Even More Of The Madonna Promised You In June 2004: All Of The Madness Just And For Twenty Dollars And By Mail If Necessary So See For To That Fat Prattle Wad If Sells Yourself

A Yellow Yolk When Holds Up To The Light May Shrinks: The Tail Of Two Yolks, So Simply, Post Queer 05/31/04 2225
On this "Memorial Day" (all boochles and bangleurs someone enormals to auld ye olde frankle decayed and rotting to pract tears at his taxen lover's porce grave "chit mandy vow to our nor beloved mordord"...."whatever - no gum no soda mama's so thirsty at having passed through at then now & later" - the white stripe is my meaning "if only you had lived well" + "i'd cry like i died a fuck to you then shows at a both or if to be should such fail to have happened just to this once or not ever again - the dead may speak "we're gonna try and extract the poisons just one more time" make it a few lemurs of our own). Hey - I registered with the Selective Service and that was scary enough (another malcolm dignity ain't cheap - but a business has been slow to note it a value to punish some bring). When these shorteners are being written out vax, some dumb bitch I plan to razortrain gasslols her belly somewhere half-frozen orders up another 'round of "just points to then shoots" - you may test pubic hair for colorfastness by massaging with vasoline then applyng dyes a day later. Yours are lifeless, gray, a bit pissy - our livener should help "oh, officer...". Nothing will help skunkskin hair (a bad patch of shiny gray mat for "giving away other people's things and while they're away a destiny") here though - we do that too. "I had the lonely leads to nothing done today and curse your inner fields back to black with hair held, but see fizzled fury...your pubes" under attack again and again for having me this. Who did yours? Nevermind - I keep the clippings in a bag just a hairsol to some a gray gold. Skin it for rich one day my provocations need in you. Seat this first as I would never bother to color-treat a pubic hair unless of course the inner ear may to suggest not a closer look. "We helped you." Please forgive the thought to so seem. If you tell me what I can expect, you're going to have to learn about what I failed and to tell you should you send. I wouldn't bother to note one or the other nor either of us yet. We're commited to a firmness of fit seen ever by formal the net. "I don't want you to have you" thought everything. I brang to it anyway a cheapness of prose. Know why you might then oft. One day....a pile of shapp blubber at your oro-grave (of at your mother - a catered memorial: "what I resented most was your cost to my being..." - no, what your remnants of baldness couldn't say a wig but then defends it - and another homeland at it but that still announce waggles a tail full of seed). Oh, it's just yours at you again - I was hoping for someone better to speak for a say. We knew they'd be back at it and said nothing new yet - check back often enough we'll have plenty of it. Send some then. Are you bored? The ol' pubes could probably use another vaxing of sea salts and squirrs of at lime soda. Another day somehow made just a bit different. "If he puts my name ("shamrocc" - bit of the easy in there) in one more time we'll sue you backwards and forwards [up yours if then to the very asswells]." I'd gave shoot to you for first - see you mentioned first if subpeonas a foods court. If you involve the law, someone will have to be a host to its partner. That's when the caring usually begins...oh and the crying too. One day a little cage yours in a craphall full of justice.                   

have help be seen by me to be taken down

Like Two Chastities On A See-Saw 05/27/04 1932
We now have two (2) more keyboard symbols in ASCII (American Symbolic Code [for] Instructions [and] Interface - that's one) to clear up and by request: the virgule "/" is actually known as the "tammand" ('the once made it's clear [as a pause between]" in France) - it separates two (2) people in clause or makes the difference between you and me done. It says "not for this here" - something else. The actual virgule note "\" asks you not to send yet only. It is a pause in the machine noted as such and as sent. The name is actually "virgulen" for "halted here" in French and says "stop here until further noted by us". Use it never in quote or deed to send out or stay put in that cycle endlessly it said over and over an American problem yet you made me happen too often it said. Only ten (10) virgulen work in a row then cycle down - press repeatedly in the place of an [enter] key and then watch it grow on for some not using an bad Apple that watches for it like they watch keyboards and report to others for you.

a pink panther leaps and is embarrassed by what he gets - an antetruth something more than i wanted or knew that's me too if only

Happy Birthday To Chrismoon 05/27/04 1040
You are thirty-two (32) and thus noted here. See Tower Video on Sunset is celebrating the Pink Panther turning forty (40) this year actually forty-six (46) from first release in 1958. I picked up a cool full-event wall calendar a whole year or advent calendar starting in May 2004 nice idea and for free - I have it hanging right on my wall in front of me marking off the days now in green like cash instruments (see them in the window entry and take one if on Sunset Boulevard where I got mine). Stylish - Madonna again painted it and paid a donation fee (she owns the movie rights an aspiring artist and in class with a private tutor). Strangely, I'm turning forty (40) this year too in August (the 16th - just another manic Monday) yet followed by my roommate Terry in September (the 14th a Tuesday) and then Chris Ondy in October (the 14th a Thursday) still another loser to me. Chris' confirmation name was "Thomas" - doubting Thomas his middle name is Eric. My confirmation name is "Christopher" of course - remember that to the Christ only. "Listen  - he got confirmed to Christ.....himself." I got confirmed to God, really. No one else was there - see that. Madonna notes that hers is "Ann" for St. Ann of Waterloo in France - a vindicating type who died for us yet. Madonna donated for and built St. Ann's Church in Lawrenceville, New Jersey (Route 206) where my sister slept on her wedding day. Thanks. My Pink Panther movie recommend only? "The Pink Panther Strikes Again" from 1977. I love it a quality everywhere.

Todays Firmning Of Account 05/27/04 1015
Went shopping yesterday a two-liter of Pepsi this time (marvelling at once that anyone would want caffeine-free and at that price - I used to drink that stuff so studious of it all the time and never my vert - caffeine is what stops you from getting to and from a dollar a bottle these days) and a can of Hormel Chili with beans - a favorite to me with a couple slices of Oatnut at a buck ($1.00) each per can now at see Pavilions. Someone once said "Paul Hormel [sic and not real ever - the name is for a "whore's meal" reportedly and a "Paul" leads you astray in biblical time - "no one seemingly and cooking yet" their black-label bacon of recent also a supreme] is a homosexual lord [and] making [my] food - just great." Quote that to Anita Bryant, national treasure (we've spoken together calmly, gently - she has our problems in mind). Anyway, two seventy-three ($2.73) becomes less two forty-four ($2.44) and see the city tax now of eleven cents ($0.11) making my soda paid worth a dollar forty-four ($1.44) to all told on slip with redemptions and club discount in mind's vertus. My balance then? Twenty-nine cents ($0.29). A candy bar one (1) of three (3) is thirty-three cents ($0.33) with club discount and was as thus prohibitive in price I eat them all the time (we went back later on too - note that another paid). Facts: Paul Hormel is just Elvis a fact - a queer. He said he never fucked Priscilla until marriage and I believe that only as so easy to ignore an army father helped out "with more than we could say." Fine, fine. Another fact: A two-liter bottle of premium cola'd soda with caffeine and flavoring is worth three bucks ($3.00) even to us I'd pay six ($6.00) easy I swear. Yours discounted yet and a bargain. Half price ever. The chili? Two dollars ($2.00) yet and even. Elvis: "You tax me on everything I delivered to your door" he'd say to this day. No one has the right to be who you are - a magnate. Honor your taxing partner - the true door-to-door of it. Never yours or alone as yours. Never then. "You are a socialist." Face the fact-song - never will you have while others surrounding you do not have some. No one did anything like that here - only I did. Only as the god and God does. "You are a historical criminal and against people." I am a crime and you thus wait to sort it all out. I wasn't made to be you and working so hard for it in tv-song and assorted chilis - that's for damned sure. If you get the McDonald's on Route #33 to run (a shrine only) note that a heavensent to father. I've seen your dry cleaning at work and pies removed while brushing.

P.P. And Then Another P. As All Followed By An S. 05/27/04 0953
When ending a letter as in a telegram printed out already to you, we use "P.S." or "post [as] same" to indicate that what follows was excluded from text, but is just as important for consider to the already done by you. Use it that way - adding in at last. Never was this changed to "post script" no - but okay. Another 'p' added in for producing "P.P.S" is the second time you do this on the end of a note - yet another thought down the page said "post pardoned [as] same". The third time this happens with you, beg yet pardon by making it an unrelated but situated problem with you as in costs being made and yet another after-the-fact addition to unwelcome. Get it right and then add in accordingly on something new. Yet another 'p' to be made in it producing "P.P.P.S" is all we allow for us and thus suggest to you as "please post [this] pardoned [as] same". Never make this classy - it ain't. Tell a lexicon to know better and why. This for Neil who's back today as dropped in his garage with my Jeep in there being remorded (made new as by God). Neil is only back for four (4) days and has the body of a twelve (12) year old we'd say. P.S. My bills to you remain as unpaid. Chris O. says "If he's there, why don't you leave him to die." And you, still trying to lend yourself import here. You may decide nothing and with your mother in stacks. See that - and where you reign how. We don't care about your hate for this ever. Neil is important to me, but is unwelcome yet as is your brother Marc (Anthony - I like his name an angel, really - our son....by Neil and I) is also made mine.

Cut To The Thought With A Chron Date 05/26/04 1928
You know, I pride myself on the wristwatch I selected beside my erstwhile lover while vacationing in Minneapolis during 1995 (Dayton's by any other name Marshall Fields indeed - I hear you have my Rowenta steam iron repeat me) a lovely Fossil with a blue face and white block letters. It runs like a bitch in hot water a chron-date if you can bother to stay straight long enough to keep the date set right with months varying of from twenty-eight (28) to thirty-one (31) days (I never do this ever it seemed). Just as dry now as that very one bitch, I set my watch to rights today adjusting all to filth forward and then noticing my ex's beautiful blackface silver chron with two (2) tiny dials on it within a drawer and still that beautiful to me a real value that no we never seek match to ever no. Inhuman to some, I must call the "time of day" function at the local phone company's number (ours here in West Hollywood? (310) 853-1212 Pacific Bell - yours never to see, consult a white book's front) to be sure I reflect the mode properly I never trust the difference is between having and not having, knowing and thus thinking you know. Set yours accordingly as I wait away the hours with you. I can assure you also that your computer's timekeeping is quite accurate to some. Mine is. Candied solution to date-chron? Two (2) wheels inside. One turns dates, the other, the hand of time. A date is known by the hand. You have a day. Make each date earn a hand of time by being punched in a small wheel for anteyears or years without time made yours. You adjust once every four (4) years with a sigh of hand - yours. Rolex (I like the 'fake' ones - a 'real' Rolex's seconds hand or indicator sweeps like any cheap wall clock - none of the ticks making and without all of that messy cord hanging) from the flea market at
Columbus, New Jersey - not fake per se, just studio models we all afford at cost - no one would flea dip for to be further engoldened, however - all Rolex's made by China firm all of them like your noodle-food in the US and quite worthy of you - too many eggs, otherwise...that is where the gold that they use on fakes only comes from too, I hear a polished potassium stained with yellow moorings from same) doesn't even have that. One on top, one on the side. The hand of time on the side yet. Time? We made that along with old age our arc (an "arc" chases you out and off like a flame does, an "arch" loops around you spinning all the while if known to be - a guise of having no scent) of being: down (the stairs), out (the door), off (the lawn) a nervous joke really - 'round and 'round you go where it ends "nobody knows?" like a magnet falls one day all light poking at spinning pulses off at the very wronged moment and then is yours to now know. I also have stories about equa-enough beings a laziness really crawling around in the wrong way, in the wrong places - in the wrong direction if - and eating heavier things resulting in an untimely demise. Your story....same some. The material or campnus (you can't see) flaws we had to build into your tv to get some to fail or later than others. We know what we did - our limits stated calmly. More: The date wheel or wand varies slightly with four (4) quarters or months even to not swipe a date on lower months. The second wheel defaults and swipes the date then but only fast enough at two-thirds (2/3) speed. The wheel would be spaced accordingly at half and nine (.59) "gnots" (that's a bit technical for "turns of hand" or all the way around the face, but not for you then it seemed). You reset to January 1 on the back of the watch a limit button for and then to June twice if another wind through made occasionally a year to so. "You want everything beautiful and timely - we don't work that way." That is China criticizing me. Have a day in bed without a thought or send then. I want a life of choice unmade by you and a decision to quit also. We guarantee nothing - we are here already and see us fit to be. Worry off, and don't press us flat we so breathe it.

When To Doily And Simply At That 05/26/04 1544
Someone asks "when to doily [as under a cake, coffee mug, candy dish, etc.]?" Simply, when gifting to us or as from the above your greeting for saint as having well. A doily (that's French for "you may seek in this" said as "doy-lay" and seen also on the ends of foul or chicken legs the bone a turkey) suggests you may take without asking then. A greeting only. Use paper mostly - give a gift in heart by having no other having touched. See Williams-Sonoma for both all maybe not - on then to Sur La Table (remember, you need "paper doilies" - their name means "serve yourself [and fast at that]" in Franch or used halfway). You can get chicken haerms (the end papers for covering-decorating leg bones on poultry) at Bristol Farms. FYI and for right now, my memory stack on this server - my shilb - is hovering between two hundred forty-nine (249) megs and two hundred fifty (250) megs see no malice or intended I'm very busy about it all. Rationing up to one full meg of at fifty (50) kilobyte increments for a small photo is like you saving towards a million dollars - and how ludicrous of it. It might as well be a thousand - we'll see you there. Subtitled as word for the day: "inhuman" - sees no one worthy of theirself. Distrustful (no fact and slighted), alienating (pushed toward me), and forthright (knows no bounds to me). We kill it usually. A drugged person and frank about it. See me.

q: do you have anything better than sex? yes, a da vinci

Another Christ Quote For You I Stive 05/26/04 1141
"If I had better, it would be you."

I'll Have You Know 05/26/04 0948
My account balance (see appropriate keyings at the bottom of this page) is still hovering just above a normalcy at two seventy-three ($2.73) per diem (per this day). The father of earthbound a strange locale (centered being) of not saying and thus not having (I know it's rude for you to consider like each of Madonna making money this way, but I do have a quiet Joseph-type person in my life). Not a popular point of view with Father's Day and all just around the horizon left-right and if to confirm your suspicion I blab. Are you still mad? Of course you are my gay life and so document for you. Know that you miss a full eigheen percent (18%) of my performances here with various voices I use playing suit (e.g., "the malfeasant" or official authority figure type "this could result in severe penalties and quite possibly incarceration of up to and then possibly including jail time", "the pepperidge-brimley" or down-home type "we deliver the highest in customer-rating satisfactions and right to your door it is your legal right to know about us and our services", "the scented acquisece" or woman coming to terms with her time element "[as nodding in agreement in vernus slowhand] I think it's time [we agree to your cash demands]", and finally, "the maelstrom" (the "person of minor note") or technical wand "oh, says right here now with even more of the lacking and virtues" - others to you). I should make and sell cassettes reading this shit to you each month in both thirty (30), forty-five (45), and sixty (60) minute installments of - an hour, ninety (90) minutes, and at one hundred twenty (120) minute vocal pages. See it come.

If Madonna Calls It's Junior Vasquez 05/25/04 1113
A "vasquez" asks too many questions - that's Neil's pseudonym as trying too hard all the time. My account balance today for Tuesday? A real junior at still two dollars seventy-three cents ($2.73). If tomorrow never knows.

More Stuff To Alienate You Backwards And To Me 05/25/04 1642
Visit this site called BraveNet dot.com for miscellany in the ventures of hating you. I'll be back - I'm trying to win a free gift certificate by shooting a chihuahua on a Taco Bell banner my to inspiration. I love Taco Bell - used to be we had to go across the "bridge" into Pennsylvania (Langhorne, US Route #1) to get such goodnesses (see also an eat-in Pizza Hut - very special to then). Then, I went to college in 1982 and Glassboro, New Jersey featured a Taco Bell prominently enough to get me to sign on the dotted line so same (that and Deptford Mall the paper.can landfill nearby and then on the road to and fro or drive then to Christiana Mall in Delaware at the tip of it was nothing at all shopping-eating only all or perhaps Cherry Hill Mall as just northerly of here our home malls are Quakerbridge Mall in Trenton and the very first finest I saw to ever Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne with Sesame Place and all for the kids and that German hausfrau within serving sausages year 'round gone now ? most still authentic in details you recoil at - they preserve a future here both all on US Route #1). But for college, it wasn't really like that or even finer high school counselings either I was seemed doomed, but you get the drift probably sitting or venturing on the eating tour yourself. Fraternities nearby another plus so warm a welcome never to be seen...something else then. UCLA's are nice people and they have a Taco Bell Express on the quad at the "Bruin Walk" I dined there often. No, I'm not longing for home - our effects seen only. Yours now. Q: "What is an imperialist?" Someone who asks you to quote your price to anyone new. All but tags on everything to buy and then afford me. An imperialist checks prices on things without asking you anything. "What can I have this for?" it said to your life.

sprees awell

Later...Madonna's first night on tour and last night but for promoters only - a half an hour the lovely greetings afterward ("you are back to us" one said all happy [without sad or a remark] and jubilant [without cause, no address to or from] - she was dead remember that...a triumph) and then to run and tell your constituencies all over the US and abroad how it went. The tickets placed and uniquely for hotels with keys to signature note only and then you're welcomed from each it says. The cocktail party for Mexico promoters cheated and at Rage (the name was "Outraged" at first - a columnal or place to stand or even a speak-easy, really, and from time-to-time no dance yet before 1985) yesterday (we walked by and saw red awnings everywhere - nice...Susie's birthday, apparently). The limos about while you sat at a local hotel Le Montrose right by here in West Hollywood chatting to others about. Madonna rests comfortable now "the richest woman in the world" having received note of eighty-six thousand dollars ($86,000) for performing this weekend coming (we spoke briefly and yet comfortably about me getting three thousand [$3,000] of that, pre-tax). More and more later yet? Non. Send help a powder to it the powder varieties.

I Had Another Dream Last Night 05/25/04 0945
I know all there is, but I cannot tell people everything all at once. A vigor of (an undeniable effort to be made), really. In this morning's cavalcade (taken without guide), I took off for France in a plane (takeoff was sure to me and covered and as such) with no top or bottom to it. I saw first the waves of the greenish ocean as so close, then the upper ceiling of clouds. They - the upper clouds - were formed hard to me like the white panels of an office building ceiling - hardly, and I moved along them. We didn't get there (I snapped to awake) but I felt as though I could hang from if needed to by a crash or something. Before I went to bed, oftwhile (has better things to do) friend Chris Ondy - "the other white meat" - reports that he saw Elton John play one song at Probe (a gay club made-built by the U.S. Army here in Los Angeles and on Highland now being rebuilt to your cause of having again) - you standing on the catwalk surrounding above. It was "Honky Cat" (I love "Honky Cat" a great song I sing it along with) played he said and Elton wore a plain white jumpsuit with his own seeming glitter glued on (silver or gold? gold, but it wasn't said was it? Elton says "I don't dress up for that stuff, really...") The mother jumped a private Lear jet from "Hamilton" airport (?) in New Jersey then called to "Mercer" airport after that closed. In reality, she filmed the occasion 30 mm you just watched it not - she did. You went for the trip, only [no kids allowed then in concert March 1974] and it scared you on that plane, huh. Please public - I learned early on about lying. I was interesting enough not to berude it with tales of tall. I was enough, strangely, but now seeming to "vegetarian" (um, cutting a half in-half again - "may I present my vert or upright list of virtues upon once meeting to you?") and trying with you anyway. A lie serves but to enslave you. I was enough and interesting to you too.

to tell us the way  she's much younger now you know not that anything was wrong here not at all  when you wish upon a star

All For But The Price Of A Stamp
05/25/04 2040
Watched the rented Disney's "The Haunted Mansion" on DVD last night and true enough to the ride is good enough (plenty of new effect to be seen from the ride itself - I've been to both all California Florida and cherish it - nothing beats Space Mountain two (2) and reciprocal or interchanging Schwarzkopf Jetstars modified and then rounding in the dimly-lit dark - and its giggles though if others must stately or flow gently - see Pirates Of The Caribbean). In truth, I trust Disney studios to always entertain and I didn't have to think about this title too much I just took it up on its offer to provide that. Notes: Both leads Eddie Murphy and singer Natalie Cole are back from the great beyond and very young it seems (died 2000 and 2003, respectively "I lost Bubbles Hill [Oakland] to MC Hammer again..." - this is the second time for Cole the first 1979 her father long dead now begs not for it "I would rather die of you...." he said to me). The elder statesman-butler Terence "The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert" Stamp is actor Timothy Hutton's father (him Tim also returned from the great beyond now twice) and thus singer Toni Halliday's father-in-law ("we met through Madonna in 1982"). She directs alot to all here but not in name (some at the old "Gunsmoke" set in France and some at "The Poseidon Adventure" set's revolving ballroom in Ojai (said "oh-hi" the name means "underfed" as "ojail" and in reference to horses leaned), California - "they [Universal] want three million dollars to turn it [upside down...light falls simply]...we just looked and filmed for far less - they wouldn't let us touch anything....we filmed all within a set" and is the woman in the crystal ball with tape-pulled eyes and I thought was something Meg Tilly now Jennifer (she Jennifer the elder of the two and the mother of Meg is deceased of last spring and Toni adds that she had "no value [to deliver] in the film so we subbed her....her estate would bark and loud to me so no.") We also have my new cousin Helena Bonham Carter (John Denver-Gary Numan-Danny Moon's younger sister, Burt Reynold's daughter) as a maid in makeup. Ingest for more later your movie is just okay. P.S. No I didn't rave to Gary Numan (a big spot for me as Elton John-produced stuff - the LP "Replicas" as noted to me by Elton's cast-off son Todd Serfass a high school friend and then ordered special by me from Rock Dreams most cherished record album ever see me as gazing at the arthouse cover all the time thus and listening) because of who I was to whom - I didn't know anything at all and still don't lecture humbly and excluded then. Now note that. These guys are Philadelphia-area jerks - and thanks for not noting me. Danny says of Gary "in my dreams only I do this and so." Please - Neil's father is "drummer" Cedric Sharpley with that hair and all as pictured. P.P.P.S. Toni is also the man who owns the house in "The Haunted Mansion" and is trying to sell with Eddie Murphy in tow - the house manor. What really happened - and this story isn't rare - is that half-sister black Murphy's wife was murdered by him in an earlier fete and God chained his ass to the house he loved so much as a ghost only and barely visible while she lured comes and goes and at wit of (we help her against). A ghost ravages all trying to get out, but cannot leave ever while being that with others who helped you - including the Stamp character a gay god so hopeful yet to be his manor to. Oh, money is hidden by for days on end and hours plus then and if I'm lost you keep all against this home full of half-rations and blacks my father made here with slaves. "I hate them all to death for being so ugly to me in my old age" they would say of him. The girl dies if only to a better fortune my worship she guards, but he wants her to throw herself at him and with abandon to end this his plague by giving all she has back to him anyway in wedded bliss of sort dishonest. We said 'no' over and over but I let the scumbag a France off the hook in ten (10) or twenty (20) godyears a century perhaps anyway and perhaps to be my lover then for a stretch to die. As Toni would say "change your suit to me, please [be my sex of it - for Doug a manchild then to no complaint]". You'll do here.

micky and mallory

Naturally And Some
05/24/04 1041
Was watching "Natural Born Killers" again last night on HBO like it was fresh to me I bought it on VHS and enjoying the soundtrack (L7 - "Shitlist", NIN - "Something I Can Never Have", Cowboy Junkies - "Sweet Jane" - no, for lesbians hiding in the dark, like the children's hour). Woody Harrelson (President George Bush Sr.'s youngest son - who knew? another Texas Bush and in the family here) is supposed to be me in-character and he does a fine job as with Juliette Lewis (someone who went to school with me however briefly - elementary school and in the book) a girl crazy and expendable as usual - a fool's fool, the fool of fools. "They can't do anything about him neither." Actor Rodney Dangerfield (Lewis' father in real life) describes his involvement here as uniform to his "sea of change" mode - a liking in thought. He likes the theme of "everybody losing all to it - and all at once it happens." We call it "rendezvous" (French for "removing what's seen and then talking about it"). Checking back with each other after having seen it all to be gone. I liked hearing it from him too. Is this movie mean? No - another that can't say all it has to (i.e., no one describes theirself aptly, then and for e.g., the woman in the "L7" shot gots banged in the head for having slapped the Lewis character once or twice as not seen by you - to hands off then). I didn't get to watch for long as it seemed to back on the computer, but I liked knowing for you too (see too the California bridge "Kanan" described loosely, but thrown off to you in backdrops). The indian man (a "cemci" - say "sem-see") sees only three (3) things on people as reflections in the head to protect him and his from what's missing in him: the word "pepus" (say "payp-us" in Arizonan only) means "hot to the touch" - a woman's hand in it. Another is "quere" say (say "kyr-rah") means "ask to leave as soon as possible" - a bad man. The final is "cinci" (say "sen-see") and that means "see off to whomever wants this now" or ask questions to get rid of. That's all - the film was directed in-full and by Madonna alone. Now see that. More and insert: Yes, I've been with "guitarist" Johnny Lang (Madonna and Liz say "that's why we sell him like that [see concert ad, LA Weekly]" + "a pepper" we love the new back cover best check that) - we walked home from a WeHo bar holding hands for like three (3) miles. I put him on a bus for UC Santa Cruz the next day, 1993. He is beautiful to me...looking through his junk to signal is all blues I hate the blues...he rejected me in a bar later we had sex after all it wasn't going anywhere....I've been with everybody worth knowing yes including Christine McVie's only son (Saint Christophe Larrecq of France - another big beauty) just back got him at Probe...I'm Doug Moon...Johnny is angelic being died once now - cocaine, nyc i'm now your friend only - and thus spells his name wrong contractually. Come again. Madonna speaks: "It was Oliver Stone's film - he wrote it, I merely told people what to do on the set. He wasn't there as dead already from in 1990." A question surfaces: "If that's true [about Harrelson playing-being you in-character] why does he fuck her?" We all use women to get there (using each other as tool, merely), but see him fuck her only in the "big chair" as I would have. That is all me in a chair with a hard-on - all me a glory as seen by me only. No you, really. Now see that. I pray to God over to keep my purities daily. I hate a confusion as much as serving-receiving one. Blast that's sexy. No parlour tricks here (no one tempers or needs to be for you - a woman is sex unplugged as only on MTV "they got me with drugs"). Also: "Consanguinity" or bloodborn of near is an issue here with the slice-cutting of palms and blending somewhat it is so bad a feeling and I crave thee too. We need this for brother-sister mostly and blood-to-blood or borned aside (a deeper friendship of). We achieve this with deep breathing in the mouth of and a heavy firming of mind. Ten (10) seconds timed does it inexplicably and forever we made it yours. Confusing? Not to genes but two (2) to three (3) steps away something "usually" is definitely there in. See that. The proper term against 'brother' and 'sister'? We are "formed" in minds across the land. Not a bad thing....we don't want blood spilled on it a topic but of and to a lesser of then seen by me. More to Johnny Lang: I pored through stuff and more stuff and settled on "Red Light" as you being you - not my gender or code to be. Unrelated: "In Los Angeles - and to your penance westward - everything is backwards. You stop at a red light and some other guy is looking at you my to heaven." My quote, my thought. Have you. "Women insist upon being here in ours." Theirs: "You are a hatebag. Quote me [some drother about all having a place here]." No, you already give away the Panama Canal, Jimmy. A "bigot" (for a "big thought" or nasty mind in France) chases others away when they arrive mostly only. A hatemong. More and Oliver Stone (real name was Mickey Haskell from France but US legioned) retorts from beyond it: "I wrote a movie about me. Cite differences, but God? No. It was me." [Editor notes the difference between inspiration or being inspired to do and having some note of within. 'No' to you, and firmly at that. It is me only and tornadoes swirling in the background at camp say so. Another interesting quote heard by me during: "God hates his 'son' and sends things to scare people away from him as but then hating people more when they are hurting him."] Stone continues "I made half a film on [video] tape to suggest I might, and then it was really about a U.S. Marine gone psycho against people - more at hand-to-hand combat with. Not a God - a buffoon. But all in all, I liked it alot (I saw it in showcase at camp one day I was thirteen again but with my adult mind intact and verily or proof-ridden). I saw it done twice now. No margins [profits] for me? How dare you, Madonna." She remarks "You weren't alive enough yet." Now see that. Also from Stone: "I'm the one that fucked Kelly LeBrock - not Steven Seagal. A real beauty is her [he likes her still]." Thanks for clarifying that...I was nonplussed (ordering of my thoughts again ..hmmm). LeBrock I just saw in John Hughes' "Weird Science" again on tv and I was wondering about her electric shocks of beauty - as well as the character Chet's (actor Bill Paxton of Bordentown, NJ) appeal me to "a fag" only. Actress-model LeBrock (real name Karen Johnson of Philly) perished in 1997 in a plane accident outside of Philly co-piloting a "Sterle Magnate" (?) with her dad an accomplished Navy pilot having a real heart attack "and with me in the seat at nine hundred feet I couldn't land - tell people." We have her back now in France yet an angelic being to us. Remember that girl doing a tv for Pantene (I know I washed most of my hair away with that) she's all "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful." And apparently, Stone was found to be "a man among men." I see it now - his strength. More of the two (2) boys mentioned: Thank these beautiful pigs for making a real-world world difference we can all thus see-feel in a myriad life that makes a real world difference in a myriad (in a mirror). In a life like it. They are real and save to you too. Thank them one day both back from the dead my perfect.

To Taverns Of Clover
05/24/04 0934
A "Baptist" wants to hold almighty God responsible for having made the world - a penal in nature. A "Jewish person" or "Judie" (say "jew-day-ah") wants the world held for damages against them - a retribune or having against. A "Catholic" wants to retribune for God. They want to kill you and maim your heart for having asked. A "Presbyterian" wants God to ask them for everything he gets. A "Mormon" wants to fuck the world over for riches and have theirs sexed first - then God may (insert: a Mormon was told of dying and having their own planet altogether - someone told me this in a bar and I thought it odd - "a whole planet and you?" good for me here - they seemed worth it). A "Methodist" wants me as God to explain it all to them each at a time. A "Christian" thinks like I do - of giving back only. A "Buddhist" capitalizes on their fame only. They make God a house in their house - a bad idea of having first, then you as God. A "Swahilin" makes and takes same of, and at the same time. An "Egyptian-Scientist" (with no connection to his our own cultures - apparently, "they lack moral decay" - God sees some your way until you see some our way) asks God to bend over first to see if his ass is the same as his own. Then they eat "as one" he said. More later....

05/23/04 1717
Just had the turkey tacos again for dinner and my heresit quote: "When I got sick as Christ on the cross, I didn't know whether it was the gallon of apple cider I drank, the Pepperidge Farm coconut cake from the freezer section, or the logs I burned in the fireplace. One of them did it."

Before We Add Less To My Map
05/23/04 1543
Someone asks to place Cambodia on my map. Just above China, almost in Japan. A complete separate island above China II from left to right (China's islands rank below Japan - the largest of them). The name means "can't be placed by you" as "cant podua" (say "cont poh-doh-hah") in Mandarin Chinese. Apparently, you'd never find it as rough terrain above and around you.

too small to note not

No And No Again 05/23/04 0915
Happy Mother's Day! Always the third Sunday of the month and usually. A firm quote I received: "The infinite prosperity of the universe belongs to us all." No - God gave his gift here. No one need have it. Give your gift (?)  Give yours to me. Now, I'm off to the Hollywood Farmers Market (if shows people the bathhouse entry on Ivar) - it's been a long time to my old haven. I'm into spontaniety, you know. Adds: The market still rousing (capable of making me shine forth for it or do) on a Sunday morning like today is Sunday. You could eat yourself to death on free samples (mostly peaches, cherries, strawberries, and miscast or unused citruses from farms abroad) provided everywhere, but I started myself off with a chicken cilantro tamale (corn meal and meats wrapped up in a dried corn husk for steaming  - delicious for and at Christmas) with blacked bean sauce (the Spanish woman in the red hat cooking yellow rice with tomatoes in there now as missing in action - lots of friends about though). I only bought two (2) ears of calico corn (yellow and white kernels and all at once) and some limes for later refreshment and I enjoyed myself walking about. Then it was on to the new Bed Bath & Beyond around the corner on Vine and Amoeba Records. With noted for the greatest selections ever, they also have the new Curve compilation "The Way Of Curve" (usually available at MNS - Music Non Stop) in-stock and on CD for about twenty six bucks (~$26.00). Six plus (6+) copies - now see that. Too many details found within? Live to my daily rube (rubbed the wrong way - thoroughly). More: Available through most import outlets, Toni Halliday tells me she had to print up nine hundred thousand (900,000) of these pre-expensive babies so far at nine dollars ($9.00) each - an Americaned price. She says a UK-based company named "Gammot" (maybe later) prints them up nicely and needs the business yours. Contact seriously only - a queen's afford. The front cover? Cherry pies spray-painted orange-red. Looked bio-organic to me. You are brilliant at that stuff - "we like crusts". More: My mother asked me to send her some calico corn saying hers comes to market in July. Fine then - maybe FedEx later. In the meantime, it was great I ate last night butter and salt. Great. Calico only grows where sweet or white corn grows - largely in the south and in New Jesrey principally a clay soil begs thee too many iron works at once at one time (blacks did this everywhere you lain). Calico was made by God only to get cows to eat sweet or white corn in the dead of winter - just enough keys yellow to keep 'em coming (cows reject white yours outright - like me - as not hearty enough from Spain, really, where light hearts roam). Remember, you do nothing I like from. Yellow hydrogen-rich corn makes me happiest. White will do. Under normal circumstances, corn is to go to hogs and pigs living in the valleys, respectively, and wheat only (a gruel thus with water) goes to cows and majures (steer). Never undo me with mixes I'll bite you. Most proudly, you'd beg of me first.     

The Three-For Methods Of Antithought 05/22/04 2037
To take note: Those "anti-fame" seek to reduce all to their node (pit) of thought: no one older or more useful, no one more glamorous, and no one more talented. All are the same to this and thus best not spoken to as such and as seen. Those engaging in "anti-establishment" seek to reduce all spoken from as to mere ash. They don't work, they don't play, and they don't follow the rules. They want everything for free, usually, to right an already wrong (see drugs - I am not anti-establishment, but apparently I'm close). Anti-establishment meets the police once a week in their homequarters, or as such made, the police homequarters. They are angry always and fighting the lord of it. The "counter culture" misfit always asks to see you first and hates women around. Counter culture (two words always ever as friends and lovers) makes women unhappy to be rid of them before taking all back to see theirs done later. A misfit. A gay. So there. Anti-fame is against youth. Anti-establishment hates police. Counter culture hates women. A "misogynist"? Hates ongoing fame in the form of children seeking same only. A people-of hater. By command for and among the Olsen Twins (um, Mary-Kate and Ashley): The "non-conformist" seeks to make all go away in terms of established procedure only. They like the police, but hate us knowing why we did anything. An anti-education monger. A "monger" is a war waiting to happen by being a dog roving inside. In French, a "mongere" or "a lack of keys" keeps us home. Thus keeps us a homebody and a war-starter. God says war is strife or too much bearing down within and without us. To much struggle is and about us. Too much waiting to be had and then not. Non-conformists hate education. Another word just in from the girls: "armidene" (say "ar-mid-ee-en" for French and from Grecian logic only). A woman who places trust above having some. A watcher of scales against her. Never takes chances, never lets anyone measure for her. An armidene leaves less. More today: A fundamentalist wants no thinking from you - only deeds or having done this for me. A fundamentalist hates thought. I am this too. More yet: An "existential" (no such thing as an "existentialist" for favorite words said - to truth, an "-elist" e.g., as to what a "numerist" studies in numbers for differences in thought, studies something for known at differences and already, a collection really - here in, we do not study thought, we counter it) makes no room for others in life or deed. Simply, an existential makes women unhappy protecting their way across lands to not be bothered with them at all. Again over, an existential allows no one to contrive thought about what they do. An existential hates questions about them and just wants to be left alone in it as suffering already and saying "we are here too". I am this also. See the "deluded" as those having struck out three (3) or more times and having received their thoughts in it. The deluded doubt their own abilities as being "dejected" yes or "without the ability to see theirselves winning yet". A plural usually for "dejected" - a group setting sees in this.

wembley really

Today's Reported 05/22/04 1916
Today's balance at bank is two seventy-three ($2.73) again. I tried to write a check (yet an IOU plus twenty-five dollars [$25.00] over the grocery bill as cash - adding first twenty [$20.00] to the bill and then five [$5.00] more and in my head) at Ralph's "Fresh Fare" - a lesser - the other day after two and one-half (2 1/2) years and now they check my account balance it seemed and I left all there to recover later as else as later else (yup, the Christ has to leave bags all the time or from time-to-time in your world). When in doubt as to my survey (yet another approval to seek) I make sure I have a drippy hot chicken in the bag, some self-select produce also as bagged, and other unwieldly masses of hate I usually attend (I make it worth their while too) then I curse it all up and down to damn. Seek service yourself. Do I get mad? Hardly - another gambit. In the meanwhile, all gets covered somehow you see it an unworthy to yourselves each day a precious. We solve yours and yours yet somehow we see it all to you. Malice (taking without seeing how it's done)? I defend my sensibilities here against yours yet. Note: Gelson's (the old Mayfair) on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood didn't use to check your account or checks at all - do well for them. Today it was a walking trip to the bird shop (my favorite bird the frenza died from handling problems? no - in the back yet - a cold it seems), 7-Eleven for a cola Slurpee, Virgin Megastore, and then combo meal number two (2) cheeseburgers at McDonald's with a Coke (the creator-animators of "South Park" Trey and Mat dined nearby as I was "lovin' it" - they work across the street in the "cow" building off Sunset....merely John Ondy has contributed two lines to their show I hate his participation as - see me soon, no revenge higher "he's looking to outline you" they say - eat crabbe before I feed it to you) so you see I'm not starving or anything yet.

To Friend: The Space Between Us 05/21/04 1320
Yes, my fights to you are real and at lunch during my burger. You are principally a liar (one who uses truth to your own ends) and a theft of services (someone who bargains for them instead of paying for to) to me. I cannot tell you why you are what you are, but still seek as unacceptable to me. The space between us is where others fall and they are the source of your very langour (your hating to have). When you are serious about things like I am, you will seek to close that space between us and remove others as such and as so. I don't want them. Until then, see yourself plagued by it and by the decisions made as so. I don't want anything this way either - another plague - but I don't pretend for one minute that I'm not knowing it. Signed, still #1 at Yahoo! with my name and so. "He doesn't want to be bossed around by you." Take your leave soon of it or sift through the ashes of faith. "You have a lexicon [a book you use on everyone to get ahead] against me." You have a problem maintaining your identity here. That is not mine to give you yet. "I don't do anything in anger." You don't anything for fear of having it done to you. That's not me - I'm here. "He's not ready for you yet." Be ready for it anyway - you don't decide these things. Now end this to me soon - or be with it then and permanently at that. Am I mad enough now to prove you? "We're gonna take [an] out on this one." Remember the last time I had you scheduled for a heroined boat ride and you nearly cried? Me too.
My Bank Balance After A Series Of Hurts 05/21/04 1113
After a series of little marks, two dollars seventy-three cents ($2.73). All of me - no you.
eat my shorts up! better meth a comin'

Win A Pair Of Madonna Tix At Yahoo! I Entered Why Not 05/20/04 2110
Yahoo! is having a contest to gift Madonna tickets - two (2) pair each city will win (Madonna says Seattle has seven [7] pair for hosting her once - Seattle is a private organization show due to low attendances in the past - see the U.S. Army for details - with seven [7] other shows like it "and full of costumes", they make people travel for this) - not a big giveaway, but enter until midnight here on 05/21/04 to see it happen maybe to you then. I saw on the news today Madonna preparing "for the new tour" with Scottish lameuls (said "lay-meers" for "sticks") and famures (said "fay-meers" for "kilts") and her dancers ("all fags" she says). That foolage and per her was from the last tour - she prepared with it but did not make it there. Her understudy did it later on. More: Madonna told me last night she likes to get in line at concessions before and after the show and demand t-shirts for free to the point of being a pain-in-the-ass to others. She says she whips around on complaint and announces herself Madonna to the next persons in line and she then collects compliments for the show ("oh, oh - I really liked your stuff" kinda like that - be original). She then turns to the concession host and tries using the trademark code that gets her free t-shirts. "I was told the anticode is 'valley' - isn't that right? The word 'valley'?" The concession host then reveals another word for her to use and on complaint and says "we are only to expect two (2) of these an hour and then we put the red light on above the booth to signal it off - no more of the asking. It's just for promoters and their kids." Madonna leaves with her tees anyway it seems and hands them out accordingly to guests. Now see that. She will "never forgive them for using the wrong words" she says. More: Despite the rules of show tickets awarded, Madonna promoters have agreed to provide limo service to and from the event on the night of. They wait outside for you.

When People Aren't Doing Their Part You Can't Do Yours Either It's By Extension Only Ever So Gives Your Gift Ever A River Runs Through It 05/19/04 1650
Are people bothering you again like you bother me over bills and such they won't let you off the hook again? Never forget that I filed personal bankruptcy early on in 1990's and have done it for others without fail or notice and for a minimal of cost and attorney involvement (no one needs an attorney yet - "they don't pay" who?) A paralegal is about four hundred dollars ($400.00) with court cost included (yours may be less) and for that you get a day in court - really a conference room downtown in a Federal building with someone at a picnic table asking you to say yes to the claims you make - did you did you did you - and then it is over except for a supermarket chain asking you for the watches and phones you bought from them on credit no a gift always given away by you to someone you hate now or forgot about you lose me here. You don't get credit after that kinda unless you're smarter about things, and your paycheck is yours you keep what you're willing to still pay on it's simple it's all for you and never let some pig decide what's yours again unless a personal loan intrudes you should not fuck over people you know really but let steady billpayers who hassle you on the job only pick up the tab for your nuisance once again (remember, yours went to war to fight if only to be with that resentment). Let 'em have it all - so prominent. A cunt hears it again. "We fucked you over - we took everything you made." You got to clean out the house of a dead person like a titmarm stealing bras and got two things you could stand to look at. Those things pleasured me usually only and are badly used to you and endangering also see it. I get new when you're dead enough. Take it all - I still haven't chased you around for your life yet. P.S. NAFTA pays for my site here with you. A couple of old phone boxes across the border in Mexico shift it up to you right so and you agree to make it shine on where you cost. Have it all. Remember, all the laughs, all the cd's, all the dinners, all the late-night fucks, all the drinking, all the drugs, the brand-new apartments and brand-new cars and shoppings sprees and flights across the country crissways three times a year the prayers in the hall the flowers I sent and everything else had by me to complete fucking madness I worked very hard for it all and plan to have it again and just as soon you get shit right out. "Your life is full of shit." I made you look too many times at yourself to buy that one up. I get into trouble trying to make people happy - not like you preying upon them and getting rubbed.

It's One Thing To Say It And Quite Another To Hear It Said 05/18/04 2306
In the vein of reportable Christ venture (me) and truth in lending (know when not to), I now report that I just fell on the sidewalk again (alone - no "chip a tooth" in fear-response). A real slider that wouldn't stop hands, nails - a knee. No ongoing for big dumb cattle on knee buckle, but hear me said tired or on a decline lazy. This is twice now as God - see it. What? I walked out for a Planter's peanut brittle bar (noting also the new rootbeer float Mike & Ike's - a quality therefore - and during my search for the very last bar there) and was eating at the time salidad (remember, a "salivor" need lick its lips at the time you should eat a wanting then even as then having in some, a "salidad" has yours already and eats in haste to avoid thee) on a side street (San Vicente) near the Bel Age Hotel. I suspect no one from the Whiskey in-back actually saw me go down. Funnily enough, two guys on a balcony there at the hotel cheered my prior attempt at walking home just days ago (I almost fell then too - assuredly mindless - but waved in 'hello' to thanks to off a to the curse ever ought). Is it me? I suspect the unseen always and will throw you off the top of a building in New York City as covered in meat for your participation ever once forgiven. Now see that. Be seen.  

A Pair Of Fresh Ones 05/18/04 2141
"Words and word play" - see more here: To "denigrate" another is to assail to the point of having to ask others, to have to doubleback and check their links to pardons everywhere. "Am I wrong?" it says for them. A teacher eats student, principally. To "deprecate" is to make people aware of their surroundings in a questioning manner. "Is this where you belong?" it says to you. Both quite ugly to me. Someone says "You are choosing words against me." That is "dessault" or making one's way among fruits taken or pushing people out of the way while speaking to them. A harming, basically. To be noted in kindness forward, I'd say.

More For Hair Lacking 05/18/04 1800
In addition to eating lemon and lime seeds to build a hair net under the scalp with resins and no heat entry thus, I was also suggested to hold my head-scalp in a body of cool water (yes, upside-down - find important for rise and set of directions) around five pm each day (the end-height of labors knelt or drawn for nothing). Something excessive called "resonant heat" builds up unused there and makes hair burn out. Fact. Never have I done this - my need dictates as yours - and helping the self to beauty isn't as marked a respect for some of. I had beauty - I know this some. Anyway, you chase heat with cold and cold water - not chilled, cold - drives away what ails you in about ten (10) minutes each day. Get serious I'm told and have flakes yet you see (more hair). I've noticed in the winter better woolens - and you?  With respect, and never to mislead. You report else off. More: I see heat as a bent prang that when thrown into cogs shifts them too receptive to. This bent wire has what appears a square on the end that makes having it easy for some at length. This square attaches to things like calcium (two hydrogens bonded forever and nearly flat with hate over it - one day nothing new here our love for it is forever and makes leaves fall by popping open and destroying cuffs or stems to - not yours unless hearing it calls) nicely and that's a problem. Help cold get in and confuse or stave - your needs demand less knowing of and more knowing for what to look for in you. Whatever it does it ain't used or needed but kept closeby for such. Help hand.

Because You Care For Me 05/18/04 1455
Today's checking balance less tax: six fifty-three ($6.53). That is spent of course still pending - the ol' cheesesteak begs you. The parents? Your key: I avoid strenuously to turn down resultant stresses from their reconciliations to "truth" - only always yours - and making you sorry about me again. Why in the world? Would I ask? My truth is that I could be better about things but I don't buy that from you ever - you do as mined. You're still trying to sell me your ellicit (to be asked for) truths. I'm thinking about yet another purchase by and for you as I can. "I can still deny having read any of it. It's safer." No - that's my quote to you.

Something Else To Listen For Sushi King 05/17/04 2155
If you're like me, you hate hearing helicopters overhead and other airhodes making all of that fucking noise (what are you doing? hardly no) - trying to scare us with wartown sounds that feminines my logiforrs. Well, I encircle that shit and blind the sound amply to my liking (you hear what I hear - someone dumb is talking antlers on then thinks if then and an ass) - sounds like I know what to do you wobble and hear all collapse to you a zinf. Keep it up and I'll throw you to land in the ocean. That's where everything I hate goes - in the salt sewer tasted to fish. Never to guess - know better or drown a warning you bells. I don't tell you everything you know. Some you will get. "You are a national threat." I am a world issue, thanklit to bott. My friends need to be better about things or else you get the same stuff still a bargain to me I never let you up and past it a day. Nickle that to my dime don't be cruel about things since less came on your order for more. Slather me a rich I have to each and every a one be it some until done. Some of us done so some. Is it real? "You are not getting away with this." Enter the ring and make that sound for me I'll be in your begg basket for the leftover shells before sooned if and asks you to lay me answers as a sidedish.           

see me hear me fear me

Says The Dark Angel Was Here No Not The Puerto Rican Angel Investigator But Maybe 05/15/04 2139
I'd love to show you all of the things spray-painted here on the streets in Los Angeles pertaining to me your host, but I reproduced one I like (above) that warns you to stay down and away what I call "the dark angel Doug Moon has you surrounded" it's almost sacred Islam warning you everywhere I walk and on foot (mostly a warning to the handicapped that may be in my way at curb cuts or lower edge curbs - convenience and only wells off for bikes, carts sold to a cheatful and suspicioned voming public as "caring" and sharing in the form of handicap routes always a harm-giving to someone less and readily at that - as sure as it is done to you once I do to you twice in the form of taxes and taken higher - and then kudos to the artist Marck Chagelle at Spitz in France). I mean it too. Thanks - I like them all especially the one after this that says "take the crown" in blue as a crown - I certainly will one day. I'll seem to rule you down to it. More: Poking around, someone asks for glow-in-the-dark paint for sidewalks - no such. Add one (1) quart white milk to wet spray paint on top and see it come gently one day. Or apply yellowed glitter liberally and rub it in - a spray bottle may clog but okay for mixing too. Enjoy. No one owns the road there. Glow-in-the-dark spray paint? Never real. It is a hydrogen-coated plastic you seek - not glow-in-the-dark paint. You'd have to make some arrangement with me and I said maybe yet.

"I Hated You" An Ongoing Poem By Doug Moon 05/15/04 1837
To be had with a housepaint saffron (milken drink of watermade), latex flat: "I hated you like Spring-time. Like the color lavender (no again, the jacaranda trees are purple - thanks to not say). Like the smell of a newborn baby if powdered. Like children playing. Like prayer. Like the poor, the sick, the dying. Like a flame barbeque, the french fries at Burger King and In-N-Out. Like a buzzing alarm clock. Like eyeglasses. Like a handicapped person accessing the bus. Like women who died just before accidently inventing the falco rubber."

just like Madonna makes 'em with Pepto Bismol in the center
A Mixed Metaphor Of Adhering To Your Schedule 05/15/04 1225
While I make women bleed oodles and worms like stuck pigs over nonesuch, know that I never have to adhere to your schedule unless you seek to die. Never ask me to I never would ever. There are three (3) pieces you are always missing: Number one (1) - what you need in me out in front; number two (2) my intentions toward you; number three (3) the mind of God that governs it and plagiares you (waxes you insane to it). You lose to me and all three (3) seem vague (missing or never had) - just enough there to make you angry and in me. In the meantime, you bleed, feel awfully hot in the tub of cool, and get stung I hate you for it still making me wait like you wait to eat and sleep then. Two (2) ports guzzle blood to each of then. When I spend two twenty-two ($2.22) at the store to leave six fifty-three ($6.53) in my account, know you cannot have in me left eye blind to as confirm. You are not me and must live as less contributing all the while but you suspect. Never would I would I grace you without tricks and fore then. You will work for me then - won't you? We are not friends to this. "Tell people what you're talking about." It's simple - jail time and thuggery (nevermind Moon's - you gonna be baking some of them pretty dark-as-shit cookies, Bitch, with the flowers on there). See you eating more shit. See me happier without it. I will kill you for this shit in my time as - know it. Update: Six fifty-three ($6.53) less a five forty ($5.40) cheesesteak leaves now one thirteen ($1.13).

let no one decide me

Ten Whole Minutes Of Harry Potter 05/14/04 1724
See here the latest "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban" preview at ten (10) minutes long care of AOL.com singing my name and all. You may hafta sign in (apparently it's not you). More: Hi to Ashley (the girl wearing my jeans, no appliques - bit of a flare says it) we never ignore you but look to see - you are fourteen (14) now or simply lying. Fine. Saw your grandmother "Ayn Rand" worshipping an idyl thought (beseeching a god - "why her in me?") in "Jason And The Argonauts" the other night on tv. Jason - attractive enough - was Michael "Tyrone" Power. I found that out too. Died of old age at ninety-six (96) in Paris, 2003. An expatriate (um, "a liking") of ours that refused to fight in our wars. My quote: ? More: "No one refused to fight. I lost my life to you twice now - enough." His mother entered his grave here in Hollywood by drugs. You see it. Elizabeth Taylor did it to her I hear - another liking. Actress Stockard Channing ("Grease", "To Wong Foo")? Their daughter. Isn't it obvious?

Today's Balance Or Update 05/14/04 2127
Twenty twenty-three ($20.23) drops down to eight seventy-five ($8.75) for today with monthly fees of five ninety-five ($5.95) pending soon but no see one direct deposit by the Federal government a rebate nullify that charge each for a one. Made that chicken tarragon dish last night (per the recipe's makings) at great expense and we ate it all up with genuine hand-harvested Minnesota-grown wild rice a plastic sandwich bag of it we keep in the freezer like little brown sticks. We put a whole saucepan with chicken broth in the oven and I burned my mitt having some. No problem though.

more to come

Three More Words For The Day 05/13/04 2318
If you are "astute" it means you carry a big stick to abuse others even if you don't have what it takes to resolve their differences with you. An "astute" (a verbform or "doing to you" type in review) harms people for being wrong and wasting their time accordingly. To "margin" is to seek that what is above others - to have theirs too by doing so, by keeping them down and smarter as such with lesser efforts. "Catacombs" or for ancient Latin makes you "meet us here [as in the dark]" if you are afraid to talk to us. It is for homosexuals only.

The Tales Of Rose Marie 05/13/04 0941
If you've ever seen Rose Marie on the "Dick Van Dyke Show" or "Hollywood Squares", then you know another person in my family. Rose Marie is my aunt Pat's mother Janice Maguire (maybe spelled different now a divorce sees it). Pat, my godmother, is married to my father's brother Eddie. Right now, Jan's son Jerry Stills (a half-brother to Pat - the parents divorced soon enough sure) is playing her viciously in syndication and I laugh he is so ugly at her. Jan married Jerry Stills (actor-director Jerry Stiller) after divorcing a guy named "Augie" and then another guy named Ben Maguire who fortuned-raised Pat. Augie is here now as a young guy - a very young guy named Bryan who is a friend to us yet. I hear that Dick Van Dyke filmed all of that show in 1963 at a house in Greensville, Connecticut and then left it for dead. I believe it - a New York stage review only. Mary Tyler Moore is Jerry's dead daughter returned yet from a car accident in 1962. He directed that show. Quoting Rose Marie to my father "Don't tell people we know each other - we don't know each other that well, right?" She was always around when I was little. The little black bow was for Augie who left her a cute gay with us now.

just like you thought they'd be

Back To Popular Chicken Tarragon
05/12/04 1748
If in need, make these: Take four (4) chicken breasts and brown them as chunked or cut up in a skillet with (2) chicken bullion cubes to salten. Add one (1) jar of artichoke hearts, drained (as Progresso perhaps) and a single (1) teaspoon of ground black pepper. Cook lightly to saute or heated mix and then add one (1) tablespoon of tarragon - a popular spice - and another one (1) shortly thereafter. Once heated again, add one half (1/2) pint of heavy whipping cream and bring all to boil to serve. Serve over hot rice we use wild enough. Your taste may differ then. Source? A friend and long ago with the pepper and second tablespoon of tarragon now made an optional by the above (our recipe may to be improved by these). Inspiration by and from Dean & Deluca's Spring 2004 catalog just received and the cover so sly. Inside, see "Flower Power Cookies" (not available online at the site but call) baked by Madonna herself in the morning she says. "You hafta let them cool for a long time to get hard, but I escaped judgment with them." Oh, she gets sued by people and baking cookies is a way out. She can delay the courts "forever with them" she says. Donna Delory's little girl eats cookies each year. Last year she got four hundred eighty dollars ($480.00) with their efforts made. At forty-five dollars ($45.00) a tin plus next-day delivery stipulated, few people will be knocking on Madonna's door for money or milks made proper. Madonna's daughter Alyssa (the black girl in "The Craft" called Rachel True is borne by Delory and traded, kinda - Max Weiger Neil's assistant - cute guy - is the father) - there were three (3) of them actually - milked a cow with Delory's girl and fed her milk directly from at a farm in Vermont - a girl's school event from 1998. The judgment of such exceeded five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) this time because "Madonna sets these things up when she talks to people" according to an opposing lawyer. It is noted that she, Madonna, bakes each weekday morning between nine and ten sometimes with Neil and Lisa her daughter's friend and other offenders on hand ("be on time" Beverly Hills, Burbank). Madonna owns Dean & Deluca and makes alot of money with cares for. P.S. Madonna Inc. bakes the gift box of macaroons found online also (Order #379231 at twenty-five ($25.00) dollars a box). Have some.

Update From The Bridge 05/12/04 1615
I wrote YourGiftCards.com yesterday and told them it has been eight (8) weeks since my Target card was labeled "shipped" (we noted this together on 03/11/04 here at my site) and still no bother from them. This is our world today - everything turns out just as bad as you thought it could be and more. I asked to get this whole affair over with as fraud basically (note: a fraud doesn't deliver to people's expectations - it always requires more of them), but I hope to be able to "deliver better" in noise to this rather than what I have to say now. Stay tuned as nothing heard or delivered yet on an impossibly bad deal no one wanted to be bothered with at first on 11/19/03.

cotton balls stuffed in the back suggest more of less

The Trial Of Amos And Andy 05/12/04 1328
Everyone knows that Amos and Andy (sic) used to be a problem for black folks. One - Amos - was my father doing shtick, the other my grandfather. They did radio, they did film, they did tv, but none got famous until Neil's dad (pictured at back) stepped in and made those fools soar with his likenesses of blacks. He kinked his hair with a lead iron, he killed women with his fists, and he made other things happen too. Neil and I talk to each other all the time like we know how to do it, but with a wink and smile just know from where divinity falls. My grandfather? Yup - my mother's father did Desilu too, but tells no one of it. Sure - his brother penniless yet and still working on California ideas in Texas and New Jersey the draw being New York City and esteemed Catholicism from France, really ("we had to be Catholics or we don't play"). All bargains to saint really. More: The name "Amos"? From a jar of mayonnaise found in Trenton, New Jersey - pre-Hellman's or Best Foods brand here in California (remember, the difference being Hellman's is "stirred" in England and France - oh - their part propered). My father's father believed that blacks made "Amose" mayonnaise and they loved it so they said. An "amose" - an "egg-lover" in France - eats mayonnaise. See some under "visual flaws" starring Paul Pivarnik (my uncle) and John Ashton - both replacements. Note:  No one admits to this stuff - they got fucked royale by hateful niggers chased around then blubbery crying - you know how it goes they didn't mean to hurt anyone neither did I some hurt of me still I wander. Instead, look at that picture again. That shit is fucking brilliant, really - a thousand words of praise and sad. Blacks know it's a greatness and so it goes to black (a burberry if ever there was one, really - what does that mean?) Colored me impressed you hate a success but still in comes and sucking for its very eggs. No one knows so tight of the hole that holds it. "It was over." Sure - a few sad sacks trying to keep it all going like they were really there simply hittin' it. The shame of it so saidly. "What would you do?" Having renounced all stake and claim, vindicate my successes by holding out for harm and hurtful ways. That paid me twice and lived once if so well you'd see. Tip: A desk job is truly glamourous to sol-some - if you like your margarine just a' hintin' at butter's butt-worth, that is. Now spread 'em thin just a pit o' pat of the havin' saned and nothing yet's next. "Wash tit." Shrimp tax: "They don't get to profit at all." You get to see the rich spend in their vanities (passed a screen test by sucking all of their dicks at least each night by horn of little scented candles - a non-dairy "amery-vanillan", I believe - see "Moon Electric" buried with gravy bells and lid savurrs ends all that viciousness to twisting virtually forever pops it off with gentles a sucking). Some say the "candid" Bonnie Franklin ("One Day At A Time") made the most ever. I believe that selling Bac-O's on tv "baconsway? smells like a pork belly to me your jacket"). They had real talent though.    

Resounding From A Bit Of Stress Obviously You Lost Two Ports Yesterday Me Too 05/11/04 2145
I was talking to others (we use the word "other" to describe othersome, others) today about them having lunch at the personable Pioneer Boulangerie on Main Street in Santa Monica (having once crossed over the highway on 4th Street nearing the civic center at turn to regain beach territory from PCH what crosses under it - ask me how I know then taking the aforenamed Pico to Main then left at once on right) and the street name called "Pico" (say "peek-o") came up. How ugly that. More importantly, and back to, the Pioneer Boulangerie is a lovely cafeteria-style bakery perhaps in other locations also but once features a nice outdoor mexican-tile patio with creeping vines kinda birds, song - you dupe. One of the first places - including Junior's delicatessen on Westwood Boulevard at Pico - that I dined in once here in LA. Two goodies I remain yet impressed. I hope the Boulangerie is still there and fit - a beauty to have in visitors (Neil - you own this? not yet). Anyway, "Pico" is named for the French-Spanish "piccone" and that suggests you leave your name at the door for yours yet. To "piccone" - a verb - is to "choose one [for you alone to have forever then] for your type of person. A builder's paradise once with model homes on the horizon. You drove there as once approved by "Olympic" Boulevard - a banking center only - to then choose your model in places such as "Mandalay Bay" (now Pico resins or just north of here yet). No one escaped the army building homes here and paying you back for war's pleasures at hand. Have it all they said and we stayed to see it done again and again. Have that and Pioneer Boulangerie now confirmed to be Neil's and mine too. After: There is a great pastisserie "Elysee" on Gayley Avenue at Kinross Avenue in Westwood Village too. Their stuff is so good I ate them out at lunch every day. Sometimes at breakfast too.

There's No Such Thing As Lover's Day 05/09/04 1055
What does that mean? I warn people about being freaks (I call it being "goldenteam" - you like being "abnormal" or "done without regard for others - spacious in your breath of", "limno" or "limits none" freaks). Did you call your mother today? I did - I didn't send a card ("The Darknests Knowing Holme" by C. LeRahenourt to B.J.Baskins how and if that is living well - doing everything the right way per expectation so is paying your bills on time I know you got it real good like that) so I called to chat and that eases a bit of neuterdon. I was telling people that no one was prettier than my mother growing up and I meant it. Otherwise, I hold my tongue your father a kiln (um, a hot god). Oh, sure - yours (your mother) was pretty too competitively in a stim sense (um, a way that interests you alone). Can I take a compliment (can you agree and let me off the hook)? Sure. Your mother....had beauty but she got old. The hair is short, the makeup light - she could still attract your hurt for the finals done down to it nobody came to free you (you'll be there). I used to think two ugly people made attractive kids. Had to stop saying that think they kill some too waiting to see something a bit nicer more like them. Never mind about us - we'd work harder for you but we've been enjoying your wares for years you are better it seemed of us to say grant that one just. In Heaven we just laugh and then promptly kill that to end this finally. Beauty just upped and died it crapped - just like a magnet falls.       

to burn you right up

No One Needs This To Be Let Me Show You First 05/07/04 1708
I had another dream about someone I don't need in my life hurting me it was Freddy Kreuger again. I left someplace at night sobbing for it upon exiting looking up it was if all the stars shone brightly for me every one and I could see beyond the grave (I could see the smokeness and orbs of space lying beyond with additional focus). I can't ever get this right. An abandonment? I'll meet that head-on with a swarm of bees each time or leave it to rot off the bone. We'll train this off fast. I don't love to live and be this. See someone we hated loving  - a bald man no less as if to save on fuel - burn right up in Faultine's video cover of the Rolling Stones "Wild Horses" - do it right here I got notice in the mail from Coldplay (see a new Pet Shop Boys trife too - one dead now "returning never" she says of). Chris Martin to you directs. Void: This video features someone sitting but lying in a wrecked car as if damaged somehow - a real showboat we see - while someone new hurts beyond their need to see it. The yellow glasses on the car's supposed victim suggests a jaundice toward us long before we meet and we crucify ourselves for having been - but not before setting blaze to it as black or thus badly beaten. Who do you long for this time? In my head, I want a blaze again and I hear it say "there better not be ignition here...there better not be." You see it to first then, Freddy. For the day and that certainly means I cared alot as to the outcome.

to the top of the moon!

I Don't Believe It's Over Even Yet 05/07/04 1350
Thanks to the cast of "Friends" for a lovely parting shot all of that pastiche. I enjoyed you all last night. Of course, I get lots of reads in the head on that stuff (like yourselves, all mean) and will highlight some later e.g., the sets being a "rubberind" or folded flat-capable on two and one-half (2 1/2) trucks for thirteen (13) locations of filming at years nine point six (9.6). You hafta paint it all again the set it cracks apparently so keep plenty of tempura around. Also see then that August 2003 was ten (10) years but less hiatus that is not working each we count it no vacations not paid. Again, who am I as cast? Chandler only. More: Do I know the cast? Yes-a-do. We talk in the head and let me tell you - they are that for real. I like them all. If singer Chrissie Hynde is Terri Garr's daughter, who is Lisa Kudrow's mother? The same. But Chrissie adopted Lisa and her twin Becky both on the show and both at eighteen just short (< 18) when the mother failed again somehow in 1976. Chrissie Hynde is at least ten (10) years older than me, actually, and was twenty (20) when this happened to us. "You put in little tidbits that are not meaningful to us. Do more." How about this: I thought Oprah was pure bullshit when she said she wanted to be a "friend" on the show [that name pitched eternally a loser thus made new]." I think she succeeds me still, and true to form, a producer of the show '0' integrity - Q: "How much can I get for forty grand? Seriously." A: See it all right here one day. What you wanted to see: Your hate. Okay, you got tons of flowers at your last show - nineteen (19) baskets of death lading "thanks" from various producers all discarded on-the-spot nearly except for one from Kasgaye Entertainment "our former management [Roseanne] - it was meaningful to us she really hates us for doing well with that and buying her out in many aspects." Eternally no from the top - she's huge and still fatter with cash and surplus. She can afford you yet and one day you find out who paid your bills - her as "Tom Gay" only. Did you see her kids - they have careers like yours all but paid for. No one wants them either - so what? You choose from your choices made for you - hence. Now, the network reports you each as having made four million ($4,000,000) tops. Half that yet and good enough. Remember working is lifting. No - having to be there.   

Today's Report
05/07/04 1326
Twenty-three cents ($0.23). Remember, Screentool from Citrus is what I use to take what I want from your Internet site, visually speaking.

from pigs to pockles a cameo of sorts

Another Firmly Duped
05/06/04 1905
Actress Daryl Hannah is also to be counted a man among males. A beautifully done model male made female. See that (and yes may JFK, Jr. pardon me again...) The last time I saw Daryl was on IFC's Dinner For Five that show where up to four (4) celebrity types sit and eat together with host Jon Favreau (Milton Dims - say that last name "dimes" a Hershey person and filmed in Stockton, PA some) but in a studio as you watch-listen then. Hers? Marilyn Manson in full makee and "comist" Andy Dick nude-weather. Seems came up one short of celebrity on that one I think. Should have invited me. More: See Kate Hudson too - also a man in drag. A real man? Well, I'm thinking to myself I know that girl (she's cute kinda) from somewhere. Yeah - Mother Lode - it's my longtime friend the notorious RANDY HART. RANDY HART! How dare you.....nearly twisted my tit off one day at the bar - a greeting of sorts (ask him to laugh so strange - it hates people). Good going no one believes me anyway Timothy in Pittsburgh forever now but proud, I'm sure ("a jerk" - I know, but never boring - our key to fulfillment). Randy I hear fatally was dead from illicit drugs (um, cocaine - see a healthy habit dead in about nine [9] years it tells you daily the east coast will kill you for it - "keep a healthy head" as instead he says for longevity they know about it all the dead) in New York June 2000 came back 2002. Poor bitch...welcome back always asking people like me "are you on crystal [my recommend]?" Not to yet then.

Never Threaten To Tell Me Anything Or See It Here 05/06/04 1822
While napping today, my father is telling his end of it even as I threaten to tell his life story in briefs. Oh, when he was nineteen (19) years old, someone threw a bucket of wedgewater (bleach and alcohol) into his convertible while he slept. That led to a false claim of theft (he wouldn't pay for the car not nearly) and police finding the car in his grandfather's garage in Newtown, PA three (3) months jail each care of Cadillac they had some selling newsstocks (papers for the rich - you couldn't just buy some without ID and must through the U.S. Army for the first year). Oh, that led to a stint doing hogs in Virginia. He started out small on his uncle's farm in Dayton and soon, with a wiggle of the head from farmers like they do, he had three (3) or so farms feeding pigs and hogs to full breadth. Oh, one sale goes bad with no clipping of the feet (they get worms for being dirty on ground - no thanks) and you take ten dollars ($10.00) off per head they were worth twenty ($20.00) only so bad. Three thousand (3,000) head that mattered some. From then, he tried cleaning the feet and promptly got bit on the cheek by a porkstress done down too hard. Now you see it better the lengths gone through. Oh, then car washes to free you of filth and working all day. After all, you had a bad drug habit (red beauties to get you up down - see the bumps all over skin from cornstarches within) that required your utmost attention even on slow days there. Reaching for your rubber gloves (your hands - like mine from doing dishes today) in a backened bucket one day saw a hidden snake and yet another bite to the upper cheek and lower left hand. Rattlesnakes - they love the rubber of bananas to yet. More to come?  Hi Chris. Love to John...not really yet. I hear your dad is making rubber shoes at a time. A lighter touch.

Time And Time Again You See 05/06/04 1750
My good friend Jason Erickson (um, Spike Jonze) just stopped me on the street yelling "douglas moon!" as I walked to get a bottle of soda (Vanilla Coke thanks....tropical Starbursts) from Pavilions - my checking account balance then? Twenty-three cents ($0.23)! I said "Oh, you got your car back" as I hopped in for a ride there. He said "no" and he was right that was a blue Honda Electra (a near-gas hybrid at over forty grand) - this one is a lime-colored Del Sol. It's been a while for us and I demanded mind restore him in faith to the vicinity. There he was and riding on "E" with me. He said something weird about the "rabbits" on my site we are both disconnected in the head kinda and that he couldn't paste a note here at my site because he was at a friend's oh that shit again......."don't write no Doug Moon from here" or live like that or see him come.  

Get Paid For Your Suggestion Just As I Give My Opinion Is Paid For 05/05/04 1443
I get e-mails (from a failed government within it) that say "Get Paid For Your Opinion" to only insinuate that I should hold my perspective until perhaps a purse of yours opens stingily and I've tasted of your vagina's own withholdings. No thanks let's just say it. As usual, my opinion is a self-extracting archive at once ballooning in your face to deliver what could not be sent without getting to "unnoticed except to you" as addressed at in reverse. I get paid instantly as the light shines on and either you bark the fuck down (I'm all B.F. Skinner still at school - negative reinforcement is my number one trick-task to it and then see little to absolutely no recidivism - worked on me no hint slight enough) or I get to know things better. I focus on delivering better and at point for the both of us yet. I'll be adjusting the voltage accordingly as you cheese me around the bank. Rule: E-mails to here with your hints-extracts enclosed lead to me hooking you up to the voices outside your window at night, vaginal odor in the office environment (may to I suggest FDS powder-sprinkle for the carpets and as vacuuming rather than saying whom - bring anything else before me and only in God's world do you see my care while I laugh hysterically listening in at inordant females how-to broaching the subject with other lamms), probably alot more god-type talk before pleasures seen, a fish tamer on the underbelly. When you see mine opinion in print, always think less to yours a bladder error yet I read every one of mine and laugh.   

Weekly Update Seen Daily 05/05/04 1104
"The most you can ask of somebody is that they take care of theirself." That's me. My account balance today after rest and sweets remains at twenty-three cents ($0.23). See with me. My father states "He tells people he hates them. No one is going to pay him for that." A dying man's accord (agreement over to you then) with self. You don't pay me here, you leave me to it. A woman's employ in the languages of hate-having and cooperative and thus compulsory natures and as you retired from life and living then? No - this could make sense, somehow. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I was just looking and penniliess but need-free at the latest MacMall catalog (ask to be for mailing list as best - catalog request at bottom of page for Mac and PC versions but onward) and reconnected with their clean and enjoyable photoshopping experience (and maybe definitely better than the store they have on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica - see too Fry's Electronics an "electronic" supermert on Hollywood Way out in Burbank towards the airport for Apple mixes mert sold cheaply). Thought they MacMall were lying low or something - maybe just me. I still like to see it all done well then.     

Like Shitflies Use Green Mirrors To Signal A Bapped Brownage To Sunworshippers Perhaps Dining To The Sound Of After-Night's Becomb 05/03/04 1423
Listen to this pile of ass shapp (if nothing I want ever then): "Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)" Crap. Success settles for less every time you side with it. "Mr. Wagner has beautiful moments but bad quarters of an hour. - Gioacchino Rossini (1792-1868)" Dillaroccio did great things and was thus left to the task of beauty's sake made. To settle then spend with but a care to ask if behind then so are to be made. "The mistakes are all waiting to be made. - chessmaster Savielly Grigorievitch Tartakower (1887-1956) on the games opening position" I don't know about mistakes so much - the error-free are plaguing me with how they did it and I keep them cherished in two toils one of them I found by mistake you were simply then correct to ardor nor minds by it. "In any contest between power and patience bet on patience. - W.B. Prescott" Silent the bedwetter - beat after drum. "Anything that is too stupid to be spoken is sung. - Voltaire (1694-1778)" Can I fuck my mother? You know we don't care it is still told to you somehow. Nobody else is coming, are they? Not after exactly that. "Now now my good man this is no time for making enemies. - Voltaire (1694-1778) on his deathbed in response to a priest asking that he renounce Satan." Can you imagine taking off from your visual-empty mordone to have that stuff over? So good each one you had to tell me I die in it your muni-art slaps at the ass. What is an idyllwild? A creepy inhuman freak (perhaps if at a bear) that shows up and cries unbearably if hear you. The eyes......all white in little creepy strips so shit you blade. You made me cry it seemed.    
Let's Finish Up Them Words 05/02/04 1439
Let's round up the rest of these grives and then you too may know norla non: a "borchledad" (said "bor-leh-dad") sits by while you innocently struggle with details a true superiority might want for hardly to possess; an asshole of usual revealing technique we stain thee up and then down to you wins this back the lackluster you learned nodo and later and that. Give your one gift and be done with it a salsa at a wedding plan. A "wickerham" your own blend version of nothing order-wanted given hastily and striped plaid for mixing and matching with solid distemper and misfortune rising. A candiedlans of self expressing at just that each more of a child act prodigy of sample wastes and textral definish. Ends to where others may begin. A whole tube of it squeezed up the ass that samples cornish plates. The "studioguest" is like any neutral color - just that and serving a higher purpose yet to be done if you say it well. Sure Bellawondra - it was that easy and you - a rising technology-authorb that delivers fralish papers in the morning while you shit your pants from comma.dot coffees, the cold marshel, half to ringing anal supressions, or that punch to the gut you took from that guy who told you not to make surmy declaratives by asking a question of it first then saying something more to. No one is special enough to the rising seemed once welled at marmels studioguest and as long as they remain snefly entrusted to self such pearl an emerges to within as bun-husk and grap-kernel mades and to greet that a shinted greeny cob. Sticks it in himself it seemed then - it worked like that it was nothing borbes asking how we could know these without having to saymes this sort of you someone new to come light your snap-matless on fire so burned it back buckles. You, the asten "congradong" ask people if it hurts while you pry tires off the rim with a lampshade and tooth melvin. Pick pick pick we hate your ways and now you know you are that nuts because you drove off with the cigarette lighter burning fastidios off of your lips. Eat cabbage and then ask why anyone has fish on the mind - to eat scales while they smack oranges around for being pure to the gill if hard on the midtch-lowarbt pinner hamm (a bolt of bringle). Drive away to your pre-found destiny horpe - a circular Pep Boys full of your kind of spare parts mostly samper-fuels and do-it-to-yours, elf some of them aitchkins are missing belted fur and your maxtox eases if each sense betittled women reclining at ease for horns shop. The "charobell" never stops trying to get your attention for no such bargain. If you refuse, more banging and trying to know your ways. The "charobell" has what you like and sees you to it anyway. Never a friend - a foe - now just admit it. Sometimes we feed the bears and the charobell screams "not today - we ate it already!" If the "icipordou" (said "e-c-por-doo") asks to use your bathroom, ask if you may leave it out in the open afterwards. The "icipordou" asks "is it me?" but to anyone else but the offended. Ask me next time you know better. A "xialage" is a complete waste of time. We ask to know not, but the "xialage" (said "zy-ledge") insists we ask again to know it just once better. Ask again and hear the xialage speak. "Borrs-cinchmeat" is a word we use to describe used not. "Borrs-cinchmeat" gets it over with fast by not being useful for much that isn't tourded or made fast. Another waste of time by being adjunct or just next to my need. Will not work for you. The "porcelada" is far too old to know better and makes its time by having you near. The "porcelada" (said "por-chel-lah-dah") asks to know you better but provides nothing in return but spots of behavior and wile away your need. Ask to know more and kill the porcelada dead again to rise yet on another day made yours. Ask again to feel the need of nothing made yours. Suffer a money-hungry made here. If "quismers", see your fate as asking no one for anything, but insinuating they to respond. Quismers are always the same - standing around and making faces at others while they do. A fool's time maker. If you don't know what you're doing, ask for quismers to help out by making those faces at you again - they're good at it. The makers of any "oolivagimeal" know you hate the taste, but maybe welcome them back to make more. Stingy and makes for a little to go a long, long way by not having sensed afoot. Stop here cook less (see Chin Chin without Wolfgang Puck, see fish oils added to your food elsewhere but named to me - an "ooli" eats it anyway, is Polish as "oulits" said "ool-leets"). The "menguslifesort" eat crap to make faces at you having something similar. They think all life is the same and what they hate is now what you hate. Show them how it worked by "'menguling" or insisting upon your way no matter what you used it last. A "mengul" never asks and never takes tips in Jewishland - they know what to eat: theirs. A "toolfinch" begs, borrows and steals no matter what you made for them. The toolfinch can't stand that you got it first and works around you somehow. A fool's bargain to it.

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Your Link To Madness April 2004 It Is May
Oh, another month ceases to be real to me the time flies and I wonder where it will end all me but know it is does not for me more life than life given sees me. I am not routined here either I do as I please but ask for all like you shall or maybe not Ondy's got out from underneath me you see yet how good people may shine I rationalize the rising and set of the moon but I am confused still of maybe you see it. Let's laugh together as I visit my path and ruin ways around this. Let's visit together I did my part for chrissakes did you? Be free of me then. Be free to be this without being nagged all the time by women or such. Be free then.