Reconsider Yourself Be It June 2009 -- The Burden Of Proof Should Now Rest Should A Clever Lie Be Told For A Second Time, Or Have It One At All Over At A Twice

Fryman philatelist (um , 'boxer' not only now a clever joke...pugilist, taxidermist, etc. ) Joe Frazier is and is Mike Tyson...fight at the sight. Them push burgers (a 'pussycat' so sleepy now you too and be sleep) are better at making them think of it for just pennies less (here or there, waking it out). You don't fight people when they get there, you make sure they win at each hand-off or be beaten bad by the electrical meter inside your top-part utility shed. You punch in each day - you get punched out too all them fuckin' blackmange machines get rid of you easy too the 'neuropeeler' with top-sirloin mirror-ball flantz and our own-on-a-loan adrenal-tipped eyeminder with plucking-act fabshers and mobile-like it fact-rapt then jasc-the-twip rhone. Just push it all back in with false platen knobs, and rip something ribmeat on the way out to clear back the shin of brown-ish hairmats then flend as usual, so seems a harsh odor not unlike gray-pencil and scant their braith by feces. Prevane as usual to meet any of ablate and pofply disinterest at the halfway cancelwish or to be as fishly roundabout then gnafly scorned. So scorned over it as yet to bemoan your bladham of owned but to and as yet freantze. Shelf suture so to bewind yourself.

Went and bought a new 2.0 GHz Mini Mac at ASUCLA today total cost $600 even (including sales tax and for staff but). Installed like a dream all so easy and intuitive even our screen rings better with alternate cables used now. We have our Windows update firmly under belt now and we stay proficient at both. So see.

Berlin "To A King" MP3 (8.1 Megs) - from the August 20, 2002 LP release "Voyeur". They made me buy the MP3 at Amazon for $0.99 I'm all mad I couldn't Lime. These situations are sensitive because the samples mislead to a dump (iTunes doesn't have this anymore but did - skunks). This is real good Paul Williams-type stuff and the album sounds great many tracks...for singing.

you know every single curve of him
this guy is at your command
simple, dull, and slow
is that what you think of your man?
well he
in this painting that I made of him
he has a beautiful face
looking at the door
with a longing you could taste

how could you see your lover this way?
to you he's worth hardly a second glance
how could someone like me ever say

i'm just a woman kneeling down to a king
a lord of the world
i'm just a woman dying to be his queen
his only girl
but when you look into his eyes
who makes him cry?

walk around him nearly every day
do you ever see his pain?
you'll never fall in love like me
why don't you walk away?
how could i see your lover this way
to you he's worth hardly a second glance
how could someone like you ever say

i'm just a woman kneeling down to a king
the lord of the world
i'm just a woman dying to be his queen
his only girl
but when you look into his eyes
who makes him cry?

i'm just a woman kneeling down to a king
the lord of the world
i'm just a woman dying to be his queen
the only girl he needs
i'm just a woman kneeling down to a king
that you never see
but you still have a chance to keep the best of everything
that's what he is to me

but when i look into his eyes
you make him cry

savors self...'how can you use his diamond to be as a key?'

Spent some time with Stevie Nicks in a quality dream last night - all star power around in and around prep for a show. I minded myself she shone brightly we met Russ Kunkel who does set design German-type trees with sun-like faces on thick trunks under first of branches - at the 'y'. We had little garlic breads with three or so flayed tomato shrimps on them. Lots of fun...more later. Top treatment of the star...her face changes if you introduce her to anyone like Terry. He was made feminine or a woman at the slight too - they both. You're not allowed to meet people with me it says her.

this 'lost in space' robot by 'remco' is the one i got at christmas early on - one of the first few can remember...many nearby had it too red and black
its starting bid at ebay is well over one thousand new
is it worth it? it's not real ever...god makes this junk for me to see again
is this toy special? it's magical to kids - something other than getting the colors right, like teddy bear it was

More promotion be it upward:

"We ship to most countries in the world, but specifically not the USA and Canada. We have good reasons for this, although we would like to supply in the US we are unable to do so at an acceptable risk to us at the moment. This is clearly stated on our website at the bottom of every product page, and near the top of the page of the product ordered by you. Our order form does not accept orders for the US, I see you filled it in as Andorra. You have not been charged for the order.

I am sorry you are disappointed but unfortunately we had to take the step of stopping shipments to the US. Jeff Smith" (um, Craig Comstock now for Julian Wendel of Scotland, France - pffft)


The US is not listed on their dropdown menu for shipping - 'Andorra' is their sly little name for us "and/or" as turn-away society or then devising us. Every stink and shit country full of hearsay and sex lords and no America who actually pay you to live at all (if only keeping our hygiene and standards of and against behaviors afloat heroin addicts although not water soluble do not bathe their sinks full of crimson and goldleaf dusts see my grandparents "Euros" just bits further). See the signs on the way in and out - there's nothing for you. We hafta make EPCOT (um, PETCO with live acid-tank scorpions and certain destinies but for sale) as toilet just to bathe and house within borders but not too far in. Stop working so hard to collect yours America - we pay these slobs for their sufferings, not for noting to me the Eiffel tower made of our pennies, our bee stings to you from England. And remember, an old woman leaves this world with nothing but bees like Sasquatch.

A political being is fotzepolitic - a fist in the fed mouth. You cared for it and now listen to the slob of it. Even the father to blame of it.

New english-type hate crime royal crown of linkshare Academy Health very personal a smote all for sale at Yahoo is quite fake for the moment yet run sloppy to cover your fat flat pared-down ass, you bitch:
RE: Order for Aapri‏ From: Doug Moon ( Sent: Fri 5/29/09 7:38 PM To: You don't ship to the US? You ship to anyone. I hate people - no ones like you - denying me service yet providing to others. This will not be. Your order form is not correct accepting my order and not charging my card on time and then not to be fulfilled. You extend me with you. From: To: Subject: Order for Aapri Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 11:50:28 +0100 Hi, I regret we do not ship to the US for legal reasons. Jeff Smith

1) You will not sell Aapri to anyone (see the iPhone...a broken back of new sex-type housing while remain you too set me off a loanship out no old man dances for me naked in my new homes unless seasoned bagel chips);
2) I'll collect that other medicinal shit in my boniface St. Laurences I don't want you alternatively or else. I hate your news and from a nigger it is - an English nigger very proper. I personally touch every Rolls-Royce I pass on the street by hand - the hand. A blessing to be me.

we had to get off it that glass ball ($4 is right everywhere always) and get a real hummingbird feeder (<$20 maybe as little as $16, perky-pet model #209) from koontz source of all lynx, interest then is to be caps
i bought the ball, i bough the 'lemon' bird mix (<$3) red like jello the mix only half used there to be limit, then the feeder - terry mentioned and i disquise my own selfishness with roundabout purchases of lot and nature
i perfect continuously against not having-seeing well something's off center right here ((( x )))
'fuzzy bear make me special again'
anyway, this new feeder has brought in the beat bounty of lord - there have been oodles of them hummingbirds here and that makes me happy
looks like 'prince of darkness' with green proto juice maybe
i hate weirdos refusing my-our gift in the name of some discipline* but want natural access and flow - i want upstart to be challenge and what replace
back to, i've had ghost ones here too - one near my bed a long time ago, and one was clipped up by garden shears in a bush once the feathers and half a bird with green shine
it helps me know what to kill and how i would feel...'how it might be'
everything says to me 'you'll be sorry for this in you and without having your penis clipped off like you do it to me'
something dumb claims you in effect...overall...your dick? your tit ripped off too dumb to die is real but onto you only you will be no freaks will be seen in the morgue
quality assurance: 'what didn't you get here?'
*i've seen the insides of ayds in my head - hair grows all the way in from the kidneys into the stomach wall and almost beyond center looking for water in a pock of luck
a known diet person, drinking plain water charging-robbing your body all the time...the lot sales get tough as the business of fun dries right up at a noise
see then activate vitamin-type waters - we got full free samples on the street days ago and they pretty good - the fruit syrup in cap until push activates yourself
look at yourself: you needed a home, now you're running first not sure you can speak, then all is pronounce
even i don't do that - i tragic (um, 'traffic' - rush them to) them instead i'm waiting for better as alone
don't write me off - there's a million lies around everything true
last night a dj saved my life...we'll hafta see about that a songbird doesn't get breast cancer or die on christmas eve, but other will seem

prop 8 keeps it all around me i'm guessing
who charmed me most is left (neil, 1986)...we got dale evernear (richard) back too on our patio hi reasonably! died on drugs, was put in car...i wait to see better come ace of base

We made big one-pound shrimp on the grill yesterday Memorial Day with scallot onions and ate that and it was good. I was concerned because the one time I cooked shrimp in Morrisville, PA 1985 it stunk to high heaven and forever. No stink here but marinade see Bobby Flay. Our first federal amended return arrived today 05/26 Calendar 2008...see ya soon!

We went to Chin-Chin on Sunset last night 05/25 for take-out ('chicken fried rice' and 'chicken and snow peas') and they have this new bakery hidden underneath in the back called Buttercake Bakery. I took in one of their raspberry muffins at $3 and it was delicious - make sure you try before it dies it's hard to know of. Some fucker was here last night bitching over The B-52's music file below being 'm4a' and I replaced it, but the old one is still there too will test it out later. Said he couldn't put it on his MP3 player or whatever, but it played for me. I don't know what it is, but use at will. In my dreams last night, I had some old skinny-legged white-trash motherfucker in a white button-down shirt hold an open pen knife at me as I sat in a car as someone else hopped in the backseat. Makes me rage I'd kill that. Mind over sends that - see ya soon. Put some red hummingbird poison in that globe...for now.

people here in my head bitch about a flag being shown - says it 'scares them'
so what
in my dreams last night colonial-costume people like shipmates are flying in from alaska or something as ghosts...dirtyworks
some claim they hafta say what they say to me or else a deal with others falls through - no free range
do what you have to do - when it matters, you will anyway
i just didn't want to be one of the darks (jewish plain at christmas, the odd other of thought-note this year) have some gratitude
and remember a flag is like blood - very symbol rich, but one is harder to sew up and each of stitch must be individual, with no fat layer to be touched

i jumped up early yesterday 05/23 and went to cb2 to shop a little alone so cheap
i picked up this glass hummingbird feeder or (candleholder to be black with smoke) for just $3.95 and was thinking to myself that i mostly paid for the paper handbag they gave me with tissue papers inside
they call it a 'whirly hanging tealight holder' but all ideas seem fanciful so you handle with care
there are many other inexpensive objects in this walled-out cashmart that features weird cuts of ribbed flat carpet too with no sticky back...
they have stuff for it unseen by me if you look - squares of adhesive
hummingbirds are drawn to seed mostly you buy that fried eggs with crisco but the smell
i still want praying mantises, really...and note the chain and clip are mine you just get the glass part
there's a small keychain ring on the top end hanging on a large planter hook and i used a small cable tie across the hook and ring so it don't blow off -- soon that upside-down tomato planter with guide
the venus flytrap i bought long ago is coming along nicely with a little butter wiped inside the lid it tells me what to do after i burned it up in the window hiding it from the molestations of my roommate

someone said if you can't paint our flag and get it right, you could get thrown out of the country...
is that right for us? i didn't remember to vote last tuesday either you french clown
i ate two (2) big mac's today to settle my nerves (one had a coupon - i get in there...had a free bottle of coke at cvs too with one on the way)
i got a real flag and pole kit at cvs for $10 what is nearly as cheap as the last one from pic 'n save an old 99-type store here
the kit has alot of new parts but for that price you'll still need to drill the pole to stop it from flying out - i used another cable tie through hole drilled
just so i don't hafta be the dark parts this year
my dad says he's doing well...we had sex last night
you'd remember that...and whole host of others
pray see

Omi god, that movie suggestion is a downer! But looking at the last parts with Smog, I am filled with glory! Is that the right word? That shit's well done. As I noted back in February and to correct, I walked to The Zone late last night, but came up just $1 short and wouldn't ask (the fee in is just $22 - note that my computer was being used to no further mention). Just beforehand, I stopped at 7-Eleven for a Slurpee ('orange cream' baphoofed a dump back in for cola blecch!) my own AYDS-type test with spoon-like poo sticks and next time I'll just call? A gambit for perform, really. I don't hafta be that a bodyshame.

We don't do features (how you will be accommodated) hardly ever - these are just in my day kinda things, 'correlates' (asks but quietly to yourself 'were you there when I was there?') I can't stand you not knowing less and with me. Back to mp3's and their 'drives' as labled on the computer mine, you just click lightly on their desktop icon as seem ("Start" button lower left, "My Computer" menu pick, then click on your MP3 player icon just once to highlight as 'Drive F:') and use the mouse button on right to drop the pritcz menu to the bottom and ask for 'Properties' like a heavy metal and that's how it works (Windows? What else could it be with those graphics?) These days I never ask to know anything - you can't really know with you involved asking me with. I try and get what I want, only. Then I ask...for later on. You don't sell your oval stuff here...respect choice in me or have another choice to be made.

'the hobbit' as told plainly and by the songs of orson bean
i have this on vhs rankin bass and all
this little guy inherits (okay, then seem off) a ring (that makes you invisible when worn, for simple thefts) from someone nasty and older - a miser-type
with this ring he's sent on a journey to avenge his people and by killing a dragon known as 'smog' - the dragon is slick in a high cavern with headlight eyes that shine out and over in the dark
he showed the hobbit his belly and said 'look at that - ain't it nice?' too damned good to me
a single prick with a blade (arrow then) under a missing scale is all it took to send this boring mindsap back home while i count the dishes i collected from abroad
even worse...the sad sack 'father of my father' crap okay we'll honor that man somehow...honors me
a greatness just sighs at it (mine: 'evil muss die') died probably me being cheap
smores: you hafta give these things a home, you wouldn't stop bothering smog in his nest and stealing things from him
richard desandre (michael the archangel) is bilbo or the 'burglar' baggins - we call him 'anakrin' for anachronism 'out of his place in time' + 'and i come'
i am gollum, one of the lakemen, and also smog - we needed him richard to brush up with us he just sits there all the time washing dishes to 'please me' he says - i visit him never, so...

Adds character map (shows you fonts and special-type characters propers at-large for paste-in use no guessing, no you) to our stable - the one here seems to have moved: PopChar "I don't want him showing [people] things I don't know." - another or the same female troll...tact response: 'they get to see it all anyway and in the commons of plain english spoken without you, yours, your absent of thoughts' - love, our beaded indigenous (naturally talented, often seen naked if clothes make the man, this makes one then ask how best to leave some none) peoples

To be unfair(ly unnecessary) a good few news: California returned an approved 'head of household' refund for Terry that was generously revised upward (we submitted paperwork for $730 against an OLT computation of $1408 not adopted for-with pay (nearly vasty ridiculous against paid in if one considers one's past of payments) and we leave it around there but somewhat smaller somewhat $1218 (no note but adjusted for their code 'TY' I guess 'dependents'). Now I just hafta hassle the woman mindset who minds it as flow theirs somehow (their ADP newspapers ! RAGE ! over this one payment received Wednesday - trust that - California state has declared theirs a nonsense and this is real with fools who think I give a shit what you think - I need your maths down in me making my cock stiff), but see not my distrust as but untrustworthy (change is what's permanent here without bother unless ye be changed). So, let's not counter a good fiend (asks if it okay, does it anyway -- as also offers loosely but is never asked for such as much) with acts of hate (thanks you for being just theirs no entries or other surprises of knowing yet you). They are completely unrelated and no matter what you give up to me, you'd be proud of us to be both. I just tell you how it goes. Further, Dad sends in his humble of $50 by Western Union money order (thanks...thanks...cashed easily enough at Sunset Financial $3.50 or 7% no mention it) and note that 7-Eleven does not want to cash at $75 or under (yeah, that much personal is reduced to you with your checkbook and unemployment any cursory benefits). We cashed the state check which is drawn on no bank for around $50 at a check cashing place we use (latency fags from the army, my maternal grandfather at the desk in revised body, at Wells Fargo said not to us for not-mentionable 'fraud' (an outcome other than expected? sure, although all received is well paid what? error? you don't have to have a charter [um, a lease of space and you? you again? for you?] or front windows often or either) and that in-turn pays our own of criminals so-to-speak and nicely (we made up their smallish fees for our nonsenses right here - $15 a returned payroll loan check with adds a month of bother? that's lovely only) and womankind and their particular broad of not having for those of not having for those (if men see us all, women see only what's left over it's their day but no pay still). Guide: I never let people speak against me and remain in my company, but will be civil and demand balance at review (like your truth, mine leaves me right here - not knowing the value of money because we make it happen too easily still). This is strife in the making but hate has way in itself yet you. I don't hate, I have hate with me. Thanks again and note the cost to me $0 and some $0. Yet you. Yours $0. Rule: "Cheap unnecessary of financial-type people with half-gifts and easy money routes make you eat shit with petty concerns when you talk about how and why, but see how flourish in thought we all could be?" I'll never matter to you, will I? Tour de France (follow your shit for dreams, you find you there among the tall of grocer grasses), you cheap FBI-loving motherfuckers. Meet higher thoughts than Andrew Cunanan's dead Jewish body yet. California is the richest state in the nation simply. What's rich fills your head with joy...a seller begs. Who are you to question that? No one - and you know it, Neil.

one of our latest acquisitions from below may get returned yet; like the 'true cross' it is it'll make your eyes bleed

we resume our foundries listening to you now...the wall light from ikea
i've been thinking about a long bulb and have stopped into stores to no avail yet...some...i use a nightlight bulb now
the rca visys phone system is here if you like what you see
the pig is from hippocampus on sunset

Update 2009: I went to the '99 Only' store again today (I want to say is a proper 'food bank' I like the style of sense giving and getting) 05/20 and got a 9-volt transistor battery (remember, size is volts or push and over time, but this just pushes back intermittently on the small crystal inside - half the time and but small, volume is there in small) for my clock radio (a two-pack and actually by AC Delco?) and it's reading correctly now and as unplugged all night watering it down the insides. We'll see...nothing about these incidences in the manual still. I went to Target too, but left in a huff over the price of Coke two-liters at $1...I bought Shasta cherry colas already earlier but it is finer tasting...they say 'millicent'.

"I had AIDS." - dM quoting mind over in reference to actress Rose McGowan one of our friends Christopher who visited briefly while dying. Who got his merry-go-round horse? His mother Janice in France. Also note famous designer-sufferer Perry Ellis was actor Perry King who was in my dreams for the asking about recently and last night...not bad looking when younger. Kudos to people for not dropping names, meats.

"Life for a light." - dM about how skin on the scalp is like leather being pulled by pinch rollers in the hair - the scalp doesn't actually come off (but pulls like a old tongue) I'm told, but oh how a blade takes

the genius we speak of...someone says is unique to me
'the helping hand is the hurting hand' i'd say
i don't weed from pictures but ok a 'still life' - no lube will show
the silver can up is the base of a lava lamp (red) from
aah's $10 the little paint can from target at halloween
the blue sharpie is for doctorin' - to pull a hole down, open

Garbage pickers won't unite for a burger department: This is mostly the Craig 'CD/AM/FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio' I got for $35 at CVS whatever (Model #CR41470A). This bitch relays only static on the radio, fails to play CD's at will, and now reports in military time because someone is in it (I'm pulling them out now with centered will of my mind and covering with my plasmas like I kill bugs or your lung values everyday) or it uses its microwave frequencies (there are 'laser' warnings on the machine - not CD lasers, but clock lasers) to achieve music and that is fucked, but I hear people are getting tired of being blared with radio waves. OK ! but it doesn't work in rainy weather around town and that's when all shits it out here. It mends itself somehow or me do. Remind we hate failure and you'd get it back if it wasn't so ridiculously late plus hope for better with beauty only (I never return to stores ever, support Nixon-era type spying leisurely with the cable box that sees my DVD's and perhaps listens, and this unit has been returned at least once - no more to me). Stop acting like my shit is yours - come clean. I can't stand opinion being expressed here in any womanly form (absent, and with switches thrown) and I don't use military time in my home because people don't get the maths easily and so I just use on the Internet to avoid AM/PM in noting it time (military time just keeps adding up after twelve noon no rollover takes place - easy shit - the last minute of the day starts at '23:59' then '00:00' is the stroke of midnight). Fix my clock when your frequency bill is paid - thanks again. Remember we hate private ownership-type failures in utilities you need money and I always call to get extensions on my bills with no paycheck yours mine or handy. Geri Moon just sent me $150 cash yesterday and that went nicely though I seek more from the father with a recent SASE (self addressed stamped envelope). Like you, he doesn't remember shit well - the last time was November's donorship from President Clinton who also spikes little people when in town a great horror to me no partisan here.

By the way, I changed my computer setup by mind's (or Neil's...a prick for propers) guide and used the green USB conversion plug-to-pins (so pretty to me yet its useful of attractiveness) for my radio mouse what is excellent with rechargeable batteries by the way (I declined these once seriously for being cheap-ish, but now recharge regular ones too the charger flashing me to be out shopping for more if 1) two cheaps fail to a sure thing 2) no one will ever get me to give up wires that cheap in for you 3) power electric simply demands perform while us dilettantes play battery toy recharge). You just boot up once with it the small radio mouse plug connected - it will not just work when popped in port. We're getting there now help my clock. And yeah, I just set the time again for minutes off and the dead complain they see the time it bothers someone when all visible are synching. "It makes me know things."

i woke up to this the other day - to thanks? i can't keep anything without comment either
that and throwing shit away all the time to give other of another gift
still the small of price seems this right (i blame ghosts and providence in that order, plus an open window sorting the soft parade out but one nigger for each pride yet)

"Blecch!" - our new saying drawing out live, the Jewish mafia onward

the songs that max'd out my other mp3 player with screen the
lexar (about 256 megs for no card):
billy joel 'all for leyna'
fleetwood mac 'angel'
devo 'baby doll'
garbage 'breaking up the girl'
the cars 'candy-o'
pet shop boys 'do i have to?'
pet shop boys 'heart'
pet shop boys 'i want to wake up'
madonna 'i'll remember'
pet shop boys 'miserablism'
everything but the girl 'missing'
cocteau twins 'mud and dark'
porno for pyros 'pets'
olivia newton-john 'soul kiss'
pet shop boys 'the end of the world'
neil young 'the needle and the damage done (mtv unplugged)'
pretenders 'tradition of love'
pat benatar 'we live for love'
carly simon 'you're so vain'
eurythmics 'love is a stranger'
cocteau twins 'fifty-fifty clown'
curve 'low and behold'
curve 'superblaster'
curve 'black delilah'
cocteau twins 'cherry-coloured funk'
chris isaak 'wicked game'
cocteau twins 'wolf in the breast'
cocteau twins 'fotzepolitic'
debbie harry 'french kissing'
fleetwood mac 'fireflies'
curve 'forgotten sanity'
elton john 'harmony'
til tuesday 'have mercy'
heart 'dog and butterfly'
toni halliday 'love attraction'
pet shop boys 'love comes quickly'
pretenders 'lovers of today'
cocteau twins 'mizake the mizan'
pretenders 'never do that'
cocteau twins 'pepper-tree'
pet shop boys 'only the wind'
cocteau twins 'pitch the baby (live at the olympia in paris, mark clifford 'otherness' remix)'
porno for pyros 'cursed female'
cocteau twins 'primitive heart'
radiohead 'lucky'
tori amos 'sleeps with butterflies'
moodswings (with chrissie hynde) 'spiritual high (state of independence)'
cocteau twins 'suckling the mender'
massive attack (with liz fraser) 'teardrop'
the cars 'night spots'

we use this sing to out-loud with headphones on, yes
to be good at it, too
simply another snapshot of a moment made by me

i was asked to feature a childhood favorite along themes
its cap'n crunch-king vitaman counterpart was captain courageous? blecch!
quake ! the space cowboy
they had this at ralph's or pavilions reconstituted in plain-wrap bags - a vanilla bowl of cap'n crunch is all, but better tasting we'd hope
this one of my distinct favorites as a child...with maypo, cream of wheat, and quaker instant oatmeals but always, etc.
'cap'n crunch' rules me to this day ('king vitaman', 'cookie crisp', etc.)

the b-52's 'dirty back road' mp3 (7.6 megs) (or then the m4a @ 3.1 megs) from 1980's 'wild planet' lp
i was given the secret lyrics but they take it all back...somehow
the official fan house got a recipe for 'sweet-potato pie' too - a downhome

reckless drivin'
like a sports car
god I want you
like a fuel engine!
energized line
like a road
you might need
like a road
you might use

foot on the pedal
feet in the air
sand in my hair
oh, don't look back
don't look behind you
reckless drivin' on
dirty back road

about making-do-with-less-of-you types taking old dirt roads around traffic
around you and in an old convertible -- no sex!
the b-52's go to sales at stores, they go to see it happened, they go at notice and drive the way that makes laughs

depend: push down brush along the way with bumper-wheels, leave confetti...cotton balls...morely nothing people see or birds will eat as just how long? make hard to pick up ruin like ketchup, bricks at intersections only don't get lost...our only one was 'breza road' in allentown near st. johns church...dirt past bridge in...others to stop in as a long driveway to smoke pot, but nowhere else do i remember

i was walking back from gelson's this morning (i went to buy a fresh onion bagel at $0.65 each) and 'target max' came up
i was asked to draw on the bag how the logo would look (i carry a color mini sharpie on my keychain always and lose them often but now see 'bout screwing 'em in instead?)
(adds i pry the metal clip off what remains and use that on a small blue usb drive* once drilled at end that also hangs with the odd of other side that can use 'to scrape a face down' ?)
the 'e' on end is for 'electronics' needs and mostly - never spell in
this, in turn, leads to gay lingoes and 'maxi pad' talk they love it like euro stuff as 'max-the-e' or complete freedom to say, being it say
more at bleeding down in supplies-legions - you need more stuff and often at
the 'rubberband effect' i call it snapping at young wildly once stretched too lefterly, the fore of faux wealths
'faux', by the way, means 'forward marching' not false that would be 'fal' as in 'fal may' or 'fully formed wrong and as alone'
is that me? columbian coffee (now ralph's own brand $3.49 a can a richness with 'van de kamps' doughnuts in array @ $1.50) is with tea in it only - now know that
by the way, gelson's has pancake batter in a reddi-wip can for $5 about
terry sprays shit in his mouth seeking it youth and i hate that and is verboten as behavior to me
anything that makes me think more to get same i hate - period
they wanna know if you love them? anyone that doesn't mind theirselves or who isn't hopeful isn't mine really, ever
the best i can say is that you're cute and people love bothering you like feliz (fleas)...i do this too i guess vis a vis (view to view, but now as without you)
now they'll piss on the floor in front of the toilet to ask and in that way again (an occasional basket-of piss guzzler isn't made in one day either, I'd say to then rupture me once or twice then now)
*128 megs only...i don't fancy much my way and maybe not use, but songs can get delivered to me this way

this made me sick (don't do it again)
no $5 philly cheese it's bits more, but as so will come again
remember, dougmoon says one bad experience does not get replaced with another from you (or, you don't get to decide here as you paying me)
we try again, anyway
p.s. the font used is 'jokerman' what suggets something more casino in look spades, hearts, diamonds, etc. stamped under the white of pizza box
to me it says 'disease' (um, just 'dis-ease' unless you yourself have it and to seem at bitches) on it little curls and spikes having with me someone new

That sandwich at Subway (good anyway, I guess) started me thinking about a 'tombstone' versus a 'headstone'. Mind over says a 'tombstone' is in front of you and a headstone is on-top of you. Fine. A 'tombstone' (tome or book of yours) you speak on for yourself and a 'headstone' is theirs. So, 'my tombstone will say'...and if moreover, a tomb holds many of, I'd say. You've been at it as head of a family and it is overhead, out of reach in a mausoleum. A headstone is plain, private as rests behind the head of the deceased maybe on-top. All graves are invites not to disturb and mine says please "I gave at the office [or then the very orifice]." Tide detergent - what is made out of? Sunflowers - just the top part no stem and with seeds, bees too. Bold? Apples. How about that "Tombstone" pizza then (if Ellio's is #1 with palpable vinegar in the tomato sauce)? What killed me making this, living here.

Yes, we previewed the upcoming "Where The Wild Things Are" the film adaptation of Maurice Sendak's award-winning children's book. True to form, you take a look. Here's the original-version short film that cleverly excites at first claw clenched as off frame. Just six (6) minutes long. Then submit to Rikki Tikki Tavi in three (3) segments with people mixing inappropriately to find a home without the voices of admonishment (gentle however reproof) in it. 'Who knows more, [is] who cares more?' Tikki's a beautiful homosexual boy's story in the bathtub and all with an asian or something. Mine: "Someone to die with."

More to credit experience: Terry bought a "Green Dot" debit Mastercard from Rite-Aid ($9.95, but with $5 off he did) what costs $4.95 each month in maintenance fees and $4.95 to reload up to $2,500 using their Money-Pak (a small card you buy at the same of store that goes to the register with your cash - you pay for the cardboard plus add your cash to then and go back home and link your card up to the additional funds by computer or then phone - simple, I did it already). After issuing a temporary number to use online, you get the actual credit card in the mail with your name stamped on it in goldleaf. We think this is sound money management for bad credit or no bank. The more cash you add to use at each once, the less you pay, of course, and over time. The card expires for use in March 2011 and features a discount somewhat $10 for direct deposit augmentations at each pay, say, and as for ATM use under the guise of bank Green Dot (minimum of $250 each deposit, and no reload fee then - a PIN is selected by you alone with no wait online under their 'support' then 'account settings' menus). Each online account needs a personal password for review of your transactions. Meanwhile, all negotiate money orders are $1.50 up to $1000 at the post office and you can cash them there immediately at the next window after sale. Wait a day reasonably (write check for ? hardly probably but not no maybe not). P.S. What is the 'green dot' for? The state of Alaska is this.

The IRS mercifully returned our 2006 paperwork in yesterday's mail 05/16 requesting amendment for the dependent name and social security number being added but omitted on the printed form, but no further muse plus apology. I returned it immediately as corrected...must be spacing the affair. Don't so sure making it all perfect would have us bother without. Otherwise, all still pend...

Kudos ('cool, and even if they do that to us') to Marc Ondy (and HBO) for dying on their Alzheimers segment. He actually had diabetes bad and was living in that stump of a yellow body as a weird spirit right in the mouth looking out like one gross eyeball all the time. That's what I see. They cut out some of his tongue too, but my research suggests it was like the spike tongue of a turtle and having been flattened by false teeth he choking on it alot. His mother's there too half-aged 1973 but the funeral is faked he was embalmed not they took the body and burned it together one day from a morgue visit. Blacks insist you go through it to kill a body they manage it all and want proper deaths to honor us living. Terry cried, but like me I see only beauty and then bother and he died going through the floor fast I've been there thanks. Sign your name here to disagree I'll do it to you too for five (5) days:________________________________. Marc or other shut down all of our channels and left that open only forcing a view out of me our box now replaced. P.S. My mouth dries up inside real big too - like you could put a baseball up in there...Marc is also the lead dog white in Disney's "Bolt" (for mortician Leonid Botha, and too).

"It's like cleaning a toilet - someone's only gonna come along and shit in it." - dM versing any manual labors to me

"Doesn't anyone make software that publishes your current older face down to be as a baby?" - dM who covers half of mine with hand to see a strength, add two wings to make 'calliope' ('all collapsing as to be on me')

What was the last serious (no choices to) market year for vinyl albums? Mine: 1988. What was the first year you should have had any CD or then new album on CD at thirty dollars ($30) a pop? 1987. Mine. What was the first year you should have seen "Captain EO" at Disneyland or then visited EPCOT at Disney World? Gone on Space Mountain? 1985. Mine. The last year for VHS video cassettes open market (when not introduced formally for new movie releases)? Mine: 2000. Neil says it was 2001 when he cancelled down stuff for being cheap, but remembers as January 2001. These ideals come from privation or something private in a home and they deliver cheap after many playtimes and ensconce you. There's no talk with what's cheaply said well...that takes time and no butting in by crisply done shirts.

Depeche Mode "Clean" MP3 (5.1 Megs) a must-see from 1990's "Violator" album. If you had the quality of CD or a file at DAT (digital audio tape, direct audio transmit) quality (.m4p), you'd hear the brilliant ebbing of a mind-ocean shutting down at the channels of or staples out.

approval lyric:

the cleanest i've been
an end to the tears
and the in-between years
and the troubles i've seen

now that i'm clean
you know what i mean
i've broken my fall
put an end to it all
i've changed my routine
now i'm clean

i don't understand
what destiny's planned
i'm starting to grasp
what is in my own hands
i don't claim to know
where my holiness goes
i just know that i like
what is starting to show


the cleanest i've been
an end to the tears
and the in-between years
and the troubles i've seen

now that i'm clean
you know what i mean
i've broken my fall
put an end to it all
i've changed my routine
now i'm clean

as years go by
all the feelings inside
twist and they turn
as they ride with the tide
i don't advise
and i don't criticise
i just know what i like
with my own eyes


the cleanest i've been
an end to the tears
and the in-between years
and the troubles i've seen
now that i'm clean


you know what i mean
i've broken my fall
put an end to it all
i've changed my routine
now i'm clean


now i'm clean
the cleanest i've been...

a 'tom-tom' know what i mean?
we fought for everything in wars dying like that and have it all we see
...them, living right next door again
they say radio once made into a warfield death never dies it just keeps going 'round and 'round the universe
(coming back to be in your head...)
(i heard what you said about me)

"Taking off? I'll pay for everything but gas." - dM who flies often, just as often

Barely seen at JC Penney this green 'novelty' tee: "VIDEO GAMES RUINED MY LIFE - GOOD THING I HAVE TWO EXTRA [HANDS, as hidden from view]" - and you yours?

Yeah, like you're a swammi with two extra arms-hands so hand-eye coordinated on Ms. Pac-Man. Actually, you'll be working for us dullards for to be so gift at it. Morely, visit W.D. & Company at 8350 Santa Monica Boulevard for unique California-style gifts. They had a little cocktail party today when I stopped right in as drawn by ceramics, vases. Cheap too. Like what? Tall metal cans rimmed with color and with lemons and limes on them, as photo margins...nice.

this from the may 2009 edition of 'beverly hills design & life'
sure, an ad from children's hospital what features this boy who is me looking for a heart and ostensibly (though it's known you would object) with staav pumps on
who took this and why i don't know mind over says 1972 in detroit somehow but looks way too young for that
if not me, your 'new heart' is now ordered for brightening my day
the magazine what bounces open with ferragamo shoes ! hovers around me my mind of it, but i was just thinking how pale my eyes are and earlier today
this helped like the 'bald marine' look - i stole the magazine wrapped from a grass carpet near the sidewalk on beverly this morning...ralph's again
...singing as various women for folks with my fake mp3 ipod shuffle on
the octopus honors me at the santa monica pier at the tip of santa monica boulevard with black moon bulb where light falls like sand and we keep it out

the light with off/on slider is red - it flashes when charging, is steady when charged up
the hold button deactivates the front control panel button altogether for no fuss with at all
the light with earjack hole is green and flashes lightly when playing and as also turned on, then steady for being 'on' but as on 'pause' - otherwise recharge
the usb port and the regular base both seem to charge the unit, but neither is enough at self
i mounted the base (from apple) on magnet strips to hold out of the way - it uses a plain usb port
i in-turn use a round carter-point for mouse separates with a green adaptor fuse (round with pins to usb slot only) for a usb plug into the system
this for no additional usb plugs to be taken? yeah - we need to get a usb splitter yet...yet you
i hafta unplug this green port to reboot sometimes, but not always usually does it stick at the root directory or manufacturer level 'dell'
the base glows blue underneath above wire out when plugged in
all files coming and going are managed under a drive window on my computer - all happens here and other files can be saved too but seem stall the unit
no one needs this, but it is small and convenient at 512 megs and is enough for me - the headphones matter much too
the player has twenty-five (25) songs on it now for basis in thought - think one hundred (100) altogether
this is the 'illiad' coming; you plug a spy lens and micro unit in it - that's probably why so small
(it's for sale quasi in the sunday paper varying itself around town...)
(and remember i did the right thing getting this but got fucked buying a song at itunes...)

the twenty-five (25) or so songs i carry:
pet shop boys 'it couldn't happen here'
pretenders 'the adultress'
til tuesday 'what about love?'
curve 'storm'
olivia newton-john 'the promise (the dolphin song)'
al stewart 'time passages'
berlin 'sex (i'm a...)'
cocteau twins 'seekers who are lovers'
garbage 'medication'
genesis 'it's gonna get better'
neil sedaka (with elton john) 'bad blood'
pretenders 'i'm not in love'
pretenders 'when i change my life'
saint etienne 'shower scene'
sinead o'connor 'three babies'
gary numan 'telekon'
depeche mode 'come back'
10cc 'i'm not in love'
barbra streisand (with kim carnes) 'make no mistake he's mine'
chatelaine 'killing the feeling'
elton john 'daniel'
genesis 'taking it all too hard'
madonna 'amazing'
genesis 'in too deep'
pretenders 'english roses'

pretenders 'the english roses'
from 1981's 'pretenders ii' again
about english bitches leaving de-stemmed roses in a bowl at you for not attending a funeral

just before it rained
the wind whips 'round the balcony
and the sky closes
on the english roses
and she'll be pacin'
'round and 'round and 'round and 'round the room
the stores always find her
to remind her

to the endless sky (alts: 'earth and sky')
to fields over[cast with] gray
she looks for an answer
but it's too late
maybe it's true
some things were just never meant to be

maybe not

this is a story
fruit cut from the vine
left to rot
long before its time
this is a story
about the girl who got mixed up
looking for someone to hold

a wish made our star...
brought her here tonight
at a courtyard she waits
a thousand broken dates
but she holds the hymnal
where so carefully arranged (alts 'praised')
is the english rose
she was made to notice (alts 'she laid to rest')


tell me a story
of flowers in full bloom
bouquets [he praised] in every room

this is a story


fruit cut from the vine
looking for someone to hold

morely about people who won't bag their fruit at the market to a 'more natural feel' a la 'bridges of madison county' a phlegm

further of key:

an 'english rose' - no stems-thorns in a bowl of water (or simply dried) from your own garden of thick, thorned branches as not that elegant;
a 'china rose' - is pulled apart with too many petals involved once opened and glued back together and slightly with care (for a more porcelained look);
a 'kiss from a rose' - someone not that attractive, but useful and pretty in their own way of being there with you always and freshly faced;
a 'rosemead' - no one you want to know as 'destroys pretty things';
a 'rosemount' - won't come when called but is attractive when there.

presenting inside the eames pre-school element or presswood elephant $290
i see these near roberston walking to the store and me and some old man stopped and chatted it out last night and over a big brown onion from ralph's $0.79
psst - to fake surfing in the actual surf and sand and with a camera handy
this after going the 99 cents only store last evening their cherry cola shasta so good to me...each 4-pack of for just $0.99
this cute guy on the bus was talking to a couple of girls from amsterdam or whatever - chris o'donnell
he had a nice wide ass in jeans but was boyish of grin - he said 'no' when i asked, but it was him for sure with backpack on
i'm making pot roast on 'low' in my crock-pot today...carrots, potatoes, yester-meat from pavilions
(psst- it was excellent...we fight over cooking, this was great in there for ten hours 6:15am-4:15pm then gliss at three pounds of meat)

what we bought at ninety-nine only stores and for fun:
campbell's (ne franco-american) spaghetti o's - two large cans 26 oz. @ $0.99 each
allegra spaghetti no 8. one pound
romaine lettuce, three heads packed - excellent greens - choose well from among
roma tomatoes fresh six-pack as wrapped
zacky farms chicken franks
kool-aid 'invisible' raspberry flavor no color - just six packs of taken as untested yet and @ 12 for $0.99
bag carrots - two pounds
shasta soda four cans cherry cola @ $0.99
axe anti-perspirant deodorant solid 0.5 oz two @ $0.69 each
brawny brand cling wrap 125 sq ft
quart, and gallon sizes of 'good sense' ziploc bags @ $0.99 each
white paper napkins 'del ray' 160 ct
palmolive dish liquid green regular 10 oz.
tea lights each in small aluminum cans, pack of 20 candles
blue-to-scour wavy dish sponges, three-pack
even some more probably, but all for $18 plus any change to be less

pavilions says bring this coupon (no upc get at store if and with card) to work and get a pound of their name-brand 'pan-roasted' turkey or vouch other for $5
terry got ours earlier today around work...he had his ass opened for $100 cash again (to your health, only)
i love a sale on food and would have taken the bus to melrose and vine near paramount studios if necessary until when and said here
a whole pound? that's king
and if a half-pound of meats pre-packaged is five bucks, usually
my current weight at 05/14/09: 195 lbs, ongoing of height at 6'3" (current age as male is 44) - see bmi (but take with a grain of salt, however)

my scale (male):
to 103 pounds, no more than 6'0" tall;
to 195 pounds, no more than 6'7" tall;

a woman should never be more than 10 pounds overweight or underweight by any or the above scales as their target; men are hard to measure out for any play...i like going along with them anyhow much study for youth.

more of wordplay:
hero: someone you hear about (hear of, above), but afterward; don't to prompt
pirate: privates pilot, to pyrrhic or flame - burns down the ship;
lbs: less bones served, 'lateral bonnage saved', shouldn't be visible and for foods with extras and as well oranges? yes;
samaritan, as in good: a good 'sahara to walk in and get their head cut off', if 'itan' cuts your head off, 'sulitan' didn't want to but did it anyway, 'sultitan-itan' (see cocteau twins) will do it again anyway all a salt in the eye to me;
matsushita: massachusetts institute of technology mit, sony atv (all that vends, all terrain vehicles)...adds wrongly 'toshiba';
temerity: tremor free in front us as doing wrong, nothing bothers you;
audacity: all dancing-dashing at me, and though everyone hears.
more if

competing with
'star trek' this weekend will be the 'annual bug fair' at the natural history museum down around usc i guess
they promise some plenty of live stuff $9 adult non-members i mostly hate dead crisps pinned to
all sponsored and aptly enough by 'western exterminators' tee hee
they also said to bring a spider from home...catch with vaseline outdoors?
or see africaner gary numan flying straight ahead into the future with negroid spock plump and turning but off

this ad from york climate-type controls has the southerly view of the white house what faces south
did you know that?
the hanging pot lamp black is the side that faces north where entry happens
the washington memorial obelisk would be stationed below at lefthand position
the plaza for marches runs lower laterally to the lincoln memorial on far left what faces ? east we'd say right up it...maybe wrong? diy, fyi

i got a free song when i registered at the devo link below - i took depeche mode 'come back' from their new lp 'sounds of the universe' 2009
madonna made this lp with 'ken wallerd' (um, mark) of devo fame

how it all ends: lyris
revising downward titles to strength is ours this...janet jackson no beggar no more
hi, dave gahan (the musketeer 'dartanian' or 'go forward and breed it' in of crusades)

come back
come back to me
i'll be waiting

come back
come back to me
i'll be waiting here

walking the thin white line (alts: what's in a little white lie?)
between love and hate
wasting all of my time
i'm in another world
i'm in another place
i could use a little company
a little kindness could go a long way

we set in too much
months turn into years
reaching the same conclusions
gathering up the fear

life will always shine
in the heart of me
in truth and in reality
only blindness can hide it away
i could use a little restraint
a little kindness could go a long way
living the same delusions
gathering up the fear

gathering up the fear
gathering up the fear
gathering up the fear

subway puts alot of meat in their philly steaks, but a bone chip last time
sure, and on the day terry got home just like a headstone it was but lots of meat
nearly made me sick to my stomach ! a spirit guide away from feast

Devo - Total Devo
devo 'total devo' (um, 1988) for first track 'baby doll' an unforeseen hit and at be outward
'pay the man, clarice'...'smooth noodle maps' (1990)? do 'spin the wheel'

early devo thanks you with party tits on from la weekly may 15-21
says mark (far right, the very brasil) 'all we have we offer you'
the tits are really like the eyes of bartholomew* - the bat or dove wings like chris o'donnell's robin
there are no cheap ridicules with mark, just seriousness - afterlife do these, 'see yourself new'
*like the cat in 'ren and stimpy' (um, 'red and stinky' - a mother's dick...if serious hampered, soften 'ledges' or seams with 'crisco' or then maybe corn oil)
(in a little of the sames and to be so olive? beaten eggs for the above parts)
(similars: under the head where meats is the clit at the 'y', 'labia' is the anus pulled gently upward with lubrication somewhat index finger...the balls are nonesuch here)

"To me, quoting me is like pulling a knife out. There's no question you did it." - dM who just made that up with...

"Going for walk is like slamming someone's hand in the car door - I can't wait to leave." - dM that's new-ish too

Here, we politely mention HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" with Larry David (actor Stephen Dorff is inside..."the only man with two video monitors on his computer") - like real life with freaks (um, known for being different...I can't show you everything, but see the great cell phone spoof with guy buying beer - too funny and very meanly timed then find his Larry's around too --- who's wrong? larry 'public deference' always versus 'harm' or having to change your way to while others trying-making a man or being to manifest then) everywhere almost. This guy is kinda like a Jewish-type Bob Newhart, but more on the take and with plenty of franks and frank talk people touch turds: all care. The last episode had Aimee Mann guesting with Richard Lewis and they fed her peanuts (allergies, of the dead) against her express wishes...junk like that ensues. Nice cameos everyhow with insider views. Funny enough, show business-type stuff. A+ but scary situations always to me and in real time. Take in "Dark City" (1998) at iTunes maybe too about the dead running the world...all has-beens weighing lives out like beans. Someone's kettle here - David Lynch-style stuff. I saw it at the dome on Sunset (now the Arclight) and it came back around this way. Our state refund (his, but with) approved yesterday it seems so come, come nuclear bomb.

"Dark City" and its lament from mind over: "No one was supposed to come here and stay, but Dark City did in Detroit. They wanted to make a superhuman problem for me to solve, so they invested in a person who could think and feel as I do, but not surround his nature from every punch in like I do. When they made this person, he died naturally like they did, but I invested myself in them and taught them a lesson about space and time never meeting ever, or shall we say, never getting to you in time. They died and died reconciling to my truth of always being on-time and they never rise from me again. From 1956, and mostly blacks thinking along lines I provide them. A nonsense of ritual and timing by clocks. A fool's game then. A fool's game is when no one wins but you and yours losing everything always. Mine to you. Thanks Doug for making more fools than nature has to hold yet."

Cold, but Doug adds "Right off the bat 'too stupid to die' quotes sync with 'making our world' and we think they went too far but as ahead of their time only. Has seen all a person has to give, but uses clocks unmercifully to make their statement (simple executions) to escape God's one thought and mine is to 'keep thinking' and mostly after exit what not fear (the dentist office not or so making you run). Your first obligation was certainly you, but now is us too and we had better things to do looking on as masked so ugly some. If I could help you, I could help me too. Mine: Help others to only and as such help yourself as them. They had to buy each other still and God's way is just meeting up one fine day as fit and fim no announce. Be free of God then and all should fail we kill ourselves like faggots do of a simple single-minded thought meets a little heartbreak...and then wake to each morning another nonsense of but clocks in the care of small groups who annoint me with and with no clocks but annoint. 'Oh, you didn't mean that...' meets 'You did, you did' or no one there to know you for more of it."

I used SoundTap from to lift Toni's work with Chatelaine from MySpace - still working on recording levels but turn them down is best fit...these at -25dB yet some argue. The application samples the speaker wires like a train track out and moves them over to right in similar length to record them down so you may hear the bit of delay within. For a fit, then. Chatelaine "Killing The Feeling" MP3 (3.0)

Notes: You open the application and tell it you want to make a "new file" and it issues a window. Then go and tell it you want to "record". At all times you want inter-application sound barriers and also stereo and 44.1 sampling rate for MPEG's. Always stereo. This stuff will cancel all sound re-routing the steal from wires, but just save your file as ".mp3" under the menu pick and restart and it will hit sound. Just remember that the recording decibels need to be drastically reduced on the recording slider you'll see it light up green. Once you get set-up, you start the recorder red button, then you start the source for tapping in. You press stop when through and close the window with upper 'x' and it copies everything automatically to the receding or saving window. You can't save on the actual recorder window, but all reverts there with buzzes and saws and to edit. Finally, don't bother with masks and filters - the damage is mostly done at recording levels in. Play around and restart always a firmly lit wire-tap is mine only. Check back in with Helio at MySpace too: 'TH3 MO5T DAN63ROU5 RAC3' to copy out I loved "SIgnal To Noise"...but others. My upper-case "M" would "121" and instead.

More about Saturday 05/09: After we left CB2, we Terry and I agreed to walk down Sunset to Jon's market on LaBrea for chicken breasts (great sale and good meat, the breasts sold unsplit six for $4 about) and can hominy and then Ralph's for popsicles or whatever. On the way down Sunset, we pulled into Five-Star Tires who was having a sidewalk barbeque (the very file form of headache but eat some with black) at the time but as within its gates. They gave us a free weiner each with condiments and chips and we were on our way again. At the tire shop, a green parrot-like bird sat in a planter box at knee-level with a cup next to it filled with water. We talked and it asked me to put some ice in the cup and I did hoping no one else would see and squelm the act. Some boy was there with us feeding it a big ol' corn chip and the bird later said it needed the vapors 'against fumes'. So now you know. Keep water bucketed around roses and garden too. For flavor the bird so well behaved.

"You? Please - you're not life. Life laughs aloud." - dM now taking his cues from hunger and its supporters who probably already starred and in something twice

first-class stamps went up two cents $0.02 > today at
usps and officially to forty-four cents $0.44
these are the ones i bought today 05/11 to match my bleeding heart stamps previously bought in a book
the food drive i mentioned earlier of 05/09 goes on all week - give a can to the food bank there at the post office and they'll hand it over in the back they say
the mailman here just tosses pamphlets and pay-for bills and runs out usually
i'll hafta go to take my can of ralph's chicken noodle soup over myself (net cost $0.60 - more than i can afford scalves like you right now)
please - i had to use my lipton soup mix for soup (what is only for making dip for chips) on the eve of may 1 - now you eat that
as usual, making sure people have anything before larges is more than just talk - get off it now
sister leslie is in the dominican republic filming her next blase 'short stop' about a breathing problem at home 'a regular' she says

Hold to the embed: Watch 'Cheech & Chong's Next Movie' (1980) with me and at Hulu. Cheech is Paul Diaz as pictured before...

So I went over to Trader Joe's to get their 80/20 (lean versus fat, I surmise) mix of burger what is more like ground chuck says FoodFly (I'm gonna steal that name as further intimates "...sometimes I don't even bother heating stuff up, I just eat" she says...BTW, take the skins off pistachios not with blanching and heat, but by refrigerating for one week or so, then roll out they come right off...pistachios are not real but are man-made, so there - I love them and your suggestion to coat stemmed cherries with chocolate and then these chipped up upon) and it is neatly packaged rock-slob one pound for $1.99 just like pre-made burgers but not is round. Will make tons of food this square block and I bought two (2) of them. I made barbasole this first time what is ground beef and pork-and-beans in a skillet (with an only can of tomato paste then maybe a brown sugar...yours and may) and it is that good. Try and feed here.

i used the
krylon short cuts (um 'true taupe', about $2.35 a bottle at koontz) to hand-paint our off-white headboard picked outta the trash full-queen
looks like it came from pottery barn kids - it's just that nice
the 'mocha' brown sheets are by target home; the blue pillowcases are by tommy hilfiger and they are simply better
anyway this paint dried flat and like glass it is i liked it alot but make sure you mix it good as settles to some
this captains bed is representative of the finely drawn captains bed i had when growing up from 5th grade on
mine was from steven's furniture in bordentown, new jersey on route #206 - now see that
p.s. see tents with graphics for picnics and then we had a coleman tent canvas 6-person roughly for the backyard...for drinkin'

this is the actual pull-through tool - 10.5" long - that i used to hang bamboo fencing on the patio
terry has this stuff from sewing school - you use its clever lapsing hook to pull rope-string through cloth belts and their seams
it's called a 'corveset' says mind and i used the ringed end to pull cable ties back through the bamboo sticks for fastening each on the black railing
easy, plus no lifts to - try joann fabrics (the knifty knitter straw loom is it, kinda)

Don't wanna make them hanging panty hose lamps from last month's Beverly Center expose? A place on LaCienega called Unici (um, 'unique to me') has 'em...look under "Aqua" brand lighting.

'i want you (she's so heavy)' from 'sgt. pepper' bee gees peter frampton
the quote is 'she's so hard on me - what about you?'
the name 'b.d.' is for 'broken dreams' - he found out what that hole was for

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band soundtrack
you can buy mp3's here for $0.15 each - curve's here too real cheap
'sgt pepper' opened in theaters july 21, 1978 (this is may 10, 2009)
meanwhile, bristol farms has full-grown venus flytraps for $9.99 in their floral dept

continuing our cues: 1974's 'phantom of the paradise'
liza minnelli is the phantom finally and this takes place in nyc under the sun and always
highly recommend from this film: the juicy fruits do 'goodbye eddie goodbye' great stuff!
p.p.s. jessica harper > billie jean king, tennis > anne murray, songstress - never forget!

Went to CB2 (Crate And Barrel 2) today May 9 at Sunset and Crescent Heights and the store is great with inexpensive stuff to decor great colors too. They gave us a free tote bag big and thick with cloth and their logo on it then he pecked open a wound he received on the end of a knife last night and we had to retreat blood on a glass vase. Gross! Note Ralph's orange juice half gallon for $0.99 with coupon is delicious and their popsicles no coupon required but maybe you like Kellogg's cornflakes for you both all until May 12 see circular. I'll be back.

Try Trader Joe's 'Goddess' salad dressing when you make your own...tastes like there's burgers in there (we had it twice now along with 5-layer fiesta dip ready-made with black beans, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese). The red sunglasses here and with cans of Coke means 'just see ours' and for now (the suitcase of 24 cans gives you 20 whole points at Coke Rewards...I've got 41 points now, but just ordered a coupon for a small bottle of coke so less 24 points equals 17). Meanwhile, the stimulus package gave us an extra $51 this month paid monthly our tax adjustments of 02/21 formally still pending and they claim up until May 18 or twelve (12) full weeks before claim seats. That was yesterday...

as we fight our war against fancy made this was great tasting - we just bought bisquick in the box for $4.79
they have cheaper, smaller, sprinkle bottles too
i push the topping part once mixed up through round holes in a colander to look like the famous tastykake 'koffee kakes'

Terry just called from work about Oprah's KFC coupon (a free two-piece meal with two sides and some biscuit) that has already ended. Now what? Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will give you a free iced coffee 12 oz from 4-8 p.m. here today May 7. Go see - bitter as shit, but coffee ain't free yet. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, did I tell you about Starbucks little survey with no pages in it? They wanted to tell about a ~$3.65 oatmeal and coffee combo and I said with that I'll just get my $3.85 mocha frappuccino as well (with whipped cream as on-top like a 7-Eleven Slurpee, kinda, and if vanilla goes back a time). Starbucks was supposed to be a place (until now visage 'we see what you see') where you could scope for a date with stars - it looks like it too: all businesslike. We keep to the change I say 'hi' to sheriffs there only.

"Like a turd keeps water." - dM overhearing you again

Give "People" magazine to your Mother's Day Sunday, May 10 like I bill me later. She's back home now...FTD has bouquets starting from $19.99...order now they say.

join us for a recap of 1979's 'salems lot' as well then (by request of)
this, too much scary for kids i'd real
dan moon (john denver) is both the girl receptionist and the kid with monsters
richard is danny glick and his father is david soul who is also fred ward
that's all for now...add stevie nicks is the girlfriend of david soul
the gravedigger guy kinda handsome is steven jobs? okay - those boys are demanding is me, one is richard desandre - the baby one is me as german-looking (austrian)
in fact, '' the caretaker lived in my really that
dan moon can be seen in the new star trek movie as kirk

Thanks Marlboro for the two $1 coupons received and as the mail sees prior link. Ran into Britney Spears yesterday 05/06 at Ralph's Fresh Fare at Beverly and Doheny and where I used to work (and as we are forced to shop away from neighborhood prices). Says her "You're nobody - why?" Just kidding me - she was happy to be noticed there...

dom deluise we honor with 1980 anne bancroft film 'fatso'
i still remember the elegant ad ahead of time in national lampoon - i couldn't wait previews and all great add in: fatso's opening scene
he's done other things that make people wonder about the bother that awaits them and as possibly, but none here
is really burt reynolds, but the cash is down too little now for personal appearances 'in heaven' he says
quotes none 'go to hell' - you watch the movie it takes you right away


Cirque de Mayo (the hospitality suite at Eggheart's best blam - just made a home batch of that too yes mayo while wait vined the cabinets -- best served the door maybe chicken should graced with its richnesses blecch) is on tonight...with Christmas colors 'red shin', 'soy green' the 'buble' grape moulks two flat balloons dried a ribbon in the alleyway requests nothing yet rubber shanks. Happy happy joy joy be forn ! let love leave and so be come layer after layer a brind prawn left glauc it coats. Leather Dawn the gram ol' opry dish haggler strikes at the shine you boff! "You see nothing of it that grinned face." Another burl of asswax won't be that long in our 'potable its if sources' choudhury hovering tub (four belgian-swedish legs with no apparent 'wicked toes' or then 'butch of it at' nails to pinch 'the rear of my impalas so none work at it well or then often') so dry at it bitches them right off to be manned once again arm twirled up want back. "You'll rub often then bow down to be quicker at it."

So previews May 2009 to be fool....upward to be, lest you'd pay me and as such invest you to be me. No such fined!

Our contemporaries argue the facts of entering such the wig fields below...what I seem to like and at entry, but now with delay and reverb. Nothing but plain seech, you'd see it too but are not here and that counts me and my change out always. Too tightly held if a purse. How can a beggar best be seen with no coins is but to be naught when withering in it? You know nothing until our ship sails by (shoot at the finish)? That shaft rock in the river can't stand another to hit in the noggin sees you'll if swim to be here or there either nor but sump. What moved me to is best to be said...we'll thank you not to then.

Please, bitch blahla blahala - this stuff's not mine to have. You give one to me now or you forgive them afterward. "We'll sit around in our underwear when you're finely dead." We'll pick the underwear when we choose to, then have it all switched it out and around you. The flight home duly noted to FLE yes you both legs in sends it someday we never change but ask to your pardon. "Pardon my friends" when burp or belch is alone the curse word.

i lubb that one gt cover uk and all
the guy with his legs up so hairy some with the mask on...this, my desktop

you owe me again - dario argento's 'suspiria' about witches...a warner leroy-decorated film 1977 by giovanni (dean rothman)
about the biggest god witch of greek shipping 'ilena marcos' and friends afore
top witches? 'traica', france (molly ringwald)...'perqua' say 'percease', france (lisa gibbons)...'vercea' say 'circe', france...(lisa gibbons)
...these are 'troika' say 'taste-a' or positions over people held by witches
a 'chelsea' won't act, but will do there are numerous...cuts heads off people - ilena (um, 'elektra') is this
ilena is also 'v. voronado' or tornadoes of spirit that comes and goes at my will
...she is in the film badly burnt by a fire as leaving once, and also is young with the girls as among money
a 'hesperian' is male and putnam 'a snake in the grass' leaves you without word
a 'suspirian' is a female witch who accuses you of facts outward suspicions afore
the blind man in the film is hesperian and had to go before he killed someone - the film is set in rome actually and tuillerie, france
fights the mothers of all seen - is no joke to god either...they are small but powerful to me

i had this it for christmas, but peeked at it just morbes earlier under my parents' bed as gift-wrapped...
something else nice ? probably a sear's walkie-talkie set was there teaches you to be with then as seem
in this 3-d board game heavy with card and plastics, and loosely, you roll dice (down the chimney? no - just a metal ball there) to move colored mice alongs paths
until you reach the top of the stairs, the metal ball keeps dropping down and makes a boot on a broomstick kick you off
...or a wall fly open with a little black bucket to weight...other tricks at random paths down
the game pieces provided as artwork - see the varsity board letter in pet shop boys 'red letter day' video
i love people who study gameboards and know the rules fast and at onset - that was never me i just play along
god over makes a person like that come to me, i dull to the blade easy

the very parastorm a nightmare from target's weekly ad of may 17 - 'toy story' too?

It's Hard To Pay For Research And Development If You've Already Been Beaten

supposedly me 1963 or just armani exchange ad in out magazine june/july 2009 what comes as wrapped and with pet shop boys (a la drummer hoff) on the cover