not so fast
we still disagree on a few things
and as usual my comfort is no factor
soon we explain it - 'why not you'
and why not just then

visit july 2011 part deux 'the parts that work after you steal'

dusty springfield (with pet shop boys) 'arrested by you' lyric
don't be impressed - she's not religious and thanks you for helping her to hurt, she guesses
and with thanks to sing 365

what is this strange elation?
taking my train of thought
don't understand the situation
inside of me
i don't know where i am
like a traveler in a spa
something's heavy in my heart

i've been arrested by you
take me in
finally captured by you
thank you for lending [me] rule
take me in
i've been arrested by you
take me in
finally captured by you
thank you for lending [me] rule
take me in

you've broken my concentration
saving me dust in time
don't understand the situation
inside of me
i don't know where i am
like a traveler in a spa [alts nicely enough: 'like a devil [put] on the spot']
something's happening in my heart

i've been arrested by you
take me in
finally captured by you [and adds 'doug moon' at end]
thank you for lending [me] rule
take me in
i've been arrested by you
take me in
finally captured by you
thank you for lending [me] rule
take me in

i've been guilty of so many pleasures
(oh baby)
get 'reputation' too emi
very magent (um, 'magnificent')
bermuda = very merry [christmas]
bahamas then = bah humbug
now one the same

Bacon strips in the microwave impress impress: Lay whole bacon strips on microwave-safe plate,  Cover with paper towel, microwave on high three (3) minutes. Perfect.

amy winehouse n.c. and her 'rehab'



spite you: ralph's fresh fare beverly and doheny - haribo gold pack gummy bears 5 oz...$1; then pavilions has tampico one gallon $1.49 plus king size payday bar $1...

kraftwerk do 'numbers' live in ausbregend (australia) - is all jfk speaking and codes to number sounds down (e,g, hear 'arms that explode the ground')
also if do 'the telephone call' from 1986's 'electric cafe' ep

dry meth weekend no cash so it's off to apple! the new osx (as yet, download only)  features 1) fast spirit against mallpark or every one having all already and weighing down our telecoms; 2) youtube wil run now on mobile and also print on safari, etc; 3) and prestidigitation (at touch, where) or knowing everyone everywhere now and at touch...the ayds ribbon is like a mink stole to me now - all ripped up, a bit of the wealth kept...some of you should be enjoying poison sumac (stomach - edges farmlands) by now a summertime fave ? of mine...we have itching up our wrists some....meth solves this

someone has a big brown wet bar with mirrors kinda (a left and right to each cabinet side with huge center for bottles ostensibly) and you open up the left side to reveal a great white shark's face right in glass - a real living one...sure, one reveals a big bottle to a smaller neck and they get right in there 'with the smells of alcohol and fury' someone says...gruesome

i swear the lipton raspberry instant tea i guided you against is here with no tea in it at all and in a can - tastes like raspberry kool-aid, like i'd have to brew my own again (vons-safeway teabags are very good for iced tea, by the way - almost a cherrywine and cheap) were warned...meanwhile, lipton brisk tea in the two (2) liter bottle rages me with is the only place to ever sell me harvest cheddar sunchips without cheese sprayed on them they were even plainer than plain and they hadda go back too...done ! and for exchange (advise: usually make it a glass stronger, but this was pure piss)....

look for these 'trim' toenail and fingernail clippers - wrapped in plastic, a bit elegant only especially the fingrenail of cut...inflatable chairs

the first 'jack in the box' restaurant  - now or then a mustard-yellow florist in a square housing of box - is on princeton avenue in trenton, new jersey one street over from brunswick avenue both at olden avenue where a favorite all-black mcdonald's looms as if in the snow (also at a first with shamrock shakes)...i longed for that restaurant jack in the box to reopen the food so good...thanks google earth...that 'x' top right is halo farm (cheap + quality milk, juice, bread, and snackcakes) behind capital plaza and beyond the farmers market on spruce street

balloons on melrose today - note alpha-gear for gents-men closed up too...
also note lemon tree bungalow they have electric guns that shoot bubbles ($15)

love this metal tree set back on sunset plaza south...makes the mind swim

we'll do their vitamins soon 'he's older than pills' 

this week at target only! hp all-in-one printer scanner $30
room essentials black sofa in box (like ours) still around $99

our church at st victor today 07/24  - note the rummage sale august 13-14

Apple has their new Lion OSX up for grabs now....iTunes now tells people only one (1) account per ninety (90) days of review on reloading songs (an accounting verification of sales, if anything, and we'll wait). From Aaron Bros., check out this 'munny' doll only $24.95

at aaron bros santa monica and kings road - lots and lots of great inexpenive gifts and ideas there including inflatable tote bags (the fabric which each of blows up with air comes in many colors $5)

a favortite birthday haunt is marix tex mex at flores and santa monica (across from gelsons) day maybe us too maybe someone new
this on 07/23
a few of my favorite restaurants have folded, but i'm assured location is everything?

today 07/24 benvenuto or whatever (home of madonna's slap fight with kd lang) - not a fave yet

more from footage from 'shoot the moon' (1982) for the cuban-style warbling alone
faye dunaway (genius) is the bald waiter 'frank' we know each other, kinda
word for the day 'adjudicate': to ask others to leave so we can speak
more: elton john is the pianist and diana vreeland sings...itunes has this for rent and for sale now - cool!
our first home box office in allentown, nj (whatever soundsystem featured porn vando gloria leonard) revealed this as particularly vicious and at a time when only a few movies were made each at a year

'Nothing Has Been Proved' by Dusty Springfield  - KIEV!

around $20 all-told at amazon

we like the white treatment of raised windows box in-between buildings

alien crossing at san vicente and santa monica 

focus on new art at the pacific design center moca shop george herms

another fave look-see

Today's 'Swim Candy' is Extra Sweet!
The 4" Classic Swim Trunk in
Orange Rose Bowl is 60% OFF!


Restrictions: Promo items are final sale, no exchanges or returns, based on available stock, only at (does not apply to

in-store purchases). Hurry, quantities & sizes are limited!

Promo ends: Saturday 7/23/11 - 3pm (EST).

Terry on vacation in Minnesota August 2 through August 16 my birthday (47 this year...) So, I'm alone here then.

the 'hula' umbrella at rest dead center and on san vicente just past melrose in a community garden-type setting there
topside vendor (middle)

Rite Aid (specifically LaBrea and Santa Monica) has penty of those brown lanterns by Sarah Peyton ($9.99, and with no brown lattice nothing more or special however) and also those great 'hula' umbrellas beige with plastic hanging straw and white pole ($39.99 - secure with previous toolkit for sand and snow). Spent our UC Living Well $100 Target card yesterday with Terry on foodstuffs, etc. You had to fill out a questionnaire for their Stay Well program. Check eligibility - you may to need be under a community healthplan.

for no mystery unsolved by you:
'jack links' is a pack of beef jerky
'pillsbury' is for 'aunt jemima' pancake mix
'chunk' is a block of sharp cheddar cheese
'mist' is for 'sierra mist' lemon-lime soda
the first two (2) shopping receipts are missing in action and totaling $80.40 and included a pizza hut pepperoni personal deep-dish pie...bei yum! 

coldplay 'yes' from est 'viva la vida' (2008) overheard yesterday in a retail i guess

thank you and please

July me, you do the right thing(s) saving and all but you have that turned in already. Then you hafta sell to demand and to appease like a chicken offers their eggs on a plate 'how 'bout these?' David Bowie adds he had to save money and make it a monarch. No shit! You're supposed to be burdened with wealth (its fatigues having about you - warm, moist coffee throat....a vampire's nest is no gay 'lair', you don't just wake up there and act natural hoping to stay on 'til lunch and its snack-size bites heal) and with it wealth's oven mitts and movine clary of attendants (very 'atatapoint' sp? appointement a 'mimieux' very chesmique) not its champlerone ('to tits' proposing a toast - if and in-fact says it's me 'never hesitating to be the fated one' but still they speak through upsurge and its tomes 'mein kamph' the rather I didn't canchis candiote the blue cowbell of christmas valley 'quick they're still here decrying our lean of legum and brown-apple cheviots booglies inside the ol' baked brown betty'). People catch me in every lie these days (despite the lies you've told 'catch me in the can') selling bits and pieces of your home's naturosanny and its negligible fond of worth and with odd sums I revolt but at home in the sea fighting in a sewer eating for kelp! "The sweetest pie is the one you don't hafta share."

Don't offer your advice - you're still getting to know much about that then what? Then, you hatch as another one and do it all over again unawares. "We don't make fun oif people like that" too many of them.

sarah cracknell 'ready or not' from the solo lp 'lipslide' (that was them, this is them now too, 2000)
of her: 'the perfect sixties girl | borne of the english blood royal' that probably, a nigger
cherish me a $0.70 burger ('big star') at CJ.'s over the weekend with coupon....paid $2.79 with soft drink while people write me bills and you have my stuff
hell is for children and you too...

Where is my next bus? Use MTA's Nextrip service and pinpoint exactly. On SMS text, I send number "41411" the message "metro 8062" for the stop at "Horn" (where Wolfgang Puck's "Spago" was) going east toward downtown. It texts me the info in a moment or so.

You access UCLA's student store from Burger King at LeConte and Westwood walking up Westwood Boulevard on the east side it goes right up there shortly on right. They had two (2) packs of FTL brand underwear white briefs size 'XL' - too big for me.

on labrea heading towards target from the 99¢ only store
meaning: campbell's tomato soup is rich and healthy against those who sit and wait for demise (um, maxell tape head cleaners) - its markels 

Betty Ford = Christie Brinkley FAO

"Ode To The 405" by Doug Moon: "A very glamorous road when we moved here in 1987. We took the '134' from Glendale (past the Disney complex and Buena Park) and hooked up with the '405' (here at National Blvd. - we came from the adjacent 101 Hollywood Freeway...alternate take on 405 with unreleased tune "Gunboat" by Chemical Brothers like "Apocalypse Now" in the beginning the black guy out-front on the boat with gun...masked radio reads over teletype if 'apocalypse' tries to get anything unblinking to see and care) to get to Wilshire Boulevard and UCLA (just past the Sunset exit). The rolling highway hills and fat lanes made for a great morning - even when standing still sometimes. Reminds of Los Angeles and its privilege to live here. Adds the climate lacking four distinct seasons is a challenge to love sometimes the continuum especially with AIDS around. The palm trees help make up for the wet cold that inhabits our homes sometimes." P.S. We're gonna put the Embarcadero (layer of cement road over road, inner city) back in SF too. From here. Is what makes your culture, what is different about you. Six (6) years.

on sunset near viper room, aahs

'If you could do this well (person-to-lipscomb, station to station?), you wouldn't do it for me. I sever to remind you of it.' - dM sees Kraftwerk 'it et le me-meu' + 'one, two' + 'uot duos trezz qrautroz' bottle in glass 'uno dos tres quatro'

Get some Mozart in your life: "Symphony No. 40 in G Minor"....("Masonic Funeral Music" Amadeus 'more from'  stopped by Ole Henriksen while at Chin-Chin on Sunset for mongolian beef take-out last week after movie. One day, a spa for evening (out) skin tones around $200 (this a welcome gift card aka no working out). Trying to get some of those asian fingernail palaces to do regular guys and skin more. Male or female attendants, but me. 

'pyt' remade and then 'dangerous' both so good to you...'cheater'

Buttoned up and went to see "The Man Who Fell To Earth" with David Bowie at the Nuart (um, the Saturday matinee 2 PM)...they treated the star well (all good lenses), but I wanted to sit and think about this one while some was finished at home (exit: scalpel cutting around the areola, a personal) really long film 2:40 or so (actually 2:19 they say or then 139 minutes) I put in over two (2) hours sitting still I can't take it that long. He basically does just what he does: Decorates and deals with this woman who is around always hanging on the phone kinda (has some money thank God for no such and-or beggars, says he takes from within the 'we-buy' shop he bargains with rings, and some girl 'asked him to come' he says - and he goes an alter ego of latin-type woes or 'alien' adobe desert crapheads making theirselves unusually strange against the harsh elements and no thought of or something worn out on the leg down). A real fanzine is her, kinda - she calls him 'mister' like a little girl carrying him in her arms after being a faint, aghast and he a natural heroin person but not too gross drinks water only then asians himself a home or heinrich vannage no mesmas or mention of gaumas in what may be it a frantz. Now she's here in the flesh in the theater someone old like a wraith? Thanks of you - howember, some old bitch (maybe in the film? quasi - yelled at me for synopsing too loud 'Thanks and fucks to you, Old bagel-slurping Cunt..." ELGIN upgrading to coach. Faggots "do you believe in any you are a dumb queer and so fuck" hurt my feelings everywhere whores and a fast mouth are welcome may you die to be in hell. You will so die. A faggot! Fat chance. Die. Watch the film as interested 'sss' yes, the three s's you are no one to me may god pull all your fuckin' teeth out and shove your face in a hot toilet. We'll see that come. Don't watch the pots so indeed they boil over.

david bowie and martin landau star in 'the man who fell to earth'
watch and be just as you've seen...little music, but richard is everywhere 'eno'

from trader joe's on sunset at crescent heights 

Looks like iTunes will let you take any prior purchases back under the "Purchased" menu on the front page (careful...'mama said' indeed 'no charge' that's simply quaint) VCR permanently pooped out but chummy parts missing at the early harvest - got this one at eBay (over 10 available). Sent my dad the B&D (S&M is 'shit and piss' I just learned unless family 'shit & piss' see my 's & mnop' you clean that up) jar opener JW200 cheap enough at Rite-Aid still LaBrea and Santa Monica no promises the simmle food stuff sends you out of the poop nuts right away to enter crazy of flame you don't read this but I see you careful of tears at my world hunger 'feed me your black ashy cock' dumpster the 'milk bowl' concession finger foods mostly 'welcome salidad $2.50 with sweaty balls and sam lee croutons'. Wonder if it strains the motor when loosening a lid's grip ? wonder if there's a wooden spoon inside tapping around the top ? the eunis comes compacted in the box as no legs extend and there are two (2) box shapes one hex, one bolger 'for shitting' the invisible quide said 'tape two'...I buy for others when constrained by same guilders and run to you in a havoc. A seeking of no selfless is salved as such and to be med. 'Have one quivering to be yourself.'

Andrew and Fergie are here? They were nice last time at Jules Stein (1989 - so long ago "I hate that bitch" like Miss America how it is when you have some class "they were polite, but poor" we're not that poor be gentle the clown and note Ghengis Khan (um, Cohen) of China rips us off at night still if lying awake face framed in square oak mask 'euro-lady' by red dragon hot glass balloons 'red hots' sucking on 'mee-krobs' and raised i-magnins aggravated by the wire straps sholving olive loaf down along your spine)...just nobodys there I'd guess and where Mrs. Reagan usually parks out front. We went to the campus last week UCLA (the lunch hall upstairs at Ackerman is complete with a Carl's Jr. and a Taco Bell) got me t-shirt 'INFJ' isn't 'newer foams' jake reports 'vicious' alcohols 'regular rubbing and gin-gin divitis no. 1 aka red harlot' boiled that humpback from up around my ass. "I do the legs, only. Then max freakum vertebrae and lurching towards stinkbot." Back to - someone touched the girl too much like they had a vendetta at the Beverly Hilton and the guy said something cheering her on while she was getting her last nerve worked on she pulled a tablecloth down (black) and he just thinks 'let it be'...'for me, with love' kinda. "Please, it's not like they're real...praise is to 'allah' our love" - dM talk about my teeth you freak...says it's 'real' The girl has been around (she or someone related wears a broad hat only and was upstairs I wore my plaid bathing suit for the girls and maybe her man is someone escorting her in the paper I look for thick legs. Wigs and all fierce hairline (if 'fraulein' sp drives a car). "Floss always - I try to."

this has 'w-s' embroidered on the side (we say 'west-south' we are not the 'southwest' but pacific bell) about $30 with discount at block party weho
only blue left at the time and from their window seen

People not only ignore me, but also attack me with their hate. As usual, my work here suffers but credit is due fags (chocolates) and other cheap (sees just before me as I do). Fags? Hope is 'hospitality' you'll learn that. Cheap shit makes me look cheap too but I live. "I've been known..." - Sylvester Stallone to art is to d'object 


something heard now just as seen: justin timberlake 'rock your body'

from prom night allentown, nj in 1982 me and sue dombroski (is on flacebook witn married hyphen of name....rem: evil must be asked in, 'dies' to escape you and merely, your doldrums)
not pictured is our after-shower date chris ondy although there were open homosexuals, we play to gain and they were a black person in blue chiffon and richard law
no introductions needed
thank yous to john scheuerman and bobby flock too
the picture is on a polaroid 'one-step' a birthday present in 1977 - a signal that none cares anymore at age 13 sextop
treated with a filter, we see the number '5' left in an 'alice in wonderland' setting - christmas tree top, and six flags ferris wheel
the head on my shoulders is way too big and resists restyling
p.s. have an abortion in the toilet at the prom to please me, my guest x0
p.p.s, that's my first car the datsun 210 sedan with trunk '81 silver black vinyl and cloth interior
air conditioning

the knack and kyle, chevy chase...steven tyler, mark hollis, etc. 'baby talks dirty' from 1979 or so
we also choose mind message 'siamese twins (the monkey and me)' sings 'shit's on my back, piss on my back'

i'm the only real doug feiger...neil's father sings
a capitol label project restating the beatles only devo plays the music mostly (priests, hirsute her suitor, and showing their stuff to challenge with and its obession to death)
flock of seagulls is god stuff from outer space queen's producer...'man made' + 'modern love is automatic'

Farrell's Ice Cream (Mission Viejo north of us near Newhall Six Flags, Stevenson Ranch, Wal-Mart and Santa Clarita south of us near Irvine) has been advertising locally - is it me? That monorail (not just the subway Normandie Wilshire) is awaited us to travel there and up north.

Junebugs Unite In The Not-So-Distant Past A Plague Only Perhaps No Direct Connection To You Your Efforts To Remain Be At All 2011
Go to hell. A junebug is what bothers people to get married and thus fuck off. Like gays get's like that. Women and other political junk have no interest in your happiness so why ask why - announce it some.

not one, but two burners and mod oven!

another one that caught my eye near the old le dome - you can barely see musical staff in decoupage (the guy is vince neil of 'matasori' they'd say)
they moved the other one 'slash' to hornburg jaguar up at sunset and doheny, kinda
most pics to understand the art, elements of - 'not that good'

another prom with sue, this time indoors: our medit living room
i am 17 years old only at high school's end

'what are you longing for?' - dM
the fried egg is what you, your friends like - the bag is actually a sanit


lies about our beautiful ride or all that is available - dionys is the ride 'wunderkind' and it lives around now
missing-in-action, a religion even, since summer 1976 (at august 16 great adventure)