killing isn't elegant, but i like its look for you - killing to eat
you glamour me
death penalty for the likes of me?
i can't stop giggling if it weren't real i hafta double over so crude
me and some woman i know were hung at princeton for rosenbergs...true?
she is a freak who loves poking out the eyes of babies - how do you say no to that zane?
it's easier to deny the unliving a light

Never One To Per Jour Yourself, Should Then Admits It's No Guilty Pleasure July 2011
Hollywood has Madame Tussauds? How funny. George Lopez's wax dummy looks pretty makes the difference and still I can't tell maybe just the photo outside?
Michael Jackson wouldn't pay ($300-$400 day he says) but I love people who do it well for photos, whatever - spooky good. A lifesize cardboard likeness of Brad Pitt on Hollywood Boulevard revealed (perhaps too well?) surgical lines in his face along sides of the mouth like he scraped them in with pins to be just that plus some powder? That's entertainment and perhaps the price you pay. I don't know, but 'wear your wig so I know it's you.'

'Rio Brands' sand anchor....umbrella stand for beach? 

maybe with one of them orange-sicle shakes....

just like the tupperware popsicle molds of our youth, here is the fleshen martha stewart version at macy's home
'tovolo' version with four (4) cakes at amazon
the same mothers are cheap with the juice, you know

also at macy's home is the soda stream soda maker about $99 slim and with flavour juice bottles on-sale for about $5 right now
mind over says you'd hafta make seventeen (17) quart bottles of soda (their size) to make it worthwhile but it prevents all but alpen blitz (dog pee in sled with bugs)
$99 machine + four (4) $5 or $20 soda juice bottles is about $120 divided by 51 = $2.35 a bottle
pepsi or so is $2.00 a bottle al fresca so 51 = $102
'third time's a charm' forgiving convenience (closer to home, use) and entertainment value (wheels spin, time flies)...usage value? no - that's before others get to use and know
word fun: 'pulchritude' asks others to do with you while you forgive yourself all the while and hold out on new inquiry

St. Victor's Catholic Church on Holloway - what is being repaved right now and this week - issues vouchers for McDonald's each day between 8:30 and 9:00 in their front gated courtyard. It's on a first-name, no need to demonstrate basis and there are three (3) meals you can check off once there (big mac, cheeseburger, filet o' fish) take and eat, no sitting around they say 'at the mall' one specific McDonald's too at Sunset and Crescent Heights 11-4 p.m.. A friend I ran into at lunch had one of these just weeks earlier and I'm all "I just wanna eat" + "I'd rather pay" he was coming down I hate that near me the stink hoping he'd stay on while I left with my after-meal shake plus soda I had. Sure, sometimes I ask for water and put just a spritz of lemon soda in there a great fume hood. "I've been needy before, but who's crying now?" P.S. Needy types need to watch their lefterly menus at McDonald's - a double cheeseburger is $1.29 on the "Value Menu", while the "McDouble" (another double cheeseburger but by name) is still one dollar ($1) on the $1 Menu. Watch the codes, please, and don't rob charity by caring for yourself and others too well. "Only God can adore (um, care for them beautifully ongoing and as) people." Yeah, but I can lick their butt. More at 1242 on 06/28: The Big Mac was good - now if they could just deliver the mail again.

"The Man Who Fell To Earth" starring David Bowie will be at the Nuart Theater (Santa Monica Boulevard at the 405, roughly) July 8. Tickets about $10.50 - maybe you? Me? Trailer ... very "Space 1999". Stars a strangely attractive Martin Landau (Mo Ostin, Pat Leonard both of Warner Bros. fame) and as Bowie he is too (iTunes - who has never paid me the only person ever known to have their formal links, along with Columbia House and BMG - has this film for rent-buy also). Skim around too....Saturdays 'round midnight is always "Rocky Horror" they say. For note, the '405' freeway runs along the coast inland north and south only mostly for the airport 'LAX' exclusively and cancels with the '5' The Golden State Freeway just above and below. I make all for times of day - the 405 for getting off work 4-5 p.m. The '5' for weekend travel after work - five in the morning perhaps. The 101 Hollywood for learning the basics and late-at-night simply safe one in the morning two maybe just getting in. The '174' North Hollywood for beginners at driving the valley or for returning to the city 5-4 p.m that direction. FYI.

slash (um, mel gibson) at our 'sgt. pepper' bus stop on 06/28

Need to move soon? Box-N-Go may help at $72 a month they pick it up and store. I may have to pack it up more sooner than later.

We joined Facebook (again) as "Doug Moon" - my sister and among others are all there all set up. More later...refuse no friends? A whole pack of friends awaited me Toni Halliday plus my sister very prominent Leslie Moon Wittenburg. Her son just graduated from god-knows-what?

ella fitzgerald does scat 'poop poop-poop poop!'

'washburn' - dM if it helped, it was unintentional i guess

only $3.99 a bag at cvs

Trader Joe's has turkey meat burgers featured right now: four patties-1 pound for $3.29 - good flavour! CVS features huge marshmallows called "Campfire" for little or no pay and Pepsi $0.88 a 2-liter all this week.. Target mentions of Samsung Wi-Fi ready Blu-ray (make them have zits? gentles at night, really) DVD player but needing antenna-adaptor (see at eBay). And you? The best entertainments of yore were hospital picnics - adjudged as expensive. However, hamburgers and hot dogs on half-drum, soda, beer on-tap, ice cream, pony rides. Makeshift dance floor (wood-look tiles on platform maybe a rent, e.g., "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang), raffle tickets for prizes (e.g., orange Gott drink dispensers). You name it.

Pavilions tried to sell me a lime-green dish brush with a head that turns while washing. They did sell it to us. The real Quickie brush - purple with black bristles - is hanging near the spices. 

dennis woodruff on 06/26 at lacienega and santa monica 'is like  __________________________ he could work if he wanted to'

new 'harry potter' soon? is richard looking forward 'to no dykes' he says (dichotomies or forks in the road - 'just me')

update our one grapefruit tree to be on hilldale right across the street from the old homestead 916 and at roman's red house
these are big and thus rare...picked one today 06/27 was like a huge lemon - the juice that tart - but distinctively grapefruit in smell and not bad at all
trader joe's sells ruby red grapefruit for $1.29 each, regularly
they sell five-star (um, hothouse) tomatoes for $0.79 each, regularly
p.s. i juice my own citrus regularly and never had a problem, ever (can stuff is really nice, though)

Another visit to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store 11:00 this a.m. (Sunday, 06/26) sees our soundboard working again. "It was disconnected" as seen when a disk failed to eject. Same girl...thanx. "Detroit Style" Coney Dog is now open on the same side of Sunset as The Whiskey and next door. Fed the fish and turtles yesterday...wheat flautas. The love an egg bagel but want saltines, really. "Do not feed the fish and turtles." I dream of a $2 bag of day-old bagels from Gelson's for them. Note Gelson's has 'Wolfgang Puck' paninis (flatbread-olivebread sandwiches) and salads ready to eat.

a billboard on sunset last night 06/26...that's chateau marmont on left 'children's hospital'

marked for 'carrie fisher' at empty vase on santa monica, one discovers headlong it's for father joely's grave...
it reminds of flying cherubs at jesus' crucifixion...a barrel of monkeys, they'd say

the price is $299 for these - hers was $280 she said

hello to rolls-royce - you are mine yet

this at the starbucks patio at pavilion's weho and outside...lens crafting in tile - you can donate jeans to be placed in a drum inside for transfer to out-of-the-closet they'd say

this 'space invader' (perfect key, that) the source of many discussions lately is an individual bar code for inventory control (it's on hp ink packs for one)
coupled with upc or the uniform product code (manufacturer with sequence code and-or check digit) this makes a unique bar code for each shelf item - my own dream
if cost of goods sold (for expenses to be reported) is determined to be physical inventory purchased less what's actually on the shelf at year end, this will help pinpoint a theft?
one hopes not - we just like being sure for ourselves what left and where - you choose a few blocks upon aligning with circled squares to search for with light, not all of them    

don't forget home depot has bamboo fencing at $49.97 a roll for that gilligan's island look (there are thinner reeds at search, mind you)
retrace, replace
been looking for an electric range and oven that is slim and has only two (2) burners - you install 'em in 'executive' suites the 'dukane' for 'glad you came'
on wood base - you know for cheap and for playing house and year-round on the patio for making beans

from last friday night, the starbucks inside the kodak theater complex was open 'til 12:30 or so as i sat awaiting friend
around the corner from mta...

Going to Subway? I like their footlong "Big Philly Cheesesteak" about $7.50....jalapeno roll, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, green pepper - no olives no pickles with a dash of oil and some mayo. Try one.

this a bullseye of faves (actually, an acrylic picture on canvas there) from kitson on roberston - in the pacific theaters building just steps south is a child's toystore with savoir faire
kitson is about clothes and style with rock music playing about - a stylus store
the child's store has ruby slippers of yore and type but the price on bottom is obscure - we recommend the green version but we do recommend

this western-looking beauty was the first stevie nicks lp not available on vinyl
i got 'the other side of the mirror' on vinyl it mattered still: see-offer 'ghosts' and 'ooh my love'
from 'rock a little' then: 'has anyone ever written anything for you' + 'some become strangers'

Stevie Nicks "Greta" MP3 (8.7 Megs) from "Street Angel" (1994) for being too rare a steal and with YouTube choking on rust (the sound outtage may saves them AT&T money as the videos are not localed or at a hub too usually - you'd hafta make a hub your own as city state of all seem and why would you make that and of naked neighbors? see the lights beaming us - also bulidings here want communication-telex panels that show across frames giving and taking and thank no one while local retailers have lines to them asking for gratuity that is censorship by women and lonely gays itself waiting for that helping hand to hurt me at home by refusing the money paid ever so how and at-once - a response to iTunes what is asking artist-owners to pay some for my sales as they invest mine above fees included no pay no wait - as assisted a system, an outlaw? - a portion like credit cards their two percent on sales before they pay what is naturally theirs to pay anyway see publishing no job but no pay either a purchase by only and a purchase helped you speak of royalties what are the owners' or recordings gift to helping hands what do little but see shows bitters resulting never made me move one finger up hole)...bought by me $1 from Amazon their 'cloud directory' is not coming to be here but is hard to get out of having nothing be too new demanding of vein or carry to and then away. You're already assumed to be no bother at all having said yourself but we hate it asking me still. Don't miss the message: "On demand" by "supply your side a glamour or else see why I wouldn't even bother"...."not ever"...."no thanks"...."someone cute"..."once was enough." I had to pray to enjoy what I already bought and at-once had. This stunk bad and still I pay to hear anything better once knowing why not. Exit to 'shangri la' be it yourself...some for the cover you see nothing a collect keeps others dumb and still you are dumb having of it any.

Noted: The sound outtage says I can't look for a great little song by an En Vogue-type I heard the other night at the spa 'walk walk walk' of none needed by, a very comfort to me...I would have bought iTunes ? but I can't play without their specific player we have it on computer only and thus I'm still doing the right thing for me only no bother you can know everything and nothing too. "Greta" is too new and also you see it not ever in review (see my yearbook if shreds it daily). She is hoilding her ears closed for now in the video you saw, her big house is on Sunset just before Beverly Glen on left and the Playboy mansion is-was somewhere behind her I guess. My mother's house the conference center is being-finishing construction next to Greystone our old ghost of it while someone holds to offer a home above 'Cabo' bar (the great square glass? one or another up the street next to Chateau Marmont or the bodies are ready now for pickup while you check to make sure someone is still in Florida while you, Ghost Manor, lay about their home faking mild consternation if one or another you shows up at guide is drink and social until strangles by a death unknowing and is half-and-half to be a loving of me). "See the truth comes alone. The facts are there already." - dM who hates sophist or unexplained by points of mere sight junk but sees the future (the fuhrer, the father) well enough. The Andrew Stevens house where he died of the mother is nearby (let of no 'The Fury" intrude). Is this junk? I never minded him but live to see it play out while I walk the streets linking to these at-will the workers outside and a closer view with my parents also around and talking one is them and offer no more for having said a light comic person open for intimacies some to never. P.S. I called my Dad on Sunday he's fine he assures me and I assured him of nothing new really but retired people usually die within months of having received gift and why not you? "What do you do? Sit there crying?" Thanks, you fuck. Per Stevens, Morgan Fairchild "The Dan" (um, links "The Fan") looks just like Sheila Saperstein (Paris Hilton....Hi Perez too as cute David Morales Ball Glen Ballard or yes I love cum). I thought and I asked her was that you? She was crude but a well-preserved pig on two-and-a-half-men with headmask if recently as said. "My mother."

Tip: 'Little House On The Prairie' demanded Lars and shopkeeper wife return to film three life phases at once all the same people same place. Is "The Waltons" too? Is that real? One couple, all old out the door with double-dumb blacks opening each door at Christmas as owner leading each the prayer and having courtships in-front of us acting like fools with dinner gloves on. "Oh, you shouldn't say that" all bashful waving it off. Nigger, please - someone has to convince you you are family, you can't see that for yourself.
My father hired that stuff because when he was Bobby Darin, they 'wouldn't let him sing' he said. All good. All days.

my 'personal best' scrapbooks never hurt the star 'protect' but include 'susan olsen' as 'not a real perfomance but present' and a fattish marc ondy a la 'snl' a hard-to-find but has lines down from mouth and is descended of me
stevie's nostrils flare but are perfect and neil did rod as never anyone but stevie's friend....they know each other but he torches himself to be there and died young of it a billy steinberg (saperstein) joke that makes him very unhappy always his father (producer mike stone, don kirshner, tom jones, neil diamond, paul newman other fucks me and richard faking some and in stalls) pressing hard with our talents in and around

another fave of mine is steven tyler somehow glen ballard's 'brother' - the design in the back is fleas and other junk when you care to ghost it out
his buckle is 'lord2'


mom just loved it....for mother's day-housewarming (i learned of this beauty working at ralph's the produce section)
remind: the top recess is for ice
alternately, see the casabella unit at amazon
(psst: the orange one)
see the bissell units sturdy and swift
the last three at koontz too

barbra and kim carnes 'make no mistake he's mine' from the 'emotion' lp with richard saunders she says
she says her favorite song is 'he touched me' - 'it made me the most money' she says

Barbra Streisand (this on 06/22) from last week or so - quite possibly the Joe Frazier of coming back into the ring for sames - who thinks still there's something left to talk about.
We defend her Hollywood Walk Of Fame superstar in front of Mann's Chinese theater what is open again the main unit (or Ming Room? may be a trick...a familiar of Hightstown, NJ) for instance…
Maybe she doesn't realize of many fights ahead for the thrill of having said here - we think Terry's (although recently and surgically cleared of throat cancer perhaps just an 'after-the-clasp' nip and tuck the mother's mad I went to the Hollywood Spa cheaply enough nights ago no pre-talk no to enjoin my mother loved the Endust pro-sweeper eBay $40 what is a like a dildo to me never alone very personal very chaste and from working at Ralph's her surgery last week sparked the loud and breaking 911 fight here...I wasn't sad enough at dinner apparently though my mother's last medco left scared of having to be just me and as is...Jeannie has been told to 'go nowhere yet' like her brother my father just days ago) delivery of three Freddy Kreuger sweaters to Carolwood is still the highest thrill ongoing all demands no exchange. Our computer still has no sound but an MP3 player nearby thanks again sheep fucks I 'll be aground soon...a 'make-it-yourself' computer place down the street wants $1 an hour to finagle (one end meets other ends - see ours labor under my title 'nigger') your system with $60 minimum charge in the home (silent the stips for 'no fats, freaks, drugs, or femmes'...that's not me unless ragged out on a few days high I demand that out at-once as 'rags' though I make it come to be even less wanted than a huge snake or admits of whites being a worship and at a distance? 'id break that right up')
bbs: No one wanted this more, you know. Our interview, that is.
dM: I wanted it bad, but I wasn't ready yet. Still finishing the last one [with Gary Coleman - the one show he did looms with me still but apparently he assumed the job only as out and about, photos].
bbs: Why do you interview 'niggers'?
dM: I don't use that word really [unless you know better as usual my pro and con] - you're closer to the bone [is pursued somehow]. Anyway, it's like Oprah - you think you can know a black with her around. Not so nervous.
bbs: Blacks are really a pain in the ass. They take everything for granted.
dM: Blacks are like me - too much to lose to the conversation [underpriviliged or clubhouse living is attractive too, you are outside still]. They have a way about it [as having been left out].
bbs: Do you think they will kill people one day?
dM: No - 'the children' [the way I see them is like children - gifting to a small bowl kept of] have been hurt enough. They might look to make it pay [for any bother at their going rates if doug moon = $5 why pay more, later].
bbs: What does that mean?
dM: Cartoons [how I draw with an eye on humor and in my mind, too simply drawn over a life for the accuse] like this aren't particularly revealing [as symbol perhaps for a bleeding death]. I try and mind my own business.
bbs: Why do you dump the conversation?
dM: Whites hesitate to admit they're wrong and try and slide around [casually mentioning a 'nigger' at a party and as 'friend' illustrating me again in need complex or nervous sale outward]. I get over it.
bbs: You don't make any sense.
dM: Let's not bother blacks unless you want to…[I have no need and have what I want of it just yet]
bbs: Let's…blacks account for half the population but are stupid. What gives?
dM: I like to fantasize that they are in charge and are benevolent somehow [more true if you think about who lives longest and how they might mean more to me].
bbs: You are a sell-out.
dM: Everything I ever said came back to change me…no one cares?
bbs: People think it's over for now.
dM: Of course niggers are mean and bothersome. Of course they screw things up…I like 'em though (people get mad and I wonder 'what I should do?')

------------------------------------for now and then----------------------------------------they hassled her bad----------------------------she might be the golden one---------her kids? not yet

we are never done…see more about me and at both

the greystone mansion's turtle pool from west side - this on 06/17

angelyne herself is around this june and still...small little face of hers...santa monica boulevard at gym bar sometime before now

a blimp for lite beer i guess on santa monica boulevard and today 06/17 at dusk

shot number 2 of blimp 06/17 at dusk

From the 'did you know?' files: The Apple Store in Beverly Center has what's called a 'Genius' desk and they helped me re-install the operating system on my Mac Mini beautifully today 06/17 and at 'no charge' while I waited at the desk and socialized a bit (you make an appointment first to see them mine was at 10:00 am and so nervous me a girl named Sara helped me out thank you). Nice people everywhere but relief from this no-call zone came soon enough while people fantasize about not having to pay by making systems broad and tinkering with our thoughts. My computer has been beseiged by others but is pulling through nicely. Hi to the movers yesterday who enabled us to do better today. I'll be waiting for all manner of deceit to fade and for glory to begin.

No sounds still...but Magic Jack is okay now. If I wanted to replace the damaged computer case (like someone leaned on it, on-top) it is $140.

i've got 9.000 american airlines miles expiring on 07/04
1,000 miles is $27.50, the fee to transfer to a friend and family is $100
make me a deal ''
9,000 miles are worth $247.50 but is to be coupled with 15,000 miles of your own - 25,000 miles is a free ticket for the asking

Try Chin-Chin's mongolian beef at take-out it's really tangy and deeply good - better than others (Sunset Plaza). About $12-13. The chicken fried rice holds up well too. Nothing's better. Then Rite-Aid has those Black & Decker jar openers for $10 right now....been having fights here that are bit too nasty (glass throwing and stuff). The police don't come on 911, the mother won't have me in Florida for more than two (2) weeks everybody covering their own ass and paying nothing (says she 'took a loss on her house' whatever). We'll see. P.S. That yellow strip above could be considered 'pork belly' a 'dog's meal' according to Jews who price bacon or the hog's belly at just pennies more a nominal (not to be mentioned) increase over what's modest or then what's to be undervalued (gifted,, you'll pay, you'll both pay and see more of it around too) somehow. Only France (um, Champagne) has served me pork belly at bacon's street price bestated. Try some yuck or as polish people say when offered food "uhl" as 'awful' said fast but loud and with feelings an engine that won't start 'wonakers' they call it.

a picture is worth one [of a] thousand words you to pay...i think you'll add some lose some and do better for yourself as interested then bring to me a great thing? synthesis is no herd
this new video source from dcm on 06/12/11 la pride i guess
our computer sound is silenced by mac today yesterday to save prawns at the service provider
you'll honor (remember to put some of your shit and piss in me later as asked of by no one you know) no one

at 'block party' weho on santa monica - a creative 'gay pride' wig about $38

i loved the idea this no-slip buckle at a street vendor table near bank of america on santa monica - size 29, only, and however $20

someone on san vicente near pacific design center knows why not a flag to seem

one baby turtle a gift to be seen on the north side monument pond at greystone park

"My mother said women live longer [as in the USA other commonwealths, domes] because they don't work as hard. Easy does it." - dM keeps it personal either way I win nothing ever but see you raped in your grave

"The dead are dead because I went through their shit with no complaints? I've been there too many times once maybe and it's not really worth it even if I like garbage picking." - dM says 'get new' stuff, keep thinking about what you hate still make a list

"Someone said the government pays the bereaved if there's no cash. I didn't get anything still." - dM don't just fantasize, thank profusely

these 'peonies' from trader joe's but not cheap about $7 last meet...our last fight here decided much but these bloom anyway and look like turtle doves giving to extremes
back to stabbing at it and remember 'it was 4k our agreement' hell to you 'you still didn't replace my [williams-sonoma] rolling pin'

Off to a rough start...June 2011...annual Gay Pride is here 10th 11th 12th and that means trouble. Stay to rule cancer.

Taj Mahal is mecca [the Islamic religion's centerpiece of prayer and fasting - may not be real for sight seen? for robe-wearing savarins] as seen from afar? OK!

new! foo fighters 'rope'

you'll learn not to
outside of director's guild not the brightest star but ok...what is this?
i like billboard rentals on major streets for electronic moments not out-of-priced by women however
what i oppose is innuendo [taking my time for no say no man], policing [asking for crumb justice in cold blood a personal realm of remembering fondly and forgetting some too], religion junk [someone comes one day to avenge nothing seen as good and ultimately 'just ask me'] and other faggotries i live with still thank fuck and a keen cheap of good sense
niggers see any monies well spent here and there

Simply Takes The Least Of Your Senses And Then Asks No One May 2011
'That doesn't get rid of your problem - you had nothing to say' quips 'His and Mine'...uores fareffer...the parts that turn the floor black

a few more pics of puppetmaster's 'banda' the flamethrower - why? because we have 'em
more below the link here:

like you, you're a ghost until someone strikes out at it - is this lestat (um, anne rice)? lestat is supposed to be the cute one in 'true blood' and this is his mother who ran away
his mother is 'sookie' somehow...the mother is also 'marius' and again somehow again who mocked him at first for killing wolves as they say...says sookie 'i don't like him'
i do, i think

for the idea of keeping turtles, these are at greystone near the house where a full-on 'anthony' swimming pool should be (note baby minnows too)
my mother made let my two (2) pet boxer turtles go when i was in first or second grade...they were in a green plastic-type pond on my dresser for quite a, sure
they had 'diseases' it seems (the red lines on their heads are two (2) flames of sort for indians and tells them how to cook they said - one flame on the inside of the pot near head, one on the outside for fullest flavor)

this a clever (um, meat cleaver, ends it all there) vista (sight between two points) going up the driveway at greystone 'park' a right off doheny at end
in the distance over the hollywood proper is downtown la (that's century city, i think)
makes me think of the pine barons and the jersey devil - is that me? he is real too
speaking of pine barons, i had a dream they took everything out of (six flags) great adventure...everything

i don't know who this chubb (cherub) is, toni childs? why? this at the vacant tower video building on sunset...solely, target has cd's and dvd's still
a girl at pavilions is toni for all intents and purposes but you can't access her mind there usually...toni is highbrow
she recently embarrassed the shit out of me while using some else's dumpee credit card for a salsome donation $1
nothing beneath me, you gotta make it to pay...she made millions on you 'still' she says and however works from jail who also man the cash registers there when times are 'just before payday' 
this celibates (sic) her

like 'tits on feathers' - m. jackson

'tongue nuts' - dM