visit with the aforementioned october 2014 long before it becomes 'real' or gets set in stone whichever can be filched quicker, your heat or mine...p.s. a&s with the anus: if meringue is made with the spice rack legron 'cream of tartar', what are marshmallows? 'agar' (egger? egg shells one queries as no longer called for recipe-wise with strained and boiled orange juice afoot as corn syrup...shines like an egg is in there) contessa (to reference a ribbon and leading of taunts pleasures? light dark as twisting disintegrating maybe...the paperboy says 'no tip') recipe for homemade marshmallows? is each episode worth $100,000 as promised? i think good one...over times taken a good song can cost $50,000 to make and distribute well...they can be played on thanksgiving! that homey feel...three seasons i always say and by the way god over says you are worth $10,000 an episode and they are worth $300,000 you made six (6) they splice them - six (6) at six (6) hours...she says thanksgiving in canada is for draft dodgers getting around apologizing i say 'too cold' november 1 in boston and is a month or so early...archie bunker portrayed this and for better i don't want to hear about that crap unless no one is alive or present - only you know heals all wounds? shells it out - they're like 'mash' on tv most are quite ugly and religio-dumb anyway and are basically in california in the malibu canyon at will rogers! ...major hoolihan shoots them in their sleep remember that...don't be so serious what are you gettin' blown in the morning and wanna perfect the place with your for contessa, any thoughts about serge (a mutual friend aka neil)? 'is my boss - i don't wanna talk about him'....hi 'serge'...

pete shelley 'qu'est-ce que c'est que ša'
'we don't know why - why you?'

the black eyed peas 'don't phunk with my heart'
you gotta see this too~

same apartment space but upstairs - better? don't talk yet you don't know about anything
the views over pool and terrace are expensive-looking~ some dog chained up shittin' and pissin' can't wait to see all the new stuff in ruins
that's okay - the dead will come by to feed ya 'let the teasin' begin' bitch ripped my bacon and beef-tip blouse again 'just add water for daisies'
you'd think people would fall out a window never do they and thank god ! no sprinklers you don't need a pizza oven to hatch our plans - dawn everly fell up the street some but she was stealin' shit 'a camera alone - you get that?' what? reddish-type zits? - six hours hiding in the bushes outside still got her booked first class in 1976 'crusty moles - everywhere' six days then dead after transiting the fall or replaying it in your head 'much worse than that' - i'd croak from home invasion gettin' caught with my pants down
one fat white cock 'mr. ed' taught me about burglin' folks 'he didn't do it~' i taught you how to jerk him off - so there - one day a bald kick the face
the jefferson's own the ticket don't be you here - you gotta steal for the win they'll go on from here...they'd pay you in pepper and seasonings...'no more, now'

bitter? always looks better when people move the fuck out we don't mind, really

stink and bother move out but come right back can't win for losin'
still get stung reachin' around the lounge chair to brace yourself for another fatboy...luv u

well, what do we think? i'm not sure...that fake-drawer look gets me every time~
bougains (ghost-like people who sneak up on you and argue it out) will bother you forever if you don't act - people know fakes-drawers take a furred mind outside for a cold case of bubb...clink it odor

coulda spent a little - people who collect tile and razzmatazz from the garbage live like kings outta their cadillac tmz, that is
i could live in a trash heap or a palm tree - now someone else is there fighting for their own little space no place to pitch a tent - it's gods way 'see who cries' + 'it's over when you pull their fuckin' hair out' - i love that and like ron reagan at a fat fry, i 'hafta chuckle'
go live in your own asshole, i say - you don't crap here, nigger
siss-boom! the gubner's gutter ball

'what's different here? i'm in the room' - dM i usually wait 'til i'm gone and that's that

'you're not getting paid' it's still free to be me: still no sales pay from bmg started in 2003 and apple itunes through 2008 - you're going to hell with this import/export army shit...and while we struggle...don't tell me your shit~ we know hate, and already you know how to die (re-emerge, re-invent yourself - now most quick to the take) ...don't waste your time talking to me here...pig? 'go fuck yourself, scumbag' - dM 'i don't work for you, ever'

in my paternal grandparent's garden apartment they had a silver christmas tree, gnomes on the terrace, black velvet paintings, yellow and black bathroom with yellow scott toilet paper and built-in hamper and blue water with cigarettes in it (hides the piss) a touch-tone phone long before how, water purifier, palmolive, grapefruit juice, broyhill furniture some in porno today their hutch is in madonna's 'who's that girl' video etc. console tv and console stereo...golden castro convertible ungodly as heavy an arco truck long, silver, lots of cut glass, upright vacuum only as stick...that's them recording in a truck...they're not there always he's on tour right now robert plant...rubber plant not really here...cigarette brands? kool, and viceroy for him...story: one day she was eating peanuts from the shell in stretch pants (see in the red) and had skin and droppings between her legs on the lazy-boy recliner and i'm all 'look at you' my uncle (glen campbell and the real beach boy brian father is johnny cash at moon lg - love is ron reagan sr. get that) was gonna kill me too close to the vegetable stand i understand i guess i just tease her for mocking me 'moisturizing' in the'll never my father's i use the boys in the step-girl's pictures and wash up in the morning - i don't know about her...plays the fiddle...hmmm...all head action...'two girls in two nights | when no one came out | zipped up vegetables | and washed back at home' - 'cursed female' porno for pyros (perhaps in little puerto rico where they have backyard gardens in nyc could be anywhere pittsburgh...cursed to be born keep acting up~)

flight radar at a glance - see what you've been missing and as aloft:

note the hall of presidents (animetronics speaking as) is only at disney world not disneyland the magic kingdom parks were built to be identical but this was new...the auditorium was tropical, rainheld, air-conditioned, like a theater and not at all interesting but elation being there~ on the right of the entrance somewhere down the line? close by turns to parts...mark twain or louisiana-france looking bricks and fin de lis (fleur de lis france's symbol of france three-tipped this makes the phoenix rising above a burned household the cup of ashes - maryland house) ...memory board 1985...

air and bladders they say some electric screws or solenoids - great adventure was big on air pumps instead of electrical motors - saved money with compressors
still looking for a picture of the all-white 'wild thing' or 'wunderkind' across from cat & mouse aka big fury - around 1976 or so before that it was in the first souvenir book 1974
back to presidents, we preserve the constitution as your rights not having to do or be not right away and with failure as opportunity cost the price having paid no further of gains really
fix that~ and watch 'country bear jamboree' after the fact be - about people who never stop turning on the charm (and if elation is major fear factor a relief and as on vacation getting it right)

you can't know people much: 'honest abe' was 'all honest abe' seems he had a few problems relaying truth ('sacred trusts' - dM) 'he had to protect the world'...continues the world what seems like a hosting effort 'if you'll just come in' is like a hotel 'people don't hafta stay there' but concedes it is the biggest hotel and people get hurt playing with its pipes'...'let my people go' is for 'go away - they are too destructive'...i back off for now who am i to see? que sera sera the future's not ours to see, but constrain...his rights? 'a place to be' simply...

factoid: donnie iris 'ah leah' (mine as religion: 'allah' say 'ah-lah' for 'our love' in the sky so few of pleasures to be had...'a lie'?)
very cute anyway...

we had this as a kid it was around alot and the brother scott's - i never got fisher-price anything as is for no care (daycare) or not breaking
the car elevator with stop sign rang a bell at the top (bottom)
see how parking might be managed as such with turntable from elevator perhaps with coin op

that great house next to the preschool on holloway i showed you way back (see it here) is up for grabs again - they cut me off when i enquired usually too cheap for the idea
'i haunt these bad - i can't have it why can you?' - dM now over $5k think about it over cheap stints being naked
hunger for the fresher stuff

loco one at a friend's off of hollywood boulevard - these places now are palaces boy with clean businesses popping up

middle left in the picture below is a ghost face that signals our host - i can't help you be rear here there's a small skull person yellow-white too lots of black spirits in other quips i can't show you freely...
i can't spend enough time here in this ascertained luxury of art and paints -- another child pilots all like gay freaks who covet a newfound pet in front of me
like i tell the little girl in the bad seed who makes some boy drop dead grabbing a prize from him - 'you didn't do this - who is that anyway?'

under cushions is the bluetooth (wireless to/from a computer only or then play a phone recorder by hookup) speaker ottoman in black pleather about $100 pre-sale at cvs and bed bath and beyond use discount coupons the both
alot of functionality in there...the speaker box i have recharges but burns up with battery heat see ebay here's another one
p.s. make 'aux' ('au' is gold, 'x' is for transfer, across lines) a gold or lit line down and out - the line out must be powered as opposed to phono out/in what amplifiers power as dedicated to device

tuesday 10/07...ghirardelli (england i guess 'brazil' via san francisco) chocolate brownie double chocolate on sale at pavilions at least 'til today ($2.50, 2 for $5 then just $1.99 'just for u' if will have - refreshe home soda twelve box $2.50, 4 for $10 - i got free skippy peanut butter singles too - mine alone) made me dream bad as milled too small - i was in england for cabbage plates (ham with bones, and meateater - just a roll sandwich for liz fraser prior '(p)escarole' i guess four plus 'serving hand' at table not family per se) drove around a bit with ms. daisy's driver the same guy morgan freeman or as he says 'wilford brimley' my father having accidents that fix theirselves with cheap switch-outs as you swing the fender around to look yourself the car older then...looking at long externally-applied window plates the discussion was about privatizing roads and homes with bushes, trees family homes 'leaving us a cheap') and then had a phone conversation too with obama about long beach, ca (a navy port and a point home to homosexuals) having colored domes over it - look past to greece the problem they mint france's money and act a bank too....the lire (leer-rah)....

matty-b does a zipped up 'boom boom pow' so seeks the black eyed peas
to stay silent, still - there's someone new in the room
japan's nippon nepal (patagonia, 'nepal' is as said as beneath himalayas china's moon is australia, himalayas, and newfoundland-new zealand the world top and bottom meets there as pointed and rolling in back, as prayer divided it ...'aikea guinea' is patagonia) the giancoma or disease to merit a warning dirty deaf: get 'boom boom pow' the original mix not yet available to scale the math is mean and witless they say faster than life can respond 'slow the beat not the box it bangs off - be both later in the mix'
make it to be with disease it festers, thribes with it
p.s. the song comes from a taped wedding entry a la michael jackson's quasi-jewish funeral 'kevin and jill' (the original intention was the 'bk' lounge or burger king 'be gone'...pillsbury, the president) all to be gassed down at end as further a compliment?
see: the hat his to hold - for now~

what goes bump in the night like a fender keyboard bass on tube amp: this the little song from the first 'phantasm' i vowed you to steal it for me one true self (the bald one needs to stay down fret - don't rough it up trying to be real - no secrets of writing a song you have what you can stand to know already 'you really suck' but get a note or two right for our listening of skills and that last one really stunk~ is it just yours?)
is it real? bon ami -- there's always time to be ugly, ruin textiles (see rust-oleum's relatively new mirror spray and glitter coats i could go crazy ruining a more traditional look -- white boards and chalkboards - glow in the dark! christmas is always coming - be selfish with a wick...let le grange begin

pete shelley 'witness the change'
adds 'i don't what it is' same album 1981's 'homosapien' lp a tuneful record yet arista - reaches highest for food the proverbial cookie jar - very sauropod anyhow (lift up right, shove down left, feel the beat...legs dangle to the sides piloting away any the crude...old scaled weiner points to the surface and the gig is up)...linn drum programming is the key here not fairlight yet...phil collins uses it first...

fix it all before i do: logitech google tv revue on the fritz as i sold them and also mac mini dvd they don't feature them anymore...we're not paying for this...more: the dvd mayor is back in form despite visiting apple yesterday...all is well be that as it may, and back to logitech revue...we'll report later...madonna's boffle of a security cd 'ghv2' helped push the code out somehow...from one lezzie to another net to permit it feed...that new iphone is bit bullion by the way a streetwalker had one for $600 peas at $40 it seems my rates are subject to no review but had to borrow my facility...cautions a cheap 'two cheaps fail to a sure thing' - dM strings that pull wing flaps not to be without the reclining girl on them...high-tech seated in the floor and as such a spinning tuning fork is no bomb at length! read my manifesto about my business plan based on skimping around meals...

'crazy' he calls me - 'crazy'
nincompoop - no one is expected come on in and make me sorry ever and again ever~

cvs has extra bucks for summer spending out today 10/01 - mine was $3.50

character flaw: today i couldn't send a 20 oz. coke reward to my phone being cited for reaching some max for the reward but i could get a mail coupon - note it doesn't always work for jews - should be four of them at a time the limit...tell us when, i don't need anything right now but to figure out how i'm gonna pay my bills with so many owing me...and sitting on their asses waitin' for returns on deny the self grand getting married on a fuckin' boat like faggots used to go with greenpeace risking all to have their asshole played with by france...i'll deny you your cake then...i'll deny you ninety (90) days of what? you don't buy anything, you pay in fears...i wait 'til the satisfaction is delivered then i bill or pay bills's your coke la france...piles and piles of cokes hoping to have you over to eat a woman i'm not any happier but i note you enjoying me too much then a comment as i leave...bring something next time you bomb down here your prompf balloon setting in from the side...apron and hairy chest...ready to do...

not too long ago i decided women would have the same orgasm or piss shiver no knees and but no cum for no extra talk moisten only...i decided lesbians would be real taking from like gays with their tangent or line of communication 'jana' only guilt now no friend - i decided growth would look for pain first outside to the inside...teeth would be like pencils sharpened or flatted by amalase my hero for white teeth sidelined by eating too much...environment...more later: money wouldn't be delivered right away to thankless hand goes around to be east a bit settling with lists holding to no one yet...

'like making your own eyesight from one screen as a baby - i come to know what i hate' - dM frames pain as one discreet coming into view (this was about 'drew carey' show i didn't remember of mimi the star being there at all just his gay men friends as eucemenics maybe as 'pupil' i remember her name myself kathy kinney)

'...and my jeep began to rock' - dM re-interpreting michael jackson 'it was so old, and after all'

seize the day: see how a last minute favor goes so far to recycle the dead and stays right down - heaven rises to greet me, but never at the door

cops ps: the la-la times say eye injuries on the rise among cops to re-assure me hell returns the visit ('i told you not to come...' so stayed the hate no tv unplugged)...obama care notwithstanding, reports cite cardiovascular 'excellence' and little ribbing with psychosis or full-scrubbings at wince coming back scare or self-assured...the eye not so easy to peg (they got jesus' eye - his mother too a sign of the times) reports you don't hafta win...'i do' - dM but without a glance i attend one town meeting and you are going to hell with me...p.s. my own father had a lazy eye from either boxing or neil a child picking up sticks my bet is neil who has been hurt before and again and before then before - easy enough said i'd still be here in my head...don't offer anything to an argument i'd say not with women or then assistants who pay or get reimbursed not one pays that - you are going hell with that shit i don't use that ever i pay it $15 tops for a cd our lovemaking...and that gets tossed or taken soon enough i don't style to women junk just the unseen of in my mind...with fat and wounds about i like to see people 'passioned' - a little time, alot of stab wounds everywhere, and no talk to cover the last time we spoke (an instrument of the above is what you attack a lift to the mouth that focuses and fashions a moving photograph for those who fear its retribution)...see it still comes locked in a safe where bombs are best placed...we lose too well to clean the sink...'i'm not cinderella yet' signed 'cinder' i scrub your accounts and fridge and leave for the work...

this is your peace-time delivering outrage to us with off-hand and compliments, and quiet speak a brown cow is best noted for reinterpreting its own of milk (is it good?) piles and piles of shit (um, 'durable goods' a cross-index eaten up after noting 'gnp' or what each delivered up to whom could buy - each a 'smart' taking care of everything and thus it has for everyone - not laments, le mints for breath or left at the door), and with it complements (goes well with both each) deliver a slick tongue for my hates (being touched, simply, with tongue or any such taking) or never seeing how little-how much until handed 'i need to know what i don't want by having easily enough' like a string of lights i'll never hang again or see better used...'these aren't to teach me jesus, but to take away the tongue interpreting me' - 'fuck you' - dM i'll be there for your words every time i'd hate you to think i'm just you risking my body a gaseous butt...the whole of world big black bees with lips that stink of me piss...always falling

'those levis are going right in the garbage next time you announce to wear them' - dM

fleetwood mac the beef eater coughs up the original 'straight back' right here
from 1982's 'mirage' lp the hit purchased 'hold me' - it matters to most audiophiles who note and hate any change by wind
note any flaws before 2:21 you remove this one track to see the whole album gets eaten up and taken from the're not gonna 'hit list' here snapping along to a dumb groove because you made it in jail somehow - i don't live to be you
'welcome to the room, sara' is the name as keeping you with, not just popping in for a the old men you get to know as used gays and see 'in your dreams'
live rehearsal if you like hearing people sweat it out 'welcome to the room, sara'

ever hard to get this picture, also see there are wheels in-front and back but underneath
see that you steer with the wheels themselves but running one and holding another still the pegs on the wheels held at opposite ends all flexing about
name? crazy (sp?) car - i got it for christmas early the first one with toys i'd say...wear? the metal rod caps on the wheels impossible to get off is well-made - the wheels on-top wear and the panels separate after much asphalt use...slightly adapted, would be a great flotation device for water paddling...on the waves, sure

[to a stoolie in jail] 'where's the coke - if we find that coke, we can trace it.' - exactly - could show up on a test...dM quoting 'starsky & hutch' the movie that is...coke is god's way of bringing up the conversation again...abstinence, initial thought is 'i used it all' instead of cash it was given you gift cards at the mill...if weren't for friends, tests...soak ring, cotter pin in water?

i dream of a pear or peach brown betty - that means dry oatmeal, brown sugar, something flour-ish: fight with food network and cranberries

look for a knit's that time again

this is at rutgers university at douglas last fall 'they wanted to star [represent] me - i said no [columbia gets it]'
as for her and i singing along a la linda mccartney - 'too much squelch for women and men [when you sing me]'
hearing me is the problem - someone has to be the genis (geniscula...roman hall)
recommend: a lead vocal (all alone in one ear) when singing inflections-curves like madonna, one ear left open slightly to hear you too
the drink? she notes a 'frangelico' or pear drink

henry rollins does the drew carey show - i've been reviewing for stealth, mimi now at second sight
rufus sold his mother's house from under them is what he did - a jewish joke to hurt himself first (the internet could really date this stuff - 'be fair')
he fired mimi at a prior job and she got him fired then they both relocated together as teamwork - she does everything she can to get fired 'but softly' she says
not for anything loud, just being undesirable 'for clerks' she dumped all office mail on the floor in one episode for some reason of non-permit - loved it

in 'jaws ii' (remember: the first movie sequel ever is mine for 'witch mountain' those kids were damned magical), everyone should know roy scheider ate his son as shark - the mother who keeps carrying on with news hated him for it...'bastard' he says and that the word 'shark' is for 'shaved penis' as 'too clean' - my mother always said cartoon name 'peanuts' is for 'penis'~ just ask her...more: in 'prada', miranda's kids work for her only (miranda means 'my mother')...'prada' for 'proud of what i did' is for seamstress types - you can sew and sell back to a studio...there are 'no secrets in trade'?

a moodmaker like cheri 'murphy's law': 'disclosure' latch featuring sam smith
we remember totie fields

this the first full day of autumn...tuesday, september 23

target's little one-dollar cash shop is cute already - now they have orange globe lights at $3 pack - i don't know if you liked the other ones

look at uber online you can drive people to and from in your car and for pay like a taxi cab...i liked it now has barcode redemption at target you'll from drop down menu under redemption - mail coupon or this...four (4) per day only...more: went to target same day with the e-mail that was posted to my lg phone and the bar code within by link sent back right away upon redeeming - the register scanned it right off the screen when shown (i was asked to brighten the screen a little it was just shutting down as the internet keeps ticking with time that's where it is too) and off i went a drinkin' (plus $0.05 from me for ca redemption only - you can turn in cans here and get paid back exactly but they are not always there at the collection center so the thinking is you just leave them to not - is in pavilions parking lot get their hours if interested - i used to do it in hollywood at labrea and hollywood a past-time really but i have no place to keep bottles and cans here plus $0.05 is for each can and bottle so someone who collects is paid better) there...

this is the free coke in the mail - what it looks like
inside is a tear-off coupon with a hologram on it - like cash it is they write in the amount given in trade value $1.89 or whatever to submit to the distributor
you are your father's daughter: don't think about charging californians for bottle redemption - we are paid by visitors is a party town for the army with texas our residents don't pay - the garbage left by others-visitors pays for everything
the rainy cozy times late christmas day times are what pay me - when they're gone - i hate crowds like farts on a p.a., but like family found
for the record a free 20 oz. bottle is now fifty (50) points or seventeen (17) bottles at three (3) points each - one free bottle each seventeen (17) you buy plus other package

this was one of my toys when i was young and from christmas circa 1973-74 - a pour and mold set by ideal called 'shaker maker'
the add-water mix drying smells really good and the figures dry as an opaque jello then is like a dried-out sponge over time you paint them too
the disney princess series has embraced these and my father used to keep mine made (like trolls they were) on his desk at work some plug-in features too like mr. potato head ? i think a stand maybe?
come to see voodoo teeth and hair (spiderman shaker maker at amazon - see others at google)

re iphone go to apple bronze (space gray), silver, and gold - they package the phone with carriers at the same price but their offer wants to exchange with first at&t (my blue chip - they are still everything but i hate arguing about who installed the lines you were tricked into the work i was just excited to get going on it all once heard of) is closet to the gig price...we'll wait i hate cheap fuckers not taking me up an my offer to play in well ten percent used to keep 'em out as fast played too you don't have a right to make money with money...i'm sure these phones are gonna be great but i hate the carrier fees a way too nice for them....that stuff is junk...they want to pay everyone involved...and how best to end that...bankruptcy under a different college name comes a calling to help get laid? friends of friends we say that's all hardly 'legal' (and so bares the tree)...all so you can shake your ass at universal it comes and goes bah-da-dump and that's that - why would anyone stop you from trying later at $40k each stab? p.s. check out the 5c of colors at apple - they say is free somehow...choose a color to activate the offer of carrier talk...

i tell people 'you don't get white with a color'...the beach is yellow

the woman in 'charlie countryman' is all that's left of yaz's alison moyet...richard's mother the singer bronski beat's jimmy somerville, is liz fraser's mother mostly at song (not named but has acted in shows like hbo's 'hung' the prout taking off his tie is her) and as vince clarke (later of erasure) is somehow related to her husband as eno of production fame...note these julia fordham, etc., eno is in the aimee mann ('til tuesday) robot video he is the friend who suggests the tour robot to her and incidentally is the russian psychic named in the originally titled 'mausoleum' ('one dark night' 1983) movie to us...pia zadora is in there and is now miley grandmother moon...

i love little desktop icons sometimes - you can't just make 'em you know - not at lengths  

if a can opener is the one that goes around the lid, what is the one with the pushed-in point? a bottle opener - i needed to know again....

'ugly (um, 'i'm leaving') is what gets people killed at banks a clerk gunned at by prints harming - too good a bargain to a hire - you needn't be challenging to others past, nobody need see you down' - dM

ever had someone take your plate from at dinner and withhold your food for comments kent? what is that - indians? life ain't that great~ get a real job. i throw that in the ocean miles off the coast to see no land - you can always swim it, but what do you have in terms of time floatin' there - about five minutes? 'six.' +/- a minute they say. merci me...p.s. murder (a 'murmur' as heart stuffed in a wall) is when you don't know their name, only...'she said something'? drove down a wrong street -

got my levi's back to so seem - no, that's not sperm cleaning too well as essentially raw peg board needing to be patched is like a burn probably that
this is ipad's camera work - very proprietary

memnoch (mention me not) - guards a queen, is the mother's dead son...for all of life none will see

i recommend the military (elective) right out of high school for people who don't recognize ronald reagan's draft as just that serious (been trying to remember ronald reagan's primary source of wealth he told me once - is not showbiz 'georgia-pacific' we remembered together)...others just went, hundreds of them...more: if overseas, recognize you got to see - what would i do with it? all you might see~
p.s. to viet nam (um, paraphrasing 'no, not your cuts of meat') i tell 'em 'please - that wasn't real~ ' australia or something, tampa - some amphitheater with nets here and in the paper looks just like the dark continent's busch gardens 'it rained then all day so warm and pretty...' war? look for personal-size helicopters new that's fun...

blacks in france? apparently very esquire - 'you should know me first before we speak' - oh (see 'ltd')...

white house blues: whoever that was at the white house - they are entertaining veteran nuts right now get that - betrayals - the president was there (doubts me - like the queen is always real anyway and anyhow) and someone said to him after enjoining each other 'this is niggers' and he personally intimated 'i know' he turned to walk and the cunt somehow put a bullet in the back of his head (from a hat? peeks this later on...the assailant said 'asshole' then did it) - this strands right out into never never land stuff but know all is well enough per and per per, i'm guessing it never mattered before 're-lens'...the white house is no place to act up you will die trying out the latest novelty of bullets one is 'cracker-corn' spit and lube for me? mine honor is cheap you go to work in the morning, one is all the way through but like a flat peanut, back of the throat a la 'garp' (i just asked jennie aka mrs. kennedy 'is that pregnancy type viable?' answer 'yup' that's good i like taking, not asking - face in a mailbox at the sperm bank 'who is that' you're so excited about?)...the male military guard shown in papers is good-looking, but a woman feached a raving red-head with long hair flew (people's express now at people's court?) valu-jet into the ground over the can't get in or away either - what wolves are to indians the everglades are to's just them again...on the qt...a bit low...

entitled 'now sprint back home' la times yesterday-today 09/22: these cheap niggers were gonna be my new heartfelt with this deal twenty-four (24) months at $20 (what i pay net 10 for the lg phone now - maybe $25 sometimes cards with rare, cashes) for the new iphone 6 i need one and care about one - not (they are $17 to construct from one nothing then done or $199 at filch)
you get there and they check in a computer without asking you anything (a two-step with clerks butting in me asking about this with my softer side) they scan your still-pocketed license freely and then give you a laminated template with $50 a month more or $70 on it at the bottom
the ad is like any misspeak - we don't want unlimited data-voice junkspeak, just a limit of transfer use - this is burger king to a bitch no one gets any richer serving rites here
this offer should be good and is for no bother by a minubian clerk - get rid of it now the phone won't rise here...what pays four-hundred is an asshole only one that buys richly with new each issue some plainly of no plainly a witless data hub for services a previously posted to their account (all phones work sucking on smoke rings every two minutes or so - everything fits)
by the way - apple makes their stuff for jews only (the ones who take orders from ugly for no pay) thanks 'em for the uranium (ground-based or buried within, if neutron is in the ocean titanium the most barbara geddin for the least head) bomb they're gonna get up their ass one day
rule: no other mind should make another body lift at say - it's against god's law take your time if perceived noisily - they'll fire you from beyond the grave it said 'be nice' always or apologize i don't care at all and note these things are everywhere - 'boobs' if ya can't read don't write you won't anyway one is the other sprint's niggers (like coors it could be anyone with budweiser around) the ones who cash my checks there for service are gonna refit me ath...
note: i never get anything for being who i am living just above the neck, just above water - i hafta trick 'em out of everything it's your play...'why don't you just suck dicks for a living?' my guess is another competition here to be against you, but i do these anyway you just wanna know more about what i know (jews don't really help anyone know anything and they show you how it works never) i hate women junk i'd have a sloppy foreskin if wasn't for them knowing nothing and having to be...nothing you could talk about anyway - isn't the world great? choose me i'll kill you down for it...'you don't need to make money (have more than anyone elf), you need to work (demonstrate your worth or help people to know a life without you)' - dM now dial me up

making a turkey meatloaf tonight although i hadda abort buying just potatoes and tomato paste at rock & roll ralph's on sunset for exceeding my $2.80 in cash allowed...after a mcdonald's value menu breakfast that is...a sausage mcmuffin and full-size soda $2.18 with tax
then it was potatoes from trader joe's laemmle just $0.49 a potato and $0.89 for paste but organic? yuck~ pray nothing but kosher for jews there who want hunt's too
anyway, these are weirdo autumn carrots but beautiful i gave in to them to ascertain the taste again - we'll use with at least one orange bell to be spare - all previously bought but not noticed at the table too well (tj's there isn't ready yet 'this morning they were not here' said the girl who made three-bean salad with white northern, kidney, and pinto or navy beans ? with tj's 'goddess' salad sauce what 'usually tastes like it has meat in it' i told her - nice enough for the one-odd person who hates these things usually)...

ralph's had 'calico' (calixco - no whites, um, 'calypso') corn just $0.69 each despite this showing me not - apple universal
the last crotch of this i got for $5 a pack (about six shelf ears no sure of hair) left me feeling down on it many, many great buys ago
to fly again~

the above says to put these in your soup it helps clean the bowl at the same time (for 'fun' it says)
if you like these, i gotta couple of old dentures and a clip to toss in

this is carlos and charlies (of joan rivers fame and on sunset) by the way as it stands today - not used much or an office type across from pink taco (miyagi's, roxbury)
is like butterfield's breakfast patio down next to house of blues - still there but under brush and care
joan played here a favor to owners when the 'tonight show' was taping her at the height of her career - too good a value for the evening very exclusive i went with people from work (chs center for health sciences operating rooms at ucla)
i used to hafta wear scrubs to do payroll there and for the operating rooms at jules stein the elton john eye institute you need accounting credits to get in the door...neil's mother was my boss there the one who hired me a management services officer he says he was her boss in drag - probably

'once i got an english cd in the mail with a booger on it - they in-turn got a maxi pad with cedar chips on-top for their gums - i don't want the dog that got run over advertising out-front in traffic crapping in my yard at night' - dM...dogs are very needy, we take care to avoid being cared for by anyone without having them over for a drink first...what'll it be a scandrome of ol' fartranch 'nurtures finnish flavour' still with no potch of their ham~

'should beauty singe the eye, also see to no crepe scrounged by the candle holder' - lend it before they get word of it having no keys 'under the glove' a party, a cake, and no hardware store...riches piss parts - 'with nothing more to stare at' boulb at the cove-burning stove 'no rich parts' if you matter it much 'no gasses should hound you what's here by glass stein, no witch...path to popolvie no cream see but butter we spread at lightly' single the pit-a-pat of turkey by key...

an early friend - mistaken?

where's the beef - an ersatz? new chicken switch in a watery bun grave (see steak umm the site - ralph's sunset will usually have beef $5-$6 or so maybe not...people are strange i give things up so you can have them? no - eat tuna)
half a glass of rice smilts 'i dreamt i still couldn't fly, but it's like i never understood anything ever...why brood? a mouth isn't a deep discount for no new tits'

'if money is the root of all evil, a tin seat (essentially never is hot as no heat transfer or hold of such as even slightly engaging to, is robbed of people who make shoes and left to be a seat of some sort in a light storage - pulls on threads in fabric, cuts the leg the cut is usually beautiful as thread-free but as tool and die or up and down) must be the's awful hot in here and i hate the way you arranged the flowers all on the sides''s no bell to timpani

nomenclature: robin williams played mork (more 'organa' it said - translate 'organa' is sky or god as ribbons down, morgana is the earth and thus death as morely gained more like death) once and he thought he was gay (define: ripe for a beating after any empathy smarts) - his co-worker said 'you're not [very] gay' very effective you have nothing to show for it after all just growing up what's to say a cribble in selfishness the only thing worse is seeing it happen just like that an adjustment (to life's lens, letting us see you) then a milieu (an environment you immerse in a meal you eat, for you) - just you wishing again but gays get more involved-unloved no sharing by talk much unless there are no bargains afoot and you as gay serious think your first date is gonna be in a morgue it's that richly afforded by women who hate two drink minimums...a stiff that can't get away, but ask your co-workers they know what it means to be that unwelcome and that served of it too...maybe not, both-all in a conundrum (no one's happy the small-ish roundabout european car in a muddy cornfield) we don't want much after all...cry to leave me it said the cornfield...get up to pee...don't just stand there...

if russia took over here, we would be the 'western soviet' republic (no cash not shared - funneled) nations (france 'for instance')...'nation' is where you were born in time, 'religion' is who told you...god is catholics, presbyterian (um, 'who called') is the dead...'we don't care who does for us - it's that bad''re dead, and as fool...'they army of the theater, or if you're [rich], films...'

'...and the rest is poppycock' - when foul poke or peck each other in the eye trying to get something to eat (and to note is no mention)...

'how the under-half lives' when i see ads in the paper for homes that are millions of dollars i think if you made or had that much you'd know better - the going rate seems to be ten percent no matter what - that is, you raise the price until ten percent or the meaningful money mark and part to play is sensible - that eases the talk for me...remove two zeros '00' or places on prices wished to get the ballpark figure ('$23,999,876' is thus '$239,998'...ten percent to ruin the property is our guide - then you pay onward against debt or paychecks made to be in advance...i'll listen for chat...meanwhile add points or single percents of the price to pay brokers (agents are for properties held - a booking or show is one, brokers sell to principals or loans only) as not included...neighborhoods are built once - that's all people pay for as used no income there you take over loans only as never truly paid off the builder is the owner always and signs off loans as rep the difference is shared, only...

loan original $17,000
loan new $12,000
difference is held some $5,000
the home is not bargained, ever - the ruin is
the seeds of change [um, 'people coming and going' or obama's 'people refusing to do'] do not pay people, ever
'we pay people who have, not those who don't have'

someone said air supply-researchist or antichrist russell hitchcock died recently - is that real? just tried singing their shit (like shields and yarnell, i play both but want to be the gay-ish one) now go to hell their stuff ? is rude.
someone else in pitch and oakdom has cancer 'this really hurts!'
we talked briefly about live gigs like in anaheim 'people would love it' and they say it's not worth it~ tiresome 'what? a four-track on tape?'
(at larrabee and santa monica while sirens wail thursday evening 09/18) well, you really don't want us to drive that new jeep 'crimini' ('compass' is but rock solid - stuffed with plastic like a ford) after going to the supermarket 'patience is no virtue'
the dead will do anything to avoid it talking
with each return to stasis an audible 'phew!' + '...nigger'
no you, not yet
p.s $750 is the current damage waiver but peas they text me 'someone reserved your previously-booked car at eight o'clock [urols at seven]' so no enlarge - get that right now
the traffic made us wait - you don't pay to sit and think about things ($9-$12 per hour), tongue in cheek (we couldn't just walk the streets either -- see pic -- reason? 7-eleven and the lottery per the above krispy kreme the next day? i hafta wait but soon see)
p.p.s source is my $30 lg phone...get that regular pixels
p.p.s terry right has on the white calvin jeans he gave to me outright - calvin jeans rarely miss the mark...never after labor day? not here...there
p.p.p.s the shine at height is a noisy helicopter landing at the sheriff's department - the sun should be at far right it is literally after 6 p.m. here...that shine is coming from the south

review electric zit tamer from ebay: is good with scars (not all need to be treated some are good-looking - in the void a comedy is ruinous), btw there seems to be three subcutaneous ('right under the skin' as living to touch) layers of focus i still threaten with with lye 1:1 as we progress and with no such territory (does this reduce skin area? yes - so does butter? tying floss 'whistlers mother'), takes time i move on many fronts as we pay here to do this or ignore you later on? blaming people for reads? blebbs could be like cutting off your epiglottis 'my way' keep doing, talking...legs don't work? cold of fans...extra effort only then what? i get back to work...jerry's kids, s&m..s & m n 'oh, pee!' nyuk-nyuk.

the electric cigarette 'fb' - does smoke make wrinkles? not credibly~

c'est shmois: don't worry about all the boxes of soda you take on sale (as little $1.88 for twelve photo ops or cans sometimes plus $0.60 ca redemption or $0.05 per can bottle - 'refreshe' pavilions brand 'c'est soir' - $0.69 2-liters in this week's circular through 09/23) reports that the process is very streamline and litany people can't build theirselves in at all, tax-wise that is that's too bads...what is bubbles in soda? used to be made with charcoal tee-hee...some say sunlight i heat and air some surrounded by cold (like a blue sky is green less yellow no mixin' you to fact that out sum feel with)...7-up could be made with lemons halved in water and stelled in the dark for months round tubs - that is heat...40% heat, 10% air the rest you see somehow...reflect...'you start to see i don't know anything, anyway' - gary numan 'this wreckage' get me the fuck outta here and leave my one note a picture of your asshole at the singled out very moment of realization...gubbish? flabbergasted...

'tis the season: 'nightmare before christmas' (like 'the wizard of oz', will never be any good to people who don't pay - but a favorite of mine the premise is my altar of a home after the civil war annabel lee-moon-lee-moon-moon a locked room for every holiday? who am i the petit elite museum now in strobes? no, for decorations only see the attic and 'who are you?' indignant over another 'me' being present at the end like 'all about eve' an early 'far side' pre-cat eye glasses or the soul plausit while i think it over and why not just snuff them at this juncture and anyway my gifts returned with the stamp 'unborn' in the mail i have stolen for stealing mine) is rearing its head at hollywood's el capitan theater again (pictured earlier the cement blowhardt-bernhardt) now in '4-d' or what i call 'rat tails' like a haunted house in long branch, new jersey (next to the jewish-type community known as 'deal' i love that name like beverly hills but better to be fed) had around your ankles the dark dimension...or demonry then...fog, etc.

review, cunt (ovaries right inside the camargue-ish 'lips' the banana-type lips of edward g. robinson sideways with lit cigar 'mlook here, see-' guides the 'interactive' or walk through vagina and 'vagabond' pilsner bar - erstwhile security looks through my bags after the showing like at the supermarket no tartan plaids or taffeta change purses no seams in shower curtains either -- seems like a punch in the belly helps, adrenal or kidney-related what else don't you know while people show me the 'rough equivalent' or defeatest egg pile known as the 'glans meatus'? that's an awfully big 'shroom, grandma - miss your mother much? we'll join her in jail (this isn't my afterlife after all) and roll maxi-pads, 'wrigleys' won't attach to your dental work essentially a poorman's version of jim carrey's 'the mask' - yellow teeth punged from a large calvin plait made of dam was all talk a halloween rubber over-sized fake nose like people who show up as a deck of cards 'the house' you hafta act like you don't know for this)...p.s. i think grapefruit stuff was harsh territory who's the fool? i love grapefruit...

dimensions (someone knows more than you):
dimension one: a picture on the wall (where from et al? scale might as well be missing the mona lisa how big?)
dimension two: a map - how far down, how far over;
dimension three: is cube-ish - how far back (and forth);
dimension four: the dark (you might know some):
dimension five: the unknown as in every step you take plus it may or may not be dark;
dimension six: the above as dropping something down a doom.

'it's like being in the 'alive.' crash but nobody eats.' - dM answer later (being naked, as in hell)

know who you're talking to - my confused confederate look? or union pothat?

i'm goosing my ipad2 with ios 7.1.2 right now...even as we speak...some say it 'does nothing'...meanwhile, microsoft won't accept our pin (printed under the hp laptop) for the microsoft office 2010 suite as $100 for office 2011 on can't use excel and word (can't save) without i too cheap with them? no - they owe me access and monitor the ios update through itunes...mine now complete a monochrome feel is best noted as yet...

our machines (richard's mother 'i don't even have one thing' - you don't care, either? likes indian casinos):
hp pavilion laptop $500 all-told at best buy and as bundled
ipad wi-fi $230 all-told at ebay (used)
logitech revue all-told < $100 (used)
apple mac mini $600
plus my lg wide-screen phone on the run is basic use $30, $20-$25 a month

to the moon: mta new bus-limos went up to $1.75 per ride on monday note that - should be just $2 flat and make no change...pennies, lotions...the price of transfer or changing busses is flat i guess...four (4) or more rides (at breach - you could be smarter too fuck-ups are at every turn) on any one day meant you got a day pass for unlimited riding at $5 is now $7 so you need five (5) rides to make sense...pavilions has them so do bus drivers if you have a reuseable tap card already that helps but not with analysis...i liked buying tokens in advance with them sporting you one $10 for eleven (11) rides back more...$17.50 at per no extra...p.s. most vendors are against stored value (no service from us - just take) but mta allows up to $60 - a service they'd say...

'charlie countryman' starring shia labeouf (marc ondy) on netflix was interesting: 'a young man from the states is broad-sided in brazil when he doesn't realize where he is - in istanbul also the taker of many conquests - when he refuses a young man's idolatry, he uses a woman to make his way and the battle ensues - great watch of victimless crime in the states but they'll behead you for this countrywide in brazil where no one is that special - starring ken olin too - find him' - signed, the above

09/17 a woman on the 'today' show says you should up your withholding allowances as persons on your pay stub to make your paychecks somewhat fatter...thus no return at the end of the careful though it leads to owing and not being able to pay the irs when due - from that level comes garnishment and people try and fire that if can especially in the reporting arts - never share personal information with those who eat at work is my advice...the country still worships a ship going down be careful...should be jailed, but the public handles things just as

usually, i'm very pleased with arizona brand teas, but i tried tradewinds today a cheaper alternative and you can really taste the bag in that (retrospect - honey? the bag too)...back to carrot-top arizona...and while we're at it, be careful of laundry and soap pods i wanted them to measure out the powder regally and now i'm back to $10 liquids somehow -- i gotta fight for pods you know -- xtra is fabulous value for the price however at cvs it's back to the store brand overall 'safeway home' i got a big ol' box of store-brand powder for $9.99 at pavilions recently...156 ounces, 120 loads...same price every day? it's on their website...

'isis wants to kill humanity'...richard...what do you do - touch your dick? start small snuff oasis that's him...ignore, ignore...act new...give gifts, pay your bills on-time...touch the new apple watch it's clear...'life is pulling down bowling balls on yourself no one does this with you' - dM

'do first then ask of it' - the 'no' answer always to be the problem - and why a delay having it said

thanksgiving travel to west palm beach, florida - november 21 through december 2
american...non-stop...with wi-fi? we'll hafta see about that...

where is my mail again? no jobs but see no 4:00 pm (delivered 8:30 pm no checks~)

dream come true, i didn't hafta earn so much to take: miracle legend zipcar what lets you borrow a nice new car from one of many a pot on the street, also lets you 1) extend your booked time by half-hour or hour increments you choose from your phone as message and reply or then $50 a violation (the rental is under $20 for two (2) hours or so) we just used this feature a few nights ago and b) lets you contribute pavilions gas savings at the pump (i'll do that next time and make their pittance matter we used chevron although we were at an arco earlier by mistake seems like mobil anyway all stick shift not as card-friendly it wanted my 'pin' $5 a pound, i used 'supreme' like i usually do it took days to gas up around $40 you pay for it with a card they give you entering mileage and card number the car had just 14,117 miles on it)...they also wanted to know on the dot about terry's expired license so plan on that nuisance...a paper card until you receive the other in the mail good until november that is...if you're jailed and serve as any kind of informant on people who get approved as else anyway, what are you asking for - a shitty wad of toilet paper in your mouth and a state-authorized douche? sour grapes why don't you try doing the right thing before i do it to you and your insides? rose milk and cyanide~ you're a big deal my favorite game not a humble in the strip jesus...btw, i made wind by expansion today...and started the equinox early enough...still working on systems...light years are gonna be the velocity it needs to (r)evolve a year here...

the balloons in the photo below represent the 'grapes of wrath' (i said how hard could it be: 'red, blue equals purple one another a grape some sodium red and white seed of light - orange juice is nature's sugar green inside or then light's puzzle lithium or then what's in piss what's that called? phosforila~ phosphoryl) wrath is what you made? what you destroyed having to have snooz just get the colors right to me...formal: the grapes mean sweet, but short-lived 'i don't take anything, you shouldn't either' - the author tom clancy...make sense is 'of mice and men' one bad apple? 'it's the truth - take it or leave it' - god over who later adds 'the white is seed plus germ' the sunlight it extracts to date then - adds me yup 'nothing white is harnessed'...p.s. water is molecule (some say the only molecule - space, the sun, rips that up) and color is there...some have dried in

radioplay in hollywood: nicki minaj 'anaconda' with some blue-ray (i assume it's your entrails eating rule #1 'even bigger than you thought' the gold of eye - 'even if you raise one up' michael jackson)
boom clap (very john hughes in production and a good feel) i like too i guess ('doesn't let the ball drop' the girl in the video from some east-asian remix sued walt anderson olympic-atlantic we paid $30k for this in army stubs - 'not to be confused with cash...working weekends out and about' and got this gig instead the original refrain 'not alone, not with me too' reworked with two words boom clap 'euro-trust')...

we had chin-chin in the other night and that's all september 14 i don't want anything peace...his mother's check? nothing's ever in my name oh well you wonder where the place comes from all in the future (fuhrer) sense you don't have it yet? i'll eat alone, thanks...

just $29.99 at cvs pre-season less $6 with card au voche or without asking 'une vache' the cow (cahuenga and hollywood-franklin store)...everything to be a cruelly kept
'that's gonna be [you]...' we're not trying to get better here, 'we' want 'you' to explain it all
each glass of wine but a tape of you enjoying slames - now hot to the touch

'if you can't get the right ones, get somebody' - dM you are not resolved

ipad tip: when i had my ipad malfunction, the person at the store centered the unit in front and looked into its eye it came on shortly after that...they hafta show you, of course, but it uses its eye somehow - try to be more loving and the apple symbol should appear they're always trying to be me, but more clever...the price of refusing my bid is to be stamped up in one of those thus everything has an opinion...but tries to run out the door at the earliest notice i used to harvest parts...naturally enough...

from china? singapore where you build them altogether and cheap: apple releases its new 'iphone 6' today starting at $199 and we'll check for a new ios too, the 'iwatch' is new...maybe one day they pay their this quip environment of hands checking theirselves mail, they ferret all away like a rat's ass 'we give to other people to use' (give yours next time) and that's just mean you disagree and spend our lives may all blend are one agreed to go for the ride and theirs is no community of hairdressers at universal...they wanna live here...we see you bofa...

don't people tell you're poor - your are inappropriate...selling all that crap every which way we'll have you levied to death for it...public systems both ways...i urged caution in this spend-wise environment (what did you take for fifty cents less?) but even spotify has a lush selection of everything music less movies (and note indie or mainline faves curve aka toni halliday dean garcia are still lacking somehow like someone pays everyone else even the ep's simply shameless - see the link 'you give it all away then they can't charge us' not with privacy or piracy afoot nothing pays you 'what if ruined altogether in the can?')...these are army beggars trying to make it here with something that's not part of the deal and there's no gonna be any wars to pay - take your money make a pledge to them...we don't have alot of private owners (owers) but somehow it all falls into their hands...with smiles are beggars....take a tip: the price of killing people is always death...'i'd still do it'...not without help catches them all even the ones who ignore me (now, run rapture again)...mister music please...

q: who cares what you do-
a: wait to be asked

see, see gain: 'hangover ii' what? you'd like asians but you don't know enough of them...not in charge, a woman and her lowly opinion has to be trapped in the face at a low-paying job could be anyone but they let me in...against my wishes, i guess...i don't like anyone who marvels at people who are hurt (made to know), decrepit (looking to leave)...what a pig~ i just accept it all as too much for one person to rise above so what you wanna buy my dinner by force? i'll be wrestling with the heaven and earth lament 'if you're god...' try on 'if i don't see or hear it, is it real?' as real as tim meister's degree at walmart cases 'canadian' (penny, tomahawk) university (sister ship of national university? that's gotta hurt you can't just write in you know it's very real on saturdays) he has a full eighty-two credits - in home ec!...get back to work...need assholes to fuck at night? should be illegal to present one's credentials outside of having them your own...make sense or we can inherit a job (the work), but not the money or budget not with two down for each crossways lament...i like attrition or not replacing out of no need your position right now while i sit...while robert 'mr. accounting' half sits....

even neil as big as he is - and you don't know anything before death (retracting sea bladder with pearls and swine no talk) and that's too bad - is still full of babytalk about others - better than faggots in your chair they steal~ 'oh, i took some tampons' they run personal textile mills with no manufacture to speak of~ you are just as bad refusing their offer to help some...all promise-vows to try people's nerves...'i don't steal, reputably' you'd climax...and that means never...not even a $5 piss-shiver...start there...i have people raped by storybook, we don't use truth...that's the truth...'i don't like your looks'..and read up 'many bullets from below' one and above...'was ravaged with them' had 'sticks in their ass'...

buckle this up, matey - krispy kreme has the finest kreme doughnuts, fool
the ones you like, like the ones at italian bakeries

so many dollars, so many inches a 48" westinghouse tv at best buy this week -

los angles times today 09/14 'the star spangled banner' and anthem (an 'all together now', holiday) for ale and sex? yuck! 'a basket and a weave' is the firm quote - 'something for you as else to use and something you made' - exchanging with others and freely at that...'the golden glove if you know what i mean' beseech thomas hamilton (jefferson when he was young - died trying of an aggravated hand-wound at forty-two from moving things six month bout with infection 'then he got great' - they thought the wound a snake bite...the buddy ebsen-ish two-dollar bill hand-in-hand with cheats if you're smart - people don't want 'em so what the mint does) people value things wrong or 'there is no value' nothing to fight over even if we agree...more: jackson is on the twenty? i thought jefferson with the ten as hamilton even if the lowest denomination is greatest, 'we went with the south' it says or the twenty note as more influential and is handed as the most value conveyed the rest make change...the franklin hundred as frowning (much like the woman on the soft-soap logo 'you could do better') is no ham 'all you may ever need' the little goat hand inside can lunchmeat says 'this the best'...

by memory, fool:

oh, say can you see
by the dawn's early light
what so proudly we hail
by the twilight's last gleaming

[with the] rocket's red flare
and bomb's bursting in air
stayed true through the night
that its flag was still there

oh say can that star-spangled banner yet wave
for the land of the free
and the home of the brave

well, how'd i do?

sees me non-plussed, r/o comedy, art

god stuff on 'king of queens' (really 'angie')? i tell robert hayes 'i used to jerk-off to you until you got aids' - that's god for ya next time write in like you do with santa claus 'sears catalog' roebuck wtf...more about you? remember when it comes 'the trick is denying it'...rule: we don't talk about masturbation in a sense of not having that is undue (not yours to take on alone) burden sometimes - we make 'em show us...i did it, you'll do it too...recognize an upper class that never thinks of you in potente ever, but softer in tones...who are they?

why'd i stop eating tuna and tuna melts (tuna salad or with mayonnaise, rye, melted swiss prepared in skillet with butter both sides - tomato soup) altogether (a vegetarian doesn't eat red meat or pork)? one day no more~ chicken breast in the can no easy feat still rates...

'as black as balls covered to be bullshit - that black', black box 'that darned cat in screams heading down a ravine outside las vegas britnahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' or 'noir' nor are we to be pleased, 'negra' never grown (not to be gathered yet), cinema 'see no more' verite 'and a very good day to you too' i'm your penis i'm your meatus your hairy ass perspires (see our new) shavers~

led zeppelin 'in the evening' may spares your life 'peter green prays to evil'
now i wonder when i hear things 'fromwith what faunt it forms'...the lemon tree a dry cleaner
snooz: that's a big cobra on the cover - get that - 'it challenges me always to a duel'
someone is reworking this song for a top dog - keep playing around sounds good in mind over - led zep is truly original in guitar riffs nobody influences them~ hallowed (doesn't move, is there whether you are or not)
see porno for pyros 'thick of it all' - that is theirs the guitar...talked to perry farrell days before sunset's music festival i said 'you're appearing - whaddaya think?' usually, i steal his gig especially with pyros around the voice is neil to me a child as sleezak he'll hurt you being without stuff...

don't sink to my level another term: a 'fuck' or 'f' bomb when you tell or show people things they hate seeing - sexual conquest stuff i erase stuff simply for being vicious to the hold-in-hand type without doctrine (if empathy kills me too) including your mind you don't remember jack shit and neither do i - people here don't have active genitalia for being the one true disaster of not being important that way i tell older people i'm not here to piss you off but know affords a-kill-by-numbers game and also is better set to have others but it gets mean around the neck - don't go outta your vw unless you know why i'm drawn to competitive types who may or may not win anything ever they get dumb too i'm a second-class to some people by anterior thought no matter you'll see that strangles with by aids don't have the any the right to be better than me ever and honesty i don't know why i care? it's all here win me i don't think - i know - less people is always a godsend it's more truth than we can say plus i go easy too but don't know what you mean by that? we never have enough for things but you need to stop and consider the world it was made to hold you and our things while someone threatens me with getting pissed off i think you've got bigger problems than that 'stop paying my bills' you'll see nothing of getting priced around the axle is real no belief system cures that well enough...i'm cheap too...nice greeks are nice to an asshole? what? if a dick was covered with shit you'd still think it over rather than just smell again that is shit only (seems, has, is this...'somehow have it - thanks')...shit is hard to wrassle with, but you'd be there...still...environment shapes us...there is no grieving (words brought) there...'i'm your venus, i'm your fire - it's your desire' + 'i am the lord god of hell fire' (leave as initial append to the doors 'light my fire' its only fame the rest is shit + 'people are strange, when you're a stranger, when you are lonely, when you're alone' - when you're strange strangling to death with talk...

showtime clothing on santa monica looks like it has alot to offer upscale dressing but is not a heavy web presence
the creative city began labeling newspaper stands for being illicit (trying to take the upper hand) - as unpaid lodgings somehow
just having things unpaid around brings me down...terry's birthday tomorrow 09/14 is fifty? bud-dah-dump! the eye test at dmv passed like gas~
he is here in los angeles a year later than me (i was here in july 1987) but was ostensibly born about a month away
my mother - who lost $300 recently no resolve or the gift given - sent him a check for $50 that's nice for me too

god particle? it's not pride that fields us i locked everything down only down with a clock you set...the god lord taketh away and the good restores to his liking - talk to you i'd stop short of this stuff you still die next to one another and have no feelings too...i make shine here you buff merely...your stuff is junk like the human body festered with nonsense have a harp...that stuff don't work i doubt you but play along i make sense too nothing's good to you 'i don't have a heart' just the bag a liver but cherish the parts named...another merciful release why i think about flinty fingertips...i set my toenails on that right? every bit i say is scanned for detail right then but i play around some and 'it' hates the audience considered too much in kind...what are you? that's two minds, ever...

i love 'ebola' (empty head) but that is squid barking - yellow eyes like skin fish taints stuff i don't want on the table...

the news bugs me so much because i'm normal - test people don't let them present their thoughts unless you wanna know - academics leave a hole in the middle (like any syndrome, i guess - the hole is you? we don't need that if it's actually behaviors we embrace), no solving we get to know folks simply and casually...'i ain't never heard tell of it' - grandmother moon

'standard deviation' that quickly: anytime you see +/- 5% is a steady tolerance for anyone relying on statistics and their samples 'the figures won't be off more than this figure either way if you do the opposite and sample or 'ask' for yourself under similar-type circumstances' - ask women) the variance stated for a range of samples (tip: the 'mean', 'mode'. 'median' look to get rid of excess talk here - what's the average of all sampled, what was one response mentioned more than any other, and then cut the sample or list in half - is this numerically overdone 'could half of this number do?' for our purposes)...i liked knowing but the mechanic (a known of resource) isn't for the inundated (flooded, tuckered out mime-type) or then unattractive types - is a delta or gap widening simply...flip a coin a hundred times to get started and know the only weighted average i've ever seen is on school transcripts with grades you times the letter grade (a=4, and thus) by the course credits and divide by the total credits it's simple...

doubleplusgood: what is an 'encumbrance' (set aside to sleep) in accounting? when you order stuff with paperwork, the ledger gets an encumbrance or best guess of the total cost to show you what spent this gets reversed entirely when the invoice comes in then it's really paid to whomever however - the difference being operating balance versus the ledger balance - the ledger balance is like a bank account some things still outstanding but need to be kept track of in a handwritten ledger you keep how much left actually per your notes this is one way...'memo liens'? even more personal you bio or class someone with paper you penetrate systems to make notes everyone can know as poppies or oopses to journals what are summed up and transmitted with no detail...scary stuff you owe me ten cents when it all flexes like deck of cards but it not good to you...ever...crime (stealing) is an economy of some sort you gotta watch people they are no one and they prove it over time only the job covers the talk for a while...good in is good best do two get pay? i'm not real big on talk, but like giving some...loosely...marxist who to shoot at?

put good in and get good out - it's easy enough but i need some of yours too...

another wet dream (um, 'nocturnal emission') mcdonald's failing - what are you anyway -- a bucket of lard chips? ('you're not shapely' i don't use any of it - take a tip 'i like you just they way you are, clown') i still feel rejected by a meal when not so hungry and pay for food facts wisely enough...there are places i never think of eating in ever - suicide? rule: you can't do it fast enough when it's real (i guess as soon as care leaves - make room for any guesting of) - don't get caught playin' people need jobs around the firmly quoted but mostly you crossed a line with them they hate you asking...some guy changed his name says cnn and did better in the job market...women do it always...we need laws (expectorate) against people taking applications in with no teletype of response...a currency of some sort is you as flawed (unilateral, alone) getting my information for no need or making that science of office junk you proffer so others pay you...every one saw sra (science research laboratory - blacks) come in and teach you about low scores again...i'm here paying not to care so much i don't want anything for you i see you have it and i cherish both 'nepotism' (first family) and fraternization (the world's greatest lover one for one as women are bumped aside alot with mistakens the first clear threat is insinuation) it's funny...flatly funny...

'isis' (is this it?) regard as a '5150' c/o van halen a crazy person 'in stacks' or with no help (see wikipedia they don't honor my efforts but they know this junk only the fatuous can't chorb enough, fingers unplayed with?)...golden lasso to tell the truth? that's wonder woman, don't have a right to plague the world with stuff and if a drone is a soul-being flying around - four at once? - for alarming folks...dropping bombs if you can lift one a smart person's lament so heavy me:

i know of three 'bombs' (and i mean it):

the 'carrot' or tnt ('this isn't it') tricks itself with papers up and down tightly wrought and is mostly noise no light;
the shrapnel uses fumes to drawn in heat slowly - into a solid shell that is the shell is metal or whatever and holds up well until one last heat inserted through hole-vent breaks the camel's back;
the thermonuclear bomb uses hydrogen mass or solid titanium what is like wood all it needs chained up within but is highly compressed three times more with asphalt or oilbag cap as detonator or hot wire a battery end to end - these spin and are regulated by noise or talking with heats - a big bomb is here...normandies 'english-french' in outer space make these best...take a tip, no praying here...'is why god won't know you' - dM spain and parts of brazil

another one is a big bag of water (with vinegar for the eyes?) like hell it is, a hot penny on the head...

jfk junior and with nazis: rights? you have the right not to, to stay bits rejoin the others who shouldn't be too advance - after three turns around the block...have anything else to hurt me? the right to die? you have the time to package it for someone else who doesn't want to be bothered at all...the real you?

cnn muses what it's like to be the only the white person in a room of blacks? special - we're not there to fuck, after all (see rick james 'throwin' down' tour mid-eighties and learn the outta sync clap overhead 'like apes they were' called the 'gambolin' have your upper thigh meat burned with a metal 'crack' pipe from the stove for rounding out a dot the nerve of her to present...'you can't help them think, but you can help them live'...the first lady a bit dowdy on the lawn yesterday no bow? you get punched in your head here for not knowing it's the do you spell that again? it's all over...the twelfth...p.s. throwin' down? like jack and the beanstalk i believe you found his loot and toss it down to friends...'a hill of beans' then...

as for pistorius, he was acquitted by all charges (from syria) but has to hassle with her now - she goes on trial however for bringing suit she will not survive this (he would be dead already - play it out out she is 'a nigger' too asap) - hate the news? take nothing new the headlines screamed 'guilty' this morning like a woman works always waiting for react...remember, you are the garbage of the world to the world having been said well-enough the stay-behind kind while the man goes out to get new that is the rule no matter what your man down somehow now so the lady goes...what once was a little interest in the self as explorer became reliant...nobody challenges men (a scared woman in drag sometimes less than institution, outrage)...cold blood is the same no looks wrong...we'll be waiting with, the story goes a man who had his legs amputated for no reason you can know had some bitch hassle him over being grubby or was reachin' in a co-ed type home shower with cash demands - what are you a grave? like a water leak and bucket there's never enough to show people...what they did...or is like hbo 'oz' while your'e playin' around with someone's balls someone else in infirmary is getting their throat cut back to the bone because of a sour with the bucket again...thank you...blacks...ignorance tells me why and doesn't listen for you...

'- we are not together' - dM no two minds i'm hungry still from kellogg's honey (sugar) smacks the cereal having simple sugars in it and further demands with

apple wonders if the wristwatch is any good? literally an ipad screen the shape now doctrine the face electronically produced leaves few without fashion sense...they like the pic and go utility but have few friends you can count on that...stay connected with what - a major? someone new shows me in...class...will paypal be threatened with apple money? you need to give loans to buy is that new? apple's money? that's new - overheard just now 'did you shit in there?' that's a woman feeling that free...will we ever hear of anything deposited not expected by us both first? life is drained of its caprice (unpredictable nature) at the least...'may you die striving' - dM

stop pushing your junk words in the press 'fracking' even i don't know what you're talking about (oil being pushed around in the ground with water - is close to tesing the sheet limits of a drag queen or any solver made by little girls without a consult) - stop trying so hard it's irresponsible 'quote and drag' or else - and by the way making people tell the truth hurts bad in any language so i lie a little so what? most don't have the truth your conniving way and wouldn't hear of it anyway - but be assured i don't care for it yet a mind being made to reconcile with who - you? see 'guilt' only...

pray no matter how much i steal, you know someone here demands my blue indigo levi's 501's to wear after ruining theirs same day - your world - you have all my things and i'm still here now you go back to hell...prices are being afforded but after the fact you're not rich you know...

by the way, failing dialects is a big deal land-wise: you don't dial up meaning correctly or not at all if someone says 'jaws' from james bond - he delightfully grabs a cable slowly and to bite cleanly this death is twice now do you agree? yes/no (see how little you have to go on - then retribution sets in and we do it to you again...we don't think about it like you do, we need to make a sale upward like a dog needs food the hand is a big one though)...what does english sound like to a foreign ear? my guess is chinese 'shee-shee wah shee' as for similar drawn? french? no, too aszure...

no tricks this time...

i'd have a shit-fit if i were selena all them drunks~

we don't adhere to deadlines, as such...'there's nothing emergent'...that can't die out in the sun~ thought that happened already, but um...

'mirror, mirror - am i the ugliest, ever?' this just in and since last fall~

'only god can adore people'...only he thinks it worthwhile 'i don't want you' (if adore is 'adorn' or keep you nice with gifts...)

from evanescence 'hello' whom i love as me 'i don't cry' - dM 'i stave'

meanwhile enjoy some of these dirty islamic-style portugese (portrayals) by national geographic in their mother's tongue 'now you try to understand' don't translate they're not right i don't hate you for this i hate you for having it nearby and with me calling...i don't hate what you hate ever i scratched your hands off...look for the 'golden elbow' blecch mahdra dah maghreb ugh uggh lecch!

Back Shamen, Back! Face The Master But In August 2014
'what - you don't like me?' - the demon nix, fresh outta hell
'shaman' is a shame among men is from 'salem's lot' when barlowe-batholomew enters the room against a priest...'shamen' is many of them, witch doctors

help i've tried not calling and then you and i get mixed up and i go right home -
when will i be found snuffed in a old wash tub? just as soon as your old brass bra comes back as a white wicker chair with high heels and a caged sink

bonus! chris keller kills (note: the old man calls the shots it's his after-life dream upstairs - so chris dies one day and so does the guy he's with now why ask why - beautifully done though i never participate in my dream sequences but pair people up unmercifully and kill them too for words off they're worthless for not having any consideration for you as a person at all as selfish it helps the god trade of doing whatever you please no guilt all there ever is anyway 'i'm unhappy'):

this would be omniscient narration or an overhead - we hesitate to ask why because we care for people and their company and can undo much elsewhere
we simply call them back in as fresh like in a book i didn't write anything about you being mad still
i never listen with sound they talk to cope with it only as propered - a whole world of words