over and above
or below and without
the cow jumped over the moon
i'll have me some cheese

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Although October 2013 Forgives Less-Than-Perfect Information We Have A Child-Like Tendency To Share At Whim
I hafta speak first to get anything from you, however it made it here...sometimes, I can't thank you enough should I worship no talk...

overheard 'got any money coming in today?' - note i wouldn't pay to be here...in-fact, i threw you out and under better circumstances count your beans 'you don't let it all hang out here' nigger...okay to soften, remoulge when good if strikes

a print-out coupon at cvs issued with quarterly bucks gives eight (8) light bulbs for $1.50 plus tax if you know where to buy...we got 'em final bill about $2 for 57 watt bulbs (four each per package) their lovely store brand...is $4.57/2 with $3 off...then...we buy lots of alcohol though it counts somehow...very 'cosmopolitan' i call it...keeps people stupid too - they need it...

dvr (digital video recording) via at&t - go to the on-screen channel guide with arrows on remote, highlight the time block and press 'record' on the remote - it turns up somewhere after that menu wise...new to the system? don't fret over missing channels more a comparison only - you don't need to see anything, do you? just my money in the clothes bin...no thinking with search, nigger...what else? a lit channel pops right up no wait the set-top boxes all work from the modem and maybe you have the router in-house also - brilliant

tawny kitaen (the body beautiful?) died in stallone's 'cliffhanger' up-front - remember that...stevie nicks?? maybe - look under your bed after someone cute shoots and the police are called...

the tiff done today 10/02 - so much light you see

if a new plaza isn't good enough, some kiddie rides?

it wasn't lucky for you some would say...
i went to ralph's on sunset for steak umm's today - $5 even

quarterly rewards are now available at cvs i got $4 cash token yesterday october 1...

berzerk? up-earthed yourself a farmer retilling his soil...only to wait and listen

TimeLife.com Logo - 125x125
the 'best of soft rock comp' was kickin' on tv last night - so many goodies
the woman's all 'i don't download and burn all them songs' like two jugs
sure, peter frampton 'i'm in you' sounded great and one other - his last name means 'flattened from the road'

the farmer's market on 3rd and fairfax the grove (remind a short walk) is looking good these days - just got back and as halloween approacheth...at beverly center, walk down 3rd heading east and enjoy the shops along the way to fairfax a reasonably short distance and you're there...we bought beef and pork wieners and some (pretzel) buns (they were unusually delicious only $9.50 the both the links from a meat deli but avoids their $7 curse on non-spenders) and looked around alot...cost plus world market is unusually good with decorations...

vingette (entitled 'hey - just one minute'), with madonna putting on makeup in a mirror (rewritten now as with drag queen): 'some say it's a drag or hard day's night putting on makeup as if i took a little more time i couldn't look any better...and while sleeping? it's muslim you know - no one but jews gets to see my husband unless i'm at bingo with his necktie on...five of us girls wore the tie when being photographed for the fireman's calendar...(staring into mirror as ready to cry) i could look better, i guess, if i only took the time...

- if i only had a brain on eggs

with no water fountains or working pay phones on the street (see these like i do as ghosts with an ass-kicking coming folding their face on your intent to call someone greedy who doesn't want to know you and thus tricking caller id no form or training) is mcdonald's combo price for a big mac now $6.80 with tax - these days you're gonna need $10 an hour just to show up ready to work at home...q: 'and what - give things away for free?' you have nothing in your name see that taken off ('unconscionable' we call it professionally for no involvement)...no midwest that gives receipts back at target (lets people off at whim) is gonna get that wage made...instead, buy things to be held in your freezer just don't sit and wait with others around you can raise the price of soda to pay for any 'extraordinary' (not last year) items but it wouldn't be your food or labor...thanks off...it's gonna be like the scott four-pack - cheaper to buy by the roll...owning means you owe a bank that enforces owing - you rent it out when you can't afford to owe the bank or can't pay for renuzits or renewing....get it right again...government (law making) forces aren't paid by a permanent budget (careers) but they're gonna work for criminals (those who can't ask for a favor in or out - women with sexual politics on their mind) now? get it right - if you say it, it's still true...

the fall of empire is and will always be old people having sex - that's all - see 'caligula' old is exclaim 'oh' - my own equation: 'what will have you, less any fears'

'gravity' opening friday or whatever: george clooney has to go get his wife from outer space - then she has him killed eventually? for being mad? laughable previews

still wanna see 'the amazing spiderman' despite english (faux wealth) accents...connor (lizard) is his father he hates him trying....oscorp clip or the father nearly wins (spidey drank all of his formula - he couldn't change back or wait some a writhing - it count steps backwards some)

obscured in the la times today '82% of prisoners [jailed americans] are high school [diplomats - they talk to your kids]'? [diplomates as possessing of such skills]? the answer is taking too many field trips abroad to europe to play with the ones they make friends with here is the jail and also diplomats....god says 'don't talk, eat - you're in trouble again' - dM it's not about dropouts - trust that a truancy means you stay true to us your positioning some hafta fail to keep reading retards around her sister (below) knows 'a class clown' she says

here: read first, then see

frederick's of hollywood to go private [as government entity]? quotes 'we make bras for heavier women - they pay us, but we don't make money....the same thing, i guess'...no, making money means you get them to buy - you don't make money when no one buys only...

is the glass half full? take the test - most of us say the expectation is what dominates the conversation however you say it...the other half is getting what you want when you want it...a satisfied mind never questions the self with maybe and maybe not...

the government shutdown an approval to spend issue (the ratified budget needed in-place july 1 the start of the spending-only year) is akin to not drilling holes in the women's restroom or locker room wall at the circus or campground - 'you don't need to see' says one other brick layor...

q: like farmers pay for your dry fucks on skid row with food stamps: some blood bitch says 'why would you rate at&t - you can't even pay for it' as long as the franchise you seek uses installers from jail...our service is good enough so far no note but a nicer picture? you can't get tbs (usa, tnt, sundance, comedy central, tv land, etc.) slimly no other notes yet...i don't pay for that shit (they beat schindler?) - time-warner will see their payment promised on the 30th just bits later 'for no service' i'd say - you to starve until another check bounces, nigger....a letter follows on the $131.25 state return uncredited 2012 to your cash...there is no piece for the wicked, and no thought of a woman with a pot of money - what a joke...no one borrows tampons from you, let alone a cast in the cold...

best, latest ghost sighting on my patio at night right in the sliding door glass: four feet tall all jet black like santa claus in the face, button nose, heavy eyebrows, beady eyes...royal robe and silver crown like a vase broken and turned upside down on the head - whaddaya think? they come in and go soon enough...king lear...

the tiff today the last day of september (we add a day to margin february? lose a day and ignore the 29th altogether - balances a quarter to 30 days each)
we saw bea arthur (s/b mary pasternak the woman on 'wings' or 'patrovic' for kyle his slight nickname by mispronounce - he plays her bea sometimes or only is gene simmons of kiss too - even in old age) one day outside and are using memory shots of faces made by me there only
the building in back was not fox as metromedia on the 101 hollywood freeway, but the car museum petersen? it was filming for fox too (norman lear)
the intersection of lacienega at sunset right out front is the steepest grade of road in los angeles and to the airport loosely on la tijera (um, 'lah-tee-erah' the last time [you will see me] as a flight taken with any the risk)
san francisco three hundred seventy miles upstate is loaded with it steep - is that, a limo ride paid for twice then
p.s. the camera is the motorola phone now...a wait and to pay the lg

this month's stats - this day 09/30 incomplete but growing (buy for yourself only be that happy)
my mother got no flowers at home or hospital for dragging it out (never say when, but is recovering angrily, worried some - therapy is painful but demanded of a kick made sure by another)
more then at closing: 406, or 8,666/288 a day
process lag: 2,572 at office depot

the overall need stated since last pay or none of these included - was itunes only < $20 total ever...a gift in an internal reporting sense

new series with great man leading plus my other lovers unbeknownst to them: 'revenge' looks good i hate an ugly (a nothing in and out) showing me the rags...'a black with newspapers at the gas station washing your windshield first just before asking...and like some asshole pinching on a girl's ass 'um, that's not my car' - again (as seemingly simple gain) who's the fool? be blessed of yourself can't buy a thrill...on and on you go...signed 'e. cranch' adds 'carpal tunnel is no tool' booger-eaters at nite

you rob me, i rob you and turn you in...i don't use names - i can't be serious with that on my mind i am and always have been doug moon, however (me replying to no class in a store ten years on: 'no, he is someone who died ['who didn't do well' - depending on my sensitivities to the problem] and his mother pays [has] someone to keep him alive [around] that way - okay?' you make this hard not me but we all hate glad hams around...'please, the aids ate her right up'...'didn't do well'...you know how discretion and being one's confidant appeals to one other so...no one understands, but you do 'please [a fatigue of wealths] the good times are easy to share' - dM eat by shit

the lovely mother on 'two and a half men' celebrates my upcoming watershed (what you had hidden for better or worse) apparently - more on these vignettes but later someone like tim 'jacob's ladder' robbins the one bad guy facing camera and holding a calf belly out with a noose on it 'please don't make anymore milk' all as tough choices he intones as perhaps asking a piss not to shit...our monthly delivery and take-from charts are due on the 30th (tuesday) we see we're at 8,000 sales 'leads' or 'impressions' right now...266 a day? not great? not yours either side...richard would too fake these hits to make a point that's how faggot he is...he is number three at height below danny? not apparent to me then watching us from outside - the perspective is slightly limited, i'd say...and is now yours somehow?

my one year past prime (no similar legal activity and no friends either 'tough and tender' from the coke in my piss) arrest review is october 15 at aviation up lacienega a slight change of venue - is that to suggest you fly right out? i hate hints from money grubbers - where's the beef? get this the female judge is and no particular order: my mother while incarcerated as madonna, lindsay lohan while incarcerated for shooting her father i forgive you, maureen reagan maybe as california's first daughter...michael lives here we call him 'michael' from ucla...people want you to be who they are...forgiven, forgotten? apparently, we are not 'emancipated' or 'emasculated' my word...from your parents? at eighteen years old? keep in my mind other people like neil can play anything once bumped aside i go for the source of any news...you don't think the president would be bothered with 'little people'? that's what i thought...remember the only truth - that one sad day when you have to admit to it all...here is where reason begins...

meet the black 'shmoos': my latest vision at the very tippy top of the universe is motif or the party's over a clever trick...one my predecessor adds 'to use [my] mind 'til your dead'...there are two beings at the top one is like liz fraser a female type who refuses the worlds inside as a lowering to be here mad mad mad and one is me a person (a dog for making people happy, or then your jailor as the mother is no fuel yet) who plays dead here often and has all the answers of for every bulb but won't say even one thing as this extra one was too much to take from me at this level plus there's another one at my side like danny devito a black shmoo no face but ranting comfortably at it all - we are both covered with a rubbery shiny tar of sorts (blessed or not) as being apparently separate on a floor, but inside these bags as one true being to me - she represents a push to the inside of my body or a personal duty of sorts, all else here is projection by own hand or thinking...this is called the 'outer limits' as told to me...a smart person within, she represents the parts of me that make me too big for a location (allocation) inside, unwanted noise, whatever you want as being sly and keeping in mind that there are different projections (fifty thousand years after a massive dying off a chain belt for sleep leaves skinny and dried out no seeing but weakness drawn) for what is essentially two halves of one crescent moon this black goo...anyone could be here? no one is answered you to dive to the inside once cooperating seeing your own hand raised by no sight but feeling...more later...what is markle or tomato shine in it? we offer 'wonderment' here - 'eating' says one same and is the same to me floating off...one more note - see mirroring being a big 'interpersonal' problem-fix for placing specifics already solved (think of a ball lowering in cloth as between us and to grab and place)...and yes, i make this all and have freedoms to do more as i choose to you...even the ball...but note me outside is projection? i guess, and is my answer...see many paths to be just here certainly a wrong one chosen an inverted hellhole of sorts with nowhere to hide and no ropes out hidden by you - only one tough bird stays and fights it and with all your favors at-hand...

depeche mode 'nothing's impossible' the official video

hi to the feast all weekend....

re google logitech revue not so fast: downloaded the seventeen megabyte fix from adobe.com flash (windows) did a restart and watched eminem on the 'you tube' logo without flaw - nothing has been proved...

god bless the english language - you can sit on your ass all day long barking commands getting things delivered perfect and never once move...

you're gonna see - that vespa - the cheapast one - has a push piston made of a roll of dimes - a cubic centimeter is a meter (or about a foot) divided into one hundred equal pieces up and down just suck in the lateral or what gives to three-d a push unquestioned...if fifty (50) dimes is a roll, certainly two (2) rolls isn't a foot - keep going - about fifty (50) dimes? about one hundred fifty (150) dimes then the shaft - measure it out...remember a liter is a quart pushing or doubling at whim...keys: fifty pennies in roll, cc's is a syringe...is not weight, is volume pushed away without peer

'you're still big beggars when you think i live well enough to leave out - you're a beggar only' - dM you're dangerous only

'we just need one thing to come through - the first thing - we don't need to further catch your statement of hate as made in the act extending itself' - dM people steal alot when admitting guilt, also

you gotta win - that $0.59 fish (female betta) still lives and that's the point for buying a tank from me at petsmart
she lives in a slender vase up (an oslo) and her pet food stinks daily although she asks for a carrot stick always
she don't mention she did indeed beat a black-tailed goldfish to death within a day just like the booger said
truth is, i found the fish laying under food accumulated and she was just out and about i made her come back and it was there plainly as a ghost then i set her free
the body washed down the tub as stink no to the toilet

so updates the tiff (an argument that ensued) through 09/26

in loving memory of bea 'maude' arthur and charles nelson reilly...huh-huhl
both directors-producers there
and tearing down is no fee - mexicans can't get girders up and down out anyway they were made to steal
one machine pushes at with paw and electrocutes with two motors that is dangerous

this is about apollo in hollywood proper the day after sun and moon - you can't see the moon i photographed here

nothing's coming this year, either - trust that

walmart's 'naughty leopard' costume (black cat with see-through lace 'contvelva') shows a little girl's tits (with swirls?) from the 'today' show on 09/26

the chinese theater (ever-threatened as the biggest, best) now has the original 'wizard of oz' (an easter yearly on cbs) in 3-d
we think of 3-d as filming a particular object like the inside of a mug (a wood-press in only) then flexing it outward towards you and removing what's in the way
the glasses make the case for not seeing too well with a hue (red) and a composite color (green - hues yellow and blue) taking apart and placing with each an eye (michael jackson's 'captain eo' was a royal flush or success here)

left to be after the fact: congrats to sandra bullock for her hollywood walk of fame star $30k you have to be a natural choice...quotes her 'it's about time - yours is here' and 'someone bumped into me with a bike - it's real'...this the girl from bordentown (crosswicks) who made ace of base...remember, gladys knight lives in hers has hotels and all inside...bullock's is in-front of mcdonald's she says...

did we mention billy crystal being young on some situation comedy with slender fingers - finally after all that soap shit something nice - is that thing in harry 'mates' sally i finally saw that recently the only person ever known who gathers light from meg ryan...doris roberts too after she croaks with joey lawrence around - she is young and blonde there...like my mother the wife in 'hazel'?

remember, you can always hammer a penny into a quarter on cement checking against size - eats cheap from vending they take a loss only when you don't order for yourself..it works like pushing five cents up to be a quarter flat - only not knowing hurts that...loss? twenty cents steering you and i both wrong...a dollar goes around barking 'next'...

eminem 'berzerk' or 'ear ark' two of each and if one breaks listening for nuthin' coming - this has what i look for...big laughs
psst: sony style has that glo-box for $129 even now!

that jack sprout (pumpkin) has scrolls next to it i remember is the small circus box or animal wagon without wheels his mother is buried in...no intention but really animal crackers doesn't seem to care...

...and after all, space is dark but ambient or finely distributed with light - you can see, but there's nothing to see i'd say and 'at speeds'

'those who don't do a good job and unload the dishwasher must simply add and restart or then simply unload' - dM who sends their money to get it next time an opportunity might arise...

seize for a viewing's pleasure:
pal: praise [percieves] any loss
ntsc: never then [them], still collecting (and if 'never' means 'never have' with 'forever' leading to it only)
england, america - respectively

tv is a broadcast - you to switch channels only
a computer can't wait to see what you said, and is a toy box only
apple tv is now your computer mac mini playing with your computer while apple tv refuses to receive anything framed by mouse and sent as seen (maybe a windows suit loss)
be that useful - the family won't have a computer in the tv room as glorified phone (hardly any news as spends freely) but may visit often

'if you had to cut off an arm to give someone two arms, you would - that one arm gets around town' - dM to loose talk with ford motor company who cuts down trees in brazil as 'softer' and with reusing metals in mind (needs a sous lemon juice 'plus capital' it says)

to women - if you had to do the job, you'd see there's no shade (they 'love' trees - get them old scraggly ones marking a grave you don't need to see anything on the way in)

in my modeling, there's a clock night and day - the night is the one on the bottom spinning left and the day is on top spinning to the right all lie flat to us in-front as a line there up and down starts time counting forward as meeting in the center no drag or forward loss to be said then...my point as bolt cutters three-prong or plasma protecting a pull of anything out through the universe is that the first strike at grip is the line and the second is the dealmaker to ruin as not being anything you know in time ever a grip that snaps over and among with another spring shooting at any possible moment forward...the melt is here...christ ruled against and is meticulous but is ruled in knowns and stated intervals of time the clock closes and extends windows of opportunity along lines and also doesn't keep rewarding speeds at taking...it folds right up here...crack snapple pop?

a neuroprotein? what fuels (fools, no asking again) a mind at top watts or seeing-warming...god over says is literally spaghetti - i say the egg is it gets to a salad too say romaine plus there is fiber literally water in a tight candy cane what needs to be around alot as unraveling or cooked...or then see clay or silts...night and day is delivered in canes and is not a single shot at they unsheathe each other...

rule three (3) teaspoons of sugar per cup of coffee, tea: watch out for that arizona tea iced tea-lemonade bought when i was having trouble establishing a sweet taste from cherry coke with no cherry syrup to a&w rootbeer what did the job finally, an odd twist...unusually generous, the iced tea-lemonade a harsher blend of zeal says 'zero' on the label as in no calories (flame, per part dried) and i hate that for that product it is not intended by me (that tea is smoothed with carrot juice and is richly afforded by restaurant tea bags)...with sugar bags comes along a few bottles of what is not important to note until your soda supply is running out - pepsi next, whatever - thanks - i'll try and drink anyway from the office and trips...next time jack nicholson niklaus goes back to the counter with the cherry coke i found like pure saline it was another question? remember, karo syrup and vanilla (is maple maypole or corn ball syrup in and of itself) two tablespoons one bottle shake shake or grenadine (pomegranates is apple sauce too as ground plus the kiwi?) as cherry will flavor and sweeten for all....jews love playing the more-for-less game to see if lemons can actually provide an alternate sweet if you reach gently and for wakening the palate as the burdens of caring (carting it off the margins get thinner to your home and back out) for older people get plain and serious and they have your soda money?

got at&t universe today 09/23 (they and time-warner cable wrestle with the installation bill if you don't pay your cable in-full i paid $95 but extended for two cancel downs i hate people i don't know getting money here while i lay alone - the mail is $3 cash each day and comes late if so what) - nice install (i didn't ask for the change, he did is cheaper i loved time-warner bundled as i scive it monthly) easy enough return to sames with a few new features to be tried and as to be seen...logitech revue's google tv add-in adobe 'flash' needs to get off it - they have sites suggesting the problem is real (never a good as features - see as known the useless bastard for apple tv 'jailbreak' - what shit pure lies someone has extra logo blocks for that now see nothing is not android but army-showbiz cunts the empty-the-can promise of a new gay day get them to make the op system mail center good again only as 'mac.com' whatever - they dropped it altogether while 'icloud' strangles me to death with pictures turned aside once taken - fuckin' junk that's not there ever to any sane of use it keeps iterations or revisions step-wise hardly any good never good but targets you thinking with the side of eye only trying to get to a specific loss) get it fixed to be so cheap again or twice now...no one wants to play you 'youtube' even $55 language rents (ivo, dali) fuck you and have no excuse it's still cheapest to see done as no copies and is far more enjoyable having and doing with auteurs-authors everywhere don't make providers of content pay here i wouldn't pay for any personal junk while they hold fierce presents of promo (win-when) media out...$55 bucks my ass all them latins talking backwards pay for the wheels? junk...let them get their own yearbook with tight pussy pullover that says 'let 'em alone' in script on the back bottom for 'the mother' a white woman really her nemesis (um, 'never says this to me')...

do you write out mania in speaksay? i decided one day the comment 'natch' for 'naturally' includes the comment to self 'right' after speaking aloud to commend one's own speaking of their own work with no challenge from a sour...who knows them for sure? they are the same naturally enough your right to say...'natch' pulls back from present to say 'why would i ask you?' quote me 'hasty comment thanks a no one.'...right

heat path reusing holes in the bone made of water the mart of old age (fungus, spongiform?) god above who asks as neal who does something like it along spines wants four (4) layers of squares four (4) sides only one triangle layer number two don't ask why...we don't fill holes with plasma or hydrols we build outside on-top of - follow the instruction - imbalance ok here as fills later

'what famous 'poor' person said 'please, i'm buying - don't pay'? midge ure

'who let the scalp outta the bag' paul bunyon to his yard-tag showing the actual sale price to the french-smelling shavlas in the harve 'shined of a leaf...anyone sewn?'

'from the inside of a cooler...' how they filmed people with aids up-close and personal 'made it seemed like there were more bodies' from 'underneath the navel' wynton marsalis 'who blew who wasn't the question - are you 'mame'? 'zero none yet, i don't ride buttfucks from behind a wall of worms' he continues from down the lane i need a bryant from 'see no shine from behind on my plane'...'grease ii'...'the first lezzie is still vanessa redgrave dead at sea with crabs pinching her mustachio'd one flanged nipple and red wig...where's the big is this asking a jew to bathe christ at your home?'

'life is bigger than art - no pain' - from 'fool' who later says 'if i woulda known that, i would have never gone'...hates reorder: 'go ahead - it's not like anyone's gonna care about anyone looking like you' - 'nobody grooms that for a plate on a menu - they run to see for theirself on a plane pushing lead shits out of its ass' mine: rubber-leather dawn (now without lube) takes the shine - use paper plates if so seem the toilet's not clean what if i lived in say oregon and sent you my piss water to drink in navajo, alaska under a flag - would you pray for more dried blubber and brown-eyed frozen snacks under the big top your 'fumeless' cigarettes case-new pumice bra mescalined in the 'imported from france' [here, an uncooked slovane weiner pushing out of your navel but in my face] countertop dishwasher? you don't got any leaves browned tight at roman hall?

fake grass at $3-$4 a foot holds up well here at citibank
'they were there in the 80's - when money was real' (when people didn't have it but jobs and they theirselves knew why - no problem but people see you with it first, no bush pigs laying down the law but as guest wondering...real are pigs in the valley - no shit for you ever just dancing hams either way a pig just for you dies like childless couples knowing nothing, and is too good to be true or say aloud...another 'mad as hell' hen demanding a sperm count for leaving her nest without having an egg hound to send back around)

these laydown lifestyle jellybeans are a hit with the kids - lots of scuffs though

view pacific design center with garage done - the art house is closed due to the madonna wannabe this week

...another unforgettable elton john saying 'setting the world to rights'

reprise: cocteau twins 'cherry-coloured funk' mp3 (3.7 megs) on the 'heaven or las vegas' tour live 1990

the tiff today 09/17 - the building behind (petersen) is at sunset and lacienega

another street heading south off sunset 'alta loma' (all my friends) beverly center down center fogged

today's pizza...again it was good

too many old bananas around? we made banana bread last night - the recipe...p.s. trader joe's sells loose bananas for $0.19 the each every day

as always, observe safety rules - take it seriously
aftermath: what was the one thing you could've done differently (stepping off the curb) to change the outcome?

we ran into a friend with a vespa scooter last night - how much? $0 down $97 a month!

q: what did you have for breakfast? carson daly on 'today' 09/17: a bloody mary
me: coffee with cream and sugar, raisin toast w/ butter three slices, grapefruit fruit cup

fog everywhere today to try and hide the fact...

rosie o's new vehicle 'the rosenblatts', 'the schwartzes' (um, 'the goldbergs')

this almost speaks to me - was looking for the episode where the jewish woman who eats bits later at breakfast says she loves analyzing-answering dreams she knows dreams with her psychiatrist daughter (specifically means one who prescribes versus 'psychologist' a wide-eyed wonder...see feeling bad versus being made to know, see congress a rep versus a senator one my mother will like and you know about it...)
a jew is known as one almost a misfortune - you don't know if you have even one they are dangerous people...a black is truth? nothing symbol is known as good its virtue
symbol can be made with a pencil only no color or quality seem
the daughter reports a death of prescribing to one's self ('indefensible' reasons itself beyond a day, your friends kill you so commits its path no to sell...thank you (jews)
'it's not like you got the wrong ones' - dM you kill them all to see who lives to one day be you - always wondering why fat and the chain at night pulling it all out of shape

the annual madonna party is on at pacific design center - ikea next?
quotes the divine miss m 'i'm not playing this year - leg out'

pet shop boys 'bubadubbadum' about spying on folks and 'pooka-pooka boom!' about surprising them later on, too
adds 'paninaro' (um, 'pan and narrow' the tv screen) the original cut from the 'disco' ep (1986)

Starbucks Tazo Tea

the big swing through space (the autumnal equinox) tomorrow 09/17 around noon - we steal a day here and there - the moon will grow and shrink some

atomic clock? one that counts backwards at the same time...dime store 'buzzer' clocks with transformer, foil wheel, and radium light or hot wire sheathed were alot of use too - you couldn't make it go any faster no matter what the port...

Send a smile with truly original flowers, plants & gifts starting at $29.99 only at 1800flowers.com!

stevie nicks asking you not to check your cash boxes right away...
'talent sheets' staple faces like this...

the tiff on sunset today 09/16

another unseemly or half-forgotten installment of 'metropolis'
'yoshiwara' - even though you don't want to...as in fight us again
'your job - and what makes you so scary - is to care for yourself...that's a big job' - dM

trenton, new jersey italian festival dates...september 27, 28, and 29 at mercer county park the ice skating rink

la counters with their own noisebag on the grounds of hollywood high it seems same dates la italian feast

new petit lermitage sign at the corner of cynthia and larrabee - more meaningful than the spirit-ghost cat what has been erased, sprayed over

cvs versions of the ornament wreath...

halloween tree...

thank you, cvs

pretenders ii (1981) in its entirety - 'waste not want not' is the intended track

See's Candies, Inc.

fresh brothers pizza is new in west hollywood where the pizza hut was next to trader joe's (the original on santa monica now closed? looks like it but the cantonese chinese restaurant hangs in there) and offers vinegar in their sauce - real good stuff - free slice giveways on the sidewalk these days

pavilions has jiffy pizza crust mix again $0.45 near canned goods
for the kids: use string cheese mozzarella 3/$1 or so - total cost per 12" or 14" pie is about $1.50
tomato sauce? add a single cap of white vinegar some oregano

seasonal mums are $14.99 they have all colors, large hershey candy bars are $1.19 each and turkey store is $3.99 each
haagen dazs pints? $3.00
c&h sugar a ten-pound bag is $6.99 (usually is four pounds) - i got one to refill the pink plastic coffee can from cvs and the milk carton pourer from the store with some to boot!

Save 20% on ANY order at LillianVernon.com with promo code 58ECO309 until 09/30/13. Plus personalization is FREE!

mom is home now and getting around with her walker the pain a minimum of

gary numan 'down in the park' a yul brynner westworld of sorts
from the acclaimed 'replicas' lp 1979

the big, brand-new halloween store at tower on sunset is quite big

the prices are reasonable too...lots of decorations also
the idea of a dead lighted halloween tree hasn't really taken root yet

'til tuesday 'have mercy' from the 'welcome home' lp (1986)

lillian vernon holidays at banner link: large carousel and red candles $40 for xmas

the tiff on sunset still clinging to life today 09/14

friday the 13th today....terry's birthday tomorrow...the feast of lights red green and white ...mom is doing well walking around the hall yesterday...west hollywood parking passes due 09/30

someone broke or stole my brown coke glass...my favorite one the western-styled one...now it's off to ebay

Effy Jewelers

just gettin' busy...halfway through the month...

yet more metropolis....

Avoid The Common Pratfalls Or Practical Failures Of Having Seen Too Little In August 2013
It's no joke....a day or two later.

my brother chris and his daughter courtney so far

the things i hafta listen to and usually hate...terry's list

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