All taken today September 15! Note: Restoration Hardware will be at Beverly and Robertson and after all...

our brand-new awnings at 930 palm - no shaking paper from above

$1 pizza every monday at pizza rustica on santa monica at san vicente

the west hollywood playground for kids and the alike between roberston and san vicente

the west hollywood pool on san vicente

the west hollywood library clearing out for a 09/30 or thereabouts opening of the new one just south of this one on san vicente

parking at the new facility has this info feature - a strange but welcome
they say a security camera overhead paginates (folds to a page) and someone counts the spaces each level - no hi tech not mine
it's hard to resist a thought of making yourself i'd have a small unavoidable array of red push button offs for tires in the cement maybe as from orchard supply
you can work too hard for a hospitality and sense
after all, a gate knows you're there (an oil pan anyway) with wired embeds in the cement

neil and his mother did this? maybe translate later first full line upper 'we walked as you walk - with much in our hands'

northerly view of parking from melrose avenue at san vicente  

you get ruby slippers and a trophy, we got a bat on robertson near anawalt

excerpt: this on 09/17 sunset and larrabee

our laughing cow at koontz still

great panties by lucky brand and calvin klein too at marshall's beverly connection - i love these!
we were just making fun of lucky brand, too for not selling much at divine design
meanwhile, nordstrom rack is good there too with shoes and etc. by size and jackets also

the 'mozzarella bar' in beverly center has this big screen stage center at escalators
cheese hasn't been that great lately i just made lasagne with lesser stuff...use precious

outside of apple store in beverly center...i'm in there always looking at better screens

another shot from the east-side escalators at beverly center...

redux, and the best i can do right now

briar patch on san vicente near cedars

preparing for madonna's orange julius tomorrow

that's all folks!