest ears on the very same day. How did you do my father? Well, my younger cousins went to California, went to Florida. Now, it seems all of "Ice Castles" but not like me I lived on. I got there to all of it too plus some and it was all worth it, Bitch. Those girls - so well behaved though. Us. More of it: Oh, sure I only use Clinique soaps on my face (also definitely preferring powders to liquids - I like my panties memory-free a lemming onced) and Aapri facial scrub from the river Lourdes (true Catholic true Mary was there too), using only defratacts (emerging soaps, lather) to clean sensitive soils of area my beauty lends to thee so dried up as else. With the heat of the holidays, I culture and recommend in sense and feeling Dr. Bronner's Soaps So Lavish Me. After all, I use it (weedy almonds thanks so sweet and stroft if you saw how blood gets in the back of it you'd use a brush too mind tells me that all-one stuff not quite - broken away we say words like "other", "extensis" if not I could see you coming pain-wise for miles and miles your pain to poot right out long before that happens says "you'd suffer me" in it). We support in rude and dare (after all, spearmint flossing is just their peppermint soap reduced and sweetened but done at home - now keep that - perhaps a peppermint pig then Disneyland mint juleps at French Quarter silent shoppe on corner puzzled me for years no McCormick extracts for "spearmint" I now find out you too perhaps add honey some similarly, there is only one vanilla extract of this we learned). Live well to beauty and within. Live. Use both Crest and Colgate says me I was told of. Both do what one another will not. How now to say the 2000's but I solved? The "early twenties" (2000-09). The "twenty-tens" (2010-19), the "twenty-twenties" (2020-29). Do that with pleasing everyone can usually allow.  

One For The Army You Belle
11/21/03 0826
On that last note, I'd like to talk about lead in food and cancer a bit. We here hate aggressive people and see them down to it for scaring us and others in wait. To be bothered by such as we are is not right of it - better clean up your act if you challenge-fight physical alot and tend to slop around. We are meek and inherit more than what's left of it by bold so bodysainted. Martial arts meets a bullet voice of God type thing - practice on my time with me. Shop around - my prices are steep the future is here we and I tend to cry and hate you for having it. But back to, and as a joke, I always tell mind of my abuses "what are you waiting for - a tragedy?" quite frankly, yes and how I'm gonna have "cancers running up and down my esophagus" for the jolly of burns had (powders, alcohol preps). Not true! so says it syrup-black. Apparently, you gotta get stabbed in the throat by metal mostly for that. Or be punched. Oh! the world is lined with people who do better than others always exactly what they're told to do sacrifices now only lying dead of because they let people hit them, they punch people, and are generally distasteful toward argument. Physical trauma is what kills us and never squeeze or hit my heated and unprotected balls (testicular cancers). Never punch my chest or pinch or grab my linings (lung cancer, breast cancer). Never stab or poke me with a hard metal - I'm simply compromised going up against you so perfect and hardly ever cared that much about how people do it light and gentle mostly then okay pre-hostile avoidant a punk. Keep your intruding to hands and I'll eat well in the meantime, Peaches (all of the life-protecting gamma-globulin you can crackers and juice simply doing the right thing may hurt - sometimes I gag on a can so slimy). I'm loving and never thought any of that crap was worth more than getting your ass kicked and good. Do you fuck better than me? Hopeful. And off-base may all happen. Be truly better about things. I'm here. Fait: Remember fighter-cancer - if you're gonna set the example for people in mode (a truth always undone by me), we'll simply wait and see. You ain't gonna sail outta this. Be prepared as to speak is to say. You only ever to say me. Say it well - or else I have you in mind. That is not a good thing, Sweetness to be. Oh, Sweetness! Never say do. Do you. Do.

If Only Long Enough To Say And Then See Yours Back Under It Oh We're Free
11/21/03 0802
It's like I tell the striking hospital workers at the grocery store entrance "You gotta eat." I just pass 'em on the way in so nasty about things see my apologies come I tried to help out but with your paycheck's duties boy you bitches work hard for nothing you gotta call to me over the mile for that shit and then "not of not no sense this ever yet to please, sincely we're laying puts off." Apparently, that's what happens when people don't sell you (I'll let you tell it, my little HMO). Meanwhile, I get so mad going shopping but what's close to me - my roommate almost begging people not be mad as I since enter exit. I'll fuck your rubbin' ass while I carry my popsicles sodas be it a Panda Express and eat a taught bag of beef jerky ("you're gonna get [my] stomach cancer eating beef jerkies it's true" - "really? you [are] already [and] have that, you know....looks like an angry spot on the liver too" play me my game). Sincerely yours hope it's all worth it having the Army around and all doing stuff for free (each a nimbled star). I dunno - I'm scared to hear of it all so remote. That's very like J. Christ coming to Leedsfors. "Thanks - but I'm not sure I needed all that." That's right - better humble to pray all of that mercy right off the steed. Right back to saint I send all that. All of that pert service is a bit damning of you see. Have a bump. Higher God.    

Boiling The Bottle Might Grant You Too A Few Extra Wishes While Instead Of The Wished One Rubbing So Hard On The Thing
11/21/03 0711
I'm like a Rockefeller to our government with my dad these days - "I threw a few more pebbles on the ranch." They're all "You got a baggie of rocks one day hitting the need." Huh? "I'm just gonna hafta put a little extra Lanacaines up on the itch, I'd say." Brrrsy! The fridge burns it. "Ooo - all of the buttery stroft lanas in there with an extra smart of the cainseses, Dou(g). Feels like I'm settin' on fresh as a daisy - more to a French powderses but. Seems if the quality." I dunno. "Says right here the 'extra whitening formulas' - a degree would know better." Oh, yeah? "Someone said they got the AYDS living in a little metal tube with the Small Pox virus. One goes 'round and 'round inside the tube trying to get out, the other keeps popping up into the air. Yeah - I hear they got the tube all rubbed down with the Icy-Hots - like janitors in a drum. They said it'll never get free." Really? Thought you said there were two of them? "That is to truth, but only the small pox wants to get out of it - that's the one that keeps jumping up and down. The AYDS just loves it the change of seasons and all. Besides, it thinks life is good for the small pox again. Sure - one day, a fever with chills."      

Just To Prove iTunes Ain't So Sacred
11/19/03 1323
Just to prove off (and I God you) use QuickTime or other you have no mime to open URL "http://www.dougmoon.com/eltonjohn_dirtylittlegirl.m4p" or, and only if you're smart with MIME types, Elton John "Dirty Little Girl" MP4 (4.9 Megs) (tee hee). This was purchased from iTunes no tricks so to bear and I uploaded it to server. I don't have much more to say, but I'd need an iTunes password, usually, just to hear what my roommate downloaded and at fee. Fee for that. Stole iTunes' picture too. This the first vinyl record I ever bought ever ($11.88 or Sheryl Crow's list at iTunes). Very expensive to me but unusually perfect in every way. Korvettes again, Capital City Plaza, Trenton, New Jersey "all blacks" (and all now gone.....closed....but lots of blacks still, well, mostly actually Puerto Ricans reigning as Roman Catholics we let them - okay mostly blacks), Toni's mother (but if in area perhaps on the way to New Hope PA, stop by Halo Farms behind though on Spruce Street - it is "Seventh Heaven" - fruit punches, lemonade, iced tea, milks - all cartoned beautifully at half gallon rates). The record? A gatefold fascinate. My father made me close it right up in the car on the way home (he saw "Jamaica Jerk-Off" at rest within it). And I attest this furth. Have another but you missed "http://www.dougmoon.com/eltonjohn_harmony.m4p" or find my joke these to educate you only Elton John "Harmony" MP4 (2.8 Megs).

Update: Elton John "Dirty Little Girl" MP3 (3.4 Megs) + Elton John "Harmony" MP3 (2.5 Megs)

Order Of Births In The World
11/19/03 1123
Saturday (as mine @ 1402, 1429 as registered to saint, midday in the summer see 08/16/64 age 33.5 at incept 03/98, thank you no a little bit of me and why? at every present you), Sunday, Friday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, Monday - no truth to see, but with inducings present. For Toni.
These Are God's Readings On His Own Work And As Such Programming The World As Fair
11/19/03 1045
Leo (correct at "July 29 - Aug 22"): Wildly rueful (hates people), but forgets all you heard (quickly reminds of, then leaves, hurts bad).
Sagittarius: Makes use of one's time against you. No friend ever, a business prosper.
Cancer (correct at "June 12 - July 28"): Eats your flesh at home, will not stay of you. Talks about people behind their backs and eats them up this way.
Pisces: Will not come unless bartered. Eats you up at home by asking of it all the time. Keeps you waiting the halls of accept.
Aquarius: Pours on the love it dries for you up. A worthy had.
Libra: Makes a house theirs once in.
Aries: Talks of others, but helps them not to it.
Taurus: Leaves you in the lurch by asking of you first and then sees you hampering down to it. A worthy win.
Virgo: Eats like a dog. Will have you over and inside.
Capricorn: Stays at home put. Will not do.
Gemini (correct at "May 20 - June 11"): Takes little, asks much of it. Very smart.
Scorpio: Tells no one. Eats no one. A good friend.

P.S. No born of Tuesday applies at all. You're off the hook - see ya around.

i made it meself

Kinkos Thought Better Of My Two Dollars Forty Cents Of My Three Fifty
11/19/03 0737
Folks asked me about those two (2) new photos I shared with you and, as it turns out, a bit of a larch. With every node to do important, and without a scanner here at myself, I set about the business of going to Kinko's (Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood) and without buses (all free today after strikes thank MTA) but on foot (it was a veritable trail of tears, but I love walking somewhat like you like eating - a fancy of mine just living in LA and all). But back to, I had an old Kinkos "gift" (debit) card (they call it "Express Pay" - you put credits on it by paying there at the store and then, and in some, allow use of their computer systems by inserting - however, most any old credit-debit card will do for you) and the balance that was two dollars forty cents ($2.40) from August 2001 (on Ventura Boulevard, Studio City at Laurel Canyon) prior to leaving California for six (6) months. I'm sure Kinko's thought of how my balance may have helped them live to once or twice - now fate, now asking of it. It ain't easy these days with all in mind and no cash to spread it - I had two (2) photographs to scan but taped them together bottom to top for once shot at and I hurriedly brought along a Zip disk 100 for not thinking too well (you need to send all back to your home using remote e-mail systems on the Internet something like Hotmail - master not to disks once I brought along and then suggest what's bought there all at once asking you to be formatted and spending you down to the limit for simply what is known a bad match). This is the catch though, Kinko's wants you to know scanning at a glance or by read and I just go right to it now you - mind this, the machine that scans you is forty cents ($0.40) a minute I hero this: In Adobe Photoshop 7.0 you select the "File" menu and then the "Automate" menu within (it used to be under "Acquire" now it's "Automate" of course it needed to change we pay for nothing of it). I hadda select upon Epson's unknown to me "TWAIN" under that heading but you are actually seeking-livening a scanner, and in that order. Oh, the machine wants to primp and warm up on your dime and then do a pre-scan to you saned, but okay - just do this and then promptly die of it (this issue is more than not having the money - see my earlier discussion on having some of this and thus not having to be bothered with any of it at all me hear). I scan in my worldtake photographs for JPEG use (a standard of mine and all seen easily enough in settings) at one hundred fifty (150) dots-per-inch (dpi) a "dot" is four (4) pixels or screen shots and I reduce only such at home using an application like Adobe or better yet to know for Mac the shareware of a Graphic Converter. One hundred fifty (150) dpi is just slightly more than twice the size of what's being scanned flat what is about seventy-two (72) dots-per-inch in resolution it works just that way with screen dots being fixed and all verily on the screen. Note then that three hundred (300) dots-per-inch is about four (4) times as big with utmost clarities intact your mastered-to-art penis is sacred then. You enlarge here at the scanner only (remit). So, Kinko's got my two dollars forty cents ($2.40) deep down within it finally with all of this madness and screens flunking me by being behind it TWAIN's (I'm a pro, really - per machine - and saw this to be challenge with no keys off or on-screen help). With dumbness and disks theory firmly entrench (in my mind), I hadda break off and ask someone to do with me all out of money it seemed locking up the machine at once for about ten (10) minutes gold and now you wait for any amount to rise you, but up and running again for me alone with an additional dollar twenty ($1.20) ultimately in their pot I saw the e-mail solution again rise before me with this and "oh, yes that's well - now thank off." Be smart somehow in all of this I'm only the nervous type and thus all prep at that. Ask about all you need first and I help here. At Kinko's, they won't let you keep their twelve (12) minute upstart on pass by attendant no matter white. I know through God matter that Kinko's want upwards of three fifty ($3.50) per scan and they surely got that at my own expense totaled of three sixty ($3.60) but as cheated with two (2) photos and snicks together. Now do this too beat the clock my ass and always only JPEG to my sister route. I used to tell people of once charging enough to move people on reasonably that still waits no work you surf at home you schedule at the library's home. You don't here. Update for Chris: "Why the 'express pay' card at the Kinko's, Doug?" They want you to use the card to avoid bothering slowest-ever sales people attendants. You sit right down, insert your card for holding while into a little metal box attached to the computer, and then you're on the clock sucking down without a go from them at all. If using only cash, you tender bills to a bigger encryption machine inside there and it converts unuseable dollars to cash credits on your card reuseable even if blank or if no change on there they are not personal at all nor useable for other after the fact. Otherwise, they gotta get your name as authorized by an official state ID for writing in bloke. No to bloke (know who I am not your service yet) never to ask me of.

A French Polite Sees Stink As New And Exciting 11/18/03 2028
A friend regards the proper way to indicate stink and I bemuse (forward think away from). Fore and aft (the two lowest of fingers excluding the "pinky") of a usually right (r) hand (the one noticeably extended in gratitude, thank you) indicate a stink best avoided by effort to yours. Your fault to asper, simply place one to both under nose as gentling, a glove - the remain flexed outward ever to ruse (that means hand down or so to conceal one's palpil). Stink pipened by that beyond your call of duty gets the fore and index of finger both upper. "There was nothing oui could do" - it simply stank us to highest heaven I beruse (to copy the fact). Stink, like that of simply feeling, is ours to statement for not having. For then not doing. To Michael - and leave it now. Thans Target - Lene Lovich "New Toy"!

This Is Linear Fact Simply Have Some
11/18/03 1735
Some people assert "skived" (taken without much said) here as too much to take, too much personally sculpting. No - and thanks for sitting while I rebuild histories for myself. This is about fighting hard to pay attention to certain things. My world, object - not sighted and relieved. I bothered to know it simply extruding (mainlining) without most stuff involved. You bothered with less too - I see it on you and do well for it. Ah - no one cares anyway. I never moved on from a sighted victory ever to you. I was always right about things, and never seek to take any of it out of its original context. I abuse thee otherwise. You had your chance.

You Needed To Know At First It's Just Me And You Now
11/18/03 1704
I loved the whole idea of the Internet - no matter how high the house down, now it's just me and you to so intimate. No matter who I was to governance and stance, here I am for it. My roommate last night on a winge pulled up Madonna's revision-mix of Lucrezia's (mid-Spanish for half French as "sped it up" to sounds else, or even "half-crazy") "Live To Tell" it's only her with mixmaster David Bascombe or Robin Guthrie doing Spanish Harlem. With that ended, I think back to 1983 or so (college, start year two) and Madonna's first album hitting me over the head with "Burning Up" but only as "dance". Everone knows dance goes nowhere and feeds little, but here it is again. Oh, sure - I heard the "Lucky Stars" and then "Holidays" (people love that kind of shit - just like Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" mighty simple anthemics - all just doing your thing across "Borderlines" and then color lines but I tend to think off and "what's wrong with this right here?" as guilded by glory and trying "what's up?!?") Cut to "Physical Attraction" MP3 (7.3 Megs) for my personal follow-up to bite in after the harder dance of "Burning Up" and then we'll try to keep it going for you. This was just dance, after all, and, prior to, just like any American life still in the box. That's the American way - just winning it from you. I get this now: "scathingly stupid" that must be Neil's influence all puffed up and of his mother. Update from today on e-mail I loved this: "We want your opinion of, but with audio [so others can hear at too]." I do that.

To Find Your Place Among The Seams Of It
11/18/03 1455
Yesterday I get queried about leaderships and all, both formal and informal - where do I fit in being just this to just you? From the bottom, we take-have what's known to me as "querel" - asking to know. What to do - what to say? You need to ask about everything to know any of it. That is everyone - mere querel. Even me at times! Next, we have "pittiance" said like "pittance". You have but a pittince of authority over anything and then you die. That's the point - we pity your rule of so not real, so not theirs. So not. No remedy. Then there is leadership - deciding what you and else will do by being led as such. More at principle than self, we decide together and use it to carry on - and with. Your verily (all you can say) rule ends here. Mine hits governance - what I allow of you. I govern you to do and prescribe you less than me. A governance sees nothing of self - it is wide thought and barred rule. No one crosses. Death is governance to you. Death is superceded (thus over your head) by my utilitarian (not to be used ever - but spoken of) rule. My rule is absolute and stops you from having and doing all I do. A rule (tells you out) is made for have-nots - not for haves. And to such, you will have not. Quote me a have. And now to define in a "halcyon" (wicked wind, German) this way: Your state of having, your mind's vert (self-presented list) of it. What you were able to capture against me. What you were able to keep, describe to me. 

we believe the cover amended - no one likes the balls out front

"Um, Yeah - I Heard You Have A Discount For Snak Club Members..." 11/17/03 2055
Bravo to John Waters (and cit de eine Bruce Hainley) your little art-sex manuel (a "manuel" cites boys in Spanish, a "manual" men - it's all to coffee talk) so funny to "M-x-lly Ringwald" indeed (stop in to see that - as fucking gross as anything in majeur de "Pink Flamingos" as now only over on DVD). I love that one within page for "Old Reliable Catalogue" (all males posing naked, like, right off the street - so skanky I die right of it) at ten dollars ($10.00) but each I'd pay. I personally have that single one issue (you made them all I hear with silky good taste so this unmerciful you) and recommend it highly our destinies crossed. Psst that one blond guy with crossed confederate swords tattooed on arm you and I but together I see it in my eye. You are dead? No - and plan to sign books here at Book Soup on November 23 (see calendar of). Maybe us I'll cry. P.S. Hope you don't mind - I cleaned up the book's cover in Adobe Photoshop at once sensing ethnicity (I mean c'mon - 5th grade sperm?) 

A Little Bit Of Me Exchanges For A Lot Less Of You Or To Rose Water 11/17/03 1827
Toni Halliday and company asks of "rose water" in cooking a bit epicurious we'd say - what is it for? We only see that stuff in Mayfair now Gelson's hey, they take a bad boy without checking see ya later no cash back though. Rose water (um, "rose wooter") is used to keep potatoes blackened or without soot. With rose water, potatoes won't darken in the pot and pollute an affair with discolor (garlic does it bad - always pinkish to brown them off). Consult your recipe and menu. I talk with mind about the rose and we laugh over Japanese beetles together you'd see it all full of holes. We love 'em. Styles on this page getting mixed? A little gift - a little me, a little you. I know what you have is nice too. A mixed bag to end this (see Apple's "Safari" browser to know better of be a good sport - competition equals excellence, features new, and sometimes abort).

Just For You Living It Elsewhere
11/17/03 1657
A few little things you may need to stop wondering about from me: Two (2) pictures of Sunset Boulevard I took 'em of Book Soup and Hustler Hollywood they're big enough too or thumb your nose at. Oh, thank the stars of it! Both taken when I reviled Spago of filth doing (see September forward or here). Add note: Hustler makes fourteen dollars ($14.00) a square foot by legal - that is twice a supermarket. Eat that. More: The building next to Book Soup? The old Carolco (movies and release) building long out business now their job having been done for me. Hustler: Very busy and alot of people hang there at night - a way bangin' crowd. Every now and again I'm there.

Put A Little Thanks On The Table
11/17/03 1249
Let's clear this up right now: I call it "Thansgiving" [sic] for being "thankless". Now see that. Otherwise, you know my challenge to sane. Anytime, anywhere - you put me up in front of an audience cold and I will wow you over naught (nothing you know). All at once, no intrepid (no fear of it). Last night at bed by time, I hear of respective items on a table - one through fourteen (1-14) - and you, in the audience with notes on each some. Let's do it to you. I'm all fagdom over that one. Just do it to end me. A party? Witness my test or else shall be (watch it quietly or I kill thee for it the disgrace - be of firm). All you have to do is reach me.

Death Unto Me Or No Death Without Me Says It 11/16/03 1025
Someone asked me to say this but yes, Robin Guthrie's little death three (3) months ago was by far the worst to die with in my sleep just after falling. A hurling swirl of yellow and red (reportedly bedroom colors, I hear) I nearly died myself in that. I verily (mostly and then some) woke up and tried to kill the world after that - trust it and how. So, take the win on that one I died in it too. Other than that, three (3) or so more punks sifted out of my left arm as heroin bumps or something you crips eat my shit. I die to notice you - what is it? To know it happened for sure you did. No death strikes me as particularly meaningful yet. But, oh - so hard on me. 

Steaming In Highest Praise
11/17/03 0823
I see iTunes relocated Stevie Nicks' "Landslide" Fleetwood Mac from the very first album anyone cared about ("Fleetwood Mac" 1975). Make sure you do better than "The Dance" has to offer this version that song is special I burned out on it long ago. However, you can still get it through Sheryl Crow's musical profile. Fleetwood Mac offers a real prestige to anyone that might cover, but are you famous enough? To blow up Stevie Nicks would could should? No one will.

My Only Mind Saves Me Yet Again
11/16/03 1912
I play and talk of Fleetwood Mac "Fireflies" MP3 (4.3 Megs) fantasizing at once that when one overhears this thus they think it's from the new record "Say You Will" it's that obscure and just that good to me. And as promised once, twice, three times to you. To use, I compare my traffic quote at forty percent (40%) of my bandwidth-month from after the 4th and find that only fifteen percent plus (15% +) use of allows this to be yet. Be that to me. Never to abuse, a budget to see things of. To a lyric sees Sing 365 and it's perfect of.

131 says me again

Much Of The River Styx Hang Man Is Coming Down From The Gallos And I Don't Have Very Long
11/16/03 1750
Last night we purchased a particularly beautiful bottle by Ernest (you earned it) and Julio (says so by you) Gallo (called into question for switch or mite: a beating or less talk of) called "Twin Valley Vineyards" (of Brooklyn, NY). A less-than-flowered weekend sees it, this sauvignon (serves to anyone you might know of) blanc (no meat deference or white has it - not exactly right - then no meat deference of) - truly a rhine at heart so Catholic see it be priest - takes me back to supper and fate. You served a divorce to someone you praised in front of me and then sit and wait tableside for another to approach as "cargo fuel" with the brothers of hard and wyst (doing better and seeing lots of it - a chablis or glad tiding). Hell inside is often a separation from what we saw, but bear the exit to do better of. I never do gallons rock-bottle to fate I see it first or you never do. Never.

Going Around Singing This Last Night Over And Over 11/16/03 1439
I was singing this accapella (without sound) last night for self fun know the lyric proper Alicia Bridges aka Shirley Bassey "oh i love the nightlife | i got to boogie | on the disco 'round | oh yea". In Summer 1976, see Stevie Nicks-Fleetwood Mac "Rhiannon" duke it out with Andrea True Connection "More More More". Who won more? Now you: Today's un-song is Neil Diamond on heroin's light singing "gruse" ("nothing affecting" per him and Barbra "toots" once again not - stick to "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" - "you used to hate to love me | you couldn't wait to leave me | and after loving me late at night | someone good for you babe - this is feelin' alright" now I'll simply kill to it E.T.) "turn on your heartlight | let it shine wherever you go" as pinching both nipples for warmth after this.  Me and my friend just sang Michael Jackson's "Ben" ("ben the two of us need look no more | we've both found what we were looking for | with a friend to call your own | you'll never be alone | wait - someone better's on the phone") to a video store looking to if the original "Willard" (not no - Ben is the head rat in this movie as sung by Michael a friend to such rats one might assume) we're famous again here. Now see that. Rock star reveal from on TV: Hillel Slovak of Red Hot Chili Peppers who died is simply Flea - period - and reborn to this. Someone died.

I Was Gettin' So Mad An Album Play Per 11/16/03 1307
I finally found out how to stop iTunes from playing the next song on the library list: you gotta uncheck "[ ]" the box next to on each a song - or else that next. I was trying button on the bottom a vicious circle of play to indicate and no effect. Now you may know a peace of it too. No I don't read anything to make my mark of it happen by index - I wait to hear of you not a hurtin' by it. Read of this kinda stuff in Samuel Clemens' voice.

A Real Ralphs Has A Real Coinstar In It 11/16/03 1203
God still consecrates (makes me in it) the grocery store-supermarket with a Coinstar in it to count out our change with buttons present and issue a cash voucher for immediate payment at the register less nine cents ($0.09) on the dollar but you buy. There's a makeshift (not seen so readily as such) Ralph's at Doheny and Beverly (an old Jon's Westward Ho Hughes or something) that fails to live up to Ralph's usual standards by not having one present but I cite. Voices asked me to stop there first I hadda return to Ralphs at La Cienega and Beverly or Third to see my prize done. Never let the Jersey "Didn't I see you at the Coinstars?" defer your joy I have this firmly en route and count my change. We in life seek to reduce stressballs for being exceptive or that what comes with the annual unexpected guest known of. Other: Great new bowling alley the "Lucky Strike" at Highland and Hollywood I been there with extra-fancoir inside dinners full bar and cantina. Find that and couture me (know what I know).

oh picture so precious to mute

Seeing You At The House Of Blues On Sunset Is Like Being In Heaven 11/16/03 1018
Neilsy says in mind that the Sun Theatre of Pomona became the House Of Blues Anaheim. I scarce believe it. The House Of Blues Sunset is like seeing someone in Heaven so close and so well done to you. Keep that said for good prices all the way around. I walked to Chin Chin (americanized chinese, kinda) last night for take out in the rain (getting people to walk with me in that so is no small chore I love it magical times at light and night) and loved that Yahoo! billboard in neon (not the one pictured but close enough for you) if they only could change my prominence. Chin Chin (chicken fried rice, chinese chicken salad - add chicken rolls in plum sauce as appetizer) will deliver for five or three dollars ($5.00 - $3.00) in West Hollywood but still I walk it was raining. Also of note is Tangerine in that round floral at the pinch of Sunset and Holloway. Bit of a diaper smell in there, but the warm coziness is beautiful. Hold that. More: Oh, yeah - I stopped in Book Soup earlier to see that new Madonna picture book (as now "only on the west coast") and it is light excerpts barely none from her "Sex" book printed, as literally, on texture tissue paper in a just bind. You have to ask for it (a plastic slipper) at the back desk and they warn you it is three hundred fifty dollars ($350.00) of nonesuch to bear to crease. Not yet to I. Gayest faggots (those that burn right off with presence bearing - an affluence says this) bought "Sex" when the "Erotica" LP came out and passed it around like a crab signature at a book fair. Madonna reportedly sold eight hundred thousand (800,000) copies of that tome, but not to me. I thought the entire project fine of though - the video-song "Justify My Love" is bold and brassy any way you whip it.  

Redusting Ronald Reagan To Coin
11/15/03 1738
Ronald Reagan - our finest president to nary a date now to be coin. An inscription bears a dream to one at hold I cure thee: "We have every dare to dream held within us. We have the right once taken to take of it and to make ourselves known to heroes and abroad. We have the right to speak of ourselves as such, and to see of such of it to taken. We have thee within it." So of God. A bible breaks thee to open and then to less.

a nothing more than feelings

It Ain't Over Just That Yet
11/15/03 1451
Being God, I give others the gift of sane - say Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Knoll" - and the return is never-the-less interesting to me. From one grand of tour de forth to another yet seen, I give to be given to. One to pinnacle of feeling is that of Jane Olivor "Chasing Rainbows" (and see iTunes to know of, actually), and I accuse showqueens of having my mercies daily: a house to call a home, a river to run by, a plague to know us as to harm you. Never is this repaid as grandly as in fall sweeps or as in making the grade with tune as such and as seen. With other yet tune ranging from "I've Been Chasing Rainbows" (my last encounter with real vivid in Glendale ending on top of a parking garage near Warner Bros. just a year or two back), "Lalena" ("that's your lot in life | Lalena | can't blame ya") and then this the shotstopper "It's Over Goodbye", one never fails to find their heart in the matter - no matter how heartless of to cruel this beyond thou. This dragqueen made records to insult Barbra Streisand during a time when she paid and others played ("Oh, she's a big star in France.") Onward, if your record makes more than this (all stipped on CBS Columbia eat wax) Barbra, we'll fund it one day. They did and they didn't, but the end is never clear for a Jane Olivor (see the rumson or clearing of it from below) as weak knows no value to hold anyway. Many thoughts, many words, many Lalenas to hear of and by. We present to that and the name means "never to be heard" as such in French unless yours tool calls. Calling back again, you to feel with this now. Feel with. A public domain has this and then again, somehow you feel as though life has passed you by. I'm only seen as interesting enough to know of it. The name: "Olivor" well said is a take-off on the French "olivare" (say "olive-or") - "if you bring that here, I'll leave [it]" it says. Never to bring. A "jane"  or "jowla" insists on doing, the French say. "Tarzan"? Top zane or reason for being. A real tingle to be with that.

too scary to be truth it is this

Bring Me Waiting For Guffman A Best In Show 11/14/03 2012
My roommate brought me the Warner Bros. (for mostly a Madonna production) "Waiting For Guffman" featuring the oddly-noted Christopher Guest in lead. I write these things just in case you want be with me in film-wise (your influences cited to me backwards) or in case you ever meet me and need to speak on topic. I am revered to you always for this. A hurtful little plot ensues with Catherine O'Hara, Fred Willard, and Eugene Levy-Ramis odd other doing their best to make a little community production happen with the ulteriorally gay Guest a known plague of high school value. Not content to serve his talents to school, the town committee wants to see him lambasted on plot and yet he survives the milieu beautifully a gay pest of norm living like Wanda Devaau a known playwright of the august sixties violating New York City as same (see the name shine yet). We in Allentown, New Jersey a local community production put on Lionel Bart's (but Roger Hammerstein going it alone) "Oliver!" in 1977 (yeah, they did "The King And I" first about - I wasn't in that one though - Richard Ro[d]gers Jr. our next door neighbor played our humble piano to death one night honors his father with all in town - Switliks we have you too as Underwood I babysat your kid pulled his pants down at me and scared me halfway to homo hell I blame David only, then Charisse? a confessional awaits me only - Update: David says Helen is Anne Baxter of "King And I" fame who knew so traveled Siam looked like India and all in that house) to amazing success our sub-New York players astute and so wise (Elton John once sat for it - know that? our school shone with celebrity types in all modes our schools shined). Anyway, I love watching the studio technique of all rescued (there are Warner sets here from San Francisco replete with vascuss or simply hated Japanese vending machines full of tiki-pies and other angland muck and a hated restaurant all frequent in Chinese battle - SF is home to Asia and visiting mostly) but the real star is stage and stamor (how it is done to you). One song lifted from "Oklahoma!" about fools is marvel here you'll just get it enough. Watch and feel with up and down. Guest is an out-an-out abuse as usual (Madonna's acting friend from Detroit - her face surgeon is in here too), but we like him doing just the same but a Jew to watch in this.

And Now A Few Words To The Wise Of It By Doug 11/14/03 1922
I've been asked by Neil to write a few words of Shirley in the event of her passing, so here goes she died tell no one: Shirley hired me into UCLA as an Adminstrative Assistant doing payroll at a time when I needed it most. I moved in July of 1987 to California and it was mid-August in my pre-arranged Glendale home and I was starting to sweat a bit and nearly to tears over my joblessness. Much like the Elton John-Jules Stein Eye Institute connection may have helped Shirley "rise above other fortunes" he'd at once say (and in-fact did to me earlier this day to write), I fear an extension of same-such kindness to me of my name. Shirley was a tough-and-tender bossy supervisor and I never forgave the thanks she made me having do. I worked hard there at once pleasing and pronouncing as quite gay, but also thought greater of myself at once being cited that "no one has a right to a job" as asking for more of the same others saw. A nearby promotion relieved us both of anger after two (2) years time (placing me well above the others I cited around previously), but I never forgave the confidence in myself for the asking or the arrogance in her to say - what should I have be of this or to not? Shirley started me off mid-range of salary, complimented my work wildly, promoted me quickly to the top of my range hourly, and most importantly, kept a stern grip on the bow (no pleasures there tainted by such and seen). Us in the office made her laugh often, but no one likes being taken of advantage of as much she didn't like it and as much as she didn't like it. I'm thankful for the sharp manicure of dress, a light, motherly manner keeping all incest down among others who feared it, and finally, her sense of acuteness and intelligence with my own work that left me feeling of being in-charged and not as wasted here. Well done, Bitch - take that to the bank. Never cite a lack of return. I, like others, fear being kept upon visit, but the feather of cap (pride in it, as such) is what one must to look at to see better. Do that now and again to. The Christmastime tix to Isley Brothers (really, The O'Jays) I know Neil got for free your venue (The Sun Theatre, Pomona) and your quip to me, but that's not the point - we loved it all together. Update, add more: I always thought of Shirley as abandoned in marriage or someone left how of who knows? A good Catholic woman, never remarried or then such but carried on and, as such, did well enough with it. In God's care we see enough of. As for the specifics of me, a starting Administrative Assistant II then at Step 2.5 (there are up to five steps, the fifth being the highest - 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5) made ten dollars thirty-six cents ($10.36) an hour. The most I made in New Jersey on every any job per hour was seven dollars ($7.00) flat - a noticeable improvement as such and one to stay for. My next job odd even? Twenty-five hundred dollars ($2,500.00) a month flat - you divide by one hundred seventy-four (174) to get an hourly wage flat. It was big enough bucks then in two (2) years time in growth. When I left after all of ten (10) years over? Four thousand one hundred thirty-eight dollars ($4,138) per month and not to exceed you (very at least four grand to suit you - add else). Simply as doing better for one's self. No dicks yet (to Neil: not of mine, anyway).

Now That You've Honored Him I Can Be With You 11/14/03 1553
Quoting-honoring scholar Gore Vidal, LA Weekly November 14-20, 2003: "The Founding Fathers would have found the USA Patriot Act to be despotism in spades [a call for acts of violence using other people's hands]. They would have hanged anybody who tried to get this through the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Hanged." Simply stated, Jefferson hated community service of any kind ending with pledge. He would have hung you for that outside of Philadelphia on farms miscellany. Trumpet drawn-and-quartered (tied to horses at three-way branch to pull your head off) for offenses as such of marquee or selecting your date of heard on. One misstep in the direction of others at wait or of France saw you there so being pulled at. France sought exemption and got none but so heads pulled. Not on this soil would you think of else and say of to. A woman, as such, cherishes a thought else. We, of little. Thanks - say me better. Of Langley, a Jefferson's true home - a rump.

Grandmother Moon's Country Gravy Let's Review 11/14/03 1415
Finally, Grandmother Moon is dead but living in me (all after stroke "Douglas?!? Where am I? I don't know where I am I'm scared..." something like that I pulled the plug on her darkness yet of). Her country gravy (and make biscuits) ensues: The all drippings from bacon or sausage meets one rounded heap tablespoon of yet flour in a skillet pan to brown. The gluten of wheat so pops open during this browning I bubbled you add milk to thicken and then lighten of to sauce. You salt then pepper to taste pouring over toast or such at egg, breakfast meats. I make to eat this myself. Incidentally, Epicurious found nothing of like this.

Yet Another Foible I Tea To Eat Your Peaches
11/14/03 1149
It wasn't too long ago that I was on an iced tea kick now with real lemons but to again a very elegance (Grandmother Moon was known for the finest iced tea in chilled glass jug - so red the rose but boiled her sugar with tea done and then lemon and lime juices and they by bottle she'd claim nice enough may stay up all night for this maybe not see next our country gravy to ruse) making my own now so little to taste. After such made, pouring hot water into a glass margarita ("margas" is of males stronger, "margherstas" is weaker yet a female sees it first, then you) pitcher may not be the best of sides. Oh, you hear the cracking but tiny within (what's that you see?) and then plush warmth to all over you seat first (this a gift by Crate And Barrel with glasses entouch or that go with it - all called "cha cha"). I was having sootes with another in mind and then this as only in my frogged underwear - what to think? about my pleasures up front? Luckily to my burnt dube, I ate my peaches as told (removes aspirin your arsenic) and no such skin of mine had to boil at first with the water as comes barely a sting you. Otherwise, I Lanacaine as so soothes my fingers of early youth as to check my boilpot for steam first. Lanacaine eases the crying, my hemorrhoidal tissue (so too check the tube for burner). Eat your peaches too - they hold out what holds the heat to you should be able to go right through you are only water and tend to take leave at such.      

For The Price Of A Button
11/14/03 1030
Last night I stopped by Omar's Exotic Birds (pop-up windows allowed on please) again to say hi (I do this often) and the giant frenza (from top of head - red, yellow, then blue) finally came to be with me on my arm. He just crawled right on at majest and decided to eat one of the plastic buttons off of my Banana Republic safari topjacket - how illsuit. Never try and take a lovely button from a dining frenza simply flipping it around and around on tongue. It makes you feel bad for your coat and other, but there are other like buttons sewn within and I replace at will using same thread too. You know how I feel about a 'king of creation' type picking on things and holding their own truth (I've seen too many dog incidents fly off the handle yet still I pleasure it now where's my just add olive oil for gravy), but this was a small price to pay for the imitimacy we'll next an eye. Although demonstrated at lively and show, I don't believe in picking these huge tropical birds up at a shy (they tell me much in the head as beings found and prosper me a good wish often they hurt of pull and twinch) but sometimes the affection binds us as both of us traitors me and my friend beckoning someone to help it off me now. I only hope to the button phase passes and no bite ensues of it. Pay again. Tips: Cold air coming in from the door shocks my birds. Attract cold with a bucket full of bleach or water for one (1) hour after closing the door to cold. It settles birds right down. They can't stand the cold after hours. A bird needs Minnesota grass or Kansas grass from the plains - a bluegrass - dried and made saleable by heat lamp application to browner. No nutrient value, it is just snack for them a full belly to keep it moving. They eat little. As for cold, it comes to rest where cold is welcome at rest - in water or bleach is okay, a light surfactant (suds) will do nicely. Feel your semi-full sink after a night of little done. Brrrrr!

he calls this one "iodine" only $45,000 with price tag

Marilyn Manson Once Asks Who Is Ezekiel 11/13/03 1714
I think all of those bird feathers are necessary to flock around so would say. The feathers make the name an "ezeke" (say "ay-zake") is a Hebrew national bird, an "iel" (say "eye-all") one of them. Say the name. This bird ruled France once as Henry HR (honorable, after means of God, before as after this) II. Henry HR-2, as we would say, never had fear and never had folly (wishes of death or delight at once - being silly, rambunctious, or forthwith without fear at once of the feared). He would magistrate people and knew Mozart feverishly (a couple one might say - Mozart was Marcus or Robin Guthrie). Together friends would say no to that but we stayed anyway. Ezekiel is known for hate of others beyond ruling. He hates them and makes them stay back a while. I personally know that no one likes him except I. No one. He is a son of mine also. I have fourteen (14) here living with us. Name one this. A father may to be but a baker of sorts. Bake back once in a while it says me. Portrait: The art is weak, but I like it as clipped at a bit. Click on the picture above a Manson original by Bart I call it "Iodine, My Only Mother To You" or "Shirley At The 'V': Ketchup And Burgers" I'd say. At forty-five thousand (45,000) sheques I'm at once outsold. This is your mother at rest? Finally to down I know it's special. I went to find a picture of feathers and then this a bargain spirit. Update: This our friend Shirley V. in a waged photograph after having lung cancer surgery. Her breast is open to wound as drainage and her mouth covered with an iodine pad for breathing sensibly. A chronic smoker-hacker with rhuematied leanings (heroin pills at such - call 'em at you will) she simply died often upon retiring or getting it all up each day. I tell old people prior they retire to die as my observation too much always lying down, but to handle not this said. Shirley rests with us now, but to each a warning of it. Her hospital bill states the cost of photo redone at forty-five cay ($45K). See me do this to you too. Rest up, Shirley - we have you now as Panone living so well behind us that gorgeous pool. This just in from "Spyder's Soul Kitchen" per the November 2003 calendar section: Shirley, at rest, thought she was sat. "Keep me sitting upright" she'd say to no one there just lying.          

Let Me Explain One Memnar 11/13/03 1401
Let's face the facts once to again - my humour exceeds your taste of. My mind. With that, the one ruse of a Persian woman's clad stockings of her "memnars" (memories verboten) being used by a prout - a Jewish woman - at games bingo for a charmed luck is my staple of hath. The whole putting your hands on something sacred for gains forth - nevermind to onward you - is my bag. The laughs I've had! to shake my grits a tooth bracelet, a wrist cached (open turned) once once. A "memnar" is given to woman at birth to signal her keepings toward man - her man - in a box. A chastity of sorts, no one may enter to see me in it. A female might to may keep a daughter's "memnee" (a softer memory, a keepsake from mother-type). No one would love her - so to we love her. If pleasing saints (those who hold us accountable for such and done), seek the husband's of memnared fame, they'd say. He is the breadwinner so far of. Understand me - I am this God, not you doing little to have of it with us first.

For Robin Rockabilly
11/13/03 1310
Robin says what's "rockabilly" then? Fourth lange (a "lange" say "lang" is a repeat string played hard) - just playing the fourth string (G) repeatedly with off glances toward others. Just play and play - no words of. Root: "We may have expanded that." No - you just keep doing sound-alike takeoffs. A rudeness, really.

Another Failure To Cite Backwards
11/12/03 2123
The e-mail contact at Neilsy's Naked Highway is delivering "aborts" I see for every attempt to write without erse-female supervision needing a brit nipt. Do I have another address yet? I do not. I need clear paths to or as I clear them. Update: All clear then I see it. Yeah, those pictures are Neilsy in his garage for friends too cute. He's had nose work. We all have even Liz Fraser had after suffering a bump in a car accident that went beak I fear it, 1997. Now it looks like Mac Davis her uncle her father Harry Nilsson. Did you know that? Lets do Robin Guthrie two (2) brothers see: Michael Hutchence of INXS (real name "Bobby" now in France living again), and Justin Timberlake (Bradley). See no more of yet. Update: In my head, I'm being asked to spell "Bradley" as "Bradlii" but that seems gay (done to heal you to this - oh, they say "no it's 'French' my mother is French" yeah that's it so is an Eva Gabor wig). I won't do it. Update: Oh, "nakedhighway@hotmail.com" - now I know better. Thank you, Neilsy.

See And Sense The Return Of The Real Britney
11/12/03 2049
That's the real Britney now you've been seeing we're pleased fresh back from the lab (Saint Morten's) in Massachusetts where she was born. Her stand-in was cute enough, but see Britney doing well of it. Showbiz execs were "improved" with her, she says. Reluctantly, I admit I don't go running after a snotty Hollywood pain-in-the-ass flying planes and others down the door, but we talked one night while I shopped for licorice in a store on Sunset Boulevard and managed to escape the indignity of having to know more. Nice enough in a sad position - see it here and then no more. I know bitches worldwide are gonna wrank over just said just this, but all anyone of friend (all bodycats, at strength) really had to say in terms of bringing it home was that you liked her pussy (my thought). Perhaps we better leave the talking to her and me then. A thought for the wise. Doink.  

Rock And Roll Of You
11/12/03 1543
If "rock" means you play with others hearing all, what would "rock and roll" be? Others can play your tune without hearing you at all - say "G7 in third tense" (a guitar lick strummed, while be it without touching the strings twice - up and off over a bridge - something technical yet). All you needed were the words "oh, baby" usually it said and then go on a great joke maybe about you and yours. Not about sex ever, a "roll" was your command to make songs have no meaning but move on fast. Rock and roll wasn't made by Elvis - nor was it made by blacks off of blues (a standard to no play - just to whine). It was made by God to be as mine. Play then. Do well. Be that.

This Is Our World At A Stink 11/12/03 1209
You know one of my issues is clarings - stating my perspective cleanly while others wait to have their say. Here in our world a fool to woman works hard making all seem as less if as though she were here. She is not here evidently. To wit, no sooner do I clare to errant mind that my name entered in a search engine such as Yahoo! returns me number one (#1) who is that you know I'm God? of course things change your way a corset now number ten (#10) then eleven (#11) maybe sees a reduce at each search of self noted by older cunt. Oh, we see you I say it first at. Why would I, seemingly reducing you forth at each knell of it, be placed under the quip and niddle of "Doug Moon's Controline [seemingly to suggest a controlling nature]" page and other oddness of assort thrown off as this ever to dump by key? Is this paid for by others with else interests afoot? No - it is supposed to be government support of the right answer: the most searches on revealed this to no further act of. No reveal of may mean nothing as no interest does not provide a world to walk on.  Like signal dollars flowing my way, I want mine in object reporting of same (that means as we might sense it together alone) without your palpable stink. Win me, Bitch. As the only Doug Moon ever to know you, I fucked hard to make Doug Controline a non plus, but we don't need of you that service to ever - find back your place. Be right about things - see the glamour up front as being foremost truth. Then eat that.

Do You Think You're Gonna Get Any More Than This Says For That? See You're Free 11/12/03 1052
Someone said "the animal kingdom has no rules" but that living seas of purbbled wallis in the form of naked winche lying all over cross street makes a good case for rumping it out. Is that for God? Yeah, yeah - we see you. Been looking at you and your antic (fright poem - there is only [no] one "we are legion") for quite some time it seems. Making statements again with point and prude? You are already made mental with the sprites of ugly (your behaviors) and now you seek clause of it (a way to harm me more). Have that. I love an atmosphere of carnival (having our way) as much as anyone would, but to prompt is like doing bad drag - it has to be reasoned to well-done. No one cared. Isn't this cold enough out there? After: "You gonna hafta camouflage that stuff if you keep calling on new predators." You know, we always make the food part first, then figure out what's gonna pop up or swoop in and eat it.  

Little Bastard Woke Me Up
11/12/03 1012
I had to hear that little bastard die last night (for my praises I assume) screaming bloody murder up a God in a streak over my head. I'm ever appreciative of the note. While he's busy being wrangled down to it, that scream will come for you. Have that.

Before You Drink Of Perhaps Note Another Great Strategy For Simply Having To
11/12/03 1013
Someone said to me in test virtue - why make water at first? To "encapsulate the world"? That was my first answer back. The reviewed answer, to "stop the world from coming [at me in term movement, not growth]", from being pulled at by space, made me happier too. All bend down now. The world would move without something terse and happy with it giving way first. Dirt made dust like crazy here being pulled on all the time from the gravitational pull of space (of not letting you leave). Water made sense. Now drink up - help keep down your own personal filths as the dust may rise from time to time our exchange for it.

Our Costs Simply Went Down While Forcing You To Have Us Know It 11/11/03 2105
While our negating payments seemingly destined for this then the simply denying to each of us once heard choke the time value out of one another spiraling like tax up the neck, happiness bargains us less for the more of it. Planning to go broke for the better has it? Simply having money to spend is half the deceit, the other left to pay once halved. And after all sought (and as now reinforced to know of perhaps as drastically renamed to still aged but steeped in reclining fortunes of state - a sale you once sold to), know at once that if you had the cash (a thought unspoken to it - we say "resources" to mislead a prophet of doom wince-hovering over a seen-palp of dimpled prostitution and may what come - "keep your delights to the fatted lean" says the only ripened pig who hath no folly such to bear it) you might witness the less of expense scened to value known like an old 'x' (merit one-dimsensual comes right at ya an art) sees to most of student fees 'y' sold by who's smartest yet 'oh'. I take the time of from winningest sense to hear of 'smarter' people making do with less of us everyday a herald to earning more artful our pyramids of cyphil panotechnologies crabbed over it to assist the above-average public-auction insubordinate in as both role-cheat and fate's naught of answer to the rapid-swell of quicksilver if may having had but once said to getting it done I'd cry. To this then if at all indeed, a 'turbo tax' uprights the notion to weed additional scents of savings so say the lone ranger to an enormal tiny tim verning with hate for else of it tall. Like any of life's institutional pleasures ("he came a' caring just a bit too little of it we saw") - they are there, but sullen and reasoned once again by just the likes of you - swimple (swift and steady, no hum), of placid (not interesting but sense of obligation a deed undone maybe yet), as bornded again to those who got it right the first time and had their wages garnished by the government up-front with one exception so say they cite. See then (and maybe you too sense of this probably not) how doing the right thing as abled by same can be extruded as an additional value-tax for other nonesuch you reason me now let it be to me that value I'd take it back to the sale at cost of you reproduced. Let it ride. A local black (as third right advent scientists) may be able to help you rewrite the new rules to talent tax laws to their own governance at once professed and neglected by the type of use that made them king of it once yours. "Live better, and finally of it." - quote by D. Chmielle. In closing, I do little so of what's right these days I can't imagine who's paying you more but never to mind thanks of me later said. My lead-in to additional savings has prompted me to note sugar the other "white meat" and as qualities of Mac OSX. Just one more character named to suit relieves me of my wayward past each consuming timed and booned to new love of once and brood. Sensing no merit esteemed by old people again unlearned by hypno-fact to quaaludes (sight unthreatened press-vest types - no wonder of, you see it there lying softly), I simply army myself a new talent for others and away we go to the true land of superiority vex: kinda feelin' bad about things hadda tell someone new. Old people are there too but differing in spirit and I cobain "it's okay [to] eat fish 'cause they don't have any feelings." So adds just another little something in the way. 

tastes faster longer - hands of dave mason marsha mason "two hands that helped us" that is not art so say

And Now My Feelings Rendered Perfectly By Fact No One Made More Money Than This
11/11/03 1727
In my way, I sing these with autobiographically to not. I mimic if only to deny you the say you sing. I am living art of, not rock's sense of being - quote that to me and we'll hafta understand together. My "Version 1": The Cars "Why Can't I Have You" MP3 (3.7 Megs). New fact: Ric Ocasek is Nils Lofgren's son. Who is Nils Lofgren? he'd often ask to say.

Seems Simple Enough Let This To Be My Truth Or So To Pray You Too
11/11/03 1716
To examine an unwarranted filth sent me a unabomber sans its credible authority (you don't speak for people unless they ask you to - did you listen up again? they said 'no' and here you are - no, no) sees this through to nothing you do understand that for this first: "Traditional, liberal or newschool? Depends on how you were raised. Are we getting political here? Hell, no! This is just to describe your sex life. If you're traditional, delete this mail now. Please. If you're liberal, you get yourself some pills after you've realized that hanging a two-pounds stone from your cock doesn't make it longer. If you're newschool, you happily dabble with things others don't even know about. Traditionals have already deleted this mail. Ahem. Liberals - click here for the VP-RX, the best penis enlargement ever invented. If you're liberal heart rebels, no worry, it's money back guarantee. Check out what VP-RX can do to you remember, if the name sounds like a robot, it surely does a lot of things to you!" Comments abroad (that means without thinking of you - see it here first or know why I hated you with this am I better than you yet? Still here you sit - make me something to remanufacture is of nobility, of retail divine nature): If you're of traditional sense, you need know that no one's going to improve your system of havings once had without the miracle of you having to do this too. Never one to fuck with your successes, your choices are made for you in advance but sometime after the fact seen. You know where it's all going because you risked it else to honor nothing you could say of it parchance it were (that is, or you would have to forget the whole idea of as seeking review by a harsher of standards and you'd rather not seek an advance or once knowing better of it at once and then possibly of) or it may get better than this and you'd only start to wonder. Have know. Come to done. A liberal relies on you then to guide self but as away from here perhaps a kinder thought and may a traditional value of not having to care for what's already and seemingly taken care of. Are you free to starve to death then? To at once kill yourself? That's a mite individual we never actually spoke of you in any frame of reference we chose nothing for ourselves but. Traditionally, you are free to offend me at once, and I am free to be offended by you if to once more, but count on none of this a liberal doesn't actually get much done they care to walk about (show people). We put up our very same walls to keep these in, you go outside to suspect an intrusion by you converting at once yours to brand of "new school" (why we didn't want this to be no ticket of admittance after all we're leaving to this after all we are of spills and of the beans and sees no bird of caught in flight from one word to those the others of said). You're still skipping those liberal classes after all but in and of grandest tradition - a keepsake - sensing at once another scheduling hardship or the "traditional" pursuits of the liberal mind versus the champagne taste of having served your honorself a bit of the bubbly past word or just that soon it said of further at once. This to be liabled once further by the ensurings of libertine endorsements not having you to know or simply knowing to do better seems penalizes the thought you retract. No one pays for nothing needed or any one wanted done unless something else is said or so says the heedless backorder of this to you expanded and ritualized for sanity's sake perhaps we'll wait of its riches also see us to come (we'll wait to see of you first your exhibit eventually of so enlightening to an account of self half-to-robbed of interests afoot and then much to thoughts of accounts said to be undone to untold - you cite your eventual need to be in this we clare it to duties unsaid and thank of you too in much the same way it is said - see that come like stealth of wing you brought nothing back to us again that will answer up and in order). We reverse the right to redirect service to anyone who amasses acceptable risk and forces forward an agreement binding us to say it to you first then no I said beyond being broad that stung me your liberal use of lack of caring. Something like that you'd say it better if it were worth anything more than actually having just said it (we'll stamp this one 'paid' yet to mercies on such-and-such a date "right here you said...." and "what could that mean?" we cite purpose a meaning less for you said). Trying to be, if but thought wording it out differently says "new school" I forgot how to type. No one types anymore eschewing the traditional in favor of a liberal presentation to fact. As ever irreverent to reconte (not having to say - I like examining thought you'd say if you thought of it too) this to may "seems a bit personal" an evervescent 'they'd' at once say if they having spoke more toward what's the thought and then at once simply having read it. No too sure. We see and we do. A description applies you what you liked say that cleanly I'm here and untoward always toward wordsay in a word or less your say here. Say less. Read to me first. A tradition is beyond you of God. I have them for you eat less. Less to me I speak you cleanly enough. Now, die.        

You Can Die Too Sing About That One Girl's Mother One Another Peterless Going Before The Gold High On Crack Trying To Outswim It
11/11/03 XXXX
I saw a trailer for "Peter Pan" (I suggest "TRAILER NR.1, ~Large~" or else - this all through QuickTime) that arrival at window ghastly good. You fucked me up by revealing face to soul I'm all on the "Salem's Lot" path Danny Glick and then how good could this be? That one Jewish child named "Mackual" died at holocaust and thus went on and back to this home a lord of the flies to kill a sister at once so cherished she could fly all the way to Bangkok and back if left once undisturbed by flight (similarly lifted, a Michael Myers convention hears him speak a bit more eloquently to sheik interest on that unexplored subject value of Halloween event: "I didn't hate her. She lived in me too." How could everknell stay that down?) Again of back to Pander, we then of loved him. He seeks lives in our exchange - a glowing as female tinkerbell of thought merely says it worst than this. Live me my child of death and destiny. My earlier self at ten (10) refreshened by lens sees me all dressed up by Mommy and lying deep down but blackened and felt then and at once borne to the light of. We see you in it dying of us still I laugh you down here again and see. I told him as then me "a little boy needs to die a virgin of glory at the hand that hounds it" we simply rejoice at you we died too you know something I said to my child of thee. Once, twice, at your hand mostly. Do it again once will. Once said. I glory thee often for having scared me so bads to be of you and in that box. So bads it feels to you a mostly had of what seems but once said of again it died too. To touch me I said. More: Captain Hook? Myself only. Riding the seas? No - a houseboat of sorts off the coast of France in of Burgundy Shores (invisible to onlook). Three (3) years no lovers see it and I never hafta hear it. The hook of mine? The children tease me and my box hand (black, forken, and folding longways open) asks them to dance, but softly to laughter. It is a ghastly vague to see. They ran after screaming so much joy....and other. Back to the movie, of course Michael Jackson was in here producing for years and I told him  "you're trying to victimize me" with that sensual boy playing the lead we'll both have a little house for boys right next door in Neverland. "Ow!" I write to stimulate the nouhsty glands of women.

Think Like A Jobes Insert Tastes To A Lords Of Leather Fanny Cape
11/10/03 0136
Of course this is coffee talk - what are you? Lace-retarded's button horseshoe? Well rub my lucky dent - make the magic matter more some say you're next I to chafe. Some swear by it simply putting good drugs right up your ass just point and shoot I'd hafta do a taste test first, Colaroid. Coke or Pepsi, using your Belltone fignals loshon right left right right right left right no sound left left? I know it tastes more like the Shasta - RC if you hold your colas - but that ain't what's being decided here. Now rinse again with the flat Tab unless you prefer Horchata Mexico's favorite, I heard that and laughed like someone knows better now when choosing foam. Someone said they like "Amaze" sport drinks just as well now with odd heroin. You just like Damascus tossing rings at the crowd before they move one over to see you kicking the habit using the telesinge mhoorim vasni patch to tangle the hair within. Sacred devour prinkles each two-ply inklisept with samedis cow-piss olfpans, then frabbler, lift curses me off so swivels malakarma's return to each at simul-caste wand seeks udder containment alwa horchats me mine mahatma made. Rigs, twists, echohair, preyon deceives with incyphling odor-mode dilroys, hieroptic gyrostilts with lathersilm dallies, emeral dit-minder, and living-pair crumb cangels both sherm and for body-tan sheer. Garlor-plammed flolarts gabrascince without panty-staining oiblers at tricels dailoo! Petches if for the euro-pil, you save mindlessly errant over time and at post-lever markedness.     

A Dirty Dozen Of Thanks Says This
11/10/03 1220
Still getting those pesky ads about pleasing your partner ("I swear if you touch me again I'll cry") and enlarging your pee pee to meet the unreasonable demands of the insertive but immature at length ("No, not you. Not this time - I called a few people and boy! I thought we heard the last of this kinda creepy personal stuff. Then you did what to have me hear? No - end this pebble flattery to me a troll should live well under the bridge back the same.")  All of these pills and guessing aloud. Just end this. Three (3) lithium two-fifty's plus scotch whiskey does your ass right down to the place penises are made we simply pull the plug for you. You asked us how we did it. How we did it? There is no we you messed around again Aunt Clara c'est spell and arrived like hot piss in the fireplace the air it sparkled some I dream of genies. If you're gonna please me, just do it and make everyone eat shit (brilliant you ass! very some indeed! live like that all crossways notes scrabbled egg). That is nobility. I coward like most of you, but one of these days, a pill for it all under the veiny cob-breast. Powders don't seem to work on these the greasiest of stains and besides it looks like an accident robbing you of your gloryself done to no notes explaining it all they were there now, an enigma. Be true to your self, and then finally to your hate a prestige of in itself pray thou have mine done with. Medicate the reasonable for simply a doubt let to live and have this on the side as God's children keep you their understanding of it research your own ass in the greasy vapors of the past Horton's Fisherman scowling within clouds, a wet-odor - is it me? A gint of mace to the fore sees no fish-peppers, so scurvy-well, Malodor, unless sees rot-gillded scalaworms, monks-chronic halibutsis or frivee le saint of esther's wobble-wart. No one stories me. "Poor poor if pities to me" your favorite song, huh it's you and me against it's a small world after all. What if you lost everything - what then? Something small you say less out of confidence. Revibe. Your legs are bowed because you keep leaving with our stuff. Our compliments end dust within, used junk like new but seems.           

I Would Have Kicked Your Ass Out On The Front Lawn Late At Night For Thinking Like This First Then Questions Should Defer To Your Dirt-God A Sorry Corpse
11/09/03 0343
Like you, I like big talk - "I'd kick your fucking ass....then it's your turn." You know, just doing to you swapside as long as you can take another random hit to the bulch. I'd kick ya for crying I hate tears of clown done down to jackbocks feed it to the tigers we're all of out of showqueens - just a blouse, a jar of Secret roll-on, baby bottles full of Vaseline ("never heat this once - baby Leedfors gets colicky and licks his wastebucket before time is served" no fish limmers for that growl, Tamesly). "Bones, bones." One day it'll be 'pop' and 'click' in fashion order and then that tiger's gonna rip your silk dutchess down over a shoe. Seemingly as numb to real, I saw this album of poopy talk for fast earners cancels all my talk. They call it "Come Poop With Me" with "Triumph The Insult Comic Dog". Song titles to laugh at simp laid egg athetic urise: "Call From Triumph's Son" Tongue In Dial 9-1-1 If Madonna Calls I'm Not Playing With Her Uban Most Now Ring-Dial Vile Homosend Vilagra-22, "You Have To Work Blue", No Road To My Rule: Just Past Haves To Have Nothing Not Wondered Not New. "Call To A Catalog" can be matched on a blind-date with "No Rules In The Animal Kingdom". We have our rules, says anything before bending right over and taking it up the very ass spotted hide result. I ordered alot of wicked turns of horrifying stealth, an imbalanced response by you, plenty more hobbyist thou simple truth, and other junk you cripple to and crave backwards crackers feed my ass. No one agrees to any of this but you are stupid enough to have me over again your feelings are like hinchis balls I snip them and off you go arff! arff! arff! Back to poop, that's like prostitution, incest, heroin, illiterasy, cloth diapers, and interracial lesbianisms (this just in) - it's never okay. Why ask Mordor? We don't want you accepting that stuff for us. Next, it'll be required reading as if each speaks. Life is not read aloud for retards (says hear the pepperidge-voice of Wilfred Brimley on cassette, and dyer's auto-lyre "even if you're shit out of mother's luck on a snowy prairie trying to lure unsuspecting bunnies, cold-starved, up the woman-trail with a fresh-live pile of hastens wintercrap - kept the receipt I see you recalculated tax and tip), we take of it in a criminal sense (I prefer "catalyst" no change made of me yet, then of yours heh heh) and sparingly to with. Why not you? It can be that simple done. Meanwhile I sure could make poop it all to seem. I sure could a little downhome is funk-log cabin. A nearby place had paint then.         

If It Makes You Happy 'Til Die
11/09/03 0300
Like my little tomatoes? I made 'em because I couldn't steal the one from the Chipotle (pepper, ground up) site (that's a first your graphics at need so precious - my livare). Nothing sees it done like being turned on and then denied every bad idea realized to furth like it and not. I won't do too much in the way of obstacle relief, but you'd frighten of no thought just rails. Rule #1: Never touch to say you while you'd have one I'd risk it just once this less. Be friend to all who may see it friend. Be a friend first you have one. A "friend" - that's so tired and creeps use it sounding forth while probably eating the dead out of tiny cans. Why is it that people are so beautiful? They are not beautiful at all each like E.T. the phone is home call wait - you have been tricked. No one likes anyone that's for sure your beauty a gift taken and received at one instant, wait ugly clears it all up you are this inside me my mind sees yours and thinks "how cruel - make seconds of this new count for even less" for I have nothing but margins "eats like a king" wouldn't trade you for the world. I've seen your ideas on beauty and I hafta laugh simply bits uglier each time I'd offer a superdumb model caught up the ass "like you ever had someone feeling sorry for you, too - poor thing can't notice her own fault at glee", a boy trying hard not to be thinking of himself, I ease naturally this way maybe lying on my bed looking at my hairy legs then you marvel as I have countlessly. I think you can reduce most of this stuff to "stink" - the blind know how beauty may leave for the scents off simmerlane coaches me. "Hello? Please, Mister - Hello?" Beauty, hath thou a smell? If twiced hark and harken, no'd ugly should tell. Amen. Let beauty stab me first to know it is well inside me. All other to die of? Nather not, I'd swell. "Your beauty is that of the Woolworth's woman: a liking firmness of breast - that's it succinctly - clad spartan knit. A modern este. Redouble. Natch." Cleanliness is hostility, short-form terminant. See that come.    

thanks to pavilions online sales plus Adobe

See This About Chipotle Beverly Center
11/07/03 1510
Thanks to Chipotle Beverly Center - we got your card in the mail for a free burrito (or tacos) no purchase was necessary no and met you at the pass for a lovely meal your stuff is good enough. I didn't want to cry for your staff working too hard making all of that fresh, but it seems as if all worked out if only for me. If you have that white postcard, use it they are nice after getting rid of one of my favorite-type restaurants (not my favorite location else of, but see Gaucho Grill Sunset next to Virgin I love them wholly). Thanks again no tricks this time.

In Answering Cybersocket Definitively By Myself
11/07/03 1408
Cybersocket: "Do you think the Internet is a useful tool for connecting gay people spiritually?" No, and here's why: The Internet helps you share what you have and the spiritual is about what you don't have - me. Share yourselves and leave spirituality out of it - or see me there asking why. See me there first - not you asking me to be with you. "Do you think that the disconnectedness [sic] of the Internet can pose any spiritual danger for people?" Not unless you are there making people do things to you. I hate force of and ask you not to beg either. We make ourselves shine for others - not vice-versa. Have a reason to know others - not a burden to share with them. "Do you think there are ways the Internet hasn't been tapped yet as a positive spiritual tool?" We make ourselves happy and as such there are other ways to us. Leave it to be as us with us. Don't tap the Peter that paid already to deliver you most of a happy you see it about us. Whatever the case, see me frowning upon your ever-need with us in tandem. And in closing, I supplant your clergy (false) to see us doing better with all we have. We are happy and as such making better of it. (Cybersocket 5.11 November 2003) 

The Next What Is? For Today
11/07/03 1133
What is an "unclean spirit"? One that has you in the pickle and won't let you be. An "unclean" spirit, as defined by me, won't assume to give. They take all in the name of self and are content to leave you do without. Stabs you when you are sleeping with always a wait to joy. That is unclean and dealt down with stealth (without hesitation). A surprise of no one longs for.

Jazz Is Like A Christmas Without Ribbed Stockings 11/07/03 0950
Surprisingly enough, iTunes has the collective works of Fantasy artists Vince Guaraldi Trio. I'd rather die than listen to most jazz an inarticulate wordform (see me dying of it by friend allow in this Westwood Boulevard jazz-home a pinuckle of hate to me and plus fake bartender rude to developing love), but Vince's stuff (in prior life - might be me see this) OK! I really liked hearing "Alma-Ville" (actually "My Heart Of Day" or "Austal-Via" in French) from "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" a black orpheus fucking his mother it is offensive (she has the money, apparently, for astutes and onward you). You've heard similar in the "Peanuts" backgrounds, but search for else with (mostly keyboard whirligig, basically - use at Banana Republic or The Gap). With Fantasy artists (adding in the "Amadeus" soundtracks, Creedence Clearwater Revival early France stuff), you don't know what the hell you're talking about. According to God, no one has ever seen John Fogerty (Creedence), ever. I got sick of his war ties early on and damaged the goods I feel. Update: Hear too "Ballad Of Poncho Villa" (on "From All Sides" - an alchemy) by Guaraldi (actually Elton John here faking it for us the piano only and mostly alright all of it - excellent - recorded June 1976 Philadelphia answers a mere challenge from the queen first with it).

Dont Laugh It Only Looks Like Beads Now One Day You See You've Bet The House
11/07/03 0852
Today's unquote (get off my back): "It's his effort. He decides what he exchanges it for." You figure out the rest for me. To Neil.

Bad News Bears Under Review
11/06/03 1019
Thanks to HBO West or whatever you are for the "Bad News Bears" review via "The Bad News Bears In Breaking Training" - I kept waiting for Tatum O'Neal only to see this was the sequel (actually filmed at the same time and released but days later it seemed - we waited until it was at The Director's Chair in Hamilton, NJ I'm sure - for a film of 2nd run prestige, same amount of fun for us kids - just a bit of Tatum we see early-on as unpaid to be yet). In this private film, some of from Menlo Park, NJ (Princeton people afoot - William DeVane for one) - see Ray Kroc of McDonald's fame as 'Sy Orlansky' - that's the real deal in cowboy hat and the Astrodome McDonald's built (with Unicef a McDonald's corporate too for birth defects - Army stuff again) for city Houston a big trade to do business there with steer and all sometimes (where there are cattle/cows, there are steer). "William Tell Overture" is correct too for "1812 Overture" this a big film from our kidhood known. I'm also told of Jimmy Osmond being the Baio kid with Scott being Marie's first child. Can you dig that first up?  

No Doubt You Do Too 11/06/03 2007
Yes I've talked to Mark Hollis a few times to know and I love No Doubt's version of Talk Talk's "It's My Life" (see iTunes they have it yes too). I still argue the brilliance of song "Talk Talk" for lyrical to keyboard thrills (see me at Dallas' Mistral's lovin' that 1986 with Yaz's "Don't Go" at issue to me now is "Goodbye Seventies" "i'm glad that we don't hear you | anymore | i'm tired of phyte-ing in your | fashion war"). Do this in memory of me 2.

Oh That Was A Dry Bone Too Now Celebrate Amongst Yourself
11/06/03 1315
No more chat you. No one came again. My friends in mind tell me keeping it up for this kinda stuff is unhappy business. I am someone new. I offered. I cared enough. No more ideas.

11/06/03 1200 AOL Chat! with "DougMoon8" until 1300 PST “Chat 3047502653010883344"

A Little Clarity From The Guileless Perhaps More
11/05/03 1859
You mention Toni, you hafta mention Liz. Went to the ol' Cocteau Twins site for a bit of stale that cheesy epitaph (note after) and find Liz Fraser having made something I like with Madonna's people called "At Last I Am Free" (a cover song - see c'est Chic, le freak). Not bad I sampled! It's on a comp called "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This Before" on Rough Trade. I heard Liz went to the "Cocteaufest" in Boston kinda incognito for (5) minutes only as embarrassed for people and I would have definitely gone too if I were on the east coast (a short drive to MA) and plus if I only had my wits about me this year (I love socializing that type wing). No one wants to admit it, but I know Liz personally as friend here in LA and can never really socialize due to torrents of problems with gay people, etc. I hate them and she hates me acting up (thanks for the steaks, though). When we met at a lowly gay party of my friend's, I didn't understand her problem at all what little disguises kinda dark hair and deafening lenses, but she is divine anyway if hard on people (when we met "Oh, you're really pretty [as a very safe lesbian] - we'll have children together" dumb Doug knowing not her grace I get told later in mind). Last time I was over her hog den (a supplement to her real home in France and abroad - a thug/flop house), an AIDS fag chomped me being loof. She had her hair shorn of breast cancer treatments and yes that's ugly thanks. So there ya go - I know the best of them but how dumb? All of us greatness and also no one to our surrounding folk. We are no one to these people. Thanks. Hi to Robin - we see you. P.S. Mortality rates on breast cancer are not known. You are free (I lie to her when we fight often and tell her statistics of dying in mind - real or not real am I? What is it going to be, Lifelong?)         

Even More Eletit Than That
11/05/03 1759
Believe it or not, people want to know even more about the Lennox stereo system I had. First see this cool link about from Korvettes. Toni Halliday's mom (we Toni and I talked yesterday: "look at this dress [as seeing seam] - it is ruined" as in fat trying on). Stereo: No, it wasn't as elegant as those with cassette player perhaps black-boxed and mounted on top ever junky-looking to no take. Ours was of front-mounted silverene and opened slowly to touch-pause. Some cassettes pop open so abruptly! The motor not direct, it took but a second to engage all forward. The dust cover wide and molded - left on top merely with little black bumpers as mount to guide. Oh, you could stack records as 45's or 33's - it just didn't matter with a furnished clip and an automatic turntable diamond stylus to boot, add lift-for lever on needle (and/or dub) stand. Shoot to kill. Like all of my possessions kept beautiful, I hand them down in servience to see at once destroyed (toys upon toys I discard to this). I agree though in not having used buy my way. Get something but new for you too.

Let's Schedule Another Chat For Tomorrow 11/05/03 1212
Tomorrow at noon here (Pacific Standard Time) I'll launch a new chat on AOL and announce the chat room right here (see prior attempt for how it might be). Sure, I'll sit for a while fielding your corn nuts. Others without AOL Instant Messenger are fucked for this, but do what you can to be better equipped about things. Remember, we like AOL for getting people right online it's that easy and they just luv it.

You Supposed To Be God Incarnate And All Just Doing This Stuff
11/05/03 0948
I got this one while deep sea trolling too I'm particularly vicious in my takings: Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" MP3 (4.5 Megs). Oh, sure - Aeromsith recorded this about ten (10) years prior to release and Elton John snubbed it. He blocked the release for years after his death yup because no one wanted an "overdone Aerosmith song they couldn't sing [play]". Aerosmith of course did it beautifully to tapes on tv one night. See me reek. Elton wrote this song (the keyboards are his alone on tape), and like Janet Jackson's "Lonely", you got Neil Geraldo playing guitar all through from 1987. He had to "re-record" his original part what was damaged for playing off-key (off bump or meter) so says producer Leonard - Pat Leonard that is of Madonna fame, or otherwise Mo Ostin. Chiefly, no one but actor-writer Martin Landau. I see this on the Japanese version of "Just Push Play" what honors God with "Metropolis" feel. If you need to pay someone for this stateside like Elton may did, you can buy the soundtrack to "Armageddon" also featuring "Come Together" from "Sgt. Pepper". Now die.   

Just Busting At The Seams To Hear Me Speak On Topic At Any Will
11/04/03 1817
My first prayer to any God is to make me worthy of insert. "Find a way" to make my enthusiasms all fit to within this structure and topic "somehow." My tartar having been made, I continue with another Neil prayer to high. Neil asks me in mind after revealing that I lived by Pat Benatar's "Crimes Of Passion" for a while and posting the below "Didn't you buy 'In The Heat Of The Night'?" with nailpolish and Pat's ideas all over the cover with in-fact nailpolish remover. "No" I said. I loved that "Heartbreaker" song but taped it off the radio. What I bought analling a limited income was not played on the radio often at all. I bought what I had to buy just to hear it again, mostly. That being said, we neighborhood kids all found ourselves finely appointed with the "Lennox" stereo system - mine purchased from Korvettes in downtown Trenton, NJ. The Lennox system featured a covered phonograph, am/fm receiver to tale, cassette player-recorder, 8-track player to record from perhaps, two (2) microphones to assist in any given recording of moment to cassette, and great box speakers each left and right to floor. Oh, sure - the tweeters were faked by hole, but we mastered our trade for slightly about one hundred eighty dollars ($180.00) to probably a bit less. A hell of a value. If you're impressed with that, I'll have you know that my friend Greg up the street had an 8-track player that would also record for you - end all madness of pursuit! I knew of three (3) of these Lennox systems myself simply installed to us around and about so don't think I was that special. Before that, a great Swingline lap unit (like a suitcase) I wish they still made for us in France - a light-green plastic unit from the people who make staplers - really nice, both speakers packed by clip within. Ebay never has these - I look for fun. That Lennox unit would have made it today, but I gave mine up at the time to replace my boyfriend's Kenwood rack unit after he moved out rudely and away. I just replace every motherfucking thing exactly to ignore the move on. You understand this. It wasn't so much him - it was the loss of appointments I favored mostly. Update: Oh, I see - my friend Chris reveals that he also had the Lennox stereo with advanced 8-track capability (those things would fast forward and rewind that shit too - no more sitting through to your muse - I play album cuts only and run to shut the bitch off prior to any insert noise of yours - I mean, who makes a record that good?) Seems the special Lennox units came from an employment perk at General Motors in Ewing, NJ (that plant - a Fisher plant - was torn down years ago I pass it often going to Marrazzo's a Thriftway supermarket and all on Parkside Avenue). Their mothers worked there to secure such (the things we said) and salloh (the thing I wanted). Now I know better. 

"Stateless" LP if missing it's because you were once black - first writ 1812 Japson: a ratified discussion featuring James Howard (as now Byron Patterson)

Just A Few Of The Songs I Managed To Swipe From The Artist Who Pays A Government In Distributions For Me A Bit Complex? 11/03/03 1146
Some of the things I actually bothered to download and now many of this - more later:
Lene Lovich "Lucky Number" MP3 (2.6 Megs) from the "Stateless" LP (Lene, who died in 1983 of heroin fix is with us, but sad again - here goes - your record came to me via Elton's son in and about 1979 high school - we loved this....Lene - her real name is Kristine - is Grace Slick's daughter by Ted Templeman a CBS guy), Nirvana "Dive" MP3 (3.7 Megs) from the "Incesticide" LP, Pat Benatar "We Live For Love" MP3 (3.8 Megs) from the "In The Heat Of The Night" LP, The B-52's "There's A Moon In The Sky (It's Called The Moon)" MP3 (5.8 Megs) from The B-52's debut album, Devo "Out Of Sync" MP3 (5.0 Megs) from the "Oh, No! It's Devo" LP, Pretenders "Tradition Of Love" MP3 (7.4 Megs) from the "Get Close" LP, Janet Jackson "Lonely" MP3 (4.5 Megs) from "Rhythm Nation - 1814" (oh - the year blacks first sat on Congress and helped pass laws - junk - each in-between a clip from a movie that helped to feature blacks prominently that's nice now get real about you and your own misdeeds toward whites I also took "Come Back To Me" both beautiful thanks). Update: See my rectory (sees only good inside for me yet - a hostile place for ungiving sense, an expectation box) for those musics I took to date yet unseen by you.

Reasons: I like to skunk everything that changes so softly sifting you out of the axel pie but off-downward something else you lost called it over to frequent. You know you feel bad when it's over, our havings, and that's why you cared enough to do it down. You either tell the world how you wire it up by in-fact high-wiring the details or live in fear of having been seen clipping just a single red wire if yellow and then blue sustain a charge. I like to talk and you see that last bit of junk to know just this much better I put it up your honeycomb ass and wait for hot-bred, tricolor sea monkeys to dart out of soul left. A woman reaches for the time like a candle in a butter dish always knowing too little to taste any of the fat left off she says. "Real butter hurts my margins" in real-time we'd say if we knew cows were indeed better off I'd moo. I think real butter - like any women could notice upright and churning sand out of the bottom - has health properties exchanging nicely with studio-facts we grew up eating margarine and I think a flesh-eater's disease like TB (um, "tail bone") must follow that around town crippling an imperiat's parkalav with the Poleo virgin - a rare disease affecting night-flight and secretions the pander's gland uses to decoy the third act of Cowpers Uramyl buttery stroft it said sifting it down but over you know. Hey, and all as the healing clays of Lourdes cloud my Aapri facial scrub older to youth's divine. But back to, a woman gets all bothered by my successes of many missed instances rippling her socio-wastes and creating problems for nearly that her regards by it tinged or all at once we'd say "had a shoe bronzed on backward after someone tied one of her laces together - still can't see." Don't mess around we found you one day chock-full of bad heroin lying just beside the bio-mare dumpster out back. Following in the footsteps of Alex P. Keaton again? All it takes is an old copy of the Wall Street Journal (to murder a world with no end rapes ever) and only half a cup of coffee-greeter so to counterpoint or seemingly seen siphoning off a cradle of lemon-lynch tea (get a load of that burberry tea casket at Bombay Company - who you havin' over? Earl Grey? my mother actually has one a gift by sibling - each year a new cherrywood ample inspired by "wrapped-individually" and mastercash merit-toons, another 'robbed' report for the verisame people who think a Bentley is somehow better than a Rolls Royce nevernot to this you my spirit of ecstasy having at once flown by front). The world turned backward to greet that often enough said Meredith Baxter-Birney (how many years has it been now since that called back for cash?) twice before being paid almost two times or as much less to see it home. Yasmine Rothers was actually the anticipated star draw (see maple syrup at one percent used and then claimed viciously to another) done down once there to the original Joyce DeWitt subpilot initiating the whole shebang at Hooters, not the Regal Begal a gay front for polysynth hogs who often dare to dream but wake up elsewhere with weighted keys and a bad patch of the cymbals. Only the swing dates minor keys.         

As If My Ass Couldn't Open It To Distaste Any Wider Than This
11/03/03 0933
You know me - I do alot of shitty little things to counter neurals and thought in my way (no you to see), but never to cite you backwards or say anything guide to broad public the veer anals of history apply you. I gotta defend the little guy here seemingly so dumb to it yet one who affords you crap like this to head off your hurt for me. Oh, I was feeling lively again this weekend and spent an evening at the spa yet unliving on the dark side (try to know each of other as later, after are you still mad? of course you are live like we do or see it here first and more enjoyably to me-other roll to your stressballs see-fit) and enjoying the company of others as I sometimes do and with others as may do. "I do." I emerged to either twelve noon or midnight my watch wouldn't say and until I saw the street I honestly had no idea gun to my head. That is Heaven-like quality I seek in sanfors, the walk home a testament to trouble and the time of day leisure permits it at this but one am. Anyway, I spent time enjoying other patrons one of whom immediately frightening as my maternal grandfather redone to youth. Yeah - and that is for sure he had a vendetta against my says and now some change seen to be. Okay, I'm in the mix I see it (this gets gross but bear with the thoughts lying just beyond my lesson) and no one to be found is the yellowish tobacco saint who couldn't speak to me ever as I knew him car crash then stroke other cabo junkies and was pecked into the ground happily enough but far too soon January 1974. His funeral is at issue these days no one gets it that good who cares he did (seems some say to me all the time "no one came to my funeral" and is all I hear - junky and junkier still "I would've been there for sure had I known" I'm usually giggling with the deceased at and about mourners faking sorrow and making stupid remembrances to be withdrawn from my disgust at once as unusually stamped sometimes I have that cherished for no further talk of to say - "look at that - can you believe this? My God! Is there no shame to nearly die then too?" having your say ain't said all of it yet to those of pray) but from a parish of trust what important. He made it and for the better I see. I admit I don't particularly care for the dawnings at name, but okay there it is. Lots of others around too and I with certainly knives drawn all hinder at they have attitudes and say me little I yet. Speak not or hear the familiar rise you. A rewind can be beautiful again and with less of you to certify the damages at home once then now oh how nice. Otherwise let me kill it day at dawn each. I mean, if after all you don't see, I'll call it hops. End the day and for once. End this to me. My grandfather changed to be with it and me well done to fool. To shimps: The space between us - a largesse. No one comes to bear. How sad. Stay put.    

From The Highest Hurt Comes A Healing Sensibly Just Look Away At You! Simply Ever On The Mend To It Thus Seems Yet
11/02/03 1951
If what you can't live with just does you away once, know for sure then that things are only right here. That's just. That seems you. Now three (3) hoopda las from beyond the height of it your pleasure now pained: Those who will have, those who may have, those who will have nothing and perhaps none of and only in quiet support of structured losses (sometimes you gotta give to get it all back one fine day I help with "thinks about this too - do you want even less in life? if so see how much more for less of that like just this say it with me - you know - strike it rich types being seen to be without already how so to yours the button I push reveals to no coin?") sorts further off to "do this", "never say that", "why bother [the rich with tales of poor a standard quote to competitive entry]?" Get these names up front (you had none of this - see? may haves but probably not no): "anastasis" makes you special never to be felt by anyone else a pleasure to serve it to you. Powerfully timed we meet darkest "quadra-lang" in every direction hurts me to say the source of all pain magnificent the pairing felt me to touch and then breed it on. An old woman gets stung by a bee if to propers daily. She thinks she knows it. No one knows like I know. I know pain to be. Quadra-lang said no more to you and you heard that like balls hear scorchings befor eflies send worms. Mine: Like Christmas balls cheers then by hostiles inordained of peppermint soap. That little dance - is it traditional or folk? Seems a bit haute to theaters of seeds and glory (that one notice to rise then - just startling to fact indeed). The last coupling of hot wire to lonely sort (clos e the switch first it says by better sampling of sort) is "pedert". Pedert (say "per-date") keeps you happy enough just doing and being it is quell and stasis to me. It is nice enough but hardly the stuff your dreams are drained of and by. A morning cup of coffee is here and pleasures no one if thinking. You need it only if said so. Quadra-lang accents the McDonald's incident twice now. See that. No matter what I pair to quadra-lang (in my mind an outer sphere you need nearly touch to blow both balls up from soup to nuts this winter home yet it fails to deliver me sensings of renewed youth - pipe it right in). Oh, well. Promise less if seen to be more. Take my test I'll dare ya.        

My Every Mysticism Explained To You Simply By Caring-Type Detrisols
11/02/03 1432
You know, when people came to visit me in Los Angeles I was perfectly clear when exempting myself from burden and baggage - our lives remain unchanged while you visit, right (see Section 1072, Article 69 for certain exemptions requiring our closeness to then possibly include doubledowns invoking lapseat)? Erring back, you have a room-place to sleep (never on my sofa floor thanks - too many incidents with lube, the unexpected guest a cockring "eeeu, what's this?" I offered "various and sundry vaginal discharge" as polite to unserving patternsway?), a bathroom, and an intinerary no one forgets that part have a list of things to do and see. Everything was tooled in advance for perfect memories fleeting fading away as per usual to an unerring black. Parents are here? So what. I'm out all hours of the night in hustler cantinas thrilling to the kinda hush all over the world a parking lot and or bookstore might offer a deedsly doer after the hour fact. Nothing sensible that's me you sleep by my suggest no one needs to sleep ever I made that up too - fatiques sure leads to death (God almight is at once both "tired" and "old" - see that for what it is truth only and how limited your dreams may say - lay off the frankenfurts I hafta pelt-stuff each one). Some say selfish of me, I say happy enough you're here and welcome back to any time. Maybe I get shot at an intersection for being the only one out on the street this much before church sanctioned this day undone? Yeah, I hear about the things that happen to you but back to my remedials and surety program, am I certainly not interested in propogating your lie or your truth it is my pleasure and redeem I to seek of and as a find for less of you (I used to be just that a person who needed you to like what I like - now you need be what I like or like what others liked in you or something merely consuming the fleshen exist of these likenesses something likes that now a food for thought). Who is and did this me? All of the people who adhered gently and managed to turn it around to faith - I'm extended by your peri-fraud now see that our takings continue unabated by you in the name of gay hand a pussy runs to interference. All of those who suspiciously reduced my view before all could be told to me so needy the flesh of it sought. I take on behalf of word and deeds said and lacking to sought. Yeah, it's all real for you too may come if you make the effort to shun your personal sense of propriety and issue it hate routinely winning the very stamp it uses to send letters home to check less and burden some you win same hope you like it even better now I sure do knowing who I work for is all it seems. This is about losers making their own choices to lose I lost nothing my winnings are are simply not favored by you yet (we use the word "cherish" to glamour hate the AYDS a rare glimmer of hope for you yet - I told you I made that to protect the ugly and dumb a rare intersect do a Venn diagram two circles overlapping in a universe you hate everything all of it - union, intersect, null, and of course the randomness of samples distributed within and without). By the way, have a nice life I did I listened to no one really I let hate be my guide from that's ugly enough of you and the rest took care of itself I went through a desert on a horse with no name...she was hungry she required me entirely all that's left is here to remain it's a dull and cruel pain I attest to none of this. Now, we seek to revise and learn only more of it. I'm awful about things, really, having paid for my attitudes with filth and forbearance while you borrow and same with my apologies to be summarized at once upon death. Something popular gets pulled to pieces, you'll be choking on me whole for days on-end seeking at once to blend our strengths. People move away, they change drastically I don't even know your new name let the new you emerge to other truths as swimmingly named yeah that even sounds better "Eletit Frimalge" I kinda liked "Chaffney Pimseur-Leuroux" too very sassoir and au cliteur-sounding c'est chic and what does that mean in French again is it "remember Paris"? Oh, it's better for you and the unwitting past renamed to lateral file that now comes calling once-twice daily first and last - middle initial? One day our heroes they die of reasons unknown to us, and then all's well with us again it happens clarity received by due and in-short. Thanks for letting me off the hook every time I'm questioned - my vow - I'm no one really but life was certainly my kind of reason to be. I mean, I had all in me, Bitch - some on the outside. Apparently all I didn't need you had right to under your purview. Keeping score? Your methods are sound your hatred of it real. Count dicks, ask your friends if they would ever think about fucking your dog - just on a whim possibly drunk, a savior died simply confirming your irrational feelings of having ever lived for any reason at all less of to please that. "Don't you help me just his yet. I'm still wondering about this and possibly expanding my gift basket club maybe a membership drive and then all it would mean - I mean our needs being served back to us in terms of creating what's driving most of it out of sampled sane to hand-held markets. What a soap might say to clairvoyant beyond rouges and forsays. Seeking the verily terms of our love once it does die..." no mentions yet, someone else of course one day it happened to you too. I did it all to you - sure - and plan on having it alot like that again only better than that one last time. No more ceding to my faith once held. You bargain the spirit anew as formerly "cradled in [his] hands of implication". Never accept junk like that - what does that mean? It says nothing to you at once leave it to die with the mind that went crazy chasing personal filths - you lick your own ass but whiskers-clean only to find your tongue at once again sullied! It ain't easy keeping house and home neither. Keep a' lickin' it fry, but do it softer like you still cared for me and my wondrous way with it your cares so easily squirmed my manage. A messiah hurts people, you know. He ain't here to save the stretch and quality of your silks - that's for damned sure if lit so burn.               

Whew! I'm Gonna Hafta Lick Someone's Hairy Butt After All Of That God Talk
11/02/03 0949
On top of everything you want me to be respectable to the least-liked of you? Respect my ass and balls. If I added up all the known bullshit in the world, you'd be that one idiot savant seemingly and reading this the correct answer endlessly until someone traces around skips over your beautiful drug-addled mind now luminescent with white chalk so paints the lost highway for passing if held-paced by a prior self yet to sense a return vouch. All of that beauty I never wanted that kind of better people stuff leave it to beaver our own trinities of use, misuse, and abuse. Hold the beauty simply a mental case I ordered nothing not normal in everything muse. Seek nothing to be understood I pleasure-victim that with daily misleads to misconstrue. No one need go professional to remain unpaid. It sells it self. Dear Jesus Christ you are dead, unborn to unliving just inside of us prayers: Mary Cunt. I want to something sleek, naked. Your wrongs are timelit. Rule to me first.

You Decided Tits Too Eight Is Enough 11/01/03 1158
This sourgum velamint just packaged by Indiana Jones - rolled by wheat is more like it, grapenuts a naturalist sorts piss and gubbles a gill of it: "I can't believe women let him verch tingle tip tergle tinch tingle tinch." A woman - the havingest hold on unhaving, on hate-first then hoping all fails. A woman - so to fuck. You didn't want to be bothered raising that right, and you still don't want to be bothered, right? Fine. I'll bother. Two snaps saves sand. Maybe one day I too clean my ass by hopping around naked to swipe myself on wet rocks insists by babbling brooke. See junk. End this.    

Just Like October 1974 11/01/03 0932
Halloween got done down so bads last night I couldn't believe all of the fucking rain a verrential torrent of well-water ended that shrift to an unberry off-note. I remember October 1974 I was in fifth grade you fool to cancer it and we didn't get Halloween then either. We got fucked by rain then too. Bit of a chill. It only happened once but it was devastating to me I couldn't wear all of those cardboard boxes to town center to receive my entry rejection for next year's costume (the needy have place - "best used rubber" I'm supposed to be Martha Plimpton after her sex with David Dukes ended abruptly and she spat back) nor could I rustle up my sister's traditions limited este cache of "personal" wine-candy assorted while eating my own licores at leisure pace (no one hides or keeps like that button swinch - no challenge to my crombs yet of course how unearthly a steal to misplace then crying in dreams of you being robbed similarly I couture these things to make shift and then else off - two weeks max for any new astute or captioning your ruler sees you rule and rules you out down off to hind). Oh, sure - we went out the next night like ragamuffins to greet board and blackness while kit-kat elicts in special dark, but no one would have us (your parents made you stay in and sensibly, who expects "The Brady's" anyway - I thought you was Hosley Hobbies, I thought you was the plepers from "Cats" that singing and all we hate your new stuff "Sampon Salivor" I hate that song written by Mama Cass' tuna melt a country hog eats chipwitskins tastes as likely swimshines butt over britt). My parents were just as curious as you were waiting for their next set of orders - the kindle exchange of simi mexican candies for all-good is off now, see what happens Skor? I send something reli-cheapstor into the givening mikasa all-the-while keeping the Totes tummy toussager with magnetic alshores and vertical skinf-lifts under are to shwoots until that pinata gives up something rectal or snap, crackle and pop  meet the orange whipwish and tur perpa the peri-anal the gods bejewel a sucker and coat it with fur a trade heat or hyte. After this scotchring swip something less invasive but portooning loosens the thought that counts it all out. "Father Christmas! Father Christmas! Fuck your mother end her soul!" Why'd it hafta hurt so bad? "Father Christmas! Gives the gift of gas from their deepest hole! Father Christmas mothers you!" A belt, a bra, a coloured cologne that stings, every bottle inspired by excral-illusionist "Chad" - "a dust bowl is this means to so many things. You. You. You. Ours you." It takes me ground black - all of those fucking flies each laying their eggs nestled innermost my eyelashes and the scobb-scent of 2000 Mortaldone Flushes "wildebeast torques up to blue-green envy removes a sight as per swift switches it in - tit for tat, this but that" plural inf-banishes unsight mayered rust and those embarrassing piss spots on each liver a singe flesh. Tour Lime Vivey! Lime Mes! Undoily dedous! Mogobo. An endless cycle of wand-steaming toilet, walls, floor 'round and 'round it glibbens, glimes you of.

This link misleadingly crotched "October 2003" takes you back to your childhood if dare. Let fate ill-reason you just this once more.
You just keep playing along here of loving the right answer and learning about it too each of fifty-two cards brought a winner said nothing more your hand. I alert you to my cause at once some and once more and see you thinkling off down out in riddles and rhymes I don't believe in having you meet to me under this precept and will threaten no one as many and as such until you've already signed for my shipotle as yes an idiot priority and thus to be taken right up the very ass. I don't believe in you either, Asswells. I have all of the magical vapors in the world and still I remain practical to unused a half-ass. Just mind it or let it to me so say hear your screams so tills the root if all the vapors in the world once would.