Even If You Lost Everything, I'd Still Hafta Ask To Know What You Mean In August 2010
I'd hafta think it all over...things are great, kinda. And now back to you, 'Fool'...I don't sing for people. I've never been to jail or burned a house down. I've never spit in people's food, ever. Doesn't mean you can't. "If not for me, do it for the world." You get the fuck up and outta here. That's for someone shot and lying under a bed like a fucking fool for a good-looking man who pumped it to her. What an asshole. The police honor me...now get out. So fucking stupid like anyone's gonna help that to be another beggar. Cheapest shit there is bring me my drugs meanwhile I'll be trying the dishwasher out. P.S. Show 'em that bottle of yellow piss again it couldn't hurt you beggars 'come what may' you'll never get to see it you fat pieces of shit.

Trip like I do: The great white shatters records at CNN video!

Been thinking about electronics and things that are not yet served by market. Do we have the ability to put cable tv connections in the air with radio and then bring back down to another unit (powered box to powered box) for the tv screen? In other words, leave the wire or coax out for a space of line in home, sure? Yes-no (more on Hite stuff soon too). With these new lcd (liquid crystal display as opposed to 'led' or 'light emitting diodes' solid state no air negative to positive yes and Radio Shack) tv's that receive so well, someone went to police bands asking about what's possible, what's there to having-being (lezzies used to torment Elton John at stores with mocking instructional ads that were nearly private none knew they would run to stores to get him down), seeing obstacles to reception carefully scouting along. Be that too. Be tattoo. By the way, I still love the guilty pleasures (people do to you, but you do it to them and morely to you e.g, looking at nudes privately) of the Uniden wireless security monitor and yes now at Target yet. Amazon for $150 free shipping.

don't kid (codify) yourself - seven inches (7") isn't that big

cute make-up - think it's real like that?

abba do 'hey hey helen' a strange lush song too

madonna 'who's that girl' is here - and why not?

Terry got off the ground early yesterday all's well for me. A good day! A kiss, a hug, and a coupla fucks...

'beauty is in the eye, 'but what of?' the cum told her'
'only god can adore [keep against oft and other wishes] people' but you'd like to fuck their ass just once - real bads though
'of course that gelace mole isn't real - i hadda have one fresh-shaved from up under the hairline' and that had to hurt, then be it one would stink

i threw my cards and letters away to protest sentiments none may have shared - a spinster at 'the hardest part of the hardest heart'? who asked?
'pepper-tree' a perpretation or undoing of me - 'take what you can' it said 'and leave me alone' no way
in our world we may recreate this stuff to honor a different of thought - we don't look for and keep sums instead being lifted to yet lift of ourselves - sing me a song
do yours, be so scribe...lies are funny about it knowing so much and so 'we too are one' or are not interesting for having it being here
happy birthday to neilsy july 29...leo-cancer xoxo + 9 years at 46 when me

i wrote to my 'lover' long ago 'anno one' june 1994 but it sounds like my sister to me...very berclombe to teap (asking no one to think - 'a tale of two cities' as if awaits a teapot for you)
no one will live with you - no one does this or willingly, really - i don't know much but learned not to, not to say it, to muslim
'don't be frightened (younger person, an offended sensibility) just give me a little bit more - they don't come here, to [see] you' - i love that lyric, compare 'no one ever stepped over me to get to that'
'if that's all you wanted, you could've just been that'
despite you helping me advance myself to be out with and alone 'no one ever put their cock in that' - 'the family that lays together, oft grazes a ledger'
...'won't pray once if to pleasure'...'slays as one if and as altogether' begone
one day i said 'i don't care how much it costs, no more' 976 or 'faggots in my home' with privacy issues and late rent - you'd hafta fuck that to life just to be alone to yourself

Green Dot received our first direct deposit (the nervous nightscale) and they were good about it - real good. Maybe you keep a little next month. Bless back the dime...so scary a whole monthly check, see no scummy garnish eat well at this pardon my pardon. Limits to love: No more than $400 at a cash outlet atm, and $3,000 debit toward spend (cash back can be nestled within a purchase, sure), daily to be and for it the both. Very unhappy as tenuous (taking my thoughts), but all's well that plays well. Limits paid in advance makes good sense as 'there are no friends in banking'...friends, and friends of friends waiting for godot ("I can get that for you cheaper" a friend in need is a friend unseen).

Note: Green Dot will send you a reloadable Mastercard with a zero balance on it right now and for free waiving the $4.95 signup fee - all you need are phone numbers. Then you put money on at Radio Shack, 7-Eleven, and CVS and go go go! Strangely enough, they give you checking and routing numbers too right at signup. Now see that.

thank music one for the michael jackson-sounding mange le funk (um, 'maybe you die') and their 'i still want you'
aggressiva...really, a record spinning too fast just to get it played and then down, out, off

I've picked up a raincheck for Rogaine from CVS - their three-pack of quadra-foam now on sale for $39.99 (until 08/31) is missing in action (check that, later the day they heard it too well). Meanwhile, a cellphone survey earned me a $5 gift card there too. Then, I stopped in to California Pizza Kitchen at Beverly Center to order up our favorite pie right now (the 'BLT' bacon lettuce and tomato about $10.99) and much to my dismay it is the smaller one and fits on your plate. What's the regular size ? about $14 or $20? Get back to besize! Oops - I wanted the full-size 'California Club' on the front page. That pie is priced at oh! nevermind they only have one size. She says you hafta go to an "asap" place on Sepulveda (say 'seh-pul-veh-dah') or something "they have many sizes."

Good to great idea: Macy's now has Madonna's "Material Girl" clothes for sale. Sounds like fun. Quotes she "It's for little girls - and they're very sensitive." Why would anyone sell to that? You've got to ring in the fun for older girls. Was looking at clips for "Grizzly" '76 - I hadda hide my eyes in the theater. More Rachel later, and remember there's you, and there's me.

"Empathy makes people ripe for the kill." - dM a never outside of the room

presenting 'grizzly' from the same folks who brought you 'legend of bigfoot' and 'search for noah's ark'

We're considering the new HP 4480 printer-scanner-copier now about $30 at the UCLA student store. More: Got that...$32.84 total. Is excellent, but the black cell arrived dried out on mission to make money no returns simple enough - I injected it to complete success only. Be sensitive about pardons in price - free is no deal to think of. More: I got my $9.99 color ink and starter kit from Unique-Ink.com and no further delay by UPS. Very nice service - you'll need it soon enough.

pet shop boys 'disco' ep 1986 or so and 'paninaro'
lyric: 'from lake geneva to the finland station': there will be no radio, but you'll hear us and about us (it's so high and so cold there's no radio)
'i want it again': to live that is


passion and love, sex, money,
violence, religion, justice, death

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

girls, boys, art, pleasure
girls, boys, art, pleasure

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

food, cars, travel
food, cars, travel...travel
new york, new york, new york,
new york

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

armani, armani, a-a-armani, guillermo

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

armani, armani, a-a-armani, versace...guillermo

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

i don't like country & western.
i don't like rock music.
i don't like, i don't like rockabilly.
(- rock 'n' roll in particular)
i don't like much, really, do i? [laugh]
but what I do like, i like passion

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

you - you're my lover,
you're my hope, you're my dreams, my life
my passion, my love, my sex, my money,
violence, religion, justice, death

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh
paninaro, paninaro, oh oh oh

the 'paninaro' or bull rushing us tells us who's important from overhead
sure, 'panorama' + 'narrow'
lets the silent partner as chris lowe tell us what's important from core duo
on a list, from greatest to least thought, thoughts from the 'she's having a baby' soundtrack cover

the soundtrack at amazon
starting with dreams-life, he replaces every symbol meaning with something closer to the heart of it e.g., 'violence' (his) for 'religion' (theirs)

Welcome new 'Pho Citi' (say like 'possey') 24-hour Vietnamese food place. Also, in the place of Hard Rock Beverly Center is the tres chip $$$ Capital Grille. The candies at the door will do fine, thanks. Seek Hard Rock at the freshly-bombed Universal Citywalk. Beverly Center began scaffolding on the view bridge to run through PinkBerry across Beverly to the Sofitel Hotel. Still waiting on other projects foreseen by me...monorail. No one has computer service today or even inserts for their sales. Memos early this week. P.S. Fans of H&M should note the store at Beverly Center is far bigger and bolder than the Sunset and Century City models. Go there - both male and female extravaganzas. Stop and visit our friends at Diesel too...the dolls are fine here, I pull their panties down quite often.

what i was eating on the porch in 1977 when i got accepted to peddie
from perry's market - sure - was more like kix colored then (the cereal helps locales in science and mayhem)
notes peddie is $33,000 a school year - outrageous price to keep it shelf ! but a family could swing it as maybe devote probably not but 'to keep it going'
they say a friend of older people goes here is princeton at day avert! avert!
madonna went here for two years and to seem unnaturally 1982, 1983 and is pictured at site with glasses on - says it was $16,000 a year then
firmly it was clear these people were going to kill me simply with aggressive stance at the gym and to swimming - high standards like that
she says 'nurembergs' (to mean cold, brain-dead a mr. freeze type) 'don't ask again' they intoned to her about workouts - i had that firmly as mean, and meaner yet they'll kill you simply with it
notes her 'my father's dead and i'm dead too [real to no speak]' + 'we had no home' but i loved naked swimming at peddie with boy scouts only and at night seem
my starting tuition would have been $12,000 brokered out 'but no sports' weak heart from pills i'd say and 'no personality, but see at home - outrageous funny'...thanks i won't hear much
continues 'no scholastic aptitude - a dreamer to me'
people are boring to a joyous teaching mission - do no better to me public schools fine tuned me and all a's among a richness of no color say edward james olmos too clearly don't be near mine so deeply i never got straight a's ever but was routinely 'smartest' among these thieves and liars
parents deep set still demand and get it to happen again and simply...a gay [smartest, and not nice for you] like me follows shine only

they 'like her money' no quote 'too rich for them' she says
the menu path for this picture is [admission] + [affording peddie]

interviews from gary coleman, rachel hunter coming up
this photo with grade from horn avenue where spago was looking at tower from side street
some say 'across sunset' - with a grade like that? probably no

Rachel Hunter Actress Model Begin
dM: Here we are with actress Rachel Hunter, and by request.
RHN: I'm more than you think - don't capsize yet.
dM: I won't. You help defend me against the fact that I can interview anyone. You to ensue.
RHN: My movie ['Alice In Wonderland'] had more points to make than anyone can say...
dM: Let's get to it...
RHN: First - it made more money than any movie ever - thank you - and thank you again.
dM: Disney never lets me down hardly ever, but rescreens tend to be a bitch.
RHN: They don't pay for that - you do.
dM: Fine...I don't pay for anything these days, but I paid you I guess and I paid 3-D, and I paid soda, and I paid popcorn too - it was lavish. Glad I did, too.
dM: I was arguing with Disney folks and the movie over the past few days (how their movies seem to lose their vigor after watching once), with Trudy Styler [Sting's erstwhile wife] up at Greystone filming on Monday. In the movie, I tell people 'God firebombed Heaven' and was far nicer afterward banging around and smashing things at Hatter's table like jackrabbits. She, Trudy, resented the whole wedding sequence I mocked (as being lead on a horse by the groom) to be in her name commenting "It was very 'Trudy Styler' the whole thing."
RHN: He didn't firebomb heaven, he firebombed me. I talk too much - leave it at that.
(they blend now the two)
RHN2: I'm known for one thing only it seems…
dM: As the wife or whatever of famous you couldn't do better if you sold magic wands like a local stage version of 'Pinnocchio'.
RHN2: I'm Rachel the young one - the old one was my mother. She's there too - correction.
dM: I don't make mistakes in assumption - the clocks ticks on for you only.
RHN2: Who do you think Trudy Styler is?
dM: Sting was distinguished enough - you as Trudy are older, demanding. No further face.
RHN2: No more about her now.
RHN2: We review (in very afterlife tones) that Rod Stewart died (1986 permanently - "I knew him as Todd Serfass in 1979-1980..." that is dM) and I became Sting's. I died and became Rachel then and in time more and more. None of the press is true and one is my father, really.
RHN2: People discuss us widely and we are one and the same somehow - do you agree?
dM: No, as long as hunger and pain aren't shared. At best, a person copied or with similar priorities in completing an act. No two minds or perspectives shared. For what? Empathy is what severs the ties that bind to me.
RHN2: Don't write behind my back. I need to think too.
dM: Never have I met such conjecture - so stop fooling. All folds in here and all winds out. Continue please, but without friends or priorities - I'll slap that. I have the pr*sident jailed, you know, and I want cash for your queen.
RHN2: I have signaled friendship many times here - keep it light like me. Plus, Todd hates you - he said it here yesterday to me. Hates you being made mad mostly 'a worthless person to me right now' he says is me.
dM: He's around often enough and alot of faggots fight me bad. They are stupid as one person and is stupid to me. No empathy.
RHN2: Little points and be stow. I am the queen - who are you on that?
dM: Not a royalty person - they were defeated to me openly for one mouth versus one vision that leaves me out in the cold at Christmastime looking in heated windows and as giftless. I am that [one mouth]. You are Nancy Kulp ('Beverly Hillbillies') and you are Bonnie Lehman from high school (art teacher). Maybe even Austrian-Australia are you ('AU' or the gold standard). We are not England, but sit close by. The vicious queens (gentlemen, then) that run anarchy shove your face via the magna carta to the highest heights for being special in any way ('for having and then not having' they'd say). They are royals to me.

more later...

koontz hardware sells all manner of ball chain and by length - in the back near stairs
i got a few sizes measured to length
also, they replace the toothpicks and tweezers from swiss army knives - the toothpick for mine was $0.99 from a whole box of them

This Thursday's Beverly Press (07/29/10) reports that 99˘ Only stores are raising their prices to $0.9999 or about one cent per. Cites "There's nowhere to use a penny." Places to use a penny: CVS Coinstar (most locations, plus Ralph's too) less small counting fee what is never any more than nine cents on the dollar, MTA all the busses use 'em (count out beforehand), and Pavilions too their self-checkout lanes will take 'em (and see their store brand of soda 'Refreshe' is on sale all this week again too - $1.88 per twelve pack of cans in black cherry, vanilla, etc.) Ralphs again too...visit Coinstar's link on the web.

Saving Money Department 2 (Still Using 'Used' Equipment): Just tried one of the Hewlett-Packard re-inking kits for under $5 total and from eBay - not bad. You hafta wait a few days for soak-through, but it works nicely enough. In the kit: A bottle of black ink (this was for 'HP56 Black' and they have color too), a hypodermic needle set, and instructions. You peel back a label on-top and shoot the juice in...one hole for black, many holes for color. See website Unique-Ink.com for more details.

Avoiding the obvious construction around times, MOCA at Pacific Design Center has a new exhibit Ryan Tregartin "Any Ever" July 18-October 17, 2010 that is much like a haunted house - many rooms divided up both upstairs and downstairs. Air conditioning, headphones, chairs on lifts, couches, beds, and even futons to lay on and to listen to these macabre movies over and over again one each full room. The artists says "to experience death the way God does - one vision at a time if he wants." See Eurythmics video for song "Shame" - soul boxes with shadows and sounds in a long hall of them fourteen (14) at time...each a couple too like mother-daughter. You should bring these back to life it says as I watched bored, mostly. More: Hadda few good laughs feeding dried half-loaves to the fish and turtles at Greystone on Monday. They were filming up there. The fish and turtles gobbled up the loaves and it's fun to watch them go. Getting too big? The fish made plenty of babies in there and they sneak out it is said when too big. French bread is just $1.50 or so at Pavilions but it gets hard overnight.

found these solar-panel lanterns at anawalt on robertson - $20
check out the allsop garden website

Roy Rogers equals comic actor Ben Stein...he's been around at the car wash at the corner (the "Santa Palm") recently. I told him I missed Roy Rogers restaurants and he said he hated paying for them - see Foodmaker or Jack-In-The-Box and Kentucky Fried Chicken for similar he says. Some Roy Rogers are 'in the south' he says...they wouldn't give them up. Is President Reagan and Harry Kissinger too?

Walked to Target again today (with not a dime in my pocket - sure) and the place looks really good again. Of note is the iJuke jukebox by Crosley -- about $100. Bed Bath & Beyond sells Restoration Hardware's thick towels both white and mint green at a fraction of their cost. No seconds but way too thick we have 'em.

there are red and black staple connectors in back for extra speakers on the target model

the towels (the bottom is moist) are stamped 'revere mills' (see some like it at amazon)
i got a bottle of their 'rh' cucumber mint moisturizer too - the guy at the register gave his discount for a lack of cash about $15
i used it often at the store now play fair

no valentines day card this year? someone else's dick curled up inside you?
a clip plus clips of 1982's 'shoot the moon' -- 'the only thing uglier is reconciliation' - dm, end quote
another scene has her dating another 'divorcee' peter weller ('robocop' himself) playing a vinyl record like joan baez 'about us' in the background and they make out

eurythmics restyled rebornded 'never gonna cry again'
thanks the south african style of wheels reversing to drum are bigger now...richard, me...mgmt sixties clean 'attenborough'
annie lennox 'don't ask about us --- we're here' all mad she woke up in the surf one day in florida
dave stewart is-was dave edmunds too, the crimson red dress (really blue) is a halston
i'm mad ayds wound up being pampers a used diaper pressed lovingly into wheat chex party mix...

kylie minogue 'all the lovers' pet shop boys
they don't come here to you - the new one, the younger offended one

siouxsie and the banshees 'kiss them for me' and stephen hague is producer
is about gloria swanson-norma talmud-tallulah bankhead dying enroute to a greet...i love dying swan songs about 'no shows'
am i this? gloria swanson became dolly parton et al and she raised neil two doors down after his mother died (and he was killed too, again...pat and randy 'douglass' williams early 70's here)
so what? rasputin died with bolsheviks too crying alone - the parents did that too avoiding torture
this song will not mention a heart-shaped pool of champagne for fear of you having sent? chateau lafite rothschild will kill for you and at-price i hear along with an orange party lei i just cursed for having sent
my real name (stage is here) is going to be 'mark david hoefflin' the name is for 'havelin' or 'hell' the pig farmer with blimps dumping bodies

Rubber stamps for temporary tattoos...rubber stamp printers make any graphic perfect and stampable - I made many custom stamps at work and at a cheap too.

A great looking naked site that reminds me I don't live well (I've seen your pleas, yes-no): Frat Pad* Keep bother to a minimum - stop showing people stuff they don't want to see ever again. I don't do that to you, do I?

I wanted to thread personal responses to topics - I love the voices but people don't play right. Tell me about shit you've encountered...nobody does that! If you fuck around you'll be clowned...don't run away. "To me, we are just salt and pepper - clearly no one to talk to, no one who will play well." + Living in California is the first time I hadda think about being with people who are less than known, or less than wanted again. Rule? Let people do what they do - there are so many things to avoid and decide it's like your mother told you "You're no one to me...and now this." Vehemence (feed him mints) ain't what it used to be...AyDs is born of not knowing much. You don't know anything about that...it died trying to make a name for itself. Age? You had that from your mother again. And memphis too. You are old still...veiny legs, webbed vain. Tell me the truth - that really stinks. Message boards soon - or take from you.

another card me mom sent me - heard they won $10,000 on roulette
i can't afford rogaine the $30...blame drugs, sure sure...poor people like me would rather die than listen to your shit...win-win
your opulence tests me patience...but i get by with theft and lying mostly
wait are you waiting for? not one note, not one dollar, no one friend...i don't need anything that bad
by the way...i don't know anyone i used to know not even one
let it be...let it go...let it be me
p.s. heroin p.u. is goo goo muck from wine and caviar on the street - and mine? not yet
when i'm done shrinking and growing you'll know more...forty-six years old and you? and you?
if you think i'm funny, it's because you know me well...
i'm not funny...your oil is coming up the same way your fish is delivered - by hand

abc 'how to be a millionaire' + 'be near me'

abc 'how to be a millionaire'


i've seen the future
i can't afford it
and tell you the truth sir
someone just bought it

same as the whistlers [people who work for a living]
here come the coq au vins [chicken and wine sauce - not so nice]
roulette and blackjack [their game of chance]
builders of paradise
larger than life and twice as ugly
if we have to live there, you'll have to drug me

maybe these luxuries can only compensate
for all the cards you were dealt
at the hands of fate [face value]

so tell me
tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire
tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire

millionaire! billionaire! trillionaire!

hardly surprising
if you might consider
low wages go to the highest of bidders
what's my opinion?
i'd give you ten to one
give me a million
a franchise on fun

but there are millions
who often get nowhere
and there's just one secret
i think you should share

maybe these luxuries
can only compensate
for all the cards you were dealt
at the hands of fate

so tell me
tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire
tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire

millionaire! billionaire! zillionaire!

billions and billions and billions of pounds
billions of pounds
kill 'em some way

maybe these luxuries can only compensate
for all the cards you were dealt at the hands of fate
so tell me

tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire
tell me! tell me! how to be a millionaire

who wants to be a millionaire?
i do!
i don't!
i do!

who wants to be a millionaire?
i do!
i don't!

i've seen the future
and I can't afford it all

they won't say it right!
take the good, leave it be there...

The three railroads that cut across the western United States and in the south are: Wyeth, McGillicutty, Abramson.

Bette Midler = Richard Dreyfuss

saint etienne 'hug my soul' then do 'lose that girl'

Trenton (New Jersey)? William Penn. Philadelphia? Fields Of The Nephilim.

I made a full-on rainbow by my own hand the other day when it rained - simply proud. Note that, no one had to show you.

If your ceiling fan makes noise, I oiled successfully with Oster clipper oil it silenced the noise and now all is quiet. I was told to put some water inside the lamp globe too and I did. All is well still. IKEA now has new catalogs we got one in the mail...

let's catch up with the 'twilight' saga together with film number one
this is miley cyrus again the grandmother...winona ryder, etc. as breathless femme fatale
onion (white) is for chicken only - it was in my ground beef last night - it keeps grubs from tasting in
i like sukiyaki stir-fry alot from sixth grade 'japanese day', though
i cup chicken to 1/2 cup onion they say
more, watching: dumb dialogue, but you get to learn about washington state a little the asap control center
the couple are gameshow edward cullen and bela lugosi the girl
his family are rich in tradition kinda sioux indians only and the beat goes on
unmerciful film length but okay the girl is fun

Aah's on Sunset - like 7-ELeven at Holloway and LaCienega - now has watermelon and wild cherry Nerd's by Wonka. In addition Aah's has cotton underwear gloves (um, "handerpants" elastic-band briefs...also see "undercaps" for the head....buy both at Amazon) like Chrissie Hynde wears - you can play butt guitar with them on. Those french fingers are really for doing makeup on the dead. Asks not to know you so fast it says.

For every 'lover' another? If you don't like 'leftovers' (a 'louvre', as in a louvered blind at work) for that word (one I never liked, it makes you understand)...use "another" I have 'another' to speak of. Adds "friend" firenze 'for reasons I can't think of' or we both get stoked over the same things (me) we don't burn up the relationship with passion's own fruit or then speak of in negative terms making a sale upward in time why you won't be here. Only women call people a 'whore' and get away with it like they really know. One notes that nice (never seeing before you do) women who never rage could own (um, as owed to someone, perhaps, who can't get it by theirself and know more about it than you) the world (a foolhardy itself) and you too, with beauty. Thank god ! they don't have much to say to great pains.

The rest is nyet to crumb...mecca Lindsay Lohan the court vassar (education starts with you asking the questions and delivering the answers - experience versus theory versus experience - vascillates) reports she has a twelve year old male suitor causing a polar shift 'round the ballroom and we hear about other boys mounting the mother like it's simply a true...sounds lovely to me the demanding is funny...thanks again and best of luck, me...I live a little through these hard bitches...I'll offer to help out as is usual we see you still suspicious.

"In medit, we do not say 'come' - we ask you 'are you still there wanting me?' 'Not yet' she says back in time to hear it stop running me and insane. I'm no girl-hunger, yet you miss me sometimes 'all over' it says." 'Vulgarian' Sophia Loren is quoted by me often enough is queenly and nice...funny..."I am sexy to you - do you know? I know you."

Terry on vacation August 1 through August 18 just past my 46th sonambula (the seriously craved seedless grape to me, sleepwalker) or birthday. Thank you...a trip (flight) to Duluth rather than Minneapolis? Is more expensive $458 just pennies less than the $500 the fish burger stand paid to see him serve boiled stink to those who insist that a half slice of cheese product isn't made with fish but smells like cheddar sharp enough...related meddlesome song like the current "come on in, come on in"..."They're all red-ready and they're all red-hot, fish in the middle and relish on top." Um, no. CVS - we collected exactly $6.00 total in "extra bucks" this Spring plus some here and there - has these singing fish plaques honoring the Filet O' Fish sandwich at McDonald's. It turns its head and demands the sandwich for you in some kind of rap. Catchy...drunks want the chain to stay open later the sandwich helps them think through a buzz, it seems.

bananarama 'love comes' a predictable pet shop boys song...it's that good
bananarama, as always, are serious artists to be taken them and as such

eurythmics 'for the love of big brother' from the '1984' soundtrack lp
sitar, 'yeah-yeah' yet you...laugh last

black train passing in the distance
blackbird in flight
i hear you call
and even though there's no one
dark shadows move
across the wall

i still hear the echoes
of your footsteps on the stairs
still recall the images that
seem to linger on

faces change like fingerprints
like skeletons of leaves on the lawn
people changing places
thirsting for a moment
and it's gone

i still hear the echoes
of your footsteps on the stairs
still recall the images that
seem to linger on

black train passing in the distance
blackbird in flight
i hear you call
and even though there's no one
dark shadows move across the wall

i still hear the sound of
conversations from the hall
look to see who's coming
but it's nothing
and there's no one there at all

no one there at all...

we lied about stuff at night - you don't need to know about ghosts but i love them
i'm learning about book burnings and editing out unpopular types by you - thanks

great dicks-alive movie taken in spanish cinemax-type stuff "mirage man"...one exterminating weirdo, quite sexy...j'accuse pedophilia, onan romanski...giy...like grapes inside you...watch with the sound off

'the musketeer' part 1 plays here...for no show
after five hours of upload to 99%, youtube denied it access - thanks again, pigs

There's Nothing Here About Pigs Fucking Each Other - Says You Would Only Try And Use My Diet 7-Up To Make Rosewood Garcias? See How Nothing You'd Do Influences All The Eats We Served In June 2010