you asked for it
and you got it
more of the same?
the same great taste
you've come to expect
if expectations are the root of all evil
who am i?
just the same
making sure

duly threatened with everything new, i've been keeping stock
more than a list of things to do, i know i don't hafta do right now
is that any way to live?
we're getting there
we don't do things so well you need know just yet
windows 11!
the specific link still works though i'm denied unemployment - be lavish

start here on monday june 19 ? maybe it was july 19 it won't be long before it calls me in again....signed 187.6 a big success at any rate

we used the page title somewhat before - so what
'they'll never answer a question in kind response, but they'll be all out of breath trying to correct you' - dM
a lament of sorts
'i had enough for the both of us 'til you showed up - now you have mine.' - dM
'you gave me your love? you didn't take anything else, that's for damned sure.' - dM
'i pray for things i don't want - how can you be sure?' - dM that's a new one
'i tell people the things i saw just to watch them change.' - dM - another new to review
'shot heard 'round the world - only you.' - dM
'i ask you if you want anything so i can finally eat.' - dM
'tell me how it all went when i turn black.' - dM
'face the facts: one door closes as another one opens right up.' - dM

current addresses and phones for doug moon 10/31/21:

1027 hancock avenue #5
west hollywood, california 90069
primary e-mail: noomguod@hotmail.com
i can't be uncouth (waiting for you all the time), i can't speak no trash (i can't sound bad)

(772) 342-0638 mobile (from florida)
(424) 279-9582 cable landline
(323) 375-6539 magic jack computer, ipad, iphone

business address, florida forwarding at a local ups store
7111 santa monica boulevard suite b #106
west hollywood, california 90046-3458

father's emergency contact - don't play around he's 85 now on the dot
(609) 882-6630
(609) 532-5682

terry jackson - it's someone else you can talk to about me
(772) 878-2937
e-mail: tsjackson1688@gmail.com





time-date is saturday, october 16, 2021 - we're gonna skid through to the new year due to pandemic-related woes ($)
what? a booster shot for the excellence that is johnson & johnson? could've been moderna with two in the bag already!
our weight today is 186.0 we're staying tuned with all that hurts us~
some new pics from home and around my home:

s" s"
though the halloween fest here is duly cancelled, we still plan to honor the sunday evening what is halloween this year
a crown for us, ours? okay we'll see
the king of round tablecloths and everything cloth-like and absurd? bed bath and beyond

take care driving around i don't have car as yet but can rent one easily enough at ucla by bus
this seeming pumpkin mouth on holloway for days now says to me 'be careful' with you and yours


rather than chronolog the nasty little chameleon egg we usually feature, how 'bout some recent success with a praying mantis cocoon?
along similar lines is the pure cherish 'the little girl who lives down the lane' in dvd format
jodie foster and a halloween opening to boot! great film.
we'll keep you posted.
martin sheen may never wake up again ;)

my new le creuset is still waiting to be used - an heirloom of sorts from williams-sonoma - but still revisit this recipe for chicken tarragon a tea leaf!
brown skillet some chicken breast chunked in a frying pan - a pound or two or so
add two chicken bullion cubes
sprinkle liberally with dried tarragon
add artichoke hearts in a small jar immersed in a light oil
add one-half cup or so of heavy whipping cream
heat for while, serve over brown or white rice your call
i love the flavor

contact world's finest at https://worldsfinestchocolate.com/working-with-sales-rep

continue thru august 31....

happy birthday miguel!

don't think great beauty miguel of 'cobra kai' has escaped our affections - we fight daily
we're supposed to use the name 'michael' as he hates 'miguel' my natural choice for me and the young star of the movie 'coco'
'coco', unfortunately is about the mother and this one has problems like that too ('the mother always helps me have no matter how briefly' - dM)
so, there you go miguel a person of no credit and no name you can use freely
very tidy
we love you - your beauty - all the same
there are others around, however
have you seen their ears all stapled up?
my dead mother brought you here
'he really needs a friend' - is that me?
[ ] we're still hanging in there! sign here____________________________________________

today we honor (ignore its obvious of faults) the mac os that stood by us through thick and thin - 'el capitan' - nevermind sierra, high sierra, mojave, catalina, big sur, and monterey....all places in california, believe it or not
thank you el capitan!

sidebar: how to steal pictures first-class from the internet and make god's gift to women - the jpeg
open the 'grab' application from the finder (smiley face at bottom left) menu 'applications' and further the 'utilities' menu
use 'grab' to outline a picture or snap the whole screen with the timer pre-set - there's no foolin' it - with the 'capture' menu then 'save' in 'grab' to your desktop as the utterly useless 'tiff' format
then go to the 'preview' application on the menu bar to open up and view the tiff as named by you previously and save it under 'export' as a jpeg file the top option on the dropdown menu provided
that's all - two icons on your desktop the top one is usually the jpeg - why bother with else? make sure you name the distinction jpeg and jpg on your server or the file fails
play around some - get good at it
people that don't let me take don't get to tell - let's be friends
phones allow a bit more than said - so what

taking apart a cartoon or gif to play around like dougmoon? we here highly recommend the vicious graphic converter application by lemke - that's what i use take a tip

stuck in a rut on the apple screen waiting, praying it won't dump? think ahead
get back to apple's crescendo of enjoyment signaling all's well, nothing in your way

we here appreciated the linux operating system's dashboard keeping track of all my laptop's known resources at a glance
the google screen in black too
google is like god - get that - when seeking conventional (what we agree on at-large, academics) understanding
1) hard drive - binary read-only memory 2) ram - electrically maintained memory, or random access memory 3) cpu - the central processing unit, the immediate of complex and task at-hand
very helpful, healthful too
unfortunately is a full-on beggar with third party applications and needs
i need to do - you need to help me do - not to suggest you're lonesome with a way out
laying around? success resounds in us!
may we suggest 'vlc' video player still a gorgeous player at http://www.videolan.org plays 'avi' like a dickens~

a tale of two (2) early 2009 mac minis - one boots right up on the mac os 'el capitan' operating system, another declines after waiting much time with the apple bar (no song just kaput with a tv hench helping out)
specs: 10.11.6 or the the latest osx that will oblige us both

no hardware changes - internal fixes - should be required to address this $600-$700 bug
no genius bar

under the apple menu upper left corner invoke 'system preferences' on a machine that works still and choose 'time machine'
if you don't have it already, you plug in a separate hard drive (mine is 1 tb and under $100 a good price at best buy) and turn time machine on to backup everything you have currently
that includes the whole operating system from the working machine simply and easily enough - no hanging on a heartbeat, no begging around town

select the new 1 tb disc or whatever and get busy saving it all - you can always delete files once the second or defective machine takes this disc and its files in (deletes and overwrites everything - so what)
put the 1 tb disc on the defective machine and hold down shift+control+option+r on the keyboard while it boots until the repair screen shows up and you opt for the time machine file you yourself made and you're off
before you proceed, make sure you choose the correct wi-fi account setting in the upper righthand portion of the repair screen when launched - the info is not saved through repeated attempts
i did this rather than face the genius desk they may not help a mac mini from early 2009 with both disk drive (um, a disk 're-writer') and dual screen capability - intel or phone system core!
with dual screen the cursor floats from screen to screen flawlessly - needs at least one computer monitor the other can be a tv flatly with a very good comparison afoot (resolution can be too deep, simply)
plus try and get an appointment at beverly center or century city - only 'the grove' at pan-pacific park (um, the 3rd street farmer's market) offered us a chance, a hope (plus beverly center firmly drew a blank over how dual screens work - i ran and bought a new phone purse across the hall at coach over that one all frustrated with its moot point)
use that time machine other than that it helped like crazy
your hard drive and rescue disk will be inexplicably locked up for no fault of their own, so get busy with an external drive
use your apple sign in for the second machine if it matters at all

you can fry your nuts over the iphone 12 - i can't truss it
to this day i carry it well - one day i'll be shot over it
inspiration (reduces authorship or a totalitarian regime): alan, 'hangover ii' trip to saigon
its cost nominal (not worthy of mention) enquire within
p.s. i wouldn't make that for you - u 2 go without
thank you, coach

a pure beauty fully restored then
the lg tv screen about $110 at target - its resolution is nice and you can put a splitter on the hdmi signal in for cable tv if such persists (concerned? its yellow sticker says it costs like like $2.50 to operate non-stop all year long)
we learn not to cross-hatch with remotes much but go direct with ease - save the cable remote operating my vcr and thanks for that!
ninja in the background? they were all outta police cars - why not?

gulden rule: no tv (or yellow mustard) in the bedroom shining up your ass
'the bedroom is for sleeping' - the two twins k/a 'half king'
those aren't tubes, that's hydra - c u at night

we are still facebook devotees for the quick jot so don't hesitate to visit us there >> doug moon's facebook page
i live everyday like it or not - it's work in itself
in the meantime, you better google it.
we're still acquiring and learning about alot of businesses and text so stay put.

keep using tumblr.com (so seek my 'noomguod') while i investigate tik-tok - what's so illegal about it i dunno but it has my attention for now back to work...i think it's heavily school-borne and it opened the door to alot of ridicule and quasi-stature you asked for it.

as key note, this site is so amazing in review and for recounting the past - maybe you know...thanks yahoo and other servers who keep it alive...it's not my dream to have things fade out but okay you need to consider the wealths already bestowed upon us.

revisit all that is june 2021 as we wade through the muck people are still floating around

keep responding to these mentions with no additional work from me - prove my point: