pray-see the new may 2014 page deadlines just constant updates and review for mercy its sake

mother's day is sunday may 11...annie, get your gun

thank you, no: no banners ever pay, but among cancels is office depot - you can use that one the red box to be found on other pages i don't work for you ever...

'cinco de mayo' (satisfaction or 'thinking on my own') celebrates having a place to be should ours fail - which is it? only a witch makes you choose, maybe you cast a spell or two and have to have some both - so crazy and believing of it, you throw yourself in the pot to no meaning...

some who care or 'the cat from outer space': if you're like me or major houlihan (major? a corporal unstated that shoots people in their sleep as signaled 'we're not here to live' she adds), you're being subjected to shows with no further of note is 'mash' no way i really live with all the things you fight-fought for and i hate 'mash' like homos hate 'the sting' but here i sit ('sad + ugly' with moorehead seeking alan alda type = sensitive subject mater it helped me at church i never pray or go)...why? the bald english fervor all that exists of mcclean stevensen 'mr. clean' as jean (josephine) the comet plumber no moles did we say? like gary numan he went flying on success's humble note and crashed to the tune of $47,000 in 1978 breathing the fumes purposely...mcclean ours...the other never jerks off i can tell...kotter by the way is expensive reveal - you never wonder about gabe kaplan because you are that...mia...

tony or 'told to me' awards - you get around by word of mouth 'being welcomed' the word bugs me...tony means 'well-dressed' too...plays in new york get the awards and that is a long crawl from getting to known...they complain of 'ascap' too well known and no pay for it...

lo! a great 'look' (like the eyes of the dead - more than you think)...that beige dot is not filth in the background - is a clever doorknob stopper ('mini' stopper then as overly note someone a garbage back from the trash 'i'm not really here')
caution everything is mirror and thus wildly changed in perspective the eye is gifting and unique too all to be vaunched

and behold, fool
these were given to me by my mother while in florida this past november...cvs had 'em < $20
they are supposed to magnify sights like binoculars (movies? something else related to testing sight also seem), but hassle me a bit with hardware - i wear 'em to sing as a little distil or creating resonance then, a little costuming (be plain on your own - you still have the time)
they are not made too well, and i replaced their side screw caps with my own wingnuts and caution myself the metal near eye...we work with you still but nothing out of sorts is allowed to remain
i marvel over products that resist the flow from regular or standard use to be down and outward 'no one lifts anything up to the world' - dM and yet they have it, its use

'eat at the y' if vanity kills, cautions me...the 'y' ymca in hollywood i visited nights ago just the out of doors seems clean but dominated by its retinue or seen-by youth
much like lesbians ('le sabiens' the same beings that's french less savor, savior) i'm humbled by short hair the longer and of curls is like being an angel but straddles the fine line between placesetting and welcome and the lemon of driving fame divorcee

i have lots of cameras but discriminate widely...uniden security works in the fucking dark - note that - also note any wires are to led (light emitting diodes, what are both solid state and integrated for logics or switching and flow charts) and must be connected negative to positive (as wires get threaded some) laying on lit circuits a small loop (like shark guts) downline then back up to and through as such like phones-amps adding volumes-text for distances or listening outward

some more phantasm-type footage - this, civil war era made this year january 12-13
chock full of personality, the tall man turns it on here (a little nervous-type laugh 'someone should be smarter' i say)
i believe this is filmed for the smoke happening 'adds distance' but the sights are carried some...' i talk with elders of a gentle race | all will be revealed ' para norming with led zeppelin 'kashmir' dirt and sand blowing in my face butchering ourselves in a dimension only
a class war

visit fingerhut for style and class

that means about $2 for each grande cup ($4.45/2 or $2.23 roughly tax included) - we'll be there
the official begin of summer is memorial day the last monday of the month and officially is june 21 if taking some of september in
then back to basics school gets out june 23 worldwide (is a monday, so reach back for some fiddle faddle)

the '99 only' store on labrea raged me yesterday with not having iced treats i sighted just days before (coming from mcdonald's palace, i saw richard coming from that general direction and blamed him a nonsense do-gooder with three hours in management style to spare prior) - they even moved the freezer on right of their side entry...luigi's four-pack italian ices cherry (see gelsons, ralph's) and blue icee's (ralph's)...i went to ralph's up the street and paid their discounts instead...note the unlabled busstop is at the northeast side of labrea and santa monica (near rite-aid)...

another thought pursuit, these at city target beverly connection only - still taste like lemon only? show me all others
got me a long body pillow for $9.99 (you can get that at price at any target) for my blue cowboy pillow cover
p.s. you can get the limited edition watermelon oreos at amazon - for a price

on lacienega's north side, a straw-stuffed snake being placed in a tree
remember, straw is wheat stalk cut and left with water to be with the sun, hay is alfalfa

progress on trader joe's this last day of april - it also cost us the yukon mining company a sit-down restaurant for gold prospectors and a sore loss (on right)
i think the last thing that happened there was burgermeister george foreman-joe frazier kicking someone's butt again - he was there often enough
this is next to warner brothers studio lot at cbs on santa monica their mainstay an army palace

these mirrors are still at-large at aaron brothers and are priced in-store as follows $50, $40, $30 and usually with coupon discounts afoot
mine, the $40 medium one, was way too cheap at about $11 with an in-store reduction and with a 50% sunday paper coupon afoot - a bit selfish of me yet

note 1: love connection 8224 santa monica has great underwear stuff including nets and knightsbridge or what suits of armour wear underneath - variety like crazy pair with trashy lingerie on lacienega

note 2: stud 'pussycat' theatres on santa monica have all-nighters on friday and saturday nights (you to enter before 3 am $18 with in-and-out priviliges all night) the website not functional yet...maybe during these hours

this is after all night this egg candle burned a damned good value
no more now...seagram's '7' $5 monaco liquors santa monica and lacienega a 7 & 7 (seven and seven) a drink for someone at arrive
'don't waste my sincere effort again' it says
in the post office on the radio it sounded like coldplay singing 'porgy & bess' all drawn out 'i loves you porgy' but something else...annoying scents

kotter equals george steinbrenner-seinfeld jason alexander...yep woodman is the real guy but not as so named...all crowned travolta king at the time but see fat asses now and chubby like dirt - hair on fire with one in high school is that old marcia strassman but jan smithers...he gets $40 every show aired and in residuals all get paid...a true success i think the girl from brooklyn is kaye ballard...kotter is either jason alexander or in kiss all jewish schooteachers from brooklyn...he is you feel better, huh...

'keep in mind people have a place to be - you don't make it' - dM another lost soul?

'when a woman leaves, a page turns...when a man leaves, the book closes' - dM a paragraph starts with a new thought being held, maybe by someone else

q: 'drunken indians' in florida? oh. sounds right...'california keeps sending 'em, but we make 'em'...god again...that's best to avoid the rain?

to thee wed: 'the hot cocoa don't bring 'em back like the wintertime don't make 'em write' - dM black/white get it?

'nigger, please' or 'more work, less buckle' - note the post office's smallest box to send (not the video box, fool - that's a letter with pills in it still cheaper than fedex and still is prompt) is now $12.35 (for one weight-dimension or twenty cents more, however, you see it - i go blind removing a small bottle of alcohol for the asphalt in the parking lot and also having to teach our small lesson about engraving and engaging your mind i didn't ask you to summarize all available within the package yet spiderman did - why are you here?) but now includes $50 insurance and tracking - i don't want that stuff every personal letter has it at the door and has pure cash in it...make me pay you you'll do can always do more for the money (moneygrubbers or people who order luxuriously from the value menu on your dime always lock you out with services - i hadda pay by check for newspapers last week...i don't wanna 'renew' my subscription online i just pay them through the end of the month you'll receive well first...they sign on the other end of the month to get you paid like anyone gets paid no need to hop yet...these are the same fuckers from jail hounding you by phone for some lackluster or woman sitting in her own shit don't need love, you need another beating you'll get it too signed b.f. skinner 'there is no design in the flaw of having it' + 'meat equals mind - you meet the old yellowed newspaper out in the sun' - dM nothing is in my name, fool - i'm a big deal

from the 'pubes aren't hair' department - i gotta go so bad
i rolled up all of her skin and put it in the glove compartment with her favorite pepperjack cheese inside? why engines don't work - the human body has resident or square-tagged heat in it that gets wiped off elsewhere like a sticky booger i'd say
like snot, you gotta get that out by force of wrought (holding one nostril closed while blowing the other - who does this? achoo says 'a jew' i take exception with those who take exception i hear you are a lesbian there are none 'til i make one for me p.s. a crucifix says 'i like men'? it says 'i know what you like secretly and i just killed it' the only one despite no pedals or flowers) and not just an expectorate (medical-ish syrup or pills asprayed with corn starch another puddin' priests goggle flying out with)...
buy new, never drink dark-potted (holy) water ('best' yourself), and buy new or may a soda-pop window across all faces present cut your throat out or i'll smack a glass in your face just that one blooded thorn in your lip (some hafta see, some hafta be - you hadda risk it, i'm guessing m/f 24-30 no femmes fats or queers - no cursive, no blowing the self or father)
we don't do anything for you - i don't wanna look at it (that old nose you got back or pile of clothes-body parts you dropped off to suspect i'm only mad at all getting 'rich' but sees doppelganger 'kittycorner' ??? not the office cash pot you touch lightly to oppress all (um, 'chatecorner') someone you murdered getting to be you? don't feel sorry i have it all pressed and pushed down you guess about me now)...

to be as more, after the windfall: these candles (debi lilly this for someone just as new) burn forever and please me as such but in your house after hours and hours is like a shiny green apple dished on a plate....prim! and although you unknowingly requested 'the blue one' mine is green, fool

this an example of the boiled corn husk fabric i told you about a long way ago (three dried corned husks and one pot of water - six weeks to dry) - the holes are shrinking away, not punched out or made of toilet paper somehow your tears equal sweat - you can see the edge is poured from
from someone's trash seen aground a few times before...the reason? i wanted a piece anyway ? and no one sees where from a dog's grave nearby...well, a dog that shapeshifts (is not real for your use and article - a tip) and i'm sure the intention is for me to find...why live? could you imagine waiting for something like that - me to find? and is why fights are made among us to get someone like me outdoors to this kinda stuff and in time even as the garbage man (um, 'sanitation engineer' a euphemism my title midrange is 'another cunt that hopes to be with someone nice') comes by but does not clean now die of longer waits and/or hoping...not what i do - 'it's in the world' along with my 'received bys' like this note to you...too much choice is all i'd say of the dump to be had me keeping yours out-front 'til you can afford it paying or be seen having at home despite the protestations of others nonesuch and earlier over a little girl and her money being pitted by the pot or leisuring the time taken to pick each aired-for by redbeet anus and thus be eat
if you were hiding it from incidence (one seeing) and bother (having to weaving lies or then little fibs - no further bother if you bother once - however, i'm a bit of a stickler for surety and marvel at any an entry for having bent me over once - my own hell - and that particularly offensive smell of those worshipping or 'word-shipping' fucking ugly women (too snap the response to a close-by - a uniform sale of both sides of the house not to be winning) and faggots (if so wanders a lackluster and to sapins - a spain of soaps inelegant 'how we'd do it here' and their trades in love a type of life wasted back to be re-used), we'd hafta talk shortly thereafter to 'shorty here' like you live in hell someone may come every day you wait to be more sure of the things you demand of others and all as to be more sure of these things once demanded...revising for three days out 'no one comes here ever, right?' yep...'my speak-say 'swizzy' of codes demanded up-front see if they have the right to be there' yeah, but the code is just yours as you wait solvently i see no better-bother yet but haunt you for no more meaning...not yet will you see me to come by an asking of you yet?

the icy-hot state refund check for 2013 aunt clara'd right in to our mailbox on saturday no empress seen without clothes at the dress barn summed in red hay...'thank you' believes sash and belt as garesh at once long and relieves itself...monday the official rival entipu 'still green with growing'

these at pavilions still while i seem to collect their egg candles after the fact - cheap six pack still there and at price (in the back near dog food - the sales woman said they were gone not true)

god's family chart (no messin')
if you are married to a man (a king or one who pays others) you are his 'assistant' no bother
if you get divorced or then lose your job, you don't get paid but lost your job no matter how much frozen sperm you have in the bank
if you have kids, they work for you a woman an extension of the mother self taking - you take as this family of taking the kids and you - that is your job
no marriage? you are placed underneath the family unit and work for the mother - the father doesn't employ anyone as major market fare elsewhere but the assistant or woman
everyone else wants to be him (prominent: the father's daughter if he says so - the impetus or initial spark for the entry of another king to be)
p.s. rule me: 'if your mother tells you to kill someone, you do it' - dM she'll be back for it the mother most true to the self ataking

opinion, but is mine: the 'journey to the west' movie lives up to the magnet quote - is real good and full of nice-looking asian-type folks (both japanese and chinese) won't be there my command was 'empty the can' to exhaust any fumes next up: 'burn all of her stuff right now' like hollywood squares was burned up you make some up from memory i however am audiophile what purchased recorded in my head i know it's wrong...simply no talk

i - me - secretly ate a big bacon burger, fries, and a coke or two at the bar at k24 last evening all tight assholes hoping to win...not bad, but $20? ok!

04/25 this is what it means to submit to any a popular opinion - very private an affair no matter what you think, is a no-go in my book as i don't pay people who disgaree with me
ten (10) mail days becomes ten (10) business days and ten business days becomes 'what if it doesn't show up at all?' my usual rent funds draining down and all after two (2) months of rock solid wait filed electronically ? what just happens to be the reversal of the renters credit $150 > $120 as the w-2 is used versus last paycheck and the credit is added as paid in by the service we use?
never that poor the state a paperwide that takes most grained back with ugly bald faggots who want to be 'married' like queers - this is unhappy or unusually vocal people optioning us down with their perpetual hates from jail and studio lots who manifest their lowly opinions daily - we pay, you don't - we pay to be abused by your condition it seems, your insane vision of a self unmonied, and your threat to suck my cock too - make it real for yourself first i like pretty dicks but douching first? who are you with - my man? my everything?
so i wait for some dumb showbiz nigger (white and black - why say it cameron diaz that's not you as young on cnn be perfect...cure: wipe shit on their inner thighs) to approve us with a purchase they make of our paperish check being pambied around let's face it neil and richard steal only so what? known jailbirds but so loser they eat dinner with the cops who are around protecting me from them no questions asked or you get the job...btw it's $1,702 filed to $1,500 something now after renter credit messed with - a free month of rent big fucking deal what is now $1,720 for any a flight out no commit
you can't win with slobs around, but i hafta pay for these cunts too? somehow they have the federal money snitched for a meth buy apparently - i get my money for living with this pig i threw the fuck out like any cheap woman or i get your stuff down the true meaning of addiction all money no personal satisfactions for leaches everywhere ('get the fuck out?' you will be destroyed in ways you can't fathom i made the sun bitch it's hard on you - eats at a bullet of it)
let me pay...showbizzz spends money - you don't make me anything (hairless? maybe not..i eat to shit, girl - get a clue in a world where some dumb fuckin' aids dentist asks me why i drink coke ? it's to flaw your view) especially with free shit you want me to see no edit, no mercy as i mercy you listening and looking i'm not the latin (lamprinds - another pink strap sucking in your throat and stomach when you're dead - meet my liver it is brown and stinks too - i call it the 'turd baker' for them impossible folds 'two pins dolores' know each other?) learning center - i know when you have your say people only hate me so what that little bitch at mcdonald's (richard - so what? i hafta eat there still) i'll send her back to electric homeplate nigger-agua 'no vader' they're mine actually i think to say never field imports but okay get out now my travel packages guarantees a hardrock dump by plane above new york state the balkans adirondacks whatever to wander to hell (on the side left out) and back in a rock quarry like you were just born naked and alone maybe whiter now i have it still - ask richard's mother am i real? over nova scotia in my repo'd stolen car dumped out like liz taylor after the sizzler? am i right to hate?
i sold your dumb fucking shit (all doa dead in the water) legitimately and this how you thank opportunity knocks what pays us all unless some old dreambag cunt wants to shake their fat ass in my home with your dumb bullshit about who you are - know homosex makes people crazy with hate i have that too - lots of it - i know i'm god no one makes me know a new i have nodes so opus only that means all turning around to receive gift only even in the hands of woman all great all knowing me
sometimes i think having nothing together is better if you live long enough to see it doesn't get nicer you hafta leave and i the guard of outer rings that hold you out only
this isn't hate - this me relying on you that's fucking crap every day eating scraps served me while i listen to words i never had to hear i get what i want and i don't want much you are stupid own grandmothers (names - miley cyrus and liz fraser) selfish russian whores for the place asex seeing what doesn't need to ever be known to them their takings meager but quite jailable - the mother still okay as paying some but hoping i'm still ignored that's a cunt too you need to ask me everything only the one true source of a jail term and law the best guess anyone and as last to arrive 'don't relieve yourself here - the damage isn't done yet'
p.s. fuck you and your family, fuck you
p.p.s. the people i envision as with and without are dumb too like i did it to them i don't know what's in my best interest i don't do that part everything fucked up but true is mine
'up the neck' (a broomstick) is my game how you win by not trying
i get out of caring for the little parts simply (what are people? a mannequin falling forward much mostly - you don't know what that is you know you and time sense should be removed it samples around a clock much only how do you play it?) with suffering (you can't do 'you' with others as yet) here - get it right better to pay than having them complain in your bedroom or at your door opening it for you when you go to shop lightly...'thank you, nigger' what dies more? you don't have truth, you have childlike hopes...they are everything to me...

the very first trader joe's on santa monica boulevard around formosa bit it today 04/22
remember, trader joe's got great with the closure of the old 1982 pavilions - it made them do better
still a rousing success even with suspsicions afoot (an out-of-the-crate store, this one had stuff we don't have somehow - never proven really like the valley sister model i never saw it) there are brand new locations on vine, sunset boulevard, beverly center, 3rd street at la brea farmer's market and in westwood (ucla) - all recommended along with the usual (ours) in west hollywood proper

they even got the orange taco stand los burritos - ostensibly now on sunset somewhere - look again 4929 w. sunset it is

i was out for a long long walk today (palm > santa monica > labrea > beverly > fairfax > santa monica > palm) surveying the good - not a cent in my pocket to close passover with jews out and about i guess
donors: gelson's (sample grapes), 7-eleven (sample slurpee as mouthwash)
p.s. people think the whole palm sunday thing wasn't that good (jesus entered a small town on mule as being honored by palms on the ground like a jacket being placed for a woman over mud and a change of heart...interpret: is spoken adangerous, they welcome still and poo-poo any talk rumoured to be prescient, not so) - 'never for [just] me' he says like any street fair offering no food ? but 'my friends' keep all clean anyway 'despite storms' he says a joy or carnival my accuse to date...great mirth with god's unholy of gifts afoot unholy meaning you can't make it or see it that well either ? why wither the palms greened here by me alone were fashioned like corn (square with colors) but i had 'em always at home a quick catholic note of simple mother-child beauty shared - no asking a butt (loosely, the crucifix of art fame) for its read-out updated by industry or review...

burger king says they're still going in the mcdonald's palace around the corner just ahead, the hollywood sign in the distance
the new mcdonald's with the yellow stripes six weeks out - this from target west hollywood

this is all that's left of our honeybaked ham - no small feat getting there a' pied today all the synogogues letting was in the middle where it says 'tempur'
you can always get a mattress anywhere~
p.s. that's supposed to be their stock in the rear window of the van (value? $18, up to $32...soon)

pavilions has vinyl-covered tablecloths $5.99 each these are varied and rare...

visit the facebook site of 'mini guy' (no effort) this in front of chin-chin yesterday 04/20

see the reason, notice the celebratory mirror plate, black

see 'journey to the west' here

for friend no use: lush 'light from a dead star' from the 'split' lp (1994)
the lemons are for continents they visit 'sour' - the parts in the middle are those taking for theirselves, only
meanwhile, the indy 500 - is a car with two wheels? engine from behind...five hundred laps against others or countdown six (6) hours whatever comes first...'you ain't winning yet' from just behind the confusion stands

no direct deposit yet from 04/11 ten days in i checked routing and account numbers thoroughly....and federal nipped up still hates the criminal and the crime...

yesterday's meal:
ham (farmer john's a local plant, good enough)
scalloped potatoes (betty crocker in the oven - good - au gratin, sure)
pork n' beans (only the best - van kamp's with brown sugar and mustard)
asparagus (i need mine thinner and braised or stir-fried long)
green salad (romaine red)
cornbread and butter
brownies with walnuts the seed

that's all...and all on egg-shaped paper plates aqua-marine with stripes from years gone by...the day before that homemade noodles and beef stock 'beef bourguignon' kinda

they tore philly's spectrum down? blah! news to me - you were no one if you didn't play there...a top market and night out...acts seen there by me: the cars + the romantics, the go-go's + a flock of seagulls, bruce springsteen, culture club, journey, neil diamond...pretenders + iggy pop, madonna + beastie boys...disney on ice! p.s. you honor the 'rocky' statue of boxing fame (the real boxer is in madonna's 'oh father' promo video) by putting a wad of gum on him he was outside the spectrum on the steps when we saw madonna back in 1985 as moved from the philly museum...they say they tossed it, finally...the spectrum, like madison square garden in nyc, is the best you could do, finally, as an act - only michael jackson and the rolling stones played jfk stadium nearby and veterans stadium for football all torn down now...the ghosts who lived within (only jfk, reportedly, as not blessed the others they can visit but not stay) voted to destroy everything in favor of new quoting 'no new foods within - only hot dogs' adding 'we're tired now'....gulf + western forum are you next hosting fleetwood mac in fall?

elton john a huge headliner says 'too cold in a cavern sense and the staff were mean...' ghosts say he 'is not real' and they see everything too...pat benatar says 'too mean - they made me take my clothes off...too small'...

'the rise of tides' or equus composer ormond? 'aquarius' from 'godspell' sped up...'we challenged it' he says 'what are they gonna do - rise up?' i said 'hair beings that don't wanna fight' or 'ode to joy'...'princess park' [note changes by elton john subtracted and to be pursued: rise of 'prince' tides and the 'oromond' spelling - what would i know? normandy sold itunes only - now pay to me your fend]

the pipe fitting complete...the artist rendering laughably correct except lips

'people get schooled in business to set it aside' - dM, and to quote a sign at a local mcdonald's 'cash only'

easter? 'eats here' mending its ways...'each year' (that's a nigger 'new year' celebrating a death)...'either, or' and as in passover? no.

trickle down: within living constraints, i couldn't get my egg candle or easter lily this year - dinner was good
bet my sister has everything - my mom did send $50 in a card and terry got $40 for extra office work while we wait for pay per fuel
you wait around for a bench warrant i wait for the electric to be shut off even with an $80 deposit long ago
been taking in bits of forrest gump (a pile of shit? 'for his gun' middle name 'paul forrester gunther') for the first time ever chewing that black woman's face off at the bus stop is no right of yours - he goes from being a real retard in and out to lucidity and still i think a bit of light there in the grave where he lives - that southern accent is definitely b-class penny marshall at the helm
it's hard to hate the kid - is not me yet - but okay 'be a man' women and their hidings get shot at your mother raises you again she likes it a bit of youth to her and says he was a handful 'a queer'
what else? 'jackie brown'...this stuff is real like history without corraborators, small time we should have better for food and pay and health - pay no mind

when reagans turned to their star charts, i got out my celestial sphere (seem here at book soup)
at $32 book and soup, diane keaton is still on for next week 04/25 - see the blight ahead

for a limited time the folks at carolco on sunset are sponsoring 'the interactive vagina' long before i could get it done and well enough after 'the shot-put penis' presentation
lured by a long-standing promise of victimization 'learn of her secrets' what - that you sat in dog shit one day?
dreams do come to be true~
p.s. the chainlink with any fiberglass atrophy is great for hair and weaves

got this new dell monitor (um, 'st2310' a 23-inch diagonal screen) recently someone upgraded - expands the shop and quartermains (or divides itself up) very well
23-inch monitor? next up: 's2340l' price there at $219.99 the first one listed, the 'e' model ? economy bits cheaper at sight-sound model 'e2314h' is $199.99

movie 'black ophelia' or 'ornaphelia' whatever has some good music...'margin call' is not necessarily apparent all fast lane, but they buy all stock through an agent or the guy they let go (he has vicious connections and never errs 'ever since a buyback that went bad' - $14k he owed for it) - they also serve as clearing house then they buy and sell for theirselves only in three-day margins keeping any the good close by...meaning big bad news in a day or buy to sell (you buy, you sell, or you sit - only - the rest is margins or doing better than what price bought even with stock options less fees the real moneymaker in steady gains...customers fuck you over flatly for one wrong insert of advise even with margins attached or buybacks over time)...

new from the folks at coinstar, a big machine like a giant ipad that pays you chump change for unwanted gift cards
see in-use at pavilions west hollywood for sure

someone asks 'how would you do the cadbury bunny?' the bunny would be laying on its side with a row of teats in grass with whole carrots around for eats...any zig-zag of egg the threat of nature...

nature: while you sleep
nurture: neither, nor is yours
as you know too much...

for easter? two (2) twix eggs at cvs are $1 for the both...the barley cookie inside is oval, yes

betty crocker has entered the pizza dough market with $0.74 dried side-dish pack of mix...regularly $1.49 we have yet to try

keep fresh bros. pizza (on santa monica boulevard here in weho) in mind always handing out ('good sized') samples on the sidewalk i eat there often - a whole pie there was about $14 and they claim gluten free (no egg with wheat or flour - my only neuroprotein with water avask or then clay fiber the sun can opens it) my usual pizza is about $9.99 (medium) at big mama's...fresh bros has nothing in slices but sells individual pies like pizza hut is them...

04/20 many a visitation last night - one a white kid showing me a fake kinda cell phone thin and plastic-y he uses to call in a grave for being bothersome his 'old body touching me' this one nearly worn out and hanging open a place to write numbers (get a new one - $45) i welcome all as people nearby use those canned blowhorns from gym class so they don't miss a moment of torment or notice 'the mail is in'...i was trying to enter a graveyard in another vignette as running at night entering gate and heading right, but i decided not to enter some lights directly ahead (this heading west) some on right like a movie filming or real burial there was a casket wooden and brown all alight...turning to leave before enter, i garnered a silhouette of a man and some old woman who really bugged me (in dreams you hafta flow a bit in, you just can't leave) i think of small scalpel cuts to the fingers, but i was gonna go after this one i really didn't like her coming after me...old...i'm mean, and the present says 'why me?' why you?

easter, spring - in that order - how to make rotten eggs ('oh, the rotten stench!' second only to the grave, some say....thinking off: a wreath of little fuzzy yellow chicks living ones, a hat, a comforter) leave in a dark, warm cabinet for a while makes a purr-fect gift, better color beforehands (some say microwave on 'low' for six minutes for a rush-in 'russian' job - be traditional otherwise...we made a cake from scratch in fourth grade and left the ingredients around afterward...story? my teacher, ostensibly female, was best described as artist jackson pollock and after my grandfather died she said 'sorry' in class - they say it was him, don't look at me...say nothing or i'll dedicate something to you as inspired by...tip: always sift flour even if pre-sifted? made me a corn bread this am 04/20 for ham and pork n' beans scalloped potatoes are harder to make he the other fucks them up you gotta soak them slices for a while...deviled eggs are good too? real good...back to: was watching jesus die on tv (and i never do so dumb 'you don't get [mono] like that') what a clown...'it ain't easy to die' - dM and i hate waitin' (you are no one until the holy spirit comes to be with, and that my dears, is me~) i loved jesus dying in movies when i was a kid ('girl, you in trouble now') like i loved the vatican...and the many-altared national cathedral in d.c. how many times can you pray for the same things? i tell blacks the eucharist, when violated, is like the pages of an old book - leaves you wundrin' + 'these days, you can know better' - dM you should shop at sear's

'you don't know god's sorrow' - dM and i wouldn't even try...'sorry' like some dumb bitch in a car wreck, over the ocean in a hot air balloon 'she did this' in the movie christ's mother long dead is all 'let me die with you' candiote secht

the christ galleon at the national cathedral was a favorite of mine - there are many dedications in altar form there one after another and also a vatican gift shop - take it seriously
this was in a picture book i bought, bus trip with grandma in 1977, no other stops

just a note to let you know that ellen fireplace jane lynch goodall show really pushed it here - your talents of adding show names 'full house + house' on an egg timer made puke with shame - none watched that stuff what is the phantasm connection anyway with two white rods? she's getting a divorce from her gay dog too? lezzies aren't gay...that one guy is better in national geographic's jail with no wigs on and his tits out...i'd lick 'em

is that joey lawrence? cher just came to yell at me again

speaking of which, fly me to the moon: a picture of kennedy (henessy) shows what looks like joanne woodward with - same dude ranch?

good friday, april 18 no class plus a bacon for breakfast: nothing yet via direct deposit and no mail yesterday the office taking a day off is them too? can't keep it up -

look for rosie o'donnell as one of the kardashians - it's real, maybe you miss her

got an old farmer john wet ham in the fridge ready for easter sunday coming up and how i wish i could get a honeybaked ham from labrea and beverly store nearby (300 n. labrea closed? ruin everything you touch) the state is taking its sweet-ass time with our direct deposit (in the name of the roommate jackson approved 04/11/14 from an electronic return 02/23/14 what i am paying for ? i don't get paid for anything ever and we wait and wait and wait and they still have my federal money taken falsely too like i'm some kind of fuckin' fool for unnamed beggars here)...back to, maybe i can get an easter lily and egg candle from pavilions - meanwhile, another fuckin' fatty easter ham with a mean drunk...'bless you' the way he is my blood cousin thanks for nothing all over again what is this shit? no the account is there just ask those blacks working with checks in the post office...every day sent me is fucking holiday to some cunt borrowing me in a bank somewhere...

the bearcat below - very sexy - is funny as defeated and a junkbag of organized hopeful hate what deflates with a fast cash answer in your a fucking hearse as shit and piss and shots in the face make memory lane not so useful the backseat is all plastic for it, worth nothing to used car buyers who think even parking a new theft call with banks around losing firmly to cash a face too is enough of a burden...meanwhile, on the same murder street i live on, a car a sedan on the street the other night opened one half of one of its rear side doors to me (hinge on right so also open to rear) and let out a small person made of dense black smoke as it continues to turn into a full-on hearse with fat side trim making the 's' to and from the grave as dumped back - symbols for others unseen 'let it lay' this said - it's quite real our 'world of the dead' (you came from the sun? are hiding in it, maybe - book kennedy a flight out to see) and thanks again people don't know good in life, and i have plenty of it...still...the bearcat its message is 'this has to go' the doors only in a repaint sense if otherwise tits and a shiny badge in-charge at some pot party and at home it seems another morgue the millicent drug drop-off of cave-ins can easily become cedars (remember the pre-pay quote for bothering them is $40 or so more or less) we don't care stupid bitches and their sex needs get their birth certificate out who cares to die? the hat will shoot you (in the neck like that dumb nigger that ran right out...)( the one i tried to get earlier had red spray paint x's on the doors a real beauty speeding through town as so not to be seen...blacklisted actor who fucked around on his wife or his rich old queer - dennis woodruff maybe we just hate him anyway suspirian versus sespirian witches and accusations versus snake in the grass 'blinded by hate' will 'wish you dead' i don't care at all and name names even 'terminator' resists shines if you're mental or 'hurt enough' hurt in love dies that gets you fucks?) comes to mind he drives these and won't come to sense it you...people versus people? the candlelight vigil the other night is said mostly as react anyway we don't know anything but is announced the picture is sad so do it i went as they candleholders left to walk to the bars are renounce? the very shooting i seek to quell i'd kill you for it simply but later you see or reveal it happened already is you to you you are trash to me anyway speaking of bring people back to no note no problems but police are faked to be there afterward you and me ( bothers but shooting happens here we don't like bullets but okay we'll fuck later i'm dead in the hallway near a door held open laid bent and never think you know why no bother yet...richard has to wander aggressively hurt seeking personal interaction into a far lit doorway on street i bagged down in it at a distance to seem it was luring, but he unfit and dying of it we died...i died in the bed having it same...i was only warmer i guess, feeling diabetic...cramps...

'two fat tits and a warm beer' isn't all you will feed as hens in the chicken soup fowlerie soon to crack-off the shelf as spitting gins everywhere caught on tape and read to the video tractor in celeste holm, texas 'open your heart' she pee'd behind her coat wiped to a schitzy angel soft now pusk

where the dump truck bitched and caboodled on sunset an all-wood reclaim
the russian cabbager admitted guilt but paid no fine after admitting he didn't drive it there at all he just used it he said - the very problem no wheel 'to ensure my place at the faunt of life' he said

star wars 'yogurt' droid at the collectible comics store on sunset
very plainly forded a fairmont, this box is delivering something slight among no pay for the big winners 'f0amingdot' and 'nuncy-u' the gardening pants presser and poly fiber fill - 'they didn't know how used they were - i just made another buck for jesus'
he doesn't use money and 'hates clothes-clones anyway'
i hate circuit trash for lonely types being miscast as anew 'that's so old i could've worn it home when the plane passed gas and bimped itself out the bun'

the 'star wars celebration' in orlando seems uniquely worthwhile - not on a boat as suggested but 'nottingham center' or something something
disney said no thanks 'get harry potter done' a real attraction as train ride but this looks good enough
gary numan's (um is 'barely human') stormtrooper in drag (um, a 'bloodsucker') - what is it? he says 'you're black underneath it all...'
mine: like the butler in 'pink flamingos' you're wearing vader's dark outfit a femme butching it up

for every jew, a short-to-mend look-alike hyphened by one if such never is granted nor gibboned a life...moo!

the new secret shopper shuttle takes off for a pic n' save sale across the border - you get to know how cheap your surgical grad rags are after you pay for the shoes you had shit-shined by a theraught of shopping or after-nap beggars

a semi-precious review of caulk and kernel (by the very same blackguards at megamaton earl scheib they foremost but thought) reveals no 'real' furs needed unless you use the blank cigarette plipe more than six weeks after the dome light sets your hair on fire or then while outta town for the one or two last 'weeks of beauty' before the two full shaved calves afforded of murderhut insurance drops in and asks for the for the diamond bright 'askance' and remover you used the night before when the white knife fell from the very height of the aptly titled 'punchdance' and cut my scheers back to a life abnormaled by rare sights then and now shared by no one and taught as stares for never once they both knew...sees it to say it...sometimes says it anyway if nothing further is seen to be were not inspired to write, it was about someone you knew still out there admiring you for no view...i'd say it again if it were still true and you thought i had some to little or no hair...i said it as 'true enough' and that's more than enough peace for the variance to thought required of having you...once then reminded me...

'someone said you and i fucked someone both of us when they were dying 'that's cute' i added - i can have the fortuned company of anyone living or dead anytime and never have i been mentioned of being without you - that's god's way whatever you want ask about that to know it's somewhat true or why you, and even if i weren't worth a single shit, i'd know nothing about you involving me aftermath too...that's my way - better to be sad than a bother at the missing bag center and i'm still wondering after dinner whether an extra glass of sherry isn't always necessary when cooking before or after a night in the refrigerator is helping any tomato dish stain itself and become that drifting seem or please b plus thinking off sought to no memory of having made such if friends nor if food is actually just sprinkles, letters like all words a demand for no notes and here we are the same thought of having nothing i don't want anyway...not having any at all is so expensive to redeem anyway i don't coat my urethra unless i forget to look for the kinda flaws that make me personal and fraught with many of the same complains or what prompts me to say 'there's plenty of time to be underwhelmed' by someone else why i try not to refrain?


for the second time: this mortal coil ' i want to live / morning glory ' a newly discovered from 1986's 'filigree and shadow' lp on 4ad
we'll be back for it

got these off the top at off broadway shoes on sunset - only $35! now $59 or just as much for not looking beyond ease, anyway you see it
that was weeks ago, girl...these have a bit more arch, i'd say, and the black felt of angolans? a certain value pusk...
a penny saved is a penny to be earned? 'a fannie full of flames gets put out soon enough'
'it burns, it burns!' 'stings' is more like it burns burps doesn't take anything seen as if to make sure it's gone 'birds'...'stains'? 'steams'? 'itching' nope.

run through 'need for speed' ostensibly dubbed in latin spanish 'harden my heart - seedling' see what you've been missing (and make sure to check their see-thru purses too)...i'm missing some stuff how 'bout you some cooper minis 'and your balls' i have them in my folded boiled-wood diaper and sesame can write checks if i bend over 'c-u' hi aaron paul and mrs. pauls bladder cakes and shrimp vlads i grew up on him also the queen (eugene) mentioned arthur treacher's i ate there often at the with cheese it's with the bun, don't eat cheese try it...they won't even nibble...some cow's-goat's vlads in the water...signed gourton fisherman, gloucester gloss-ter fisherman (difference? who you buy your deli meats rubbery banana cheese plate went out on the open black sea mother of pearl and tuna cascovies with snelt primrose and biffin chives it's gonna take that)...

text-email nextrip at mta and get up-to-date arrival times at each metro bus or train-subway stop (e.g., sunset-horn east bus #2 sunset-alvarado is message body 'metro 8062' they are not posted at stops at all but i use past stops with slight delay then still waiting down in eagle rock)
here comes the judge
p.s. any express bus with fewer stops along the way is noted second on lattice but is not expressed as such - i always wait at stops that cater to the express or they pass you by while waiting whatever you want don't come it's personal too these days 'bless to bless'...the express drop-off can be fucking far for sticklers of time and appointment, sometimes...i was left past home depot on the 101 trying trying to get to gower and therefore should have exited properly at vine - dazing off (on the express mta bus #302 sunset east a value up from the #2 same $1.50 each way), bitch wouldn't pull over my fault no not necessarily a stop removed somewhere vine would be mine to note 'past arby's?' i couldn't fucking believe it! this is fast track for black streetwise thinkers - they love you dying down publicly or then we shrink back and go to the santa monica boulevard line they hate you there nighttime portrayals ('try being a woman sometimes' blacks are overused they say once a true burden to acques)...sunset is slow and justified as such but i say you are supposed to fill the void there i walk among dark crimes always if they somehow crave policing i hate these drifters in life 'a victim is born', not made to are pencil and eraser with nasty dried out hair and one old fried phone calling to my compu-late and anytime banking to see if there's any credit balance left 'no' but you can ask then for an increase they have that along with late payments approved the electric watch-eye waiting for human intervention (knowing you at every live atm and self checkout no talking to me - is for penny counters no embarassment) to die out gets paid after you do now you see it then while i compu-hate for no speaking off from jails vacationing with me downtown by slurping and won more than me...

this new billboard in west hollywood - a very lalique or is organic large to small balls wind and rain (spanish-wet figurine maker 'lladro' say 'yahd-dro' is this - plaster logs stems, wet dripping) replaces the angled one across the street at lacienega no bargain yet

apparently not done yet in blue, i ran right over there today 04/11
picture source: wehoville

see the move no longer clear as awnings are being placed at could've gone either way the white bricks a protect with per segment rods

we keep calling the state with a ringback instead of a hold 800 852-5711 and they never do four (4) times now...i'll hold soon the pay is 1/3 of federal royals or $614.42 (docked in but not owed concurrently)...someone said was swiped for owing a 'jew' (um, lesbians if 'the devil' is somebody who could be you) cash and the fourteen grand i paid his mother instead for all similar costs across the board (i ask for a roundabout number in the head for all losers unpaid - the mother the wise of dime it seems i'll certainly kill you for the asking) better run to a fuck i had a three-day notice to move all out of my apartment on the 5th now paid so what...we didn't evidence a lease to keep it broad...

enemies of christ: 'it's either me or you - guess who's going' - dM

'you have yours when they speak your language fluently, girl' - dM no need to mess around with the dials up, understands readily and across borders

'don't feel sorry - we have supreme freedoms no car payments etc. while you toil to be who you are the brakes pumping to the side and being ticketed everywhere' - dM just had a bit of old haggle tooth fall out today 04/11 leslie's (um, sharon stone's) birthday no problem to nothing seen someone wears my favorite levi's 'indigo blue' jeans to work they had the same type pair bought he same day 'gray' but ate theirs out around the heel then think of mine naturally enough when putting on shoes...i hate that

'i had enough for the both of us, then you showed up - now you have mine' - dM a famous quote of mine but in your language no further learning

make sure you get a load of this honda coupe sport...i guess
new to me - i get $33k in the head minding a new accord ex leather was $23.6 in 1995 (however with $5k down, $500 a month says a lease, really - you e-z money that)

these have been cited as ending production in 2009 - is not released yet or so it stopped making them then and will resume as sold - no one shows you, right? 'not selling to dealer rights' yet unseen anyhow) thanks to fcx (crx - le croix darling, le croix 'the crying' resumes)

thought you'd like to see our new chick-fil-a in action...yesterday 04/09 at lunch sunset and highland
there's just something about a breaded spice fillet and a pickle
mcdonald's has a good meal price on two (2) spicy chicken sandwiches with pickle not too spicy - you to see

switzerland = holland (say 'switz-holland') what england gave birth from it is them 'auckland' and then if 'manhattan' is 'amsterdam' now like lower london one says

been looking at ticketmaster loosely: pet shop boys to close shows in dallas, phoenix, atlantic city, and new york city when the tax hammer falls april 15...the album promoted is the venerable (is there whether you like it or not) 'electric' and still...fleetwood mac practicing for a tour now on the road in september and they got pre-show meet and greet with mick fleetwood only the drumkit tour no seat is less than $118 and they go up to five hundred price yet on mick's vip package no guarantee with others but maybe

in error? watch the aforementioned 'margin call' at putlocker with me...

happy birthday leslie 'pee' moon april 11: i was thinking about family members that worked at mcdonald's my brother scott and sister leslie both in jackson, nj near six flags a mercy up and down - leslie was chased outta there after a while for ignoring their clean apron rule and after all, dirty is dirty you don't wear that again there...that's one for mcdonald's also the manager says 'we don't work here, we just come in to help work counter' with high volumes-times almost begging them to adhere and also stated they could be 'home playing with their cat' and get called in by you and yours merely...i understand, however personality traits being queried are obnoxious you should ask them in-person rather than computer talk [x] 'i'm more likely to kill, than to maim'...vs. 'oh, that's a shame [old bitch had it comin']' see there's no correlate (clear relationship among fears) there but i'm lazy in the head sleep, sleep...

'va-va va-voom' the volcano that just puffs: colbert actually resuscitates the whole letterman debut - a little pizzazz in an all giving by me

q: 'why aren't you out looking for a job?' a: 'you can do all the right things and still wind up living more or less like you do...' - just ask me, and to help out taking clothes back after a sale with no receipt a 'voucher' try buying again and filching one or the other no sku (individual serial number on a upc item if upc's are just the manufacturer and individual item as same to stamped code with check digit only - we argue among still) but voices in the head can interfere...

cash = fabric test, just a smidge

trying to get laws passed about taking in too much paper against a job loot like you're king all asses on a plate, against singing trying out in public, against being in someone's home talking to an older brother...i don't want to know you, but i do (all looked bad enough on paper) back to buying some...daytime tv needs to be arrested too for hate 'we have that' practices along with people healed but missing half their face to a shock (some guy on sunset yesterday missing a clear sheer of his whole face on right) and 'why don't you heal them?' some asshole asks you gotta ask and that is mine 'still got alot of livin' to do' you keep serious injuries on the side while die and to profess you...some here serious

everything is by touch...and 'you never touched me' - dM

suggest 'divorce' as 'two doors' down...unless death is your bride

we had a newspaper ('lighthouse' or no further shine - real? use sand on fire with fish or murmur oil is brightest) murder right across the street and now more to date ('seven to late' they revise theirselves hugely)...i hafta be careful self-seeking is easily enough you...all the sheriff's cars all day suggested to me three or more victims or snakebites...

five-dollar friend journeys skateboard-type wear (see sneakers and backpacks) - why? they publish at cost (the old way never paperless - better? mistakes can't be corrected easily enough as on the internet hub) and no creepy post-generic e-mails suggesting a faith...that means you sign up for banner e-mails and never are they geared towards personal triumph - and this is where the business contracts are made or sewn up by extending the ability to make retail banners with codes and thus select merchandise to sell...after the application to sell is approved...we hate any hopefulness extended by no talk - pure shit...

flight 370 malaysia...that number three seventy? is the number of miles from here to san francisco...the titanic was sunk to twenty five hundred (2,500) feet? actually 2,200 (the plane you seek is 1,700 feet deep) and they say up to seventeen thousand (17,000) feet or three miles around nova scotia...the max...trenches? eighteen (18,000) feet the marianas trench (off the coast of japan but is australia) a bit deeper it gets sideways too in lengths...'they'll keep you dead for looking'....

no business is show business
remembering brightly-colored brady bunch-type sodas in glass kept of wooden crates in the nectars?

a piece of hate mail - vintage by all account - intended for hank aaron (no sneeze) on the climb up and into babe ruth's nest (cnn)
no small of egg, the story goes on and on but needs to be told only once (use the trinity for 'kkk' 'greater than or equal to', the three not yet named to you...'ok'? greater than or equal to zero a row for royalty accountants to use 'ze row' they're working on a name - separate the 'greater than' sign '<' to stand alone when evaluating its meaning), is protector for any a backwards sympathy as whites starve while homos are being made - words are not worlds ataken by flame it's personal at home at night with counters backing right off)
america needs to eat shit? student blacks want white teachers to have them in class at all
holdin' on to the end, i say they don't see their own legacies fulfilled
i need to see bandwidth (what it takes to describe everyone present in the same line - maybe two eighths) - you don't cheapen my wins ('take that test'), but be of the times 'the world is conquered once by thee in attend' - be there for the call
people (ours) wake up in the morning to great oppositions - it matters
'be there all the time only - you'll win' - hank aaron still above the lines drawn, inclusive
babe ruth (real name george winston) says 'doesn't win, kills - hates women'
p.s. this was ostensibly written by bush junior whilst incarcerated some long time ago the second one almost too serious in tones
p.p.s. some say clinton was david duke - don't get mad you don't know much about how people suffer (live without guest) after the talk has subsided
p.p.p.s. the candy bar 'baby ruth' - originally by inner-city ? confectioner 'curtiss' - is it his? no 'and i hated that shit - no pay to play' or nobody knows why it's there - because: too many wisecracks at my expense 'god's not here - i am - speak to me'
i love 'butterfinger' even more (that's reportedly for f. halsey an fbi investigator who left things out as someone who 'didn't want to be bothered with it') - peppermint patty?

'never a concern from thou, this stuff is cleanly part of my childhood - we didn't care who you were circa 1976, you just hadda be good...we don't live with great people, period.' - dM

'our country is only two hundred years old, and that's ludicrous for gains at-hand (and with nasty england afoot? vicious...'fatherly' one said...vicious only, as god-sent empire then see spain) and without every guess, people are happy for each other until their own of ship comes in...from spain.' - dM

new phantasm v 'ravager'...visit as morely said
that ball seems more towards me then ahead of him at first - this changes a bit each time

'i don't want to know people - i want to know those who are dead, those who are dying, those who are nearly dying, but i don't need to know people' - the tall man recently

ft. hood i channeled 'him': the gunman, actually a military-trained female white killed her three 'sons' black for strong-arming her as lottery related...six shares

see the difference at the sunset boulevard mcdonald's (at laurel canyon...still has shamrock shakes i guess i just had one) - this isn't a curb hugger*
alt mcdonald's for us is at labrea and santa monica boulevard
from 'the only city that ever closed a mcdonald's' - dM in westwood at ucla if the hollywood high outlet didn't count much (the one in westwood on westwood boulevard was built into a streetscape sidewalk trees and lampposts and was yellow painted rocks outside - pretty - hollywood boulevard's location at the walk of fame (corner of highland) is somewhat like that too
there is one more mcdonald's within reach up santa monica boulevard across from century city mall - a good one is on santa monica too near the beach

*no problem, but on my way to drop off my application a' pied (we often talk in the head about a mop job at night although i learn your practical secrets at any of windows), they had a huge accident staged on sunset i could barely get around all firemen, engines and police across from the steakhouse or then the hyatt - some white cab hit by a huge dumper an older model now on its side - everything suspicious to me, but as i avoided contact walking (and this was hard to do even across the road), the driver of the dumper asked me to minimize the cost there as i interviewed him in the head he was gonna get in trouble as he was there was to pick up wood from a light demolition site right there but still it looked pretty staged (a moviehouse, i analyze by proximity too close for comfort says 'no'...afterscan, this was a russian (um, 'latvian') type fight actually, one hitting the other after standoff...the cab was muffed up good and on fire in strange plastic parts hitting the truck 'til it tipped and after an initial scare or swipe...

i tell her 'it's like being in the ocean - i see you before you see me' - dM

beverly center: food court third floor is all bolted up with white plywood facade claiming benefits elsewhere - see panda express the fresh rarebit again and sbarro a non-fit (won't ask) still claiming foul - it takes alot to run panda each morning they hafta cut up pre-food daily as all be complain...see the dollar shrinking with no state outlets and hungry take-out styles ataxing...

'dorothy killed a munchkin, only' - dM who else would stay with striped socks on? 'each life so precious, but in my way' - dM 'if you only had the pieces they was missing you could walk alone' honors cbs annually at easter still april 20...

pain, goop, and you anus, tv: feed a single hair through a hypodermic needle? secretly, of course...sterilize (alcohol) push through and hold with finger 'on the other side'...after all, which way to style? away from the frizz is best...i hear them to never think of me milking your fatty tits in the office still covered by pregnancy? thank u indigo p.s. hypodermic needles? you can get through re-inking kits for printers...experiment, lay hair back to front mostly

see view junkbag
i wouldn't bet on it...don't rub your tits just this yet
i'll be here and still poaching me a dinner
official website no hoax, no yolks

------------------------------------------ivy league

the hydra's nine (9) heads a timing to be scent - each one of eight replaces itself the extra soon often and two pauses to the math...why not you? it was sunning in the dark an octopi head erect and happy all black and with dr. octopus rods straight out however shortened in every direction as rounds...real impostor? q: your favorite singer is doris day? i heard is little inside like blacks at the mike 'hoping you like me too' - - true? who's your favorite singer? singing? blecch - vocals - i like everything good...toni is hard to top i love sad english people their main export with as americans 'too bawdy'...nevermind...spanish horse-type singer 'shakira' is hers too that stuff ain't easy - too many goods, too few sad sacks...'nobody knows what i know and they don't want to know either'...i know what i hate having, only...i hate this, only...i hate having this...i seem to know if i hate friends you hate asking about - still the same pot holders...i don't call for deep shames...'don't feel sorry' - shakira

shakira 'don't bother'
the name? like 'pantera' - a piece of me that's too small for you, a claw, a shattered mirror

the msx plane reveals it took three (3) hours to get the plane back right-side up turning left wing over wing once though plenty of oxygen sometimes just heat really 'it burns' but saves mist...breathe a bag of chips someone says from your armpits with a q-tip helps that's not air but heat in soda water air is the water i don't know what that is heat chained to glass or heat...the tarmac wherever wouldn't let them land (twice) for no pay and they assumed enough fuel to fly on to greece proper or then crete (monaco? the princess of halaphers)...what's their currency? 'la lenya' a half-bushel of grass? the lemur or hand-to-mouth sachonde hanging in pink...athens ('happens-')...'we'd hate niggers' achez colon! hard to tell the trim from the tires, huh...greek is good um, peri-anal, passive - what else? j'ous voulez vous? they say the plane's shell is loaded with circuit boards along every inch 'beep-beep vess, it's not us beep - just beep it's vuss' but no problem picking through the skins...'all water and no sauce' they say 'no fish' seen forever then a few here and there just mossy ones like a mall aquarium full of 'sand' sharks hiding from the pick-a-pet center 'catch a killer with our watery gill and grave cleaner' - hope all is well...richard says he was there and he told me? ' she eyes me like a pisces | when i am weak ' - 'heart-shaped box' nirvana means nothing swimming to and fro...if a leo keeps a snake by the tail (it's not like they can just leave) 'they bring rats back' and they all eat...never a dead, just solemn...(v)angina 'chest pain' diagnosed, a scare...harkens she harve...we're booking flights all balled up to alaska sound - 'the ghost has no home' + 'sea, swallow me' + 'bring annie back!' it's not like you're handcuffed to a moving car...chained up...

quote: 'you are going to hell' - brilliant, life gets more risky if blue is indirectly lit from behind (may as yellow is made source side semi-permeable membranes - oxygen meters in the middle, serpentine, and is like the invisible man a mystery even when over-bandaged by hydrogen the pale clouded white 'bubble its double, boil and trouble, if any passion says to be and with me, is very and deep' up up and away to take their things is to have their say) is most dense for the greater area of push...guessing...'you are boring'...i have lots of flaws, but no ass problems - now get that fissure to the stove...and that big ol' polyp back to the pool to link it all up? more rubbin?

ask not what you can do for your country: you have the right (time and afford - rhymes with toreador though no one need notice) not to participate, only -- to take that trip around the block (third reich? arguably and an ass-crotch) and you...or not speak is a i'm nobody - pu!

if you get erased, what will be? we'd have that labled 'just for you' - some ghost said her hair was bear-glued to a fuckin' wall en masse as walking around with a shard of plaster board (or floor) up the front...'pablo honey'? 'pablo' is tasteless (adds 'sightless') a mud, and honey means 'don't push it i'm here'...'pueblo' covers it...keep it single...texan version 'honaugh' haw-naw...p.s. in a fight? trying pulling any scraggly hair to the floor - though they fight dumbly, it's victimless and pretty funny don't be too mean...or i'll put fingers up your nose or pull your pants off...then pull your hair...scares are good use too...lights, camera, action - no cubes, cold water...latex paint...spy holes...'peul' is plain if feminine matter or article (no living sense or doing on own without borrowing or bothering) chickens are 'peulo' for 'pull down off the bone' if 'pollo' is one burning in sands or coals...anglicize or spell wrong? first make plain and pronounce plainly to drop the connotes (or hints at without saying - if any intentions made more clear) at will...spanish is firmly a woman's language - asks to have their say, then pulls back like they're not willing to say after all damage having been done...a pronunciate language of the dead and a mercy to those who can't keep their mouth shut...on the phone, mostly...the bird's 'eye' on the side of its head 'eye' didn't see anything yet...'eye'

april 1, 2...3

cvs extra bucks are here for quarter 1 - i got $5

i hadda think about where this logo is from (mattel's barbie - no slouch at the market)
for turning around in a bar...'euch'

lionel's (formerly #1 toy giant 'kiddie city' - 'jay's kiddierama' (bordentown, nj on route #206 or the former atlantic city expressway - specialized in pools downstairs all set up, outdoor furnishings, trains sets and race cars - became market leader toys 'r' us) ho scale for train sets...'hot oil' for smoke? lumber (o), i-beams ('h' actually)...

'atomic'? to borrow from rome, from the greatest to the least or 'ad maximus ad minimus' - it fits for me (them: overly said, overly done - um, harsh - 'a thematic')

kansas 'two for the show' notwithstanding, this is the largest album ever printed in fold up - three (3) sides when opened up
fleetwood mac 'tusk' matches in sheer paperboard, i'd say
those days are, like grandma, gone forever and ever - like grandma

note: elton john's 'goodbye yellow brick road' is re-leased for it's fortieth anniversary (mca, 1973) - plenty of extras...i'll put 'alice' up here to stay (elton john 'all the young girls love alice' mp3 (7.4 megs)...'step into christmas' norma jean is certainly marilyn she rates here don't cite me as first to say...that stuff is big big big stardom...and touched by others alot...we'll get him in here one day he said the new record isn't being met by fans much...usually they gobble stuff up...anti-hate sells to itself first...i want to believe me...

'the song says there is nobody like you to young adamant lesbians...
when interfering with god and their eagle eye for what's simply not correct
god loves little girls for their mainstays, but hates interference from homo-nuts' - dM

like 'candle in the wind' (themes: born late, your money's not good enough for us) too many live versions to remind me of better stuff...soho a south 'hampton' hampers after pregnancy and being held by others...a so-so now best said an 'artists district'...the subway goes on to wonderland trust me i went looking one summer...when the world trade center was detiorating the air with salines misplaced like itty-bitty potato flakes holding heat out to no'll see cleaner nicer air and no salines in summer when they can't afford the electricity...

lyric some:
raised to be a lady by the golden rule
alice was the spawn of her public school
with a double-barrel name
in the back of her brain
and a simple case of 'mommy doesn't love me' blues

reality, it seemed
was just a dream
she couldn't get it on
with the boys on the scene
and what do you expect from a chick
who's just sixteen
and hey, hey, hey
you know what i mean

all the young girls love alice
'tender young alice' they'd say
come over and see me
come over and please me
alice it's my turn today...

all the young girls love alice
'tender young alice' they'd say
if i give you my number
will you promise to call me?
wait 'til my husband's away

poor little darlin'
with a chip out of her heart
it's like actin' in a movie
when you've got the wrong part
and gettin' your kicks
in another girl's bed
well, it was only last tuesday
oh - they found you in the subway dead

and who could you call your friends
down in soho
the one or two
middle-aged dykes
in the a go-go
and what do you expect
from sixteen year-old yo-yo
and hey, hey, hey
you know what i mean

--------------------------not just now

someone said can you interpret 'crocodile rock' artistically? yeah - a young man is holding-clasping a young girl's hands in a soda shop and she has a diamond ring on shaped like a crocodile and it's grinning-winking at you...ok, the peanuts (um, 'penis') characters when they dance shoulders crocked up? is about fucking,, the collegiate...

look - elton has on the first pair of nike's ever - side wings like mercury's feet
they kept this baseball suit on view at the hard rock beverly center forever
from the la times today 04/09

from my dreams last night: where are the lay's potato chips sleeping bags in crinkle material with light blue (um, 'light and lively') interiors? old? also, i took off in a plane that went out to sea on a road or long strait - it was that bad and really nervous like we could tip either way - then land again going up in the's like an ocean showing up at the beachfront...nervous...

garbage 'not your kind of people' title track and all at 1442! oops...

netflix: 'stevie nicks: in your dreams' all fanbase in and around her house some glen ballard (note glen ballard is david morales and david morales is dave stewart of eurythmics...richard ledwin plays him here...add guitarist waddy watchel a san francisco type - scott glenn? whatever- uniquely theirs 'empty their wallets and then they go' - fleetwood mac 'fireflies')

despite any death threats, hershey's has new instant puddings at pavilions $0.99 a box - sure a white chocolate (or cordovan, coq au vin) and 'special dark' - they also have a regular or milk chocolate box
my mother taught me about 'special dark' when i was little, i taught her about russell stover's nougat eggs? both learned same and speak in turn
instant jello pudding is up to $1.49 a box like i got more involved with the store in a management sense and as we don't have dessert-dissent every night but 'pieces of eight'
a box of jello pudding is worth (what's worse having or not having?) $2 flat we think to say cost (loss for as a cause to speak) is $1.90 i'm told

rating: i didn't follow the instructions reading per se just wire whisk and two (2) cups or then a pound of lowfat milk, but it was like tapioca at first with no rice then in days time became more like what we sought i enjoyed it last night - overall, okay enough...more: i'm doing 'special dark' mix now is different an adult sanguine ('say it again' while tasting, a yogurt - semen?) and appears to be real good and remember the regular chocolate of jell-o fame is about as good as it gets if you want an unprepared instant pudding...more: the 'special dark' is much to be a pie filling and was great - all of it...just purchased a box of regular hershey's instant chocolate to pursue with flavortown...later and note their white chocolate is usually cookies and cream flavor...

can't get an aluminum security (bar metal) door? visit magicmesh the neighborly door screen

coldplay 'magic' from the new album due sometime in may...revise me downward
that 'judge dredd' soundtrack album has leftfield on it also (at ten dollars a pop on itunes for cocteau twins)? massive attack with
itunes money is with stocks when that heals the money goes back they're gonna be dead and working at it too

to good to lose to you: 'i've been here the whole time you've been suggesting i come' - dM not to be at-once overheard

perennial stella d'oro (guessing a 'that's nice' anisette) diane keaton is gonna speak at a book soup event on wilshire late april let's say 04/25...$32 includes her signed book wittingly titled 'let's just say it wasn't pretty' mother in the head quotes her as trumpeting a new man 'i'm mrs. james newton now' just kidding i heard that really meant touching at her event it seems, still big guesses though...

the black niggers at facebook (england and their fucking garbage) labled me married like anyone gives a shit but the edits are overproviding - that shit needs to be in the fucking dump one day help me help you...fucking women...slags...i'll shoot...

'olt' tit for tat ('this for that', a quick-on-the-take, a queer): still waiting for the state return filed 02/23 and 1/3 of my federal return (c/o other occupant) although no bill left unpaid...see? someone 'just took it' me head says 'and won't repay' (like i take theirs? yeah but that's me...the state...who am i? say it again...all made so local it's in my building adding and subtracting per bags i bring in...and the sheriff's in there too? what should i do give in to your demands of having me booked ? only the sheriff (to escort unruly women and their mere hostile mention out, only - police make you go back to where came from...i demand they not cater to people they are god-willing like rubbers in a bathhouse full of nude fuckin') books their own every night 'for being late' and you think living up in a palm tree wasn't good to us! i make people blab and ask someone else all the while confiding and still! they say they're poor...i'm poor...see? just applied at mcdonald' that real? what is real is you never get anything you want ever and no one proves it...back to you...'like you started in a garage' you sound very astute and club people with fast mouth but not to me will you and i don't pay by each a word...

$5 a gallon or you won't be paid (as willing to pay)...$5

i'm not afraid, i hate wasting my time and i'll kill you for going outta your way...i promise (z-wag) personal death made to date 126,392 it says - how would i know who you are? i know...i hate the i don't like having better things to it says we had to show it where it all comes from because you bother it for no speak let's agree now...i say 'the teacher of the rich'...never has to worry much...i can't keep asking for you...remember facts only (this happened to you here, a cross labled such placed in the dirt as you walk when is here) and truth-truce we decide together you know much why you did that 'you know more' or too much - mildred pierce couldn't get it right and her daughter helped...she shot the wiseacre only for making her a dump of a person...monty was her pet only...all real life, the money just ran down that's can know from where it emits and why not you anymore? it's not 'cause anyone gave it to you at-first...her style nice aways....

i can't tell you anything i'm ashamed...i'll get rid of it all i have to still...

richard 'penn' badgley ? people are so drained in that movie 'margin call' then there's light

things to be remembered from cb2 - my mother says 'keeps you from being me' as adults
as in not being able to have? waiting (um, weighing everything) paid me everything (the 'newer is better' lane, and also big pay for big grievances against use) it's the company that sucks?
why weigh it all out?

this is $100 or that fabulous (the only one you need think of as new) metal tray beneath is (it's $50 actually)...anyway - needs some attention, divides rooms?
someone says drape with fabric or then a scarve that's brilliant i gotta get away from plants some near water, in window

just to note this pinwheel and cement box below; the green cart the rage ! at $100 you to pay

heart disease? drinking...diabetes? fresh milk ? sipped alone one day...i thought an asshole of a snakebite or something...cancer 'can't serve'? from theft, stealing and running...what about white collar crime (borrowing under terms von credit from a cash-only lavender)? bladder trouble, cancer

ruin: someone reviewing worst movies on the 'net called something 'a piece of shit' in banner form - that's new, hint: one movie was 'the love guru' with mike myers who still owes me 'dieter' you wait for the wheel again /// devo's 'timing-x' what is it? the very moment you can speak in the conversation as all coiled up, or where it will be when...

been ranting at yahoo for losing this wonderful page and that connotes not being welcome? me own mistake probably ('03141.html' s/b '04141.html' as mistakingly inclusive of quarter lengths, but you're there with-witless somehow...i'm all having a shit-fit with pens as earrings 'we own this you know - my mother, madonna'...and i also say 'yeah, but we only hope to have one good night with it'...please, i'm not you

a woman (ostensibly in my family and so?) ranches out 'what's the cure for hair?' and as another nut assumes the position walking down the avenue no bottoms 'hey babe - is the party still going on?' or choosing toilet paper at the local mini mall shitting in the aisle i said 'no' and that means you should die of me first...the only feeling i ever made me? 'guilt' that's potent or not important you don't hafta feel for me...but you have hair (and rosea) you also fuck your dog my cat's asshole was too small i thought with anal crisps...i use to tickle his balls ? with the end of his tail and play piano with him inside the top part...i only hope those idiots didn't run him over outside 'that wasn't our cat'...not mine to say? naming life expectancy is mine alone 'one day out in the sun'...fifteen years on the dot it says...eighty a person weighed out...eighty up from seventy-two...eighty and pills stop working ? though you can't cut that college...i don't cure stuff but welcome the defeated by me never a hairless wonder...

future-same: when you take a position, the money locks down (sitting duck? it ain't yours yet - yours to propose their own sources) and another person's got to go - that's yours unnamed as yet) and see stocks fried out once any split regains consciousness or the price to re-shelve yours...i see people fuck people only as i have yours again? your insurance card, maybe don't wagon the wheel think practically and as paying is getting rare enough...death equals taxes? taxes equal death? the dead don't pay and don't give any gifts that i know of don't be so fast to take...they'd hafta pay you when you're dead...then i live you some...'nothing for that, not a dime'...i like pork, are 'poor'...but influential i see...i want what i paid for no talk, no helping either...

dumbfounded, but near you just having and enough...that plane missing laughed at the water rising the plane held and were rescued all by pakis 'we had to fuck though' aren't they great hosts? what else? they wouldn't open the aircraft's doors...had to bore in shelly winters came back to life you know after gobbling all that hot water and fishy seaweed ('real' - she says and deathly cold 'it was the engine grease' striped with brown coconut gas and pineapple a fuckin' mcdonald's coffee it was the hot bean juice the got her dander up...death is real, 'so is barbary' she says as 'playing until you're dead' i think about clipping things off only and i reportedly had me own penis and left ear clipped off a baby ! but so what there are base requirements for suffering worlds and we feed them shit looks bad though...i'm still rearranging flowers near beds some)...'you're gonna get hurt' to what adds 'i don't worry about it, ever' - dM i know who does what, too...and why perhaps you pay me too little...'found a lump in my breast (fatty hanging armpit with maggle noid 'this could be anyone now') today after commanding fats out, yup'...more plane: the aircraft flipped wing-to-wing (i first thought head to tail...) the left wing digging into the water and with smoke inside some...they quickly got up the la times showed the plane underwater in a long, watery stretch on their front page recently...

mom's taking a cruise to belize (us and mexico), honduras (mexico and france), and mexico (spain and london, or hell's kitchen - no soup)...back be soon

There's Barely A Trace And Your Comb Newly Afound As Grooming Waxhand In The Ashes - December 2013
what? a palm-held grooming device - neither comb nor brush - from the barber shop and in colors see shop example is for such says is called a 'brussel' brush, they are 'brussels'