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If Then, Else November 2003

Just Ask Ronald No Speak Sees My Span Of It 10/30/03 1932
I was talking to Neilsy in mind again and he says I'm a "spinster" let you tell it just sitting around having to think of it of all you died already of my thirdly plague and know most to say. Today, I searched a local costume shop looking to dress up as Ronald McDonald tomorrow and pass out papered burgers from a noose bag or pocket but find the wig, gloves, and shoes are needless hextras. No one wonder it only costs twenty bucks ($20.00) to dress like Ronald (maybe count on more of this cost if kid-sized and pushing all of that sunshine down into that). Then again, I could go as the pre-packaged "Holy Shit" a giant, brownish turd wearing a nun habit and crucifix (hey, it's quite real and there's a living in being that for but one day in my head - funny enough). I told Neilsy it was only fine years ago that I reconciled my gloryself to being but a local desk person and retiring at sixty-five (65) having given my whole like to eatings and that a gritty behalf. You are a star my major (that's your effort in this) and will always be less than me I pay to see you in it struggling with my cost: having to do, having to be that - having to be there. I am the quiet and surprising evil of the known and shelter your thoughts while I stay to kill off my own thoughts on the very enough subject. I deliver what you fade in me and then fast just like Ronald does it to you before us. Now - rock, pop, alternative - what is all that finally? Rock? Anyone can play that stuff it compliments you or us and is mostly made of without tapes biting and forwarding it in. Dance or house (never to that but sometimes) doesn't fall here usually, but it may have once, twice, three (3) times. Disco is certainly here, but underneath a heading. No vocals sung by this leave us feeling tired or without thought. Rock is real. Pop? Yuck - but I love it drawn. All tapes. You are not this, Neilsy, you are "rock" mostly. In pop, we have artists singing and playing on tape to and fro a bad badgering of it. Licks, barters, scheming, and finally, presses in or staples do you up to sound. This is not real, but play as best as not-real allows you to it. You are us. We are art, not verite (say "verra-tay" for truth in borrowing a thought or mode - a having of what's real, in a sense of you may know). Rock is definitely verite. Curve are straight-ahead rock, mostly, and pastiche little to the side. To Curve (and as quoting T. Halliday), "rock is art of, not becoming of." We sense that (she means "we are there, not getting there soon somehow"). Finally again, what we call "alternative" is skewed. Most is to music crap again and again little clips played over and over to filth us with glory parts you heard but no song craft evident, usually. An alternate to learning and having to rock it. Rock garbage if may say by clothes, a will of its own. So - rock is real. Dance. Disco. Pop is fucked vocals no one sings for real. Overdubs you just flavor with sings along. Alternative says "no one is working here yet." In other words, you know what you're doing already but never ask of how I did that or you'll hafta know it out. No one sings the blues after all. You dance to them first. Now wit that.

It's Mischief Night Not Devil's Night Unless You Have Me There 10/30/03 1457
And me usually hiding and giggling hysterically at my friends who rang doorbells and ran, soaped windows, and smashed pumpkins unwary. I honor thee and your beautiful neighboring windows painted of farmtown. You know, my latest stint sees me working with returned luminaries one of them Mother Theresa. Oh, you know the type - can't get their hands on enough to do and for her all talk of - a man's type, basically. We have her young, shapely in horsejeans (dirty looking from sheen), and with black hair died but a blondish mute. Nice girl likes talk alot. We stock together. Otherwise, her spirit that of past likes seeing her image in gardens used and abused. Do it all again to her she lives for it and naturally tells God what to do. Other I like: Steve McQueen with quiet, terminal bags under eyes always. Lay off the fruit. Anything else asks, says less. Who am I? Am I you? Hardly of.    

Brimstone And Treacle A Revisit 10/30/03 0906
Thanks to MGM distributions for getting out "Brimstone And Treacle" and starring Sting on DVD. I watched it recently on tape and loved it again Sting is great (but as I hear as unpaid - so what it's greatness). "Angels have mercy us" is the theme we seek other great acting too with I don't mention names yet. Also, see MGM do Disney's "Escape To Witch Mountain" (for those who know Tony and Tia Heaven's people straught here and alone) and then further. I research the Disney of my youth (the 70's children have all to first) routinely to keep knowing and having that magic always with great characters inside of it all. Oh, we had to travel sometimes to avoid a prude over our witchcrafts, but we got there anyway. Can't have black kids everywhere casting spells on me, can you? No blacks? No see. Not yet on that one. We know you. More: A "treacle"? A "brimstone" is as the hat of superiority, of doing one's own as told to do. A distinguished in flavor and deed. An honor to know. A "treacle" is the favor to us as unearned. We are no one with and appreciate any little will seem. We forgive it to get all it seems (see "trickle-down" from as them first as we honor it, as we saw it to be). Sting delivers no treacle to family, but sees it same.

to each of us a clown in circus wear

The Feeling Morte 10/29/03 1008
I have a great jokeview in my head about all feeling in us terminating well-upper at a giant, powdery mustard-yellow godbladder being poked at with our skinny poltrods to issue a tired, old airsome and thus perceive from the hurt of it. It's the old whoopee cushion in the sky as the only life, but sat on it somehow. Our feelings are participative, however, and we are part of the loop and not a terminus (end feeling). Where two (2) become one (1) and then what it takes to get through us to a bucket of filth, actually. We keep some along the way. We remember it. Code: Satisfy some, lose others.

a black swan is a danube, white is a drake

When Staying In Town
10/29/03 1839
Alot of places are getting refurbed now trying to cater to the "fifty-plus" crowd - those unwilling to spend more than fifty dollars ($50.00) a night per-plus for a room and breakfast (see the newly done Saharan across from "Rock-And-Roll" Ralphs on Sunset now starting at just be that - the new Durant Library/station-morgue and all coming in soon I took a little tour Monday not too junky). Our stationary in 'The Valley' is the Sportsmen's Lodge right on Ventura Boulevard as Studio City goes. I love the swans they feature there my favorites of yesteryear are the mocha danubes with red beaks. The awful "Scooby-Doo" was filmed in major here and I love the tropical vacationing feel of the place like you're really away somewhere with little effort The Valley says this and at night the feel of it I swam in there. See the Days Inn but blocks north for similar feel. I loved that too both with great pools and feel.

Something You're Missing By Led Zeppelin 10/29/03 0741
Napster is supposed to liven it today (no links until proven or already mentioned this month), but I have my gains at hand (having at once seized Pretenders "Tradition Of Love", but at price - see me give Bananarama's "Through A Child's Eyes" today - a bit emotional that from first album a powerful linge). We'll see more of that later. In a note, you lost Led Zeppelin's "Kumasutra" ("da-da-dum da-da-da-da-dum" - just heard that again on Hollywood Boulevard Elton John wrote it) and now seek also "Bodhisattha" (written by The Beatles). I don't know that song of yet, but is also found missing as such.

Mmmm Mmmm Good Soylent Green 10/28/03 2233
Ever now and again I get mistaken as a "good" person by you. That is not funny. Know that every person who dies here feeds my poor candied nipples from each corpse (I need a few days after internment to gather the facts, so to speak - even if you to remove, I have the salts in me), button-teeth are mashed into powders and flaked into phlegm a salt itself, and hair, finally, a ruse of mine to make pastas more edible (not but a rotelle speaks it cleanly mass pubes if). My talks happen at bus stops and sometimes knowing of is all it takes to credit me saned (with self alone). "Soylent Green" a title? Judea-Ruski as "solen-grane" or "save me some" (implied is "we know [your cooking, eats] as if ours" - an inside joke of not mine we are seriously malevolent sometimes like you sometimes not of).

says nothing, is nothing - hi just like you did it and in time you still have parts of 2003 to paint this blab cover ain't ours - not by god creatures we like it anyway

No Abuser Sees The End Of Me Yet 10/28/03 2150
Oh, I was out for a walk and see Ellen DeGeneres is doing her own little signing at Book Soup tonight with a mere shaft of hair crowding it (I asked for tickets to that show - where are they? somewhere off with your new book?) Madonna is there tonight too, but not as disguised this time (she was a beautiful, enduring woman from "Random House" last week guiding me around - she is new and awful at this). Anyway, my friend Chris cites me as an "abuser of system" (actually, the Army cites these types you see that second-hand perhaps by what a mother said to you) that is someone who sends out to you, but doesn't have to stick around for the answer. That is actually a "locqiat" (say "low-key-ott") in French - someone who "turns the key, but doesn't open the door [for fear]". We knock and wait heartily of, but without your pain yet. No answer, huh? That is the abuser of me. I was straight forward always and left to think it all over on my own. A pawn for desire's flesh or knowing of. We try to know ourselves of it only. We tried only - our guilt. Next time Ellen - wait a week or two more these hart (without feeling, chock full of her own lies manifest by you) books are expensive to these mine own days. Oh, well - we've done time together early on. Update: Book Soup has stacks of Ellen's and (and Donna's) book really signed for the reading sense and then giving (actually gift books, I hear). Ellen's is a short dip for the day's worth - a nice little read and funny I hear from sources but just as pricey as the Donna remix all lies too (we say "fibs" as child-like lies - no, the "childish" is amongst children and their acts toward each other). See also all "Blab" issues - Book Soup has three (3) of them (lots of #6 "new and used", #11 from my index page, and then #13 above this - I saw them all) and then Amazon. Most noteworthy is number six (#6) "new and used" for a complete romp. Full of demon art and great thoughts from below I above. I die in them only. Also in Book Soup still: Those excellent, artful paint-by-number calendars - to me awesome. As well thought out, you get about three (3) months each to do one of four (4) pretty-enough placards. About fifteen ($15.00) bucks stateside does this.
A Trip Up I-95 10/28/03 1949
For those of you who don't know, I avoid I-95 (a heavily-traveled interstate from Boston to Florida keys and back) at Philadelphia for this senseless bridge (a huge arch on poles) that rises over the harbor to scene those mastships through. My balls, your ass I take it. Anyway, this mob person named Mike Gianetti (Gambini - my house) who died often enough at home had his hearse blown up mid-streak on that bridge and four (4) other mautos taught you to respect a funeral procession or go right down with it. Four (4) months ago. Eight (8) cars and one (1) loto-ship (no sails) blundered on that boat home. The bridge took hours to repair only by map and soat (what's planned ahead and left for it to be as both names). Happy driving you. See ya at Chesapeake.

As Almost Closest To John Now 10/28/03 1939
Jackie Ondy, as the only Ondy to fill out a response for "" (who am I today asks softly) I appreciate both answers "country: USA" and "pets: a cat" - and whatever little else I wondered of (you woulda had an e-mail if I didn't have to go "gold" to send one I'm strictly bronze these days a copper alloy). Your family stays me. I saw your mother in a movie late night - kinda struggling, kinda looking battered but actually great to look at with eyes and all. Small fact: Our grandmothers are sisters that's simply rude. See ya soon one day maybe. To Chris (Barnabas, Barrabas - public drinkard). To Marc. John - you are the angel "Alfonse". I get that confused with Macaulay Culkin who is the angel "Ambrose". See that.

And Beyond That Lies You 10/28/03 1604
"Look - I'm doing everything I want to do. Beyond that lies the abusive."

All I Couldn't Lime From You 10/28/03 1044
Just got back from breakfast at Duke's on Sunset (it ain't cheap with three puchetts for additional breakfast meats on the side and all if just living to do the math - once and as owned by Elton John again - you can eat there alone though and nice at it with blacks certainly welcome and enjoying). All the songs I couldn't just Lime: Diana Ross "Telephone", The Other Two "Selfish", Donna Summer "There Goes My Baby", Devo "Jurisdiction Of Love" (may I then suggest "Baby Doll" to halve that?), Toni Halliday "Love Attraction". Pretenders "Tradition Of Love". Bananarama "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" More....great satisfactions though too. What? I put half this stuff up before on myself. "What about Front 242? What else can you recommend heartily?" they'd say. Beyond "Tragedy (For You)", I'd say "Headhunter" (we dance of this) and "Never Stop!"

My Autumn songs featured until the end of the month only: Eurythmics "Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)" MP3 (5.4 Megs) + Eurythmics "For The Love Of Big Brother" MP3 (7.0 Megs) (this link now broken I needed the memory - find your own so). From the "1984 (For The Love Of Big Brother)" soundtrack LP (yes, from 1984). The movie actually has nothing to do with this music so please don't enrich my bargain here.

That is not Cherrelle it is sister Myra.

And then: Cherrelle (with her father as Alexander O'Neal) "Saturday Love" MP3 (4.5 Megs). "Now see that." From the "High Priority" LP (1986).

And then: Lush "Last Night" MP3 (4.9 Megs) The guitar at the end wounds me and Liz Fraser together at once. From the "Lovelife" LP (1997 - I had an argument with mind about this - a record store says "March 1996", mind says "1997" of late without changing facts but I like checking on figures).

And then: Bananarama "Through A Child's Eyes" MP3 (3.3 Megs) from their eponymously-titled debut LP (1984). Mostly misgiven: "laughing and learning | as time goes by" and then "i sit and watch the sunset | the child in me sighs" - know them or Sing 365. Feel with.

Online Banking At Bank Of America Just Got Better To Me 10/28/03 0739
Never forget that Bank Of America makes your dreams come true with the best online service. Whether you're loading up their triple-barrel gun to pay bills or asking to see that check you wrote (photostats at a click each time), their service is worth more than you are. Free with direct deposit (the worker's regret) or about five ninety-five ($5.95) a month for all said of checking and everything. Today, it was checking my account at BofA, yesterday my frequent flyer miles at American Airlines just twenty three (23) more bits to know of gift and flight (bragging is in: we think nothing of the Newark, NJ EWR to and from Los Angeles LAX flight corridor it was made for God just an up and down either way with New York City just sighted off in the distance and Philly just a mere thought on harbor I-95). And then there's PayPal - my bank and clearing house on the 'net. I keep ten dollars ($10.00) in there - sure. You are no one until you know it all like I do.

Now Take The 'L' Outta Lover 10/27/03 2104
It's over between us now. No one showed up but me. Next time, we'll announce it less. Who is artist Dougie Fields of Motels' "Careful" LP fame? Elton John - did his own paint covers too (not "Captain Fantastic", no - but actually yes and "GYBR" too believe that I talked to Michael Jackson last night and he says he owns it the original art for "GYBR" - Paul McCartney may have the other seen). Those chaperon (clipped out) tits. I love Motels too - I had 'em early on from Columbia House no hits though.

10/27/03 2032 AOL Chat now! with "DougMoon8" until 9:00 PST “Chat 30805855052420942871”

No One Outfucks Me Mary Higgins Clark 10/27/03 1751
I think VH-1 challenged me to a Mary Higgins Clark duel. I am God only and as such her three (3) aspers (writhings) in order: "The Children's Hour Is Upon Us" (a tale of revenge only amongst adult parents watching heroin babies - 'if they die soon enough by you' stated cleanly), "Where Are The Children?" (answers the query by house-theft of you 'what if they died and by someone else with you?' thus 'let them die soon enough' it said we'll be there it seems - end these changes in title through "Suffer The Children" and "Flowers In The Attic" an abridged version the birds are fine today, thanks and people objected over all of this with the queen got pissed off), and then "Someone Is Watching" (ersatz or said wrongly to deed, somebody 'bad' may help you if seen as left to be - don't interfere so much or get them back). I read that last one mitten on the swing set and all ("bring me no more about the children - no more, you"), but preferred S.E. Hinton at the time reading all of "The Outsiders", "That Was Then, This Is Now", and the "Rumble Fishes". Same author on all of those though. She went on to do Harry Potterses. She went on Queen Elizabeth II. Now, adds Marilyn Manson (Michael Kappus)? Ezekiel - the maker of God's own lies to himself. A fool to no one I know of. Update: The queen myriads (sells) the material in abridged (shortened) state and "commoners" flesh out detail worth (what she cannot see in it - a child's view, perhaps). Not likely to however - what she offers a la Harry Potter: "Someone arrived in my telly. Another, I switched it off. But another hand reaches out from under the telly to turn my dials back to it. I then pulled the plug to hear nothing more of it said yet. A switch nods [someone works within it making all change for naught]." The truth hurts me too.

Where There's A Won't There's A Way 10/27/03 0732
As you may well know, I don't believe in living in your world where we can't talk it over say using "LimeWire" my replacement for Apple 's "Sherlock" (RIP) that digs up what you got on the 'net no matter how often you use it to please others with others I don't know many of them anyway. Go to to know better of it all. I see you.

Finally To You May I Present 10/26/03 1934
From 1988's "My Nation Underground" (see new release above this) and produced by Guthrie as Flood: Julian Cope "Charlotte Anne" MP3 (4.9 Megs). And finally again, connect too of Miss Charlotte the motherhand and the French "chalite" for one who takes of asking too seriously.

End This 10/26/03 1731
This is about the whole God Incarnate trip out of here (what I was permitted to have and how I was allowed to have it - a human does this with subhuman or less than we expect of) so stay tuned never-the-less. The difference is knowing first-hand with, versus not having anything to show for it at all as with you. Know better. My dreams last night and the night before were awful. In order, I walked by a guy married to someone I know and he took my right hand to feel his crotch. I was pulled in by interest but then recoiled from an amalgam frankenperson (not grisly but mind's junk) with eyes that looked like they were snipped out of a woman's magazine. Last night, my beautiful Datsun 210 (1981, new) was being ripped on but who cares I gave that off long ago but as now parked in New York City (?) being damaged as too much to carry there. Then a high school diploma coming up shorting me and thus then staying as such had anyone mentioned it beyond class. I hate all of this crap and recommend waking up to piss it out if it happens to you. I put franks in Hell for having me with this you will certainly die from touching it.

A World Wise Of It 10/26/03 1528
People go "Oh, you should get out more of having to and then myne sex" as if I were merely human. I had all of my every days in the sun to burning right up and plus all of those papers stacked you still must read. The circuit parties will all still be there when I turn sixty (60). I've been there already. That is just straight people catching up with the soul. See it for the less when they accommodate us beautifully.

A Full Account Under My Volition Or Not Being Made To Think Twice Sabbath Me 10/26/03 1410
I started my day like any other: nigger-free and with a cup of Folgerses (greet only half-and-half, a sugar - I learned early of taught) and the Sunday Times. I sported for croissant breakfasts and plus bacon at Champagne yesterday (to you a mystery unless if French patisserie Santa Monica Boulevard, Queensville) so today it would be a Big Mac value meal before striking it rich at Virgin Megastore (checking Curve and Cocteau Twins afull and with Big Red) both on Sunset. Then it was on to Circus Books on Santa Monica to reminisce and perhaps read a bit of it (Hamburger Mary's doing very the well I see it). I noticed at Tower Records Pat Benatar's "Best Shots" now has all songs included video on DVD inside plus then. Not to be all about Pat, but yesterday I stopped into Omar's (make sure pop-up windows are not blocked under your "Privacy & Security" settings in Netscape - special wedding feature with the ever-vicious maccabees afoot and asunder) on Santa Monica and had those exotical birds all over me again. They now have a toucan (made to chase people down a path in Hungary and parts of China - the people there a bit too bold for the having sense around and about) there to peck your eyes out for the touch of. An "ottawa" you say? Like Calgary may say it, an "ottawa" only signals less than an expectation may have it. A smaller bird not even. Yours to know of and now just as vicious as those two (2) blue maccabees (made for beauty's sake only of) from Thailand, Hungary, Poland, and parts of Hawaii. Now, they should die.

As All Must Know 10/26/03 1344
All must now know that Neilsy is Jacob (also "Jamael" sometimes "Jarel" - all the same person, really, and individually responsible for some damned-good pottery and lathing to this very day) of biblical time and must be surrendered upon topic. Jacob is the son of Abraham that would not abide Christ - or Abraham reborn to this in Him (Abraham was four when he died of it too or God hating himself reborn to a death of life). A life of foible to threat follows the boy who would curse a God made man. God loves all, but hates foible or stumbling along in us. Neilsy once made Toni Tennille fall and sorta bite a bell on a boat lower jaw to lose three (3) teeth in Barnegat, New Jersey (really Matawan). We all used to eat at the restaurant Toni Tennille owned called "The Drawbridge" (but not together you) you must cross a bridge-like structure to get to the restaurant it on the shore of. Still go there. Favorite Captain and Tennille song official: "Lonely Night (Angel Face)" by Elton John with Neil Sedaka's song.

You Are My Brethren? You Are My Breath Spoken - And Left To Be 10/26/03 0925
You are the one chosen to do this, as in any other man but me. I redo biblical phrases walking down the street and to glory you heard it once and wrote it down I guess to know. From the LA Times book review I get "Abraham said [in reference to a burnt offering or not feeding the poor around town with efforts made for them] 'God will provide Himself the lamb for a burnt-offering, my son.'" I offer "God will provide the lamb for a burnt offering to my son." In other words, the means to do all of it without thought. You will know not to think of. Thinking is to leading you away a langor or thought after says 'no' to again like this. Other than, challenge me to do better for you with words to and of my God. Update: Mind says 'feelings' help stop us from doing too - even as the good ones. We stay in place to feel good of it.
Fresh Back From Complimenting Neilsy Over His Halloween Pictures At Naked Highway 10/25/03 1818
I friend mite tells me that Jason Priestley is actually Todd McFarlane too and he is gathering shots with the likes of Liz Fraser and sounds for a new version of "Alice In Wonderland" a la my Alice (says "Alice Captured" so far and done too). I need big and bad so caption that beautifully and with music too. I saw the enlightened Cheshire Cat a la Todd in Tower Video as a stand-up toy cat but is no longer there. I saw it though. I saw it. My first brand-make model of mattress? A Sealy Posturepedic "Intermezzo". An "intermezzo" is a walk in the sand at night [without end, a rich person's dream]. Italian-Franco. Update: I see American McGee on this now means nothing yet Jabberwocky only.

Checking On My Link Recommendations 10/25/03 1139
Happy Birthday, Dizzy! Haven't seen much about Halloween here this year? It's just not that big of a deal we're all still treading water (I couldn't have a feast of lights in September either). My godparents are Pat (Maguire) Moon and Paul Pivarnik for one day and it was a big cake from there on end. I looked at Quick Time movie trailers last night and joyed to "Tupac: Resurrection" (all in made May 2003 an overhead shot to the kill with his narration after-the-fact is so funny with "half my fans are white people") and the "Cat In The Hat" with Mike Myers looks great too (see Roseanne but as uncredited in the role of fat woman and Jami Gertz as the mother but no "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" au the pair? I don't get that particular marvin with the cat ruining the house by himself but okay still funny bring me Deiter - see Seuss's "Green Eggs And Ham" no tits and ass thank you ma'am and "The Lorax" my favorite our Scott's lawn rule on video in stores right now you). In any case, cable DSL does me up right for all that preview and pre-formed by you. Update: Some suggest the 'cat in the hat' metaphor of rowdy blacks. Not so - all Seuss (French allor or type-fit for "zosho" say "zoh-zee-oh" or "zoo-zee-o[t]" for what cannot be known to us, a God) is to try and allude to God's ways. The cat in the hat is God-3 the hat being mind or ribbed thoughts up to it the ether of.

Only From Deep Within A White Society Can This Be All Else Must Be Content To Laugh And Be Laughed At 10/23/03 1221
From California, no less - count on this not. And now, another cliche corrected for you: "The *cat* is out of the bag" should be "The *cap* is out of the bag" to make sense. No funeral director in Marilyn Saint Mayor's (a Jewish midwife known to few but seen by many) procession was going to wear a hat to her funeral and signify a lesser person to pride. The cap came out of the bag while there as barred to season and same. We wear a hat to sense pride - not to feel it. Sense my pride and leave me alone. Sense my sleeve (an aphorism or language served off-hand for "snot wondered") and see me come. "He has a belly, you know." If all earth sighted, would I say? Never. You would have two.

Say It Right Go To Heaven 10/23/03 1157
Never one to sovereign, I asked a few girls I work with "What's your headdress called?" to know. I like the presentation to look - clean and just. Somewhat like that of black Carrie White Erykah Badu, it is called a "jihad" (tightened in balls as to "no breathing" and as implied "no sex") and I correct it once. I prefer the loosely strictured "jiham" with no balls having a sex perhaps. Nice looking and pleases me both. See our sides to failure and know this of. We speak to say, not to have. Say less, do more of this.

Least Like Leave 10/23/03 1128
A flat warning to all who seek redress: leave first. It's cheaper for me to know less of it. You pay more to butcher same at your house. Seek me not there or see it come. Now, a black friend asks what is it to be "linfined" - a butcher's term. A butcher "linfines" meat ostensibly ("or say they so" as is) to "make the meat tenderer" as in "saving it longer to fresh". No, you linfine after weighing the customer to keep the just that much to fresher at your house rented.  You can feed squirms of horming pigs at leisure with a breeder's knife that has pockets on every what side. The scraps of leat mayered from just this tinkle mind thou across no but from the inside? Oh, just nothing you'll seems. Watch those scraps Mayor McCheese. Never get racial here with me. Please, I had to talent "What's another McDonald's, another forty pounds of meat, and another hundred niggers?" The price of another world. Nigger me - you'll get it. Update from above as Abraham speaking: "What's another McDonald's to fifty pounds of meat and a hundred niggers?" Get it right the next time you live for.

Patience Takes Off Days 10/23/03 1909
I'm so flattered. Electing to renew my California driver's license by mail in August, I late of received my bounty today in the form of a wildly improved photo ID that makes feel like a million bucks again. Hat-hair forcibly exposed by rusen and then flash martyring both died in process it seems and voila anew. Take that chance or another five (5) year sentence if pending flash trial. Update: The expired license is up for grabs at eBay for ten (10) days (it is now 11/21/03). Bids start at much of one dollar ($1.00). Like me, you may have that much saved up by now. A rainy day! Beyond the wildest of Jewish treasures you'll BINGO! See eBay categories of "Collectibles > Religions, Spirituality > Christianity > Relics" - and no a "relic" isn't of the dead only. Something left behind (perhaps copied as now used). A piece of the one truth crossed. 

A Vow To Respond You 10/23/03 1823
I also ordered The Cars' greatest hits package not here yet: Pet Shop Boys "Before" MP3 (4.1 Megs) from the "Bilingual" LP. Someone died (apparently). You know, one day back when I tried to receive for you here the little captioned video for "Before" from the digitally enhanced CD-single I have. A QuickTime file at very mary large, I couldn't lift the but layered meat by fork so I spooned you a sound instead. The CD video was full of pastiche or planars of sound and color and I have a hard time thinking of that in promo stance on tv but okay to you. I prefer to lift - see me soon. Update: The whole damned thing is featured at the Pet Shop Boys site anyway (just a click now on the yellow stamp). Have that? Great stuff. Be patient with the download-create in Real Video and you too will see it come. The video stark and seen is worth it. Update: I have The Cars now a few days. "Baby, why can't I have you? Oh, Baby."

Michael Jackson A Note 10/23/03 1711
Yes, we got my favorite ride all-ever (last permanently sighted by me at Great Adventure 1976 "Wild Thing" - Schwarzkopf "Wunderkind" a viciously high-swinging "spider" featuring Huss motors in Germany these also-engines run on gas supplement for anywhere use) at Wonderland Ranch. A high treason no fest! The motor keeps blowing because you leave gas in it at all times. Electricity or gas, please no. Other than that, I had a dream of you meeting people with tickets but from behind a bank barrister (a countertop with steel bars surrounding - an unwanted intimacy lurks around every corner, I hear). Also, the drive entrance or gate swarming worlds outward with razorwire. Who to ask if the exhibit is closed today? Also I hear of being dropped over the ocean in an out-of-body experience you feel only ever but no hit (sounds not good yet). Duly noted.

Yesterday's Monkey As Now Only Sketched In Pencil Meets Tomorrow's Hopa Las Hasa Or House To House One Day A Book 10/23/03 1632
I was told by mind that only one (1) cup of olive oil in flakes or cup will kill a little harmful dog dead. Read the news - they are violent everywhere due to heat. Heat instills violence mostly. I needed it and you needed it too - cool down first. Texas knows about heat problem - they use "backyard warmers" to an alarming extent in Mission County to make bees crazy with draw. An old lady schedules little draws on her own to keep heat moving and slow driving on her farm where cold winds pursue us unduly. Reduce heat, keep bees from killing. In the meantime, see my late grandmother's dog "Jason" (a
Lhasa Apso - a real jerk to know God hates them as taking little of it a breeded choice among breeders not - see the name's origin above) seemingly reaching up to the top rim of a garbage can but from the inside in perpetual harmony with his surroundings until lift may stay. An almost ate it. Chi Chi tells of making Yorkshire Terriers (a London Breed) into the smaller Chihuahua ("i want a dog | a chihuahua" - Pet Shop Boys "Introspective" only; thank you an amazement with Morricone). Sure we told you rubberbands around the birth neck makes runt. See and hear too. 

Sometimes A Word Just Isn't Enough To Say
10/23/03 1150
I talk to people like Neil in the head and sometimes feel like I need to say out front in order for all hearing to know of. I have expressed to you that you need to return to the self as fit or simply as said die back. I hand you over routinely in thought to no thought of as all said. Your mother banished said all. Your latent death in a bathhouse delivered me ass-up in a steam room suggests little to bother, a black sucking on your dick just moments after the death speaks to not drinking of this dead. Oh, sure - I was there too reaching for the cedared handle of the door and seeing it move off into the distance the room expanded and Alice trying to leave it Wonderland. Before then, a health, a happy, a tomohawk, and tiny smiles no one to thank of. Back to sense, no one comes here on my back and stays else to say. No one. You revert me with sense. Yours is never to stay and mine is to redistribute yours. Theirs is to be distributed upon seeking yours. Never one to bargain my trust in it, I ask of others nothing samed. You will pay me to see it happen. You will pay in me and as of me to be just this or me. All else leap across caverns of trust and such self said below. All leap then.

Who Weighs Out Your Food In Buckets Doesn't Sell Much 10/23/03 0927
Another normal person's quote in the head I hear "What does this person live for? To offer comment only?" That's about it. To my minions (those who ask of us) I tell of feeding this a cared mixture of dust and dirt ("the difference is the taste"). You know the plan, a firmest reduction of unhappy stance and production toward greeting and having a happier life. "Hello, Bitch - and that may to help yourself, FYI." I never mind explaining it all again ever just as long as I don't have to think with you and form our opinion over the fact. A proposed acid test: How much of this bother can I remove - say, from the top down - without dying right off? I keep food, clothes - a few other incidentals but hand-chosen.

This Will Merge With My Faith And Be What You Hate Of Yourself Soon Enough 10/22/03 1542
I call this new feature my Math Tingle to celebrate little things I like you knowing from me I'm smarter tech and saw her there more than twice this time saying how nothing is important to then know. Firmer shots in the ass cure an ill bred by distaste and misfortune right up the pre-frontal to teppe where warm seats it. Your quizzled breath detains my interest not I simply wanted too much change for too little radial-distant and you came to be this. I seek out the good to be better unless leaves ask of the lest of you let.

not just in her own mind a big star back when People Magazine mattered Pat studied opera, you know and this now a trap door to ourselves where stars may roam free of it and without you thinking along here - Pat is Minerva sees what cannot be seen in it, Chrissie Hynde is Athena and knows how it's done to us Rubik's cube something I never bothered to solves by moving two (2) adjacent colors at once I'm bored now PacMan 

Are You A Superstar? Probably Who Knows If Your Hollywood "Walk Of Fame" Star Is Distinguished In Front Of Pep Boys 10/21/03 1145
Repeat my jerk (adding up quality stays put with the flavors die down) now half a thought: Is Donna Summer a "superstar"? No one is that. Only Madonna, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Boy George, add Diana Ross to no thought. Who else captured your limited imagination across the board and made you eat bidge stink (a Time magazine issue must clare you as well as Elton John's did, as well as Michael Jackson's home theater looked to happy enough)? You'll find mostly of these in front of Wang's Chinese Theatre city next to Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny answer me dirt I never had to ask I only just say it.

That's Kinda Funny And All Not Really 10/21/03 1513
I meet alot of patsy's in my game here - you know the type - you say something too hard to understand (how tied to smells food-like minute-sex) and then hell's bells. A woman God blessed her neotards writes me off just like that I have lean strip snacks up to you by my having hole feel the richness. Content to starve to death over reasons vows, I like to ask the hard questions you answer me while dining on breast of billicom slice of thin-baked latherham right on top the cheese bubbles up your legs and makes you nod off after pre-sex negotiates fail our sense of aversion and a mother's plea is deboned for finus regale it's over now but the cheese - is it reals? You know the government cheddar wheel tells a lie every now and happen someone died a few more asswells are gonna go fish on this one too. Tell 'em how it all works it doesn't sure I make that happen while you hold my legs together with your sense of privadour (it ain't too easy enough making that esteem thing seem value if nothing writhing or slicing the walls up). A bank gets two (2) stacks of lamibrighteners on businessday one cash you eat asses rather than see it's truth round front and credits or paper to play office push pull push push now pull on it bitch pull. Both big rolls for the other pap smear you talk it all over some and think not how it all works it doesn't option out from under you then we shoot pigs dead and steer their meats clear at once we play you too dumb is lonely stupid waits for a better bite then teeth may. Simply, you're fucked if us. Our paper the finest ever you and you see how it all works just after you do it all yourself at Larget and Stilted Northerns quilty amyl hothmotts soothing ass-vapors all around the smoildt. You paid to play the soapnuts clapping along mindlessly to "Sleigh Ride" with only one runner you cheap bitch trying to balance it all before keeling over in a rondt patch of tangle-piss bels bonn der hort. Boy were you good whipping that ass up to perfect pitch I heard tiny balls hanging on cue you are the clapper of somnis sac wrinkle thee! Grandeur thou hast mine fishing hole sewn by silk! Are we a playground for the rich? No one is rich you own ten more McDonald's than Herb Ritts when he died like Ronald's mother the sewerclown from "It" and no one will ever care about MS again. We own McDonald's to fool - I walk in, order up, wolf it down, and pass you my trash le royale doin' your part. That is owning up front. You clean the toilets with all of the blacks that used to order from the dining room before being promoted, of course, to white's pump-its at every nearly do-it-to-yourself at tent per scent of what's yours handing out coupons for a cup of pimt coffee "burns you right up watchis this severes very hot adds econet mctit lapseur eroils you" per mont miss, mer leus. No one has what's yours for the taking just having theirs owned again I will probably eat that again later to shelves so bare they blink. Point is, I buy up stuff to hackle my way in, I change everything you love by simple vow and then someone pays me to upset my own gig by reimbursing my harms to you in-full if only to serve that prestige to someone else paying just that much more to handle your hairy load. The loser makes too many changes to her own work (who did this to me?) and fails to recoup the damages sought oft and in time to make another deal with people that hate what you did but find no value in making you pay for it. It wasn't good enough for them either there's no pleasure in hurting let health hide a harm to you best offer yet a mistake else. I sell you this and make a king's random in sift-hair some of it yours.             

Sometimes Doing The Right Thing Isn't What I Wanted For You 10/21/03 0929
Oh, I hear ya again - is this the right thing to do? It's the right thing to do to you - no, still not in charge of your own body, still not making a cogent argument for my fact review and the dog truth is a crap in my yard too it all stinks and you are truly fucking stupid ever yet I ate all of the bother up front to serve you better. Mean? I'm comfortable no portrayal of good I'm me and you need to see that first.  I fill in the blanks behind your eyes with junk and you see it all better to me I test you and get to be stupid with you fun fun fun lowly human to this is grand, you waited for nothing I gave.  One day, I'll put it up your ass too just to see if I could. I mostly can put it up God's ass too. Your woman's move, Fool. I didn't become this to do you but maybe one day a mu-mu. Oh, sure "manic" - helping the truly done down (no pride in it, nearly a retarded seems if) cherbilsink that's where the food is wait right here I'll fast. Our world is so perfect with you in it feeling each of each grapes all along the vines forever until knows. Sip sweetly. Know that I talk to no fool for real - I rape them for what I want and perhaps compliment them at the same time. I just take what I want from them all and throw the rest away feelings you know the requisite crap for these types linen-laundry junkies with special degrees from lesters of minority and vaginal studies. Junky mentals I'd shoot it full of quadra-lang and grind it up like kitty litter. Every now and again, you'd be sprinked on pigvomit and I to please would psalm and touch lightness of. Your hurt halts me a sucker will you chance it all at if? Every last? This just bit?   

In A Thought Kylie Minogue 10/19/03 1612
Was just listening to Carpenters hits on iTunes as led from thought. Did you know that Kylie Minogue is Karen Carpenter's oldest daughter Kristine? Yup - by actor Barry Bostwick her first nomenclature (affixed) beau. See that.

Like Cathy Out On The Moors I'd Die If Only To See You To It That's The Way I Do Business 10/19/03 1428
I was telling Neil today about how all mass of it winds right down on the wicked witch of the east if only to leave you just here with me a star tribute those shoes don't work no more, huh. He offers "A shot in the dark and fell bad." I know what it's like being left out on the moors and I know how to get what I want of it too. With this, I issue to you Pat Benatar's version of Kate Bush's (um, Tessa Niles if backing vocals - see Duran Duran "Come Undone" and Pet Shop Boys various arts) "Wuthering Heights" MP3 (4.1 Megs) (now yours to bear - needed the memory) from the "Crimes Of Passion" LP. Neils quips "I had to pay nine hundred dollars just to record this song proferred to me by Elton John - he hated her [Kate Bush's] version and saw better in us at the time. We did it better as Pat loved hearing it. I didn't care for it at all because it was stuffy. Each time we recorded it flat [live] - another hundred dollars rang me up. We got it over with for twelve hundred dollars - see the difference? Elton John did. We hated him for making it with us [thus making us do it again and again]. See that finally." Click on Pat's belly to see and feel all of the Neil you can stand to see me with.

Back To Huddling A Sport Technique to Stop Us From Feeling Detached And Unloved As Males And Love That 10/19/03 1156
Bit of a sore throat these days, but I went to Dan's "Huddle" party and enjoyed myself immensely for an hour or so. Quotes on the walls from friends and all blown up with pictures from the book cover and also younger stills of the authoress made me happy (football posings and team stuff). Those sheet cakes sure are impressive with whole photographs being faithfully reproduced with matching colored icings. Does that mean I may see someone's hairy ass in one of my cake-eating futures yet to be seen by you? Better not to have you there. In his terminal invite, Dan nearly demands a present for his also birthday yesterday so a recoalore (you don't mind the thinking of afterward) bottle of chablis met that head-on you see. A decent bottle of chablis is good enough for anyone I know, but I settled in to the lush surroundings with a seven-and-seven mintpoure. I'm a bit social that. No mention of this forth so assume all is loved and okay with the powers that be here. Even the very Madonna knows to be mine now.   

By Special Request The Fribe 10/19/03 1102
Our word today is "fribe" from the French-Latin "fribeure" (for "[simply] walks over me"). The fribe takes what you have and leaves without saying much. They kill your enthusiasm every time with masil (French-English for "not seeing me [working] here yet") and tectone (say "tec-ton" for "taking much away when they leave - probably all" - that's French). The fribe is to be avoided for pulling you down all the time with says and haves against you. We bless the move away. Do not enter willingly you save me grief then. A fribe is mine to hurt by.

I'm Gonna Chat Soon Enough 10/18/03 1853
I'm gonna set an AOL chatroom for us soon enough. Details announced at time. See to "DougMoon8". Who is "Timewreck"? Madonna at Neil's? God over gave me that one to buddy list. Update: I downloaded the new AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) last night and put a bit profile up for you to read just the rules with me (but saw nothing of for "Timewreck" yet). Now we're set for more with you later on I'll announce it here as "Chat #XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX". Maybe then - we'll see. I'm not that good at it yet. You can access AOL Anywhere "" and simply then sign in.

Yet Another Sighting Of Great Save Carol Ann 10/18/03 1426
Hi to Sean William Scott (that length could only be made worse by a hyphen, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen) - saw you on Sunset last night walking to the Red Rocks and beyond you are brunette today. Near fear - we are hear to breach you. Yes, Carol Ann is a notorious cousin right up to bat middle girl she still scares me although we haven't seen in a while (her mother is my godmother - see that finally a Maguire). Like you, I talked to Carol Ann in mind and she's all "Aren't you a faggot now?" Divorce lends many a tear to it - that's not one of them. Anyway, you are the son of Cybill Shepherd and Peter Bogdanovich as all before. Live there be this. 

Why This? Why You? 10/18/03 1236
Why this issue on Rhino? For the original Stevie Nicks version of "Silver Springs" (from the "Tusk" era). I researched it all.

Reveal Of The Day 10/18/03 1208
Dwight Eisenhower? Pop porn star and film mogul William Higgins. Spiderman said to ask - dial that with your dimes. My first porno? "New York City Pro" - I believe that was Higgins' work too (yes it was - Catalina Video, filmed in Saint Martin, Missouri - an Army base is there). I lived in Morrisville, PA then (just across the bridge cheaper is rent) and had a fat woman rent the videos for me under separate and stifling cover - had to rent the VCR then too. I get what I want at any rate. The soundtrack to "New York City Pro" is nonetheless haunting. Some French person named "Gabrielle" did it on synth. Simply haunting.

So Pops The Question  10/18/03 1203
A friend asks "Did you buy [the] 'Cats Without Claws' [LP]?" Yeah, I did  - picked that right off the rack at Columbia House for "There Goes My Baby" (an old Drifters song - The Drifters are the US Army cloaked - Donna's father was in this group originally I believe we spoke of this already TNJ natives all). See the good folks at FYE (press [Option] key to save link to desktop on Macs, then open with Windows Media Player as troubled by such and said this) for "The Donna Summer Anthology" to hear sound clips of greatest things like this (do "State Of Independence" too - we heard this the other night but interrupted by you - the Chrissie Hynde version with Moodswings is uninterruptable but hardly clamning of this). I'm of the opinion that the whole Donna Summer movement (and any forward Casablanca) is of God - too brash a bit. God says 'no' but means 'yes maybe'. Maybe I said so and that's that.

To Doug + Terry Love Donna Summer 10/17/03 2123
Just got back from the book signing at Book Soup - it was nice and fun. Hundreds lined up on the Sunset Boulevard sidewalk for the signing (I was assigned #86 with earlier book purchase) and the hour-plus wait (with her mother tattling and singing the blues to me) gave way to a very nice exchange with the simply rudest of megastars known. Donna (with husband Michael and daughters around - I had none of this in-hand at the time) was dressed in long hair with a black parisienne (like beret) on. Nice and friendly each one of us proposed by staff and she firmly used to taking the lead in conversation. The guy before us in line was all "Your music has helped me through many a tough time" rough patches and all, I too guess and provoking stance with verboten memorabilia and Donna responded "Sometimes our music is all we have." No never that I use it too I thought that caring gesture lovely enough though. She also cautioned a man having the book signed for a school to "read it first" as it may not be appropriate for children she says how she got there and all. Honestly, I was nearly overwhelmed with tears in this (being God and all to you meeting this - no drugs, no) but you had to do it to me. To Doug, this is Donna Summer a big star in the neighborhood and that's all to me ("Bad Girls" the 70's lit up for and then over the top). Mostly I wouldn't want to bother the review, but I know she can handle it. "Thanks for coming out this evening" was all I offered and then that was that.    

Do You Hear What I Hear? A Song A Song This One's Just A Bit Too Long 10/17/03 1355
I loved the celebrity song lists on iTunes right after hearing of Doug Moon's. Michael Stipe and Sheryl Crow you rock! both picking Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide" (beautiful Stevie Nicks and all) and Elton John premier cuts ("Someone Saved My Life Tonight" and "Bennie And The Jets") at once knowing all of Michael's for but thirty dollars sixty-nine cents ($30.69) and Sheryl's for but eleven eighty-eight ($11.88). Hole's "Violet"? Great choice among you! May I suggest a few more changes to fuel? Stevie Wonder? "Dark 'n Lovely" from the "Characters" LP. Neil Young "The Needle And The Damage Done"? Get that five (5) times better from "Neil Young Unplugged". "Every junkie's like a settin' sun". Do more! Have less! Wonder if they have "Dive" by Nirvana my only Nirvana wrench for all good day? See R.E.M.'s new "junker-collect" with moon cover (honoring me of course in your own words). May I suggest "Drive" from "Automatic For The People" (that thing on front a waverly 'north star' of sorts for cattle ding-dong see ya later on grounded for all days but a tap on the shoulder, really). I love this part "hey kids | where are you? | nobody tells you what to do | baby". Lush. Scott Litt? Drew Carey at most.

Rockaria! From Great Adventure 10/17/03 1254
You know, that is really Elton John in "I'm Still Standing" that god-awful video like a bad episode of 'Cirque du Soleil' so bad. He says he picked out the songs for the laser light show at Great Adventure our amusement park in Jackson, New Jersey. According to him it was merely "all of our artists shining above yours." Follow this link for one of them called "Rockaria!" MPEG (X.X Megs) (this was an MPEG at one time now is yours to pursue) by ELO. It took me forever to figure this song out from one little snip at the end of. The opera vocals within? Jeff Lynne himself.  

Woohoo! Now See iTunes For Windows 10/16/03 1735
Go to the Apple website and now get the iTunes for Windows. Download and join in the fun. I ride these iTunes bitches into the ground with sound sampling and having better of it (see now gift certificates and lump-sum allowances your dad may give you a few songs per month in advance of it all - see your mother for details).

I Didn't Know That 10/16/03 1313
I talked to Antonen Tchiakowsky (his spelling) very early in the morning when I got home from work. He declared the work I cited "beautiful, yet sustained against me" - they added stuff. I was told he majored as a Russian in English performance only and for the English throne. In the 1940's. He said he died in the early 1950's. I believe that as being born in the late 1800's. I'm getting trail mix now, so stifles. A somber, I told him "The Nutcracker" is big at Christmas (he didn't know) and we talked of the rat actually being "a mouse" and I trailed off to hear only of how the mouse was so enamored of the tin soldier. Oh, yeah - "all orchestra is set to ballet and may option it off", and my favorite passage "Danse Arabe" ("The Arabian Dance") is actually noted as "The Arabian" - a passage to sleep. "Sex is over" he says. He also adds "It was a burlesque, that piece. A burlesque is a piece women dance naked to - no men do this. They need the adornment." Otherwise sample our quality recording (the very same one to my golden ear) at iTunes as Eugene Ormandy "Swan Lake" play both as same.   

I Need Your Help To Ensure Eugene Normandy 10/15/03 1602
While back in New Jersey last year, I was finally able to steal my mother's copy of Eugene Normandy's "Nutcracker Suite" on vinyl. It's old and scratchy, but I love the sound perfection of the recording none like it see me lying under our Christmas tree looking up at the branches to each glistened note. Turns out that Eugene Normandy (Ormandy? No - a stick off or push away for the conductor - not good, not real) is Thom Bell of Temple University fame (Philadelphia) and the label known as "Somerset" (I guess to be after Somerset, New Jersey) was owned outright by Neil's dad - a player of sorts in the music industry (Elton John alumnus too - could play well enough). The recording - a spatial fantasy for me it breathes - lies in Neil's possession by trust and that needs to be out there with you - not him. I've looked for it in the bins to no luck and here it winds up as is. Also included in the vinyl set were suites (minor passages plus some) from Tchiakovsky's "Swan Lake" and "1812 Overture" (um, see the theme from "The Bad News Bears" Jackie Earle Haley was a girl you know her name was Jill Smith). Make sure Neil gives that stuff up for us. His dad paid forty-six thousand dollars ($46,000) to have the recording made from tapes (pressings and wax). "The tapes just lying around for me at Temple - I took them." My parents bought a set off of it. The truck - you know. More to blame: The Nutcracker record is supposedly conducted by "Wilhelm Rohr" - that is correct as Neil's father in suit - of course conducting the "Nord Deutsches Symphony" for "near deaf" - a joke by us. Manufactured by Alshire International in Burbank that is good information not as Columbia in NYC did the press. Go back to Normandy and see all as is. Not white at all, and then all names false to us. See Apple's iTunes for Holst: The Planets" (I never heard of this stuff myself) by the original noted orchestra "The Normandy Orchestra" and re-recorded southside in Philadelpha in 1953 (from Montreal, Canada). Our particular set of suites? Recorded in 1972 in Temple Auditorium (France paid for it and has it still under Normandy - the copyright? Ours - we paid for that with issue rights having been paid to perform not a lawyer knows this well).   

This Is Kinda Like Trainspotting - Ain't It? 10/14/03 XXXX
Oh, brother - a gay reviewer of nut sense cites another "femme" of gay men (that's akin to a "gaggle" of geese) being "challenged" somehow by a flag-football tournament. Do they have what it takes (the sheer sperminas to nut this? the sense of athletic pursuit seen in me per vaudeville?) End this to just tell me what happens logically - no false starts (and backstab your "not quite fitting in" theory to me - I am there in the pictures seen by you in the head). My longtime friend of disapproval and wait (I'm a bit racy in comparison I guess maybe not you) Dan Boyle writes me to alert me of his new book (I knew he was a 'writer' and all at only God knows what - cocktail talk, basically) and unlike others who shun me for merriment and mayhem, Dan always keeps me in and informed of being coupled miserably with anyone like I do it to others without delay. A party brings me - is that what you really want these days of course it is it's never really about me anyway. Having others hear me peruse, I ask Dan back via e-mail are you "Danny Boyles" of "Trainspotting" fame citing a shiteating heroin lover of the godgiver-not-yet 70's? "No" says Dan boringly and flatly and we approve. Not true though Dan says to my God mind. Dan is that one and only Danny but doesn't want the acclaim. His father was actor Paul McQueen (thus the slicker-sounding Steve of "Towering Inferno" and other such notable) and that ruined his life says God. Scottish people transplanted. Dan seems to like the territory but doesn't want his name on it as such. I loved the film in the theater first off, but now temper my enthusiam as seen with junkies and their lives. Madonna (the eternal mass-queen of "little people again? seemingly lovingly "no - hush hush" actually directed the film (a wreck to make) with Dan in minor productions only (no directing, just helping). Onward, Dan's little book (and to thus birthday) party is going to be at Here Lounge on Saturday, October 18 - 4:00 to 7:00 PM. I'll pop in with minor's gift he suggests once bring. To be. God sees you and waits. This just in: The Official "Huddle" Website  

Take It All Down 10/13/03 1141
Then, finally to seat, I get more Neil jizz from the sufferer it sells. Oh, God! Pray not another anthem window dresser for that laxidote momoselvual all wrapped up in it like a toothless titclamp surrounding a saline drip by sin until more of the goodness gets done in and then I'll bite downs real hard and end all of the piss. The Ashley Twins I nipped from Naked Highway (MP3 available not yet but hear "Driving At Night") how dare you they're mine now (however, that font - I don't feel it). We talk it all over together - seriously. The girls are hard on me these days. Like Christina Applegate, they are from Minnesota (Lake Geneva). Oh, you think everyone from Minnesota is a Pillsbury heir (that or Hershey, PA but first of Pillsbury see Glen Tilbrook of formerly VH-1 - I'm all to mind above "Who is this guy on tour - Glen Tilbrook? I got the story on that one and I warn my friends of policy demographics and meeting the customer's asked-for first and thus paying for my real attribute or glories within my seen and done with this profit and then all under my sound management of invest - you are there none paid for VH-1 yet and as I quote supported by "candlewax" from Minnetonka I've been there too and I like it).

Shimps Believe It Or Not I Kinda Like It 10/13/03 1042
Columbus Day? How rude! Did I tell you that is-was here too as actor Dale Midkiff? You know, pretty good-looking in the lesbionic "Pet Sematary"? (Better wet it down real good next time walks a bit fast for the woolen speak didn't I bury that downhaul from button-eye this came a rorting? Just binchlin' with burlap, ain't ya? Pity such saw I time it to the quadra-lang one per hydral pinch-tit - a length of knowing it all it seams me.) Fucked Madonna and Rosie (Ro And Mo....No Mo! "Which used the mayville condom first per their dental dam? Ro Or Mo? Both stretchlin allergic to surgi-latex and evolving conundrums, only the toilet knows we wonder how an ass may chews it gum). That was way off topic, let's get back to sense. Will was declared king of England twice now we check in and see no problem big enough to bother. Did I betray the thought and tell you that brother Larry, Prince Andrew and some woman got their heads chopped off for making littler people die? That's rupe and not all surprising to the mildness of that one I see rotor scheming. Royals simply understand people get dumb and off comes the partyhat. I heard Fergie died and all went to hell over that a copter crash or something rude then her girls got tossed around. Did I tell this already? I sheep back down and say see it all here again one day. Just in case the world dies - I'm no bother, right? See Diana return a queen not abdicate but some other word "beguess". That's a woman's role to try and adumb me I reason off love to Wills no I'm not that crazy. Chop your head off too for thinking about all of the death death death they can all die with it now a wrong color for tights. I just plant a few land mines in and around your mother's honor and then feel better about laying my snake eggs near the family smatts. Last time, all of them shockles ate my young up in a glassed eye. You better see the deep how it rises you shoun. Let them for see a mistake once made blown to itty bits and with half of it shaved. See the beard come to shave. To my sense all of them peg legs stepping but lightly and then just merely to the right of this the since-bargained theft. Our fees are reasonable to you still, no? I'll pay more.      

Isn't It Nice For You Too Seeing The Struggles Unhelped By All Known Into Toreador Truth? 10/13/03 0951
Finally got me a little job on the side helping out during the supermarket strike and all a scab! Who to thank for having to do this shit career-wise and then letting me see how I could possibly fail or fuck up a simple task loading up on long-style panty liners or laxi-shakes the type-brands of toilet paper are endless a black may guide you to thin as a whisper while a mexican just uses a whole roll out front citing "monda regale - por vista" that's right acid bearer to the stars. Am I hostile like this? No just confused about the rules and all (I burst-wet like any shitbag pampers to my zodiac pick one and pray to undo - you're here again - so what'd I win? Toxichrist mamblers? No use yet. That's a pretty big shitbag these women torture me in the radiohead with their sexless sombers and stupid reviles someone bought up all the good stuff and left me with this - a celebrity skinbot marveling dishthought to haute waxes I live and get it all in, you please mindlessly I mitch if - no reference to Kim Cattrall at all hi I'm simply known as to God the almight humbled before duty never a loss ever sets trust that I king to me is it all you heard it might have? no? Madogma? She's gonna get her ass kicked up my front - you are not this bigger than both of you says it back fast and quite to drugflicking narols I love only Fran Drescher now). You striking bitches work hard for the money I wanted to die of my labors and now someone croaked in the deli section or something? Is that a lie to keep commerce from coming down on you? That sounds dumb but I'm still working for it asks a woman are we there yet slightly afraid of getting my ass kicked (white people will come to know of us). You know me - fuck that and keep me updated calling the shots of course not more than I can say. Lastly - you cover last night's occupied I hate stupid women making choices for fuel and gas. One goes in the plumber - the other is yours to know of. I know nothing.

Good Enough For You Too 10/12/03 1633
Let's clean up the trades angry wobbles: I'm not really gonna kill George Carlin - he died in 1999 from fucking air I breathe it and lactose intolerance. I just think his God stuff is rude for the times - God? Me again my only truth to you. Cure the very AYDS now I said, then do down both remakes of "Carrie" and some other film that offends me in-short "Willard" they were only made by God now vanities plural weaken. Visually, I make up stuff too and scare your mind blubber back down to stroft. My roommate - who also wears the "real" symbol on his cheesecrafts, says "there is no God" to me and yes awful I said it earlier and then only to elicit my own truths a fools binemaze only. Then the kimfool's one command to legion "Levitate!" That would be vulgar and I'd hurt lots of people and hate it all so no I wait to kill your doubt by simply asking me I do it all just not here no ebbent fool has this and sees it straight too. You laughing at dumb God jokes are real frighttoxins I've scared lots of that too. I had to add back in Santa Claus and straight people, so it fits under that thought provoked get it all ready again something's coming. Don't mock the previous life shit either - I know who I am born mad, rude, mitt hairless - a goth purity I'd say. We staple shut that part of our mind vass memory to prevent a feel as that hurts too bad ask me how I feel is now dirt. You get in other ways, but not by feeling it all again with me hearing and writhing in pains you lathe my a torture. You were there too boxed in quibbled shortly and yet still - nothing of it remained of wax or scent your candleworm pin-snuffed by eliss shimps. I ask to know nothing. To touch is to save. I simply forgive all oncelet known to be. Now for a repeat in story: Cruel short sight touches my gift as if you could be this having all sent at once. The priortess numb touch my glistening babbleworths chandon (the handset world with ditcross on riggletop - the christ child's play thing a tipple vow to timms of) as if any one would guild thee like so as if it could and see breath I wiggle it. If a tired soul-sort so much as glavles my orben timst in the afterlife whaze, the sickly ball straps to your wickled mane and becomes the per-dominant factor in a two-way swingfold tightrope guazes chandoliers. If you approach someone dumbed by you on high trapeze at now lonelies with the blackened soot-orb, it grows too vast big on you and obscures your thought to other and all's fall down shortened shaft (your mother niweaved that zipnet out of your father's loblar dehairings - trust that to hit bare black assmat first find). You have to play it erstcool and get another mudge to take interest of the self or back to gala you goab prapless and now forseen a simple gorvestink says no not ever twice nor once of this a skunk eats me to ask what of it smelled this bad and took one to be with? Never worry a shortage of mind over oddscent never happens in true time I see it touching my ball to grow suits again it pains you bad to have it a toothache says it to me but as in the rear a rooted plisp of the tooth taken off. Ah, the balabuffets and so cheap I paid nothing to see you eat it all you will realize me within once or two times I've never burped that loud before like dressers clap just short of having panties rhyme me a draft abrew needs me to be nice now. The staff of rod shall bear yours to my home and then off, down, out. Pain nothing of it. See nothing unused.      

Ode To Language Truths 10/11/03 0012
No, Doug Chrismas is not real to you ever all doublespeak - the photo is of Dan Mason the owner of a building I once lived in back in NYC 1948. Have that and speak in spades (or the cleaning of a backroom to curses) like I do it. Three (3) interesting monohalves or languages we speak to ridicule you: "Portugale" (said unlike "Portugal") is always leaving stuff out as in ESL (english second language) types. It's always smooth sailing until something technical arises in thought-speech. "The um," and on it goes with your time intact no one knows for sure where to go all etching it seems. Next we have "Mongove" (say "mongo") the breath of life to creative-like blind folks. Mongo sounds like it's going up a pole on your hat and never pronounces the last syllable-consonant or vowel. All you have to hear slow and creeping from outta the dark is "Dou(g)" raising in volume like some weird Asian does this. Finally for this lesson we have the "Minck". Minck is you trapping all over the fur as luxurious only tripping on each other one tongue as two (2) voices to get there with us - "Oh, Doug. Oh, oh - Doug. This is so...Doug, oh! This is so oh! Oh, Doug - so believable in this - Doug." Use it all and remember the pole - very visual to speak. More later we learn as we go. 

Finally Something We Can Both Share Around Town 10/10/03 1653
"I think you're sad in a way - cherishing each blow to the death." Whaddaya mean? Something glorious says LA Weekly to my mind just as Curve ask "You Don't Know" MP3 (5.8 Megs) in my name the same (the album cover above my sense is linked to the shop - make sure you see their virginal offering of cassette tapes and rarities best known I love them for this homemade cassettes are never as nice in the car thank you). What then? Donna Summer signing a book at Book Soup October 17, 7:00 PM? Yup. Then in some other rag (a gay one know has it), strikes me down with Melissa Etheridge selling six million (~6,000,000) copies legit of "Yes, I Am" after she was pronounced (pronounced is by the self even as in death - you can't speak up to fight for it that's the same calling by) gay that helped. May I offer? No - AVCO (American Venture Company - otherwise the US Army yours again and your label) would not pay for quality release in good the three (3) first times. You had no staples of quality there to see you shut on queue, then a producer-paid helped (Stephen Hague - he hated your shit now me too I just don't get it I guess). Gay is the language of the forest, of the unseen, of the faeries, of the dust, of the twilight - and no they helped you not. You did. Stop drawing erroneous conclusions for gay madsons and their gay powers at Fab! the "Talk" feature of October 24. Honey, let's face the facts: We fuck each other over ends to keep it small and manageable. Now you two. No couples afoot for too long have you. 

I Said God, Oh! Give Me His Soul Yeah Yeah 10/10/03 1436
This next song you have to choke on The B-52's "Hero Worship" MP3 (3.7 Megs) is nothing short of rude. A real story about beach boy Tab Hunter and his worshippers falling short. Tab died one day one at the beach as drowned a woman typical laying nearby praying for such to her "heroes falling to the ground | like hell's magnet pulls me down | oh on my knees | I tried to please | eyes | his idol eyes". I still resent you coming to the The B-52's over "Love Shack" hey they got paid good anyway and the story's all true 1965 it happened. Just waiting to prey upon it all again it seems you know what to do here. This ditty from the first album (I used to fight out loud to hear it in the car on tape I made people from high school may laugh at me still) or "Naked On The Moon" we've got the coin power. Hey Napster (they gonna charge now per song) is coming back on the block October 29 sure got the main offices right here at Santa Monica and Melrose. They offered me five (5) freebies just to stay tuned to it. There you go and on demand you may see.  

Coby Hooper Now Told 10/10/03 1306
Yes, I got that ewave about Sean Cody (achtung! homosexuals only naked) but that's not what we're about today. Kobe Bryant is dead finally of a heatwave in France - no murder. Kobe died - that's all too much basketball. See ya soon.

Don't Think I Was Fooled One Bit 10/10/03 0921
Do you think this is appropriate? I was thinking about my elementary school ("Upper Freehold Regional Elementary School") last night before I went to bed and how the gym stunk so bads already when arriving. That led to "it was less than only ten (10) years old in the fifties" and that shot over to the separate entries for "Boys" on the left and "Girls" on the right facing (they truly had it all when). After the war (to this I'm listening) the individual girls would ascend to the only library on their side but at first in the morning to learn of "gallivanting" (from the French noun-plural "gallus vante" for "having no home to speak of" thus freely associating for fun - one, two - "see that you bother no one coming or going and then do nothing nasty on your own, girls - be afraid of us, finally") or some other hoggery (as thought of less - bad behavior brings us to you all the time - from "hodges" people who live and play at home only). A woman talking at all seated would speak lovingly but harsh of an unspecified "older woman" thus to be named as such you would often help to better (as same) by at first closing her eyes in ridicule to thus mock a count you supposedly would have cheated her on. On the speaker's eyelids, pupils painted and thus a blank stare at the results and then you no argue. All of that skin over both sides the review and what now to do? You figure it out. The speaker suggests leaving a portion of yours with the painted lady, your mother then left to come and argue it out with us here (she too will do - mother will certainly see you in the morning next and then who's to blame over faulty feelings we've had together?) The US Army does this to us so frail at it. Back to reality - mine - we had the Army do those DAC? (does anyone care?) dances. Seventh and eighth-graders embraced on the gymnasium floor and the dark - that tell-tale audio system playing things over us like Heatwave's "Always & Forever", The Four Seasons "My Eyes Adored You", and Chicago's "Colour My World". Sure, it was all a bit heavy then. Where's my drugs? I figure I needed to dance naked with another boy after all that just to regain my sane of it eighth grade (not really - remember my prowess is thoughtfold). Say yes to DAC? for the sodas and all. No drugs yet.     

Holland America 10/09/03 2030
I love that little song in the Holland America commercial (all about their cruise ships). Was that a black hand I saw touching a white one? Nah.

I Ain't Got Nothing Against You Bitches Making A Buck From Me 10/09/03 1910
No, I got nothing against you trying to amass my popularity for your own abuses - just ask me again from now. I will put up a link for you as requested personal and all but I fumbled a few earlier. Send again.

The Vampire Armand And To Be Forever Bliss 10/09/03 1850
I left the sixth of the Vampire Chronicles in Venice, Italy - the rising seas, the rain, the air of climate so warm, and my paintings by you to Anne never to submerge me. The six of to read again: "Interview With The Vampire", "The Vampire Lestat", "The Queen Of The Damned", "Tale Of The Body Thief" (Raglan James - a farthaus), "Memnoch The Devil", and then onward "The Vampire Armand". See you in it dying slow of me.

Just Deliver What You Were Told To Deliver 10/09/03 1438
Your rejection stems from stresses abroad. Do it again. Do all of it again to see me better. Just do it.

From Monti To Madonna 10/09/03 1421
Tina says "My mother works for Madonna for the last eleven (11) years now. Her name is Marian and she counts Madonna's bits and pieces out for her - like accounting for stuff." Then I hear her say "Madonna is lovely to us always. We love her for her radiating warmth and support." Then I get "She knows you too, she says." Yup I hear that (I only bought the bitch back from the very dead - your mother had her office packed up once, twice - three (3) times before we saw other arrive for her - now with Neilsy leaving me down). I also hear the word "rude" in there. By the way, "Steppin' Stone" is my favorite Monkees song - so mean to it. Over and out.

I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone 10/09/03 1320
Like any of my footnotes (what's important to me and not necessarily to you), I fear you have missed some of what I say. My friends Tina and Mike (one the son of Monkee Mike Nesmith) got their little girl back yesterday after a small trial separation with us, and I may see why Jews bury their young and old away from known and seen. See why. Their little girl - someone I cherished as most in the "Harry Potter" films (I sent her a protoplasmic hummingbird to thanks) seemed a bit like Tina in the mix of so smart with boxlined jaw and all, but I didn't put two and two together for fear of having five or too much to see from that. A birth, a c-section, and other travail leads us away to stay (yes, I've been to their home for a party or two as only good friends and see no mixes other than). In fact, we - the whole damned family on her side and the husband - went to see "Terminator 2 Judgment Day" (see how all might fit yesterday - Carolco now you get it) at the Pacific Panorama Dome one day back when it was released in 1992. We are known to be as. Never think I don't care of, but we are distanced no more as having evil hate surround us and as get no due. Your daughter back freezing as naked on your balcony yesterday says such and I freeing Mike from having killed her with a paper bag says another. Your are free from causing "international relations" to spiral once again as I expect you mite. Have a day, stay out of each other's hair (the mother cherished an evil as I), and thus know who and why. Why? I haven't been paid yet either to be this. Take it one day at a time, please, as I face my next eviction also. I hate people - you understand this, right? I hate them and asked myself once "Will anything I love ever be left as so?" Probably not. That little girl  - her name is "Agatha" a demon spirited away from you for a while, Ashley.  

A World Worth The Wait 10/08/03 2030
Oh, I hear from Hotmail Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith are teaming again for "Tears For Fears" (another to "Woman In Chains" - that's right so purty to me) making money we'll see. Eighties comebacks included Cyndi Lauper no always here welcome (see "Boy Blue" again from "True Colors" to do this) and like that woman I have more to say from the same only. In east chapter Hindi, these starving slobs cut open steer repeatedly to take hind steaks out of the position of bone by removing two (2) ribs from the hind quarters up. Gross. These bitches pick scabs to eat every two (2) weeks by peeling what's on the bone off for a treat. Yuck - I know. They keep a slit open near the rear of the animal and just keep reaching in to steal the new growth from behind. I never heard of such things, but I ain't starving again yet neither. How best to handle the meat scabs in the head? Have another to hand to and I'll wait for a fricassee to meld without taking talk. Simply the worst I'll have for it is news of the arrival on plate. Have not any or to.   

World Come Down 10/08/03 1843
I'm sure we made ourselves clear, Timothy. Greg now Craig, and a Sears meatloaf to boot. Don't talk too much about Neilsy - he ain't around enough yet but we may laugh you over once or twice. Q: How do you alone know you were dead and in my care? A: You don't have no fingernails. Use that only. Come a' calling when I do. Your food sinks along with me my feelings for it having been bitten on the tongue only. "Some could not breathe let alone to speak."

Just The Plane Facts 10/08/03 1537
Another good sighting to witness with me: The other night I was out walking the moon making evil crucifixes upside down and the air swirl and then a clear, protoplasmic war plane flew alongside me in the schoolyard with a demon behind the wheel. It was a bastard single-engine plane almost true-to-size with rivets and patchmetal the single prop not turning the wing heading east as but through me as it sailed along at my level. Demon driver? Black bagmask with almond white eyes 'cept the centers were black. "They do that to him because he likes it." Yes sir. I also like to think about flying one as spiritdead - no feel for the weather or falling. Then there are the protoplasmic beings - two (2) tall ones flowing up rapidly I've seen meeting each other - running around on the top of the supermarket watching things. I seen 'em do it a few times now. A murder won't happen there twice it says.

Maryland Only Second To Furrs 10/08/03 1435
I hear Maryland talking about how I keep making "tawdry" (without feeling or guide - an abuse from me otherwise) statements in the place of having anything to say. You just keep those Townsend-looking cafeterias open for us on I-95 and you'll do fine. That's all I remember of Maryland anyway - cafeterias on the route down (and an orange-lit Baltimore at night). Those cafeterias (I love to eat, and with puddings) are all brick with white Prince-au-pors (all you're welcome) over the doors and perhaps the satch (windows). Just like Charlie's Angelses Dou(g) - keep 'em going less talk from you. Madonna and I will be there one day.

Oh, You Want To Verify Things Now - Let's Try And See 10/08/03 1322
So I write to them the Song Fact and I tell them Chicago's "25 Or 6 To 4" is about stadium seats - they count 'em all out in the morning before a performance and give owners one seat free to shut your mouth a profit with them (it works until a happy plan is known and is scaled by wages your thought on it). Oh, I wrote Song Facts to see where it is then after positing the information in comments only (you know - "Oh, I just heard this recently" but nothing just sails through this day or me) and it seems they ("Carl" - really a fat woman) couldn't "verify the information" in a friendly way to suit. Well then - see it here. We call this "homosuit" for them - not coming or going with us for having to explain it all. In other words - you lose. No joy. We reference only. But now, we me, the word will duke it out. Have say. Be right as wrong. I'm unfriendly about this stuff. 

Hear To My Five "5" Star 10/07/03 1356
To my friends, yes - Five "5" Star another Elton John alumnus. Two (2) twelve-inch's I but own "Let Me Be The One" ("you give your love to" - and that's that) and "Can't Wait (Another Minute)" ("for it all to begin") with their syncopies (beats out of time) and all you feel. I don't give black people anything at all they take their win with me, but I'm sure these hold up enough (haven't heard my keeps in a while). The whole English black thing is a riot they sound just like the butler on "Fresh Prince". "Never afraid, never to be [you]."   

More Of The Sharks You Needed To Know It 10/07/03 1259
This won't help keep your boat from turning on its side (this helps it maybe) but Carnival Cruises is working on a new idea to have sharks swim into a tube in the front of a boat and up into your viewing pleasure. They lure the sharks with meat inserts if you know your ships, but now with the color red along the pipes. In the ballroom, a big Great White will now serenade you by looping up through the floor and over in an arch over you and you amaze with joy as it at seems to break in to the mood. Not a bad idea - but watch it. The snake exits out back, but away from the rotors just underneath (they never go down for it - not without meat pellets at least).

All The World Stops In To Get By A Little Baggy 10/07/03 1234
I went for walk last evening to 7-Eleven after doing the dishes again kinda (swearing at once I prefer hand-washed to a dishwasher now) and they now have a Wrigley's "Juicy-Fruit" sign on the slurpee machine as "grapermelon" or something like it (oh, is that it how the formula's made? more of the grapes and plus melons) but nothing yet makes in the cups as such. Well, I went off. Next week? On the way there, stopped into Aah's (a fidget store like Spencer Gifts if you draw on that) to see why no decorations and costumes and all this year? You have to go outside in the back of the store and go down stairs into their stockrooms this time to get all that (see the floor to notice better - I had to ask someone). I don't know if I like this, but I know I don't like moving all that stuff upstairs once a year for one month's time - so okay. Not very festive though. That is across the street from The Whiskey. One more - stop into Hippocampus ("just a word between us as friend to get along - shy, denatured to you though" in Greek) to get all in little trophy on the way (gifts, favors, bit paraphernalia apple co). I like the woman in there so nice and the shop so pleasing in array and plus meeting our need if you see the same sun. Be that as it may, and on the way yes I pay Sunset Boulevard prices to commerce for Sunset Boulevard conveniences all those beads seeking to be strung.

Homan Polata 10/06/03 1628
Artist Keith Haring (for "keep caring" see how the AYDS might have spread:) was actually Barbara Basia Johnson. She paid - they played. The guy painting? Her friend Maxwell Weiss her's still. He is barred from painting her stills anywhere - they'll shoot. Yes, actress Kate Winslet (see "Titanic" and more importantly the I love "Quills") is Barbara's oldest daughter yet still.

like I knew

By Simple Request An On-Demand 10/06/03 1619
Stevie Nicks says "Don't be so giving of my things - it hurts people." I simply understand. With this, may I present John Stewart "Gold" MP3 (3.9 Megs) (sorry - you're too fucked the link is no more to you yet you may be from it some finding your own way down into its endobelly rectorally they'd say it end-oral......from the Stevie Nicks box set "Enchanted" - something happened with the album cover art I offer my reduction similarly [I'm a] bit of an artist, you know) - really bassist John McVie singing at Fleetwood Mac - a favorite of mine save that last record, Madonna. Let love rule you too I rule that right down. Lyric and plus "Kanan" is the part of ourselves that kills us. An angel I made inspired the name so mean it would kill me from top to bottom I'd say. It kills all it knows for me even the self won't quit it. See you in it. See me die too with it.

To Quell This Need To Speak At Undo All To Self Our Rules For Distributions Remain Unchanged To You 10/05/03 1025
Isn't George Carlin dead yet by my severe command? He's getting a high-end job in China working out my details with Babytalk. My bills to you remain unpaid I see. Oh, wait - seems I say this after balls. And now, we finish off your fatal structures as one might say to another realm the state no better off:

North Carolina: "Take some time to rewrite ours like yours and you'll see no bother to you. We are friends, but not happy with you either." (Editors Note: A friend in need is one left to bleed better than you. Bleed then.) North Dakota: "Make use of our days too. Yours are clean, useful, old, and had by us too." Ohio: "Another day left to suicide doesn't ensure ours left to death. Your days are not our days. You live well. Die well too." Oklahoma: "We didn't 'appreciate', we say, our loss of friend and foe. We lost both in you too. Once again, no more to you. You lost here with us again." Oregon: "Seed our soil with your hate twice more and you will grow food for fags. Grow silch for worms then. They love silk more than anything we wear." Pennsylvania: "The 'Keystone State' rejects your bid to be better than us. We live - isn't that like yours dying in here?" Rhode Island: "Keep making lies our friends and you know why we count last. We know better of you. We saw hate here twice and left it to die with you. You now own every soil and treat us the dirt in our food with word. Word off." South Carolina: "Making days hurt is no bother they already do to me and you. Hurt us less. Be the bother of it." South Dakota: "Stars see us and think 'how little so made.' Wonder if they left the bargain to see. See ours - no stars live here yet. We don't have 'em. You do. Take 'em and shove them back up your God's Jewish ass. We favor groundwork, plumbing, heating - or 'HVAC' as you need it - to be else. Thanks - it meant something to you to be that." Tennessee: "Modern coal took away our lives 'no easy payments' they say. Say it back then. A layer of coal would be nice - but not here where I work you'd say. Upstream them." Texas: "The stars and stripes have no blood on them - that's yours too. Take some of that 'shite' back up 'Liz Fraser's' ass. We wouldn't call her twice for those birdcalls she sold to our senate [as seats buy everything here]. We 'blissed' then, and never again will you unless you raise the dead. She died you know - we all saw to it. Die then - your love is dead. We died too." Utah: "Make my day, you pig." Vermont: "The ski slopes are hungry here for visitors. Got any yet? We don't get them either. Our people are racy, but like you, overfed, hungry again, overfed, and hungry again. Where's the middle of you? 'Not ours - yours' is the middle of you - and that fits." Virginia: "Takes his time mining the filth of neighbors done naked. Works for us soon enough." Washington: "An apple a day kept the doctor away and he's here now. Work hard, you bitch. You earned it doing all down every day I see it. Come again and see same. See us." West Virginia: "We look for niggers here and see ourselves you fit, but take more. The world is no one to be. We ate it twice. You once. You're the nigger. I'm asking though, I guess. Who is that?" (Editor's Note: Obviously, it was intended for each of us as others to know and then possibly by sights once unseen. See you coming in to hear it too.) Wisconsin: "Make us unhappy and we die of you. So what? You told us." (Editor's Note: Honey, you only gave so little to so much. May I suggest reading comprehension remedials and then perhaps a workbook in group dynamics? Add and subtract to no value each a term sentence your scores only low. Like lives given and taken, it's all good enough to die for until it comes time to make another one happen. You hardly ever do this. And I, myself, left to aspects of creative writing and then yours onward. I don't make babies either - I'm fishing for yours too, only I'm with mine and said yes.) Wyoming: (Editor's Note: Who cares.) Now overall, I initially forward all group and collective statements back to such to see if they recognize the tone from court and castle in each an individual says unheard it seems, but no one cared as less then either. We are responsible to each ourselves and quite frankly, I wouldn't hang one of your state tarps in my bedroom let alone honor its significance by knowing the name of any of its true colors or even the song the idea behind it one voice done right down to us. To entrust I ensure. Regard me as individualist rising son both up and down without you dying alone a guess but here's my view how nice for you it mattered to and as much 'personal dignity' unspoken as such and to quite preserve such a little nothing I use with you or to cite me never as almost seen also. So, collective voice you so represents my God to no such not seen to be or heard ever either I may cite you as such also. Take it up the ass on your own as usual and then raise that state flag high enough to see who bothered to know such subset such stated to avoid being held as such should one ever actually occur (McDonald's Stuckey's rule thee on). I rest in faith. Wyoming: "Take me. I'm yours - but not now, you pig." To friends, thanks for soul and baring all. I love you to. "They asked you not to make it personal" but all that is. By the way, immediate I hear group versus collective why ask I'll bury you. Group are voluntarily within a room as such doing amongst selves and saying as such to such - no one voice mattered that much we are here see us all as too. That is a group saying and may be useless to it. Collective means you went out and spoke for those just sitting there within borders. They didn't lift a nut to it, but fell within you see what you herd. As every employer who takes on union knows, there's no bother at all with our reps - it's the seats that have us done down. We need these people back on the job humble and like. A union so powerful performing our duties within it. End this to you. P.S. If it were any good, you wouldn't be able to assail it - not credibly anyway says store-bought. You win again. 

Telling Mind Again What Set Of Eyes Sees Your State Here 10/05/03 1731
More or less of yours to bare:
Mississippi: "Get water and drink it. It tastes flat. It is all natural and making us sick. You cleanse that I drink more." Missouri: "We hear you. Show me more. I showed you nothing. I'll show you. You seat me first." Montana: "I'll feel the desert ringing your name when it floods. It knows who you are now. We have bodies everywhere moving towards your sin "Having and loving not." Don't love us. Your greasy wax made it here twice. We took it and ate it. That is your sin again - serving to the needy something they can't fix. Fix us." Nebraska"Snow came when you fell upon us. It is cold. Feel us warm you not. We warm ourselves to you. Feel this as breeze blowing me away from you. You care not. Be caring." Nevada: "Roll the dice. We say this to everyone who exits a party-winner. Stop rolling we'd say to you. I rolled and won too. Leave it or be that - someone always handing the dice to other people to stay around. Roll yourself out there too - it ain't bad yet." New Hampshire: "Make news not parties of news we'd say. You party of news and others must come. You are us - see that and party less. We die there - you go and stay. Stay on then and die. You die - we see it. Die then for being what we could not handle in choice or martyr." New Jersey: No comment as affords it. "See us still here" in little voices. (Editor's Note: We are this - you see it. Say more, be that.) New Mexico: "'Parlez vous Francais?' No. You make it ours one day." New York: "The city said it happened with or without you. No it didn't. Hold the thanks we see you and hate much too. No we didn't - and you didn't either say that as beforehand. You thought you did - we know better. You think you did." (Note: Is it there? No. Close and arranged though says. I knew nothing and saw what you saw. Also, I knew it kind of and could say nothing? I had nothing. I take only what I think I can use by ask for and receive - now you too. Is it real for you? Do you trust it? We allude to clear you up on feelings of and I quote "today will be their damnedest day" sometime before you said it too but I? Knew nothing. A parallel if any at all. I like the match and thus the thought it says. You knew this. I wish it - not really. All known by the above away soft wishes is ruled by me to every notice. I do not want this with me I know that. I do not want to do this all my life's time. I want to live and have arranged all above to do as what is sound as having to do. No more. I take credit for all as one mind over all. One mind. My mind. No one enters this or has any of it. I succeed you in every way with protecting self me lowered. Yes, I liked it as done exceedingly well and so soundly to proof what better seen. I liked it. Say that while I was amazed it said what we talked about like a Jew receives porn. A box, a gift, a friend inside burning with pleasure. Your mother knows why but I hardly ever ask to know. Lies all lies. No, I never had to lie that far out. I never lie - I trim truth first and then lie. Lie to be. You do. Lie then and live. You live. I lied. I knew. I let it happen. That is truth.) End this for today with thoughts of a new state that starts you with a "Z".

What Tainted Love Didn't Tell You 10/05/03 1526
I have to make up for that last batch of skid horns by filling you in a little bit. Soft Cell made that song "Tainted Love" and I heard it all over as brilliant to no interest then missing tons of great stuff I got onto later. Somewhere in-between all that, fill all in. The record below is what I recorded from and you need know this. I had to go back to the vinyl issues to get the real deal these bitches are masters made by others and thus reduced to simple payment of made changes. Someone died. Get to the vinyl and see (I have it some) and notice re-recorded vocals and other shaft (the great "skid horns" in "Memorabilia" sounds like traffic in a drugged-up dream state - they are now issued missing and literally destroy the cut to me well it's just that bad "I collect and reject memorabilia photographs I took of you I have never been there" - you may see the videos to have it all done to you the right way - gay all over it I do). A musicologist notices things in music like I do and I profess to be. We tap in and listen to no flaw there nothing to you passing the wind. I hate people changing things on issued already and as one Stevie Nicks fan puts it "I had nuthin to thay on this that matteths. You thay it thirst. I'll thay later. We won it too." Let me but speak it in France to my ass. Enjoy that slit of note I'll pay more to it no Stevie says no. I have nothing to do but sit here and see the difference come, so I wait to see it then I say. You wait too - that's smart. By the way, Smarties everywhere you sit on it, notice my error of spelling. The word "memorabilia" I caution is actually to be spelled "memoraebealie" for "mostly given, least taken" in French hypen - two (2) words they are in the middle split. That is literally paused as so ugly I have give it right back to saint with no syntax meaning afforded - you just have to know it or forget it once selfed. I'm a bit of a wordsmith too - you see it. The French used it as a put-down to good folks - they couldn't do it right and satisfy an interest (claim a multicultural barrier or something new like it). I can, however, and help you see what Soft Cell stole from me - the view to a kill (will make you happy if never left to speak of - leave it alone to enjoy you). We interest you - admit this at once you'd say to know better. Generations will be robbed dead over this stuff we got first-up and never knew. Live it. We're not gonna get alot more for use. I won't pay for it at the cost of people. Never did - they're here too.

What Can I Do When I Still Love You? Wish I'd Die Of It If To See You There
10/05/03 1218
This is a prime example of extending beyond one's own feelings on things. Should I give you more of a very something you don't want enough of either yet at no additional spoils to me? With MPEG's a fool's paradise of anglo and cert (see Soft Cell "What" MP3 (4.2 Megs) then a crime to hear of), I override all but what sours to so hinted (that's your job to be understood at first I see no signs in passing and have you ask to my directions if any are found by choosing along the way). Like anyone bi-normal here's seen said elsewhere your half is yours using against me I cancel the froth with the other sort mixing by the balls and bird-calling your name-number up on the saving-it-hears before the actual blowing begins the second card vexed with soup-to-noodles and skin-tights from a persian woman's memnar. They had floods if we watched them get it all back in time - I took something that might age if left around silk or the winnings of handsomer men I've liked and lied to about yours and since losing it if only to turn it back in fully clothed for sale and return. Now you find me without and since you've eaten about what's this at shrimps there's no clue on it only the answer not sought a cheese-link to having it herd. Seek elsefit simply may exchange that inner plause-freeling for anything less of garner notice you might have left unattended a tight, skinless wallet full of monopoly money and the keys to the liveliest of three plagues stays the touch by thimble per pin. Push the button at lit columnar sands if asks to double your bubbles lest treasure I'd win for ya someone else helps to shove it on down sure it's a big-end turn-off all that breezeway you smell coals a fire lit nearby on top perhaps over me but the qualifying loaner set forth will have to give it away as swift-pleased to someone I showed you loving it already found down and once to twice freezed out in the open at wool bends if not lit already with hankies rolled up within dialing your codes off at the sound of each bell. You've heard it done too well a dead ringer saw and ran at the same time now notes on the wall claim it alive and seeking back I never died of that your call so unloving I'm lonely again but not for you as I died of it surely as me or then in my place. I'd see to it twice before knowing you half-back to the other new kid you ate for dinner last night at noon's watch of the waking clock's grave. Your simlar love-taking is the engine running on a sweaty camper full of mink stoves each a person you'd die to be left with ever doubting you'd leave once if entered to at all since most of that buzzing it has grieves and excites you. Once the last person picked in any gym class (as you alone pearled it "I'm staying here, you're seen leaving - why wait to have one over on me win what I fix and I'll throw all butts in the next two turts at once seeing might how it would shine you'd ship me seated by first-class to the carver and ask to speak to what's left of my shind not poled then franks all deweined and linfined by me pork-lamed a string in the center notches with each taste and slips you a note of - buy it all eat some too I didn't have much left to send over with the kids you ate most of it anyway you slice it I saw when that happened to you too and left feeding on of more or less shined) I now hanla-help the blind pick and order new talcum shoes with the kind of exert caring that greets them with the sun and the colors a pimple made more than the scent of what gives to what has and to the lesser of one still that sends and might sight you. In it yes you'd quite do to me but not now though while trying - trust no one until your friends see you caring as is but for real parts dimes money moves us after all and to live at that bank I'd save everything twice and order a loan on substantially less at their scent-published annual rate of anyone knows this already I'm saving more than that's making from only hires the lonely and then makes an unfriendly half of that's noted for not dead plus sales of this at mere word to what quote "the world's finest" to one who would know and say nothing you'd find us. Please if.

Interjects A Similry: The Presensory Yet Madonna Vow By This To God 10/04/03 1734
In the twixt of it (God over this whom to see if what must be I do not do you must I will to not I live it says "hate this" - I defer to you and see that I am really here to seems to say - now - seems, has, is this) we mention of Madonna yet again. This is similry us a star or two you to fool. In hasty retort I vow you to live us our wilderness just in case Madonna and her friends (?) decide to drive across the country and on from there to other parts of. We need you there rude ampling with her writhing slowly to the drum I beat in it all over sane you support my whims. Some old insert candy bar made by family Curtiss England then some overly dumb hance memory of having been now seen sipping again at the gnit. Just like olde times nothing's lost you said as known to nothing. Each a symbol light in space with me the plethora dark ever to present, the final rudeness.   

Oh Brotherness! All Fifty States Will Now Despeak Some Of It Here 10/04/03 1653
I started taking this crap up the ass last night and thought - just as surely - "what crap - you [mind] are fucking me for fighting you over this and that a woman's interests afoot plus you are not good like me far too often I speak this" originally intending to vow you what I'd really say [as a collective state "voice" to outer public assured of] if I could you. This stuff is actually your wit emerging to me somehow, some way life goes on but ultimately is burned down to forests countless again a raid. I see me usually in these writings and then off, out, down to my interest's sake but you - so vague to me. Finally, I endeavor to please you only a warning passed as threat and most accepting of both wins and losses by you - and you? My death? No. Do better, have better with it. I only want what is better than me. Do you have of this yet? Maybe "N" through "Z" proves us? No colors, no links.
Alabama: "How's the gold fittin' ya? She's a beauty with that bite and all." Alaska: "The bears don't question and you don't bite back. The answer is yours to be." Arizona: "Take my county back to Dodge. I'll be there waiting with the other gun that had you run for it. See me to shoot." Arkansas: "Nature's willing and I'm playing the table. Ante up and deal you in for the card of your life. I'm bettin' all odds against you this day and later tomorrow." California: "The weekend is fine enough with me. What you eatin' on the margin homed? Beans again? I'll heart out in fits then shoot you for it." Colorado: "Two trees make a mountain fun. One up, one down. You take two and I'll take one. One is no fun. Have to fun." Connecticut: "Our blade sees sharper than your wit. Cut us and you will live it down." Delaware: "Mountains made men see us still. We are on top and have none of that. Have that - but not here." Florida: "Ours seems richer. It is." Georgia: "Has alot to borrow - be there for it and we'll be there too to take it back. Ours is not yours too. Ours is yours not. Take yours never. Ours too." Hawaii: "Seven sails sees us understanding you better. Sail here and be us. Not until then." Idaho: "Please leave us you are insane to be here. We are insane with doubt and guilt. We fled and have no offer to you." Illinois: "Makes one day happier, one day sadder. One day then." Indiana: "Hope your safe is locked with you. No one gets in for a lack of understanding you and your riches. We are there." Iowa: "Have you seen my mill? It grinds people up daily for you. You eat as us too. Stay there - be here with us someday somehow. You fail us too. Mention it not or be us. Still dumb as you." Kansas: "Our wind takes much away to you. Be there for that also. Madonna my ass. She died being you - dumb." Kentucky: "Fry that chicken to golden brown. We don't make any here - the colonel did. You cook like the colonel melted - not a hair in place for that eating ceremony but he got there and he was here for that too taking ours to the top. He liked the name better. He knew nothing. We made him - he forgot it. Forget and we will kill chickens for you. All dead all day. Kill us then." Louisiana: "Take trucks to the hill - the dump speaks of it." Maine: "All our lobsters and but one note about lobsters. Lobsters has Maine in it. A tornado kills people. We kill too. Have that." Maryland: "We see God happen, but He is not here with us. He spoke to God and God lives for it - and him. We wanted God too. Mind us as such." Massachusetts: "The Liberty Bell rang and no one heard it - not even you. Dull, hard, and useless. You ring aloud. You hate us. Not really. Hate us please." Michigan: "Our boats sink faster than yours - we see to it. No one sees to you? They saw to you and still you didn't sink. I better interpret one against you so you see it. See it sink that is." Minnesota: "Ours is a floor to walk on - not to dance. We are important, no? Dance then if you must gay us. We are not gay here. You saw that. Be gay and dance. We shoot that for dancing - not for being. Be that and we'll shoot. We don't know why or we do. We do. We hate you too - but not like you do. Open us then and see the same of you. You are ugly, unfit, beautiful, and natured to God. A faggot says it best. We are not faggots, but we will be for you. Is that enough to stop? 'Feed the world' we say. When you die of nothing, we'll see nothing too. We fed it shit and still it barked for more. We're here too with you, but better yet not you. Be you." To end at "M" is to seen a few a teeth missing I have them written a lie yet. I see mostly me. Bark back, Pigs - but note that I'm looking see what's salient here - what stands out as not the norm of. After all, I'm only you and willing so dumb to simply live this a dream beyond my dreams of just life. I stayed down, back, until feeling I could sensing all the while I might may you. Now simply live it because I could. I could you. Because I could.

Great White Hope That Was San Francisco All White No You Think You're In Yet? 10/04/03 1349
Never say I don't contribute to the overall satisfactions of society I have nothing to say of it but hear you doing so well as that for us I too quit. I give what you simply cannot take away how satisfying is that like two tits announce a flagrance once now ever seen. You can't but style that. Back to both may beauty of mine, that one gay rag (to vow we say it or see it said lovingly) gave me a new link but seems a tid minor note having firmly rejected all others of same note "Shark Attacks" mot von - get your nosary e-mail "I live like this so scary to you and how will it be?" A "Great White" shark (this one first a "pandor" or minor shade - no tail fin evident male yet not breeding from all males) is natural beauty and I hug them in my mind with all of God's might and they swim off from in the creation box all teeth bared and examined I hold much back but only for a moment (sometimes a wide stick trick from beyond I remove but suspect a favor in release). What better to bite of a ghost but a ghost yet? Take this from me it grows and gets. You anchor my little children and pull their teeth for no bother while they grin at you and whine and then morely take of them to drop from various aircraft into the desert sun I have no win for you in this. You may to drag them ashore first to avoid being with somehow some way it comes but I see how it may all be still with you and hurting my hooligans. Hurt us not. Live us to be better off. See your name on it and beauty mind.
Under The Heat And Pressure Of Becoming X You Try My Wit So MTV I Mention That Village 10/04/03 1219
Oh, so it's a bit stiff 'round these here parts now monster of god but to my very godlife ass ("don't flabber yourself" how could it interest me off change less? what? you never had this you never saw anything good enough I never did and you didn't neither we didn't have anything of this at all now then you see it's me tend that reveal to dumb yet) and you, thour, need to tell of me, hine, seeking out (now a tiniest voices) people to abuse for the purposes of my ongoing debates (I'll add here that I caution my friends not to take any of or ourselves this too seriously - we ate and are now somewhat challenged by those who eat, but only after others have eaten - remember who ate first, remember your place in it you eat that right up, then I order more to you at my taste. That's never no bother for us at all I dismiss you once again to the threat of having anything better than can be understood by you and made to feel it as fire may say it best to an already burned aback you into mine this bush. All the denials I kill that in time, my sweet, in time. Laughs are at stake. Last night, in some desperate node to entertain well, I was working on the individual united states and their catch-all phrases to you (not their little mottos - "I'm from Missouri - the 'show me' state - you got to SHOW me" - but our little overhears so mean and sturdy in it with yours too asking). Soon to you a wealth of wit it wasn't cutting it just yet and I, most demanding of you, said it. Yours and every other "there's a readin' for writin'" specialist we interpret 'can' will thus dwippling back to your usual intrafocus groups and we'll offhand try to regret the win at once asking and pleasing ourselves yet again (this is more than tootin' your own horn - your hear of it enough and ask to know how I use you in this). All junk comb through the ashes while I powder at will. Radon poisoning? Yup - too much invariant light streaming in as errant push against me and seemingly you can't sleep right on the left sides. That seconding dot right under your left eye says this time it's serious so snaked charmed a cobra to smoke (your brand? Viceroy is the "I'm gay if you aren't asking" of the round fifties see it - never ask to smoke a Kool will beat you up bads for this - my paternal grandfather smoked both - married to this - you know - a golden glove would hurt you for asking). And back of, you thought it an odorless colorful gas immersed in the ground's water but somehow seeping in to your vow - a purity pledge unheard to mine of seen. Much to and alike "A Little Night Music" from this "Eine Kliene Nachtmusic" (no more heard from you no music then as in blown away, ships, water) and "Who was Elvira Madigan, but finally?" that simply wasn't right. Made for somebody better and then to you and your review no. Quote me this you made it so I demand better of it and wait and see with. To pray. Why read this? I do.     

To Severing Ties And One Or Two Of Them Dialing Fingers Caught Being Up Too Early 10/03/03 1329
Don't get mad - stupid people hide everything they do and succeed at being off-you too - just check my employer's piss to be sure. On one fine day in the holythou past, some "woman" called our office to report on her man abusing substances to anyone who would listen (frankly, no one I'd know - we'd offer to cut off her tits though tents her tongue). This is why women get stabbled in the topple-paunch with a two-inch (2") bellyknife from Lords Of Our House, Ltd. All they'll do is stitch the bitch up just inside her OR fee thank phalanx. Use the paper dishes and the OR costs come right off the top of her next bill. "When all of a then morose he sudden somehow bends over to me, then has takes up immers-liquidas but for operating heavy machineries there the um, 'Teletax' - sure that kills people deader than dead may hear." More like two (2) hand's worth of upperwork (lies just beyond the mountain-call of the singh Whopphur) motioned back to the instisink to scrub as not polish in this our levying hands-free environment you gotta hand it to her while I take over at the Immel-Barratz magna-cinch once certified for full-hind service at the filler on up lakestations across the street. Do people die? People do. If it's not the magna-cinch, it's the crava-serrach by Tate-Levelin. A first in stitching a home powder to marketbase. "Dig right here" it says in the plans I made you with butter and rope velvet. "Win a few - lose some too." Who? Market to that one first, then her down in it a price I can't afford to see it twice then. As long as I don't hafta pay for special people and their retributive services garnered for no play seen. We knew it was a hard shapp then too no one falges that worthing freely.
It Won't Bend For The Law And You Won't Never Never Die Neither Go Ahead Says Piss On Chinet 10/03/03 1300
Someone said you can use Chinet ordeau papier plates to strain your lively claimant piss during an unfriendly topolovial (that means "having us as the beggar in need for a duration and stance" - a cooperative boondoggle we need this yes to no thanks). You clip out enough robo-Chinet to fill the pocket-curtains out in front of your briefs, shall we say, and no one may suspects a thing (invontinence? got the ol' plisseur bucked out, huh) unless given to rudeness and a pevert sense of overvaluing one's prize awaits. Going against hope's satisfaction this time again? It's like my doctor says "It'll kill ya one day" (is that what happened with you then? a newfound legitimacy is hard enough to generate some of them theories now have pay besides time off during the week to ponder new ordinances against one or to many healthcare now zones by me to cover nothing you experiment on firstly or then after-the-fact stop there). As long as it ain't rewarding your then final sense of it "oh, I just made it all up one day" in the dullened squeeze of some twisted ecosci-fi nutbrace. A chalite (one who takes in and does not receive a reciprocal nature value to ponder off) saves the worls from fate and mentions of again and again. Stay there! The dead will speak and then in-turn die of us overheard.  

Casts You Out Like A Bad Check 10/01/03 1154
That's the other "cast you out" saying from Timothy who must die along with mother Judy who occasionally talks to me and wrecks me with her lordy filth. Thanks - you live another one hundred (100) years paid. Hi to Craig too. (P.S. Charisse is the one who channeled you in the spa - I asked to find out - demon). [Break] Went to 7-Eleven today (LaCienega and Holloway) upon receiving notice of their new "Juicy-Fruit" slurpee (?) and "no, too soon" says the massi-clerk behind the counter. "We have to use up what's out there first" so I go for the extra-sour watermelon (tastes like a hardened yellow lemon to me from right off the very ground - seems I put the straw right in the rind there as cautioned by mind to taste it first "you'll hate it" and I surely thought I did but I took it and filled up anyway it wasn't that bad). See an old woman strike again with "Diet Pepsi" flavor another nuisance to youth, but offset diligence with their generous squirt bottles of cherry, vanilla, and lemon syrups for the sodas along Big Gulp Gulch. I eat there and get my Ferrara-Pan Jawbusters simply on the way out. See ya later for that Wrigley's on ice and maybe you don't announce so soon I see and run - if only to have you here as but having had it already. Goodnight, June (personal to favor me always). Oh, I also stopped into St. Victor's to see me done (this is all in West Hollywood), and there are two (2) angels kneeling on each side of Christ crucified. Who are they? David of Raclameez (a portish French town in Judea) and Lucifer of Silver Springs (Heaven). Both are winged to approach God and fly off if he dies. Always waiting to leave a distress in need. I curse them with hatred for each other. They saint you still.  

No Sooner Said To You Than IOU 10/01/03 1245
I was taking a look at writing checks a while back (I write them occasionally still and to little my friend I wrote this stuff as preview in consult - see it). A check written on account it seems is actually an "IOU" to grocer or bend - like it or not. The French named it "cheque" first to determine whether or not we can handle the request. You check nothing out, you respond accordingly. It reminds you to thank them for participating during a time when no one had the government's own bounty in paper to share. I mean after all, if you had the cash might on-hand, you probably wouldn't bother zagging a note unless you were that unseemly old woman that needed everyone to suffer along with her while she extracts her pen and fine note along with everything she feels the world beckoned for alone - and then her. We needed anything that bads. We say to "cheque" is to "refer to and accept" then in France. We tell people in France, sure (just like "Fresno" - we of us call Fresno "France" to be even more unseemly about things - hear that and "my mother told me [not to do this for you]") "pay the fees" associated with accounts and keep all clear in order to make ourselves more sturdy in havings not. Pay your fees and be happy for it ("no-fee checking" only means up-front after all). An IOU from you should never be rushed through system with computers and clerks, however. We take our time as long as all is well and no one is left standing without. A clerk should not ask you for this (for words of). A check should not leave you standing there - do your part to be remiss (unbargained) and without code (playing along) we stress (never lecture, never ask first - they'll pay). Have I bounced checks? Sure, lots of them in the names of convenience and having my way. I make up the difference only and you should too. Your clerical fees - so outrageous to me an ATM solves us, but we seem to get along anyway. Never should you charge people beyond your sale is my code. They bought from you and made you do nothing but wait. Charge for that and your costs. No one invites a bad check, you invite losses only. Losses are not bad checks, they are you crumbling in need - blame no one yet. Fees for service are okay - but not guilded to me. I wouldn't pay you to wait for what's mine. You wait to have mine. Similarly, I don't pay you to wait for what's yours. You manage to that. Is that confusing? Good. We'll get back to you. Three things: No one has the legal right to enforce a check. They may die for you if so. No one has the right to specify my writings to them in cash code (that what must not be followed). If anyone asks, we have "arrangements" we say. You are not allowed to blank anyone out of business. If you write a bad check, fix it up soon - but only careful what you owe. The rest gets you in trouble again. See it. Now, what is the worst of all to me in legitimacy's way (the ability to wait free of hassle)? Not accepting anything but cash in lieu of this. Who lives that well to? That is not business - get out of town. Now you know nothing of it.

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