Exit Here For September Please...

Gorillaz do "Feel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade)" Feel Good Inc. (Album Crossfade) or from commercial iPod/iTunes with that demon laugh "ah ah ah ah ahhhhhh-ahhhh" a somber ridicule from the "Demon Days" LP 2005.

into the night use vaseline on black stocking over face will shine on film no depth perception
make sure you listen-watch "rollerskating" too...the large version then " loosen up the part if studies - if you can't do that, then what good is [a] god? " malcolm x

What To Feel For In New Orleans County 09/03/05 1858
Nobody in New Orleans feels the pinch like that of Newsburgh, Georgia last year after hurricane Theodore or whatever you called it. You needed a glass lens to see that one too. Hurricanes happen because you sit there and wait for it and this every six (6) or seven (7) years too. Wash up, get fed, and make sure no one bothers you too much or fleas come my current situation with you is fleas. Someone thinks a dog brings fleas? It is no bother with life that brings them and I will have you swarming over this fight with me unless you make sure you have yours taken care of elsewhere. No woman man or child survives me well and you didn't have enough there for anyone to be bothered with. Get mine to me soon - yours is on the way here soon enough yet.

For the Labor Day weekend and all so nothing changes....New Order "Ruined In A Day" Ruined in a Day from their "Republic" LP of 1993. Simply is haunting. Then "Regret" too I sing both.

Stone Temple Pilots "Wonderful" Wonderful from the "Shangri-LA DEE DA" LP (2001). With tons of good stuff, get "Glide" from "No. 4" too (1999). Not to be missed but you may have.

Just A Little Mistake Can Kill 09/02/05 1140
You know, that movie I watched before must have been "Dark Victory" or something else. We watched "Mildred Pierce" last night and boy that's an awful little story. Again we see wayward gays and a blacks elevate another woman being dumped off to Tara-status while feeding people the dead and her daughter dies of tuberculosis or something related to (behind the scenes, they eat brains from dead girls like they are calves - jerks...for sure, my grandmother fed me this shit too). Oh, sure - she hard-working like Madonna and all, but is limited to hurting or disciplining people and has no ability to give them a raise. No one woman does this herself neither Madonna nor she. My maternal grandfather plays her husband leaving and her new beau in the sand and my other grandfather Moon is the guy she tries to set up in the half-whole of the place, but with the other grandfather's voice-overs as nelly kind. This film stunk bad when it was being made using our homes and fancies (Piscataway, New Jersey was quite a retreat from NYC) but is real to the life in California then so stinky all of it made heroin and all. I hadda sleep half the day for what we brought down on this house last night halcyon to then surely I couldn't get out...a restaurant called "Mildred's" being a success - so real and all. This - pandering to blacks and the one real one in the film was faked so. The daughter "Veda" is actress Juliette Lewis' mother Donna Reed who married Rodney Dangerfield "but died" she says. Again, no family sales here - just must see. My maternal grandfather couldn't speak when I was born due to stroke and couldn't relay any of this at all through women who hated it, obviously. Barrymore "my New York queer about" those flat-in-the-back pants over the ass - is a fake, yup.

Yeah, we got the Trenton Commons stuff and all..so what. The movie keeps you inside it. More: Sharon White's John Collins is the police officer - and true to fact - who asks Joan's character not to take a swim off the pier in Santa Monica in the beginning of the film above. That is swimmer-styler Busby Berkeley "in drag" he says. Hi all.

There Is Something In My House 09/01/05 0950
First of September and all but staying here for now...just booked my little flight to New Jersey for sure...but eight (8) hours plus across the country without coming down? What is that? Sounds like more junk....your work. We'll see (oh, the time differences bewteen coasts are to blame...see less of me in it then). In the meantime, you've been over to iTunes too - with all of the stupid little things I have to deal with, someone sees to it the sound samples don't work (someone programming only - thanks again for allowing this with your cheap shit the high prices are like AZT to assuage the concerns of old people with technofright or something let 'em live I don't get it but it's against you somehow maybe I win - never listen to someone else working for you but in front of others seeing too). I just changed to another login I made up in OSX (you need admin rights sure I have that) and then renews it all again. I hate people fucking around, but I describe my problem to see a solution rise against this - not you to happy end. To fuck that over. "We don't want it." Yeah - we know that, but I don't want you certifying or having yours in my living room. You have no business here doing anything - you should be taken to task instead and I get everyone I seek of to live in the backyard among pink rocks and air breathing with you. Oh, wait - those are just people I want to know. Be so lawless with me a name - we'll get there. In the meantime, what I do says little to change, keeps the peace, rewards those playing along somehow. I am mad only and not waiting to burst like a water balloon over your favour. Keep your distance from this I have no choice but you do and have lots of wool to burn. You? Not here. No matter what, I don't contribute to dysfunction, to making others something that can't take of theirself. Just 'cause something doesn't seem supportive of mine details doesn't mean anything to me. I get mine simply, sensibly - you're there.

Dead Or Alive "Something In My House" Something in My House from the "Rip It Up" LP (1988)...for you may have missed something good to better adds "I'll Save You All My Kisses". The twenty-third to the twenty-eighth that's all. 

Quote for the day my father now looming somehow no the flame for it retards "They're [just] not fooled by you." I made something awful purty of me and thought how luscious to see and know but in times taken abare (being it me to robberblind, probably made a little bet - no matter what you, then see). It's a juicy jungle out there - not like anyone had to call in the experts 'sos' same old shit...you'll brave in it better than me hops skips to a lunch. What do you see? and can you speak it out for us now? That's nice...the prizes are small however consistent with my viewpoint if not proving it all out to some 'til there was you a bad mix still no one needs it any.

Save yourself! Don't come a talkin' once made to fear - I got paid. Don't be a four-letter pussy always begging for understanding but after you hear. Be enough for it, be shut then silent. No one has this in mind when winning it (more of the same unaltered, unimproved and new as me but later seen having) their way, no one chooses it for theirself a buttage of bad feelings. You need learn not to. Any time you win a loser is made and that may be you again. What's in it for me? Bad feelings can pay...you need see and feel along with courtesy murderers to lighten the damages if seen by truthmongers yet be unawares. Nothing matters? To you. I know why we get along (there is less to be said when you are not up in my ass at will) and have that in here to thanks again. I go on and on because fear is not my key - it is once again another asking of you you don't have to reply just yet but it's there. Get mine yet? No one wins this kind you did win...tic tac toe. Why didn't you save yourself? That wasn't fear...it was pain by then. Stays so still under the eaves when mine do arrive.

"You are a victim of hate." No, I settled for yours made mine and dealt with it better to keep. We ridicule what hates having after you chose so wisely and fell to arting others to seem so well with body parts missing and the cravings if misstate. You see it all out front but we speak out back with the same conviction so-to-speak as this will be used against me too no honorary degrees - I live lightly and ridicule you still if you insist it's that important. Further? Me soothing you now we are sweethearts somehow. Is it necessary yet? This stuff is so junky but you need dive right in...so dumb. I like what I'm left to say when no one cares. It's real and frightening too when I care much about nothing.

You are this....there is no one special anywhere in the universe but seeking admit let me off the hook do it now.

As If Having A Father And A Streetname Wasn't Bad Enough, You Get To Know Of Me 08/31/05 1407
Was playing with ghosts again last night ("and yes, though I'd like some without crying over my needs, feeling bad with us hearing it both bothered some, or having to explain it all to well again, I surmise that I'm not here to see the stuff that's eventually just you, what's common", I rationalize for me only no one gets paid for that in a humble-like setting) having a great time now my mattress pumps upward to get my attention and we have more interesting roommates than ever each represent to me with add'l notes for you rejected by me as unusual, as unseen. No names yet just do what you do or kick my ass sure then I'll die "need anything [we'll both have to pretend...are you sure it worked]?"- that goes with plain old folks hurting me with their simple offput and review you get no concern either to then be (the supposed dead will be there too when I arrive as to greet an error once made but never as having read, noted, or correcting me of course - I don't live to know to you well that's just what I heard - right? only and will know this on the side of what's needed to know yet). Fuck 'em once for me again - I'll take care of my little tears over charities made to me and the illicit pornographies of idiots known here, thanks yes we'll be thanks. Once the deck is sorted up, we'll give up our clothes right away plus you win another yearsword of it...still easier than discipline, learning you how, who asked to know who? thanks again ever to lay...no days starts early enough with you in it mastering the trades off for no clock watcher exits here but comes.

Say nothing do nothing: a bitter key by God may continue on if irritates sufficiently:

woman - keeps all made stable (sexes me when thrown naked out into the street, makes better choices for people who have none while seeing it other)
black - delivers yours to ruin (i like it for you - you are never "real" and neither am I only polite so - we can't say and why would that matter both try and kill some too traps and provides an exit)
gay - robs women of their wealth downward distributes (has been robbed, is no one to think about unless you are one and dying to know this for sure, is nothing once made but textiles are ruined forever)
hispanic 1 - delivers a girl pride
hispanic 2 - deliver you to a death making itself (both like HIV and the AIDS itself - see if change has in-fact come, as poor does things you will never do...label it SARS: still aids really, same)
son - sees to the good (runs, eventually should be noted for being ill-suited, the first to die is well aware of it)
daughter - delivers it to the good (the risk or then as behelden to me, a treasure when somb)
mandarin chinese - asks you not to be who you are to us (our favorites still lacking somehow and if afraid)
africaner - opens the door to a black's pride of (a white made it less to)
lesbian - says yes to a gay, but not to herself (picks up the apparent slack one a wickedly and delicious trade - who wins more? someone is confused still)
mother - stays simple, cleans some (another archdiocese of prides not taken - the one who stayed long enough to know of it all, but better seen)
father - leaves some messes about, cleans nothing well (if all goes well, then this come - a rascive dark to your lighted fittings...eats gay up)
boy - asks you if you will (is waiting for better to arrive at)
girl - asks have you? (weighs out boys as to be like of eggs, decides of them)

leave it all the world so good to me then you and god may strike to smooth across landfills of nothing you'd not want...so stay a butter of lambskin some die feeling quite well about it all yet bless eat bless one of us is a victim and surely one more will be here too soon...to receive it as better first, to give away, to know and thus not speak...a force mature, I'd say x no, rather I'd see you to it again  you'd be here...the drugs not so pure after all, company b - I may receive you further without thoughts and still do the wrong thing for us, me...keep yours, your mother owns you, you see nothing is right

eats speaks of those who do, not those who say to then do - who does this to me? a black...to honor-mention the unseen in it is to be that see truth we all have that and follow along easily enough but think things to yourself alot speak un to truth, add 'em up kinda

pete burns is very christ-like, if, and sees me...the holy spirit is with thee
Ever tried a silver bullet in your ear before? Dead Or Alive's "Son Of A Gun" Son of a Gun from the "Mad, Bad And Dangerous To Know" LP (1986). A song about pulling out a drag queen's fuckin' earring when they least expect it to theirs and win it win. Never to a bother butt then and then again...feels it all somehow when. Kicking someone's ass long before they needed to know better is key. The ol' icepick to the kidney, holepunch to eyelid, steriled pinch to the lip. Just do it (a life of walls in the head is no one to live) and once see me. Others to see (this stuff is getting hard...God said Van Halen "Running With The Devil" no...I hate God right now and his bitty prayers looks at all seems no one makes me hollow inside God is a jerk may Liz Fraser eat her own bellyshit and die English and thus rejected by me same). More songs not by God? "My Heart Goes Bang" from the "Youthquake" LP (1985) 'cause no one eventually reads your lists of stuff ever because nothing is good with your thinkings of anyway...you write some of once back after phoning trades and consortiums a mandate of sorts had you not seen mine yet trying to impress people with theirs halved, to you as better* than me (after all, no one really wants you playing or perceiving it even at play - "what did i think?" never ask this to me - "there are answers to this already being asked of again - and how many more will learn this by me?" like baking cakes for a department store - "got any more of them little round cakes left in the back? i ate another one so good to me..." but you bake them at home) More than Boy George is remade here...brilliant, macabre...the early stuff faked to sales interest like "Buckingham Nicks" - no one here ever looked like that in that pantskirt from The Limited. God say to me "You are going to fucking Hell." She should wait to be asked....I never do and keep it all factually simple but with you.

Van Halen "Running With The Devil" Runnin' with the Devil from their first LP called "Van Halen" and simply (1978) I had it yes with others you weren't cool enough I guess but heard this in the car lately and lubbed it again and yes with "Jamie's Cryin'" . I further suggest and mandate "Poundcake" from "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" aka "FUCK" (1991) and newly Sammy Hagar who is actually their original vocalist David Lee Roth and who didn't want their stage expectations no more...not for him had a heart attack doing stuff and nearly knew that dead for two (2) days ("and that was three times now...")

michael of tarasoate
this person - who is 'not so good-looking' - has taken my place at Yahoo! because of some priority made to name 'Doug Moon' - he makes the grade on the basis of looks seen and is now decesa apparently
hi scott wilson of tangiers, france - stays dead for now "we're jewish and we hate you" he says - still at thanks, your motorchain of return thought hasn't been broken by for me yet - see mine here too
to jews - whatever you are now the latest plan-said, i like it - all of the says in the world and we too still love as one new...when two become as just this one you are here somehow but without them
no - not here...but make it worth your while then i wasn't put here to tell anyone anything like that you need to die

Up That Until You Show Up 08/29/05 1842
You know I don't care: Been trying to enjoy myself still this past few days and with a short trip to New Jersey being planned for late September, I'm feeling the snap of too many bitten conversations from above..."people are working while you wait on it unmet" (go just to fuck yourself - might you get up earlier? godsmithing again? spreading the pre-owned but still good?)...how I could be even better about things (freaks hang in the balance feeling with it you too - live through this)...is my roommate mistreated (not as long as he's here - sees this for yourself) -- nothing about me in terms of care again, looking for me to give up more of what I like to be at home to seek it in nothing I ask about. Please go back to your own hell where wishes meet dreams and both fall at the same time you realize pubic rain and it never was or both when it seems. Got a few mouthy bitches locked up as simply vicious though stilled in the heavens (just play along with no fool yet apparent - this fantasy stuff what would have killed you and your used God dead at first is real but easily enough tossed out after it I said back to you) from their unawares and of course the trick is getting what you want as them (demons who know too much for your taste as granted from-by those who have too little to share - I reduce our loins in the field by deflocking the sheep long before their wool is sheened off the steammaster) without asking and without having the person who does the real work betrayed by you all desert sand creepy God junk just does it never real but the knocking and voices in is much to turn away over and over so I threaten I'll say how little you may know.

No, I'm not going to personally thank any teachers in my hometown and embarrass us both - Young Moon died soon after and you had someone better to hear from in success and who would that be? Didn't I fuck you over enough when I dedicated the yearbook to a secretary (so Chris - you are simply turds only it mattered none but you still pay on it all somehow as fittingly ill-bred you can get it from yourself or her then). Many were so good why insult with slim-at-best reconnects? You task was thankless be great some must die. You hated me then as one of the kids who is this little known? If you hated Jews grow up if just simply and snips out the bad ones 'til it a day made of seems. No one had my college major - no one graduated less of these. Why know it costs more?

Nobody cares if I come anywhere and that's me too - see nothing help it and there goes another mountain of misery to just do it some say. Says nothing, be nothing. Be that and we'll see if we can keep things nice for my mother the only one to issue it care ever. The father rums it don't bother smiles smiles.

The rest of you need to shut up...no one nice for you is here you know that God will so too die and bad at that while we review my childhood "deaths" from the not-so-interesting past (no - never know someone's sci-fi fantasy no one dead ever comes back now just to see that). I never went through any of this stuff it was a long boring ride here I died of that only. These headgames are rude to me but only niggers live like that channeling past lives as spirits white people would shoot you dead like Amy Fisher showed up. Please is a bitch - it wasn't that good. Tell your God to be in that and die. Top this life I hate God again for hurting me boys are worth it and end on firm no I'll be this to be with you still asking me about all I know. No one's fooled - having numbers said cited means having people and they are always fucking around but in essent should stupid. You know - seeing is having said then say nothing see yours else may. Else may you know for yourself only what am I looking at not you again. God is sucks. Old bearded cunts in a lawn box pray to be is die I lie about everything making up stories you see nothing I know yet. Ask to know better - see but of most dumb.

For when you are bored not the unisbomber....may scrape your asshole off in the car hitting the road. Mary starved people to death and I do it too for talking at me when the fork is lift. Each formal place setting is made to be later and often over coffee, dessert. Choke that down in a oven hole then up in the am peeing brips. When this goes down it stays with you but I don't do anything so.

Check for it crap be every one thank.

Don't Get Worried People Are Bothering Me At Play I Know How To Handle God Stuff As No One Special 08/28/05 2045
So I'm lying around partying with my little friend and his dog this past week or so and my roommate comes barging in days early after a phone call (some 'strike') like anything was gonna matter much after I talk to him some. This stuff is mean to me but flops - he pays all the rent to me and now this - so? Come again we soothe the most ruffle of feather with man-sized handlings you can't manage well. In the meantime, anyone who stands to benefits from my company should know that while not lonely (as picking and choosing through others is paid), I welcome most you welcome in trust and hate no one when they appear (the world is full of asshole, but cunt on me some). You? I talked to this one guy on the phone who is with this girl and hung up satisfied with our friendly chat. I felt so good I called back to say it less and she lit up the wire with God's voice some. Have it anyway and cheap. See it here, never blame women - they know better and say not while clawing and scratching desperate bitches and I with take swipes at each other in mean little ways you are that winning it again no one loves you no one come. A married man never tells me anything but we suffer you too don't act up - there is no jail here yet for you and him both so is never that good, huh? Do nice or wait for a disaster you were across the street having your baby when we did it at first if see I make up tales for mine here too so not to be bored with this is not so bad after all trying. You know what you've have there so nice. Your marriage is like that of silly gays - I cry at times too but then one simply left to be on-demand. Have him here for our love has no bounds then or now. These things are real for people who have something nice about them....never say me or you will but do. Oh, brother - nothing magical there do you feel something more in the store while visiting with me there but others wait to know butter well? Tip: People are smart too - they aren't you wondering about theirselves even more. Something is kept small inside because people in the raw hurt easy but should and they are not cheap but replace easily enough I throw everything away at once a breach and then nothing more the kids they died one calls from here often enough but you won't speak through me again having had this you no grave back to mature.

The bible redupe: As art, leave to yours others. Scared me in a hotel last year as "when you are ready" but prayer is never helped - use it at that (but pennies each at a day). Made me feel so bad, if I lied heal thyself. Sue God wrote it but plays with me sometimes then up against and then her way. Chooses not to read, that what is not known. See our friends making and taking from the fair-thee-well - not just for the ignorant at creating must most errant citings at play, but some weren't even that serious about this you see my writings then what read come with bundles of it done to you. People who can't even read but seen winking their eye at to get guess get so mad about this book I just say what I think back at them and they seem to know its truths better than I, so too must I speak once using their own pen soam flourish I thought too I'd sign 'to no offend' copy at yours. There is nothing magical about men and women...even their lies make me believe in it signed copy and all. Best for me still Madonna and childs: The bible-like "What God Has Revealed To Man" by 'athiests' (smart as gay answers "just as informed then, saying as if knowing" - ours too...we fear yours with here 'no, no' you are mental, scary all bound up with government cheeses) in hardbound, goldleaf...there is nothing printed on the white pages between - visually if corrects me. If you only knew how little mattered, you fight so hard to know. Someone thinks they need to feel something more here - can you live that any better? All are tits.

"You make people gag." No one like me teaches you anything you'd use. See it for fit - and don't be dumb. No one here cares at all, you where you can end no one person's individual junk ever matters at all. What book undead?

Talk Againsts With While Taking, Dear Friend Of Another You Pause To Seem Meal August 24 1835 Bo-danda you seem! After years of struggling in many shady-wise attempts to defeat your source of what's noised at me but sustained barely on the samed effort of one some but others lost winning it what's too, I've decided nothing new but resent your thought at me once doing it to you "the road to hell (and beyond - yours add to a simple lie twice told by, got it substantially wrong but it thrilled me...stays wrong) is paved with the promise of doing better" but someone dumb vows it right to you once latching on briseby "how'd they do it to me (both put it with volumes spoken alogue way up in my ass then tach pulls it straight down to dantas it clogg and it hard then it softers but mine is slowly, bondles its borrows salgins it somb). So - worry not we make so few summary statements with each new fact afoot what said it when how, but soon see your weirdo sexcorn 'fantasies' explored here once lifted with rummers from your dark closet of mime shaft bit crevice wists a'plimb with the rest of that Coldplay boring me topic ele d'tit. Enjoy a review...I'm lacing with interiors and fighting your cheaply lit open face of styled endo-truths in favor of being who you are and dying of some disease you helped fake for the glasses once seen drinking a hole maker of big dumb laquer so soft is it pad or plate's bun. Cherish that a bitch in the bum burned it but boldened if sum. The last week of sunrise of some said made me mad - all that queasy jerking-off in the sumpist toilet again and compliant of my barsoap being too harsh for turd tamers in the underborb mascit after six p.m. That last load of stinge piss cramped my hair on the side of the once-hormed puntjorn scaling back tolm riches with my skin-burned eater fin. I was lying on the floor for days waiting in that capsule of brown bubble shimmering in advance of being collected porthole - came down from just over the nupp and cupped me off belched skids to consider the wages flain maggots hatching spums of galord in your bippen eyelashes. Still decoding the fur sampler over my pierce-eye hologil a memory not noting the newer rim nor narrating for numbs nulled. Back to making it shine oh fuck you for being just that to me when I could pinlace your essolb drink with selvind pelmds and of cangled wish for shorn affair not to bend over my knee and flash pan it an ass over white skies what's made prade by simply then sclams but of it lince drains what of a gag hair may send with what blends anew each may afore gnashing bimmed garble. Each lower ladder reached with by hock embraced and you skim for the rat's ass of it stammed of it to an on it up but sank with once of it most more but I flush it all up to the surladood wind and to pray up at it onced of a smell so sobers it glass or it greens, belches backing inside horrors of steam unwinding yours wit went away. You can't keep scrashing this butt's chim up everyday without the rest of mearts pits in between and you get it on your own fool and son of fool win it what? the twin of win-win, and the wages of vandal sin if one wonders but off to have both hands hammle who won and per sand, addeco. May to a God to if what will be frozen open the blinds in a yard you can't take it to simple nor sign with once sighted just seen. You call people by pash-horn sky-dialing the saccle harmhut slands the thermal tinct of podgekin oint bandbroasting both radiotits at fanged yuolms largedid and I think about your lichen bones simmering for me in canched toilets of spirilm agnew or in a bosh paint can bolbing your  huelage of prank hand-me-downs while neutering hummer-finched unger eggs in a hottled trancebox of sandlers suctioning motion warms with moaning at-plus scible scabs with or without bold stares swinnled out before the bambre of one eye just opening its last offer from the sonic panlin skull scrambling within it butts wonders with all that you sort and have held up for someone else already saying it better no one cared ever now disposed of with the famm feathers that inkled it, the scragles haunt lawn bint paper beached in it a winter pulls pandrals of halmage buttons once it's burned of it thread.

Those people Battery Bob got the batteries to me fast plus one extra to hime - thanks folks nice work no more of it constrains by cost you'd see. "Nobody wants your business." An idiot is hemmed in by her own missed understanding of things each second she bites horn on a goblet of fire nooked. Eat some raggy flan, get it sump-fucked to loosen the ol' jobes can-mapped to your bibblesflint waxilmahad before natural color emerges within its odors by tinge of its salvined hair basket each of pymmed with goggle milks ozoning rags of its own slach pipe.                        

Eurythmics "Put The Blame On Me" Put the Blame On Me from "Savage" (1987) - trust me, Bitch - you missed the boat here. I had sound plus vision going daily on it. Adds "Love Is A Stranger" and "Who's That Girl" mostly as aside from superhits. Thus remember "Sexcrime (1984)" MP3 (5.4 Megs) is as featured here earlier October 2003. Unless me, see all reduced to a stamp or just logo seeing and as having and in time without using again.

Simple Minds "Alive And Kicking" Alive and Kicking from "Once Upon A Time" the LP made (1985). I figure I can keep doing this as I long as I have a heart in it, as long as I forward what fortuned me right to it and once before. See also "See The Lights" and "Promised You A Miracle" so what on the best of theirs comp - faves of mine and to live you well. Is Jason singing again? No, no.

Welding In Exciting, Serious Then 08/20/05 1034
Was talking about the guitar strings mentioned of late being aluminum poles of slender then welded to the thinnest of made strings at bridge and the neck or last fret and with (fatty or cow's butter to polish if necessary - see Koontz Hardware they have them I bought one aluminum pole or shaft for fun making) discussion ensues topic welding over just plain ol' soldering a hobby of mine. Welding of any metal can be achieved with six (6) candles burning on metal shafts (of at least one inch 1" long - and of any composite metal, really) for three (3) hours at large with no flame touching, but approaching as close as could be said (no ash). The metal needs to handled then by grassened shears (rub broken grass on scissors as hot and melting) and can be applied to a cool end quite mercifully scratch nothing but butter if may. With will hold forever no matter what the mix made - we see to it. Welding can be achieved over time without you with a shoebox or metal casing that rides to the bottom by collapsing with candles melting like those accordion cups sorta and candles should be full size then. The shoebox has cuts on both ends all the way to the bottom for metal to flow south with candles not lit, but on each end metal hot too and molbeing down. Maybe then I burn your asshole off with a searing (um, healing) red-hot pipe pushed under but in from the rear another token of to mine.

Intervow 08/20/05 1021
You know, last night someone called to set up another expectation - you know - what to be avoided at all mercy. I could watch their cute little dog (indeed I have a yard and thus preparations afoot) on trip in exchange for - how should we say? - a better barter of goods and services. No one come, no one called even though I try slumber it off the miles. Remember, an error through me (um, arrow? no) must be corrected and sometimes it happens here. This misunderstanding can be much like the great Nile river of Africa samed and tributaries: the river flows south to where you are, but perhaps sips you as bone. As the "Hellraiser" symbus or gator fleshing but at once to greet nascent or newly seen flow. "Never forget" doesn't mean you hold on to what happened to you as excess determine, you are indignant you were there to be as forgiven and after all you've done for them. To forgive? To be the one who lets you off the hook you 'fore' give or go back to then to make it same. To 'fore' get is to receive such in bounties such made - not always the nicest thing for you not being able to say why you were there and all. To forget is to be the person downed at last. They once were downed by you somehow you may agree in your error. Who wins yet? They are the same then...like a bad heroin trip goes for having said else to me in a morgue I live. Around one some corner, a punch to the face impossibly unnannounced like my ascent. A hot knife in under the scalp from back of head where bad thoughts come from or for more talk to me.


Introducing Bliss Soap 08/19/05 2228
As may you may know or have heard, I'm big on personal cleanliness and love soaps (although bathing once while at night and wearing white t-shirts to bed has led to a simply lack of using deodorant in the pits during the day just getting dressed simply then - rule: anti-perspirant thus deodorant are a must do...les 'mel etlit). Anyway, I got a sample of this olive-green soap as pictured but stamped-called "bliss" what is lovely to use in bathe and do the heat and mime ensue. Mind over says made of high grasses northeast as prairie and quite is fashioning of the pearls that drop from regular slap do-don't. So I smell deep and love the day anew of grass my tits grew. Try and find some of that to be. Old Navy?

Casual: You know, Las Vegas, Nevada, and like any resort, needs to keep its space-age platforms afoot. As with any night-time, it's closest to being in space and at night for real. On the moon in that sand in the middle of nowhere seen. Keep it simple folks that first word for you, Neilsy - night is space only no air hardly and no light shining. Tell a friend. Only Tibet, China and Langfordshire, England are closer to sound and map.

L@@K! A big fan of Panini (say "pan-yeen-yee" for "a friend penny-pinching" as an Italian-French derivate or used by both lightly though) and their cold sandwiches if (meats on hardbreads, usually - grilled stuff and cheese...Bristol Farms has them mostly a ny strip steak and cheese - very as nice as they'll heat it up too if and you agree), I - they now have a little after-the day shop called Famima!! (says "feed me well" but as harsh for an ensuing  battle as due, and as Italian only - like crying for a help, almost) on Santa Monica in the Pilates dance hall where you can pull in the back with your car and have New York-style days afoot and if here. All the stuff in there (a general store of sorts) is world specialty and mukie stuff and then higher end with their trademark sandwiches and other some meals wrapped to go. Travel lite to here buy some. We will.

A Big, Open Burial 08/19/05 1105
Ever see one of these big, brown vases in a memorial park-like setting - actually iron ore and some paint with a locking grate on top but inside? An open-door burial urn for tossing pieces of folks with perhaps leaves and then some light burning. I've seen two (2) in my life - both in New Jersey. One in Allentown off of Main Street is the open burial of black man Charles Allen town founder behind a townhouse facing the north, and the other is at a river crossing in Bound Brook at Middlesex (although tales of an Asian woman dead in a car accident of some sort with three or so children, my grandfather died once before it seemed in Cuba and was burned there at night by visitors). Anyway, thought I liked the idea, but my father says the dead deliver stink by way of wind even when with gentle white rains afoot, and the dead complain about demands for money, sex, and companionship at the urn and at night as "we know you're in there..." and if, so there. God couldn't care less. The spirit feels funny and warm in the sun shining in through the top littled. So see. In the meantime, I'm trying to steal that one statue from the grave of John Quincy Adams' third wife Monika a black - it is a shrouded white figure with perfect skull as shape and holding a white alabaster lantern upward at night in right hand at while bowed down in completeness of sorrow. A perfect render of me once seen on a dirty album cover but lost once then. But the lantern its grates maybe could be bettered as too thick a line? We'll see it. I swear those things are real ghosts in-wait but hiding. No one drills that out of blocks made same. The statue as named is called "The Tebechen" (French for the "time taken [to know, as in sorrow]") and is formed by P. Monarche to be eighteen feet (18') tall and in length too - a veritable square. Now in Tehaba, France ensuing as art since 1986. More: The brown pot is a "cisterne" for "royal flow outward" roundings in French. an urn, yes. Mine in the example is a tabletop urchin model colored within browns and made plastic wrap too a filter in Adobe Photoshop. Artful as, no? A cameo as face shining there?

Loverboy "Turn Me Loose" Turn Me Loose from their self-titled hitmaker (1980) all restless a naked woman yawning arms over her head (a little misplaced joke from Neil and I). This, just moments better than "When It's Over" with Pat Benatar's backing vocals and "Take Me To The Top" with its wide-eyed keyboards. Both from the "Lucky" LP (1981) fingers crossed and all. "Working For The Weekend"? You on your own. "Almost Paradise" wasn't them. No, God over helps pick most of all of these it's in my head when I get up in the morning why? No matter what to me, anything delivered that way is special kinda.

Be the first to preview Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" at the official site. Just like "Nightmare Before Christmas" and all but again - you know, the great, ghoulish puppets and stuff.

Each Life So Precious But In My Way 08/18/05 2134
Went to the 99¢ Only Store today to get another one of them halogen clip lights for my magnifying mirrorbase or then just as overhead on shelf. The one we have is lime green but the three (3) round watch batteries embedded within (what retail at about $2.29 each) have burnt out and last time there at 99¢ Only I noticed an ample supply of replacement-type sense at the register instead. None today so seem just like Del Monte grapefruit in the can I blab but Shasta sodas still. But see what seems like my last 99¢ redirected to having a pack of TAT (this against that? take a tip? traps and torments? no - for "tatse" or "flying insect [now caught as 'tat' or shortened said]"...add with "caza moscas" say "caa-zay moh-zah" or "catches most of them [but quickly I add]" in Mexican hyphenate or "language spoken by me") fly strips to hang by the stray cats and their food bowl outside (a see-through plastic of chinese import of green and blue patches carefully sewn of course to a nearby tree trunk with a cloth cord once drilled through and knotted inside sewn again tight) but is full of what flies - even when basking empty. Oh, I dream of being on the beach with a fresh strip as hanging on a black, hooked candle stand for the horseflies struggling to know me and mine through eyestripes, but I guess I'll just keep one hanging around here for now still empty probably but unseemly laughs as await. And finally, I'll get batteries for that whisper nightlight after all. Try and get one of those beaming halogen lights if you can - you can pose the wire the grandbulb headlight is on and all so sure yet so seem. More - went to Battery Bob for 10 Maxell LR44's (in-fact is the 'AG13') - we'll see. Six eighty ($6.80) total and free shipping. More on 08/19/05: "Bob" says by e-mail he shipped my order out today. 

Neil Young "The Needle And The Damage Done" The Needle and the Damage Done the best ever from "Neil Young Unplugged (Live)" (1993) " i've seen the needle | and the damage done | a little part of it | in every one | but every junkie's like a setting sun " yeah - they'll be back....

A Candle's Secrets Soon Lain Open 08/18/05 0810
The secrets of the candle's wick as spoken to me (this site is like tv these days - filming stills as substitute for live action): A candle's wick is three (3) pieces - wool, cotton and flame burner or wax within. The wool takes the flame and quickly dies, but woven cotton gets in there with wax and preserves itself beautifully while burning hydrogen bombs in links all the while. The wax helps the hydrogen stay fit until air gets in and carries it off. Best burners? Wool shetland with cotton egyptian combed and strained. The wool dies quickly, but forgives the cotton for not coming at all and holds the flame until it does come - that hydrogen just stays open emitting light and letting it leave not (a tough tender to it). A winner to me yet.

Stevie Wonder "Dark 'n Lovely" Dark 'n Lovely from the "Characters" LP (1987) - slipped this one in, under...a bad boy. "Characters" featuring the supposed 'death masks' of what prominent blacks (one Reginald Brown? his brother the only real one and as died fighting cancer to be sure "I'm gonna fight this one..."), is one of the first CD's I bought ever upon moving to California in 1987 thinking "is this justified on CD like Eurythmics' "Savage" was-is? a verrymore purchase over vinyl..." (no, I never thought once of the grooves within it with mind - and to be kickin' it like this with 'round and 'round eyefollow?) and yes to be sure it made it the very grade here and I just love that very only song and only - a heaven of big sound that and mercifully took away the decision to buy and in-fact. It is God himself faking as blacks and making people know he knows them too but in their languages seem. The tune just as good as the keyboard lickings of song "Superstition" with its dropkicks, "Higher Ground" - sure, and even then as rousing as "Living For The City" - and to trust that. An original musicquarium, to be sure.

Cotton: There are only three types of cotton - wool cotton, egyptian cotton, and english cotton. Wool cotton comes from sheep less than three (3) months old - that is cotton too and from a lamb. Lambswool is cotton and washes same. Egyptian cotton (grows in pods) is brownish and is made into clothes only - never a selling point. Is dull and sharp and will itch when ages. All jeans and clothing are this as tough and also candle wicks rest here. English cotton (pictured at bloom in February, March) is white (if grows as puffs outward), never spooled, and is sold as puffs or placas (pads what's stretched). So -- see. Tampons should never be egyptian or brownish cotton or wool cotton a deadly danger still with plethoras (large amounts looming in mind, scares you by sight, you were offered too much to see and know of) of hate for you - we ruled that out. Use english cotton only with no seeds apparent or else itch inside (yeast is egyptian cotton seeds - period - no seeds else). The problem once stated is this - no clothes up inside you ever or a six (6) hour limit friend. Notes: Egyptian cotton and english cotton are never the same plant - both pods on sticks, however, an egyptian cotton stalk is green not brown. America grows one-half the world's supply of egyptian cotton by the south - Alabama, Georgia. Else, not needed, not wanted. The other half? Scotland, mostly. Nothing grows in China, thanks. Corn [for chickens, eggs]? "We like nature and only." Another person here says "yeah, they like to starve to death [as perhaps a nobler effort here in the same world as seen]." Response "We will not take beyond our means [or interests in providing like farms do to us]."

Growing corn by "Vanessa" of sheets fame...a black girl willing to do, but may smell: After tilling no fertlizing or water then, you plant corn as hard seeds by drying and along in a line. Do not space then. The corn when one inch (1") high must be stabiled by reducing inches between to two inches (2") and only. You do not pull out extras, you clip off the top and come back days later with shovel to remove extras by hand - three (3) days in, usually. Corn grows apart to one foot (1') usually each stalk - you do nothing of it but water each day...air and water make no sun usually. Most corn will grow in the dark on nothing as nearly self-contained. Cycle April through June and then some then. No winters please. A late pickin' brings crows attracted to silking worms fed on top as heartily by us. A raven or older crow with long beak kicks them out as mercy brought down by picking leftovers, but warns thee twice with scares afoot. A scarecrow is no bother, but must be a black mans' face to work well. Again, corn is hydrogen escaping and thus thunderclouds and ravagings - pick more, save less...or else silos blow off the top of with flames. Hydrogen is all that burns you up, warms by call.

thanks for the great catalog a dog is an emeny of mine

I was thinking about this shelf-cabinet on left as sexy - but as a small corner changing room and in my bedroom...nothing so intrepid, but seen. Meanwhile, an enemy is a dog but trapped here. Both from a place-catalog called Seventh Avenue in-fact a great catalog with lots of new worth unfinished furniture and stuff. I liked looking at it from the mail, plus I don't believe in making people uncomfortable in my home with anything too nice or unreplaceable.

Construction tips alternating with good sense: Never place any more than one foot (1') between upright studs. Saw out the rear corner of vertice to have wires run up left side facing. Against common walls this no nailing usually. Nail up and down only and in the middle of studs no basking or sinking - this threads the nut properly. Walls - what always should be flat lines, no intrude - should be built in advance of piling or placing with frames inner and outer mostly. That is, on top all across no inner. On bottom all inner only no masting on bottom - causes shifting of priorities (the wall must give a floor to have or then). Every four feet (4') up one vertice or crossways stud with no holes baring at all and to fault (no matter how close one treads to nearby one). Stud nails should be clean copper-iron, three inches (3") only. The roof one plywood no more with nails hanging in, not bent ever or through tar paper on or the other mostly. Tar paper bottom to top. More later, but wires should sheathed in metal casings always to deflects nails thus shorts (and is very cheap enough for). A fuse is blown with too much draw or amps (volts over time as taken) through a wire (rips it up and it breaks then). Preserves wires in the house or walls then by blowing out thinner wires or connects in the fuse but first. A short is an unintentional connect of wires in and out of power source that must not happen for increasing flow wildly as unintended and fuses blow again with excess draws and thank god. Your electric runs on to the next house after all and measures what stayed within, but helps you know not. Never make houses anything special against force winds - or else you and in the ground. Toilets must always run to the same pipe - or stink. God then. Metal casings or shields or flat plates diffuse linear straights (a wooden arrow perhaps shot through and directly at another wooden arrow's center) and weight is distributed or borne again. For stronger on weaker usually or only. For cements too. Nailing studs? Do the top on studs vertical first, then in-betweens your way from sides as not as important yet. Plumbing? All sinks and tubs run to center of house down chute in center made for crawl, but not walking. Make no back wall. All woods: (as all is treated) pine - no particle board ever except for a dog house - catches on fire...no thanks. Six inch (6") bolts to floors only and in-between each stud and we mean it (planning each step for, with washers on meat handlings). A floor is no more than ten feet (10') apart from ceilings ever - we like six feet (6') usually and to hide it. Later is now: We believe that people get nothing right, but here's more: Nails attract heat, and heat rots wood - know that no nail need be flush - or else rot some. Is that yours? A toilet upstairs rots woods too - and bad you'll see. All that water rushing around should be one foot (1') off of cement foundations on a wood base with styro (Owens-Corning, etc.) or foam insulation between the two repelling moists in. All houses should be built rectangular from within - or no outside at all meaning nothing there - with the wall facing front as tops on two (2) walls sided and then capped on rear as same made. Very spacious, then do nothing funny here - no floors run outside nor do walls of any type. Do not clockwise or turn walls (each new wall end placed but inside the last corner to be made) or have severe heat problems come in. A house made should be bulldozed from front and resist all the way to back capped. Floors rise on a cross of inner walls never really connecting to the studs outside - keep 'em free. One wall should run the length on each floor with studs and booking (huge, fat boards upright to report ceilings down-measure or without knowing it but on studs) on top but cut in to doors as occasion. Floors are seven feet (7') to the ceiling only - eight feet (8') tops. More? Maybe.

Def Leppard "Too Late For Love" Too Late for Love the coolest song from the "Pyromania" LP (1983)....also "Bringin' On The Heartbreak" from 1981's "High 'N' Dry".

So Decodes Patron Tequila 08/17/05 2027
The three (3) Patrons or 'patrons of tequila' are this: lime green is "aseljo" say "ess-ay-oh" or "cabin bound" - it is lime green for icy and cool with limes ground up in a tequila only - no vodka whatsoever; orange is for "aseljop" say "ay-zel-hoh" meaning *nothing* and for cinnamon and lime flavor tequila; the last as yellow is apple-flavored tequila as "enjelpot" say "en-hale-bow" or "up in a tree". You were owed this lately. A green apple on the last one - sharp, yet fruity. All of Spain and hardly known to you. What about scotch Drambuie? In season, sweetened bask (green, shiny) apples with heroin dykes or  pits of heroin lain within. Definitely a killer to thee.

For Brian, Obseaned 08/17/05 1613
I know my birthday present is in your heart apure: The "saned" trio - "insane" means you refuse to care for yourself as heard by yourself - you ignore cures and cues for within; "obseane" talks to people not there with contempt (yes, a maddened 'seance' of sorts, yes, of working around folks) , but buttons down when they come - a freak of light-hearted being is this. "Consame" or then really "consane" asks others not to speak and is rude to them. All "sane" or "sames" leave you alone with others handling not. Is really "sames" for "in same" or left to be without the touch of another. With love again and to you a brisk walk sees it.

Chris Isaak "Wicked Game" Wicked Game from the "Heart-Shaped World" LP (1989). "Did you buy this record, Moonmaker?" Yeah, and on the dime - and at least one other. So see me here. Also do "Blue Hotel" for now - from the eponymously-titled "Chris Isaak" LP (1987) and "Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)" all dreampop - the very dead of it calling you from sands, surf of yesterday seen - and from the "San Francisco Days" LP (1993). All Elvis', really - on dreaming and on drugs mostly 1969-1970. Per him "I had my heart broken in Russia three times and by Russian boys. Superb." The strings used on all of these songs are hard and are on a guitar called a "wallabacher" or "wall friendly" and are from Russia and Germany. Neilsy the producer always (never a family mind - this shit is good on its own, for itself) corrects these and makes similar with elongated tape cuts. No one knows it or how. P.S. No one makes these today - God helps it only. One of God's children again, always requiring a bit more understanding than anyone willing to extend it.

Olivia Newton-John and Cliff Richard duet on "Suddenly" Suddenly as featured on the "Xanadu" soundtrack (1980).

Finally (it's that good) - some stooge got out the original tv series "Spider-Man" on DVD - all the great characters like Vism (Electro), Hypno (Dr. Octopus) and Mephisto (the hooded death character with eyes twinkling like diamonds), The Goblin throwing jack-o-lanterns, and then swinging through subterranean cultures under NYC a pit of it forever. Pollute your kid's lives the same with. Made at Princeton with UC Pittsburgh coloring it in. Although said, this came out last month with details ensuing but plan to pay about fifty bucks ($50.00) new and used for all fifty two (52) episodes on tape wound.

Famous Schools Of Thought In No Order - Thought So Of Self Is More Like It 08/17/05 1330
Famous philosophers dissected: Plato: "ask for nothing new, get nothing new", Socrates: "is this mine? it is mine", Aristotle: (a painter only and really) "see this? it's mine - don't touch it", Nietzsche: "every day is new, you are new today too - follow your [own] dream of being new with it", Descartes: "mine is old to you if seen before, pretend ours is new anyway - never old to me", Jung: "yours is not mine, i've seen mine, show yours to me now and be free to be seen for it [bodies as in languages only], Proust "eat common themes along lines and excess is not common yet", Bacon: "eat less and have more for the next day", Hobbes: "let each day begin with prayer, then answer if mine is heard as yours", Pascal: "ours is never together - let mine be separate for all ways unto yours", Voltaire: "ours is never one story, but many unfolding - yours bores me still, see others to me", Hegel: "take two of these and make one mine - return another day and have one ready anyway you slice it", Kierkegaard: "all days waste my time with it - why help waste when all is here wasting with you yet [why rush it all home and back?]", Marx: "let us open packages together while i wait for one made mine alone", James: "if god should so let us live, why wouldn't he also let us eat? to have no one near when mood comes us". More now - Vadim: "let us pray for what we need, and starve to death doing it", then one mentioned here of no note to me...we've exhausted my college learnings of Philosophy 101 'B': Voegelin say "voh-halen" like "Van Halen" the group where the name comes from actually but misstated: "every day winces at me and I take a strike at it anyway - what? it's only you there with me". I like that one and so did they 'til one died of it. Of fright. "You can't cancel fright of the masses can you?" Drugs, my mane, drugs - they cancel all feelings of us usually. Remember, feelings can't say why but stills, stops you from doing it, while thinking with leads to you away a friend. Cancel both with me (no - a 'crisis' is being thrown in it, tested in-fact while on the drugs - not misstated, a friend too, have drink of water it is shingles really). What? M. Keynes? Then: "open each door one at a time and see if still standing as you, then close the door for another to see". Other as Candel: "make each day shine unto yourself by being light in it - do not heavy yourself or others with wit or verve excited about oneself" - Chinese. Caman is Jewish too: "open a door and close one another, do not stay with anything new or exciting - what one will say [as important enough] is that 'you are here and I am here' - do not let this happen, leave first". Apres what is French: "each day unfolds with better thoughts about you as leaving, distant - open a new door and ask to see yourself shining there through someone else's eyes".

Don't Ask, Know 08/17/05 1020
Went to SavOn today and got me my first DAK 'imported' ham from Greenwich, New York where they are made. I like a breakfast meat always, but this a little loose in the gel for that trade - you need a country ham store-bought for that a picnic. This one you eat on your own full of energy, but more like a devil's ham for salads or bits and pieces made something else. Grade 'B'. We recommend keeping a few around however for trades and tough times. Two (2) at most and on sale - mine was three fifty-nine ($3.59) you can get 'em for two bucks ($2.00) around I've seen and for one (1) pound of. More: Just cooked my very ham in Campbell's brand pork and beans (and in-fact from SavOn but plus with pull-open top) for one hour at three hundred degrees (300º) in my mustard-yellow Le Creuset cookware ("17 France" or 1 qt. plus size...1.7 quarts). Imagine that - not bad. Stocks for stores with limited refrigeration afoot - otherwise Armour by Hormel and Dial soap - the same, really, hogs make soap.

Post Review 08/17/05 0816
So, hope yesterday wasn't a big deal to you either - I like to think that every birthday I pass graces me with more in your way. In fact, I'm sure of it - keeping simple themes afoot. Just made blueberry pancakes (mix? Aunt Jemima #1 to me cooked on the grillade with real butter as melted, however "Tropical" syrup was bits cheaper at Pavilions "that is Aunt Jemima but watered down" God says) from a plethora of those berries bought earlier, but last night I ate dinner at Taco Bell on Beverly Boulevard by myself (combo meal #3: three full-on tacos with advance drink the cup provided makes soda taste good at home too - plus added beans in a cup taste like tea is in there) it's very holiday there for me like Farrell's (on to Fenway instead Cindy Wilson's mom Dorothea is there in pictures...then at Farrell's ice cream) almost. From there Taco Bell (yours there may be at Sloan Avenue and Quakerbridge Road in TNJ again just a bit off at the AMC Theatres Hamilton 24 a "multiplex" is different size screens that hurts us too seek us in prayer no bother the old Clover Mall seem), got me two (2) coupons to get in to Six Flags Magic Mountain for twenty-four ninety-nine ($24.99) for up to six (6) people as each said until expire of 12/31/05 (but apparently he who brings any can of Coke is yields two for one on entry - ah, you're gonna run the rides exactly no more all day long, anyway, and plus sell your foods and felt tits into it). Then came home and did some chores Mop & Glo 'triple action' and all on the floor and watched Faye Dunaway's "Mommie Dearest" (1981) MMMMM all about Joan Crawford again on DVD and I comparing notes - a great film, but you get confused about Faye being the real thing (she, a sympathetic code only to a mature, adult audience - that little girl and here a little polish-type black and she the actress seeing if she could and in-fact be this - a horror for adults ever acting out on each other but feeling it half or less - however, nothing ugly allowed in this film). Who called yesterday? My mother and Terry from Minnesota. I watched the movie with about fourteen (14) others and they make me keep watching even though I'd break it off for an hour - I never watch straight through but snack often.  

Underworld "Jumbo" Jumbo from the "Beaucoup Fish" LP (1999) also with "Cups" and "Push Upstairs" I bought the record so. Also get "Trim" from "One Hundred Days Off" (2002) to honor me then.

Bryan Ferry "Don't Stop The Dance" Don't Stop the Dance from "Boys And Girls" (1985) - another original just posted for you " every thought i have | don't mean a thing "

Finally! The studio version of Ramones' "Pet Sematary" Pet Sematary (Single Version) from "Brain Drain" LP (1989) " i don't wanna be buried | in a pet sematary | i don't want to live my life again " or "i don't want to live my life on the edge" or "i don't want to live my life in a day". Happy Birthday Doug Moon 08/16/64 = 41 today. Madonna is not real July 10 - honors Elvis who really died August 12, 1976. So honors the truth.

Again, in Stephen King's "Pet Sematary", there's this indian burial place in the mountains nearby or sumpin' where you can bury stuff you lost too soon and it comes back to you one day same clothes and all stinks a bit. A bit off though, and may try and murder you the person who buried there for the half-ass bargain you wage as 'do it yourself'. All do this to some degree once you turn your back, but better to make them hide instead rather than as report to you. God leaves kits around to make yourself new it's heard by me as you rip apart coffins for furnitures and stuff. To take a grave to task is to ask one to follow you home.

"How Does This Help You Have Sex Again?" Part II 08/15/05 1753
As you know, I spend my time ridiculing people who can't say what they want, but try and angle it somehow anyway. Here, our story ensues. When the fool I live with woke up to my gesture on Tuesday morning at 6 am, he sat erect and said to me in all seriousness "what flight?" when he was scheduled to fly out about two (2) hours plus later. Again, all nigger this ride to - no arrangements properly made for the savings to be demanded - about twenty-three bucks ($23.00) for, but me on the phone again trying to get someone to cart his ass there for a flight paid for by his father. Always all about me not having and not doing for - what do I care? I'm staying and you know better than to book a flight in difficult times just to lay around with drinks someplace you've been too often before. On top of that (a taxi I guess came after the fight normed), I'm supposed to go to the payday advance place to get money to pay bills (onstensibly, a 'schwing' right into his account with check forged it - not all is dumb to). I do that dumbly of course, but his last check to them hasn't cleared to their satisfaction until the 9th (this is noted previous to that date). Today, I used my own cash to try and pay the thirty-dollar ($30.00) electric bill what was so pressing why? but in-person the address given does no exist somewhere near Beverly Center (um, Southern California Edison 264 S. La Cienega - where the fuck is that? I thought of one of those mustard bowls a mini mall all yellow just past but no - even worse exists in that a ricehead - their sce website won't even talk to you without account and password for...fuck you a phone call). If you hafta pay shit here, go to my old standby the payday advance place at McDonalds in the 8000 block of Sunset like I did - and fuck you for being so stupid my efforts max'd (add one dollar $1.00 fee for paid and transfer of the funds per the bill). All this telemetry winds down to people being disgusted and no one wins with that. No one like you, anyway. I don't want your life here - not like anyone's gonna pay for this pile of ship'd sticks either. Good luck to a further cunt.   

Boston "Don't Look Back" Don't Look Back from that album (1978) and also feel good with their "Foreplay/Long Time" a huge intro stiffed from their debut LP (1976). For Mochee sometime ago.

10cc "I'm Not In Love" I'm Not In Love circa 1975 and from "The Very Best Of 10cc" - something I sing and love to...." so if i call you | don't make a fuss | don't tell your friends | about the two of us " George Harrison on vocals with Linda McCartney backing some and most - no Paul or else.


Another Voice From The Past 08/15/05 1111
Got my hand-held microphone with stand and alternating plug with two (2) sizes from Radio Shack finally at nine ninety-nine ($9.99), figuring out how it all works. Neilsy was asking me about the two-prong plug - that is for turning the recorder on and off while set for recording (usually, record and play both depressed in at once). The switch on this one just turns on the microphone and may signal the computer further if sought by bandwidth (a single current or wire is fed through this and may not notify much if used).

Lamb "Lusty" Lusty a drum and base wonder, a big fat sun, from Lamb's debut (1997) or sumpin' a soliel moon frye. Was called "Gorecki", but the sample suxxs - just buy and enjoy it a great song.

Other Roundabout News 08/14/05 1204
I didn't want you think this was all cross-to-fade (all junk you already had being reviewed - see no Creed "My Sacrifice" on iTunes "we don't need no more songs by you" no thoughts after, my cousin Eddie (Vedder...Moon, really, and of Nottingham Way in Trenton, N.J. across from the Fairgrounds Mall) is bitching about Pearl Jam as is - no that's me hurting you) - but thought you'd like to know that after one (1) whole year I finally had another "delgado" or "daily number" (fried egg, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, avocado, and on white toast - wrap in yellow waxen paper then gold paper on outside just perfect) from a roach coach and it was still really good. Every weekday one of them coaches pulls up on this street honking its horn for workers nearby and I don't have the five bucks to bother with cash, but I did last week and it was so good still (after everybody usual is fed, of course). See ya 'round. Maybe next month we fly home to New Jersey and for the feast...we'll see how. I don't make anything costly these days, but maybe as already paid for. TBA. "If you fly home, it would be bombed." Please Child, my flights zip across the sky and you in an hour earlylike. And who to stay with?

membership had its priviliges

Just In The Nick Of Time You Wept 08/13/05 0813
Hadda re-register the domain name "dougmoon.com" as thirty-five dollars ($35.00) for one (1) another year today or else you somehow with my name granulating facts, so I took some of the money my mother sent me for my birthday (thanks mom - keeps to us and in touch) and got one of these an American Express giftcard at Pavilions (although steered off earlier by a clerk when asked if possible for online use - 'no' this person got at Christmas and said this so I gave back). Went back to the store today anyway and got one these named "Gift Card Recipient" and all is well for people online and you need know that - you just can't use it for anonymous travel and telecom (no "airlines, hotels, car rentals, telecom, gasoline, or ATM's" - what good is it?) I used mine a fifty dollar ($50.00) card with four ninety-five ($4.95) processing fee paid-plus at Network Solutions (check information about a site on the bottom with the "WHOIS" function - just type in "dougmoon.com" for example to know of more about) no problemo too small after calling Amex to activate the card the number on a usual sticker, and am quite happy anyway while wrestling with idiots and banks you can still have it clear to so see. Good for one (1) year plus then with membership fee aksed for at time. Ends your suffering too.

Vince Guaraldi "Ballad Of Poncho Villa" Ballad of Poncho Villa featuring Bola Sete and from the same removing the "From All Sides" LP (1966) or "Alma-ville" Alma-Ville as "all you eat" from the "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" LP (1963) some story about a striving black man - 'Black Orpheus' an "orpheus" say "or-fee" does not listen, but knows all - just for him though - fucking his mother for food, shelter, and resources. I don't need any of that matte - God assures me she the mother wakes up in hell for her takings and his must deliver to else and soon in lives other. Flavor soon. This stuff is Dean Moon my grandfather's brother on piano work playing taped by Neil's father and sold off after his death from a car crash in 1972 and made mix. Elton John also on most of some. The black stuff is because Dean flavors blacks - coutures them for sale. "I take care of them because they need to be taken care of." No, no - see another racist remark by me.

Pearl Jam "Corduroy" Corduroy from the "Vitalogy" LP (1994).

The Doors "Love Her Madly" Love Her Madly from "LA Woman" the LP and (1973).

So Signals The Anonymous Tipster Rang'd 08/10/05 2120
Back too soon from concordes with blacks aging with other-type women in mind, a fenderbox of casualty pork roll arrives unannounced pre-081664 and barely sent no name but freehand. Never one to be seen eating a food made too and with my name on it, I ate some yesterday and tasted something funny to you only halfway through - God again hating my reap and advancement while suffering as just you playing Him but seriously and without human regard for yourself seen lower ("who is that?" - you made a world and were told not to...or else moon come but alone watching). Please, Bitch - I owe you a life of yours I loan. The package and thank you whomever (I asked mind and withhold some for no strong interest as relayed) is from The Pork Roll Store in New Jersey, yes, and that is blends a warning to thee (those suicide pills you sent once threaten taken once twice three times now no aches or pains some). This stuff on darkened days made to cease my royal pleasures have none mattered to you yet aging forth? A gift to thee is twice taken by you made once you get to them after skills milling mounds. Some. Other topics forth agreed drained in otherbusy off: "The Clinical Vagina At Entry Level Quasis", what I liked about someone's body: literally everything tasted by sight with no cropping - so others around. No one is that detrimental to my health. Throw away everything once darted to spare yourself the memory made. Who haven't I flattered once me? To suggest names is to hear your last quisp made over and over to tighter and tighter - no, I do it simply every time and you bear no burden such I. So many messages in a bottle have unmercifully none made mean the ol' hambone with sparts, sniffs pan a hot oily 'x' grid withins its stinging bit cloves. I've found nothing that you please to with yourself being this mean your own god you but unable to see you gasping among this amyl this hots. Key: Technical folks were getting involved with my handmail (insert your favorite here just like I said it again) each new day no and one wait. To wait is this favors your type what carefully crocheted is to extend to me your rule mine having been ruled out but again if for you and to be ruled. I have no understanding but about me again, so I'll but seek none. Now I laugh, cry, sing - each a little bit of me spared once bats into being.     

Taking a little break heh heh savoring success some sours...

Our Story Yet 08/05/05 0633
You know, being this ain't easy for me - trust it to that. As a person who takes care of himself with no further need, I've surrounded myself with lesser element (must live with others afoot, can extend care to no one but sees it well wishes) forever to avoid living up to your lifestyle and commitment. It was a fair exchange for people who already worked their asses off for others seen struggling with lesser commitments already (still nervous, still kinda unsure - do we have our own bargains afoot even?) You fucked off and so did I in favor of perhaps stimulating others less fortunate (?) up the hill to drink with for theirselves. So ate grand, yet so little to be made of it with then. Then this - having all of that backbrush now on fire with misunderstandings and potentials unseen (but clearly stating around it) bite you at every turn to drink because, Babe, less is less - less undertanding, less ability to know or care about things the right way (the way that fosters a life further on, yet life). The rub here is a vengeance for someone who meets it never by coming down to it in at its transient situation or take-and-eat lifestyle. You know you're special somehow, right ? but being opposed by hate of the song's source from not having ever sung or wanted to hear it sung by drunk up? No - not like this and what's being handed to it. This stuff ain't your last batch of crappy songs, Babe, but you wouldn't ever know the difference in it with so much lowly opinion of being sent in by messenger fate. Let's face it, if these people each one an unspoken "royal" from some distant land buying gum on the moon with sin and deed had a gun to their head, they wouldn't get it right enough if someone asked them if they liked any of it but musically speaking. Once again, it's not like I haven't agreed to fuck people I hate, they get off my soupy ass and complain about someone who was only happy enough and as willing to take care of himself then. Onward soon. In the meantime, you go to fucking hell while my roommate does his lowly best to inject venom around every corner he sees fit for someone not seeing or knowing well for theirself but unliking this hear. A deadman once if once said and I don't want to be bothered with that surmise either. Today another dead day for of the dead working too hard for nothing I see of them again? Another day when "Mexicans" refuse me service at the deli because I told someone else I liked their lunchmeat while they sampled a slice of mine off-center and without paying for it? Eats yours first this was expensive to people who pay and play alot harder than you in annex situation. "We are not less." Really? Not the point here as another racial remark to me, but I would never think to say that complaint to you. Think it less.

the missing shogun warrior happy birthday, kinda this

Another To Brain-Dead Women Giving Birth 08/04/05 0634
Ooo - you want a baby so bad the mother is dead but you care for it not. A mother must be alert during birth or the baby dies flat. No spina bifida (thanks - carved from a corpse of cancer that one dead hand out of suit no memories seen), no carry away from death - that says it and little. The woman who gave birth recently in the news died and came back for her one (1) year-old son then seven (7) years ago now being discussed a black one too. Hi - she asked to know better at politcal function you prayed to me often but did drugs just as valiantly well too. The baby died in 2002 anyway and at her hand.  Oh , well - you mercy me here. Winona Ryder, I hear your voice in the sunset lastnightduring. A friend to the bitch stealing, of course you're welcome here but we play around with other boys note that to yourself. Apparently, you are the fabled Polly Klaas (um, "keeps leaving and asking some...") too died in 1976 by drug use and had was tried for later. Yes - note that.

The master of songstyle Ray Conniff sings "Georgy Girl" Georgy Girl with his very singers afoot and from the "This Is My Song (Now Is Yours)" LP (1967). We have the vinyl issue in our basement at my mother's I was listening to since but that girl on the cover so winsome is Fran Ermi's mother Eugenia aswing and I thought to plague to you with her too...she sings some in Princeton, N.J. with them. A "georgy girl" is for one who is politically astute and living in the Georgetown district of Washington D.C. then. The queen names this herself "always asking questions no one answers well...because they are still stupid [about people who hate them, a black one usually]."

Berlin "Sex (I'm A...)" Sex (I'm A...) as originally from their "Pleasure Victim" EP (1982) but greatest hits comp you'll now see "Best Of Berlin 1979-1988". A great one to hear on iTunes tech with also "Masquerade" and "The Metro". Yup, lead singer Terri Nunn who's noted on "Pleasure Victim" for playing "bj's" ("bad jokes"...yes that's it) is Toni Halliday's (lead singer, Curve) older sister Megan in rename. Two (2) years older, and both are very good at what they do.

Night Of The Nervous Knife, But On The QT Of Course 08/03/05 1022
Was joking this morning - yes, in the head - with friends unseen about another voice we do often and laugh about. Mistakingly called "nervous night" at first (yup, like the Hooters LP of the same name - seek me) we now correct with superiors knowledges to "nervous knife". Sure, it can be dark - but you are retaliating as if under your wispy breath a leak of thinking to yourself when someone else says something you hate hearing. You in-turn are going "oh, well" as taking right off for flight await to, but in raspy and vapor-like your coldened breath perhaps seen at night. Too weak or struggled to get you back, to strike at if now, it says from the dark corner it reems "we'll see ya at it later - maybe much later..." So, a hissing wet "oh, well [as if flattened after]..." is sure to turn up laughs as if you knew how. "Oh well, if that's true..." a little demon be spoken in us all.    

Wednesday, August 3, 2005 0624: No, healthful living has produced this often an early to rise. I hate it along with a more natural sex response, but enjoy the tranquility of the sun rising to me...and if only to know I can get it all back to again. To live again, but if le must be. A life free of having-choosing having made once to twice, but of choice made unasunder is thy goal. It is key to have no thinking of or.

David Bowie  "It's No Game, Pt. 1" It's No Game, Pt. 1 from the "Scary Monsters" LP (1980) - also recommended here is "Ashes to Ashes" if not the title track a big win for this one. The whole record is great, plus adds "China Girl" it's a "Criminal World" from the "Let's Dance" LP (1983). Seek his song "Loving The Alien" as same somewhere soon too "Blue Jean" from "Tonight" LP (1984).

Luscious Jackson "Naked Eye" Naked Eye from the "Fever In Fever Out" LP (1996)...I think this ridicules me and Terry Jackson my 'lover' then. It does. Great song for the summertime even if Stephanie Yakelewicz sings.

Bread "Baby I'm-A Want You" Baby I'm-A Want You from knowing the "Best Of Bread" LP (1973). Bread, who are god-like to me, are killjoys for people who make it music. Also see "If", "Everything I Own", and then I adds "Guitar Man" great stuff.

nail keys on the front of artfully

Also get to Stereo Star "Utopia" MP3 (4.8 Megs) featuring popstar au naturel Jane Wiedlin of the Go-Go's with super-producer Stephen Hague - it's all new to me and so good (add Pet Shop Boys their le grande help is here too). Right now, I'm spray painting a "hyndrabox" bright Krylon red - you know - something shitty-looking from Haiti kinda in asper-particle board sixteen inches (16") high for a portable tv type with homily vcr to possibly trick the dead wandering into staying around. A flattened "z" of wood made with another half-size of but six inches (6") of a square board on right toward exit. Oh, two (2) more boards twelve inches (12") but jagged on ends for looks shorn just lain-nailed across the top with two (2) one-inch (1") thick dowels jutting down out front in both of corners for dignity support. A warrior in China lived in this someone says - you don't hide but from view. Stay naked in your own utopia-kind. Worship the dead who play with us by hanging old keys all over the outside to when and where you hated being and to but no one but them. Maximum to ten (10) keys made on hooks little nails - something artful, gay. Place under a leafy tree outside to make shift happen. Very Freddy Kreuger we honor these an arthouse ever to us. P.S. A "utopia" asks people to leave - a very Jewish sounding to us. "Ours taken back [to us]" it says to French people anywhere you hear them.

More: Yes, the wood slats are six inches (6") across each and usually sixteen inches (16") high except for the right side facing at six inches (6") a place to put wound tv and vcr cords when done. Know that all. I used Elmer's wood glue (shit would rather rip off the first few layers of and veneer to give you the inside story rather than come undone on it - a true value seen) to adhere ends put together and then with nails and particle board or wood screws to firm and support our choice. Some drilling and I expect patio chairs like this too. As a magic piece and to the dead, the two (2) dowels as located in front seem distant and humongous and god-like in their possessings. The measurements are clear and rising up through the confusion in tv and cord makes myriad enjoyment for them as bored watching you if. Years and years of entertaining flex as in the head for both you and them. If concerned buying in as inviting trouble, eat one first - that's more damning. Plus, the bark in lose particle board, as used for roofing usually, is very nice spraypainted with textures scary and darkened to. But if you're like me on a budget and interested in just getting started at any rate, maybe a different result will be sought by it used. Red is proper - or green then too. Never blue or ask for that trouble seen. P.S. I signed and dated mine on the back by request in silver paint of pen before putting the little thirteen inch (13") Sony tv on it today so steady and sure so bedroom for.

In the after-meantime, get "Worlds Away" Worlds Away from the "Vacation" LP (1982) plus if "He's So Strange" a great romp with no one new. Otherwise "This Town"..." is our town | this town is so glamorous | bet you'd live here if you could | and be one of us "   

See one of the most beautiful amusement park rides ever to me in action at Dorney Park (Windows Media File, 3.6 Megs) in Pennsylvania - the wave swinger-flying wave by Schwarzkopf. Elton John as me doing Blood Sweat & Tears sings the horrible little song "Rollercoaster" included in the majest of this park in "Haydenton" or whatever. The ride, please - the ride first up. But back to, get Ohio Players - all white people under the guide of Rhett "Til Tuesday" Davies - for a better use of the title songed.

the yellow mtume or juicy fruit

Ground Fruit News Breaking 08/02/05 2024
Speaking of necessary irons in the blood, just made me a fresher gallon-size jug of home-spun lemonade from loose local fruit delivered by a friend. I juiced a handful of groundbreakers or what's picked then and froze the strained juice (our rotating juicing machine spins the juicy wet out while retaining seeds, pulp) in a plastic sandwich bag cupped for leaks so as to kill all Nitrogen and quality content missing afore before using for the home-made beverage recipe what is two (2) cups of sugar (or an equivalent amount of sugar in substitute, sure - be that free we use Splenda in our kitchen, as it were) and ices melted within tap't water a gallon of. The freezing is mandatory for health-free consuming. Further, I'm told you can add about a teaspoon (1) of salt to the mixture, but I surely don't have that yet. You can try that if you need to, but I tend to enjoy as is or risk further a bother to me. Note: You need about two (2) liquid cups of squeeze lemon juice pro-per to freeze first. I had it that at easy.

Ode To A Sore Throat
08/02/05 1517
Bit of sore throat yesterday and today sneezing alot - and you know what that means? A cold - right, plus not having mine done right as for me is done I don't get sick ever - but also the hypothalamus or heat stainor-regulator is being replaced in my brain. This the pea-sized organ what limits hydragynous or water-carried iron to blood, is pulled in the mouth through holes in the back of throat what look like yellow spongiform and mucous or meat riddled, and a new one made similarly and at the same time with pieces of blood macroform as already in there from the liver, if so to speak. The hypothalamus self-destructs from too much heat being retained within - from stressful labors, pollens as is mine these days from plants, and from cats nearby who eat feces and other rodent mess all kapelating or thoroughy wasteful of tissue inside us with filths ensuing. Every six (6) years or so, but more often for people who've had tonsillectomies like me when I was four (4) years old or so, damaging interiors - then every three (3) years is right. God or mind over says people have tonsillectomies "to give head" only. I don't know what that's all about yet. "You're in danger of heart attacks daily [from aspirin]." So? After many such procedures, I can tell you the tonsillectomy is by memory the worst - so dry waking up to no water but just sodas and weeks of sore throat syndrome to no avail of it. Simply awful - the adenoids (French for "harmful flavor") are skull tissue designed to make eating fast hurriedly harmful. Note: The newer term "vutens" or "black lick up" is for a rod or sheath of unusual iron ferrous metal - bright red like of blood - that depletes and ask the gland to destroy itself. The one pictured is from a ninety (90) year old man who died without having his replaced after eighty (80) or so years made of it, and so cold to the touch. They can stimulate a new one with needles and novocaine injected within what heats and destroys for feeling a certain needle in the eye, and so-to-speak, from eating fish primarily so see better, but why bother it now? So much food is available to us then when others decline theirs as such. Other: The "petiuetary" gland said "pituitary" makes saliva only in and under the brain with release there - no amalase or fat-breaking function yet what is from the bone in each of the jowls - the "hyster" glands there are nineteen (19) in each adult make that under each a tooth is lower jaw one extra gland in the middle is to make nineteen (19) absorbs. Each one is important as any all are. One missing equals death - see it as regulating a heartbeat too.

Cranberries "Linger" Linger originally from the "Everybody's Doing It So Why Can't We?" LP (1992) and now late of their greatest hits comp "Stars - The Best Of (1992-2002)". This song written up by Courtney Love of her relationship with Kurt Cobain. Also recommend hear "Ode To My Family" on the "Stars" comp also.

To Sing the Praise Of Elmer's Glue-All Part II
08/02/05 1240
Along with other crafts and necessary, I had to repair a window screen that was missing from a bug-issuing window to the interior, so as asked by the unseen, I took the original screen from the basement and sewed the up the laceration cut in it (by some fool) with white thread and then applied glue on top as laying on its side and as suggested too. in these tough times, the repair stands as beautiful and not so crazy after all - it works somehow when dried and is almost clear. You wet the screen after sewing in the thread to help keep the glue on top with water withstand - hardly a dilute - and apply the glue liberally on top of the screen damage and on both sides as laid laterally. Usually, a screen repair is far simpler - you just pull out all of the gray rubber tubing running around the flimsy metal frame on the inside  and remove the damaged, holed, or cut screening to replace with a newer length of it as just unrolled but on-top of. Once fitted sensibly, you press the rubber tubing back in the frameset with the end of a large flat-headed screwdriver and voila! there it is. In the meantime, see how Elmer's helps you make do with what you have. Not recommended however for in place of gesso and clay pots is this. You can get that terra cotta paste - a gesso really what pre-treats a bare white canvas for painting of any type onward - and roll in a purest white craft sand as perhaps seen on Martha Strewart for pre-wedding nuptials or gift-giving - for the table at the firehouse with an aloe only asks you not to touch. We used that particular paste "Universal Terra Cotta Sealer" (sure, a "vinyl latex emulsion" that "strengthens, beautifies, protects, waterproofs...retains natural look") this weekend to pre-treat clay (reddish orange) pots too so advance watering doesn't seep through. From Anawalt Lumber. Martha Stewart says to me in the head "we never heard of that stuff - can you show us [the product]?" We just put [beaten] egg on the pots to cover and clear them. One (1) or two (2) eggs per pots is used. Regular sand then." God recommends a pinch of white flour too to defeat the yolk inside. Gesso? I learned about in an elementary-level art class during the summer exchange probably - is made of wheat and wheat germ crushed to bleach. Takes the thread out of the canvas look. Another wedding: Candy jars on a table at a reception are nice too and a basket of Pampers to support your view and in missed colors lavender or green. When my cousin Cindy got married, my aunt Jeannie had twisted grapewine wreaths with mauve silken flowers around and inside - so nice too and for a baby's room blessed I took one and had it here somewhere the Italian American Club on Kuser Road in Hamilton, NJ the affair. All flowers should be blessed by a priest or then to suffer hayfevers or something else I make once for the taking. Weddings-marriages are off-limits unless you have to - i.e., someone is leaving or staying on too long to know while others wait on. You should live in sin first my gift and ignore all compliants of children and becoming children to here. All mine now as the dead may rule you and I don't care about that stuff here - all is free to be yet.

Great strength-wise, these downright abrasive cleaning cloths soaked in dish liquid and almost very dry. Just tried here at home in an introductory-type pocketpack - is excellent for cleaning unexpected spots on my clothes and I see once wettened once. Overheard: "God is a many splendored being." No - I'm just one person, one lesson learned, and I hate people making me stupid with talk. I hate knowing and making you know too. One person keeps it all - to know that. Stop talking to me through others. Stop being me - I'll describe apt at.

keep on dancin'

No Doubt "Hella Good" MP3 (3.7 Megs) from the Rock Steady LP (2001) " you got me feeling hell a good | so let's just keep on dancing "

Today, note of another superstar as easily seen: Faye Dunaway. Easily seen this "Mommie Dearest" and all about the lunatic ravings of Sharon Ann White aka Joan Crawford and still is that God gave her a child 1986 and to prove this. But back to, she tells me she didn't want that foster child a girl actually named "Rosie" and she threw her out ten (10) days in. "She came at age nineteen (19) for chrissakes and we were playing around." Also, she went to Pepsi to get her husband Joel "Lafrance" Wachs out of trouble there in Paris, actually. She wasn't on the board of Pepsi the Russian cola or anything. She did do a soap opera with my mother called "Silent Storm" on ABC Daytime - both died later on that one show. My mother Geraldine (um, remind is for "heralding") was female character "LaRete" (means 'the wreck' as set in Manhattan in truer derelict style) a dirty-type housekeeper my mother says "a slang" to her Joan's "Fontaine" a judybat or crazy woman. Three (3) episodes in and they died "we didn't have the money." My maternal grandfather said 'no' to that one at Desilu having had a car accident and a cancer-related stroke in the meantime. Disabled for fees then Douglas Fairbanks Jr. ended then, 1966.

See the billboard ad "hail to the geek"? That's Neilsy Moon in wide-afro and hornrim glasses - very cute, but I couldn't get a copy of it for here...people are jerks.

The people at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard have finally signaled us their new Tropicana Bar and at the pool at night is ready for consult as in the Los Angeles Times yesterday (article seen here). See ya soon...I love hotel-motel living, also see The Standard on Sunset for great living at night.

Two Of My Favorite Cartoons Comics 08/01/05 0709
My over-all favorite comic for all clarities seen? "For Better Or For Worse" by Lynn Johnston (Katy Hutchens) of Allentown, PA - we love your wit and colors of smooth drawings. Runner up and a big laugh sometimes (like yesterday's made me die laughing) "Non-Sequitur" by Rob Jansen of France aka "Wiley". Get copies of all seen and by date on a drop-down list at Yahoo News, the comics section. As you know, audiences everywhere are loving "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" and is well worth the read. This despite the fact that the storyline is well known to us and no matter how merciful each such (some changes blessed out of, but taken back in miseries seen) an ending ensues like Ebeneezer Scrooge wining and dining at a later supper of cabbage and france - OK! Note actor Christopher Lee is great here as his dentist father too. But beyond, the Wonka-vision tv thing is complicated - Willy was supposed to film an object on camera and have it made in a 3D box for the eats somewhere like a chocolate easter bunny with eyes only - we have this today with computers (see the moon on my front page is sorta made this way - a photo-rendering made film-in-the-flesh...we call it the technology "photo-cannaracks" or "a lifetime held by us" in French). The kid "Mike tv" was supposed to die of fright his object-double made of whitenest chocolate and to him, and thus he no longer needed as such just sitting there or standing around watching all. All kids died in it a god's heaven, really. That is God talking it all out like I do - "someone got hurt fucking around - so what to me?" More of it later an elan (runs ahead of the pack) dies and simply. Johnny Depp also plays the balding father of Mike tv - among one other. He calls the character "Grayson".

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Beck "The New Pollution" The New Pollution from the "Odelay" LP (1996) " she's alone in the | new pollution " I love his vintage sounz. Yeah, we know you got new stuff out - to see the "Sea Change" LP (2002) first "The Golden Age" and "Guess I'm Doing Fine" my selects of don't be a pig for it all or also see "Scarlet's Walk" LP by Tori Amos who came out at the same time with "Mrs. Jesus" plus "Sweet Sangria" and all. Beck is singer Glen "Rhinestone Cowboy" Campbell's only son with otherworld singer Tina Turner (the queen of England gave birth to him, though, in 1966 "the queen left us [as in Texas] shortly after me" he said).

Of Glen's better stuff? "Wichita Lineman" Whichita Lineman is pretty evil. Then see his Stylistics a favorite of mine to hear some with "Everything Is You" You Are Everything, please. Adds "You Make Me Feel Brand New" a Linda Creed song and all.

Bee Gees "You Should Be Dancing" You Should Be Dancing from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack LP (1977) I had it and this my favorite song and after hearing it with others too. By the way, this soundtrack - mostly known for being "disco" or tape wheels flying with reems or styles of tape made - is purely rock-and-roll, Babe. You could play it all on instruments at home and just from the hearing. Those drums - "all rock beat" per Nigel Olsson of Elton John and his band who made it all happen with the queen of England "[at once] buying in after-the-fact made" per Elton John. "Usually a supervising producer here." Counters she "unusually true - I didn't have the money [to play with you then]."

Curve "Lillies Dying" Lillies Dying from the "Doppelganger" LP (1992) plus see-hear "Wish You Dead" by my recommend...many to others. From the "Cuckoo" LP (1993) "Left Of Mother" Left of Mother and the title track "Cuckoo", please " when my mind | was bigger than the world | my choice was being born a girl "

More Curve? Get "The Colour Hurts" The Colour Hurts and then "Die Like A Dog" both from the "Pubic Fruit" comp (1992).

Bush "Everything Zen" Everything Zen or "everything [is] perfect" as already said better but by someone else - from A to Z all effort to be made here is stoned dead this way (e.g., as in music this made). A favorite lick spoken from their "Sixteen Stone" LP (1994) plus faggots love saying "everything zen" - just ask 'em. A "zen garden" is where you go to note all as better done and not by you participating. A worship of flawlessness to you. The sand of only in this reminds you not to bother - an all to waste from it made. A worship of god made it you.

Billy Preston & Syreeta "With You I'm Born Again" With You I'm Born Again (From Fast Break) something I loved but a bit heavy on the dose and all I've been avoiding linking up like this lately ever a very foul from the start. This from  Billy Preston's 20th Century Masters collection a usual buffoon. No, Toto is deep heartbreak for one's self. I'm always guarding and gain for that as unspoken but talent me.

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To run from the devil is to make-believe that someone is chasing you as right on your tail and dangerous as you yourself run down the street or sidewalk as fate as can can. Faster, faster pussycat kill! kill! is the same doctrine or heeded to you as no one is really there, but you all out of breath know it was all real if only for you and if only for that moment. I used do this all the time and sometime will still do as always playing games with myself - with my very mind - but be careful because someone is really there and in beside you anyway. Faster pussycat, but don't have a heart attack over nothing we see or it'll be curtains or then the ol' cort of table salt right under the tongue - no, no CPR. Pray not for this time - not for this kinda thing, Shadowtime. The lyric as sampled from Fleetwood Mac's "Straight Back" a favorite by me on the "Mirage" LP (1982) mine now.

Fleetwood Mac "Straight Back" Straight Back from the "Mirage" LP (1982) get to hear me "That's Alright" too - a beautiful Stevie Nicks tune.