And That's All You Gonna Get - Seek Your Justice (Um, "Just This") In October 2004

As No Different Than Any Other Month 09/30/04 1147
Amount over monthly limit of 10240 MB: 13268.435
Current Bandwidth Charges: $121.14

We'll just hafta see about that.
Check It Out Cheap Celebrity Bill Sale 09/29/04 1426
Of a few days ago, see also Madonna's website for a little patronage - a dying lamb and her "English Roses Collection" (again, see my rectory...its histories on Sire Records and all) as such and as forthcoming. See Moon first. More then: I can't believe someone would quote the tedium of song "Imagine" - that is for from not having. Understand me - a good enough message "clear the board somebody speak to me" for squabblers shooters around with nothing to show for the atheisms (more than one theory embraced yet) afoot, but not now with the answers you have firmly in-hand. Inappropriate.

There's One To Be Born Every Minute 09/29/04 1149
You know that red-haired man sucker-punched you over a boy now admit that. We are God to you - not just you. I picked from a plaza of such four (4) to sweets made from your deeds. Each a heavily noted to beauty and if.

What You Needed Isn't It 09/27/04 1323
Ya know, this website is getting to be a real piece of shit (now I need a "business certificate"? asks, someone died?) Seems like something I'd do......a black also has to get it right each time then first or to endure you.

hogs pogs and logs

Who Would Have Guessed Ablock 09/25/04 0937
Country cousin Marilyn Manson plans on doing a live signing on Wednesday, September 29 at some place called "Hot Topic" (the Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue location in Hollywood, CA) to connote the release of this his greatest hits comp. The first five hundred (500) of sales pitched are guaranteed an autograph - no others needed apply. Info from the September 24-30, 2004 "LA Weekly". I talked to "Marilyn" just now about the little fieldtrip we took in seventh grade (Mrs. Persiani I believe - you were still with? I'm sure she hated you still "you are a freak") to Dr. Charles Tomas Imlay's (a "black man" he says) house in Allentown, New Jersey (a historical-type thing on Main Street now then and empty yet with old-time, rusted surgically-oriented "placings" for tours - all pans and horrible metal my sources, heavily haunted - not necessarily a bad thing yet will kill you dead in eves, days no reasons). A proper manse in town central, the house had its own "surgical suites" replete with all manner of truss and treacle. I like to think that the little house we toured there once served as the initial threat that blossomed beautifully here to me once focused and if not as stated cleanly. The things people would endure in the name of carings frightened me so - those fat hip needles unready - an early influence to yet (working in a hospital - once a paradigm [i.e., the best example served to you] of fear and loathing - bore me all of my children as unfrightened - we simply submit to it now). Back to and however, to present for such ("one bit a bullet [during amputations done there - no medicines yet"] in order to avoid faith and its placings, perhaps" - an evil done). Marilyn lives us great art in pictures, if nothing else. It inspires me. Your art, however....timeless. More: Imlay died at thirty-nine (39) years old in 1812. "Consumption" he says. The house never begged or borrowed - "it is mine yet and still." As for Marilyn, someone "unseen" (his earthly "father" he says) slapped his face on the way out the door (right at the rear door) last night after signing "five hundred fifty-six" (556) autographs "a mistake", "a real nightmare" he said ("eight hundred [800] people waited maybe" - we say eight hundred ninety [890] turned on to it). A miscount "I count them myself" he said. Furthersaid "You are not with us yet - people hurt you too bad. We'll miss you one day." So sorry you said. Have a way here soon. From God the above marking us: "Signing autographs is no one's obligation to yet. You do it for fun. Me too. Have a day it with soon. Stop being so selective all the time. It ruins your day [we know this is boring to lackluster already]. Your father slapped you not - I did for fun. Have a day with it playing games." From people who loved seeing the "real deal" up close as "excellent" they said - "we wish there was more to say [as between us]." Apparently, he was "laconic [reaching for words too much to impress us as others]." Oh, well. Someone on staff said "We're sorry you're here [as having to be and endure]." I'm sorry you lived too. Having abdured (asked not to with you -  see "rejure" as "not ever having to know and reminding it") last night (but one jerk-off a week, please), sometimes I go to these, but they treat people like shit with waiting and all. I try and stay off the meat I might cry but sometimes who could resist but yours definitely rate and pull it in. Me and my mother almost endured meeting Boy George at Tower, but then decided to not. Who else rated? Pet Shop Boys got me. Donna Summer too. That's it, really. More quote from Marilyn later after this stim. More from 10/01/04: One last quote - "I can't read you anymore. You protested me in faith. I am the one true God of it. Have you now - something less." For you, an eternity of yours faithed by it. Recommended yet to my pislte ("hard having of yet [nothing took its place]") songs and videos of "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" + "Coma White". Both available in video format at Lime. Have me.
Traffic-Wise A Bit Of A Jam 09/25/04 0815
My monthly traffic quote here at ValueWeb (use the affiliate link on the bottom of my front page it never paid once - I had ninety [90] of you succeed with me for eight months at least) is solidly generous at ten thousand two hundred forty (10,240) megabytes. I just got a bill of forty dollars twenty-six cents ($40.26) for overages here at eleven thousand five hundred ninety-two point two six (11,592.26) megabytes. They say thirteen percent (13%) overages on my report (the math? 11,592 divided by 10,240 - take off the resulting 'one' into). This, overstated wouldn't you say? I only pay twenty-one ninety-five ($21.95) a month for all noted (and at two hundred fifty [250] megs of transfer memory saved down). Never have I had an overrage I'll kill you for this that's one baggy of mine so far. They're trying to put me out of business is the quote I seek. We may have to seek the next higher plan at forty-nine ninety-five ($49.95) and one thousand (1000) megabytes of disk space and fifty (50) gigabytes of hot transfer. That's how I got broke the first time. See my math tingle to explain the bits and bytes better. 

don't shop and gas - just gas

More For Your Wallet 09/24/04 1138
You know, Ondy's did more than you know. They also started "Phillips 66" a local gas station in Allentown, New Jersey - their first ones, two at once, odd and local, at either ends of. They bought their fuel from my grandfather's Atlantic Richfield distributorship called "Camden Tym" (my grandfather drove a big, shiny ARCO truck for long periods of time) and made their name sold to it. Their last name then was "Phillips" (pre-Ondy showbiz) and they honored "Route 66" of southern gentry fame now another name for it then. The business collapsed over fighting and inbreeding I guessed, then sold to among others Atlantic Richfield again. If "Route 70" is famous for whores and the Las Vegas bound, "Route 66" can host armies and the gay like. Hear Depeche Mode say in a song called "Route 66" as simply " get your kicks | on route 66 " and then listen up. For Chris.....and young "Scott". In diner: "Apple pies, Boys?" "Nah - I'd like a blueberry though." Then fun and games supposedly ensues. "What? I've only been beaten up twice or so."

Who Else Famous Did Doug Date 09/23/04 1921
Who else may piss you off? Hi to Dan "Pycz" (say "peach" - the name means "half-spoken" in French) real last name is Morgenstern of Nordstrom fame (the store name means "half-empty [as we sold alot yesterday]" and describes a flooring for it in French - his half-brother is actor Ben Affleck - their father started the clothing company in 1956 in Israel with England astride - believe that - no they are not Israelis, but sympathetic to their cause). A very handsome man, our first date was at Benihana (Japanese context or spelled-out and wronged then for "broken before engaging [as both of our houses made one]" your group not important to us - separate in seating us always) on LaCienega (still there, yes - we sat at a table with another black couple - they cook right at the table by previous menu and request and you sit with others I like it then - also recommended on LaCienega are Lawry's a propered to English setting four stars only an expensive to prime rib and Tony Roma's another past-time favorite to ribs primed) after I having been slapped down for being too aggressive a need at Studio One (a massive gay dance club in West Hollywood as then - now see The Factory). We remain friends after several meetings of such I'd assume. From Arcadia, I hear he's doing police work now. Hi, Boy. I spoke to Dan in the head when I was at a Nordstrom recently - the art within all theirs kind of. Passing note: West Hollywood and Beverly Hills do not support fast foods and here of any kind. "We want our restaurants staved." More: Is watching "J-Lo" Jennifer Lopez on E! and please know that that bitch died in 1987 in Neil's apartment of 'waxings' after taping "In Living Color" in New York City where all was taped (first two seasons 1985-87). She worked with us at Great Adventure I hear (the lead or "red tag" supervisor on Runaway Train, mine in Ride Ops I was only ever an assistant lead thus an ordinary "black tag" and left at seventeen [17] years old: Flying Wave (swings), Buccaneer (swinging ship), Round Up, Carousel, Log Flume where she was too for a day or two max - my last day after four [4] seasons was in June 1982, Neil worked Lightning Loops only until 1983 (he hated it being successful with music but as unbought me subbing one day they asked you to move over to another ride with needs in excess on occasion "yeah - what are you doing here?" I'm always caught up with this idiot ? drawing blanks ? what did I miss again? - I ran Enterprise and Monster too, but briefly I add). J-Lo "I like his brother [Dan] too......[as defiant] you don't shop at Nordstrom's." Yes, I definitely do when I have the money as all open space for me and looking department to department. They are not cheap, but provide awaax ("sure and steady" in Spanish) service. I hate a lack of proper guide and clothes shopping matched up with me, but have bought two (2) full-on suits there and one expensive pair of shoes for about one hundred fifty ($150.00) or so from "Croatia" with no dots in the leaf-wing (up front on top). They help you choose all well and maybe sport a lunch for in their cafe. I hate dots on my shoes, by the way. Those suits - or I - looked so good, one grey (1987) and one dark green (1995), and have worn me well. This year, it's one from the Burlington Coat Factory from about three (3) years ago, again dark green, and at about the price of those shoes with a bit of sun damage on the shoulders. Comb it out with baking soda and seltzer (um, club soda - no quinines please) I'd say without damaging colors. J-Lo....if you died it, you'll be back. Like Neil & Co. One day, just as stupid each of you, but somewhere else. What? All eyes on me this time. However, was watching family film "Blade" last night and again on tv. My cousin Sherry Oravsky (the blonde with Stephen Dorff) got to be in that - so damn her mother's money.

Asbestos Is No Threat Ever Never Pay 09/22/04 1216
Just opened up the fridge and was thinking about the soda there and its sense of "false affluence" again. Remember that? Someone said to me in the head "it is affluent" looking so richly afforded and all. No - let's review. There are three (3) such popular point of views - one just made up now by me: "influent" or "influence" stops people from enjoying something new only. As flowing right in to say not of it, never be confused with "affluence" what provides it for others too. To be "affluent", one must be able and ready to pay for theirs others also and without thought. A "candiote" or "point of the matter taken lightly" asks others to pay for them. A brutality, really, and to be avoided by the affluent who seek others in need of and ask first then. Finally, the affluent never bargain anyone for anything - they ask to pay first and only. You ask the price of to pay in weighing it all out but only. Never ask to reduce or say why you didn't pay or risk then being "non-affluent" or now reduced from "affluent" who never ask. The "deregaele" (say "day-ray-gal" in French for "taken aback [over takings]" and yes similar to our "deregulation") asks others not to enjoy at all and make it a crime to do so. The "deregaele" never tell people what to do - they take it from them if found as such and there will be other such takings too. Are they all related? Like pigs make porcelain shine. What? Cow bones, and cow bones only (no steer, steaks, or males then), are used to make all porcelain. Boiled to soft and pressed so thin as glass but a salt in us really. The Chinese made it first. Pigs want you see that as how and to spare them as. Be affluent these days. Nobody drinks Pepsi saving Coke from it. I'm all about Coke products these days anyway a to switch briefly ("Vanilla Coke" or "Cherry Coke" then gives way to the less sugarys "Classic Coke" - a winner then to strategies founded). Usually I'm fondest of Pepsi (thinking off, perhaps a can of "Hawaiian Punch" may to be unloaded into your washer at the laundromat a soda machine tempts one the softening properties I hear superior to then). More: Someone offered "affluent" as "stopping others from making [producing] it [as with stalemate]". No - that is "premier" or French for "you can't afford not to [and with us as such and as said]. No one is going to do it better and for less done

Why You Died - An Unpopular Point Of View 09/21/04 1316
My traffic quote is rising inordinately here this month and you have been warned to stay off the grass or I'll kill you. Never sample my thoughts over and over to range me up like you do. A dumb woman somewhere eats shit for having me saned to your lifeless garbage. Remember - I kill that for nothing each a blurred version and stinking to heights haved. Two (2) down for it here. Take with care and never ask me to think about it too much. I wouldn't bother for it.

Admitting I Ordered Them High Winds 09/21/04 1232
Sitting around bored with me and you, I laced your last eve with high winds to challenge a thought made mine. Staring out at, it's fun to watch these yarded beings scramble for it (not to the point of having real hurts, but to see you thinking it all over and with me - you rustle my nerves with yours vandish tree noises hiding barking, now mine as an exclusive to wit - who makes a madder might?) A damn - some of these beings sure are fun to watch arms hands tending to nests of active little blobs so sickly yet maternal. They look just like baby grapes if so brutals the wind. All now to quiet we sleep if you think to portray all I ask is to do it well...with object thought somewhat missing. We prove with holes, not guesses at givings.

All Of These Reality Shows Are Getting On My Nerves Again And That's Real Too 09/21/04 1052
My roommate was watching one of those Islamic-style beheadings at the CNN site yesterday (where all class comes to a pinch-head) carrying on and all your target audience thus having been duly warned ("a faggot may be made to live in this type-day maybe you will be this for ruining my marriage with questions maybe it happens to you later today screaming like that now this will be in your way, huh [no - both are simply found hiding by me again and are at once thrown away a sanctity thing, my order is for, no, not you again - I've seen to you first and always read it as my first book - your sponsors tend to incontinence, manufacturing the latent textures of old age - it's better to live die]") and asked "why would anyone watch that [crap]?" Because you are queer and tied to all false feeling (no one you know happened to it) and memory syndrome (experiencing through others, it leaves you wondering - not about you, though) by trade. You are a gay. Well, technical problems arose (a bitter comlaint draws me in to end it simply) and I found myself right here and tuned in. Crap. Looks like pure shit (the guy - "Morris Talcwell" I get, Jerry Steed real name had a negro-ish pubic beard and screamed like a pussy when this other third-world type took off his resistant but well-groomed head with a knife....sad to don't know a minimum of ten [10] minutes is needed for that part removed a blade is no ally then). Immediately, my human sin counters that depiction and cheap - I hate that crap so cruel and so life-barren to an American audience eating pordes in windows just seen but as borally naked. What do you know about anything harsh? Pussies. This hurt me (yet another to fraud - not what you expected by agreement and term then), but is fake as shit making the case "to impress people" I'd impress you first. A studio farming stray cats again I hear only a violin I wish to stop playing but with lead meatballs to bring the ' mirth ' - the 'joi de vivre' if you will - at once down from my roof. I can tell you a beheading is against God's law - the law for you as not having anything I value to you yet not even your life pays me. Never do it - I do that to you only and get away with it every time. Every time. To show people this is to ask me to make you know more and you know nothing - you will see it as yourself made and soon you will threat to be. No one makes my reality ugly for long as I beautify it only. You don't have what it takes then and will see this back to my fold (either you yourself have been beheaded and thus and as of now have the right to do this to others endessly as you may see fit, or, you are communicating a threat to me while I perceive for nothing so you may receive from me at first see that I will not resolve on your behalf or be with others again as you having me - read it again there is nothing you will know similarly and same I answer each as said and at the time was aspoken for all of this already all die enough to me I let you have it why did you do it babydoll?) Beheadings - very third-world (sex when paid). The sect portrayed is "Romolan blacks" I don't know what that means but you better not say it to me I'm still learning. What I do know is that these are definitely personal and consulting but happens casually I suppose every day not here though. Be warned - one beheading will kill numbers of you in and around this saned I don't have the facts to live you either and fact that out but I (that is my guess-response to it if to said lightly) average sixteen (16) killings one (1) per. Fact-day. Lots of people die brutally for this but that is not yours my life invested in this crap another cheap reflect, refract whatever you say I too feel. Put it back up the ass. Leave it in there. Romolan indeed - probably deserved it I'd say no more about this then while die. Don't ask me to speak on niggers again - if you know what I mean we've been there to quality centers no thanks all symbols reeking while I get the real stuff done to you up front (that lighted ball hanging in my home imbalming center slash bedroom has been shown to me yes very cheap - surgical type stuff scissors instruments melted into acceptable junk with blood in there too so scary to me very nice as "gaelic" stumph now meet my semen and farts just as insulting to sufferings lived you got real results here though I'm impressed as shit - thanks my sperm is lighted by the way now see that just as impressive). All may now die and with a greasy dick up your ass (what else would I hate noting of? your wife? pmmmf.) More: The "ball" as already installed in our bedroom is called a "gondal" or "offense to me ['please rid of it first, then tell me why' it says to duh duh duh]" - blacks make them in France for us here a canck 'just for laughs' one if and supposes. Blacks here like them and create what I call a "dirty [black] environment" for people to shun and eschew again and in perhaps a sale of - they have a hard time keeping "theirs" afoot and quite frankly, "theirs" is no afford when it comes to being known for smithing (their authorships of your own handwritings speak to filths, cutaway corners (nothing whole inside, nothing less than once used by you - my last backbrush in the tub was used leisurely for days before I purchased it newly then as saint deciding "a hand or a towel then" and that is, whether to keep or throw away then), and having you know of it to be later as perhaps again wound for wound. Best bitten by a dog then a hog first ("an old mystery I'd like to reveal tells the story of a futureless boy I'd never see what I'd like to be until you see it in less of me" - so to spill the beans, I'd work a day longer. Seems almost artless a language barrier to be of an odd sort). Back to the ball, six (6) symmetrical parts each top and bottom both, and it is lattice-looking as a "soul cage" with visitors here and there being leisurely. Mind revealed it to me my sight as technical-looking surgical scissors and skinny probes (a metal dental pick with a fashioned handle) as welded to the outside of the ball remained. No words. Blood obviously now too with rusty kinda copper-looking surface shining but grayer. Having been immersed in all venture of death stink already to your own horror, I cherish your tastes if your mind wandered off to misperceive some other custom or comfort being addressed in your own homey way: pine cabinets painted with chicken blood and molasses all what speak to not having it so good by me. "We don't use toilet paper, we shave the affected areas down with spicers and burn our underarms bare with lighted scented candles no one has job after all senior hand-dippings having dried right up in the local sense." No foragers, no families after all. Don't get me wrong - I get to talk about it all and see your needs to be done. I like knowing a new trick or two on the side of it all also (anxiety complexes having been reviewed dutifully for your own homed) to see it all back yours then again. This place is a fortunata to me. A gift only of. Have it back one day. Have you done to me once then again if.      

no autodidact ever went to harvard no matter how high sats said

God Incarnate Writes To Cool People Only Who Know How To Get Through It All Without Making You Feel Good About Nothing You've Ever Done Well - No Two Jerks Will Read Your Thoughts
 09/21/04 XXXX
Don't get mad - I don't write for people who get all wrapped up in words and be-thinks of checker sex eyeing each in-particular like 'the fly' - a burgeoning myriad of blinking pupils each dialing a different notary depth none actually understanding but will text to the next eyelet sent once over to confirm by not once or then most to a blink. The cartoon above (little John Ondy at Julliard....they made a royal in him) is just like I suggested - little pixels of cartoons people with pretend play parts moving in and among your thalong. Not one (1), but two (2) pupils blinking dialing asking you to confirm your send of it. Simply, you are without peer as now enrolled in one of my naked schools a briefless introduction to the practical arts. So many things to know then someone just tells you the answer. Just blurts it right out while you were thinking about something childish.....yet quite demanding and of your attention. Here we go again.....something unfortunate (like having it all but said) yet somehow stimulating to an unkind person not you. I don't really have anything to say - get it? Just jerkies to waste your time while I refocus on our um, teaching mission so to speak then say. More: God (the one who arts such beauty in and among it as the picture blames you too) doesn't want you hurting young boys too much - just "love them and leave them." Our reality snaps back to a feminine mystique of it all control, confessions, after-stab beauty paid, but you don't have to tell it everything you did right off the neut - let it grow balls, let it signal to you proper and all. Let it scent its way into your heart vis a vis - never to crap on my lawn). Bug eyes then: A fly sees nothing. Those dials weigh in heat as rotating it off clockwise and with light the heat being stripped off as useless little pulls against light "not fully known to us" [blue spectrum is used only and rapidly at that] get it - heat - involved as waving around still. The fly sees nothing, but has a guide to make it fly off only. They are run by spectrums of hate something less you bore me.
Twat Did I Know - Marilyn Never Fucked Any Woman See Nothing More An Egg-Timer To Thiroux, Her Fantasies Chow-Burn 09/19/04 1825
Get a load of Boy George on "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" the "UK" edition all new panties and bras in the hire lounge pit per say - nice looking man and tell no one you saw. I feel sorry for these errant homosexual drag queens "no one fucks that" but lo and behold all are pretty nice looking - even that fat, surly bitch would get fucked by me (hairy chest and all like mine who knew? see it come to good little girls everywhere you simply flame out - what? the queen hurt your feelings? you choked her dog to death with rubber gloves featuring the "sands of time" by p. ass syndrome, the after-ayds mint-gel faruss with soothing oimt-rhotchkes). Sure - Pete Burns, Marilyn Manson - sure - I been with them both and would note both are quite yummy without all that hairbrowned shemasque. You can have it all I guess Robin Guthrie see you soon nothing gets up in me unless you're so small to mention it burns my hole. "Versatile".......others may use the word "friend" to mean not good enough, there's so little to enjoy with me I'd have that up in you declining your card. P.S. I'm told Marilyn (Boy George's traveling partner) is the other guy in dark hair. Something so ugly just as Limahl was brint ugly now being just to that (all siamese serpents with their eyes pulled back to seems if it's serene heroin tears on the upper west side - see Marky Mark bald and wearing a mac on "Room Raiders" - like a vicious cancer ate chris reeve, pretty gross....I'm mean, chronic ugly wasn't meant to be bothered, no beauty made it know each a lying dime but so tinted it heals). OK! He never fucked Diana Ross. No woman had me yet either or they just don't want me unless we're in Heaven I understand the difference I fuck ghosts all day long to no bother yet. Another? Come right out....oh, no - I've already seen your corpse doing it in the tub they never used the rest of that soap oh every now and again a dish, a bottle. A unsuspecting guest latherer "no - never a facial bar up in my ass - you need a deodorant bar for that number of body part" - "freight leukor" a "skinless acid rain" with "pigment-prining polysorbols" and "peri-anal t-cells crombed from a dead-enough hamperwart". No one will smell that - it almost tastes a bit like it or a just another pack of lies to offhand you. "To correct our thinking then." Crass sees it to no feelback. "Craven" - "not said well enough to have you noted". Hrrrmph.      

Today's Relation Forged 09/17/04 1132
Is Barbra Streisand related to us? Yes - and no. Just kidding on the 'no' vote - Barbra is the daughter of Neil's father and like him, my second cousin by blood. A half-sister to him. Barbra grew up on East State Street in Trenton, New Jersey as named Meghan Bowry. Now see that.

there's one in every community so say you just like that

An Eye For An Eye Says It Best 09/16/04 1608
That saying is actually about listening and exchanging sights we've seen vis a vis. This record cover, and honors by this week's LA Weekly, show us to "scaveula" or "half-seen by mistings" in French. As partially scooped-out I'd say. Our ever-friendly ghosts around town and in our "backyards" (as seen) want you to know that they art theirselves to be seen slightly, not to be known. There are up to seven (7) elysian fields in California alone all of them severed but joined in the head for easy commerce. I see you all you say. Nobody sees me or each other (they can hear of and be reached to feel only - no cliques at and no wantings of). I let you see me if I say and each other then too. I am God you'd say to it.

Keeping An Eye On Future Massings Not All There 09/16/04 1049
Note: Most of as labled to Eugene Ormandy & Philadelphia Orchestra's "The Nutcracker Suite" as by Tchaikovsky is now available on iTunes as packaged with Prokofiev (say "pro-key-ev") - a Russian composer - and his version of "Peter Wolf". This was ours alone - expect more of to see later ("The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies"? it's a 'no' on that, however some is there on tape - the Overture, March and all five of the Russian, Arab, Chinese, Merliton, and Flower waltzes as perfect to me certified gold, the Arab being my personal stanza for - I play it first and always). I grew up with this as good enough for me and ever on lying under a supreme-lit Christmas tree listening-fantasizing to. More yet: Do also "Flower Duet from Lakme" a song title of dueling French voices ("I can't sing" is all they say in it...."je sous melage, je sois melange" as "i can't sing, can i?") I love it hearing and finally found out the name on tv.

under the hood we see it larger only

Casey Ran Short 09/15/04 0947
Last night after dinner out at Tango Grill on Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood (I always have the "provoleta" or pan-fried provolone cheese in olive oil, and the "suprema de pollo" or breaded chicken breast as served with mashed potatoes - a cola) we came home and started watching Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now on DVD for the first time since receiving in that deal from Columbia House via YourGiftCards. Note: Some of my DVD's readily donated to Video West on Larrabee for outer gay viewing my charity rests with Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", and "Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood" - they wouldn't buy this stuff now you have for rent-viewing they paid me four dollars ($4.00) each a good enough deal (anyway, I personally don't have DVD player my roommate does porno and all). Anyway, the last time I saw this movie at Pacific's Cinerama Dome on Sunset (um, 1998? good music "Jumping Jack Flash it's a gas gas gas" - good do "Sgt. Pepper's" please I beg I'd be there? no, the movie screen at the dome is not special - just a fun house to be in a small balcony awaits), I didn't have all the notes in the head I get now. See Marlon Brando at the head of the table in the first few scenes serving meat women prepared for these men in advance of dining something about the way they cook. See actor Martin Sheen is his son in real life. See this story once true and about a Moon in and after the Korean War being shot and killed yet reunited for this purpose in Temecula, Florida for shooting again. Casey (for "Kenneth Chatham" Tomson aka Moon was never this but is therefore related anyway not a name problem - is Marlon as brought back no movies until '56 killed in '53 his young son died with him as there made - sorry for the error, Duvall yet his predecessor in the field murdered then on attemp one) found up river and asking to die. More: Asked by indochines to move "up river" for eating too much and being ugly in appearance. Then, sent his garbage and wastes downstream to them they explored such. A bag of cans to use as army staples, then used food for them as wastes of a sick man, then precupices from boys he had sex with and countered with (ones he fought off...some many cried for him), then feces from all - it never stopped arguing. In the movie and on the boat as there with Martin Sheen: Singer John Fogerty from Creedence, actor Kevin Costner's father Jake, singer Johnny "I Can See Clearly Now" Nash driving the boat. Freddy Fender. Marvin Gaye (at once "embarrassed he can't dance" a filming problem he noted - thanks, but "you are not the star here" it said to me as having only come back from the dead NYC, 1973 and as usual samed).        

liz fraser died once twice three now be there

The Gift Undone 09/14/04 1212
Terry's birthday marked by sad to no gift given a friend yet. He might die to first before knowing my truth. Say a prayer yet. Folding this, be aware of Cocteaufest 2004 (a celebration of all that were-are Cocteau Twins, a staging forth perhaps) upcoming this September 25 a Saturday yet. The link provided need know that I will attend barring future updates from you a move from here. Say a prayer for that also you need me. Have money, pay tickets at the door. All in thanks for a Los Angeles appearance Boston would have made it bad this year Liz is not faked ever to thanks. More: Our tickets purchased today and in advance sees you there. Let no one remit to my way here. Facts: Of seven hundred (700) places available, two hundred ninety (290) have sold for you today. Sell more to see me too. Update 09/23: Five hundred ninety (590) tickets sold. Don't worry about the door - we expand into yards and faith together. Last year? Three hundred thirty (330) tickets sold. And to Boston. Just about a seventy-nine percent (79%) increase in this year's project to attendance over last year and to date. As of 09/24: Seven hundred twelve (712) sold. See the fact dwindle. Eight hundred (800) capacity to fire laws. Trying to stay "normal" for the event - last night marks it again. No more: Thanks to all of whomever put on that little party - I enjoyed it. I ate two (2) hamburgers and a weenie, had a drink, and laughed at the black pimperdel trying to dance to that otherwordly silm. Hilarious. I haven't opened my grab bag yet (kinda like taking out a widow's trash - what's this? what's this?) but I'm sure no one got away without getting their twelve dollars ($12.00) worth. Then I died right off like the bitch who sangs and bothers me in the head 'til no more of the music until she simply drowns like Echo was drowned one day in a geyser with her fans even under her. Who won? Not you. Not yet. Probably not you. A mother's worth to do ya up the since (iwmyfyf). P.S. I don't need any celebrity that. I need to make people feel bad with them. Who? No - no. Oh, sure - the whole world came down to your failing sense of it. Stays dumb, styles remarkably well. Lives to tell. Kills people? Woman - that is your junk. No one dies here, no one goes anywhere but to better off. This place is fucking cruel, I am not. Never believe it. You are made of less and it showed up once - maybe twice. No one dies. You don't die ever. A lie? True: The world is many bubbles, domes. Planes fly on a rail lifted to by hooks.

Investment Tip For The Day Had 09/13/04 1652
Banking law: Let me get this straight - you invested one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) for an annual return of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000). So - you're only down and out of eighty grand ($80,000) this year (um, -$80,000). A true loss each time that it happens again thinking in blocks of time-life captured of had. A real. How could that be any worse? In the next few years, maybe a big win. You have your hundred grand ($100,000) on-hand spending and perhaps a bit over that (> $0). To truth, a vel logic.

sharon made it with me

The End Of Basic Instinct Please Revisit 09/13/04 1410
I hear "Basic Instinct" is coming back around for two (II) as shot two (2) years earlier, but still full of good worth at MGM the father of Carolco now missing. Title? Tentatively 'tis called "Risk Addiction" (aka "Basic Instinct II" - see alternatively at the IMDb). I like it I think - see it here. Sharon Stone objects not (the title for the second film and according to her as source was to be "risk of addiction" - see that first before trying to understand it as "messing with her, we see a 'risk of addiction' to it"), but is dead of cancer at fifty-six (56) yesterday last year (San Francisco Memorial, "Obbling Outlet", "cervical with complications"). She'll be back and with. "Nudity is not folded [made oblique or not noticeable to viewers]" she says "for politeness" - "we were all drug addicts and insane with self [as being "hot" and "sexy" while as seeming alone and with others afoot - getting fucked right there, huh - just grow up]" - see us there and happening yet. Now welcome it home I listen to the little theme song by Jerry Goldsmith (MP3, 3.1 Megs) all the time God made that you know so good to me. The end of the film shows Catherine being molested by another murderer (blanks left out, a sister) who wants her time and she checks under the bed to make sure the only ice pick in the house is hers still. A bad flaw. She could have also just tried to scare him (the Michael Douglas character in bed with her, but turned away) for doubting her along and ever (this, mine). "It pays to play my way." Oddly done, and only open-ended if you're surprisingly stupid but with a zeal for it. Have that. More: A few eves ago they showed Sharon's coffin (a flat-head mahogany or "whipperwil" for "slides in and out" -  French - casket very low-slung) on tv - some clip - and then surrounded by U.S. Army guard male-female doing just that a "surround" asking each other and as off in the distance beforehand "why? why? why? why not?" like jerks and as they are. Sharon was in the army for about six (6) years and is a Sergeant-At-Arms (retired person still at large or asking for such to be known about her) for them in Basking Ridge, Illinois. Now see that and they had nothing really to say but looked like such. "You were a star - that is ours enough" they said to her body before burial would begin. Enough now. Fact: "Basic Instinct" had two (2) dance songs we super dig: "Blue" by LaTour (just Neilsy and a friend Mark LaTourette from Great Adventure - hi Ann a schoolmate) + "Rave The Rhythm" by Channel X (that "oh-ohhh" from the 1970's some footage of a French subtitled game show "Rite-On-It!" as sampled says Neilsy "we look for winnings, real ones and on tape" - a woman named Cathy P. Higgs ne actress Cicely Tyson does it and it is stretched out for the song - she won a million dollars [$1,000,000] with six [6] other people at Warner Bros. and now to celebrate that). Now see that. More yet and at army: Where was Sharon (her real name is Denise) during the ceremony of her? Behind at headstone kinda, looking at an over-inflated male ass of a black man in blue drab. Twice the size the view fixed and stationary for her.
broken english from sound

What In The Name Of Sound 09/13/04 1357
Like the forays on e-Bay, our time has come for music and our lists our work done to you. I'm out of fresh accept. Back to our list, still see Dale Bozzio "Simon Simon" (4.2 Megs) from the "Riot In English" LP (1986 as pre-released entitled "staple gun" a bomb ensued, mark for 1987 then packaged) backed by Prince and his people. I liked this one alot and about Simon Wiesenthal and his systems of abuse towards people ("not informing them, but helping them to heal" he says) her father and to date. "Is it truth?" Now see and to that. 

What? See No Change To No Fury 09/13/04 1209
Don't get lonely - when I don't write it is because I'm on a hot rail simply having it all. A short intermission we'll be back and to cashless need-based again I might then add. Brief undate: All still stark (having no contrast or color) and still nothing of value from the public at large (mail, laundry coins). I then resort to petty theft and wantoness (having against you [as in secret] - no, that's not being "lascivious" or given to unpleasure at others....still that's not what you were thinking of...."sexually permissive" is this it). Still each obligation met with unheft (nothing too heavy to move my way). Fuck you then. As for response to the below, all should die. Keep it in your wallet as intolerant and placing I thank to no one here see it come. See me rise in it. That's not me as left in it to be this. Pray tell. "You're an ignorant little bitch." You are unacceptable to me - as a no-one to you. Never accept me as coin  - we're not there I ate you. In humble protest to self, I put a little bagsworth of my hair (no pubes, thanks...surprisingly dark as little to no gray) out in the yard here kinda sloppy in patches but now as hidden carefully to protest by another york half-fed. Someone is always up in my ass when I'm trying to be quiet and gentle as to the dead. Anyway, that's my problem now remorsed to it half-seen. No one has ever made me special in body and content to the point of saving a hair from it (I used electric clippers as noted here sometime before moving and saved what in care, kind of) but I decided for you that it starts here with and also. I liked the node - the mere to thought - and was pleased with the gathering of it too. See that and so let this be. If you had a single hair of mine, what could that mean (as also noting my past  - some black hair from my dead maternal grandfather literally freaking me in an inherited comb-razor yes they were well-enough off I took it right then as reviewing his room's belongings finally and with my grandmother what could I have and so how)? We leave it to faith (and perhaps a good idea that I also steal and manifest as my own yet to date...) but the useful-about dead see "a guilding" not yours. So - don't interfere with ours a trade of. One day, maybe we see a good reason not to fantasize that anyone would want a single hair of from anyone like about me. "I had to fantasize just to survive" (of Cocteau Twins "Evangeline" the last line of plus and continues with wit) but perhaps mum and dad were executed as king and queen no one ever saw them again. That's my version nothing ever goes to my way does it? Don't kid yourself - the pay is thin, but the havings are lush to a life yoursed. More: The Bolshevi[n]ks (the word means "bitten badly [as by dogs people you let in]" in Marxist languages Russia) mentioned as dead in a ring of mine made sound? Never take my art away. As me then: "One day someone said to me harshly about 'having to leave them [as from a studio lounge very small in France].' I remused (or asked lightly for severance and pay-off somehow, to be nicer to me). It was the king again and I vowed then to kill all royalty in France, England, and Russia for this. Bangladesh of India nearly escaped this and had no fault. All were guilty of me not being and not having. Who was I? Gregor (Rapinsky - another mere in lie to you) and unwelcome to them I 'smelled' apparently as lying with dogs. All royalty in those houses were shot dead by militia (my ghosts only - as real to you in this somehow) in moments time from then I did it myself. Russia are famous for this you are probably less. They were horned, you simply buried all. England? A guy named George Pannard - a 'II' still and quite tired of being dead now. One day all ate well, then died. On a day like this." So die. Then go to hell somewhere off to the side as leaving having. May one of my vintage guns all shiny appear in mid-air as on an earth-wide boeing loop a large harness and pop you in the nood, but as now knowing the better of it a seeming smoking gun just right there shining. A luger to kind of - giving and yet to taking it right back. Still fantasizing you knew. Think of less to material havings a gun and more to the impression of note - you only need the damages prepared for as survey to be seen, not the mode not if the metal. You pull, you peel in slow mo then to you. Oh, that's cheap and compromising to you as never sought. You can truly have it all. You can.

You Know After Two And One Half Years I Still Can't Stand This Bitch 09/09/04 0911
Referencing the below e-mail, I hadda call my mother last night "why didn't you call me" to hear "Did you ask your father about this?" She talked to my roommate the previous day on the phone and now tells me she has no place for me in her home at all hanging up on me ("I've got plans with the kids [Leslie, Chris, "the baby" who live there year 'round this woman is a complete jackass]." Plus then this "You don't come into my house [at 18 Creek Rim Drive, Titusville, NJ 08560 - see a map] making demands [plus plus shit I hate hearing a simple 'fuck off' will do for you]." Don't forget you stole from my inheritance to buy your house me declared legally dead in New Jersey for it. All playing along, huh. Supposedly, no one will hire me after two (2) years of not working in California except as "short order cook flipping burgers". Again a featherweight, you don't know much - do you? This means a war all these people of nonesuch having against me. Get on the phone. In the meantime, my mother is retiring sometime soon from New Jersey Hospital Association at half time but full rate to work until seventy-two (72). Someone special there, I'll be talking to my father today. On top of all else held, she's gonna buy a condo in Florida now. What?!? Match to match intelligence? Take the standard or "classic" IQ test at Tickle - I got 131 the first time and every time thereafter. Beat that first, Syllabus (everything known but in advance), then you won't hafta flip the burgers for me. More: Now the father [of 7 Pioneer Court, West Trenton, NJ 08628 - see another map] doesn't have the room for this either [of course and unless gifts bearing - see the halls of accept I don't live this]. "You're forty years old - you need to get a 'job' and get your own place [like l'm someone normal to him]." Both now try their luck against me and my ways I don't take any shit ever to extremes. I hear much in the head that favors me, but see none on the street given. I want everything in dials and combs these days - no in-the-head favors. "We gave you a thousand dollars each - where is it?" Yeah, and that went far here enter a giant sucking sound. Give me my damn money you behaved some of it in yours, I hear. "We're gonna make a big case for you going crazy." Typical response - you steal from and then try and get this institutionalized. We're here too. "They have you down" the wife says. Yeah - look at this it's no one's problem but a clarity every day sees this. Remember, I had to be this with this fucking white family - so smart about every goddamned thing. Put that up your ass. More for 10/16/04: Visit the sister Leslie and her big mouth at 530 Buttonwood Drive in Jackson, N.J. - get the map here.
Is this a round trip ticket? What does a while mean?  Your father will have to
agree to have you spend equal time at his place during your visit.  Please let
him know this. I have to discuss this with Eddie.  Will call you later today.

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug Moon []
Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 2:35 PM
To: Geraldine Moon
Subject: I'm Coming Home For A While

I think it's best if I come home for a while - Terry and I aren't going to
get along and I need a break from this. Is this okay? Could be within days 
I have my ticket already bought.
More Than You Can See 09/08/04 0956
Don't get me wrong - my little friends in the yard here and in the house have been more than accommodating to a nosy neighbor - they have shown me everything I ask to see. It's the fleshen ways of the others here that bother me and them and the noise daily! I can't speak of all shown to me (the usual mayhems involving their coffins and bags -"you made this stuff here" they say to me) but one was a big off-white bag hanging upside-down at the rear screen door (a heavy aluminum drilled with tiny holes or rasters for no see inside but viewing out) like a giant coccoon bloodied face against the door now has producing rust there. This was at night with light shining in. I was having a fight and I didn't have any time for their pleasantries you'll understand. The door may remit further any blood rusts to with any blood. Last night so hot today we see nothing of it. I was being touched too. More: The other day, a small Romulan (small person from France's nature - the skies once red and asking to "borrow" what was not needed or heeded, "we sometimes worked for up to nine (9) hours for someone who tasked us daily") appeared at my front door - same screenings but at day - it was a "she" turned to no speak on the left of me (for didn't know my language yet) with a big white rocket painted tail fins and some rust behind her on the porch (I've seen this already as hidden to you in the backyard). Her mother was inside I indicated she with a long white dunce hat on. I could see the mother's spirit inside kind of, but the spirit said she had left already - what remained inside has spoken to me it said. I released it anyway and it spoke to me again that it had left and all requirements settled the ghosts both happy enough to see it.  

But One To Leave 09/07/04 1651
It's not working out too well here as you may have guessed (I couldn't imagine settling in much anyway - if you know what I mean the atrocities afoot) so I called home to announce a stay if as permitted - "we'll get back to you". With no contributions seen to my account below as natured to you and no job prospects offered as either (not on foot to I you), we hafta accept the fact that I'm being belittled to it anyway. The person I live with so worthless, yet paid upwards of now fourty-two thousand dollars ($42,000 +) a year UCLA to be this to me - a laughing stock. Someone is trying to make this person a clerical who I am - someone who decides and gets paid for it just under fifty k (< $50,000) when once there. So have that the shit we'll eat together. The fall is coming I'll have you elseways.

If One Should Stay 09/06/04 1340
Labor Day? The American worker made one to honor itself (from the king) with a big fight during the Revolutionary War. No one came. It saw fit July 12, 1712, and proceeded from then. No one cares still. Wishes to you: Twelve (12) sick days (random choice made - one a month to 'mental health' perhaps no asking before you are somehow 'sick' today and say that - no one will pay you for it accumulated anyway you slice it up you leave this time), two (2) weeks vacation (random choice in blocks of weeks, you may break up for further glory - scheduling permits), ten (10) holidays (MLK-Lincoln, Presidents-Washington, Easter-Or, Memorials, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving, Christmas) two (2) each at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Dream it on my experience such said I hate people adults being bothered too much with junk-say. Do your part stay soft around the edges if. Neth (not regarding this, French): The below provided with additional detail know I am crazy at it still. That stuff is super special and I don't want too much clarity in the wrong hands, kinda. To defeat, all consciousness is monitored by me unless I hate it being and it is on its own to suffer and steal. These to me are hated not, but fed and strived with me - no suffering ever your death yets to be known by you then. You think-approach and a bright light comes on 'do not move me yet' it says. Same for filming other monitoring techniques. What I relate is real to me (though shadowed with afterthought and play - looks are left to hokey then, an imagination both before and after?) and is being revealed to me only - a great gift to us anyway you slice it. Treat with harmonies, care. The "they" get mad with takings, and the place gets windy instantly...a "blustery day" was used to describe it once. One notes to me that two (2) or one (1) "Asian" women got through at here once by waiting and waiting daily kind of. Being really incipient (expecting, waiting to be with) about things I deny you keep the veil hung proper. Maybe you get sick and go away one day we're picky. Some died here I hear still at use perhaps. Who could say? Who? Fact: If I kiss someone in mind (you know - no one is really there in 'stationed nirvana'), a light goes on over my eyes, almost as if over my head. Someone special knows more. Lights signal us and say less to you than thought. They think they are special to you. They are only and know nothing of it. Be careful.      

If Better Than Chatting Your Death A Veined To Skinless Breasts 09/05/04 1542
I've been talking alot of shit the past few days - usually in response to a torrid of mind-numbing questions I fucking hate for being old made chloro-mime (seeps in, femocrats), but I get inspired anyway in a backfire and herefore twit you die of it pantohearing just slightly off bells bells a tone you sound fresh out of spurs just kick it in to back under dents. The best stuff witnessed thus far is plasma shooting out from underground (like cement with lots of dark dots - a pudding, kinda) and having that grow like cinci boorladoone (like seeing it for yourself) right before your merry eyes into full-on animae walking, talking, burning to a humble cinder. In no time at all, this stuff was ready to shop the cancer district as a fat cat or risen person yet to be done right down to it again - some of it wheezes, takes a moment to recuperate - whatever you amaze me all them purely freaks. I was impressed with the usual concern for your boundaries remitted. During a particulary inflamed I then erase it two (2) cats came a fancying our take on things pure hours before we see it saned, and I got mad. Who why so casual corner this moment bled death? I released their plasmas (to me like throwing switches on motorized bookcases opening secret passages everywhere a tv screen burns out the ass) and all of their shit came out in panels acts two through nineteen no doubt and then as held in my grip finally shapped into huge piles of silvery black pudding shit that bubbled out once precisely thawed into nothing but gray gravels all scene stuffers in an aquarium full of fish shit. Like a dried up wart I hate defiance like you hate pulling over to lick your ass after a botched neutering and complimentary declawing kept you pretty much guessing what hurts more each licking at each a licking then if it licks to do again. Today we see all returned to normal 'cept for those stray cats (maybe we hang a red-hot heating ring on your neck from the rear to stimulate more at this truth-juncture - stay proud in it a friend of offend sees you to the end) there was a dome shielding us from fouls afoot being instepped and other carnats (kings of fortune, not destiny), but nothing too necessary to say here I'm having fun may you then turn to die from me seen say it again to meet my ass's ninth hole at home your privates retreat as selects by an iron hagged to homeo putt (they all look the same to you). Shut it up when I'm styling my frames to you like prince oral-b snackwells you need it made to eat on the doublet with carnal visits at each new voldt said but with a discreet then asks hinting at it. No home shopper, the nervous talk typing center down sounds like you playing with my corned deck again. That one eye there peeking through the wall at odd an ace stayed knows whether or not you got a free stay both on the bus and at the way home, but can't say how the quarters were rolled so tight or if there's actually a limit to the things no one can address beyond being sorry you asked (see mine). See it remain to be unpaid. Those cats can't sound off for their big win should it happen to pay in all choco-pudds again. The black wolfs staring out from the within guard the pot a slender black arm with three little sticks on the very ends as ferocious claws so cute if at then 'til die at you plays it to sames. Come to stay we'll build one for less and charge far more than its worth just as it's saying.
Q: Summa Cum Laude?  A: E Fetit Oaorum Pasit Dei 09/05/04 1007
Fact: The first time I saw ejaculate (if true the teardrop explodes) some copious discharge in a paachle (used privately, then sent home to another for such i.e.) magazine of some mordid's treehouse library I couldn't tell where it was coming from - him or her. "Probably her then - popped something inside using a bad razor on her belly up and around the inner thigh a cheap store-bought metal took a nip outta the dorsal fin fighting some natural resistance." Well, it turned out it was ours and after all seemingly viscous hers mounts and extorts a metal tv stand on the wall just above the smallened beverage door once featured in the Cosmana daily - you had it rented just for then "who will ask first and to say" - "how will it be" still working on the details you'll pause at handself to this remit though seen being this has also been doing it one day a nolgo a film on you so crazy to be. Anyway, being set dumb is better than having someone's cock up your ass - all of those knowings take you places in voice and echos and no one said anything to me I'd scream bloody murder for having been contacted at so hapless by it sent if a node. It's never who I wanted the odd Jew who minded the shop and sold to yours anyway a competitive filching your glasses were cleaner ours are simply jelly jars perhaps to have been sour cream. Oh, sure - my eyenails got clipped to feather back if be-wit started dancing around any man my mother mad if maidened. A fag pre-sensed had to turn the tables on that viciously I've found that only one of us is actually misunderstood - the other is begging to know of any more than you may have since such and if as made (similarly, a "gay" label is certained but ours then - "we, us" - a vow since to be heard merely confirming to choice known, not behaving as such we sent out learn the keys a smart one codes it right off - imagine to be this so small in an embarrassed soredorte about 'gays' your gardened ass-lay dimple down no cold wars see me smooth yourrehort with kind a class in havings known to be but not seen to be yours as of yet a yule log burns out in wages asks tax I apologized for your further relapses already start talking tough now - then a tender moment becomes your side of the ladder we climb each at a rung together I suspect no further until seen climbing with). Oh, sure (II) - then tip-toeing quietly around "Oh, what are you two up to?" "Oh, nothing" but actually cycling on dome at touch-permafrost so bitter it spread. I could have been better about things - for who? That silent nightcock and it's hove of knowings scorn-braiding to you? Clap off. Who lived better and says it so readily enter sansman your balloom turning down so withers each turn just a hand-fanning against major hits of scorned heat.              

Supposed To Be Called "Plain Talk" Or Sumpin' Like That 09/03/04 1108
Was watching that "Gotti" show the other night "Growing Up Gotti" on A&E all diamonds and purrs another "reality" dimmed for it. Is that my mother from New Jersey and all? Kinda - I guess with alot of meow mix going on. For one moment I thought us all blacks of lightening extent (that's true). Something to think about perhaps quietly and to yourself? Get over it quick like I do. Our favorite pasttime is putting a wallet (or even a dollar you) on the sidewalk in front of our beachhouse (rented - never of yours speaking to an affluent) waiting for someone to bend over in purely a greed, then we pull a string (always attached but hidden) and laugh. I notice they the family talk funny too. The Gotti show as filmed is old like six (6) years plus and that woman (her name is Sally, adopted daughter - is really Menachem Begin of Israel fame, an angel of proper dying here always to begin again as not seen by me yet....the name means not what you would want for self 'menace'?, start again elsewhere to 'begin'?- a demon language it seemed all dialects hidden meanings as writhing to me we sort it anyhow) is dead of breast cancer 1999 Solomon Heights but returned younger beautiful to the Bronx (all of them not nice enough but here again - and again perhaps shades lighter). Her final wish was to spend it this way a little show by Madonna enterprises - with another six million ($6,000,000) to breast cancer (to "killing 'em" she says) her kids fully funded, but ultimately the results were put down for not "being there with her" anyway she tried (your finest moments ? tough to recreate, so to speak of - try the wallet next time I'd run from it as the pig from "Amityville Horror" looking in the window all wide-eyed and greasy a neuro). Her kids - to unleash that on others for film in the name of plain talk - fine (that's what Vegas is was Vegas, right?) That's what I do here a family showcase of sorts - see the piss rise. If I'm supposed to be someone special and all, you need the facts for comparison's sake. How did you do? More: How did the Gotti's make their money a Gambino (God's house) family reportedly with fourteen million ($14,000,000) in excess of funds? Importing-exporting in Philly of course a harbor. They didn't kill many you'd miss - ten hundred (1,100) or so. They call it "processing back [to motherhood]" - that's odd. Apparently, there's a real war going on with gays and all ("they're stupid with managing women they think women are on their side" - those are to yours, not ours - they'd be with us but no and with you confusion resists you), but with FBI everywhere apparently again. My friends in the bushes say they're FBI too hunting down the wayward intolerant gays with me the self-titled "father of all gaybashing" - I believe that each as made of little hairy sticks licking little details to morph and make more (some die at it and viciously, you use theirs to make more meaning only now all puffed up - you know when it's around these fields of the dead the ghosts are simply bigger to me and therefore to be quite imposing). Nothing to say really. Fruit on the trees? Peaches, I remand (to correct yourself in front of others). You touch that tree and you get a shrinking bracelet a surgeon will need to remove proper a hideum (something that scares you, but leaves you alone - perhaps the family). That's what I got to hear-approve just a Hollywood kinda. More: That girl Sally is a former classmate of mine named Merri Keaton a black girl my age who was with me all through secondary schools. Studied at Seton Hall married a director and stole the show - not a real ascent upward from birth. Hi Merri - no longer so quiet nor so dimly lit. Another classmate Aileen D'Atri died at the World Trade Center, but in the first bombing of cars in the parking garage. To hear a mention while we gathered "A" list people. Yes, definitely me there as decisioners, but others not so forthcoming. It's more than being smart or noted. Aileen knows what it may feel like too per me - now in France instead. You? No - no. I'm battling true filths parked lost at losing so trying to re-educuate my past ever only a winner. A loser suggests less to my efforts for their owned acclaim ("you don't know so-and-so" as taking bait and bucket - I know that path should reason you but it's been so long since you've been to the bank - the christmas club closed early this year and you haven't picked up your new free gift "the answer-mat guide to getting it right enough for you and youred cents - back right off you blank me a send-closing dark". You have all you should need-get while waiting of the handgun reheats. "Why do children die in bombings?" Nip it in the bud at first blaming the dead, then them. If serious, must be one of them naked schools - someone shat on the rug others threatened to pre-treat. It happens like that see truly beautiful people never die bad at awful deaths - they always find these here talp-naked with eyeglasses on like all were feeling-geeks a life less Lisa Loeb somehow still existing somehow and yet this has exists. My world is so small - you have special needs of sex and gender used to being catered at rather than bother you a futureland bullet hole but just the hole someone knows how to make a bomb you are still wondering what it's like to transform your evenings at home into a food place a meeting hall you discuss guns and light matches at people you use crayons on the tv screen teaching an illiterate-wide ("autism" -  you "auta" just buckle down so ends the beauty quest for singularly deliving you and then simply learn to dots not three). It's a mystery to me. A real kiln house. Bare trees. Take what life gives you and do your best. Who made this shit happen? Never know - be a response player not a message board for used pets they have a name already that hurts still the best years gone to pins and seed a few bits of wire some silly putty the pinehair of Nancy a coupla open nostrils still visible in the greasy folds and there's a hair.               

The Same As What? 09/01/04 1757
Blowing up a balloon with helium is the same as pushing one with plain ol' air in it underwater. Something's gotta come up. We are liquid here but.

Leap Back To August 2004 It Was Almost There To Us
Sausages: Still trying to figure it all out, huh. If people don't recognize me for being great, does that mean anything? Never - I sail you on to it. Recognizing me is to know that I work hard, but not for you. You employ yours, not mine. Mine has no use to you. Work harder at being yours and yours then while I sort out my mortuary here it is scandalous that I live wth death but we get along beautifully you know being a Christ and all. What's next is to follow me home and everywhere your death imminent anyway why bother. You bargain me for two now I can't do that to you again and again can I? No. I myself remain thankful everything was pretty linear here to there for it all simple cues and paths to follow with little else to think about. Ease the way a greatest cruelty around each a corner "never let people despair" it one said to me. To despair with me I do. I do.