before we leave for the new august page 'will work for food'-title 'there's a cocksucker bourne by the sheer greed of it every minute or so' or every two minutes on net10 here on (starve-date august 12, 2015 - coincidence? not if you're a physican on-call in case the super-dooper plus sticky eyebrow floss gets under the eyelid, you'll be pinching the eyelids of the blinking or 'stye'-ridden dead with tweezers forthe unusual abundance of stink 'fluourines' 'cause 'your breath is bad' these are not my breasts and i can't hear with red hair in my ears) you should note the new lg phone i bought as having every single facility or firm of wetness guard you've come to expect of the apple ipad no peeking with our 'full-frontal' pennywise tip extender 'just as cold as ice can get covered up freeing me of my manacles' or the 'ifresh' pee-pee ('murine') quote to see if you're kobe bryant 'something sure smells' - 'paba-arabian? is it the ooblecch read by lani o'grady?' she's not a real potato bug 'another hat' but for the nominal $50 fee paid just once and for no itunes decoder (no cracking the simple cash code 'nigger, please~ this was a gift of oneida daily stainless? where to register that pattern with the fbi? up two flors the vlad tampon department - soda machine keys made' and you're out of there just like the olden days in the barn crying 'where's my hairbrush - without a sound 'please, no. 2' : help me help you, then i'll just help myself~ to the happy hour buffet you get the cocktails this time 'one, two') - very advance the new unit and long overdue 'mein kampf' had recipes 'quick and easy turtle bluffs with schnazz' or no 'zionist'-type (non-sequiter, but um) sperm sending smoke signals o'er the hills the points on-top may help ('psst: it ain't nerve gas from the chitlins, the grave come a callin' from time to time, you old nigger - again, be smart you gotta spit in the vodka'...'i smell malfeasance - can you cook?' you should buy a 'tracfone' card every three (3) months or so (adult-ratio dreams, up in smoke like any twin-engine cessna rented from a boat retailer 'the spruce goose was no good without that rope, per se') for the $7 monthly cost advertised and ignored for a drive around town you ain't in yet the others into the trash iou thank you ever...we don't need to logic ourselves? the anals (amyls sheep skin and boboli giochis with aside of crap) of history who did this and butt whom will pay? who as such will buy our debts? 'i nearly dined' on tidbits from verizon damn you ipay then u pay 4 me 2 'hubble'...the 'wander in' card now in the 'off' position i love a simple thrift ...'i wonder u' but now switched to deep 'mahogany' woods off 'but made for a woman' she has the nerve-gaul - the gauntlet, the bejeweled goblets 'what christ really wanted had he not lived outside (with your man playing crablouse...cooties...just foolin' e pluribus sputum you ride alone all wood 'the samedi' like busch gardens a whole narcale painted cyber-scythe brown for sweating with heartworms at night 'sunbrown' sleeps it right off or sunbathing?) - jewel encrusted' fish cakes with tartar sauce 'flicking' your nails dirty from cooking with smokes...spine and ass flexing with hides shorn of simple codes...'eat them' shalom sell them ~ 'has been raped alot - no more to be with excuses i did it to be free of this'

vinyl: audiophiles everywhere check your music as issued letter for letter to make sure the original engraving has been faithfully is also cheated by technology, gee wiz...i hear extras and yo go back to egg. myster...'ssss' something's not right like a pot of sugar on fire you'll seem to notice...there is no end to a scythe coming through...crop duster guesser tester? gary numan ''

so, let's walk through our current phone numbers - use no other:

primary home number as magic jack and number afford: (323) 375-6627
doug moon's current cell phone (424) 326-6261 (releases (818) 203-1411* to the wind, area code '424' is the new '310' or west los angeles overlay)
doug moon's current ipad phone via magic jack (239) 205-4843 (a florida area code)
terry's current cell phone or emergency contact (310) 435-1517
*note alternate mobile unit motorola tracfone (310) 272-6392 is now dropped permanently by dM

good monthly calendar for printing as syndrome (nothing of interest in the middle).....make sure printer is landscape....august page soon - i got burned? not really

please - they have winona ryder as character 'rina' in the 'lucas' as first-movie fight with anyone you can think of in the title character role - legend corey haim? as about as rare as it gets - think 'goonies' both were in that only and 'lucas' was beloved from older brother type as the little guy sean astin get a clue...fight on liars...p.s. dadsboi = danielle brisbois

star trek stuff: the spaceship enterprise uses the rear thrusts (2) to crawl through space as such sleek and almost unseen and they aren't jets as such you should note one held behind as the other retracts the left one...a pole expanding from center arena...the 'warp speed' means they are heading back home by inch turning to the left from the right moving as see

my lg (818) 203-1411 (net10 arizona) becomes new lg (424) 326-6261 (tracfone) yuck~
the model is lg l34c and i'm sure we'll like it better it has full-on wi-fi clarity and capability as android, but i needed to get the mobile or wander forth straightened out first...

news you can lose: hadda buy a new phone today $49.99 at pavilions (with absolute steer off cheaper unit at $29.99) no physical qwerty 'lg optimus' with android...add $20 to get up and running online but had three times the merit or gamma minutes with account stated (current end date is 11/12/15 - it said something about $7 a month if you squirrel around i don't read that stuff) not net10 but trac-fone one is the other but eating phone and minutes 'eat shit' at first...the old phone keyboard locked up long outta warranty when does one stop hearing the opposing opinions of others versus damage set? crap. you can lease a recomforted phone like mine for $50 a month my crap anyway $ equals your voice no way...i have nothing...

they just stop stuff from responding and so do i - no profit in it, no women - can't fix it can't say it's not paid for in review where would you get money for anything product-produce anyway? between your legs and asshole? only one money truth they try and wide ass it to sit home complaining at your deliveries...see-feel my business from weak men and a woman...

H2O oxygen-water in the body
H3O oxygen-water in the air on the way to hydrogen made by plants only
H4O oxygen-water made-folded into hydrogen complete
H5O ether

a stable of two oxygens ('balloon' oxygen contained and rounded) - that is two figure eights overlapping for four (4) points
an extra or third oxygen with heat and air to meet another in the field as stable but upside down a total of eight points (hence the 'oxy' or eight made) in plants that open up to the wind and the rain from a design further - see ('ether') the light

hector? the sides unseen as oxygen is mostly on the meter or ohms - the nucleus and two orbitals kinda sure - must be damned heavy? oxygen holds the weight

08/08/15: 'half past the monkey's ass according to his balls' - dM

terry's home to no note yesterday (he had to sleep overnight in utah no such lavadge or over-the-thought on a bench is that a big deal? blind rage equals no pay yet- there's the hitch from price to duluth) but all handled and paid with the new rent one of such concern questions my ability to sign his checks they all think about me having what's theirs (a soap actor's home in florida long after apparent death in a remote dairy cow prison and subside) too easy - just before he left i'd say and i get what i want anyway knowing what it's all worth but better said a fool, and but has started with his classes today for some kind of bold-type billigerence at work (he wouldn't say - a player? he wouldn't say but notes a coached distance from federal grants work as i ask 'is it important?' i'm here always understanding 'just come over - bring your man') verily an unhappy paid vacation (like being pulled over by a reformed drunk on that collapsed ferry in europe nothing i would do, the show must go on 'nobody's free' noting the prior andrea rich number two-three at the helm way back when in and out one supposes with army-jail types not used to having it say)...we all want the revise as some see only fat craving asses thinking of his burgers where i eat as having paid his school loans everyone needs one along with two salaries we collected over the years...'heart of a child' but passed along among xrays like the bugs in my old mattress...five things i do wrong who could say? all just to be what i call cosmopolitan a drunk? yup. my mind says copes include:

1) dog shit along the walks brought in on foot;
2) excessive drinking to the point of loosening intestinal viates;
3) the company of cobras and angels in the form of round brown bloodsucking eggs that cry somewhat if contained and are protested in any small keeping;
4) a nuclear beggars alley thanking everyone all the time when things just go well for the day;
5) the day hell ends people spending somehow among gentlemens agreements to keep all fluid and bright women the hard core with trust there's lots of unpaid earning involved you reason a job with them.

what do we do? take what's offered the loudest mouths having the best day of expectations or then are secrets or tattling just waiting out spending someone's money (cash is the pantomime death of accrued 'earned but unpaid' and where taxes come in) what should stamp with renew every year buying my stocks from a drawer in-front you don't get my price no way...people jumped ship and agree to no bother from bother asking for sums none

don't get me wrong, i took coolers for the beach home from the operating rooms sans a liver - loved the notoriety...handling stuff is gross (be appropriate - someone needs you - an emt licking your face for winning some offhand lifetime achievement award? ok) but alot is having to do the extra part between photo and what's left to come in...ask me if you need to know don't send rythyms i need to be the first to offend it's everywhere...someone complaining from a body bag they're nice but abused reaching natural states of decay we sample widely...he terry gives cells from his asshole often enough but is mayo blood samples to stevie nicks

in crossing hairs, i reasoned 'pi' correctly - i can't use this shit~
pi equals three sides or times one quarter measured flat or no curve plus-minus-equals
figure it out - i want the scissor extras gone

how to stop a wicked piss from leaking out: imagine there are buckets everywhere in front and back try it it worked but the excise time provided hastened the skip - spends twice as fast next up: one long turd - isn't it helping 'round the house? where's the party - upstairs? gauch out.

poop? project same buckets...christ threatened to change the code if i told anyone (this in his day) - then i pissed my myself within the gorge of extra time provided 'oh, no need to rush...' a crazed or craving person, i have five points of focus or interest for every techincal note provided - you need a slap in the mouth to see the gift not recommended ever better company show me 'laissez' that's french for lighter touch or then having to be bothered...'less loose' they say we've talked...'the loving faire'...'savoir faire' sucking on, enjoying the last of it...

more: when terry had a recent something surgery, he hadda drink a bucket of white schmez for overnight prep (wholesale price $7.12 'no nickels' they'd say) and i said 'don't piss the bed' (code: like little boys and adds one old hag with a glass shaking with ice - their cowardly announce entering the room) so i did - who's the fool?

'i used to start every day with an american cheese omelet - two eggs' - dM when i was working, that is...made my egg salad yesterday 07/30...lovely with lawry's 'season all' a cracked egg leaks many strips of yolk did you know that - egg drop soup? for james garner's mother being checked on in the hospital 'round boston 'it wasn't the beef after all, it was the bologna' - fried blecch 'boiges' at home closed out with a babysitter who ruined mom's aqua countertop with a copper-bottom sauce pan and a hot flatch of bemome meat and then lied about it or should have...usually the meat cuts are in the trunk hauling around the meal planner - the slices and fingertops soon picked over after mouthing the milk for others estimating their net worth of the take 'we're not poor'...

todays fruit from terry, mn (noting 'peps' as 'people' dropping by s/b 'peeps' le dumb):

1) the father enjoying wonka 'nerds' as opposed to 'runts' we love nerds here;
2) new oven 'they'll understand' - witches, you know.
3) someone says renee richards being reborn...we put a block on any rebirth for the christ or that...see education k-12
p.s. 'reincarnation' you don't have a body but think you do - 'like me' ghosts walking and shaking your bed

on the lookout, introducing juicy-fruit full-wad bubble gum at 7-eleven - makes up for the juicy fruit slurpee years ago...

not to summarize, ever - favorite fruit of dougmoon: the plum although grapes you can't get in fast enough...this last one just as nice as the one before and the very first one...a heaven without plums? 'imagine there's no having it' the plum a bit gillibrecht (angels of lavender with gold light) or petri print but okay...

en route? less than half due

fyi: the current cost of a fedex or then federal express standard overnight envelope < one pound is $41.24 including tax (about $38-$39 if not so prompt the next morning of demand can become afternoon) we of the past had accounts and office and they made me think $30 always per pick delivered by 10 am...that's not bad still to deliver any a rag overnight with surety...and with online you deliver and package them our closest is on sunset across from the mondrian (one block west of across from construction) ships packages to be there for pick-up too...

'you know, i traveled the us by car along us 70 - and colorado is after kansas? somebody's lived up to it 'kansas' - hadda stop the car in a storm but denver and vail either side of the rockies then kansas and utah...las vegas?' right to left: new jersey > pennsylvania (where it begins truly), ohio, indiana, illinois, missouri, colorado (rockies both sides denver first then vail - long green and perhaps burgundy motor inns and trees), kansas, utah, nevada, california....july 1987...four corners and mt. rushmore is what's doing us down here...i saw the gateway arch all shiny not white illinois to missouri mcdonald' side of the river only the western side...the internet highway still labeled 'dubious' (doubtful, or 'at close range') 'writers like me'...done by us...

07/31: just as i suspected, new lounge cushions at 930 palm (downtown to the left of middle-ish palms wilshire is the skyscrapers on right)
did i mention we got renters insurance for $18 a month allstate? i'm not looking to get paid though....

five-dollar friday at pavilions left me without these tiki candles three of them but i went back for paper towels and bon ami, tissues - i need a few new curses
from the 'wet' lube company a value mention? very sensual...and about $5
see the catalog is great the summer ends soon

cherry-cola tiles notwithstanding, these are some dirty birds the lights at beverly center
i told a staffer polishing ecalators you're gonna hafta 'see' these soon

the lights hanging are by warner leroy but sell north of here on lacienega a boutique nearby
warner apparently has federal grants ? related to preserving his works (great adventure, tavern on the green, 'the grove' at pan pacific park...many others)
the workers are former office staff from the likes of macy's i hear doing mops and jobs - i'll de-dirt these myself just ask with the blue genie lift

honor month august features $14 burger cakes - they honor me, kinda as i fight meal prices every how
i don't want $10 meals with soda refills

what under the sun stings your face slightly with and expression? dried coconut - i just had instant coconut cream pudding by jello and was considering its veldos (veiled deliveries 'what is it?') slightly while dining...nothing beats plain ol' jello-brand chocolate with whipped cream on-top, and btw...the body roots for it, seriously - i like any nitrous (tomato, creams) for ridding excess energies and for sleep...

07/31: went back to target with another coke mcr square-isn bar code i earned (fifty-five points) and all is well again (bought some tic tacs their three-bean salad with four colors to shield me pride) - let's attribute to no taste for the loss of the coupon...meanwhile soda stream returns of air canister are $18 for a refill or exchange...currently, that is

achtung! friday 07/31 last day and of glory trust that: microsoft left a windows 10 logo lower right on my screen overnight so my free version of windows is now arranged they'll get in there in the next few days-weeks from now...this was the hard part that logo appearing naturally enough on my task bar...answer? leave your computer on always until fit - usually, i have my windows-type upgrades scheduled for wednesday at 3 am...

the windows 10 logo for downloading is naturally placed just under the cursor

with two (2) locations - orlando, florida and buena park, california - we salute pirate's dinner adventure for august...

wanted for sight, curio: mattel's 'thor' a kite-like styrofoam bird hawk-eagle - yellow plastic claws, beak wingspan about a yard, three (3) feet...hard to get anywhere circa 1975 i broke mine up long ago (and after all, people can't just be me), see is like black & decker's lime green and blue portable blender mia...sad

per paris: the vampire lestat? the vampire 'less said' - brilliant! i thought 'least changed' has a cute little origin fighting off wolves on his property and then getting bit for it by unseen ghost 'marius' an earth spirit 'he got what he needs' it says - his mother bernadette ? 'gabrielle' suffering from cancer took his dark gift and ran right out...sounds like my mother 'howling all night at spirits' she says now...tom cruise inspired the talk, was the impetus for it the new 'mission impossible'...the second anne rice book skipped 'the vampire lestat'...nosferatu? 'not a spirit' and lestat some...not always...the less said, the better...'bartholomew' is purely made to be me

nice-looking person around with beard and gray pants - come to me - much clarity

this is all from fisherman's party opening day~

the moca box at pacific design center 'tongues untied' is decidedly minimalistic these days a film showing with seating, some lean sexual portraiture, aids stuff 'who made it back'-type quote on poster 'women don't get aids...they die of it.' ours overhead 'women don't get aids - they have it.' formerly aids is in remission now for seventeen (17) days wait it out...for the intestines of the dead, really...angels, sum...

more: ralph's (especially fresh fare) has dole salads pre-prepped by the bag - note that

dodgers have a new jewish-type tee-shirt very trinity my interpretation is 'i had everything' or 'i can die now'
god over says 'why the wait? to hamburger sales
fine, fine...think 'doug' they're good to me
my mindscan of the script says 'i wanna know everything, but i can't'

cousins lobster shanty on santa monica opened to raging success
people every day every hour 'no complaints'
i scanned their bank relationship against nudes - won't let 'em figure any profit past rents - not yet

our ongoing 'letters to god' feature from the sidewalk
'tis too piqued not to see - besides 'nobody calls me'
what street is that? 'king' - get that

got me a trader joe's ny style cheesecake yesterday $7 one night in the fridge from their frozen section and voila! perfection...pumpkin is not available as yet, we'd say?

one more note at bed bath and beyond is 'silverene' or 'mercury ball' bullet lights and they're reasonably priced too - like $20 a set ($14, $20) use their mailer coupon or reserve online for pick-up at your local store there's a similar coupon in there~
for up in trees

fisherman's picnic 2015: terry's going to work the fishburger stand 'now' he says at 1229 on thursday in grand marais the lion's club

that view to the hollywood sign obscured at h&m beverly center this am 07/30
got me a new hat with a red-white 'h' on gray for 'holy'...only $12.99
'happenstance'...his and mine, hers and mine the closet

target has these lights $3 but battery-powered two 'aa' in the $1 section - yours too?
these are led (light-emitting diodes), but shine very nice at night we looked

the 'thirty-dollar microwave' strikes again at target - about $30 at $38
is one of our ongoing features and from time to time
note against shelf: this is temporary price cut filed under 'back to college'

i dream of the jeannie with the long blonde hair and or a dual fan in the window
we have the ceiling fan this fits $32.99 at target
shop on...

q: what do you remember more than burning hot instant mashed potatoes in your esophagus? a: nothing. my sulphur rule - how it traps a single (module or free-form) heat and makes it useless in the air wand for wand will prevail, nyc 911

with august coming up and my fifty-first birthday (like the fiftieth was magical - nothing), i hear alot of shit in my head about itunes and other companies coming due with banks who collect individual sales on credit and debit cards - is that right? i sold itunes music and movies by contract for three years 2005-2008 on the dot and now it's coming due? we'll see...someone said the first half of the month is one thing for a birthday, the second half another day due at the bank...a serious thing among people - making people work for you like i did - i'd watch that older import generation the unhappiest people ever made to live with secrets and all...i wouldn't trust that shit at all....

'sunset boulevard'? unmerciful....nobody is this - who are they making fun of? mary pickford never had a bad day this is some chinese ghost playing for the young girl typist who is her after all...'fright is not limited to sight' - dM
p.s. the girl is a young catherine o'hara neil's mother after all they tie into reagans somehow

the ball and a bank from the upcoming 'ravager' film aka 'phantasm v'

texas shareware weekend last month 'no film' june 12 was great for fans of 'phantasm' as they learned of their fate the new movie coming - 'much attention to detail' one adds one other (initials t.j.) says 'too frightening for kids' (this isn't legume or 'lengthening you') with coffins popping open and others making noise too much - the film features a dead child and all (his the tall man's mother who does this trying to get back 'in' whatever that is) 'too much gore' another producer-type cites michael schmitt, paramount 'the weekend was [way too] gross' reviewing props for sound or money spent ruthlessly 'no such type' october 10 maybe...

from google (i get everything in the head, 'on the wire'):

Minan Gallery Presents: Michael Schmitt's solo show, Ca ... University of California, Santa Barbara Oct 25, 2014 - Michael Schmitt was born in Culver City California grew up in the South Bay ... and Paramount Studios sculpture staff shop local 755 (IATSE).

delightfully, he michael schmitt thinks everything 'phantasm' is just disney - way to go!

reprise for vacationland: 'heathers' the complete movie
found this looking for a pete shelley song title - the opening track (pete shelley 'qu'est-ce que c'est cue ca?')
this is winona ryder's second movie ever - the first being 'beetlejuice' (save 'lucas' is really kerri green)
more: heather chandler - among other greats - is my first cousin cindy crawford she was married to rick rubin still is
mother (the barbra one) dresses her in plaid alot

drilled these candle balls out for new use - now just $4.99 at pavilions
water in the air has a nasty effect kinda - one use maybe

great for any larger hole on any day, this '1 3/8' bit did the job
best used with a larger hand-cranking drill
why ice sculptures aren't molded in peel-off rubber once frozen~

bought me a magic mesh screen with magnets at bed bath & beyond to be more neighborly~
$14.99 less their 20% coupon ($3) of course
for a dog and the bees they disturb, ostensibly
the magnets lock as long as you keep them aligned as fixed from the top

07/28: for the year of our lord~
silver ghost cam or locking hood

i made a portable booklight out of a weber grill light with led's (3 'aaa' batteries) and the base of that $40 singing skull i gave to neil
i couldn't keep cherishing that skull year after year with another man (the brush for keeping the pc's fan vents clean)

feature hp pavilion g running windows 7 since march 2012: i get in there at best buy at labrea and santa monica and i hook up to their in-house wi-fi (you hafta agree with all on browser) and then they called my name to sit and discuss it was a 'no-go' they wanna keep my unit for seven (7) days and i balked at that - then the regular led switch was acting up as i unplugged my mouse usb plug for keeping (maybe that was it) talk ranged from $150 for a new switch ('what it's worth, anyway' he garbled after asking about 'porno' on the hard drive $500 is what it's worth) and i bagged out...back home everything is running fine why bother it? any recommendations ? ? they did the switch out with programming i'm sure and they know it led's don't burn out i press 'f5' the globe or 'www' to start and then opt up in the lower left corner to start of them making money leaves me without care...'no good' it says 'not ready yet'...

i keep the wi-fi extender $35 near a window for outside use - good enough
was gonna run hardwires up to the roof from a window - is like telephone wire

new ikea catalog? get my catalog

started watching 'sunset boulevard' (1950) on netflix - terry's favorite of all time supposedly...mine is probably 'sgt. pepper' with bee gees...more: they talk to me alot in the head these two, but i'm at the juncture where she slits her wrists new year's...reagans have the house it is real on sunset she was mary pickford a great any way you slice it...'star wars'?

best buy will upgrade to windows 10 tomorrow 07/29 for $30 - made my appointment

just $100 for the gas grill we have by char broil (either direct or retailer like target also uses the name 'thermos' - we used them growing up too with lava rocks) - gotta replace a part soon the flame thrower with burner $20...more: anawalt lumber on robertson (where we buy our gas ball) has the grill boxed for $100 flat... you rent a gas bulb anywhere is $40 for the first one then $20 with empty return...our bar burner for flame is flecking metal on light up so it's gotta go $20 to order...$30 total...

this at anawalt nearby

07/28 larrabee studios still coping in its conversion from oceans '11' vegas-style to blazing 'flaming saddles' kicker bar
crosby, stills, nash, and maybe young had a house right behind here that was torn down almost immediately upon filming an album being made 1956 is now an apartment building, kinda

chi chi larue closing on the shady side of the street...

to the old billiard ball boutique - got me a $11 skintight top before they zipped right up
girl didn't want to part with it - i may be fat, but you are a wraith

whole lotta nuthin' windows 10 july 29
jump up ! from windows 7

new janet official!

'go set a watchman' this book by harper lee a publisher really - is about three centuries old and is about an old man who can't 'get it up' because his wife is there watching him perform all the time and that's the bargain she says 'not to tell and not to swim away' and he watches her run out a window one night while he basks in the rays of the moon...she is not real, and she is 'not natural' he says and he goes out with her to find out who she is and she does not shock at all she just shapeshifts and knows nothing of night, she doesn't come home and he finds her dead in an alley nearby and that is that...'i tried to avoid him when i was human placing me elsewhere he didn't come home one night too'...thank you...the book written by 'her' sandra myles

'to kill mockingbird' fifty years later (as her husband later on) has one truth not lying one bit 'i don't know what i'm eating' says the man who eats rats at night - the end

idea hut: when i walk around the block, i get to this little truck on holloway for posin' and pictures i guess
a little runaway boutique for those on the run jewel toned

elton john 'dirty little girl' from the 'goodbye yellow brick road' lp 1973
my favorite tune to this day from the largest lp ever printed
instrument best used here? mellotron - apple's ipad has a few instruments to sample one official-looking by markus resch is $1.99

the deed

the sound? the m3000 is free

terry gone through the 6th this is just the 27th...i don't miss 'em, just bored to death...

magic jack blues: i never thought to use the yellow button on the keypad - that does the trick of getting rid of it all...upper left it is with 'x' and the '+' blanked'll launch to full-scale when it rings...

'where was your helpin'
where was your bow?' - led zeppelin

bobbi christina died last week...tuesday...reportedly worth $20m is $14m richer

all valentine candy still on sale at aah's sunset (at san vicente) maybe others - note the coloring book ones on lower right just $0.10 i'll get me some later...

just sit still...or elf

new offer from bradford exchange
this from the charlie hunnam entertainment weekly 'king arthur' and all

made some chicken yesterday...for today

greenpeace was on the street yesterday 07/24 (one and another one as such - does it at the same time with a notebook full, no paper issued) and had a natural aversion to simple cash placed and perhaps visiting with others for 'habit' - no problem but they want monthly payments...nice boys need a little stimulant sometimes and these work with you while i avoid people of public concern, the forests, the paper they make (corn? your cue) and the education about why any of this matters...the world is so big you think it's date forty-seven thousand members died afloat and that is not anything to fuck in a boat over and all are renewable however with ellen around...vietnam killed less than forty-six thousand per my sources (one hundred twelve thousand easy for ayds or at least twelve thousand i don't know anyone like that)...not so glamorous...i hate this life it gets so grubby it floats to you in a fuckin' river, no wood? they stay in place in a no war...we love stuff they don't care...apothesis...

just another dirty girl - u come in and put stick of butter up 'em and leave...

this just in from terry up in the fingerlakes outside of grand marais, minnesota
left up lake superior just under grand portage (someone says now three more hours, but um)
duluth - to lose them heading north

indelibly mislain: alanis morissette 'are you still mad?' mp3 (3.9 megs) from the 'infatuation junkie' lp (1998)

beastie boys 'looking down the barrel of a gun' 'paul's boutique' lp
like you get fleetwood mac after so many years - being up late counts
now you go inside another cut that dropped down bits take it in - let's give second focal:
songs: flying alone, someone who farts alot

07/21 6:58 terry's (the roommate who pays mostly though i've earned my way out and away further than that - what do you all live on my back? i'll subtract those finger fucks and goodtimes every day - niggers) off for 'duluth' minnesota at the airport, the zipcar now filled with gas...ease lemon (he notes an upgrade now~)

see? fifty bucks from a quarter tank - now that's expensive and i like supreme
jeep compass is the vehicle - i rented a jeep patriot from palihouse last night 07/29
remember, $5 a gallon tells me who i am - and also tells you not to bother much

our hollywood landmark motel (see our july 2014) recently marred 'by fool'
don't blame me - that won't be easy to mend
a backup-type accident this on 07/20

three more days 'til announce? toni halliday 'no one called' 07/05...we spoke of you though - that's clear

not so new, but note the time for doing formwork (cement) and grass is now

when it rains, it's very carnival like snow in winter - eating your pets
i cherish these pictures later on trust that - always something to see

a bit snuffed from the southerly view heading up santa monica to lacienega a pied ('on foot' in french beautyspeak), we note substance and beauty everywhere
my main cvs with parking inside their elevator garage with store entry

here at the very intersection looking south toward beverly center~
i look at the hollywood sign there way upstairs in a store and think 'sixty-five feet each letter? my ass' that is a tree's height
come to sense (broken in two? that's better one hundred thirty feet some overlap)

up to our late-night 7-eleven next intersection north on right...

back down to santa monica or as not having gone at all
'when it rains it's like a grave - i hafta get out a bit' - dM

-----end present no talk

time-date 07/19 (time-date means time without date or day of week - we're not sure sometimes it's sunday btw): thank butt for the heavy rainstorm add plus here the last few days - don't keep denying my glory while i wait for better done-said...'we have that'...

what's that word for music and visual arts a checkerboard of sorts twisting and growing? 'serpentine'...very jungle...very -y equals x...'xymox'...delivers the greatest quantity or 'value' (that is, no cash - no symbol) for the time consumed, a center of it - perhaps sampled - swinging around to you, a modus operandi, a modal, or usual way of doing things...yours to demand another 'faux' or fools gold, yours for being hurt or being made to know...

kate pierson, ostensibly (though it offends my sensiblities) the oldest, most sensible member of the b-52's ('tis really emcee fred 'by twelve years') seems to address my problem with song 'matrix'
using that ol' speedway (no one else can speak so fast) we gather her thoughts towards me a usual elder's own picket
good enough to art sense with god enduring adding in 'you're in the movie' for the rabbit stance in theater lenshine she remembered and to agree while i work on my outwardly looking stance nothing here but surround and sight when fleshen
the rest a virtual ghost for feeling ad width - never to see without you bearing down 'i'll lens (lend) it to you'...'for now' it adds
to britcom 'change nothing if you're obviously wrong' (you'll too see it)
you know you're stars coned to a shine, not to reach for 'not enough'

my coke rewards story: i got this digital coupon (note: now you need fifty-five points to score a free bottle of coke) for immediate redemption by screen at target and i deleted it accidentally cleaning my inbox down 'out of sight is outta mind' truly (there's no 'deleted' folder on my phone)...i wrote coke rewards using their system and after a few notes of having received to no bother and a few assurances of a reply, their answer was to spot me fifty points for the error so i took that and redeemed online for another digi-coupon (never did i think they would give me points back and i thought i redeemed so many i might leave one out - because neil or some other grub would steal? that's it exactly i hate being used - it happens too often...back to, the new coupon would not scan in at the register like a few times before armed with my own money and they spotted me one yesterday the register said something like 'bad card' all in same...i thought i'd just leave it instead i room for honest abe yet...scan block number 9856-0400-3300-0000-2867-6393-1735-24 exp. 2/13/16

page failure too? it was the zero as usual...try again

the krispy kreme doughnuts holding up nicely - half dozen glazed to go although freezer...once a year?

water the miracle - same each year 'down the river but through the woods to grandmother's house we go.'

fertlized whole eggs in the freezer and why not? they just substitute someone else's roadside guarantee - 'you know i'll bet he's not here anymore...' another beelzebub on the know, even if it's yours it don't look right let's cite enviroment, starving for attention...

'round and 'round we go and what do you know? t/f 'i'd be a face in the donation box at the sperm bank...'nsf' unseen face

the gas valve-meter at work, on the job - the discount helped me avoid the price of a full tank of gas with trade about $20 every 4-6 months
we just replaced it and use almost every day for dinner

despite our claims re liquids and pellets, they have gas bulb meters for the barbeque on-sale at target - need to try it still
$20 chefmate
more: got mine - the last one - for $9.98 at city target lacienega
works well same control at the can one knob
got another $5 ($5.99) bag of 100 tea lights at bed bath and beyond with coupon $1.20 saved

curve make evil like no one else - 'hung up' on romance, rolaids, room aids (no class, english? dildos, drugs)
we all agree though no one is there with the title quite overused and as i fashion myself over the line between life and death and back again
'i left alone, i left a note, i'd love to know...i'd love to know' as forced down
not necessarily yours 'hey you know, i don't do so well'...

they didn't get to the that alan instead of mark?

the real meal deal - watch at interest
a big fan the record purchased unseen, i never watched really - lots of nasty points...who are they? stalkers in the night? 'zygote' waiting to see
simply german scaramouche-type dreams - the only thing missing is a catatonia (inability to move)

got through two movies this week 'american sniper' (brad cooper all serious many dimensions three tours of clockwork - simply ugly and not one bit real 'takes our time' and i quote 'his mouth's open' eggsactly) via at&t $6 freebie though i might might pee in 'fifty shades of grey' (you are them - cedric sylvers) again - 'nah' i replied (what if it still stinks to high heaven? everything but the girl) needs a fuckin' sticker 'you liked it 'cause i get laid sometimes' (me and the girl note a certain levity after being stung in the fat of your back where needles always smart but by a whip see diamanda galas with plastic legs in devo's whip-it or the studded leather 'mexican' glove from 'bonanza' *slap* in the mouth 'you bitch!' and all that dirt everywhere too) and 'the motel life' a cheap if not predictable aids reference on netflix (stephen dorff and someone else cute one dick of a story a dying dream kinda 'who made who?' the taste of sad reminds one not to interfere with life's guilding of a person much more sanch a burned out hole in black plus unseen benefits i don't call you don't either...the sidekicks rule both of these with beauty and isn't it your turn to eat me? tip: never use wet ones people hate balls laced with their avocado and pomegranate slimes...try the lemon citrus...if you can't see an exit...

this liquor mart in hollywood instructs you just the same

shames me, and no one too - like a girl on the go, you get the facts some food stamps 'another recipient unrelated will help glamour'

fashion meets an end at bed bath and beyond - there's no talk trying to convince yourself just great bulletin and note boards
the height of civilized society as all can read, but sense danger closer to home too
'thanks - just leave it at the door'

these wings sensing rare opportunity but are also ploughing over a lab window like real - from gay pride the execution is simply 'gay' going away when opus happens a parting-party
drawn by artlessness that seems to suggest you could have done this yourself perhaps even later in life's canticle (tealight candle going out to a small favor)
this is why i don't watch scary movies - so gump to my toilet - which is more novel ask jesus
angels are real and all ('v' for victory, a 'vadge' of secrets) to a complicated and seriously condemning mind, no names
you don't need to plagiar my works...i asked the girl in the sample is this 'v' okay - she said 'no'
so what~ got your panties from the healing lab or laundry room, too

More Than Nothing Left To See, There's No Part To Play In June 2015
'I can't think of a bigger waste of time than talking about me. You'll get that.' - dM

brief reset of holloway (tuns along sunset) here:

a current look up holloway from lacienega

down towards lacienega and my 7-eleven

restyle of a carriage house length along the way and towards sunset
one more time about sal mineo dying next door~

abandoned house near lacienega