first there was 'distilled' - no way anyone could clog your iron
then 'spring' for clothes so fresh
'tap' with only so many parts per million
'drinking' for those who can taste the difference, if any after splash
'sparkling' for seeing your way through it all unless you detest bubbles
'pure' for knowing what's in there...but not well enough to change the filter
tip: the bubbles are heat only - play on air is water same my quote
exit to even now...

we're still here - let us call you mostly it's more fruitful
by the way - this the best store for supplies there's one on vine south of sunset i use it...rare

if a 'junebug' bothers you to get married, is it also a 'butterbean'? so consults your 'venn' diagram in june 2018

catch up with lucasfilm's 'willow' with me - i still consider it a great film
i borrowed the film 'rat race' (starring whoopi goldberg among others - mr. bean) on dvd from the library to test my player

apparently green dot has the solution to the pre-paid squabble with vendors? you can commit $200 to a credit-worthy card called 'platinum' it looks like...then you have credit building, etc...we wanted a card you yourself own no taking it away, no quibbling with others you cite the information necessary...what else? a few applications say 'you have no credit at all'...ok...okay then....

today is sunday, may 27 my brother chris' birthday incidentally circa 1972 eight years my junior
my next new generation past 'x' was day-care freaks getting preschool diplomas and all 'for fucking'
how'd they handle summertime birthdays with classes out? no 'mothers'-brand circus cookie with dots on it and candlelight wishes in class
memorial day weekend, more importantly as happy enough? the last monday of may each year plus the official start of the summertime race!
love, one flag-flying motherfucker it's decor...in the news, some teacher sent trump back a letter with 'corrections' - you need an editor to 'leave this out'

by humble request - was great in the car not too long ago: enya 'afer ventus' or 'when you're gone [i'll be here]'
from the 'shepherd moons' lp 1991
ever wonder if in all the world anyone plays this song (or any song) today or right now or ever? i do.

wednesday, may 23...hi hi

room for milk in your coffee? yes, half-and-half please
your lonely little friend shares up to date understandings of social media:

facebook - good times, bad times...who do you love? who do you know?
instagram - you took a great, interesting picture of something but have nothing more to say no captions?
twitter - i'm gonna be here at such-and-such a time - meet me casually or cooly...can be like the internet out out and away no response you didn't feel comfortable anyway probably 'one nut and i'm outta here...'

others yet? enlarge me...facebook is still funny enough and quite charming

royal wedding connotes from the queen mary in long beach...how tall? 140 feet
was reviewing kate's protocol of definitely dont's in public 'no snapping of the gums' etc. at cnn.com
the queen puts her purse on the table and you gotta go, oprah - no more wings

madonna herself rounds out the phantasm series includes alterior (heretofore unseen) footage from the civil-war era(s)
take with care: a bit chatty, but stimulating of my thoughts

05/16 recreating the past - target's supplier best choice products delivered my day-dog bed without flaw today another notch in the wood (so-to-speak)...just under $150 door to door target's fold in half by hinge see that...nicer?

i couldn't risk the lift, but i'd try one day stealth by zipcar or cab?
sense one of these is at every store with anti-pout slide-away bracing

today we honor (the honey blubberfarts of?) the kit-kat bar and its racy music commercial
i believe it was inspired wholly or in-part by jane wiedlin and spark's 'cool places' both i.r.s. artists
sparks were aka the hirsute 'mael' brothers - see devo for that clause, what to do when faced with - great song though
the genius of jane wiedlin?

like the girls in 'life of the party', we like yahoo's new spokesgirl, kinda
we? usually i find something wrong if not to dismiss - it gets hard, but not really

i see nestle's labrea bakery is back on the shelves - another coup i like their stuff carry on usually i get my baguette's any size at gelson's a specialty store is there a problem?

someone picked one of these outta the garbage 'round the corner before i could as half-heart it was nearly brand-new an egregious loss to whomever lockers.com solicit a quote? yuck. it's un-american...see the online catalog it's priced out assembled/unassembled...remember, i had a used repainted one in my room on palm avenue...sexy...'says it's me'...sim card....

the old days on palm...ten (10) whole years
one street away or none if using the back door

carol burnett gets it right to honor my switching from cvs brand to scott this very day my twelve-pack finally cracked
both good enough price versus pride
god blessed the internet with these memories made mesh right away but i obsessed with this very skit from saturday nights way back when
when my parents used to leave me upstairs in their room when they went out
when i had to close curtains and lock windows downstairs with my head turned away it was so dark outside...
rushing into rooms to confront a mini-series of noises
trust that - memory serves you but you can't live there spooling backwards - can you?

friday evening may 11: well, 'life of the party' a warner bros. film was pretty good - go see grade a- liked it alot was gonna walk out at first they made her cry with a ramshackle divorce...not all is known but the faces were damned good...worthwhile film

you know, i read 'watership down' as a precocious child (looking to appear studious?) and i swear the story is about a great flood predicted by prophet on a riverbank that finally comes and drowns half the place including elder stalwarts to the point of blood meeting water 'the end'~...this film is about scouting a higher plane and meeting resistance the story is not clear the flood comes the hares die unmercifully and now what - fights among no ones? admittedly i don't remember exactly but this points back to the title being great on a song about god - better be good...meanwhile, other shows were good to the memory...i awoke this morning to two abnormal looking kids with biggish heads in a hospital room handing me a phone as a patient ridiculing me telling me to 'call your mother'...isn't that your problem? i'm really her too - get it? tomorrow will be exactly four (4) months on the dot pronounced dead 01/12...'do i hafta look?' i asked the e.m.t.'s wheeling her out late that night i didn't want that to be my last memory though i've moved many others for nurses and such bodies late at night for funeral home pickups all privilege thanks to mom a director of nursing where we worked...but not her...and you we'll deal with this cheap stab at the heart later on...this dated friday, may 11...is this 'cause i masturbated to some guy last night a tart that should look as old is he is simply with pubic hair eyebrows but nice ears? with pills there's still no cum...but my weight and blood pressure via a $40 cvs machine (recommended bought at 30% off that's three dollars for every ten, so...cheap enough) look great to me...134/86 yesterday...130/80 being my casually mentioned standard...signed doug from my seaside mausoleum to be scheduled with hubby perhaps my lower left leg missing to honor my mother's own leg when dying maybe and meet a daughter's demand for ashes elsewhere nobody told me anything i heard enough though i'll send you my nuts i swear...bless you all...did she the daughter loose her gall bladder too? they both did...you gotta be careful with the fixing and youthing parts, you know angels another pain-in-the-ass all is well here though me finishing up my ham from target i like to eat all i take if can...bad hams again? mine was excellent mostly just $11...

one more cheap story: around december i was with my mother's husband ed in a jensen beach target and he was absorbed with one of those $100 or so fitbit bracelets someone rejected his card to my mother's attention as henpecked basically and though she was good about it and he could go back and get one after answering, isn't better not to know anything at all? maybe not - the bracelet looks like pure junk no motors or anything but like an iphone tells you how much exercise you've already achieved doing nothing but going to target to shop for your wife...i appreciate i my iphone's tracking me but i hafta input my own daily weight not the easiest thing but i journal it...doctors weigh with motorized chairs how do i know it's any good a measurement? i know...good is what i report to you...

more watership - the rabbits - really hares that thump run away from 'fyt' or as they say 'fight' they hide in holes too much and no one can enjoy them not only spring and summer creatures but largely nocturnal beings while you sleep? while they think you sleep...england is hares this is scandinavia they hate being bit they will bite i learned from a house rabbit next door fingers in wire mesh...anyway, the floods on riverbanks aren't clear but they come and the nervous who build holes there from encroachment die bad...oh, well...i know brown rabbits well children get mad they run from everything but their nests as such shallow grass-covered holes are right in your front yard under lawnmowers - an offering? hardly and they do return for their young captured trust that and they the offspring scream out loud too - enough now...

'roseanne' at eight on abc? either that or tv land...121...hi to great grandma sandra bernhard the grandmother's mother playing cards good to see you...new episode named 'go cubs' (a wi-fi password from a neighbor that means 'why not...?') at abc.go.com her topics a bit muslim cite cultural differences they are real should i be you too?...as for waste in buying, i don't like the food calling me either...keep it regular (what given to all) be happy...

next childhood movie feature is 'watership down' the original tale from the 70's my childhood reap after reap...what 1975? 1978...the opening tale deeply respectful of god and life~

crying over a song 'our father who arts in heaven'? remember 'third person' as someone you hear of - is it you too? someone else you can feel bad for? grow up...the narratives are as follows: 'omniscient' you know every person and thought at every angle, 'first person' you're telling the story, 'second person' no such thing as first person also, 'third person' an overheard as spoken of...then there's you again, nothing genuine one suggests 'altonins' being heard by the self as being too loud out of some kind familiarity? see also 'vagabond' unless a woman is involved as too harsh a term...

one thinks they'll submit to melissa mccarthy this friday a popular non-violent draw at theaters
just had two (2) sixes of ecto plasmic cooler delivered from e-bay...simply exquisite

near amc theatres at century ciry mall 'westfield' is tender greens an apple-like 'no cash' cafeteria for layered salads with special buzzers for your order (how can they horse around like that when busy you ask? it's like free food all the time...alot of people eat there $$) anyway, i tried them finally their backyard steak sandwich not too expensive but pretty good $13 or so...filet mignon on ciabatta not bad at all terry made these often see that new need...this the first ever my opinion is they are slowly paying for the entire studio-made building with modern of apartments and all...a studio creation no insurance place will cover for a lack of geniune expense - see 'capitalization' or gathering of construction bills to announce a vaguely beautiful building's undervalued cost...$48,000 plus landfill...good luck rent and be happy...$2,800 to start i hear...in the head...get it?

i listened to this last night - cocteau twins 'evangeline'
someone who drives you away with religious fervor as all they had to combat your being

so long
for letting someone else in
you find you know
who you are
at every age

what impression
am i making?
i see me
as other people see me

there is no going back
i can't stop falling down
i am not the flame
i'm going up again
i am not a slave
i'm going out again
there's no going back
i can't stop feeling now

i had to fantasize
i'd fall to pieces
mom and dad were king and king
i ought to have what feeling?
i see me as other people see me

there is no going back
i can't stop falling down
i am not the flame
i'm going up again
i am not a slave
i'm going out again
there's no going back
i can't stop feeling now
feeling now

i had to fantasize
my hands feel cold as ice
just to survive
just sinful life
i was a famous artist
everybody took me seriously
even those who did
never understood
i had to fantasize
just to survive

-----------------------------------------lyric bug is back this month!

this month's coloring book starter...may flowers le fleur petit
printing 8 1/2" x 11"? you on your own for now

leave the windows open
as fear grows
please hold me
in your arms
i weigh less
than a shadow on the wall

alt with:

why's it never light on my lawn?
and when it rains
it never says 'good day' to the newborn
on the big screen they showed us the sun
but it's never bright in life
as the real one
it's never quite the same as the real one

all parallels cast aside, roseanne and john goodman bring the couch over to jimmy kimmel's house for one of his best moments online
he'll forgive my freddy mercury when he was dying lick - please? ok we sell ignorance here mostly it's mine
to roseanne we love your show at a time when i can't rationalize age and wit well...thank you
p.s. trump won honor our president it was more than cats clawing the hole that brought him out
p.p.s. other states let go of pot? i'll show these selling places one day each order delivered in a rubber night deposit bag with black security guards interviewing cash prospects on the sidewalk - dream a little dream of me

loosely, we want academics or black lines around everything you hate seeing or thinking about your thoughts feelings encourage us to speak i like that...solve nothing...'there are no academics in the afterlife' you to do alone? maybe? related re my facebook junk on melrose: tommy tang's is in my memory as a place jay leno would stand outside at the height of kingdom with camera and microphone i shift right out on that prospect - world conscients? no way you're not gonna group-size me...kimmel films right on hollywood boulevard an old masons temple i think the other reverend fallon alternates with...true? like 'modern family' all appeal to no help? you're there good enough - what's success without a mike? everyone's dream.

mother's day this month? my mother's quote today - may 2 - when asked says 'nobody comes, and nobody goes. i'm here.' ok.

come to rest: though still on tiny little pills, my official diagnosis is now 'ascites'...stay tuned be informed often enough 'abdominal water retention'...

it took me forever to find this shit - honor it here too gnarls barkley
drove into a waterpit i hear with police watching - it's a smelly wharf out there

brought about by a 'here's lucy'-era interview with her speaking ill of desi arnaz, here's a brighter look at their 'i love lucy' debut
she was pretty and bright and became that thing mexicans savor - a lucifer at the wheel all night
desilu - 'displays every single improper - leaves you'
p.s. notice the similarity to the 'friends' set the girls' apartment-kitchen

ralph macchio looks like a million bucks for new effort 'cobra kai' meaning 'we both broke'...love that new commercial some guy chopping two-by-fours in attemp...something useful?

insert quick recap doug moon at facebook is "http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92" it was easier to trollop there with certain traumas in mind...the 92 is just the year i started using facebook...i find myself getting mad often all over the map but see the wisdom of letting go or letting your phone train you down...i'm not an unhappy person i want to die - there's a distinct difference in knowing why...you know alot of people won't be excluded by technology are they wrong? tell me why...we are enjoying ourselves right now - aren't we? roseanne tonight! abc.go.com

mobile apps making up for the hundreds of free 20 oz. cokes now stocked full of their friends forever junk - my bottle says 'will ffu 4 this':
-------------------------------------------------------------------thank pu!
starbucks - their 'gold member' star system way too generous to my sittin' around for nuthin' critique i try 'em all to lighten the worldly load - like chamomile (hibiscus) tea who knew? these folks take herbal back to hell for reinvention just ask 'em;
7-eleven - just eight hundred aggressive points or so for a medium (no irregular by dome) slurpee or ring doughnut (considered jimmies in effect) the first free...i never climbed coke's ladder for free merchandise either;
norm's restaurants - they didn't catch my last 'bigger breakfast' with their great coffee by scan but no one needs any more than that yet $5 off in the horizon...their big boy 'latin' urinal (as long to the floor) now unboxed for immediate use.

insert apples and oranges, confusion...orange-appled

ruby tuesday, may 1 ('hi' to m. umbro) got my gas heater working after cleaning the unit...it's still chilly here...

people wanna know and you're still here thinking it over back in april 2018 plus sums as yet untold