cap your interest in august 2014...and just as we start laying around in september's hall of ill-afford 'it wasn't the nicest...but okay i have another somewhere~'

q: is 'la cucharacha' mexico's national theme song? a: no, 'feelings' is...

sheila e had a sit-down dinner last night at book soup enough people i guess - i missed joan rivers after all...can't buy all them books...sheila e's whole shtick is 'you robbed my father why not' it's hard not to make money, real hard...he had $13 million easy and for what? sheila made $15m - it goes i guess...people are might want to buy a cd instead you can know a buy...going broke ('i'm not coked up, yet') is like dying at sea - lords knows where all them crabs come from...the inside 'you don't tell me no'...update 04/01/15: says she made $40k on the book - now you know...if you don't get paid, at least you know there's not gonna be any kickbacks on what you bought of it at home...let's keep it all straight while i eye a few other bargains afoot...all apologies only...and so far...

sunset's hippocampus now empty...the sunset street festival is scheduled again this year headliner is jane's addiction...i think
also see the hollywood italian feast 2014

'romance 1600' let's recount (um, 'walk through without' sheila e and the belle of st. mark at book soup soon or then tomorrow 09/10) :

no teeth;
no touchin';
as dressed up for the president's house 1600 pennsylvania avenue - no touchin';
dragged home by your hair and as not having been asked (blacks: 'with bald on-top, i just can't win' not just the arching and bobbing, but you can't pull their hair);
at four o'clock in the afternoon before anyone gets home - that's mine;
adds 'from blacks' you don't do anything 'til it gets done (your day job then, michael jackson agrees).

Sheila E The Belle Of St Mark by sasha6234

got a copy of this month's 'redbook' delivered to us erroneously as we discussed zip-plus-four (the four usually the unit number as seen once? so they don't hafta read the address much and identify a smaller area within the zip's possibly growing scope - maybe a check digit or mathematical confirm of any deductions made by thought then)...within there is a q: & a: with actress helen mirren and interviewer asks her why so small and tidy the look and she makes reference to some french chef (female) that is similar in nature...some quasi-asian i thought and i drove on to ask the chef if she thought the french were best at cooking and if their schools were the finest by choice (god over cites thailand easily enough and no, fish is not theirs to eat with alone, not)....the chef says they know everything important from the bottom up and never substitute as [food being] 'too precious' a good a big problem with me now asking...just like me, but i don't know much from living with you...mute...

my mother never lets anyone cut or color her hair (she does it herself) and look to madonna's first video 'burning up' (is roman, not sexy - she doesn't understand you yet) - the length of her nails is there - shortened and always correct.

recent quote but still no cash made to me: 'some of you are gonna make $300 a day [now as onward - think $200 a day a big problem for monthly payroll to be splits you lose alot here in times taking at steady rents] and need to think about [being paid for the lapses of the past so many years you didn't work or receive of monies owed]' mean i'll be able to ridicule your thoughts of not having been successful ever or having blown it all, or by now not having saved any? i don't listen to you as it is, let alone offering to pay for anything with no check in-hand - dM be my hero by standing by ongoing quotes i'll decide my position with others who never question good received as overall and if asked 'christ'

ugliest ever: being passed around as $47-87k in weekly payments for 'x' weeks - what jerks i want some now...always balancing in extremes what's next offering school to an already major living with an ex? how would you know that's a paid leisure, bitch...good luck selling fake diplomas and, by the way, stop looking out for me you're not with me...better my mother to suffer...and that won't be grazing the ground after shits, will it?

not before you rebuild your prostate with pills will you: never accuse of a crime publicly - that is the golden gloved hand of stealing (another economy, someone somewhere will have more to talk about now) - now they have half on ice, easy...and with their further appeals to each other notwithstanding...'no one helps me in' - dM

petty cash comes a' calling: 'i had to put it back - that's all' - that's what i'd do but before having to say...

here's a local or indoor ad for bamboo fence a tenant is trying to sell via his logics - note the width and expression
i use the bamboo we have to keep all quiet while i underwear occasionally and pretend not to notice other bargains (harkings) afoot
last night 09/08 we made the inside of a huge igloo consisting of brick-type clouds cascading down to present my crowned mother widely as heavenly afford with angels (we are battling support ends)
what? you have a leg missing? see ya tomorrow - at noon
we have beloved amusement park rides and other intone about milling it all out - lots of movie props and the bedeviled of decor but in protoplasm or light and dark ghost entity or sound - nothing you can do, nothing you can use, not one thing
the moon as angel overhead shone on thanking me and after much play about, we extended our earnings to be indoors i'm always busy and always chatting you through the work so as not to be speak a rule of thumbs
p.s. my bamboo was a dollar each full roll there are two linked and is real from a yard here in west hollywood some dog poop - like sales on soda, it's the carry home with bags broken that curts the smile
pavilions box soda of twelve is attractively priced this week at $2.44 plus each return severance of $0.60 the each of box - grapefruit soda like fresca is raving good but as with sugar a good time to stop asking about it...

afterthought on 09/10: did i mention it rained gloriously the other night - the same night - it came and went too...

'don't tell people i care - this is error.' - dM

another friend dearly departed this weekend - never a path should cross both ways
near cvs on lacienega at santa monica...

'like a ladder up a hole that's always moving away, any cash on-hand can be used later - if you wait' - dM and possibly leaves to save you a few steps

nothing new or that can't wait until you're there cyphering me---------------------x

if all goes well, that slurpee jar (below as moonshine) refills for $0.99 a bargain hat i got the green...holloway-lacienega store

what does 'xenophobia' mean (letters at target's $1 shop but italic)? painful memories always seen with others
afraid of the outdoors? 'polyphobia' and as afraid to be seen always
afraid of everything? a 'yasterphobe' or a 'yes to her' phobe

this schwarzkopf coaster express (and with-plus working battery-operated headlights) was called 'cat and mouse' and 'big fury', respectively, at great adventure in new jersey
the last perfect day and with paid admission before six flags came? august 16, 1976...look there, see it all
technically true this is disney's space mountain coaster as within and-with longer shabbs - i can't stop giggling when i ride in the dark of motor home there
i only giggle like that tray-spying on girls through bathroom-locker room walls - to each of passersby but one mouthful of water at the circus

prize: got my mac mini's optical dvd drive back up and running for the hills - helpful: hardware discs otherwise apple genius bar tomorrow in-person...great, great~

love this report on i made it meself~
'quincy - stop playin' (as in jack klugman?) see source
'why...why?' u r not alone~ lonely > alone
why do i always hafta to be the wet rag? be alone.
the talk? credit mjj productions

this is a good thought the moon shining back like glue with north and south america, the arctic circle, california raised as perhaps cedar point, australia funny enough and hawaii...someone says 'japan' go fuck yourself 'same face'
all the lights? new york, greenwich meridian
new york~ the great lake!
p.s. love the prose - the place don't come with words, you know 'sadie the moon'
you are the fool still with proper lensing - is not the whole of orb~
'like placemats on a table' a hot hand-held hairdryer to seem close or then far away

this is my favorite 'counterculture' (or woman-as-haggis) picture from tumblr. to date - that good to me - sensitive with us army participations
no 'twitter corn 'fritter', yet is derogatory like blah-gue...'blog' like i have a serious-type problem besides no one showing up to great expectations to be no fault of my own -/+ $40 for refreshments
if you can't beat them, mourn them 'if they were here, you'd only be bitching at them' - to my grandmother somewhat tearful with drinks, covered heroin bun in baskit 'maybe not yet, not you'
'mengenes', mention could've been here without me hearing of it
the ol' hotline to heaven - 'you better hang that right up' the bat-phone

my guess is the joker (um, frontman albert) from adam west's batman - crazed with hate, pine needles, 'no vada'
warhol says 'it's just me getting old' this on lacienega at the little coronet theater (comedy some)
the recovered 'spanish kitchen' of legend originally fire damaged and across from el coyote on beverly is getting ripped up again another incarnation i never got to eat there either
hate that...

the sun and the moon - the sun
someone like you prancing around in ruby slippers but each bent at the leg as so striped the socks
c-u soon enough but for now 'steppin' out'...'round and 'round

is like life...ribbed and caged
big success: the bamboo is strung together and finally with thin speaker wire copper-aluminum very cheap - metal carries away heat and the plastic exhibits strength always
string and rope thoroughly wet and always breaks...occasionally, i pour sugar water on the bamboo to keep it fresh looking much like the tooth gums of cows and fish, ribs

is life-like...being eaten by the same two trades color versus swatch
switch-pitting 'pity you' that's not real milk
useda meat...great white lavandha (photo source imaging) for holy spirit-bird-gloria-eye in the sky

what do you know? ><
caza moscas - catches [most of] them [all]

i hate joan for this (never a bad word, actually)...devo have feelings too maybe you're like me nary a drop spilled on my own behalf i hate being embarrassed and misused by you...i'm still here 'who is that about'

if you are jewish, you know how hard it is to succeed - it matters
we'll touch down on these later...alot of stuff is simply touched
1) i call my book 'joan rivers' because that's who i am when i'm here;
2) i hated this film it doesn't make any sense for me...a call girl with the blues that's all;
3) this film is shit and i call it off every one will endure this willingly [dM - hated it but will reclaim if at all];
4) the muppets stink and i hate them anyway has a heart in hell...beggars at-will that's all;
5) lee patterson is my agent who died in a car wreck i know him still you too - jerry [nate's] stiller;
6) too many freaks a la 'spaceballs in space' too much said;
7) 'honey, my teeth fell out' and i can't stand hearing of them - 'get me to the doctor' it said i said 'okay' to this;
8) look who said this - some kid - not very imaginable;
9) serial mom: too many arts in one home - not enough said to be with it;
10) who is napoleon anyway - a rogue of some sort? adds 'this film really stunk - a caprice really';
11) a who's-who among no-one's [quick: see the bologna table at a live taping] - a bitch of it;
12) shrek makes me laugh - that's all [editor: john lithgow is key - there's nothing he won't do or say that way shameless poor people knowing and being sad with their lot in life ~ love];
13) the first daughter is the last one - the rest don't know or care...'heathens' [hers: mixed crowds, mine: adherents of pleasure];
14) a piece of work is mine to label - none one knows this, i do [ed: see plethora, pain, asymptote, originality, if not one word formed yours];
15) asians make me dance - they have no originality [aids the posit: you are inhuman in contexts - they strive to make you connect, see superiority or feeling bad for me];
16) lucy is no one special to me for being mean-spirited and clausal - no fact too great - an asshole to me only;
17) the late show is on too early for my fact - a plus side, and a weak side both - no one there to watch, no one home to see...made nbc broke again their natural state of being hence;
18) hollywood squares is made to the trash a fantasy i share with others and i see it all - there's no one peter sellers, and there's no one peter marshall see it real;
19) lady boss is no shine to me mistitled 'who's the boss' - is mine only - to alyssa milano go fuck yourself your mother said so;
20) another world is mine - having, and having not with others around [ed: i got all excited 'a different world' (from where you come from) an aggressive-familiar of blacks...a rawhide of ignorant as shit not all just denise] + [or you took julia louis-dreyfus' parking spot at cbs before roseanne could 'army up'];
21) there's nothing true about e! hollywood i make it and someone else pays us or them - we like it alot...
22) no one knows where the apollo is - in negligible new jersey near us i'd say a wanamaker theater;
23) we don't play for people ever i'm made on steam i feel and say when;
24) eight cats is not enough i need ten - they are the sweetest and kindest [ed: not yet again, see alan sues];
25) graham norton is dead - i liked that - is my ex-husband 'ed norton' no small of act;
26) straight talk is not about gays - they annoy me only and have nothing wise to say, ever;
27) 'shrink rap' is cabbage or cannibal work i sell to see myself straight - no actor in it is real...take a tip;
28) 'celebrity family feud' is not real we don't make celebrities, they do, and 'they' means god - they won't play right;
29) big brother is women they want to be that [won't say more my intro: i want to be big brother to all who think of me and so - fundamentally naked and attractive to young people no oriole or obsessing where from with unseeming of knowledge bases my place after all i'm not yours to abscess greet with just yet];
30) (miss one this is it);
31) we don't animate anything, but i liked it - it was better, simply, and my voice too - never watch for me, however;
32) never watch this, this is junk - never has anything for me i produce it (i was supposed to be in there, i hated it);
33) apprentice i love it makes me happy like nothing for being so old and so new too - a recondite [see: um, 'recondite' means to hard to remember as a word and thus you not to use, nevermind the blight of others not knowing - a teardrop - she thinks it means 'i don't need to speak for this' having been said already and better too - see 'zen'];
34) [ed: this last one very exciting me] we don't use 'rich' anymore, i was clarified by quote already - 'rich' aren't here - we are 'wealthy' it seems...english are 'wealthy' no teeth but caring.

that's's a bit of 'shrink wrap' to boot - daughter melissa is here:

robin william co-incides with joan's 'shrink wrap' - she strives to preserve any a truth
this like 'pantages' (um, 'playing your hand') phantoms of the past around your head happy/sad presented

'we're not labour party' - mixed bag house of lords money more than strict, they own it think house invasion...

some live i don't trust much but okay here's some...
notes: we saw joan live at carlos & charlie's a stilled nightclub here in 1989 or so or so at the height of kingdom - she was hilarious we were doubled over with her routine of just talking to people in the audience - all elation
despite johnny carson, she opened with a group of three girls dancing to some guy's morgue beat-box on synclavier - it was great like bobby orlando stuff
remember edgar too this signaled something of a revenge in the afterlife i see it
her and boy george were really cute all personality and that's hard to extinguish here - go float

more from the labour party soon...

yackety-yak-yak: 'thank (is reliably the word 'fuck' - new, adds 'forget') god she's dead' - your probish name here i take the call always...'don't come here'

icarly's male lead jeffrey 'jerry' trainor (burp) at pavilions last night? super clean look...your mother was there...too...

ukraine? hrrmmph...alaska is more like it whole lotta nuthin' terrible cold stares like hair jelly launches laser wars in outer space you got your penis in my alberto v05 kiwi maharet gotta warm it all up with blubber and stretching out the lats...feathers, oars, blades...

deaf penalty plus one boulb: sometimes people get it wrong too...that's not him-her? that's not her? who is this? you'll get around to it too...about 66% guts it for me...flap, flap

'all these years and then what what? you?' - dM
'come back to me' - janet jackson from 'rhythm nation 1814' honors me i think to say

what again: st. etienne 'tonight'

by odd such nominate: bananarama 'cruel summer' 'til the 21st or so

that's not lube, fool - hamm sanitizer - this just in see you as clown: how to make your own couscous with rosemary and thyme on-hand it's no giff
fuckin' gross.

went and bought some quality thumann's wieners ($6 a pound right now at bristol farms) and frozen hamburger patties from ralph's ($12.99 for twelve lunchroom patties some three pounds labled 80/20 and are perfect only pink no extras) i'm getting sick of local mixes...bought buns for both pavilions only $2...sense bubba has shrimp in them as black angus or whatever...

was in outer space credibly yesterday 09/01 during a midday dream - inside a space galactic it was white we showered off kinda with white towels there was a yellow stringy gunk all over the skin afterward like something ex-dermis died and i farted too - i did? to wash again - the floors are semi-grate, then we were outside the craft underneath and olivia newton-john's speaking voice wanted to know mind's answer to others boring in through the white jet skin (rivets? not noticeably) i felt flattened by it but said to screw cap a red 'alarm' there...boring in? the deed so plain...being who i am i don't like people around demonstrating any capabilities whatsoever like they're letting me in...another woman guinea pig claims plasma everywhere like chicken soup i'd say all fezzing no home was made to reorder and signify plasma nothing above energy level unprotected...we are a dark garage studio with much ado about nothing...

those at krispy kreme would propose the change of seasons
maybe a loose trip to ikea soon after rent is paid
p.s. they opened a dunkin' donuts in santa monica is not krispy kreme but close? i don't like boston kreme at all - the line for hiring only a sad state
if niggers ran the world~

another promise fulfilled: the semi-cast of icarly do 'best player' a deep, dark san francisco-type internet movie - there's nothing you can't do here...

'our country is suffering badly', but you want to be more informed of new car prices: see tru-car as asking from google...'sometimes winning is losing' + 'you win here to lose elsewhere' - dM someone needs to win...rolls royce, bentley, honda, dodge, cooper as mini, etc. something fun start small...

toni (who changes bodies often a week and whom i thought was surely dead one goes with the other no one shits their bodies out in the morning after but they do) says her head hurts and she's gonna hafta to have surgery this week for teeth problems 'in my head' (this isn't the first time however and twice now)...give a call if need be...i die with no resonance or pain after it's easier...i think...the complications are about you...someone else will sub that procedure (god motors things for you sometimes it's no troubadour)...meanwhile i saw ice-t's head in a pitcher of hawaiian punch or whatever if that's about suge knight you gonna see about five chairs of hair being done at once...knight was shot at the troubadour outside some say billboard...we don't think anyone goes anywhere truly but they send out...

happy labor day (to the worker a day off - not so before xmas was made popular) ! and it's back to school and work you bitches where all good springs forth!

pay attention to changes or revisions made

one day, the chorded sum made flesh...lemon tree boutique

creation box: not so much introduced from a box or crate, but a manufacturing or studebakered (watch along the way? yes to no) process! consider a square box of straws most famously - individually wrapped with saran or starlight and boxed to take up any the space leave three feet open to the garage production, too much very soon, and not so many to take and use...and they position beautifully...who is to be the lord of the straws then? the one who tells you not to...

-------------------------to live or die----------------------------well, then...this hurts---------------

i think water world star 'keiko' bit someone's head last evening...toni in some sort of stranger to problems at-hand they are not human or fish they are very strange moonie types and are literally the monster in the alien movies they hate intrusion by babysitters...p.s. any harm gets you big troubles

local peruse: at the northeast corner of hancock and santa monica - right here where we keep our zipcars now noting palihouse as closeby but perhaps kept with valet? yes deep inside the garage and watch that grade we rented and returned a vw golf within a minute of being late $9 plus be sensible with time and yes the sideview mirrors, headlights, and dashboard brightness are a pain in the butt but ok - a short plump man i call 'dave mason' (ne clint) ostensibly had his head run over crossing the street last week as a small-ish lady di(e) memorial ensues on the corner near the tea leaf...seems strange to me this person bespectacled and not unlike the proverbial glasses with moustache people don at parties (if you have that nose anyway) was reportedly elton john in his youth (like one of santa's helpers? no few of gigs - but razingly black to a prayer?) and was in tight with local vendors who sell nightlife and culture my own take was nice enough to sail above any crossways talk but like all others a bother being bothered by view...i always think to myself headpressed 'what was the last thing i could've done to change the outcome altogether?' and this may be it speaking on topic...i died humbled across the street in the rear left corner of a dark gray bungalow and i lose my life this way at san vicente and la cienega waiting to cross the street among as so careful to say...i talk to 'dave' alot coming and going while shopping it some, but he's getting alot of attention the way i would - long after the incident and with a red hand-held supermarket counter in-hand all asian girls and me a four-way amputee in the loving faire of a motorized wheelchair (the bag is labeled 'idaho' - montreal train wreck) ...'now go to hell' - dM what you see is what i gave, now you make something up to place among gifts

quick guide to 'death' or what i call 'demarque' (um, 'denmark' - reject as a place you can know, a place in the heart) the line you will not cross with me (is everything or nothing or nothing so what?) a la pritikin (there's nothing special if you have it too) what are you missing, what do you have as known and gone? what's left to take care of - and you? be sure after ten (10) years time still suspicious i'm not mary after all 'covered with hematomas' or blood blisters like a sharp pinch speaking to my bulls ever, no acuvue (as opposed to 'accu-weather' abc) for legs riddled with vein shots up and around the way 'optix' are great lenses i tried them they have a black oil inside or something that makes sight very very nice i usually use acuvue these new ones don't pop out either with dank stares (i've noted impairment much here but have evolved myself some)...once or twice now but one pair sharp burns that seem like error in soaking (alcohol somehow) or the much dreamed-of lasix in a bottle - that bad...vinegar is suggested by the way that's what you shoot your lover with in a water pistol at a bar it burns bad...but helps...i guess...

this the response from 1-800-lenses...lenscrafters were jerky too - just pay your way
i don't want a fuckin' $150 exam I just want lenses in my size - i have them in now but can't say why

fight fire with fire? what does that mean? it's the sheer heat i hate a miasma...make fire start with a (big) toenail clipping crossways - just put in your mouth for a while saliva as amalase and watch it steam in while drying six minutes...a tropical lifesaver? that good

for the record, 'gross' (as in 'you are too fuckin' gross') is for 'grotesque' - get it right to them as 'too much made to me'

for ghost talk 'he's [patrick swayze - is about you being there too no bother if you scan the label well enough 'cheap' can still cheat ya 'round the home scanner if no one else rubs it in with you needing to flee] no one special and you keep saying it' me: 'that's all i got' - the fat wad of shit that made you insists upon pushing to me your adult responsibility of discernment not to mention the other present issues of no one pride to be taken and no governing status for being afoot...that stupid latin-ish deadpan 'don't fail to amuse me, ever' is literally defeating to the talk as i usually 1) leave 2) rage over the idea spent 'we fought it off to pursue its charms in defeat'...don't make me puke over the things you'd never eat if i weren't there being cheerful or nascent (coming into view for you alone)...pest, deaf or then presumably, fatefully dead 'the aids ate her right up' - dM regarding my past 'bemused' only 'why her?' this is now said again no more!

make hair come? sitting on buckets of ice is the act now corrected that may take your life assured if you're not into taking 'selfies' (uninspired cell phone pictures of yourself) too much...i myself am assured you don't live (leave town in a plymouth fury) anyway....pouring ice? unafraid? i'm sure this relates to my practice of putting a whole tray of ice in the pants of ghosts a feeling i have and ain't that a bitch? feelings are remote to them (but nothing for me? my gift was seeing and saying apparently...) cools down the moaning at me for a place in the heart of all men and lord knows women don't know or make (um, show me how it's done so for now i sit with) anything but can't stop reminding me to give it a whirl...tip: ghosts are beyond harm or being made fun of, kinda, but are also a minor miracle and i don't like hurting them but is family somehow 'familiarity breeds contempt' too familiar and unseemly and like blacks i don't know why i'd hafta go through you for anything of exterior grant or value (see 'ghost' it's like that so many of color presumably dead for some white turd-turgid makes water move with a thought...and you try and help with the apparent stinking but refuse to notice your own barrel of laughs going over in the flume no photos please)...regret: spitting in one woman's (ghost's) face...a bit hasty but certainly no act of faith...'i get a bit gassy from time to time'? 'bitch, you shit.' - richard pryor, unrelated or not at all them p.s. i spit in your vodka bottle, only, and have teeth missing 'nothing shows' (the junky-looking shit you made only, and only that well wait to see bonding turn horse gray with gum) - someone like me but unrelated enough 'please, bitch - i'm not you' not yet...

not one banner me paid yet while i'm held hostage here by someone presumably dumb and the roth ira* ten percent penalty for talking shit about me...alpo carpets $200 after tax you'll be re-invested too upon liquidating you'll see nothing all the attention to unannounced (no bother for you yet spend away everything gone anyway a failed off communism) funds makes you stupid with me...lap it up? you'll cash at gunpoint you say? flying air malaysia you'll bank to me everyone one sees how it pays how you'll be paid a wait with a fat ass in a grocery store no one understands the harsh talk yet you don't need to understand everything yet as not charged with a simple no-resit (um, 'no reason to cry') one understands me...i don't use law it pays you to suggest its own concerns amid no gains made to you by me...a tempis fugit if no one asked you anyway that's true still...'don't die!' under a grass mat in a jacuzzi three of you held at bay for this that's junk died so what? i didn't hear anything~

*the roth is for people who want to opt out of employer-mandated retirement plans usually a miniscule affair mine was eight grand i think after ten years and perhaps a few cap outlets my late-term raises stored there...about that...a current hand-held here is made of $200 after-tax you need to go straight to hell for laying around on my dime 'i musta been dead' college-educated paychecks delivered $2,750 cash each month after insurances including car never enough...then three grand a month $1,500 on the 1st and 15th - three grand - even - a few less months after that and again it goes with the overtime here...temporary stints delivered $750 a week or $500 cash...accounting...minimum wage is for students, be fooled with education talk with no real job the fool's fool - the last time i worked it was $6.75 in 2006...the rest are at hand and at play...i asked people working at in-n-out burger in hollywood this weekend behind their backs they make $13 an hour one guy makes $2 'cause he's in jail (paying back society? no related disbursements), another makes $1 less for being a student or that young, another a black gets two extra dollars from some trade union i enjoyed my meal saturday night but recommend the 'double double' gobble-gobble with fries be made to a meal and get for just tax adjust more i had my own vanilla coke...beggars mention savings being central and helpful...that is a fool...savings are like cash coming in heavily made any leftover is simply theirs (a permission granted by those who would work for guineas on a plate if left to bleed it out the ear - four sons dead a woman sitting there eating bon-bons for this? her family kept of corn but extended by her trying to take again) and that's all theirs being retained and not by any else involved - a day away...

...and so to leave parking needles around on the carpet - you'll hafta ask about it then and so such be threaded

keep something general broadcast on tape or disc - is a fast lane to folding in makes the mind swim and gets to be reveal all shifting and enveloping if no cable i'd say no pre-programming just tape is news

florida trip now be-booked thans giving again ' late night flight | lax | still sixteen and you're all set | on sunset ' whiskey girl, rainbow man (s/b rainbow girl btw gth) ...spotting every star they can on sunset 'just prayed for a new limo'...quote donna summer 'nobody leaves me here - i get around' what then if that is to be that...we here would have you pray for firmament, not leaving - you to pray not for those who would leave...'faceless, faces us one day' - dM thought the dark, just then gave the cup to be pepper spray 'oop!'

crazy crazy 'national lampoon' boxed on disc set with advertising the world was smaller their quality (avco 'see what we see while you see it anyway' noah's ark with no animals just hay, datsun 'that darned cat!') is noted only (their own subscription drive a seeming burden 'we have all you are already plus the next generation of vague or willowing of bench or non-burning attempts you can leave now' touts a girl who will show you her tits if you pay in nominal gains very proper the face is puffy or harmed like you couldn't possibly be of any help to yourself - very potent)...the ads suggest to what's often sought if willing to be with us and was guide without specific of sights (today questions posted are reformatted to be mirror text - is a pub of local opinion caverture or clape of pause 'know this' nothing at-first) your environs may sape...bigger is better

breakthrough als (arterial lateral cirrhosis of the dick and 'mad hen' bladder): try closing your ass and farting through your mouth - see? no pisskin yet just corned moles (berries, in witch season 'season of the witch' a road salt rubbed in)...more: those missing white straps of the occipital (or rear of the head - compare the enfragiled 'parietal' like a propeller blade two sides meeting on top, 'temporal' above and but as between the eyes pre-frontal forehead is this, maxilla-facial top of the mouth inside crown corona and all but nasal within - not jawbone is not lobe but maxilla such seeking to be refuse) lobe a swirl of nonesuch dpi mapping seen from the back of your eyes? you know how unnecessary conversation can cut off a movie what's actually seen start small...real? the tide of broth-piss inside you a sickness then about two or five o'clock in the afternoon (morgue stink laveurs around two i'd say - no mistaking its quality of pure sent a paqued chicken skin of yellow not bad at all and not such as to be cooked but dried some a condiment then) that comes with fleas and termites 'round the house...too many sylmars or woods vapored by the flesh their esters or cell walls being's not the lack of proper support that bends a shelf with paint cans but it is anyway...don't rate to a nonsense wood pulp but veneers is 'no good' two stars...heavier, burns me up i'm so mad...

sugar and spice and a fat hairy bucket of a crotch made of lice, since seeds 'i chopped off her legs and arms and ate some...not good'...'nobody fucks women - they eat 'em' i don't like much fresh are 'pelts' to me...'it's uneducated (not made to know where the food comes from - it's not on the face or a whip from a leather belt or sharis) for one' is a fat-layered fur meat, a blubber-type snack of 'the walk on land' even as a bespeckled (compare 'bespectacled' them as nervous) trout with a full belly swims upstream and thus still has what's to be left of their mind a young camper on can taste it to be again theirs a tent in the backyard 'heaving ropes' cannot help them to be, but try and to eat...

all the better to big beggars everywhere since and then again, no i haven't - to each a purely scent: venn diagram how we digress
truth is, i didn't weigh it all out before i spent richly it all again went
a slight leather glove at once chafed~
examined here: 'patience is no virtue' the venn diagram helps you sort it out left, right, both, none - 'rushing in' leaves it off

finally figured out where the strange 'no worries' comes from - the qwerty keyboard for 'don't worry' and its extra apostrophe to add-lift up...

contrary to popular belief, the emotional (financial to underpriviliged kin) emancipation at fifty years old is not clear to me yet...still the same

still here, unabridged (not truanced for having said)...

stabbing westward: ' all they want is new nuclear arms | all they want is new tears to fall | all they want is new nukes to fall | all they want is for two worlds to become one ' still working outside and inside...all i want is recombinant bombs in planes the spinning tuning fork now all gary numan 'walking with shadows' i come to rest with no lyric is applets groaning with sound...another page to turn away 'am i normal?'

with favorite vaginal mesh bar 'hippocampus' on sunset liquidating currently (they say the old woman died to what i quote 'i'm not jewish') this is our new headshop
it's on santa monica near lacienega for bags and pipes (near 'tit & ends' does that help? no?)
i stopped in for mayonnaise and sour cream (bit of garlic) on saturday night and the guy's all 'no - curfew at eight the bars and all' and i'm all wtf (what the fuck, when this fades, whose tube fracking)?
meanwhile, mark ten sent me another $1 coupon for refilling my vapor gun with menthol - got that done

cvs lacienega and beverly had these for just $99 a radical wireless ottoman with speakers
remember in the vicious buying circles of life, bluetooth is wireless only and never computer to computer always peripherals or roundabout devices

for architects of style, note the difference in roof patterning here from prior years 'too much light-sun' (clear and hued to white and aperture)

got me mac & cheese $4.70 for the whole damned deal very nice - and before all you get is leftover spirals they're not all as nutritious, you know
more: this site says a year's supply is fifty boxes...

this modem replaces the colored jelly-type beans large all scuffed up
' in this place | there's strangers each morn[ing] | i know there's always somebody ' - eurythmics 'sex crime (1984)'
that's about me you know large and lurking around corners at twenty years old then
'oh, there's nobody'
p.s. filmed like the jewish holocaust ('i am zoldor the pink triangle robot' i am motion and dyan from dancing with fever i am gold in my hair), these are not that close

vixen = 'venison' a meat you hunt, but don't unusually eat

today's own fright 08/18: are these leather headrests outside of rage near the mta bus stop
someone decided to just throw things away again - your bentley or rolls (a '76 bentley coupe)
i live with a freak like this drunk + bored and promise these 'will be in your belly one day' like a truck in a meat frank
p.s. 'no fb'

me? i love kraft macaroni & cheese!
a favorite topic here via monty hall is a year's supply - this deal is it five (5) free for five (5) purchased at target this week
two (2) boxes a week tops or fifty-two (52) weeks x two (2) boxes? god over says thirty-two (32) boxes, flatly 'some kids'
maybe not you~ (a current layering down to you)
god taught me to slice candy apples with a sharp knife (perhaps then lemon juice)...i think last time i didn't add sugar it doesn't ring a bell - three, four apples

reprise: gary numan 'remember i was vapour' remember i was just like you
'remember i was no one | remember i had nothing too'
just kidding~ from 1980's 'telekon' lp
p.s. a 'telekon' moves things with their mind...'me' (or is chinese in the south of france)

color your heart out: remember paree, paree, paree

for the fridge: city of light

at best buy and if mesa-boogie is now just 'mesa' (high, corn flat)

used sam gross at amazon...'this the one i had in summer 1978' - dM

please, no one mentioned the fifty-cent washer on the second floor~

both doing~
by nature: the way you were taught by your parents only;
by trade: the way the world left you to work it out yourself;
by workmen: the 'what's left' of opportunities to do - jobs open and not taken already.

'alternately' is one more choice away;
'alternatively' we don't advise this at all but we'll (we will) mention...

if 'is' is 'exists', what is 'it'? 'points to'

this year's birthday confection by martha stewart semifreddo for your coffee, cream

toni says the parking is the point here right below johnny depp's and she a got little discount on the $86k project with aerial side braces on left
very impressive though mold with cement - god says 'always drive stakes in, no water'

someone complains we're boring? 'you don't know what's exciting here: commerce' - dM i need to shop freely every day~

one year past prime: fish-fish in her new seventy-five cent vacation home (sidewalk sale)

$70 at the hustler hollywood store purple/pink - object name? 'magic ball single' under 'inflatable'
cymbals: poop, everywhere
they have blue feather shorts i love about $35-$36
if 'choice keeps yours out front' - dM mine as yet unchosen

the annual madonna-wannabe is underway at the pacific design center (ikea building)
the john aka (aga) building is supposed to be catalog distributions

target has these new light strings - count 'em in at $17.99 or so - for patios

madonna herself is not due until september 1 - here is another wall-set design for this year
still we hang in there for new record 'in simpatico' with alot of strings-money

the wall-set design in crush velvet and along san vicente is undecided as yet?

this another portrait of the red building directly underneath as it touches the street

'it's not your right to be, and be with' - dM and if everything is environment only

'actually a naked asian behind a lit bedroom mirror' - dM on transformations, ghosts

'gary numan was superb' - dM on the wembley show

it's time for starr tours to the carole king story 'beautiful'? ok!

let me mention swiffer dusters briefly now febreeze refills ten a pack (10) no less than eight dollars ($8) - bestills a beauty all its own in dusting i'm simply (no speaking of it) a fan of them...put some water a cup in your ceiling fan sconce-bulb it helps it breathe...

pavilions: wet ones $1.99 until 08/26 and chef boyardee cans $1 each...i bought three $3 minute maid carafes so far this weekend it's like from concentrate it's that good...just about crapped my pants getting back from the last trip

just paid $1.64 at pavilions for a plum 'pluot' (for plymouth no doubt - $3.99 a pound? @ 0.41 pounds) green apples are $0.79 each and plums are $0.49 each at trader joe's...while restauranteurs go blind and broke putting whole blackberries on sworded drinks, you might consider a blackberry pie the incidence so alive we'd cite $5 a big pack at trader joe's...

cvs this week: 2-liters of coke $0.99 each limit four (4) plus coupon somewhere stamping

staples circular: two items of interest a 20% coupon for a 'soda stream' maker and curiously 'country time' lemonade and 'crystal light' sauces as bubble soda? yes - all sparkling even kool-aid is sparkling with bubbles...then 20% off ups shipping services - a whole hide - if you buy one of their paper or tape products - you work it out twenty dollars ($20) in services a four dollar ($4) saving plus numbered or ongoing for expense~

banners versus links: links are for the customer alone, banners are business-wise or having to fend

henceforth (without you knowing), these are not noticeably different - a bit nutty maybe

the harvest is in at pavilions with colored wheat stalks and punks $4-$5 each

like the sheriffs you see, sell cokes with a bag of ice in a park-like setting only - $1 with this $25 apparatus at cvs (now just $17.49 at lacienega and santa monica)
i got a $3 coupon for cvs's 'beauty club' for my birthday - two (2) $0.99 tubes of aim toothpaste (no dental seal these days and after all they'd have it) and $1.17 for a sale bottle of childrens pink bubblegum mouthrinse - i love bubblegum
very generous - thank you

these are $9.99 for two (2) packs of act ii popcorn and two boxes of plain m&m's within - make it up to me here

at 7-eleven, these mountain bootlegger jugs with lid just with $2.99 and with free first fill - or almost nuthin' for the jar and straw

with the price of wieners these days, survey free chili and cheese on tap there

this am 08/17 things are looking better at k24 for eggs and toast...

we actually had box and magazine mail placed this am sunday 17th...scared of it?

rate apple tv as in the la times today $89: one nasty rapid surefire hdmi player - in short, not worth selling just use it (wi-fi or ethernet)

did i mention i like garbage bags for the tall kitchen on a roll and perhaps scented - $3.79 or so for sixty-five (65) bags at pavilions and with ties their brand 'pantry essentials'
and yes, we use the hot plate wire for the glass teapot - merely $10 at bed bath & beyond
believe it or not, pavilions was the grand dame of beverly hills - lots of france and flowers (their sister city is cannes, france after all - i wanted st. tropez 'or at least ft. lauderdale' tampa st. pete really - looks like six flags got their python corkscrew coaster anyway from busch gardens 'the dark continent' another green car yellow and orange stripes is williamsburg's loch ness monster too...great adventure in new jersey at least gain-exchanged shockwave the standing coaster we had it here)

went to k24 last night as soon as it got dark and i was so tired and hounded by a nasty drunk to have a good time
(off quote: 'this place is 'it' for women - they come in here and they graze'...tip: i graze at home and take selfies there too)
we ordered soda and wine with dinner (a rueben and a bacon cheeseburger) and then after waiting alot we left
certainly no magic night among magic nights coming into view - i didn't need to whoop it up like this maybe i pay my electric bill now
eating alone is nice too~
i always tell people 'no one should witness you eating' - messy and you should simply enjoy a la annelids back and front, or dancing
today: he made a special but minimal fancy dessert i hafta endure this now heavy cream and cocoa or something
p.s. the people who steal my mail also regarded theirselves a vacation yesterday no mail all jerk-offs just saying and doing that way
i only ever had the option of working seven days three shifts a day in amusement parks and hospitals usually - i want that service too

curve 'triumph' - for toni and remark

it's my 50th (the savior 08/16/64)! and happy birthday madonna (um, elvis rip)

'i either get what i want, or it's dinner at k24 (and i ate there alone this past week)' - dM k24 is warner leroy style no matter what i get the applewood bacon burger and pretzel bun ~$20 all told

topic use: ride west hollywood's yellow shuttle bus at night - bretheren (my breath spoken) be spoken

suggested movie today? brian depalma's 'phantom of the paradise'
princess di continued: 'more towards right on the scalp and scabs, and notice a nurse's own stockings on her legs, brown'

0041 08/16 we're here quietly in los angeles doug moon and quotes a fool 'huh?' as a small cat-bomb and parts goes off...found out i gotta replace my brown coke glass again today 'you're gonna eat for this'

percent of occupied americans who make it to age fifty:
male: 37%
female: 63%
anomaly: 10% for women they are strange too and unspoken (i.e., you don't hafta trust them)
alternately, use the 'climb of death' to be not too far off e.g., a 1% mortality among newborns < one year...and if people power alot with thought or common speech coming to rest with

target to fix a black futon couch with sagging cushions

the father's day vase brought to bears left at door at pioneer court by ups on wednesday, august 13 to no quote~ replace 08/17: he 'liked it' will get some fake flowers

dr. jay's 'member's only' hut - we stand by members only, only

from the la times today 08/16/14

aiming a small fan at the mattress behind makes it nabisco's again sealy through macy's...flat...keep yours favorably sealed with bad bath & beyond ours is....

the guys at crailtap on skateboarder jay adams 1961-2014: not someone we'd know - used to chase us away and say 'you're not gonna be here' - then adds 'so what, go skate' we'd kill him if there was anything left to say (crailtap are russians mostly and via brazil)...

more sooner than later add if

cocteau twins 'eggs and their shells' from the 'echoes in a shallow bay' ep (1985)

the milled of milk:
myushed (say 'moi-shuy-ed') '[in the] morning [while i, i should] shave', of cows
mychedulk (day 'moi-shu-be-leff') 'more should be left' as ample nutrition, of corn

to keep my bargain with bowie 'ashes to ashes' - nothing to reminisce about from the 'scary monsters' lp 1980
my mama said to get things done don't let majors put their thumb on you the police, etc.
see hollywood toys and costumes has costume contacts from $30-$60 in stock now 'for octoberfest'
the eyes of the dead still quite illegal to show people like pulled in cones with black rings alot
scabrous, they search for a light the sights to be smaller seen

and if everything you hate is filth (films topically held)...dr. bronner's by nabisco, usually

michael jackson noted on the viper room door this 08/16 - birthday 08/26 ten days later
the 29th is holy assumption - cocteau twins liz fraser, etc.

the marquee on the whiskey changes each day - this 08/16
the band names aren't necessarily legit...'noncon' non-conformist, sick shop, and dirty machine
tin machine? he meant aluminum going around stark - we cite tensile or string strength both twice copper

the primo-exorcist on 08/16

where to go, what to do

fed the fish 'everything' bagels this am at greystone manor on the hill they loved it $2.55 day-old at gelson's - the bar same name on la cienega is still doing well 'blacks'
three things in life i hated learning per chast: one comic has cans opened all over a table
another was a clown on-top of a blow-up or inflatable punch clown~ one other was a swirl of needles on a hand-gun

the sculpture garden honors me, christ, and abraham
i awoke to an egg mcmuffin style breakfast, but with strips of real bacon

cupcakes strewn on sunset near hustler as there are bigger prizes
i have a cupcake and neopolitan (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) ice cream privately each year
is vanilla - still suspect a cinnamon - actually a dried banana?

michael jackson again on sidewalk - owes money? 'to no one' he says
feathers, oars, blades - all trying to get away

update with new logo that makes it terry's ultimately?
international artists and contemporaries

in hollywood on sunset today - the second coming made logo

the hollywood spa not improper with new logos-signs 'the argyle' i'll kill you
the very site of last year's very happy-happy

very proper this year we see armed with guard

another late afternoon shot of the spa on 08/17 - on ivar

for facebook: the old brown derby - just kidding? no - it was on ivar across from the knickerbocker
humbly, this place was beautiful - take a look

this building a miami house and side road on hollywood boulevard a triumph in renovation

poit! one particularly funny picture is a small cahuenga avenue sex shop 'cahuenga video' in truant beige that features absolutely no homosex in media though booths
a real oddball we had to capture again later...small, and made of dreams almost it seems
morely a spanish-type mural~ how it might be

at disney's el capitan theater on hollywood boulevard - another part of me raining down

thanks to mcdonald's (clean), hooters, baja express, madame tussaud's and various and sundry location scouts-tour guides for being there yet! thanks to the hostelry across from chinese theater and the egyptian theater...all clean still

at koontz hardware - great projector-style nightlight for orbs (nothing among)

tape led programming is all the rage these days $60 set

koontz has alot to offer smart living-wise - check it out

this at a local club - honors me any way you slice it

Here Rests No One You'd Know - Why Not Wait To Take A Break Back In July 2014?

for me? la times sunday 08/17

on the 'qt' or queued tape, and despite jane fonda, ryan gosling gives us the pack
from 'out' magazine september 2014