Time To Bark Out To May Flower 2009 'And When Will You Eat Shit?'

"Swine" flu - what to do? Is flu from mad people eating at crap. Drink orange juice fresh twice a day or a glass each day how common. Did you like the pictures of Greystone Manor and its grounds? The Beverly Hills Bar Association is hosting an all-out taste fest on Sunday May 3, 12-4 p.m. - go to their site for the 21st Annual Vintage Bouquet and see about tickets to this open affair...$150 per person on that day with no gratis (no tipping) plus gift (your donation to the grounds, only). Whatever.

Let the San Diego Zoo (Wild Animal Park) scare you shitless for only $70! Announcing Flightline

here's a film of rosie o'donnell briefly and scott thorson* and family flying it free

just sewed up some new placemats outta rough cotton fabric we had lying around....they were fork or peg hanging curtains from terry's old place on formosa avenue...
also made a tablecloth with a clear shower curtain sewn on-top for the patio to clean - honors madonna's fence over lake hollywood mustard and burnt sienna in alt lines
it was a homemade shower curtain with no liner underneath - i used a new liner while sewing and naturally enough it had some weather cuts in it
the fabric is originally from
f&s fabrics on pico just east of the westside pavilion
the furniture all came from crate and barrel - then welcome cb2 at west hollywood today at virgin plaza where virgin used to be and the new trader joe's is...
terry says the table is from pier 1 imports but i doubt it -- instead see crate and barrel's one offering in this avenue
the neighborhood dead save up and make these happen all and not until
p.s. the clouded globes of string light are readily available at target and this for sure...

This dump month may end now...maybe gonna tune in to Obama's address at Hulu later...

went for a little walk at
target last night - this caught my eye for around $100
i'm still lecturing the smallish crock-pot - ostensibly for dips - that came with our big oval white one when new - there's water in it right now trying to know of its heats...
meanwhile, we still have the old standby round and orange too with brown clay mold inside
i also mused to my nokia cell phone model just about for $19.99 plus a $25 go-card...you have the phone turned on at at&t or else
and get your new phone number they put it together - maybe online as not too well
here's the official rival crock-pot site

This screen capture application is good too ScreenPrint32 - it enables [print screen] on your keyboard and handily as a matter of first tits too. Did you know that my father is both Bill Clinton and thus Bo Hopkins? Yeah, he was Buddy Holly too. A Virginia man (um, ham) he plays...news to me. His mother was Claudia Blaisdell. Quote from my father as Clinton "Missouri is my family, not my friends. They are bold, and beautiful too. I hosted them three times here, so go wait elsewhere."

Meanhwile, old coffee-maker friend the Gevalia 'Kaffe' still has great deals on a black or white coffee maker plus coffee with the 'no further bother' of a cancel membership - but is like BMG so good to you anyway so try that $14.95 all-told.

the price to send money - $100 here - isn't that bad and it's nearly electric
their money orders are cheap if $0.99 each and at
7-eleven with a $500 limit at the each
today $33 sends $500 instantly with no bank afoot, you check your price by clicking on 'at a location' then 'price services' at the bottom
...only nuts type well

For ritts:

RE: New Jersey Bound‏
From: Doug Moon (noomguod@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 4/29/09 6:42 AM
To: Geri Moon (gerimoon@comcast.net)
Hope Eddie's feeling better - too much drinking probably. The diuretics ['exclosures' or what makes brain mass and thus pressures smaller on the whole set] help him keep water off. Alcohol is high blood pressure itself, you know plus water tending the burns inside. If I had a heart thing, I'd dry right up after running around town to make the muscle meat. Hope he does better...but then again, what hasn't he done?

Have a safe trip back.

From: gerimoon@comcast.net
To: noomguod@hotmail.com
Subject: New Jersey Bound
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 09:02:54 -0400

We are leaving Friday morning and should be in NJ Sat afternoon. Eddie was in the hospital with congestive heart failure last week. No new heart damage, but he needed to get rid of the fluid in his abdomen, face, and ankles. He had trouble breathing. After they gave him IV diuretics he lost 15 lbs of fluid overnight. They adjusted his heart meds and he is fine. I will call you when we get home.


Searching: Yahoo! is for sales...Google is for rememberances. Get that? Today 04/28/09 is free chicken day at El Pollo Loco no purchase necessary a leg and thigh, two (2) tortillas and a bag. 12-8 p.m. More: Very nice stuff - the meat provided on both it bone was more than enough for two (2) great soft tacos and tasted real good. I tried the green avocado salsa mostly, then mild salsa - all to go for at home - and it was a bit spicy, but very nice. Thank you. I went to the one on Sunset at Crescent Heights around noon and it had a little line and 'in' and 'out' doors marked with signs, so no embarrassment whatsoever to follow me around. We'll be back...at dinner me and Terry. Again, it was good!

the is the old borrelli ('a beautiful way [around you too]' italian-french) hair salon on santa monica near trader joe's and their $1.49 large eggs best navel oranges too $0.39 each
borrelli moved around the corner and is on doheny b2v or something new
meanwhile, this eyesore sits here...we should a have a table-rent flea market somewhere every thursday night
the flower shop at santa monica and doheny that featured the ball with tits i drew is being refurbed now....
across the street, the chan dara massage parlor is cleaning to become a full-on thai restaurant one day maybe...
target 'max(e)' is for maximum space utilization i'd say and no garden department the other store can't handle their stocks well

this abandon house on a convenient strip of land on san vicente's east side just north of beverly center and near cedars
like the munster's house, no one's supposed to notice anything but i love a depressed-type property being to shown
one day i'll have quotes for lily munster who was really good with a word (see of her 'spider' cookies)
meanwhile, trees on this street at the sidewalk have great oranges with nary a seed to be felt

Word 'anakrin' - what does it mean? You mean 'anachin' - doesn't want people sitting around pushing clips or making comments. Best label is 'anakren' for French - an anarchist or then antichrist (inaccurate not sound of judgment, mannequin never around when you need 'em, arachne challenging to others paying first and in reverse, arrogant or an angry air of it). All clump...a person who doesn't like anything is best to be left. Who's taking exception well enough? They need to reason theirselves elsewhere much with poor breeding afoot. I hafta ask why, not declare. Why don't you care enough?

I'd say 'arachnin' ultimately and honor the story of Arachne who challenged Roman goddess Minerva (um, Athena) to a duel at weaving before being made into a spider to do her prides forvever 'round and 'round (source: Programmed Reading, Ann and Sam etc.) - let's make it sense. Who cares who won, more at a pyrrhic victory or one achieved at great cost or then loss.

Rogaine says they'll give you a $15 coupon towards their spray cans of unintelligent (no one knows why or how it works...but it simply does) mousse if you go to their little site. I can't get the coupons to print now you may fight it or simply then buy direct as there. When done, witness the potato peelers at Hobart - like 66 pounds in 1-3 minutes...something like that. Burger King said I tipped them off way back when for their fries (I used this at a hospital once or twice - St. Francis Medical Center again and with Chris Ondy afoot). The tub they make has an inside wall that is really rough like pumice - you flick a toggle switch and they roll around fast and come clean with the rest of it flushed down the toilet with a permanent pipe to plumbing. Hardly no meat taken some green to not.

I got my Rogaine $15 coupon yesterday 04/29 by printing out here and finally - maybe my problem? No.

this is maude beatrice arthur by the way - a guy named ed roberston incognito
i say you can remember 'maude' by eating at the little diner called ed's on robertson (he is ed debevic too - 'failed from stealing me often enough')
and by going across the street to see arts by walter findlay the man character played by bill macy on her little show in the 70's...whatever!
she-he says give to the humane society 'this death isn't real, but you are - think fondly of it'
i like all of the golden girls by the way, think none of it - me
btw, my neil is now known as both ralph fiennes and bill pullman - news to me
more: no, the picture isn't chris ondy but like him...his eyes are light green with black outlines
(brown + blue equals green if brown is black or clear stacked and yellow out front as salines and if green is yellow and blue)

this is bea arthur 'at the people's choice awards' with mutual friends collier mariano (left) and chris reed xo '1989' or so
chris is really rue mcclanahan too, if maude is just aerosmith's steven tyler also - all whackos

"By the way, I try not to crap in the box on the way out. Now you too." - dM who hates being thanked with any less than fierce competition - you win at home

"Yeah, if you were ugly* no one would give a shit about you, ever." - dM it's worth repeating

Here's those state measures analyzed by the above and me - another 'dougmoon.com' exclusive:

1C "Rainy Day" Budget Stabilization Act
No, you don't need people coming in when they're needy. They need to speak when they have only. Having means you see them with stuff, not you as made to beg someone. Learn the difference major and be with us first when you have, not a beggar going to state assembly. You use my money no matter what and I say 'no' - never. No.

1Bc Education Funding - Payment Plan
Works the least of us to death by asking for taxes in advance of having probed their activities. Many starve doing this for us. Vote 'no'.

1Ac Lottery Modernization Act
Wants to have local citizens hold lotteries to see if they pay better. 'We think we're being cheated' it says. You are cheated. Vote 'yes' and they'll cheat you >too<, but later it said. We like cheating - it hurts us all until it pays us to know better.

1D Children's Services Funding
Ignore - means nothing to me yet. There's no children with ID tags anyway...

1Ec Mental Health Funding - Temporary Reallocation
Ignore - hates me yet. Is no deal with no money to have anyway.

1F Elected Official Salaries - Prevents Pay Increases During Budget Deficit Years
You have no pay increases anyway because you are all staffers from some company already. That is failed judicial process and we are here to laugh at you. Mexicans and Spaniards in general hate money in our hands because they don't make any, really. 'Hate them too with this' it said. They are poor. Poor people hate people period, so don't bother asking them again they say 'no' to everything you touch. For Dizzy who struggles bad, but lends me money often enough. 'No' for both of us. Just say 'no' here too - 'no' whatever it is 'no'.

That's all and as dictation from the above goes. No.


Public service code: Eat At Joe's and a big 'hi' to Route #1, Lawrenceville, NJ...and seeking Red Lobster too. I've been using something called "SnagIt" to do screen captures it expires soon enough and after thirty (30) days trial my thank you. When you open it, you go back to your desired webpage, press "print screen" on your keyboard to get an 'x' to drag down and around, and then go back to its editor to click on 'copy to clipboard' on the upper left corner the two-pages icon. Then, edit paste in Adobe or whatever you use for sizing-remodeling. Nice enough fuck you.

the card chosen to be me by no take at melrose's bodhi tree yesterday 04/25 very full of folks looking around too, a little spring grass tea
the saying or quote 'il de agua' say 'ah-de-solaya' means 'i honor myself too much in my son's looks'
the symbols below say 1) the sun shines always and 2) never for us though 'we live very very very well' as in center regions
'no one need know about us yet' it says overall
p.s. i watched sharon stone's 'casino' the other night - the guy who had his hand hammered simply stunk and they set him up - get that
they asked him which hand he uses at the sink only and hit it to wash and like i do always when hitting or striking things - very pontius pilate

Coming soon - California's six (6) new propositions on the ballot. National bank Wells Fargo (now with some Wachovia) has introduced lobby hours now on Sunday - check their site. Welcome Chase (Manhattan) over Washington Mutual...if you're like me, you need to go to ChexSystems to see and why not. Despite everything, no one does anything special for me. It's actually best to be little of it made I'm sure of it.

wes craven's 'serpent and the rainbow' from hulu with others some
about scientist bill pullman going to voodoo-filled haiti to get their secret blowfish powder a potent neurotoxin that makes zombies outta people when blown in their face
he risks all and gets all in the head when mind over attacks him brutally for it - like freddy krueger is only real and real only
like the boxwipe cover of chic's album on the way to that place, you don't just tell a black woman 'no'
p.s. carolco's 'cliffhanger' (1993) with stallone is probably really good too but i remember it not at all...give it a chance if bored me too i saw it in the theater and liked it alot and that's all i feature here, ever
'cliffhanger' has the nerve to kill a woman stevie nicks as pj soles right up front with a high-tech falling also features john lithgow as villain in a dirty plane heist - good enough, great laughs
the whole autism thing with stallone keeps smartie types down too - keeps a complex or thought out, follows military orders only we study this
any stallone is neil's father recorded on track as guest and by gaffe or overhead - the edits result in this feel and it's good to us somehow
but back to, the haiti film features great beauty of the island itself - please watch

a 'six-dollar burger' doesn't mean it costs six dollars, it's just worth that...
this after wrestling with
kabctv for bay-area (san francisco) freebies in the face of no los angeles seem...'they don't know how it little it come' - beyonce, sasha fierce (fearless)

I made 'French'-type macaroons yesterday 04/24 (with coconut leftover from ambrosia I make often now dirt cheap and quite beautiful at Ralph's for passover - I robbed them again yesterday with $4) and they were good:

3 c. flake baker's coconut
1 c. sweet and condensed milk (instead, I used 3/4 c. milk and 1/2 c. brown sugar...)
1/8 t. salt
1 1/2 t. vanilla extract (instead, I used 2 t. vanilla)
1/2 t. almond extract (instead, I used none)
what? 350 degrees 15 minutes or so watch for baking and a pizza cutter scraped them well after dry make 'em small (maybe a garlic press with wax paper or foil in it would help say...)

in the areas of outdoor entertainment,
target and their largesse has cotton candy and sno-cone makers...search, see, find
more: the pink box and bowl here is huge - see all at you tube (this mention from reviews - you'll love it)
nope: industrial-strength concession stands and supplies can be bought here at concessionstands.com

First time ever - this on April 24 not tax money or vicious complaint back yet OLT: A UPS TRUCK TURNED RIGHT ON ITS SIDE ENTERING THE LONDON HOTEL On San Vicente EARLIER TODAY - SURE, RIGHT AT THE DRIVEWAY. Meawhile, the GUY AT THEIR SITE 'RICHARD' WAS SO CUTE TO ME WHEN HE VISITED SOME AND AGAIN I ALWAYS get PALPALANS here. Richard was married to the psychic 'Black Delilah' he says but is now mine...

i wanna
raise praying mantises they never seem to have take a look at it, a screened patio full of parakeets is mine and omar's has been around
visit academy health as abroad for aapri facial scrub my favorite from the river lourdes in france

things you can't even get, continued:

i had ideal's 'snap bowling' too 'cept the elastic wears out on the red ball another hand-me-down
the rock-solid rubber pins have round magnets on the bottom and the face folds down onto tray
yes, no - you can't just take the elastic out of the red ball it's molded right on there try sewing

someone showed me the suzuki quad atv 12 volt on the sidewalk the other day - his kid has it
a bit fortune, but you see this noisy box makes the grade for $200 in pegs at
toys r us
like any suzuki (so sue me) product, you can wear a helmet too

i asked our woman friend at hippocampus on sunset about a little baggie for cigarettes...she was nonplussed
at $5.00 a pack, that's $0.25 at the each to break even with 20 cigs at avail...unless carton, that is
i hear people in the head are raging over selling weenies - some guy pushes a homemade cooler on wheels here with ice cream stamps on it and i wonder to myself 'cd player for bells?'
the great adventure carousel used an 8-track player, after all

symantec's ol' hand-up-the-ass for me taking too much it seem (i have their craquelature suds mug in blue and gold...you too coffee me)
as for south africa, it's always the same - you and your ex-friends some with older tans making national news
p.s. you say 'symantec' as 'sameech' - eats when you eat more like a worm

you can make your own visa at gift card mall with a simple picture upload and starting at only $25 + $1 fee

Mosaics are for April showers...we love prepaid credit cards from Gift Card Mall, by the way. You get online and register that fast for no bank reject under their pull down menu inside (they say you can't activate now to stall, but you need to register only). Today Yahoo! claims again my payment 'failed', however, my card still charged plus one dollar for feel to be returned (ongoing as credit check for unwanted in women?) They'll try anything...but I've got approved this and that in the wings. Always use Yahoo! wallet to get your pre-paid cards in the vault fast for use however and to edit (you hafta enter the card number again to remove - how silly and after throwing them away). I hadda call 'em last time. Update: Yahoo! sez they'll forgive April's bill if I wait twenty-four hertz and then we'll simply upgrade then down...thanks, Ken Carolan.

all this formwork is muscle moving meat for real, so 'buckle it up' it is said
i had two remco 'tru-smoke' tractors both dump trucks - one from christmas and replaced at my birthday august 16 - they were that good
you put mineral oil provided you in the pipestack and out comes ghostly battery-made fume - an elegance
only michael umbro (rolling stones founder brian jones, etc.) birthday may 1 had the bulldozer
bitch also had a pedal farm tractor too like the big wheel - none had that
review all slights with me - on the right is the
tonka marine-type crane we both had

Still checking out the Black & Decker personal power supply at Home Depot..."Electromate" $99.97? Tire inflator as only DC? No - get this! Two (2) AC ports up (to six hours):

check out
frys electronics too for kinky electric stuff like 12v dc lightbulbs my favorite for blind under a hood
okay, that replacement bulb was really from malibu hardware, malibu, ca

forgive the trespass: my mother, terry and 'parents' in florida this past
people wanna know about me, you know (i would have fixed any proudknits, yes)

this on our own mosaic theme: a shop on robertson r&r rock and republic one block south past beverly has this as a loose marquee
sure - round, thin, shiny plastic about the size of a quarter with a hole on top that blows in the wind softly and in waves while hanging from a single round-top nail loosely enough
to notice and then see yourself sheinberg national earth day and all
alts: another weirdo thing was venetian blinds hanging from the ceiling as room dividers - wooden?
then, a false staircase to nowhere you build into a wall 'for sits' they say a la mister rogers

that paragon of faith is
williams home on beverly and on the way to beverly center
i also ordered up a year of
freshmen at $24 the 'bill me lator' monstor - free dvd to follow 'summer encounters'
i owe bmg from 09/08 still
they don't pay people...'the evil empire' - r. reagan

"Vice" is very caustic or mine the 'viscount' (or man who doesn't want or discounts you) that makes you appeal to his force of being. There's always a man - the man - you're trying to please so you can be there and not bore him. That's where vice lies. The jailor? Maybe, but no - these are trying to appeal to you too. I used to say "If you ever hurt a member of my family, you wouldn't make it to court [you'd be shot on the stairs]." That is someone trying to be a man for another man or someone like you too. Another man out there. These are dangerous folks.

Earth Day, April 22 - what is it? You're not supposed to drive your car today instead opting for public transportation. See UCLA has scheduled protests widely involving god-knows-what (vivisection or animal stavings - or not letting you leave - is their usual pride a + b). Not burning carbon fuels is for Amnesty Day, March 12 not widely received. Amnesty Day is about not being permitted a place to be, a place to stay who you are (not having a home to pursue yourself then). We designate this the day before Christ was murdered (suffered to for just having wandered in, March 13...'driving down the wrong street') then. Arbor Day, however, is coming and that is this Friday, April 24...plant a tree or flower. You need to know better about you, huh.

light key on having women around (teams, times again, tiny breaks):
christine: you can't have to yourself, no teaching of;
pristine: can't know you, a done person;
sistine: can't be touched physically, you'll get rewarded here;
kertzine (yes, a 'curtsy'): won't have you, you bore them too much...really, a dead man.

then be as god:
omniface (um, i'm the face): god, unseen as many none
perses (say 'persis', persists, pursues us): angels, some seen
boniface (say 'bodiface'): person, body and face seen

even though
ralph's had $0.99 loafs just like oralwheats (um, 'oroweat')...never 2b happy
i'm gonna make oven fried chicken croquettes soon enough too...shit-fit?
baking powder or baking soda? baking powder softens eggs and is for cookies only...so they're not so crisp (less is more crisp only)
baking soda is for cakes - it keeps eggs dry and useable while flour rises alone - no moist with sodas or crush salts around (like flour, but expanding at heat)
breads use yeast and only no sodas or powders here...it's all about eggs and not their heat
by the way, we highly remand (um, demand without you knowing...won't let you drop the ball) pillsbury 'grands' and betty crocker bisquick
p.s. watch that trader joe's the only people who package baking soda in a baking powder can - we have that mistake and two (2) cans of clabber girl too but that's baking powder

so self anneal: 'quite frankly my dear, i'm interesting' all photos to this point taken just prior to 04/21/09 our eighth week now as to be complete...

a bit study on local mosaics (emser has 'em including metal squares, dots, and larger oval tiles too)...this of red glass inside of beverly center and at parking-street escalators north side of building
glass squares can be sharp and cut your feeling-hand ass, warns quality-textural types and turd-feelers
this stuff is warner leroy i used to feel the candy-stick pillars on yum-yum palace too...there's yellow sugar-ish inside the small of pits
dan moon, um, 'shot' at ma maison yesterday somehow, leaves a cherry-cola effect on right with lamps made of panty hose cut, sewn, and brushed and to be painted with acrylics
all on a stretch wire frame -- 'you don't see the seams at all' he said as bunched around
more later about the pedestrian bridge that's supposed run from the hotel across the street through glass here at third floor up

just a side note for hotel sofitel los angeles
that's beverly boulevard running east and west between lacienega and san vicente boulevards...

this at the ramada west hollywood

these continue far right as a 'silverado' and at eleven restaurant west hollywood their frontal patio - to art outward

devo says visit jerry's famous deli (this on beverly nearly at san vicente) often too - 'we're broke enough' (um, no class...)

benvenuto (um, 'bad day for us all [as working too hard]') on santa monica became this...'mexico' no real link to good churros yet
this is for waywards, by the way...
legend has it that madonna and kd lang had a slap fight here and madonna hates the hurt so see change
people who are bored touch people and kathryn started the evening slapping her too heartily on the back...who's right? madonna 'punched her in the lip, she cried' 06/92
for fun, the pet shop boys song 'i want to wake up' should say 'tainted love and people are strange' - the verse too long then for fits we love the doors
last night a guy carrying a footwalker on a segway (um, 'sega') made someone move chair on the sidewalk at chin-chin - don't risk your life on the road i'd say move the chair
'i'm handicapped' he said laughingly to you dining right on the very cement of strip - be kind to no rule project puma (um, 'please use my answer')
i go around taking advantage of great sales...last night it was rite aid with $2.50 for folgers size in the red cup
i robbed ralph's real good too studying their circulars in advance a little list made, mcdonald's value menu...trader joe's $1.44 eggs
not to mention no one limit free lemonade and a little dinner at the sunset location...doris day herself serves us breakfast often at the west hollywood one
i bought their delicious black tea with mango $1.99 a box but now with lemon and sugar and as chilled by me
q: 'how do you make rotten eggs stink?' put in a dark cabinet at room temps until see-smell

All is well with our site now...breathe easy with me although shifting internet hosting plans required another charge to be backdated again.

employee of the week bristol farms - dizzy lent me $29 over the weekend and today is repaid along with the dope check sent edison (mothers day advance)
got me sausages today too hot pork...hi, kevin we'd see you here too

check this hummer limo out at $42,500 - and to be your own boss (san vicente north above lacienega it is)
i'm thinking about why people don't sell cigarettes individually wrapped like toothpicks ('the first one is three cents, the second, is thirty cents...' - neil at universal)
a local clerk at monaco liquors when once i asked said you can do it but 'it's not right' i laughed out loud
so? how does it fail us? my brand to sell? 'marlboro' - theirs is 'newport' as most loved they'd say

clearly as from a shop in beverly center near the apple store
thomas sabo sterling silver
thanks spike tv at the link devo 'ru experienced?' is getting rare here...

i love these water-filled roadblocks - you just pull the plug to move 'em, you guessing
like our taboos (tableaus, like egyptians make on walls) in life, this line wasn't meant to be crossed, but oh! what pleasures may await us downward

a fake 'love' topiary as made famous by 'robert indiana 1976' warhol (um, 'wart hog'...co-founder of 'nevus' bank with steven jobs)
this, not priced at all, at
'the empty vase' on santa monica - note leo's at lacienega finally booked it up too
the pole out front is probably anti-theft the device...like a high price tag
someone today asked about locking up a bike - what to do? you just get another bike and chain ten (10) of 'em to it lying on its side

richard and father played la this weekend as 'conchords', this was their car...i stopped richard from morphing back briefly - he hated it
go to dallas, 'da last place'
great morgue pictures just seem at sites: cunanan, jf kennedy, blah blah blah...hauptmann was cute...that is richard
i was hung with lincoln nets great stuff but re-enacted...we hung at princeton, nj compounds earlier...conspiratists followed

"A car was supposed to be a rocket to the moon, a way of getting you out fast. There was a whole lot of nuthin' - there still is." - dM who seldoms wonders why American cars were so heavy and mean...'hi' Dodge trucks and Ford Mustang! Welcome back Chevy Camaro. "Huffa-vah huffa-vah huffa-vah..."

Another dougmoon.com exclusive: Toni Halliday (of Curve) has a new group effort called "Chatelaine" and is here with five (5) new songs..."Killing The Feeling" is so pretty to me.

words of 'killing the feeling'
it kills you to think of me
every day
someone you can't have
but won't go away
your poor soul
in the dead of night
cries out in the dark
'show me the light'

seeing's believing
once more with feeling

don't try to call me
on the phone
i'll let you go
if you leave me alone
my heart breaks
when i see your face
there's nothing i can do
to delete your trace

no more believing
killing the feeling

this is heartbreak
like i never knew
this is heartbreak
like i've never known

it hurts so bad

seeing's believing
once more with feeling
no more believing
killing more feeling

to having better without you too...
is 'olympiad' not enya

Went into Micky's early last night 04/17 up and down the grand re-opening (Micky's is named after McDonald's their sponsor) and the place is fabulously done though some stupid faggot is going to fall over the second-floor rail for sure one day. You can thank Kentucky Fried Chicken for Mother Lode and Disney for Rage. Others...Micky's is going to floor a local McDonald's housebox now at the old green gym up the street...

the palms bar is for girls, but is very friendly...is related somehow to the palms in vegas same ones
preview 'crank' at apple's own sauce
rumours have it a target 'max' store is supposed to go here too...the cash clown down the street has empty shelves too much at night they say

google's drop down search says there were 4,950,000 references to my name on the net served (add 7,000,000 for further spelling out of 'douglas');
'madonna' has 92,200,000 they say...keep using coke rewards too from bottles, caps
that first search makes me 'doug moo' ultimately...truth you will seek

siouxsie and the banshees 'christine' banana salidea (slid up) or 'happy without you' it says
is the car of stephen king fame, of course
siouxsie is just grace slick doing jefferson airplane by herself, you know - all solo
'white rabbit' can't be done yet, but see it soon
grace is my aunt pat under costume rules and my godmother, her family husband is eddie or glen campbell to me
yup, the one who needs to help build me up a house
p.s. we love all good stuff - don't cheat people with family talk we never had it to talk about stars are owned

went garbage picking yesterday - see our new-ish 'klubbo' from at
further see their $9.99 'koja' tent for kids and their $17.99 tunnel called 'speja'...you speja time rolling around inside

'i'm not here to glorify faggots' some cunt screams
you take of that own load yourself and we have our deal...no camera can say
notes the air conditioner as 'electrostat' only - takes heat out and tosses it backwards (an aids-type truth - no further of wets passed on)
the namebrand is
general electric, of course and makes me happy without any cold
dr. pepper so you don't wonder - a three-d ad from a magazine stands around...see in it the king cobra
you can view the proper trailer for 'bolt' here, the other may be 'how it's done'

a few to be new on 04/16/09

Note national "assistants" or then administrative professionals week is April 20-24 - whatever works it to nicer ups (thanks, Pavilions and come back soon Jonee!) The Hilton on Sunset became the "Andaz" say "Andes" as in mints and we toured the facility and restaurant nights ago - very haute and very friendly. $$$. The Jewish star or 'halephem' is further noted the sideview of the queen's crown in chess...to me: no up, down - just here as cancel both to be. P.P.P.S. Sear's has our $1,000 tractor now...you might gas right up.

i see a shrouded figure in my left leg, garden shoes by bass (but note: the vicious of bougainvillea thorns poke right through the sole...)
'vicous' means takes more than you can afford to give...insides
shoe is called 'acceleration' (model is 'tm85') for biking actually mine from the liberty village outlet in flemington, new jersey
acceptable exchange at skechers is men's owlets sarcoma (style #61282)
don't mock liberty village - in 1976 they taught students glass blowing, blacksmith workings, how to dip candles colonial-style, and flanking witches on long boards in the lake there...priceless venue

i don't know if i'd put my kid in some of this stuff, but is what i saw spot-shopping on monday night at
target west hollywood

Our little site here dougmoon.com now has a new interactive message board at boards2go.com that isn't so precious to me and for trials if Twitter pauses me yet...just made jumbalaya outta spliced ham, two (2) cups rice, and taco mix from Ortega with mild sauce packet (from the taco kit - I use Lawry's always on my meat expensive). Good stuff...I already made pea soup plus a boga batch of 'vegamite' soup. Not bad I guess yet (haven't had much from the fridge yet still playing around it). See the very next mind of plague on our Take-A-Tip page too...

"Re anti-addiction pills and anti-adult stance, I tell myself 'Nevermind - you'll love it when you get there - trust that' and I do." - dM who doesn't wake up crying either (the things I hear in my head like 'take two days off' some man...I channeled my boss "I been up ALL NIGHT so I'm not comin' in - how 'bout you?")

Random notes of 04/15/09: I noticed on a walk on Robertson last night the Robert Clergerie (shoes) boutique is no longer open - see that as sad. I love saying that name "Robert Clergerie" (mine: "clare-zhur-ay"). RIP Patrick Swayze's shoe size. The dancefloor at Micky's will not be upstairs after all - I couldn't sleep on that one, not a good idea ever, huh Marc Ondy. What do they do with all those turkey feathers each year? Grind 'em up and feed them to dogs, they say. A "costello" wears clown pants around town, is the look said very "costello" almost floods. To me, a costume and yellow or being too frontal in the band and cowardly too. A sad clown...alot of harmers around these days too. See with upside-down tomato houses make good sense these days we're gonna order one soon...note Anawalt has many plant varieties too like "Roma". Meanwhile, the old foulbled "Hybrid" internet studio on Santa Monica has morphed into a full-on ballroom dancing macabre...see the link at Balliamos their own little dot com (says "put the blame on us [if it doesn't yet look good dancing out there, kinda...]").

left to right, kinda: koontz is brick, cheap-ish taco stand, a great key and lock shop, chi chi's sex stuff, just relocated jewelry shop, balliamos, unicorn sex shop, the mother lode a bar...
note that the 'sharp image' shop found as on far left bagged it already

what? this is real about town...'is real'
e-mail? noomguod@hotmail.com (that's 'dougmoon' backwards, fool)
meanwhile, my favorite sandwich at champagne bakery on santa monica near rage is the 'chicken pesto' - try that on baguette

Taylor and Case pork roll shops make up for one lost...Bristol Farms has too and locally. A sweetly grilled pork roll slice is fierce on a regular hamburger bun with simple red ketchup and with perhaps American cheese melted on-top (I never need this). Saves regular meat off use and at about 2:1.

Goldman Sachs (um, says to me 'men and with women') - sure. One point six billion in ads or claims against us, but one point two in sales force (adjusted from sales: Universal films, Apple Computer). That means four hundred million isn't ours yet. Army some. Just applied online to Target their labyrinthine (twist and turn 'like ices make [in showers down]') process was lengthy, to say the least...

Instead of long-time fave Issey Miyake (is the Banana Republic soft citrus too), Terry brought Chanel Platinum Egoiste Eau De Toilette (reversing stance or with clothes on you add in or spray) back from Florida...good stuff, adds in nicely.

i learned this fixing the lock on the center console of my '88 jeep wrangler - fair enough
as an expert (no longer gets excited over mention), i train people in microsoft excel too, word also...others ms office for home and student use is cheap now about $150 and with full versions of excel and word

pete shelley 'xl1'
been singing alot of pete shelley lately 'witness the change' + 'i don't know what it is'
legend says is martin rushent or then gene simmons of kiss playing harms or sight
extra seen: 'xl1' is for 'exlibris one' the moon to astronomers...'xl5' is the red moon on saturn - our closest competitor as if couting outward
the namesake actress jean simmons is just bette davis

Happy Easter Sunday April 12...no, we don't go to church. I just stop in from time to time. Demi Moore teary-eyed in "Ghost" and with rays of light shining: "Not him. Not...him." P.S. Patrick Swayze died November 12, 1996.

This website might take a dive soon - need to pay for with no pay. Temporary - see ya soon if (note the basic plan at Yahoo! Small Business has dropped in price too - just $12.95 a month unlimited say and play). The flea market at Fairfax High still goes on although Drakes is closed completely and the place is but rags. Walked down to Target (enter their weekly online flyer sweepstakes here...) today and it is closed along with Best Buy for the Easter holiday. How funny! The 99 Cents Only store features white vinyl-covered hanging flower baskets with metal chains for just that (layers with peat or moss, net or black weed-blocking sheet as woven, and for flowers impatiens look good) and Bell South-brand caller-ID boxes for just that also (you probably need to add the service for but pennies a day). Add in great Disney "princess" and "tomboy" chalk sticks for little street and sidewalk artists and you see the savings adds right up (if "you can go broke saving money"). Lots of great stuff there so cheap and with lots of bargain foodstuffs (they were open, the burger hut at the corner, L.A. Buns, was not). Was back up at Greystone today again investigating the driveways and traffic flow and how it all should be...feeding fish, turtles. The long pool would be replaced with a long swimming pool...

Homage the past: Visit Tavern On The Green (particularly their online shop) in NYC. The only thing that keeps the Empire State Building from falling (north)west? Something like that. So forms the shameful article-book at Wikipedia on impresario Warner LeRoy. Speaking of which, heard the Great Adventure ferris wheel is now a le grande light show with LED (light emitting diodes). So see? Sister Leslie was going to get her season passes for her and the kids today...best roller coaster to me to date: Six Flags Magic Mountain's "Ninja" then Disney's "Space Mountain" rides. Both all giggles. So see...note Amusement Pics features all visually and all at that - Great Adventure updates here and mostly. Also note that Disney gives you a free amusement park ticket on your birthday if you register yourself prior at their site. I registered, but couldn't remember the last time I was there at Disneyland...Saturday, October 7, 2000 is the date recorded a false 'gay day' we went anyway me and Terry.

our larger serving bowl...and still most is plates chipped up

Those Williams-Sonoma plates of yore featured with Terry way back when are called Pagnossin of Italy - ours were marigold with bitted green stripes and bought with one of our tax returns if then...see then. Movie "Warlock" starring Julian Sands is available at iTunes now? Star Lori Singer morphed into someone else, but I can't remember whom. Note horses just need to be vaccinated for TB (leprosy) only and that is from eating the dead however handsomely I'd say.

Tax news? Terry called the IRS hotline for refunds (direct is 1-800-829-1954) and they said "yes, the current year has been filed to reduce our taxes by so-and-so amount" the same amount we claimed and "two more weeks processing" he thinks plus cancel direct deposit if so...so stay posted. Officially, we submitted the right paperwork on 02/21/09 the 1040X required.

southside fountainbleau, then enters from parking north side-ish, door inside on left side

enter courtyard from northside parking, southerly view up north to door now on right, turnaround facing

faces east or over sunleft
took a walk up to greystone manor today at the end of doheny west
a sign says not to feed or touch the turtles or fish but both were lively
we gave them bread anyway - you can pet the fish they love it
visit hamburger hamlet on the way up on doheny - an oldie but goodie

a different light bookstore - the aids resource - finally dumped down last week

This on 04/10/09: Haagen Dazs now has green tea ice cream - we got some along with hams (one spiral sliced, one boneless smoked) and stuff (carrot cake, cheesecake...stir-fry vegetables, potato boats - you can put the vegetables all in a blender and out comes pea soup! add water, spices some) my mother sent from Omaha Steaks. Happy Birthday Leslie Moon (um, actress Sharon Stone to you) April 11.

That green tea? I've had better from Trader Joe's. Also check out Huffy's Green Machine for kids - like a Mattel's Big Wheel of earl, but you steer with forks (has a pink one for girls, too - the Little Debbie in your life). Seen outdoors at Koontz Hardware. Note - I never had a Big Wheel (now revised to black and red at Toys-R-Us), I had the "Crazy Wheel" or "Crazy Car" with two (2) swirl wheels red and white and the car was yellow and round (see X-mas picture - the balls actually stylishly blue and for dado uncle Alan Moon but Jewish looking so fee). Like any Fisher-Price toy, there was no undoing it. I also had the Radio Flyer metal wagon red. But back to back, did you know studio-guest Koontz also has Marklin train sets for the desk and a whole host of other stuff you'll love?

the smallest ever desktop train kits - with transformers and all

Morse orb then less you: All that stuff left us enough household-wise, so we skip on (you suffer less then greater than? why plan for it ohm) Apple's douche maker called back yesterday (I saw a phone number and asked what of it) and we reviewed carefully this female to mantra voice of impending 'no, this is actually it ' kinda 'aw shucks' both agree that I had no more sales or whatever and I mused that we could have just had text links to crim and shaw without all the glandour and plainstyle and they wouldn't be providing any less than that: all the great diggs I mentioned up-front saw-ax crachett Columnia Haus. Others might have broken down over another horror of not having seen the find print change, but I wouldn't know what next to do anyway and rule by exception (practor: law, the sandridges 'language of exclusion' as such 'precludes' any be it unsavory the once outcome) says even if we're somehow always only plane jane asks what's wrong, you're the right fucker forever so see (like you see any the sperm - the real prize ever and the announce - you left by getting it sucked on by me first...never mint condition me previously mine or will have).
We did the oned right thing then right if affiliates are only for ownership-type names (winning is losing it all back too)....if you hafta buy a block of completed sales or items with your cash at $6 million to get $8 million back 'you don't make me money with my money, you frool.' If niggers sell by home computer after word by sponsor...if no one gets any less satisfaction but doesn't know why they'd not bother you with it again? Selling as baitch's fline beggar, I still buy just as cheaply those Atlantic City quarters I paid for first? No, you brought them home no matter how unclean along with dinner forks from a United flight (one needn't wander the far looking for gold nugget fame). I always say "Is that going to possibly be right? Okay, yours can pay then."

So then, we see how we just can't get anything easily enough being just as right as we once thought as long as we assume it's all for nothing anyway why have pay. Nippled skinsuits for your child's birthday party suggests chaw nudity only and that's no crime to me either way you blebb each other with fact pen. Once revealed In our house, Elton John had kids sit on his practile dick while he posed on a green Farrell's-type chair. The seventies may have been quite kind, but we when we wrote this song, most none at all still generously applied for and got the right job back home breaking backs if no one thought Hitler's 'hearstory channel' jokes were funny at all he was evil incarnate or who changed most for fewest years at Disneyland our queers discern Naomi CAMPBELL. mARTINA. I took off my blonde hairy leg to get satisfactions in and up around the upper salas it's been said if shooting crybabies lying about fields of mercy me, chaste heart or granger the one blad .

"Get me your own. Do not think of me, and as well have mine." - dM 'you don't give anyone aids, you get that'
"No one shines a light to hear you speaking of a self on stage. You project outward only." - dM

----- where it happens to hurt, wakes to

No paycheck on edit again today...stay posted. AT&T still demands their payment today or disconnect by 7 pm. You're going to be fighting personal wars abroad you keep it up. No news is good news. Update franks: Citibank cashed Terry out and closed his account...hope the Feds don't direct deposit this weekend or then check? Anyway, the rent's paid after about $1,200 in arrears or bad boys ($850, $310). No one need know this trife...hope we spared you some yet. See ya later, AT&T.

this from the la times today...
sure - delta gave us a thursday through sunday subscription for expired miles, terry
p.s. - only insinuates (seen if paying attention too well) the 'queen' is grinch as x-mas ornament
a witchy gay - who lifts money from women - has stolen a woman's purse
will not say, do not speak for it
p.s. ignoring righthand theft, implies 'peach pit' or elderly seeing raw as from someone's trash...very monkey-primitive look
primitive means 'new to me each time i see' no family seen

BTW, had a real punch fight with a literal ghost the other night while resting in my bed. A bit sad while Terry was away, this bitch punched me in my chest (friendly enough) through a pillow and was talking to me as presence on my left as I lay and then shaking me. Richard - I said "you better get the fuck out, Bitch." Real. My home address in Allentown, New Jersey has to do with grass psychically, and that's all. Forty-one (41) holes on a golf course we further deduce - twelve (12) tees up front in a line, eighteen (18) baskit holes, eleven (11) more to signal working from in the back entrance, one (1) less one (1) then. What else? Applied to two (2) Trader Joe's for light work these days (20 hours < week) West Hollywood West and Sunset. You gotta do something against the laments I live with here. Keeps you beyond reproach too, seeing as they track everything and pinch quarters left and right. Meanwhile, the by-song-purchased ('individual') reports I get on iTunes are convincing - exotic. They only keep the roster running for minutes, but it's real bad news. Thanks later. We left a song Pretenders "Birds Of Paradise" on the computer at the Apple Store in Beverly Center yesterday - I couldn't use it on my shuffle mock-up (an mp3-playing lookalike a fake) but here you go (you have to deactivate five [5] computers then activate a new one when full if and I did that).

"Makes pickles outta relish..." - dM, like no culinary effort was made here

"You call people God and you kill them slowly." - dM calls himself "God" and I quote again "there's no one greater than me..." I'm sure of it

Dan Moon's mother says "That's what you get for being there [in the grave]." - dM I Iiked it

"You don't educate me. We may get informed, but never for strength outward." - to Jesus in voice above

Over egg salad lunch, unsweetened tea okay Splenda (like salt of MSG fame, awoken in plain water first, then powdered up again gets rid of something like powdered milk does - we had a whole pizza and chinese chicken salad from Trader Joe's last night...blessed thing doesn't use cash gift cards like I do: right away then) - see how our otherwise fasting helps you celery too:

"It's not right, Doug. You did this to Neil [who fingers accounts through association], now he's doing it to you." - Dan Moon, possibly the space relic we seem, both brought back from the dead by me alone makes a case for not doing so? not to me

Dan's talking about Terry (Jackson) not getting his monthly paycheck of $2,985.86 credited from UCLA to Citibank yesterday or today. The "account closed to credits" while he was on vacation, but was re-opened yesterday in branch for credits at the bank on condition it be deposited today as paper check or revisit (UCLA says "not on their [payroll] edit today" again). This is direct deposit fucking us over again "it could take days" it seems while our bills go bouch for yours. I believe in fucking over banks always (my quote: "there are no friends in banking" + I just bitched a fattish squat Latin bitch out at a check place the effervescent "Sunset Financial" - unlike Terry, no friend no matter how happy I get with authorizations afoot). Government lawyers make uptight fools deliver it down fast and without your word over calling in what is essentially always an IOU (unless womanhood who sees me gay white male as yet virile, hers nubile ...no one makes me special, ever). You don't reject funds to cover overdrafts unless hate and I had to address one gay fucker at B of A's local branch already. Bank of America Westwood still rejects my checks drawn on account posted here too as "account not found", but credits for a few days on deposit then withdraws. Keeps the number (Routing #122000661, Account #00999-60407 - like a Jerry Lewis telethon it was the donate building taken down?) mine only...these hatebags are serious about me not having.

Today, I just need $150 for a teenager (my discount meth, of two persons). Meals then. We've been doing without since when. Niggers. More: Just talked to "Judy" over there at payroll (I am the chancellor, you know - bank to bank) and she's just like the fat greasy wide-eyed bitch at the check shop. She hung up on me after I called her practices "illegal" attorney-wise and she quoted Terry the principal she needed to speak to. I called back to thank her and will have that bitch fired soon enough this will be five (5) days you'll see over the weekend. The initial receptionist was lovely (yeah, we know about all voice games but never for you or with you in mind I get everyone always as Mohicans). I hate people who weren't educated here by the way, and we mean here. Last year's bitch in November cost us $9M in support services (at student council) and also ten (10) jobs there in payroll. Nancy Pelosi is one I call often to see where is. I hear these beggars fighting in the head always like my ex-boss a real beggar these days. "No pride in front of you" she says. Get rid of it.

fixing a hole today...replacing barrels actually on palm as accountancy may seeks us

moca pacific design center (the moonshop): a whole floor of worlds in universe as black cones with greenery on-top
i sing gary numan's 'telekon' title track to worlds like this - a greenish rolling with a huge blue sky-screen in the back of it...
' you are | you are '...' you end on reel one | you and the real one ' as in films no one special to me
the sounds in back are sirens when you're dying - you don't know when you're in danger (may we tell you?)
sure, bottoms tops removed and just plain silly like warts...they claim they are ghosts too no pictures!
we saw the last exhibit of movie books and scrolls too...nice enough, free
btw, pacific design center has a pre-fab house mounted on the fountain now for $48,000 i hear - cool!
visit "hom" by appointment only through april 10 info@homlifestyle.com what call (877) 960-4466

see the formwork benches rounding along steps in grass? painted cement

you use their money - not yours? whatever makes the least outlay per day, month, year they say

johnny rocket's is back at beverly connection mind you and awaits ralph's yet
that's my bamboo curtain with a light set on it how funny - bulbs red, green, yellow, blue (and magenta...um, "violet")
butterfly post-its from the butterfly conservatory in niagara falls, canada

The 'don't forget just how' file: Just made some of Grandmother Moon's (um, most notably Patti Page and her 'how much is that doggie in the window' + 'santo natale') country gravy (for breakfast): 1/2 cup of bacon grease meets 1 tablespoon of general-purpose flour in a skillet over heat to pop open gluten. Pepper, salt to taste. Adds milk to thickness desired and serve over homey biscuits, toast. Try it - definitely a family fave I eat often enough and here.

Adds in on 04/02/09:

here's the rear of the new hancock complex (the 'icehouse') as seen from our side stairs
i toured the apartment units the other day myself - long, white, and fashionably modern
someone should buy me one...my dad and uncle need to fix me up a place here in la

still waiting for first dibs (distributions) at 916 hilldale...now with clay-tile floors, fireplaces

these resin cows are $3k replete with pulling-down-on teats - see 'interior illusions' on santa monica
horns and teats? paint with the kids or be outdoors with sitting-posing

i love abandoned homes with jackboards or through-bolts on the windows they make me dream
this older studio is like the 'delocated' billboard below - to be found at lacienega and holloway

one of our neighborhood firestations at san vicente and cynthia was a non-person type church - until as monorail?

this man is strange from 'twilight', but the marketing was heavy - lives up to?
eddie montana or my son 'gregory' drugs, epilepsies (too much milk as fresh from cows + then diabetes)

this simply strange art on cynthia just west of palm - has flowers in it that are speakers or lights

the base of said such

Light feature of 04/01/09:

an acrylic work in a shop on santa monica...neil does these with students at-hand
lets talk about silk-screening soon...three (3) types of leather grasses on black screen left in the hot sun
gather crab grass for (color) black to dry down on
gather sod clippings for red and greenland tea or catnip (in stores) for blue
you dry on bristol board copied and then remove with water to black screen for one (1) week or more
each color its own screen...try it one
gesso the color off board for perfection's sake then
love, x

More wordplay than think: Think "leghorn" is 'late born' with legs dropping out of the womb...a "Camry" can't read...Jodie's woolen robe is to start fires safely...a 'capern'. Her father died working in the basement - plainly a heart attack. The boy is him. Mother dead long ago...the raging woman is sinfully Ann Margaret we've met, she him the dad downstairs. Truth doesn't pay her Jodie ever she said. They dumped her (the woman's) car in the lake....

a costume in aah's sunset for the holiday...

i made sure to blow a hot breath in one's face so pretty

what?!? this guy is good 'delocated' [adult swim] or moved aside so you can be there
is me or neil we think to know...my favorite pose after legs buckled tight from sight? narcist

prove that april 1
the v-neck tee inspires from polo ralph lauren - a little wishbone in front, chest hair...otherwise, only open collars, please

i can't believe how tiny rolling stone is now

Olivia Newton-John "The Promise (The Dolphin Song)" MP3 (4.2 Megs) the very last song on the "Physical" LP (1981) what I adored in my senior year in high school and while making the yearbook editor-in-chief...we think it's summery and beautiful (if so crap the lyrics...what do you mean?) and Terry just said he ate dolphin in Florida (with other lum - or wish I had yours - like 'frog legs' and 'alligator'). Isn't that illegal? Dolphins? The very net? In truth, even snakes are offended they don't get eaten, but not as long as Underwood deviled ham is around! I love Underwood deviled ham (tee hee that's not real - is it?)

the very lyric, as supposedly she wrote it meself:
see them play in the moonlight
watch them dance in the sun
they're the children of freedom
every one
as they care for each other
with no question or cause
they deserve to be treasured as a source
of love

in their minds there are answers
and in time we will know
what the truth is about
all we don't know
they have no room for hatred
though they've suffered much pain
from the race we call human
who are afraid
of love

if i can only help to right a wrong
with my dolphin song
then i'll have done what I set out to do
if i can only make one man aware
one person care
then i'll have done
what i promised you

let us hope it's not too late
and that we can amend
all the pain we have suffered on a friend
we were born with our freedom
oh we were born with the truth
then why do we abuse it
we could choose
to love
to love

loved the end of 'tentacles' the killer whales (made to seem t-rex's of the sea in a reverse skull) pulled an arm off the octopus-squid same and it ran out
it was real, and i talked to it a squid is an octopus older than nine (9) years a rock-dweller too many ships bothered it a puerto rican man now as free ('in weeks' he said)

Meanwhile, watch Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins in "The Blue Lagoon" (1980) and at Hulu. A great coming-of-age film (13) I saw in the theater and used to masturbate, I'm sure. "Nobody was more disgusting tanning in the backyard" I often say (you'll eat this?) and while keeping to myself mostly. We joked about about 'butterbeans' or then tanning oils on filths last night The B-52's and I...trism, chisholm a person who lives in their head only all light turned down like three (3) times arc. The speaker as sun joke is 'hah-hah-hot' over the horizon as sound with water bead as eyes pop open to all noise. More: If Neil was Chris with make-up on, who is Brooke? Anna Nicole's younger sister Elaine -- Elaine Lentoski our neighbor I was there always her older sister is Donna Pescow and is on another show now "King Of Queens" as someone else but Donna stops by in make-up redone and from time to time.

If I ever get outta here: Add 2005 revision to Fed taxes $2,038-683=$1,355 I only worked at Ralph's bagging then a very partial year then garnish full-time to be fool...we'll keep ya informed all bank down. See Online Taxes (OLT) for details until sum.

did you know carnations are just (white) hibiscus cultivated and clipped slowly? yup - just ask

pretenders 'the adultress' mp3 (4.5 megs) from 1981's 'pretenders ii' lp
i'm the adultress
i didn't want to be
but i'm convenient
and i make good tea [wanders 'and i get good to the teeth']

i stand accused
the worst crime in history
that's my mystery -- (alts 'no mystery')
i'm the adultress

i go to the park
with a bag of crumbs for the birds
that's where we meet (alts 'we'll meet')
without words
he takes my hand
and stares into the world
there's nothing to understand --
it's understood
i'm the adultress

look at the fool --
made up to go out
she's desperate and lonely
and she's puttin' it about
look at the spinster
comin' down off the shelf
she's an old maid (alts 'overly made')
and she hates herself

don't try to stop me
don't get in my way
it's too late
i've made my trade
[if] it's misery
[it's] with company
i'll be in the bar (alts 'barn')
you'll find me (alts 'fight me')

an adultress sleeps with married men?
is a celebrant of adult behaviors choices with no questions asked - all open talk
this is punk stance for a new, young useless person in 1981
we see how it goes, but will run like a pussy if not accepted this way...
her joke 'see what you can get for nothing' first
i'll be in the barn? yeah, a black widow sting on one another lazy day under the cow

pretenders 'i hurt you' mp3 (4.2 megs) from 1984's 'learning to crawl'
i've been cryin'
like a woman
i've been cryin'
like a man
like a woman
like a man
'cause a man
you big man --

if you'd been in the ss back in '43
you'd've been kicked out for cruelty
'cause you hurt me
i hurt you
'cause you hurt me
so i hurt you

'cause you hurt me

i've been wundrin'
about your dependency
and all those worn-out dreams
on defiance (and independence)
are a method in a modern day mystery

arms are just as cold
when your back is on fire
and the only time you come clean
is when you're dealing with your buyer

i hurt you
'cause you hurt me
so i hurt you
'cause you hurt me

(for) it's against our philosophies
we admired it when we were young
and unpopular points of view --
they can't mean much
or nothing
or something
or anything
'cause we can't say 'i love you'

happy birthday darlin'
i thank you for the schoolin'
your correction mistress warned me (alts 'misses its warning')
and she wasn't foolin'
never trust a user
with your television overnight
when he shows you his masterpiece
you'd have bet it had been faked
under artificial light

i hurt you
'cause you hurt me
so i hurt you

'cause you hurt me

i've been crying like a woman given to tears - like a man who cries never but hard
pick on someone your own size - what am i to you now? is all forgiven?
the ss is nazis, yes, but more towards 'not speaking' to me as 'nazis' no so easy now after hurt the war's begun
you come clean with yourself each morning but forgive the change, but not as much as i do
more like you sit on the toilet looking pregnant to yourself and talk to your body or as lump in front - 'look at you'
dallas? tuesday? no way! he greasy videos himself and you hate being hurt but see how it flies
you dim the lights and towel off after a shower i might see...artificial light
dynasty only - cross down and across vocals over controversial talk and in edits only (quentin)
'isle of view' lyric is for aisle of view 'no seats' available sro standing room only
more: it's against our philosophies (or then morely saids now that we're free to seem spoken) to have violence with ours needs mostly having-being met
...but we liked seeing people get their asses kicked when we were young - true?

both songs here on my site already...

bonus nut!

this is 'waste not want not' from 'pretenders ii' also - up for grabs
we love meat by the way but i was vegetarian for 11 years on this...
also, i choose little as unknowing and uncaring taste-wise, but still spare the thought for us occasionally
joke: 'something needed to die for me today' a hamburger in truth raised and treated well 'til death do us part a freezer
we can't stand you eating one or many? we hate bother period and will hoist a four-star to the upper blade on mention
'you eat too well, it seems...i starved for a living' - c hynde

take, take, take
takin' what you don't need
you'll get, yeah
gettin' what you don't need
stand back, take a look and take heed
all the children in god's kingdom bleed
see their relics of concrete and steel
an old mystery i'd like to reveal
tells a story
of a futureless boy
'bout the beauty and the majesty
that life on earth was meant to be

talk, talk, talk
talk about the government
know their words about political favor
everything touched is by political choice
the life you take is your political voice
the sacred cows come crashing to their knees
no golden harvest reaped without intelligence
there's no chance between the heavens and the seas
in a blood bath
don't laugh
grab your piece of golden calf

waste not want not
pick it up
waste not want not
pick it up
waste not want not
pick it up
waste not want not

do unto others
as you wish be done to you
there's a million lies 'round everything true
you slaughter then you feast
you disrespect the beast
make our bets in life
and take our share

waste not want not
pick it up
waste not want not
pick it up
waste not want not
pick it up
just pick it up and eat it

waste not want not (alts 'one not')

the 'futureless' boy is god...he needs to stare some
further too alts 'there's a million lives around everything tombed' is good too

greaser, switching gears then:

the cars 'cruiser' mp3 (6.8 megs)
from 1981's 'shake it up' lp
big city noise disappears
sucker punch is in your heart
life is reason light is clue
my shape is shapeless
in your suit

chrome red eyeballs reflect and roll
the simple sun is slowly sinking
roman shoes* and pretty hats
glitter bombs that beat the heat

you comb the night
'cause you're a cruiser
and ya, ya never get enough
when you're cruisin' down the street
and you're takin' off the heat
when you're on
the moonlight
run --


a loan in jest
and big vignettes
get the treatment -- grab a cab
set aside the screaming fish
tell the world why you're so glad

live for switches pull the plug
you always wait for better news
you need a hit
you need a slug
you don't even get amused

you comb the night
'cause you're a cruiser
and you, you never get enough
when you're cruisin' down the street
and you're takin' off the heat
when you're on the moonlight
run --

(put on your chrome dome)

about undercover police hassling faggots at night - somewhat wishful
chrome dome is the magnetic-stick siren on the roof of your car one wire off down
roman shoes are yellow, pointy in the sole cockroach kickers corner no step on toes by ugly awful - you don't wear anywhere but out
a loan in jest yeah i'll help you out but take all back when i find you don't like me maybe vice-versa, alone in jest, floating jets -- sure
more about alone and in yet and big vignettes or masturbating is mine...
i'm scared of older or older then yet

note aside: 'cruiser' and all songs shared by the cars are finally available at itunes now...even though we don't actively sell, i'll remind you of what little i waited for...still waiting for movie 'the musketeer' the soundtrack is there, but was controversial with tim roth killing a french kid up-front for defending his father while taxes were being assessed...not much else i care about so see my burden undone...yes...no...no...yes

'the musketeer' and all known facts at youtube - for some reason i liked it alot

Even As Newspapers Are Very Personal To Me - March 2009 Knew More Than You'd Think