yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah

enter no color dome: three (3) dials for each color, each dial sensitive until a turn is but clear to have seen: one dial is for chroma that is three (3) poles-diodes of primary and their secondaries (grid-blended gradients) in-between to no further wit (or then 'note')...then each dial of white (to pastel) and black (to just tint, and in that order?) just brightens per grid and cancels light per grid...maybe you know...if light color blends down with informations held by percent and grid to sixteen levels or about, you can think of an hour glass lying on its side with all furthest away and reversing outward being the match that made it, or the interpolates (bookends) being cracked in two that blend to form for each level next...huh?

a mini flower from byron's outside garden provides the setting...

aah's suggests the sheer fragrance of a pot plant or being nude for an upcoming halloween
i am the nude with a lump in my nuts they say 'from pot' (excised this march 1987, is after-the-fact however and left a numb-yet-painless 5" cut with no sutures where my pubes used to roam...and so much smarter for it)
it wasn't that you saw it - there was so much unintended yet spoken to be between us

someone said they made-poured (as with a polyurethane) an elmer's glue toilet - i'm very unhappy with that i want to do that now...never mock elmer's

this my suggestion for making reese's peanut butter cups - a bit of chocolate in the pan and spin gently up sides or then brush
mind over says 'one cupcake tin on top of another' and then we get serious:
staff says put one hershey's kiss in the bottom of pan and melt (fabulous suggestion!)
adds one peanut butter cake pre-formed with 1/4 add of flour per one (1) peanut butter (e.g., 1 cup peanut butter is 1/4 flour mixed in then chill)
put melted chocolate on top to then drip down in sides - fabulous answer mine spinning makes cups first to then pour peanut butter sauce then more chocolate on-top of cup when dry
experience would teaches us whether to use cupcake liners metal ones maybe chill chill

join us for an epsiode of abc's 'amen' the chirstmas theme i watched one earlier - sherman hemsley was in a snowy cabin with a heavier woman 'roz ryan' - none of the ignorant secretary woman 'anna maria horsford' (sandra bullock fresh outta school in pittsburgh, pa 1986) though and why we watch...cleavon little (gary coleman too)?

more hazel why: buddy hacket is the father yet..dip a wet spoon to remove the white squiggle the 'odefra' from any egg before you cook - shows care...from the gardener episode: 'the quality is not to be strange, but drops down like rain as if mercy from heaven' - shakespeare? queen victoria

this is the guy i met last weekend in the jacuzzi - scott glenn, went to the moon in 1963 and died there
his note is he took an unnanounced plane ride there and the memory has no meaning then after but 'heroes' of note then 'by paper and name'..lots of bucking from the pull of space or then just turbulence and no daylight with 'it was mean' and we talked about how i grab a plane and make it stop
this guy pulled the wool on me in slimline ray bans and though i told him his name without asking 'scott glenn' and said 'you could be anywhere else in the world [but here with me]' i wanted to meet him anyway from the front door (as mean)
also dancing around nicely enough was scott thorson (aka liberace's chaffeur and then prince william who looks like my son only i call him 'glenn' a favorite name as breezy)
so...all's well i guess the son is real cute this other one is his security agent and recent scans of glenn say 'lake mead' beneath hoover dam but in my head i think up in mid-california (maybe near pacheco pass on the way to sf and through gilroy national home of garlic everywhere, casa de fruta)
and but we welcome 'fbi' types (i told scott glenn who they were and he questioned my antics like a screw bulb, like jesus - they learn nothing from you) for the swim company always and nicely green too
and yes neil, we see you - that's what i leave people with for blocking quiet company but is real sweet too

elton john has a recent illustrated biography (liz balmer) with lots of old photos here at barnes & noble...the flames catch easy so beware 70's clown!

remember the hell hole: you go all the way in while those you followed but hide in the rim
even with rope to find and pull out towards safety, you don't use public-type restrooms to show people your dick and upon invite, do you?
you do, and as per judgment as permits, reigns - bad judgment is here with the 'id' no one said that and 'id that right?' i hate being chastised to this very day (i knew better, i did)
it takes all types (even rosie o'donnell at the art gallery all free and clear)? it does with too quiet and sensitive around - white people, and however - take everything seriously
your things..

the old scandia on sunset (between hammond and doheny) is seeing new business atop these and review site
remember, that's our lover chipotle in the silver casket
similarly, subway is offering a free 6" sub with each $25 gift card purchased (sees site for details)
(i also got a register coupon for three (3) regular footlong subs for $13.99 on or until 09/01...should i?)

'credit saved the world from cash' - debit doug moon
credit scores: the range for credit reasoned is 612 (excellent) to 410 (good enough) with jumps up from ten to ten. so 612 is cut off a bit or adds some and so are others no reasons just funny talk...i'm reportedly '228' now or so brian m. says '212' keep your money i pay in advance and green dot says via mail no more using our routing and account numbers for checks...or deposits and still...

'the greatest gift' per barbra streisand: 'a person who doesn't let you see them when they're down...'

'the greatest gift' by doug moon: 'a person who takes care of theirself...'

looney bin: 'johnny-on-the-spot' a toilet that can't leave, a rubber mouth for it'

looney bin ii: 'gender on the spot' a letting of one's own hair down, brushing it gently in back + 'jogging on the spot' um, okay

marc's back in town after summer stock (aka 'noah wyle') here at skinny cow and as princess gabourey sidibe
this photo done last night at private function - her makeup falls off...
he says the teeth ('chompers') were really hard on him this time (says he '$6.95 a dozen pair' from 'hollywood sets' that means 'around' lyle waggoner's ?)
he's been hand-feeding (milk bottles) goats that lie on their back and only to see and at long range (the pumpkin in my bedroom as sheets see and off-center when reduced to icon)
he had on black genie pants last night that hide his genitals like mc hammer - they the goats will poison you...they split at knee and he had a black cap on blue eyes

"A smokeless society has no cash to burn." - dM, think it over...the smog

great new closet doors as mirrors installed today 08/29 in #146 ours
'for masturbating' another here surmises
um, no

old man and the sea: this coulda been more - a lighted pumpkin face balancing-changing in a rolling clear plastic ball!
instead, an initial toy train for halloween's sake (see at ebay)
got me a nice lightweight set of black headphones rca at koontz today $7.99 with one replacement multi-color moonbulb $1.49...they have a jack-o-lantern by toy train vesoulass (say 'ves-oo-lohs' to mean-say 'maker to the stars' in hindi) marklin i need to see work $162 clear orange plastic with heavy electronics inside...
this is for a grave you know - the corpse has it with them a gift for god or other i guess - get that? like the chandon or jesus' earth-ball with cross on-top, you hafta open and touch it and that is a sale made to me i guess
upadte 08/31/11: had it in my hands today at koontz and they know they switched it out - the train set is now very obviously true and no i don't eat that
this is a lightweight christmas tree ball-ornament for hanging as such - very cute anyway, but there was a big circuit board and lights inside (under transformer? no) - the lights project at the inside of the ball rolling around...and cancels who sent...the spirit of scares you

good boy sales as of 08/30: this rca phone at staples is very cool $99.99; this 22-inch westinghouse tv at best buy promises clarity at $149.99; finally, target will sport you a $10 gift-business card for buying one $31.99 hp combo pack for the printer...we're 60-60, this is 74-75...all 'til sunday...i guess.

mickey rooney is that kid in hazel (her son #1 with martin howlett ?) - trust that - he's getting the dark meat and all...he's very excited...the list hanging to side in my bedroom is all the songs i have on itunes printed out by them (including .mp3's of course) day a carbon monoxide (O3) detector on every ceiling for mp3's...roseanne's tv son his name 'dj' is for 'darren james' - pretty

the president sings powell electric 'call powell electric - we'll fix it in a flash!' it was his, largely-----------jenny craig beverly connection wouldn't have me

vis a vis at the sweatshop retail under la fitness lasc

this may be the winning guitar (nah) up near the roxy or so -- reminds of the police 'synchronicity' lp cover

-----------------------------------------------------x------not one storm all summer

you can visit skinny cow from 10-6 p.m today sunday 08/28 no pre-registration necessary in the blue building enter near the fountain - we did
they make you sign in at a computer table right of entry, and you enter the party hall with drinks, food, and ice cream
you get two (2) drinks with sign-in bracelet - white wine with mandarin oranges, lemonade, or...water? a purple bracelet says 'yes, you can photograph me' although many subtract out after the fact!
turkey or vegetable wraps (with bright-green flauta!) with sauces, cheddar and swiss cheese chunks, green seedless grapes, excellent pea-pod trail mix with seasoned walnuts
ice cream cups - various flavors (i had strawberry cheesecake below with spoon - very yummy)
the bra fittings are optional for men also ? and seem to be driven by are welcome only and perhaps as consorts
raffles, t-shirts, etc., dress-up pictures too...a lesbian atmosphere? not really

the new library...san vicente










by request 'elephant ear' out-front 'children's tobacco'

'midsummer's night' or poinsettia without flower (in july or so and at night) atop palm avenue at holloway

pretenders 'precious' opens the first lp (1980)

i like the way you cross the street
'cause your
moving through the geek-land heat
how precious
taking rides and all the kicks were so
but you know how i was shittin' bricks
'cause i'm

you make me wanna
make me wanna
you make me make it
oh, so mean

east end of fifth and euclid avenue
was real precious
hotel still ain't coming into view
how precious
it's a pity that you bruised my hip 'cause i'm
you shouldn't let your manners slip you're too

make me wanna
you make me wanna
you make me make it
oh, so mean

we went around
and 'round and 'round and 'round and 'round
the sure way
he wants to do-it, do-it, do-it, do-it
do it on the pavement
oh maybe!
maybe boy
he wants to do it
aw, do it all night

you're still being kind of serious [say 'thereal' and if alts 'i was feeling kind of ethereal']
i had my eye on your imperial
you're so precious
now howard the duck and mr stress both stayed
trapped in a world that they never made
but not me baby
i'm too precious
i had to fuck off!

make me wanna
you make me wanna
you make me make it
oh, so mean


a national guard knows euclid means women unhelded and mean - a center for them
more to the point, in trenton, nj 'a place i never been - swear this' we are either at the greenwood train station as very new york and philly ? or on 5th avenue in new york city as all we know ever, but are offered drugs by beauties in times square and the porno shops around the corner from port authority all very exciting
chrissie says 'is about a woman i hate - i know where it's all going'
and adds 'don't get anything wrong again' as in wrongdoings 'we watch all'
the hip comment is not being able to shoot from the hip? yes, she says she got pumped getting out of the car by someone for leaving early on (had your hand slammed in it by self being talked to too much is more like it - rose hips or cultures missing)

'botswan' at a retail on beverly between san vicente and doheny

is a juniper a hanging pinch flower

let's review doug's chili rev 08/11
a fresh pot today 08/30 with turkey meat on sale and all - i got four (4) for $12
tacos last night - two (2) packs of regular lawry's taco spice per turkey pack - the rest is yours

one (1) pack mccormick original chili mix (we deviate slightly from you)
two (2) 8 oz. cans of tomato sauce (hunts we used)
one (1) 14.5 oz can of diced tomatoes (hunts we used)
two (2) 15 oz cans of red kidney beans (ralph's brand we used)
one (1) half (.5) cup of diced onion
one (1) quarter (.25) cup of brown sugar
some ground peppercorns from our 'mccormick' grinder

all to taste - serve over white rice (we used mahatma rice)
so good we had to say...again

Go back ! to August 2011

mark this day as the crane comes down 08/30

thought you'd like to see more of what's next door
had a dream the other night my brother scott committed 'suicide' by driving a car hard into another to pure flame - sos
last night a big snake visited me right side as we slept on the living room floor air mattress (spraying scheduled friday)
like camping it a preying mantis a huge flea after all? their father

thought you'd like to see how $150 from my mother goes to a hope chest of $25 monday through tuesday evening
laundry is $2.75 a load wash-dry, yogurt is $0.44 an ounce, key covers are smallish aqua for retractable mobile earphones - great solve with elmer's white glue?
coffee is pavilion's select little packs at $1.29 and are excellent (french roast, columbia, founder's blend)
talk about cascade plastic pellets-pillow packs (a 'comfort' mind says): i got a bag of twenty (20) pellets for $3 with coupon or $0.15 each...
right now pavilions features a box of sixty (60) cascade pellets for $11.99 (or $12) for a washed load at $0.20 it worth it (what's worse) to you?
a regular box of cascade or other is about $4 with forty (40) washes assumed (rationale: pour into 40-load detergent box one of their own plastic cups each wash) or ten ($0.10) cents a wash
is five washed loads worth $1? it is, i guess - it is to me...maybe tide is next!

take it retractable headphones new don't do what i do it was not good get new someone took these on a trip and fucked me with earwax and losing shit - don't blame them this is careless city stuff

let it retractable cordsets