pass it the bottle
when the time comes
all will be late
but you hurry
not to see so fast
but it come
and to a seat

where the gettin's still good september 2011 (what? you should get a rehab for, con, conscientious, quiet - yeah, whatever tryin' to be all cute 'there's something cute about you, huh')

don't miss page two for august 2011 and all the extras !

join us for an episode of 'hazel' (shirley booth) - young doug loved hazel
this is roseanne - filmed in 1943, died 1946, came back to us five years old in ohio
note: hazel works for her son 'my mother doesn't work on thanksgiving' a witch before endora was to be become
turkey is fest wine and grapes, chicken is daily milk and kids

CVS is now known as Casanova's - like Mad Magazine's toilet in a "s" shape for 'lovers' $0.77 per 2-liter of soda right now Pepsi down to luxury brand orange Crush...Jennie O turkey meat 1/2 price at Ralph's Fresh Fare $2.99 Beverly and Doheny (lasagne, tacos - the last blatch of real meat tacos was blecch ! with butternels or fatwaters so gross), green fingerlake (seedless) grapes $2.00 each pound...


we let our gentle visitor inside today 08/28 but the other here is a nervous-type

we're spraying and washing for bedbugs (with hot dog shit no doubt), but guess who turned up on the window now on our patio
the faggot that found the one last night wouldn't let us keep or to touch

Tried Zico waters chilled as paqued or with white included. That is coconut water with mango or chocolate we had. The chocolate wasn't bad, the other a bit strange. No sugar, really. Meanwhile, Yogurt Stop's pink grapefruit yogurt samples ain't bad!!!

saw this live mantis at a rally at the pacific design center last night 08/27
miley cyrus was cursing on-stage for skinny cow dairy products while we tended to this beauty
something women about 'free bras' and 'cops' of 'ice cream' is still there today 08/28 until 6pm

bodhi tree on melrose has this copper-pipe pyramid kit $295
you anchor to cement it pyramid kits

back of the new parking garage - west hollywood library
the new library is being stocked now even as we speak - looks great

Good night, Irene (Irvine, really)...Sat flush 'til 4 am, Sun not so flush, no Monday. Thank the Warrigan the book the queen uses.

panda masks like ours in the basement at grandma's 9 orchard lane in middlesex, nj in the matacong (watchung) mountains
wilhemina (red-haired woman), castro (green stovepot, beard), vandyke (black-haired magician type), victor or 'hugo' (black circles under eyes, bald)

one of the gorilla family at aah's $6.99
the masks too nice to miss

hippocampus on sunset - plenty of gifts, ornaments
between larrabee (viper room) and san vicente
pipes, baggies, pipes...teaberry gum!

freddy krueger ('nightmare on elm steet' - really 'genesee' in hollywood) knit headmask at aahs $15

tower video sunset still
book soup may move to the tower records building across the street i hear

Visit me: Everything But The Girl "Wrong"

aah's readies for halloween even as we speak with this awesome jack o' lantern in neon $29.99

we don't get it, but saw this today before-after mcdonald's (free 4th time)
interviewed briefly at sun bee liquors (sunset) last week

greystone rooftop 08/27 with gate entrance lower left

greystone rooftop lock and stock - for supplies behind gate

of course you can walk the bridge over the driveway - we knew you'd ask

barely seen: a spider in the middle of the grass (his 'mother's coming' he said)

kraftwerk 'pocket calculator' from the 'computer world' lp (1981)

david bowie 'golden years' (1975, 'station to station' lp 1976)

terence trent d'arby 'sign your name' (1987 'the hardline according to' lp)

for the month: one dead preying mantis 'pray tell'
in new jersey it's illegal to kill preying mantises - dead is better than none
a fall flower, usually, this one said someone stepped on his arm (i put his carcavan in the grass for him to rejuve one day after asking about eggs)
competes wildly with the hummingbird i found sawed in half by a hedge trimmer - some green some gold (a picturebook of such said and as au natural?)

the mantis was found on holloway yesterday 08/25 atop la cienega west - still there today, kinda
fun fact: a group of deer ? a 'grove' (a 'gaggle' of geese) a 'somerset' if fawning only...'pippin' is about those aboard the french mayflower

Marie Callendar's full-size meals back on sale 5/$10 or $2 each at Pavilions...their excellent pot pies are 4/$10 or $2.50 each. All sodas Pepsi and less (no Coke stuff but excellent store brand) is $0.99. One more striking thrift is Kellogg's rice krispies treats regular size eight (8) in a box for $2.50...Oroweat Oatnut $3.49 a loaf. Chicken and pork potstickers $5.99 a bag (use with Kikkoman soy sauce) and chicken empanadas $3.29 a box (hot hot hot don't eat so much it said...are you still there one block west of West Side Pavilion south side on Pico?) Both in freezer section opposite ice cream...I was drinking orange soda the other day and I thought to myself 'this isn't bad' - it was orange Crush with green cap but for $0.77 a 2-liter...don't miss the pride.

greystone manor on 08/26 - lots of bees around the lavender bushes lining the turtle or mirror pool

willy wonka lost everything to war too

Int'l Gem And Jewelry Show On the Queen Mary (Titanic!) In Long Beach August 26,27,28
A $25 value with print ad (LA Times, LA Weekly) & paid $8.00 jewlery show ticket Intergem

Rosie O'Donnell 'the o-fact' (the olfactory sense) guests on Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm") this latest issue. Is crudely lesbian for us, but they strike it rich together talking in an art gallery and they eventually agree to fight over a girl who fancies Rita [Shaw] Wilson - mother to young Will Robinson when they get a taste of Earth (people, plain folk) again. I'm a Peter Scolari person - another crude insert. Anyway, someone stupid says you don't go to an art gallery to meet people as all business. She says and loosely recalled "I don't go to an art gallery to talk to people. So, if I do, it's because I want to." - End the gay rage. See with us.

Watch the I did with no skips. Plus Rosie adds "No more reviews, watch first, then review." Madcap. L'Chaim "I'm lying."

From the soap dish in my belly: Seller cunt from eBay (um, Richard again with priority access ostensibly for fat, and perhaps bald what works too hard at the finger and not at the note sent while mother sum had bees surgically scraped from under her left breast mostly a wrinkle line kept underneath provided drain yet enter...that last one or two issues like an old tooth with gums as schment) cancel our sale for 'non-payment' after ten (10) days or so a rarity yet. Politics from women get people killed - trust that. A worthless to me meets care after the trade. You'll more than eat, you read it new here. A sasquatch woman covered with bees and smoke not only draws in affair as being stung with bees, sometimes we work together to thank a whole host of gang affair too quickly to enter no net safens me yet while thoughts or threat sees it come without remorse or viewing pleasure ever. Look overhead it's there always as you descend and no gay fiend or madcap issues my hate to be God. AIDS told me who you are and now I know more. Some more.

-------------no one knows you----------no one------yet you----20 days to pay

This just in me: Barbra continues her upward movement against life, having you with me (dated August 22, 2001 late at night some...early morning then). Barbra's studio birthday is April 24 remember her thought - adds her real birthday is November 12, 1942 about one year after my mother February 23, 1941 $50 thanks a police officer only remember my code given earlier. The 19th is fact plague of me. Just don't hi Marc Ondy.


BBS2+ Why so long the wait?
dM: Exactly - waiting for pay.
BBS2+ You'll never get paid...
dM: Never say never...
dM: Why do you say that?
BBS2+ We went bankrupt.
dM: Jews don't go bankrupt - not for real.
BBS2+ Why is that?
dM: They are meticulous about money, to the point of you understanding the yen [the currencies of others involved, and to their whims reasoned].
BBS2+ What is about Jews that you like?
dM: Upper echelon, has many gifts to bestow. Look at you - the hate you bring. I want to hate like that...[and notes to myself on paper id > ego > superego > id].
BBS2+ Are drugs useful?
dM: I don't usually employ them - others do [Nancy Reagan 'just say no']. People do to me and I follow usually.
BBS2+ Do you think people are mean?
dM: We get away from our main task here: delivering you. Other people talk talk talk and it's a beggar to me. You can't get everyone to listen to you they won't and they're never around anyway. You and I left with each other.
dM: Do you think you're the biggest star ever?
BBS2+ I think I'm up there...
dM: You are big big big. The biggest. White and big.
dM: [she makes me note others quickly no question written down somehow] Michael Jackson, Elton John, Diana Ross, etc.
BBS2+ Pat Benatar.
dM: Crushing fame. Like yours.


end here too fast too slick pat benatar doesn't pay me either...
barbra will get more slots chrissie hynde and elton john coming too and still gary coleman will wrap up with techno star talk barbra barged in hi rex reed

Next month is 09/11 - get it? My cell phone advances the calendar display and says so. Soup yourself Little Nicky six six six...may your asshole be stretched over Washington Monument like a fart-belcher with butter earrings and red slacks on.

Washer machine failing your whites (shits back in the mail, opinions not overheard)? I've been researching laundry detergent (what have versus Tide - nope, no better result) bleach (chromium oxides or alternate fuels being tested in water for against and non-fuel related diseases and advance, these clogging versus hot water use savings memory waters or lescare or man-made sodium pellets and water for purity and illness is thus lightly oily, pay-per-view, and nothing natural to sewer types) and lastly washer machines. The electrostat (wax metal cup with discharging wire inner drum) is age related and hinders but check the tub. White specks worn out on the enamel tell you the machine failed and needs drum work. Despite additives, another machine does the job so don't don't look at fabrics just yet 'buy new ones' with money withheld and the drugs mentioned before knock or candor fat old gray old and fat. Gray. Old. Unhappy and fat. Religious then a fat ass. See it. Too much too little offend. Fat. Reject me any personal. Reject for womankind. I don't pay anyone $2.75 (wash + dry, no hags) less tip or then frankincense to see or discuss my shit and piss and long walks grinding it all in (be a man, leave me out) with people that I don't hafta know well because I thank them not to be or we are quiet. Praise should be me. 'Cherish me.' You have secrets I am discreet and undesirous of you have a heart, think of how you'll pay quiet sums for this.

rip: $50 bucks wow-wow! reduce one week for overly zeal maybe a day before

hellraiser 'deader' that title stifles me number '6' or '7' (i guess, this) really '9' mind over says - some have merely bid for the production, but have stained me insides (see hulu)
wisdom: always watch again each has their calling to be plus edit of remoulve (this is not to be mine stated a horchow a first stab the learning 'annex') serious money the kind you don't see it flowing addressing the whim $600,000 here says honchos at miramax and why don't know
'we bought one - i don't want two...they don't pay' ? like yahoo!, it's a glamour, fool
that old magic hat refused you for the familiarity, having serious real-world expectations
hulu has these all, nigger:
3 'hell on earth'
4 'bloodline' (highly fashioned me - note the box is my art and has no insides like what me - i can't devise myself yet, this helped, a jenga, very class)
5 'inferno' (craig sheffer chained to a morgue is mia yet)
6 'hellseeker'
7 'deader' ('haters' is funny)
8 'hellworld'

our street top to bottom 08/20

'i had my eye on your imperial' - c. hynde 'precious'

'now howard the duck and mr. stress both stayed' - same woman

the sunset street fest today 08/20

dated madonna radio star in my dreams last night - she hates me
her new album is called 'a higher thought' i wanted 'in symphony'


We're better today a spot of cash nomenclature of source...

hanging ceiling fan at a hardware store at santa monica and genesee $50

in rite-aid at la brea and santa monica

target dish chair is ready to go $17.99 or less link up

target has lounge style too link up

on the bus today 08/20 and to target

by the way, got mine (send back for eggs and lube? no)

hollywood sign in the distance is at target escalators on left you can't see - new fountain soon or deep tree pot as roundish? the hire fucked up as very little kinda and had to subcontract...very mean work
nearby is mcdonald's, carl's jr., rite-aid, baja fresh, best buy, 99 cent store, etc.

Thank you CVS for your $3 birthday present in Extra Bucks! Plus free band-aids. I hadda take back an unopened bottle of lube for eggs and butter yesterday. I'm very provisional you see...use cocoa butter to lift and smallen the ass...

Raving good tv link "Curb Your Enthusiasm" et al:

"Nobody acts on one's behalf against one's [own] self." - dM

Iced tea always requires lemon and lime - the lime is one quarter (1/4) the lime sliced per gallon. Capful of lemon juice or slice. Try not to. Two (2) cups sugar in the vase, not the pot.

The Alpha-Gear For Gents shop is now open again on Melrose just east of San Vicente on the south side of the street. Full stock again.

Don't forget fleas are ticks are spiders are scorpions are all arachnids. Use Raid spider and scorpion spray or get lymes disease. Use Deep Woods off in the bedroom?

what becomes a legend (a 'legrand' heard of, not often seen) most?

Before the cold of winter sets in, know that calico rabbit fur jacket of yours is a coat liner for sure as turned inside-out. Like gloves they are...a bit sweaty, a bit hot. Nothing natural, akin to a facial mole or 'birth' mark, really, hearts afire. 'You pretty me right up the lane.'

Back to crack so you wait all day: Great Adventure Bookstore! Each park has their own history book now. Go direct to Amazon you don't abuse me.

"We hate you you're embarrassing." - Sherry Lansing
"No, you're embarrassed. - dM...not enough enemies?

Neil (the only person who ignores me, yet brings) says he belongs to a 'tele-ring' for people who bake a popluar bread Oroweat Jewish rye. He has to deliver five (5) bags of Gold Medal flour when they call no refuse and if a bag is rejected for any reason as left on the counter wherever they must replace right away after call. You must leave instructions with someone or answer the phone they say or no more participation. He spares them the baker an invoicing or two when prices are in flux and gets a check for fourteen dollars ($14) every six (6) weeks for about two (2) to three (3) calls a year while Madonna negotiates away the few pieces of metal (a pennyweight girder) she has invested in a local grocery store the initial construction while she takes easily enough from it the investment $100 per week per girder they were $75 each plus tax. Seventeen (17) girders total. Live, love, learn. Don't just sit there.

----------true 'people don't like you, they don't want to like you' i don't want 'em

Don't ask about others...they don't need to think of me as waiting for gifts. I'll buy for myself with petty theft and avoid being a beggar like that. No one does anything for me anyway so selfish as slaves. We question the amount to see if there's theft involved the heat is on. What little you give is underinflated but okay take and eat. Have another on me I'm just outta tampons and everyone notices the back of my lab coat is stained with diluted scotch and blood. Should I type? Anyway, my humours aren't that interesting and you "do lie around an awful lot but I'm tired now."

Thanks again anyway. The gift stuff is sensitive because I work hard to avoid cheap thoughts and their selves and are not m.o. - I hate the thought of people making me who they are. All good sliced up by all good. I'm still happy I guess but nothing exceeds my thought and that stinks always never a thought beyond my own just stink fom unhappy and sadly a fact fad. Save it inside your asshole where I keep mine farting for a walk.

No more stink thanks. Doug

P.S. Don't talk about what I write I'm trying to avoid hateful remark under stress of knowing people I hate to see living at all but you know I can't stand fighting with another nonsense over pickles and gravys shooting out their ass. Do what you can but is this gonna continue you being 'fixed' poly-sci? No travel unless happy is foreseen, please - cunts here are trying to rid me too but I seem to stay. I hate medical financial and health odd concerns from you because an old lonely mother is no big loss but okay it stinks in the yard. I'd rob an old witch of her any income for the talk and give it back out to deeds. Dried old hands hold too tight and are used less around the foam. You should get a buttlicker job yourself they wouldn't have you beyond 65 - so what? They'll try anything to have your tin seat pulling panty hose back into a sheer. People try and fuck me every day but I live in it okay and hurt some so what. What a dump of hate is it me longwind? You like them trying and I like you just being quiet and thankful for the money just keep doing what can like I would. P.S. I hate your kids so dumb do I hafta do everything for these cheap bitches? Who likes me? I do. I matter to alot of people (an so what) and further more I don't need to talk to these bitches they are no one to this place and it shows me. Sex junk in my face what crap. Eat twat.

I'm God -- trust that. I'd take their fuckin' life but they don't live, I do. You live too. Take serious back home. Anyone that talks to me like a teenage cunt is gonna get their ass made jewish by federal law enforcement and other bitches I threaten right down the road - and you know that's right. I'll make it sense. Give me their name. Send me the pills. Show me again. Thanks - thank you. Thanks.

Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2011 13:55:01 +0000
Subject: Re: Thanks Alot

You seen to forget I am on a fixed income. No one gets a birthday gift more than that. How much did you get from your father?

From: "Doug Moon"
To: "Doug Moon" , "Geri Moon"
Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 12:58:58 PM
Subject: Thanks Alot

Fifty bucks - happy birthday don't rock the boat.

you're a stranger to me
then you give me your name
i toss it to one side
still you're sweeter than me
when will i be shown?
it's one way on
and my lips just don't burn
oh i feel so insecure....

- elton john 'sugar on the floor'

jody watley you're 'still a thrill' | (thrill) | when you're holdin' me
you're still a thrill | (thrill) | when you're lovin' me
no, this not latoya jackson, we are not shalamar...we are not jermaine stewart

columbia tri-star's 'sinbad and the eye of the tiger'
director's chair 1977
a young princess played by jane seymour travels by boat to the end of the world to transform her brother back into khalif after a witch named zenobia curses him into being a baboon! yow!

prince and title song 'purple rain' + stone temple pilots "creep"
chrissie hynde lends guitar here why so good maybe she can play one day...oh, nevermind
and all under the cherry moon (not available for pay)! computer blue

papua new guinea = patagonia, nature home of impatiens everywhere
patagonia is cocteau twins 'aikea-guinea' too 'alternates versus takes' + future sound of london 'papua new guinea' from the 'cool world' soundtrack see their shell money

thom yorke (lead singer of radiohead) 'the eraser' + 'black swan'

'the eraser'
the nonesuch person who tries to stop me from doing-being
i'm spending their money, apparently
'poor people don't know anything - it's their hallmark' - dm and see more later
fraser the natural singer alts it at sing 365

please excuse me
but i got to ask
are you only being nice
because you once heard, said

my fairytale
i would put to sense
because i heard you respond
'cause you were angered
in this song
i never gave you
i'm still the angel in it
to the end
the end
of the earth

the more you try
to air raise [erase] me
the more that i mauve
the more that i'm tuna
the more
the more that i mauve
the more you try
to air raise you
the more
that i mauve
the more that you create

you know the answer
so i do re-ask
i am only being nice
because i want someone
enough that i could kill another god above
and i'm still the angel
in the end
to the end
to the end
of the earth

the more you try
to air raise [erase] me
the more that i mauve
the more that i'm tuna
oh the more that i mauve
the more i try
to air raise you
the more
i mauve
the more that you create
the more you know you're alone
you're alone (doug moon)
you're alone
you're alone
you're on your own


Kettle green: A regular bottle of Karo corn syrup (that is, for popcorn balls but is also exactly pancake syrup excusing the color) is sixteen (16) ounces and I just picked up a double-size plastic one (at thirty-two [32] ounces) at Pavilions on-sale at an exit table. The trick is to make vanilla or cream syrup for soda fountains and I measured in two (2) tablespoons of vanilla extract to make cola move then. So, maybe a bit of butter after that, but this did the trick as a-browning. Although 'no high fructose corn syrup' what is ostensibly apples, this is orange juice strained and boiled out and should be seen as any a cheap maple if to fail and on pancakes. Three bucks ($3.00) plus some still left there.

"That's all you get for a quarter." - Roseanne's son on the once-popular sitcom of the same name. Her eldest daughter 'Becky' told the kid 'D.J.' to answer the phone and tell someone calling in she wasn't there and she would "give him a quarter." He told the caller "She'll be right there" and left the phone receiver hanging down the wall in the kitchen (see 'deathbed promises'). Related word learned from Joan Collins guesting 'dulcet [tones as of one's voice]' - like a bell (dulcimer).

We're gonna call the Spanish movement in Eurythmics' first video "TASMAN" (um, perhaps then 'tandem' one behind the other) with a downward "V" as beneath for all you hate knowing about us and as nothing you'd expect to greet. A cow bemasked to be at once seen in the field is a step toward a tortured mental being, and white goolagong stitching on black sleep supports. "Tasmanian" to be said "aman" or "iman" the model, sure...imagine no one comes or hears about you when you scream prior to being this a garden hate. No one important thinks animals that wake up without seeing discreets or individual object-sights is going to help us be even for one more day, but takes us into a badlands of having no further faith or place to be in it. Play on. Thank you India who sez "I demand you."

pretenders 'pack it up'

by behest, pretenders 'pack it up' from 'pretenders ii' (1981)
you say one word against me project and you're outta here

you guys are the pits to the world [um, cherry pits not armpits]

oh -
this is no place for me
burnin' down the innerbelt [washington dc as expatriate, you're political in seeming sense - not that political]
from jacuzzi to jacuzzi
it's all right for you, man
gettin' smashed
gettin' suntanned
but i know my place -
where's my suitcase?

pack it up
or throw it away
what i can't carry
well, you remember me
and i'll remember you
but that was a long long time ago
when i was passin' through

[what of] all my family
[what of] all my friends
my lover -
i've got to find them
my enemies
my new family
my new friends
my future enemies -
i've gotta flush 'em out

so pack it all up
nothing goes in storage
i'm learning every bridge
two for the green
i see your dog got shot
well, hell -
that's showbiz
big boy -
you've got to be cruel to be kind

oh -
we both better admit it
i've been tearing down the interstate
like some kind of big break
it's alright for the boss
his gain's my loss
that gets me down
it really gets me down!

so pack it up
and cut the crap
when the court starts talkin'
i start walkin'
when you pass in your new porsche
please don't offer me a ride
i may be a skunk
but you're a piece of junk
and then furthermore -
i don't like your trousers
your appalling taste in women
and what about your mind?
your insipid record collection
that dull home video center
the usual pornography
and all you scummed-out punks

you're the pits to the world!

thanks for having me write

'ode to president jackie gleason'

"There's only one true poison in this world - fish. The rest just smells bad." - dM the French have it right 'poisson'

"The 'oblique' (or then 'public') are not 'noblesse' or people you can't even talk to. They are in your way and couldn't say it well enough." - dM see 'lalique' and to my mother who oft cites a Federal-level incidence of jail no one sees unless they're looking to see...they just need to get around and as softly enough

"Oh, you don't mean that..." - dM the smartest living things in the world...and are gays

green is on the bottom under blue all-time low tuesday night - follow the colors to 'white' on right my birthday tuesday aug 16 and halt there
more later...a whole market day is in-between poles to close on tuesday night
green 'go ahead' 'stand still' 'monik - ask yourself when is having enough'
tenative: white 'stay still, enjoy it' orange 'halt again with wife to speak'
so, green 'to buy [one new]', red 'to sell [one new, one you don't like]' white never does anything, never use
federal fiduciary is center notes to explain raising fees or no involvement but eat
the darts are no color as flagging (selling beforehand) and marking (selling afterhand), but represent dates and rising costs associated (blue then)
could save you personally only up to $14k per and per per - and if not, yours are coming in 'a sweet tea'
act on market at top of day (the first is wednesday) or when you feel it's right for you

The LA Times reports fuckers in Georgia take taxis to work to avoid illegal status. Where can they be? In the ground, in tunnels basically. The earth (surface) and sky (up to) belong to expectation or those who don't wish or ever expect to see you. It's intimidating (public intimidation - a big yuck) and is also what we call a lack of 'public deference' or assuming one is naturally wrong always as overhearing. Good luck! The car? Not really.

saw the moon unit
easy bake oven at aah's yesterday for $69.99 (here it is $49.99 and will plus shipping or so)
despite the fact that you'll 'bake' the two (2) included lightbulb* 'cakes' in moments' time, mind over says you can use real cake mix when mom does it with her real oven
the thought never occured to me - and we had it this oven when we were little (my sister did)
the cake mixes are now more prevalent in stores you'll see and at ready are their small traditional metal pans as are stylish (sushi or gorla pans stamped in aluminum)
easy bake has the same evolutions of the eye as say betty crocker (one such sponsor, circa 1974) and aunt jemima (ain't your mama) now with pearls and no such napkis
*interestingly and current enough, a walk through the supermarket yesterday revealed one of them coiled yellow bug bulbs that only save money about $5 - why not think of it early?

a bit menacing this and if real microwaves are $30 at target (yes, you can buy from same about $25 now)
here, a loving history of the oven; 'ours' is the 1973 betty crocker red model

made me some velvets today using my red silicone barbers and $1 brownie mix from cvs
the plates are, yes, from target 'reactive'
think of the red candle left (and right, actually) as blood fangs with four caspers or smallish teeth in-between - honors the hydra, i guess little miss st. lucia
(mom spits $50 for my birthday on tuesday - i'm gonna hafta call the bank on that one that bitch of hers gets alot more)
i wanted to add nuts but couldn't afford 'em - read on
cvs gave me free batteries and three packs of dentyne gum too (now four packs plus exceptional buys on top-quality bug sprays) - it ain't all their fault

Let's talk about its 'worth' or "what's 'worse' having or not having?" If a 'dollar' is a 'dollop' of well-prepared food (a metal drain-size kitchen spoon of meat and cheese on a plate somehow) and then a 'dullard' or sleepy food-happy results, what's it worth? Two dollars ($2.00) to me - give them mine ("I had enough for both of us until you showed up - now you have mine." - dM). Gas is well-prepared food (cornhouse), but I'd double it to be an exact worth the cheese and all. To and fro...note then four (4) tablespoons is a quarter (1/4) cup. A teaspoon is immersion liquidas...what mixed to water then a measure 1:1.

"You go bald wearing wigs." - dM who knows the above (um, your own worst enemy) provides for nothing you have already

review the hidden dimensions:
one dimensional - a picture facing you on the wall, like the mona lisa you don't know its true scale;
two dimensional - a map, how far over, how far down - a mirror is here;
the third dimension - depth, one full measure laying in back;
the fourth dimension - the dark;
the fifth dimension - the unknown as maybe lit;
the sixth dimension - a threat from above, a dropping on you - why you? why there?

arcadia and the nosegay 'goodbye is forever' from the duran duran ('the red, the red!') spinoff 'so red the rose' (december 1985)
there's no breaking the law, girl

it takes two to get in, only one to express their misgivings three days later


sometimes you have no choice 

sometimes you've got no voice to say 

say if you will the words

say if your world is so gray 

we can decide it 

there'll be no tears 

no tragedy 

sure i wouldn't break and cry, if... 

you walk away

believe me

hey -
goodbye is

hey -

goodbye is

and ever 

sometimes it makes no sense 

this side of cruel coincidence

caught up in our own barbed wire 

to set us free 

believe me

immature? you gotta primarily take care of yourself, so step freely
then what? all participle or broken pieces of behavior - being 'partial' to one's self all the time...see disiciple or divided over sense

i like this symbolic chinese zodiac from lacma and however beverly press - the four heads of state
white rabbit (far left) is art enough but christ got to be a big serpent with chrysanthenum and pardon-joy while the last guy (me and one) is very 1985 ford buick
christ is no milk maid but drinks some, sees as a meat then a pig and is snake too when made - see the truth is truth
abraham second over from left is howling dervish or hate man cheese how fitting for art's sake
'i went through the desert off a horse with no mane' like a cock with two balls

when i was sick with pneumonia in april 1974, i got a pop-up book in the hospital illustrating the bones of the human body - new number fact: 114 they cited 103 about, the coccyx or 'butt lamp' is comprised of more unit than anyone knew...use beaten egg yolks around the eyes to ease the sunken look? i was using the whites and lately...the yolks, they say

pigshit: 'the farmer in the dale | the farmer in the dale | high hold the dairy o'er | the farmer in the dale'...dale? the day leaving long shadows from sides a valley if will (by arrangement some)

crate and barrel needs to be robbed again, the land of nod + marimekko shop

the blood pressure cuff as moral compass: those machines at supermarkets are supposed to puff up a cuff only until you see flecks at the meter and it's all take extrapolate (just a few then reason some more out, e.g. five seconds' worth of beats times twelve then for sixty seconds) beats at rest and then at skintight and figure out if playing it on the high end too much as knowing yourself better when...a hiking or camp-type compass is similar - you use the magnet within to define a north beat softly with sun right to left and the light somehow tells you where water is by clockwise turns of light and it eating too much of it down in...more later?

"China, an alarmed creditor, scolds U.S. over its federal debt." - LA Times, Sunday, August 7
So what - they only lend to Federated as Macy's store credit direct. Thanks! Japan number two lender is Sony personal electronics market - a use firm.

he wants to please you, but he's too poor

Free to offend: Bay Of Pigs > Pygmalion > Hyperion > Endless Summer > Halcyon...was talking to a Cuban woman (as via LA Times the thought a pizzeria) about how they were free to "shoot back any time" while she uses American money and swears the tempera housing is fabulous. Kennedy (as through me) says "I didn't want to fight [them], but I have to win." + "We don't win, we lose. I hate that." - Kennedy as just pure. Shooting in windows at night, no favour.

Lysol Cling 2-for-1 blue swirl clip-ons now at Amazon...the new ones are like bar soap in the bowl (like a blind honeydew melon spray duking it out with pure crap - what if you win? what if you're like Rocky and you get the girl in Philly?) These make piss smells die and defy poop all at once. P.S. The Endust Prosweeper is back at Amazon.

Bar soaps we used growing up (and in that order 'til end use or adult): Dial (yellow), Irish Spring, Camay (pink), English Lavender Yardley. Still. Only Tide in the washer, Electrasol in the dishwasher. Only Charmin toilet paper (pink). Prell shampoo liquid green always then Faberge organics, then Pert through adultisms (minor changes) of then Pantene. Pantene is a living god still. Pert. Prell for the cat - "he loved it."

Current foils: Lever 2000 (was Camay, as harsher deodorant soap is used on ears, neck, armpits, genitals, avule, feet, and gentle in-between toes) with odd notes of Dr. Bronner's peppermint bar and liquid (back scrubbing) and men's regular Clinique (face, form). Add some below. Cascade (love the semen pelts with Dawn and Jet Dry rinse aid $$ - the plastic pillow pack is placed in closed cup and disintegrates ...get that?) Scott toilet white, only. Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration lime green cap. Safeway 'Ultra' brand powder detergent is consistent with price and quality and has all the gaseous toxicity (um, hibiclens pomegranate and its alcohols) we've come to know with all dollar-wise Xtra liquid laundry soaps. No other bothers I swear my hands are leaving now just wrists I'm gonna be all x-tal lifting jars with veins.

Make your own shampoo: Three (3) egg whites, two (2) teaspoons of sea salt and add one-half water - then fragrance or seed. Christie Brinkley (with daughter Alexa Ray by singer Billy Joel) is pushing Prell these days - check the link above. She says make shampoo with 'carrots' but that don't clean, is all oil. Condition perhaps, better to use another egg.

"I am not known to you." - dM as Bram Stoker's Dracula 'a no-one', 'gnome'

"And if to punish you, I will be me forever." - dM as undoing you from the start

Fisk alert 08/10: Rite-Aid Sunset and Fairfax has stacks of B&D jar openers JW200 for $9.99 at the register and going going. All hexaboxes. The bales of decorative straw I showed you has two (2) sizes now one is twice as big as the other $6.99 and $14.99, respectively, but look to be 50% off right now as harvest-to-be-coming. I want one for the terrace its natural decays and sprays. Alternately, Radio Shack has our full-faced LG phone 900G (in-store only) with keypad for $29.99...Net 10. Target had it too this week $26.99 but framed it (the unit) within alternative mobile texts citing $50 a month unlimited court and spark. I'm cheap.

Sunday's 'Parade' magazine has McDonald's coupons (on page 11) for two (2) free drinks with minimum 'any sandwich or premium entree salad' purchase: 'McCafe Mango Pineapple' and 'McCafe Iced Or Hot Caramel Mocha' one for each time. Both at 12 oz. (um, a regular can of soda) and expire September 10. Parade has an extensive coupon box online though I despise their and others' online printing techniques.

From 1976 and the Amityville House on Main Street and Allen Drive, the Colorforms haunted house (we had it fresh off the press): Castle Dracula

factoid: 'blessed' is as to be 'bested'

pegasus? no - the origami shrimp man on beverly west of roberston

on beverly also

book of the month club face so sweet

the bliss sinkside pack you can get near the mta shop at pavilions too and is the right color
the shop is called the beauty collection and the pack is $25 ? still
i got my full-size green bar and issey miyake fragrance spray on ebay both < $20 at each
note: use promo code 'take20' (maybe case-sensitive, if then use upper) to save 20% on minimum purchase $100 'til holiday music 08/16 (per ad on youtube)

Wanna make your own fragrance? Sear three (3) apples (granny smith) in a frying pan with water for three (3) hours low heat until no more water is there - two (2) cups water each time. Then cut lemons in half, six (6) longways including seeds, and place on-top of apples for three (3) hours again no searing this time. The resultant liquid is the only start I see. Add lemons after or (pumpkin, spice) seeds then. "One gallon is all I make ever." I called mine 'la pur' (takes off from beneath you)...and for example.

Shoots cannon then brim means 'blows it stack' and then pokes you in the eye with brim of black tophat as to be formal yourself. For the shogun warrior 'Ota' who has a spring track up his back for his tophat, red - two (2) separate pieces. He's on our mind these days lollipop mesmer eyes in blue.

Others report of being stung by 'pekings' or the roundish blackbird-like bees that emanate from fish like whales when they're dead. Raise your left hand and spit in it if so ? and good luck! These feed tuna always and were made by us one day for people who sucker punch others in the mouth - a matter of minutes then. For those who don't know, and why, a bee sting is a dance or vibration of little bodies, the point insertion of a sharp x-acto knife, and an electrocution or small deep burn within that radiates. Simply vicious and then dials upward to need. Use ice always to stop the spread of venom and pray no one comes - they get mad. And yes, I've had my share of stings on the face...

Note over the below that Trader Joe's 'shepherd's pie' in black oval microwave dish as seen in the freezer section (seats two) is a favorite here with pot roast in there and mashed potato on-top...$3.99. KC Masterpiece original and otherwise us (my new favorite adds to shelf) is on sale until tomorrow $1.99 at Pavilions and note their larger tomato soup can (um, 'Safeway' brand) is great for taste and replaces Campbell's easily enough. We liked it alot the big can add water. Grilled cheese with Velveeta slices and Oatnut at $5 a loaf? "Velveeta - we can make it together." - Tony Orlando and Dawn

The girl who looks like Rosie O'Donnell at Trader Joe's here in West Hollywood had me make barbeque chicken wraps weeks ago we bought everything there:
grilled chicken strips in fresh pack $4.99
whole wheat lavash bread (wraps) in fresh pack $1.99
single fresh shredded green cabbage pack for slaws $1.19
trader joe's tartar sauce 1 cup $2.49
trader joe's all-natural barbeque sauce 1/2 cup $2.49
shredded, smoked cheese blend 1 cup $3.99
just wrap from at end all mixed up in a bowl do not swirl - unnecessary
a bit spicy, but you the get the picture i made two (2) wraps and sliced them up from this effort
use egg white to seal wrap if necessary, i didn't bother

Someone says "Moon - peanut butter and so?" Always use standard white bread, creamy peanut butter, and Welch's concord grape jelly. Always. Our schools growing up - always a major domo here - coated the inside of the bread with butter. Your call there.

Just had a Marie Callender's frozen pot pie - and while always a big fan of their quality-versus-price stance (my favorite is-was country fried chicken breast with gravy, season corn, and mashed potatoes usually $2.50 love their meatloaf with mushroom gravy too) - this pot pie (the 'honey roasted' chicken pot pie) was very nice for the money $2 right now at Pavilions. Check that and includes whole meals. Even Trader Joe's pot pie (usually $3.79) will bow to this crust and chock filling what asks only that you cover the outer round with foil while cooking (one hour, four hundred degrees - I microwave the plates, however). Also they Marie's have new lines of fruit pies (berries, peach, etc.) in the freezer section....

Read more (the mail says) about Bank Of America's pending class action suit for overdrafts:

The dentist responds! Pages one and two...this, the cashmere of Richard's lies, went on to Delta.

How far does three hundred dollars go? Ask meth:
Mateo (323) 906-5077 tramp
Matt (XXX) XXX-XXXX (less dog fur clippings)
They hate poor people and ignore me while filtering for funds. Both the same. The gay one is Neil.

Bed Bath & Beyond (um, Beverly Center) features one hundred (100) white-wick tealights (silver can) for $4.99 these days - a birthday bash. I just wrestled with prices at CVS and got fifty (50) blue wicks (unscented, cooking) for that price or adds $1.00 more to see white wicks (scented, flavory) at that quantity. CB2, usually better about things, has twelve (12) for $2.95 or $5.95 for twelve (12) in a clear plastic base. I loved the clear base, but I don't know why - just wanted to certify the blue wick as clean enough for use. Aaron Brothers tossed us a 50% off 'any one regular priced item' coupon in the LA Times yesterday 08/07 - find yours online on the upper right corner of their weekly ad. Printable versions. Expires 08/18.

Greet the Bliss lemon + sage body bar (is usually green in-person) $15.

Take a look at Ch131 - is nothing new? "Hangover 2" for those who couldn't see (maybe iTunes? they have a 'making of' in Austrian at podcast - the ruse is mutant warriors, and 'quadrille' enveloping each response to be used against you or 'no escape from heaven'). See for yourself. We're watching HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" (all about social blunders or the French faux pas, elevate behaviors or no santa claus, and taking exception to others or self-conscients selling outward) to big laughs even as we speak...see Dustin Diamond is now George Burns (Seymour Stein...Neil's son Haley).

Dart Back To July 2011 Part 2 Only - The Bees Won't Follow You There
Or underwater for that matter...a few will be on-top however.

note up: black sesame seeds are my poppy seeds

the real amityville house as stands today 87 main

not to disturb a grave, but the child catcher from 'chitty chitty bang bang' is awake

the bedroom this day 08/14