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'touch my body' is fine if you must guess...all withhold me of late but thanks again for playing it out
of course that last video had a bit of a belly in it - she does it to you a big star type who cares not of you...I'd say
'your comments render it so it doesn't make cash' she says another of junkhole (we have ours, I'd say)
any fine print by you or else as unattached is sayings by self 1:1 ever cashed me out
my real questions to your quote are: who is tommy mottola really? answer: tommy smothers (but do I know as in having slept with by? having fathered me?)
touch upon touch no one makes me any happier as I use their stuff languidly a teabag you'd pay for simply at the auto dealership...
one more note: I need the good only - that is many people saying 'yes' only to you with theirs hanging be out
theirs is never yours of course and you couldn't make not even one record with beeswax or your own of be-oils that wouldn't fall the fuck apart
let alone sound off beautifully to me
trust that to be are wanted by me, but not for reasons you cite me
previous bbc: looks darling the 'robin hood' and all a younger robin guthrie to me...look for sentient (finely adapted) beings yourself
next g4: check that out apple g4's like mine is stalling on previews and shit 'no memory' sure...sure

"Go Home For Three Years And Come Back We'll Have Everything Ready...No" Meets June 2008 Instead And Wherever We Bargain From It's Hard To Stay Away And Throw Everything At Away But Simple Me
No, that's "love, to you" from "Love, Doug" and from someone else possibly, not 'send your love [more] to Doug'. Doug loves Doug enough, thanks it to be off or fuck that out. 'Best wishes' as seen about and around is more my style 'hi, I'm here doing well enough to have say' and wish you the best of it (whatever that is that I won't use or then often enough). That's fine and all, but it didn't happen here I know that. However, I keep an ongoing invite for 'another motherfucker'...yet some. Be me. Expect some sex or else not never know. Remember intimacies - you get to know someone so well you could be both for an invitation to a party. You could as if speak it.

we see you're doing better...  

Lady Di reports recently that when was dead she was just having her hair done - in surgery no less. It works that way...everything seems just that important. "I was having my hair done - that's all. The ends too long."

we have a few more pictures, some dirty...

New page on or around June 6..."The Lemur" is pink and like a spoon hangs on to the inside of your mouth right while going down inside and picking through the good lain. The lemur is not proud (boasting of me) or wary (tired of this) and cannot be seen easily but itches the throat like a motherfucker two feet (2') long like a tongue!

In a daytime dream yesterday - and much like "Alice In Wonderland" type stuff - I was looking up a strange bubblegum machine full of gum three (3) plates of glass stacked and framed in brass or, each plate outward-inward, a horse on-top way up was pulled by his neck to come down rope, but it wound up being a white ball and its crown fell right off but hung there in mid-air...I've had the gum machine before.
Olivia Newton-John at the West Hollywood Pride Festival this weekend June 6, 7, 8 followed by Boy George at the El Rey July 25 & 26... let's get it over with.

Finally! Radiohead "Planet Telex" Radiohead - The Bends - Planet Telex from "The Bends" LP (1995) " with everything else  | doug came | with everywhere else | doug came " or substitute "broken"....have it your way.

Radiohead "Airbag" Radiohead - OK Computer - Airbag from the "OK Computer" LP (1997) " in a fast german car | i'm amazed that i survived | an airbag saved my life "

Radiohead  "Lucky" Radiohead - The Best of Radiohead - Lucky originally from the "Six Feet Under" soundtrack and now as from their greatest hits comp best of " 'cause-and if you'll send [one of your angels] i'll be the last [to complain] " also get to "Optimistic" and perhaps "Knives Out" (alternate link below) one of my favorites "There, There" is also quite good...

Radiohead - The Best of Radiohead (Special Edition) - Knives Out


I found out today that I walked just one (1) mile to school every day no bus would come to the back of our neighborhood at 41 Probasco Drive if the map cites light error to you (its "anverse" or turn the map over right is good enough) (1) mile! Someone said three (3), no - we clear that up. Not according to Yahoo! Maps and using exact addresses as input. The longest mile then and sometimes with little more than a cup of tea with certain sugar and boubourigamy (um, stomach noise) ensues. Water with lemon destroys that they'd say - not to me.

I used the word "baskervilles" (she: "a bath would reveal you" - dirty in the face) recently as in Sherlock Holmes "Hounds Of The Baskervilles" to mean like fog on the moors - always coming and going but silently, never asking for anything but seem to be seeking. Always looking for things past others. You wouldn't ask to see for fear of being frightened? Maybe. Mind over says locking doors behind you as in fearing for the self. Sure, you go into a room, go around the bed and someone is lying on the floor with a dildo in their ass. Oh, I see...a little private time. "Look at you." I lock doors only. Baskervilles a bastard of villas means past your bills you pleasure yourself doing we see you.

a little something as to be in your court...
dieter from snl...his name means simply 'yours again to me - why?' as in eating here
if you're gonna be that a freelance, i'll be this - you can't risk anymore to me it says as if hidden self
diamler is the measure across ball while it inflated...dieter takes underneath as if too
dieter has conversations with himself because others aren't fruitful if a little frown says do better next time and says but for them as if

like when i leave my home on drugs i look sad and you must see and follow why i don't make the effort in dress?
or else risk embarrassment...the dream police
did you know robin 'cheap trick' zander became one of those czech guys - bored, they hurt people for yucks
practice in front of you mocking...i am that...slovak, and officially from be start
dieter hails from don kirshner studios only a ridicule of him + eastern germans 'on crack' and hopefully behind the wall
marika our friend here is this at ucla

Cyndi Lauper "Into The Nightlife" Cyndi Lauper - Bring Ya to the Brink - Into the Nightlife from her new studio standard LP "Bring Ya to The Brink" (2008)..Brenda K. Starr Bus Tours and all Brenda Lee.

Ode To Tori Spelling Or Candy Weiss Or Then Scott Johnston Or Then Marcia Brady 05/29/08 2118
Here we start our new fresh day tomorrow with reveals about an awesome bitch Doug Moon wants to write about anyway although we threw away his papers to talk directly to this star and star-maker. She is also always the famed Candy Spelling (elder, wife of the late producer Aaron) who asks no one to take down signs (as in Robinson-May a department store nearby while her new house was being built in Holmby Hills off of Beverly Glen  a childrens playground in-front mostly obscured by landscaping or is streetscape now) but to remove from her newspaper at schools far away when she leaves (these, are mentions and ads prostituting or bequeathing me dollars for future give-out...mine is many intersects at many times unclear, a shot in dark at whom? n'cest pas or have you then). "I want a clear conscience with my staff who accuse me of leaving notes around for people who do not speak properly of me or accuse me of being cheap. I am. I am that cheap." More later soon...adds here. Why this feature? Because we like the fabled lifestyle and story herewith - good read and simple strokes and while trying to avoid any new revelation as mostly unwelcome (ESL english as a second language or all propers then may note other economies not intended for those who understand readily and at each burb at - and then what?) Back to, she hates being talked to by idiots (meaning me - I caught a load of shit writing about this bitch - to trust and to that) but she rejects sample thought (me say first, then you derive yourself) "the way you do - carry on." I'm a big deal, huh. Anyway, new paragraph:

The mansion sits on five (5) acres that is not useable due to ground well waters "and stuff like that" she says. So - no new boys will come and stay because "the master" Jason Priestley died by talk again. Jason does not know Doug favorably and does not care (why would? Jason is my childhood friend Gary Bird and is not with right now in vocal or deed - best kept out like Ondys and their tears leaving me in a shallow grave...I saved him when he was dying in pain and we fucked around on meth a few times after disastrous dating him as unknown always thanks not - owes me a dinner of hurt for you out and is no one to me working on "Alice." still a baby reports bad breath from cigarettes likes dancing alot proves it you are no one to me one day had him trapped under an awning by Hydra he was scared then too). [How dare you mention boys among greats!] "Anyway, boys rate with us all as being generally kind." The house was made as a morodor ("safe-keeping", ours is "shelf against time") against people having celebrities bound and gagged at hotels. Aaron Spelling hates stuff about boys and says "I'm feeling fine though old still and I want my money back from these you." Fine, fine. I'm supposed believe that is also actor Norman Fell and that is Sherwood Schwartz too but with different hats on would say. All you skaggs protecting nothing I will care about get into trouble being heard here and as I write. There's is nothing you will have of it...a death maybe.

Ongoing...Jason Priestley hurts her Candy's feelings sometimes thinking she has him. And why not? Candy's erstwhile son is the beauty at the bottom of the previous page...they don't talk hardly all. Let's not brutalize people who don't need the bother...Jewish royalty is all here and if not, you want to be that. You hafta tell people to go down every now and again and God won't have plain junk. Not to him.

Here we are May 29...monthly payday tomorrow just bits early for Sunday, June 1 this 2008 then new:

Chaka Khan "Through The Fire" Chaka Khan - Epiphany - The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1 - Through the Fire take this elegance in as now from the "Epiphany" collection and hook up with others then seen. This from - don't forget the bargains lain. We build FM or "frequently made" to you here. Apparently, Chaka is the "Tracey" I quote elsewhere..."we believe you made mistakes, but okay." She knows Johnny Cash who is my great grandfather who is now Steve Thompson who dies like the angel on Led Zeppelin albums - that's the joke up against a wall like that all pain from heroin and gas tubes in him. "We see the angel there, actually" they'd say.

Convert Usher back to Stevie B and thus enjoy "In My Eyes" Stevie B - Hits Anthology, Vol. 1 - In My Eyes from the revised "Anthology, Volume 1" (2007)..."be right about that - again."

Fact: Las Vegas is really on the moon, Fool - we link you up somehow after long deserts of time. We get you there in one piece and you leave. The earth our planet can be seen well over Texas some a big blue-ish dot.

Another fact: The movie "Saturday Night Fever" is about us in West Trenton (like Puerto Ricans - family types and mean priests to us) nothing to live for. The kid dancing is me mostly with barbs or bibs on - is for my sweet sixteen in 1980 (1977 they made it and that's why they attack me). I'd love to try-make again alot waving in there we need study for hard laps in. Great taps though. Also see Orwell "1984" stuff for me the year I turn twenty (20) years old or a man, basically. I'm supposed to be the pepsodent lead in "Speed Racer" too - okay, I looked at it. He takes himself as a little boy out for magical ride...the movie's featured online somewhere recommend Firefox. Loving remembers "Speed Racer" with Trixie, Spridel, and Pops the mammoth car made outta hidden gold like those naked men in Yemen or whatever on National Geographic History Channel I have the fucking facts, "Marine Boy" chewing gum underwater to breathe, and "Kimba" the white lion all the same production. 

for a million laughs and a million bucks so good here...
speed racer the 'mammoth car' episode part 1 (part 2 is there also)
the car makes a gish (lillian gish just allen moffit's mother, roseanne's on tv too) like the whales in 'star trek iv'
everly brothers sing the theme song


O! The waste of it made by me. You get to yours and soon...I'm still developing new stuff see quotes page for extra-added hateful stuff you're guaranteed (or your mumbly back) to reject like old people playing with theirselves on franch kafka pills as the collective buttocks of the AARP (all avaricious rich people, "OLLD" only leaves listed debts) and on-sight.

Linking at the top, why probate at fifty percent (50%)? It could be as low as fifteen percent (15%) if you know what you're doing with law and all. The government (blacks, mostly and by us) used to think you owed us half at death no matter who married to, but we have to see who that is who died and why now ? first. Half your estate (your holdings or handfuls only, no business stocks or precious belongings like home - your widow or keeps that) goes on sale for that until we bargain you for me. Lawyers believe in God and know he exists for sure as they say so for sure every day when they do nothing for but hassle you daily. So fifty percent (50%) is starters for a complete razing of your mind's keepings to me. See that. "Death [for "dearth" a drudgery] is forever. We have too much fun and usually."

Coldplay "Warning Sign" Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head - Warning Sign from the "A Rush Of Blood To The Head" LP and as garnered by us in 2002. This paves the way for new and is largely ignored for fame. Have it now.

Apple iTunes
...for "sopranos" i watch when can the last one seen by rescues two guys from a night out in the woods, snow...very rude..."sex in the city" adds plus...i watched that too new movie and all makes money for cast

"Yeah - like a russian eats hot dogs." - dM who couldn't remember easily why I quoted myself this (about coming to a natural-enough good one day as in-need...'good' goes from place to place)

"It's not the givin' that bothers me - it's the gettin'. If it weren't for that, I'd give a little." - dM (who tips streetwalkers on a 'good' day only - another gain, hardly nothing for you)

"Even nature had to hard-wire itself." - dM (from way back when to another while sitting in a supermarket parking lot...and where 'how'd you do that?' is still an appropriate question to)

"Making one's self serious and at a moment's notice is still the best bet left while speaking to and at the wheel. Most can then drive right off the map." - dM who impresses himself that often

"AYDS could've been deeply embarrassing to me. I did what I wanted to do and died being wayward? You could've been wrong, you know." - dM who knew God forgave me when I ate a nice butt

"You know you're in danger when people care about you more than you do. Thus, I never do anything for myself to avoid being seem and doing without." - dM who proposes another round of toast

(each a work-in-process...'progress', sure...yet still and most never see)

"Never one wishing you your 'world piece' at X-mas loutharb, I envision the seasonal "Having Yours" in herochat letter. My good don't do nothing for you yet, so no one asked. I told you." - dM

For those with bothersome mothers, leave that one out on the rag unless quietly supportive. We'll let that rot on the cob for now and make all better just as soon as it arrives. I use the phrase "touch upon touch" to describe a daily burden of proof with no extras for the time lag from here to there. There's no pleasing to that...I wouldn't care, but my every effort is to shut down grief and the unseemly signature of being poor everywhere it's seen: telling me who I am before I know the results of the tests I just paid for. "Yep - it still stinks to me. Is that right?" Yes, usually. We use the word 'feminine' to exchange or mean "odor". That's what 'feminine' means or then is deficient somehow like the term 'anemic' but more towards an odor. It means 'odor' as in 'Oh, dear [what's that?]' "Something more feminine than THIS? Are you sure?" Always ask your mother first.          

for the girls: luv'd mtv's little diversion show 'juvies' ('beat that' fuck that out) about my dreams of incarcerating problemed father really does that shit is 'stable work'
their mothers weigh in way too heavily with women judges a lover of them both, but it's like 'exodus' services international - not a scrap sent back or then to be you
not all cases make sense in harsher type reviews...the crying is hard on me 'how can one be of the most help to you yourself?' oh, you did...oh...oh, good
the guy above who did everything to her just as i described over days nights earlier but as unseen 'no pain too great' visited last night although no two truths are sought by
he was lovely company for a while...real to you and to me too
that one missing arm (your hole be inside me - bailing, don't mention else just here) is like a statue injured - like rock right at the shoulder...'does that leak or what?' i said then heal to me when a ghost? not that yet to say
don't get too close over a night of fighting off past due notes from else but...thanks you don't have to live it alone touch nothing
looks great but two versions mine and yours stay fit...hi also to casey a....those topless girls just get pill'd, huh - and why not you?
false friends (fellow, as in 'fellatio' or petting the hirsute of balls lightly with a pillow you levy yourself, but as on-top) are always donating yours parts
seems too easy to me...all half-pieces make no hole actually shine...cruelty everywhere sitting rudely in a group on any one day girls and all so crazy
sexy...very strange is next the above is too nice for you

This On May Nineteen Two Thousand Eight
Just received our check for thirteen o-five ($13.05) via USPS...if makes me wonder to the above about being overly expectational, but from them a major mojo is a big deal still. A refund at the store isn't quite the name here as pure profit. Do better you invest money to make same that is unholy wait. Requisite (not for profit - otherwise and is never wise and for reducing costs of money only) investments happen after-tax laws hit you bad. Is that true. Yes. Then the roommate comes in from work and demands me get a job. What keeps that alive? Where was your helping again? More 05/20/08: The roommate left the check in his shorts (no endorsement of course - taken during another fight) and they were washed. I hafta ask to issue another one...if this isn't enough you should have yours washed. I checked the front pockets for much is enough?

No, you don't hafta buy anything - I never do...but sample wisely to make sure I have something nice for us both. I get so sad here looking at this stuff I command mind over to make me like it again and see the point. Like I command mind over to hurt you bad daily with prides, mere of essence. No, I can't trust that stuff you'd win over me and that's not real ever big brother. Like AIDS' Larry Kramer services - damned ugly (what is that? karposis coupled with Jandspurs-Reeves alopecia?), but I fight for you. Did you see that transsexual (um, "transgender" noneother the president) on tv injecting her tits both with silicone but missing the original botches if so to speak? As in the morgue? That was as funny as that bitch fishing overboard and getting her tit popped by a salty old tuna. You sure was hungry...when dykes die they never "eat pussy" I tell 'em half-jokingly. Only when I'm around...otherwise, grilling fingers. Better to die, Negro. Better to die. Just die...or buy stationery-greeting cards by Crane & Co. an old staple of mine (to see: "the sympathy card pack" if sympathy says 'I couldn't possibly know how you feel...' if at once opting for the "empathy pack on drugs" or then the tele-empathy pack 'I know exactly how you feel and have shared all of your pains and in-fact...').

TV series we'd love to watch and at iTunes: "Maude", "One Day At A Time", "Bewitched", "Three Stooges", "I Dream Of Jeannie", and last but not least "Square Pegs" Square Pegs - Square Pegs, Season 1 - Pilot Adds "The Jeffersons"...

Meanwhile, Lush "Scarlet" Lush - Gala - Scarlet (long Version) (long version? morely the "Robin Guthrie version" appearing last on the record) this from the "Gala" LP (1990). A bit more delicate this and if prettier too with heavy bells signaling triumph (I play this out for myself in my head and it ebbs out beautifully at the end perhaps like an ocean breeze to your dreams of friendship "you're wonderful" and onward...'scarlet' can't be found the one who curses us you say a black I say a woman who bleeds too much for being with us). Finally a little something for us if this version is annoyingly magical to you. "What do you tell people about their records?" Nice to hear from ya. Why didn't Cocteau Twins tour with Lush (a dream-like double bill, but hardly necessary - to pain you)? Lush 'can't play live' they say and Robin loses his hair making them special. "They wouldn't play - we play." Evil done. I like 'the girls' anyway and they did Galaxie 500 instead (few changes they played their stuff - see for the same). For Chrissakes you just need to learn your shit...I do some. 39,020...1,002/hr...185/day.

mostly unwelcome is this, but my lover sean (aka robin guthrie) stands in (he wasn't good enough for her if that, she's pretty i smote you...'becca or kellie martin)
there's no christ on the cross but you have the bald blessing of a black man...not real ever
changes everything but here it is thanks toni on left cried away...see 'doug' upper left then off-focus makes harlands of gold coming in

In the People Magazine dated April 28, 2008 yes yes there's an ad for Verizon wireless VCAST that plays a full-on song for what seems like a long minute and I ripped it open the two (2) pages clasped (similarly yet on, I couldn't get the flat-ish brown pod from a jacaranda tree lavender-type blooms open as so hard...checking for almonds yet I eat lots of them anyway you slice it) to see is that "flash" (or circuit board as fixed no moving parts) technology barking back yet me? Instead, a little heat shield like the top of a black pearl signaling a radio or micro source from below me somehow. Thanks for the three (3) batteries of watch-camera size, I'll keep that to the circuit board is way too small to have any notion of that song at all whatever that was...we add later via iTunes. Now here:

Natasha Bedingfield "Pocketful Of Sunshine" Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful of Sunshine - Pocketful of Sunshine from album of the same title I guess a floorplan here...we hate Verizon's independence of style a personal lacking in me. Very rental unit. I hate AT&T too, but never differ from simplicity plus price. Why beg for the scraps made me? I tell people my grandfather owns ninety-three percent (93%) of this corporate concern while naturally deceased times over times, but can't spend it personally by law of and gives proceeds to blacks so to live. Truth or dare you have nothing to say of it. Meanwhile, wealth to me means you can pick up the tab for someone and easily just enough and then noting my May 14 issue payment of seventeen forty-three ($17.43) from iTunes. One assumes like last year's payment of one to that I'll be able to buy lots of songs myself as received when for about (348) three hundred forty-eight sold me.

More off overnight: Revise that last iTunes payment with me to thirteen dollars five cents ($13.05). That last figure includes last year's payment of four thirty-eight ($4.38). Silly me...that's just two hundred sixty one (261) songs sold me. Fun: I tell people that Neil was the religious leader at B'nai B'rith I had thrown in the street after being dug up in Brooklyn - is that true? They said he was coming of 'em anyway.

Sounds like Kim Wilde much heat for it...the grandfather says further: "AT&T was 'challenged internationally' they said when I died and they never followed up. They robbed me basically and any talk is his." When someone dies, half goes into "probate" (a legal term for "no bother [and after death]") for half its value after death - that is when approved for value months later and nothing is lost but some. They say "how long after death" is real? Nine (9) months. The rest is hearsay - he has most of it still, but it earns salaries with him yet a naysayer basically. He says his money "improves pay slightly for his workers" and that's that.

All are sensitive to being "robbed" of theirs, but they died and I say "a river runs through it" (meaning I can't believe you stand by while others quaff richly downstream). Most don't live with what's unconscionable or what is basically not thought of, but really ask theirselves "will I get caught?" against heavy loads asking of. What - are we that poor? The grandfather never entered AT&T into probate and that helps keep shit (an army routine - ask not of it, give none away or enter what you want to keep with you as divided up, the rest you may forfeit). She the wife won nothing, really - she had nothing to say as not legal. A caretaker. My mother loses to it for being nasty about all, but may ask. "That bitch is mean to me always. I was babied by her for ten (10) years a mean austrian bitch." Yup.  

Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" Maroon 5 - It Won't Be Soon Before Long - Makes Me Wonder from the "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" LP (2007) or then regrets one if to assumes. The "grandfather" who sung for "Yes" (see "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Yes - 90125 - Owner of a Lonely Heart my best to them for now also song "Roundabout" is brilliant) doing some after now as Chris Squire...not yet again. Seek others out too...their platinum debut is at the check cashing place on Sunset I just borrowed me from then dinner without you speaking to me. We dined at the new Pinches Tacos on Sunset after maths -- a bit expensive the three (3) taco combo plates about nine dollars ($9.00) each plus can soda on the patio no back to traffic seem. Not bad though. Nevermind about the talk at songs and links - if anything this is the golden key to any these of nominal riches.

Actress Karen Allen mentioned of late (forgoing Nancy Allen-Stevie Nicks of Brian DePalma-Michael Caine fame and with the new "Indiana Jones" ("Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull" and all - honors me on meth I strive to guess) May 22 all three previews look sets we support she's there for bits in...lavishly...the cup Jesus drank out of ? if nervously not probably why you're there being asked not to): Is Katie Couric we both noticed her gums and beauty then (but notably on "death drugs" she guesses handily -- too hard on her usually and "they don't wanna pay" real name is Ellen Rue). Great success then "Starman" and all. Who asked? Me - I still use her little heckle at him "Uh-heh!" along with the ones from Tina & Louise MENSA people. Back to that, suggests Margot Kidder who dies unmercifully at someone's hands before being rescued offhand by flying in (your own guilt placement of, good enough for me my purposes...all I gave back to) tears against the world and figment time no feat too great. I use this only, and in a sense. "The problem brought problems with them" again no welcome extended anyone yet. Back to "Indy", the skull is made for me with a bra over eyes, a hard dick over a hairy pussy with teeth that rises to cover the little bow between with glans meatus. Thanks. We hear Marc Ondy is the kid Indy drags around. Neil plays the title role often enough and is here too. Others have been.  

we see the famed holy grail scene from 'the last crusade' with sean connery and denholm elliott attending
notes 'foible' or not knowing enough to proceed is not 'folly' or seeking one's own interests before others and to limited extent
we love the chalice or 'supraket' meaning cup without handles or sides like a bowl and plate it's real they'd say...the queen buried this way to avoid struggles with it not real ever we'd say we lost that early enough to fighting
i have it in the upper atmosphere but is not pretty with red markings 'only if you must' i hate drinkers of the cup men without deeper loves for me also
meanwhile, i got lighted 'indiana jones' spoons from kellogg's fruit loops and apple jacks at pavilions
sure, just $2.50 for a bigger box...terry says 'throw that away' the battery non-replaceable if june 30 all may ends
note: the couple that storm in are very bartholomew - a gift to temperance if you will
he cherishes her choice among choices no matter what and he then basks in the glow of it - all very necessary to you as
the gift half-given or made known to you, you know to do better then or choose for yourself nastily as it were

Soft Cell "It's A Mug's Game" Soft Cell - The Very Best of Soft Cell - It's a Mug's Game celebrating their "new" (expanded) comp LP "The Very Best Of Soft Cell" (2002). This new enough a great of "leftfield" to me...a "mug's game" is nothing to win - you let someone else have it. Never be known for having a gift too great to receive as in sex matters it says to women and men alone without them. To quote Marc offhand "Don't be that, don't overt about what you one cares we have it all thanks." True true - outland gays choose showbusiness over life with us out and about (stars? no hanks). We like life and living alot, but be careful where you place your thoughts. No one cares ever "I don't live on glamour" but love the thought for you as star a big deal maybe. I thought Soft Cell stopped paying for thanks and died like Elton John stopped playing me. Not true says Marc we died "playing". Have it all to me then what do I know? From this also get "Bedsitter" about having to sit up to be reading a book in bed all day in England if you call in sick or stay home from school - until nineteen (19) years of age usually. "They are actually talking about drugs staying home looking astute for others who wander in. I couldn't say [cocaine]."


That little poem below taken as straight dictation on-the-spot only ever makes me damned proud (about the sun I read no one thanks or copies well the "eiffel tower" adds someone else until I quell with my own lotions then "twin towers" adds in statue of liberty maybe) have your misgivings as usual and as per you. Quotes Fran (it's supposed to be his mother as studied from Princeton) "We have better for you one day. She was admonished for good and better than good. Have a nice day in HELL." Thanks for being here always. Your mother is know people hate that another god-given type thing. Eugenia is her name known to me as...sung with Ray Conniff too. They're either making films or doing another rendition of "Guys & Dolls"...

so now o'er daybreak our sun shines..fellow sheep we will not have you here
have a thought for me and have a thought for you too..
when over the hills comes a strength unto me a hero..
a hero large and small both tall and yet free..
a hero with no size too great and yet thee..
ring unto me | and see no one has said thee yet..
o! hero make me yours!

- e. lazarus, the dead man who returned unto me once or twice then (no one knows this well)

thanks people magazine for this book "gone too soon" and their own crossword puzzle book both for only a postcard returned and $2.35 postage paid...i thought and quickly enough they'd fuck me with additional handling charges - nope - $2.35 billed and in-full...look for it there...i'll be tracing steps soon enough...meanwhile, the idiot here threw away the tori spelling-candy weiss issue I saved in my bedroom and i have to relocate a promise made maybe online...i've seen candy spelling twice now in the store with differing day soon we talk often for "gone too soon" jason priestley? as with us but?

where are they now? and why is that? (more than insert i also live too as here alone):
selena: works at an auto delearship in marsailles france - hates women still no quote permitted but 'no one knows about me and i don't care about you either...thanks again no';
john jr: died at once arguing facts with me and is rescued by jesus under plan...will not answer (me then: no one is anyone without being with me...from the greatest to the least all' say simply);
lady died: someone knows she is in great distress today over choosing dresses in france again - lives in england softly and dutifully no friend to us...and so then? (notes her brother was shot dead for this no comment if no true);
phoenix: works differentially (softly no pay) at an auto placement (no buying or selling just loans) dealer in scottsdale, arizona...won't come to you and is thanked then 652-8312;
john lennon: died naturally in 1976 of wine placed with hates us for it and still writes about mother being needed to me may be one day she died handling you before now both rendered soft and placed soft around still;
john ritter: died with us, but hates us now with french governments in france negotiating loans out of america - he stored money against us softly and wants his name...good luck to you.

(At start of month passing down now >> ) Here's where it all begins, but I'm dipping down for now....refer to leach. Adds 05/11/08 Mother's Day: We didn't make it to McDonald's in time for the chicken sandwiches and forgoing breakfast stuff offered. I was there the very next day May 6 and offered it the coupon still a chance made me to then no price made the #2 combo instead. Was thinking about a Big Mac with Chris Ondy though...he gets mad at me often enough. My mother says (Happy Mothers Day, Bitch -- no calls huh -- she is Madonna right now in hyperspace and is being slick to us...) "He has Chris Ondy and that is why he doesn't care about us." There are many caretakers here but each with "half-pieces" to offer. Don't get too self-satisfied yet. We suffer to you. A parade of great beauty made us still. Our hometown friend Stephanie Yakelewicz (say "yuk-ah-lev-ich" who is cooking chief Rachael and always then) said Neil and I (and Chris too...slightly embarrassing us though) courted her spiritually and so to speak when she was dying of breast cancer in 1993 and that is flattering to me (her house there recently shown on tv for theft, picking up on purposes with Lambs-Latourettes that is Mark Lamb or Mark Latour who are-is also from Allentown - see trains on wall). Also said Neil was living in a hole in her back yard. He styling to you a spirit also...he is my Lucifer as shines unbearing light on us only. "They are spiritually beautiful" she adds. He is truly religious and gross about it (the angel Gabriel) because he suffers me bad as I'm a graveleader (pushes to it) always. All beauty made by the hand down in it.

Elton John's nemesis stars as cooktress Mario Batali making pizzas on Rachael Ray who now hates me again for speakings. See ya at Citibank...

LaTour "Blue" LaTour - LaTour - Blue from the self-titled debut album (1991) and the first "Basic Instinct" what not clipped up..."Cold" with Madonna too..."others"...Pet Shop Boys produced this by self. No one owns this stuff as locked up for bigger sales yet.

A new bit by Howard Jones (he likes people, hates me "giving sense"...the AIDS was your biggest sky fan clapping along to English-style haricots verts, then to be as pleased as you were to be cosine or lacking in firmities of the body-mind-soul or the pile of nearly-hopes left by such in a dump...AIDS? Be so proud...not so of pronounce..."if AIDS killed niggers we'd have no incubation period - you'd get it and go downtown" to learn how to use it on folks "who shat for us" in the Marla Gibbs supper club ("no chicken - you eat that") - "pass it right to them - don't write me up as that another Lazy Susan [whip to pass me - you just hit bankrupt, you'll hafta see it all withering to be just as glaav me]"). People had to be with AIDS so mad at God - some of it wasn't bad at all full-blown raptors...and I quote coffee house person "Girl - what's wrong with your face?" Raw spermicidal eggs and lotions with pig's feet. Shaving scars only "faces of death" I call it like Gorgon videos you have to that we see popped you right in the ol' sandbag. AIDS ain't that big of a deal you honor me 1974 and with deep suction? The gifts so strange to me witches hatched 'em.

Howard Jones "Angels & Lovers" Howard Jones - Tomorrow Is Now - EP - Angels & Lovers from the "Tomorrow Is Now" EP (1998)...previously astute for you. Angels? Yeah -  like lovers "always helping theirself to you." I say "under the guise" of a helping to you they come. Readjusting for sense and cents off, you have nothing of near-value and worship the contribution to sense. Sense made.

'like to get to know you well' is good too...
hi fran...emma lazarus stuff soon 'the epistle' is coming
about a woman who won't wake up in the morning i died of each morning alarms a heart attack each day 
Another hurt lacking in me: Howard Jones "Dream Into Action" MP3 (5.2 Megs) a bit anthemic (you + me, speaking as same...never with or by you...i seen what you did what you was doing and when while for it did happen - i saw you to myself) the mystical title song from this a 'partial' album. Dream into action. Pray for too loose then seem.

Apple iTunes
i don't have any games with ipod and or, but mariah carey reports they ask you not play today and that's cute and to obey
i'm not big on clocks (or beat-the-clock nervings by fools) defeating hand-eye (to waste off lives) - i need an enterainment value, first-time winners by no such luck, and no to a skill
working for that? no - teach me about art a larger than life and being simply enjoyable
i hate being with hassles...kicking my ass in a game like 'risk' is to have no pay coming and going
blacks will see you later...on their dime "no wax for the car yet"
meanwhile, we enjoyed sear's pong a gift no simon colored lights mean, mean - did you know that sear's makes all their own suits and stuff local-like - sure
i like self-sufficient and a learning curve (or no bother without you learning for it)
this banner is colorful + a tabu for us...thanks it i love miniature golf too the only real golf i say at the sepulveda exit on the 170 sherman oaks
p.s. meanwhile, amusement parks were told to stop scaring people and to overhaul fright out - we're too big for that shit now affects attendance greatly  

"Talk Talk" by Talk Talk at AOL Music
some said it couldn't be done...our own steven tyler plays the lead vocal in make up chris quotes him at the time 'you should go to hell' as trying out tyler paid out with his mother $15k...thanks you
so many versions of this song - i want the one from mistrals (nightclub, 'anatole' to me means 'an atoll' three sides water but flipped on its end as high tower indians say 'still working on it' as reaches out to sea for boats - bowl of complimentary caviar in the hall...yuck) in dallas...extra bits blowing down hard...white suit...desotos...for anatole adds 'satchmo' i hate what i see of it already...sanched me, or burned me out

Talk Talk and the song about them coming in and so you remember "Talk Talk" Talk Talk - Natural History: The Very Best of Talk Talk - Talk Talk as now from their eponymous "Natural History: The Very Best Of Talk Talk" (1990)...plenty of good things if here is missing the live odeon "Tomorrow's Started"...

'if every sign that i see is complete -
then i'm a fool in your game
all you wanna do is tell me your lies
won't show the other side
you're just wasting my time
(i hearing you laughing at me when i'm up...i see you crying for me when i'm down...i see you laughing at me)

related prize - neil playing the part no one plays well harlands only our songs are mystics to you mere of whirling dervishes
talk talk died with pre-eminent bird calls on a white label cassette (um, that's 'laughing stock' link below so bad to me)...this is called 'life's what you make it' brilliant flesh james tobin too
all about summer 1992 for listening to me

Talk Talk - Laughing Stock

Madonna reports today they bombed Tel Aviv for the last time...."a ruin of a place."  Her new album is called "Tel Aviv" to her like she "phoned it in" the vocals "your one-stop candy shop...lollipop"...

What is a "French" purse? You hold bank notes from others only - no cash to pay.

Five-year plan? Revise to debt service (or then your capacity to pay loans, timely) or paying off personal loans...revise again and again. Do you think someone is telling you go to hell early? I fight each and every or no real loss. Have mine with you while people cut your throat for hurting losers senselessly. We fake 'em out like someone got hurt such fags they eat shit every day and every day they eat shit. We love making people stupid it's theirs naturally. "When you hate people - you don't live well [you can love 'cause you think that you're better than me]." That Puerto Rican bitch at the bank died when I gave her a tight pussy of thirteen grand that nigger bitch died over my car that old nigger. Like we all are here sucking cocks with you. Suck again and see what it will say this time you are an unlucky whore (cold wind) still. Cheap spit in my toilet to you flush faggots call me from hell still....they don't like my body. That's me getting you to dump mine out. Tee hee. If I want you, you will come to be in me...I talk to you behind the scenes and I will do so the reading and you will agree. Ghosts see all today and on for a while.

This is America land of the free to die and leave. You told people to go to hell or something didn't you - feeling turds again. Everyone wonders about less fortunate they'll fuck you one day (I give 'em everything to defend myself from you being with me too much). Feel that somebody made duress. That counts like changing your mind. People deserve better than hearing of your only death. You live to me. Meanwhile people who need to win over others from jailhouses everhow - is that real? You won alot - help to see it. In New Jersey they jail all assholes because people are too cute to you. I rescue no flags but OK! I select from these and murder them with pure love. You can die with me fighting tough love or sensible as hate. Remember - I can't get anything for nothing these days. I have no dreams - I got shit slapping these mothers around. Niggers of the world unite all make-up is in fact poop trust that be clown. Poop - that's real. PU! Someone had our fruit salad in a dead body - thanks. I like dicks, bits of shit and other thoughts of. Put it in me. Ask yourself? Is this what better than you tastes like - like the worst oily crap you ever obeyed?


Download iTunes Apple iTunes
have you tried itunes before? the music is truly superior!
they remaster (that means lifts layers, possibly shits in) shit to their liking and that gives new life
to old and older yet - some stuff can be remastered forever and no one will nip
they know creepy shit from the heroin past is more than a reminder - you were that only heaven raged at it pog
remember us - we never ate your junk and the kids today are simply hand-eye - very lucerne, very minerva, very nipple-et, very baskervilles
(huh? shows you what light won't see certs the wrong answer; wrong for the part yet addresses me still; offends me still with bothers attached as in etiquettes; haunts you anyway you take it a fool eats this)
i don't pay for feelings, or any junk for that you pay me for hearing you got paid
i pay for my dick to be sucked on, i pay for you to have a snack after such clarings
precious...people say what if they don't pay? what if they do? i can't lose to you that's real
you wake up in the middle of lunch and ask me not to cruise boys late at night while you dope down
see? you can have it all with no bother at leave me feeling so good i could shit in you again
no guilt, hassle and has-been free...take it all motherfucker they're not wrong you know...
ain't right either...right enough....what is the perfect crime?
no one even knows what they're missing and you take it up the ass over bad advice (go on - fuck her just for now see through to this pandemonimime)
the sell:
fast lane
you and me against the world
everybody who's anybody
can you afford it?
they'll just let someone else a balderdash no-one have it...why don't you kill them for it?
of course you ate cum and went bald...doesn't hafta be a reason is my way "pooped right down from the dentist i eat cum still"
nature gets rid of freaks trust that  - even me would shit out for wayward fags that's real
so are good looks and infamy...niggers inside you
i woulda listened to cocteau twins the angels dying but it came fast i died so bad of pre-aids warts up in my ass i couldn't even see them before or after - and you?
i love rhoids...fact the juiceman misogynist...strobe, canchre, ishmael, camptown, frank capra snowbell and cookie-mater sperm doily with drip-free snozzle b'burm 'for loisy'
they smart so bad like battery acid in burma spiny fish in my urethra
like it was pinched with pliers right on the little prince...euclid floorstop

All Fall Down To Be Of April 2008
Banners so ugly you should see....