OCTOBERFESS 2007 @ dougmoon.com (some people still think this is a joke...that last dream hurt me)
to be that fool ! accept to that humbly or then without pay
have one on me - tie one on 'scoop cradle pass catch' you'd rather have something to eat, huh
reminisce with great adventure's oktoberfest - they used to have an evil tin structure with clocks and all on a wooden sled for horses to pull down slopes as one being damned in - authentic in every way
oktoberfest welcomes babies to us and is officially now october 6 - 18 in germany only fuck you
'until we make money, that is' a state fair...my family owns the fairgrounds in trenton, nj and had it closed twice for murders usually - real nice as a kid in september
'we don't own it yet - a bank wants to talk to us about not paying...we fuck niggers back there until it hurts, they say'
trenton state university leisures it as an endowment right now...p.s. the feds at ucla are columbia university nyc - tell no one my grandfather started that too...lost his life there once shot in the head
[as planning stages:
cack-action ages nineteen, twelve and under the leaf;
risk it all up to your known limit of none, none each;
you can make magic - you don't make the things that just happen to people;
who will create this is not about me winning you back at same zero-test - you ate here once or twice, and so often;
we time each and arrive after having sold to be had as them but to be as just, then watch bulbs glourning as a set to have or then send back but as each an anew.
+++ nothing's real enough to have and then say - be mad and ready to re-open the catcher's mitt oned in cervix-is-bad foam +++ i've tried everything: mints waxes jellies cremes lotions...preflab splauts]
Apple iTunes
if i get one of them 'prestige' magazines (u-pay me to see u-first, then i pay me back somehow with extra rolls 40k in army dollars) with her on the cover i'll leave it as extra for others as noted twice before
i honor junk mail or unwanted if can as against hate beings no thought to you but send - my 'pay the fees on credit' struggles me now dearly - and they add 'what's that u said be me again?'
no - do just as you're told by assailants-superiors or be you still asking me to say you again and as muchly made to be me
'take one...please...i've looked at it...has nothing of immediate project-oriented value about anyone i can see nothing remembers with me afterward as left right here wondering why?'
thanks you for the great hearsay if anything...china makes those prints to be us no matter whom to be paid whom
now this...may actually pay to you-me...call china again who measured it all out in paper bags you buy and use
having your say hurts every day - like choosing for yourself may never get help
trust that - we market to u? not with me
u grow up and become who we are...so what
u pay for that too...i work against this i guess
pay your fees anyway and up-front i say

And Yes All Quotes Below By Me To Close This Month - We Can't Pray For Divine Inspiration For November 2007 But We Can Ask The Above For It Here As Ongoing And Genuflect
Doug has a bad cold right now...sorry. "He looks bad too."
"Even if an internal-type theft problem turned out to be and to truth and as it for real, I'd fuckin' deny it and for once ask for no to be and as be dealed. If who should you too believe in ever be forwarded to zeal, you'll have nothing to say but then again why bother me over it and once for it to be more. I don't have pee's justice in mind, I simply have great steals making me look gay-for-no-bait at rob-bottin prices. Whose old pan was sheened weeping that baked on grease?"

"If I had a nickel for every time you used me just to be used badly by as a fool and thus fooled for me, I'd have to question your looks just before seeing me. It's not the first time you've been paid by me to give someone good head for a scheduled oil change on their annual 'spare of these parts' rental car. No one lights up in the 'reversing' rear vixen - makes 'em sick they say. Why not burn off the extra glass drying wet fingertips pounding down 'round town?"

"The law is more than logical or seen to be due - we note what can't be changed within reason. Stop kidding yourself - we prescribe an outcome to suggest first then do you up the ass like it was us asking ever. Rule it all out for yourself just as you'll soon see no precedent has esp been set. Simply stated, she brought the law - made us a home state of it bursar's class."

"Pay for your shit? Not like I ever really have to be there...I'm sure you've met each other before hiding means now. You can't take shit that isn't their(s) and move it in to not have noted what again. We just credit that right off the books to back it off the usual adjust of account statement for all prior last years made meaning. Know that no one knows yet. Yet you do some for them and be still. You can't play a harp from up in front seeing your seat will stare."

"Jerking off can be much like eating butt - it's simply cleaner. What makes a semi-stink, least? Fouralga Bee. That plastic slot machine with passle-squirting flip-top of angry-tyme heated honey-lemon bees jackhandles my ass every time!"

New goodnesses on or about the 6th...pre-paid. We have slot film for you too and other mayhems coming your way.

Adds taliban lesson from August 2007: "Al queda" is men who won't walk with women afoot...industry-type tycoons who insist upon labors only...to love that

No health insurance or money? Mind over says sign up with Blue Shield for coverage at about $100 a month for three (3) months waited then two (2) or more or less conditions treated same as. Don't fret I guess then. "Blue Shield pays for everything, I'd say" it said.

Did you know direct deposit of your paycheck is no longer a guarantee of service same day? Yeah - Bank Of America (see previous - of a dying government arm) closed my roommate's checking account mid-month or so after many repeat checks from me on deposit (all mostly less than $500...I have plenty left at the ol' printer set) asking them but politely (if will) if they had any of my money yet from my little 'telethon' on Westwood Village checking account #00999-60407 (routing number 122000661). I hassled 'em successfully all last month for their delicate treatments of my checks - three (3) days float at the each for each dimwit-bilbo made $5.00 fee for return each upward at and no matter what - because they owe me and they know it (about $965,000 I hear...waiting for my death no less...very anti-American if you gave here still nothing said). Are we in danger here? Neil supposedly got involved at Universal's county outlet to guarantee me-us, but I think a "bullshit" again. Meanwhile, Terry's monthly check November 1 is nowhere to be found and we wait maybe four (4) maybe (5) days for the the bank to return the check to his employer UCLA (he had to beg-borrow $55 from co-dependents there, but see each check written in advance sways my way now)? What crap...and I called myself and at both places of business to verify I couldn't believe it no paycheck for the working man against women saying this stuff. Shit in me.

"You are a criminal." True - there is nothing I won't do to you and you fail everyone miserably one day anyway having and doing without others. I can't make anything in my hand with vapors but I can vindicate you the thief and bungler with too much survey on yours hands while those who do what they're told to do stay home and cry every other day for a life to happen another kind of beggar. A woman in my mind fights me every day for life.

Thanks again for any charity (sure, like that "counterfeit" $10 bill handed Terry in Pavilions last week) and any performance at all we need it here. In the meantime, I'll be hassling all of told for no ask no say. My gifts are not yours to use with me here.

"Beggars." - dM in pea green no less remember the lemon tree...Snapple iced tea with lemon trosses

"Obviously, you are any the outrage out there trying to profit yourself at the expense of others, less yours." - dM

Devo "Watch Us Work It" Devo - Watch Us Work It - Single - Watch Us Work It the NEW ADVANCE SINGLE 2007 !!! from Mark Mothersbaugh and family and for Christmas, I'd say. Good stuff, Blatant Trust. Here's the video-commercial detail at Club DEVO.

sounds like old men singing without their teeth in (how best to achieve this sound?) that's all i'm so moved
i like 'bob 2' also who works here at trader joe's...sometimes mark too managing else
today in line it was katey segal who let me cut in front with bottle soap only
no, you can't really see that but i ask silently and converse with others always about them and who
never to ask
the video makes fun of women who make nothing and but cry and die if they're asked to...the army knows us why

This month was so JUNKY! Just cracked a tooth-filling and who will pay? "The Blair Witch Project" The Blair Witch Project I saw it and basically hated it but you may see...also the dirty and racial "Monster's Ball" and both "Crash". Race, race. Use the link...finger us as yours.

Thanks for NUTHIN'...again.

no link available yet...november 13 see and see holocaust 'in the evening' too from 1979's 'in through the out door'
'zofo' means 'you can move away from us but down you go softly sweetly and back to origins you may know us still but see nothing lit for you die from us again to know us'
then adds figure eights made simply new the remaining 'ofo' says how to kill it best over and above the second circle with return below or else under first
the rest is trinity never to be made new...and then 'the pen is mightier than the sword always'
33,856...see soon

Led Zeppelin ! "Kashmir" from "Physical Graffiti" LP (197X). About two (2) women getting married against God's will. Soon enough you see can sample but pre-order prices none.

this year's winners-losers here...halloween sucked (although you fest clearly and poorly without) see the dougmoon.com message board for some new...
that last belch like snakes-lepers
all images c/o yahoo/images
...with some nigers-touch ups apparent
Soon! How Much Famous And Not-SO-Famous Male Asses And Willing Mouths As Priced By God Over:
Me $1,600...for now with no others yet -- means company and guest or you and who you know with
So, Neil $1,900
John O. $2,100...Chris 0. $1,900
Madonna $1,260...Fran $800 (mean only...credit blue)
Scott Wilkins, actor $9,060
Sean of Toni fame $1,700
Rufus $1,800
Scott Jacoby $1,200
more some later? so boring me...

don't do anything for me it says but better to kill
the korean says 'you may not know me, but i know you and who you are - this mattered, you didn't care...care now'
whatever ! word of advice: every now and again a bad experience is mine for not having thought too much for myself...a better buy me
do your job instead...every now and again a mistake hardly enough

Waiting, waiting....ah, the lemony pissade of our youth taken down "Lemon-Ace"..."Lemon Litmus"..."Pee-Willicher"...the "Sweet Jesus"...try our "Swiss Mister"..."Grinch"..."The Elder" fanwich with Kiss hammadoor and babble-finch. "Sweet Pea"..."Glynnis"...order the "Top-Monacle". "Youth, then Asia Minor and parts of Hairpeece...care-free." Diana Ross forgives me I guess: she calls hers "The Twister"...LOL...mine "The Lineman".

Someone said "Electronics defeated thieves long ago..." Yeah, but we like catching 'em in the act and making fake paths to cut while the alarm still guesses your name is it "dance with me Hoffy" - "YOU SHAKE THAT TIT! SHAKE THAT ASS!" No bank wires my car with their original demands in-tact. After five (5) knock-about and wonderful years we think it's just you again playing office with what's yours to misrepresent. Asses = likeability + owner's rent. Why pay me more...that last blow-job was great you old yellow-bellied cocksucker. "Don't do that again...or else Euell Tube."

Hate that stupid gay-Jewish frankfurt "Scrubs" - what a lively piece of shit every fucking weeknight on Comedy Central (sure, watch Sarah Silverman clips while there...we have Jami Gertz back too on Lifetime CBS so see) (save that clown-face drinking beers in the tub...well..is that guy's father not brother dying of hate...no one is that Jewish...is woman is also ? I man I knew - who? Scott something...a Jew) I die of gay habits forming and beatrice (loving and leaving in mating having healthful talks always we love to hate being burned by being too close to...others await us news and must love on, making examples of renowned selves - a gay plague never...don't take so much of people to the self afterward some leave some most of new awaits is me) complexes along with crime solvers this queer here is cursed by me to being a dope forever for words said and unsaid. Fake commercials and knowing too much about what I watch separately on my VCR-DVD leads to no pay for no show. That's right. "When you insist it's just me, we dismiss you entirely." A "no sale" is made before I get there, Bitch - just ring you up...dice...knowing is for sure, you were better off being guest at say goodbye soon to MTV we don't watch that shit often enough losers pay the winner only nevermind I got your check twice now - look for yours soon. "Hello" to the now-beautiful Chrissie Hynde (age 53), the blonde with nice eyes and celestial fanny-pack runner Jim Fixx (age, 78) of healthful dying fame right after the Pritikin guy and cancer survivor Suzanne "I've beat this [yeah, but you lied about your father's alcoholisms...he is Norman Fell and Sherwood Schwartz...and you lied about "only fucking Alan Hamill" I believed Brooke too so class is in] Somers. He, Fixx [really of mallwart "Wicks 'N' Sticks" - loved that one all of that geek-master castlerock 'with eyes' dimwitted but aglow), didn't die running on coke - he died of being that queer, pre-AIDS and impregnating aja minors. No one lives that well near me 'looks like they got all the right ones...no, asshole'. Awful shit, we submit. Tell that cocoa-butter nigger to get rid of that smatch under his mustache...I've been looking at that shit since "Clueless". Who are we kissing? Soon the family recipe from them at-home using wicks and sticks and just that...a black mother is a fine one as any other burning in their hate one day only. Pay her again. Nikki Harris..better than Motel 6 is it? Do that snake hanging over the door biting in on. We know Fixx is Ondy's father again - their grandfather is also Jack LaLanne (age 103 - get to that) the very juiceman. Footnotes moanly.

"Some say blacks are sharks also must changing dress. Makes sense to me - after choking to death on a few hundred of those old tires they decided just to bring along a few spades and end the mattress." - dM who says 'yeah, I feed folks to 'em anyway you nice it but they won't always eat (north dakota sees most in pools I'd say to bitch) - ten feet tall they are the stink!

More toaster scrambles later make no one happy to me. Live to see it drift off less. I made all the wind by forcing atmosphere east against the sun, and stopped it cold with hand about me once heard to be too violent like tornado strength and couldn't get it going again with asking heard of it. We do more some soon. Fuck wad...made me lay around all fucking day waiting for nothing I hate people making me eat their dull lips of burnt shit while I jail and acquit an assholes bungle of it. I got real cocky motherfuckers here again you live to die in me. You are never to be me, Cunt. Never will you be made to me in the same breath a dump of hope each in its hell. Why not believe for the rest of life even if not true better than waking up next to your bad breath and lies with another foolism majoring a why-mate-with-me to mere nuisance. You suck my ritt. Eat grass. Shoot him-her a god go to home pass gas.

the haunted mansion at disneyland new orleans section...anaheim, ca...hi hi
my usual mint julep calleth hark...then adds mexico's simlar 'churro' the starfeld doughnut stick feat. grabule sugar


Cocteau Twins "Millimillenary" Cocteau Twins - The Pink Opaque - Millimillenary from "The Pink Opaque" LP (1986) get "From The Flagstones" too....and "Fifty-Fifty Clown" Cocteau Twins - Stars and Topsoil - A Collection (1982-1990) - Fifty-Fifty Clown from 1990's "Heaven Or Las Vegas" LP...now from 4AD's "Stars And Topsoil" comp LP (2000) I have a copy, yes...' smile and face your wife | in this life | don't despise | what's in her eyes ' or be left to be sharing or a 'sharon' in cage of sea left to rot...really? Is that me? No, two women are this of mythical fame you alone somewhere...

New Order "Regret" New Order - Republic - Regret from 1993's "Republic" LP...

Janet Jackson "If" Janet Jackson - Janet. - If - just saw the video filmed at Benihanas - liked it alot.

Pat Benatar "Fire And Ice" Pat Benatar - Precious Time - Fire and Ice from the 1981 LP "Precious Time"...33,550

OK - no plans yet.
----------------------------------------> From: gerimoon@comcast.net> To: noomguod@hotmail.com> Subject: Re: Thank You> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 16:21:51 -0400>>
No door replacements. Everything is fine. Fran and Rose know nothing about us or this place. Do you have any plans for the holidays?> -----

Was thinking about where the Brady's lived, if the Partridges were just on Universal's lot plainly. I say Burbank like Studio City, Ventura and they say Sherman Oaks on Plethora Drive. Where is that? Just off Magnolia at Winston. See it there now Lakeflower Drive...19 Plethora Drive I get firmly...Shirley Manson lives there now seeking redress some on interiors Nikki Sixx is her too. I would have the house to the complete surprise and delight of visitors however humbly done. I was graced with a dream of it when I was little around Oliver's time.
..we really met cast members too. Rob Lowe (Dan Moon - John Denver, et al then l loved that Japanese baseball jacket black diamonds never got one), Michael Jackson, the queen backlot, etc. "Was Davey Jones ("mocks Bowie for folding on us" they say) any good?" Marcia Brady asks by voice heard. Very well done people loved it all the studio...he became Steven Tyler the Monkees are faked in Columbus, Ohio...largely. The real Greg Brady is of Dharma and Greg fame - the one who is Gregh. Presidential left-field entry part deux Hillary Clinton was the lisping Cindy? Zip all this meat-z protiels down to fur their father is Hermann Munster too...bachelor pad his story is real in this child-like dimension of opening and closing food court cases with a seriousness of tone that rivals the noblest of value systems issued preferred checking services before they buy the prototyls of an adverse society sought to be improving once again. Marcia was psycho mean to me of late - we'll bang her dents out later. The queen herself played the dismissive store-bought mother of tinny cigarette smoker (yes, Rammstein see else said but in arabic a lucky strike round: 'even though you go home these never go away we made them to chase you out') Tommy Hill and is replete with piano legs she wore to my domicile in 2001 (any asbestos abatement looming...we ridicule any investigations of fact-forth with years of waiting patiently for it to be seen an altar of veri-hate each inch out and every binchel towel rolled on the bed to seem store front and haste having made me...great circles in the sandy parts we pull all of the old teeth before you smile at anyone using my poth).

there's no jack in here but roll the box...this wins outta three (3) minded:
'i'm the boogie man' + 'this is halloween' + 'what's this?'
the movie is about the mayor of scares or halloween-land - abraham and a beloved figure to the 'biggest man' or holy spirit - being given the right to distribute christmas against jesus or santa figure
once he knows it's there that is - he, jack, stumbles upon it one fine day as locked in own creations and design of living mostly...no one knows what they want 'til they see it they may say
people hate his dead baby dolls and skeletal-looking reindeer although finely attended, but all is lost when jack dies being rejected firmly in hate for having him around too much
never too hurt but shit on rudely everyhow over homolovings gone mad (you need to impress your keepings only to save the day be it boy or dead man), santa or christ agrees to return to duty a man with no time for play
he learned his lesson trying just to have what he has...boogie isn't afraid of jack, he just loves him around but hates his wanderings of eye (so little of passion for others we see him soon enough...he seeks glory only)

adds brilliance: mayor brian-tom and eric mochee dod are accused of doing cabarets in their home as avoiding us - brian responds quickly with a frame shot of two squatting-creeping legs in black fishnet stockings snapping fingers smartly at each of the side, one leg slightly lifted...LOL! sharp, 'jeepers [if i get caught, what will know? nobody cares but i do for you]' ...the misunderstood 'the fantasticks' ("a dance medieval" fantasy-type frames a liquid fantasia of disney-to-fame no sex but bull hard or playing mean yet)? see itunes again be it here
brilliant, bitch...brilliant mean german haupt (man looking for no much work hardly)...that walking line-dance shit is impressive yet too 'all us here' festival-type disco-dance tents of the dead (no seemling or questions ever)

The Fantasticks

The Lemon Tree Bungalow (on Santa Monica Boulevard just east of Hancock) honors us - me and Brian - with a "Nightmare Before Christmas" windowshop. Why me? Eight (8) bats on the moon there and Brian's little round head (sure, I took pictures with an instant Fuji for later developing). See the new 3-D of the movie I'd be interested always...October 20 we see that come.

Radiohead is letting you "suggest" the price of their new album "In Rainbows" I hear...check it out online. The first 100,000 or so can do this, they have 90,000 now they say (I got mine for suggest 'free' a pack of MP3's - thanks).

Per Terry, Ellen breaks down on her show see it here at TMZ.com (um, "the most said") - and why? Her manager charges her double the fee (of $400, customarily or without guilt) for that day (the manager arranges guilt complexes for others who fail her miserably by being lowboat or not exciting to her: staffers, plug artists or people who connect her to 'what's happening'-type affairs - this the manager is a black person or black 'esteems', usually) everytime she speaks in confidence to her about sex and having sex ("no sale to both boats [passing up each] as yet" she the manager Lorrie Davis says - a petty but complex fight ensues here as Ellen adds "We don't have a show together and people are here waiting - we hate it ourselves.") An army relation trails them and all. She hates people investigating her and making her troubles personal and worse. I ask her who to kill? Give me a name. She says "That'll be the day - it's you in many ways." Please, Honey - just do the job well as usual. The tears are unwelcome only, but I'm amazed at women - they can cry, no one will come. I remain unmoved. Like a nation of it.

Thanks again for all...some days I watch. "Ellen"? A+++ on my own averages always - no back scratch. This affair about three (3) weeks ago. Thanks again Toni Halliday for being expletive once too at Curve.co.uk. Snoop.

E-mail to Mom today:

"Thanks for the Halloween card and money [$150 check + $20 cash for me stand alone] - much appreciated.
Other ruminants: In my head, you were complaining because your front doors were replaced in Florida - is that true? Like someone is staying there? That's nice. The wind was noisy, huh. Then lawyers and suing and other unpleasant stuff - hope it's not really true. Then Fran and Rose might visit you there? Welcome them for me. You can disregard all, but I need to connect dots no response necessary. To ask to host these days is to be turned down like you're less somehow. Why ask?

Hi Fran & Rose still in our care and thoughts...though I swear one of your sons was panhandling on a corner here in WeHo - is that right for me? If not, I have a beautiful picture of Wayne Sr. restored to us. No excite, no care.

Still Here Today? Let's Talk About Omaha Steaks
10/16/07 1034
You know, there's more personal burden to share your way for no mistaking it ever. That last delivery from Omaha Steaks (ostensibly for business use mostly in the office type) - a bunch of frozen boxes in two (2) white styrofoam coolers - comes with questions in my head. The "Italian style" meatballs taste kinda funny and are told to me have "fisk" in it or then "frog". What is that - frog? Something from England? What are you nuts feeding me this (if even chickens were a gross thought way back when  - are we that poor?) Do you accept this shit for me not doing your job again in inspections? Look at 'em - that's either greasy white bread or something weird in there. I hate food that tastes funny and don't need this burden. Fight it out. Also seems sheep is in these acting like steaks. Sheep is dry, dirty, funny-tasting and makes moles no matter what. We say each person gets twenty-six (26) moles naturally like it or not. These are extra. "People who think they're God need to know different." You don't make me know anything without losing parts, but I try and play along mostly to see it to you, but do you accept this nigger talk? Where I come from New Jersey, we see this once and you've got your diet worked out. They'll shoot your ass until crossing the Colorados where people are poor and still paying for it. Blacks swing over that stuff still. Watch beggars - you cut 'em in half and you see stuff no one likes. That's not me ever. I was made by reasonable, normal, and no surprises. No offense meant to a thriving business, of course, but people need to get involved no matter what and no I don't call up to speak to people. For what? Meatballs? A beggar does that.

"They take money from you for this [like suing people without court they mean]." I kill people dead for having mine, mine is mine always. You die with thoughts about me on your mind too much. You die when no one cares too. We get to the bottom of that real soon and you go away forever. Trust that, Bitch. Only someone I can't stand hurting makes me stop (for love - is that you...feeding me frogs?) I'm supposed believe food is scarce again for this no. Someone should shit in your mouth for saying this stuff to me. Trust in that.


Forcing resolution pays: Just got another bitch note from the cheap bags at Yahoo! about my credit card (two thrown away with no pay, two left to go - "who? he fuckin' moved...sorry, Bitch"...blacks and queers as one being calling here like a dumb fuck I kill 'em all for it sooner or later poops out and down machine to man to machine...yesterday I killed God too dumb fuck pooped right out, down answer my prayer to die like you die loose your teeth smiling) rejecting the usual and customary $19.95 a month approved on the sixth anyway or else I hop lord of creepy fucks knows you don't leave me anything but sheer will against you if i die = you die. You die for me anyway as I lay around on drugs borrowed from you cheaply enough masturbating to Jews (thanks Jesus to Jews - they seem to give a shit I won't). Neither or these are getting calls or e-mail from me, but I've instructed else to mutt here. To mutt you bad. No one is getting anything more for this and when it drops you niggers, it's gone. We mean it usually you unusally cheap motherfuckers. You be there in my place waiting to satisfy instead. Good luck, Nigger. When it's gone - it's gone. The math symbols you use is next for targeting and has been to be with your maths as I kill you off anyway the girl ? upstairs now. Like that? Nothing will work symbolically or else while you add fates to you - you'll see. Niggers all.

You back the fuck down every day I'll cut your head off some bombs to you too - twenty (20) in five (5) minutes maybe in the backyard with shovel and the handle part. Remember, no machine knows quantity as count, but sees strokes and lights up no meaning to you by index I fuck that easy and Apple is all on the phone get that? All phoning in. Funny huh. Maybe true. You saw this week how I hurt you but undo some. Keep yours nice to me or you then.

I love playing with my dick - did you know that? Ever since that first day...now disgusting women enter and talk like I would ever offer that a ride. Just to see me in the mirror again only. Flabby gross women offer "bald" as a guess - another to be mercy-fuck no hanks. When I show 'em they get mad like when I sing the hits. A balding bitch don't pay for you either you crumb. Our challenge is not to preserve me but to resist change for niggers, gays, and other nonesuch who die daily of not being seen or heard well not matter how legaled. God gave them my good - so what? Any other beggars out there?

I threw "England" down last night up the air it was like a heaven and then flooded with arctic water and poop. See that, witches? Get good fast the world within grows out with gray hair beseeking it I throw away your junk too.

madonna live does 'jump' my absolute favorite song from the 'confessions' release
[me, and as wistful, wasting your time] "oh, there are others..."

Madonna as per and per per our notes (someone asked - me again):
Is an "every girl" type - like you and me same aspirations (sprange wealth + to be well known, both vague in argument);
Reasonably educated, academy* background - knows shortcomings professes as social, street tough (as Catholic, can come and go as Jewish perhaps marrying as...a Dorothy stepping on heads everywhere while maturing);
Willing to eat out of trash cans, pursue her dream in NYC maybe as all alone beneath white standards, sticks it out (people leave, most come and go right away and hate your musicianship whatever it is lacking for);
Like Michael Jackson and brothers, is against group says and plays - dangerous person to career happenings good joke about leaving others out, down;
Grows up in front of people - hilarious nonsense reading spiritual guides and learning from having and at once, with any receipt made ("this is my religion" - yeah, real junky stuff delivers me her hurt and in these words);
Who wins most is the game - who wins most consistently - she never had a bad album until trying to own a machine of it (all remade to me a glory had "die on your time" we're suffering here and then see no fail);
She wins why? The character is all good, really, and as embracing other cultures for no pay a foolery a mother goose...you can't embarrass her even when trying is mean and funny...unloved for her serving as same..unloved;
No one gets this treatment - no one is this in front of people...in my opinion, no woman has this much thought in her...faggots "hirsutes" (lackings) feel for you, I guess;
Top talent here...I loved alot of the music and even the movies some.

That's it - I love the laugh and the feelings I sing for so stupid. Big win: Recycling old Hollywood to us...none knows black-and-white stuff - do they? All original then with sources concealed beautifully.
One quote from her on rich and famous "Never have I been so disgusted." When not picking on little people, I add no one would live this shit - everyone hates you while you pay for it to be said. Some say I'm tour manager  and svengali (um, how to be it in talk) Freddy DeMann of Michael Jackson fame if Sandy Gallin is Kenny Rogers is Robert Plant. Not too true. Not true. I'm Madonna singing most of 92%...I've been everyone good. It is me.

' maybe one day | when i look back | i'll be able say | you didn't mean to be cruel | somebody hurt you too ' like there's nobody there thinking to be and as you - from 'oh, father'...they was gonna kill you walking the roof line
he tried some...who are these people? my family aren't like this without light + another clue + help from you how-why

*you listen to those who do, then do some...advancing others? not (flashdance 'that was great - do you have the academy stuff we asked you for? no more waters scythe bone out...')

Our song choice together: Madonna "Angel" Madonna - Like a Virgin - Angel from the "Like A Virgin" LP (1984)...I really like this song along with "Dress You Up" in my love and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (just the title all metaphor and simile). What else? Been listening to the Sean Penn entitled title track "True Blue" from the album of that the same name "Who's That Girl"... 

more sgt. pepper as earth wind & fire do 'got to get you into my life'
white people clapping along...all nervous talk blacks from the egyptian pre-frontal future delivered as like small pox in wobbly test tubes
to aids - or just clapping along - no less (earth where you're buried, wind blows you away, fire (all will be with starsvolds of angle heat in) if come again...then danny glover courts you openly in wooded skinsuit)
nevermind links dropping off - this isn't for all days, is it?

Audioslave "Be Yourself" Audioslave - Out of Exile - Be Yourself from the "Out Of Exile" LP (2005).

Caramel apples? Rub with butter first, then chill before dipping one (1) hour...or spray with Pam same.

a better view of a better fit - photo linked to american apparel store
i got red and white ones - not bad for $12/pair (and notes we like the dark blue here)
'vertically integrated manufacturing' means no one does anything unless capable of doing and in the mit
cover story sees gay & lesbian times unread yet - no forseskin needed to apply hiv, we say

Annie Lennox "Big Sky" Annie Lennox - Songs of Mass Destruction - Big Sky then "Fingernail Moon" (as an artist sees it in pieces hidden yet) both from her new "Songs Of Mass Destruction" LP (2007). Both brilliant and worthy of her...musically speaking, that is. Go back and get Eurythmics "For The Love Of Big Brother" from the "1984" LP soundtrack sitar and all now is listening.

Puddle Of Mudd "Psycho" Puddle of Mudd - Famous - Psycho from the album of the same name the "Famous" LP (2007).

For the stupidest name-that-tune contest ever: CocteauTwins.com news section. Simply stupid you'll see nothing more...while I busy myself with other exports. Of course I'll name them publicly at-will.

Last Night's Dreams - Continued By
10/10/07 1841
I had a night disorder last night with some fucker stopping by with a mortuary dream like I'm not God and have a superior - a chest compression with bodies hanging on the side unshirted. Boring - junk. Usually, we leave off the anlaysis of dying why. My heart's bleeding out a hole into the ol' sac, I hear like the ozone hole, AIDS - you answer the door first then I knock. Did you see that one show on tv with the newborn baby crying in the trash? Looked like NYC, The Village with someone's old yellow pericardium (if "pericardia" is from and of a man) and adjacent hose or superior vena cava on the sidewalk - gross. Really looks likes that too...thanks Mrs. Robin Jena, 19, of New York it was yours (car crash, July 10). The baby was hers too, apparently. Then we see school children in a night vision of mine being made to look in a mock-up of a Pershing missile - about six feet (6') high while in a school cafeteria somewhere by gunpoint of others while they the families who were made to attend struggled with tears (looked like my old high school cafeteria). The missile had a blackish oval-cloud lens on the front side where one peers in to see a green harluken or moisten of somewhat made. Inside is a woman's dead face and her eye is right there but closed somewhat the kids traumatized. Thanks again, Pigs (Culver City - last week). Miss Sally Struthers and two children nearby obliging us with also picture. For hirsutes. More on 10/13/07: The back of the missile has a clown holding balloons on it, right hand "Hey Kids! Seen this yet?" on white glued-on paper. Very John Wayne Gacy.

What is a "furred skatch"? A new sketch of yours held lovingly from the side - black fingernails, cuff, shirt underneath with fur coming out a la beauty and the beast. You paused for a moment in your travels of mite to consider your one true love in her vision of you still unpenciled me.

only $300 milque peppers at skymall.com
blows it up yourself - see 'seasonal' goods

"No, we are not friends ever." - dM who thinks it's true and sees you getting hurt still...no one thinks of hurting me and gets that done we are not friends, ever

Them as us "They're going to put you to death...murder you." I've been waiting to see you...while we my choices for self have sex with argument making it somewhat less but seen as sought

"You've done well anyway I hurt you and you pay for all." dM you do pay not me will I ever or no see..."see"

No singing be pretty of mine songs yet...yet we sing. "Flah la-lah." Number your douche can this time...I have a wax bee about lathing with that apple cran'd bartlett and as au paire uo-can count me out-in. "That ain't 'summer linens (fresh from the dryer no coin needed to hassle the attendant she said alone in the dark near her father's bung-a-loan she says to me then nada nothing)' with bits of our own 'no-bemusk-id-ever' haupt rugulas you just patch it up it works never after that. Just lose something. One or the other - not both brands but at home. This ain't haro-Disney yet bring me here for a back scrub with flobering mitts on. You rub me the wrong way again...p.s. 'haro' means 'with us and against us too'...not actually a spanish but close like 'hirsute' (um, the English of is 'hair suit'...maybe then 'her suitor') is probably not black but white i say (and adds as a firmer user of diplatory for errant hair or what wouldn't be in a drawing of you by you)...1) overly hairy on the back you muss haave 2) is hairy beast-like or of taking, hostile cultures...what women like for men to be as hating forth (unless is beautiful with chest hair out of shirt collar sexy they hate for me), most of and gets shot at easily, is from a conquered peoples (jailhouse cemeteries but lives with and is us anyway and as asks to be with).

Key mine in: A woman hates what she cannot be often enough - you shave and sliminit to be mostly about her and convinicing of no extra value a lie is twice told. Some is just hair when thinking again. I cherish asians with hairy legs I do...some. You can always remove any hair as if between eyebrows to be more feminine or lacking in it, I'd say supportively. Why say? Thoughts unchallenged as properly lead to books about you having none I'd say about me. "Prausstober" by the likes of Doug Moon Hockdoberman again...there's no pleasing you with me. "Be fair to yourself - you could keep some" while lying on the floor in a low cage eating cat food smeared on the floor.

"Them Jenny Craig gummy bears was great - get that again. What? I was hungry." - Timber-Effigy Nissin

Download iTunes
why do you do that format '[as seen here often enough]?'
nothing calls back for it to change, i'd say
just you...
if after reading all you don't have what it takes to participate, you click here and find out how-why
'why' is not 'how' - one is lacking, but you'll probably never know
keep trying why

Never One Seen As Without Her And Each As A Hat, She Died Alone At Her Owned Home In The Camfitt-Baus Dresser...Just To Check Inside The Third Drawer Clisp To Climp Attica If Septembermusp 2007
And to find out she wasn't busk alone a brassiere...eicht harmon braun. "Jussups mect abret?"

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes
sold your boy - that's funny...blacks always pride over prostituting folks, is arrogance merely and a savior of types seen scrambling to find the words? nope...see my list of never too say...reminds it ain't yours, merely
can you get drugs for free? this way is mine - merely and mention of some cannot (john candy at motel desk with watch to be exchanged for a room 'no, i can't do that' - see 'hirsute' again)
....lollapalooza was music swirling and blooming, wasn't it? getting the indoors outdoors for a day? magical types...some say it
please yourself - if you play with it, still don't say we have that
the rest we don't want if at first dougmoon.com