for your shopping needs
maybe you know more

jump to november 2016 and a little late at that...

only answers to please me: i hadda go back to that elusive courthouse out on lacienega this week to get terry's unemployment to unhand a week or two and it dawns on me a bus won't go there to get your release as rumoured to be in alabama - simple? no bus will but park behind - the argument still is to follow the bus what is culver city or online not to go straight down the the west was won is here with a gun...we got as far as manchester this time or just behind the giant doughnut stand both in inglewood or the any money paid into a save, you need to know how to command your fist downward, to master your phone over you...forgive our court hearing or appearance as mia...maybe...two weeks in advance of ourselves only? you and i both know you walk imperial from the bus station right behind as a sidewalk underneath one block in length, same bus driver, same ignorant request to know and not know...let's not go next time - next time? every so many or so...the bus is the problem at san vicente and olympic too - hard on the flower to be wilting...

one rueful, slight mention to oscar mayer's deli case sliced lunchmeats - i picked up their rotisserie chicken for $2.50 it was delightful and plentiful too the need being oroweat's jewish rye picked up on sale $, not so much searching for truth in cheese and deli ralph's

just out now saturday eleven twelve 11/12 people magazine - the gift of giving well-received peppermint cocoas and mochas
get one free with five purchased using their 'app' or mobile application (alot of people just like using lingos - 'like they're with it' - frank sinatra)
ok! i'm sure they're both nice enough see mcdonald's is here

people magazine reports 'fbi huckster' janet reno died (we add 'about six weeks ago') 'do you shoot everyone?' i'm quoted for asking of the end and where are you most likely to fall? and why not - the woman in terminator just pooped over one day for no notice (smart money keeps kyle worth killing for and in theaters - mad as hell)...the new tx-10 just inflates her tits for the cops as more reality-based than others if a bent-up helicopter delivers her body to sheers...only god appears naked demanding your clothes and a lit cigar...'congratulations' are in order i'm guessing...

more: i used to think (like the computer-designing black of 'skynet' fame that delivers nothing to this world as thought of - a plane full of blacks that reach the beach and in-time) becoming self-aware meant you order your own supplies - munitions against people - i hadda run back and say you know there are sharks and other grassmongers in and of you - on your face as roving in thought and as unaware of its price perhaps...the giggles along 'an enlongated cigarette' are good emulation of receiving as thought of to another...we weren't meant to talk it all out with fashions and feathers...beads...

unhappiness expressed by others is no reason not to do or try
there is no promise of resigning oneself to a fated (faded) being...
words reshape and thus embolden one but beyond my means of having been seated already - a fight? people are unruly but are also unseen by me

presenting the new orchard hardware at labrea and third roughly (too far to walk from here take the number 212 bus down labrea) - is the one true god of minutiae or smallish of details
switches and grommets etc. - nice mannequins to look at or away from as it were all in living context (the christmas shop on one end aborts their business plan)
i like their orchard's suggestive style 'what don't you need' as extras what spawns a fight when you get home no sample paints yet mixed to $5 sample
i got a cheap electronic doorbell no transformer ($17 for lezzies or people in-the-know) we just have the button and wires to suggest the work or prior tennant's equipment as perhaps in jail
apple iphone's new 'home' feature as bogus might elicit sounds from a live apple tv? as usual nothing just yet 'more memory' the previous button self contained as chip go figure
the landlord will do as rule? not 'til you're paid up will you order from here a new glass monkey will you see~

i chatted with the russian lenin - quite possibly the most frightening countenance ever as dead relic - while i waited at the bus stop heading home
we talked about workers and blacks having their voices heard...bolsheviks
later on golda meir getting shot around a self-seeker from behind?
i demure as textbooks and no such of friends
you can die as no one - makes more sense even as you know all the bits that matter?
now is nice but floundering...i like flounder when my grandmother makes it at home we lived together for a while 'i make flounder only' - my grandmother post-humously of course as i wonder some...aloud
take a tip

-----------------hope in and of itself 2016----------is not enough-----------hope to be welcome at dinner? a new wig on---------no pun(t) intended

110816 don't bet on it - she won handily but is shrewd my figures are 90% of the vote and twenty-six of his electoral a foul? she owns might here...the popular vote doesn't make me happy really it needs to confirm us to all that is good...wait and see no one goes away unless they try and take over...take a seat in november 2016 [ ] yes, i'll sit [ ] sit, yes...little girls stop doing something to exchange with me and ours...i'll stop doing this....

'outlaw' people always fashion something against me in turn, i want nothing here but watch and wait...we deliver an end to conversations only...who?

be quiet~

james bond and madonna's brother 'chris walken' delivered a great fight atop golden gate bridge simply the most unbelievable bullshit ever ! aka 'zorin' and their corporate blimp they dragged that man over san francisco and the girl had no fear - who is that jill ireland (ref: is in the donnie iris' video 'ah leah') what a's like that 'view to a kill' all young like trump...i love singing the theme not one of the lesser openings...

try this scott eastwood movie on for size 'diablo' - is strangely religio-nut in feel...that is, almost christian...but not really slits some nigger's throat rather than see him spare the ass wax
diablo is 'bad person' but senses one of a kind

one such costume on the bus heading in to weho on sunset from labrea
christmas is coming way too fast - see wreath below

we hadda seek counsel with others 'round holloway and palm
'nothing compelled me' - evanescence

something new at target
maybe you - the store dicks with the panorama feature (perhaps of all desks available) on iphone
always getting involved - go away your future is a stink i happen to notice

this is not better than madonna (feels like someone removed it, it's so good but as usual unruly, or religious) but i promised last night 11/06
garbage 'magnetized' from their new prepossessing album (what do they know that i don't know?)
the title's're 'magnetized' when people want to know you for the purposes of being with you as star
i find myself loving a good stab at the heart - 'see why not?'

is this dumb nigger you talk to [as in someone here taking my attention for no good reason] for the upcoming election? you should try sucking dicks if you want cash to dry up with any credit pay for talk be fond of it -- i'll hold your bills now...

you don't build confidence here, we forget how it goes - fa la la

'you amaze me' - the corn itself 'can't stop growing'

madonna 'what it feels like for a girl'...nice vocal
does it burn bads? you should run

our jack o' lantern this year - just now out
thank you chipotle for your $3 burrito with guac 'til closing - we got two
wanders on maybe later....

time warner (spectrum) on-demand alert: 'godzilla' is free right now i'm watching has $100 in itunes cards (4 x $25) with a $10 bonus card added in...

bush president jr. lost 22 million emails? remember i wrote hillary at the white house thanked in the press for dropping dead - 'we like you' from work....hurts little people? i hurt them...whole heart...

shots at target the cash clown for forgetting it's christmas
i fucked them over for a new stanley ratchet screwdriver kit as now blind in the dark of night with contacts
was $5 off a coupon - virtually free then they play with shelves prices
pour, no? i'm an illegal person - ever try doing the right thing? you better get out of dodge
'i never listen to people who don't do - someone has to show you' - dM
'fifty percent don't show me anything i need to learn and run right away too' - dM

noting my-your domain '' now available? why don't you die doing like i do? p.s. i pee'd in your chocolate other note is diptheria is pronounced 'diteria' (say 'die-teria' like 'cafeteria') or die teary-eyed a diaper licking fool for taking in a cafeteria's service i love baby carrots - get it? i love carrots however they come~ and was innoculated for eating butt...way back whenever...

you know, i make made a careful mistake with apple and facebook contacts and got messages and buzzes-bells from facebook (birthdays are hard as intrude but facebook most viable as the 'accounts receivable' of the social world 'they owe me' as cited faithfully 'be right over after they're here' plus accounts payable 'you know you owe me' the bells warning of you but certainly is not mine to use 'oh, did you make that last one a real poopie yourself to avoid my one poem by hand?' - and a gift card? for what - twitter 'a blaud' and the note that i'm a no one to know (but bless if used) and army-type mothers who never provide a single lay (cautious cat with feelings as 'layover')...remember fds 'for dat smell' in a can of airwick for windows it's illegal to offend me 'all four in one'...get new at 99 cents plus my darling is always 'glade' so pretty but does it hunker down to this a feast while trolling through our flourbed? feminine is to be 'strength found in another' perhaps a potato while starving the tooth and flouride budget for its simple of dentifrice 'yes, that'll do' not 'oh, dear' an odor...

last thing apple iphone 6 taught me? the doodle etch-a-sketch type screen on messages 'thank you' in my hand script if as wanted...looked like arabic at first and was ignored off...find it yourself then?

------some mouthy bullshit as you sit down to work in their home-----thank 'in living color' (ad-libbing cleverly) for the jabberjaw crap you spread to old-tired trying to be the light at the parting end of the tunnel wedding gown going down in the toilet what's worse than being drunk and vomiting? nuthin' yellow scabs in your heart and hand be careful this weekend HALLOWEEN WEEKEND 2016 'knock you in the head kick you in the bed!' - the b-52's p.s. i had me own last weekend and days of again and again now gear up for rent? fest weekend number two with promises afore! a job application from 'fat standing around lonely'? bitch, we fucked - and yew?

-----------pu saturday october 29 two days left 'til big fest halloween target selling dr. denton's by the rack less booties 'didn't i see you stealing tv's last year?' who are you this year - mr. clean as having done the wash...not bald both bald and hijinx

apple computer ('from france' it says) has been identified by me as general motors and general electric (the general election? pshaw...push off tom turkey going to war-sea?) what do u know? i just go with apple inc. how does knowing better pay?

you hate something as some blown-up freckly nigger and you're fat and plus crapping yourself so what? pray to that~

---------------------went to a good party next door this weekend do it again...everybody dressed up me keeping it down so fuckin' noisy and that's the truth it was unbelievable on tape or something---simply well done a rumour is one person was alot of it that's not special to gas them all is terry a no go oh well guarding the door from the inside why know? he doesn't know remembering the oj (sperm) trial 'my boy' what? either way i win i found that glove their way of saying it was a nigger...what - i had him over...a 'guavine' is how i describe a fruit-like bloodlessness unless it's showtime...

you're not smart enough but listen well...dinner's on:

if there's one thing i got rid of it was bother and wait plus you and your cherished things: ol' dummy lost his job a while back (to the tune of many others having to go) and while i perceive no real benefit i know you suffer to me too (you will? you will know more - and why then)...unemployment - and i updated my records too the last year matters only 'so what i'm not you' i pay people to get them to go - to get off my checkbox list (while you type perfectly, mindlessly ever you're a bad lay face the facts 'the real you' whatever) - gives you a target figure or grant based upon your earnings the last four quarters or so - and whether that pisses you off or not the landlord pays or objects 'cause they're not real ever or i'm not real but are skivving english jerkoffs you hafta agree you look for work and it could pay up to $450 a week believe that but i remember new jersey pays twice as fast and these bitches are slow to keep no beat but 'to eat' grubby belly cunts (where do you fit in? m1 and all worthless of junk sitting beside and but you want it) but it's mine to say and i get nothing from you yet...$450 so far the first week out and about forfeited - he dropped his job the very tuesday after labor day with nothing granted but they also send benefits to a credit card now at bank of america all chipping in but still slow....remember need? god knows who this is paying - i can't be here with my dad calling all sunshine over some new jeans due last monday for no asking of it but all this while a week spent in their clownshop no more - to claim shenanigans is like a gift from - 'when you're dead' the 'rigorous minds' i cite you live for no bother only no upstaging my cat died right on the dot at fifteen and so do you 'dj hit that button' apple inc. owes me amid their horseshits 'when you're dead' but sales are comfortably nested somewhere but not here and all this accompanies me or achieves me and that won't be using christ for pay some japanese a priest i have a vow of poverty that included that bread smell within never forget it's sperm really (no quote - no love) and that could be quite lavish if you'd fuck off and i get another apartment building ostensibly a guiding hand with a complementary ring and pig fat up your butt for broken marriages or whatever to dope your kids 'he said he'd do it' or had voices 'just do it' with god and all and that's pretty gross if a prayer circle is for fags coming in to touch frozen goods - what else is keeping me here - is it haunted? i have these things not you and the difference is pre-plan 'murder them all for thinking off topic' over and over when the thought subsides and keep it down ten grand from the parents for rent? that's big money to cheap resolved to pay and live where's mine? ever ask about stuff maybe a popularity contest? nevermind a woman is on the ballot is about me 'think what you want' as you do - no one sees it coming 'like a pig has a parlance to paris' i keep my own reality and hesitate to share unless we're together in it...use your good never do i see... looks as flimsy as monday the last? keep it coming i owe you millions but a wait from you? my god you're dying and all claims of being poor maybe it's me again...i'm poor but i'm not desperate to be seen doing for what? there are laws one big one is 'no pursuit' get that it might be as much as a treason or your head cut off just privately and just once no playpen? i like it beneath the eyes to just get the important stuff ? i speculate people who are good have to envelope anyway i don't have alot you can see neither...for speculation was truly no one and it died bad of boredom 'evil must die' must be relieved of women junk who are you? no traps...not black or brown but poor enough...i like them i think they are destructive aren't they to your perfect life of old fuckin' women-queers and their jailbird mandates for nothing i know about - not yet england look to us we don't care you want to be here and you snuffed my friend's cat a queer in-hiding probably him too so smart if true...the two hundred i get from my mother a month for the advice (twice this month for letting things drag on and on you have nothing to say your meager efforts are matched three times by me the only thing to say is i wanted away from beggars good enough - i am perfect in every way the day does not progress with you in-charge equalization is mine to give after you died at least once nothing you do is price-worthy you to fear only...i don't work for that you get to know niggers in to job nail it to what i think and feel a horror...all crashes must fit in i'm a booger about this not lessening to well abode...p.s. i buy in fast but feels bad like china or tokyo (kyoto to fool)? not before an election 'we are the world' they know about you your sexual addendums while not a fail by a light anything goes trying to be someone of force 'same face'...the world chock full of furths or full faunts (of water? don't think dead bodies more than half your sink with you in there pre-plan) having nothing to say trained like a fuckin' dog 'knows where the food comes from' (or is cow with udders hanging talking on the phone 'get out' brown sex cow) see the above is also cheap as me? never mind i am here in the test tube all poop goes out ...x the time value of money of paying more later to be free secured by the ravages of thought share them not to have no complaints that's for sure....

---------------------tax cheat i don't care what you want

got 'ravager' booked until 8:00 p.m. (you get forty-eight hours) via on-demand seeking its truths and no wonder i couldn't fathom it as all over the place! one good turn deserves another...missing in action is the b&w commercial at the start...p.s. i don't think the balls ever flew around outside before...that's who muffed up the driver of reggie's car at the start...they got dawn too...relieved her, that is...

curve 'triumph' from 1993's 'blackerthreetracker' ep

our labeufo ('place above you' say 'bah-foh')
i love police state doors~ except light outside at night blinds you
the greater light pressure delivers sight

nice neighborhood - passersby and noise i don't care
that's formosa at top - turn left in the roundabout to go the famous formosa cafe and mingroom target too basically a block away as chatecorner

believe it or not a parking garage underneath, laundry

another look at the moon plant design - get it right to flame
btw, the best fake flame is an oval white cloth blowing with a flashlight focused on it

our home phone number (323) 375-6627 is formally forwarded via magic jack to my phone (424) iphone 6 via at&t...don't even try it...we paid them for one more year in june or no reference to that number...terry is (310) 435-1517 via consumer cellular - it used to say 'beverly hills' now is 'united states'...when he calls that is....

apple mac os 'sierra' trying to leave our late-2006 (really 'early 2009' quotes 'about this mac') mac mini dvd drive at all is new minimalized mobile junk with opinion lading...japanese crap...btw, christ says of his ghost a ball 'it's the sun' with two red diamond eyes on white...fine...never do i see it come...

our annual choice for ben cooper - see the humour: has to be dying of it, unsure
'a mouth full of crap'...fadge like a baby hates the taste

a little jerky boys la femme (without women)

the here and now: spectrum (formally time warner now $29 a month it says bundled but for each?) cable has 'phantasm v: ravager' on-demand for viewing for about six bucks too - i hafta watch it again sometime to let all sink in at my rates of absorption like schoolwork called on 'duh' ('what else didn't she eat while pregnant with her fifth loaf of bread* - her mother's ass?' no she ate that...) please, i'm not you...this october 19 while waiting for money still...a package from my dad he keeps calling (a battery bob shipment too)...'no, you certainly aren't special a fat whore' to some female voice interjecting...know the law it's for not having, usually...

*more like a small budweiser bottle the neck exits last all pink about ten months or so...don't be left out~

eurythmics 'for the love of big brother'
from '1984' lp probably released in 1987 when i got here
i love their sitar work - see tom petty 'don't come around here no more' i just watched still a great song!

tom petty 'don't come around here no more' 1984-85 mtv age dawning
'i am so mtv'
dave stewart's all 'come in' on mushroom with pipe and smoke then 'see this? get it out now'

lyric box: 'baby baby baby | don't you shave your legs | don't you dub and comb your hair' - no gay-type fades from eurythmics 'i need a man' the lyric a poison

'isis' is like 'incest' - insists it's better...may end-of-me as not knowing much but bodycount is about right...i guess

'somehow, i've been reduced to comforting people i hate - and btw, how are you?' - dM not be confused with hate or hate in the face or hate - think nothing truly given or for you, demask

cocteau twins and least likely to be snared 'feet-like fins' from the otherness ep 1996 or so
every year i enjoy this invaluable work like the sun coming over the horizon it is
nothing but mystery and wonder

'here are some laudits (people you like knowing - all truly dumb) versus pundits (people playing you for a fool - doesn't know) big deal 'and my dumb chaffeur' - dM what feels good is naturally good a sleigh ride home is quicker...lyric by soft cell 'sex dwarf'

this spins get it right: a moonflower straight up on a pole like flame in one of those struggling community garden-graveyards
what would you grow? 'warts in your ass' - jerky boys

i think snow white should thank that witch an apple so long to see - something for them?
$15 shillings for no such core - at target probably a one-time sale for the evil eye ('you see i have it first')
'seeing is knowing' - dM
i do a little comedy routine from 'serpent and the rainbow' blowing poison powder at each other with sly cupped hands and right up the neck '...and how are you?'
all pleasantries, and if so, all the way up there living free in boston both trees and mud but so cold to you

this years 'oomingmak' (say 'oo-MING-mack' for like an old black tire) award for best whale blubber snacks goes to this shark costume who admits polar bears are more vicious 'we know, we know'
the usual steak costume banned in alaska had to bow to honorable mention 'the baked potatoes were as big my fist'
could've been cared for~
nevermind how much $30 is life-like like flannel sewn to sponge or foam - get vampire teeth to be the little guy inside trying to eat a little i'm the crescendo of enjoyment trust that 'fighting for your little life'
all confused

from arthouse to urols - from the rear separator-controde
you'd be scared of the red coloring if you knew why so confusing to me
cabinets hit the light above so then what? sometimes a mercy in going to hell
last year's rope lights in abhorrent yellow join english violet twinkles what are supposed to be black lamps but we see what not to have ultimately by having - 'clean air'...a eurosealer among the ashes with their imported pubic hair eraser

this shot need to thank you

i call this candy 'barloft' like karloff get it? to fool~ bark bark bark!
a good deal under the guise of giving to others 18 bars or others i'd say
one such mercy is someone suggesting you stop eating - be frank
don't hide beneath a cloak of 'caring' for me - i'll carry your stuff off being serious-minded this time
'got to keep my strength up' - john candy the brill creme honors us both

my latest garbage pickford sly by night - got your memoirs
' one knows why, but i did...sometimes i knew different'
you weren't scared...that's all

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ohhhh! aaaah! ooooo! pooka pooka boom! see you there

red hot alert! apple itunes has 'phantasm v ravager' right now to rent and to own - us store - see previous ones too...$6.99/$14.99...suzanne somers is credited with the girl hosting the nut, that is...of sherwood schwartz etc.

hand over fist? paid to you before demands and to be met

good advice on the liquid (readily convertible to cash, cash on-hand) money supply 'm1' payroll, checking (any such of savings is 'm2' a step or day away) - only thing to fear is 's1' less than liquid, committed to's (certificates of deposit, treasury or t-bills with bank-only yield)? m2 and that's so right always there to tap a nut...see article - college source? macroeconomics, business school...

anne bancroft's 'fatso' is on now - love that film dom deluise

'hoy's wok' open again at sunset and labrea? good enough for dine-in or take out - the thai iced tea was perfect (you can't make it at home not reasonably anyway - very sweet with heavy cream or half-and-half) but the chicken curry (yellow) needs softer carrots and potatoes not buttered (akin to sperm, margarine then) - that's all - i took everything home from dine in with white rice and we mixed it up again and microwaved and we ate it all up the two of us...slightly hot too - watch for that - curry is from heaven mind yourself...$16 for tea and the loaf about $$ pepper is nearby north on labrea near hollywood boulevard and wholly thai but a wait i'd say...dM

play '' in quicktime for death ladings forwards and backwards the resolute of cocteau twins and white breast cancer robes? no sure way to see never looked younger than films on youtube with liz and simon ...'i know i hold secrets but where does that leave us? reaching out to the far beyond, leaping out to the great unknown'...curve

at the risk of repeating ourselves: cambodia's pol pot? says his name is for 'pulpit'...we make australia korea too moorea have that and 'moonies' if vietnam is a beach near hong kong or is that calcutta or bangkok say 'we don't want your meat' kinda signed don van vilet? india is indonesia...more later

glass candy does air france 'warm in the winter' norwegian cruises anyone?

reggie hides his car in the desert...'phantasm v'
a prior self equals death-deaf, the driver 'a shmuck' (i define as 'sucks the lid off of jars') gets ripped up and left for naked too - is that nice? like interactive it gun was too fast drawn i'm all 'they all have them?'

updated factorial spreadsheet in excel 'fact4.xlsx' 'eighT'

nothing yet - and i should be able to pay for everything
where's my money?
not to mention itunes and just signing them up linkshare bmg greaseballs
when you are destroyed remember i'm no joke here no persons added
'i don't have anything' who gives a fuck what you have
our populous is consigned to this horseshit - you are niggers
god is a nigger

stop right here and go back....

reggie spends the night with the handsome girl his host (the black one assumed dead as blown up ? no is at the end only when he is asked to pull it together once again she is a waste of time but no bother...) and tries to remake that old guitar song with jody (i was gonna ask is the same in print? not sure - one question drew a unanimous blank 'saseychy' or no thought so great) to honor her thought before they go to the morning, he stumbles on a shack-shed in the backyard and offends a slavic butcher who does not speak english and the party's on as major village intrude - they do their farming here as pastoral they don't own the balls as angels ever afraid of violence and they start hacking all up because the scene scares to the dump and back and forth he goes...major difference? this is no teleplay that comes to get you like the first one no radio listening 'sees' all - he invading a funeral home at night is the one scent crawling in a basement window unannounced...what seems like two models of coffin (one open with dummy the camera never pulls up) becomes seculareum with candlelight and one voice being heard within and atrot rescued appears from behind a rear door and he was really in there too a punishment for fighting? 'he was touching me all the time'...the forest surround is the antecorona for the tall man and that is where you see red forming their blood everywhere...blood? 'i have to collect it all' he says like cortez (aka popmeister stephen hague) collects gold dabloons (sic)...doubloons, doubleuns...whatever...

i had to get a new wireless mouse today 10/15 logitech their smallest $17 'm187' a bigger on sale now $10 'm185' i don't want big

i saw a movie - let's say on tv - that had two girls sitting on a stoop in a trailer park both around my age one a cute star or something, one like sheryl crow stripped down and obviously revisiting the past with its compliments to the future 'you inspired me so much' and the sheryl one on the right and somehow more interesting tells the other to hide her eyes while she goes inside to surprise the other with something as we all waited in what i call 'real time' - 'hide your eyes' she said coming out with a pair of high clogged shoes on to no beat 'you left these last time [you were here]' she says 'yeah' and billed to someone else as hardly it was part of our 'phantasm' story it was...the older one likes to fuck and is her mother...somehow

the pleasant stuff you like to know throws you back into harsh reality so, keep reading i'll be right back in october 2016...back and below

no matter what you think, has to blend in and be welcome mostly no halo i make that but unintentional to you foodmaker kinda 'has its own'
you see how you can't apologize enough for being the exception no matter how many times interviewed the ball gathers its moss
adults (no questions of them) have their own penance to bear

that's a a battery operated jack o'lantern light for flame-like appeal - our nights are long no candles but two 'c' batteries (size rquals time at direct voltages, you know)
the white and green container is for dumping a tray of mint-gum on the ground - trust it, it works

storefront windows here...and one magical tree the asian sycamore i hug every now and again 'i'm no fright'
one day (like in may) my friend fran from new jersey (hi meekly) was telling me about this very place in the head 'a left turn' off of hollywood boulevard a store he was speeding me out to i was thinking 'nobody's proved it' i packed right up not really
this is it exactly...i though two levels, flowers or precious in appeal, lit at night somehow - how it happens to be a streetscape
but better than half-listening, my personal-type cartoon was around los feliz (crazy, hills) and very carmen as upper window the fatalistic opera if
shrink to fit? two weeks more should help you seeking merit if it dawns on you at all

some losses: jewish-type marriage mirror heavy, but we got by with it pretty enough
mostly all from the trash but deadly? i'm very conservative but i'm not not alone here
got a new bookshelf recently~

more of the above picture - see what's what?
that juicer from last year pavilions
p.s. the lamp from target they have many such now
p.p.s did anyone make the altoids commercial on the plains in africa a woman spitting in a grind bowl with kids hanging on she mashes them does her part a string of spit
i have two (2) cans from ralph's $1 right now - i like wintergreen, cinnamon he has too not mine but i enjoy

i'm all steven tyler: terry's hateful eye took this picture at the busstop heading out (i had my iphone alarm set for 7:00 pm) no more true than than my self-potrait go with the good (i found some more naked stuff 'noomguod' blog at learning no classes)
'v' is 'phantasm v' or vandem 'vandal them' (see scotland clipping out old newspapers and eurythmics album '1984' - all for me twenty or so then a sexcrime 'you don't know first' achieved)
where the problem is fuming black see it come 'victory'
the sun, sure

still right where it belongs: in front of the chinese theater a few days ago...we owed him better for the last slight
the main or ming room showing some mainstream junk 'deepwater horizon' as perhaps romanesque but is untouched to date save the owner's cement feet in the front 'we are not friends, right?' paraphrase three hieroglyphs in foo yung
i only forced two movies to date but you see 'basic instinct 2' is one
see new 'byob' policy beware your own bladder maybe you

'down the high street' hollywood boulevard that is just days ago as looking east
went to cvs to get $1 in extra bucks as soda a coke liter for me (see 'air room' target my new best friend madonna's dance studio my hall)
if you can't get it anywhere else maybe you see here
alot of performers wearing costumes to be a film star you recognize one was superman crossing the street 'dave neuberry' the mad hatter cashing a payroll check

lamb lay - get it? the 3-d penis way back when?
counterculture! we were all there - purely academics having in-hand then know

to peek within - but days ago sorting me
ikea shelf finally installed right with grinch-style twinkle lights

'better to have a few nice things....' - my mother

new shelf avante garde - without bounds

why and why not~

my kind of place...beachcomber no sale~
hate the rug from target - gathers filth to but show you - too cheap to return $12-14
the merlot hand soap at ralph's now that's ours - merlot is supposed to be the very french of dinner wine not sweet but dry or paqued (stamped opaque)
we keep a box of merlot on the counter as hospitality agent-tube douche for the dead - target's wine boxes are smaller ours franzia $15 theirs own $20 flat
better than vodka - every cheap-cheat paid off their loans 'middle management' versus 'mogul' more good than you leave~

to nonor phantasm v: 'hellraiser v: inferno' to be chained up in a morgue
the real fifth movie or winning production house