you and i aren't so different, you know
your breath isn't that bad...even if mine is?
i ain't never been to jail...
never broke a bone, neither
ever caught anyone with a pint of haagen daz sneaking around out back at the dumpster?
you're right - i can't smell anything with 'coffee' flavour
but a sweet green tea...i'll see it
even as i spend nearly all my time hiding stuff from you
you just 'can't truss it'

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by simple request...

Guide to squeezing two kids in one room

If you have two kids and only one room then you have a design challenge. if you're lucky the two children are the same gender and close in age. You may not be so lucky though. Here are some basic guidelines to follow, that will help keep both kids happy, when trying to squeeze two children into one room.

The first and most important rule is to create separate spaces for each child. Most often this is done by giving each child their own bed. However, a bunk bed can be used too. If you decided to use a bunk bed, the most popular choice is the twin over full bunk bed, because it helps give each child a sense of privacy.

The second step is just as important and almost as simple. You need to create a shared space. With younger children this is often some space on the floor for playing. With older kids it could also be made by pushing two desks together, so the kids share a homework space.

The third step is providing enough storage space for two kids! Storage can be created in the closet by clever use of all the available space. Storage space can be found under the bed. Under bed storage space is the primary reason parents choose the twin over full bunk bed (at '' as if link fails dial direct) in a shared room; they just have so many drawers. Storage space can even be found vertically. Don't be afraid to put some shelves up the walls.

The final step to creating a great shared room for your kids is to paint it and decorate it. If your kids have a shared interest then you have an easy decision. However, painting the walls a neutral color and accenting with your kid's favorite colors is always option. Almost any two colors can go some shade.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------left right

Michael Jackson said 'Steve Jobs is as bad as Princess Di?' Yeah - in taking sense it bothers me. If people are only afraid for theirselves, who are you afraid of? Your mother. To much talk - people need see if helping you over the edge is cleanly present to an income missing, other.

rankin bass and their festival of holiday classics most special or first episode 'jack-o-lantern'
from our kix...

"To be speak is to be heard" - Michael Jackson 'that means don't ask - I'll tell you'
Says he is singing about three (3) lines in Cirque du soliel live about women..."don't follow the press, I will and recommend changes as put." Well there.

the lone ranger is always on our list of woodcuts: tiny tim knows to hide in a rock with sights seen before shooting you watch your back
quicksilver paid a high price for being too quick on the take a veritable tornado with his magic potion in a test tube robbing banks before they could see him go
only you make him old after the fact a mural to see it done...maybe he was just full of it the good life and died happy
trying to lesson me!

There's a word for business types that says-suggests you don't know 'their' sex or gender...'success' ('not having to ask' is mine). Even if 'fornicating' ('for no good reason' advancing to wit or personal benefit - how good are you?), people don't take enough or to say.

The sweetest pie ('sweet as pie') is the one not shared. Something small, yet sweet as to enjoy what kind. I like a personal size cherry myself no cut no bother...others, blueberry. Sky Mall.

Went to the library opening on Sunday a day later but just as crack - I'm going shopping (got a great coat at Marshall's this time beige army with woolen liner and pockets for a warm hug glamour on a rainy nights very rogue $50 plus those brown boxers chinese western...more: a corduroy brown jacket with wool lining is to be seek) lots of public speakings maybe for jail sense but looking to have as thirst gay? Not us...not yet. We are 'salt and pepper' I always say as black and white trash 'there's nothing new to us' but no showbiz to saint. I was cautioned walking around the booths as are personal testimonials the books had no pictures but stories about selves past, sex majurs. A greater giving of self is to be seen - friends and family that shame you into buying is what we want (I don't trust Facebook as anything but a response to my quote 'a place to put pictures of people you hate' to clarify their meanings to us as personal experiences may dictate - love to all who 'friend' me how but I'm simply perplexed and harshed to death with less than having to give - be gift buried in the future is better to me or come to dine). Be sure you want me to see - I'll be there and girls need not know what I come for we struggle with being unattractive only - don't help it to be true. Be clean for it an other awaits. Tom of Finland (impossible to fill rx's for leather gay, dreambook stuff) always signals a reject kinda, but is good to us anyway...I swear your shit will be stolen for acquiring too little of it and not heeding the way. New York.

Everyone is a loaded gun here - how quaint. All leave me with the impression they know better and more of it why. Deliver you to me. Hate is my guide - why so strong a feeling and no one survives that demon at lengths see war and I ask how would one just keep to theirself with so many nothings on their mind. I'm not sure about much and so you must be. All to be fade where are you so spoken of it 1936? My most honest answer is two or three pigs with a big dropping on big nests of inhuman and gross. Nothing I'd see of or bother a commerce of day with. Now some pig says re HP technology calling has delivered my words and is incensed (made to think of theirself too much). We deliver ours clean you can trust it and ask to revise downward to quell a shitting in the box. No summaries, please, but do science anyway even though the place isn't allowed to stay still even one minute without a dreamy wasteland of interpersonal pleasures afoot and careers of intelligent (a classroom) work seven days a week nothing not elective. Be seem.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't think the new library has even one new book in it all grease tomes anyway. That's funny and makes me wonder about it all...nicer people (um, of public deference) may have appeared, however.

Here's the MP3 (or better said in some fidelity issue...extra megs is for channels laden, and doubles roughly and for bass depth) of the new Curve song - each copy of the song here has its place...don't mention it I hadda pay for this one $1.21 and across lines from the UK: Curve "Get Me Through This" MP3 (13.4 Megs) seen before as 'thru'...we ask for 'hellos' only from studio guests and this is theirs yet... a full release bothers me for trying too hard and is business leaned up against art...just get me thru this and should better not be on "The Way Of Curve" (why'd I not see and receive by-from earlier? is England's for dropping our label too harshly - they don't get great gift yet as they won't have Estupendo...'not ours' and if "In Disguise" is not acceptable to them as having harsh lessons of dying afoot makes you seem willing to weave right in)...and keep listening statures afoot. Recording giant "Bug" on Sunset 'no word afoot on whether we'll get a loan (shoot to kill or use yours first)' like each of its solid gold predecessors with Dick Clark - has dropped its moniker on the old 'Visage' building (whether you have roommaker Teddy Casablancas or that kid with one liners on tv not mentionable yet for lack of name recognition Book Soup that is granddad John Ondy dying of it tomb - examinating futures what about Hugh Carey (um, a governor of New York) under the stairs of Letterman laughung like Grandma...kutzpah) . We're there anyway but refuse a fight. Money equals pay? Rent to own - or else pay.

Caution: I buy to know a buy. Family and friends = death unless agree elsewhere with nomen (of no mention, a non-person plus). We don't send ourselves flowers for a grave but hope to have wood-laden boxes and of body parts carefully sewn within our own homes. Our love. Our love must not disease me with your pills, however. Wouldn't it be easier just to suck on an old man about town? No. It's the unreasonable of demands that made me my own god to you and at once become them. Meanwhile we hear an old 'e-flat a' and 'e and b flat' or 'g and d' type malefaction take shape and Monti drums shorn off at the end type stuff and not yours but played within funeral sense I myself progess to...'a march' again.

Toni (Dean's still down in it 'a crude' but solemn): "You don't do anything I care about...I pay" Production credit would hurt [others knelt] bad next issue...don't take my mind on trip. All mirror halls...

the old library has been demolished - now see that
i want 4-h to do a haunted house again this year in the auditorium nearby

the desktop scene at the new library internet and all
one (1) hour of stink-free usage per day, per card and the first nine (9) pages of laser-fast print are free

work stations on the second floor

slick window view up san vicente on the second floor near workstations
taxes make this available for all and you see

stairs inside up to second floor this is basically a public parking garage only, you know - its revenues

dvds for no rent but late on the first floor

stairs - count 'em - sixteen (16) each set honor me my day of birth

grand opening tomorrow saturday, october 1, is 10 am - 2 pm

another mural to see on another wall...

flagstaffs next to that auditorium we spoke of - i like the lift up to dirt and nonesuch

people say they wanna know what i bought at target:
one pizza hut personal pizza with small drink
a big bottle 'mvp' heinz ketchup
a bottle of gulden's golden brown mustard
three (3) cans of chef boyardee spaghetti
a pack of the skull lights we mentioned $2.50
a pack of frozen corn
a pack of frozen zucchini
a jar of ragu spaghetti sauce with meat
a pack of 93/7 hamburger patties (4)
a box of duoz cheez-its
two (2) bags of barnum's animal crackers (my mother had to buy these for me whenever we went food shopping - or no deal)
a bag of mini-size nerds grape strawberry
a box of cherry pop tarts
a loaf of oatnut bread
a five-pound bag of sugar
a bag of beef jerky
-------maybe more i hadda pay $0.03 upon leaving and put a box of coke back (better to travel)

orange bougainvillea on holloway is worth noting if somewhat pale here

the choir cross and jetstream from somewhat

the altar lives and moves for me always

the mcdonald's courtyard was already empty at ten 'til
it's payday today 09/30 don't worry about me...
extra bucks from summer spending at cvs tomorrow!

Note that on October 3rd, Saint Victor's McDonald's vouchers will be limited to the first fifty (50) in line starting at 8:30 am. There's alot of hope or hospitality around today...

john carpenter's 'the fog' 1980 ocean county mall, tom's river, new jersey
as seen in 'national lampoon' up front

Just in time: UPS delivered our Lysol toilet deodorizers today in a brown box. So - do the math - very cheap, very nice. One lemon swirl cup is on the job right now, and by the way, the blue bars of soap Lysol have ain't bad neither. Button up. Meanwhile, got a free cookie from Subway today for filling out a survey online (from my receipt earlier). Cheesecake and raspberry - nice. Usually twelve (12) cookies for $5.

the fish and turtle pond at greystone today 09/29 from above on stairs

a friendly lizard stops to pose for me

strangely, these are topiaries...i thought to keep foods high e.g., carrots

roundabout garden where children should play; the cherub and swan are here

wedding field, however no such

stairs to wedding field - practice your hearts out

arboreum or tree lane outside - a long walk of trees is all i see ever

gas light to see when low - is very stylish in lavender a crown royal and all

turtles and fish love bagels their eggs - know for future care and feeds like a teething ring

the bagel in under there - don't tell brian

a fancy brick mosaic on sunset in light yellow and to honor me

Marie Callendar's frozen dinners on sale at Pavilions again this week $2.50 a meal. I got a couple of 'em earlier this week at Target (my sister gave me a $50 card for my birthday a bit late one month exactly plus some more days). The strike's still on for October - trust that. And I'm all signed up to work again...that's the picture I took on the roof our meeting place. Lots of older men like Andrew Morton (Elton John's secretary-cook) showed up...few women.

The West Hollywood Libary is open for business now - weeknights 'til 7. Many computers and internet (1) hour use for patrons is upstairs, teenagers (<18) have computers on the lower levels. Quiet, nice. No signing up yet.

Kobe beef is removed surgically...did you know that?

TracFone gave me my money back pretty fast after I was yelling at them on the phone (2 days with $30), but I still have a radio-jelled printer cartridge that doesn't work and an ATM card outstanding (today the PIN came). People are real jerks this September. Give me my money iTunes. BMG, and Columbia House. The president here wasn't real (he says no fans of his anywhere) Neil was jailed over portraying...there was a fundraiser at House Of Blues I checked on that by stopping in (the jetliner hauled in from Burbank estates). Someone like him got bit by a snake on the elbow as held by a black woman in a grassy over-the-shoulder bag. All junky reporting. "It was like [diluted] blood and stunk" in the white cotton cloth rolled up on his elbow...

Let the scrounging begin: Don't think that ATM's eating your card after a lockjaw (no cash returned, four to seven-day wait with weekend) check deposit on direct deposit account is gonna help you come Friday one day early again for salary pay. We'll be around, Fatboy. Caution TracFone users: I tried to buy thirty (30) fucking minutes online three (3) times in a row and yes a physical card at the store is twice as much...and no minutes came but charges on my account still. One says within ten (10) days the money comes back, one says twenty-four (24) hours. Are you the difference in time again an account person with cash up in the air no place to record a debit or credit? Ten (10) days at the end of the month? See your money there. I don't work for anyone but you cheaping it all are all niggers anyway. Show us again, or I'll be at your shitty tofu weddings with the men in white trying get you down off the curtains and your stepfather won't be able to pay for you shitting on the floor. Ever notice no cares anyway they still say it you're fat. Yup - ask Richard - he's pretty though. Maybe you are gay (you pull the meat open to one or the other with success and no harsh of takens and then shut up with thanks to demands off or for filths seen early, otherwise you'll stop using soap and water in the tub 'for being something unusual what others wouldn't want' my own such correct). And remember the first lady's caution of having "a childhood before obesity" an obsolescence ("you've obstructed our sales to us less us") or "you are old anyway." You default to age, not youth. I see to it and wait there at youth.

09/25/2011 TRACFONE *AIRTIME Pending -$10.20 +$3.48 09/25/2011 TRACFONE *AIRTIME Pending -$10.20 +$13.68 09/25/2011 TRACFONE *AIRTIME Pending -$10.20 +$23.88

Stampmaker to the stars Hewlett-Packard fucks people too with buying print cartridges on their giveaway printers. It's your only market - fuck us again. Now there are two '60' blacks with 'morningside' or manufacturer codes? What are you nuts? You are the company that introduced radio scan tags with those space invader blocks and still I can't get women and fags outta my home with askings of money already paid.

"They don't want people doing what you do [refilling used cartridges myself with kits sold online although we still majorly buy loosely]." Now you get more or twice the business with me because you invade my privacy with the english tones of sherwood Apple who are already marketing my money (iTunes) with savoir pigs? Don't forget there are cars and homes everywhere with my name on them as loans. I have and you don't? Your new currency of cheap service or cartridges doesn't cover slanty eyes and dicks with shit on them yet. Bad breath isn't true of dentures you know - more like coffee.

Two (2) serious things I hate: The internet is supposed to be point-to-point as sold. We have many naked people on blogs together selling faithfully us like Russian whores. I hate their involvements for no named. Naked blogs? Illegal starting with that name 'blahs' or nothing you need see. Hates (the demon dialer) own family farm starts with online handles and no truth then their comment with no crime committed. I need jail time or no pay plus work for seeing my asshole off and down over a vampires coin of having it too hard to stay around during the day but then a burgundy of savoir nights to retort. Who are you to complain? Blood loser to gain. "The clear winner is always comforting [to me as me then]." - dM

See composite online nudity for what it is - you advance while others stay behind. That's sex, bitch - and its illegal quality. National pride (the borders pushing outward are theirs, not ours...defined is 'stores closing' our tokens our currencies rest here no to be touched unless upgrading) is not within - it's how we feel out and around it. About how we recognize and choke each other off to a death with junk thoughts and feelings. How fast you get off it is necessary to me. Don't get me wrong - I play, but they other know too much too easily. A little specific education meets a little mind of it. You do hair too? Wouldn't it be easier than having them burned alive in a car with married gays male and female? A male homosexual is a charge - a crime usually. AIDS liked real value in its currency. A lezzie leaves me with the bill while she helps pay some as a matter of ethics (efficacies killing some letting others live - the way gay chemical composites kill AIDS with some less for less given me all time factors versus having seen) or contributing. When it's all over one should ask the other what happened and rage back to life or sift around in the sea mist night and day return a salt. I remove the specific problem once and only once and from complaint mine or yours. I remove the cause not the potential or life vying for life. I need my life back where one nonesuch grumbles under their breath only and never has their say not ever not with AIDS anyway. "Maybe there's a better place for you" I'd say often to myself as being wrong simply. Thus no other currencies or thought of for my minors (my mother taking care of her kid in an offland place like NJ but happy happy and enough their aims taken to aim) are hatched open to others and puruse. I tell you when I know only. You don't need to live or love, I do. Or then AIDS-types are bothered with their own currencies of saying and doing too much for those who have no means to pay an upright magic butler that serves nothing warm versus cold or top versus bottom. I'm not doing anything but changing the place constantly as I breath of avoiding you and I don't want change. I want a harsh of alkalis burning my nose out and threaded intestines again. That's just liver fats you fool. "AIDS was made [by me] to out people specifically, or then to shut them up with embarrassment - all news to me." I died embarrassed only and sheltered with others alone lying listening to pretty music on headphones unless you took some of it up anyway. On a street near this. Between the same major intersections of streets. In a black bungalow.

The cherry Fanta below was good, but I had to put only the grapes back $4.49 after running to check at the ATM. Neither the clerk or I could think at all like he knew why and wouldn't say. They run ex-temple to clear but cite with not seen as such no store. Don't think you're funny. I've been running ruinous shits all weekend and you have that. Never should my mother not appreciate me and now no little strike job to defend me here? Seek self as they depend on losses already seen they seek mine money. Only women and faggots are this cut-throat a latin mime just follows but is dumb enough. Never expect a lottery millionaire to understand the loses projected one self.

I say 'not a chance' but my father says thirty bucks a week in rub-off lotteries pays him well $400 a month on the top. I know liquor stores have staff rub 'em down and report on tax butts as pay it's there.

Disease or pathological implement can be spread to no means as having been coined. Yeah - only I spin more if I want like I make light and heat - no bother. Keep flancing - I negotiate AIDS down too 'you can be here' I say but don't eat the place out. "A parasite that consumes its host?" - dM Only you you know better. Some is just from the inside. I swear Terry drinks too much vodka to make those round potato bugs.

quote about my mother: 'what are you gonna do ruin everything and leave it in disarray - for you?'
this the new coke machine at pavilions west hollywood on 09/21 though you can't see the screen well
you choose a soda's commercial logo on the screen by finger and it opens up their own array of choices to be paid by the cup size ($1.29 is the smallest or so with ice just had me the $1.99 purdue chicken sandwich again and i'll be waiting for panda express today leftovers from an office party...he took empty containers to work)
one such is seagram's a sensitive right now as i'd like to post a jug of 7-and-7 at the pool for cups - this their lemon seltzers (a '7-and-7' is seagram's scotch from rite-aid and 7-up in equal measure on ice 1:1)
fanta is there in full-swing, but no banana puree theirs now at 7-eleven for slurpees (the new raspberry blast one is good too...i usually get pina-colada flavor and mostly then coke $1.49 tall)
7-eleven's gonna have free medium coffees on thursday 09/22 you to take a look
p.s. denizens (home owners? people who are well-known to outsiders as simply living here and are accessible to a gun looking on, kinda) of west hollywood can get panda express at beverly center third floor and eat on the rooftop patio if necessary
p.p.s citizens live in the city and are sophisticated to dream seekers not present - 'major market' we call it, not just people known for speaking, they have lived the life of and have the keys and it is not cheap or to be seen as such
p.p.p.s. don't mock me about the bridge to sofitel - it's there...take the apple-side escalators to the new fourth (and fifth what's within) floor and enter the long cityscape walkway-shop that is xxi or something and exits to starbuck's from the old movie theaters - it's coming soon
right next door is the seriously expanded men's section of h&m still a good buy...always too cheap

For friends of it: Ashon Kutcher is Charlie Sheen done down for it as his [Sheen's] body doesn't feel good ('hernias' he said). The humor is all there - follow it. Says Sheen now as "Cane" (for 'sugar cane') "I'm not allowed to address [Jon Cryer] directly [in the show is roundabout now], and I'm not allowed to make him sweat really" and adds "I gave away something to escape extradition, really." Thanks. For the fun of it, Sheen is first noted in jail in John Hughes' "Ferris Bueller" (1986) making the sister or 'star' happy.

nose set, no sale: serious queers celebrate the end of the military's 'don't ask don't tell' private policy (um, 'you don't say') today 09/20
real queers grow up thinking they'll hafta fuck in a morgue as simple as 'rolling over a yellow ass' - it's that nicely kept
instead we offer 'no set, no sail' like in new hope, pa you don't need anything but few a rumour motels 'the raven' and sailing past china 'why would our people see that?'
now you to speak for me making us both look like shit and ask if i want to massage your feet?
yeah - when you're fuckin' dead

chaz bono? get the real stuff - you'd keep it locked up...elijah blue and the best of my ability the real chastity is melissa etheridge and that is just still's dancing with the stars is cute

the following dated 09/20 while i move for continuing labor disputes (they will reject you still as i do, and i wanna work some), and metaphorical release from the ol' copper pot where is china offshore again:

the door at the first gay club i ever hesitated to enter begin 09/87 - 'peanuts' or now 'voyeur'
drag queens make me feel safe...this blond guy at the bar had the slimmest hard-on ever (a 'slacer') he was pretty still
you know faggots and their youth: always hoping for the best while carefully eschewing you - good advice that
'tombs but agree'

this palm tree just nearby said it was threatened somehow for removal

the real 'nightmare on elm street house' as it stands today on genesee in hollywood - the real childhood of marvin gaye
the white actor notwithstanding (robert englund), gaye says this old white woman locked him up with lit logs in the attic burner loose and chained barbados
he was drugged and got out 'a few times' he said today
the blu-ish smoke pours out of the rear pipestack

"I get in trouble, kinda, invoking God's junk for people to see. Somehow it's wrong, but on a dark walkway on the side here near the yellow house I showed you, I sit at night and talk quietly to the ghosts that are here fluently. We are Heaven, after all. One night, arc of the covenant in three pieces or roman hall movements I won't describe came from a yard nearby as carried-floated and stopped in the walkway just short of us pillars etc. On or around Labor Day, these pumpkin-like beings hung over the cement fence as if on springs their eyes are brown and human but darkly set in tissue surround and roll backward beautifully before strained with the thinkings of hearing and speaking (like having a sore throat seriously cautions a swallow, I'd say it again - simply beautiful and by blacks all perfect dead stuff, dirty beige cloth or bags on the face mostly for no bother but real eyes that do see..very acorn-looking the head the size of Paul Lynde's as pictured here, was Richard). The hats on these two are like huge clover leafs only four (4) pads like grapes have. There are two of my punishments afoot: one is seeing each other as is, the other keeps them around for days on-end while I immerse in them. It asks the question 'what if all were lost by say a bomb or such - how so rewarded them?' and these all appear for it like the long seafloor bumper car building that came out back when I raised the apparent water level in consideration and as claimed earlier. "I hate faggots celebrating my so such demise." Down the walk I was beckoned to meet a full-size human darkly lit, bound and gagged as tied up and kept in a decorative circus box that was exchanging news as propped-up with phanlons or dark ape-like creatures their babies, really. This painted ornate box is big and rests under or near a huge palm tree and is Richard's grave "but I really like it." Me too - it was his mother in there that night, though, I asked on approach. Bring no harm to us it's all dead folks here mostly ghosts from AIDS and all angels, hospices...heaven can wait, but what a beautiful life there is to be in dying! "What did you have? AIDs?" Snakes huge everywhere I breed them in the grass and the trees for the days you win from me but still I feel in truth me and my gaseous children are not enough to feed you a death. Each viperan but a long stretch of white triangle, me then. You.

Richard's mother of bees fame plays a huge snake called a 'geneva' or something (it's called a 'garamond' as typeface? it's like that has black geodesics all over it that are fat in width and constantly change - very square corners like keith haring junk) and was eating on someone across the street these nights (one gets consumed for being flaw and is adopted by spirit or the mind of to partake as the new mein or eyesight - a grandeur in dying silently to me) as I watched. She came by one night to yawn in my face an open pink bratwurst warm as I slept on the air mattress and as I fix her after being weighed out too meanly. No one whips them out of a house faster than Richard - she was on the map fast one night so fling and writhing. Snakes are decorated and assured to be an anti-matter, an arm of God, really - red spangles and with black ribbons, an outer space of, an outer limit fed you.

My mother is accused of putting brown vipers in my playpen when I was little for biting others too harshly (just a tishbite?) The baby gets bit surely, but all with brain squeezing hard and at-will or tooths forced down all are victims here ? the snakes can't win and the baby cried with bites on the cheek but lives on somehow. To dumb to die? The smallest brains of tissue - so spaghetti each side a fang - issue the fastest, sleekest poisons by my own model. Brazil.

Paper is 'silent' for 'signed an agreement' for no talk. A 'psilon' then is a 'simon' seen and seeing it all too simply, a pseudonym, an art person given to it. Knows the pegs involved, and carries one's self off, I'd say. Maybe more later.

look hard at skull center - unretouched of this weekend no prize too small

"Isn't it your turn to eat me?" - A Sam Gross character in a lifeboat with others watching on

Three (3) times a day to apply make-up: once In the morning, once just before lunch, and once before going to bed. Huh?

How so if pantyhose: Six (6) days maximum wear, wash and dry once only with regular bar soap. No dryers.

A 'paragraph' changes with the mind's eye opening and closing too as if overhead and listening to it. A 'chapter' is a person and a place - a cross bourne if will a map in a life. This, here. A look that cannot be escaped by seeing it. "Every ten years" we'd think.

Feature it: Doug's actual iTunes at September 2011

east west: i've never studied lunar phases, but this untested ('unsensed' then) chart for 2012 from the bodhi tree on melrose made me happy enough
mind over says simply 'left to right, dark to light, a tick a day thirty days only the rest is yours-ours
i know how things work, but see little chance of understanding the moon - one day here over the city, the next day there over the ocean kinda a half smoke blanket or not at all seen recently - we'll see about this as i study the earth and its tilted axis what never errs
what i have seen is much fanfare lately - like light and snow literally swirling on us from a lit point in a cone above
we'll study up

09/19/11 1817 Flash! The carpet cuts from Madonna's 'orange julius' are in dumpsters on San Vicente right now for the taking. I'd take 'em but they're a bit long in the hyde...

Of course the basilisk of chicken soup (rice, celery, carrots, whole peeled tomatoes, can hominy stirred in for me) we boiled up was real good too...we're trying out all of our old recipes and next up is yellow curry chicken salad with chutney and red grapes...I ask people who use old cookbooks if everything holds up ingredient-wise and it does they say. "Seasons change."

September 19: "My friend said he had a bug crawl on his face yesterday as he napped." - dM
We've had our problems here with little round brown bugs on the box spring mostly and the wall some. They lived mostly on the box spring fabric at corners left and right at the head of the bed. They have some black grease and the remains of what looked like termites they were eating as such just some clear parts-shells remain and some wooden-type grits. We've been sprayed professionally twice now besides regular use of the concommital (no interest, yet) insecticide Raid (never ever failed me - clears breathing too) and are using a canned spray called Bedlam. How appropos. The box spring went in the trash with the first spraying many days ago a result of many such bakings and creakings of hot weight (the mattress set - no wonder yet - is brand 'Sit 'n Sleep' ) and we are using the mattress on long wooden slats from Anawalt on Robertson for now - $25 worth to be sure, 6' lengths (got more gas for the grill too, $20). As an aside, my own strategy here was to avoid spending the cash on a whole new mattress set before I seek same for myself. But back to new wood, they eat this too, huh, pressure pine and all. Tell another soul (more like an asking of, I'd say): Of course we're not the nicest people and are ghost related here, but we are not necessarily dirty excepting my sugar of lube maybe. Termites, what leave a bitterest of coffee grounds on our floor-length window sills but get vacuumed right up, also release the nasty plastic of gasses a vapor from woods their esthers what make problems of the skin too. Particle boards, I'd say. No fear of bugs mostly, but I hate bother and Neil is here too making-taking. Get over it with me.

President Nixon became Justin "Weird Al" Stoller...and you? More later...

' she's got electric boots | a mohair suit | you know i read it in a magazine | at home ' - sings it from the bottom up, elton john 'bennie and the jets' or simply ' that whore ' back home is 'honky cat'

A vasopress under the sea as seeing one's own eyes (as binoculars may reflect in a coldened steam-pressure glass) is 'hyperion' (more as 'heparin' or 'hep-lock' in the hospital you can inject through these already-inserted IV tubes and as they see their own eyes with medications for blood pressure). No, a 'foley' is a catheter or 'false leak' or a fool's gold for one hurt already. If incontinence is like your 'daily constitutional' or walk for manifesting yourself to others, a foley lets you manifest yourself or then control yourself when no one wants you around for leaks as unfelt but pressure emits. Heat and pressure are all to feeling some, a touch then. The tube is rounded on end and has holes on either (keep yours) jelly for insert.

Barbra Streisand Revisits Us On September 18

Babs: We're here again - why not you?
dM: Here in trouble?
Babs: No - respectful again, please.
dM: Fine, fine, fine (thinking it calms a witchcraft as said…in the air, at the ground, in the dirt - or, dead and buried)
Babs: We want class always. You have a hole in your pants [in the rear on right shows white undies]. Why?
dM: I got those khakis you see out of a rag bag under the bed. Very comfort and like white [tee shirts], [I] can't say enough about it.
Babs: Is that right?
dM: With all due respects, I'm getting into sunscreens for sure and keeping hot [or dark] clothes off.
Babs: You've gotta be kidding!
dM: You learn not to burn.
Babs: No rhymes. But seriously, let's take off again.
dM: Are you leaving?
Babs: No, not yet.
Babs: Your mother is not well - true?
dM: She is not happy with the burdens of the men in her life. While scary [to consider your mother in decline], having me hear gets you troubled. I like doctors and surgery only. Pills.
Babs: I hate doctors - they cost money.
dM: [Can you be] more fluent -
Babs: I hate people writing me down - don't help.
dM: We worry about you, too. Don't go anywhere - or else.
Babs: That's all for now.


...and yes, she asked to be called 'Babs'
guests pick their own monikers or quick signs usually - usually

Next, Liz Fraser stopped in today...

Elizabeth Fraser Admonishes Us Once, Twice

EF: We're carting off more cash than carry - this isn't good.
dM: When people - keep the feeling - imitate you, there's a Scottish accent [mind you, this one leaves you to yourself two words in...] - should we?
EF: No - only sex favors.
dM: Formidable guest only - a taker.
EF: No quest here - back to money. We leave more money for other than we intend to. Don't cut us short here.
dM: Okay - I'm learning, but slowly or the hard way.
EF: Don't learn - just leave under study. Come back later then.
dM: No need just yet.
EF: Makers take theirs first. We make, then you take after symbols are said [this recorded to be in a confused] way and he (Robin) agrees merely. I am his boss. As you say, 'trust that.'

More later.


"Beauty is for I am 'beneath you'...that is, you are humbled by this." - dM

the restoration hardware on beverly boulevard is no fine merchant, but has a beautiful courtyard and specialty teas inside

curve 'get me through this'

i wait for the doctor
to speak
i'm well-rehearsed
as i lay and leak
my father -
he's in the game
a silent agreement
has been exchanged
though he respects what i do
he doesn't know
what i go through
one day
when i'm thirty-five
he'll see me in buildings
as he walks on by

all i ever wanted
was your time

just get me through this
i won't let you down
just get me through this
while i'm safe and sound

i'm twenty-six
going on fifty-five
just getting to thirty
would be a surprise

i fought today
'cause it's hot enough
no time to speculate
if i'm loved
or missed
- or loved
- or missed

'don't love'
'don't list'
'don't love'
'don't miss'
'don't love - '

all i ever wanted
was your time
why has that always
been a crime?

i'll make you proud
while i make it crown

'all i ever wanted
was your time'

many notes now is later:

i never talk to doctors or people i've reduced to and ask for help like i know anything (or as a cheap challenge in reverse)
be it for pay or subseen
i know not to
i know to wait for orders for 'fat-free' foods
i take care of myself, and sexually if too
this time it's serious
i'm in your hands, but can't pay
if revising, they take too much, and i can't pay
i won't pay you
if it could kill me
you could live without me still
they didn't know everything at present - or did they?
i don't tell people my age anymore
what do you see then?
i was supposed to be a 'millionaire' at thirty - my father's ridicule
five more years to see it then?
see me ridiculed with my real names above the door
see me in jail working as a prison guard just walking by
or to see one another casually after one is announced by a death
all i ever wanted was your name as the unholy christ - but i can't just ask for anything myself
was your name as a person i could get to know better as perhaps interested in each other - always new and unhating me then
their 'time' then, sure
what was i thinking of anyway?
i think i'm in so much trouble as just this close to a flame i can't bear or be with it myself
one more minute of being just as happy delivers me to you unannounced and all over again for you as unasking of it and yet
and so i've taken the reins back and forth to and from me
for now, just do what little i ask of you or fear to you for my next confession
do this while you can, and while i can receive it from you in good health and thus you pay it to be with me
the time is now, or never again if just to be as i am
getting to be great by thirty would be a surprise to us both as now
both with years added
who old do i look - is this sense?
and to be fashioned with you just looking on?
am i smart enough to say this with just me in mind and now you and thus a harsh refract?
just do what little i ask ashamed and burdensome at times confessing to you
you to get it off your chest, and also be the chest of for it
i hope not to be brought to my knees by a human condition before all is to be seem
by a breast cancer taking me down
by an onslaught of common and anger me then
don't waste your time
your fragile body and mind -
thinking about what happened and why
taxing a no-pay
trying to get away from working for me with and ever in mind
but you understand it all for me and somehow you do too
time slows down
it opens up
it told me how you know me well before i can speak for you too and ask of it
before i can say or while i do this for you and to be with
like a harsh snap in the background as i form my words
you just get yours in first
don't work
don't list
don't play
while i wish a crown
on a rear tooth
that's coin
just get me through this
while i lay around

with each step i take, a stop

' all i ever wanted | was your name ' - no learning curve, changes to suit me

' first it rains | then it pours ' - curve, 'low and behold' volume 8...and so we disagree

' hard as it may seem | nobody's proved it | not even you | not even you ' - 'lillies dying' some

' i left alone | i left a note | i'd love to know | i left a note ' - 'hung up' then 'on rolaids'

New ! Curve alert : go to the official website for downloads of rare and unreleased:

'Get Me Through This' (fabulous, that!)
'Let It Go'
'Down In The Park' (a hand remix of the Gary Numan track by Curve)

---------'just a brief hello for now' says Toni and 'see y'all soon' she says-----------new song titles? 'i walk [to be] this way'-------xo

note: if you want the 'doppelganger' lp (1992) on itunes, change your store to 'uk' they have it for apple machines..otherwise, use the usa store for latter-day their saints

new cocteau title? '[my] camouflaged heart'

curve 'get me through this' is the 'crackdown' soundtrack

Word for the day 'poignant' is 'points at' - no speaking required. Affects the senses and if 'charming' carefully harms you by brushing against common or 'makes a memory' happen.

Does "I Love Lucy" live on stage (a la "The Brady Bunch") sound good to you? Click here for Greenway Court Theater on Fairfax (544 N. starting October 1).

the old black man that sells in front of bank of america in west hollywood each night (affect not) says this is a coyote tooth
i bought a dark-green bandana anyway $3, if 2 for $5

Our peabody 'Elmo' happens again Tuesday with 'Let's Rock Elmo' at Toys R Us. Then "Air Swimmers" a floating balloon shark on radio control in your bedroom at night! Also at Aah's yet...plenty of good Halloween too! New stuff!

Let's give Sylvania compu-tablets another try soon with a $99 wireless touch screen at CVS this week. The others ones folding that we tried earlier didn't show back up call. More: I looked at the Sylvania box in CVS LaCienega and Beverly - is sleek ask for 'em at the camera counter they're hidden well...also well-put is a $9.99 adjustable rate handheld strobe light by the CVS company that runs on batteries much like an LED flashlight (and thank that particular invocation here). For the car.

godsend or razor to boil?

from 09/17 on holloway...had cocktails at a multi-level house elton john built up in the hills 1978 (8535 hollywood $2.7m or so - way too cheap) - is just sold now, but no view is better chrissie hynde that gym
...and i went in all the closets and roof...thanks to terry and cindy! the other one barely made it up the hills walking to...from queen's road...and no ghosts ! funnily enough
p.s. lisa kudrow (chrissie's sister) was walking her dog outside this morning - get that?

Pavilions has 2:1 'Jennie O' turkey meat 'lean' until Tuesday, September 20...$5.99/2=$3.00 or so. The chicken tarragon per my recipe was great!

Had a free cup of coffee by invite and a single apricot walnut 'rugalach' ($0.99 the each) at the Beverly Connection Corner Bakery. Nice.

Like moccasins? Take a look at Minnetonka Moccasins online...but no sales ('no bigger than better' they say - 'no baking and bread'...)

Martha Stewart's shop for upcoming Halloween - the rising witch (up $40 today?) is a bit much to witness almost like real. More: Hanging black bat templates the way I do 'em by folding black construction paper Martha's shop.

Cooked Onion Dip?
one (1) tablespoon olive oil
two (2) yellow onions about one (1) pound
one (1) teaspoon of sea salt (some pepper to taste then)
one (1) cup sour cream
two (2) ounces cream cheese
one and one half (1 1/2) teaspoons white vinegar
chopped scallions both garnish

directions: cook the onions down to caramel onions about one (1) hour then cool - mix all together and garnish when cool...we use trader joe's 'root chips' potato, beets, etc. to dip into the mixture...$2.99 a silver is crackers.


foo fighters 'hot buns' video set to queen's 'hot space' lp (1982) track 'body language' - 'ooooooh!'

from greystone manor today 09/17

sodas why and then how:

coke - eggs, and egg shells or bread (add mayonnaise)
rootbeer - noodles and sherbets (no ice cream)
coke 2 diet - rootbeers and oranges only as usual
coke 3 as harsh coca - only for ice cream
grape - chicken only (no mayo)
orange - for egg salad and vegetable soup-type eats (replaces beer nicely)
pepsi - for soup no noodles like tomato
pepsi 2 diet - for soup with noodles
dr pepper - mostly for cherry sauces any pies or noodles not brown
strawberry - is for spaghetti mostly - only spaghetti
cream soda - is for ice cream sodas
orange crush - is for ice cream sodas along with grape and strawberry
birch beer - is for cakes, pies as too sweet
7up or shasta types no sugar - not for drinking, but for eats like doughnuts, cookies (not so much salt here)
ginger ale - for cakes mostly - any cake


more or less:
iced tea - fish and lookalikes
milk - chicken and burgers only (never with fish)
lemonade - with ice cream only (no sherbert)

for paul lynde sense - the most excellent dry erase bulletin board from cb2 (note: this was their 3-in-1 board)

all you may ever need with metal frame $10.49 at cvs
they got colored two-slice toasters, blenders, and hot sandwich presses too...$14.99 each...a three flameless vanilla candle set for that money

devo 'baby doll' from 1988's 'total devo' lp

devo resound with 'baby doll'

girl of my dreams
she don't love me
always the way
it seems to be

my baby doll
my baby doll
don't baby, don't
my baby doll
baby baby baby doll
my baby doll
my baby doll

light of my life
she turns it on
over my head
not close enough

my baby doll
my baby doll
don't baby -
my baby doll
baby baby baby doll
my baby doll

my baby doll

baby doll
you look so good
baby doll
you feel so big
baby doll
you let me have it
baby doll
why did you do it baby doll?

quick-tempered queen
knows what she wants
and what i got
is what it's not

my ba-by doll

my baby doll
don't baby, don't
my baby doll
baby baby baby doll
my baby doll
my baby doll

baby doll
you look so good
baby doll
you feel so big
baby doll
you let me have it
baby doll
why did you do it baby doll?

why did you do it baby doll?
why did you do it baby doll?
why did you do it baby doll?

why did you do it baby?


use detail too: 'r u experienced?'
la brea bakery now makes flautas!

today 09/16:

atop pavilions parking today a beautiful black rolls royce corniche convertible 1996

more photo opportunites at pacific design center's south side




me and ben sherman getting to know each other at nordstrom rack (they have lots of 'bliss' soap too)
my beautiful american eagle coat tan with hooded gray sweat inside $30 was missing at marshall's today...although they'll hold items for no cash for 24 hours and there's black magic-marker inside across the label, there's lots of 'ae' stuff

an interesting gold-plated planter on santa monica where the brush-metal horse is

it seems hamburger mary's on santa monica near city hall got their lights pulled down last night

coke is vending soda like 7-eleven now - mix and match your drinks this at fatburger on santa monica at gardener and is all black the machine

at target the humble skull lights from last year are front bin material at $2.50
right in-back, glitter skulls of styrofoam for the pool - same price

a full-on glow-in-the-dark skeleton is $40 at target

jack o' lantern and bat pillows for the car at target - what, $12?
the new missoni look at target is like all the afghans grandma pivarnik (bette davis, irene ryan) used to knit for us in zig-zags - i had a red and green one and a multicolored one with blues, reds, and mustards...sharon (um, joan crawford) got a purple, ivory, and lavender one


we love jennifer sofas red and all on beverly drive

these palm trees are actually tiles in a showroom on beverly drive

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
if it's not too much, watch sponge bob get his butt kicked at tmz
is on hollywood boulevard across from hooters

09/15: hi to ryan phillippe seen earlier at cvs santa monica and lacienega (waiting for an rx) - good height and weight, farmers hat on green panel out front...

the blessed la weekly truck parked out back on hancock - delivers the due (that's bud yorkin on back? eyes looking up is usually sam kinison)

dreams of late: was picking out children's halloween costumes on the west coast with someone adult wearing a black candelabra on their head made out of felt or wool like the common wall silhouettes of late...

take a detour to our photojournal of 09/15...this madonna's upcoming orange julius at pacific design center

restoration hardware issued that big cheeseblock catalog by mail and then poof! closed in beverly center...meanwhile a fully-fledged pottery barn, z gallerie, and crate and barrel are avaialble on beverly drive in beverly hills...williams-sonoma?

on the street today a (1952) 'belvedere'

the view of the hollywood hills from beverly center's east escalators

sunflowers at pavilions for art's sake

for art's sake at pavilions...'wigerland' they wanted in

what is a 'ponza' scheme? you keep giving and giving until you get there and see a hole in the ground - like water flowing in, you can't get out and go along with it to get yours enough...see 'social security'

pavilions has foster farms chickens this week $0.69 a pound or about $3 a some artichoke hearts in a jar from the produce section $1 each for chicken tarragon later (search this site) ...made meatloaf last night (search again) today 09/14 is terry's birthday and the feast of lights begin ! sixteen days from the 'assumption' of mary august 29 (mercer county italian festival is september 23-25 right at the mercer county community college's ice skating rink (with fireside ! circa 1980)...we're going to florida next at, or before, thanksgiving i'll be here in west hollywood for halloween again - dad and sister still live there in nj, and brothers)

coconut macaroons by barefoot contessa we just made...good...ralph's coconut (14 oz bag $2.99) and sweetened condensed milk (14 oz $1.49) are nicely priced toward our ends...

14 ounces sweetened shredded coconut
14 ounces sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 extra-large egg whites, at room temperature
1/4 teaspoon kosher salt


preheat the oven to 325 degrees f.

combine the coconut, condensed milk, and vanilla in a large bowl...whip the egg whites and salt on high speed in the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the whisk attachment until they make medium-firm peaks...carefully fold the egg whites into the coconut mixture...

drop the batter onto sheet pans lined with parchment paper using either a 1 3/4-inch diameter ice cream scoop, or 2 teaspoons...bake for 25 to 30 minutes, until golden and serve.


we here accuse the liberty bell of being bolted down because of being rung too much 'birth equals death', but 'not so' of philadelphia's (say 'philalenthia's') christ church says one patron ben franklin - 'i'd ring one and they'd ring one too' - one such special was the 'lacyeum' (um, 'lyceaum' lay around seeing for ourselves) what tells folks how to do things you do on their own 'no such bell they'd claim, but i've seen it myself being a sceret patron of theirs too'...

tracey ullman does linda granger a favorite of mine like a barbra streisand you can't get enough of it
i say her wealths keep her ensconced in it, she says 'she wants to live - you live, she doesn't'
i like the star-shmoozing and all - all hurt-free and is genuine and is hard to do
also the 'shedoobies' i call it as dancing in-place and turning side-to-side at conventions is truly funny
a finnegan's rainbow lays sideways and runs from door to door an actress' dream of
joe franklin is emeril 'emerald' or 'green with envy' he says of his father who is actually bob guccione of 'penthouse' fame
says he 'he got to to work, i only think and work some...' welcome michael 'pare' york too

see 3m has new packaging noodles seen at cvs la cienega (after seeing the aftermath of a car accident out-front, small wounds) - less space taken, less cost

if you like panini (flatbread) sandwiches, try the ones at starbucks - i had a 'chicken santa fe' yesterday 09/12 and although it resembled lunchmeat from here to there, they heat it up and it was pretty tasty a 'real' breast notwithstanding (not needed yet)...maybe, maybe not but good taste and only $5.25...try one...along with a mocha frappuccino and whipped cream the grande version...made it to mcdonald's last weekend to have their mango pineapple drink from parade before 09/10 but didn't get to the hot or cold mocha caramel...nice, but the machine to make one is laughable techno as a had to buy a big mac too - no cheats about $3.25 for both...

7-eleven now has two (2) glazed doughnuts for one dollar ($1) although i usually get the simpson's pink model with jimmies, it is not included in the sale ($0.89 plus tax)..also they have a buffalo wings-type chicken cheese roll for $1 that kept my mouth puffin' afterward no burns while eating hot hot!

isn't this what it means to work for favors? you never know when to stop
isn't this what asks you to move most? organizing?
this is a cd cart i put on wheels for ease in access a rack from a drawer or something - see and feel
remember to make room for double cd's (like the the b-52's 'nude on the moon' collection) their own slots on bottom four (4) of them
in the black carry-on (no longer ? from staples) a coleman queen air mattress and electrical hand pump sold together or separately
remember a fan loses its ability to blow air and buy new the honeywell tabletop - has heat or use burns on the blades
is now $22.99 at cvs yet see no oscillating base - our old one (same model-brand) from sears had that

our cd 'guess not' list
-------------------------------on left
curve 'gift'
bananarama 'ultra violet'
sheryl crow 'wildflower'
madonna 'die another day' [single]
pat benatar 'crimes of passion'
curve 'worst mistake' [homemade single]
curve 'cold comfort' [homemade single]
a flock of seagulls 'magic' [single]
radiohead 'amnesiac'
filter 'title of record'
coldplay 'parachutes'
moby 'everything is wrong'
cat power 'you are free'
bt 'r&r'
television's greatest hits 70's & 80's
saint etienne 'heart failed in the back of a taxi' [ep]
holiday golden hits 1
holiday golden hits 2
holiday golden hits 3
-----------------------------------on right
pet shop boys 'bilingual'
pet shop boys 'very'
coldplay 'x & y'
elton john 'rock of the westies'
ray conniff 'we wish you a merry christmas'
coldplay 'viva la vida'
soft cell 'the very best of'
led zeppelin 'in through the out door'
pet shop boys 'nightlife'
gary numan 'pure'
curve 'pubic fruit'
cocteau twins 'four-calendar cafe'
curve 'doppelganger'
olivia newton-john 'gold'
pretenders 'pretenders'
a flock of seagulls 'best of'
madonna 'greatest hits volume 2'
maxell [lens cleaner]
radio shack [lens cleaner]
the b-52's 'nude on the moon' [double set]

back to having it some: we bought the lysol soaps 2-pack but back to sense see gps corp has our swirl cups and in lemon and no charge shipping as yet! thanks google...meanhile cvs sported me a $2.50 box of ritz crackerfuls by coupon printout good until 09/13 - two (2) long butter crackers with cheese inside six (6) individually wrapped knockers per box...not bad at all, good eats...ritz is very buttery a standard really...

some piece of shit has it coming editing my page down (yeah - some dumb piece of shit)

president richard nixon's 'pan am' is scheduled for flight again in late september see local listings here's a clip - they love the jackie o pillbox hats
this elaborate art at a bus stop on santa monica across from 24 hour fitness

doug at home this month of 09/11 'a time to sell yourself, a time for asking'
don't be scared - i'm not

this at ebay and is not available in retail outlets $20 (15ml .5oz)
you to do your part to keep buying king 'i can get a bigger one for that' but we don't want you in the deal until afterward

"Pray in thanks - the rest we have FOR you." - dM

"A grave? A cashbox, a place to save money." - dM quoting his grandmother below about people in the basement of WTC

"Is about ARCO going broke." - dM quoting same and she says they planned for three days prior and she had to take 'a life' the tune of '$840 million' lost she says 'you don't break a company like that' she is in a jail of sorts-types for over-medicating a 'guest at home'

"Where you can cry to yourself without reproach, being seem." - dM about a grave

"Goodwill itself - never a bad day." - dM about Atlantic Richfield

these taken by phone at my 'private ceremony' right at sundown this 09/11
actually a lovely piece of art with memorial wreaths and all to surround

you access this memorial site turning left on rexford drive at santa monica west - it's under the city hall breezeway at library within
a lovely place to haunt at night actually if somehow bothered by the unseen

don't be so sure, and i won't remind you to stop making people unhappy with a word - let them be with or go ahead and hurt them anyway
only you know?
remind: the best view via scope of this disaster is in dino delaurentis' 'king kong' (1976) itunes should have it for rent-buy see you only

September 11...poof! 666! More later about ships my grandfather (um, cryptkeeper George Martin et al) turned over entering New York harbor dressed in black and arms the Brittania was electrocuted one long blue wave lit up under or in water, kinda. Woke up in a hospital in Georgia Keys (was moving cars for Ford and all in 1963). Underneath this big boat was Brian in the 'Brisbane' or something in a sunken vessel chock full of brown Model-T's. Intentional? Sure. He wanted a new car at the skyline light up when entering the harbour as they absorb waters from inside the boats (they pump in). See the connection. One World Trade Center is back up one hundred fifteen (115) floors less two (2) soon (yet six blocks down the street - they'll move) - Two WTC soon. The stock market is here too entombed some. See no life for sure-words yet. Obama wants jobs, we want money. Our money.

Meanwhile, 445 N. Rexford Drive at Santa Monica Boulevard has a disappointing (no eyes speak it?) wretch of metal from the original WTC site due at a 4 o'clock dedication service today. Pay more next time...Dionys (God's mind-building lamb of fruit and folly) is back now and with us fixing a hole in me...

more grandmother junk from another gay's 'rich tapestry of tradition': edie wasserman - now a rip in heaven - is my grandmother catherine moon? stop...look...listen (she had me edit 'lew' down looks like dean martin some)
quote now: 'you can't tell anyone anything without them getting mad - who are you anyway? my trustee?'
any last words? 'stop bothering me - i'm here and it hurts bad yet'
more form: 'don't tell people you're god - you ain't god yet'
she's hurting...i never talk to hurt
to connect the dots: cbs and nabisco ('we owned cbs and they followed us in - all troubles from no speak and no have for them' cbs derive from capitol records...)
god knows you...

ren and stimpy 'a yard too far' is new and representative of our hating it...
stimpy is god somehow and offers nothing to nothing offered...when in rome offers a bone

boston 'more than a feeling'
for no thanks but getting it right
people hate success its last word with them - for now, anyway

i looked out this morning
and the sun was gone
turned on some music
to start my day
i lost myself in a familiar song
i closed my eyes
and i slipped away...

it's more than a feeling
when i hear my own song played
more than a feeling
i'll be in dreaming [never alts 'here' 'begin' the car, driving]
'til i see my [maid] marian walk away

i see my marian walking away

so many people
have come and gone
their faces fade
as the years go by
yet i still recall
as i wander on
as clear as the sun
and the summer's gone

it's more than a feeling
when i hear my own song played
i'll be in dreaming
'til i see my maid marian walk away
i see my marian walking away

when i'm tired
and thinking cold
i hide in my music
forget the day
and dream of a girl
i used to know
i close my eyes
and she slipped away

she slipped away…

okay, her work is done…steal from the poor
the song is work apply still i like 'foreplay' + 'long time'
all we are is dust in the wind, some dirt

Revisit Then Remit To August 2011 Or Get The Cold Shoulder From Another No-One

we start our walk on the north side of santa monica boulevard in west hollywood heading west

in a few short blocks we approach beverly hills city hall at left on rexford

the 911 monument at rexford and burton way

burton way looking east from

the monument and mock twin towers at westerly view

the monument east view like legs leaping upward and away

up the west side toward rodeo and the modern roof of the '76' station
the cheesecake factory is on beverly - don't forget that - one block west of canon drive

beverly hills city hall southerly view

along santa monica west a curious animal of art laid down and silvered with plates

the other cd rack i made...

no cd by yourself
[mac mini book]
curve 'come clean'
rick james 'ultimate collection'
a flock of seagulls 'a flock of seagulls'
curve 'chinese burn' [ep]
madonna 'remixed & revisited'
lifehouse 'stanley climbfall'
queen of the damned [soundtrack]
book of love 'best of'
david bowie 'scary monsters'
fleetwood mac 'mirage'
depeche mode 'music for the masses'
curve 'the new adventures of curve'
soft cell 'the singles 1981-1985'
radiohead 'hail to the thief'
bananarama 'bananarama'
pet shop boys 'release'
nine inch nails 'head like a hole' [ep]
saint etienne 'boy is crying' [ep]
gerry rafferty ' right down the line the best of'
new order 'crystal' [ep]
depeche mode 'exciter'
cyndi lauper 'twelve deadly cyns'
camouflage 'voices & images'
aaliyah 'more than a woman' [ep]
curve 'open day at the hate fest'
cocteau twins live cd 1
cocteau twins live cd 2
cocteau twins live cd 1
cocteau twins live cd 2
a flock of seagulls 'essential new wave'
saint etienne 'so tough'
pet shop boys 'discography'
cocteau twins 'stars and topsoil'
curve 'gift'
coldplay 'a rush of blood to the head'
madonna 'hard candy'
the cars 'the complete greatest hits'
nine inch nails 'pretty hate machine'
scylla [homemade cd]
coldplay 'don't panic' [ep]
madonna 'music'
the beatles 'revolver'
five for fighting 'america town'
[data disc]
[data disc]
sheryl crow 'c'mon c'mon'
thompson twins 'greatest hits'
stevie nicks 'exit to shangri la'
pretenders 'viva el amor!'
technotronic 'pump up the jam'
no doubt 'rock steady'


the geffen playhouse at ucla on 'leconte'

the wasserman (um, 'what's her name') building at ucla goes up - and just in time (on westwood boulevard, that is)
jules stein (neil: eyecare operations plus study) is in back, doris stein (neil's mother: eye and eyecare study) is at right

the wasserman building from across the street at university credit union atm
this for a woman who was threatened with having a whole blue eye surgically removed...we lived together in 1986-1987 before i moved here and after clement died in november
there was a growth in her eye what to me was like the white squiggle on an egg yolk and apparently (lew lost an eye? great - is her brother marc ondy son of country quote dean martin is that me too?)