join us and the five 'mariachi girls' burned up for donald trump in september 2016 they weren't real either...

feedbag with butt-sash alert: if you had a horse dead in your yard i'd know the familiar of stink and cobblestone long before you'd admit starving the dog in your garage and moving the bones just that once...similarly, i moved 'a few bags' with the junky clothing rack i bought at target for the occasion (just getting by with a pubic storage locker for a while) the bitch was spreading it legs like an embattled elephant long before it disintegrated at the wheels both sides left town taped together for the struggle with the roots of trees along the way just two blocks from here - the same joy of being seen walking to court on lacienega not heeding the bus routes with no sidewalks...whose problem not yours remember i gotta pay for being free of it mostly and cheap (a cheat) too...don't bother me again...p.s. oh, some homeless bitch - even more worthless than a life given to indians who live in a former ocean with salt as seeds and no rain - had the nerve to take a 99 cent store cart empty enough at the busstop on the way prior to getting too much sun...'sunbrown'...a ghost or graverobber?

i hadda reduce body hair and target discoloration up front - skin so shitty
we can work it out - or else (this just last weekend)

the red logo struck me today 08/30 just two days left to august - artful
hadda go get another cable box from time warner at beverly connection and by bus - fast service anyhow

next month - still no pay - records you bought from bmg, itunes, columbia house and more! what - do you own them all? plus the whole list of them - nothing yet i'm still sitting here...don't you like knowing not to bother? fifty-two years old, degreed, and i'm being offered hamburger stand jobs at in-and-out by my roommate $13 an hour if you succeed...that's your life

ralph's freaky friday: thanks for the free angelfood cake and carmex - bought some carmex this morning (keeps hair on the leg, you know thank you sterling! say hi sometime...)

magic jack codes if you missed 'em:
voice mail (dial 98)
speed dial (dial 1-50) check that
last number redial (dial 66)
call return (dial 69)
cancel call waiting (dial 70)
call forwarding (dial 72/73)
anonymous call block (dial 77/87)
do not disturb (dial 78/79)
priority calls only (dial 64/84)

check with google search if wrong~

pink's hot dogs at labrea and melrose exactly (with a chipotle burrito hut right arpund the corner) is still clean and fresh their signature chili dog (with mustard and chopped onion) just $4.40 including tax...need more cans of soda a bottle is $1.90...

the '99 cents only' store at labrea and willoughby (worthless indian woman ciphering males up in the hills - 'two drowning deaths for one stick') just north of melrose is well-stocked and ready to do for you these days including all halloween stock - their stock is doing real well these days keeping their target price in mind - stop in...

joining the swiffer duster is the mop with both dry and wet pads
we use them on the hardwood floor here and it does a great job and holds the pads - relatively inexpensive - flat and secure

don't forget to enter your bottlecaps and boxtops - only 55 points (each bottle equals three points, box is good for ten) for a free chilled coke!

don't forget if you need an online loan right to your debit card or bank account!

'phantasm v ravager' is being released october 7 in the usa not too far away - source is google and it is 1 hour and 27 minutes long...see for more details for the world premiere, and locations surrounding the september 24 remaster of the first film...per our movieland friends 'when it comes it comes'

note: f.y.e. has all the 'phantasm' movies on dvd and reasonably priced - tell 'em moon sent ya (banner on front page with the new britney album - end the search!)

where is 'boris and natasha' on itunes? a lack of interest?

no word yet from the 08/01 court date (he absent on vacation) just priors with my pay and filing fees to respond to anything but them evicting - teach me it's not over...

08/22 hi monday why mention bob geldof? to see...we divert to netflix (somewhat higher a monthy price now i'm guessing yet from a $8 a month stance 'so what') and a film called 'the tribe' my latest scanning - this thing is very strange but provides a walk of sorts through (communist?) yugoslavia (azbakistan 'a state inside' like pakistan is north of england somehow - we're here - is poland, prussia, naber 'never home')...they 'sign' language and fast sometimes like the oscars? no - like a campus of deaf people something in princeton 'no languages' they say and also they subtitle noises only 'something drops' - i translated all freely being who i am and it's amazingly rude alot of asking not to say and 'hurry up' kinda stuff so no big loss there...the romp is russian just like i think - abandoned buildings, no offers to make lunch or have you in just quiet assemblies deep within and flashing lights signaling the end of a speechless session over a door or a phone call for the blind (a violating of sorts suggesting only 'to run' in or out)...the buildings don't respond to people who assume any bother and their sexual 'migration' looks like little giving but normal relations 'just coitus' or quote us i'd say with homo junk unspoken but clearly a tastebud of rape like sticks in your ass for making me say it at all...among what is driven in whatever that is 'as seen in pet shops'...killing like all other junk is what doesn't follow you around so to what they think a fish 'it doesn't live' it suggests losing what you have to god whom just spreads others' stuff around a ghost or satire 'you first' then...this to my great interest, but the trust is lacking you decline much in favor of not eating? i say not hosting others - ladies night all the way 'a man asks'? what you have less any fear is no fear ever the circling bird of prey everything holds tight still...declining others not so inclined...see that 'charlie countryman' film again...

is this the la kings again? see tumblr if you can't keep a secret
i like regulars, no so posh - oils
like women i mock 'all the right moves - tough enough'

quickly stopped into starbucks to get my free birthday drink all hands-off on 08/16 (i buy coffee often enough off the books or then no stars - today it was a plain bagel with cream cheese toasted $2.25 versus $1.50 - coffee made is with filtered water a nice consideration and under $2) and i ordered a 'grande' or medium size mocha frapp - imagine that since switching to 'venti' or my 'smoking downward' size (teeth all yellow like a rat)...remember regular size is 'tall' and a good trivia question...also note mcdonald's soft ice cream cone is tops with me now...delicious...not participating? must be off I-95...west of the mississippi? where i get 'em at mcdonald's palace on labrea a block away they're all 'not today' that'll do for now...

check target for itunes their in-store deal was 20% or $6 off a second $30 pack of tens...keep it fluid ($60 spent with $6 discount is ten percent off - the other obviously better...) still in this week's circular (through 08/20) i checked...we maintain positive notes against one-sided opinions and their beggars after all, you still live...i gotta lift everyone it seems 'while you live'...

to take the bait - salt water and a feather?

we bought their target's latest storefront futon too...$179 clean, fresh's beautiful no wood in the center...just before that $363 debacle last month...usually available in store we borrowed a cart to walk it home...waiting? not only the downside of having money - keep it down until...

target west hollywood at santa monica and labrea had this beat up at the door with no marimekko (see images) drawers to boot
then they had this token for clearance around $40 - snapped that up though 'children' are mentioned nice drawers with rubber bumpers to boot
nice enough for them, have one of those shitty tents if at all it should confuse them
p.s. here's the page at target online if you need to be me: 'pillowfort' nightstand about $80 por vous (for you) see also green and white drawers

the day 'god' enough but hagged from the upstart weekend terry home and all on friday the cake (pepperidge farm coconut) in the freezer with ice cream (haagen dazs pistachio)...

sidewalk talk 08/16 - you to replace the mother like i do
write your name in it - girls steal right in your face too records, etc.

slay you, the family that slays together is interminable too...slay? in the way...murder you don't know their name same street~

enter august 16, 2016 (d. 1964)...latest quip from the above : thirty-three and a half doesn't honor the age of when he died to then pick it all up and age forward - it is that...lies to include: 'hasn't happened yet'...'is not real' aka israel (is real but copied banners are false plus i hate that shit and most new stuff wounding me)...bought me a new sony dvd player to replace-renew in the waxroom but had to buy both first to see if rca plugs with hdmi...both have, yes target $30 regular unit $39 with hdmi or 1080 pixels...thanks ebay for extra of pictures and resisting any mobile it was that bad with advice or you open the box to know more (lying is equivocal and prevaricating one knows beforehand the other after and the both no big sill)...two philips players used up that stall the frame often enough and resist thoughts like a woman is there and cheap too $30 each...see ya soon vhs no tall tales need see me binding with the truth, truce...

no, nothing new~ but maybe? no

millions of colors le mould: $100 in itunes por favor for $85 by email
don't let it rot your teeth~
i won't say

just a quick note 'you forgot my birthday' but see an extra day for me this weekend too short and too long the both - sunday twice then to me the olympics?
anyway, here's an update - however unwelcome - from our new rice paddy (sp?)
the medusa lamp is finally on a purely hardwood floor, but like the american flag is questioned afore - why this? note that i got it here and although beautifully routed as error free is haunting itself
'better to die' picking graves with you hair on fire instead 'civil' or symbol wealths then
lemonheads (the nascent juice that makes it unhaveable them) everywhere need to note lowe's has them yes lumisource same price same value like mcdonald's coke glasses no junk those poor bitches among home depots like fye has 'the way of curve' curve compilation octopuss? like england has it on itunes without 'in disguise' truly offensive if you're gonna kill yourself over it the sweet notes that enter with...

to be fair - see the difference and home depot
lowe's has for pickup i followed it out be sure yourself
p.s is not gay has white and no purple, no - the arrowboard or target is not gay

a. (augusta) richard desandre (michael the arch angel, palmieri) still hanging in there on the left-handed side and is quite aggressive to insinuations i'm sure - the doctor is in

augush be our guesh i forgot the song

8-ball is the sun and the moon? the moon at night some - see? octave? new color trace the outline and deny you don't see - you need know nothing and there's still no proof...

if you made more, maybe we wouldn't have to share this
--------------------------------------------------------- grade? excellent
you'd pass

last year i paid bills thank god ! for that...check

perennial favorite 'skunk cabbage' is in season - imagine taking too little

smoothing on top before you drink white milk outta the bottle, you rejoin the udders in bowl of cruel whip in july 2016 p.s. i shit in the chocolate balls at your wedding - you thought i was her satin cash belt 'stop sperm - what no cone?' with rat hair and feces minder

new for fall