for your shopping needs

you carved your pumpkin in october 2016 now two (2) great ones for $8 at ralph's labrea west hollywood~

october 11: see phantasm 'ravager' plays at least through thursday, october 13 today is a matinee i guess at 3:50 pm tickets

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@'ravager' as told to me by a press agent, opens with bits from the second half in no order after half the film is shown? no, a sly wrigley's infomercial recap of the first four films ensues in black and white reintroducing our hero reggie? no - the old man glamoured up, his death but a forgone conclusion ('what - did i die too?') he wants to know reggie as a 'son-in-law' he said as i avoid...the response to the old man nearly heartfelt 'tears of joy'...the popcorn smell was intense though no one would admit it to me hand-packed snacks a cheap in our expensive jack spade laptop bag (protects your balls from ITT dental assistants too - maybe we had to wait with freaks in a line outside so also see our copy of 'phantasm exhumed' and a piece of wax fruit (par sez a green apple from a dollar store in florida 'family dollar' exceptional as paper glazed) to prove i'm me? am i you? yes, terry was with and we had to walk down labrea from the bus heading back but so what ? a goon always walking out-front with piss or indignation he hadda shit heading out - what a freak...nice walk heading in that wilshire boulevard (for 'wheel-sure' horse and carriages sunset boulevard was horses, santa monica boulevard was trains) like the old man during the day with block heels near lacma and the car museum mta hard at work still with nightlights everywhere to make the new subway station heading to the beach...good night out! we may have been loud coming in no one in the lobby but enthusiastic help my usual self putting him down 'whatever'...

as we move into october's page no deadline or too soon, and note your debts to 'us' are unpaid no ride with but labor for and right out front too another threat to no filching, i don't accept your lathers into asking for approvals on what should be real dollars seeking no such vouch from anyone let alone your federal grants preserving arts and other nonesuch from a job taken to support yourself while miseries mount amidst unhappy women who are not thought of as anything more than being defrauded by your freedoms - remit me. forever is since then but that's not what you meant word-wise is it? england is sly and cheap is that you? shit. a nomen is more than ghost or less than mention to see yet...

don't read like you wrote it - that's what i can't be similarly bothered with your latest manifesto ('why you can't see it's me') let alone madcap half-saids to an audience untethered by a lack of drink and drugs and labor's key to stardom 'no fool' reason to know they're here still counting petty thefts as reduced prices elsewhere they seem to add up your day in the sun but we'll still see...all to the trash *now*

quit possibly a 'dead' uncle save a post-humous christmas card and lying daughter on the phone (they fucked after all i hear - he knows how to raise them as 'polish' trust that a look national lead gave security clearance with nixon is one buttress of), i can't rest a minute with trump why the anger over subsides because i lay for days being robbed by being self-centered 'a world of words' with a peephole out? speaking of edits, one hears of peeing in women by courthole openly and so what? her open mouth still awanting but to ask? how many times do i have to show you is your guy? it wasn't to shit after all and that is what is sought by me ever for the ruling acclaimed - a shit well blamed keeps it rare we see...nothing sent...send nothing...why you...ten pickles here get me video if a family member eating piss from a room full of whatevers no female but ok is a great backdoor bitch or blonde confederate love this but be able to say why 'not me' thanks pu! would love to be up in between those short if furry legs had i been able to keep the whole thing as notably rented at a closed-now shop 'fucking black-rubber hags talk to me picking fruit and i still look good enough to hear it at one bandwidth only all'...a public well-wisher dragged on over the harsh remark as made so hum i review all now for another move from 'all niggers anyway'? let me say hafta win? maybe not really burden-black - pull their hair out legally my new pamphlet 'never violent the voice'...when, if i resist you

--------------------------------break fast monday october 10 columbus day and the day you stopped getting paid any on paper evermore? credit me with not letting you fester without any meaningful news no grub is back to school as work

on wilshire friday night - you?

-----------------------------------------and so what ? a hottish piss pushed down by a complete, lateral nutrition sees no electric-by-hand-held bladder the hair a slickened depth declared 'white' or width times height 'you know, that is one hairy pussy' me still a good-natured, but hardly abandoned handsome 'girl' in the heartland's 'phantasm v' the old man seeking a final rotted out brown-eyed rage by asking reggie if anything i did mattered a 'god question' hardly heard i had the full treatment anyway 'no instrument of your peace' is pro-united nations and a harmony hut my dolls all jerk off with me or hafta leave as a woman not wanted no mention of hard choices as unseen of you not knowing your absurd heros never leave home now still no teas held for no reason but favoring each every as feind 'who killed jews for killing' jfk by black spray still a shithead who can't say it well enough you do it in relative comfort never alone choosing your sights...the press...

what's that word for not saying aloud to quietly fear no validity to those you seek to see a humble by self aloud? 'invalid' unisex 'u no sex' a wheel, a chair, a fattish ravel penis...

this the brief intermission before 'phantasm v' began at about 10:00 pm - the principals all present answered questions before remitting to me
photologue: that is reggie, the director, two others to be named later...thanks

yes it was good the girl (the tall man i call [colonel] 'jessup') was simply fabulous no god has to ask 'do you still hate me?' is with you see, he the tall man gets really pissed off as the girl now removed to reggie's memory (loves his pussy he the tall man says to me no quote to you) and as warm host surrounds with woods and their beauty but is revealed in camper daylight like hollywood boulevard to be the past only as his reggie's version of the evil tall man in his mind only as made up and as ready to shit this latest venture or kindness from the unseen but now as blooded right back out to a desert of creepy plywood lean-to's in a north versus south mud and trees argument where the proper scalawag can hardly appear with but a smadge of potato - back to being prepared to shoot from the hip only a similar but slyly hidden cigarette lighter-type gun in an army-type person's car (the match made metal) makes both the femmed lesson and teacher eat shit as naked and fat a woman blooded to be one less made of yellow and red gillicrest to be a fat now chanced as one card only and no game to be a hitchride beggar in utah's saint 'where's my ocean?' with one ball-wrapped dollar and at just fifty short a desert 'making do' a buried car held out, and a gun both cheaper to no need to know anything yet a morning paper at a rent unpaid to another paper demanded by no pay just as yet...see that jody's father once or twice now killed (and that's the first movie's priority slaying of the barbershop bearded dream man as prior barmate in the western world - the old man is but three in one redondo now all nice but senses a knife in as god lightly pre-packed and only to be a ten-shirted, one measure to fit elton john tossing any alt of colors in the trash same day once what it billed - hoped the girl as one mite added for beauty doesn't get stabbed as in-the-way again) plays with his balls too (the name never liked or accepted by me as a queer's name the sausage gentled to a jew's mane) but is my lover as made by a sturdy woman ignoring-honoring that name placed and old greasy drughound mike is now played by the father helping the mother as kid back out to be breath but with easy words to an apparent mental person with junky stuff - too much touching only his 'cuda has no yellow pinstripes by the way as a bank that naked bespectacled shmuck a prior version of him 'left for dead' dying out loud - a looks thing one is the other - a boat on fire coming back to see the sun shine their gift to me...

i hadda fight for my movie friday night as being asked to understand constantly or risk being held by you and resigning to be with you the fat chance i speak of - pay to be heard dying in the road it reaches for me the killer as beckoned to try and heal with each who die with only i can both die and die as god only left we agree and still is no bother to our house jerking off without you and then the no-one who pays to be here i don't wake up ever seeking to be a nerve-gassed woman re-giving by level a vladdich of my own guts now spider-woven to its herpes each bemoled, flawed to note a moule pre-perfection by as one graft (chain to my prior good to be seen as a soul but no bread ever), doug

Reply| Today, 1:52 AM Geri Moon ( Happy 70th to Eddie...not so old yet I'd think 'another twenty-five years' as me seeking them all back from them still living me just a thought. Doug AARP after age-reduced percent is 52...'see it comes home to them'

From: Geri Moon Sent: Saturday, October 8, 2016 1:47 PM To: 0utlook account team Subject: Re: Thinking About You

Today is Eddie's 70 th birthday.

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID

0utlook account team wrote:
Just an update on Terry: Our rent here is cheap enough at $1,500 but he has to adjust to unemployment benefits, paying out his retirement by December 1 (they say crap right here by October 10 and he is being wishy washy 'taxes' versus cash lift lid by the pot)...he was there twenty one years and that should be a pretty penny $10k a year a greasy, fattish fish or jagged little pill as laughing cow por silk a mint). We liquidated alot of his stuff but he shouldn't fear being penniless...spend while you have the cash...more later. Should Florida just blow away, you can always be here I'll be here.

-----------------------------------entertain me---------is no nigger by vote------see it she wins and he is vice-president anyway we agree you may write-in by quasi is a woman on the ballot, fool be you i said no

'phantasm v' opens: a laemmle theater on wilshire boulevard and lacienega has tickets for friday night october 7 at 9:55 i'll get mine soon...other nights from then on yes buy here

fear of the unknown: we got ours for friday night - see you there?

did i mention i found my plastic bag full of coke caps by the way? lost during my christmas trip to florida (and i drink alot of coke, nigger), they resurfaced in a box of decorations and i credit the threat of having been ignored, not the claims made aloud (my roommate just tosses things in the trash unheeded, i don't think i ever matter much to anyone new) coke rewards mercy me at 75 points (about twenty-five bottles) a week entered...a bit fast on the ipad, you know (the two-finger typist still no computer match with an at-home domestic) the rewards one promises a few extras belts with a sash for a mailback coupon...does fanta eliminate target? ho hum...355 points makes a $5 itunes code see the points worth $1.90 divided by 55 if need be...a cold bottled drink....or you need the itunes points no or is a mail key 'bogo' buy one get one (at 50% off perhaps) bogus has to buy first so hafta buy quantities these days or check it out a deeper thought buy one first....

a coke reward point is worth $0.0345 or three-and-a-half cents at base point rates (three for a single bottle) and thus the itunes bargain should provide $12.25 in trade-in value - okay if you love it anyway...

hollywood variety reviews phantasm 5! the film is real folks~ look for it in theatres october 7...amc century city? nuart?

get ready for bl'oc'k-party-'tober' 2016 having decorated to a full filth early on (all the better for a supreme lack of storage but grace)...soon...we're full fascia given store windows out-front, fully frontal? as awaiting of your note...

writes when he can: when he's not expecting visitors, that is...signals and alibis (a curve song ostensibly about dying off save a news reel or two)? a hand signal says much like a traffic light 'not to come any closer' and an alibi says why you didn't show up or why you weren't there to respond once need to know...a star like madonna signals us too much...

today sunday 10/02: got me some more hi-c milkdads for the admission price paid as below - my meaning is that the citrus juice has precious drops of milk added like a broth or negative connotation (cowardly note) need matter...has its eye on nutrition...its cactus quote is no more than lemon-heavy...ok...2 for $3 nice at night call...ralph's....

to be fair to the new 'ghostbusters' and hi-c, the film was due in july and is all women threat but a horse of a black woman ensues
stars 'foodmaker' melissa mccarthy of 'hangover 2' fame so it couldn't be that bad
she is seriously responsible for jack in the box's resurrection and their little pavilions (vons) meatbag scandal way back when - make liz taylor (pork roll) in the buff with taylor swift too and others
in and out is my roommate a pig of a rich woman and a drag
meat is murder?

great ballon decor for outside $80 versus $40 - i like it
from the grave, still lithe with all motor smoothing in-tact

these for 'first communion' male-female it says to be hung over the bed as new? ok ceiling fan
the art is good about $25? check that no more than $45 i guess

bankers (or 'city') target is somehow a lesser value seen - see it said here at the original big one (sans their pizza hut and pretzels nothing sells at nothing sold)
'i had my eye on your imperial' this at public storage on santa monica now released to the balance zero held - thanks you
quote from 'precious'....pretenders chrissie hynde

this grill our favorite now at half price clearance about $48 - get the gas, get the gauge too very nice stuff all for quite cheap at target
'we left ours in very used condition - the gas ball and gauge too' - dM
'we lost little but couldn't keep everything - my two-sided fan...' - dM
nice enough to let any idea of keeping a 'prior nest' out - two homes? no assume
save the crumbs - a way back out?

you can rent bikes by coin power - albeit female versions no ball whacking - in at least two west hollywood locations
one is the sheriff's station at san vicente at the drunk car lot, this is around poinsettia or at smart and final but across the street
i look to balance and falling - a cocoa bunt to a bush or cactus be smarter

people hate change still...a change of venue is no gift but ok is it over?

well go usa is avco the army good enough thanks! avco is paramount one and the same no volunteers 'with avco you hafta do...'

back to the blues-booze, some nose-as-blue-veined 'mother' of heaven scheduled elton john's fish maccle-junk bag 'guess why...the blues' for my hi-fi head radio what is reserved for amazing contiguous or landowner plays of a well-known [beatle]mania* now firmly on record and cd what online and what is just bits better than the programming sent through the shower fan each a volume over motor...what crap ! but then again that nigger['s black father as pure a surrogate] probably got married - it palps your mind if the golden ring spells (as some logo) 'comfort' (to 'big, fat baby') a lazy old-world type in england every spoon is of a dirt you no longer plow since they learn of the good only...keep the chains and reuben...bless me at 10:00 each morning well after sunrise still no gift as perhaps no hole in my heart (we all see it - your point? hot) to greet the little things i did the day before *no you...

current tip: get a [blow]job~ $30 at market if an introduction to the penal system is all you really need 'bitch, that was damned ugly - but thanks again for the clip-in teeth suggestion jim carrey' i'm not stupid doing is key to those who think they'll ultimately get to fuck 'same size fits, percent age times money' in a morgue 'who i am i?' a slight delay is for being the christ with someone stupid (versus 'coy' or then 'coin' no extras a date-just) but unwilling to explain me to friends as harmed only but is surely pretty-petit - no joke is 'a role' by catholics taught 'is no one without the holy spirit' (use spit then as is a mind and heard to be spoken only - a person a lifetime 'a breath bade of flesh' hides in rock shooting but as back covered a lovely sand crab is tiny tim no lone ranger a victim but pretty) what's my name 'why ask - why?' do not make your own [stop here] put pencil down 'teacher of the rich' the living god of people who are immortal or put theirselves back together tied to rock over a road after niggering the sweat water up a hill plus 'nothing knows it flies - period' it's not afraid of heights or deadlines either bats fly and know because 'they're blind but have sonar under water' they are gorgeous flying vermin and are quite aggressive heading neck vadg just the white of poop they live in like liver disease~

why does wells fargo (federal, first with jews in a open stagecoach - is real?, kills people as delivering to no indians must give in-person as received well enough no looking out back 'we've seen' hard on proving to no real here-there as challenged) seem like a joke now because i sent 'em looking for my money via paypal or payroll direct? zero means 'nothing yet - but okay for now' in russian too 'nyet' never true the row as checked to date...make it clear - i'll think things like i do too...nothing yet but hardly closed down your hope for no opportunity and no real effort too...people have a right to take their time and with consequences if only...make a new one now...'right to no better than said'...

true to form the debate an exciting prospect if one came out shinier than the other the running mate (and as bi-partisan is married only extended male-female no faggots that is servancy no man but a blue blanket at home) no gift better hold up she's gonna get the label this time openly we think to say but god help you in the initial exam it's really a woman she's been there fluidly so get over it...he is not ross perot 'no gift to surgeon' he is bursting with it and keeps 'em out thank god 'to fool'...though tricked to be down and out again for the night, we'll be on the lookout for silly stuff and 'outrage' if your one gift is recoiling from a known firmity 'oh, you're a man' and but died of 'breast cancer' more likely than you think with's from having women over a true androgyny or pumping of your slights and like arrested development on cue takes pills bitch and that's no pleasure seeker with a is first for what it's worth 'what's worse' let's get it over with the final stretch is no thinking' - no.

since alert: this fool brought home a whole chicken from work ostensibly from one day weeks past (in the old place? maybe...still mating with that money?) and it had a finger from a whole polynesian junkbag of them the nail poked out at-end and a shaved white mouse one slice at body length 'no fur' ever ostensibly to discount the meal for a lesser god - so what - don't keep giving your things to satire 'me work first as so hungry you' - real or not i love the humour but okay keep it disease-free i eat no organ meat knowably if white flour still makes gravy and only a band of red warts fact up and down your legs on the inside for serious mite from an active shit mouth cornstarch a you know, i reject calcium in any juice as making me dry in the mouth (psolias - someone false or not giving to me save it the talk one fattened leg shorts the other a piss) can't you afford the help from 'too tall' anyway at 6'3 hard to better that look but no peasant or wood-gatherer pip or peck? both humbled by me for me? thank you leave the witchcraft a heart unbridled by a bee sting to be more like the gentle nature of show-me-how a potato rids you of an 'unsightly' ('we see you' to brown aborigines in wheat grass and platypus disconnects electricity by hand for homesteader types up shit's river) wart if you run and bury it in the yard a big plus for oversize gals as warmonger but as notes 'hates the work' i don't want that 'helping hand' what also took hair from my legs as one donating to the self if noting your head-top pastisserie at-first, i want the unseen doing for me a four-legged u2-d2 spider as weaves a new rain-forest wig perhaps 'neva abor' is 'lovely anyway' to 'a faded former turtle batting full eyelashes'...'as spiders hatching' one suggests and not nearly gathered...and should be just one more to be unheard unless i talk...the usual good...try the potato to rub and bury only in the yard - still good for the eats? q: warts are from shit? i don't have any 'you made 'em' yourself with krazy-glue' your mother died while you were at school too never before 2 am when it strikes as afterward...take a tip...'something missing? thank u - something extra? 'ask me' says quote is 'go ahead - it'll be in your food soon enough'... a green gus or wad on top and bottom at the cafeteria we're not dirty...people make it leave and are truly hard on snakes and a plane...flyaway: witches are real they fly around telephone poles here alot three of them it looks like - why ask? are dead...and done well'd like 'em alot...

target has the halloween tree (seen earlier here) out now $60 by philips long purple box

for review...'too many horrible deaths, with no one to talk to' - amy irving telstar news agency and damask
'horribly real and amusing in its guide to me - be you, i'll be me too' - dM advent agency campbell heritage house
'all stuff like this is very ocean versus seascape - seen too late to provide any legitimate grace-exit and if all ends well laying your last good egg'

sunday, september 25...still here minding the shop...getting by...need a stamp? rite-aid sells 'em four at a time just bits over cost just in case you're in need of postage...that reminds me to note my new address on my license...

douglas c. moon
7171 lexington avenue #2
west hollywood, california 90046
nearest intersection santa monica boulevard at labrea avenue
updated 09/16

friday, september 23....we're here...very windy last night

at target $30 - liked its elbows

deep basket $40? ok

great card table set $60

better yet for the executive lifestyle $40

coke tee about $13 - got a great vented baseball hat instead in kelly green
women have great orange babydoll shirts in jack o' lantern style same price

another one glows in the dark - so what? this is what i wanted for me, fool

at trader joe's - i'm reluctant to say these days
'pinot noir' is small but hesitant towards you~

thought this was a quick game of 'toss across' ? velcro or sumpin'
at target's $1 gift shop was $5

september 21 - tomorrow is officially fall then: new footage at 'ew' from 'phantasm v ravager'...never say sever!

trying to get a 'gift' check outta at&t (ostensibly for the tail-end of the u-verse bill no mixing/matching) 'mailed days ago' so tight in the wad ertswhile friends answer the phone about the questionable $59 my cell phone bill is due in two days we have time warner now and so few channels i can know them all plus any savings...more: the check came today 09/21 imagine there's no heaven...

no answer to the eviction call my sources say $36,000 or a year and a half at our rate...$2,000 plus a please...everyone's a beggar

i owe bank of america $60 for april's money-box bill

-------------------------------------------------------with terry, thinking about unemployment after so many years 2004-2005 actually i worked $1,000 in hours or whatever at ralph's fresh fare internet link money ever...see it come back...'we're dead?' a ghost with cash? you should die alot of us aren't through one life yet and you're here freelancing with women will die again a matinee film...blecch...your savior is women...same old shit their thinking your use...have a war...'they are upper crust' are a nigger

every year yada, yada, yada...'so, who's fuckin' old, seen only now'

a world map terry brought home laminated - let you tell it

i ordered it to clean itself up: africa floats over the upper fran and ollie...bagpump lampchop 'i'm sad' gorvania
this halloween doll i have really used my miniature 'staff of ra' and quite well commanding the cosmos - knew what to do i guess

'i couldn't remember radio male don imus' name if i had a gun my head' - dM people pick us clean i took out unsavory images of me along the way - 'you must be mistaken' a 'fool for it'

'talk is pointless' - dM why argue salt and pepper as tabasco goes 'round

'hate projects a value' - dM it appeals to me, too

'either way...' - oft guest george hamilton

'shouldn't be there even once' - geraldine ferraro says she's 'mean' hillary that is three strikes you're out? wants to leave 'without shame' hovercrafts on the lawn protesting darts in the oval office i use them, needles in the carpet..harmless

a new ikea scares me~

----------------------------p.s. apple's tim is steven jobs you know 'doesn't have the energy' wake up...

'why everything perfect swirls around this...' - dM no schools, no drama

'lies down when i do - is no evil' - dM

'the wait is for all the things i don't want that you have to pay for i guess' - dM

'paying off debts is no close second to a penny auntie - who's paid to sniff glue?' - dM

eerie target tv - the scare shop not yet complete?
this is $50 actually...good idea the sunday circular has good coupons

trees are nice this year - why you live: dinner out, to and fro, mere avoidance

you can make your own light-up signs inexpensively at staples 'cheap'
each letter links right up with power pack
bought some paper a whole ream 'please, i'm not you~'

why so much water? from the outside humidity i guess around $60 right now at target
so what?

this star is surprising on vine near bed bath and beyond where we shopped recenty for a tee-pee and roll-ons (knit socks)
not the grammy star (s/b in-front of the chinese theater 'butch vig' in red cement near tokyo) but maybe
toss you out the moon

nigger, please~

green goob alert: ghostbusters 'the movie' ('two thumbs down - a rag') has spurred a quick reunite with the past - 'cactus' or then 'citrus' cooler by canned giant 'hi-c' is available in pussy packs ten the each i got mine at ralph's - got yours too early bird...perfect stuff soda is on the wheel now just $0.88 each i loaded up the truck and drove to beverly - hills, that is - kept on goin' and they said 'you can't remember your mother's sweet face placed in a grave - she won't come near'...i'll betcha ..even the 'cookie' jarvik-9 'magically delicious' heart pump won't bleed your eyes right down the brain both balls flat and outta ain't electrical, you know...that's progress stop drinkin'? better to pray...

nice, faggot
don't fuck around - you'll die as that and be doomed to not see anything wrong 'with it' again you had rights too so what let me rot
ct? four blades angled in stop nearby to spin it off - or just peel right off
a night in the woods being sniffed at won't help you either - looks fresh like rosemary's baby but does not hafta see at all
and after all (moreover) you've eaten already - do you live to lay on-top of me? your not good at it and i never amaze or 'thrill' to it as you say
nice art - i didn't fake with adobe, either $9.99 a month the fee check it out

new look at heart 'barracuda' - may death take those men posing as me real but hardly magical a fart then
talent that
p.s. something's wrong you haven't sampled the squid yet 'une de'beurre ce lest fils mangina'

the 'v' is the trouble in-making as seen from afar, a veritable tornado and red-needle widow drop - you?
or bat-wing space-age billboard catechasm as seen from underneath - be the first at it and so...october 7 them
'help me no more | stake my claim' - curve
'i have more to risk than you lose' - p. benatar

you have the time: happy '911'? this on september 11, 2016...'i can't stop falling and i can't get up' how 'bout you? i'm fine, thanks.

david and michael (the rogue-ish bald joshua collins and thus quentin too - damned brilliant the mother evident)
michael 'purr-fect' back to the david their mother? could be - wait for him to nouvelle (grease it up some)...our savoir and the very mother
two ideas bigger than the world 'i don't want them with people'...'i don't want people...'

------------------------see yourself out and about 'man about town' or per diem male nurse who kills by snipping off the epiglottis 'for laughs' + 'helps any mother dying inside'...'is dead with guilt feelings'

had this beautiful dream (someone else always to me but flawed) nights ago or during the day when i was effectively having open-heart surgery at what was perceived as sloan kettering in new york city towards the river i guess...i was out of my body but in gown i guess walking around at the feet and there were windows nearby high up but at our side westerly - they were removing a pad or something behind the heart already gone though no prior complaint i could think of like god was doing it pre-need - i hadda come back in my body by first placing my right hand in the cavity to push or hold me up inside as i lay backwards when it eased me around...nice but what's missing? everything was joyous...

q: my only joke over time: why does helen keller wear tight pants? a: so you can read her lips.

a: ivanka trump starring suzanne somers - who played who?

thank god~
still nothing
terry lost his job at ucla today 09/06 - we'll be here (can't wait for twenty years of retirement!)

before the super-expensive silver-ish 'custom cruiser' in 1975 a station wagon with blue interior, exterior paneling, and wheel covers was the green, vinyl-topped cutlass supreme
and california was supposed to be picky about their license plates (this on fountain avenue after trader joe's at sunset and crescent heights)
we were not 'poor' as mentioned me yesterday 09/05 labour day - his old maroon delta '88 (the one prior to the cutlass) ruined my new datsun '210' sedan in '81 - my fault too?

the body is right...i crushed their fishing poles in the back: fact
great for picking up bodies at the hospital at night with darkened windows at stop lights - is usually chevrolet (are deeper?)

target having the green - but slightly damaged - metal army drawers saw me hand-carry my complete unit (gray and blue) back to the store (the drawers have screws holding them in on rail - is messy) to try and exchange...i talked to a salesperson on the floor prior to and he said it was probably no bother and they had four more green-drawer units in the back too - i didn't need the color exchange mine a clearance item with receipt as blue-gray but at half the price, but they denied it at the returns counter once there as being a $40 dollar value over sense and as long as we deny art value (the colored props as unavailable on disney shows, say, and as not available, we seek on) judgment 'okay' as but not needed - the grab bag, we don't return items to the store ever i think about just leaving a bad nut as finally rejected for the thought, or harshly painting over it or using contact paper, but must maintain an item's original condition as it was presented...we hate junk use...

some little girl showed me how to burp when she gets hit - two things in one noise pretty funny stuff - my 'friends' mock people alot too 'i can't hear - you're breaking up' when i speak on the iphone 6 so we can't be with them fully - 'no money no talk' the simple lazy up-front truth makes you the self-described 'poor' - if you have the money to saddle up and adjust the facts i'd first adjust my looks to only hear 'you wouldn't do that'...would you? you would.

which one is not real?
ervine (is a goat excepting canine and feline)?

when you go by proxy as to revoke, someone goes in your place as you ostensibly or though it offends me a 'real' person sitting in your place so you can then be me in august 2016 even though no one seeks it - if i say it's okay and you can tell for yourself that love it all no matter how little even if you never say that to others am i without you? 'probably'...possibly more me and less like you i'm you~