No, It Was More Than A Bush Possibly Even More Than You Could Know - Why Not Blend Right In Then For August 2004 And As Per Usual There's You

Where It Is To Be Spoken And Here 07/27/04 1725
Went to Bloomingdales this past weekend with roommate Terry to get merchandise on the two (2) gift cards he was saving for whatever reason - one for two hundred fifty ($250.00) and one for fifty ($50.00). Oh, upon entering the store at Beverly Center we had to stop and check the values on the cards, and if I hadn't already bought two (2) packs of Calvin Klein underwear there earlier (Size 38 white brief - I like 'em baggy sexy), we wouldn't have had to fight so much. After whining throught that, I picked up a new Fossil baseball hat all sailor blue at twelve fifty ($12.50), a new t-shirt at forty-nine dollars ($49.00) and two (2) packs of Gold-Toe socks white at six bucks ($6.00) each. The t-shirt, a mustard yellow brim with red wind and brown block letters, has "379-AGP" then "1" on the front or cover. Two (2) groups of Anglo-Germans perished on August 1st in San Francisco and Atlantic City in 1946 trying to get here and are honored this way. Whatever! I'm assured that the high price stops others from having but you pay for all made, yet see Terry buying-wearing the same shirt. Having too much and too little of it said. Tried to take mine back with no tags or receipts later and after washing to shrepp, but to little said. I'll keep and wear in the bedroom studio. Curses then. Curses - and new type font.

The Way That You Move Me 07/26/04 1215
So, here I am lying in our empty studio (one room for the bed with bathroom and eat-in kitchen off to the side - the door enters it - an artist and daylight made this happen). I bought one of those Coleman air mattresses at Target  - it is queen-sized, but apparently there are three (3) levels to comfort mine the first (or basis for such) at about twenty-three dollars (~23.00). They say not to use a hair dryer to blow it up (instead using their specialized air pump for extra ducks), but I do anyway and find that you can use the nozzle screen to push closed the air nozzle on the inside of the mattress and all is then well for outer closure (get a mattress to know well - that is your tip for having one). So burn the house down in comfort I'd say. While straightening out my effects for this dumpsure, I also got a new cell phone from AT&T Wireless on approved credit no less! I update all because they wouldn't work with my ol' Motorola flip and I couldn't stand to listen the options any further may my new Nokia now emerge me for thirty-nine ninety-nine ($39.99) a month like seven hundred (700) minutes from here only pray no over no match. Thanks again. Never resist change I'd say too much - it ain't good huh? In the meantime, forgive my fatal flaw for writing fast out of the home, and know that I'm catching up on my readings with Donna Summer's little book and that one called "Ash Wednesday". Eat me. "Get a job!" You're only the savior put to rest here. You're the only savior.

Pleased To Please Me 07/23/04 XXXX
Forgive the technical fouls and the week-date being fucked up - I'm on the move sorta. Thank "Hybrid" a local gaymer church-Internet dynasty in West Hollywood for being so foamed too -  thanks I needed you too (curses then). We'll move on it seemed....

Prepared Especially For Douglas C. Moon - A Rural Dignity 07/18/04 1428
Not too long ago, I got my little annual statement from the Social Security Administration what provides my annual taxed social security earnings from calandar year 1979 to calendar year 2003. My total fee'd? Five hundred fifty-five thousand three hundred three dollars ($555,303) - and that's all for twenty-four (24) annuals. On average with no frills and no going over not once, that is twenty-three thousand one hundred thirty seven dollars ($23,137) per annum or per year.  

roach coach

Should If Be And One May To Approach 07/17/04 1201
Should one of these clandestine (hiding and living among) coaches (um "roach coaches") approach with battleshields on, remember my recommendation for morning sandwiches prepared lovingly by Mexican ladies within and wrapped by wax-dry paper. I get on white zinfandel (overheated then) or sourdough toast: omelet egg (usual a scramble for cover), iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, avocado slices, and yellow american cheese to wit. We call it "The Delgado" or "daily number [to be had once or if two times daily]". So good to you. The move here is on even as we speak, but friends may to abound. My phone to be shut off at 5:00 PM PDT. Knock loud - I'm clandestine or then hiding inside.

Neil Told Me To Go To Fucking Hell 07/16/04 2217
Neil - what? Aren't you dead of this yet? Not mine. Talk to me, see it here. You and yours will go to hell together. You are not staying.
To Moving Update 07/16/04 2049
No change to plans yet - the roommate Terry calls from work today and goes "don't blame me - I haven't done anything yet" (implying that I haven't been left yet) but I keep my switches on/off in place and ready to shoot for if tomorrow when it happens for real like everything else unbelievable and stupid in plause that comes and goes if announced. No relief seen from this today and I hafta ask you or someone what might be - no. Instead of, today I called my employment agency of two (2) years accepting Accountemps (as experienced staff accountant - they called me but once during the past session, but only when the bus strike was on I have no car but will place up to eight miles or so by bus - my I present my resume pending further update now as house-husband, now a comfort to you? - half that is at actually Accountants On Call in Burbank so to fuck it) and made myself available yet again the only god incarnate for the next upcoming week (I never refuse, I never ask to, but call in basically weekly as said). Tomorrow, I may accept this here for a few weeks so I don't have a bed or shower curtain? So what? Me and my private intents toward this will live it on the cheek. Toward a lonely faggot saying how "sad" it all is and how I have "many friends in my head" as instead to talk to. So sad - but not that yet. "We'll be friends later on down the road, but not now though." No friends - just ask me again later too. In the head I get "you're gonna get thrown out earlier." We'll see chessman, we'll see. I don't live your life ever. Never will I see it. Never to you will I see. "We [California] don't have the money for this." You can't afford me, huh. Your homes capped, your drugs capped, your jobs capped. Yours to be capped. When I seek to go home to New Jesrey it is by choice, not by yours choiced. Yours choiced here. P.S. And by popular demand, my "23 Questions With The Semi-Famous" thing from Confederate Mack - a reprint here. 

Remember To Visit The Rectory 07/16/04 1704
Remember to visit the rectory of songs I've compliled even as I treat-burn disks to keep what's mine as taken. I love this new song I heard by Felix Da Housecat called "Everyone Is Someone In LA". Very VH-1 as sung by Madonna with Neil a freak and k.d. Lang.

empire of the son i said no to foreign trade there and you said yes i said no

A Movie I Walked Out Of Just If To Be Seen 07/16/04 1408
I've only walked out of a few movies that bothered me in the theater for whatever reason - one of those just being  "Empire Of The Sun" by Steven Spielberg kinda (really Neil's father Moon at the helm at Universal briefly, then absconded by Spielberg who offered to fix - "it wasn't going to work with no-ones in it" - a Moon). It was on tv last night starring Christian Bale and I was trying to take some more in I love Bangkok where the Chinese Revolution took place and primarily against England and the U.S. locking horns over pay rates and all then just too long though. Maybe I see all one day (the woman in the "suray" or wheeled cart to man falling on "you did not pay like I did - get off me!" then "do you see me here?!?" and then "take another place in the world that is not yours and die right there!") LOL! I also walked out of "Blue Steel" starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Ron Silvers (T. Moon again faking in this one - "blue steel" won't cut with laser light or heat - one must push it in too at the same time and risk burning - too much cobalt seared in to inner space and those s-holes within) for being too fucking ugly-stupid and then "The Beach" for not wrapping that crap up soon enough a minute-by-minute in real time to the end of dying (good film though - see it). Oh, sure - I stopped watching "Schindler's List" too for being too nasty with that one guy Ralph Fiennes shooting people from a window but that might have been rented on VHS I can't remember so propagationist to me (having no allure - made to feel empty to me). End this quiz. More: See 'cousin' Di Caprio (hint hint) in that "Catch Me If You Can" being shown on tv now at level or effect too - that's a good one too (and very mean to watch with good-looking pictures and us within - a sleeper, really....I love old banking and accounting stories - a great sham always afoot with and about the days before computers could ring it all up to you).

Last Night's Dream-Feeling 07/16/04 1009
I awoke to a morgue again last night. I was in some place in a neighborhood, really, all colors and this facility was piecing together body parts and faces and junk in floor drains but in a rubbery kinda fake way. Someone broke loose out a side door and was confronted by a man across a streetlawn wielding a gun or something and as on the way out - all in grass and lawns midday. I woke up to someone touching inside my hand behind me and to the horrible pumpings of life en masse and the general complaint of bodies stacking up and people who have passed being forced to endure sights no one should see. I relieve up to and out of the way overhead - in particularly my friend Chris complained I chain this to with doubt of, his younger brother made to lay in a body for the Neptune Society recently - but warn to keep else off of the premises and out of sight with frights when needed. I don't chain people to the miseries of lifebeing, but the air in here was rife with unearthly smokes and sounds like I connected to the whole bit of it. That ended soon enough, but thanks again. I will not overwhelm to you in this, but see you sleeping and waking for such and for. And in that then, being pumped as such and seeing it. Seeing it all like I have enough of - rubbery. Yesterday's time of unearthly departure? 1403 Daniel Brotman MC. I remember lying on a bed as friend Chris midday late evening with someone asking to declare me to dead as unable to move. Unable to say but I see motionless. Maybe now you see this too. Problem people everywhere and dying to me no whatever you say. To wit: God over chains doubters of me to horrible fates not yours. See that. I care for you, you care for me too - or else. God over (the one who has to know these, right?) also assures me when I push away that he maintains stabilities as yet unseen in this by not letting move. I pull it away when I don't get what I want when I want it. I try a bit of everything you see.

More Soapbox Engineering 07/15/04 2011
Let's see about our living arrangements: Well, the roommate Terry - the only one "working" and the only one "on the lease" here, has decided to move and go on vacation at the same time. A full abandonment as I penniless still (no I don't work for you yet). This weekend, there is to be no messing around with drugs or at any a nonesuch as boxes are packed around me and I am left stinking here until the end of the month. A careful structuring to see me out - thanks to whomever. I can't have the new address to know and he is flying to Minnesota on the 23rd staying until August 10. I've made and kept few friends in this, but how long do you think this person intends to live beyond me? With his family too? He is moving this weekend as "the only option" renting a truck Saturday and then me sleeping on the floor here I guess until? This is all I was left yet - you and this. Friends coming to help out him - beware only (some seek an own place to crash in their whirlwind of desperation - anyplace but in this see me). When we separate for good, new things to occur with. Maybe I go home to NJ for a while. Faggots...they throw people out in the street. That's faggots (you? you were never in). In the meantime, on Saturday I go to the police to seek redress. Per West Hollywood civic clause "no abandonment shall take place without due cause." Old age, death, dismembering, etc. The parents, of course, want me home and are working for that end with so little to condemn. This fool I live with is much like you and thinks no one special here. I see someone in my radius only. Someone to ask for.

an itch is not a scratch

To But An Itch And Then To Whip These Up From Scratch 07/15/04 1825
My mother reports a body rash bad after having her father burn poison ivy shreds in a barrel all when she was young. I personally had this shit all over my hands one year (1975) after picking wild strawberries on the edge of a farm soil in back of our yard. All over! I had to sit on them to ease the rash from blood pumpingness. What is this stuff and how best to ease if someone puts it in your "pussy galore" (um, see this "patchouli" - a "pussy" that issues mageula stink...."forever") scent to burn incense (but as useless brown)? Poison oak was made as first in 1622 England only to stop people from having our woods noted as theirs if they were to be so shallow as to present theirs as ours. It grew all over oak trees and made them stink bad in refinement plus make rash all over eyes and face if should chop or surrey (guild). It makes message of the wood noted only. Poison ivy followed in 1700 or thereabouts to further plight those who would claim ours as theirs. If one should note, the colonies were barely started still and we used poison ivy north america only to make the road less traveled less nuisant too if one should bathe aloft or without clothings afoot. No Frenchman accustomed to such would ever bathe again near brook or fallow should the urge pretend to be with us. "Bathe at home" it said calmly but with sureties one would reserve for stern or friendship of else. Poison sumac, made in and about 1766, was named after French matron general (mothers troops to death with guide and helping) Louise Parkinson a yet male - was a "sumac" general or one who sleeps without clothes on yet again (that word is French as "sumace" say "soo-maytes" for "sleeps [around] without clothing on"). Sleeping and eating, one would wander around picking berries lightly aloft while skimming the bathe and we poisoned that with answered now sumac. Sumac was meant to cover the hands only and that is what I got in 1975, I believe. All were meant to disappear with flame or rash burning a week or so seven (7) days unless in lungs a breathing halted at night. Rinse wth soda waters to decrease the rash once daily - 7-Up, is best really. No rash is invincible - remember that heat energy exploding hydrogens within is what produces all like it and cold energies are best applied as ice may to hamper. Remember, we don't like people still - it's all in there and in me too. May to a greener smoke govern you home. Further tip: How best to get rid of poison ivy or poison sumac? Not with fire or flame. Put down a wooden or canvas tarp and let the sun be deprived of its quarry. After six (6) days, there should be no more to think about. Black plastic is fine, but serves and preserves the oils that make trouble for. Use gloves. Never burn this stuff - never. Other weeds - get rid of that too with same methods. For ongoing, chip around plastic eaves or coverings. Smother what's undreneath, then lay chips down. You could do more like laying plastic around plants, bushes too. Tip after: We want you to ask townspeople for all you need - not to just take and leave there. Womanhad: "Yeah - and then you just take." To you and yours an ever of a rash to be abnormal sort.

hollywood buzz

The Buzz Around Town Is 07/15/04 1454
I was listening to an episode in mind last night - someone or something tossed one (1) heated can(s) of Brazilian internet bees into someone's home and took off. These bees will sting the shit out of you as just Brazilian bees get too hot and usually at night. Be cautioned - they will sting everything in sight and ten (10) bites will see you dead in two (2) days time to no lockup. Try and get emergency help for that! In my youth, I was stung up to eleventeen (11 x 2) times on the face by yellowjackets (pictured) in New Jersey proper for laughing at someone getting stung (on the wrist and up in a dress a mu-mu for right on the pussy, I hear) and I have no sympathy or remorse for those who cater these. Consider yourself honored my face all puffed up for all week and a day then. Honor to these my darkest days yet. You hide in the pool, and on the internet, you hide. Further, I was in Koontz Hardware (8914 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood - named after author Dean Koontz - Madonna owns this with lesbian singers Teena Marie and k.d. Lang) looking at fly strips last night they have 'em. Been fantasizing about being at Island Beach State Park (blessed, beautiful, can be a very private - a valid, legal barbeque on sand perhaps see another site) - a private reserve just south of Seaside Heights in New Jersey Barnegat area - and stretching out a long, sticky fly strip to catch a few of those biting flies with striped eyes (horse flies - made to harvest and kill worms from the feet of horses - these grow into snakes, but not here in New Jersey where we are blessed) and watching them suffer in the sun trying to get off it so glued (hang from a pole or such then device?) I hate those bastards, but it is kinda funny when a fat girl gets stung on the cheek at (we leave 'em in-place to discourage a life lived there and in the sun while we toil for it - skin cancer? no - to your bother). Anyway, we get those fly strips in a tube to pull out and along, but I noticed a new home for yellowjackets too - a convenient cone in a plastic or glass jar for alluring and then disposing of such then. How nice to you. The hours I would spend torturting these things...and then now wolves have been introduced to this on. How do bees string you err? We've all seen on tv the prod coming down and out of the rear bulb with juice on it perhaps as too small a tube - maybe, like me, you've pulled one right out of a bee or wasp with tweezers on? No to fear! That is just weighted end or ballast (broken height or bent shape), literally. That anchors in-place for a bite. The sting is delivered by might of mouth and is two (2) prods that issue of and from under the tongue of. See venom only come from the mouth and any juice in rear a lubricant of sorts that hurts too - but not like a bite hurts. Proof? No animal can streer its butt around for long after an insect appears (no animal lives by the ass of itself). A bee, a wasp bites you with its mouth only - like a snake and similarly. No animal stings from tail - none, not even a scorpion. The tail prods though. Who knew? Not I. Why were yellowjackets made? To discourage the waste of fruit and foods being left around town while you party it up in harvest and plague. Made first in Massachusetts, 1763. A Boston regular knew my prides then. Yellowjackets are second to wasps what sting screaming children on the hand or wrist for being out and alone. Seen by the 1700's again - probably 1722. Christ hated America and its vagabonds, really. And I quote about bees in general: "They cure diseases, too."

Waiting To Be Discovered At The Carb Counter 07/14/04 XXXX
Half the carbs? Old, stored wheat flour being overly-milled from brown whole-wheat to white flour and white. Overly-milled in our today economy has some of the energies missing from crush hydrogen blast you see the smills (blackens) within and taste some of it too. By far the worst tasting of the army's reserve, this flour is best consumed as crackers made only and usually. Eat with care. Hey - those brown turkey eggs taste great in this bread too. What about the goats?

bit my asshole up

C-Fear Dot Com 07/14/04 2003
This is Madonna's ex-boyfriend "Carlos" and the eldest son of talk show mime Morton Downey Jr. (as just seen by me in "FearDotCom" - see the Matt Moon stuff emanate from here - see our current calendar then after) - you've seen him in "Jackass" (and um, "The Movie") and of late in MTV's "Wildboyz" being just that and/or a guy named Steve-O. A small story ensues his real name is Reginald Surrey. We love Reginald's ways and face, but see him neglected everywhere as someone unwanted. We want you around - know that. This is also Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters! fame in and out of makeup and the singer of Alien Ant Farm - cute. Kurt Cobain a neighbor of ours once who "never died to me - back in days it seemed then." We'll learn more about Carlos and Neil together living with Madonna and child - in time. In time. Bit of a fan, Liz thinks I'm queer. I am - have that eat it. Your mother - 50's nurse supervisor Veronica "Ronnie" Bittner we worked together at St. Francis for some time binds that link.

to bitch pick a type then draw

As Per This Day 06/12/04 1925
Did you ever find cash on the street? I did once and once of significance only - and honor this if you will - about sixty bucks (~$60.00) balled up from pocketfell. Fifty-six dollars ($56.00) to be exact. On San Vicente Boulevard at night walking down as south to Santa Monica Boulevard to go to Rage, just east-side of the street. Paid for the evening's drinks about fifteen (15) years ago my friend Timothy Kyles was along and if you can understand that vesilege (lack of scrutiny) we could all win a day in the sun. Delivered by care - the birth year of another saint made. My grandmother saw it and did this too. For note. No, I don't turn anything in - that's you wishing for me. We'll make exact change next time. If you know me, there's just never enough to live the lifestyle my mother afforded me here. That helped - thanks. If yours, bless.

Boy You Drive Me Crazy 06/12/04 1838
Was just watching these people on tv all sitting around while some girl plays her little song on tape it goes "boy you drive me crazy" and I think how the voice always sounds the same - a muted Madonna and in-fact it is I hear all pushed down on voiceodor (a "vocoder" takes voice and samples it down in patches only - the net result is you sing on pitch or tone a teaching instrument basically and no one knows who then). MTV Networks pays Mo and Neil like six grand ($6,000) "less authorities" or other actions pending a lawsuit or whatever on bad stink here to make that junk happen. "Make a girl think she can sing this." Junk. "I wrote that in fifth grade 'boy you drive me crazy' but they love the name of it." Me too. Neil met Madonna in 1983 when she was still thoroughly disposable as dance music (my queue prior to - "we let [radio] people play my music for free - they accept it then"). He Neil was already a big enough deal and his dad arranged the visit for her in Virginia where he lived in Newport News while they shopped and ran around (the airport there handles equipment nicely). Her: "He was so cute then I died." Still is, huh. Neil says he had to boil two (2) cracked eggs in vinegar every day for three (3) weeks and eat them to clear his skin up. Gets rid of keratonins or oils from fruit that makes you blotchy my answer. Apparently, the salt rots your teeth too - eat less then after to see less. You gotta watch that salt, huh. A black woman on an earlier praise today told me about blacks or diabetics shooting up old women in the left palm with bacon grease and salt to make the heart heal. An old woman in the cookies aisle taking her time will be greeted by a concerned black who uses syringes to inject the hard palm left on thumb line once presented for an off-hand reading. The grease and salt apparently blow the heart in old women right up they can't get it out slapping it down inside but maybe an amputation of the hand or perhaps a saline rinse might help. We recommend just dying then. Kids - apparently not affected much. Have that too. To tell or to keep? Always tell. We'll keep the intent behind it. By the way, watched Jeffery Dahmer do those old black women up in mind - so weird of being tied to their chairs with their hands behind them being sliced up, talking still and going "tee hee hee" all the way out the door like nothing. Well, one of them. One already dead behind her the throat cut up. Be careful with young ones it says. Those black girls are so mean they say they are gonna go right after your mother and her "den of iniquities" like they've done it before. They are "higher up" they say and look down on what you wonder. I say an easy life makes you ripe for the picking better yet. A lean mind had to think about it all a bit more.

The Many Faces Of Jeffery John Dahmer 06/11/04 2135
The tv reports an off-number of kills for Jeffrey Dahmer, so I retort. A police commissioner's son of Dade County, Florida, Jeffrey killed actually ninety-three (93) people less forty (40) or so. Okay, really only forty-three (43) all-told. All young zippers? No -  mostly young girls ages nineteen to twenty-so. Twenty-two (22) in-total, mostly blacks who shot at police officers. Then boys - about nineteen (19) of them, mostly blacks again some latinos. Shot at police officers. In Dade, no one lives well after that. Jeffrey was one of many and lives today in South France. Add in two (2) old ladies - both around ninety-seven (97) and who celebrated their birthday by killing people young and you have it all in blacks, mostly "we were racist, basically - headhunters, actually." To wit. Happy Birthday, Jeffrey. To yours then. Adds "My lover died young a police officer. Scott Jenkins. Four (4) years." A faggot never dies of it like that - so pat. To see me here.

e.g., four people live with you two will die this day

The Way We Know You 06/11/04 1722
Just received a fifty-dollar ($50.00) donation to the dougpledge moonathon from earthly fatherine who inquires directly about the "job search". It's going well pending clearance of your check drawn on native funds. Thanks. After so long, one wonders 'why this? why now?' while ever accepting graciously (shouldn't you be resting comfortably underneath considering the nature of my magical powerses?) Never to worry mother father - these things elicit to my funds. Rest up, my pet. A distance between us renews yet takes us home. In the meantime, thank you will do. What else? Been looking at the humorous side of islamic slants in writing to show you some - the ever-great curses in heavy black written to insult me (example given by mine: the "fatua" say "fott-wah" or "curse given by mine" - sez "of four candles blowing my way, two will die this day [see it soon enough of leisurely reading]" - you to do better with lengthy and art, mine is but five or less minutes to you). One of my nature sees them while walking around town and I laugh heartily. The one I saw was like candles blowing in the wind but attached to each other and leaning away and towards or weakened state suggesting I might "falter again". It said "maybe you are not this - maybe not". To you - keep it funny enough. One day, a prime example of your pleasings to me. See four (4) l's "llll" as "all sticks in the wind I see" - a threat unto me yet. "Is this yours" as a statement to yet another threat. Would you know mine as of? I wouldn't bother it or you.

Elegants: As words of the day, the "den of iniquity" and the "house of ill repute" - the heaven and hell living right next door to each other and unwinding for further pleasures. For example, the house of ill repute never gets to see much else for being too nasty to know of. Next door in the den of iniquity, they have the answers. No one wants to know anything, really - they want to find. Find yours here within the house of ill repute first and before they get mad enough. Next door again the den of iniquity welcomes you not. We focus on details before knowing anything of you personally. What we don't want to see shows up never we spoke about you and received no return on that vow. The house of ill repute has seen your wares clearly and advised against them. The den of iniquity, however, wants to see more and asked you to come to bear all. Iniquity suggests you could do more to be just like us or then left as just else. Iniquity sought to make all the same or without burden. Iniquity means no further to be sought as all had already. A further liquidation and review to be thus seen. A house of ill repute holds you after the fact seen if must. Keep it all in mind. Keep it then. To keep. A den of iniquity knows no bounds. A house of ill repute reads no labels if at first.   

Another Type Update 06/08/04 1425
Dropped Neil off again late the other night by node (just thinking I might) and his new body was delivered to clinic here in a mylar bag with a rubbery hole over the mouth (we didn't want to scare anyone on that note). The bag had cartoon pimples all over it and he kept it once out and just for fun ("smells like chlorine"). Do better for me this time or I take you back to me I hate this place. Be warned other - I seek your needs too.

The Ol' Daily Noodle 06/08/04 1413
Remember - nothing from you out there ever. Today's balance: two dollars ninety-eight cents ($2.98).

Per "Lost In Space" Epsiode Number Thirty Two 06/07/04 1930
Outings of note: Eartha Kitt was also Mercedes McCambridge. Jessica Tandy ("Driving Miss Daisy" - a mean mother of a movie, "Fried Green Tomatoes" - I liked that movie they had the nerve to kill Chris O'Donnell off right up front - "he had to go back to school"...both movies as made in Trenton, New Jersey with stories, sounds...per to "Driving", an old woman drove no car there until 1942 and as on the books until 1976, then they wouldn't drive after all) is Neil's mother (Cile, "Shirley") in makeup (note: she was also pomp singer Kate Smith - that great bastion of bicentennial pleasures singing "God Bless America" ad infinitum for untaped audiences never in-front of - intended to be a Franco really, a person of France all fat and ripply with joy a heroin addict she sang five times on tv knew presidents, power people). Had to recieve an award with fake nose on. Hated it. Hume Cronyn? Merle Haggard only. Per note, Neil's father directed both movies (he with Madonna assisting on one of them "Driving") - and maxi-hit "Amadeus" too as Milos Forman all. And that's all he did. See soundtracks for details.

Two More Friends Of The Foe 06/07/04 1529
Hi to Todd Fraser another ex (about one full year of torment - no I don't need you yet) son of Diandra Douglas and/or Sherri Lansing both powerful at Paramount. You are also Barbara Boggs-Sigmund of Princeton havin' its and tone (say "tony" - for "eating out only", Fool - no shows ever to class done down forever too cost and at then - a steakhouse tribe saving it all) New York fame. Always seen about kinda winking at ya with that gold-dipped eyepatch and all - did you die too it said? I got that in the head now my mother knows you too - your hate is in her as both nurses from St. Francis in Trenton, N.J. having friends meet one day. Todd wouldn't let me meet his mother when doing down at his home. Todd met mine however nonplussed with each other mine firmed and not of sources-uses. Further "no one need comment here" - his quote. Come come. Back to Clay Callendar (friend...other less) your mother is Julia Duffy comic genius of "Newhart" and "Designing Women". Have that. Both women and both boys not too happy these days I hear. We'll see you. "Nonplussed" - what is it? Not bargained or sought. Received as same as any else. To be avoided. 

Todays Note Of Virtue 06/06/04 1454
Our collective balances today: two dollars ninety-eight cents ($2.98) all settled for. What is it with these Apple screens? This is a laptop screen posing in a CRT cabinet I see lines - smoking my contact lenses and shit. If I ever paid for anything like this, you'd get it back. Cheap.

Yet So Smart 06/06/04 0314
Yet another crapster from the Ondy camp: So, I get Chris here lying in my bed as dead - face still, a head bandaged, jaw missing or slopped. These are delivered in light energies faint. Three (3) years ago as now waking up to my deed le must a stupid ruse shoot if back shoot. This shit is stupid rude - you don't hafta die here another candiote secht giving and taking simultaneously, just ask to me. Either way, we move forward with mounts me as simply retarded and I am deeply hateful of all but the dead, actually - be safe. We move forward and over this to it. Seriously though, I plan to kill outright every reject within mention of this my made to you, and you can plan on being smacked down brutally should you ever err on the side of glamour or gate who I don't kill must kill me so only be kill it. Get it done to me you have the room to move I gave you none to know. What would I do? Nothing as I would want refreshed for me. In my depth of death being, I want you to make me have this with to yours. I want to show you how it becomes mostly about me and mostly not then about you dying of me. Let me see it to be too. Let us see it to be with you. I promise in this to kill you all soon to enough you. Soon you seen by me more all then to die. May God die of you and then die to me a god dying to. If 'til it would I die. Hmmm "i think I love but i'm not so sure" do you write crap like this too? I love. I know I do. 

Seems We Didn't Need It After All 06/06/04 0215
It's no secret that UCLA and I cherish one another to be bald - all of the ex-people I at once shat out now livened somehow like brine shrimp swirling in the haze of some asian's desktop ecology ("when it gets big enough, that one wretched branch will spring to live and suck up all the water you see hampered in there - cruelty was created to have, but in my time we see it wasn't to be so active at play taking but only as others watch wait and at die - then an empty sugar the first to dull, listless...a vagary leads to mutes and ear muffs"). Trust: Someone says casually to feed that the "SEAS" ("school of engineering and applied sciences" sounds like you know something again) - building (late 1980's - bricks, stature) was repo'd or something? Impossibly foolhardly! SEAS? Can't be to delect. Probably "Powell Tent" (temporary staging facility for Powell Library's repair after quake, rubber home to the stars of field and fame - a monir in linguistics) - I get that titvise in the heat-head but I saw that demourned earlier. SEAS (see? everything as said) is going to rehab in Northridge and then on to Pomona. Get a piece of the rock. That place is a shame I can't stand the sight of it ever - it was a glory to students who had better said to them. Going to school in that drunken haze of beauty and theft-wealth. Who said it's better? I did how ugly of you made. In mind still a secret (run sheba run - the best is yet to come but moments later we see more for you), I put my magic cock up everyone's ass and they don't know whether they're coming or going. Definitely going as anyone will do.  

I Know What I Want To See From You Exchange This For My Endless Love More Mostly Lies Dying Of A Broken Ship Heart Standard And Poor Body Image Sure 06/05/04 1246
Guess jeans (write Liz Fraser at "" - I get non plus this)? I bought two (2) pairs of those deuces when I had seez-me money - so what if they didn't look good in the store? I could always clip the bitches up and throw them away one black (noir) and one stone washed (cessoir) - both seriously hopeless and so faggy I died of halivagina. You keep them around for people to steal while someone else brings you the plain-pockets from an avowed AYDS-type person now in dimes quarters ("looks like they got all the right ones....he's in heaven now....wears Wranglers 'round town there are no pee stains in heaven no tissues to blot no blow dryers no Lee"). I wear 'em with the same verve God gave to acrim you to a hasty end if careful when zipping up and around my hole I know you're in there promoting wellnesses to me again. Back to saint, I stop watching gay porno for a while in favor of the junk on MTV and other for-pay mongols - what shit! I'm all Elton John ("Little got so much love hey hey empty garden") in the dark my own little greasy baggie stingily if be and at measure pray-see and these people liven my mord with some clothes on a taunt and an endless parade of narcs male and female I die of their pleasures so sure about it all I watch and see how the world wonders off to be that so crazy you're selling yourself again oh tough choices again I see eventual change being made a harsh rudeness. The women I exchange hate and fake feelings with love my every admission of guilt ("I haven't reached my potential here" - other assnumbings I die of sweethearts empathy seeing you live too and having you say I die of your apparently being now you hafta die too). Some dog - "a dingo" like a hyena - was humping something inside a car like it paid someone the rent money.....that's real you know. "It took him an eternity to write this stuff." God didn't leave it is tending to all the stupid bitches I hate while I try to kill them all and simply send their trash back down ass river kill it finally a bad stink has died of eating unholy godshit drinking cancer up the black. I saw your show with known transvestite David Arquette getting shapped in the bathroom - a suicide, really. That pillow dance was gross like a woman entertains most will never do it again. Once - tops. Show us the dead body next time. Something we can see down to that. Is that real or a Gus Van Zant thing for women again - thought we got rid of that female perspective a gay Madonna mother goose visiting a lower despair as concerned blacks. Lesbians tackle the tougher economics, issues wearing nothing of it and send simplicities seen in the first take "um, seems if he has the AYDS [punch that in - immunological, viral - you see it..."swim fan" tubular jar freakla neuroo shapps ---- remember, the "soivaela" eats after others have eaten, endless appeals to it they have the time for a rewrite, if so until night fucks the dead - hey, you either hate 'em or you're protecting 'em - be both with just admit a single flaw it's wrong to be so loved]. Nothing shameful at all now see that.

More: Mind says that the gay movie I watched was called "Cowboys" but let's not bother to check or not know (see then Johns (1996). The scene described is left as irony (not described to fullest and a ridicule of), but we see really a person being butchered for being a snot - and a woman-type view of it at that (pyrrhic in nature - "pyrrhic", most commonly spoken as "pyrrhic victory", means to lose all winning such - a valid still - the god Pyrrus, really "Pyrat" say "peer-ott" for "short breath spoken" a guide, recommended killing everyone for pay of not having - Roman - me, as spoken from a fountain). This person named Robert went into a bathroom at home while his wife waited nervously downstairs and asked his partner Martin to leave pre-sex. From the bathroom rude and callous, Robert asserted that Martin wasn't "good enough" and that he should do "more for his body" next time. Martin was drunk, and without similar circumstance, beat the shit out of Robert and left him bleeding on the carpet outside. Robert died of bludgeon as his wife lay broken too for her beating in the head as slightly heard the assailant climbed out a window and only to be killed later by police. The dead managed that one to home - two (2) mothers dying inside without prayer (you subscribe to this by living by them, and with them in mind). Apparently, Robert got his balls cut off too by switchblade ("I took them"). Oh, and the dick happened taken too - thrown to the wife later on she knew nothing and now suspected death that way. Jews military both, as in this case, have a very difficult time with "tourettes" ("looking around for better done" I'd say, speaking out of turn nervously and only - not wincing and battling like I do it - never ridicule me, you are this and ask politely to die with your ways of, you hurt me too bad here) and speaking saying at once. Never quite sure when you cross over a line with people who never asked to know in such procedure feeling rest you rude. When can you know of reasonably? When are you safe from this? Embracing hotheads - maybe weirdos you delect ever to prosper you. Maybe you should look again. I ascribe to being nice and never thinking you can't die by failing down and reading your own code, by not seeing others there too. You can. I won't tell you more for fear of losing you to me. Fear me then. That stuff happened in Montreal by the way, 1987. It's not illegal to kill people there if for such reason. We don't advocate (push to you) killing ever - what's worth that? You? Maybe so. A destiny calls us home.    
A Man Could Get Arrested A Woman Could Get Arraigned Could Get Some Hair Pulled Out Too 06/04/04 1324
Quite frankly, I'm at a nigger (a black - so dumb I'm your friend...."two ends that never meet and how'd you do neighbor? a whole white family? eat the cheryl brown's?") crossroads again with living free on the backs of others while you belittle (okay some me in there too - still a bad person). My roommate is trying to dump me by moving and that leaves me feeling blue no threat absolves this just that dumb. Can you believe it? It had to end sometime but I hate people deciding me again a lonely god-turd (you'll pay for this just this assmong - I'm sensing still). I'll sleep on it for now who lived well after this kinda thing? Certainly not you then. Love die will suck a cock for your canned and frozen food, I don't eat much at all after that margarine ("I can't believe it's not better..."). I'm still bitter about this blend but no one's dick got wet here in over two (2) years - to trust that. Not even once - see it for what it is the dryest dick ever to you my greet. See that again. To womanhad: eat more of this my to ever shit. Take this is eat it - pray sin, there's plenty more clem where we got that pinchrolled to a slim shenk so too thanks it over once lit the pinned ass. Tip: Never help here - you did better than this and I'm still reaping the rewards of send-hate and caring off they are worse than even Jews even worse than that a worship to pants down (musket ball: stand crap naked with one leg up on a stool - a gentry I've seen, put to shows me c'est must be le royale coup detat). Fuck it back to that and see less come each serves it a saint how blesses your tool. Looks just like a general standing around like that.

Your kids on drugs? C'mon - you use what you have, and let others use what little of theirs let I simply live in Heaven only as Epilady the wondrous whirring snaggle-spring ("ooo! bitch bit my lip"). We have some of the finest substances ever for erasing one's will and getting to be the living parts. Don't be dumb - your kids have raped you and me with their nonsense and removed shoal from you. Don't let it errant or wholesome generation can be enslaved to it and us forever it seemed. The same ones, in-fact, naked on the lawn with the GHB (go 'head boy! immersion liquidas, a sly mick - all present to me meth in water a tangle-free just rinse....snotty brown people who only speak to cash bearers another winner for them yet say there's more to it so levening to my trade up I mix I mingle I answer the door shirtless a tuft of upper chest hair just like you may see on authority ez hospital visit is it that good? maybe it is) police (they hafta take you in for that - women officers again? I hate long hair on men up in a flaxen bun of heroin chic). Age is no factor, caution oft to most slips when wet. Dying is old school, some a tradition - you know.       

More Than You Show 06/04/04 1304
Demoralizing centers on something we take for granted: ourselves. Ours is what people call their own sometimes. Ours is what takes days, nights, evenings shade to make useful to one another. The demoralizing stance is one of taking again and searching ourselves for regions or place without one another. To take the demoralizing path is to ask one another for three (3) things: your time and place of making without being asked; your mask to wear when placing the standard if out to be known, the time of day when one asks you to be better about things before presenting at all. These are done to us to make us aware of others. It isn't about anything at all I'd say to hear again. It's about being kind - kind of. Ah - no one needs your kindnesses afoot - they needed you to fuck off. This helps sadden the glad way with it all rules so if having not. Mine before this (my pre-god response - you never need to know anything but I have most ensafed by it): Demoralizing suggests nothing matters and that one should lighten up. The breaker of rules (have nots trying having), expectations (we all agree, right? what do you mean? you fucked without me later on? mine: no one ever stepped over me to get to that another fact-day expect less) lives beyond us we live for them to say it this way and how. I suggest a steady gait through this type material as being guide - you didn't know what to do or you knew exactly why it had to be no one likes it though don't be fooled by you yet again you. Demoralizing seems a feeling yet - a reaching for stuff you don't really have fight or flight to die for this no you have morals or thoughts on the subject you asked if had my balls (ask for them back with a glass of olive oil - be of note or jiminy cricket). No one knows how you worked it all out...see "demoralized" come for me each day I cherish your commitment to sane only for the healthy procreate. See that? Another bonus. Tip: People kill to this stuff - are you me?  

A Hostile Race To The Finish Is Quelled Here 06/02/04 1301
If a racist lives to see the day made their way with all in pockets kept theirs (no sex too great to know about), a prejudice person knows where to look for it. Prejudice is not keying in beforehand, it is keying in on demand or sight of. The bigot showers the world with yours while the prejudice of it hides. Remember, racism knows your facts before you do (can you or can't you?) It runs ahead of you, if you will. Racism knows your voice by on the phone. Prejudice asks you to wait a minute (as if all women speaking). Prejudice cannot help after such a minute has passed. A bigot will speak to you once had. Racism guards in its vault of colors. Prejudice asks you for the key. Bigotry makes the key work for itself and shouts aloud once in

This A Cost Back To Yours And Then Some More - To June 2004
The more that you try, the less you achieve, the more that you give, the less you receive? Something like that and why should a woman care about any of this and always missing the mark just slightly no one is cared for less than me here so never bring it up. If I find myself getting up twenty times to go to the bathroom before I fall asleep, if I find myself sleeping half the day away, if I find myself living without a shred of privacy or a nickel's worth of dignity to uphold, maybe it's just me. Me and you both that is. Always you there inside me to make sure no one gets away with anything. Are you still in charge? Of course I am you asked to know better and that says maybe you don't know everything like I do and refuse to say any once more. Keeping my mouth shut is hard. Keeping yours shut is harder yet. Just kidding - alot of people thought we would keep talking forvever. You will talk talk talk talk talk about it all and to me and then no more talk to you. No more talk from you that idea done for now. I wanted to be better about things, but not really. I wanted to be better than you and somehow then be you so small in the head a pimple but large enough to hold an insult a stick of butter. I think I have that firmly in touch who does you up more? You talk to my canned good to no more talk. Being better meant something. Better does more with same. Better makes you eat their butt. You eat butt better. There it is. Psst - the people who run the place aren't cruel you know. Cruel people can't see the truth in this I've been waiting to know of your ways wonder again so to a richness it sees. A leisure of luxury living. An aliveness. A minty-fresh feeling way up in your ass. Up in your twat. Cactus cooler.