poem, then haiku
'now you' (um, 'how you') - be elegant

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well, hell - it's off to july 2013 again
this on july 11!

new page soon...a wellwater of it

let's finish off june with 'brokeback mountain' being fight-finished (directed by ang lee and all) - this is junk like manitous caught in a crosswind - there is no love (hopeful tears in and out), but as a mexican bordello just south of the border one dies of bleeding in front others and then nothing...like me you can always be with your family...junk...hats off to kd lang you tried hard enough you'll be in again...

07/11 free small slurpees at 7-eleven today 11-7

$3 'jennie o' turkey store meat at ralph's this week 07/10! tacos, chili, meatloaf...

note the time warner cable store has moved to beverly connection on lacienega from santa monica boulevard in weho
the new location is upstairs on left when entering the mall - next to verizon
pay your bill there....

this one at the front of a chopped salad place on santa monica (where quizno's - failed twice now - was) waves her sign around but has real appeal
a motorized wheel and a peg later...

sign dolls...

a look back:

stephanie mills 'pilot error'

cheap substitute 'for i dreamt of fame and easel' + 'a lovely face in the reflected image' a flash of scar burned up the side...

'a bomb that gets rid of people but keeps their stuff' + 'money for nuthin' keeps the fame

'you can shove your money up in your ass' buying influence + 'like a german woman keeps hams in the wall' we know where to get it, what it buys

when you're with me a no-one on top, we have everything you need holed up in the walls no one moves 'someone's living, someone's dying...' - who are you wondering about it all ? i don't need anything i have it...

'pvb' not great but good, potable, 'public variant buying': is that rosie o'donnell in 'heat' with 'america's sweetheart' sandra bullock? when i see a woman living her dreams of being violent i know there's no studio involvement? maybe then...still looking at 'hangover iii' for comment - two was great and fun but i saw for the first time on itunes...see again...lone ranger good production value the black lines on face describe fear at sunset he 'tonto' (tantalizing, if sexual person ? the ranger says) - i don't believe in sex or judgment prior to 1800 (1-800, romance 1600 at four o'clock in the afternoon when you wake up? no touching at the oval office) a storybook unless personally drawn...hugging for food at best...we brought people up in times nourishment why we're here forgiving ourselves a hate crime (suicide is one type) or two...

july 5 alot of folks on the roof last night misty and far placed at shorelines less nineteen firefighters a thought outward - no water for thirst here (no fountains anywhere again but $1 liters of coke no chill - cvs chills same price see it now and get your extra bucks for spring)...cheap mothers and mexico sentiments like poop in your hair all year you to pay me then...thanks to all the extra faggots and harmons (black-eyed women versus laurens, bright, pity you)...we pay $1,475 a month in cash, thanks #146 (less than $50 a day hotel, cave - method? divide by thirty days no extras unless you know why) ...fucks? we don't get anything that way edit charge, charge it...and that boy from 'breaking bad' sean penn you clean that up and re-present...no bitch reigns here but fears me come anyway...

violent in egypt: i think the new pyramid has been sighted well enough (like our homes and kids, i don't get there enough to trust in you)...anyway, i asked of the times a woman kinda and the pyramids weren't in water or anything (to motion ships around i thought) but were for keeping the sun out and more importantly growing food, vines all over grapes plums - in and around large holes for sheep only - all their food was there growing in and around and no water just mist from the ocean it is said that's what killed it all in 'three days' storms'...think better of it...patagonia (we call ourselves france for them they are favor itself we guard the shores 'friends afar'...nobody comes here and leaves...impatiens...'for instance'

good incense for smoke ghosts, match play: gonesh sticks 'jasmine' extra rich...nothing like it we got ours at a smoke shop near monaco liquors...and you? pfft.

you gotta watch them fires...i'll put 'em out...with my mind...

yes, that's the right leg removed...what is this - more shit?

76th birthday of krispy kreme on july 13 - 15th and wilshire will do

'hunger games' fell off, downtrodden neo-euroopean looks: so we picked up 'brokeback mountain' again (best described as pre-gay struggles - you're that busy i'm not) and this is cheap metaphor for god-fearing junk - after the lovin' a nomenclature (sounds right - no one knows for sure) best described as black (hurt) and childish, beautiful storms - thunder, hail, rain, snow - come and go in the mountains and a baby sheep is found bloody, gutted dead...the sheep want you to know butthole they say fair enough but the dark-haired one is an owner of some sort and both are excused a month early to run the flock down hill and the movie isn't even half over with a loan extended to a big baby crying of what now - pneumonia? aids? never does it occur to me he is heartbroken - not yet...a spy witnesses the two frolicking nude up-shirt only and still no one brings it up...is it because they are ugly? old maybe, but not ugly they are shame itself...a real homo thinks about fucking in a morgue only - where it happens one assumes with women around 2) when someone special leaves they can't even think for theirself...is that you? we pay no one yet...now here we are the wedding of one itself and one-half of the film remains if editing is no virtue these days now a memoir lived with us as if all-day vhs weddings weren't real...nice footage though...we don't get storms, ever...but a good story tells itself in ninety (90) minutes sharp...a great story demands more...money....to be reduced, soon...

good english muffins (sconce?) are 'bays' even nicer than thomases' the leading national brand everywhere - why? is formed better locally $3 at pavilions in the egg case a note of it...

movie god and world-famous diabetic george 'star wars' lucas - where ya been? just had a wedding fandango in chicago from a june 22 wedding...'not yet a marriage is gay' clap off...

fyi or igy ('i get you', i guess that's right) then: guess how much it takes pavilions west hollywood to run per hour for wages? fifteen hundred thirty dollars ($1,530) about...a little less on weekends...trader joe's? twelve hundred dollars ($1,200) with alot off-site...'we don't have alot of jail (and use little of it)' at the both....

it's hard to beat the zanuck-produced supermans (net trio plus asides supergirl helen slater) but the new 'man of steel' is off to a robust start with larry king and all...says the lead kinda latin and strangely ocular (i watched at mcdonald's a day or two ago) is him he meets the body or whatever twice a year...handsome...the movie is dark with armours that make you reach god -looking stuff...otherwise is our friend from white collar/mikey likes it (um, 'magic mike')...not the same yet...message: 'it's good to be king'...

your superman could be anyone - a guy from jupiter only a heavier pull down, a longer year...his planet self-destructed with hate, then yours came to be...a home away from homos...speaking of jupiter, was found lowered near the irradium (sun) on left i hadda sort a screen saver of white clouds for this stuff...making a case for the world as cloud-like saturn no bottom...huh?

logitech revue update: ran our cable box through the revue unit and the additional functionality is fun - you just use one hdmi cable in instead of two ports and it grants you a smaller framed version of cable tv no resort or sizing mostly and has the ability to shut on and off the tv, volume ...what else? a known post-modern picture-in-picture is useful here for setting aside the tv and also recording yet to use...all with no computer...

still healthy our numbers in june 2013 - my own prop 8: how 'bout some cash soon fantasy five all that taking

disease is still around for old age sake

season pass holders at six flags magic mountain can get season meal passes through june 30 for $99.99 each...that's thirty percent off! sure, one lunch and one dinner with each visit - get details at the six flags site...i hear they target little girls until after six p.m their food 'tastes bad'...great adventure in new jersey is even cheaper at $69.99 through september 8...

spot-watched some of brian depalma's 'carrie' and it nearly made me cry - the bitch was prayerful...if two sads don't make a heart 'no one cared about the pig'

recent demotions: alan m. drummer of devo (quote mark mothersbaugh 'so what?' moon says is naturally richard a porno god too sans fairweather beak -- tip: relax hair) and schwed's (lawrenceville, nj) father from 'sopranos' no joke...thanks all the guy is a big deal does celantano's raviolis as business-wise...'schweden' is more real a name however we love object-identity...names...

gay what? not yet...caution me back...'volume 8' sharks patrol these waters...then gay don't be too slick here find the reason - closed for the summer is no clog scalia would come out of hiding for that something nicer...

my husband is in 'copper' i love copper from the bbc on netflix...jack the ripper? plagued by premature death it calls to you good style if not sense...seann william scott teaching tennis is fun...naked stuff

what would lucy do? nothing upcoming 'tennis coach ways' aka 'balls out' - new?

forgive (go back before this happened and extend same), forget (go back and receive same again and don't bring it up) ...forget you

...no mistakes, only error - that what must be addressed

attention red lobster and pizza hut: hollywood has a togo's sandwich shop (i especially like their roast beef sub less any tuna wiped - see subway? i always get steak and cheese there on jalapeno with lettuce tomato red onion green peppers a squeeze of reg mayo and oil the both) after all at sunset and gower gulch near vine (hollywood boulevard closed theirs down in response to traffic no car whatever gay west hollywood)...i'm a bit sensitive about everything they take out in favor of federally paid lunch boxes (no meals served on plate unless can pay for them to no wit) - we had a shit weekend with ours closing down stuff trying to get the feds business at three (3) times rate (that is the feds make three times more with no bother by you)...all that fat glamour don't pay me...p.s. the army can choose texas or los angeles west hollywood but hafta participate here for the army each night you spend - we're a party town for the people who win don't make us you we hate people descending to take though for spits elsewhere...

after picking through everything 'you're not supposed to have that when you don't work - you don't pay enough' shoot that is buying with immigration and examinations of us;

you're apt to speak with your fucking mouth full - there is no tomorrow for family and friends who aren't sexy i seem (am i sexy to you and you know?)- jean and casey kasim (just for kids aside) are fault for no flights of fancy like women you can't afford to stop and smell the flowers...i don't have have them too often and reach the top...not like you're gonna find a hook and feathers in my asshole...no worm?

to fool: don't edit this site again, niggers (my shitake? only you do know) - of all complaints of too much taking, too much self, i don't expect to have your rotting hand here - let it equal your voice - poor, unattractive and as i tell janet jackson don't live up in a tree to be the difference seen - you? a nigger i put my cock in that corpse of a boyfriend wormed of a gun as cheap as that said you, i sing your songs cunt (then not so much)...facebook has your junk in it - where it all is a loose bait - i can't use in the toilet either...facebook edits now too - your money doesn't influence me yet keep some young bald around...

no radio stax: 'christine' siouxsie and the banshees 'christine' means 'i dont care - who are you?' a french fan 'il fait chaud' ('i feel warm' in french - hot is 'chaud') - 'a facial'
relive 'no grace but home' federal wipe across laws are relieved locally in parking courts unless you - be absent much or be gone from it
wait for the officer to show up...

june 23...the last day of school as is unless summer's here...entre vault...yeah, that's real

who blows who - part deux 'the affords eat vest they be free' (tip: you don't need to understand anything you don't usually have someone else do):

two twins deposited to chris moon the 'other white meet' - less your thoughts on the matter two goobs from the past collected against mullatos or their faggot jews
unlike them, your ass doesn't smell of shit at all and i ate richard's plywood (unstained) diaper right up the snatch - jojoba?
you weren't there after his wife and kids were choked down - i mean, sunbathing and all
like that hustler bitch, i couldn't just let her up after ten minutes or so under mesh and water crying back into the same situation while you stare at my asshole 'no watching it big' i'm no fergie (carb-blast muslim, red-haired vaunch as from the sides). you know
they all cry while fuckin' - dM

the twix are in facebook with other life-snatchers sponsored by target who made madonna's last record 'reluctantly' i hate religious junk around good old-fashioned brown skin leathering with sump and jailed studio junkets by press nuthin' from nuthin' leaves nuthin'...my mother had to go barbados to get their $3-for-$1 'mother of cash' deal with richard basically a kind beggar (number two is all that's available with baked lays around)...no mention to thought seems better to travel...quote me as adopting federal law only to free ours of any charges made in court you don't spend mine by buying into any a small sense but lightly...fuck 'em in line, only...make 'em ask of it all at lunch working the trees for the gum i chew...fat, loud, fat and loud is fat...

my own ass june 2013 less the dried up back niggers grayed to me - that's not yours to show off 'round town
'who am i - french jesus?' as washes his own feet too

still at lillian vernon! banner link 'deluxe cable zip line' about $109 more or less for the burning itching brain - faves of mine...the mineral blanket any picture you desire (you naked with by-lines, the pieta etc...cherubs)...no picture blankets now? musta run out...

the moors are closed....it's but another day

'hey! i had pets in here...' the angels not half so happy in heaven went envying her and i - poe (the singer? no - 'johnny, angry johnny' plus third world hit about diamanda galas 'calabasas')
they used to come out to poop, but no more...galas is the woman whipping folks in devo's 'whip it' with black bandera

jenny's 'in her own hell now' - i talked to her at gay pride she's in a shop window
our own cat (a 'seal point' siamese) of fifteen caring years is eulogized as 'hey - what are you doing? that's not our pfeiffer...'
to my mother in the 'backyard' having a snowy funeral in her nightgown - a new one got run over or neil tossed it under the car?
still don't have his ashes as i remember fondly his late-term declawing - licks left paw, then right, then left...right again

another good poster - people come from the sun ('or one of the seven stars that shine after 3:30 in the morning' - the b-52's 'planet claire' adds 'some say she's from mars'
i'd make it meself mine is 'merced'
esophangasm v - chronic halitosis: the halls of oral b
p.s. 'centrifugal' force is constant redirected in a circle, 'centripedal' is paint moving outward from center pour going 'round...'help me'
'but she isn't!' she came from planet claire...starving for larger portions, no doubt

add 'breaking bad' (compare 'scared straight' from rahway if english faggots are at rikers i think rows and rows of black graves - one long one) to our netflix viewing list - new for me and quite involved...this kid (bright in the eye and a motrin of the mouth), recruits a full-on chemistry teacher (to his credit, firm) to make meth pots after a death experience one and the other vascillating wildly - not much pantie talk or with balls out meth makes you insane with private eyes and once again you wake up out back with your bra off...meth my name for it...a fish? 'dresses in purple | now she's a turtle' - siouxsie

cocteau twins 'the high monkey-monk' crowns the box set (alt pet shop boys)
a taliban with many a gold headress - snakes? he doesn't know anymore
spirals, blooms, spirals higher then blooms then comes down in it - like fur it is

better a letter to one and another or child to child rsvp....berlin(de) is a car (if a 'frauhlein' drives it) 'sex' - imagine that 'berlin' mine would be 'cabbage' or 'oral b'...pert, poit...'shasta'
'another man' market side reaganomix no being catsup with the beans

what people are doing when they aren't delivering: liz fraser today 06/12 photographing the palms on santa monica boulevard
the palms is a rare-experience (lipstick) lesbian bar that is scheduled to close for a rebuild soon
says she 'i'm not there, yet'
more: had a dream about her yesterday as a wren or bird in a god-type costume - as royal, flew in to admonish children somewhat and brushed by me harshly as lept to the sky
the eyes had finger like projections much like black plastic down over the pupils but were transparent as red...

gay pride 2013 enter nomen still revising upward...no yucks extra fruit all night missed the parade all fat junkies degree you see no hole (when monies raised can't be seen at level - why hover?)
now that that's over, the line of police bikes says only about $400 (+/-? no, - add $100) off state projections let's close it up 'lost in space' lights on the back of motorcycles...
otherwise, don't miss my video quip about the '24 hour fitness' nearby - slobs at the video bank aren't that sophisticated a woman to be seen
i said something about waiting in the showers at night all chinese wrinkles (turpentine and cocaine nails, fungus, usually paths-holes from heat out of waters-skin, spongiform)? try the tanning beds (licking nostrils? and how 'bout all them fingernail huts so asian and elegant - should get red-lighted mole huts like dermatology at ucla for fine tuning and heredity 'like i just laid on-top of the them' and with all them all fuckin' toes jams being scraped down...now clean my asshole
i had a membership in hollywood no one but clerks so nice on labrea if crime is but born every day, but a financial arrangement soured that shower at night - checking account came barked back once with a fight
'you don't own ('owe') anything' - don't let women (man + women speaking, finds out who i am later from same one person) politely speak you out of the red mole hut into my arms
terry just had a moledad (with roots?) removed over his heart plus hurtful (no sense) paid ass cheques thank you int'l he needs 'em
that mole with stitches (and with pills for slight infect - best said is flat razor plus electrostat or smoker) paid for me last jug of beer just as the acid court writes to repave my october date to somewhere around the airport? what's that?
all the unwanted gifts miss my point - you don't need to change anything i tied up the last proceedings no bother you gotta eat
p.s. a court that won't lift surrounds me with gunfire one day in and out - i coulda just leapt into the fireplace so pretty up to golden skies or just dirt here
don't get me wrong i hate you but who is that that never sees anyone all their life? you are there to die, too - they have that and everything you ever did too now over to our travel division no law too tite around the ankles
don't savor me i'm cowardly and pussy alot? i hate touching me in way hurtful and taking from waiting rooms - poor peop[e (can't get away from talk) always left to pay but sheer stink is more than a bath
p.p.s. the blonde sideburns are euell gibbons made young...sure

screams one bitch 'you're married!' if she can't find something to loan with the niggers she knows in jail at target behind the scenes... my own response:

these are my husbands too - got better stuff?
thanks the kings dustin 'brown', jonathan quick, the other one or two we waited since the cup liberty bell? like any trophy, i bought mine retail and engraved 'to fool' from the nephilim probably (philly)
huh? i keep that to scare them - all the paperwork
p.s. poop bowl - i have embroidered chinese bottles here ostensibly for sperm three or four - still no entries live long
the last load of sperm i ate that was real was just before michael jackson died - you can't let above-average people think it matters i do it for them what they do
you can't just suck my dick, bitch
signed 'puig' from la times...ps.. my scan reveals the liberty bell as trophy the bowl is the wood part the 'sceuter'

TimeLife.com Logo - 125x125

movies: 'evil dead' checks out - brilliant stuff
national geographic has great prison stuff - even a bald john 'the office' krasinksi is real? his body wasn't bad at all...his tits ain't bad see 'solitary confinement' they set him free to old women
skatopia - great skateboarding lecture lots of good '88 acres of anarchy' like coachella but more about boys and where to buy
breaking bad one such episode...how to clean your glass crack pipe? 3m scourin' sponge pads on the outside most only...fresh, clean...power the punch with amalase betwixt meals you get to be someone fuckin' asses too...price versus pride - there's no tellin' how much it costed to be without her...five ten fiftyfolb...asks me not to...perjure the land...wish you to life...be me...mild to hotchkiss the hot penny...quaff too drinkly

the doors hit the floor - so what they are not real keeps the dead alive - to parents and all 'believes' it comes 'round - a. fool, lyrics 'too mr. sez'...too snell, capt. shaw
replace with lenny kravitz 'can't get you off of my mind' from the circus lp (and the bus, windsong)
...um, that's cirrus, fool a pocket full of horses trojans previously noted jesus hates you still - do it

the doors again - a universal in-house project those keyboards! elton john
i was watching a stage filming at hollywood bowl green lights the band deeply set a man coming in and out from behind stage
this footage was disturbing posited as real - he morrison was deeply odd in leather chaps...we'll leave it at that never before seem
the set had this one song i didn't recognize that would not end - not in so many minutes
he says they were recording and they the producer has to signal it off the song is 'tragic man blues - new'
ok - and we'll credit manzarek - another producer 'john short' with the keyboards mostly john sherman like bobby his brother...john and chris?

someone full of dom quixote said 'you a padres fan?'
'st. dea' bit of a shit 'til now shirts versus skins (brown of moles), rib meat (skin on skin, hash browns baked brown 'betty' i don't sink back for a hot cat piss, how-ever
checked your own balls, did ya?

what do you thank gays for? 'never giving a shit' - dM plus u lub my weiner
i'll be at the parade so watch out...no one comes to see me 'um, no' so no barking aloud thank pu
of course we've aged over the ears...be-beveled each a mirror?
nevermind....i spoke first 'nobody cares who you are'....if they needed to know anything, i would still be here...'they' are me too

los angeles hosts their annual gay pride is this weekend june 8-9 - be calmed
'oh, poopy!' i never get to see the live acts (video? can't truss it) but hope they're faked - gays would love it! hey, gay...vangina...vinnebeg-o...krapht t&a with asshole and big brown leisure veins, calves toot toot! gay in the whitehouse? no president needs to mention gay...makes you look bad...as accusation...'we just say that stuff and show you too so no more talk'...we're not real...kinda...you're real....

do not touch
'you are lazy'...you are impertinent

another dougmoon.com exclusive: michael jackson entertains us sometimes - very nice to us
the homemade-type cd is called 'tight guys' and is full of nice stuff, i guess

a self-flattery if ever truly there was one...another side of me price and pride

If You Were To Add It All Up, You'd See Fifty-Two Cards About Still - May 2013 Can Get You Started A Bit Ahead Of The Game Then We'll Cut The Deck