first things first
to be continued
doing your bit but aloud:
shower once every other day
wear your jeans two days in a row
weigh yourself in the morning and after walking around a bit

do a little something for yourself, too
commission junction is the owner here

new page soon (ok it's here), queen bee...august 2018 'a month she would never live to see....'

cvs wrote me with $3 of nail polish for my birthday coming soon. it's on my value card, thank you again. one day, not so many shitty nail boutiques full of sexual innuendo ('in you end though') but a red-lit mole hut looking with lasers...;) more important birthday for mia is grandmother moon july 29....

walgreen's is doing their 2-for-1 twenty-ounce chilled coke bottle 'til august 3 - we'll stop in santa monica and highland...created membership....

q: did you ever notice that some screenplays are written just within the realm of what you know - no challenges to understand? the cultural references (music, tv stuff) all known to you? 'deadpool' was very much like that...are we getting old is that it? your particular demographic or age group and marital status? single white female with redheaded knife in her back at the end? a: and you?

getting photos down to size in apple: save your photo to the desktop and open it with 'preview'...use 'view' menu 'actual size' to see just how big and then 'tools' and 'adjust size' to reduce its scope using pixels or inches as measure...when done adjusting, use 'file' and 'export' to change to the '.jpg' format as necessary...it saves alongside the original on the desktop...check your work with 'file' and 'get info' in 'finder' or the desktop...p.s. you can steal any photo anywhere using 'grab' under 'utilities' just frame with mouse and save...format it later under preview...we don't want too much handy-home information if everything fails us ultimately.

windows? under 'windows accessories' use the 'snipping tool' application similarly.

i've come to love the 'taylor' brand of digital footscale usually from target
the weight reads are very accurate to me as stated in an english woman's voice very proper a couple of 'aa' batteries to power up if daily to no bother
about $30 in many styles with you at the helm, give it a try

i prayed for a facebook tutorial and here's a simple beginner's guide without too much privacy talk
get better at it, and we'll discover more use together signal it here
nothing teaches like needing to know~
here's another good starter kit from 'techboomers' on youtube.com
a big piece of advice is handling new or solicited friends online - you loosen past 'do i know you?' with have we met? but that precludes making new friends who are simply nice enough. our rule? never. slowly carefully within social bounds.

i don't want to know anything - people need to go to hell
here's the beginning of 'roseanne' clips rotating i enjoy them all - tough subjects
remember roseanne show one ended on a plane going to disney world in florida - no further than being on the flight not one bit more
she won the lottery...took the whole family

here's a little 'friends' recap with brad pitt - unprecedented
remember where you first saw brad pitt - ripping off 'thelma and louise'?
i think him and rachel got around to everyone no hard feelings - they look great here

july 29, 2018 1951: broke the ice driving a day or two ago and took my new zipcar for a jaunt around town the ca license renewed well ahead of time...up santa monica boulevard to wilshire and its cones at length then across westwood-glendon to ucla's leconte and back up hilgard to sunset and down through beverly hills the old terrain winding up back on my street with minutes to spare $11 or so...no problem...it's not nice to have big hairy gaps in driving it makes me nervous mission accomplished...we keep the zipcar for no wait doing your part...big sticker on the side....

a little roseanne for the mind over to consider and avoiding any fortnight (overnight worry for having said, waiting for the bomb to drop) of troubles
who's to blame? we hope all is well any way you slice it
i've been robbed! you can't always offer a piece of yourself to seem similar
god prayed tracy chapman white and out came ed sheeran

as far away as can be and no closer too? the world sewn together like a baseball...bat that back out....

to see the only toyota i ever thought about owning with me being seen in it: the beachcomber with eggshell top what? $46k land cruiser
their infiniti ? lexus however luxurious leather of appointment inside:
'woo hoo!' (thank ralph's for that sticker quote on sale items) this the first iphone 6 photograph i was able upload here at dougmoon.com since our upheaval
that is 2.5 megs (an veritable explosion of sightseeing) massaged down for leniency's sake to 52k or so
making strides slowly but carefully - that's me
thank you! this on july 17

woohoo light days the sticker

the militia that runs club devo has issued their latest alert - see biggest hit ever 'baby doll' on the 'total devo' reissue originally on enigma (eats their young?) we here never thank devo for being a music industry 'pioneer' - it is 'devo' or the devotee's ongoing problem...see amazon for the red energy dome? for a neo is the quote...read on:

another good feel: harry styles 'sign of the times'
you tube says three hundred seventy-seven million hits - it's like that
the artist claims he was raised beyond nuts "three times"

devo 'baby doll' from 'total devo' - i listen to this always my favorite dig here
this is true to the vinyl (not a note to be off) it's never close enough
the vinyl was released in 1988-1989 with the b-52's 'cosmic thing' (song 'channel z' is mine) - a great summer
for auto-listening, i highly recommend 'freedom of choice' a great record in 1980

we here also seriously love the offerings of mutato the art center too...their commercials keep coming to me....

meanwhile, the domain 'dougmoon.com' has been officially renewed for one more year at least - seek it not (due forth date is august 13)...who is? you can use network solutions for all your domain (your online site name in various forms that points to your servers or serving hub or plate at-will) and annual renewal needs at $40 a pop....

here we offer jeff goldblum cooking for the excellent 'jurassic park' submitted
avocado toast is a veritable milk-bone 'round town these days

--------------------now see that

we hafta make life for ourselves - do you mind?
underworld plus iggy pop do the fabulous 'get your shirt' - the female wailings up for grace some say gillian gilbert?
great video

johnny cash? the bald guy is beautiful, no?

saw this walking by a gay bar recently think it was remixed though - faggots were all 'natalie imbruglia' with no markers - no
christine aguilera, no
iggy azalea 'savior' the name 'vevo' says 'it's worth it'
we put these up to be entertaining when you stop by - it's a great responsibility
p.s. that intro and lyric is lisa stansfield stuff - enter at your own risk

inxs comes to mind 'the one thing'
put it on, let it rock
from shopping at trader joe's one night long ago...hrmmph!

s" s"
for me? as seen on a local telephone pole santa monica and lacienega...itunes?
as a kid, i drew lush green trees with blackened owl holes in the middle and 'v' style birds in the sky...the 'circus liquor' clown at victory and vineland
is everything related? no.

the most dangerous race 'signal to noise' a favorite of mine...helio

update july 12, 2018: mom's been dead for six (6) months on-the-dot today...still making amends with little bills here and there bonding with others and their losses on the phone but getting about some...no one comes near, no one goes...hope all is well with you...helter skelter is health in itself climbing the walls, kinda...' you always wait for better news ' - the cars 'cruiser'
put on your chrome dome?

checked on once-yearly favorite nighttime j/o club 'the zone' (a bluelight special next to the famous recording studio 'record plant' on sycamore i think) it's still poppin' starting at 8 pm daily 2 am sunday night...we'll see....glad they're still there i haven't been in there since getting back here i don't think...partying with ghosts...p.s. 'melrose spa' as reported dumbly earlier (for staying overnight? a foolery of sorts) is junked for the time being along with the original hollywood spa (go over the hill if need be to the studio city site via mta)...no changes to the overall score yet...not quite gone...see (former leather bar? collegiate really - same) spike's new name 'no more heroes' in pink neon no less...

you didn't pay for anything deadlines and all....

to fool: i wouldn't look at tumblr not even once at my mom's - now we're back on
...with taxes comes tumblr.

part of my 'happiness w/o you plan' is rationalizing my monthly cable-internet-phone bill...lovingly priced at somewhat less than $120 a month for the simple bundle, i leave off the land-based phone provided 'for free' and think of the basic cable service and internet being about $60 each...oh, you can save $15 a month if you choose ten or twenty channels to avoid others or drop the phone and i think cable has always been about sixty bucks and the internet no matter how fast or slow to be about fifty so we're about the same with extras included and walking the streets talking with a mobile unit? about the same? lots more content...i just ended my apple music subscription free for three (3) months i don't use that although its nice enough no one is paid yet...a bad move? i can't keep anything anyway....

greendot's new 'vault' procedure (two buttons 'stash'/'unstash' you type in the amount to hide from charges) online is worthy for nervous-about-cash types all machine languages talk to that - not so fast? check it out...not instant in and out up to twenty (20) times a day, but close enough...a card you yourself may own.

amc movie theatres $20 a month, three movies a week - good deal so far...come with! as for previews, for me they are mostly for having seen already to recap - you can't tell a book from its cover...tell me what to do too like the old days....

zipcar is still about and here in force in los angeles as my dream of sharing a car left on the street...some relocating but i try and stay with it a nice new-ish honda down the street here i have yet to rent at all but keep at-hand as very public transportation-oriented...modest monthly membership, waivers, little bother...thanks for being there....

the honda zipcar i've had my eye on - no place to go yet
'be ready to go'

pavilions (um, vons), under their 'just 4 u' savings program gave me two (2) useful freebies: one was their bistro bowl salad pac or whatever (find with ready-mades near salad stuff) it was great $4 value i had a walnut raspberry vinaigrette salad it was great and that's rare these days at trader joe's same price and the other was mia a jimmy dean breakfast cup 'eggs and snausages' in the freezer section we'll wait on that one...i luv jimmy dean....more: found the free cup with fresh meats not frozen stuff - two raw eggs in a cup you microwave and stir in sausage and cheese from a pack...i always thought well of microwave eggs but they are stirred content keep the heating upwards of two minutes...note i am a quiche-type person not frittata trader joe's spinach quiche with mushroom rules me day yet...cheap enough freezer section...three and a half minutes micro if you remove the foil pan beforehand...i do always...now if can only get their cherry juice to stop tasting like a rubber...strawberry twizzlers too...clean it up you only remind me to tend to it...re 'shock and awe' at amc - denzel washington the black child wounded in afghanistan...lourdes, really

the kidnapped girl without fault - those who die, die well
wanted to see the kid at the end quite dead too (beheaded, without instrument)
trash life

tally up great summer movies so far (x) see this - me and terry still share netflix too stop and start viewing now see that:

sicario! first class sony anger mexican drug cartels with josh brolin and our very lady of sorrows kidnapped - lots of good-looking people good sound
the first purge! classy black act like sony's stuff
hereditary! the film skipped like on cd here and there scary stuff well done great acting
han solo
jurassic park

coming: crazy rich asians with that bucktooth asian (also seem in 'oceans 8') meet mom madame wu - her pretty son and her again not good enough~

apple has that missing asian girl film - who cares?!? she knows the father borrows her life too much she's out fuckin' somewhere

read from bottom up (this message for me) - exit et vous to last month du jour june 2018...bless the beasts with their children, first bloodhounds too

it's never over for 'thinking aloud' types
fierce...fearless, fears nothing