If You Didn't Like This, You're Gonna ! RAGE ! Over November 2009 "Blast The Beasts As We Killed Them" Fangs You India 'Thank You Terror' The Caraway Seeds Of Oroweat's 'Jewish Rye'

this is richard's mother 'magda' doing an eight-photo spread on her many personal style in the october 09 los angeles magazine (see slideshow then 'glamour girls')
richard paid for it, but it is amusing - verily a queen of beans page 148
my favorite? kitty hawk in velva ('contvelva' or 'halfway hidden' as in lace) and cowboy hat - a child as an older lady
thanks for the pizza slice on halloween you cheap beggars...to forward slurp asap

this 'iron giant' mako or large fish is informing and heart-rending as shit
all round or intraocular - very doug moon

Some movies on iTunes: "The Iron Giant" I still like to look at. He's kept in the woods behind the kid's house eating scrap metal from an older friend's junkyard, and he winds up getting blown to smithereens by the government et al, but the head glows in the eye soon enough and the various parts start moving together magnetically and again. Power me up. Then, "The Wizard Of Oz" (if you had a brain?), may need a fresh look for $2.99 a visit with and both. The witch is like God to me a fun-enough person laughing at you and your audacities (in front of everyone you ask, speak), but boredom sets in and if you only had the pieces they was missin' "you could walk alone." Morely: Only a cheap update (my own version to sell as remaster, asap "The Grinch" recolored adds favor) shows the witch's trap door exit in the floor? Nonpluss.

curve 'radio sessions' ep (1992) bbc live rare all-most tracks
'the colour hurts' starts it out

curve 'the colour hurts'

it was the beginning
the final curtain descends
don't be too dainty
life's reveal
let's pretend

the colour hurts
in its last breath it says
'why do you grow inside me?'
it smells of dew
as it spirals to victory
it says
'why do you grow inside me?
(leave me alone)

i was doing okay
but now you're here
hold my hand
now you've won
i understand

the colour hurts
in its last breath it says
'why do you grow inside me?'
it smells of dew
as it spirals to victory it says
'why do you grow inside me?'
(leave me alone)

(it's an evil thing but you'll join in and take yours the teeth)
(someone heard: the promised land is a full suicide but you'll take to and join in)
(another yet: your promises are paying to you silently and you're enjoying me)

the colour hurts
in its last breath it says
'why do you grow inside me?'
it smells of dew
as it spirals to victory it says
'why do you grow inside me?'

sell me some rebirth
sell me some rebirth
sell me some rebirth
sell me some rebirth

it's a destiny of sorts
it's a destiny of sorts
it's a destiny of sorts
it's a destiny of sorts

a smell of the earth
a smell of the earth
a smell of the earth
a smell of tne earth

never give people heaven - they thank you for coming and die
life's reveal? yeah - they tell you when it's all over 'you've always known'
let's pretend it's all true and get by (up and running) somehow like we know

the ghost's name is 'geribald' it means 'don't ask yet if we've been'
whatever...that's one dry dock...think of it ever...ever-the-link to the costume's maker in character and some retailer
this was the final choice and yes all went well...dark...lonely...ok...some day
drank a large thai iced tea from a street-level booth and scoured the pan for dried-on mess
many seemed to do without...the make-up challenged me...next upwise railbirds.com for devo's 'r u experienced?' promo video -- touch it to feel me inside you
we left after a while to hang out...fine, fine

just got this
pez set pricing it as novelty at cvs lacienega and by scan - really cute and expensive-looking (override picture here) with plenty of candy...see amazon also
the point is, it was too cheap to leave $5.99 versus the $25 plus as online (i was asked in my mind while shopping to value the set - i gave upwards of $15 for it)
i'm told pez is catholic (knowing) versus jews (not knowing) somehow and quote 'a pez a day matters' ('yeah, matters to you' - the jew)

a clip from stephen king's 'it' - this about as far as i got in the book (see the clown is actually as bozo and very sweet 'til then...)
we believe he is mocking claudette colbert here - she's always meeting men later on in life and believing sweet is better said, too
i thought to myself 'jane wyman, maybe'

Wednesday 10/27 you elseway: The roommate is at jury dury downtown (like people hate new jobs maybe...class-like courtrooms...like-minded scares a dark third dimension a prison call) nothing's sacred you go free now and then 'you didn't have nothing' shoot you later. Winds kicking up last night might be a little girl with that book of weather spells, me invoking an Ancient Latin but unknowing saying 'do something elegant' now, bombs of afar (those fourteen old ladies from Long Beach all mad still a nervous-type death off the water sees no further complaint) no further bother. I usually just stop the winds when they get too scary. Traded in the skull hoodshirt (and smallish up the waist maybe) for the full fool of the green-ish ghost all discounts furled in (a $30 gift card sucks up some - good later on as a credit receipt). I want to bless it up to natural of night, study makeups, and think it over for soft enters exits. Don't mention you to cost I never participate in any way fashionable and usually because we are so lame with you while others do here's a small effort with a smart mouth that comes naturally enough. Don't talk about 'pagans' and other shit it's hard enough just do something more than complain and shit out food while I wax my balls, sure, you grease up your tits twice now. Neil, who has expended movie-lot costumes like 'Mrs. Doubtfire' (god blessed Sally Field, only) should shut up and as we republic (you fight with friends over a colorful inner-tube on the beach in Barbados while your house burns down naturally and quietly enough back home in Chicago) for such money and then make your mother wear them old dresses while you cheat it at me too for better reasons (you think I pay for that crap as you do and all the while). I'll keep watching your brother online like last night enjoying you some no hate intended you see...I see Mark's (a favorite of mine restaurant) on LaCienega is closed 'since June' (a valet across the street said as perhaps lied) -- was that 'cause you popped your father (a little bitch who tries to pull my teeth out over pure piss and debt) in the eye there? The police hated that scene and told me a while ago about it in the head. Next time, just 'pick at the eye' (our little joke, blacks) while he sleeps at home (kids --) You don't close nothing over that stuff rake it up, put down sod. Maybe tired as I sew? I get scared but not as remote do I.

---ask someone else then, be yourself
---please yourself, then

New Order - Republic
' i would like a place i could call my own | have a conversation on the telephone '...' ruined in a day '
instead of jason priestley vocals: creed 'away in silence'...to freeze a moment taken and in time

Someone wanted to know the etiology (oops, that's disease...etymology or word source) of the word-name "Rome". I channeled a Roman mind through the ages as such and it is from "Romolan" the dead religion or religion of the dead. They don't die it said, they "earth sing" or get let around to be here with us. Christ tried to make make death real, but they speak of being here where all is felt and heard (as opposed to spirit being or no clothes).

i love to see this record anyhow from my birthday 08/16/76, add kiss 'destroyer'
the picture is of helmut newton dead as he photographed-raped other's beauty of but not seen so well
the eyes of the dead real? illegal yet...i seen 'em once enough
eric carr of the group kiss had breastses cancer - not peter criss or tom peterson of cheap trick, same
he is now a cashier at pavilions who died of it and became this great girl who is threatening mostly with her actor's androgeny -- great stuff but costly
i had to humble to her claim of knowing it all when we spoke briefly -- i know more than she thinks and he-she's on magazine covers now with that misunderstanding afoot
i ridicule men who want to be 'a woman' -- it is a ridicule, but i'd fuck them (again? no)
kiss are supposed to be me and my son marc ondy as inspire, only -- he is definitely ace an insulting-type queer and peter the cat along with his personal best kristen dearden* (a perky woman we knew with Richard DeS back when)...kiss are japanese-length space giants trying us
*lew wasserman, such after 'death remorse' of body and such back in-out

People wanna know about OLT - me too: We called them about 2005's return and they some woman guessed we were late in filing too along with noting we should be refunded our $50 filing fee for having used them to file in 2005 who knows big fucking deal she would call us back hasn't yet (the Feds have our 'informal appeal' at voucher for 'dates meaned to us'). Meanwhile the state has received and processed our 2005 return for and just the day before (this was 10/16 approved on 10/15 as filed on 08/06 or as they note 07/15 - check to be received 'within two weeks' they said). So, the others 2006, 2007 still in process this one we sweat, and so, still waiting for all, any. You ask us for yourself why anyone would pay us anything and I tell you I'm not here to hear of you at all. This is for claims in my position only and you should be subject to deportation if any. Russia and Lower Malta is made of what you are - trust that. Alben: Next time your serve 'red delicious' apples cut up into slices, you sprinkle with lemon juice. Mine only. More: The state? Check on this 10/23/09.

I was joking with a priest in my head about women and communism and said their motto (real) is "What's yours is mine." They responded in-kind "Isn't that what you said?" I replied 'no' - mine is "While you sleep, I lay." Add in mine for capitalism "Finders keepers." Socialism? Nothing strong, but "Some is yours" back and forth.

you buy gold tickets at photolink above in pounds of 50 tickets at $7.50 each ($375) or two gold tickets with two small drinks and small popcorn at $24

online spyhouse for your consideration....we have AMC gold tickets (2) on hold for Michael Jackson's "This Is It" at the AMC 15 Century City. I told Michael Jackson not to talk to me while I prepare food in the kitchen - it makes you spit in the food then no guest. He tells people "If you spit [speak], set it aside - we'll forgive you [rude, only as rude]." They say "We don't talk when we make our food - no thank you." They gonna show "Casper" the ghost on October 30, 6 PM at Westfield the same mall. Other than, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is again at El Capitan through November 1.

just toured the pumpkin patch talking alone -- will pop in tomorrow
'tis free until the weekend when their $4/$2 entrance fee goes to the purchase of a pumpkin or whatever you meek
a sign warns that guests may not photograph other guests without their express permission i'd do it anyway
all in all, is like the nature trails i used to make in the swamp behind our house -- worth every cent to tour if one could pay any less
here's our front door now with 'indian corn' blessing the place a harvest
good through thanksgiving or the annual turnkey crossing (who's who ? be yet)

My Halloween sweattop wound up being $43 or so with 30% viscount, but be alerted to original-nature, brand-new Members Only jackets in several colors at Dr. Jays...the price is right. Members Only is the only deco fade we recommend for studio length and buy. It hangs in there. Meanwhile, watch that Amazon - they bandy you about between them and other retailers to leave no fish. They never followed up with me but I order further anyway. Rule: Find other ways to work them out, the kinks in their service don't last long.


note velcro tabs fixed my leather day runner the magnet part that closures and very well - you can't defeat the adhesive...thanks
the furry part goes on the strap, i'd say and did - the color is 'cordovan' the style is 'the logan' of course
i'm told rubbing alcohol will liven the hook and sampale of the velcro itself when as needed - it will last forever

doug moon looking not so good white under eyes etc. at sunset live! (their name now be curious - 'lives on sunset?' - some wattage out)
the hat was-is for the phillies, the shirt is for the dodgers of nyc (goodwill to all...until i get there and you're still that)
the shirt - brought home by terry non-asap - supposedly says 'why ask me?' under earth scans or from above lenses then

the three sirens ('circe' #1, 'camile', and 'wanda' from left - the red 'lora' or 'lorelei' ain't mine) at sunset 'live!'
circe is the rough equivalent of beyonce 'beyond saying' to me...seeing? no, she is loud at announce of (also note her video is three styles down of her alone the same girl...i like subservience or waiting for 'til then)
what? who's really here matters most on the moon, i'd say...
camile is neil's mother shirley, wanda is barbra streisand, and the red my mother not around enough...they sing as sirens to ships that crash there and 'help them out' you'd say...mine: 'the helpin' hand is the hurtin' hand'
sirens are actually 'salvens' (say 'salavans') or like salon types we'd say
remember, get their language to pronounce for, then anglicize to us only for an interesting of sound but be - leave it out otherhow (la da di da da da, la da da di da wow wow!)
(um, 'melonella' by cocteau twins)
chinese 'wang' may equal = 'wong', 'hong' whatever. then we say 'waaang'

excellent style gates at 'the london' hotel west hollywood

you can use the green dot moneypak to reload at paypal - is that useful to me yet? yes, no
you use paypal to buy things on ebay if the seller can accept credit cards - it goes right through no bother but card number entered in as a 'payment method'
unfortunately, paypal only allows you to enter any one credit card number on any one paypal account-membership (i almost hate them for it but see...extra cards issued under another name suffer here some if placed with them already)
you can get 'green dot' (maybe you - and a bit of money to hand over) cards and money paks most reliably at 1) radio shack and 2) cvs
smart shit ! still keeps fees down and your own monies safe 'buying is king' to me while save yours, 'selling' selving
petco on doheny no longer has live specimens (for samhain?) you'll see - some mice, a few fish in plastic balls
don't worry - hairy spiders live well above the ceiling tiles peering out from corner holes, snakes visit homes

see? it's that easy within personal accounts and under 'add funds'...why be yet?

i wanted the veiled counter from john quincy adams or his wife's grave white alabaster - arlington - what? tones on tail? 45 grave? christian death?
i love dark veils of sorrow and shame...the upper right signet models the statue i want

mr bones pumpkin patch at doheny north and santa monica got rained out
watch their quicktime within to see features, smiles
madonna says she might host another night there soon - this upcoming thursday, probably after noon (she was there wednesday briefly she said and will butt in nicely...)
she (madonna) demanded in as i lay to sleep and made me know this so see - stevie nicks is around too but some see
she said maybe not, but i unleash other in as others warm to a visit with us no sky-to-speak (unless you looking purposefully and thus not)

Wanda Sykes = Gary Coleman, that's who (bring no harm). Remember, LimeWire 5.3.6 is approved by me for Snow Leopard and 4.18.8 for else said. False fact: "Paninaro" by Pet Shop Boys is for "Ferragamo" as in shoes. They couldn't use (sue) the name reasonably...consider news of The B-52's was broke by Fiorucci's the store on NBC's "Real People".

'best little whorehouse in texas' starring burt reynolds and dolly parton
some faggot rag said 'whorerrors' chi chi larue...may we suggest 'whorrors'

the ol' neighborhood in allentown, new jersey 08501 with thanks to google earth 5.0
some say there were sixty-seven (67) homes in our neighborhood - i hafta count yet
streets: allen drive (mick jagger), hendrickson way (neil), probasco drive (me, us), coates road, graham road, robinson road...
main street at allen is where the real amityville house is (the boathouse in rear held canoes and bearcats or flats mostly only)
we were the real salem's lot too - the marsden house was where the 195 overpass is now - long gone in 1965 torn down
new: buckley lane for chris

Ralph's has new Jelly Belly brand pudding snacks for sale for 10/$10 - we tried 'cotton candy' and 'watermelon' so far. Not bad...they also have all Campbell's Chunky brand soups for $0.99 right now. We got ours to poor. Meanwhile, Pavilions is featuring Driscoll's raspberries for $0.99 through Tuesday the 20th. Get on that.

the skeleton lights? just $2.50 a set at target's front-row bargain bins
p.s. aah's sunset (home of the costumes below - i got the skull sweatshirt at 30% off) has 'talking boris' the same skeleton head we have and painted chrome for just $30!
incidentally, the tank on the gas grill just ran out - about ten (10) full cookings for the dough

'broken dreams sell cheap'

Rogaine mousse reports in after months (three [3] such cans of spray cream for $50 at CVS and normally but is now $40 for three cans) as having helped greatly (but, oh! the headaches). Don't kid yourself - Hollywood makes people use it unless of course they have monkey collar or something. Wipes excesses on forearms to grow hair there too as defeats heredity...absent talk! CB2 has a great six-light candleholder on sale $9.99 and Halloween-decorated flowers (roses then with painted cornstalk pumpkins) at Trader Joe's just $3.99...I got mine at Sunset and Crescent Heights.

Started raining here hard yesterday 10/13 (is like snow - that special) we've been waiting and it's raining now. Johnny Carson was talking about how he built his house. "We laid a flat down and lived a little as it grew" (as in Malibu Heights). They wanted a 100k to hook electricity up, but he uses a Honda engine still (or then a CAT engine) and borrows lightly from a neighbor. They won't hook up electricity out there he said.

Happy Columbus Day, I guess, Monday, October 12. Was walking down the street to Pavilions and they have Tim McGraw's name spraypainted on the sidewalk with a white country hat, the phrase "southern voice", and the date 10/20/09 emblazoned on it too. I unwittingly thought to myself 'that's a shame - the same guy who was killed off being Michael Jackson' for no pay dead already too. And was this the guy who propositioned a police officer while on meth and at a tented gig? I love that story. The bank was closed see no quarters for laundry...oops ! Kenny Chesney is the one I'm thinking about. Someone dug up Michael Jackson already...this just in.

If a Sylvania aluminum LCD arm is just $70 at Target, see webcams for Mac at NewEgg.com if only seriously MIA. To be sure, I hesitate with any additional cost to me too - me? Simply live? Must be cheap at it. My webcam went back to Radio Shack for a full credit on gift card with no receipt but seem earlier purchase in review (a new battery for my cordless ViSYS system by RCA) and thus became my next TracFone phone card at $20 or so good through February adds one hundred (120) long-distance minutes as doubled ever (see Target if again). Get mad, then get serious. Thanks Radio Shack what lives-helps me to undo all 'manor' of control set forth and incidentally I want USB spy lenses (if currency "AU" for Australia, not Austria then is just ten dollars less then at one hundred pieces Australian) with two wires in/out for the upper corner of rooms or at waist-level of entries in bushes. Sure, sure. Local spy shops - what oddly enough may guarantee the highest level of piracy - probably have 'em.

Lucy (a Mexican-type 'oh, to hell with it' humour - I hate dopes) is for a 'Lucifer' and shows you for our reasons. A vampire bat then. We only had two (2) dogs growing up: 'Fang' (a 'weiner dog' or dachshund with pissy hairy balls named after comic Phyllis Diller's late husband - it tried to bite me in the far backyard when I in my pedal-push fire truck played as tormenting it I'm sure) and 'Blossom' (a Scottish terrier sweet enough but needy - my mother painted the dog house outside with name over its front door some flowers then and if she made all Disney stuff too in her heart and baby Chris Moon's bedroom wall was mural of it does character very well). If see Bang-Olufsen ("Bang Ole! Mexico's favorite drink" an orange-ade at burger huts too) then and for beauty's sake. Always with a Federal study of ways you see. Means theatre or art some, gets people fired usually for being what we call 'unusual' or thinking types 'no doing' (um, maybe a 'fat' for two 'carbs' you'd say). My quote "Take your time. There are deep smarts there - and here." I want them to think of theirs as first, not us (in terms of covering your own concerns).

David Letterman? Is no Jew (think alphabet soup fame - barely spelling it out as in bowl, as in their baby names 'Baba' as 'bother' or then the stealth of babies and by such Jews) but a German-type (why bother it, of another in a playland of sorts) man making points that are savory (no then aftertaste). Ask Madonna (thinks along at start: a Roman goddess thrown down in regular type times - likes malls then, is drawn to cars - doesn't think about you much at all, why would?) what he said to her once - "If you want be here, be here" and adds as afterthought "we're caring at her." She owned his show (through Warner's a profit-sharing or having to ask everyone why-how) since 1986 when he concurrently died of heart disease (Gus 'Doc' Severinsen...dated my mother often, was Ed Aycock a senior VP at St. Francis Medical Center and probably the namesake of all southern mortuary too - have that). Has since been replaced over nine (+9) times by others and is no star because of this. His then girlfriend Nancy Pelosi died of such too. All poisoned by drink, really. No more and denies age of forty-eight (48) for him then (was 72). He curses Elton John (his nemesis or star) for being mean...and so?

Cuniform (buttered it down) then: AIDS=AGE, say that back to me again. You're simply 'dreaming of the queen'...see Pet Shop Boys without retaliating much. By the way, Chris Lowe's character is the singer's soul or perfect body double watching over the proceedings for him. To me, the singer was someone special, the other caught a star on the rise...lives his singular dream out with him.

you can't always get just hate here: know our 'special' on the craig 15" at cvs just got bits sweeter
mine: 'until there's a law...' against cozying up meanwhile friend-of-a-friend, vis a vis (scratches to the face of each other with mini-sharpie felt tips i wear around my neck now, put up my ass)
if not see sylvania's 19" at target for just bitches more (can't keep going to norm's, can we? he was back too asking me...p.s. all on menus are photographed dead, retouched thanks you medico)
my first tv nineteen inches 19" from the now-defunct 'silo' was a cable-ready 'sylvania superset' and true-to-form cable blows the crystal quartz around channel 11
i had mtv right when anyone had it and thought about dead or alive alot being a rip-off of boy george...not true
what does that know?

until there's more than you giving your opinion, selling a negative upwards...until then, maybe just feels bad, lacks in just reward (maybe not you a $13 coupon type says to me 'how?')
remember the serene and secure beauty of metal utility-type doors and now at home depot i'd never have a rear screen door as open wall
these keep anonymous voice during the day 'get out!' (to a rod steiger priest in olde amityville style) and provide quiet sight at benight - great beauty an everyhow
you disagree...so what? i ring up 'no sale' at experience to my cost
you don't just 'disagree' with jews...like me...that is no friend but sale upwards trying at me again 'no sale'

liza minnelli adds pet shop boys' song 'if there was love [would that be enough?]'
sure, from 1989 with 'visible results' on vhs (but three songs) 'it was a great year' that franklin avenue halloween
other a great new pet shop b-side 'up and down' at youtube and plus plus a stripped down of fave song 'i want to wake up' from album two i love this and sing along barely annoint

coupla 'friends' at a local diesel shop gave me these weird man dolls after we spoke a few weeks ago about how much they might be after sale
turns out one had a black model available if i'd walk to the car then white popped out but from under a small repair
never demand a black you see and white may come after all...choose with your heart from within your whole
the sales team (dan and dave) are cute with a word and the one got $10 or lunch then a small pay for a small favor or then lunch somehow
the other night might have been childhood friend dennis murphy where's the hair on your arms, potato legs? you better come 'round again as if

no right-hand man: the name then is mordel 'more day than night' to see this as dark a devil of twins only and is the 'corporate' black, both slow moving a hideous counter to
they move slowly and i repaired the white one's right arm with a rubber (condom) over the ring ripped from inside the shoulder and then rolled down to elbow a sheer unseen for no bother once a clip
glues fail vinyl badly as soul somehow? whatever

It's Monday mattress you get that out and halve some. I took this smart-looking manlan bitch out to Norm's last night walked my ass in the cold mipps with afghan on (yes, it was a clean smelling yarn - see TM's (trademark's) 'Bacos' none seen) and listened to a bowl of shit from someone who couldn't pay the $5 it required to free of my eye but took two small of ass marks plus tums whiteners. A smart-ass male bitch can't handle being b-penniless and clocksure we bit in hard and bit it right off (ugly dines with smalls sums taken afore but be to quite and thus alone help me help yourself still to out). Fucked me what first this time like old at the pool no elevator yet curbing my cuban slide like women cut toast (his wet fart on the way like black cornish pepper on the phone you know who -- wasn't that bad to be with I simply clocked in with this Botho bitch later). I don't need to be you but I had some left out $30 snouts of your fast clip you beggar my cigarettes I hadda re-eat be bothered it eggs and orange juice too for this a secret chef). So little it said but so much I left off...I was gonna cry over this hate made tea. This ghost then rides along with on the home (me earlier: 'I hate poor people so stink' feel bad) me elated hadda resum to please myself. Thanks again, you white nigger. Is probably a fuckin' ESL (every second lie) that never lets you speak for fear of having to know your stuff ('put it on paper'). Hated McDonald's taking out Mel's local lettuce craphead what no who so fuck I thank them in again I said 'I'm God, bitch' [not to be you ever and after now] a smile gained I know all that stuff but the tests so scribbly always another sophist pig on the queer Kinsey scale eating my old crap off the menu and I don't care about this stuff ever I've been to cheap moggs here. You kissed my lips softly and beautifully like that bitch sucked on the tip of me faltskagg russian cock years down I buckle up bottled in the mood for hikes so soured. Tip of me pin.

'the devil might melt a few the devil might smelt a few we wax and we wane'
'the devil lies down and you wax and wane | the devil lies down and you wax and wane'
- cocteau twins, if wax and wane is to stop and look yourself
(before so i'd say things slow and come to a halt for you looking on, as the moon)

beyonce 'sasha fierce' (wears my cloves if 'bennie and the jets' is finally 'bangueleu' fuck some) clocked in finally at a new club - 'sweet dreams' are made of steel beautiful nightmare click pop
mind says 'get it again' - or then 'don't bug me - i'll get on it' + 'and get to it again -- to you - i'll prove it's true' get off it gend

Comic relief with 'Terminator 2' the initial bar scene called 'brubaker' or 'doing time' says Neil who is both Arnold and Patrick Swayze (Swal? seekers who are lovers). They just showed the whole "The Abyss" on HBO (has been over)...I needed that hope in people back them.

if and usually, there's nothing to think about...
the first rankin-bass christmas story on left made me cry again - simply vicious the donkey's mother dead in the pile snow behind
she shielded him with her body from a storm the night before after he was tossed outside over difficulties, timings
he woke up crying a coldheart of winter diamonds to this - boo hoo ! nothing is that pure but omi god ! what a fuck to the face
the other a baby lamb run over by a cart heading through the jesus-fest
it was abraham's pet the little drummer boy no gift to give then this (baby jesus brought him back simply with god's light)
now go fuck yourselves (merry christmas motherfucker - people really hurt like this don't kid yourself and don't polish too many turds for me)

From the 'did you know' + 'did you do' files: The planet known to us as Jupiter (ours is 'Javnat' say 'jahv-nah') is the sun (aka 'Capern' as then and for 'capricorn' yet a review) at clock standstill. Sure, its belts of color (egg white, reddish then) and somehow waves make 'shine' at somehow spinning fast (baldasharing six [6] times minute at 'full cycle' model...at a clock then scale) that whirlwind near the bottom perhaps its smallest revolute as then tipped out to mask it as somehow bottom. Maybe not then you. The model is actually to show us folks and it was made much smaller due to 'virtual' (um, of and about a person) constraints and adds "I can't keep asking it to do [for me over and over - can I?) Fourteen (14) times smaller than self, six times (6) bigger than the world its year virtually the same (two [2] days off, at a downward). Saturn nearby is two (2) times bigger than the world at-large (with an atmosphere or bubble twenty [20] miles up, six [6] miles wide) and is how it shuts down with rings moved down all the way helium strikes it first then grows bigger with dusts....and more later as if.

a bit of elvira 'mistress of the dark' will do - see link to full feature
i watched the whole film last night 10/07 it is recut some
brian m. (abraham, his sweet little lips) is the gas station attendant -- he hates her, roger moore her uncle
my favorite old-time horror movie? maybe 'tarantula'...
on my walls i want three (3) sets of long black arms snapping and clapping to music at both the shoulder ball - in time they are
dancing as ridicule upon enter: welcome new condition 'Pr' pria(bh)yndra walking and talking funny extra steps with acting bits, dry skin like needles however you moisturize no complaint syndrome, massaging lengths of body...odds...logs on the fire...
if not dearheart olivia newton-john, elvira is my father's wife joanne in costume
joanne can be seen plainly in 'torch song trilogy' as the red-haired wife of matthew broderick's blond boyfriend - her brother in real life
neil is jeff conaway also in the film - never wonder where he went
they also weeded out terms like a 'familiar' the dog is a 'familiar' or negotiator of times for a witch...terry is a 'familiar' here like it or lot

Someone asks do you hate P. Swayze. Fuck no! If I did, I'd kill ya. That bitch has never done anything like that Grey girl, but okay basically a turd (adds - lots of great gift from, but always a bad guy says Robert Clergerie). Thanks and remember no one should hear from this ever you don't talk here...see you down in time. What else...we liked seeing Keanu Reeves (real, only) back he is fucked over being asian or whatever but we like him. Pansexual, sure. Then I told Michael Jackson that one day he'll be greeted by glamour turds, him with perfect hair and applause quiet to no mention. Greets at Neverland "Not to be here, Bitch." Is rael? "Your breath sure stinks." No beating that a cactus-like pamph the eye bulbed. "How many slices in a loaf of barnyard bread?"

The IRS sent black to my door with signed-for letter -- rejects the 2005 return for being over three (3) years or sumpin'...whatever. Bitches have every fucking thing plus every fucking thing of mine and I'm gonna eat this up? You will hafta come get me...be you then. "Nothing's in your name." I'm gonna hafta pull teeth outta that fat fuckin' face twist that arm off now get it out.

from the s.a.t. (sure, ask that) circa 1981 - how many pieces can you get with two (2) lines-knives down (no, i tried waving the blade through hole)
we got _____5______ pieces ('x' balanced over hole - note as solved then with chris ondy)...now you?

an october 1 groove down santa monica just bits further then to holloway
barney's beanery? there's generous films of palihouse attached and related to room 404 - take a look, please
by elton john? plus plus - we were wrong they nipped terry's monthly pay today to and just $2,822 now
that's okay, he has a new ass exploration study due also and overall for $1,600 - one such dry session in the bag yet!

they got blow-up chairs, sofas on sale too -- some $9.99
we got one at exactly $9.99 - still blowing it up
...and i got a pump by coleman but the one we got with our everlast ball (um, ross dress for less) packs best
note: the chair comes with plastic straws - push the straw halfway through the opening and then inflate - works best by moving the inner tetrium aside

Puts Your Thumb Over The Tip Or We'll Hafta Know September 2009 - And Verys Retrograde