That's The Fuck All For Now - See Your Way To July 2004

That's What You Get So No Color To Blue 06/30/04 1424
I was talking in mind to Chris Ondy, sure - now visiting it seemed - with thanks to Michael Jackson for bothering him (the mother of knows him). You are praised. "He's cute - evil really. He met me and thought nothing of it." Ondy's? Our longest running joke for dignitary - see Spot run. Our dreams too true no candle goes unblown forever. Was talking to that black girl who got shot by the Korean woman behind the counter over orange juice (really cigarettes, tampons - that's another winner yet) and got some more to hear. After punching the clerk in the face and receiving her bounty in-kind (re-enacted for tv always - teeth were lost actually), the clerk-owner shot again as the girl - nineteen (19) - stood there crying silently to herself. Mean. That girl was with me and could not believe the pain she related to me - where I draw the line and die. Turns out our heroinne (you see her snatch the oj from a backpack on tv if only to receive her free gift - never snatch to me you feel) got more than she bargained for. They shappled that woman's face to a lit tailpipe and drove 'round midnight. Yup, looked like an enjoyable smoke for all of about three (3) miles her face pulled right to it with a heating pad in Des Moines, Iowa. Have a day with that before seek. How does a chicken see? From the wishbone, actually. That "v" upright and out-front issues sight wands just out in-front and that means no pecking of hand to feed. They see quite well without a neck in-hand. Now see that. No feather sees better. Have that.             

More Of A Self-Styling From Half The Way Home A Boner Meets It Greek 06/29/04 1910
Shapp e-mailed to me: "Say, 'Oh God, save my soul.  I'm so sorry that I have sinned against you, but I have come home. I will serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. Deliver me from all my sinful habits. Set me free! I do believe Jesus died on Calvary for me, and I believe in His blood, that there is power in His blood to wash away all my sins, all my sins!" Say, "Come into my heart, Jesus; come on in, Jesus. Come on in!'" Come into my ass is more like it. Stop praying to my glittered cone with your home-laid insults - your beliefs are no longer welcome since I had the cover the balls for Jason Christ who does not deliver his to me for a rewrite. You pay attention to me and this to succeed and if I see any of your shit I will pick through the heated apples in your head and make you known to a mental clinic like half of the easy birds that shat here prior to your gloss-wipe. Plan on being fucked by your prayer here Jesus is inside me dying of a faith-borne illness your mat placed. Your soul.....a clever lie to yet. A believe in that made me take over from that frowl what now notes "Jesus is yours. Start reading your and believe that somebody's listening; His name is  Jesus. Jesus is yours. Start reading your and believe that somebody's listening; His name is Jesus." More sought by freaks your party as yet unplanned a rape to be in the airport toilet. Jesus should run as usual before I get home. Note to worthlessness, to cunt: have die.

Another turd-feeler writes this to me a disrespect of power and so might not: "your website though well made [never compliment my work like you could know it to me, see to an insult] is full of racist thoughts particularly regarding Jewish people [ever think things get too simple to understand? yours lay theirs here]. You deman your fellow Christians with these pitiful beliefs. just because they don't believe in Christ does not make them evil [evil is not your specific talents seen, I shy away from greatness yet you see something bringing you in for further while a consult]. To so impugn your fellow man hiding with cowardice behind the bible makes you evil [you wear Guess jeans - 'nuff said by leather bullhorns a buck and pantry]. I will enjoy knowing you burn in hell for eternity, but for being judgmental I'll be there too. However, for being less of a sinner maybe I'll get to poke you. See you in fifty years asshole!"

Sold to me eat pap. Keep working on the inspirational words - I have them in final form and no one else thought all them dots that somehow could make sense to you anyway.
A Day Of Corn To Mourn My Body Here 06/26/04 1752
On one day a week, I'd like you to honor my body being here by eating only fresh corn until August is done. One ear apiece every four (4) hours max. We will help you for this recommend a Tuesday. Further, toss a number of coins each day into a road cross (or sidewalk if you may to) for the less-fortunate to heave. We call for this today on - and use no copper, please. Do this in memory of me being here as I do.

Sing It With Me 06/25/04 2148
"They're all red-ready and they're all red hot | fish in the middle | and relish on top."

me! i disconnect from youmore than you know

Was I Rich After All? 06/25/04 1505
For Gary Numan fans, you need know that the "Replicas" LP (1979) only had four hundred (400) copies printed up for prospectus and no one got one - a heavily gay influenced to us ("we didn't have the money - we expected to sell more of it later.") I had to special order mine after scouring record stores repeatedly as suggested by friend and got one of three hundred twelve (312) issued that way. Be special of it. Yup - I had it and thought it perfect. Got it on CD again later. Songs please: "Me! I Disconnect From You", "Are Friends Electric?", "Down In The Park", "Praying To The Alien", "The Machman", "Replicas", "You Are In My Vision" made it for me. The queen, who paid for this, thought "This gives boys the right to sit around and think about who they are while we wait on them. They don't - do they?" They do wait on you too. The record was made for seventy-some grand (~$70,000) as yet mastered and was not used to plague anyone yet. Do it now if some should. Songs from "Pleasure Principle" (do it, then worry about what you did): "Airplane" (an instrumental - good enough), "Metal" (hot song), "M.E." (so good to me), "Complex", "Conversation".  From "Telekon": "This Wreckage", "I Dream Of Wires", "Telekon", "Aircrash Bureau", "I Die You Die", "The Joy Circuit", "Please Push No More". From "Dance": "She's Got Claws", "Crash"....

Winning The Lottery 06/25/04 1437
What was your home phone number during childhood? Did you move around? I didn't at all. My number was 609-259-7694. What did it mean? Nothing our only kitchen phone was topaz as light blue with yellow. Use at will. Oh, I had my own phone number and line after a while in high school - a red trimline attached (phone company owned yet) that gave way to an AT&T wireless unit (really, a Uniden - I don't really care for wireless anything, I like path, I like cords, and I like surety always - maybe a remote) from Sear's with a bellcase attached but in a cubby hole for the backyard tanning-hearing (my bedroom was saintly in red and green - see those much?) I donated that wireless unit but not the bellcase to Out Of The Closet an AIDS charity thrift here in Los Angeles I keep everything new and turned in the manual too with be like me. "Somebody took that and threw it away [like John Erik Hexum's internal organs]". Be smart - give a gift the right way and let right go. That's theirs to give back to something new. Break. My bank balance today is eighteen eighty-eight ($18.88) after receiving paying some. Nothing not one new yet - just me and my mother switching lanes on you. What was Madonna's childhood phone? I get 215-222-9731.   

Word Further 06/24/04 1908
Along the line of "post modern" comes back "existentialist" (see our merits 05/22/04) and what I thought it meant past having known. I thought "existentialist" (I know words, thanks) referred to there being "no meaning but what we apply to things" - in other words, we are all that thought at all of it. Not good, but conventionally correct (convention, or what everyone agrees to be is correct, is what we permit of knowing why simply - pay attention, order the right class). I got "post-neo" from Freaky Chakra's "Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven" EP browsing and that would mean "expect nothing new from us ever" but not right. That is "classical" - never to be improved by you and yours. The prefix "neo" actually means "never to be born [exists unto itself only]" - a self dialect of having and seeing, no one else saw. Actually, "neotat" (or said "neo-not" of Latin - a wordform or spoken to only as not written to usually) makes the day claim of just short. A "neo-nazi" therefore is correct as having and indentifying with such as not born to it, but suggested of with followings. A nazi would say "not ours" - but some do. Post-operative "neo-natal"? Skip that for now. You were aborted or something new. 

eat my cunt whopper

Strip Faire 06/24/04 1337
Chris my friend (now indisposed to me seems) asks me to talk about guacamole or simply "guac" a minute more. Two (2) ripened, medium HAAS (a brand-name to quality - rough, reptile-like skin is suggested for most beauty and only, on your own else - make sure ripe or soft to the touch) avocadoes mashed up with McCormick's guacamole mix-powder makes perfect dip for corn chips and such serving. I got it when I moved to California a "food of the gods" to be sure like nothing known. Chris needed to try it as never having done and now that I have a little more say you may see. Message to mother: Nothing yet for you. To mine: Thanks for the check. A little more than I would have expected this time. Thanks. More: Two (2) medium HAAS (Handover Andes Archmen Simulcast - we move to here and ship as ours if) avocadoes were three dollars ($3.00) yesterday at Pavilions and the pack of mix was ninety-nine cents ($0.99). Know your costs.  

For This Be Sure 06/24/04 1245
You touched my happenings here again you are going to die just as all others have died. Hate comes for it one day soon. Maybe a day. My hate never stops letting you live. For you, no pill.

What You Don't Know And Then When It Hurts 06/23/04 1006
For the girls I hate: Remember (Tom) Brady from the Superbowl - thin, cute? Yup - I've had the pleasure there for you too. Eat me. Beautiful boy, but I had to put a foot back on him and you couldn't do anything at all could you? Oscar De La Hoya got one too - see that (you owe me, Easter Island....sing for add actor Stephen Dorff aka Matt Moon - mother is Carol first daughter of Tommy Moon Neil's father, father is Joe Oravsky my uncle by marriage, grew up in beautiful Lambertville, NJ across the bridge from New Hope, PA). These are to hurt you yes - live better. See me. Back at the ranch, I saw "Pet Sematary" again on tv this past and apparently some to real there (I read the book and is better, but there is no conundrum there - give it to me "that smell - a bit off" - talked to the kid that died at school - got hit in the head with a brick name Mike Dalla age fourteen (14) military school died loving him doctor then seen to be - he visited me last night or then night before as wounded I to friend see it). Mind tells me we have these places and as guarded by the U.S. Army four (4) total South Dakota (2), Virginia, Maryland. Takes four (4) years to "resymptote" ("ask them for things as forgiven then" - they do the work lonely bored and held to it for not rising above at these - a DIY with PDR results you were "too good" for me again it seemed) and then you dig out from loose burial as filmed waiting much in a comforting tent at first and then surprise! chained in by fence and met with cash demands some see a gun. Reportedly saned, I get two (2) named: Colonel "Heartland" Sanders (for the secrets of recipe, no doubt) and actor Christian Slater. Christian is still styling his mother's "vision for me - independent, strong" but Sanders got shot in the head while sleeping on it for refusing an offer to the Audubon Society that takes people money when dying and stacks up the samed cash for them upon proving return and all for a fee of course. I'm not pleased...restyling cash as it works against you only always and you too do this hiding from people who provide its only value. Seems you died then by your mother's hand too. Step up to the kill to you after we end this. You die only. Anyway, my reaction is hymnal and strong - have it all one day you smay (mind says we needed to do this for you - be normal my quote or I'll have to enjoy this with more of you). In the meantime, nothing kills you like I do the real problem is not having I hate you saying me. Stay normal and out of my way. Once twice a week I roll the world backwards and undo what will not have me to a pile of shit you see it reveal me. You can't win or lose then. You keep it all as some may fail I said no. No to you too. A woman irritates me further: Bitch, you decide nothing here and especially with money item you should pay attention better. Your idea of empowerment is laying on a bed as fat, surly and negotiating your fee for a blowjob (merely licking at - you disgust each other like two mirrors playing paddleball with a hideous sight) no one really wants from you. Two (2) hogs pleasure you for the camera only (see that - then do as we say but no not here not yet: seem a young homosexual be made sure of his destiny at onset my love is there somehow you get rubbed on now all I feel like sweethearts again keep it off). See them wish it away a guilty pleasure. You torture me only the very sought made clean. You are no one ever - an accessory to be mixed and matched with what arrives ampled at the door to demand an immediate deflect. Please, you are truly on paper to be passed around look at that just below again....mmmmm.                

to eat my ass

Just Ask To Know Better I Peel It Easy 06/23/04 1238
To the bitch in your withered wig, this is most like me - lying around jerking off to someone better than you and yes I look pretty good doing it having defeated racism and bodyshame at one fell blow. I couldn't care less about anything you do or say because I am this and have all you seek for me already. I want something just as nice in exchange and there is no rush - you gotta be careful with people and hey I've been with hundreds and hundreds of them - I call it "brotherly" if asked to you getting fucked on the floor next to me thanks never ever being turned down or dumped off like your mother taught you to do to them first. I have nothing to say but sometimes you dump the welcome mat to get in that door - you are that mat. You have fairly little chance of making me feel bad, you are eternally lost to it, and mining my shitpipe for clothes. Give it up to that bitch - I was never you that morely. Never. I do well, I live well, and not heardly ever do I suffer your code. Your kids are taught here and I learn about them too. Of course I'd fuck them. You have big problems in and around and probably think about dying. I think about boys another passion of mine after that. There it is. Eat my shit. You live in the gayest, blackest world ever. One day, you got fucked. Pick one and live there in the past shape stupid and with yours clearly made to you. May acid meet your ungodly breath and somehow you may not my dog I have no dog nor you. Like Christ lived with a dog. Like you ask to a dog. Woof it up, Bitch you died here to no bother at me. Zzzzzz. And now I rest again. I touch myself. Hold the woman shit - - your world is done I've never seen a real wart ever all them people wart-free it seems. I'm here with you and made you look at beautiful men fucking each other up the ass everywhere you go. Rather than you, isn't that proof enough you won it all my dream? Up the ass you did. I am just that burly and all the brown nevilles nor notches a womenfooled but both the task takes. If I want it, you get it for me soon enough you'd say or burn right up getting another beating to the death. Have it made sane to me every time - or die. No one fucks you - just admit that now. No fucks that ever. Me? Uncut (for the kids - hi low)? Please! I was born at pay and had my pee-pee trimmed at the tine. I like uncut usually, but you were born at home or something and largely laid there it seems. Did you want me comforting you that way? It all starts there - an uncertainty you'll win it then. I'm not your belltower against woman largely disgusted by your being to her (a foul odor, merely - the serpent spent new clothes on a scale) but your experiences mend the mindy mind. Have none with hers yet her choices made by what she hates the most in having it said mi te vulva. Ask to get more for that she'd gladly pay it twice once the market backs right down how'd I wish it away.    

Part Of The Program Is Being Seen When 06/20/04 1912
One of things I love for working folks is the old payday advance from your local link. Folks who are employed can get funds up front before each payday with no hassle once you establish yourself with the company. A monthly fuck-off or payday is good for the bills right off, but is a hassle for what we in the business call "cash flow" or having and doing as you have and do. As you know, I'm not into discipline and arts of the self but havings and doings at leisure. Once established with the proper papers (a paycheck stub or two, a phone bill, an electric bill - get specifics), you go in, ask for an advance - they start you off at one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) at usually and issued by check drawn on a local major bank, usually at BofA - you in-turn write them a check to cash on payday and if you don't show up to pay back as their preferred with a cash statement of trust, they do just that to you and at your bank. Ever the friendly and perhaps from Mexico, successes after successes breed you more say twenty-five ($25.00) up each at, but stay tuned to their chart what tells you how much more than you borrowed you'll pay as all fixed and ready to know. At the month, you'll pay about thirty-five bucks ($35.00) on two hundred twenty-five ($225.00) all-told and that is included on the check you wrote. Not for doing behind one's back, but info for the sane. Why starve it? A finance artist myself, I suggest you ignore the truth-in-lending figure of over five hundred percent (> 500%) APR (annual percentage rate - the cost of money per) what suggests you could do better than being happy right now and at any price. Just have and have some - a noble business at any sort with no ties to anyone I checked.

Empress The New Near Target 06/20/04 1343
Tommy Tang - a local Los Angeles and San Francisco restauranteur, father of Bobby Trendy and singer Michelle Branch - tells me that he opened "Empress" ("chinese food meets malatgong or 'unhappy people' then") at the new Target in West Hollywood for prospectus only and on the lower levels for a few days last week. The reception was well - black tie and coloduec (or esteemed comment only - say "cola-duke") - and many commented that the food came too slow or too fast. Madonna went and argues that "no one paid attention to the details" and that the place "was beautifully done." Oh. Tommy owned that big blue fish that spoke but lifted it out in time the big snake actually an "eel" we spoke together of it and its fondness for "friends" close by. See "Empress Modlel" in September, probably, as funding is an issue yet. A quote from "Tommy" (real name "Albert" and son Nicholas sister Andrea) "no one knows you - keep talking of it, though."

Gay Pride To So Far 06/20/04 1219
I have a contact lens bothering me, but I saw so far Gay Men's Chorus (thanks for the hats) and a faked gloria allred (attorney to no thanks - my hit, Wanda Merdens). More later as I head back off with my two-dollar ($2.00) Pepsi. Now, the Buddhists (for budding "rose") had my colors (red, yellow, blue) in mind and danced well to "things just keep getting better" thanks. Then Brian Mole (all that remains of Abraham) called in mind "just in front Mickey's" he said "on the left and with Mochee" (baby Hitler himself - I fed him a submarine sandwich up fron the dirt last night rubber glove)... I follow you to die. Luckless, I have to beat the crap of these people every now and again. May your English altoons be made in the Sudan by black women spitting in stone bowls they mash up with bamboo sticks.

right up the ass

Happy Father's Day Somebody Like You Oughta Drill Another Hole In The Front Of Your Leg Now A Hindi 06/20/04 0934
What if you need to stay there? Did you send a card? No, I sent disquiet (freezing opportunities down for this) and distemper (a lack of regard yet) to the man who has ignored me for the better of six (6) months while he waits for my death at teeth falling or his own more to further. Oh, it's the same old shit - while some men succeed by slapping the bare hook at any meat that approaches, this is content to let you and your family get its ass fucked by competitors every day while you foster their need in it a liar, really, and what we pride on demand. Not my ass thanked we better, we resume what makes me proud an anglican's view about fathers and their havings - just there for the ride out. Today I honor men who got up and out for theirs while we waited with someone who was like a bitch at the post office getting nothing to you unless it may have asked of it first on a sign - and to being slow at that. I honor you then for keeping yourself handy and in shape too. To other offered and in front of you, you are "a nigger" and someone should "take a crap in your mouth" with the same follows to life's losers of this sort who honor such a person for commanding a jail so deftly and then follow in his pursesteps. May your showing asses get raped by it yet again. Happy to that up someone needs to you too. We'll see you laughing in old cars stalled at intersections everywhere. X (part 2: letters to santa someone so cold......)

Tip: I never use a wallet in the rear as if so slim these days, I use a small billfold 1-2 (really an ID carase - money must be folded and inserted in lip out front, credit-debit cards all held in protective sheaths from the bank lobby) and keep it in my front left pocket. Discourages a feel on the bus and keeps my ass looking shapely with cloth, hang. A wallet simply looks like shit think of your posture when sitting - sure.

Made Meat 06/19/04 2108
Found a whole dead bird out in the drive the other day.....a sign? I righted it from its side so it looked like it might lay an egg (no, I don't liven things really everything I touch to see - maybe not and you see else digging itself out). Made another pot roast last night....potatoes, carrots, onion all skinned for effect. Covered pot, four (4) hours at three fifty (350º) with of course added salt on top of the rinsed-once meat. Heinz horseradish sauce then. Mmmm....don't get the one with white net on the meat. There's lung tissue in that - looks like gray gelatin and tastes just as wholesomer. I tried one once....the bird musta ate it. We leave that for someone who argues me. Meat eaters start formally when you cook it all at about age forty (40). Until then, fast foods. Our needs differ.
For Sharon A Bit Of The Truth 06/19/04 1339
The guy that got bit at the L.A.Zoo is an ex-boyfriend of mine Tim Scott (you got Bronfman or being protected as SF Herald Examiner). Tim Scott is actually Timothy Wasserman of Universal fame and spends his time leisurely owning and having (a "retail person" in Sunnyvale, CA, for example and Macy's - they own this mostly). Never think that Sharon's husband isn't real - he is my friend always and is not welcoming of me ever hence you. A great person to be, we met here and dated up in SF and down here kinda as Hollywood Boulevard goes. No details.

She Looks Ahead And Paints Her Toenails Red - Don't Get Too Involved 06/19/04 1255
The song "Post Modern Sleaze" by Sneaker Pimps highly recommended from the "Becoming X" LP (1995) to my song. What is a "post modern" anyway? Madonna says "takes all and leaves nothing of the self behind". Not bad, but not right. If a modern "nears completion of acquiring to wants" (see eBay), a "post modern" wants nothing of you as having been fully sated (acquired) on wine and drink plus. A fully developed shelf is all you have. We are this - all choices made and against thee as such. Post modern - there. A drug-induced "halcyamoda" (say "hal-see-ah-mo-dee-ah") or land of the lost. Another misfit to hear by Tim (as noted above): Someone who enjoys things, but after-the-fact - a bit of discipline rising. Simply no. Note here that we exchange contraranism (speaking against of always) for "cardigan" or "all of us feeling better". Note now. My own convention on this per Tim? With anything "post" meaning "after" to me (actually, "no more to follow it") and "modern" being acceptable to current standards of expect for climb and clime, I thought "post modern" to be beyond the thought "modern" or then useful - what others were willing to do or endure to be the claim - to be the next step up maybe. Features then given beyond the need? Perhaps as picture-in-picture, too small, air phones - no one cared less. See that I would not have been wrong in a conventional sense with a bent on architecture and all that follows. Post modern means no one ate of it.

Oscar Wilde A Bit Of An Obligation To Note You 06/19/04 0857
In this year's Gay Pride program (Los Angeles 2004 - thanks Dennis), a misquote to playright Oscar Wilde (he never died in me your God): "On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure." Simply, no. And I offer: "On an occasion such as mine, it becomes a pleasure to speak one's mind - as it were to say. The obligation is all of mine to say and once over." Translation for surety's sake: When you see me, you feel the need to speak. It is a burden to know you sometimes or more often than that. "To see [a gay's] quality of work to be known - all enthusiasms but no to pride in it."

A Gender Is To Whom We Say It Or Then Make Me Know Who I Am 06/18/04 2123
When I walk this alley in West Hollywood, I see a neon sign in a window above Rage in the back right what I remember to be "" (and I think of a beg to me for something) but it is actually "" a hair salon (The Townhouse Ltd. 8715 Santa Monica Boulevard West Hollywood 90069 CA (310) 652-1940) - I clipped my own thanks using Oster products and it shows (see me better - don't trim the cord in haste and electrocute yourself). For women I thought "gender me" - give me a real place to pride myself as lacking to then. In serious note, you do well as hairclowns of men missing then some. But even more seriously, a "gendarme" is French known for hair-being as is not like a rat or their cheese, but very serious about conveying tacts then. See and feel. Use Gendarme at will - the closest I ever got to haircare was Biolage products. Another half-mystery (no need to bother yet) solved astutely - cover your waxes. The first one misinterpreted is always correct as too. A gender is a list of fashions (orders in same) we identify with each and or. They serve to exclude, not to unite us. We are looking to get out of things and a "gender" ("lapping phase" or "over and over done") helps us to do it less. P.S. Gay pride is here and let us forget not what it meant to have no one else then. Thank one another if at each. I'll be traditionally popped in and around. To toots!  More: If you must, my haircuts begin with being dry and able to do - no drugs here. Oh, okay - that's usually the impetus (meaning the "initial spark", but actually "reason for doing" - e.g., not having money for to, hair too much as long) for the measure, but you are always free to experiment lightly. I put the highest "blade" or black comb on the instrument (provided) and shave up the sides and back rounding each over the skull cap as guided up and over. Then, and gradually doing lightly, the top of the crown from all sides receding. With all carpets having been cleaned nicely and sweetly taking your time, you elect the next smaller comb-blade to go up the sides (and back?) again. Keep close and never worry about bounds. A razor handles those with deftness (a lacking in skill, but quickly). Apply inside once over having done - I love mine done to me yet. Then, it may be time for another bump and watch that cord, Sweetness. A laxative in the hair makes it pert right up - a milk of magnesia, say (I never do this - someone else mentions).    

just as i thought about me two plus two equals no zoo

With Just A Bit More About Me 06/18/04 1517
I was just looking at my reflection in a Pet Shop Boys CD case ("Release" for the very last song "You Choose") - fat, surly - rubbery (too many pop tarts) - and along comes Fraser care of the Cocteau Twins site and their news section (see that for explain). This photograph is badly doctored, but know that her hair is really all gray at the root - I was over her place and it was all shaved off like mine is now (protesting you of course me some gray to blonde I demand it off and get mine from some if salts bargain me). My maternal grandmother was singing to me in a dream last night, in-fact. Anyway, Elizabeth had her nose fixed too during hiatus and now all is well you see. Photo dated January 1996 - a friend of mine who hates her now. Today's word is "cherish" (at once seeing the Madonna song of the same sort - picture to follow). The word means "to hold out simply in accept and gratitude". Cherish that with me. Tip: The word-phrase "ye olde" in broken English (not announced and as such) means "the oldest [seen] to you" or the oldest you will ever know. To wit: Ye Olde Fraser. The Latin she follows with "inexorcorium" means "without abatement"? No, it means "without cause for concern ever - a joke made mild to you". A "exorcorium" (say "ex-corr-ee-um" then) is what defends thee from else. More: Oh, another "Cocteaufest" (the second annual - to "mourn" "her"....a real bitch) scheduled for September 25, 2004 has been placed with us. See it to be there. But now see this quote c/o and lapped up from Basswerks their scheduled site:

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.

Dwight D. Eisenhower,
U.S. General and 34th president (1890-1969)"

Um, you are hungry first. See you there naked yet. Recommend a taint there - the army wrote this for him. He cared not.

Thus Toni Halliday Asks About Sussudio 06/18/04 1352
Toni asks about the song "Sussudio" Phil Collins (supposedly a dumb mispronounce about the "studio") and here goes her mother helped write the song: The English word "suspect" comes from one of Latin made "suspen" (say "soo-pen") what is "not mine" simply as reject. Then is "suspedio" for "to be ran from [as harmful]". The French made this as "suspedio" say "suss-oo-dee-oh" what means "no knowledge of it needed - get away from this". So, from "suspect" to "suspedio" and getting away from no matter how nice it appears. The song taken from a Latin hymnal or song, really, in French then.

even better than your powdercleans as it softens

More To Know About Powders Liquids 06/18/04 1145
As you know, the cost of laundry detergent - be it powder or liquid - is prohibitive (not welcoming to a sense at) these days. In response to these days-prices, I buy something called "Par" (that's French for "pure" - and thus "par-eve" is "purest made") at Pavilions. Par makes all seems new again at about three bucks (~$3.00) per 56 oz. box that's forty (40) loads. Made in France then boxed here, Par makes us know that colors bleach is also available for no extra pricing in a lighter box blue and at will (I never use color bleaches like I never use liquids - I need cleansing to be serious in nature - not only suggested to me). Anyway, the price is right and I seem no ecological deformities either. See this. "That stuff is harsh!" Nothing is harsher than Tide. Remember, all detergent is dried up sea salts with potatoes (none in this, however) and needs to be softened by remote or remedial pads like Bounce. Tip: The plastic cup furnished within can be used for small household painting jobs - just rinse, dry, and pour some paint in to be held by handle with brush afoot. Did you know that housepaint has eggs in it? Yup - and alot of 'em yolk and all. About forty six (46) per gallon, I hear, as strained for colors. Q: What happened to Bold laundry detergent that softens automatically while you clean the dishes? It was my favorite, but too many people bought it up. Made by Puerto Rico (that is Procter & Gamble, really), they couldn't keep stocking our shelves with higher demands (a "boldaur" is a potato in Spanish and French too sometimes - potatoes with their sulfurs soften to so much). Have that - get back soon. And please, no detergent was meant to clean your panties (the scoop is) and I know what I'm talking about. I use chlorine bleach (Clorox at mid-strength) only always for that (in "Rooney" CA). You must live in a fantasy world otherwise - I paid for clean and for new clothes eventually seen by me carefully preserving cotton underbelts no.

Another Dream Sequence 06/18/04 1033
In a dream early this morning, I was in the back room of a pet shop or something and it was really gross because all were being left unfed in aquariums. I reached for a bottlejar of Tetramin to get started here as I sensed the hunger in them, but then there was so much stink packed in the glass aquariums I had to pause - big old snakes and shit looking half-dead but muted to my sight for no fear. A big blue fish on the right as out of its aquarium and over the edge facing me talked clearly at and in perfect English. "Are you hungry?" I asked. "No" but it asked me to move it and I did with my mind (a potency yet in these made) but I didn't stay to see that happen. That fish was huge - a "groupere" perhaps?

A Steer Stepped On Their Tail End So Much A Toughed Up But Dried Rattle Deformed Sorta Shook It Sounded Well Though Crooked Kinda 06/18/04 1013
Where do rattlesnakes and milk and coral snakes come from? The hooves of horses allowed to breed wanton-like (milk snakes come from their debreedings or skin left and then feces). Rattlesnakes guide them horses toward glories not seen where other horses do not lay. Milk snakes make horses think twice 'bout drinking milk there lying in a puddle theirs made. Coral snakes keep them from breeding too heavily in the sand around town where they lay. They the snakes all bite and kill horses dead - not steer though what laugh at such and step right on or over. Stop messing with tapes so much. I saw a steer skip over a rattlesnake - that was faked "ABC's World Of Discovery: Realm Of The Serpent" (1993). I have that on VHS tape in storage kinda (if you know wot I mean) along with several episodes of "The American Jewish Hour" starring Linda Tallon and Palm Springs denizen of psychics Toni Holt Kramer (a local cable access show that is very entertaining to us mostly filmed at Merv Griffin's Beverly Hilton)....also a day-long fest of The Three Stooges, others.

my own to father just one step cleaner
Wake Up In The Morning With My Little China Girl 06/17/04 1319
Saw Iggy Pop on tv this morning that man - so consumptive of my rage. That is Elton John's aged father and Barry Humphries of Dame Edna Everage fame too think thing. I saw Iggy Pop live with Pretenders at the Spectrum in Philly 1986 about. He opened - now see that. Yeah, I try to blow out the olympic flame every time I see it on tv - twice now and just like the one-hundred year old birthdays on the "Today" show (what are you asking for?) Once in the morning and once in the afternoon I tried to. For fun, how'd I do?

Finally, We Give You Free Gift Cards! 06/16/04 1414
Finally, my Target gift card for fifty dollars ($50.00) worth arrived by registered mail on Saturday (as sent it the day before) from All's fine now a bit of delay picking up the letter at the post office I thought it was the bastards at Public Storage telling me they sold my stuff again. All I got by registered note was the zip code "94039" (as "NL 06/12/04" on the envelope then) - to if do better next time I guessed. So, see and hear there's no need to send Columbia House their stuff yesterday or today. Have a moment with me then very troibhant.

And for further reading my shopping this evening 06/17 - but not a moment wasted (hey, I have people in my head telling me my gift card was gonna be canceled somehow - check back often):
  2.50  Little Debbie Snack Cakes 12 Count Big Snacks Oatmeal Creme Pies
  2.29  Kelloggs Pop Tarts 12 Count Frosted Cherry
  2.69  Oroweat Oatnut Bread
  4.00  Degree Solid Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant 2.6 oz. Cool Cotton Body-Heat Activated 2@2.00
  5.98  Crest Toothpaste Extra Whitening with Tartar Protection Clean Mint 6.2 oz. 2@2.99
  6.29  Murine Ear Wax Removal System
  1.79  Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy Original Flavors 14 oz. Bag
  1.99  Chex Mix Traditional 8.75 oz
  1.99  Chex Mix Hot 'n Spicy 8.75 oz
  4.79  Gourmet Dining Shrimp Stir-Fry 32 oz. Bag
  4.19  Nestea 45.1 oz Lemon & Sugar Ice Tea Mix
  2.99  Jack Links Beef Jerky 3.25 oz.
  2.99  Planters Honey-Roasted Nut Mix 11.5 oz. (I wanted all peanuts - the label tricked me, to note)
  1.98  Act II Microwave Popcorn 3 Pack 2@0.99
  3.74  Pillsbury Toaster Scramblers Cheese, Egg, Bacon 2@1.87
50.20  Subtotal
  1.34  CA Tax 8.25% on 16.27
51.54  Total (50.00 Gift Card + 1.54 Cash Tendered)

No, no - I didn't put anything back I calculate in my head. Was going to put one toaster pastry back, but I remembered I had a little cash in my pocket and paid the difference. Took the bus both ways (we shopped at Target West Hollywood, of course - also recommend the Target at Vineland and Victory in North Hollywood....get Vineland just past Universal Studios on the 101 heading north bearing right at exit this has a full garden center....also pick up the 134 east here at this exit right to get to Glendale, Pasadena) at $1.25 each way as I was out of tokens at this point. See me then.  

Finally Your Caffeine To Treat 06/15/04 1841
As promised and as ready: Caffeine, a natural "sub-stimulant" for arresting the heartbeat with pus (to note: a "stimulant" makes more heartbeat happen at twice the rate or half-flat) is in every single thing that grows under the ground if at first. That is where chocolate is too - if no cocoa pod grows in sight - see that. Caffeine has no natural equivalent because it simply lured into the small by you and made heartily, as it were. Columbians first made it by pressing coconuts into the chocolate mass to get this, but not sure of but why. We did it to you. Hydrogen makes us think it can grow, but it cannot - it has to come from the outside of a plant and plants gather while you press some in this way. What gathers caffeine or hydrogen-helium mass up to and including is your guess as salts are used to make salts - not gases. This salt makes salt and the salt gasses inside you with fats release. Fats release salt again incomplete and that is helium basically a compressed hydrogen made from heat - you have it there. The heart grows with added growth of salts - now a pus or white mass - and the bloodstream is responsible for carrying up the girth. Added blood pumped though shrinks the fats in the brain and we receive more good from above and never a threat. Added blood is made by Oxygen-carrying nutrient (our water) being forced to take one more by code. I made it to do this and you will not undo. More: Caffeine comes from dried potatoes only and is shiny. Chocolate? Not enough to scold about. Caffeine - that one salt - is used to keep cold out of my food until ready then.

As More Of The Details Surface 06/14/04 2122
Chris - your brother that flew right out that plane was Holden from "General Hospital"?!? This is what it means to be Doug Moon - everything I get in the head I hate to know for being so shitty yours. Only one soap star - maybe two, tops - got my attention the worship of well-mannered outer-ugly by prescription is not my key. That's interesting - he said he was a darker blend (Brazil) however and outcast hated. I don't see that. Note off to thanks. P.S. Remember, I am the world's greatest glory to date. Perhaps you may know to of him. Holden? Fine, fine. Of course I've talked to him in my travels about my lists on to you my dope. More: Thanks for being, Holden. You died bad (you fought others in panic and was thrown out in hostility - their key - and you knew all the way down...ugly but stable to you an outcast is who reveals to others what no one wants waiting for better of - you ask for more then and get it) and I see that off now. Yours on "General Hospital" filmed in-key prior to and now revealing a late-term charm to others 1985-87 - they used you bad now a big star). All junk, usually, and anyway. The song "Dear Laura" says it all - the actress died two (2) years in of four (4) and we used her anyway. A God film, usually. Hey - Leona Helmsley is your grandmother too my mother's aunt Valvie....they you and others too visited her in jail I hear as captive once again. Did I tell you that I awoke from my nosejob surgery March 1983 and Chris was there only with a bowl of banana cream puddin' and with all the extras stirred in? Well there ya go again still thinking about you.

No - Wrong Again - That's Just Who You Are - Thanks - To Cunt - Never Fear Me - You Are Already Done Up So Bad - What Wondered Off? 06/14/04 1530
No, thank poor breeding I still live and to you and an end to the suspicion once and for all. Ronald Reagan the finest president to us ever (I keep it simple then Clinton I liked for no good reason you would stand for) - no say we did him up already years ago 1998 (tip: there are curls in the box like Robert Reed's perm - to whom for the bell tolls? a perm does this fatally a closed casket please) - his kinder press now complete. These people are here and young again witnessing this filth, so make it glad in the box. Think of better people simply living without you in mind. If I hate you, chances are you're young again and watching your own funeral on tv unawares. Friends forever I can well afford you. I hate the fact that people are dead forever then you know, but it takes a mountain of staple hate to produce a livegiving at note and for chrissakes no one cares I died see that and you then at once under intense scrutiny for the perform. So, think off. You know, these things are not light affair boning all the right blunders. Sometimes just a little nothing (the queen versus Diana? poor breeding suggests it would happen) and then nothing. Do it for me. More to you later I don't write without gift and the pipehole is feeding me shit right now. Something you made. "I love penis" and just hadda tell someone - now that's worthy of ridicule you missed that irony I suppose you live without that too. In lieu of excitement: Patti Davis quotes me "I like what he does, but he's a vagabond and making people unhappy for living." No - "a fag who masturbates endlessly...." Pretty much to a bodyshame. To you, my life is costly, but should be far cheaper to you the end-consumer. I have nothing to say to people, I live my way and you should take note again and again. It's all here for you and fun perhaps jailtime my execution never say I didn't deserve it - get the facts I cannot support your faith in this but people hate you for being so sexual, nasty, geographically sound maybe I lied again - whatever you prim. We are here making you know nothing. We call you and go "psst...your dad died. so what and you then in 1996. all's great as usual. a no-one really I laugh he made Stanford after all single handedly people paid for that too, and then all this...sometimes I laugh - look at me" then sad, sad. Who do I pay for another just like it? The general public for being so good about things.....all I had and then this someone asking why anyone would care what I think. Keeping shapping my ass - who lives better than you after all? Ask a pride if limits to this so be. To Clintons: Healthcare? I hear that no one pays premiums on health insurance ever and no one bills for hospital stays and doctor visits - no one all clinic'd right down your new American-made Mercedes waiting for you in the ghetto with other theft item your roots now hemmed back to you. They call it off down with training and stuff no one bargains their rate here a nation of big brite and vagabonds another dignity buffed to a shine with nary a cent lent your way and by you. What does your medical Motel 6 cost anyway those paper pill cups? No one but two drugged-up nurses to breathe the foulest of your diarrheal cancer a whole floor of ripening shit and then you a card-carrying prominent provider of health and sake. I like it - two stacks up the wall no one need know. For the friend of it we choked it all down and off to sense. Keep what you pay in the head - not what they pay you. That's not real. Indingent (better to do if allowed to) care again I see it.    

the barbeque issue

Live Richly 06/10/04 1506
Got the new Bon Appetit for July 2004 and I loved the cover's style and colors - now you see here like an acetate or something. Inside, Citibank or just plain "Citi" lets you make up your own little bumper sticker at thirteen cents ($0.13) each per issue made (they start you off with "I" and the symbol for a heart a "lexicon" to then write your own heart of, then just peel and stick). See my offering below.

i love penis

Think Of The Wives Oft But Not 06/09/04 2048
Chris calls for another Chris Ondy story even today as we walk toward one another (his mother having burnt right up here). Fine, fine. Having worked about four (4) seasons at Great Adventure, and for a minimum of pay, I decided at age seventeen (17) still to work in the dietary section at St. Francis Medical Center in Trenton, N.J. I brought Chris along shortly thereafter and we worked there together forever it seemed until I moved away to California about six (6) years later. Thus, we know each other well. My mother was Director of Nursing there and although I transferred to Security in a few years, she got me and him done well there over that time add others. Chris is my gentle lover forever and I took him places others would know of only. Is this embarrassing? Not to me - see it. Come to find out that eventually he lived in my house by rent in Allentown, New Jersey (41 Probasco Drive 08501) briefly to restore and refold it into government property. Now that's shameful. That house apparently had alot of work done (the aunt or something bought it briefly), but we got it new, added wall-to-wall carpets, the biggest round swimming pool above-ground, central air, a full-on screened patio in the back, expert landscapings and finish and other droll to make it a sensation even when not there. I wouldn't give you two cents for that dump after I moved out as the only caretaker, but let's review and see how its former glory paid me once or twice. Have then. Chris, I know you loved being in there as me, but did you have to burn the patio off the back wall and rip out the paneled bar? That was expensive, that patio and you needed the light. My father was gonna buy it the house again through some torture the place now overgrown but couldn't get approved too bads. Goodbye Allentown and forever it seemed to then. More: That last name mine is magical, no? Chris says it is shortened from "Ongrady" I believe.
Today's Balance
06/09/04 1321
No spare change for today and I have someone running cycles on my account (getting approvals and removing them after I stop trying - to poke an eye out): five dollars thirty-four cents ($5.34). We'll spend that up prior to. In the meantime, nothing of interest I hate.

Another Sorry Ass Dream I Remit
06/08/04 1949
My life here is so nigger, I couldn't possibly be more embarrassed of you - know that. To each a cake baked in flour your hand. Rather than waste my time with how caffeine works (I drink it royally and care not to ever) lets review a dream I had this afternoon to people who will never be made important to me this way. Oh, a cry to "God" about being lonely and wanting to come home as bounced off a basque (gray with white figurine on top) moon. A false tear shed in that direction. No - not mine ever who would I cry to? Someone I hate? I'd skin God's ass over his homilies to faith. Thank off to lose another hand to it. You can pull a semi up to my house and we'll roll back the top on your box to see all dried up and black within. Another well-wisher. So be it. Keep your teacup moon - deliver me this.

Just For The Fact Of It
06/08/04 1016
My checking account balance is now reduced again to your range after mother's check not to your field - two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) - and payments of and to. We rest now at five dollars thirty-four cents ($5.34) with no new or pending activity seen. Stay stupid to win here. In the meantime, she my mother was sent two (2) of those Pink Panther calendar posters from Tower free at each and running a bit off from May 2004 through April 2005. Total cost USPS in cardboard fashioned like a FedEx tube (a trianglehold)? Around a buck fifty (~$1.50) yes first class - they were just that nice. We'll see about the corn later. Now you too. More: My mother got the posters and loved the full-year one.

How All It Takes Is One Bad Tooth Sometimes Not Even That
06/06/04 1942
I can't be funny all the time, but I can keep you out of sorts while I dial my craft to cydwyds. I was watching tv the other day and this United Airlines bungler was being shown with its side blown out like it was a balcony full of drunk fags - one minute they was all dancin' like two and two would do but up to the mastit, the next minute "and it sees all to be gone with the AYDS-capra theirs so to graven an image and if so oft and aches of its flesh. Up-down to the barrel of it said then close in us a galvery to no light so sees a mask to its reveal. The fooled begame once made so sees to this keeping time. It happened so oft I bled to know of if. Inside ours a well I bleed to feel if it and just. It came. So wonders to might be an if." Turns out, I had friends (?) on that flight to Detroit from Newark, New Jersey (we are New York, principally - you know it too kinda) and they sent that ladybomb to some woman who was being a bit too intrusive when it arrove at banking centers and relationships (sometimes a bomb says it's for the best - soon you will know, and then, sure, much like God knows things). Apparently, she picked up her mail in a lump-some, pre-flight fashion and opened the small parcel - a handwrapped cake - while seated and dining on casual affair in the evening's natural spirit none to bother. Upon opening the dainty morsel, the woman noticed there was fingerhole pressed deep within to the cake's interiors. The crew was beckoned to investigate the suspicious hole perhaps with a knife, but saw nothing to say and handed the cake back to her the passenger. The woman continued eating the delicate favor to her anyway and thus found a rotten houndstooth in the batter spread and to she nearly fainted. The tooth - out in the air exchange - took heat for its batter and ignited a bomb as intended within (a tooth rots and may ignite an explosive within by shortwave draw - long, hard, soft on the mind). The woman got up from the substantial if-blast (made of the interiors of old tires gilded to) with her tits both on fire and she waving at people for help. Her left leg and lower right arm were missing in substantial flesh and fell off from continued burning and thus screaming at bloody murder then. Once opened sufficiently by burn, the fesulage hole sucked up the any dead made unsecured - there were two (2) - and two (2) others just hanging out in the rear of the plane. Someone there noted "funny - [the suction from the hole] got them all....even that leg in the aisle went out the door." Not to say, but an inside job with the insiders all present. Odd. A gift to me it says. Important people hurting little ones again. Who knows to me best? Like God knows of it? Like to God so be it and at then. The plane landed and all got off but were badly shaken - this in Pittsburgh. Someone near and dear made it home and cried forever having been there in the rear still clinging below. Issue revert: "I will have my day. I will have my say." All brought back to same so sell. Insert from you the aforementioned dead I live nothing to be this I'm sure you spoke to it: "Why don't understand that people just don't want you." I suggest refocusing on that what lie to your decisions, not of mine. Most, we do not have to say for ourselves - we ask of it, then receive as if asked once. So shall you receive and in yours to be received you shall say for it to be with me. You will have yours said some day in it if back to this. Say it then so if being said to once again. What's another repeat of something no one wants if it's here anyway in yours taken of stock? So say. Be of choice and in having, not simply if said to have. "This is how Jews lose everything - by talking too much to people." It's the takings that challenge us to me - I'm gonna hafta start being alot nicer to someone then. So little to truly have at one's own losing of everything and all opting at once for something new of yours and just a bit nicer to be and if so by it. So be. Something to new I'll be the better of it and so. More: Who died? Peggy Austin or then Noonan. With the likes of Elton John, Danny Moon, others you'd like. Peggy's oldest half-son Michael died was standing in the back there a few others. See how they run. In reply "You are going to have a government investigation." And you - still haggling the likes of Moons (of note: could be considered one with ties and links - the family knows of it, more at homosexual ties breaking and reforming - think of the loves lost and then rehad). How many times do they have to do you this way? We are more particular now. "Don't you have compassion for me?" Yes, but that is all spent now people begging you not to cry 1979 (airfield Dodgers). Thank the army a woman unheld for but a moment. More: Ozzy Osbourne of Cass Street in Trenton, N.J. was on that plane too. Ask to note of.
My Interpretation Then You To Decide Whose Assets Get Locked Up
06/06/04 1915
You are concerned anew that I'm detached somehow in all of this? That I think I'm special or something you do? I reduce you to no say here, again I've 'asked' you not to - you know why but I understand that some of you are truly stupid but barely getting by. My life is still of the everyday no-one and in fact to no less I could have been you as some strange independent nation-state another dignity rising me in it all special as a floodplain graves. I get some bills, any obligation or note of failure passing sure, I get nothing wanted by me I'm convinced of you yet (so stark you miss nothing my meaning - does that sound right to you? is this to lacking and thus made a rhyme?) My point is to avoid as per usual you have endangered yourself unduly making statements to me and having it same (never ask me anything - you see it a valued down here). Why would risk it? To be. To be with it. Don't be dumb - of course I will. Of course I will. "I ruined everything - there was nothing left." Nothing I would pay you for here (a cryptic sees no code, there it is as 'eat my ass' again). This is for the idiot, finally. A range of idiocy if then. Concluded Me
06/03/04 1446
This from now to get fucked over:


Your gift card was shipped 3/11/04 to

915 N. Wetherly Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069

As it has not been returned to us, we can only conclude that it was

Thank you,
Lynn User Support

Check your account status at
View our Help page at

When will people learn? Columbia House is getting all returned on 06/15/04 in their original box. Accept nothing from third-party shams. And plus some, we'll see you later God-style for wasting my time and yours. Someone's gonna get their teeth punched out at the car. More: Oh, some woman wrote me and goes "we'll get you a new Target card in two (2) to three (3) weeks" obviously violating my prohibate (wait seen). Not stupid enough, no. Columbia House is going to choke on your shit effective 06/15/04 if I don't get it to done before then. I kept the box, Bitch. Update: "Dear Customer, Enclosed in this envelope is the gift card you requested. Enjoy! -The Team". See my address on 06/16/04. 

Putting Your Pegs In The Right Place Stays
06/02/04 1501
Someone named "John" said he was putting 'pegs' in his mother's lap after he was dead - the pegs were lifegivings from others. Another beautiful story ensues (no, never on-the-spot - I am gifted with). The pegs are the dead's way of communicating hatreds towards people who do not listen and follow suit (to place one here is to know then feel to my true meaning - hate). The lap up and borrows pegs historically to make use of in others, but their polarity or range of use decreases with each node or pit taken by them (a pit decreases your wants for the fire of world wealth). Too many pits, and you see how many people get by with little or nothing to know. The pegs fill in the pits, but you see how consumptions rule us and down you go. No cancer is given to us here. A friendly spirit once murdered by you in process made me look twice maybe. Sometimes I like what I see. Keep in mind that no spirit gave John's mother cancer - I didn't either. She fell into with bad behaviors toward me. I see them all and hate having to serve you twice-fed what others would give you once: me. Eat less - think of me more. Those pegs are rare - two cents ($0.02) each at your market yet. Find one and I'll kill you dead on the spot. We know you have them, but they are not real to you yet. Not real enough anyway. John describes his pegs as gifts from others softer to hurt people with - a kindness gesture from life's beings to those who are hurt by a life in just being. Bock! We got it right together you building and having things fall out true enough but no cancer you make - "a hole in my heart" we said to use, damn you. We use words like "other"....

this was first called "in my day"

So Sees The Way Of Curve 06/02/04 1141
This song was made at great cost - no one would pay for it my cost or price yours (mastering or engraving was not cheap). And quote: "Now I collect." Curve "In Disguise" MP3 (5.7 Megs) from "The Way Of Curve" CD. The song is not about me, it is about you and yours missing the boat each time it comes until it stops for you. We won this a long time ago but we die seeing it to you. You will have your day never I'm so afraid for you too - kinda. Hers "We speak to no one to hear ourselves speak. Be spoken to - hear ours like he does sometimes hear. Hear ours spoken." Those cherries - like an eight-winged (eight is for Doug make meaning) octopus on the cover...something unpleasant yet cooked. More and a good capture: "this song asks you to die" - I liked it hearing I'm bolted to soft by this. This melody entro was played at death in France for bargainers of fate that told me eating wasn't as important as sex and their desires. "Welcome home" it said a presence of God was necessary and stood for it. "We'll erase it" they said. And to you too eat as bargainers fate.

Who Made Who 06/02/04 1004
Hi - made to the devil here. Just added another BMG banner to this page - use if you will I will too. Once again, it seems like there's little a game underfoot as elaborated and before we continue (as blacks say, "a white smells money like two turds meet in the sewer" - is that about me? all I do is listen to your money junk all day long while I submit to discussions daily that have no meaning - see me rise to it - you then?) This is a "white pig" apparently. Once again, lets lift the layers of meat and see the fork with it (we know your ways so decided and done - this, easy on me). So, my "affiliates" (banners with codes to credit the hit from here specifically with codes embedded) have done all they can to discourage any prominence on my part with them somehow someway. Something old, doomed bitches and I listen in about what we already both know: of course we get major satisfactions just rubbing up against your shiny logos and pormince-ltd people ("hi bitch - long time so see...speak to me your vadge") with possibly even an orifice penetrated (you meet my name in reporting or hadding you my way told), but see you finally as no one at all and firmly out of business the very next day you and your logo while people discuss the value of a name others just make up for better on the spot and paint to their dillys daily. Once your assets are either locked up or sold on account, there isn't much anyone needs to consider (the nighttime helicopter pulling the roof off your home with a hook that drags around on the ground on the way there - mine - I love a lack of surety and perhaps handling in every tote). I've seen it all about you and have handled the big dollars they way they flow - all out the door in a day one check like it was a dollar keep it simple like that. Now you too with yours. Maybe you should think about the stability of my own name logos - you get to use them longer, they have import I see to it. Anyway, our lawlessness has led to other violations we see but all this madness never has to be - maybe avoid the asking of we do for you anyway without hearts set on seeing it (sprinkle a little junky appeal there my lawyers attack you with heaven's sent - smell no fear they come like this and like that over so many dimes your wife leaves you). Now you don't pay to promise and issue vapors to people who specialize in parts that don't work? Let those black bitches swinging from trees do the finance on that one - they help you get to your share of it once taken in and while your records may reflect the lowliest of details to the height of cell phone usage-payment at corptara rates (the "egg" ringer hanging down that burrs when your call-return plagues another sushi hut with something inordinate for one shot at rheumy fish - my wealth senses and avoids that shit plainly see a cell phone paid for - you think you know better me too). My records are commanded to be of spelling insistence no detail is too great but we seek to expand your very usage. No matter who you are - you ain't much on paper I see it. I'm not much either, huh, but when we meet, a shitass with a snorp dignity going is all I need to entertain the masses at said or even just me. I see you "like a tampon in a teacup"? Duly received, but not good enough for me. You are struggling and doing too much time with others while I lay me about thinking off. You aged beautifully I'd say who the fuck are you? No bank balance until I see your efforts made to me so speak. P.S. Some of those cell phone company names are so ridiculing I could die of laughter you dial it right up huh. So prominent in the mall while I listen in to your sense of things ("a booger is something you don't offer people ever....they do it theirselves"......(((((())))))).

Bonus: A literal from Madonna's second-to-last cell-phone conversation: "Hi - Mortie? Mortie, these things take time [as bothering me with pursuit]. Take down the way you see my head [the way you perceive me]. The way I laugh - I think it's funny [then as agreeing] yeah. [of Sue Bakley, a local publicist] I think she's made me too hard on people. Can you change the way I speak to them with cares toward me in mind? [answers "yes" then "great"]. No one makes me shine anymore and I'm tired of seeing too many thoughts of mine turned down. Thanks [dials her dad in Harmone, France - the number is not working yet "no dials" it says]. "See you soon" she says to herself moving on and turns a corner in Robinson, Vermont a bus waiting to see her shine for fans. Caution boogertalk everywhere you pick.                     

Reports The Round-Eyed Wholesomed The Madonna In You 06/01/04 2044
You know, when Madonna had her baby a doctor did an impromptu puppet show out of her pussy with gloved rubber "what's crackin' it said" something dumb. That level of caring continues and I never expect anything from that camp to make any sense with so many idiots and fingers to be lost verbing her practice (Neil returns when I'm out of here only - see that and know it while I tend to others and their needs without staff or afford so locks the wheel). Who cares? I yelled at the bitch full-on for being stupid about me the other day and I know she got that and you'll get it too for being someone dumb about my thought. Get me done or live with me - someone bored but easily enough there and with it. Your bitch friend had her breathing locked up to shut that down at note. Maybe you live. A friend comes in bearing guild (and I reject all psychic "insert" here) saying her concert was great - "she made a deal with the devil" [I hear you even now others responding and kill you on the spot for having saying to me here as not yours]. Bet she did - but sounds dumb (would I go? yes - can't afford tickets - gonna buy my mother some calico corn to FedEx as soon as her check clears the bank). Again, no one special to you no needs bother I'd same - go to broke you may cancel down soon any-it. But with tales of a multi-media (John Lennon's) "Imagine" (I song I hate artistically yet with no need to - that's the world you arrive in blind - nothing to complain about while you eat the scales off the first fish tempted by a wad of hair - there is no heaven imagined up to that the hard stuff is variety to not ever having - what to serve next in God's own world yet inspired by the book? imagine no to you....a joked, basically) and background war shots (ho hum - we did the multi-media Vietnam during my youth when it mattered to me and said it horringly best and everyone presenting died in it not a hippy left I get scared and you hafta run from a child's breath on it - in the meantime, your ads for food meet borders I describe that rise behind you for entering a trust they keep what they find these days I hate intrusion you'll soon see without a sex-aid my father bargains intrusion because he read a book - read it there, not here while I stamp that face with a truer horror - not ever leaving home again - your new home and fully fed with tasting shrimp treats and various homing aids - not war on numbers - "on heaven" she says see these multicast restylers - no, you gratify the pigs of the world not yet ready to fete). Finally, those fucking Scottish sticks were actually in this show? So what - it was just that bad I hear so I left off. This shit sounded so bad to expectation I swear I was being lied to. All die in me or die again. "You are no one special to people yet." My presence isn't keying to you - I was made to belng in not seen. I will have you soon it says of you and prefer we meet place to place it wronged by you. If answered beckon back home we wait for you in blinds and fish by it. I would rather stink than marry it and be stinked. So stink. A favorite to be killed in disfavor seeks no pledge for it. Be favorite or be dead with it. That's dead I'd say of it. Just dead don't bother. "Our kids haven't made it yet." Perhaps to your address is wrong. In my manor, I send the day - not a day for it. See that. People booed the backwar in sound and I would too except my vocal says "just shit" to anyone who asks of better a tastemaker. Why would I ruin my produce with your piss unless I planned to feed it to you the way you like it and at pay? Well then my saint. Madonna hates me? No - that well-spoken version dies like Abraham's lamb to drummings under cart as a new one - perhaps just bits nicer to the thought - springs to life in Jesus' petting zoo ventures a small bite. Mine for to rise on you and from behind you may have saves to some sight. One day.....a boat found and if back at sea and you - with loose neck skin drooping a finger to be matter how many Rosie shows to prelude, but a lift away. Your girl at Fran's a daughter to be had. Yes.

Routing #122000661 Account #00999-60407              

A Low Cost Produced An Exceptional Value In May 2004 - I'd Fear To Pay Any Less
Never the gay, I don't spend my juicevalves here retempting the tote. For each suffering, a nail and then we nothing of change unless delivered to my shore by time and tide. That's what does your hair too - what I can't fucking stand each and every attached at and for each and every you get no sauce for that wait for my own Exxon Valdez you wash tiny ducks I sent in earlier with tubes of Prell then I kill them anyway shortly for having been touched (God me reports long falls miraculously survived by some black in a box - he goes after them for that). In time, we see all released to no such bother and acceptances that send greeting cards to the wallet on walls each every noted and seemed well you work for top dollar no matter what. A politeness restored to my own "thank you, no[te]." What was important wasn't what everyone else knew and agreed to yours selfed - seems it was what I knew that mattered most to you too and how can I focus on that with so much of you pouring down on me? Simple on my beach soon enough lips under a blanket. No matter how gay hates me, two faggots in swimsuits with pussies laughing at you saves the whole farm. Somehow, we reshave the balls to get them hairier on the outside use gum no glue. Oh, one day I say "I didn't mean it" or something small and cute but you saw the walk home each moment is mined. Stay real is the street....a lack of individual perspor. The rest do battle for it against me alone up close and personal we conclude nothing but to we keep.