open up, then draw on it
quaff deeply
blahla, blahala
w. will approach soon 'who?'
'w.' no one you know

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advance to crystal-clear august 2013 page...what after you pay your rent

best buy has a samsung galaxy tab 7" for $200 flat...use with wi-fi...and remember the good buy logitech revue is at sears and other for the tv no computer necessary

when i was renewing '' for the year (each august) i noticed one of those website valuing websites finally admitted i had something here about $76,000 they said - maybe off a bit...

update sales through july

update sales from inception through 08/04

i got mine: cvs now has a 20% coupon you can get all week in their coupon machines with their spending card (spend $100 get $20 off 08/04 - 08/10 now sees the 11th) - plus arizona teas tall in the can are 1/2 off too (fifty cents each?) coke 2-liter is $0.88 again you gotta look though in the cooler sometimes...

netflix: it's on to 'halloween 6 the curse of michael myers' is new (wasn't bad - new story line or redoubles gets five stars anyway for being there paul rudd the mother dying and all...puppet master was unusually excellent....seeking figurines?)

"the halloweens you cheated me out of: i can't come home for a simple halloween celebration without people diving in front and mocking me..."

lillian vernon at banner link still has the 'deluxe cable zip line' for kids (a la 'home alone' house to tree) too...$109

at ralph's the briar patch: blackberries are just $1.48 a container this week 'til 08/06 or so...

drooling alot? blame sleep - the salivary glands get revved up for a regular meal and you probably lay down too soon - sit up another five (5) minutes or so and the juice all heads inward down as digestive instead....

saturday 08/03/17: stopped and chatted with west hollywood mayor abbe land (toni halliday's nemesis or name made as said) about today's festival 'sunset strip musical festival' and she said it was going great but she needed to go and get a shawl of 'cold' this evening

from a little accident at cvs on lecienega and santa monica
look before you buy?

the full frontal at rage these days

down the block heading west a soda pop day - so boring though

kreepshow on melrose (see website: kreepsville666) will sell you a hell of it

see 'live' sale this weekend
we think onj owns this like 'koala blue'

at target about $5.99 add to our fruit collection lemons

then digital clocks at target are cheap enough at less than $30 the each - we love digital, stops time

you can't beat $1.27 or so for six reese's cups at cvs
kit kat, etc.

silver sphere lately at rage on santa monica

add another edit to my site is my note of watching 'curse of puppet master' (number six apparently) from netflix - is it worth dying for? we'll see...thanks, you fuckin' cunts (movie? grade 'a' richard's mother is in it prominently...oregon, they'd say...i keep one or two of the puppets around a fathering from me)

adam 'onan in the morning, j/o?' and eve (even-stephen with acid-like imbalances on the pay scale?) brought to bears: think of adam being the morning-time - you get up and at 'em you're there seeing and saying with if things need to be said and seen...otherwise is a la carte at 'crate & barrel' next year someone says ? not mine to point out said and such a woman interprets there (the 'less is more' movement from her doesn't move my hips outward but i'm there talking in sales and feeding poor people with the mercies of what the government forced you to let go gays get free lube with rubbers soaked in sperm at matter-of-fact boutiques that sell them old clothes donated at the cost of not being offered any pay and at wit (even-stephen's work all day is petting her cash someone else's somehow like interest cost is at-once removed from your pay as doubled tax outward) ...see 'ky' as suggestion then (keep yours)...back to: 'even' is a layabout i assume only when the work is done and no she may not show up in your place like mr. belvedere was expected to be her once removed (seen at your leisure only no tips to report), but calls ahead of time making sure others 'know' you were up all night operating heavy machinery - she doesn't get it quite right, but hate is seen from afar as one to be flagged right through on the way to her initial win that prefaces firmer losses elsewhere...a 'lose' means someone else is gonna hafta help her out of a k-hole (no backing up to try again is mine not) soon no matter how much cash quoted...eve's job is to ease the parts around onan and possibly still the biblical jerk-off that makes him unwilling to be the first out the door and the first to return your request to leave...i wouldn't bother with the whole snake and fruit thing (england noted as eating too richly among the greenish leaves where eggs are truly born an enigma to this day) thing i just two saw pretty ones leaning up against your door frame as arching up slowly right on the line but they go tail-last in a little door below the upper corner joist all is 'home sweet home' one assumes their diameter the size of a fist but real smooth and brown...mine own are just the gray eye of an accused in my peep-hole a penciled center - a loose spring under your furniture is the reach for an effective anti-venom then...a woman will in-fact know more but in the evening both found to be an else as having worked at it or your symbols here they're too cheap a killer but you reached beyond a sight's worth knowing ('when a word's worth changes')...people are cursed with knowing i say, not having to know that's my curse an animal...and if blacks are cursed with pride having to see for yourself and not all is theirs to see...the eye on the side again...all work and no play makes jack a dull boy we'll raise him up not to hear his mother's call list but to so do.

july 30 a day like any other tuesday lavinde no make-up...paint your right pinky red with marker etc on august 1 if you want to channel - we'll see you with barely if bog a smidget just around my birthday if all goes to hell looking for sitz rivet...

revise four-score and seven years ago? an education start to finish K through 12? try this - put four peck marks or scores then in a row then cross out line to then equal a total or emerging score of five added twelve years now? count down to glory practice speech basically no one could be blamed for not reading it all first before enlightening us with the breakfast prayer for a 'few' more napkins...not the whole since when bashful...'for indians' it saddened 'idiots'...'egg hands'...

A matter of taste: "In reviewing Starbucks Store affiliate statistics we have noticed that you have not generated any orders in the past year. We would love to get you back on-track in the program! As an incentive to become order-active again in the program we would like to offer you the opportunity for a commission increase in September. If you generate any orders between 8/1/13 and 8/30/13, we will increase your commission by 2% for the month of September. In order to help you meet those goals, Starbucks will be running several aggressive promotions during the month of August so please watch for the Starbucks Store Affiliate Newsletter for more information." They're gonna ask Starbucks if it's okay to have affiliates but after the croft fact. I'm gonna ask them not to pay for army and bangelos when the gift cards are dropped against no sale made. Niggers again...we don't pay them, either, but they begift to us as sales 'referred' once the real ones start to escargot everywhere begelt. Snip, shave. The card also jimmies an apartment lock like a fusebox of hornets gridded at the tree. MT fine nest. You're gonna need some rubber hose and hot douchebag to call home for the day's indian cobb styx before the 'crippled cash' word leaks in france... 'hugh' hint: le croix the crying, darling...

another beauty i play often enough - cocteau twins as faye wong 'amusement park'
this stuff is perfect make me more...

the page title refers to my favorite childhood drink by hi-c 'cactus cooler'...i loved the greenish drink like orange drink at mcdonald's, but better somehow with name changes...cactus citrus cooler....remember me, you can't just know stuff...more: tried hawaiian punch's green concoction is more lemony but good...not the same ever

got my new driver's license and as unblemished by you yesterday 07/26 from our 07/19 in-house test date...not purely given...almost looks fake with a bitmap look to it...thanks again until 2018 you'll be dead by then i'm sure...

this photo represents sister leslie, brother scott and his son xanadu (kat-man-du in haiti) or zachary
has been pinched at a kodak kiosk in the home...sears...'where america shops'
their old slogan sear's in downtown trenton pre-mall was 'too many niggers' - remembering theft is sometimes just as good as a sale, the way i understand it you could just sit there

this is how silver spoons on santa monica turned out - someone says is scottish in design looks like it has half a chance but was gay - does it fit?

my cell phone doesnt capture images well at night, but a big moon here on sunset heading east just past fairfax days ago - which one is it noting an umbrella shape?
terry is out-front schlepping it...we never walk together one in front the other avoiding talk and complaints like the evolution of apes - pretty accurate i'd say

this lightened by a cheap adobe-type program in windows...says it better second from right is the moon as stars falling, i guess

faggots-flagships at gold coast near circus books (yes, where i rent piss videos - you need to work harder these days so few mysteries around) made this new and we use until we know why not and for absolute sure
like colors and twinkle lights one day we may fade back to glow bulbs and you better have them rated for energy use
like powdering drugs with kitty litter, some argue it doesn't reflect prosperity or whatever 'p' word they used to rip up these christmas trees
my business model had lettuce instead of meat sometimes otherwise people own your stuff by strict adherence
they don't live, i do

god knows no one cared enough - me without my hat of hay ('if i only had a mane' like bad breath, keeps you sharp-looking)

get the lube and mags out - with the sound turned off, you could be here for real...that's small but achievable like a small of knife in the thigh
lucas black? thank you taj mahal 'mahatma' even in hell you bait and switch (cab on the beach) and i quote 'eats shit for breakfast, is that by noon'

each picture taken by me refuses you port...the chance to see something unique in it 'i refuse them their cake then'
'back over time, you'd bleed - you never thought of me' - blondie or kim deal 'eats shit for breakfast, is that by noon'
like coffee, that gives me diarrhea - i wouldn't know nothing is solid anyway
'you can heat a shit - ' if breakfast is a can of coke, and a kaiser roll with a pit-a-pat of butter
'...but you don't know why' - it ain't easy to get away from commenting on one's self the very money pit of anger

why the egg hatched: that white monolith on sunset is slated to be another chase bank - just great - a black umbrella 'for sun' i'd liken it to citi cash if i had any ideas on the matter i like food and drinks mostly no messing around...chips/dip

happy birthday to 'king terry' that funny? pay me to see...feel for more

terry made it safe to mn...i'm luvin' it

grandma (and grandpa's - we're not papa people, see neil for euro-yuri stuff) grave near at&t in what used to be raritan, nj (near robert wood johnson that was at&t under the guise of caring i'd assume)...nice place see your own grave it's real still
...the other two? marc ondy (an uncle, steve) and mary his wife i guess mary (gwyneth but ground up one notes)
steve, if you're not marc, you're probably still pretty...prettier? i seen ya in the store...bakery section
personal stuff? hardly - yet another lie, in a purse cleverly lain
was there before known to value or four, argues nothing, is kind pavliks or pederasts*
please, if vaginally assertive reveals nothing is 'kitty-corner'

*plays with children's genitals in lieu of 'proletariat' the word i couldn't remember
a proletariat is russian for people who are privileged and love their government while others do without - even when communists

jill and kevin again - who is that? michael jackson estate got awarded $4 billion or ten percent of that $400 million...tidy
the man does coordinates shows at la's dodger's stadium plus his recording stuff - many losses to recognize plus needles in the face
'people will come here and rip you up'...yeah, maybe for me they rage
maybe you 'let them rule the rent' take whatever you want it all still 'it burns in my ass!'

info for july 2013

the data each daily

office depot changeover to date

a flock of seagulls 'man made' from their first album in 1982 - on jive records

terry on vacation tomorrow for two weeks july 24-aug 7 class reunion aug 3 and all flies into duluth, mn $533 later...

curves - thats'a a new one

'thank each and every one and no i'd tell you when paid...the gift heretofore missing as so given would be better and not just something i want...i work for opportunities to do 'not so rich a pot' the next time i try - dM who enslaves you and your family anyway to keep the craps i smell outta my rear...there's no fuel-free launch just corns grub and bushes formerly the tiller for rent 'tolks at my balls'

'nobody wants you for work...' - some fool educating me...i never had a job you couldn't do it's the opportunities for advancement that grace both you and me then with any the others and there are few that won't do...i worry about not delivering well whenever i see you there or so to i'd say with your batch currency out on the rocks (never pay me, never salinde)...look at kate mulgrew - nobody cared who flew who about is-was who mattered to it least who pees their pants who shat the bed...forgiveness is their gift each and as i suspected as much you don't pray or floss much with no such insistence...i don't do anything as so should you? should you won't be named is as best could being for it.

spare yourself any the thought - if you did me a favor you're gonna be fine (i seek absolutes to hear out) but can be an asshole sometimes? stop cursing i don't have gift to give as no juke pass/fail....never think out what to say - i burp instead

ridicule asap: is that the play-doh barber shop of the early and late 70's that featured people (peep-hole) who knew how to grow hair with cranks on their chair? sure you just put play-doh in the open bottom of the rounded head figures (a 'pum', for 'pump' i guess), slide them back into a chair and then crank out wormy strands of silken hair albeit many colors after so many cut-scrapes...the best toy the ever made by them per me the original fun factory a bit flimsy but exciting...these yellow things are called 'vonneguts' and i never watch anything like that but maybe you do...studios make these like anacondas crap out babies in the water - with none to spare each one so precious...

got the ol' driver's license renewed yesterday with in-person eye test - not easy, not hard either $32 total every five years or so...if no pass, it's back to the egg four tines to read lines out a-d and at call a coverlet left-right for some the charts hung right behind the desk no distance back from where you stand but is oddly sized to seem thoroughly mate...a worry wart (no matter how many women i talked to about an ingrown toenail 'they'll just clip off the side' the whole thing had to be surgically removed with needles and a scalpel in a minor surgery suite 1981) it was no big deal i guess wait to see (my grandma kept her eyeball though...a growth?)...thanks to the helpful angel that walked with me to the dmv roving from was easy enough...i hate weirdos smiling and refusing the tip but remain thankful...hateful...the erstwhile troibhant (one who celebrates little wins over others always) getting naked changing clothes and swimming without life preservers once cleared of any you

this is zimmerman, apparently (who?)
'you coulda been shot by a wiry black man looking for respect' - dM...i have that - blacks say he's better than you' better for you i don't need that
by all reports 4am nervously watching for blacks at the intersection the mother is who orders any the hit...a fatwa is mine 'if you did this i forgive jews'
there are living morgues everywhere i assume - it's the people who care who get outta line most often and you don't have anything i want
all's fine by any sweep

found this land lubber by hoover near the trash closet (you were moving? oh) and used to it to see how well done without the bugs and batwings of a bigger female-driven module (three hundred pizzas later no pie)
the detergent is no pless you just toss in hot water other units frizz out on water mistakes that short the activator or cowpers gland (see previous unit the 'regina steemer') this doesn't bother the vinegar oil ratio with lettuce you don't make anything without asking yourself to be a bother first
prior to this i wondering what next at ebay? redouble? they have this for $89 no shipping cost but no mocking hand-brush unit sans the motor ('pounge') either it doesn't whirl apparently a buying frenzy won't see it in time not to be used - as used is like any stress fracture of the foot dragged in from the side basically a club meat
does a decent job with lime-green polymer brushes going 'round not really wearing but too soft i just need freshening and every carpet is junky-looking anyway once handed off we just need this kinda but no space for any a popeil
see target (um, 'sargeant') for a new unit about $120 or so in cow brown - makes a great currency of exchange with cash monits (cloaking and uncovering everything at once then pance) around too no net to seek backwards just fife and drum someone in your grave
more: comparable model not on sale at $199 at target with scrubber wheels a tray underneath and on a hand-held brush see one other a simple handheld with spray is there too
*malfunction? check the clean water-soap bucket - there's no water left, only (however, the power sucking button on handle does get more water out of the carpet, anyway, a flouge, but is a test of resolves as 'who's more wrong?' but was not me yet the machine now tired as full of heat)...

cripple: fab four title 'he's just not that into you' is up there with 'harry met sally' or 'hairy met scary' ('you've got mail' nor 'alan hale jr.' stiffer butter upper aol now once the food thrown over the fence) - this land-lamb is mine too - scottish turp 'my bonnie [a brownish of beads, name ends in suffix '-ski' is virtually see romannoff hibbert romnaski int'l underwear buff) lies over the ocean' and is next up was not that bad a film after all i've seen pieces (the denouement mostly for a lesbian, that is - a guy moves in to their loft in a welsh sherwood forest after shielding elsewhere 'the person least likely to be there pays' says god)

atom ant: if electrons are orbitals, what is an electron shell? made of two or three orbitals, they keep the light in sufficiently unless hampered or slowed by light and heat sustained...oxygen is the source of the shells and their counts 2, 3, 2 outward - the two sides covalent (sharing a bond) and twisting over to the other side is the imbalance...any hydrogens bonded two more with and pressure are secondary...more later

one more lavvord: althought an outrage (fierce-fearless *hunch up*) i hate ruining lives forward, zimmerman better to die off and set both afire to be again and again who knows you both want nothing thank blacks for the rares, sights nothing's worth it yet..,.deadly force over target's overstock? not a winner yet...a shit in the forest but like women who get shat in never my dream, you gotta see it first...war zones...nothing so special to be as told...

what is a 'hootenanny' (sp)? a sex or snake-holding (nearly broth as repeat food you pay for - a lesson in vapours) response to the question-exclaimer or reverse talange 'there is no god'...most i don't see at all one big drop of blood or none much 'japan' just answer the question no pay for flares no 'perishes again' now just piss: people are the roto junkbox of forward thought precisely - god demanded to see progress race to call him in first, you are the math implied by a business venture gone sour - revenue but so expended (is therefore expensive and so, but prim or tight in the ass) with debt bottoms a left spectrum below zero thribbing with center-state (thinking as already doing no patches of 'past' before they get one out on the shelves too - no new foods) bacteria that eat at you only a sorry old-forest pangea (who has it ? with our water pots full of snakes showing - more at a guess 'libya') -type africa with no more than twenty priests per social or anus-valved schism...capitalism (finders-keepers now in your drawers at home) now bothered by distributors (sees where it all goes after passing any the gas off another fully-stocked but lonely bacteria higher standards stand-alones only) who balk at prices for nothing received another crock pot with freeloader smiles and wide glancing eyeballs you can't make see but plan on showing them again...

i hate cruel humours showing me anything - help me help you - you are me but not the other way around i have and do more for 'us' or 'you see me here standing - i know you do' but without the gavvold (yin and yang or talkabout) pleasure of thinking it's any a greatness, yet latent and undeserving a sleeping giant in women's wear? they are there to stop talking, can eat, give them yours for half the good immersed for all i care...i tossed that all over a fence to see if i was stealing and in rare time again...and at pre-published rates i myself couldn't afford to just pass gas on waiting for 'that's good, though'...$4-$5 a gallon you'll pay anything what a creep! i never bought more than $5 for my jeep...what did you lose after fifteen years arguing it beans to a flatulence? is symbolic and cheap at the pump too like a $6 bottle of soda i drank already but get a caloubra of points for...all a steady propaganda of reassuring one just bits off but fleisches me with-sum illegal as wire-tap phone conversations that skinfist-alerts of others 'possibly' listening what did i serve you in my home again 'some crap' you covered with the good-stuff that breathes an ashtray of cold energies in my eggs yet while licking your fingertips for 'no muss'? i just tried a mouthful of the fish 'cod' i call it 'sampson' about blacks again - flounder is more like the flinty fingertips at shibb i've come to revoid much like camembert can't remember who was pregnant then (even a mcflurry or cat wettled pfizer glock milk has a rock in it) no taste but is nuisant as to suggest another with-cheap of sperm its slice cones of understanding what 2% of real or untreated orange zest can do for a top firm or no negotiating stance downsizing or paying their janitors through adp 'half for them, then you'...

this just in from 'fool': 'he wants to know my money' - please i know a beggar even at home among stares...if i coulda got that any cheaper i'd still pay for the threat of no service when i shit in it stalled out to 'make me pay' i will and do it still right now and but have forever like cone-head nairobis stalk the winter night with cinnamon sticks...make hay a full-on rot of bulb chased inward while the sun shines out to be so open with wicker-like snatches at the ball of gun...a fur meat (indo-ad sign) crated to be near me with pulled-down edges over the eyes...i'm sad now too

another false quote if no eyeballs see it with 'you're gonna be dead' - someone smarter to the catch has to tell you anyway - wait it off the both...morn: is like gay you hafta keep lighting the tree each night while checking for breathing - the mother upon reveal 'i thought so'...'a time to sell yourself, a time for asking' - talk talk asks you not to be so helpful...

something minor from pete burns (jesus, had he lived prior to 1612) hit the decks - your marriage an old mexican man with a sword and paunch at my door threatening me with no office skills
icon? iconoclast is mine tears down religious symbols to make its enough is e-con making and marketing cheats for pay...asks me to say it better

keep the newsletters: my father had to send me $100 for this extra-long fucking 'bout you? only stories of making do with endless bother and talk i suppose...i don't live to see that a veritable cab ride from skid-row last night...ask yourself if you really need flowers and a card? if you live at all...see that out there too always thanking clerks for having been there so clerks to help you starve to death in africa...

'you didn't win anything yet' - dM erases good memories and places them with the robbed now play piano while i wait to suck someone's cock that message at just $12.95 a month plus fees less any interest paid me alone and comfortable enough yet and yet again...'life is beneath my standards - that's right where you are' - dM if you're real and have signaled itself pain that is mine to distribute to the dumb (no complaint) at first cancel

the other two 'ripple'...otherwise is new order see 'regret' these days still
no, i don't have 'gillian barre' or beauty (seen as to be beneath me, like i'm god and i made it to please myself at what a cost) disorder (um, heroin or no fat soluble as granule) for no pay
no, sacrifice means possibly having to ask for something you gave or are giving away to no bother - see it come
'only jail makes you connect that deeply to a thought' - dM

i have the recipes for making teeth fall out and hair how to lose both simply teeth and bloody fingernails maybe later, maybe not we'll put in the recipe box labled 'moles' for now but is in the world, out and about in the red-lighted nail dog - a chihuahua - that smells cancer down at sidewalk barking again...

'electric avenue' eddy grant....

go into the light, stay born...wandering

Everything Counts In June 2013

shaking the tree by doug moon...

short feature film a dark-haired boy in a car - we've met, kinda