now get out - september 2015 will educate you but is no job you too leisure

some good kd lang 'valley ho'
the valley has darkness akin to breast cancer treatment it seems - other than that we use michael jackson 'ben' to recede
or your full-on autopsy scar muted with skin goulpers? see it welcomed here
jane siberry? oh

before it's over - a flock of seagulls first record helps it remember

'....nyuck nyuck nyuck.' curly of the three stooges...'no more.' - moe

resuscitate hollywood high mcdonald's to remove from my list of keepings? maybe

but slimly before the fact: there's a 'phantasm' (us: the finest mortuary ever delivered us as cleverly rising from the teleplay ashes of 'never again' violating the sanctity of a big house at night) reunion scheduled for september 12 in lx, kentucky olivia newton-john and all $56k worth $63k just to show it - see the official site for 'phantasm' fans - as for news, someone female was arrested 'hot on the fit' for trying to make advance or protean copies of the film when no one was there in a burbank multiplex or shop value...i vowed not to watch any advance copies of the sort with video pages entered for filths, but tried to visualize briefly on a wall up at the pool with verse channel as others may have listen - starts with a recap of sorts...a review...the film evolves fiercely with changes remember to see that...the kentucky gathering is final for d-day...

hi from september 8 and a day past official close of summer in new jersey labor day yesterday two wednesdays in the bag soon enough waiting for rent to clear terry ending his seige of mandate classes by his birthday in a week thirty days no mercy but pay (keep your wife battery money - you'll need it again with you around taking stabs at me - next time maybe you run...enjoy josh grobin (um, ed sheeran) in nyc after pink what a ticket - stink plus bother...he sounds like tracy chapman post humously of course i like the duet with marc ondy though who i hear and buy swimsuits from recently while i show him my pee-pee undercover i'll be back - beats velcro exposures at the pool adds celery from tj's)...sister leslie had a brief stay in the hospital from respiratory complaints re birth control ? (not proven you in the way with an aneurysm - never say i care if it doesn't kill you immediately you'll still see how hard it is to poison anything without being there and a microwave doesn't work like that pressure air plus wanding electricity as diodes on-top and if the pill-type cure starts with charcoal mixed in water noting i took erythromycin carelessly forever the same thing? note tampons are rice chex but i roll me own 'debna dahtoin' taking the time in russian while crouching to see...that woman on tv who poisoned that guy with fish crystals for cleaning aquariums notes the finest corpse ever dug with me still...all black moss half the face with embalming) and perhaps a trip to mom's house south by car both be praised but after the fact we note (gas prices? relieves the notion some unless just dropping in)...don't threaten me i strike first and hafta look to avoid mishaps (concludes with no intent) no names...'you don't have the voice'...

nothing here from microsoft 10 yet with icon installed, but hope to see soon - all this inquiry wouldn't it be easier to pay? 'i'm sure you did pint-size and pugnacious as usual' i feel like everyone knows i still use porn alot with freaks (known for being different or religious or catering them - why hint at you?) around (still showing at the big top) it's not like turning around and getting a new german op system for mac at christmas (jews divide by twelve days we had a point to make, too - no bother at first if all on-time)...more like something mandate for work when people had jobs making a case for using it all and as new...keeping up with all the jonesin'...

why me sweeping up a bit around the halls the pool (add water there's always a drought and perhaps a hose that drains completely for no fee) and never not 'on-time' for those in the head (you can always do more for any the pay you know, but i live for excess moments in my heaven of sorts sans yours of any bother, you see...) ? i've never paid more rent (not in name but see you - we here since january 2006 with $3,300 of somebody's else's moving money) me, this place never looked better at night the pool the chandelier over our eating table is western saloon seeming (a round dining room table notes the rich usually or guns drawn?) now sometimes even the font (typeset)used in for the fleetwood mac rumours lp is there while i read or online a definite quality mark...a bit of helping gets me outta here i pay nothing on paper...why ask - to get away for a bit? just asking is happy enough i see...

current affair prior to 'emergency!': 'new girl' episode 'clean break'

reprise: august 28 1721 zooey deschanel late of old timer 'cat power', and now that girl 'new girl' on wunderkind network 'fox' - farce? use the official website to view episodes my first one witnessed (they say 'season 4' - why?) someone gets a cactus as quasi-parting shot, and a science fair takes over flashlight and a balloon taped on stymies me - lots of strange commie-sexual stuff with women - the eternal question 'why not' replaces 'why you~' why not? quote off: i never saw anything around anyone's asshole - i've had lots of them...that is...all clean enough...

'the double double' at family shame ? 'in-and-out' cheap-cheats someone but good food! eat there as often as enough with kids, high schoolers afoot...

august 29 is significant yet 'the devil' is a double of you only, very fluent yet with keys...mary mary how does your garden grow? no moving about stay put

...elopes at a moment's notice

monday august 24 1023...nice...i don't hafta do anything today is that right?

'people don't do anything 'right' unless they're made to do' - count on it...the rest is making something up to me? great morning? something sugary in a cereal box or not thought of in a bubble to eat and perhaps a bit of cash still nothing pressing me with sources to be drawn up...knowing too much stinks and keeps me up...all walls too 'not there - she's there with talk and walk' (why i don't - another false to be billed-killed a little bag of hard feelings, so poof) i am no one and nothing and looking to prove it live, i live? you live...trying hard to keep it up and be there on the double then add more talk...'late' the new early to the table 'la creuset' an heirloom, who you eat with...fame? who you talk about at the table...think of the ride home your hand out the window cracked as cooler, a coat...then whoop it up -

49-50-51 see the cadillac 8-6-4 engine you can't know much: well, hafta dump that fifty-one year old birthday notion too - nothing new to report just older so consider the oft-spent as rule...opinions, feelings, outlook - nothing but you not having to admit me then there's trump so sure - 'hang in there'...nothing to live on is like consolidating with a loan at a bank what did you get?...not usually, don't count on, of list of having beens here and 'no' i don't ever place me to be free no one says this...just a friend...a friend at first and for a long time...'incorrigibles'? cordially welcome but inopportune? a heard of be new around town...

the day i equate my labors with spending - your math of hoping-moving not when i stop to think or recreate freely is the day you live in china with fat legs...p.s. the worst surgery ever was an ingrown toenail just to be clipped on the side...the whole thing needles scalpel hadda go - true, but not really my style of reassuring you get the worst case scenario still here looking around for something you hid...then the toe? that's your life...the sooner the better...not bad for a lacking of knowledge they took my phones, no water free edit today

lana del ray 'blue jeans' a biopic from the pool?
the french? 'take my time - that's all i have' - 'take my time, i don't have anything but'

'it's in his head?' a weak faggot-type in a card game with men is nothing to see - you can't declare your hand to see about mine and thus to sit...somewhere else we all wanna grab the gusto, but is ultimately effete and as measured to the cup is no meal...real? even as asked of, is like burning flan...tits out - intrepid, a doom lurking

sia 'elastic heart' featuring shia la beouf...this is rhianna from last week's roof - the nudity is extra i paid for it looking around here
love this i don't know why the video didn't strike me before i look for him loosely another silence to greet...good music makes the sound i hear
the background is an apparition in sub-being conscience to me - not the congo, a tree of clams unspeaking to me or then a ball of black gas with baby-ish twins on fire
tip: substitute sia as 'sheva' now fleshen she demonstrating well-enough her moves as running down the street as all arms and a leg or as crabgrass? how she feels it happens mostly, what she does initiating it...

new setting for cocteau twins 'alice'....from the 'violaine' eps

this video is new - porno for pyros 'pets'

new moon on monday, 'chock' versus 'chalk' that up: our latest threat to understanding is i'm gonna 'chock' (toss, gather) that up versus 'chalk' that up this reference linked says 'oh, naturally chalk up a debt in a store window' very japanese in understanding no pictures...keeping tallies is natural here but not for debts - in the way you gather information softly sweetly in a unseen unknowing way both aren't right...though my roommate 'proved me wrong' i'm gonna chock that up like a piece of meat in a dog's box you can't be bothered anymore with this anomalie...tired, ambivalent, no one will see as higher up...

08/17/15 pie chart: a few skeletons in everyones closet, not so fast to the ripe, what's the point, when two become one: that target futon is still hovering around $100 sans black licorice ghost? get the facts and check online often~ some kind woman gave us coupons today at bed bath and beyond...thanks again...what else? gave two slices of pizza to someone on the street recently - another great day while you bother it...when you don't outline, there are no interesting turns...opinion? fact it out...signed, a juice told people...

terry's bed provision way up north - looks almost abortion in nature, but so does a caesarian - the surgical blue on-top greenish pole turning out
i get nothing but a hard time trying to see my vision - a rollaway? no - an army pole in the corner left swinging one out to right - an odd note
what do you see?

got my teapot $9.99 - usually two (2) minutes in the microwave, a mug

eddie (my mother's husband wished upon her) had his pacemaker replaced recently 'every ten years' (tense moments the mind going like there's no caffeine bulbing the heart sac...someone in my head said 'paid out of pocket $400,000 - she paid'...her reply 'medicare' (and some hud helping out with soft costs feathers and film) you gonna get it anyway i'd say before pinching your asshole with pliers) and i'll bet that's real a hole your throat (stoma - like stomach more about drips) still vivid later than you might hair, a hard-enough erection, still beats this heart of mine...thanks for not being another bother, ed...tales from the darkside...' i woke up and my legs were gone...i love hospital food, though' me too...and i did their dishes with all manner of chemical - clean isn't your right to know...'there's no hole' in here...

our annual birthday week - met with the usual of esteems - drew to a fine close yesterday 'sunday-someday' with the deadpan 'please, i'm not you' c'est chic le freak ('says she - you are a freak' or is known for being different a freak, afrique)...the day started off with a free n'est ce pas (a cheap wordplay on 'nescafe' - or 'i wouldn't know' being with you? you talk too much) from starbucks (size? la ment or fume hood the bigger the better) thanks that must hard on you every day 'it's my birthday and so ba da da dum' va-va va-voom but okay it's cute of them i can't be that dropping hints and all if cash rules me thumb tigres-euphrates vs. euripedes and so was cvs cute with their little freebie in the amount if $3 for anything i want i went right over and cashed that one in for two (2) two liters of coke $2.50 and one big bottle of rose's grenadine $5 for bloodrites ('we're sad' in the head is that real? i'm not that sad - tracfone writes 'you got all you gonna get three times three' and thanks again)...then cvs beauty club $5 kicked back whatever thanks real day is damned special numerically 'eight-eight-eight' and everything underspoken you're here i can't have all of that fatuous response in ya'ams yes ma'am and being the very savor of the day and you should have a whole host of private intent being classy or at least selfish with a phlegm 'pray end this to me' you are a's to seeing you better than expected the notion mine although hydrogen delivered by tricky plants only...someone had the group misfortune of staging some kind of gelato at the pool upstairs (formal permit, let us know if 'no priority seating' they had a few good songs on a coded box one hearty is by rhianna something about tough skin kinda a real beauty in sound pray no simple edit in our sound wars and something else by high-singing blacks kinda like 'daft punk' real good maybe new) where i kept to me a stink mostly all day i sang a few things in the am on ipad a good threat unless people show up unmercifully a tank of talent graveside - so, good enough - usually people leave trying to use what little they have to influence to some greatest extent and i hope that's not about me while i agree usually 'what to do?' and help to think it over and threaten 'that's your problem, maybe you should'...'break, out' - i just leave and think of it not like peeing while holding off a dream with eyes closed or a violence to seem you get out...see ya...happy belated to madonna and to the nineteen year old who's parfait i rode around at the pool is that real - august 16 is that real? kinda it is...the day elvis died press-wise by september 16 the year before it's reported...he's hard to let go of but maybe kept trying or does it already (the above does not remit 'we just use them' chatting the day long) - lord knows six months later i'm done eating the remains of afford inside of the mouth...i know...a matter of facts...i want to and still i take my time....people don't want god they want death and its scares i love that stuff too but hate being locked in a fuckin' grave...wishful at best they claw out even in a cement sarcophagus with padlocks picked psychically with their eyes glaring your mother they're all 'whew!' two more boxes to go and one fat roommate stuffed with black cheese and syrup dripping...yet i remain...

i sense a friend in these movers out front - this one claimed to be 'ingersols' from minnesota, kinda
the guys who chopped down a favorite tree at a fork in the road? maybe not - just one of terry's family members up the road looking for trouble
no one need ask about that here~

today i'm all wrestling with a two-dollar price on half-gallon cartons of minute maid orange juice - turns out you gotta check the 'simply juice' button a limeade or whatever to get the discount beyond the $2.99 club special...pavilions...

he cracked my glass teapot again refusing the clover wire placed underneath $10 or so bed bath and beyond...electric? take a tip

note that despite any renovations over the years - as with any building - the old scandia building was finally torn down near the 9000 block of sunset boulevard
billed as a 'smorgasbord' or 'swedish land feast', the restaurant symbolizes a warm hospitality with cute heart on-top of their logo that kids would love or at least what would make a good vintage t-shirt in silk screen terms
'have a heart' i'd say if could and note the old prostitute haunt and private property magic castle in hollywood might still feature the sumptuous of feast you're looking for - and by invite-only, thanks
people here are lazy and gauge the menu by the amount of work involved, time to be saved etc. exacting the quality of mints by the register...a graveyard remits little to fend

we did a light crovisier (um, french for 'combing for crumbs') at city target last night and hobbled over this $99 'futon' being offered right now until saturday night
ours injured some with use and restuffing we might decide to zipcar over there and get one flatly new (my friend lays on here sideways like a dog - his little place in the nothingness i seek~)
flatly inhabited with jet-black waist-high beings protesting others, they may hafta move over after all
as for zipping around, the other day it was burger king for breakfast at labrea and sunset - still a rare treat their sausage 'croissandwich' with flat tater tots and ketchup - love that with juice leaves me fully sated
burger king is rare these days the old 70's logo popping up here and there as perfect looking (they have new 'app' for any urgency in coupon clipping - see that)
i left a whole sheet of their coupons from the la times unused before they expire this week - i didn't gyp (um, 'gypsy') them probably they toss in the trash
i keep in my wallet and forgot but ok - chicken sandwiches very unique

what i made of the apple galaxy and another screen - two whirlwinds of light? no
almost a tragedy, why not smooth one bigger across two? the application asks me to arrange monitor screens here in this box - i wanna use one menu line once
one has to be unplugged regularly for immediate re-insertion see that worthy too
you conserve because you can leisure with it - it's your effort to be

this is junk smearing the stars or whatever - i teach light like the personified ball-being of the sun (a mostly lateral white robe of clouds until ten o'clock ? with bright head or ball on top
the international harvester of water only or the growing sense of osmosis (water one-for-one drawn in at the root and let out up top from flat sheaths a hazing of mist
you see moves all to bitters in time
not necessarily right, but what makes sense to you and in times taken?
i make sure i incorporate all you think as prior but perhaps five more steps down inside and within where i might live freely
never to wake up in your world? it's like that despite everything, no frankensteins?

my mom's street is mossy oak - the way? madame dade
nice smile...from developing 'site' (really a blog - not mine as derogatory and made of me efforts 'blah + log' your way to be feigning disinterest) of naked junk is 'noomguod' a lightweight as yet with moon icon not mine chosen but ok
masturbation (who commands the parade, draws the wand) is below my standards for talk you alone still after revealing many to much - is diveiling of it
all flames of reveal trying to get at somebody's throat
remember: you hafta be shown by others, you can't see for yourself - mirrors, pictures all aimed at take the good

eurythmics 'who's that girl?' from the 'truss' ('touch') lp (1984 featuring 'aqua')
the first video juke ever (1984-ish six flags great adventure skee ball palace a dream come true), 'wtg' (um, why the glare) my favorite for acapella or scrubbing a floor - that jaws-like crescendo 'tell me!'
no shit

no one knows until you do...and you don't know anything yet~

test: is sonny bono also senator fred thompson? could be i'm anastasia putin (the luggage in secret closet) a wanderlust in my free hotel room? not these success? jiffy pizza crust 'schwa!' the upside down 'e' means ' - but probably et um' check and see if you're 'out back then' shallow then halo but i'm not you...'goes in-between, sees only now' no branch for the wicked at-once washed away...rule: you only see through them however is clearly portrait as is no help 'you'...

rags to riches: 'we don't make (spaghetti) sauce, ever' - for what? - a romaine grown in bag with a pair of shoes? no garden-type stuff a charcoal layer, no fresh kills hair and fur meat i don't know this is better than egg beaters with nutra yolk yuck-yuck-yuck mister milk with flasks chilled...did you run over the cat like sam hain no more worries it passed in day or two? not the scorpion meat...

kiss 'king of the night time world' see the back cover - two words
a kiss, a crash, a star is born (though one objects, is not the fall-away in a dress - no one is good enough yet you died)...'what it takes - a phoenix from the ashes?' someone too dumb to die~
cuts your throat to meet 'stars'
you to bleed over ashley tisdale...savor it
tip: summer 1976 - andrea true connection 'more more more', fleetwood mac 'rhiannon' - jennifer aniston went to see elton john and sat onstage like a fool
he threw a cup of water in security's face (all prior to the steven tyler incident 1978)
she just 'married' to father-type henry 'superman' cavill 'people' is slightly lighted here given the times

July 2015 Hits The Answer But Seconds Before You Actually Think You Know
Lean in to make your mistakes before they happen.