if verve were more like having to say
all the things you won't have might balk at the thought
after all, you don't hafta to be right
'for you' we'll somehow agree, that's true
you're right somehow (tragedy, for you)
except you look to see in comparison afterward
is patience a virtue?
you don't leave that off, you'll hafta agree
but look again
you could get something else up and running - and 'fast' at that
people touch the experience too much after a fall
...vicious snake bite
poor, poor pitiful me doesn't necessarily complete the sale
and can be a killer - or simple hole in it for comparison's sake
a chuckle - why pay more?
for the opportunity to sell, you better make a list of stuff you want
'needs' unmet tend to leisure as me
p.s. i'd twitter that to you, but i hate being left alone

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pro-visit november 2013 - if 'pre-visit' is before you wanted to see, 'pro-visit' is before you wanted know - now admit that and then never use 'visit' - further distort your meanings with 'contact' only and if to 'visit' is to go alone, to look at it...

where does john w. gacy shop? 'sear's - they kill everything with it'...good answer i love sear's, 'sear's surplus' (rags and tags in the 70's - few toys and isn't that truth very toybox and quietly possessive..broken music shit? perfect for younger scott the talent taken a-half a silvertone rack in brown sugar and burnt banana 'rock it out' mine: you can't fuck up with bass...bid daddy rhythm on keyboard bass dum-dum-dum point dum point dum dum-dum point dubble dum dum) the name

apple ipad air - why the rush? 'it works anywhere [as on wi-fi and connect]' end of quote...see store...ergo, does apple know their square logos are not great to look at? what gives? do it nicer...some...that is money in the bank to me...

that big ol' moray eel? a heavy duty tire of some sort unraveled to lengths...

the new total for commission junction-office depot is 3,330

eight bits worth: the candy cane of writing around a clock and its speed is explained here - the candy cane lying flat is white and represents many clocks as fast you can read-write as pressed together, but time forward is ataken in each and any act no matter, left to right...the clock is on its side as spinning one asks and that is the red stripe a bandwidth of red or eight bits (switches 'on' or 'off' writing in red) as the clock spins or then the white trundle turns on its own axis...the width is the side of the clock, the spread of the red from end to end of the clock is determined by the ability to read and recognize the bandwidth...

adds in: we here don't think much of reading and writing (binary) - what about just extending at lengths and following directly? circuitry...'let's make sense - computers are not yours to follow me around' huh? people are still intimidated (my usual 'in' as another elegance ensues standing around with your pants off - is 'merit not pay' or just hair - where it's all rewarded without asking your mother) and rightly so if you can't drive a car you certainly can't fix yourself one either? i don't need to know so much if you can be that rca the studio standard to and fro hdmi inputs is my current noid (um, no involvement) plus no sound...ebay...

clipped from the la times a few days back - ultra strange
ultra - more than anybody wants for theirself, however you ask for it
modus - on the way, something you're stuck with for no say
ultra and modus: something you don't want, something you don't want to talk about
mine: something you demanded if no one has more, something you couldn't do anything about yet - going with the flow, choices made for you

the art is a fuel gasket it sucks in and electrocutes inside to hold liquid against drain out the inside folds and wraps and then strains gas? holds it in place no drip back or air mix...tractor? he says 'i made it to look like a light outward at glance' - we got that very ocean sound i like the stuff, really...how much to break or kill one?

gary 'gray' numan's new record strikes it gold with me 'a shadow falls on me' lots of imperior (self seen) here...

the first word babies learn? 'no' - i'm sure that's mine too

all souls day: i hadda check with pavilions after i paid cvs $6.99 for a bacon - oscar mayer one pound 'natural hardwood smoked' was even more - $9.99 there...this is the nicest bacon, however...i'm having some now with breakfast...egg and cheese muffin with bacon, coffee

this is what i fashioned for underneath...the bridge of the nose needed a break had my balls padded with a black muff too (looking around 'where is that black hat -- richard?!?' he doesn't take much but some we'd say)
'bwca 1964' i make to this day 'before and after' with 'wc' or the french 'dooglavay say' or 'water closet' christ hated indoor toilets

this year's jack o' lantern...now see that (the blue tempera is for a nighttime effect after hours i have a round zodiac light with two 'c' batteries inside)
went out in costume twice last night and despite everything the reaction from others was positively good...couldn't stay in that too long, but i got around enough and again the crowd was good
no one talks to me in form as i socialize lightly, but someone stumped me by asking what i was ? 'a shadow' mostly they thought though some wouldn't stick around me i joined groups liberally - the response is better said 'am i ugly?'
i am 'the devil' but let me say it - a perfectionist (a reasoned, speculating person - won't act unless others do, wants help doing) dying of tribute (not being able to say), tribune (not being able to have)
someone marvels that adults engage in such halloween activity - that's the answer

this taken mischief night 10/30

...happy halloween!

as an aside, trader joe's has pumpkin cheesecakes again for $6.99...people love trader joe's all christmas-type shopping all the time wherever you go...local key: alpine blitz (a favorite figure-eight coaster ride originally installed at great adventure) alpen pantry (the mall sausage shop)...

koontz is half price now on all halloween decorations and they have good stuff (omit lights)
this was thirteen bucks, thus - he loves being here

oct 29 cleared of court and all charges today the aviation courthouse - still a lack of science getting there among pads - clean and beautiful if away and fancy free...go then (metro #4 santa monica to sepulveda, then centinela #6 to exactly one stop beyond the aviation bus center is a rest place you go there and then walk around the block from aviation to lacienega along the imperial highway what is above it only - is that is very mean looking on a map but you can see the building behind as clearly smitten - fare was $1.50 + $0.35 transfer each way)...but go...madonna (aka the mother) sent my plane ticket via e-mail today for thanksgiving in florida to be back dec 4...so, then halloween...my costume is the all-black see-through body stocking for underwear i had it on backwards the zipper up my face and gee it pulls down on my head alot as no one here is ever smarter than you hoping to have nothing at the same time and i hafta sneak around alot to avoid a mindlessness of talk...target has them for $30 black is rare though and is lighter in affair i snapped mine right up at aah's $40 is thicker with gloves and all and note 1) they remind of me hastily of the blue man group and at-first an unintended we want the hustler shop gauze white from last year and 2) target wants all their returned shit back on halloween day with no night pleasuring hustler complained about it wildly trying to excuse theirselves from it all...good luck to all...p.s. you better protect your balls and feet, girl

all the at&t money below returned to our account in dribs and drabs - let's say just before payday rolled in...then the $51 pizza's temporary provision rolled back out...originally, i was told to call and was promised a check against in three (3) days then someone had a shit fit i was told to call and cancel the check by the idiot here who always shares problems like a weak woman at the end of the day (her original only role) but is a horse's ass as receiving a temporary provision from the bank only...so, still waiting for someone to pay for something i don't buy myself a candy of leisure any way you slice it - we had $220 dollars outlending while i waited for a cash and tomato that is...we can borrow it by payday advance i suppose ('money mart' on sunset near cherokee is this $200 for $35 when paid...up to $250 if you want but only to the very next paycheck) you in the function now...this is who people are never a bother touching by no such remit...

looking at everything, these make sure there is just enough in their priorities of rent, the state getting their money in arrears, and at&t - see it simple ach allowing monies to come and go before time i listen in always as they try and collect rent checks written out but by ach and after monthly paychecks have been split - i stall all of your payments for it nothing's yours in kickbacks and keeping...

october's monthly stats at end

month tallies

overall noises since when and when again


more from the bitten past and some ghost of a world: what was my bedroom the most now a eucemin (um, 'friendly advice' mostly concerning ghosts) birthing center - i had a captain's bed (mattress over shelves, drawers) in-between the two windows think red and green
sometimes the bed was up-against the windowall at left where i kept my grassland train set on one piece of particle board and on our redwood picnic table with trestle bridge up and down in the rear
had my own phone and number too a red slimline

the garage conversion shown at depth or towards rear - okay then the yellow paint still clings to the door frame
the cement floor on left curves down from the laundry room the dryer vents you may see - they had to level it, it was blue too not classy at all neither was the yellow anything goes (metal for vents? tin always - keeps heat on either side a great beauty still...what engages or receives heat is hot to the touch)
alts: i think i'd extend the wall from door what enters at just a bit step below and for storage space on side i like doors in the back no more vulnerable than usual
my siamese cat 'pfeiffer' (or 'perfect' upon entry to the room or 'vaunchy' for the french 'givenchy') used to jump up and turn the doorknob with his paws trying to get back in from the cold - he got in
he also pulled all the pink fiberglass down for his litterbox as there were no finished walls
p.s. i'd keep the garage door with a wall behind it i think...a small storage though i love a car kept indoors it took years to clear scattered stuff out...to remake...the garage door hardware is dangerous plus heavy and will not unscrew easily - i like homes remade to building standards...the homes here fabulously made if to forgive the furniture...we had lots of paneling too with built in room-length bar a great warmer with mirror squares and an eye on hospitality - see the patio about $8,000 raw was styled much better new in 1974 the bottom outer boards were thicker like on top white wrought furniture with pads the guy who built them after pour was named marabuto (sp?) like the guy who built the christ stairs a neighbor - no rot ever - he made lots of them nearby...my grandfather wouldn't let my dad help ever with projects a perfectionist type...be perfect it pays you ever with sums...

the old mill facing east or ocean over allentown pond - i was concerned of changes is still lovely a great eye-opening fall down to sand bar lurks beyond the fence on left where i fished often and hauled snapping turtles halfway up by the lips then cut
one bit my father's shovel right in-half laterally the metal part in our backyard one evening...laying rubbery white round eggs with smaller full-forms inside
the old mill became a small crafts outlet amid refurbishments and is haunted like basements anywhere nearby - no presence felt ever but actually rusted holding pens for all furniture from cb2 - it's all there being suggested by already and again
'we don't want to know people, we want to know their things' one shifts
p.s. my walk to school heading the other way was one (1) mile over this bridge daily since kindergarten in 1969 (is on high street, the intersection at main mere yards away past sensi's market a seasonal only fruit and vegetable stand)

pet shop boys get something up and running from the 'fundamental' lp it's called 'the resurrectionist' - this is real good
nevermind the words...i'm still working on them 'the reservationist' asking 'is this something special in occasion?'

see our 'truths' as linear - who's the fool? self-conscious propagandas don't move me out but worm the heart if you think i care i still in-fact do...now go to hell or see me come in just this once and help keep the languages to yourself i don't talk to have yours said to me...is that right? filter, sadden to be both faults, redistribute as intended by vous, assume you're always right long-term versus no short-term no expense too bright and then admit i'm always unhappy but wake up glad i don't hafta see it rot...the man from glad, actually...no touching the garbage as wrapped but cats, claws...

it's longer getting there, shorter getting back? you never do anything but run out and that's free up the road too (let them sell and pray - don't go getting funny about stuff - you are still, and among other things, not talked of - get yours now before they see what little they got at rounds of poker)...candy bars sewn in your jacket with spaghetti and beans loaded up in the walls is better than always being at-fault eating babies and fucking children...still squirms more though...no savings on pride if you can't say it out loud and be unheard while doing less...you could be cleaner (more fearful) about the things you don't want to know of ever but i hafta talk to get them to speak in the usual off-topic manner 'there is no god' why do you have one? to show it doesn't matter like good-looking (forgiven) people with aids i can still get off on you if there are no speaking parts in your homebound lemon...you don't think of it naturally ('why not?' as prism or extras in the smokehouse - doesn't reflect a prosperity or how-to sense of having with others 'help me no more - stake my claim'), but is no guide to and away...i eat that...having to answer means you still can get credit when it matters most - anytime i want 'to feel fresh'...'as everything as i am sometimes', and sometimes do...never douche to know you don't smell, you don't know but suspect now admit that...that is for you alone 'pu' do you have it? the rest is a bag of lies - wash the external genitalia with soap and water only and have a bag of shit to go too...soap in the ass is no cleaner...that is the future balanced budget you were warned not to be so clean who am i an old persian rug in the window sun? it was the grave that paid to me that suit, not the sunbleaching no, i am bladder cancer in itself, second-hand smoke from chernobyl...i have a bag of rights you know like apple applications is nothing, really, but a home to the mcdonald's house in tehran the hospital food still an excellence per the rats crawling in and out of her ass making valentines in-between the powder farts from the lard chips in torrance, ca...twenty-nine cents still...all of it...

small caption: this flex at apple beverly center urging study...spheres are all talk - a front, a half side and then you remembering and adding in diagonals at depth - your point? no reason not to....

seriously, apple's new operating system 'mavericks' (alternate scope - free if you don't work much) is here already under the rug it was free apparently...it's always free with a low-paying job and no prospects for advancing your politics but power surge...fuse...'helter skelter' (appropriately, that loose term is still free but cobras in upstate new york still cost $14 'to honor our sin of having them' and all them blowjobs are by unpopular artist types or those being demanded of backwards by remote 'i hated seeing you go' insane or offering and while with or just before a baked ham dinner) 'health in itself' all that rage and still no lemon in my tea...just because you have reasons...health insurance, while utterly worthless to people who insure against being with others while at risk only who restrict candidates as women against hirings in construction (i issue building code what gets them back down to size like mcdonald's makes hubby dinner at the faunt and crimes you by hiring all of a jail), most are schools who ask to care anyway, is a nice card to carry but doing the right thing stinks and you are doing nothing but trying to jail me with your names and candidates - that's where health comes in: mandatory screenings even if no insurance i never pay for dick work in your name your period doesn't hurt me nor will ad&d (accidental death and dismemberment) what says if you have these it pays someone no fuckin' way...let 'em suffer and know health missing it's parts...hmo's were the last word and now they wanna get rid of people who cherish surgery and dentists to be like a big fat baby making their own milks with a french fan...they used to be with you because they were perfect matches for mercy's sake no one special (why bother explaining? to know their guesses, problems) meeting their constituency you tell 'em everything non-plussed like blacks in a bar like you hate them finding out on their own...find the lump, a cosis...i like the cards - do what richard does uses someone else's card i took the chart 'that's her - long dead of your care' don't be so quick to note the credit at sear's paid by life's only vow...

if you're offended, so what? they'd set you up and you'd have to get more involved...i need to win, handily, only...or you go in under cover and i still win...wonder why...

lesbian = old jalopy? 'is that you - au currant log plus diesel abercrombie?'

more from the 'excel' side of things...presenting the 'edit' menu
note: 'delete' removes selected cells entirely and drives them up, down, and-or to the sides to join any remaining cells on the sheet - may throw you out of whack be careful... you may just want to use 'clear' what removes cell contents only
'insert' shoves cells and columns and rows in there by selecting widths only...two column headers selected by mouse pushes everything over to the right by two columns
'find' is self-explanatory for searching the current page for text or formula
'replace' searches for text to switch out and replace - for simple exchanges
'go to' takes you to a cell reference by address or named range - add frames for formulas and advance window for seeking extraneous details

re the house we lived in: we don't ever use that knickerbocker look, but i'm surprised what changed (by some ultra and modus) and what remains (nothing truly captionable) my mother decorates with cash only...the downstairs bathroom still no shower but mirror adds storage space...you can use one of them douching tubes for the dead ? 'you could be cleaner' with the sink while someone musses the toilet...no need to wipe if you quickly talent the wand...i used to sit on the toilet rim only it was cleaner than the seat...all that fuckin' sticky piss all the time with dinner napkins...i'd ask for cloth diapers next time...what else? we got a new toilet yesterday...the old filcher put out to rest...french-looking junk all skinny like a woman's bully-club at the ball park 'no harching' no 'flabbergasses'...this one uses no water, gasps kinda...'ayyyds' not just purloin...the other here has to have hernia surgery sometime navel-belly big brown chicken vein doing the ol' conshauggen 'umbilical' the dyings of drink...africa ones look like fat turds (if 'turgid' is angry because of it - get that) straight out of your belly...what you been eatin' - cigars? you gotta be poked i hear, mine is not a hernia, sadly...my brother woke up one day with his ball turned all the way around in the ball sack - a fool - trying beating off...you gotta take charge but it smarts bad...pull the skin out of the way and still nuttin' better numb them first and you shouldn't try biofeedback on real pain...that's silly...pain is real and is sometimes is of the heart...time can't heal hurts like that...not all of them...better get to the doctor...

mr. bones this past weekend...they charge to get in and refund the entry fee for a pumpkin you may buy - smart, no?
i'm there to pick up some seasonal-type trade, girl - i'm not there just for gourds

are the pumpkin warts extra? you'll pay to be this trying baking with one a wart pie
bring the 'preparation h' - 'h' is for 'hots'...'hiney' high knee in back the presser 'ass=ask' nope

ghosts hide alot and process down this place was packed like free food at the washington mint 'you don't have gravy - so? where to look?'
the spice rack...great horizons and scoop starver...tisk-tisk, black pearl, mother of god sprinkle, old chap, but um, mr. man, shake your boobie, wall eye, mr. burgess, aftergas...
lemon like, japanese asshole, black stem, rangilla, jory, cecil, qualus, bee...kane majory

i hadda throw things away this year - no more cherishes with the same dullards
illuminate me...

i liked seeing these around alot like raccoons but more - hospians or chinese rats
across the street on holloway they gather...and die yet

halloween is next thursday night, oct 31...one week plus

new gary numan record out october 15 'splinter' has themes of old world decay and no new noises...

at&t: nice captions on 'me tv' hollywood channel '3' - sitcoms etc....we just added a tier $10 more dollars $69 a month for all seen on tier 2 versus the base let's not rebuild us the original bill it says...netflix canceled while at&t still holds my $220 'we know you've had a free month prior' we know you hold after-tax payroll this way...

greystone (gravestone) closed until dec 16...no fish, no foul

this furniture is metal grate - kinda cool

this fence has no top - good look

fish-fish (from petsmart $1.29) is still hanging in there on 10/20

this is the house i grew up in through age nineteen '41 probasco drive' in allentown, nj 08501 - it's for sale now asking $269,000 - take the tour take another tour
my mother got $172,000 for it back in 1986 or so (note the chandelier is the original black and gold bas relief - we replaced with a second shiny brass model that moved with my first memories in that kitchen eating egg salad and campbell's vegetable soup with a high chair and baby present)
the tv stand at right is the garage as room conversion - it's not popular as seeing the option made from the outside, but the room seems happier after all that dirt - a home nearby is crowned as champ for having a two-door garage and the playroom but laundry near the back door a design win on allen ('befallen') drive...the neighborhood is called 'indian run' no glamour unless saying it often without thought 'what does that mean?' indians or types of (nature lovers, queers, rapists, studio poor, homoschezuans or jailed food, 'fast cats' or one old pussy, daytime murderers or abolitionists) making this for us - now get out
all trees and window boxes redone somehow
we were not poor - 'middle class'
it's facing south the trees in back are north
haunted? the same neighborhood has the real amityville house at the end of the road (allen drive up to main street the boathouse or garage cited had canoes only and is connected to the delaware river rental shops)
we had the salem's lot house also that mowed over for the 195 road to six flags great adventure now a full-on elysian
the lake in town...you are the 'pig' on drugs but a happy one - not so much taking i'd say
when i'm happiest there is no you but it is as taken away no flume but it is greatness you will never get to be as angels are condemned to make their own to fight in a plasma (seen at great lengths, only, no bride a part of you) suggesting being complicated a long smoke

rope lights around a tree trunk only are more than nice to look at - startling
people removed the red dogs with bottles see me come...

add the live action 'arrow' (the cartoon irritated me while looking for this) tops my list of goodies - like batman or 'american psycho' no matter what you do casually or otherwise nothing seems to manifest too well in the absence of talk, but works out with you watching and is finally good enough to watch as audit only (where women are truly with me - behind glass no participating with men only you learn, not teach you are a fool you go get your own - no one does this and you to abstain)...better to it - watch your own stuff if you don't like the skin tones i hate being a rag with you talking shit...show me beauty quietly and i'll visit them in shadows later like the head trauma in 'pet sematary' that sends everyone out to the bank...a wet rag...don't be a drag here...a movie...can't always say - you shouldn't bother me here...maybe they want less for them now get out...'never blend company - never' - dM

these on the b-side comp also 'lullabies to violaine'
all that's missing heretofore is 'need-fire' from 'judge dredd' (a fine movie by the way, no matter what)

legendary xmas song and hate-hurt 'the little drummer boy' remade and filthed a la ray conniff singers? it's never too early...here's the cocteau twins version as it's starting to formate or rubber stamp out and away...like god and his tricks, i want it made, but made in laces to call on again and again then make sense of: 'an elan' from 1996's last breath of it sent 'tishbite' ep blue cover it sounds like it's skipping at first listen and for unmade reasons none of it seem are truly yours...get that early on and have it ready...p.s. cocteau twins remember the dead at christmas much like the living still cry for attention a place to be 'le croix, darling, le croix' (from bbc's 'absolutely fabulous' as maybe alters their meaning say 'lah crah') as 'the crying that's always there, seeming' from them who are wanting the good stuff naturally enough - back to, no religion (relegate to source, family made) for having passed, please - they wouldn't understand having been tossed to bosnia to learn another filthy slavic language or trade barrier sent...a mime-type...brilliant...i just wore my $150 lambskin shoes no holes to my court date i keep cardboard stretchers in them they get tight still trying to be...my sister's wedding in the 90's nordstrom had 'em...finally, mine sent...i love calfskins...they honor me...

'you only cared 'cause you were feeling bad' - curve, i need true superiority knowing what i don't want to see, ever, lost and alone is no great to be in the making get putnams (put it there) to torture a slought 'the dev-vuhl-vuhl runneth, but cannot hide you from me' always a waiting of being seen too well a dying...the headless horseman has to be that well done covering a man's deeds - bitch kills people for bad sex whole families hugging like russians only the one last bop at both sides signaling no more to be with you...mine again...graverobbers

i speak first the seminal parts that send you out and in...hate humour is no prosperity people hate you not asking a shame...'strut her' kiss puts 'em up on the lift it's more than a bag of freckles 'warm, like brown eyes' i guess playing with a bottle of acid...'nigger, please'

'you'll get it right next year, nigger' all through the nose and corn - richard pryor, also the inspiration for jim carrey's fireman, we think - 'it was more than acid, a bitch howling...' i still can't know much a determined, drilled out soda can of gasoline under the hood...you got your $5 worth all i used to buy to and fro a quarter tank - wait 'til you hafta to blow the triple a guy for fuel with no cash but card - it'll flow like microphones at a false but firm family environment embrace they clipped fingers off the bitch no gratis and still she ran with no head missing...pinched that sack of warmed shit and peas all night to see it there...

skimmed that movie 'bully' again (netflix) about those texas kids raunching each other (dancing for cash? not my mine yet - a woman enters here scorning me though i can 'have' anyone at all living or dead and still i don't use that old sandy crotch trick in the grave not ever - another nasty pig trying to eat my food before i pee in their anti-law statements 'kill-you' lube what's acceptable only with dried brown tampons around 'more parks sausages ma - and egg-heart liva snaps made with real belching assholes should no hair' i keep cream depilatories (with a barely hint of lemon zest - you gonna need it, girl) outta my ass i don't want the lord of the rings making me invisible a ruse why would you because i pray 'um, pig pen' and are forgiven you are eggs and their shells 'hairs + raised moles' one quips near bangor, maine i exgaume 'no shit necklaces - no blems, no furschices - no spaz, no weighted averages you are not me so to be thinking' - no guessing about what your 'best' friend looks like in the nude you can't save up for it asks the low score to try the dying with a further pledge blot goes the diesel negative numbers say you will not be able to the way negatives do it by rending it of the seeming to turnaround is still loosening the cash belt the ol' bearded cafe game bourgeous is no middle class it is caste only heaven and hell flame bad ideas to the heights of vajahvohlina (the 'ebbid' puesk of morris, pa 'we're not finicky, droops are' or herpes, michigan near the sioux city, iowa paen or such the sum loffits to 'lord & taylor' (hahne's - candles and underwear if it weren't for j.c. penney they'd sell tickets to a strip joint in wshington d.c. feld's no underwear need appear hapless polka crotch and wipe-abouts strictly haggled to death t-mex the sin that majored me aflock and aground raping priests and nuns south of la pierre, france or bangkok media nets kill dolphined as orca in one kind slatch like swedes murder indians no chocolate in their leather tit-gournas of ama (a muerdes agonizing) milk - don't vomit i'll get the greek yogurt squaw) a snatch with an extra hour to lay out in the junk yard a 'heart of hairy' ain't what it's juiced to be - see fegg's fine chachalapes wiped back to front like we warned you but too late to go on spotting) problems lenders assume no avow, no milk daddy no pons) a job isn't your right but go to the privileged few ten bucks an hour still sucks on my dick for retirement and the dental dam of loose talk covers the rest risk versus exposures at the carnation instant breakfast blog 'try vanilla - it won't remind you of the hair, haggle fish and cantileta scorms you just ate right up) the stakes are high and ask you to know what bothers you again - bitches entertained me once more but i think someone died before he killed that blonde nothing 'gnosis' hanging around and did you see he cut that baby right out of that girl's pupua - what to say? his ass shown but was still good that other scary motherfucker i'd hate - boy heteros embrace alot of hate why? their prize is meager (so many nice things, so few to halve and re-give) give 'em a dumb ivy league or princeton nigger (the right breeding, for orrefors) they won't get it right away...the cleanliness and all...then they die bad people kill that dead every day a nonsense 'kill him, kill him' life is no art but sees it to be no better...art in heaven...from 'bless to bless'...breaks the bottle and sinks to the boat, never a shrine...fact: 'new jersey goes to philadelphia to die'...fact that out...'beyond harm, not beyond hurt'...no one hurts like i do...

oops! missed my court date following extensive travel by bus getting to know the place just to la tijera or whatever just as bad as i feared me the fool again (god guaranteed the vision to pann's a diner only - fool - you live for peanuts as if i wouldn't have that butterchipped in my ass if i didn't eat so fast? i hate bits of nuts - especially hazelnuts the famed 'nigger toe' or straight razor up the front of the big toe a hissing perish) on the soap and the lazy advice of fat-faced hate 'success' at what level object identity? - what if i fuck you over, again, instead of having you sane i target the innerbelt) but on-time yet mist this place is way outta there - lacienega splits into highways stuff and there i am entertaining again trying to fuck you back out...no calls so maybe soon you don't need to sound the alarm that place will be seeing me soon beverly hills said everything is shoved there near the airport another intelligence test...let me see...you and yours i suspect...you again? there's nothing you won't try - nothing - i can still get laid though...jail stuff is perfect shit for me, too...did you know that? sending jail fuckers here is right up my alley, so to speak i'm not you trying seem uninvolved, very cashmere in my underwear everything is haze-balled i'm gonna extend time at the very least unmercifully extend ...i like tattoos and violence toward women 'senseless beauty, random acts'...i love vicious (taking lots more than you want to give, throws steaks in trash if you mention having one) people...i'm no one, really, i thank fuckers for shooting me 'thank you, nigger - you alone and horrifyingly unerring end the madness'...i swear you get the right ones even if you're not that good in telling when you're certainly in danger...you're not good, crime (knowing better than you always like the rolling stones support destinies of unlikely forbears and likewise) sperm is everywhere...in the air....thank niggers i do it often enough thank you, black nigger... i love you black niggers keep you busy with filths and me proud...i love niggers they live me better than anyone can say before it's too late you'll probably never know why a victimless crime you have the cash but won't pay on immediate demand and i never let 'em slip off the rope some are still gross all long in the skin still acting slightly insulted by your joshing me...choking the talk back with bitter tears alone no one knows you like i sometimes think i do...i think i do...'and you've never known anyone as every-thing as i am sometimes' + 'i can eat whole [shredded] wheat like it's going out of style'...true 'as prone to diff(er) as i am sometimes' everyday in every way each day i look and learn things about you...so crazy but i live anyway...even with you trying so hard i don't sweat it...nothing says it...nothing says this to me...you must win and not with silly hints i make mean stuff you gotta pay to me...or else dulls me to the blade...none acts or does anything right and i want that shit outta here staring at something else! see you soon...you.

i think women are enjoying me too much if at&t still hasn't returned our three items totaling $220 and that smacks of on-demand or something but i hate being ignored (we know we hear you but i can't believe you're gonna try and see me make seventeen dead niggers who knows you like i do...if i scan for funny stuff will you be there billing me for cheap porno again i coudln't even watch that shit so boring no body hair ever? women are always trying to make stupid points (you don't win ever, i feel bad never - a private cause is to destroy them, finally - so dumb always trying shit) i have only one...you can shit anywhere then find yours no satisfaction no talk...i'm getting tired of you changing the rules (why won't you let me merci you) and who has the time to fantasize about three (3) more days of your stupid shit and i'm gonna take you out to the street by the hair and have you raped up in your ass (nothing sexual, just odor)...sooner than that...we are not connected in any way i have that dumb hatred here with me and remember me not you i'm certainly gonna shit in you no matter what...and again it seems...remember what i do to fat bitches then agree they're not going to be bothersome when they show up again...see ya soon it's never gonna be trust that a fucking dope doesn't get me serious your friends are nothing see you too...serious we'll get there...dust sandwiches to all i simply locked ghosts in a grave 'til october 25 why? who knows? ask me...dizzy's birthday a fine day...ovulate...do say it, do it...don't say it.

did i thank you cheap fucks? i thank myself - you try everything while i work alone and still i hafta shit...crown me i'm not thinking about yours just yet i get by 'cheap cunts'...save it up then keep it all you need it to be just fringe...you'll see money matters fade right out like everything hard to be mould...i don't need you bargaining with pennies spending my time i have nothing with you but tough talk one day you go to hell and you don't hear from me still - is not 'real' - you can't muster the magic with no voice no one talks to you for what? hate? i don't talk to anyone for what? to know you have every advantage and admit yourself freely? take everything i'll still see you as i always have...i'm sad now 'sad' and you're to blame...cash makes me sad i need to shop everyday you to save face to fart like don knotts shaken up by the air freshener on alert in-back of you...only when you douche down and around the sinks and the bathroom floor underneath 'not only does it stink, it claims i smell bad too'...get it right away, then take your time...could be a tick, on a wart...dr. ass 'poator shows', m.d. many die...muscovie dentura, evoca tom(o)lid, with and uro-defined plas (vassa's torpor, drew solopsis is dry mouth the crust is called 'haginde' or the one i just made up 'seedling' the nose is 'donahs' mouth crust 'semicid' or 'granmas' grand mals or censures...'farras' peridot thress')

i takes alot to make that stuff look good fantasy-wise...maybe i can't afford to blow myself, but i know what good is and why not you? no trade talk

be a big deal to you and people like you (all wrong, grade 'a') print and sign then show people you won't be sorry! it's never anything you do so i do it? we don't do anything if you know what i mean and you do not need to ask me i don't know anything being rushed to your glory either way no dice who cares less? you do? you are a fool, mostly, i am the order making you float out your nonsense who you masturbate to - why you? go direct to bright lights and don't ruin the surprise asleep at the wheel...in a moonbeam! i don't jerk off with soap in in the tub...it goes up my ass though...carefully removing any hair (hair - that thick?) and freckles of shit and i don't think about it being yours you don't use my gifts for that...no enabling of letters by freaks symbols in made-up mist...respect me, or i'll refuse to do you up the butt in the mall parking lot...fear...you gonna run from yourself i do that never but i think there's someone really there you really have someone a suitor...i don't go on and on by the way i don't want to say but i'm fair, never, never...never...fair.


another fine installment of 'metropolis' - meet the girl
the one he's gonna feed people while he keeps the real (original) one afoot
one asks is the ghost of julia 'palmolive' roberts near the top? maybe

west hollywood to host our halloween shenanigans again this year...

these too 'canada mints' are a curious value at cvs - just $0.88 a bag yet
i love 'em along with 'p-nuttles' or candy-coated toffee peanuts by snak-club ($3 a large resealable-type bag at 7-eleven)

logitech revue: performs somewhat better with a new download of adobe shockwave and a memory box attached in the back - i used iomega's 100 zip disk to front that need and it seems to help...the failure if any is gonna be from paging too fast and is highly directed by fools not wanting see or play...see

with all the recent skateboard activity, you need know my board in the 70's - the 'gt' or gran turismo all in virtually unbreakable poly-type fiberglass or polymer satin
the only colors i saw were red and green like italians made 'em and fade
we think tyco manufactured these

some footage from the shrine or then universal just days earlier never trust video
'we don't make these, but they represent minotaur - searching while we search a friend afoot, i guess...' - neil tennant

'is the minotaur of crete or greece fame - tossed in the labyrinth as such we watch his frustrations of getting mad and dying and do nothing as he unusually butchers the language...' - dM

the aids walk 'a friend 'til the end' is today october 15 - here's a value plus from a local storefront window (the walk still well-received)
pet shop boys report their concert at the shrine last night was 'a moneymaker' very nice they say even though half full? even though announced days ago a party house basically
i was there in spirit not great a friend died not being able to attend and hates me now thinking off else...'til next time give your mother a gift instead
two (2) bags of jack links beef jerky later (the big ones $11.79 but one is free, cvs) and some coke and at&t still has my money the pizza paid off
i think i own my equipment the router now

i love jack on 'revenge'...very doug moon it plays you
at the start, his wife now younger and estranged runs into him again near his boat and thinks twice about not being there with anymore his boat bears her name still hence the launch...
he is described by her in private here as no deadbeat a job but is slow to pay and note others - tells her not to pay so fast as both wait to see any better
he surely dies by hand in the end as some murderer of the past, but is hard to peg as concerned any
they never get the wrong ones - they play well with a few facts (this, here) missing
she the wife says 'too good for the place' a fascination street - shirtless, is gentle

the guess who 'american woman' bothers me these days...

best fake flame seen to date: an oval piece of white fabric held on end blowing from beneath with a fan and a little regular flashlight shining on angle from in-front - looked like a million bucks...almost too real...aah's sunset...

koontz west hollywood has my purple-light halloween tree now $69 bucks...featured last year it was beautiful here last night all lit up...people like to see i keep things nice their charity (cheerless giving, a chatter) reflected...some...to not...

hard code: the clock (morning cluck) slows with you hence the drag of clock-watching - who's to say? i want four (4) extra days in the year - about that for 'wow and flutter' a good day made to stay in essence that's real and simple as time can't be made at home too fast or too slow only a place to begin to begin or start counting weighing it out zero is balance with others or relative then...four (4) days taken from quarters with months that have more than thirty days - that swing through space is real and took place on the 17th it needed to be on 21st the first full day is next..so far, just one quarter of the year analyzed...btw, that quarter of a turn here just completes a revolution around the sun in theory cya...give me a day every four years fine...

i had a shit fit (um, banana split) over the little red office depot banner as missing in action - then i noticed it was the first one posted...fool for it? 'bring to me, be pleased to meet me'...conts 'be pleased as i am to introduce myself | i'm man of wealth and fame | i've been around for a long, long year | so many a man, so many unmade'...you, me

'anyone could say these' - these are for you, not me (what might be)...pray anyone comes with what may and their musics pu!:

'see what fits' - dM one year of hostile pre-significant review coming up at aviation tuesday 10/15 8:30

'ask me' - dM who now adds like an old woman 'that was me, sure'

'in my heaven-sent, billy mumy actually becomes bill gates...again and again' - dM who reveals 'i could do it, but i don't - i didn't do it'

'if i make you know, it's not fair - i could get it far cheaper than that' - dM having it said and done once more maybe not

tracey thorn does pet shop boys: it's a 'king's cross' to bear with drugs and no job sought
the hot chip mix 'for those who've heard the original alot' - we live it
'king's cross' is the second album 'actually' (1987) - i love that record coming out here at first
pet shop boys are euro-pop as formed with the 'pink panther' movies we call it 'finding' as snooping around gently - the downswing was 'from luxury to heartache' having everything and a person that hates you for a friend

it's raining hard enough today 10/09 and those caramel apple things at russell stover don't appear to have any apple in them - a taste merely? kardashians: the real bruce jenner sits on the statehouse board he was speaking last night with cruz around...the mother is joyce dewitt a coup...j-lo...

mr. bones pumpkin patch on doheny between santa monica and sunset is now open as prompted by the spot on tmz

i ran right over...'our pumpkins are better they're not from a [spirit] mix'
they are dirtier with sunshine

one republic 'counting stars' - good enough to be seen
no one takes anything unless we think it's okay
is coldplay's song
'his ass is good enough - like i'd do it' - by moms mabley and me mouth full of dirty water 'the whole comedy-tragedy look'

west hollywood is resisting halloween decorations protesting something or rent - mine's paid somehow thanks...

icarly back with moon on nickelodeon - great episode made to me about carly's alter ego (prior self now locked out) locking them all up in a recording studio (if she's in her heaven of revise, she hates it now)...jobete is mentioned in the lockdown what is stevie wonder's family - joan baez the blonde girl was locked up by the talent for being seventeen minutes late for a meet that fell apart and then she retaliated and had their fruit of tapes stolen by her husband getting them back for it he is rolling stones related - he arrived home one day to find his wife balled up in the clothes hamper dead...is it just me? she made it back sometime soon they'd say...

icarly needs real internet stories about delivering against fees and involvements - i produce when i watch then flourish...

thanks for $0.99 price and pride - how 'bout some candy apple
now that's harder to make we made from a crystal powder when young - martha stewart where's that lollipop recipe?
i see they don't make 'everyday food' the booklet anymore - we liked it much

cvs black garland is nice too - like dead orchids

eyes bad online? they're throwing mobile half-fonts at you although an eye exam may be in order inexcoria an anger within says not to all else is well see the sun outside regularly olive oil squeaks when pressed in total no skins ever is cheap...

pet shop boys - 'axis' says 'ask us if we're good - we know we're good'
much like bobby orlando and then so smacks of gorillaz 'stylo'

rotwang - bat wing as one half winging around - clearly the upper being, the blackest shmoo (how so upper? wrong turns up pipes mostly a leader of some sort for this kind - no falk...it says i know it all i'm outside in studio seeing self reacting to others)

why i might be glad someone black stole our '95 accord for the $13,000 paid out
it never gets any better, but is still beautiful always - why leave it to hell?
remember, was $5,000 cash down and $500 a month or $35,000 no talk but a lease actually...ho hum
a single polyp removed after the free testing is $300 apparently - all the right moves for someone who owes me a kneecap still (a bullshit)
well, slap my knee
the cd player - the slot only with button - was $500 in the honda such a big prize that sound system already integrated
p.s. the car was worth $13,000 two years earlier the total of remaining payments - see it shine (he got to keep it when we broke up as i took the computer and all peripherals - he moved right next door fully employed still and yet and after 'i sucked his roommate's dick turns out he had real nice cock' (the way he talks to me to get a rise is this - not very me but i did it just the same ask me...'call first' is the message then and now...we always had extras anyway being adult i'd say)

no math just glorious adds along the way - little balls or others greenish soon
a warner leroy-style cocktail wreath - delicate but not fraked
take back the time - these are like the phantasm balls - all eyes of the dead each one sometimes twice now
the balls all blackish and bigger but tighten or shrink to the chrome with aluminum fends of great bone fame (aluminum of tensile time-wise as strength the subject of much debate universe if breaks built in)

q: i need someone who tells me who i am (not like you think) - am i good enough to be there with you? not just laying down the law with your reasons against me for you being there...it's not sexual then both trying to get inside and eat better? my asshole knows nothing good for you, but okay, no...never (what's available less any fears-frights plus aids? no you are a fool still...do not follow me...'you look unhealthy')

if everything here is purposeful, no two minds...not ever...'never have' and if nothing is truly future in give-speak an unknown as stated days ahead (where you hafta wind up...)

hindi learned to date:
'ruta lee' - new delhi a city in anglicized speak
'dehane pu! pu!' with as 'pu' as 'pyoo!' 'dainty pu' - milk in small serving pitcher waving roundly as offering
'givne ebshroud' (no shroud) the penis as if crying (still anglicizing this - wait it off)

do the right thing for you and all comes cheap - we need to be beyond reproach (asking me why)
'if i'm wrong, i'll wait' - dM
p.s. license plate 'dadsboi' for danielle brisbois - he loves her still
giraffes not really real? they manage their coats to communicate they did to me
itunes has the film to buy only as high as $19.99 hd - you miss the point, i believe
my mother's money needs to be seen rising up from an apparent hole or no bother me
remember 'archie bunker's place' not the daughter's doll with genitals - all that hate and false friend set aside in favor of him having what he wants only, ever
there is no you or him, anyway

target features 'hangover iii' the dvd this week for $22.99 maybe you want to thank the production this way and be sure you didn't miss anything in the complete advance viewing i provided here earlier in august 2013 (link here)...despite the interpersonal politics (polemics choosing sides when not sure and have no apparent choices) of not knowing anything for sure to relate once and at-large, one day at&t is gonna use you tube to charge us backwards somehow you'll see (itunes at $1 a pop had fifty cents left over even with wires burned we assume - they want to wait for your money as gift by asking for gifts and lengthening time with odd affords) - it's intended to be a money-saving venture not so many copies (always as made to be less or with more of you then) to be made and moved around...i got to be the greatness i am paying each time upon present...formally...

publishing (not retail - that is stocking shelves personally for what reason i would as labor of love waiting with) is at-best a job only making formal copies against shelves of taking only...do you have one yet a job? ascap (artist and composers) pays people being used to entertain guests - it's real choosing from among making people feel like they're a part of it all or making them feel like they're in-charge deciding whom and when (no pay after seven years? that's your law - send it in anyway to avoid the polemics and know the truth you need to be bothered with any pay if god explodes bombs to see spiders of light around him and aground...itunes is publishing a perfect home copy nothing in-hand kinda unless burning discs and at a hotel room abroad, but smacks of public affords and never with choices that is dj'ing ascap a song capped now (think of all things money being crowded out and ending softly)...if we can't make it go all go to homes with pay, ascap gets it then if you can even get anything but numbers from a bank - they're not stupid you know every atm is a mask for a person hiding or no service a sign 'out of order' and lives on forward movement that's not money yet they never make journals (or balanced flat sums of activity by accountants) less than cash, cash - be dumb they're not dumb yet)...and still i make your money dumb with you...i don't want people being paid just for being there i want what i worked for nearly a half million dollars at wage and jobs seven days a week, three shifts don't bug me humanists dying of diabetes a harsh snake bite all anti-matter inside you don't hafta be paid yet...i'm gonna be at hotels with drinks during the warm and cold days with others like me making priorities softly you will work and not be there to be who i am...choosing softly...i don't age, girl (when you were thirty-six...), and that, quite frankly, isn't old they smoke a little 'for god smote them upon the world broadly to see if seeing is them too...'

'smote' ('carved out'? god) is wiped away to be down and aside, 'smoked' is my analogy he smoked them like pack of marlboros i had a cigarette the other day with someone in a car through neighborhoods a traffic jam (you ask what brand? camel lights, i believe to this day not dorals yet) to be as if with and friendly no abstain makes you to be mine...

'one cigarette should kill you - you are that' - dM i look at lung tissue my way an ink blot in a paper behind a nylon of white-ish screen and if your balls are your kidneys in and out secretly people are only abusive at lengths hoping all works out, they never die right all lengths out with some helping nothing that bothersome to say a vascular accident or a dried metal of scabs in the skull at best

stink: stings the eye (your sink of daily preparation 'my sin lavin' or labia in a standstill of dirted water - right again never to douche just soap and water)

coward: however (you're going)

koo koo roo west hollywood finally wound it down and closed - they had to keep a hot thanksgiving dinner each night and besides no caesar wrap (all a bother) it failed us...too doo loo i was just there days ago and hated the piecemeal favor of it...see norm's on lacienega for turkey dinner with all the fixin's?

the red dogs and pink ones cover my order to paint ihop's roof red from blue...not my property, but someone prays it a red roof is highly held there - soon? pink mutes the red after layers and layers...ihop is a great $10 breakfast by the way a vacationland, actually, with smallish booths...

elvira lays about on a billboard for out-of-the-closet the aids charity white elephant again...

'doug moon music' - bryan ferry 'don't stop the dance'
one of the finest pop songs ever made - and great stilettos in the video

this year's ben cooper at ebay: something stinks
some say gene simmons is chaz palmiteri - same guy

scary costumes over the years (and no, they are not racist or winners of drop-down charts or exclusions noted as possessors of our minds) 'it's not wrong to be averse' - the queen

this is the revolutionary war with england our royalty and at whim a death sentence - just waiting for it all to sift in as living each day with fat prouts - not so much a war, the sun spins alot more than it says and so not so evolutionary what is the waiting game...the dinner bell...jews stiff you at professionally-staffed events only...make it same go ahead...you are not a jew, a jew never takes in disagreement...

even if you succeed in taking everything to make it look stark you the hero but dead of shit-eating and aids (i tend to like the asshole shown often enough or die like you do so what that's no one special with pieces missing their whole vagabond life and job is borrowing the flesh they can't just die of beri-beri a social disease for soap freaks - all studio anyway heat-moist), i'd have you all killed (they only ever get the right ones anyway - punish the dead is my rule always trying and then people at-large don't want them too - kill the messenger i handle that here...remember ours is a soul game (a challenge to be given at whim) and is distribution not so much challenge and as words shape thoughts only 'don't think for me'...i hate the thought of being incomplete as you are...even with my business at-hand...my business ! they ride me everywhere these pigs for lines and neat partitions of duties nothing serious yet...never an accede or rising into...just false identities, i'd assume...nervous and plus nothing useful but politeful lays down the law as plus fat too....what if that fuckin' belly misses a meal you let it all hang out in front of me a no-one to you...i can't 'rub it' well with butter and flour...signed, 'two asses' flying to georgia

within days a step away: at&t is being slyly blamed with 'vesta' (green dot) for a recent string of error charges on our account and at rent time...guarantee your borrowings else...either you do or you don't and you don't here...we don't fuck, yet
vesta at&t 70.00
vesta at&t 50.00
vesta at&t 100.00
papa johns (we never eat there - never) 51.36
----a woman's work retaliatory always in our building hates ach deposits all on 10/03 when you get my nigger it's guaranteed though by a paycheck and with threats too (their work never ends monitoring others with jails afoot - nothing is mine but ours now as we wait for the same things your family and belongings known and destroyed)

pay your fuckin' bills, sex clown (we all know how guide you are pooling funds from tomatoes for bigger bills but see that all comes to that day when no more is brought to a default no way around that unless you got a gun, annie, and we all hate 'little girl' solutions comb your hair twice then and make people happy...adds one heroin addict another rubber doll 'he should be arrested' ('if i even see you in process...') - i was made to be here, cunt - see us all valuable (worth fighting for) but hard to keep afoot with salary (a food garnish) our retainer...wage of a war)

more on papa john's: if i called last night (the transaction dated 10/04 today), they could've back it out they said (a woman named 'shawn' said - in elsinore) they will send a check in two to three days - these freaks ordered:

one 16" pepperoni pizza (big mama's makes a 36" pie - no shit about $45 at their door)
one sixteen-piece buffalo wings
one cinna-pie (one imagines a sugar and cinnamon-type pizza - very babytalk)
two pepsi 2-liter(s)
one chocolate chip cookie - and why not? someone fat ate this - sometimes i just don't eat
total per fuck less any stink mia $51.36
the credit union who might bounce our rent check want us to call these first and we will all pointless arguments for a nigger's hand fee
and i fucked you all already - imagine that
where's all my pay, you white niggers
for your lazy asses, it's okay to sit there thinking things while others might laugh
think aids seriously everytime you sit it's there and for real this time
buy from me you nigger - it's cheaper to think of
like women's retail questions, if i don't see it it's not real - all extras
'see it coming' - god
'answer me dirt' i'm not with you but learn much as you do
this order called in and received by 'marie von saint' or richard's mother downstairs
the elsinore is changed conveniently with the credit union they are in cahoots again no money the each - beggars making points - i'd trace the cash too

peter frampton 'i'm in you' the piano very todd rundgren

the pet shop boys (always a good one live and if the venue is big) to be at the shrine auditorium on october 12...'i'm not there yet' say one 'alot of money pushed me out' continues 'i miss a fifth of them'...see golden voice the promoter's site...p.s. the pet shop boys never toured to get famous it was a running joke, actually...we waited for gary numan too, town and country outside of philly upper darby maybe 'too small' (lord of it! 'for you' says headmaster randy alexander 'he's a bore') he says now 'we never toured ever we hated it the reception is lean'? pu - you were god then...1980 or so...town and country is where people auditioned for spectrum their gulf-western forum size...

another good one on 'soft rock' is america 'i need you' - don't cheat folks a out of a song (a stephen stills vocal...another great to me is neil young - don't expect kids to enjoy adult contemporaries too many spaces in the head - it goes with the body elton john i just listened to the pet shop boys' new record the song 'axis' a disco or remix record that's a shockwave on front not 'electric' i push 'em out to see a gift at any rate they're smart - see crest and trough for electric a coin spinning no loops at all but powerage)

america 'i need you' again, startling
stephen stills is here roundabout...some carly simon

we honor cabbage growers always...a big feat
like we honor a bag of new guts?
if cauliflower is casually explained as broccoli still growing...
and broccoli issues this branch after a long while...
and these are to be cabbage when separated and planted in the ground (with worcestshire sauce? yup or water first)
you work too hard?
and your teeth are squeaking when you eat
you should eat alone anyway
apparently, people are snorting under their breath when they channel
demand it out
these are probably all of the cruciferous (colon-izing any cancers) vegetable line
is there only one crab?
leave guts around in the water and maybe you see more
another one of life's hot cocoas
all i got for christmas one year of late (competes with my dad's toothbrush - both fine gifts, actually with that rubber pick for dentures on end and bombs from nabisco?)

'naked and afraid' good show: the guy and the girl nagging the toybox i liked the billy wilder-jane seymour version...whether it's being naked (a man enjoys this wildly and so do animals around...and if hth 'holds the hole') the prick and balls seem to get in the way of work digging for water she balks over preferring coconut milk (sort water with sand, fool, like a pool filter the finest edifice is a pool filter - he says muddy?) but he made people look good not so monkey with his ass spread open always and ever careful with the beige airbrush on tits and interestingly enough a thatch of hair...she notes to me his genitals are small-ish and he is small so she feels okay about things while menstruating in the heat and storms (these are sexual gifts to non-pornists no how)...more like fifty (50) days i can't say i'd watch this much further queers au natural invite us offline but the girls are forthright and funny chasing vangor eels with a rock '...and with god as my witness' continues else as just meeting in the woods 'let's talk about being naked first' one quips although always to be clothed like there's an eric's around the corner but i hate naked males enjoying us our job so much is the female as mother ataken...slomb...sam gross lifeboat cartoon three guys with life preservers on 'hey - isn't it your turn to eat me?' not if you're denise (like frampton) - you die in the hospital after eating a few fingers 'left hand only' she says...lighter...'for the skins'...p.s. god says nudity welcomes pinches and playing fingers i say half of that is from the inside anyway testing your limits we make this stuff up...at-best a rewired piss shiver hot for cold? makes you go...

devo teach the value of a reduced set when making choices 'freedom of choice'
'freedom from choice is what you want'
however choice keeps mine up-front waiting for me, not cash - i've never seen the shelf move much, though

and now a poem from terry (the roommate's - to each a caveat or place to hide) childhood book 'everything and anything' first print 1925 by dorothy aldis

'the sand pile'

when i sit in the sand pile
it's warm where i sit [wherever i sit]
lovely and hot and not
scratchy one bit.

when i dig with my shovel [~some would say it's true]
the sand grows much wetter
and that is the sand that is
very much better [for you]

for castles or tunnels- [and or for tunnels]
(except when i bake [a dry one should bake]
of course i use dry sand [no one drives in a tunnel
to frosting my cake.) [to wind up in the cake.]


You Gotta Eat, I Gotta Watch You Dying - Until Then Another Good Feeling To Be Had In September 2013
Leave the window open...I'm not afraid of you peeping.

another recent shot of me...be patient these don't keep well