first there was 'chicken little' - to see the sky was falling in on you
then 'humpty dumpty' for cracking a few eggs to make a few omelets
'the old woman who lived in a shoe' with only so many mouths to feed
'little miss muffet' tough enough + all the right moves
'jack be nimble' as nurses you burns
'three blind mice' for never sticking together even in cold weather as too small to stink
tip: the three little pigs? saned in a barbeque
worst scalping indians ever...the wampum goes yet to comanche, apache
how did they handle no hair? i can't say

we're still here - let us call you mostly it's more fruitful
by the way - this the best store for supplies there's one on vine south of sunset i use it...rare

saturday, july 7: time for you and the pack of wolves that pull your 'sleigh' to vamouche to july 2018
ride on.

dell computer in conjunction with microsoft windows is doing a whole christmas in july thing starting this week as catalogs in the mail attest...different days different savings such as a $130 laptop on the 10th and a $100 monitor look sharp...i bought a cheap lenovo to keep my windows knowlege fresh seeing as how public storage is still playing the dumb nigger with my belongings...

july 4 news: some clown was climbing the statue of liberty around her toenails but the perspective is good around her right heel angled up...i went as high as her head it has pigeon wire inside and feathers incidentally...you can't do anything but climb past the feet in a spiral stairway there's an elevator up through the foundation what is best described as a bus or train depot inside all brownish in signs and a souvenir shop...very formal...it is said that it will cost you 'twenty hundred dollars' for climbing or touching her majesty...the pictures are good...her name is 'annondale', btw...more: the woman involved said the statue stinks like 'seawater and fish' concentrated - her fine is reportedly $4,800 link....

happy fourth of july! i made a few pots of escarole-type franks and beans to avoid the whole hot dogs and hamburger routine - you'll get sued for it...good food anyway...saw 'the first purge' last night at amc and besides being very stylish and to the point a night of mayhem like any hurricane in florida and the news worlds within worlds all commentary what we have here is the heretofore seen story of a fledgling world-class vampire played by a young kid and blade's wesley snipes having amassed his fortunes after the white problem subsided a few others to enjoy...good looking people and the lucifers trying to get them back up to snuff less a few incidentals...staten island? why? is the statue of liberty some would say spike lee but that limerick is not apparent all black acts no punchlines ever...so, sit back and enjoy this one it made more sense than you'd allow plus marisa 'my cousin vinny' tomei looks good...

sunday, july 1 new page soon: today ends the fiscal and financial quarter so see cvs for your 'extra bucks' i earned more than ever this time $9! news you can use...they hid the 'swiffer' wets it seems....

google has been using machine language (eight digits and all combinations of zeroes and ones) of late in their logo stance - always a gem - someone put me down once for counting from '00000000' through '11111111' inclusive...i hated that 2^8...honors me....

hart to handcock? you got alot of feelings about how it should be, how it all flows but wind up having to pump it out for yourself...don't take too much, there's still two kinds of cash too (when familiar stuff is not good as expected) 'let the buyer beware'...and thanks for listening. listing my faults.

we're gonna go with drake's 'god's plan' song ostensibly from his new lp
it's pretty good -- personal

' knock knock knocking on heaven's door a whore ' - axl rose

by request - depeche mode's 'death's door' remastered ('feels like the first time'?)
eating fresh on the go - half a peach in your palm, the eating tour...french class
gummy bears or 'haribo' are spanish class, fool
french is toblerone

new term smooth noodle maps? those pool tubes that squirt water, insulate pipes-cables....

amc theaters - already quite generous - have launched their new stubs service for people who are simply nuts with health issues...three (3) movies a week in a variety of formats (blind, can't see - spirits delivering clips etc.) for just $19.95 a month...now see that...we need to stick together and a movie audience helps...p.s. keep the air conditioning correct at seventy-eight degrees or thereabouts...i hate being cold...movie i didn't see but i'd probably like? oceans whatever with america's sweetheart in it...last movie with my mom, her very last movie? madea's halloween 'boo 2'...i think~

coconuts: face the master with stephen king's 'salem's lot'
the kid here was visited in a dream state by a dead friend embalmed and buried just days ago
shamen? a 'shame among men'

monday, june 25 a day like any other day: toys 'r' us - no match for childhood legend 'kiddie city' of pool chlorinator 'hth' fame and lionel itself - announced their last storewide chain day on june 29 - so prepare for that liquidation...they are based upon jay's kiddierama in bordentown, new jersey on 206 their second store was on olden avenue and the first store's focus was race car and train sets, swimming pools and summer furniture in a basement setting, and remotely chemistry sets for kids too - all next to steven's furniture a big distribution there...so, like hell has an end a sad day...we always cite 'no motors' in anything but who's to blame?

for review: children's book 'frederick' - we did this as a play in second grade i was in the lead role
i couldn't be one damned thing in first grade's 'the ugly duckling' with bulletin-board paper masked heads to wear one flat side and another all reused over and all (terry got to be 'an imp' in his school - why?)
incidentally, the first grade teacher mrs. hughes lived in our neighborhood up our street - the guy in 'salem's lot' the familiar is my friend's grandfather he answers her door
back to, the story is good, but memory leaves me with just a few moments - my pants weren't brown enough for the high honor and i screwed up a bit talking
i take to the stage whenever i can - other people are real good

as 'national selfie day' draws to a close this thursday, june 21 (see facebook for such flurries), roseanne has announced abc's approval for a spin-off called 'the conners' and that's good enough for now...i guess...you took a big part of people's lives in review so let's shop it around it's worth it...'jurassic park' tomorrow june 22 i need to see people getting eaten up with reptile-type (existing between life and death) scares...like that shipwreck movie i needed to watch people drowning of foolery - unhappily, the film opened halfway out after the action pak...there was water in the boat already...like meeting michael j. fox on the other side? let's post before we're bautch'd (say just like 'now')....word for the day

at whim, i don't exist 'for nothing' - it's more like stuff on the shelf i don't want...

'tag' the movie
you're 'it' and then everyone runs away from you until you can catch and tag another 'it'
simple...cute on hollywood walk of fame: lloyd, beau, and jeff bridges each with their own star and all together in a row...in front of pep boys? no

i asked my ex-roommate terry (my nominate for alice and the seraphim) 'did you get a whiff of this (at easter on nbc no less)?' he said 'no'
point is, the lyric is quite poignant for someone who understands you and me so well
carry on...on a lighter note, me and mom watched 'prince of darkness' like true fans until she up'd and died (the holy family itself it's over~)

father's day this sunday...bought you a scale for stamps

florida cup terry sent this aaron 'breaking bad' paul vitamin water video ad to the forefront - it's pretty good
by the way - shit or spit - i liked the orange one

saw this movie last night 06/14 at amc century city the showtimes tight the place laughably full of garbage
for father's day - we honor travolta's work and the gotti family
these people make me unhappy but drive in new york city i never do never have - gotti's son with glasses on too close to the bone nice looking though
the paul 'paulie' castellano murder - need i say more? the restaurant was 'figueroa' i'm told (elaine's again?)

the ex-roommate writes me from florida about this youtube.com review of the vegas strip we cut to the chase here the prices are forward and lacking
it was $100 a night easy at the turn of the century but still...two night minimum
the manor was excellent to me for keeping your loaded car under the windows lots of families
my only complaint for cheap? the sheets weren't fitted - we like smoking, kinda
a real vacationland...the pool area was good
vegas is its own animal i was thinking san francisco sometime instead - with who?

interesting sites still with gay pride in the bag here hope they did well: tumblr, cybersocket (caution me nudity)...play along...alone...old and bitter will still have your job, keys to your home, your lovers, your amassed junk in storage - no trust unbroken just old...i don't want anything...old...so old....

tuesday, june 12: well, mom's been dead now for five (5) whole months on the dot...sorry to hear abut your losses too...advice? but o'er the miles...xo...sent dad a little token csrd with amc movie tickets inside...next up for me might be the 'mister rogers' documentary a fascinating creature...june 22 brings jurassic park in...music group queen is slated for a november release their music intoxicating ('we are the champions'? sacred text) along with a 'halloween' michael myers reboot with jamie lee shooting long guns - that bitch threw someone's bloody teeth in a toilet stall at some woman...as long as you hate him he can continue his romps unabated...both seasonally employed as such....

the north korean summit seems to have left people a bit shaken - it went well enough both sides expressing their frustrations with economics etc. so okay nevermind threats...tearful....

my weight has been staying correct at around 185 pounds and i'm thankful for most care but i still have a shitty bubble right on my navel ('if you're god, you'll get one')...a real turn-off? we'll see...nothing a half-gallon of black cherry kool-aid can't help heal...to me, is like a fuckin' woman with a weiner jutting out of her pork belly...may both die...pictures at eleven....

my ca driver's license renewed now without flaw - five years but in-person got me an eye test and the usual scrutinies so that went well i drove alot in florida and have yet to drive here or know a reason to drive - zipcar is still a good choice for occasional use...the cars seem a bit rare these days...what please is gas priced everywhere here $4-5 a gallon...anything goes...think about limiting choices that's gotta be worth something...no trip to the suez this year....

coke twenty ounce bottle is still 2/$3 at cvs - i like that quality - pop tarts maxi packs in all the flavors you hide while on sale (i love 'cherry' myself and 'watermelon' was excellent too) is just 2/$5 at target this week!

curve peel sessions from 1991 or the year prior to the 'doppelganger' lp being released on atlantic
that word means only 'ghostly double' to me - and to be seen in the corner of your eye a fright maybe
for john q. public...'doppelganger' perhaps the persons destroyed getting there was literally born at listening stations in record stores like tower
the first virtual record of three ep's the singer notes as not being available for such practice but had heavy radio rotation like mars 103.1

you think of no one but yourself
you see the rest of us
as fools
you think of no one but yourself
you see the rest of us
as fools
he said 'don't feel guilty'
'don't go crazy'
'don't get paranoid with me'

play for profit
like a man
makes no sensory overload
ask me again

the peel session opens with 'ten little girls' a strong one about women in showbiz who target homos, home alone, home-as-usuals...homophobe? still cracking that code...i'll call you...wait 'til i'm with others

thursday, june 7: dad called while i was walking the streets with a starbucks chiller (favorite right now is orange-black teavana with sweetener added in - nothing is regular about them but still i watch my waters aquarius-osiris-ascites all the same to me the water pot here) and added a new brother of some sort seventy years on coming to see him...va administration worker one of them...the father's father did this apparently i couldn't hear well i thought 'another polyp' ugly junk 'your own mother had the time?'...all welcome...i guess...are less people better? it is but we need each one i surmise...if we made water at all it would be people not plants who make every last thing we like the other a ring of smoke in the sky a'weavin' on command...i used to theorize every drink of water an old dead person recycled well enough...pray tell...never prove me wrong...never.

wednesday, june 6: the excellent 'han solo' was last night, tonight the outfest film screening of 'ideal home' with what remains of gerard depardieu and paul rudd
a good gaybox outing - more later
really, a nasty little foster home film by that girl in 'life of the party'
what else? the alamo or original taco bell (i've been there - trust that) was more than lovingly portrayed in this movie
the film was shown inside the library quarters my prayers were answered by having a hidden and ample theater within $10 or so
...and while others toil

thank 'han solo' for avoiding the whole john carter/pochohontas willoughby in hills thing - the girl's real good in this film but she doesn't need you to say....

jim parsons (aka greg brady) gives his emotional reaction to roseanne's quibble
she probably bolted from general 'player' (playing well) status but maybe is scared i don't speak for her
in the name of great things delivered me

stay in touch with doug moon's facebook - we're experiencing upload difficulties en masse why shy away? just between you and me, i straightline ascii and are mostly text anyway....

oprah made us laugh with this 'now taping' phone interruption...just ten weeks old!
says roseanne's problem - nearly inscrutable - is 'no pay for her' as the day comes and goes
i got that version along with 'queen of denmark'...meanwhile, neon failure on the you on your 'own' building says 'wn' or ol' warner network
'you know white people, always peeing instead of paying...'
1) you ask for it with a pill, it comes
2) there is no free piss in this world - you feel it

saturday, june 2: stopped into world market at the grove third and fairfax yesterday it's a world of wonder in there...the gap...k-mart across the street with the only orange julius pizza i ever saw ever...today it was off to urban outfitters on cahuenga after much tooth loss to get a three-dot bamboo curtain <$50 might meet mr. krylon later....

you've got all my records from storage and still i wait...

los angeles' 'gay prize' 2018 is sunday, june 9-10...gay pariah, pribe, problem person...bless you

father's day 2018 is sunday, june 17...you see it...all my focus to shift now to my one surviving parent the father....

i just enlivened my (pubes?) old 'twitter' account but i still don't get it 'doug moon@noomguod' or something undeliverable - thus again no e-mails discernible protecting your privacy? letting the dead speak to a world they theirselves don't inhabit? more or less later...signed 'noomguod@hotmail.com' for one...spam is more than illegal it's error-prone...'that's not herbs'...more: i think the '@ noomguod' is my hash tag equivalent or way to cut through the crap to get to me...hi

be back soon to care for you too....

'that's no way to get anything' + 'let me pay' a six pack of beer and seven wine drinkers from the g8 to l7!

...in charles schaub we truss...earl scheib

you need to read bottom to top to stay in sync - sync yourself back through last month may 2018? each and every one less important as time goes on...no...sixty years on, no...will you still need me, will you still feed me when i'm six foot four? no....