yo ho ho and a bottle of soap scum
like a menu stating all the things you won't make...
a full list of all the things you won't do
and now you to pay me
for trying not to

Admits We Had An Overload Of Pleasure And Vows Us August 2011

another hard-to-find from the wmmr days in philly: eye to eye 'nice girls' (1982)
is on itunes now too....rosie o'donnell stuff 'with those ostracized guys' promo video
progeny of quarterflash ('harden my heart') sure - or - a song played for a song played
other else: the flirts 'miss you' produced by bobby orlando of pet shop boys fame

Visit Fruute outside of Pavilions West Hollywood for a $3.00 tart...very small one inch times one inch ? I want the one with berries on it...benefits MTA coming soon.

a flock of seagulls 'space age love song'

x---------------------------------------pelt one

August so assume...we're here all alone now no rush...I'm not you looking to leave (or then me pushing quietly for a different result). May you seem banana slices and puzzle pieces behind your rec room wet bar. Cat shit and the smell of piss. You, in the dark. That picnic yesterday asked us to sign a paper with bald crusoe that included address, e-mail, and how so you were on their list but 'occupant' sent. Two (2) rubber tickets one raffle one for a food plate but up the road I left after waiting quietly me and with a head of friends (Neil) who made me look a bit odd they hate these things ('spit in the food' like Hamburger Mary's charities always packed with beggars never anything I think of wartime stuff let me hack spit in your prison food plate top and bottom and every day you'll scratch it off and no you can't play it out the volume goes up to win and win again you then mention it not and stop making people dirty-looking to me I removed them already with shrink wraps, hygienes, and offering so little of my own attentions to detail). I was a bit fruited but narked up anyway with getting the other fool off to a private little crash in the Arizona desert north with his foolery of toxic friends (all to spares lined up at that picnic? who's the fool for no more money?) and switch him out to new guest (they take the body and babysit here often he goes to play to no bother no touching but me still target the face fold I'm mean or averaged in thought patterns no matter what and appreciate you speaking clearly in tones around you'll need to be understood better only to turn a flatline monitor up). You don't need to be that do you? I don't. Someone played me with another old auntie death (this one is the mother somehow howling on me - too close to the foam comforts of home, I thought). The older girl (the blind one) from "Little House On The Prairie" was in line ahead of me young and pretty brunette, light green eyes. I don't talk to strangers but 'hi' again. I hate being alone but no bother. Don't say sorry don't worry..

His Terry's recent spate of dental work (all his teeth were knocked out up front it seems drunken snowmobile, oral craphead, whatever - new bridge now it's ugly stuff but nicer for him front teeth just pressed to the gum) pisses me off too. That cunt (Neil's father, is Richard) bullied me (I as most usual 'scrub' for him or pay his bills to get my money's worth while enduring his faggotries and lavash) into paying a dentist bill $350 when we owe $96.04 and I had the bill gussied up a bit for me and Neil's cashflow (mind factors only) we are pinned bad and standby too often. Terry's father is paying as promised, but can't get mature money when he's young and I reject him flatly anyway for scoring (coming in to say for just a bit sometimes off-center I try and kill that too quite often to success - no further change - the dying is easy among no choices and it's back to me to say how much and how so I love being me a height of secret cruels the dark and its cutlery of hands, hooks, and spinning wheels, the ancient buttfold) and he touched my hat (a ridicule of discomforts - Neil would have him punched in the face it happens and wouldn't help and all show inconsitency in human quality factors I kill to see others so happy and reject the notion that I'm not doing all I can to be coupled with no sight seen so well - all sales upwards from people used like tin cans or not wanted at all their wins are at home with parents...with institution, family, friends they gave too much but to whom sent?) last week upon greet on the street (like you see a nigger - as to register 'fear' only) that to then stay on the street sucking cocks, Girl (as leveraged...I seek nothing but release 'where'd you spend your good times?' - and thank you for being, noted as with me, there is value everywhere but just before being seen alone doing with my stuff). The fathers are both one, mine. Get that? Nothing has been proved, but both have yelled at me for saying 'fuck' in the car a recent wrong number dialed asking for Jason says he left at the beginning of the month (my mother's husband says unawares to him). Him at my mother's new house? A co-incidence (if prefix 'co-' means 'no asking [you see it]' is a 'plague' or seeing too much for one thought or gaze - no eye, no hand in its purse 'open up') I guess. The father is my sister too. And Neil's mother is my sister. You do the star charts. Anyway, the bill is $2,131.00, Delta paid $1,034.50, we or the fathers paid $1,000 and that leaves $84.50 and why would anyone pay after last month's payment anyway - to keep good credit for me a reject? Fuck you I take teeth I don't do dental work (not in jail anyway). If Neil needs it, you're making us struggle too much. A faggot that bullies me sees it come. Neil's tears will dry mine. My mother's. You ask me to then avoid it all. You pray - I can't kneel to that and I'll crucify you as held down with spit for someone else no touching the genitals ever...I have them knitting caumells in rich skeins of acrylic.

That fucking nigger court in Beverly Hills sends me a collection for $838 like you need the accounts receivable (saying you are owed to deflect same of poisons) that bad but don't understand I do the right thing only and that went where all other government notes go - in the fucking trash. I'm not you seeking justice after ham. You live. "Come get me." I'll try again to pull your house down and out into the street. You curse me we'll have someone shit in your mouth 'til your eyes explode for making me unhappy to be at a note. Other people cover their mistakes. I say do it until they speak no more but don't bother with it either. Let me get this straight: I'm important but fold right into your ass for sitting down? You don't decide great or anything else - can I leave now no spend? Just ask me not to spend the money I don't have so I won't stop and thus go shopping.

No drivers license will hinge on this stuff...you pay less and wait. It comes as being held unnecessarily unrelated like unpaid interest on a car's title. No one has the right to do anything paying a body somehow to lie on-top of another body, but they do it anyway and then we do it to them still and hire 'em off too. Representing your interests in the hope of having any at all is best fed. "Shoots itself red. Runs for the toilet left running. Does when you'll do."

Someone's mother "drives across town to save ten cents" according to my mother. Only if you let them speak. My father said "look what the niggers did" (to Trenton, New Jersey). What the Jeffersons did to a silk blouse with sweaty arms once under the hot of iron. What cheap cigarette burns did to social disease. Get that cloth that changes color when breathed on by a smoker. Wear it well.

Do I mean it? Don't make me sorry I came to note you. An accounting of me gets you skinned I need to know no bone or freedomed thought of knowing to you. "I don't need to know anything." - dM

[you dumb piece of shit - there is no hide and seek for unhappy bitter tones seek it yourself in avoidance...we test smarts and tape the relative results to the door for identifying outward after, you to remain...never comfort fear of failure with trying too hard it spirals downward with hoping it all works out someone else's blowjob will mercy me clip-arts of 'an-eye-for-an-eye' seeing too well or before i just do it a discrimination against nothing coming anyway, a prejudice of hearing its fiends happy already all window flames behind cellophane having 'too soon to tell' spill the beans privately, as it were 'petch to death']

"You'll have fifteen minutes of fame no matter who you are." - dM quoting Andy Warhol

"There are no stars in New Jersey." - dM quoting dM 'boy will they shine'

"Tiny Dynamine" + "Echoes In A Shallow Bay" the sky as roundish hand-eye of dulcimer god and mono earth (potware) behelden...as both came to see, one says it more and is taken from meanings no scent (as anthill, not just as hot but inside)

"Well, if you were a star you'd think I'd know." - dM you are a star but you are not rich...you pay to play, rich pays to see it done their way a real nice glass in a bluesy smoke-filled bar, a cut of the washed hand

"And ours kissed, an anarchist." - dM our assholes met as you and I mentioned afoul -- I don't want to talk about this tripe with young nuts, and you don't need to be bothered speaking to it ever same page no voice, no scold

"Makes tears in the same room." - dM so hassles them, like-for challenging in reverse or after cowardly asking of one's expertise, is not just when you can be heard speaking

"I have to see the wager up-front and appear nonsensed for no further bother or bodily contact what fear first phelped." - dM swallows just once and thinks at too high a price paid with not a penny aspiring both bought at a flip...sell yourself to me it's harder than personal gain suggesting me to you as from higher scenting a mood ring for the ravages of time-space coupled with being age and hunger that stinks up the air if found to be eating in wigs "I'd have that fisted." - dM

wage = minimum working age for what is $8 la pur, and your bet sir? sir loin? the other hot white knife...places, coalesces...'embraces cold, kisses sloppy' 

alexis jordan 'happiness' is the 'walk walk walk' song we spoke of - is the talenese janet jackson making her mother happy again
with pet shop boys attending it ('bob clearmountain' too?) chrissie hynde robs from another here sacred saint 'the right words are unclear but said here' (i see ridicule too - saying all the right words as if to exit same)
she says this is stuff she saw on the other side and that amc gremlin-pacer drove her around her people don't make cars but do make gas they said and she was permitted to have this old model of hers but she didn't drive
then she made to work on a car's function (not her car, another one) 'til it was good enough to jump a gap iin a bridge her confident...she had to study and deliver in a school of sorts
the gap was as long as the car...'i don't want to know anything' good good 'i don't care' if can ('these were the words of hers and were recommended to her by someone else older' + 'he can sing them' she said 'her father')
i like to sing it my way full flavor a brief romance with its flame 'don't live in it le freak' i sing me to me
a higher ground
a word off
a bit over the top

you gotta close your ass:

mmm mmm mmm mmm [from 'children of the corn' perhaps another to name, perhaps another question]

i gotta turn this car around
i never should have left you there
boy this traffic is making me sick
boy i can’t wait to have you near

i gotta hurry hurry hurry
now quick quick quick
just step on the gas cause i don’t wanna miss this
this opportunity will only come once in my life, my life

i gotta hurry hurry hurry
now quick quick quick
just step on the gas cause i don’t wanna miss this
see what your bringing me boy is priceless
i gotta be out of my mind not to try this

through strength i found love
in time i found myself in happiness with you

mmm mmm mmm mmm

boy i need to say what’s in my heart
i was scared but i’ll do my part
i came back to tell you face to face
so what we have won’t go to waste

i gotta hurry hurry hurry
now quick quick quick
just step on the gas cause i don’t wanna miss this
this opportunity will only come once in my life, my life yeah

sorry sorry sorry i’m coming down to fix this
you should know how i feel i know i got you twisted
see what your bringing me boy is priceless
i gotta be out of my mind not to try this

through strength i found love
in time I found myself in happiness with you

the things that you can give to me
i can feel it when your holding me close
you're like one of those 'world wonders'
i know i’m going under

come see that i’m ready for this
and you're so good for me
you’re my true joy
you make me wanna say

mmm mmm mmm mmm

through strength I found love

n time I found myself in happiness with you

'i don't want anything for him', and neither should receive it also (be the silent partner of life, sound - abeyant, tries to understand its own flaw: being seem)
you pay to leave, to be there 'the one least likely to be there, pays' + 'he who has money pays' so others you like to know can attend, removes a known good for knowing too much of it the authoress of any overextend
nothing like (or 'near', or 'helping, above as dropping') you makes anything like this - is a 'scalawag' a dog eating fine foods after dinner, its enjoyment labours a line of spice (your supper was by others served)
a carpetbagger or one who rolls up calendars to leave when times get tough and there's nothing more to lose to them with nothing but clues
a non-person is here, this is no one but flexes in solvently to make me sad and substantial, as if i could know and asked for someone say it's true
let it be [me]
thinking, as wading in: 'you were wrong, simply wrong - maybe there's a better place for you' - my poem 'only the lovely', for aids 'if the difference between bread and paste' is glue 'never mine: the buttocks'
now shut up - these are soon flipped off because we take them back like kaplan farts forming an unintended intimacy with odd-else - always a hate for being watched as plagiar enjoying someone else's work for the first time
be publish, be prefaced, you to scribe 

rite-aid sunset and fairfax has mini bales of straw while funnily enough we gear up everywhere for halloween and john deere merchandise
see pavilions - some of their stuff is gorgeous glitter ball jack-lantern with witch's hat on

one of fifty hot men of 'the berry'
see it first and again: kids pedal tractor at pedal car planet

'science flies you to the moon | religion flies you into buildings'...yeah, but that building should've just eaten that plane no problem

best to see at nighttime...on westbourne

I just retested to see if I'm still 'INFJ' and the result is 'ESTP" or possibly 'ESTJ' the direct polar-averse opposites and is thus still a correct... 

the party's on - to the minute (i'll be there with bells on)

please, that is class and real hurt as seen in nature, i'd assume....anything but seeing before you do + you'll be home before midnight, girl

she is caught off guard, but also a bit accommodating...mr. burns-type grevels watching from above + he's unsure in a latin way (makes it a home) if he's getting the good in church each sum so saintly

mine to say: amish aren't allowed to accept your charity somehow (a god-type purity or pride) - however, she (left) thinks the other one will snatch stuff from her basket when she's not looking
how else could she explain for having no basket or bother of her own?
an 'a' is taken, an 'a+' is given - someone should know better
what people think is important and flattering (ends the fight against), but doesn't make it truth
no plane flies on fumes, but 'where there's smoke, there's dire need'- dM 'there's hurt'

review and renew: music box sans accompaniment chity chitty bang bang!

lick my butt up to an artform + 

the hole in my heart + there are two sizes to small + electric dreams

tips on eating out + eva abor combed rubber-glaze wig breaker 1-9 + from hand to mouth

like money in the bank owns a sunday

inverse like 'the munsters'? 'montpelier' like vermont is the word i chose well and here it is...do it better. for me....your truth is 'laissez faire' a 'lighter touch' laughs at itself sadly arriving

watch this x-mas foil by nbc's little house...the black woman was laughably obscured in the covered wagon when i saw this
she was a surprise visit too as releasing her purview to the family and only when
i love racial stuff that makes people uncomfortable 'making people eat shit' her suitor richard ransom - a very black man i worked with at ucla - is teaching a young white boy to box in the blind school pantry
to fight for what you care for if no one cares for you, that is - real dope and hate 'til he's crying and with sexual undertones, of course (rule: they're never just around ever and is me too - the quote is to be illegal)
their courtship these blacks (and who as own white and in my version and don't go flying) is pure clown all bashful french fans long eyelashes and again questions memory like a whore (why would insist you?)
even if you're right, you're right enough for that all is of hurtful texts muslim...'sante ria'...sangria pee in your invite drink but nice pee to honor guest
whatever 'i never got anything i didn't want' + 'why would i question a known good?' with so many things done wrong (subject to filths from others) i never question sanderson farms the kosher bird packed too tight....
1) isn't coming your way too cheaply no matter what and from jews as kosher, cornfed, and killed brutally by their guest no care they don't bury their money;
2) they don't care and leave it out all night to thaw as harshly before you see their money as savings;
3) i can't stop my roommate from serving to me as no job-beggar barking at....who wins more of it less? never question foster farms is cheaper...
then there was all those niggers and cripples with surgical crotches made out of fleas (if then fish are made of worms) that tried kill me for abandonment issues...you haven't lived 'til you see a turd emerge sideways from josh's ass...josh is supposedly the jewish boy who had his ass stabbed arterially, almost fatally by the electric horn of a raging bull in festival spain that innocently enough cost him his asshole after climbing a fence to participate affably...i just can't let go...or help you with this either....stink is real...is most real...i don't have that much of it all as auteur-author always seeking the good on spiritual plane where ayds lives a better place for you unquestioned...someone like me...someone who sews in more for the asking only not so dialogue...like any a university, i need people who have more than me, not people who don't want to know much....i need your money to live and not be as unwelcome in my own montpelier...it's not like you're not going to eat your share of crap anyway....your own crap...like wiry niggers getting married all formal on tv....their poop placed in the chocolates they eat...wartime mouths get filled at losses summaried, but don't miss my mission of wiping free immediately no big deal a babytalk and making it known but not how so known...now clean that the fuck up even upon death lay down sod now keep going
thank people for not coming along, for not being the cheapest shit there is: reactant.
we can't all be shining star of sales upward...nobody thanks master & johnson carries the baton extending their little plate of princeton cookies hoping to know more in sparser hair areas...lezzies go back on the list back in the cage for saying that stuff when i speak of the party starting it ain't shadows of needs that fire it up loathing in an oven
we are incredulous only and have the extra cat food, the requisite shame
we showcase interracial to see their dreams blossom with our own - it's very expensive no one grows that as unpure it's thought paid for by your own masters who afforded the food for thought: blacks and whites
' they all love your miniature ways | you know what they say about | have small plates'  - 'sex dwarf' by soft cell....god is mean and is no gift a freak

'pleasure' - i don't see anything before or prior to while you labor at it;
'leisure' - i don't have to if i don't want to and i don't.

'money' - while you wait [i get it for you, is on demand, and a crime or grime then];
'cash' - what i hide from view [a cask or wine cellar for someone nicer];
'stocks' - what i make with your money for paper [no jail].

for rosemary then - a 'logarithm' (blecch! see 'logorithm') what no one asks you to do, you do it anyway
(usually means you see 'this, here' a cross in the dirt and know not to bother - too tech, a waveform or 'a way for him' to get there)

the nighttime fountain at pacific design center says 'trinity' but is sixty-nine (69) faunts of twenty-three (23) each side
sixty-nine is gay-speak for blowing me while i blow you - like 'the collegiate' (or rubbing togther to orgasm or then 'no penetration') is for healthy folks only
the rest is bauble or beelzebub - the fake jewel of a handsome having it
drugs are a-topic (from me, sends me out with pole provide) or visual: very heaven, very monkey shines no one sees what you see and you need help seeing it too - before our light, was all touches and having-being a warmth
text: dan moon or andy warhol and i discuss colors and treatments often he says photographic truth is six hundred (600) dpi and i measure it as 25 dots x 24 rows and leave the right-most or last dot off for begin next square
more thought maybe later....we here trade color dots in parses or lacing for integrate black and white to tint and pastel, respectively - he says as a transparent overlay and he says 'add red too'
the dead bird in 'phantom of the paradise' worked us over - the way you get more and less dark is profound he said 'leave off some red only' and how?
p.s. the red building clipping out and up is damned impressive (skylar or searching the clouds for you) at westbourne the upper left turning away at ship-schooner is brilliant
p.p.s the bird is made at 'cubasis' no further to know or respresent as discretes or where circles (the apply or paint at primary colors only) are seen in squares only (the matrix) and in squares (a same to exerts outward)
the circles truth at cubasis only and thus you needed to tint or pastel (interlace white or black) and this the red i guess
the truth you represent is not good, but is art: larger than life, fewer details...my method will relieve the question but the practical side sez it looked better with holes in the middle (that's good as making one bigger square of all composite beneath to be seen at eye level but as math still in percent of a radial a color speaking it as interpolate secondary tint-pastel whatever not just gradient or to adjust the map or depth detail of matrix always a ball or circle in a square)
a bird made of balls is no photographic truth but is art
the casperellas website below is intelligence test the lips moving and changing colors show the only speaking there is colors changing although no mouth forms and is speaking still

note: reverse image makes the balls grow with paint? um, no...but use and mix tempera paints powdered or liquis with math in mind always a+b=c
in reverse imaging the light (or pastel of color then) isn't behind you over your shoulder showing you, but behind the image as such coming through
a full square is adjudged the lightest balls consistent and blended - you can't stop it from shining through brightly

this sequined fabric at a local boutique is silver and honeycomb of thread (trapezoid) and is perfect (as prefect or stated beforehand) for faking video context and with frontal projecting
i talked to a guy who decorates there stapling and all and he says go downtown to buy on the street from like russians on skid row (who to and thanks to whom?)
remember, any trapezoid (uneven or smeared rectangle) on the wall is from projecting from at the sides and is not in-front of the projected image - left-right, top-bottom
no big deal - fix with a mirror if necessary 'the angle of incidence is the angle of reflection'
i would use mirrors to bring sunlight into a home from above like water down pipes....um, a box periscope

i tell people this is 'my car' on the street the dodge challenger and a studio model
a muscle car made sane with windshlelds, weights, and for metals...mine
we also have the dodge daytona in white and black detailing too...

and why not you?   

this is not rosemary, it 'casperella' - what cotton looks like if you could see (photo'd here on 'hancock' above santa monica blvd)
the pacific design center had lavender like soap outside near this tomlin-esque lamp (below) i thought it a big deal soap and all
p.s. 'the' casperella's website is noted by us

this is actually fencework on the shade part and is huge
make sure any photos taken by phone (the lg) are reviewed first for they will not transfer via bluetooth connect to computer until you look at them in full view    

volto! the apple mac mini is now back at $599 to honor us favor and has no optical drive - we don't use ours at all for some most fail so you don't need it; just add keyboard, screen and peripherals we use iomega reader usb to read and burn dvd...some say a regular dvd player needs file form 'aac' or whatever to note that

more praying mantis? see to the shop at exotic pets uk

pretenders do 'brass in pocket' from the first lp (1980) on sire records and why not their best song
sire are madonna, pretenders, talking heads, yaz, tom tom club...others? depeche mode and erasure? ok that's mute

chrissie hynde - a press person turned stage - has 'brass in pocket'
she don't want you though -- see 'life during wartime' by talking heads
we know you look great so what

got brass
in pocket
gotta fight though
i'm gonna use it
i feel it myself
gonna make you
make you
make you notice

got motion
restrained emotion
been driving
detour leaning
no reason
it seems so present
gonna make you
make you
make you notice

gonna use my arms
gonna use my legs
gonna use my style
gonna use my soft side [no alt 'soft sell'? no]
gonna use my fingers
gonna use my, my, my

'cause i'm
gonna make you see
there's nobody else here
no one like me
i'm special
so special
i gotta have some of your

give it to me

don't worry though
can't miss a beat
got a new escape [being too nice looking to ask, a new 'script' sure, 'newsprint' not enough said]
so real [alts 'and so to reveal'....no words before me as simply grasping for straws 'so read it', okay]
got something
when can i tell?
gonna make you
make you
make you notice

'cause i'm
gonna make you see
there's nobody else here
no one like me
i'm special
so special
i gotta have some of your

give to me!

(when in rome
be roman)

like a roman she is
a very naturosanny
run home
be warned
waitress: you tell them what to do in the kitchen as for me 'be apricot'
adds some 'pack it up'...'i'm learning every bridge - two for the green'
two cars shafted for the green light no gate
'tombs but agree' one per and on each they'd say if could
hope is hospitality - we get that? 'you've got to pick at the eye'
enough and then some or nothing
'go on -  kill me | it's just a shot away'
so many gums, so few freedents  

I hate the newspaper using acronyms in print the first thing you see the first thing in the morning with no tip or explain. Today it was the Los Angeles Times with the 'ATF' or 'alcohol tobacco and firearms' commission (under the FBI or formally bit in). They don't want you to get excited like the city doesn't want you to work so they can see who doesn't pay rent like darlings and their homebodies. Sez one "I pay rent to a friend, I'm not that stupid." Meanwhile, Barbara Lazarus speaks of me perhaps having the old Spago to live in agree to no subrent or pay but seem $12,000 in property taxes a year (no fits then). "When we say, go up there right away." And 'no' I can see better than anyone, but my daily lenses - what get daily cleaner and pure saline rinse before insertion only and soak in multi-purpose solution when not in use - get sweaty on their fifth evening out.

Please, my dealer's phone number is gonna go up on the Internet if I can't get calls back. West Hollywood gets played out too much - old women and cheap faggots what a combo ! being next to faux (fool's gold) Beverly Hills. You apologize to me, not them. I got $50 I can't spend right, but the roommate will pull me down daily over local stores who beg this way. We have everything - thanks. New $20 phone card due Sunday, however (still researching that meaning - will call them). P.S. I remind that when I can't have for myself, all you make available is sal suds what hurt your mind and your money. Why play it out? I need four (4) hours to uncancel your every pleasures upward and you need ten (10) days to see it shine again. I tell people with legitimate rags out to fan-in the poorboys with some goodly good, then you can you 'tell me', but maybe that's too economy-oriented in a buckets and bags sense. I always back businesses who go broke making it perfect 'not mine' as there are no customers just fans of the flame. Your Chef Boyardee meat ravioli has lettuce in there (and the toilet) on some odd days - so what? Either that, or your Mentos made with sweet cabbage. The square golds you remove from anything just say who and when to us who need to avoid implement (or misuse) entirely. Why play it? Joint commission sure - that is us trying to do better for and with you only. Feds seeking feds (su da feds) who are lacking in a velvet usually - they don't deliver a sound product.

the hole in my soul ('nine lives' lp 1997) + 'you're so much like your sister' from trader joe's sunset and crescent heights too

Getting run off up north? May we suggest Devil Track Resort in Grand Marais, Minnesota...be reminded our own Six Flags Magic Mountain has their own beautiful Flying Wave ("schwessinger" or 'swipe by' as on swings), Ninja the black cat of hanging rollercoaster over and under the Japnese of hills and mist...and Ranger the 360 degree space buccaneer? Parks and their youth of employment are springing up everywhere. I haven't been to Disney since 2000 or so.

someone stole (or removed then) my b & d screwdriver $20 and at koontz too
they're trying to get me to ante up for the 'lids off' thing i stole for $10 what went to my dad (um, then 'dead man'...if 'papa' proffers or sells me and 'father' fodders or couldn't care less as is a woman made), ultimately
the electrical prongs for recharging are built into the unit base - makes a firm case for having a separate charging base, no? (update: found as wrapped in the undercover of the sofa i was repairing - heard it drop in)
the rpms ('rotations per minute') are decent enough to drill with appropriate attachment(s) and you can lock the top ring to stop the motor from turning and provide manual use like a real screwdriver
i like an auger (um, a manual 'carousel' wrench) for drilling bigger holes with x-wrenches (spade drill bit)
i want someone to make a handheld electrical vise - two prongs separating as flathead as pulling together x's from the sides like the cheap car jack from my honda or datsun - shim a door, pry a window, hold your place
back to screwdrivers, koontz has a heavier unit by b&d what is black and gold and promises better for twice the pay $40+ 'power driver'
anawalt lumber nearby on roberston sells scrap woods by the unit length from a dumpster near their saw mill with featuring various thicknesses and grades - inquire within
see lots of cheap tubing and hose too in the rear of store to be cut by length 
see sneakers below

these the new sneakers i want from kohl's
size '10.5' or size ten (10) plus sock
no rush

satisfan: (australia) 'i like everything i have already, thanks' + 'if you show me yours, i'll show you mine [and i have alot to see...]'
naturosanny: (germany) 'if you want to live like that, fine [as dirty and-or unclean]' + 'you're not just anyone [to you...]' 

behind aah's today 07/26
you may need too need a piece of the [plymouth. mayflower] rock running to and from it
lifesize cutout above and one extensive collection from on the 'net...all bother psychics bad for presence felt (if you're real that is...usually from a head trauma)

very muslim and before it's over her 27th show
i applied for a llittle job here recently the subsequent interview half-mistaken on the phone (like i called it in myself)
you know nuts - they answer too fast and surely at that just like a queer
the interview saw me standing at an office door as number four no notice and then for after to be fifteen people rushed in with papers noting their place in line (menu: 'standing off')
i left at that
'we don't want you'
i know that somehow, but from an airdrop over communist russia you call me in to be not
while riding a helicopter prop overhead 'round and 'round we go

the all-new 'hello kitty' water dispenser - 'just a sip'
that's not water, that is satisfan - i have all i want yet, thank you
or then 'mojave' - because i say it

a beautiful cum tree (jacaranda, almonds) missing out-front....nicer?
no dogs poop in here...though west hollywood has dog poo baggies mounted on special receptacles everywhere on the street
i laugh at animals having to shit in front of people it's indignant - trust that

he who ate it branches and all - from lisa gerrard's album cover green tornado and montenegro


mourning glory across the street

fans of dade, i fantasized this one of patti labelle's dead sisters (cancers from both philly)
we met glorious with two others both balderdash weeks ago at pavilions in line (that name)

just like that ride 'wunderkind' is this statue over grave on album cover now missing
the head while perfectly slain, could've been done better the lantern?

revisit july 2011 part one of 'your home at home' or where you will be still

terry counters my efforts to be artful or not boring or thought of as such (by peer...those who have walked lengths with, perhaps peeked at, mon pere false friend fellow) with this penis - typical, as truth is unsolicited
mine as counter-truth (truce) is not engaged yet, gentle - national lampoon never sucks a dick that is hard, but you do - is not mine i have lovers on a bench of worthy versus willing versus liking anything there at all
you'll start with the shrouded diamond thief in the spider-man cartoons - he is me dialing with his diamond eyes for you all, but no see or speak - you won't get laid in this context nothing greater to psycho sensualist
japanese? mino? whatever...catholics teach sacrifice as not a dollar from a millionaire but we speak to need is that how you get two lengths out? so few dicks with my money, my home, my lay
very 8-ball - your call, but is bits more than one could say you to ask me when
no summary is great unless you know why 'a whore'
who knows more, who cares more - who's locked up with efficacies more than gays?
with being cheated by others, that is, and not knowing averages (one suggest a day down only - no great in summary, only humours and guide from being with others in need, no worlds within words)
the wins need to be clear when extending to women they are harsh players
they are - we never blend ever as unworthy of us all...we learn nothing but teach a rich person's foible
i'll feel bad for you more quietly then
you feel bad about things too...don't tell me anything more