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a cartoon cinderella type - basically useless a person - falls into the real world
'you two are dressed up like a horse, you get stung by a bee and your tits hang out while you sit'
that fancy language you speak ain't gonna help you much
the world manages well with it anyway and you see no need to bequeath thee (i.e., heighten one's sense for it)
is that debbie reynolds again ? i just enjoyed 'halloweentown' again, you...waiting for my love, paramour
the little kid in there with glasses is in the porno art below
our friend i guess...hurtful + any pursuit (byob, brings your own bags)

Celebrating Mother's (Lover's) Day early enough...this is to be May 2008 "So Now The Cartwheel"...So Cold The Storm I Heard She Died Overnight...Both Better Off Dead? If Not For You

New page on or about the 6th the "plano" or passion parts made new (mine: the lay of the land, where it meets our priorties made). RUBE: NO DEADLINES. Did you know that my grandmother maternal had a gray coat made of spitcurls finely wooled and all over the map? Yup - was stolen kinda in an after-the-funeral robbery of their home 1974 (no, them again, no). A known-to-be witch who had my face stung up multiple times by hornets-bees in her yard (where else would you get to taste a brain across the top? simply no value the worst ever to taste like chalk, like the inside of someone's mouth being chewed). The hairs were actually clipped harshly from the sides of someone's pubes (a "halphorine" say German for "hard to find" usually "help to yourself") while dead and with some of skin the corners (having been alerted to my own) - they let her do it often enough during the war. Women usually, "I like women..." she said-adds. So another nook of craft to beseech of you. I don't think of people like that. Given the time to say, they don't get the time to say. Thanks anyway I keep what I make of it and to myself a better buy. Usually, I'd try and break your skinny-ass neck with a quick snap back for one of your thoughts made to someone you already know. You check it again while I kick your chair, Bitch. Be that.

So quotes me "I loved their body." How sectional - loving each piece, sitting.

"Keep yours." Flush mine.

To welcomb Madonna's new record after deal (a brush just waved over that to be no sooner and previous white cover yet too to proose): Madonna "Miles Away" Madonna - Hard Candy (Deluxe Version) - Miles Away from the "Hard Candy" LP (2008). A few adds: Her pubic hair preference is a hat or "wolpherine"...quotes me at "thirteen percent grand a day" making cash at money with her playing. Let it show us the way. Approve it to me self. We here just put twenty-six (26) songs in a shopping basket to purchase then sit with twenty-nine (29) previously bought and all for Terry's father (is now supposed to be Eminem...that small of it - that is my-God's lover only you get out to older potato making country music) but disc made. Check back often.

Aerosmith "Back In The Saddle" Aerosmith - A Little South of Sanity - Back in the Saddle from "A Little South Of Sanity" LP (1998)...via the studio recording from "Rocks" (1976).

regift you: this is massive attack 'unfinished sympathy' from their 'blue lines' lp (1991)...what leads us visually from offensive sights and are blue
toni halliday is the black woman running out for a walk to calm herself...remember the way home...'nobody came - i was there [a pre-school to teach magic way...god said no]'

Emerson, Lake & Palmer "Lucky Man" Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Come and See the Show - The Best of Emerson Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man from the new "Come And See The Show" LP (2008)...just heard this at Trader Joe's and I loved it (they eat my handwritten bilbo today for dinner plus last of suppers). At the end of this what sounds like Beatle John Lennon singing (and about Dave Geffen marrying artist Judith Stills "we bought this from them as incomplete") is great show-stopping (Hammond) Moog that made me die of happiness...the video what looks like another Yanni at Mount Olympus shows keyboards topped with cables and holes in like a telephone operator.

Talking about Jesus as metaphor (my name for it), someone said who is the poor? To me, "poor" is the name you was born with. Someone's real last name then - they'll tell you when.
Them angus (popcorn as shrimp) burgers at McDonald's two-for-one don't need to be mushroom and swiss I had bacon and cheese and they was alright red onion I brought one home in bag to see ya later for the two of premium chicken by May 5 and you see it then. My roommate sat down at the first round and complained bitterly about eating a "Quarter Pounder With Cheese" a fool unwelcome to me. Jackass. Meanwhile, you watch that register tape - twice now and the last time a ten $10 tendered become $9 just seen on the way out..."Are you sure? People are dying..." I don't hear nothing of the sort from them. I call it "prided". Anyway, you don't get your stapps (parts for others broken - "stapholds" or "breaking hearts" in german lingos) here...


"You're not allowed to be circumspect [or reviewing of from the position] here - you are nobody special." - dM who renotes and replaces that a 'nobody' is not expected to come
...and as opposed to a 'no one' who is not expected to be. I pursue your doubts against my own havings here.

"Bitch, you are angry. Can I help?" - no reply: I am not a showbiz cunt on "EST" (um, "everytime I see you" - "to log you out from misunderstanding me" they say) programming, eating flakes for dinner in the trunk of my car a 1976. You play to me - or be else and elsewhere. Est should be a way with it, a grace with handling people. I make it fool to you. A grace outward and up away and without my words prevail.

More about "Est": God over says est failed for needing money - is not particularly informing either "Do not hurt people unusually and make sense for them..." that means do not color their words in and out. San Francisco gays. Doug says "est" to me is a brushstroke or flattened "s" shape (the "cedille" ~ exchanges this for that as perhaps the edit notation "reversing", or says then "approximately this") in the air above me and on right that is white and pure like God's own approval of having given and done well (yes, yes). It says you listened well to someone speaking to you and that you replied with care made. In "essence" then, you left the speaker intact with their reasons for doing-having done and does not seek to make your statement of need elevating the self as an immediate response to having heard. A beautiful listener and if response lain then. No you but see.

No, I didn't take the class, Fool. That's my immediate read or ataken of it. Meanwhile the word "is" in the English language goes to mean "exists" as best played. More: Every now and again I return home from the store with a label that is not mine (e.g., "sugar free") for having not read carefully enough. Nevermind about further disciplines - think about how many times I got it right enough without having ventured much. See the averages win it handily.     

this shows you a 'thank you' of sorts and from people - you put together your own news it is shy...

it don't make any sense, but is change up and away, anyway
this data but pietzes from day of april 21, 22 or error programming of display to last 30
for against your own of understanding


Scrimm's review of palace (I spent my weekend galavanting with the cashier from "FatAssBurger" I was given the name "Curtis Mayfield" by the above on down - really that's Fatburger here in California ...her order - a stand-back-up burger with a chili dog, two fries, onion rings, a shake, and a slice of pecan pie was not excessive in any way I eat at that called "taste center" - I always get the chocolate creme dessert when I go to see the Colonel at another scene she cried bad for grandma to help her eat...): "I went there and they handed me a script that said 'no Doug Moon no matter what - honor that' from a counselor. I don't even know who that is anymore - thanks. It was fine nothing special."

Whatever. Scrimm in earlier skin fashion but wristwatch rolled up sleeves like a doctor showed up at the Pavilions here in West Hollywood the parking lot driving a copper convertible unseen usually a studio lot. That's enough for me-us do your job all unhappy as soon as you get to speak. Neither hear nor there for me.

Beggars? Keep the news - do not bring me negative aspect from your lives. We don't live to share your pains or then "l'chaim!" (jew beggars say via billboard "l'chaim!"...say "lah-hime" for "unchain me" in Hebrew days use or spoken flatly...inside link find "shabbat" for singles spoken and think "hymies" for people behind you who are quiet and supportive yet "needie" too...) for life outward. In jail-like situations there is no joy or casual sex. Not for the likes of me feed yourself as best can.  

you can meet marc ondy - or then angus "phantasm" scrimm we're real here - at the fangoria weekend at the la convention center this weekend
clive 'hellraiser' barker too...we're not necessarily going, but you might
marc channeled me yesterday and made me look it all up...
when he's scrimm, don't bother him too much he gets sad and rememberant of facts-days
bitch embalmed my grandfathers both

Fri., Sat. & Sun.
April 25 - 27, 2008
Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 S. Figueroa St.

scrimm says: 'bring cameras more....bring gas masks if you have them - they will be bought from you and loosely (people gas to us too much...)'
p.s. 'i'm not linkin park today'

Here's a new thought - the goodlooking "Pre-Madonna" LP (1996 - sure) featuring "Ain't No Big Deal ('97 Edit)" Madonna - Pre Madonna - Ain't No Big Deal ('97 Edit) try it you'll like it. Hardly old, Rosie O'Donnell wrote it out and all. More: The cover features hospital rooms where people died (quote "it's really right for them") only (one is David Stilts - Morse from "St. Elsewhere" - from Re-Rae a mastering plant in Minnesota and who died at Cedars last year) and the prefix "pre-" means "in advance of" - so enjoy.

Celebrity sightings this week: Mo'nique ("Phat Girlz" is the flick we seek and without you near...) at the Cedars-Sinai waiting room we showed you with some young black man while we waited for Neil (I complained bitterly to him today my roommate asked me to get a job again like an asshole - he's giving more sperm in a cup today for $25 cash seeing how I spent the first $25 at the store - I gave him a little pillowpack of Wet "original" flavor last night just to help it out...see "your birth certificate is in a pile of juleta at the condom factory" trying to get better done)..."Doctor 90210" near McDonald's last night on Sunset (had a coupon for a free "Big Mac" or then "Quarter Pounder With Cheese" with purchase of same plus then two small fries and a small drink on the value menu $1 each pay - two coupons remain for an "Angus Third Pounder" and for a "Premium Chicken Sandwich" both before or on May 5 use)...someone else today who was that? These say "real" like names-dates say "who died?" Hit or miss.

P.S. Oscar "Kyle" Peterson took her order the jokes a bit (no need really - you get it all blacks won't curse people onward if you win): "morning sickness" is from impartial abortion - no head taken just limbs; named him shit "happened" as another child but from him onward you can't just forget that mistake.

I know what inspired every song you did over - now trust that and for Chris Ondy: Stealers Wheel "Stuck In The Middle With You" Stealers Wheel - Reservoir Dogs - Stuck in the Middle with You and as from the "Reservoir Dogs" soundtrack...see that George Michael gets his too "Amazing (Stuck In the City)".

pardon me while i document my imminent successes in time and once more...
the 'hundred dollar fill-up' i at-once thought was a package deal of some sort and at pump price paid lump
twenty four (24) gallons tank...five dollars $5 a day if you will up and back...that used to be a quarter tank for me '88 jeep wrangler black ball blue bell knoll
eight black ball forsees $6 a dolube near

Meanwhile, the IRS plans to issue our tax rebate per schedule and if last two-digits SSN are 00-20 on May 2 $600 individual already pimmed I sec. All are 00-20 I guess mine is "5407" (no, that's "9407"...148-56-9407 if stealing identities or for providing me change at-large - his is "5407") but I had no income last year at all not even $1. Note that again at least two years now. Incidentally, the roommate gets paid oddly and enough and I get what I want by discuss at the store but is still no way to treat a lady (it's not unusual to be loved by anyone). Beggars. Keep it up - if people don't beat your ass for this, I still do it anyway until you knock and then who sent you? Me. "Jesus hates you." Jesus, unfortunately, is most metaphor to stable the poor. The real guy is singer Pete Burns (no memory of these, all reborn to me clean slate some stayed too long to be with us as new providing you, but see only care only care - then see song "Son Of A Gun" and then "I'll Save You All My Kisses") and plans to rise up with us. We are family only he does medicine dentistry to get by for now. Pray pray we don't ruin our lives to know you. Fine.

Dead Or Alive "Son Of A Gun" Dead or Alive - Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know - Son of a Gun from the "Mad Bad And Dangerous To Know" LP (1985) if the guy on the cover is called a "harmond" with black eyeballs that roll..."see the sun" he says and unusually. Don't forget  the "Youthquake" LP (1984) and "My Heart Goes Bang" I hadda buy the album for that.

Prince & The Revolution "Erotic City" Prince & The Revolution - The Hits / The B-Sides - Erotic City from "The Hits / The B-Sides" - a CD crushed in the street here maroon-brown label reminded me to look at linkbase...a great song, a great buy. We loved Prince and bought all up through "Lovesexy" but not including.

"Qui Ynez - it's beneath you." - Madonna "Who's That Girl" and only after English is mastered and retained for our own use one world paradise of it...Senorita, must (most) see you Madonna - Who's That Girl - Who's That Girl

alanis' new videodrome (video taken underwater only is this) 'underneath' don't touch my shit again or else be that ever plus friend one some
we are all the same underneath the dome nobody can see you, but you see i slow them some
they would have everything...vampires at our bedside but chemique or not long-standing
either way you lose if you're not with the free clinic zapping warts off your dried-up asshole with coven mitts over each teach oft the thigh seld
'if you won't pay for us, maybe you'll consider your own healthcare' - 'poor' but upwardly mobile but around the socha of angor-to-bitts manned mountain so-samed you e-trace a bigger tit wrist top-amber himhoff! + spin penis
mothers trade their kids for future prides on all lost to age with it and accelerate you out - holes are root-too-tight and handily skin the lip and oaply brim
they go too - they have nothing already choke the bitch down with a towel but tell her you love her first then vaseline (no name brand - the cheap shit with lard stirred in potato peels) the throat to match pock in mouth
fyb, that pool has a lightbulb in's either that or the ol' punch in the underbelly (the um, 'pussy-boulge' checkwriter with earwig valance and per-fingers kobe-the-moist riddler dna with helper sperm d'doidly, apt ec'lace)
we don't hurt anyone here where we shit...but you see us as how then so 'saw dem then got more of it like two poor kings with french cocks up their ass paying for the new pest-infested silmer by the incorrigible moat'
no one is that report a flaw about you is no longer clear to us...
look again over the head all truth labled like times arriving at gate
we keep your bags and deliver yours to me then you
i licked your haircheats and earring cones with pronged-for-beknight amalase scintbel 2-c
picking the outside of the nose at side restores anonimity to skive-virulent postlit-refractive booger pickers
'you know, if that was a booger you'd wipe it right off or then just smear' + 'if you were ugly, no one would give a shit about you ever - trust it to seem mat or just like the girls in abercrombie & fitch: everything fits you'
if to tri-color your balderans of coarsen shreen hair with herbal tea bags in a leather pot of dirty pre-pinned hairbonds chapping the ass pre-laundry our summary to negate

this bitch prince pondercherry makes me laugh hard every time...
he makes charlie build him a chocolate palace - the taj mahal really - and it melts from above in the sun
the first drop lands on his forehead as such and as seated and he looks crossed eyed at it before busting out in laughter
the sosha (say "soo-sha") music is hilarious too

From "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" someone get Scene #3 "The Chocolate Palace" up at YouTube -- and why wouldn't you? Someone says "racist" -- get it up.

Alanis Morissette the new "Underneath" single Alanis Morissette - Underneath - Single - Underneath I love the woodcutter hair and all.

 - a "rapier" steals clothes from you while wearing (your underwear as you walk down the street, perhaps);
 - a "robespier" takes your mind while sleeping (is there in the bedroom with you noising at you);
 - a "anspier" takes your mind while speaking of and at others (and is this rude) you know.

Watch "Halloweentown High" link...six months away from time is excitement plus you hafta get costumes before April 26 to be blessed they say? All installments are at YouTube also....

What is it to be "holy"? Not to speak of one's own needs when speaking. Speaking is that -- to one's needs, always.

The New, Real Stations Of The Cross 04/16/08 1843
These are to be read privately and at home - never in the church or elsewhere. You can honor the thought as I have in church only by sitting during the priest's exhibition of self or "benediction" (says "because you will ask if I did..."):

a) Takes the time to read my news, but does not see me wiping my face of nervousness or calm against me (read twice then in front of others with, not sought - anywhere you appear nervous);
b) Opens the mail to make me read the news of faulty behavior by myself no joy (open your own mail privately, see no news for others);
c) Makes no effort to see me labor hard, but sees no other and made when well (work together freely and without guide often - no one makes me happy one);
d) One often assumes that no one has the right to mention my name twice in a sentence - twice will kill you (open the blinds in the morning first to avoid me then);
e) Makes news of others often - never me. I work to provide for myself only and you against me not (never open my blinds for me - you get there first);
f) Open your hate first - never let others bring it to me. You get up in the morning and ask me no questions ever (you make it first to church each day for six [6] weeks before dying of this).

How do these relate?

Wiping of face ends here;
Stopping to talk ends here;
Each of other or hasting him ends here;
Making him fall ends here;
Asking him not to cry 'jesus wept' ends here;
Mocking him ends here.

The others, yours to make new. Benediction is closed now - never me to see.

Honor clue: Paul Davis "I Go Crazy" Paul Davis - Paul Davis: Greatest Hits - I Go Crazy from greatest hits collection. Is Mac Davis and heirophant Steven Tyler really. Really...the singer died to us today and before today to close files make money.

hmmm...keep us strong it said while i bargain the bank...that car runs for now six (6) weeks in no shoot
'i don't want your car' but you have mine every day
'you didn't put anything into it' or then adds 'you didn't take anything out' i'd say for no further discussion
one day cars don't work at all no matter no fuel...'plasmas burn right out' if i add then in-between as simplest terms net strong
when you leave here i pull nets out in cards down that make you angry, strong of breath
'we told him to go to hell he goes'...i'd say i keep stable while reducing down to stable but no ham (radio)
you can't poke an eye out proper these days without being placard or eased next day to no further thought

Aphex Twin "Pulsewidth" Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 - Pulsewidth from the "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" LP (1992). The song titles make reference to moodswings and hate practices among orbs in the sky (very Princeton..."useless then" someone one offs - Jews hate this stuff as 'ExLax' extra-lagging, generally looking to shoot everything out fast or then) "Xtal" offers no one while doing their own a mood out for you...this here "Pulsewidth" says "if you offer first, I will too." 38,101.

Xtal (excellent tally - no fingers or details toward you carpal tandal just wrists placing)
Tha (the one who made us, the immediate being you just then or listen)
Pulsewidth (up and down felt versus before and after across time)
Ageispolis (if you hate it, it is because it is old, old cryings)
I (the id or romancer inside)
Green Calx (green thumb ? or what opposed us in making truth - a callick opposed growth from aside)
Heliosphan (the sun as maker of all that leaves us)
We Are The Music Makers (michael jackson is truth anyway = he is the one opposed mostly on video singers)
Schottkey 7th Path (seven days a week you shine forth no rest no change of you)
Ptolemy (say toll-emmy - you make phone calls against nations you've had - make choices aware)
Hedphelym (you decide for yourself and many others though unaware of truth styles or choice - happiness end)
Delphium (you speak against others here often as all yours to speak from - many come)
Actium (you come here to get instructions no thought)

...the record cover: what's seen of the pyramid in Egypt versus clouds, dust - sunshine maybe


kingdom (nothing flies that is genus and hopping usually) - walk on fours? yes, down two
phyllum - walk upright or on sides like a bat? down two
order - fur or skin covered? yes to fur? no more like rats
family - rats are not here, but people are only
genus - male or female, only
range - age of only...

Gusgus "Hold You" Gusgus - Forever - Hold You the immediate reference from the "Forever" LP (2007)...the album's cover is the leather stitch that holds "tophat" (coat length, width - and sheen...) leather forever. Gus Gus are two (2) previous who hafta ask to know better I'd seem. Guess guess. Guest guest. Um, um. Then you try just doing on your own as should be to most. Again, my 'hold you' says "just keep that" while rave to you....then "discuss."

Soon! Stations of the cross as intended - the ol' king's cross kinda (asent, PSB..."King's Cross" from "Actually") about having too much done your way and someone sent to you..." the man at the back of the queue was sent | to feel the smack of firm government...".

I still love this album always Pet Shop Boys - Actually - King's Cross

Dolly Parton refiguring "Here You Come Again" Dolly Parton - Ultimate Dolly Parton - Here You Come Again a "big slice of life", but I swear it was "he'll come again [to see about me...see about your baby]" for sad hearts over sad parts. But 'no' - what is this? "Children's Hour"-type stuff? Just heard this and like it alot as forgotten kinda. See others new again that ol' paperwig coat is Christ-top too. "I wouldn't even be here...welcome mat." Adds one "Islands In The Stream" with Kenny Rogers as JT Tuslin seems working against the water flowing down...the water is in the land but troughed I see.

Days ago I mentioned the sad Wyndham Bel Age Hotel became "The London Hotel" and popped right open over drinks. Dropped by someone sleuth and minor I'd accept you rich needle fins each hand softly went. Touch upon touch and still no softnings be in it as it were. "We build a case" she said but I once agreed to agree.  

Word for the day today Friday: "Murder" grandmother Moon says "no one has the right to say that [about anyone]" - and still. Mine is, and referencing the past incident of such here in Los Angeles and as reported "You drove down the wrong street..." and I point to Poe's "Murder At The [not 'in the' - cleans external gentalia, only] Rue Morgue" the telltale heart and all you should have never been seen there is the point made federal lands. All in all - and none if this your business at-hand - murder is not thinking or just doing to like a robot. Maybe you know.


If you dare, here's a small ".avi" file featuring that porno-type star I liked so much about ten (10) seconds but penis of enter...where there's a will, there's a way. Someone says I'm going to HELL so what. This made - and finally you dumb fucks - with something called "Wondershare DVD Ripper For Mac" (see no link) and though they put words across the screen you see some and well at that (congo theft-mart bitches have the movie vocuole of content or flan of each memory made blammed with foreign pock-word odors and other typestyle format truly be it detente por lum...if you don't let people see the hommage of dung you make mell, they won't care at all - you're the advance baked-goods of one lonely pin-backed beggar with these tea bags of duope shit no one asked for ever - I wouldn't have that she-bit crap to me not ever you remain and so rejoin me but still I'm incredulous you make money taking me down from one estrange to another you seek a duope so get over to it and just be in it the lourger to a finck, the near abso of it or then posi-fleck a dirt wipe). So see. Mac OSX player does well among tighted and cheaps Safari will help too skipping along as well if problem .avi's (Windows' own audio-visual format...why ask whatever works against you) aren't fond of these down then play offline to save fret.

DVD's are like asking someone with gray hair to protect the integrity of each bleach-safe color placed in a hot capsule dome by McDonald's surging a second-floor over lemoges of mall. You ate both dryer sheets with the honey-ranch dressing? It helped you some...that fish fillet nipped it off after hanta was simply shat down to be on the pan-pacific rim where fresh breath is to be made hardly or ever then worn. "What is this shit?" It's real like that - two of them singing from space. Like campers in the ocean - nothing grown for real. All hats about lane, then one bolts it all back off the rear window down to the sides and then see nothing but harchered rims.         

Thanks Tim Weissman! Whomever...Richard's father ? also Crackers for Divine nicely done. "Hey - didn't I feed you to sharks in the Indian Ocean way back?"

"Panic Room" Panic Room (aka "Niggas In The House") starring Jodie Foster a good bet enough...

Why? "Creepshow" - George A. Romero is John Carpenter in the flesh hence his understudies everywhere; "Working Girl" a dumb secretary steals her boss' job and man ? while she skis and is injured...Sigourney Weaver suffers her Melanie Griffith; "Purple Rain" a great concert film about Prince and how he came about...I've been to the "First Avenue" club and recording studio Paisley Park what sets back in a cornfield like it's all in New Jersey my own home. Prince has a woman thrown in a dumpster and although she's usually shot up with heroin and set on fire, we think it's a nod in my direction. We love "sex shooter" by Apollonia (to the moon - get it?) still and imitate the gun draw waving at sides still and while singing...these first-run maybe not.

Did you know that having a boy (or a girl -- ) was much easier than roming it sperm in a centrifuge? Reportedly, a girl is made in seven (7) months only and you thus start off with two (2) months in the bag after interviewing for such jobs. A boy bakes for two (2) months longer or then is about nine (9) months the uterus falls into place and so is a boy. Anything premature is five (5) months or over to that initial seven (7) plus about. The surgeries required are nil. To honor my own sister's birth April 11 and so her, never will a girl emerge after nine (9) months. Never.

Download iTunes Apple iTunes

Last Month Was So Bad I Dare Not Ask To See It Again - So Be It March 2008
Just because some of you exist to make me look bad in front of others, I help supply the information and correctly what is that what is not subject to being corrected or then is correct.

new this month! celebrity homelight! featuring one of the world's greatest chanteuses in scotland, on the moon

thank you cybersocket may 2008
that's a god phone on the wall a 'monograff' my voice out the top, theirs out the bottom but for a small time