Skip It - Instead To See November 2004

Reaching Out To The Far Beyond, Leaping Out To The Great Unknown 10/31/04 2103
Happy Halloween, to freak. So windy here God did you up the ass again but that doesn't stop errant homosexuals from doing 'the Vagisil' (bad drag, seemingly you live, itch, occasionally may sauerbrauten scaly to nary a scratch our seamless hair cremes mere cents per selved a sensory delight in-fact, a side mirror of trans-leathered countings to e.s.p.) out on the boulevard dressed as something I'd probably kill if I thought it would cease to me an endless stink of quizzical words only to have-quill some flargerine of understanding between us I'd only discard as you some pearlmutter of designer disease listed falsely as a Mensa member "who brought the snacks - cheese doodles (sensically very e-real to timetable causals no comfit...eats of breads once if broken no full-fare wishings of well said - ten percent losses see you hamming it up - no answer if a question, begs others in offers out-placed to seem once to said if, chart failure do not say it with me thinking is blank staring coldly energetic to topic interest no desire to see else if hearing at all well said a bore labled such to the most boring built by shelled waffles asking price is high see me then ask to reveal post I'm orderly fashioned and hardly hearing my part said bespeak my tame - shame is highly fed and quite irritating to behold you can't fashion a destination with signs urging you to 'take the time, see it now' and billboards stating "every ten seconds a nigger lights the way to your child's second-set origin halfings legitimacy rings like twice but said pro-boral nervals sets to gangees make it a mingle that word lit me on fire yesterday I explained nothing clear neither while it read blankenships over for trite nothing unusual normaled just dope's dawning until it sweating scabs pathos-procural-term rendis to the simple tool verdal-insert at spice-wheel can inject your ass-foley priors iodine swabs so syringes skin-prep nothing anulcerated near the hole)" to leave you saddleless on the chumbone chatting up mere hints at personal growth half-a-glass of pinned milk under your scance folding futon ("what fur is lanced cobbles made of and is biskmeat? - it's just bigger now you see it too just admit that or have more in it for me - this is just enough to irritate you for now ask the future to beg it bought all of it by lazy-c in a letter to dear edu pita dot com may to drink my limmer piss of ladders shelves spiny hole minches oral-listers"). Just junk so silence may pursue its worth. "Whatever that smell is, it worked too hard to live. Someone just came along and ate it that." We didn't even carve our dumb pumpkin (too cold! twenty-eight [28] degrees Montecito at 12:00 am for one [1] hour - ten [10] degrees less here a degree is only downward trauma or relaxing of probe a heat-light). I probably won't vote again tomorrow either. I didn't get significant lift to it. I bore you first, you ask me to see it too. Who's better fed vision versus sample rounding down and to your measure-worth hind said it first? You rent your bedroom furniture from a national discount store's "health and bedding department" swearing one of those egg-layer neck braces beats the sheets hands-down. More or less: Too cold! Okay - strenuous 'partying' (you'll accept yourself speaking to me one day too - you did this and fatally I might add - using words only the precept I never let people form misunderstandings well enough without me) too then sad, sad last evening our days spent. Remember too for adjustments that the Internet is about publishing at once in the right place for taking errors right away to heart and adjusts easily once found without hardcore reprints or salvage that again. It exists for me - now see that. My words spoken plainly we get to know not much you needed more and pay them to deliver it to you. Friends forever I can afford it yet. More notes a drama little things placed inside a nut you see nothing yet I explain it later a jerk each one noticed as less with every one single add a change is me working on the overall hating each instance of error or strikedown and sliding it in under you to support it. See that another small light to it.


I Liked This Place Too While Visiting The Robert Clergerie Boutique 10/27/04 2059
Cheap as shit and nice too here on Robertson Boulevard: American Apparel. We walked in here last night and saw lots of things we would buy as sewn downtown in L.A. in fabulous colors and bands. No Honduras (um, really a Hawaii subset) - just ours sweating it out in the mid-city complex. Nice enough and cheap to a review. "We make all of Gap's clothes and ours on the side. Nobody cheats us."

Think Not Of Jews Always This Honors Gods Too
10/27/04 2030
Just made a fresh pot of Manischewitz (say "man-ah-shev-its") matzo ball soup (a like-chicken broth with balls of inflated crackers inside) for me and my roommate. A guy named Michael DeLuca (hit record: George Michael "Faith") whom I dated introduced this to me while he was sick (with a Sony speakerphone too) in the late eighties - I ate up (a speakerphone of that caliber I bought too - one hundred eighty bucks [$180.00] worth - now far cheaper and no electrical wallpack says they did better for us - see the simplex of us or switching between voice and hearing fail to us anyway). Make this yourself from mix to avoid it with two (2) eggs and two (2) tablespoons of oil only and feel just that loved inside. Expand your horizons then and at home you taste it off or see me then. The matzo balls start cooking in the boiling chickens soup after twenty (20) minutes as chilled-in-mix balls one-third (1/3) the size and grow in minutes as before your eyes in the suit. Tasty to ladle!

i don't read this stuff

So She Calls Last Week And Asks If I Want To Come Home At Christmas I'd Get Back to Her 10/27/04 1216
Subtitled: Ann Rule "Bitter Harvest"...."A woman's fury, a mother's sacrifice" as out now on Pocket Books
Well I hope you do get a job, that will solve your money issues. I hung up when
you got nasty. If you change your mind you know how to reach me.

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug Moon
Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 5:03 PM
To: Geraldine Moon
Subject: Update

No on Christmas travel.
I wanted to come home you said no and hung up. No then.
My checking account is overdrawn for five hundred dollars I have nothing and
the last thing I want is your christmas ringing my bell.
No. I need a job.
No one gives - they take here. Take less.
However, Danny says in mind he's going home to Bristol, PA at, he hasn't stopped in by yet I'm here.
1) No, Sweetness...I didn't overdraft my account for this, really - I switched plans only and at no further bother-cost and on the dit. See me up you. See the numbers justify it again and again. See it trying to keep me stupid a gift given then. I watch the numbers like tits on ice. Sure - twice that blurb and then just an extra twenty bucks (~$20.00) or so. Eat up. Now: One thousand (1,000) megs of memory and fifty (50) gigabytes of mind travel and to you. Eat it all. Eat me.
2) The softcover book you see above was placed in my environment here at desk in-the-flesh, so to speak, by my roommate who gets these in bulk notice from his mother a hostile queer made. A noticed idiocy by me maybe too simply drawn see Lifetime "A Mother's Journey: To Hell and Stayed" and thus to me (p.s. I'm assured an army-trained Bridgette Nielsen-type a fantasy of yours yet an archetype that fights people would be in a heroin dumpster riding on flames perhaps within days of being prurient or pre-childlike to a sales clerk performing at vapor gunlike - a tooth missing changes everything once seen?) The name while signifying a ridiculous female of lain fact done to you, is actually Asian or Chinese and kinda funny that way we accept. A hardcover serves us best another story that was changed for being so sallow and useless to us, but identifying. "We don't die" it says - "we leave and that is better for us too." So. No recommend can't say. Worthless, but you see how. Back to, a bitch doesn't get your cared for. Accept it a grace. More to know: Author Amy "Red October" Tan writes this stuff when too much involvement happens from others. Amy works right now at Pavilions in West Hollywood as a cashier we talk often but not as (she checked us out last days ago a few times). Lovely, really. Is she doing down? "An authoress needs to work too." So there. Why not I met Kim Cattrall there as "quality manager" we hate each other saw her on tv yesterday with my ex-teacher Mr. Shields (Rutger Hauer - a name everyone knows but no one sees....king of Helsinki Formula having the juicing of limes next door me and Grandmother Moon both used that stuff in 1986-87 separate orders to each).

10/25/04 2133
The folks at Taco Bell have begun using my favorite word "tasty" in commercials if not only to describe their food like an old woman might have do. Keep your eye on their value menu - we have one a Taco Bell on Beverly Boulevard at La Cienega (they are rarer yet) and I love the double decker taco (beans plus another shell as soft flour tortilla layered in back of a normal hard corn one) for ninety-nine cents ($0.99) plus "a glass for water" what turns magically into a clearer "wine" 'Sierra Mist' at their soda counter a full meal now miracled but as yet. Have that all and to be.

Planet Planot
10/25/04 1613
One the apparitions I loved seeing here are called "planots" - say "planos" for the French "boxed in [an old woman a daughter]" - two (2) boxes like bags almost stacked of equal size with expressive eyes. Another of two (one filled by demon only) in the living room is two (2) holes in the wall that I will not fill with eye shadow of sorts as ripped paper filled above. Surrounds both - one is unused - is the image of a box lifting out of the plaster and rising seems never to touch. We talk sometimes of, us. The eyes on these boxes are very expressive as mother and daughter looking to beseech me in and against. Two (2) of were in my bedroom one day as seen as reflect in the darkened tv screen of mine. Love ghosts to be there with them. 

It's Really Tomorrow God Would Say 10/25/04 1304
Happy Birthday Dizzy.....Paul Diaz. Works today (at the fresh sausages counter, Bristol Farms Beverly Hills Doheny) I never work on my birthday. Will stop in later. Oops! Paul was off for five (5) days ending tomorrow (still right, I wrote this yesterday 10/26 from issues taken in mind - I went anyway instead). See. We like people going to Bristol Farms around the holidays anyway see it again. More and finally: Went in to visit and marangue (hold and forth..take a look around with no need or intent to need) today - see with me Paul back at work on 10/28 and at 1500. Update: Saw Dizzy at work tonight, hit him up for some cash, sampled the jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce, and all is again well.

puddingtane is vomit

Puddingtane Ask Me Again I'll Say It The Same 10/24/04 1927
Got this beauty by searching Yahoo! for "Images Pumpkins" - it's on our refrigerator here by else wondered and then I can't stop wondering. Have a day with it, see some incidental Smashing Pumpkins images there too and remember to hear "To Sheila" (MP3, 4.2 Megs) I recommend by them (as from the "Adore" LP). P.S. "Puddingtane" of the childhood taunt is "vomit" with popcorn inside usually (it tended to be gross to others too much and they would add some - we corrected that feeling in 1812). See some then add nothing.

everything old is new yet supposedly in France

Each Smallened At Word Keeps The "Tinkles" Light To "Oh, Poo!" 10/23/04 2153
A few adding treats to keep up appearances I'd submit to: Visit cleanly Rhino's "Retro Vid" what offer verid music at index prices at twice to you now sold. They were that good to me still but offer a full video to no saint. Sure - noted I: Everything But The Girl "Missing" (what is Liz Fraser singing it? me) + Devo "Girl U Want" + Depeche Mode "Never Let Me Down" (again) + Morrissey "Every Day Is Like Sunday" + New Order "Round And Round" (your story bores us beautiful babes can't hear). Cher "Believe" to no thanks yet. See an earlier-then-now (um, a drag registering in) Boy George play as the false "Billy Bragg" (best known to me as a "communist" - Cocteau Twins were described that way too once or once again...Liz still states "I am a communist [you know]" - someone please fuck both of these - communism is sex awanting apparently a sexcrime wanting) in song "Sexuality" about not minding you at all a "gay" - sure, great. Then oh, alright - just a bit of that Devo salved I watched none all actually but add no one sits at a computer legibly listening I found - steer off stay down too kinetic something about old stuff having gaps at each a third no machine reads over wobbles a dark light. See Dan-O-Rama for among others a great Madonna medley bit having "Secret" curved to light (mac-dallistered! also see a revamped "Music" as on-stage with brilliant a studio car - awesome! - and the video rework of a hostiled "Don't Tell Me"...all too cool for you and you). I heard-loved it last night by overheard here and then get infomex about this beat "robbing gays of a desire to perform to friends of others" a quote (see an Italian-stylish Gunther leave...cheers then). No passion to having received no passion is lain. Maybe you can keep your feet clean of this I like it good. This is good. No of the U.S. Army but sent this way (the "Army"! foundmaker of all dance said)...just me saying it to you again our environments pure yet. A "Dan" is for a "daniele" or girl who plays along. Neilsy says it's "Madonna-rama" from beyond the grave. I believe that - no one else is hitting it.  

"I Wanted To Help Him Decide He Was No One Special" If Plaused Per Opinion Might Fact If Think "No" 10/23/04 1807
Someone special might think all of eternity undone to produce must and be this. Someone special might be made by more than the two to you being reset to see others as just made. Someone special might consider your stature first thus resulting in nolt further fanfare to bother a label of nothing just noting it. Someone special sees you and fits inside carefully always sure to recede once noting the benefit to being you once inside as if found. With so little benefit to being me, I'd like to pause at you before any further undoing or upset by those who would wander off without at once clearing the clock back to me. Onward, I remit you still may take the time to have my lifedone should you step once onto the thought that brought all of it here again today: Was working with "morghouls" or sand-time keepers for clocks and noted entry of otherbeings in my bedroom while others worked tirelessly asking friends to bend over on-frame and making milk happen in my shorts. In many a take, my comforter (nesk-luxury canope) at distance is reshaped into a tomography (um, "topography" or lay of the land...sorry oops other ones insist ok but I see only what lies under the surface as such and made mine - you've been waiting forever to use that word cruelly injecting warmth as "um, what does that mean?" prepares to be chilled yours) of sorts that supports what's thinking me on top - of bodies, manimals - stuff of the given sold scent. This is rapid, before your eyes lapsing and quite rude but mine to study and shift your way. The comforter may redouble at once then to support against any a gentle to pet or light kiss-to-life masked by a hostage to scent. Changes then ask to be made my way with higher standards creeping in morely made mine (some see nothing I didn't do, others see nothing I'd want to from first). Some examples to distance your addles of a morphine addict? Rubber masks deflated to show no pride open up to make shape (the next insult by inject may relief I'd emit). No offend sinceres us. Supposed shapeshifters (here: lay off the rugs or leave - may consider your heart left to be with us a drop-dead gorgeous but unwanted unseen) shoop all before me about seven (7) creatures of haste noted and in stairs away all present and accounted for but chins up mouths opened if a deference not unnoted by me - a seriously ugly balloon like a giant condrubber ok they were actually formed by hugeness in snakes to become forest creatures and saints allowed in hered territories. No bother too so serious but 'hi' we'd say if youred. No wit, this stuff is better than you'd send psychically once fragued by you to tip I turn and bend with my mind forth no Hollywood it tricks dumb and dumber into having the dumbest almost ever over if spoken so well I'd asked to be scared to death these won't do so well I said to not. One favorite (and I seep all to quell quip in died nets) is a furred ferret-type - but one in midstream of course you lot - with pointed chin up and a boxy black-lipped mouth opening and closing to pride over sharped teethes. You won. Healed zippers open all if over mere to help exit from leg to pant a person being pack-traveled to my resort - but then it's gone as ripped from to my bathroom trip perhaps yet then a ghost plagues-darkens on coldened a seat but sees others arriving yet or someone crawling out of a dirt panel in the yards out back all muddy but generously clothes I'd command on over it and once more I'd over. That dragon coming out last week made my I know how they look evolving my mind to know more or less what I speak when I say. See less for you or open up here I'd do it in the head for you too but there's no performance standard setting the tone to me I'd lie first about it then see it happen to your way. More to later I'd argue it.

Season With Taste Eat All To Have In Your Heart A Glowing Bone Of Mold Waxes Both Lower Chambers Into Straining Off The Uppers There's No Beating Our Offer Cancel Both Copies On Order And Get To Author Another No Title To Edit A Part Off The Ending Enters Chart At Loans Fold Gave Friend Martinsdoor Unpaid 10/22/04 2145
Your name here is no bother to me at all, hence you to ask propers then settles it. Think of nothing klimm and past pharalogue with calgiss in mind's ange non per pluss surolite. I submit this in the name of canopy ham to not bother the tate hamners, but oft then to make carnivours of sectum stolaging at once the prind and the glass toppers used to confit them as if poured by harm. Hate the thought of recorning against bell wishes, even if your Bob Dr. Tit Roman "Mr. Trumpet" scutlet recommends two (2) scours of sowel-hisc duct tape up and around the face and mulsce as opposed to one bange twisted hardly up to tight and to the back vask of hornighams net. No Mr. Boston cotton leather annie iemit swiss, I mine evidence a virgulme mourth of plathed nathers banning last and first emnirs flaced by a trant-torned souche pandling asks if may then to have been, but hardly since I speak it somb softly I sphole to hards of you meant. "Let the disease change its vannage bename to 'Dr. POMAYDS' ! morleunget et pord saiste blachs norn bourlms m'aeste scampi's nigled pornions oranging up marving jane skillisters pinned kim-corn ears on a framped hornt valhalla of skin-jilled pandlewhack". Conjorda spuente vilhastes ti tamo!                  

a smell like pearls

To Hate The Day Await 10/18/04 1432
I think I love Bjork's (Kathleen Pivarnik, a daughter of Jorge Sr. - another one to remade) new video "Oceania" as viewing for free at iTunes. Weird ocean jellyfish stuff (almost looks like she has 'the AYDS' too...too many shrimps remember you'll deveine next time....a 'chateau laffite' of chapped feet, a moonchild then) dancing and good singing for Robin "Nellee Hooper" Guthrie again an album the "Medulla" LP. Meanwhile, did you see two of Cocteau Twins Robin and Simon Raymonde dressed as two (2) black guys playing with Dave Matthews on "Saturday Night Live"? 1996. Meanwhile ii, trying to sift through all of the debauch I got from the Cocteaufest 2004 and on CD. Arrf! Liz goes "Oh, I was the actually one singing for Brittany Cure [um, Bethany Curve...the tip wized a lie to yet "bethany" a borne under your nose, your skin - then] - didn't you see?" No I left to early it a high-maintenance organization yet.

If I didn't hate it (an ongoing source of it):

it's more than you know

Astral "Blinder" from the "Orchids" endure
Siddal ("breath [or broken] wind" in Spanish) "Watchlar" (MP3, 4.3 Megs)" and Pumalin ("done to me again [as in having to do this for you]" in Spanish) "Cherry-Coloured Funk" (MP3, 3.6 Megs) covers from "Half-Gifts, A Tribute To The Cocteau Twins" - you hadda do more than play it here to me.
Liz on the second one, Robin on the first. That's all. See Dewdrops Records for most of it. Use Lime for the most of it - for the originals you seen

Per request per Liz, date 11/02/04 here, "a moment with the sun" : Cocteau Twins "Feet-Like Fins" (MP3, 5.0 Megs) from the "Otherness" EP

A dying breath of roses - a cherry-coloured funk of women on dying: " i have all the time in this the world | to tame a tiger's mouth | i have all the time in this a world | to take what is mine back | from he who has stolen [for me] | i have all the time..."

Back to a reality, what I sing in codes, my favorite part, a witchcraft - thus too a dying breath lit: " you shouldn't be hard to talk down through this tiger's mouth | you should have be song and don bro can I not sing? | can i not sing? " urge phonemes, substitute then  " you should have been said and done both | can i not say [it for you]? | can i not sing [your praises]? " - phonemes keep you with me and quite the magical...and I quote "you are magliss..." I understand Toni Halliday loves this stuff about Liz wordplay and all "for life, for heavenly love" an oil of angels.

More to Bjork: The jellyfish in the video (you may source at photo click a half-breed at it.....better to be at the iTunes) connect ocean-wise with something known as a "carotid" (say "car-oh-teed" for Latin to mean "once inside forever ours") - a motherdone for jellyfish everywhere all orange and sept (broken in two - a welcoming). It is our (as the above) belief that all earthlings (never to separate from sphere) must have a "heaven" of sorts, um, a "mothership down", that caters to all whim, need, and pleasures taken. Mary - the mother of it - was a strong believer in having life nature to it a life - not a life to nature to it another life, i.e., a same of beings rapture at once together and for - an "us now to be free" plausit (statement left without cause or wonder of). In this we see an "oceania" (say "o-she-an-ee-ah" - a "sea being") joyous over the rapture of having been seen then and first. Enjoy (to delight with others like us) this with us to enjoy us if at all. It's really 'like' beings that will be us or then to be with us. Imagine then, if you will, a mothergay in the sand and waters of. A Jewish mothergay then done to it all at drown.

Hair Analysis The Jury Is In 10/17/04 1007
You know, a while back I put a substantial bag of my hair clipped (mostly a walnut, dark) in the yard here for ample spirits to use not really knowing the benefit to. Seems it makes them fly if one (1) to two (2) strands is in their possession (they would have to hobble it otherwise). So there - but all had to run in from the yards last night to escape the hard rain they bring a particular brand of mildew with them it smelled of. Welcome, welcome our family doing and having seeing and lighted vapors everywhere how. My hair however to now is having grey (a coat, about a single hair) about it and I plunder you not to use coconut oils in my shampoos Suave what collect dark or color from. Originally I thought it the usual gray (a pelt, a color made) from tangling with spirits of the other undead (and I of, left for gray "like asphalt on a Sunday" - a God-level joke). Heal me, O'say or have to hear of it later unsaid. No coconuts nor rice to be near thy flame or color off. You know II, more of my hair was demanded again in the yard and I went out back to sit with a smallened bag of it some pubes added to perhaps jet stream (a turn?) I still don't know what happened to that little paper bag musta left it there outside um, all caught up in the gift of it.....see to they have it all somehow. More: Found that paper bag as delivered back to me on the rear stair. In the rain. I can't get anything done right of late so many retards abound it, but I got my bag of hairs back and at once I distributed of back to it. If only people could get more involved I could be fucked completely or then completely fucked by numbered idiocies and sit and argue it all out to it too. To curse be damned. To an AYDS moniker you shalt be and this. Measure out to your own hate like of hairs then. To your own combings of. To an AYDS comb. Short by snaft my ass of. Your name onced here: _________________ my level nigger and a phone rang (    ) _________ it was jail that calling you. Get rid of it that "I had the check seventeen (17) times with people watching of me to." 

Cracking The Code Once More
10/17/04 0942
Mind over tells me that cracking a metal safe is even easier these days. Wipe a bottom of the safe with 100% pure petroleum jelly from say the folks at Vaseline and the safe will pop open rudely (without notice) and unabashedly (without guard or placement) at five o'clock (5:00) PM in six (6) whole days. Promise that. Vasoline (sic - spelling is as correct for me) or petroleum jelly is made from banana skins. A rubber jelly, actually, with pain relieving function to it (it hampers light in what makes pain happen from the outside, mostly).

eats fries then throws up

Still A Friend If 10/16/04 1844
Danny of MTV's "Real World" New Orleans? Sir (the queen again) Ryan White who died of AIDS complications in 1987. Back on record, he was also playright Oscar Wilde tried for the same crimes of attrition or not having to say once. Have a good time at the AYDS Malk tonight, West Hollywood. P.S. "Danny" is my second cousin by his mother Nancy Pivarnik - his real name is Thom and he is from Philly hence the "false" Elton John connection. I hate the AYDS and people who walk about it. All must then to die. These two old crony women walking off-center at the bus stop yesterday one weared a crown to me (confuse she was also the Burger King type). Never honor me with afterspeak of afterdone. I'll crown you proper all die. "Leftover expenses" gave way to "sponsorers caterers + making our day happen here"....whatever you shalt "we need twenty or thirty years per digress a Jew." Blessed be that. Sing to me once about the cure once had if. Ex-boyfriend Dan Badillo (hit record: The B-52's "Cosmic Thing"), Jeremy told me what really happened to your face - a tit for tat, kinda. I love Jeremy now, you know. More: Saw "Danny" (my error) at Pavilions in the parking lot last night (he talks to me in the head a love sured and said so beforehand no meet to a reality thanks off but see Martel and on to an "industrial" known-for a style of lacking about there and gay math we mentioned grids cross-hatchings planos everywhere), but lives with others...has a wrap cast on his right wrist. Younger looking than sought remind one of those a furry little animal-type (thalanx Robert Cooper now at another to welcome), but clearly keeping styles afoot in the aftermath of adding subtracting a fame forth. I'm no one to see me. Maybe hear. Do we know one another? Not just to yet. Lonely alone until October 30 sees nothing until stops by a fort sumpter 916 Hilldale the dearly beceased may welcome. In sincere I tell people the back door works lest they charge a fortune for it. Meet the family otherwise. New to note: Bars on the windows by the way - no bother! Can be considered a jail. New to: "Your ideals are false. I keep a low profile to consider one had by you." Dear Pig Pie Plate, I provide for gentle comforts (ease and in out a joy unheld) and clearly welcome. We are no one to each other but see a fortune of false havings remade by it. Remember the gentle kind while steering over. To mental notes onward over fighting insane breedings in my face about after-hours beforehand no possibility or then ever becomes more to less then or unlikely ever the constant in removing lines drawn over net, a woman reads the map to me while I drive her fortune over a cliff she made of it. To date, no PA blocks a play by the hightower what clothes did I have on yesterday? How embarrassed could you be as me? Keep your home fit should I be running you'd need. To lovers plumbers everywhere: No one blocks your replacement. Ever-the-fool for my quid, your payment has been dealt here soon. At your gift rates, you'll be leaving soon that's mine sometime fresh anew slightly used less then by you. Remember to me a Krystle Carrington ever the worthy my mate - paying to someone all but guarantees a qualified replacement your work doomed. Note: I deliver mine bested to a four-year retention and only then by plate.    

Lesson Update 10/15/04 2025
See that the show-and-tell page here at has been updated to include Mattel's Shogun Warriors. Once at the bottom of Vertibird having.

ode to dooley roos

A Breast Of Greetings From Dooley Roos 10/15/04 1954
At Pavilions our local market in West Hollywood nothing short of the cure stops you from collecting for the next AYDS dancealon ("keeps moving around" - the proper prose if, an "athon" is to call in as by phone) or whatever you're simply dying of. With pink pledges this week to fill in for your breast cancer cares, we see names all over the walls for this and that I curse thee by gooddoing. My donation exempt might feature the name of "Dooley Roos" of Glanbury, Scotland who shot women up the breast "after it" for simply one (1) visit claiming they got better by clinic. Dooley's mother Gladys was turned down in France for care then died weeks later and he saw to it that ninety-five (95) or so women in the 1950's of London met their fate so anyway if too. Have a day with it. Do we contradict ourselves? No - see cares coming either way. "In loving memory of: DOOLEY ROOS"...that'll be two dollars ($2.00), please. Someone said Pavilions is gonna be torn down again next year and be rebuilt in the parking lot. Not so - a staging or tent-like structure will be there. We rebuild to same from same. See the Ralph's on Sunset (um, "rock and roll" Ralph's) once done like that also to gain much-needed storage and then also a parking lot on the roof. See that. 

Pagan Holidays And All 10/15/04 1023
What is a "pagan" holiday like Halloween? "Pushed in from both sides" is what I get - you have people you don't want participating in us. That's all as no purity. Forget it then we hate exclusions. We have a great Halloween store in Aah's on Sunset 8878 as across from the Whiskey as in every year. Still great to know this huge Halloween shop as from parking and in the rear (it is built underneath). Be there....Neil's dad owned Aah's and made it with Madonna. Neil owns it now "a gift given back to people each year" as hard to run. When it goes on the block, prospective buyers are told it the stores make about four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) a year and all told. Now see that. Also visit Hollywood Toys & Costumes on the Hollywood Walk of Fame they have it all again too (was there earlier and again today ringing a big ol' brass-ish handbell with up and down in one of the aisles like ghoul armez a ghost frozen in time - nice, also saw Chris Reeve's star in front of the Hollywood Museum someone made a standheart of white carnations with the Superman "]S[" sprayed on and then inside - loved those movies to you by the way - actual date of death was January 12, in Shrevesport, Illinois as nineteen [19] years old and factored again...a quote "nobody died yet"). Support this openly and free of it. My little friend from the "international" hostel works there now too. Say hi.

Still A Fool's Fool 10/14/04 1422
Took Chris Ondy out to get Panda Express for lunch today his 40th birthday and all. The barbeque pork the aforementioned dead can eat on their own plate as long as I'm eating and as what they have. So, keep that in mind for guests and only if you invited. Besides Elvis (seriously), Chris was also Teddy my mother's uncle at youth who died skating one day and was made that eagerly. So see. Happy Birthday Chris and hi brother Marc fresh back from it all here.

There's No Debating That 10/13/04 1811
"....if we preserve freedom and liberty throughout the world." - Bush
What are freedom and liberty, finally and knowing? "Freedom" is from the French "frodore" (say "fro-dare") and is the ability to walk around asking questions of others. To survey their natures as no one sees you, but you as may see them. That is freedom. "Liberty" from the French "liberte" (say "lib-airte") means to choose for one's self while leaving others about. To leave what you don't want on the table resting for it. That is liberty and liveing. See all done here. Bush won. No others talked per God. This just in: "Freedom" is the ability to move about, "liberty" the ability to choose something for one's self. Rightly but somewhat wrong. See mine. May I offer "license" and "grandeur" instead, and as respectively. Use yours fine. More: Faggots in West Hollywood - most notably Democrats (eats first and well - asks later who made it by self) I'm Republican (takes time to know the food, eats less each after each) by nature God is Republican - all gather 'round for this argument I get up and turn it off. These men are haggard and sad like me and I respond the same with darkened eyes and remote thoughts hoping all well. I turn that shit right off for pain of for woundage like I get turned right off. "Are gays made?" aftersaid someone mentions. If I made one gay, I made them all. Gods, really, they are not to fail me with family and obligation or I suit you down to it. A god was made to reason me really, not to be a borned of obligation. Know I made them. Know you have them. Know we don't care about women they trifle us to death. So there. Have one to know both. Have us. Be saned to it. After all, no one is borned to be with you so nagging all the time. Would I ever cry if you left? Maybe one day it should.   

This Mask Is Supposed To Be "Granny Clampett" Dressed As Someone Less Than Intuitive 10/13/04 0947
Every year at Halloween we honor the fancies of Hershey's "costume maker to the stars" Ben Cooper and thus their leftover winsomes at eBaY (once there, search on that name "Ben Cooper" to know of more yet and just-in-time). No longer made anywhere since 1973 and in-truth, I was getting a bit of information together about how they were made (outside of Philadelphia, PA and never in California allowed - Neil's father says "blacks did it" - he was paid to help for two [2] years as Elton John's assistant to an adversary Hershey Chocolate U.S.A. - these all Hershey and Campbell's Soup people mostly of Camden, N.J.). As assisting "artists", you were asked then to create masks in doughflour on clay beds, and then bake them at temperatures rising to a hard crust. Paint the crust and then see "with us" how it might look. "We don't want [our] people doing them [with us] - but okay." These, skilled people. If accepted (and Neil's father says his were "replaced" or "refashioned" often "by blacks" who never accept "yours" alone - he only made a single witch done), a wooden mold was made of it by sculpting near (and crudely one would say) for a hammershield (a wooden plate) to fall on. Metal copper was then tapped on wood on top to make the mold and then rice pudding was poured over and let to dry in an oven heated. Stay tuned for that - it's fast curing at any temperature a gas like halogen emitted. Dangerous sometimes as hydrogen emerges and is flammable of course (halogen is hydrogen clamped inside of itself - pushed too close together a salt widening or curing with oxygen present). Rice 'pudding' is rice cured beyond knowing - a plain ol' dinner rice like "Carolina" or my personal favorite "Mahatma" (said like "Slurpee") heated in enough water of course and stirred to nothing solid then baked openly to a wet wax. Be careful if. Be careful then. Honor the past for making us so happy with it. You. Us.

Spot-Ridden Check Up To Fancy 10/12/04 1744
The formal name of "Heaven" asked once at if? That is would be "Nadir" or "never done [yet]" in French. "Nazareth" then too - Jesus called it that only for "my smell [as taken aback by itself] in Jewish tones (it signals them up and home it says). Know thee. To connect, then as correct: Some of these reveals - positively wronged by being here with us. See your truth is obviously not mine. That is all. We bespeak it to see you howl at it only. All true. All right. All done to you for fear of it being true. Now see that to come. 
I Sit And Watch The Sunset With Siamese Eyes 10/09/04 1052
So, I lay dreaming the other day that I live in this clapboard house. I open the front door and this little retarded girl in a white dress runs right past me and kneels sideways up against an affacing wall once inside. Upon turning to see, her eyes slight and to the each side - a real weirdo. A morgond (say "mor-gahn" for "[as seen in the] head only") or shapeshifter, her hair was blond and she turned away again so fast always perhaps to get right in it seemed and what then? A dog running to the right? The clip ended during shift over. When plagued, I walk down the street and step on your head as under foot and at pressure to pavement. Report on your own website as shifting, as alternating between you as all involved. Did I ask for this? Drink paint. Chris' father delivered this as gift - his own experience with a faith (murdering kids - they come back to see you sometimes I approve). More: I've had lots of good interactions of specific nature here (me and my 'friends' - a cunt or two - see to you), but cannot speak for having been shown too much external attention with a small construction being done in back. The best is yet to see my bushes all clipped up but the walkways seemingly clear. Hi to were mine then. A shipwreck sees.

Three Sides Recorded 10/08/04 1042
A recorded CD (compact disc) of sound has three (3) sides of sound that it reads. One (1) on top, one (1) on the bottom, and one (1) on the side. The bottom is straight ahead looking at the shielded side (where there is no plating or label). The top is just left on the diagonal note or just left up (a bunch of lines northern), and the side is located on top of that mostly just to the right. Never think a CD plays well ever. Now more later: A CD reads up and down - not sideways (they scan - that is up and down, only). How do you figure it? More of it then later. More: No CD reads 'round and 'round - is that important? Never. It rotates to fool you into having it seemed. One-half (1/2) revolution needed per turn.

As If You Wouldn't Know II 10/08/04 1021
The non-standard compound "hip needle" was questioned by me again. Never put a described placement "hip" and a noun verb inordinate (one-and-the-same - no question, no scrabble for it) "needle" together (needle is both an act and an noun). This is the singular rule for non-standard compounds in the English language. Others include "car door" (to "door" verbally is to hang one) and "weather vane" (to "vane" is to seek openly and without prejudice ever then) never together. What about "best friend" or to "befriend" someone? Noun plausals or those without additionals in tailor and fit (no additional talk) will describe. Use it. Compounds like "vesttie" (um, see "necktie" with no vest - one being a shorter version of) have nothing to lose by being sought at once and in common. A situation (a group of settings or hands to to pick up from) is no placement (where it must go to be used - where it always is), however and neither need be placed there to be what they are. More of it later. Tip: To hyphenate among is just open text being drawn to one conclusion. One term of describe. Very necessary for being understood. Seek it here. More: "Rag tracer" - non-standard for the tracing.

As If You Wouldn't Know 10/08/04 0944
I beruge ("stays standing" in French) you? I asked you not to say or mention. I nearly beg of you not to (as in reminding me of pains). Please do not then a cry. These words are Cryptic English (as laid to rest) and not for regular everyday use. A queen's language if then.

neilsy has many identities you'd swear it

Don't Think Neilsy Goes Far 10/06/04 1605
Mind over never lets me miss a Neilsy cover when I'm shopping briefly at Perfect Beat (they now have Cocteau Twins "Blue Bell Knoll 2004" remixed by Neilsy I guess and in-fact on vinyl among others....more add: "Tomorrow Never Knows 2004" by The Beatles, and something called "Fast Food" featuring the unreleased music of Curve and proudly - also got some more lube last night 10/15/04 running kinda low a Wet Light pillow pack plus another unwanted rubber I'll make some facial appliques on one day). So, it's "Gunther" ("goes abroad and stays" in German) now - the "Ding Dong Song" I haven't heard that yet (now to hear "oh! you touch my tra-la-la, umm! my ding-ding dong" with a hideous female moaning - hear that). More yet: If you're like me, and you wanna remember Madonna fondly, go back to her website and purchase a ringtone for your cellular mass. I sampled the full-on MIDI-like magic of "Beautiful Stranger" (there are many to have and hold) and had to stop myself from ordering right up to right there (choose your cellular phone company from a dropdown list, they pipe it through to you from above I assume - I'm an AT&T Wireless person they have that). Two dollars ($2.00) for each memory taken asong. Give song. Take wing.

As Promised, As Delivered 10/06/04 1046
Hi to oncler-dj Craig Spyhalski (um, a Long Beach-type person I promised to extrude or bother once again). I understand from my sources you "died" - you and every other nuisance (see Oprah - young and new after three days of it in Chicago weight loss if you look like a bang happened, it did....simply). Well, we are in contact now heavily it seemed by radiohead and I deliver you here. Madonna was your friend I'm impressed (Craig ventured into studio work turning knobs so to speak, but failed as that to us - women hate us and him for being cute and quite demanding so what), but you went on and she hated you for that. You are a star DJ from Long Beach (Ripples, etc.) and no one need know celebrity of that caliber (you or her). Craig, did we sleep together? No - and it's as simple as that for most of others but I lied you could certainly live better I'd guess (never ask the kids - I clarify all object note with firmness hate for untruth and styled shames - if you keep lying about how much you get I'll never stop getting more than anyone needs to convey you a pride and at pay - finally, something more for and about me). Well, I can't remember much since January 1993 Mother Lode (mining town operation, of course, a bar a speak-easy in West Hollywood) fifty dollars ($50.00) a day doing just that "I'm cheaper yet twenty dollars ($20.00) would do." People would do it for free they love playing records in public me too. Go back there - I'm waiting (the front of the place now open and grilled with fags hanging out all over - one day me). By the way - see more for you. As the Duke of Edinburgh (England beheading Scotland), you were really mean to us. We ventured, you failed (a poisoning of the queen Victoria "with sticks in his coffee" - her father). See us later. Be loving. "This stuff makes me sick to my stomach." Bitch dorn, I get everything I want usually and then some I could do without the mindfucks nevermind you sucked my dick that says it well enough to you and you. I never listen to your crap because I have no need to address a winter plague of answers being primed to no one known I cared to do better and left bodyshame wandering the halls of popular discourse with your panty problems and blandish need to open my can every time you see the shelf to see if the peas I labled "carrots" were poured down the drain with your femme natale hair tonic and douche bag full of candy swiss malamartes and soapy dishwater from your third successive delousing of the crim hair creeping under around from the small of your back to the fur lining running up your lanoled belly a black dalornla. Juliet killed herself over hair plagues and Romeo had no upper teeth but langs hanging. No one rewrites truth about beauty buying in, they trade ugly or lesser to me noted by then salved at up and down like two tits surveying the rest of the mountain to see if anyone else could climb as high then stay. If so, they'd see what to close and open before editing pencils in the eyebrow made. Ouch! Those number two leads need a third romo to discharge the milk they'd make if you ever thought a cow could note milk backwards in French-Titan. Just one lip and dry ice has to knock over three asses to make your tongue swirl over its glace. See that. Don't think I care about my truth. My extension of sin doesn't go beyond being behind common scent. I simply smell nothing razor sharp those nostrils piercing the nare. Can you edit this shit yourself? I wouldn't bother the day this a chimp. "I like to fuck. Come see." I'll chat your fucking face right off those bony warts you bite out those tiny nits with.      

For A Moment I Thought It Was Ru Paul Through The Fire After The Fall 10/04/04 1626
Not too long ago, I saw that old white hag on tv who littered schmidt for Michael Jackson - all them babies took their toll hope the 'seed' money was good (dang! foundation? you need a sheer wall.....thought that was no one special at all some white woman a numbers freak the whole adding it in yet a sum an office worker at the dentist you wrote with all the right attitudes in place loves celebrity will kill you simply over it in exchange and about, cares about nothing but you as will then plus dying too soon of it as then and how). Come to find out, that is Stevie motherfucking Nicks without propers, without a care. Simply brutal thanks again - see Liz Fraser as gray, as tote mal. A welsh witch "and it was just like...the great north wind [um, so cold it bit in a perm]....within the wings of storm....i think i have met my match....he was singing....and I knew it....and I knew it." May to thank you. What? I read it're sensitive. Bring no harm.

get my meaning it's clear

You Hurt My Pride I Just Cried And Cried And Cried And Cried 10/04/04 1600
I still like this song for being what it is - simply fabulous it's keying to me. Then "you threw me aside i just died and died and died and died" I'm all broken up. Getting my sits about me and having done you right down to it if flags up the ass, relive it this beauty from the pre-Curve era (mostly a junkbot - I'd be bothered for one song know it). Toni Halliday "Love Attraction" MP3 (3.6 Megs) Don't worry - this says many things to no one I ever needed know. Remember, after denying the public at large (keeping it to myself if my opinion so rules you out), truest enjoyment comes from buying and having. Computer files have shit stripped down, they pause all the time, you lose them, they look homemade, and you feel guilty. Pay for the goods and be fullest at it. A message from the above lurking at secrets. Ah - I wouldn't buy any of your shit anyway. I'd just make it myself and let you have it. P.S. Just a good mimic. What you did, you remember first as quite painful. I feel nothing inside you.

truth is i got this one from columbia house

Please wandmaker, we had Devo "Jurisdiction Of Luv" MP3 (3.7 Megs) up at the previous site and thus celebrate our unseemly continuance with you and silently you feel a dot weighing in - but on the head. Looking forward as having but passed you down all levers turning aside leaving it off, this 'quintessential' (I'll define that) Devo song has been ridiculed into something you may or may not hear. Hear this now everything turns back to it a prospect for better. The lyric of told me "off the wall | just like a magnet falls" - no, I don't hear it. See "just loves the wall | like a magnet may fall" or then "my dick was right | there's a cure we don't fight" set to ridiculing sitar up the wang. A magnet does indeed sync one day and all dials off leaving you down - way down. What is that? An oddity - yours made. Somehow. Something. To more: Yes, "Bob 2" (a "Mothersbaugh") died in 1982 of cocaine and heritage in NYC, but was brought to me young and knowing as Mark Owens a good friend from Security at St. Francis Medical Center (he lived reconstituted at an army base shelter in Ewing, N.J. from the time he lived again). I moved out to CA in 1987 leaving all including Mark behind (he was at my going-away party in Hamilton, NJ), but he is with me still as "in mind" kinda and visited with me the other night a great guy. Have that still. Have you. More often: The aforestated Jeffrey Dahmer ne James Jeffrey Dunning worked with us there too. A handsome blond man that left us "to get married." Was killed at Fulsom Federal (an army jail) in California for "stealing goods at night" thus 1982. The man you see jailed-killed? His ex-lover and once who agreed to do him harm and once. Still living in Florida. Have that too. Have me.

just do it next time no questions         

Links Right Up To The Past September 2004
Soon, another ditmeir ("a dalliance in writing" German) and here it is. The account provided above not for Oprah but for you and me to keep healthy in a world so cold I promised to show you too in word for word my mother said only the e-mail address has changed to protect the innocent of it in me. Oh, the traffic bears me yet, but the account to beckons you still a Visa gift card at the bank window is the answer of you seek. Here in Hollywood, not so clean not so sound says maybe you did this instead of me let's all go and this is simply not the right answer except to you. See me better this month struggling and with threats abound. Filmmaker Ken Russell ("Altered States" I saw that five [5] times in the theater, "Tommy", and "Phantom Of The Paradise", married my neighbor Diane Umbro and all taught me about raviolis and tacos eating with the side of my fork) lives on my little street a dead end is real walking the dogs he is cute too.