july is gonna feature 'mutiny on the bounty' - you in a cardboard box in the middle of the pool slowly sinking 'no need to jump' and with the doggie paddle ? remember p&g's (pass and go) 'prell' - long before faberge naturals rewiring your hairlids was prell and that's a fact a veritable hero's welcome...

you gotta break out of the mold or sing that shit again...'nothing from nothing leaves nothing - you gotta have somethin' (billy preston) - here's sheryl crow:

sheryl crow 'anything but down' from the globe sessions advante

i light your cigarette
i bring you apples from the vine
how quickly you forget
i draw your bath and roll the wine
i bring you everything that floats into your mind

you don't bring me anything but down...
when you come 'round~

waiting for the gap in the conversation and maybe now you can speak (guess topic: no grace, graceless lady): 'if you don't like what i said, maybe it's because you understand me better than you think?' - dM probably not~

mystery boffled: that red-haired gaybot sheila kuehl was seen by me and finally in 'dobie gillis' (episode 1:1 - the title means somebody extra savvy or dumb rushing in only to bite and sink? anti-thought provided: somebody who doesn't want to be there and ends any the process with quick decision and/or irony...by the male lead scott glenn whatever) and is actually a love of life for viewers they seem to know her talent with bob denver (danvers-) still nasty kinda before the skipper sailed them to outs...your ass woulda been in that hole being nipped at 'cept for him that steak upon returning wasn't that good...the guy who plays is cute too a curly bob costas or mike brady after the fall...perm...anyway she is the real little debbie of snack cakes fame they found her down delivering her delicious cakes...note that...'hello, honaugh!' western-type cakes...

a late-term dobie gillis episode featuring sheila kuehl - ultimately the only role she would need to post her to fame

sean connery? cary grant~ that's half of it...think we had a now-young jerry weintraub (michael douglas - ) around today pool-wise...the guy they showed is like mr. woodman on kotter or something...not quite right in the eyebrows...

so what then - belgian waffles? eat me...'yapple dapple dapple?' (somebody made your favorite) with bipple (charles nelson reilly's spit on the lower lip)...

tomorrow is saturday 07/11: national 7-eleven day is gonna be again free slurpees and all watch that date...the doughnut thing is today i drove to santa monica and got mine six kreme with a free glazed dozen all told just over $10 i paid (and then note i was $10-$15 short too - yes, it's okay to steal here in our free-range lifestyle to interminably jail and feed a sounder for the road in and out)...i have bus tokens for the trek but will hold onto now...you got the lottery numbers too? what couldn't you get then you can't get now? no more tricks for now...

the new 7-eleven slurpee tumblers in colored plastic are $2 with a slurpee inside a good deal i got one of them too....pink

talked to columnist erma bombeck today 07/09 dead or alive i used to read her alot pleasant woman with observance humor light...says she was never paid...i told her 'remember the six-million-dollar house you burned to the ground in 1966 ? or whatever' no? that's worth forgetting her mother's house a down payment figure if ever i heard one 'if you made that, you'll know more' - dM...end that...see you soon...

when i was young under thirteen or so and prior to having the eighty-house development as paper carrier, i used to read the obituaries first in the afternoon around four o'clock atop the stairs where i sit and read (and sometimes test mattel's 'baby thataway' for thought the any crawling over the edge 'none' - i hadda skin the face on the baby that eats with a tube directly to the diaper to get at the gears and see 'em doing what they do)...i know the word below bothers you, but i thought 'you know everything now' as featured a hero of sorts heard of never seen or at least a cheap tooth to be placed in the hide your parent's divorce another cheap to pot:

cut this outta the la times today 07/09 supposedly disney versus stance or forever a bother being bothered with some 'friends forever'- they could just be here too as living - with you
the real reason is the guy on left features me kinda and is an excellent type from there on right the big man from budweiser willifred scott (but, um)
'when you choose a beer, you choose a bud' - dM see any mints (an official money press-prison) around like philly? the 405 meets the 170 then at the bud plant here
the girl in the middle obviously attractive but a wasteland of hate within? how they get in kelly moore - for me? nothing is mine except hope being welcome somehow 'bob hope' sure
the character in center reveals not much a pirate but i know people like simple stuff this resin thing of banana 'guar' gum 'tastes shitty...' - ed o'donnell
disney characters are excellence itself - note that, come to done
p.s. i made walt disney world mickey he's real - no one meets that and no 'fantasia' better off not showing that one? 'that's not real' ever 'mary poppins' delighted me only

for the upcoming months...krispy kreme
spreading out to any the taste, the doughnuts hold up nicely keep your expectations in check 'the don't heal the heats' - dM

happy 4th the rent due yesterday...wieners, burgers to you 'circuses, parades, and fireworks....zzz' - dM checking beyond the grave to note any less served me...six flags has every day, disney the past preserved, and me to and fro checking 'macca' tries to hurt you when they see you and comes down the branch for a fight...checks id but falsely

the film before the last dM home-type film - not too bad the lights bothered me in harsh review but have been sauced now at the site youtube.com blah
meanwhile, taylor dame made wanna kill myself with solemn and sorrow in some third-person way - a kid put on a bus in the morning doesn't come home and no one do i know i hate neighbors and more of bother
did i write this? imagine having the job and the same neighbors~
they welcomed ed sheeran formerly now this spoken word type lift out
you back to boy meets girl reduced to be day one but keep an eye on what's not known to others

taylor swift 'everything has changed' with ed sheeran
'red' is good too

new janet...bits early then
hrmmmph - they won't let it be and i don't see any reason not to
the clan there got me in the laundry room for a side word is good too the mother received the record exiting heaven kinda...remember cherrelle she comes back like me 'is it true?'
my menu is on one side 'the things i won't have' the other side 'the things i don't do' it's not always easier to ask

06/30 we here have finally settled on no new lease until august 1 but have to pay $2,086 note that now...usually $1,620 a month...

'don't drink so much orange juice - it's not good for you' - a care from someone here to what reply 'i run it through me as saline (saving itself, cleaning) and it takes what it needs'...we were just talking about how good a concentrated orange juice snow-cone or spooning was (store brand - sure)...at easter? sure - no kidney rocks unless alcohol maybe...tasty after mowing the lawn or whatever is more than orange juice is pectin too...

sad note good story: mcdonald's ripped me off for two bucks on thursday night 07/23 for a big mac meal - $7.07 for that meal no extras and i paid with two fives seeking a dime outta my pocket for a full $3 in change the dollars didn't flow just the coin change i thought 'how could that be?' an imperfection on their behalf i returned someone's driver's license found at my seat too the clerk ran out to find her the license owner...i went early the next morning (no real reason not to too) to make claim i think the price high enough and still two fives? no way ! i gotta fight for sale prices these days as they might try and offset making my number for no employment be skew 'tit for tat' a gay's raison de etre or 'reason for being'...i don't necessarily need to say that, that $2 could've paid for a drink right here 'x' on the map out when i'm thirsty (i speak alot and don't believe in making the wets pay too much though they leach me for soup and to cure)...i can't drag that stuff around to be with you and seem meritous somehow, but the indian girl managing deferred to another by night test and by that manager no call yet...cheap...maybe that stressed...

plan: we'll pay increased rent this next month 07/15 while he vacations the month coming but later in the month (grand marais landing in expensive army genteel 'duluth' verily 'to lose you' where they drop the hammer with that aerial bridge to the northland up lake superior left)...see that as guide to the jailbirds that inhabit our space and with renovations a dog will rip right in three days...a calvanite wood floor! usually i stand here with some cunt chatting it up among electronic equipment and water dripping down through the cottage cheese ceiling from above - nice stance...mine is to comfort you too...i don't use court to get my own money i earn it once thus you to counterclaim in the same way...i don't understand people? 'they are dying' one per and per per...always on call and deferring their bother and furthermore...and even further than that a pile of cut grass plus poop livened at any given moment you trust that to your tube crudities - being perfect means no speaking to those not present so to speak it's easy enough...

in all of nature i see (kingdom, to date), the only thing ever said to a man is on the back of a cobra's hood 'no peeping over the fence' as killroy, killjoy...maybe indians (indos) fake that they're big on entertaining others at their seeming of expense...maybe i don't see...a great, great weekend of ghost and clouds plagued me! i took a new bmw out to get boxes of soda 2-4 am roughly it was time...someone walked by with two cartons earlier it inspired me...'scott winston'...the other will not go out at night...but i ask anyway...others around so many good deeds unmet...a helicopter hovered overhead for what seemed all day i rebuilt their tail fan with protoplasm and gradually on they moved - what happens when you can't come down anyway? gentle them to safety...

no gay okay i'll show you mine...alanis showed me 'jess' very nice indeed! 'jess, bring it in...' meanwhile some redhead kid parked a bmw delivering to others that was flawless a bit higher up the ladder all black and like a can it was, one-piece good looking high trunk - alot of 'studio lot' cars here each appointed however...the grayscale primer on a bentley '8' finally made me sense...

lesson learned: i awoke from a dream ? mid-day yesterday and someone - my roommate (it gets quasi with others in that skin alternatingly threatening me and cajoling me or simply shutting up i'm no cinderella and no no record or rap sheet either...nothing sexual and but serious) - made me take a drag from what seemed a long cigarette ('it's easy to share the good times' - dM)...i couldn't stop laughing hysterically and as high-pitched - i couldn't stop laughing! what was that? too fast to see...

i asked dick van patten how much he got paid for 'eight is enough' (a favorite show) and in total? $400,000 he replied and i promised not to tell 'it is me' the character he portrayed...a sacramento newspaper columnist 'the meaning of christmas'-type...you get paid? he made paper in some manufacturing capacity...

factoid: i haven't had gainful employment (posi-florive) since april 2006 (december 2005 through april 2006 was ralph's maybe into may)...we moved here to palm avenue in january 2006...doing official online sales bmg/itunes etc., was my employment thus and no further but sought...no joke this webpage died over traffic in 2005 bmg coulda kept their word...then and now...what about that web service? valu-web...columbia house...

my lye came today by the door...sysco the underwriting soda service says you can sell up to six hundred (600) quarts (nearest their largest cup measure) of soda a day but no more and that means shutting down if necessary...any mcdonald's will tell you - it's worth it...'a salivary gland only not food is measured here'...$650 dollars is all...

the confederate flag is great culture (a bowl kept cruelly if and, unique stuff and experiences) though it shows division on subject - i get rid of those taking exception with us - is no hay to our sunshine given time they waste your entire life taking exception to everything...life is held out for a bigger deal have one ready...

pavilions here has two new large boxes of hiking-size (holes punched) icees in the warm juice section - freeze prior to and run out with it to slurp along the way...$0.99 a foil capped fruit punch and dark cherry frost...no color

slightly overheard: mcdonald's is gonna serve 1/3 pound burgers now? rule is one quarter pounder is a big mac after splitting the patty - no slight i'm sure nor to reward the thought, what is '1/3' in ounces anyway? tip: 1/4 pound is four (4) ounces...five (5) and 1/3 ounces? hmmm...like our sloppy-made public needs more ice in their drink anyway...fedex one day late with my two (2) pounds of lye from ebay, and my dream today of ucla being mount olympus brown-ish and high in the background, being pat with terms and me jumping in on someone's behalf down to parking concerns and train travel why me? why you? like fedex, there's always someone willing to drive in from barstow with barely a 'doctorate' on their mind (you don't hafta declare usually until your third year - why wait to matriculate)...just make sure you're here by ten in the morning when i pay $30 or so cross-country...and don't ignore the kids at mcdonald's who can't pay unless their dad is there...school's out...higher prices too?

official end of the school year tomorrow everywhere the 23rd give a snow day or two~ thanks see ya soon enough...be saved

...another two and a half pounds of green grapes today $1 a pound, no soaking in water with salt and lemons

um, we don't upload relacement pictures to youtube to see your artless vision and why do you have your asshole all over everything anyway? we still won't eat...thanks again for the below...the change now see...

'mcdonald's knows nutrition' - dM it may take bones, teeth, and hair from an asian (fur) in my fried rice
a little walking trip down sunset last night father's day 06/21
worried some, people lay outside for cooling effect, do calisthenics-jumping jacks, or eat richly at the very faunt
p.s. these big macs were among the freshest ever, girl...pies were great too...sodas all sizes are $1 here always value menu
and while people struggle with soda service us sysco that is - takes over when costs rage as option mcdonald's with burger king ordering too much
what is big mac's name in china? big mac 'beam up', india is the 'jardin' or the 'long wait' as garden 'barely green' and dialect what it makes me think to myself as not fully expressed...the 'crown royale' in france, parts
original name the 'all american' we think to say thousand island sauce ketchup, mayo, and relish only
'have a little' - dM less is better done keep the menu confusing

a good picture of artist halliday streamed down - like alanis is almost caveman with its primordial look

while curve song 'midnight & royal' - a real haunt - is good backdrop against princess di's death (pre-dates actually 2006), it's really about the waking hours in the dark of morning - two modernist women having a male baby in the absence of the father short or derived and complications set in and no one answers the phone - the curtain never falls on the act, but long long waits of not knowing what to do - then nothing...mime (a dark blue honors a death, navy or royal blue is having it always with a boredom with it almost ugly...light from our side too much)...

skindog: when in netflix, you can scrub a film for content 'but maybe they hate it' - grab the red ball on the bottom of the film and you'll see it's just above the cursor i use it always sometimes it gets kickin' a bit late...no skin? i think slimy programmers put shit (luxors) in-between fast-forward frames though...is it me? you.

another still-life on father's day - send money
no coke? no 2-liters at cvs yesterday...i don't use the single liters much though attractive to cheap
my last trick was buying $30 worth of stuff to get $6 off by card-tarjeta...hadda hold the alcohol off on the side i was thinking $24 in only...the saleswoman had to help me think
we'll get that later somehow, some way - theirs (the bill was $35, btw - you'll get that for scott toilet tissue at full price you can always use that, veet depilatory - take a tip, 'just for men' we need that always playtime no noxious fumes just playtime, resolve carpet cleaner i used with palmolive scrub and wet-dry vac nothing wet inside after some say lemons and salt, etc.)
in the back unseem: arizona tea, some gladware with tacos stuff - gallon milk and trader joe's juices i love 'dixie peach' jubilee and cherry cider
the gladware is great for pudding i make often - half-cup sizes up to four with room for spillage inside
p.s. hadda throw that apple sauce out - white spots on-top

06/20 the day before father's day: we made martha stewart's chistmas bake with gruyere (swiss for baking - why? i dunno i think of onion soup, kinda)...< $4 for six ounces ($3.70), or under $11 a pound at trader joe's sold in wedges plus argue shredded it's alot more by volume or cup-wise and half the weight...follow the recipe and if...go with weight? not necessarily it surprised me the volume as i shredded some...

i liked it - baby spinach and all...i eat spinach quiche alot that's mine
quiche a la maison (say 'kee-aah-lah mayson(g)...it's like that)

pavilions has these modest gift baskets in the floral department i think about 'why' and 'why not' often enough 'something to have, something to hold' or a permanent value kinda not all food
back to value, these startle with jack links mini-size jerky in flavors - that's a well-thought one
cvs handles these needs well enough over time a quality jerky i like often enough - like enjoy! brand

pavilions on the way noting five-dollar friday a whole chicken: some of the great buys this week are green grapes - nice enough $1 a pound! i had some already and i'll get more...frozen chicken breast sandwiches for the microwave $1 each with bun and plus burgers bits (regular cheeseburgers, bacon cheeseburgers $1.50 each) more freezer section...ball candles still $8...

not yet: record store 'fye' writes me to say i can be an affiliate feauturing banners here at dougmoon.com and we haven't been recognized for sales yet or at all...we'll wait for what i came for and that is payment...i may not even have a home soon...thanks again...nothing new for you should i be glad? i'm gonna be fifty-one (51) soon and you're still thinking it over...that's great...niggers...i have my father's life of unpaid sales work and a divorcee lifestyle...'if women ran the world you'd still have a cock in you' - dM
p.s. they livened the link already we'll leave at that for now...

overheard, someone associated with malaysia and higher education 'i don't want them here - they've gotta help...not this kind of help [what is for pay ostensibly and while you use it all yourself making shit movies why bother]' you are needed back in hell...i'll still mock you 'i did my part' you keep collecting for-god-knows-what (with everything else morgue it hates) and i don't hafta go out justifying anything to you...you are no one...one piece of stinky paper later and you are right back in hell pull the camera in for it...i don't need a lay that bad...rub shit on your inner thighs...

sodastream update: all's well though we considered letting all three led's light up at once for one good blast of air bubbles (not recommended, ever - too much too soon)...just got rootbeer and cherry cola flavor too (some say is like diet tasting no matter what - has to open up i'd say - acid or mecuric metal tasting that is acid ok)...the vanilla i made from karo not concentrated enough use in straight cola instead...the ginger ale a big hit with me, actually...the flavors from target or bed bath & beyond...i forgot my coupon at bb&b (20% off one item from the mail use expired too) so target was good enough for now...coupon reduces one item only think it out i just labored myself over $6 at cvs for $30 spent (thus $24 in cash needed) no alcohol though i just add that in at the end ten more bucks for a gallon jug of vodka...

thanks for the kiss during my daily napthalene (nap-poo? fell asleep on the job), jerk~ xo
i'm not at liberty to stay

very nice wet-dry vac at target for $20 this week 1.5 gallons (you gotta change the inner bag one to another wet-dry one is foam one is cloth redoubled, but usually these are limited to cars, cigarette lighters)...my first, blue...excellent value...what? my father has home depot's the stinger from me already (it's still available there 2.5 gallons for $29.97)...and father's day will always be late a phone call while i think about what to get...

----------------------------------------------------------------no, we don't hate anyone----end fool----milk & kisses (like your mother gives you to understand maybe later) agonized privately by consuela 'h'

zipcar update: when we came back from errands (errors in thought? in making plans) in hollywood on sunday 06/14 - and we usually wind up booking two hours for comfort in style < $20 - my roommate insisted like a cutthroat on getting gas (you can fuel up anywhere, i guess, with their card provided) there's traffic bind everywhere from the gay parade and approaching west hollywood was a nightmare as driver i hadda talk to sheriffs on lacienega and fountain to get entry as we rented from palihouse (with these colors around i think of gore vidal's memoir 'palimpsest' only) down near 7-eleven on holloway (usually i protest not filling up)...anyway the meter arrow in the bmw ran right to left 'e' to 'f' or just above a quarter tank on left what was funny here (i thought more than half a tank as indicated by '0' and '1' what now transposed he spent all day arguing before i saw it at all - what is it usually 'e' to 'f' on right?) whatever dyslexia is here but is upside down actually...anyway, we get there and hadda call them zipcar on the phone for a clearance code what is the driver code what a pain in the ass...but we fueled up and left to wait in traffic...i fuel up often no problem this kid was nuts with hate but maybe all's well...i hate people forcing me to do...

what it felt like - these are pretty new someone said $48,000
no, the engine stays on this time but is messing around with power use inside

pooh poopy doop! now that's that...and by the way, mae west is not that funny...not intentionally

artists should make 'you pubes' (usually, very private) that showcase their famous stuff slightly one after the other 'hit parades'...get the songs matched up later - people like the cure have alot of style and the stuff ain't free yet

the grandmother - moon - says this is shirley temple all grown up...so there
remember they are somehow king world - 'hee haw' in tom's river, nj - sanford but no son who is burt bacharach...we, you and i, know nothing
i got nuthin' from you - now see that

dear to gay: 'remember when there was nobody and you kept your mouth shut and cried alone?' not this time - this for the mother 'there's nobody like that' at her funeral for someone else's cat...someone threw it under the car from a velvet bag 'we strangled it' they said...

'it was everything to me | and nothing to you' - gary numan somewhere

gary numan 'metal' from 'the pleasure principle' lp (1979)

the last official word: 'the antichrist' is like excedrin (mia) to bufferin - you hurt with me, who cares who makes it go...in 'suspiria' someone got stabbed with a poo stick a red knob with 'ice' pick they use to pick up poops 'oh, god - no' an angel outlines in light like that if she's in-front who is this? richard? richer...rich in pains, beauty stabs

'it takes great pains to be beautiful' - my mother

the girl here is not special and shouldn't abuse a gift but she does (each plume explodes when you remove it - a good scare but no)
the pooh stick is near a sewing basket a yarn - not to use
elena marcos~ and her mother it seems quote to coveness as head of serpent, kind of: 'when i reach for something you have it, when i place something you have it too' we all agree
hello jackson, new jersey where great adventure is - they could hold this court

les gay pride festhaus early sunday morning for 2015
that is, saturday night once deflated san vicente and santa monica

the gutter ball east down santa monica we live on palm 'las palmas' last to play with myself? first and last i'd say
i don't know the own use yet - still learning curve
we have it

west toward the fest haus pre-show exhibit we got held in in traffic for much of the day to and from in a long-ish sylver bmw x1 this time
ordered farts (below cognition) early though...some say they smelled it
there were some wacko hate-filled christians with white tag playing their hits right on lacienega 'imagine there's no fire' but people sewn together at the belly needing your assistance
imagine you, a bit startled, giving directions to some guy with his eyes poked out
imagine picking up hot sticks with your asshole every time you think of it being hot outside?
imagine of one of those two faggots on 'modern family' being glenn 'beetlejuice' (betelgeuse a sly reference to a diamond with bug juice...see 'beelzebub' bothersome) shadix? four credits is all dead at 58? so say you, o sole mio!
was eyeballing picture frames and water bottles at the el fargo table for a while...the thin sandwiches at subway probably italian loaf rather i pay then ask in a herd we're catering, right?

so selves the 'ten thousand' routine: 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000 x 10 = 100,000 x 10 = 1,000,000 there are no fives and solves that add a zero each time not three zeros what motion a zero past a nine...the highest single digit p.s. for some reason, the argument concerning the ten thousand figure is whether or not the last dollar is inclusive of the count - a kid's thing...like little girls are perpflexed over being accused of telling a lie (and by an adult)...'did you tell a fib?' they don't know what to say...a new concept, i guess...

news well past abuse, your thoughts: i use tables and trays? no, fool - dishes and shelves to count me out (a thousand plates, a thousand shelves is one million for now or before you rationalize it with forks and spoons you stole from a plane) plus multiplication tables in my head...plus the $5 hand calculator in black i just bought to replace the $1 green calculator that was stolen-disposed of here against my will i had it forever from a one dollar store in trenton, new jersey capital plaza (near the first jack in the box, ever) it was beloved by me this one is better...had i not replaced the battery just before its loss i wouldn't feel so bad...i call the fat girl with baby face 'foodmaker' she is everywhere now originally from the hangover movie(s) 'empty the can'...we don't need to understand each other with glamour afoot neil supposedly did 'magic mike xxv' ('xxl' really for two and a half or then thirty i'd say honors me somehow - thirty is simply 'xxx' but that suggests what? porno - go figure) a float that's a flat one i didn't see the parade at all (i hate being scheduled - for outsiders i guess 'back shamen! his faith against your faith' plus grub) doubtful at the studio only said he got his foot run over...hurts today...thanks to everyone, leaves me wondering this one hurt spending-wise couldn't have been cheaper never listen, thanks for nothing you'd give to me pfft., signed god 'you show me~' + 'the world of words says nothing about me and you' - dM for godsakes 'magic' (um, 'matchstick') moves the unseen yet you see nothing we have it but argue why me? anyone can protest your being and ultimately under sixty years time...

for a mere $5 takes an 'aa' battery too - see 7 eleven as packaged theirs
eight digits? no zero, no nines forming? whatever - 'no quotes'

toni halliday b. 07/05/64 'lost in the noise' a new electronica bellade (bell system) - great
one good turn recalls another (both relatively new 2014):

toni halliday 'down in a dark place'
like new

our revised russian sansom 'nowhere to hide'
neither hide nor hair~
toni halliday is curve we shed you to be back in
i'd find it

that honda from last week or so the front (women were in there - we don't want official complaint or be real)

vent du vent: gay rube earlier 06/09 evening time
i told you they're here with - queers

more to model and showcase i love cam4.com enough they have traffic problemos so good to you

the lips inc. for laying upon a layer
no afterthought see the eyes glazed over - see ben taking it on the chin from a $1,000,000 bill
most don't even know how much that is - give 'em $10,000

i told you i don't want to know your opinion, nigger: called the jerks at green dot because i've been unable to get a second card on my account no matter what or who you ask 'use online' say the natty asian on the phone that is personal...they want a social security number for 'not primary' what a bullshit just the crying of others who get left out and behind for being what they are with their mouths you take everything don't you we'll see you out stealing only...niggers...we had full facility with moneypak now why do i pay you because you steal and someone hates stuff - to hell with it...

green goddess still a work in process
value at contributions to date including assembly costs to inventory

ac/dc 'problem child' from the 'dirty deeds' lp - nothing live especially the intro from 'thunderstruck'? 'for those about to rock'
i play it the intro often enough
rolling stones made this is often said - they are soulvaki hardly realdome getting kicked off the kensington palace grounds at whim 'not here'
'i met coldplay in a bush on the side of the house - no lead singer' - dM

you're 'affected' like in high school in new jersey a common quote: 'trans-jenner' source is a slop painting by demille...rest stop: murder would spring free 'forgive your murderers' i talked about their mother dying off in a herd while mine is crafting her epitaph for me paw prints 'doesn't live'...never thank people for doing the right thing, what's expected - dM can you tape it?

vendormend: naperin 'naphthalene' death is the squealing high, hissing vapors of children one...is from nazarene or nazareth where the dead live, is of them

like i decided 'immortals' immorals just clean up the mess after a rock tumbling over the side of a road and if triple aaa, 'transvestites' hate their mother again anyway - nothing sexual but maybe post-clause or taking a hit first a solevene or making sure this time...

'assertist' makes waves to get rid of people - tampons and the stuff;
'sensualist' no people creams waxes an apeman doesn't know people a dillard a nipple - only what's necessary and when;
'sexualist' all talk - no bother (me? this is what we mean~)


'tourneval' decides not to at the last possible moment is fatigued with it takes the out if they think can get away with it;
'nudist' see 'nihilist' as simply 'gasses them' also - is nubile, never near, new at this;
'nine-tenths' is fearful not intentioned - everything up to but not including...tourneval? no is new territory

localing for thr moment - who, what a day or two ago

while i'm still fifty years old, sold - that ends soon at fifty-one

'shoot me.' - people used to say this to friends when they win something or are affirmed - quote me

these girls aren't so happy these days like someone let them down~
like the cast of 'top gun', all from my hometown or just nearby
tom cruise says he's mr. hood i used to mow their lawn their home like a daycare full of toys
mr. hood!

q: a gay's first date is in a morgue. a: if a fungus is from wet socks, not just piss, it's not why you're so sweet-smelling...cure?

h-8! pu! err...nm...^^ (that is 'great joy')

weho's gay pariah ('pah-rye-bah' problem person spreads disease social ills...'what i want i take, what i don't i break - and i don't want you' - bon scott ac/dc) is this upcoming weekend? june 12-14 le must be seem faggots everywhere today livid, yet exchanging vows 'i will die you for this'...plan on even more barely-audible farts on the pa including (saturn-mercury) the 29-cent powder fart the 'sisteen' only lard chips in the slimmest of burger smells like that ! (a chicken skin punk pushed right in your eye? snort) code name 'sbd' silent but deadly truly an affront! abc candy...already been chewed...poit! the knowing tits (with hands on hips) of national lampoon fame are reviewing our plans to foist all upon thee...lamprind the pink salousgh of ernervie fame is gonna be there 'lets all make private receipts in nominal denominations' phalanx agin...

motif, the party's ova

caron johnson whoopi goldberg 'and quite frankly' or anne frank...'the view'...they got her, girl...schindler too (okay, schindler only and in moseic, france...gassed, butchered or gassed then)...what is this about? things are getting better 'shoot me.'

hadda change my deadbolt today at a cost of $20 someone said i left my keys (a known distinction with green mini marker) by the pool yesterday morning 06/07 while eating a small vendor bag of funyons (i might have dreamed off eating)...i agree when the machines cheat me slightly and by bits and somewhat for using them for laundry change but not this time (someone was there with a girl and hairy chest furring largely after alter and i couldn't just ask about but i was told around there the sauna)...thank u~

got another debi lily ball candle (orange) $7.99 at pavilions too...you light the inside we have green already a troubadour of sight and sound

see the wick?

p.s. 'glasnost' (um, 'glad it's not us') is over - welcoming strangers, people who strangle you to death trying to understand something new...your territory, your understandings...you asked for too much help and no, it wasn't us our limitations as such...england and europe...

from the 'well done' file

this mural online is trying to be from the parfait house on route #33 in trenton, new jersey (in hamilton township - route #33 is where all capital good rested mcdonalds, burger king, home emporium, 7-eleven, etc.)
memory says it's bits off we appreciate the effort nonetheless - deeply weird always, is gulliver (transsexual in feel? pansexual - the giggles matter and are fathered)...
family style ice cream we used to buy most? green mint chip a favorite then i guess

vendmember: the plasma - the only one, ever - and as 'seen' on the previous page - is at the energy or waveform level...a cartoon is next up at the atomic or applied theory level, you gotta make these width times height that means even one atom what does it look like? heat converting to two (2) light plasmas followed by two dark plasmas or pans thrust in your face, is simple - that is hydrogen...next...the conversion happens mere seconds one lateral only the rest heat to and fro...more later...oxygen one up and one down below it...simmer to thought...anchored by the stars, it is...

free doughnut day at krispy kreme is right now june 5...i pretty much finished the six doughnuts from election day not memorable in any way ($500 accorded by five associates) but okay i research you - is heilman concluded the winner by beverly press? yes with headline 'voters return heilman to weho city council' he says 'when i'm paid and that's not true yet...soon' age? i'm fifty...even...that's not old yet and you? the kids-owner margin is high yet...a backseat to limits and law...

singing, playing it out: a megaphone or hand to the right side keeps you from being heard with~

more later...

that phone extender for pictures is okay for $8 - why not just fake 'em like the press does? what - and show people my asshole?

wisdom is no protection from fear or being had: four (4) colors of put-together drawers at ebay and cheaper! 'people don't think anything of it, and i don't want to hear from that at all' not even once will you...i'm here hoping to have something nice for monkeyshines and then there's you

since you're gone...free shipping la luce

from the 'alternate living' quarter:

from ebay 1965 is $16,500, 1975 is $4,850
more at airstream usa

You Expect Nothing To Go Well And You're Still Disappointed - Read The News Backwards In May 2015 To Do Little Better And Find Mistakes Pray You Off

it's inspiring fattened, undone to you

gentle the tongue, very handsome...two of them i liked alot link here
won't stay put add one other then peruse