nothing more said or done
that's very provocative
with song or dance that is
in a high window perhaps

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september 2013 is 'round the corner...preview halloween at all banners gift and chocolate

before you take anything else - no gifts please: mom's outta knee surgery in that dog hospital in florida no inpatients...why scrimp and save? brian williams had one! when he had his balls tightened up - 'two loose' - the mother had lengths of tendon taken outta her asshole too legs, the tuck - psychically i mean i learned it we'll send flowers to the home...instead of the solarplex i think of...usually, we let that stuff die in the sun

thanks for the yolks! that's all folks (the look is usually called 'shirley manson' a turn in the leg...) my scar is barely seen note that

make your own naughty on-the-go mug plus double up on outlets cheap - i need more expensive stuff at koontz - lightbulbs for a cheap lamp $20

doughnuts for pirate day or today plus 8 - get it? no?

trying not to be mean to the man, but we have his 'mind' or mime-type and still there are no questions only demands
'everything said is to be left as half done - propaganda is never for poor people they get the truth and have to surmise to be the one true self lefterly amid nature and the similarly untainted'
'eye' the bird - 'yes, i saw it, but i didn't want to' - e.g. someone masturbating, 'flicking'

sunset plaza northhills entrance on sunset across from chin chin talking and eating - very classy

one of my favorite trees the bark shedding eucalyptus...'like the willow, i can bend' - stevie nicks
like bare feet with no socks, you sneakers tend to smell like corn chips
i wear small brown plastic bags to escape your noticing too much - we used to dress homeless people in recyclable gathers just 'til you get back to the dump then it's back to cloth and hankies (the one-piece bib and tucker with 'gubner' monihan 'here comes the judge' praying to time for seconds)

another skylar next to the tiff awaits a building-wide billboard

a look down sunset east yesterday 09/04 the tiff at the end

thick leisure shorts at h&m now just $5.95

those sky blue jeans are now $30 at macy's...rust too...friday and saturday

yellow ball at a local gay bars this am

finally - a bit of 'metropolis' (um, 'god and his angels fighting') the lost movie as narrated by me....
get the movie in-full at netflix

time-warner sends a postcard for a free on-demand movie through october 31 for the now-resolved cbs debacle...they got nothing new...we're switching to at&t universe mid-month the price is $70 for cable and internet for one year (phone comes along with via magic jack)...twc is good service though they are the same company...i returned the rabbit ears yesterday they didn't want them - period

another shot of the tiff today at 09/04

payday loans being extended street-wise again: a $300 check gets you $255 right now with $45 interest...two weeks, a month your next pay, that is - one is on sunset 'payday advance' near cherokee just east on left...your bank statement, last pay stub, blank check, plus id is all that's required...

huh? 'as bald as two cups of mayo and the jar...'

elton john 'back home again' has touches of the past , 'grey seal' of the future

please don't kill me a dream: i was in the home i grew up in and something cataclysm happened...the house was moving south really fast past other houses no hit by wind i guess...

happy labor day the feast of lights (red and green plus white star on-top) is next september 14...alot of fat burmese snakes around from my birthday i turn on snake visions at night alot their geo-deco beauty and mouths laying everywhere like garland...the burmese ones are fat, fat and nest on rooftops a foot-and-a-half fat...

elton john soon...i write it all down in pencil quickly in a ledger book i type from - meanly paced, kinetic

done a few nights ago - one of two (2) more inquests probably a long career:

dM: Welcome, welcome...
EJ: [wants to be called 'EJ' and says it fast and mean] Why me? why now?
dM: Thought you'd be an interesting captive...
EJ: I'd have you murdered. I mean it.
dM: (He claims privately to have bumped off one or two in the way, on the way - no reflect here - let it be me?)
EJ: Let's not dawdle - we have nothing in common.
dM: [as joking, flatly junking it] We both like 'chocky cake'? (words that stained me from an interview in the Queen's court where you can't just live a townhome kinda thing...Knightsbridge? Kensington I'd say if imprisoned by her...Freddy Mercury lives there etc., plus 'Diamonds and Tiaras' is coming to be published soon or the movie...'Tantrums & Tiaras' that is...)
EJ: Nope.
dM: [as relenting] Alright, let's pull it back to center and make people a fine interview.
EJ: You are God. That is bullshit. [...and all this from someone who bothered me with it - those early songs 'Border Song' so god-fearing and on 8-track, that is, ad infinitum unless you were Greg Giovacchini the only person I ever knew with a Lennox stereo that both fast-forwarded and recorded 8-track in the 70's - a mother at General Motors - am I wrong to complain? Was it just me? Does he know more?]
dM: Like me, every whim or mistake fully public for review. I don't mind knowing better with others.
EJ: Davey Johnstone [his band's longtime guitarist] hates review from faggots like you. Says you're stupid.
dM: He's right [as people with no practical knowledge speaking on the subject - a mural at best no fest]. I always say I never listen to anyone who sucked my dick. Why bother them. 'No bother.' What's that new quackery? 'No worries' - that's class - more showing me, no saying.
EJ or dM: Back to - speak your mind, be free [as not mine to say - not mine yet a twining].
EJ: We hate the new record by a [our?] producer. What do you think?
dM: I wait and see [a billboard out now on Sunset, has a gay-looking cover a personal-type crime here as man with back to you going off a diving board open-arms, shirtless somehow...darkened] - there's always something to like. The cover is odd, but I noticed Capitol is the label and that's hate inc. (survives when nobody does - is the reason) - you can't lose.
EJ: We hate Capitol - they are cheap.
dM: Capitol are ragingly influential where others sit and wait for [someone else to bring things about to a lacking of ability made seem - nothing very known to me as a simple being as with].
EJ: Capitol is mean to us - no pay.
dM: [transcending me here] Capitol can't afford to publish (make copies advance and as replace shelf) anymore. Capitol-EMI are the biggest name - any thoughts?
EJ: [thinks, says nothing]
dM: The cover is strange - a diving person. It speaks to your mindset, I guess - couples, males [he remarks they are one-shots or not important - maybe all transcends this in and of success, and a success].
EJ: That is insulting!
dM: No worries.
EJ: Who is God? A fool.
dM: We took the reins and that is no joke. A ship of fools.
dM: [complains as notes a feeling only] I'm failing in mind centers - my indexing is slow.
EJ: Who is your favorite male singer?
dM: David Gates? That's rare...Neil Young [onward is Stephen Stills - more ether as the people I want to be, I deliver]. Let's say I have lots of them [being made to choose is all I think about or not needing to hear more as engorged...I practice largely as women to know the vaunt between caring and having to share - see jail]. No winner just me enjoying all vox [it is their pleasure only to hear a self shine].
EJ: [dM continues as in his place] Vox means no singing just style, lead vocals [we agree here].
dM: Singing is like karoake [not trying too hard, not listening again] - not a people-pleaser. That growl is fun.
EJ: That 'growl' is the end for now.
dM: Okay, 'you still got it'. I used to get pissed off, now I understand - Stevie Nicks [um, a stanislaus, saint nicklaus - another gift delivered me saint] vocals the changes are not so pronounced [deeply hirsute or personal as little girl writing down to beverly hills hair burns and being world-weary as most faithful but speaking to it still].
EJ: She can't pay anymore.
dM: She can't afford not to - that dumb vocal show will use her again for yucks if she doesn't buckle down. Another well-wisher.
-over and out for now-


hardly available yet at itunes - mercury? england's label
pet shop involved? 'we wouldn't help that' - chris lowe 'hateful'
favorite song right now singable? 'invisible', invincible and so what? sonic funeral bells
p.s. tracey thorn awaits us psb

pet shop boys 'invisible'

'someone absinthe [should you also stay away as usual] hates this at the tiffany' - part deux the eyes of the theater sign now poked out or the lighted letters removed from marquee (security cameras see all at night now, uniden if no glass, permissons granted):

these wetbacking boards seemingly placed at the tiffany suggests new and preserve - there was a door of some sort but on approach looks aged - problems or postponement? argue amongst yourselves but see halloween is perfectly embraced take note artists

this sandwich billboard is beautifully preserved i always liked it the stairs inside as upward, but the sheer torgue or twisting force generated by weights their pressure to the ground extended by rear angle support amazes me...
just do it i like that kinda stuff what a nightmare! that's heaven, a suicide

dj hit that button...'the box' does nothing but gives me ideas
a trifle

the trailer
p.s. a million is a thousand times a thousand, in hundreds, a hundred times ten thousand

you open a clean flat garage (much like you open your mouth and ass to order my food, no discipline or aztec) and everything you ever paid for (as 'valued' is stealing too) is new again and distributable to others as popular choice permits so no you ever think of me? i love me again and again all the things i've eaten for you...i hate your stuff always and you make alot of it like a horse's ass (makes its claims of shit only being about) or then a freak (as known or why is not with for striving-being different, tries my patience like farting-burping attests to not being little girls running away but is a fuel of sorts yet pardons me the bully dying of)...last thing i paid for? 'rid' anti-louse (de-blousing 'it is not the hair - i am not hair' - no good lawyer hears or challenges theirself unduly over lying about, but again is leisure time afforded by others much like dying off early manages to be products or then by-products unintended you a sebum or seeming power - however harmless - tailored to whim or avails the tool see pantene the finest shampoo ever made to man i buy never but have often enough if not too demanding a need) by bayer a flaw now to see perhaps? people seeing with no eyes apparent want to know if i have crabs (vicious crotch-itching phylla or fish food - not even vaseline or banana guar one fat and two carbs in my sour cream seeking calcium in leaves-stems only the gingerflat cookies at trader joe's are all brown leaves i love that or one less oxy-statin per old of moulge will drum) - no, i think of routine twice a year despite your claims of having and killing lice or lichens and are no error, bitch, like aids says you ate cum if you can't get a pack of kent cigarettes to smoke (i don't eat anything from a 'basic' smoker - not knowingly anyway) or japanese seaweed snack machines at mini-mall sea worlds...we'd give it to you for crowd-pleasing laughs testing fidelity and to limits unseem besides who you dig and after all being perfect (said in advance as order) as evidentiary and for just for a ghost gets my old mother ruling all jews in heaven all marcel morceau or morely said to you already...the sign of the cross backwards like a pig zipping it all up rather not than say...

'that's not god...' but a clever ruse 'the devil'...'like a pig has a parlance to paris' but i have a hand taking calcium from in my ass you have sex or two cups of water washing the rims of the glass after each sip...

fat if anything is shaved down - hair removes saline outward no thrift to make stink on hair...why rule it out here saline and fat are one it is not light...alkaline salt is electrical not bitter just - salt is uniformly mean it needs an oxygen to temper that is water only i make it in one place i know what it is...

got elton john initial talks written down...wants to span, summarize, be bitter - we'll keep going as mining a sweet tooth with not being so interested in presenting queers...

if this is something is funny to, it is because you are 1) fat 2) old - the same being (les sabiens)
i watch you dying to know nothing is special here gassed in glass a pantomime - like marcel marceau on my way to lunch - nothing good, to be avoided or as having cut your tongue out (if stops no vehicles jetting at from behind as so mind you...)

lyrics curve 'die like a dog' (...with a bullet in the head)
for now...only....

who's the fuel?

could be
an earful
i will
take the fall
could be an inner-fold
i will play bored
down here
in a hole
i have seen it all
out there
in the cold
i won't play ball
peace in a world
free from religion
this in a world
where everyone gets heaven
peace in a world, free from religion
this in a world where everyone gets heaven
i like to see
the satellites surrounding
i'd like to see
no satellites surround me
peace in a world
free from religion
this in a world
where everyone gets heaven
this little world
free from religion
peace in a world
where everyone gets heaven
i'm just trying not to
die like a dog
living alone
wheezing from the smog
i'm just trying not to
die in vain
help me no more
stake my claim
peace in a world
free from religion
this in a world
where everyone gets heaven
this little world
this little world
this in a world
free from religion
they're listening to a lie i was quick
colorform confessions
the language of aggression
is on everybody's lips

and after all, what do i know?

heineken = hodgkins, for kids who drink

'if you mind the nest, you won't hafta meet the whole hive' - dM bee careful

'having the law on your side is like walking around with nothing between your legs - couldn't hurt' - dM

bought me a glass-type pumpkin with lower-in tea candle holder at rite-aid $10

'in college, we learned about the 'informal manager' - sure - the one in the halter top who doesn't have a formal title and who isn't on the payroll, but has pull with the troops...' - dM class was 'intro to management' a sociology class three credits grade 'b'

pivarnik girls - is that you at the bus stop on sunset near chin-chin and new plastics shop? say hello sometime...

twin towers at pavilions - and for what?

the red rock on sunset is opening again same - they had a fete last night

the old nicky blair's is gearing up on sunset

behind lemon tree boutique's mystique is....

a funny story for ya involving 'kia' cars: a guy goes into their showroom sales department and says 'why kia?' the guy there says 'well, for one thing, you won't hafta pay for anything...' and the buyer says 'can i get it in writing?' and the salesman says 'no - i don't want it to be brought into court or anything, but you can bring the car back if we don't repair it'...the buyer said 'i'll buy one' and the first time he brought it back there was no charge, the second time a little charge and the third time he brought the car back for repair no charge but he turned it the car back in a little later saying he hated the car - he couldn't afford it the payments, really...not to be confused with koa campgrounds?

god bless syria - pepper spray?

the spheres from phantasm - the new prtyl shipped today by anchor bay
$350,000 worth

the tiffany on sunset being ripped up this very day 08/27 - we watch the project closely
view is west to east off sunset

august 31 is saturday the halloween costume emporium opens at tower records - i applied apparent affiliation with aah's on sunset, neither

september 1 is sunday and thus labor day is monday...

Summer Rose & Peruvian Lily + Free Vase just 29.99 (Reg. $44.99). Order Now at (While Supplies Last)

first fangoria at netflix: 'the little girl who lives down the lane' with jodie foster!..'flowers in the attic' was great too...

review starr bus tours east coast here

red and pink devildogs up and down santa monica boulevard (the gay thoroughfare) since when

re 'hangover iii', chow starts off in a sex-type prison and is no crime - he is there for eight weeks and tries escaping as all should for being mishandled and is no affair this time they say just hurt feelings...

time-warner cable shops will spot you a basic set of rabbit ears or whatever if you can't get power over the cbs stations and recent 'withholdings' tele-friend but be a customer first and seek their amazon gift card apology or savings lend...see it here

ours here:
Location: Los Angeles (Beverly Connection) 1 miles
Address: 100 N. La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Hours: M-F 9am-6pm and Sat 9am-5pm

got mine...

lords of acid 'i sit on acid'...perfect music boss for perfect peep-holes
'be relieved in me' - graceless labie
sounds like an intrigue? sure - with hot flame cameras rolling zipping and unzipping or making razor-like fart sounds a la charlie callas - you risk that review

we wanted to celebrate eileen brennan's 'private benjamin' routine (hespers 'well, you're going to be there in my place with or without noose - and after all, it was you who mentioned not going soft on yourself no friend to tax the fern' + 'eat it now - soon it will be your duty to defend the knife that cuts you aside both inside and out by the law in-hand - no huge shredders here, just simple mistakes and bad at that hassling me with the french of glove'...this makes me mad enough...i need hurt

someone fat has edited me again? jewish-type observational (one particular of having milieu) god george burns 'oh, god!' follows and yes i've changed my password:

'i didn't make the world - it just came in to see my ornamotor* with my plants on' - george burns 'i made sperm to kill bugs' + 'i made hair on the sides of your head to pull your head to ground if you're already bald and missing your nuts' + 'i made pubes to catch rice and to moisten a finger while turning pages in your dialysis jarvik-9 red luftballoons handbook' no cash pays unclean...

*those little green motors (powered by supplanting a twinkle light on the line itself) that turn christmas decorations-ornaments while hanging on a tree...order yum now...purple-light halloween trees too...sure, the bank pays for any the money that does not move...ask me

for keeps - to stay so sure
unclean: because you just used it we can tell
dirty: seen once a month, no name need be mention, egg
gross: sights unseen, strands of consciousness, no rubber loving carpet runners as parts just wrought of (grosling - baby bird, germans...simply: braces with muck and fumbling)

upcoming interviews elton john ('i hate shitty people - doug moon is shitty' but has a bag of fart-coke sprinkled over his strawing thatch and balls), toni...p.s. i love hairy pornos i mean it, sir fagalot...ass hair...'i hate people - thank them' - the queen 'cherish be me'

fixed costs? the things that don't go 'up' (only) with more or extra units produced...building type costs like rent, acidophilus - more:

fixed assets: machines bolted to the floor like a hobart potato peeler tub, water supply
permanent assets: buildings
current assets: cash and cash instruments readily convertible to cash (liquid? no that's cash and is not report worthy as 'cash bound' like maths implied in framework - negative numbers urge polarity or what it's gonna take to overcome failures left)
capitalization - gathers the costs of erecting a building and 'books' the asset as price paid no replacement as yet - letters of credit (interim banking pays-manages bills) to convert to secure long-term financing
substantial occupancy - tenants can begin paying rents as mostly rented
beneficial occupancy - when tenants can move in yet pay further yet
...the more you know, the less i make of it

price lading? there's no one you want to pay or sell to - too low a cash made

aerosmith 'hole in my soul'...catnip from the 'nine lives' lp

on 08/21: started a speak-say with toni halliday earlier but she says 'i'm not supposed to be talking to anyone right now i'm having a knee surgery'...i said 'what is that - a money calling you in a fashion?' she said 'no, if anything i get to consider it twice as long''don't worry about the new record it's coming - online though' and so what? about being online, i mean...we'll be here...

liz fraser (cocteau twins) guest vocals with future sound of london 'lifeforms (path 4)'
bears repeating plus these aren't for you - people hate this stuff
now piston up

cbs (can't buy station, cancels before showing, chokes back scenes) is missing its dishes here labrea construction now shut's not like the old days they'd shoot you...cable is not ours to say time-warner is us as hope floats...

update, france (or 'gee, thanks' the large dairy queen lips): the spa was a good place to celexbrate privately late friday and of course no bothers but you here and there asking not to police and fire way upstream near amoeba thanking me as i thanked pranxsters nearby the code is no giving to people you hate less money concerns if you hate me spending $1 you hate me having $10 times two...i noticed acapulco is nowhere to be found like most seeking kinship at late moments no touch by chain but is now a husky diamond dave or beige babblespeak police state you sit with your legs spread at the beach no invite just wedding parties a ceu - don't run away pepe lepu - three hundred pizzas later and i still get can't get someone with eyebrows laced together because someone old promises a wet egg in it let them come my number's on the box somewhere trust that and no, you can't clean my toilet i do and i have dialect or dialing up finer meanings on my side (pink dot delivers alcohol should you 'run out' cover the bases as 'wait and see' (um, 'wc' in france - water closet) if any leftovers versus 'be right back, fool'...don't forget i hate arranged marriages that don't work out with my own picturesets made in my head i don't know you yet take the time back and no the other few days didn't hurt your bottomline today - see it, feel nothing...thx bieber (bigger than jesus? but dead still with all the girls at jfk's pot-belly lizard lounge) you are a whore take your clothes-towel off next time i did...okay you are mine still or see me come in again...happier...with your father suffering me...

*a faux pas by lennon? he knows everyone too, everyone - let's say no one listens really (no need to hear we have yours as most are made to stay) but if it's important the door will open once a year and we'll beat you like the count of monte christo got beaten by the chinese once a year on his birthday (he said it didn't hurt it smelled - whipped with a fish mostly - mexicans slap you in the face with a gauntlet made by their mother in hidden hills...see gunsmoke to know why i'm here got any grub?)

i can't help you here (sase?), but hollywood spa the both (basin-valley) tossed scatters out on the street the other night entitled double bubble '8' crown king guaranteeing you a room for $20 plus membership or like $3 more...honors my special day crack off...through 12/27/13 and usually...

update 08/24: i had the nicest evening there on my birthday just past - nearly vacant with straighter types (slow hands) around much appreciated...always at touch and to fuck you...ya gotta get flat-out naked though, towel only

finally, lays regular potato chip back from the edge - enjoy $3 at pavilions

distribution of sales 'impressions'...first half of august

we're averaging 405 a day for fifteen days

'hangover iii': let me be with it for a while - a few damned-good laughs ('what am i dying here? god?' - dM) mostly the theme is 'because you can't say you'd love to' + 'when the good stops coming' a jerky, moody, ugly film...b+ (what if you all love it - so what - thank you for letting us see) lets people die, 'you have to be personally responsible' + i don't make a world 'it takes more than me' - dM watch it, but is vacant of cares thank you!

take a look at martha stewart's stuff at the petsmart banner too - halloween is advancing on us...see fundraiser's at see's where $0.75 = $2 or $1.25 profit per unit in advance pay sold - sell a candy bar for whatever you want?

drats: should i steal another pair? and yes the alarm went off but i thought it the maintenance man at display
dreamboat levi's $45 right now at macy's what are 514 slims with pocket flap and button
all day long soaking my grapes of gum disease lemons and salt beware the overcharges $6 in crisco oil went back i'm on the watch
usually, you have to eat a bag of cum to get that smell in your ass
in like sixth grade i was having teeth pulled for braces and a teacher said from the across her desk 'what's that smell?' my gums in back all stitched up and needing suction after school...cows..p.s. worked like a charm - we had green and red ones too cheap

really creased in the front, i asked 'you have these new?' 34w 34l - provocative in the butt at 33w but bits tight
meanwhile, back on crack -- they have sky blue bitches for $40 now too

happy wednesday 08/14 ! getting ready for my green dot interview...$180...i hadda put together four (4) pictures clipped out out of magazines-papers as homework describing how i feel when i hear their name...the sunday paper helped me with a big dollar sign made out of little green dots like plants-bushes...each a person with a little money to send out...another one is someone casual and dressed down from macy's - who i want to be no shit-fits at home over hidden costs...normal...more: the interviews went well and i got paid plus $5 to add the cash at 7-eleven - 'ta-da' - i told them with regard to store displays ('please [a common fatigue with you] the white paypal corner on the money-pak card is every elegant' but as stand-alone debit card, paypal is a bit middleman 'i don't sell much') the way, they hated not seeing their cards available there (all both gone - very popular) although free online and i said my mother needs to use the money-pak sometimes and will not make an effort generally $5 to phone me cash instantly with the old mother may not want direct cash to card placement (currently you link the two by phone or internet to make money available - with paypal money too)...thx later...

the two other pictures n/a:
'i don't wanna be the one to catch the ball' - a baseball guy diving for it and showing you why i don't want to hop over being charged fees one day to another;

'you go along with no matter what' - two masked shiites escorting a prisoner in center as going off with my cash or vice versa, you go along with it as expected (meaning is somewhat cloudy now)...

chan dara (thai food - both cahuenga say 'kah-weng-gah' in hollywood near vine and larchmont village near paramount) three is ready to rock and roll...'hangover iii' is real good but complicated yet - i'm at the 'cell phone finding itself on the road' part
this vacant building is at santa monica and melrose southeast - a great site

try 'hangover iii' online here...zack says say his name like 'galapagos' the turtle and know this is alan's (like 'salad') party he said the giraffe bit him and also the father not so lovely a gift after all - an old woman? is now john goodman him back in skin? just watch...he put a pill down on the father's plate and the father took him up on it - they are broke now and didn't want to say too much more to each other...alan would make him take it anyway, he says 'it's alan's money'...

craft korner: somewhat remiscent of patchwork quilts look+feel, i just sewed up this flat brown sheet to this dry wool blanket the other day
the mocha from target is a romance of mine anyway, but its fitted counterpart ripped underneath one day to no sew
and as you know, the blankets from same vendor are just cut out like the grinch's santa suit and barely top-stitched to no further elegance hanging in the window some nights
'a bit tight around the ankles' is my saying for being the grinch as penny-pinching - or for dr. dentons zip-up pajama suits being with too small

ramadan is when christmas is finally paid off to retailers and the new one can begin - next week or so wednesday...have a drink and go out asks 'what's mine?' after paying off bills my method see the 8th last week then as symbolic good...the only product ever seen to honor ramadan (also 'africa' derive 'europa' clouds and ocean underneath) with balloon packaging is wet ones... we resuscitated them single-handedly at $.08 a sheet

'fall, the dying-drying is ours to hold' - dM brace yourself the, caramel winds

mary wants to feed her kids but she doesn't think they're real enough and it takes their food - the serevane, 1612
'the ol' apron full of water' - dM whose mother kept meals planned in the trunk of her caprice classic

a pack of kool-aid unsweetened drink mix says toss in a cup of sugar for two quarts drink, or, alternatively, a cup of 'splenda' in logo type - you'll be there all day ripping open packets for a whole cup, but i noticed it's seriously potent at an eighth of a cup - reconvene? maybe their pour substance is different? kool-aid used to be two cups of sugar, flat - i know...p.s. kool-aid is 5/$1 at pavilions usually - we got cherry, grape, lemonade, and orange there with splenda seals on them...

redend (um, make your mark again): splenda offers 'granulated' sweetener their word exactly per the cup but is as light and bothersome as the packs i feel it shaking - pay to know more - meanwhile a cup of sugar's hard effect is measured as twenty-four (24) packs of sweetener about 3/4 less sugar i'm told...start with 1/8 cup splenda (if a quarter cup is four tablespoons) then plenty up is my guide...kool-aid is now 10/$1 there at pavilions...see


old fashioned candy canes made of corn only: as popcorn (you hang a stripped ear earnest or upside down to dry) you boil the corn kernels in a pot until all is disintegrated and add water until it rests just above the mixture...scoop some mixture up is white-blue and hold off on the side is the peppermint flavor as such one cup...boil the rest to red and let sit eight weeks uncovered as red...pick up to boil again once for flavor to hold with peppermint back inside...pour into molds heating up once more after eight weeks the canes molded must be rail thin and curve appropriately...once hardened dip in hot mix and over and over to thickness all should be reddish...let cool to white and dip in globs until fancy...then heat up again after drying to red and use brushes curling to make lines on twirls - 'ta-da' (we'll abridge later...)

camping in or near hollywood you ask that new tent? malibu beach rv park, 25801 pacific coast hwy, malibu, ca, 90265, (310) 456-6052...malibu ain't close, but it is high up over the sea on used to be able to camp out in full-on glass cabins held lengthwise on a big ferris wheel in mother complained that overnight guests make them flip and it pissed her off (the flip is actually a small lump-over on a spindled wheel)...

respect bristol farms (beverly and doheny) sausages at $6.99 a pound or about $2.50 each - the pavilions fresh counter has hot pork sausages like cantellas but is slightly soapy or with sage kinda...not the same...i just investigated one of theirs at about $1 the's no sam's off...p.s. ralph's has steak-umms and icee cups both cheap

the roommate bored ruined plums and made a plum pastry yesterday 08/11
racing home to defy, i got a whole one pitted - delicious and a favorite fruit of mine
the pastry was good too - pepperidge farm pastry crusts frozen say it all well enough the plum colors all and with skins on
inside: sugar, brown sugar, honey, lemon zest, walnuts, golden raisins - mix and match to you top with sugar're urged to watch the crust only as baking
p.s. roll out pastry and pull four corners in center then tidy up - bake as box claims

crown yourself king with this great hanging design at pavilions - $20

never forget debi lilly floral candles - now on sale is pumpkin spice $4-$10 fat - i'll get mine
debi lilly burns it slow and hard

this at h&m (his and mine a closet, not unisex) might be held by me at $25 knit sheridan wool all orange and gray

this jacket at h&m and somewhat iridescent or pearl-like and around $50 has the hood sewn in
i have alot of jackets already - so what? no, the buttons are not old nor abraded it's the light and all are not size small but the dollar sign '$'

today's story 08/11: was talking with neil and others (behind their back?) about how there's nothing in one-half of the united states but red soil ('you get to know them better by plane' - dM) and he says he broke down on the way (between utah and las vegas is our query) he said three hundred miles is their top towing distance and i said 'what crap - it's one hundred miles to san diego from here' (tip: san francisco is three hundred seventy miles from here) and how they fixed his car up as nearly broke - 'stateside' he calls it whoever that is - was not accepting of a cent for repairs and billed him $40 a month for the luxury of having complete military repairs done and after two years or so he called and still they went on as saying 'until we're done paying it off' what was three (3) more years and so what?...oh, there was a thirty-dollar hotel and a twenty-dollar motel and then he asked for too much (a limit there of three questions) and got sent to the twenty-dollar place...on and on...if kuwait (note: meant was pakistan) bombed southern france do we get their rain? some...

no, 'hangover iii' isn't at apple itunes yet (is slated for october 8)...maybe yours is...ebay writes to tell me they 'were sorry' i didn't win a $325 (max bid $80) silver screen mini ipad...yeah, me too...i'll pick one up soon enough just to be with it, it shows pictures nicer than anyone...this one didn't even work it said but i might fix them...(at ebay, you don't hafta fight with bids and wait, you can do 'buy it now' what takes it out of bidding for a generally higher price - most places are waste-of-time bid houses with vultures sitting i'm american and like a firm price...)

july 29 i was there - where were you? neilsy and grandmother moon (miley cyrus, etc. etc.) both doing time outta their skins...

this is henri (mine - as henri paul di's driver no intent we spoke lately) or zelda ('his' zane) for a new copenhagen (rooster as copper + shit-fly green)
irresolute: from petsmart about $1.29 a female betta i call it a 'tetra' they a booger wouldn't let me buy two the others are $5 or so male and also food is $2.69 i had $5 to shop
they want to condition the water also for $3 more - she just left for a bigger pot unawares we'll see
they are male mostly (a female has red) and young and old only...

new entertainment form - pandoras? it's about writing dialogues keeping people's attention here are examples:

1) there are two cooks on tv facing the screen and using the same spoon in the same bowl both whisking around the back and pulling each spoon up through the middle and although there's nothing in the takes their spoon and slaps it down on the counter and says 'there's something in there and i didn't add it in'....

2) two cars meet in the middle and crash somewhat gently jumps out and says 'what did i tell you? to turn right...'

the name here is 'pascovals' - pardon us to the work

3) there's a double ferris wheel delivering you down to your car parked and pulls you back too far and you wind up in someone else's car as just one behind...a woman coming down gets in your car and takes off behind the wheel and shouts out 'if you tell me this isn't yours one more time it's going back to the dealer - '

a coupla wooden poseurs in a sunset plaza boutique - 'finally, a dick and balls you could love'

a community garden at san vicente and rosewood - i can't say what? another one with drains in it 'no flooding' it says

cedars at lunch and on third suggests 'a.o.c' (alone ours collapse or theirs - a shala) for eats and the 'lady m' empty-out bakery - back to basics is a trader joe's at under sls on third and penthouse views from balconies under a huge hole...

this is 'lady m' between just before roberston on 3rd next to our namesake a.o.c or then 'accountants on call' (we're with accountemps, still, and also - robert half - they get a copy of my new driver's license this week...)
p.s. lady m. levine is my character for a british looking glass-type who investigates hygiene issues for royals-cosmo - see elizabeth hurley in austin powers with lab coat

'you can assume the worst - it's best at it' - dM

the very difference between target and city target is...and no, starbucks is always around
pizza is about $4.29 each

don't kid yourself - the jiffy pizza crust is excellent - the nicest made at home?
when mixed up proper (no extra flours), has the consistency of white chocolate as should - use a glass pan for best results
a little chopped kale salad with tomato-cucumber, lemon juice-olive oil and a white hummus dressing...from trader joe's (the cheese is purely imitation 'mozzarella melt topping' from a newly revised pavilions $2 for two cups flat 8 oz. now known a half-weight of meat-salt water as shredded 'pantry essentials' but roasts well - like butter almost)

is it soup yet: soup should not be used-misused-abused (with orders, more than ordered, when not ordered at all) to make soup but vegetables as with broth seen - use cubes if must and actually is broth (but salt now and easier to taste), but broth is soup - don't mistake yourself as cook...grandma moon used to cook down pieces of meat (round roast - pot roast) and or there's lettuce boiled to nothing but vapor (half a head is still good as flats use salt to keep it vapor) but get the point - too many salines or foods netted as food a checkerboard - use one or the other now - cook...maybe just us? is not soup...

lindsay buckingham 'trouble' - something i always love very timpani
a gift from senior year in high school...

angles, simply - there are two: thirty (30) degree (up and down first) and forty-five (45) degree as steepest grade or gradual ascent...use a clock, start at twelve, go clockwise to the number of minutes as angle and then connect a line to twelve (12)...inclines are reversing or coming and going back to the top - 180 are half spins around starting from twelve as 360 says all the way spun but flat or 3-d...also note circles are diamonds as achieve (point to point) and straight lines describe them fully and with some revised in and some revised out...the top line would be any extra heading in again actually on right...what is a line besides scissor cut not real? describes growth with slope or y2-y1 over x2-x1...amount of quantity change over time...a quadrant of negative-plus over plus-negative is fan-like (s's interlocking) or three 3-d coming and going, a polarity of growth or recede in turns or grabbing-placing then...

'he's been giving me the third (um, 30th) degree...' sure, your back's up against the wall you had to stay afterwards 'til six - dM another part of the room (i thought 'celsius' aways or measuring a cold locker down to zero or minus thirty below no flow or water at all)

curve 'arms out' from the green cauliflower 'fait' ep 1992
'you called me 'nutter' on the phone' - 2nd verse lyric later

i seek a shelter in your eyes
it will tear us apart
something i don't understand
has taken hold of you
and made you less than a man
now here is open space
that was filled with you
that was filled with you
solitude is the only answer
to disconnect
we be my shelter
is running out on you
won't be abused abused abused abused

if only it were true
i'd be in love with you
if only you cared
i would throw my arms out
i would throw my arms out

you called me 'nutter' on the phone
you have me watched me...die
with the secrets you have shown
it is the end of us...
it is the end of us

is getting in your way
it's only time
that can truly say, can say, can say, can say
if only you knew
when you're beaten black and blue
when you come to care
i will throw my arms out
i will throw my arms out
arms out
arms out

note: when you seek 'curve' music publicly, throw toni halliday the singer's name in search boxes - cuts through the bunk plus adds solo work
back and forth you try
this record - a complete comp - is available at the uk itunes storefront - change your preference at lower right on the itunes home page and change it back if so
'should the consumer see it one and at once be needed' - dM

today only and let 'em prove theirselves worthy again - corny plus hard like organic takes a tooth: sign in to your ralph's card account and get a free bag of cheetos with a digital coupon to your card...expires 08/24...'i tell 'em you're allowed to make food and bus out invoices, but you're not allowed to make that stuff - ' (see alt ad here...) all's well or then add back: got mine without incident (and note it is palm fronds actually ground up as then wood esters or cell walls dried) also note gladiolus (glad it's not us the funeral pyre) five (5) large stems for $2 right now and for the eucemenium or hard parts of summer the solstice still september 21 then equinox is september 22...wax the food coin or corn then east-west rest us and then below steam...

at book soup is this tome about the polaroid 'one step' how and why then
my father always used polaroid instant film, this basically a toy given me to signal sex at thirteen or summer 1977 (in year 1984 i turned twenty but learned well-enough at nineteen and here it is still no toys ? when consensual happened)

i opened the book and saw this 'not bad' - mapplethorpe? (ok or 'greater than or equal to zero - nothing less than or balanced scale - as 'this row' or nothing yet)
given same day: bruce weber 'how to pick up girls' - i have that
see the truth - people are no badillo
p.s. boys will be with boys - no gravent when it comes to photographing your dick and balls own at arms reach, people found mine in hollywood as blurry and wondered aloud in my absence
p.p.s. the birthday a year before (1976) i got david bowie's 'changesonebowie' lp and a trip to great adventure with another family the ticket mine
up 'til then, private
p.p.p.s. the bowie record the first ever printed by rca with no press cardboard sleeve (see john denver's 'windsong' falling apart from it and then 'fly away' with onj ) - whitebound press here on out (spelled: money)

thoughtful? a mistake? now is a great time to recognize scent 'issey miyake'
for me? checks ebay i just replaced altec speakers word-for-word after my bash-and-run repairs cross-haired and finally ($24.99 i worry about cheating people too much)
new: i valued issey at $10 an ounce for myself and will pay of $42 here...

just tried subway's new 'applewood pulled pork' sandwich same price as the steak and cheese lateral $6.50 foot-long and if 'apple' suggests barbeque not just sweet...not bad as made as seen lettuce, pickles, red onion on white for the now-soft palate of consumption versus 'the fat face of success' (or not having to ask) meets 'two asses' those priviliged enough to fly or 'jet' right over there 'you buy, i fly' into the proverbial flaming pan bare-assed, maybe and a plate...may i suggest 'leftfield' again where to look when looking for else is paid...better two at one-half each than just one more at full price...dM

one thrown in: 'mengenes' (as sickness plays with poop 'mention us' nor 'mention hers')

words for (a full) moon:

tiempra (temporarily unsustainable, spanish)
mulholland (no bargains here it won't come on-time, british)
moristat (no making it french or on-time gain, french-american)
montebella (one full hat, spanish)
montenegro (say 'montalban' over the sun, spanish; i call it 'apollo' sun and moon same sky)

note, my money and fish plates* worth less: fave eatery acapulco restaurant in westwood (fyi, ucla village between sunset and wilshire at beverly hills bel-air and before brentwood heading west - the only people in all of fact-history besides israel to have closed a mcdonald's thank you india) is closed. apparently, like nbc's on west olive (the west nile?) i suggested for lunch next week - we'll try 4444 sunset at the corner of sunset and labrea once removed...instead...we don't know the inside...

*ahem: pink taco on sunset (the old miyagi's that's 'clearly bound for love' in japanese or the roxbury) is a ruler of sorts it seems...'i'm the king of the nighttime world | and you're my headline queen' - kiss dawn to dusk or a star is born of a car accident in detroit rock city

richard 'see' scott at great adventure? where's my white schwarzkopf-huss spider ride?

great adventure's (circa 1976) was bigger, brasher - way up in the trees as wavering - this one is hagged but thank you commercial
hi to all nuisant
p.s. these replicate (or repair for note outward as also being destroyed in the process) food canneries too - this makes and flips burgers on a fryer, 'scrambler' stirs soups around in a bowl that's big...'enterprise'? the sun and the moon - the autumnal equinox, literally...i decided today the sun is a 'rabin' nothing human with screaming hair and ripping flesh down in careful strips (if an elephant is one such tanner...)

this yahoo! service is getting shittier and shittier - pictures lost last night 08/05 and your backups fail us...password changes...forgive, forget

a fatwa in the making: jesus was no zealot or namemaker for himself only - he hated folks for talking about him too
don't talk, 'but do sell yourself out' he says
'you don't live long' he continues
one assertation that is mostly correct is that he hates kids around
not true 'i hate them with me needing stuff' he says
chalk stand at sunset's book soup
define 'zealot'? something for everyone + nothing changes just 'cause you showed up
the above: nobody knows you, but they will

note: upon review, the book very academic as pursues salon industry - we answered its questions last night privately and why not? the picture clears us...

years gone by: this was our oldsmobile 'custom cruiser' station wagon circa 1974-1975
ours was silver and with side paneling - sky blue inside and with the advent of *fm radio and air conditioing a rear seat that faces back in the floor board, half-wheel covers in rear (winces - 'we don't know you')
my mother traded it in on a chevy caprice classic when she was getting divorced 1977
olds is chrysler by the way i'm assured - chicago won't pay chrysler only france or olds
tip: one day i snapped fishing poles in the rear tailgate up from the bottom, down from top no mercy (a 'vista cruiser' was more japanese-looking with bubbles like the golden gate bridge has)

*song that sticks out most in access memory is 'love will keep us together' by captain and tennille 'think of me, say, whenever...' kill any result and feelings with fleetwood mac the 'rumours' lp our divorce was first to be permit...blame disney's 'parent trap' not a woman singing but hayley mills (your one fan letter ever to 'genius' hayley mills unanswered - for the president to address and by the way, keep feelings and add-in's like heat or each one an atmosphere separate - you may in-fact be only relatively 'cold' by feelings alone and especially if you only wanted to know yourself...)

to be fair...a late-model dodge wagon

pavilions this week through 08/13 and i've never seen the shelf affected much:
jennie o turkey store (and i've made everything recently - the lasagne was good with no skimping on cheeses and $5 off the total with 'just for u') $3.99 some not much off;
gold medal flour regular five-pound bag $2.49;
bush's sizzlin' baked beans $2 a can act now;
new - jiffy pizza crust mix $0.45 a box - let's try it soon

our stats through 08/06 on office depot - i don't like their languages these are real sales after all
a courtesy to see, some of you (publishers) never get this far

'hardly affected, it's about which way you point yourself...expectations...don't let 'em get the best of you - get mad then get serious' - dM still mad

tip: when you think about major mexican-american drug cartels or 'force draws' in texas, think of george bush senior who hates 'inflects' or people making drugs without knowledges...the death penalty he himself assessed is for making only and 'you buy our stuff' he says 'we're not deadly, they are...' he was the 'raving lunatic all through the 70's' he says...

finally, 'titanic' (1997) is good enough....remember the queen mary in long beach, ca is same boat remade and with a fourth pipestack the same girth-width...

two (2) words for petsmart at banner: 'marineland' and 'top fin' all else stays...

madonna 'i love new york' from the 'confessions' tour

i don't like cities
but i like new york
other places
make me feel
like a dork
los angeles is for
people who sleep
paris and london
baby, you can keep

other cities always make me mad
other places always make me sad
no other city ever made me glad 'cept [alts: no other city's gonna make me glad]
new york [alts: 'cause i'm new york]
i love new york
i love new york
i love new york

(plus power: look for kylie's new mood-makin 'i like dicks, bitch' on london's 'genetiscope' label ('a bit for the finch, i'd say...' - neil, tenatively)

the back of the new chase mordon on sunset or newly renovated tower video

rj nabisco will hit $60 tomorrow 08/07 then flat out at $76 ($74 is today's closing)

irises ? in full bloom at pavilions (these are really orchids dyed blue...vampirellas and were illegal)

'feast of the beast' or least likely to get there - august 2013

visited with pet shop boys chris lowe in my dreams last night 08/05 at christmas it was car to carriage nice they did an umbrella shtick on the road when i arrived ...singing proteges 'one direction' was at mondrian hotel yesterday among well-wishers...

movie 'drive' synopsis: a guy who was dead and is now special somehow an angel agrees to drive and roll cars in movies and that leads to real life sieges with the back bait of being in a movie if caught...meanwhile, his mother in jail and now young agrees to have a baby with someone to get out and the two mother and son meet again with this other guy from jail breaking in on his dies bad shooting money as hostages and all the end he the son hands his natural father a sack of money and gets stabbed for it - nothing too lethal yet...angels and others on wing

hi to actress eileen 'private benjamin' brennan...'easy lemonade'...try watching 'the sting' with her in it too...'they ride bikes for entertainment, to watch each other fail' - says her

other goodies at netflix are: try watching 'titanic' again and recommended is hillary faye in 'saved!' with macaulay culkin...others...the murders in 'puppet master' or else are just cherry pie to me - you don't need that again anytime soon....

'one day she's going to hit a large rock and shit herself out' - me, 'god', about then and the boat launched what then...

'we were bankers afloat deciding whether or not she was sea-worthy and she was - we began paying for afores [or furnishings] then' as all were new at the crash site eleven years on...1910 they launched 'sotom' [so there then] or having afores

august 5th happy birthday to barefoot contessa, rosemary....49

terry my roommate went to:

[ ] his 30th high school reunion for $25 in grand marais, mn on saturday 08/03 - tee shirts were $10 and he had a good time;
[ ] fisherman's picnic and he obscured-missed the float for his 30th however class of '83 (mine was '82);
[ ] his sister jamie's side at devil's track - cabins outside of town, north - to see they still don't get along...

green dot a favorite of mine called to schedule an in-house interview with me on 08/14 for $180 - we'll spend about two-hours talking it over and at 7-eleven my chosen site over cvs what really doesn't sell me much yet with on-screen transfers at $2.95 the each...7-eleven is otherwise fast, easy there...

99 cent only stores? 's' cables for video stock are $0.99 and they have nice colored plates now...near labrea and melrose on labrea

another coleman mad dog at target through 08/10 or so

straw bales at rite-aid sunset and fairfax- $14.99 and $5.99

cb2 for kitchen jutting out $399

red bedroom nightstand etc. $149

rolling metal shelves about $199

four drawers about $699 - say what?!?

three red drawers all polish (um, if poland is eqypt) $399

with the sunset strip music festival and fisherman's picnic both over the harvest is upon us says rite-aid

another rebirth on lacienega north - an old statue shop

nude shop coming to life on lacienega (that's an acapulco restaurant in back - go to westwood village's it's great in there)

to demonstrate hues - from the sides and how?

these stanzas are best near waters that are salty - no one goes in

$200 now at beverly center's sony style with different colored lights inside
that's $100 off last mention in june 2012
the clerk there says this is for iphone 3 - iphones 4 and 5 are $100 more (we say what's the difference? use a comb)

this is at cb2 also - a clock minimal up and down only $50

welcome tj maxx under ross at beverly connection: jansport back packs a $35 value now from $16 or so - i love 'em!
see l.l. bean's selection also

at bed bath and beyond among others: bobber-type fishing cooler for the pool - $30 twelve (12) cans worth
bluetooth-type speakers, shenannas

great casabella shorthand sweepers just $30 also

another short feature film some skinny boy left on the road with featuring gymnast nadia comaneci - we've met, kinda

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road But Hello Waste Management All In July 2013
i hadda take my first ducolax ever last week...forty-nine this there were extra places behind, and in-between...a baby i don't touch

captive from a beverly center entrance - little michael myers had a fire engine dream too


that statue shop on lacienega from across the street

greystone manor the cocktail shop on lacienega

this new piece-by-day rounding out at melrose and lacienega northwest

orchid was mark's restaurant on lacienega still up for grabs
rent was $8k a month made by the 6th they say
people really like the restaurant next door however what was l'orangerie

a cute-enough false doug at work

repeat: made shrimp on the barbie last night 08/06 - got a recipe online for australian marinade butter, olive oil, parsley, thyme...garlic, lemon juice...the recipe hold the chill
p.s. cut shrimp up the back with scissors to remove vein and rinse prior to cooking

the petersen building and line #2 stop on sunset is now chained up for progress at lacienega - see it

it's never too late to start thinking of xmas - the metal ring from the road
now go to fucking hell - now the chris lowe dream revived:
we drove 'round and 'round wet cement as raining an umbrella shtick by those two shone on right and then wound up near an oven on left asking to pass by in some childhood car...
a square coffee table with lights around it is all i see as sitting in back - i wasn't able to keep alot
adds protoges 'one direction' were at mondrian hotel on monday 08/05 i see

oasis 'wonderwall' a new one for us, really

a new color of debi lilly candle arrives at pavilions...

down to lacienega at beverly is a new big moon closest to macy's

odwalla closes the bank at petersen building lacienega and sunset
the busstop is at this side of lacienega now

a favorite apparition of mine is 'billy bones' - white tape squares kinda for skeleton eyes with black-ish hat and white medallion
it winds up being a large metal wd-40 can as upright if approached - then see nothing
the yellow is the mask, the side of the can's handle is the medallion
thank you, billy (jamaica and parts)

goodbye tiffany on sunset we loved you

sidewalk talk on or around my birthday
tip: trying making the sign of the cross backwards - is dirty pool