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Omi, God! That Nathan Jones Stuff Ruins My Life Still In June 2013 Hath Thee No Pride None?
It's a numbnuts game....strike a pose.

famous naturalists (no handwoven or colorful clothes?):
ralph waldo emerson 'there's nobody here - why not [you]?'
henry david thoreau 'enter [it] eden'
walt whitman 'if you [want to] like it, so do i'
euell gibbons 'don't take too many [of these], i'm an old centegenarian by [so many it] told'

tip: with those wires below, keep two humongous temple beings (black tableaus) in your mind they shape and move slowly by call...very aztec looking the strings 'run' up and perhaps down them but are sheet too as no forth but lengths measure a known value...aluminum (thinnest strongest tensile or then thinnest) itself has four (4) 'balls' in size is key as videodrome and heat or 'alum' for distribution no breaks assume...i asked to extend our lengths there is a deep red foaming on top when working and drips down between to suggest a round atomic vent is making - colors black, white, and yellow arise too...see no movement yourself but one is turned to side left against another and have steps of a sort on bottom...great, but how you?

related to donna tartt's 'the secret history' a book, we think all tie to pet shop boy songs that are b-sides, but let's clarify:

a) 'a man could get arrested'
b) 'what keeps mankind alive'
c) 'my funny uncle'
d) 'hallo spaceboy' (not really - you hafta be worthy of good titles use this one unless good - so places a self)

choice 'a' would be 'american psycho' - no matter what you do, and how you fear it, no one cares - it disrupts them somehow as colleague or calls them away from their desk - all are in jail or hafta be told what to do first - be different then - see also 'a few good men'; choice 'b' is 'secret history' your parents make you come and decide much as closure - your wake tells all and no one wants it your parents decided you then and now i say as a grave splits you; choice 'd' the uncle that made you want to be like him with jokes and humor - is he there ? i won't say it at call has to be recognized in you a nothing person kinda yet to emerge he had all concern too make more; choice 'd' is a little joke i turn it away not in my language 'allo english' but we know you're there...furthers, but good songs:

'bet she's not your girlfriend' - yeah, she's with you, but you don't fuck (or, an ass is harder to get in to);
'i get excited (you get excited too)' - we're not together as pleasuring we hate each other with friendship, but we both find the pot of gold when together.

no one argues dyson 'ball' vacuums are expensive 2-1...every time i use my $100 eureka from sears (where antigen america shops ho hum and the hepa pads matter alot), i wonder why?
someone agrees there is extra string suction and for pets - maybe in the ball itself matched with amps or safened ramping up of voltage power? maybe
usually air pulls air for air a straight line across a ball like the one in my jeep under the hood - a bit of a mystery
vacuum tubes run or activate the front axle with pull...the ball stops the engine from stalling with extra air to take when the wheels or axle won't give from a harsh bump, rocks
adds dyson 'no dirt through the motor' anyway? no dirt in the motor at all they say...a bag is no trick outward it doesn't keep flying the motor tighted under cups and still with dust screens

workshop number one - we focus two rock plasma tikis or statues to derive all sense just once it at length may it whirl...no motion just intervals and checking
we want any placement's plasmas force effect only - what it said, when
the rip in heaven that makes us a markle black and white and evenly distributed is a peace death we're here to get yours, kinda - not peace-piece
plasma? think modules or applications of deep design - the moving isn't important just wound tightly in certain places only as heat concentration all heading west-ish...south? no? sights seen on curve

more loose notes...for play, practice
what is real? a rest from all above ground amid forward instances - a falling forward after jutt up...real, and again - you can't be there where it is

what will be, will be? what won't be, won't have to be...to be, and be again
a junk (jump heap) ensues...these flowers, no matter how muscuvy, look like a garden basket only as ghost-active - that's real and quitely is henspert

the old naked (no ball gown) man with no eyes seeking directions in your home? 'gillespie'...'don't worry i'll find it'...to poke eyes out? 'livening' like 'libening' half of saying is doing, some is said
his eyes in particular where lost in a car accident - roughly they flaked out with injury 'not alot of pain' he said
thanks, i guess - an instance of needing to see more to be flatly interesting
...and i've seen it all...alas, but the feelings are hard to resist

a 'hue' is seen from the side if at first to apply on level surfaces - is not white or black nor clear is light and dark being conveyed and at widths within
blue has yellow in it and is not black but shine or reflect inside or where you are
son of the gun

in a recent vision, i as child am being placed for the world as in a grave a high agreement of firsts, and these caretakers (all youngish women somewhat asian and on a place above a hole i'm in) hand down a gift a toy a blueish upright box with a red glow on-top the understanding that just shortly after me parting a notable was 'killed' (more as eliminated, pressed together no further to faith) in my name and handed down to be as dead with their whole instrument-being or gumball....thank you i said...another kid? a zeldo or unnamed guide-bother of one type or another...

'why better to buy two at half-price than pay for one more?' - dM

'you can have the both of them, two' - one other morely said

huh? israel = french foreign legion...hi hi england's (egglovers, no meat lbs.) marigold best plus france eggs

'gay' equals 'french guyana' or then israel? maybe - nosegay as 'phlorals' or soapwash, then be immute....spigot faghot for a hot

i call the french language 'anglais' to be of the glacier swiss alps (up the pyrenees) as reduced to english what is anglicized (of angels angry sharply, reduced to english means no connote or carry me forward yourself 'nyet' the russian zero nothing yet from our spanglais now be reduced - egg eater of flans no meat or stink, sting more stingy the response) about me always...the coup d' grace the merciful 'death blow' of a single match*...i think of the eiffel tower properly as a radio tower and as its scope incudes enrico 'franco' fermi and that is italy - constantine (oxy statin or quite quiet frankly always doing) is paris or 'compare us'...remember to separate or pare us parlez part us...italy 'i tell everyone here sharply' in three languages 'spanglais'...around us always asking...make one orange-red cone of yourself they go higher some...

* if 'god's mercy is everwhere' (dM) remember to thank someone - dM 'merci' but wait 'til it happens

'each love is not sacred' - dM who adds 'i don't love views...'

a microwave pressures air lightly and shocks with a rotating wand? electrocuting, moistening then only with door
if 'am radio' is stopping and starting a pull of heat, what is fm? more or less an electricity as amperes conveyed by heat signals they keep going - see speakers and their magnets repelling or pushing scratch cones with their magnets...a bar of signal read widely that repeats for four (4) minutes

happy memorial day i guess summer waits a bit longer to say with authority (you can go to the beach 'no blacks'* now nj - that roller coaster is from wildwood (never went there, got some nice pictures of a few bared assholes though...a ladies night out no hourly rentals on route #1 for them - or then couples night i hate couples always i guess unless phoned in first i'm sneaky + love bathrooms)...you dopes came on a truck nine miles up for some - i never got there and p.s. 'avalon' no staying at night 'on credit' catalina is just the dark side the vegetable butt crack of san diego's hotel del coronado one is the other zo hum hi to TJ's at malibu...the dead are here one full half on the month with quality argument afoot...some of the best scenes ever the fireplace being questioned by the same authority one that burns logs...

*generally not seen plus coif - can you imagine being asked to revise your complaint of being white? i never had to...and if people come from the sun what is the sharp leaf of pumice (iron ore melted the apple's clay or fiber food is always a tightly coiled water now meeting salt water as volcano? a now-tighted scalp oil? i use posner products...

in my 'small group' taught you of limiting cash exchange or its brutality of making material demands everywhere seen but not by unpaid, and if i know everything, why am i 'going bald still' quote a woman the naked baboon or sugar drop? a) a hair on you is never so pleasing b) and this includes your own judgment a fatal flaw unlike a stack of cash what shoves down your fat throat easily enough, i sit here like a fuckin' store on the street every day being raped of sweaters in summer and i do make them...you say 'but you aren't a store'...haven't you learned in our language that commerce is no basis for residency? law is courtesy only you'll get that - basically an office worker on sunset delighted you stopped by...in india there are monkey's hopping from roof to roof at midday banging tins or no heat transfer that is their government a plate of food left by you never without dates, times...an old snatching brown woman in heaven making sexual lures at passersby in the now labyrinth of her robe...

new stats for linkshare...we've just eclipsed 200,000 impressions since time:

our top dogs (sheer number of transactions versus monetary weight of all orders) in 'ascending' order that means 'a-z' - no primates (nothing new stolen), dress to keep the stink at bare nipple levels minimusk ! and think like the apes 'no home' out on a rage
office depot balping at consumption junction (cj.com) notes about 1,577 'leads' in their own canned reporting harangue 05/24 'nothing 4uy' at this time...'well, fiddle dee diddle'

just a taste of daily stats...thanks each and every greed one by one and then moreover
you can't give a heart a kidney these days 'never real' but the pay is good for an eye with no veins - twice what a veinless dick and balls fetches 'round the coop feeder

another dougmoon.com exclusive - no you, yours: per insider leaks (okay it's just me talking with me, 'phantasm v' opens with a new buyer (have a human counterpart to blame) for a landsake property somewhere in post-apocalyptic (the sky is showing you complicating 'eye-in-the-sky' stuff....versus the 'no god' seeming of caustic events a christ 'crux' guilding of you acid or simply aphid...'nobody lives' says the tall man and continues 'i exhume them then no rest for the wicked' thus posits the earth as christ's grave) arizona...the buyer - a woman in-charge - unwittingly assumes this vacant property now if already infested (disease? yes 'a harbour of it' says one) with our friends and here our story begins...or continues with 'no peace for the wicked' that means never a good thought mine...the bank (new york, old vettled people) is called in to defend the new owners when once the tall man Is as revealed an uncooperative, uncommunicative presence and he himself starts digging up graves once the bank wins an enforcement (he comes and goes forthright removing his monies seem) - priests are called 'we obey, we don't have to...sad lot' (they are religious still - 'a cornerstone' says he of it, you win here to lose elsewhere) and some graves are noted as very close to the home's exterior walls and under windows the law's supposed legal limit for sights ataken (rights or going around the block in your own car ends while others may move dry up like 'salpsis' when you bother people quote to quote to quote me? science leisure bf skinner suggests 'negative reinforcement' to forward acts only is women, noises at the same time) ...'you don't transfer ours too soon or they may rise up' to greet ya but not in so many words ('an act, a flame' + feelings are not connected in any way a surefire two pieces maybe one more...ultimately a neighbor's kid stumbles onto their makeshift 'havenhurst' made deep within and their secret held in and of some cosmic quasi, forces confrontation with a greater truth...'world of the dead' ok 'an end to death' attest to it but i see you can't get away from it also...says he 'one more lesson in times taken anew...' + 'if dying isn't what it seems - be that dead for it' + 'so many questions, so few for the asking'...you hafta be careful here, if you say with any of force, all may go your way and is not informing of it a song's lyric with no less than three places to source any of music...

we're not scholarly we speak first: 'john dies' is supposed to be 'hitchhiker's guide to the universe [um, galaxy]'...'standing around with your thumb up your ass'..cock eye, anal-olive, and sweet pee...their diatetic vulchiss...seems,is real?

get asked for a loan when being asked for a loan the very meaning of sacrifice having to ask out of no need your credit reviewed: cautions paypal not to ask so fervently to pay a bill on ebay or not to pay cash...no problems with credit but i prepay despite you and just had my credit report looked at and i wouldn't give two shits for their opinion on lowly debts i myself own in an atmosphere of people losing their homes to storage bins at no quest...credit is fine yours versus mine but i don't pay people who don't pay me or put the good in - put good in - otherwise, is people who want your place in life and that doesn't get happy often enough not while i'm here...you don't choose for the same stuff somehow anyway...

self-selected update on 'secret history' being a movie (is this real? ho hum) the apparent casting couch alot of males what signal emerge then 'phantasm v' the sundry of names unacceptable to me as yet the posters are talented however with a plain 'v' circling (you looking to disagree or sell to be upward but have no such voice as yet you - another sad, vague)...note coscarelli is no one you know is italian dolce-looking a swinger type like austin powers hook nose grey curly hair tightky written calls himself 'doug' and honors me thoughts...no one you would know...they'd come see you trust that...more: paramount is releasing finally...'wprld of the dead' is good subtitle...some good...netflix? not any now...

( ( ( look down ) ) )

sear's has the logitech revue keyboard also and new - check 'em out here

( ( ( look out ) ) )

does it matter when a right contact lens isn't used when taking pictures - is it personal then the resulting image? i dunno
this addressed to me by voice and pen but the name not familiar yet - its verse means 'taking a little of burden but meaning well' a friend then?
he meant to say you're not good but i am let's help each other with money only - robert kinkaid from france told her the sender to send to me
i can always scrape together money for a homely unscented bill but that doesn't mean i'm unwilling to say - ask to be sure for any help there was another one placed also but left for sender
you need to ask me for anything - but do ask as most prefer to just take
don't ask too many things - i'm still asking for things, but not usually to pay...ask...we have it...this

dumb: after much thought, the circle divided in four can just connect the lines from left to top...same length...like a triangle? no - there are no lines just angles or moment intervals...plus no line on top it heads in only there is no lateralus there just on the side...

loved the billboard of the ad below...

so tonight that you might see - the others there?
just friends i guess

reuben in chains last night at k24/7 whatever...nice enough more later (a person-waiter there complains of slicing tomatoes by a slicer - is 'too thick' for the burden it is said (they to ardent and supply some meal or stay later ordering drinks with claim 'too strong' to pay)
i never ate there ever...someone's dream 'it can't fail' i won't let it - 'two more years' it said, easy, the place is always packed
i don't work people like that but live in memories scratch and sniff this burger from 1972
mcdonald's just dropped their angie burgers i never get them anyway...i don't mix meats, girl (well, someone does)
angus is popcorn shrimp added by some order everywhere, but this burger resembled just a stamping for it an inside and an outside of the burger but seemed cupped is true
egg white mcmuffins are there half the time anyway - top it off with canadian bacon and i'll have not a one so fucking gross...what's next the shell?
it's not your right to cook...'don't eat so much', 'learn to share' 80/20

supposedly 'saba' or cuban indian art from galapagos (gah-lap-a-ghost) island or atoll (three sides water) jetting out slightly from florida then
florida is a pennisula - too big to see it all from the water
west hollywood park on san vicente between santa monica and melrose
is their man somehow...

with zeal: 'he's a magic man, mama' - heart

moarth vader...soon, 'oui' international confidential ours alone all asians (aegians, same) as french maids with sight blocks (black bars as stamped over the eyes) on...no pricks yet pre-1980's like one hairy guy...too much choice makes me blue...equation = what will have you, less any upsets or rocks in the water or as the queen says of a under rubber raft 'shasta'? something else we'll remember lol...

music flare: kaskade mindy gledhill...some box sorting project nine
what 'gives birth' (lives 'til a die) to deadmau:

neil says 'not exactly' is prime mist...fade into you

dido 'see the sun' is deadmau(5 - 'dead mouse' altogether so hum)? old, new...the earth at best is a cloud saturn with nothing seen below the belt loosely...

still fresh, enjoyable:: 'john dies at the end' is now showing at netflix...will give 'hunger games' ('...had she lived, he might've paid me to eat his pussy after yours took off and she said phew! another baby to feed for') a try and others may have see...the new 'hangover iii' preview (i can see you..then *click* no auntie m. nope just her balls and a napkin over the hot cornsticks) is not unlike pure shit to fine me...is it over now? wait, see...see, feel... figures the big liberace is limited to hbo...hates blacks officiating...has been over...hate, borne [of] obligation...hobo...hospitality, or best offer...acronym...as question, often touching

others loved by me yet no thinking, just eating:
the rum diary
brokeback mountain - hardly queers, still doing it with me (they just fucked ;)
along came a spider
all good things
heartless ++
alice (roman polanski's - as in wonderland)
sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band (the bee gees one)

++a boy in the lead needs to carry the film with 'mutual interest'? another dyke (one day is real - your lesbianisms - all the talk less all the find...rule: good never travels to you' see branson missouri and plus 'regular size' women and their anger at nudes striking they always hafta leave but after business closes these are remnants or adaptations of life asunder or cast about - i dont talk to people's dreams-murals on how it 'should be' on graffiti'd walls 'feed me' and finally note how freedom just rings the dinner bell for a pork belly only and how spelling counters you...

suspicions aside, and popularly, there are no friends in aids not even a mother...these are horrors to like-minded individuals (no dei as yet, but needs any a withhold to represent youth or vigor then on the 'other side' of the mountain where all is beautiful and welcome - a ploy or then more shit i only ate sixteen pounds notably and so far) who are not only deeply embarrassed but have others flicking their pussy at you no matter how sheaved...no, i wouldn't do your teeth not ever, but you died trying to...somehow...you

dmsr (of-by 'freddy' prince) 'doesn't make sense - reject'

justin timberlake no regrets...annie lennox 'cold' ostensibly (although 'i can't see why-how') is from 1992
eurythmics (ostensibly black + asian eurythmis maple syrup, milk nurse) 'who's that girl?' the first video on jukebox ever?!? from the 'torture you' or 'touch' lp 1984 or so then sits...

happy mutters pearl...flass, plus burrizz! burchill zame...red lobster dinner for two was mine sent - something i want

the black 'layer' box (hdmi in/out using 'out' only and power up '12v 3.0 a') for wires feels empty and is no reason to shoot blanks - wi-fi's it's true
hook up to the wireless router by the ethernet or physical phone-ish modular wire, then drop in favor of wireless service as you connect to their shores addressing to your own virtual network from your service provider (ours is available to us from time-warner as 'jackson / moon' my own alpha-neural and using your own password)
1, then 2 - no betting hdmi is for digital or written disk (binary) service in only - 'high-density media interface' one guesses...

Feature: The Logitech Revue with Google TV is pretty impressive! I pieced mine together on ebay $100-150 (box $35, keyboard $25, power cord $15 abouts plus shipment + wait with endless of implement afoot) has wireless Wi-Fi sure...take a look...fabulous makes up the odds and ends of Apple TV...which is not budging with a browser yet I bought it anyway knowing better as some ? thank markets coming to meet us as no real pay...Google it...very elegant, try either 'Tiger Direct' at banner or Amazon (look for 'used' too no betting to win too - a big believer in source versus other as use tax still out on the state tax argue if all one unit serves all from TN too bother they have nuisant drowning is S&H anyway is still FOB or charging a third party as recipient picking up at origin door and avoid cheating us for little pay a Fedex of a problem)...nice...have one of everything, each a symbol of wealth and is attainable as long as I want stuff from your reaches outward...outrageous...aclem (is 'ahem' no say until secured, though) is the word...a toothbrush is nothing to share, a toilet then no keyboard with lube should eat here?

*do you split out thee colors (red, green, blue) as 'composite' like me? there should be another black-coded rca plug hole for black on-top of those colours or layers for unused parts of the screen - is actually an output of the tv no tap in but after some time assumes more - but is reciprocal in ways not so seen - make sure you hook it up both too...says 'digital' and implies sound - that's right, but goes both ways somehow, and but as said, no dedicated play in at all...the three layers with implied darks (yellow in green, and black in red but now as as transparent halving it all) may not be enough...digital = sound out and some play as fades to dark only...there it is...virtual or sometime sets are sold off as reductions with samples as languages and no further bother...the fool's fool or follower as not being told to do or not do is here...hook up every wire be-4 safe (be foresaken, foreskin the propered fish)?

sky mall writes to drop us too...something inflammatory...sky mall, thank you

at the intersection of fairfax and sunset (a mobil station is here across from an arco same side?)
a blood moon emerges on 03/27 see it down lane between two lights? that's east heading up
symbol = quantity or quality (a color?)
p.s. the hand goes up when the traffic light turns yellow and counts itself down fifteen or twenty so seconds to red - then walk is white see the truth is grid to black
i hate standing-waiting always with no note - see it
why wait? i can't even stand to ride up stops
the west hollywood walk signal for blind sounds like laughing something ridiculing or kookaburra

paying up, alanis wreaks 'havoc'...i never get anything i want, why ask something new?

may day! cinco de mayo ('your tuna is in my mayo' wipe the knife) - over with no mention me? someone mentioned a horse-drawn cart through a flower shop done only that well...see, feel

freely spoken 'mister music, please!' la di di da
'gosh darnit!' (taking back the streets)
'do you hafta tinkle (piss, to a little girl)?'
'oh, poo!' (exclaim, worked like l'chaim - no 'welcome home' at circle jerks, bandana muffins with sweetened artichoke in the mornin' - no frittatas (um, omelet 'with mil'k says bobby 'evil dead' flay or neil then) or else outdoor skin huts and tight piss sanjlas for the rear, chand, and skulled plinde mount)

naughty phapes to be transferred to a separate porn page soon with bookmarks that don't need your review (no one has to show you anything, but it gets to be illegal and that's how you win? so much hate gets mounted it must be 'us' you and them and remember nothing prohibition (a cock?) lasted long anyway we just don't want sickness and health, we don't want fascists working 'round that clock plus a dumb presage of youth surmising a win - i don't want you, just three stacks of everything and killing (burning, a clay pot with diamond laquer around the lips) yourself softly with what matters most the 'sex superbug' from hawaii (um, a 'woman' take aspirin if only, they change that - you change too with it) now and if 'history repeats itself' let it speak for itself too a road home is so much faster a road if i don't wake up to see you and you hafta say it to me...'that wasn't real' but a good warning what do i know that limo is odd 'we don't die, really, you do' i cry though (people 'shit' in them they say on their way to their moonie wedding no touching of (or at around) the 'calves' (do that at home alone 'they stink often') or zipping up the snakes forming the infidelity rings around your neck the 'nape' of the neck 'be quick at it') i did 'gas' someone in a car yesterday but ask god not to we only preserve ours no duplicates ever or down the drain you go i to collect and cavern all equal sure but at great lengths and as finally presenting a cage of sticks with ends that never meet ever now triangles in a cantaloupe our latest reach to the far beyond see, feel...why did i gas them? because i thought of it and you blame yourself always while certifying you your successes could be just red cabbage, asian turkey farts now just some potato it sulfur's only known acetylene source or the lowly grub now manifest?):

make sure to look both ways, or see for yourself then (nothing hateful, actually just clarity):

again, what's made before time: taking back the bitten pen clinton's author, use the tip of that wet-dry cigar your way - long and poking up-down slowly along the thigh meat each (hair?) met along the way...don't let personal-type choices choose for meetings...a steal but larcend for each quick remit...ask about, but afterward...be sure you know more...cuban? be art - larger than life, fewer details...now see that bereted black at home brush tip to mouth carefully considering your work...a brush in your butt...

a great joint for hanging it...who to be? where to go?
budget rents to you photos in a new rolls corniche 'time's up'
shy girl, sugar twin
there's another close by - maybe you're seeing it again...

colors, as patterns of pushed nails to be read as touch (light outward is pushed by you with light as the nails):

white: a diamond of nails collapsing into center a hole being flatly rejected along the way to the center...
black: some small distance in, no hard (is object only or nothing back as dark only), all reject at same length
blue: a complete hand pushed in only hand - patterns of nails are gray
maybe wrong?

If All You Wanted Was To Entertain An Unknown By The Fireside, April 2013's Smoking Nightcap Can't Buy A Thrill
Don't disagree here - you don't see anything by you, do you? Martyr - tried to kill me with fast words now you see no price.