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Fully Scented, We Head Out To Seasons Saying September 2004

wanted to display fahrenheit too a bit beautiful

A Bit Common My Tastes But Guided 08/31/04 1757
Someone in the head queries "give us your perfumes d'list - what you wore with regular feedings and in order" - fine. Didn't we do this already and with zeal I present: Ralph Lauren "Polo", Calvin Klein "Calvin", Calvin Klein "Obsession" (both to three many times bought, a gift too often), Chanel No. 5 "Antaeus" (a gift cherished once and my favorite for cost of), Christian Dior "Fahrenheit" (I merely think of this altogether shipping and handling as my favorite - may not be that grand). Oh, I've had little bottles of stuff from Banana Republic I got on sale, but that isn't telling. Today and for our talk I'm wearing something expensive from that last trip to Bloomingdale's that simply isn't mine yet (one sniff in the right direction corrects this): Issey Miyake "L'eau D'Issey" pour homme (that means "for men as only" - l'eau d'anything means "not as intended [without me] but left for you - a scent of [whomever]"). You almost smelled great, Issey, and I love your summer bottle. We took home the wrong one and hadda go back to get the blue bottle with lime green spray nozzle. I'd insist. More: What is "EDT" with spray nozzles? "Even doses traded" or wet samples afforded not. Nothing with water by cubic inch issued out is satisfactory to us. Know that. What does the name "Issey Miyake" mean in code (not Japanese but Swahilin)?  It means "my name here - maybe yours one day" (Miyake said to backwards, then a first name comes) "my name only for now" as Issey or "I say". Junk, but personally insulting. Chanel? Friend for a friend of the family. Swahil. Issey Miyake is Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe working from Sue Clowes of Boy George diarama fame who died of propriety - Chris the only person who wears that shit just kidding very successful all panels of fabrics even worse than the plaintives of Calvin Klein like hanging metals trimmed in rubber insults (all architect looking individual - a vellum nightshade down the back of a gay who also may wears a devo uniform you see them in pairs at concerts everything made of rice an elborate origami to showcase it is useful to you always an announce see the future you are somehow missing).

More And Apparently 08/31/04 1423
Yes, it was getting dark outside last night at this a Fort Sumter (for sumptuous dining, I hear - I had Panda Express to be with you) and I was watching carefully a tree up the street covered with roundish red fruitlings all over (pomegranates - how unnatural for May is in-season 'round the world) and a small greenish tenting appeared inside to provide us saned. How too many it seemed? In the rear of across from me other moorings to suggest we could do better people hanging everywhere another fete of those lacklustered to be. Take your time my pet we went in early to catch up on sleep only merely but spent a great deal of time getting to know our darkened friends here in our bushes who steadily endeavor to make it grand for me. Real only to yet darkish not known yet. Real, but small and very gentle my friend Chris says in mentions again and again. From memory, these fronds here move quickly enough and open like a flower but at you to reveal the inside of a darkened hearse from the back up to front windshield and all to issue yet another old-tyme wooden casket in my name and out the back. After declining a certain delivery to no fail, we hear about someone's father being enabled with it this move. This happened out front on the side of us as I sat, but my locales (the centers of location in my head) are played with and the backyard seems unknown or even not there for this. It didn't happen there, but it could have - don't center it just yet don't be too sure what bush. In the meantime, I remember and I provide we look for mini light projectors and lifts built into the dirt this is Hollywood after all and something seems little when it is big a man-made yet. A cover for it all? All what? That red fruit up there? Everything here with a just hint of disrespect.
the queen of england posing here in 1992

"Thou Shall Bow Down Before No Graven An Image" 08/31/04 XXXX
That bible-type quote from Pinhead to a lackluster priest upon seeing enter and holding out a crucifix in his name ("Hellraiser 3: Hell On Earth" no recommend to again - you saw this already right? no leads to discussions on links propers please we've had that too thanks). The crucifix is then held to a melt file and everyone laughs. That command though - let's discuss. Nobody questions that you aren't supposed to worship false gods, but that is not here. Idolatry (that spelling is for "idols alus" or "adolus against us" things you hold dear without us, French-German keys)? No one questions that one to might - you share us together and stay down or else. The "graven image" deal is about you only - not a statue (as frozen in time as such - graven is locked in your mind as photograph, but heads up not down as to less going) or plague (wishing graves putting people in them as but not knowing outcome beyond - you don't know anything right? but probably) but readily known to us about you again and again. You hold thirteen people in your mind that you would rather be and rather have with you than me. That is no idolatry - that is graven to me - what keeps you in the grave and frozen in your time, so to speak. Put your best of you out front for me to see and know (and that is no gratitude from me) and I will do the same. Let's be together you and your plumes and me and my shades of glory to it. "Thou [we, us] shall not bow down before it"? Thou shall not? No, never a command. You had to resist making others too special in the name of havings and takings - being a whore really. We can't stand to look at you then. Be freer to know us - don't disgust us with your plans of it, please. Be fragrant for that - not us. No command - be there or be dead in it. Your grave. Pinhead was wrong to say that to the priest, but we liked it anyway to a big laugh in destroy - that is us both quote and a hearty outcome. He's always wrong that Pinhead guy - a person, and actually, seeking you better and with trying to appeal to you (another speaking to another need, perhaps). We accept both in the name of your actions. Idolatry leaves you in a grave? That is Hell barking. That is asking me to kill you - far worse as someone lodging in my quarters while I stay outside. The other is merely asking me to stay once heard. Hear better. Hear me.      

The Birth Of Dyonysis Done To Me 08/30/04 0738
I thought that spelled "Dionysus" (say "dion-niss" to be the black-flag angel of having hate made beautiful and local resident again - the name means in Latin-French "never to be completed as by me - yours to news and aware" by Francos who arted it first I stole the idea once had - an early-to-late 1600's model loomed yet then to scare deathwatchers at night, bodyrobbers then held me in a trance I played with it too you see my advance come back and retreat to us it seemed then by note or by hand - a word done better would only offend me so this I'd say of it). The famous Grecian apparition came out of hidings in old Hollywood-looking junk it seems an amusement park ride the spider just of and at the last few daynights and is thrilling me yet with black powder greens of face and fury - everything big and pushy of dead and undead (I wanted a massive black hog of pure soot make airless with the hands of the grayed dead reaching right out from the great beyond a greasy headbox to touch your shit no sight left to seem it touched of many unnoted before rolling off some backwards determined to meet a prior deadline as just this is made a flat-up). What we have are huge bouquets of the revered dead from major international strifes done down to it - e.g., the Russian imperial shotlist of 1912 for example. The torned of Beijing. Each mordid dummy lovingly displayed at each and hand held high. In the center of this body ring each at back rising falling like lucrids, your favorite topiaries and ways around bushes and such - a lush greenery of and barks, branches all nearly wooded in wovens had by them elsed. All but restauranteur Euell Gibbons would agree it's no breakfast match with says and dos we hate people who hurt us this way and shrine them lovingly see a Roman emperor shot dead with a rock head only if and perched with two little headwings at each side, some old junky wooden ship (the "Marlez" - Spanish Harlem), erring cloaked midgets and cloved freaks everywhere gangled and in complete resourced bounty no asking yet. This thing runs ropes of blackest cauldron around these homes and blocks to fake passengers and passersby who quell and query at each an odd note. Last night were masked freaks and kiddied children havings made noticed but warned off - real jerks trying me with tip talk I made a much smaller unit in the airscape out front to plague my net first as expectations rise to you from under. We fade you and make you ours soon enough our love died yet to it. A big winner, I love seeing this mountainous thing in the neighborhood hiring you as wooden caskets rise up and out from under bushes nearby us (one of note always - a "Portugal" made in purplish with white waves or yellow lines on it - hi again - seems I'm thinking some freak did this a Hollywood-style assburn by noteworthy nothing made yet bit of a dirge but would do to you so need it I'd be there asking again). Some guy under there made it in his own spare and pulls it in and pushes it out sometimes as it levels with the ground halfway out from under. Love it. Fake? Never, no - it's there rotting in him a nineteen (19) year-old done down to it we talked about how his mother delivered from him died some odd day not too later she's been there at us barely looking as totem pole with black devo hair molded into a search-pompadour...see also some black fur with claws on top hears me at when "I'm a werewolf too" he said to me from box sent. "Really? I make 'em to scare people" fast and easy while vacationing outdoors at night - enter the raw of bushy black face to a quickened if and enlightened 'harf' the ol' whiskey-white around the glaring green eyes still making its day. Thanks for that obscene in so being a regular now. "Padud" (if say "pay-yood" - "make [us an] else now - relieve yours" that from local Spanish). See me then staring at it a frond of.    

Those Funny Parables Of Jesus Saw If The Fools Fooled 08/29/04 1125
Been thinking about you again, your lack of interest stirs within me like a Dr. Pepper and an ice cube shaped like a rain forest nipple - it's the only soda I know that fizzes all over the counter no matter how many times I trick it into thinking the cap is coming all the way off. After bobbling it home, you toss in some ice and the last cheapshit glass breaks off at the bottom over mixing down a parallel port of powdered iced tea a grant made rich. No matter how many times I buy that stuff, all over the counter it goes like dumb met grease axel's next nephew at boarding school. I never get to think, I just height-respond to someone reaching lazily and now that shit is everywhere attracting filth like small crabs seen upon eating at a fishy towel's rim - a noble wart of effort no matter how choken. I hate your sneezing too so loud by it most of my horn heard. What is a "parable" ("bright cause for delay") like Jesus is credited for ("she died even - you see her now living well after it at home in bed alone" - you kept that and told people "bitch died - took her furniture down to the habblemart no one came near or asked...she was still there trying it all on for the first time again - all seemed like new until someone asked her not to lie on the canopy above the bed while the second boxspring was being checked for comfort levels one and two-teen")? A dopey kinda story like that with no sense of giving all toilet paper and macarooneys. One parable that sang it better for truth I liked, the rest seem of shit, really. Four (4) frames made like a dressed-up comic book - then see no words ever - it is then called "Odion" or "having me said last" (the truth appears and is different). The first is a sun shining in a squared frame. It is bright, happy face, and basking no one on a beach at all the shore is empty. "Along comes a man" it said by having his head bowed down in front as if sad. So, a "boo hoo for me!" ends cheat one. Second cheat sees a smile on the guy's face he is happy and sad too (eyebrows and wigs) no one is there as a "stranger" (no face shown) approaches head hung low in sorrow as also. The third frame is three (3) ideas: The man approaching is hideously ugly (face rumpled, teeth rotten), he has no clothes on (if sees tits), and his name is not known to anyone (as seen being shrugs). The man receiving cannot bears and turns to leave in the fourth frame. He sees the other man walking away with the ugly face painted on his back and thinks off to dine alone (moves toward swaying trees, waters) ....get it? Mine is neithered. This is what he spoke of - being naughty to others. No one escheated (gathered and released) people more than he did out of sorrow for making them a home where no home existed for them. An escheat tried anyway we thank. "A woman", he said "stunk of parables in the sand with witches making them their pies above - have them eat it first for them both" he said of their practices cooking for him "there's shit in my clothes too - have them salted lightly, if please" for not bothering to use a mild detergent factoring saled. Alot of turtles and baskets cooked back to time left. He hated that word "cooking" as act and thought of parables to welcome others who would not simply feed but provide also. A cheat, basically, of sound reason. "We keep to receive" is doom you see it too maybe. No one thanks with a meal had for long - you hafta buy some too. Do that for me a "clothes shopper gone awry" is you buy your food saled (priced ahead of time - "a failed practice for cheats" he said). Now you and I see less of it. My parents hate this stuff thinking instead of "Halloween previews, black coffins, who would get martyrs shot up at the first note played"? To yours then. I don't write this stuff to appeal you, merely it gets you out. I docudent my elicits for no one who cared of it properly. You see yours here stilled (of mine: "it's 'cause you thrilled me, silenced me, stilled me | proved things I never believed" - a blast of all that is Sinead and me together).

Having a stroke mouth-eye all locked up hurts so bads this time? Wet ice in the back of the skull cap for three (3) hours immediately afterward notice. Kills plaque dead even if halfway and eases tension. Recommend cold energy it freezes and breaks up fats, oils retrieved from the heart examining muscle tissue exacerbated by alcohol, smokings. Tires treading on the road too. Shop often do not blankenship it works, Fool.

lately max factor        

Post Reveal 08/28/04 1757
German actress-switzel Marlene Dietrich? A man and no less - Max "Glinda" Factor again (the last name means is for "die trying" in French). To wit. I only honor the well-done in a natural beauty setting you won and had that it seemed. To scrutinies that fail us. Factor is-was Neil's father prior to - my great uncle. Died 1922 of a heart attack from me eating less of him in those days. Factor resurfaced at bit here and there it said. A "genius" per God above ("his latex [applications] made me happy enough - see that - he did them"), I love this picture I selved said to a beauty of. Beauty talk: Glynnis, his real name for stage and show but somehow set aside, used to cut up condoms (rubbers) to make his face rise and set with the luminaries he staged. From paper templates and each day replacing what he used by spirit gum (what harbors facial appliques, a glue - I had some with a magic kit thigh to thigh pubic hair - impress your friends "so lifen") the day earlier. Up to and including nine (9) sets each, powder and gum along the way then to foundation, a mole. You could touch, but not sort him down much. Very mean about it all and never admitting to much done. The picture above I still love it killing that down for French foolery to me. Friends again? Yeah - no good way to thumb that one, huh.  

So Scared Of My New Friends To Take My Test I'll Do Ya
08/27/04 1105
It took me days to get over that last walk through my business end - I wanted to puke over that saline fish tank I got so scared like I woke up inside one (a cheap "tailor" model like you was born in a Fisher-Price breadmaker at once radios the downstairs someone sat) head in a bag that has a white mask imprinted on it (who am I? who are you?), hitting bells and buzzers literally drowning in the purple abyss you had to come love you wife heh heh while some other woman cautions "you're not here yet - open the lid carefully" in mexicali fragispeak ("voila, arbeez - open da lid you have it" in bell-talk "ci ci you die tomorrow maybe to stay so put - ease out this time no balls yet come for you soon makoe dini"....hey - she could be in there naked asking for something else you hate her soothing to voice more than life itself and getting back to a normal routine after fucking this up too - I put a little red devils in the drain back to you hairballs and all now are gone even though your pussy was shaved down). You are gross with red patches all over and your wife can't suffer with you "frankenbelly" (pour a box of salt in her mouth - if you was here, you'd be hated even more....it'll end in tears....another phramped performance no talk by you ever no talking to me.....wish it 'til die, is to pray may this dead). When I wake up to be a freak, our mania-story will continue to drown it down-length. Mothers swear to me a last ditch effort for a hairy boy is worth the machos cont. Whatever - and that giblet pate so sly of you "Cry-o-genits" Tammy Faye did this too I saw her with the pate and just for a minute she straightened me out but not really. Fuck 'em - you can't fight death right let it go all the way down the drain with hope and unnecessary hassle pull the deck you died (at least half the units are reportedly working on "ugly" people - they ask you not to ring so fast this time, an hour minimum applies, a hint to touch of lemon juice for, a little pine sol, made help tell it heal). The ghosts here are truly evil (god-perfect) and fucked up the whole back yard is a mave for deceit and elysian fields whatever that is (bark down I'm here). No shit - ghosts work on every motherfucking thing I see 'em they make noise and no one comes from it at all they have little to do or say but talk to me as a bush so cool little bitches might die again. They are everywhere here entertaining me wildly until they get rude with questions and I hafta mess 'em up with something awful (a visit from God may include stints by Hydra, being trapped inside something small with others, saintly sharks, or simply too much otherworldly chat with music, singing - guns, blades, snakes, hostile sprays, a tap on the head, a hadge up your butt-spirit, other tricks suspects one other). All of them have kinky movements like an old person with a nervous tick but really bad and all make peculiar noises we fight over says and noise both. Women are stupid like this tricking friendly people so dumb like it paid in a jinx. Who are these? Sad, sad types treated bad by people I try and move it onward while keeping it too - dangerous scares here all real some kid slaps his feet out front on the side I told him I was gonna kick his ass but we talked later. Dropped off here - people were mean. What else came to the door? One tall being with three shorter ones in front of - all except the tall one wore a black mask. The sequence shows them entering my home (they walk through the door) and then its starts over like a film reel. Over and over - I liked it. Then so scared I wouldn't pee at night - trust that. This stuff has to be junk it's so good to me scared though.....Discover card pays you back in hell soon enough yours guesses at still I press the buttons to you insane crazy crazy crazy.  P.S. When you read me, I give it to you in the head glory with me. Trust it to same, eat sex.

Again, Skip This If You've Been Reading Too Well 08/25/04 1018
Yesterday, a young man was returned from the dead in what is known as a "lochomare" or "furniture magnet" in French. That name makes reference to what is known as a person who sits around waiting for the dead to return. It is a French observation. These casket devices refrigerate (remove heat), cool (issue cold), nature with salines (inject with salt water), and protect a corpse usually from a drug death until anyone knows to stop it from working (they check the insides daily at funeral homes). It looks like an almost-square casket bed-high on metal legs with casters - very formal you inside balled up almost and on your side. This guy - "John Major" - an army personnel up north, makes use of the lochomare daily these days washing it out and having it used again. Never do this, it only works once for each a guest. Quite frankly, I love the guy, but I won't do this for you again you nagged. This stuff is at the height of irritating me right now as my home is an ex "capita" or "head missing" for such activities and I am pissed to be in this yet. That tube that showed up at my door although cartoonish in nature, also protests the tube what the French use to dispose of each other "kindly" with head and eyes pressed inside and to be littered with garbage in the sea. Have them die in me. Screwing in the back of the head once inserted up the tube does the trick (a gas released within opens the eyes, primarily). How much do they pay you for this? It couldn't be worth it. End me to this or find yourself knowing more about it by first-hand a trick.

All The While They Trying To Touch Of My Hand
08/23/04 2256
Was just outside talking to clouds they are puffy and shaped elegantly tonight as luminaries-harforrs (e.g., Julie Andrews dancing down on from cloud to cloud - no - a pestilent if remains of Elton John extending puff hand down to pert if poor - no - responses: "you are all dead - enjoy it while lasted" + "you left me to die" + "will spray your face [with firm of household product as just did then anyway - you'll see it first]" - "bring [us counter] offerings - another bag of bees?"). After a bit of 'who's better at matting da tease', I'm mad with doing half-heart cmt's and who asked to this anyway be? Nice enough but who's calling for my 1) gambote i'm in charge finally but not just now check under my vow I met you in a wig - each a shameless naff and teacher from "Harry Potter" as slewn countless prior n'adult, they hafta bungle a magic trick in your face at each entry seem bored drawers open to right up but still a feeble, awkward kinda feeling to at once instill then teach a seamless introduction to self by samed at but playing a self, then once to samed again - a mere mirror manning the plan to see one half undone at pause deflect 2) my death science - all me noting nothing you'll have we shot cans off the fence and prove they were once there then a place full of having me. What? Cloud j'art - do no more to me or I'll pull at your gassy d'ets all day long at end finally reshaping your belly. I don't like people reaching out to me like that all sense in a need. Leave go to it. "Wait to be asked of it then, or be caught saying just as soon it's said. Say nothing to new, it finally sold to you. Diamonds and pearls at half-addict." More: Last night an upside-down light blue or green test tube with a single round-oval hole for the eyes visited my front door as I watched from the bedroom others yet. The eyes feminine made and very mean looking over all. Loved that bit at a scare. More and back to: The ghost clouds are huge, fully detailed, and there for all to see and with me (you were inside perhaps watching tv, fraternizing with oblong, smooth types who had dinner made for them maybe and sleep it off). They breeze slowly everywhere as winded, but move down toward us fast enough to await with care made. A cloud of ghost extends its perfectly large hand to me as on the way down and I extend mine here on the ground to feign a receipt as if by theirs. My arm and hand then materialized once to this greet, maybe each time I'd guess (althought the right one as extended and as awkward to their left as received - now enter a goony to be feel). It (my hand) was as large as theirs then and as projected to it. (As holding my arm out and up for it in public sector our front step at the bottom right corner facing): "May we end this now (I'm a bit embarrassed once previously talking to what appears like only a bush and at dark that....see spirits employing, enjoying at with us)?" In reality, I was asked to pull on them too as demonstrating to my god prowess - a 'by will' done only, no body parts then showed entered - and got tired of waiting for what I definitely had in-hand, if so to speak, to arrive here at groundsuit. It was damn near coming here, and damn you, but it could have been still hundreds of feet away still coming clouds are huge and distant that's possibly real I'm impatient ever to yet now cautious too. Why don't you turn me loose? Move on - all heading easterly really with the wind then and at night. 

Rolmanan? What's That? Now Seeming With Adjacent Clarity If Should Then Be Or Against With But To Larry Larry
08/23/04 1404
Last night late I'm being a watchlar (watches, wonders why not and me?) again, looking around if at noticing and not a must, and things started to get hairy in the head again across the street. Before you know it, this big, black angel in a smooth cocktail dress (long, no frills to yet) with marred blackest of feather wings was standing across the street and asking me to fill in its only dot with a no. 2 cheese marker (red to blue - or - sad, mad, now crying). A woman seems inside of it this self kinda (no charity too great to note or a friend to be but as misspoken, just notes to another, a woman engaged to fits and then in showing of, my funeral a deal yet), and I helped to reform the ten (10) foot about tall arch-dioceast with a nu-art of feathers to no answer or then to no great (should be reversing and perhaps then in halves to face a prior of death as mort-masque, leaving to us this shades, a blechened of orals, minor haves noted 'round the fire but it said so same). I started feeling bad for it all fully fleshed and not noticibly happy (we are to seem 'rending' or this but with enabling to do as self - classiest bitches to yet me) trying to leap-morph into the air (ours a try togethered with failed by modings - more at yours made of some said - bitsy: a whole cloud descended here yesterday earlier another angel-type in fold a curve downward to here but frozen - see the ghost and angels then real enough and around to smeet you - mere titflame, crapstare: I deny I deny may you read of this too | it died by a lie | or then at least of and then partially true | if at once told to truth it could be spoken but true | so to seem of and all that is partially true | some half-truths would unopened | and I pay in cloths of tin postage what's due [morgue here] each of lie and by a comb or by the hamper | should one like of a curly and come due). Bored with "her" coveurs (said at a bit, but understood at length - a god-type talk) - you say the name "rah-mah-don" after learning the harder "Rolmanan" (French for "no speak at us [no one cares for us]") - I noted other robed figures in black they seemed fat of globulin each vampires out for walk on the rooftops nearby no doubt of an ache so waiting for the sun. A line of girder lights seemingly moved from a hotel behind and encircled overhead a small tem-house nith below. A belt-curve or rounded "u" kinda from the iron circle above carveled (pinched) the house by each the sides and pulled it backwards from the streetscape. Flowered bushes - a themed ramble porch - lifted, turned, moved back to the sight of. If not enough, a huge crane box with mist-lighted window on the said-side was delivered by a giant humanoid being (a ghost-like figure) with and it bearing on back - it came running up from behind then when I beckoned a response to this a no-run from me now you'll have to see past simple it flee if asks to now was it then and if seemed were to flighting off flames. This mashit crane - very fucking big, very fucking real (and yours if), had a lighted arm extension in black to the left then mere off and sat in-between the house and its twhit neighbor on the shadd right with no room to spare all bung'd of rust and seen racking it up without ever actually doing to anything of it. It sat there, and then lifted off to reveal a back panel of the house made now north with patch windows missing and then if now to mere note a huge blackened hole to the right in-roof sinking in like it the box laid an acidtourne tantra egg covered in mit-otts of harmfur, sispiked. What is this stuff? It was very real, and made me think of nothing I know - I liked to watch it crold off like any toothing at Stonehenge a witch crobbler. Until then, I sit around and I listen to those who would speak me to it and have my way done. We teach each other as each are thought to speak: without so much as to note, a "blankenship" or waiting only for your point of re-entry as listening not, like any ABS tape seek. So say. Be the one who knew better and got to know of it again anyway. The house - improved or moved? Turned down by each of my requests for an interview, the road sank and someone has another sewer bill for mott gaggled grease and mere kimbled of paint spills. ?? "Dmjt pffft mxrrbly hrrchld pflmbb" ?? "People do." Lesson add: Learn to accept your own lackings when to brandish and bravado. Season no wit for shapp and make it will do. I'll impress you after I kick your cran-ass and get to know its moll tastemakers better as both wheats bite horn on the one wing to it I sever off before being done right down to cumberbund papsidae with a series of vicious bites pits you against all odds in and just prior to.         

Accounting Update And Surety
08/21/04 1128
What? It's always a slow start in any given month's journal of. To trust it to that - a month. Last month saw each of my parents donate one thousand dollars ($1,000) each and a-piece to my cause it is simply now gone as then forwarded to my "renaissance" (rehavings, cleaning up to no afford, "dougmoon.com" now as if again owned outright for one more year or per annual cycle made by just me - guess at worth per push? ten grand $10,000 - pay me now, wait-pay again then yours never) and prior-to's. Otherwise, let nothing be seen as known to me. Nothing, nothing new. "Get a job." Does this seem a bit stark (esp., not naturally occurring) to you too? Yes? No? You are somehow retarded? More: The name "dougmoon.com" is thirty-five dollars ($35.00) a year without saint to redirect you for that entry made on the Internet still. Still mine, still a deal for it at cost.

why don't you like it? "it teaches people about gay" no 

The Day Before You Came
08/21/04 1105
To represent as all had from 08/01/04 (see of random notes as generated by a homelessness and as then to if yours - the message board first seen and if then): I swallowed my pride and pray to no-one for strength in langors. We are here, but lapsing badly. As I comfort you see no change, really. A new zone to be in. Madonna died in me - that's all. Addend: Do not write off the Shere Hite book on male sexuality (out-of-print, badly). That book, organized within as by topic (e.g., "Men On Relationships With Women" a mere preface, perhaps "Men Talk About Men" through etc. - be giving to it like I was a smord really, see no inordinate, casual, or carefree filth - what you can live with in the ongoing is here about choices to be made and not really for a lack of them - see nothing you'd get slapped back for a reality looms check for it daily....edit: sex is free yet, you were expensive to make - ask the owner of this then thought: no one has the right to to anything as nice as your son's ass trust it they're in here trying you) is a good place to start when considering others they are real too (see you answered and unguessed....all of that gay hissing - outlast? outdate? [as hissing and just like that] "tit for tat [as means 'this for that']"? "i come, you come"? - no! - never no! - and how dare you! "i knew instinctively he wanted me to 'top' him" - gross! and still true today I wait for it yet...p.s. the quotes may vary as from memory). Very and overtly stimulating how you see that people are not wrong either or each. Just crazy at it and writing these letters to no one. More: The book are questionnaires gathed from the U.S. Army in full detail in the 1950's. We progressed this not as not needed - no one changes anything here. You either hide and know, or, show and guide. Pick one still. The Army refused to indentify these people engaging in combat routinely for "what is naturally theirs" - their body yet. Made there first it said - then on to you the no-one. Do it today still. I bought this paperback in 1982 at Waldenbooks in Quakerbridge Mall (Lawrence, N.J.) enjoying a gay interest at no flute (no one asked). I tapped it all for knowing interest however numb to me. The gays littered in this are like any that approached me while working the carousel at Six Flags Great Adventure - scalding me with matching white short-shorts (daisy dukes? under hiney showing?) on and their wicked ways to all hissings. Maybe someone who tends bar in Greenwich Village a Freddy Mercury-type with the whole navy dressed up (the drinking age there then was eighteen I went often and open to it I stayed and but an hour away lowered and with that in mind)? I was young and worthless to me at it - now see that. The fatigues to having my way. Who would come? See it as here first. No one would know or then care. All that changed to me....a "Channel Z". More: who is author Shere Hite? Most notably no one a misnome (if see the word "sherylite" for "stars, crystals" - a French-laden). Made up by the publisher Random House and who discredited itself unfairly. An in-house job of no such import to them, a sale. Off quote: "We think it's wrong giving people [within this book] a voice - they're not sure." It's you who fail us - this is their fact-day being made for ups truer horrors, experiences, protent latencies I quess - only you and I know. Why would anybody care [to speak yours]? We speak to our position and influence much. Thanks for being it - I loved it still and appreciate the candor. What you bring - you - is most valuable to us I say. Others hope to hear them speak my word. Only ever after fest to ever you that one last gift. We think you had a few good points about the meal we ate all of us losers in the owning of life to it - look at you no matter how good kinda empty-handed (you would leap if unseen - say 'yes' be more like the real thing I see it). Have some back our way. Finally, you don't have to care about anyone pretty much all forded beyond ranks (better the bitch than the burden - remind it to stay off put). See it gone. One more thing - I am the great of lover (hate that word a gay lives in me - but no thought of to me, ever really thanks again you care not to offend me in it....yours? no those are person deficits at me then more at conquered in a mordid sense that no one shared). People are not this - they are no good here rushing to make points all in pre-motored checkboxes and make beat the clock. By please, people are awful yet have them be like bald at freaks. Then, the quiet careful ones seem to rule still a bargain yet to be made (your gay head seems is in-fact misshapen, a living to proof). Bring your sours to me we'll talk it all over too. They're in here. "You talk too much." Honey, please - at walls. We seem to miss my visual cues begging it all to stop.

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Pull The Knit Out On July 2004
I have my personal codes to ensure a lasting success in every virtual. Never do I let the spray from a shower nozzle hit my balls. Never do I allow extremes in water temperature to touch me or otherwise I mix up warm unless your sink prevents with two faunts I'll get you for that a cheap. Never do the toothbrush scrub gums. Never do I empower metals such as a blade or glass with strengths heretofore missing I touch lightly as such and paper. Never boils water on the front patch of it. Never rubs eyes near the others a glass raised to the face. Uses two hands in the place of two to be used a balance. Never do I lay on my heart beating. Never do I lean down on my legs while sitting on the toilet as latically disrupting important circulations. I mark envelopes with a small 'x' before placing a stamp so never my theory it sent. Take a tip.