Apple iTunes
during one spring break i had my nose done - just like that!
on one other i had my balls fixed...pot did this? why know?
any plans for you? tip: always replace chain guards on bikes
or be else, a fools gold! i'd be sad, alone with you tomb
a broomstick in the spokes? not likely but some to be said
maybe you die in surgery instead...'she died at home, day after'
a bit of juice, disguises, showing no one happened to me

Flip Fin Nuisant Bedfellow Take Care In May 2007 Or Be Finch Be Swallow

Now cherishing the HTML symbol code in exact " " what inserts non-breaking (or no carriage return with) spaces whether you like 'em or not. Firms you all. We continue here in April until household checks clear and I know I can live a little outside the ring - about the 6th or so...a job application to a local video sexshop begs me downwind.

Foreigner "Double Vision" Foreigner - Double Vision - Double Vision from their 1978 LP of the same name as now officially opposing "Hot Blooded" as their number one single purchase at iTunes.

Eagles "Those Shoes" Eagles - The Long Run - Those Shoes a return from link status made offhand. Neil's father got hurt here making the album "The Long Run" released 1979. So? Think of all he stole elseway. Should we redress his crimes (getting to know of yours before you do)? Should we? Write a check to the Doobie Brothers for six (6) songs they gave you Moody Blues. Write me the check to someone else yet. notes our iTunes agreement extended through 31 August 2008. Darn - and what does that mean? Front 242 is below with "Tragedy (For You)"...from the "Tyranny For You" LP (1991)

"She was fer-ROSHUS!"  - dM doing my recurring word-ornate comedy sketch like an evangelist if meaning 'ferocious'...maybe about my mother being helped by others outside and to my hand

noting of course i'm still here to other women awaiting of their day with me mine

Gusgus "Hold You" Gusgus - Forever - Hold You (um, keep yours) from the "Forever" LP (2007). And I quote "Don't shed too much light here. Keep that."

Neil Sedaka "Bad Blood" Neil Sedaka - The Definitive Collection - Bad Blood his duet with Elton John from 1975 album his will have this. What is a "zionist" Vanessa Redgrave? Will not have Jews living with them. "They stink mostly." Zion (zionalism...signing people yours in symbol-tone unuseable to us mostly unusable until made more by me say me, a scion or father done to family is done, a to z no more talk just take what you need leave me alone to pursue ours...the father is remuled to these we make to take as him but removed? no...see my best example "The Musketeer" little French boy you die young and fast at that reel one -- a conjecture again), by the way goes with "Bad Blood" it was suggested me with. Like the "Pink Opaque" below is conjecture until said. To Doug, a "zionist" wants a place for 'huddled' Jews with for living without their bother of. Um, what now? Whatever - we cherish a "golden" or golda Redgrave moment I saw myself to horror of at the Oscars speaking out of line, taking the time, however "all rehearsed...the queen does this" + "it's our speakshow" she says. Hollywood..."they are too mean with complications" she the queen? or speaking furthers privately. Is really Colleen Dewhurst of "Billy Elliot" fame just now on tv me and Chris Ondy on Christmas eve so darling. Don "Trading Places" Ameche is what became of Sedaka who is many embarrassed making music (wanton example: "take the ribbon from your hair | shake it loose like you don't care", my father is that writing I guess). Supposedly my uncle Eddie (Glen Campbell) is who the Elton John connection abused to on tape. No matter, we loved the song and also see Todd Rundgren do "laughter in the rain" but he died oh well. My mother loved him. Is Chris' father who died young (once there always golden "but silently amassing against youth" he says "a chameleon"). No pay too great for old stuff renewed. No slimy works or knowledges here just good stuff. P.S. Nigel Olsson the Elton drummer does the Sedaka vocals with pet moir "for the queen only...we still needed the money that sucked bad."

Brad Pitt's phone number in Illinois do not abuse (mine is: 310-659-7511): 652-9316 ask for "Pearlie" I'll submit. I channeled Brad when said and we limited to three calls normally. Was done here because the video at CNN bored me bad. Quote: "Nobody called, nobody will call" he says. None called. No one called me either yet. Too many bill collectors uncooperative? Change your phone number. Nothing not yours you be able to claim problems for yourself. Learn more, be more. Nobody calls me yet.

What is a "felon" as in felony (fell on knees)? Someone who admits that we, as a firm society of good and take, cannot make them happy in any length. A black mostly is this for saying our weapons of machinery against them is no crime yet, but will be. Admits law is false only - no misunderstanding, threatens with this. No further crime - we decide this and gets you ten (10) plus years in prison for speaking it up this way and in court. After-the-fact we say and book you immediately. God-type work. See ya there. "White people gave everything often settling to be less." - dM  Plus "A black is deity only always always - each one uniquely made. A royal. Does not hurt right." - dM  A deity is made perfect for people. They are deified people, mostly. Why? I cannot complete their humours sufficiently and they are involved heavily with crime-like activities and is largely nice and not abusive - however, I don't lay my good before them as unthinking to me ever not participating. Has reasons always whites petition to. Their minds would anger you for being namesake or left out. I voted deity before world for being each of unique and never unknowing to me. Would have been rubbed out long ago for sheer bother in it still they come. "They do get rubbed out." They get caught speaking alone like you dying of it too. "Ours can be canceled by them, we hate noise too." A deity is not God - it is made to you only. Not normally occurring. Women go nuts as unpaid in this conversation...take your only seat, Bitch.

new album out nin 'year zero' i liked *the greater good-beginning of the end* but refresh your tits
we still don't understand this earlier stuff
'i want to fuck you like an animal' but i don't really thrill to you
i take just this much for's enough
'til i don't think of you ever for the hurt murd of it
p.s. that metal fan a 'beulocrondra' (say 'bella-condra') is a hair heater that stops you from revealing too much in these surgical suites to unwary onlookers
sure, burns your faccle hand to stop it turning rope as buttons are pushed anonymously on the other side of the glass door
so see...'see this smoothen rod up and down next to the spine? heroin do - take it peel it out - under the hip bones too)
in your sweet time, also review massive attack 'protection'...she has her hat full too tracey thorns beautiful
all great art fuck you i went on to see massive's 'angel' too...brilliant dead stuff
some bitch the same one says 'they don't have the money' - so? fuck you cheap bitches i test a business without you and your way home
back to it eat shit bitch

Nine Inch Nails "The Beginning Of The End" Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero - The Beginning of the End as from the new album "Year Zero" (2007) we're starting over it says. Okay. I heard songs initially featuring Marc gone as from.

shara nelson the black is just toni halliday playing mo'nique 'mmm! is that avocado?' who failed the role drinking again a friend yet
nevermind how you win - i'll have that juniper grilled cheese (with jalapeno) after all you did to it 'a homily'...just wear make-up next time
(digress: you can't just not like the gifts-offerings of asians - you better love it all i avoid the plague)
mo'nique (lastly, a vocal teacher at princeton) learned to sing the song to teach me black inflects as i misery her with it
these speak for me only...i was beaten at home and pouty last night i'm sad and indignant too
a walk says 'who are you kidding? asking for something?'
a soul or enduring quality for else without a mind
people labour and normal every day making world as such and although penniless and had in this relative paradise of ours...
i shut the fuck up...or we get to know less of it for having sought else
hey! the james newton-howard score is 'less than zero' undone to me
the clinking of wine glasses threaten thee with marriage yet...
our sympathy for you has no bounds for thee
...we'll help you win it
...neil is the background crawling around sighting the press about it or telling her the words that are hurtful and to appear sing well

Just got People Magazine's annual flach for 2007 - 100 "beautiful" (but somewhat stinks, a euro-type bodily smell-cache) chosen and be noted some of them are fucking gross men in make-up while finger your ass - "You may be beautiful, but that ain't a fuck...hearsay." - dM  God's natural b-beauty can be seen in "Time" a mosaic of bingle hairlips on children of the world - right in your face. "What new, gub-ner." All fake - no one has that like no one has goiter, rickets, paraphernalia, type-a cancers, colo-rectal phenomenance, heart disrary, and uninformed penis. Gay is not your wand? God showed me 'what if you just had shit on your dick?' that's plain let's just try and target the noisemakers and you keep nothing of it new to yourself you laugh you smile you toss it right out the door at earliest convenience. I needed hair, I needed money, I needed my own home without all the bother, and what did I get? Some, some. We don't actually want gay - we want value placed on men's lives fighting, we wanted women and their views discounted for personal trivial trifling add fags here too, we wanted this place fucked up to unseen of rules and bargains we wanted overt-feeling types dead and living, we wanted discord. We want to be asked something. We want you back with whomever made you so shitty. Who is that to me? We wanted those dicks for you, for the ranch hand. Who brought back Ed Norton I asked for Griffith O'Neal. In "People" there are victims - two (2) guys and a gal - "They made me suck dicks." The girl saw it all. "They were white and beautiful" like Matty-Boy those girls weren't so bad after all she required me entirely cotton candy. Thanks least you live (matchgame? nevermind about god-type stuff - you come right over no instant recline). I get tired of sub-zero pallages being shoved my way because you won't take the time but a minute two to defly the fricassee. We work extra hard not be shitty, but for chrissakes gang, no one fights the decline of mercy's choice in the head if I hadda take care of one person I'd die. Make matter. I don't tell you shit to piss you off you know - we need you think better of it. People could respect your feelings as long as you don't get in the way and choose for me you poor bitch! The world is full of shit I wouldn't have ever, but nothing is designed to trick you. All good ! nigger, eat up you poor bitch. Clap that shit right off I got 100 or more of the ugliest bitches ever with what? no bra on (hack-spit!) slags and slags of shit feelings inside me beat me. P.S. Don't say shitty things about eating sperm I do it to kill bitches dead you should shut up. The more they know about me, the less likely it will ever sought of. To cash that bonus check and bounce your ask-it with rubbles down to all wildcats in a flaming asscrack. Save your sperm - you don't obligate me with what you are no tit for tat.

We're sorry if you got hurt. Sometimes I wonder if anyone hurts at all I hurt. You'd hurt pretty bad if people saw what you do. You'd know about hurt. You'd get it up yours. 1) People need to be able to say they got hurt - and bad too. Ever try and sell that shit? 2) They need to mean it and as someone who puts together short ends all time, you'd appreciate me. 3) Everything is unreasonable to me mostly I hurt myself. I hate being hurt and would hurt you for it. I would I'd hurt your ass. "I don't tell people why they hurt" even though I'm almost bursting inside with most of facts and stuff. "That's 'cause someone punched your tit in anger - you think that's funny that tai kwan do?"

Drew Barrymore - sure. You should wait for a reason something compelling. Drew paid $30 grand the others too and in Army money. "You pay, you like it first." Good. We'll take care of her...yes. Review make-up quickly: light foundation on forehead, light in front to dark in back of the hair, dark one cheek with glow the other whiter than forehead blend blend...lips no pencil just a foundation some with lipstick applied then tested with velcro pads cheap made...sees the dark...bits of colour wiped over eyes with outlines naturally dark in front noisy jewelry hoops keep delicate of distance like a lit cigarette.  

Movies at iTunes, even if I'd say? "Stargate" Stargate (et al, if you please) sand dune Tattooine is a real place in heaven with god (also seen in the ultra-creepy "Phantasm"), dirty good fun - like real Jaye 'The Crying Game' Davidson is the alien boy king well done by all; "War Of The Worlds" you'll never be sorry with this one - damned good never lets up; "Cecil B. DeMented" what if a major female studio star as Melanie Griffith came to your end of bumfuck Baltimore? this is what happens to them and nevermore; "Mad Max" what started it all and is best heard - a drink of hot piss after nuclear fallout; "RoboCop" inhuman to think anyone would die like this, but see this dying ever with reversing technologies afoot - very fucking mean film, Disney's "Cinderella" for its one helps that a beggar's banquet of fur and fur one wronged here. These I've seen well...if I didn't see it why would I say I wouldn't. See it anyway. "The Hunt For Red October" sure.


Movie? Miramax's "The Queen" The Queen will do and as reviewed here previously...I ate lunch at McDonald's on Sunset yesterday using credit (so lightning fast to me the swipe prints) #2 meal of two cheeseburgers, large fries, orange drink. Helps me clear up any gastro-intestinal confusions as which - it's a killer. One day, the Arch Card for $15. The queen was getting checks privately for in black billfolds for the death..."can we stage this?" it is said if seem.

this newscard fell out of a magazine in the mail...'people' in-fact..or was it international male? 'time'?
who knows? this train was made real in 1976 in harbourton, ca (a suburb of la) and is now harboured in wisconsin waiting for you again - free burgers and all

Latest ghost sighting: After some fits and stabbing, I'm looking out a window here and this big square piece of bubbling grass lawn comes out from underneath the house next door and is crawling with balls making it look like more was constantly coming to hang on the fence in back of the house as if any compression would hurt and with scissors and knives stabbed all over the top but in regions or blocks. I was huge ! and I hoped it wasn't me as I offered it assistance 'oh, no I'm fine' it humbled. It then went on to tell me later it was a grave robber or something in the early days here and would just hafta to touch a corpse to get its process started "but that was hard enough" it said lying as on-top but trying not to touch at all so would process the body away it said. But back to...

Hi Mekry - just put a dimmer switch from Koontz (great gifts clocks but too many per per slocums per bumping me my ass per) on my Target glow bulbs - success for me and the dead living nearby but blinded. These screens nicer I think than Apple I dunno. Was in Beverly Center today 04/25 for more Clinique soap at Macy's...turns out those Cocteau Twins tapes are here in a box, not in my safe deposit box after all...

koontz has the ulma-new 'rachael ray' microdaddy with vaginal awarenesses built right in
even a tip t'tooth will register you and your emboss-nature worry too locally
no more listening for the last 'pop' per second - you time each bag down on average weight-size
one-touch booger setting eases the chance-pick through daze green snausages
l'amour p'fetit! if vlalo mucund...jourgon (how could you?!?)

Barbara Mandrell "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right" Barbara Mandrell - Ultimate Collection: Barbara Mandrell - (If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want to Be Right from her "Ultimate Collection" 2001 - Terry gives us this from Tavares.

We were talking about tennis champ Jimmy Connors who died flatly in 1976 and wound up going to high school with me and Chris Ondy (Greg Tournquist - hi - and with his manager brother lower) and what then became of Billie Jean King? She became singing sensation Anne Murray, of course. After dying in a plane crash, she halted much 1983 or so.

Janet Jackson "Lonely" Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation 1814 - Lonely from her "Rhythm Nation 1814" LP (1989). Also get "Come Back To Me" her whole catalog is here now.

And if you don't mind, Luther Vandross with Janet "The Best Things In Life Are Free" Luther Vandross - One Night With You The Best of Love, Vol. 2 - The Best Things In Life Are Free  originally from the "Mo' Money" soundtrack 1992.

Cocteau Twins "Whales Tails" Cocteau Twins - Victorialand - Whales Tails - it's their moment again we see, so make it yours too. From the "Victorialand" LP 1986, I still can't believe that I bought into a lavish of albums starting in credibly or similarly 1985 with "Treasure" - purely unreasonable but so seem appear. I have this live locked up yet and still wish for its symbols in tone the end of seems to say me "bring no harm..." and I acquit.

Cocteau Twins "From the Flagstones" Cocteau Twins - The Pink Opaque - From the Flagstones from "The Pink Opaque" LP now new here (1986). This is the record to follow up "Blue Bell Knoll" and make all happy. The whole thing is good. Seek "Pepper-Tree" and "Aikea-Guinea". To me, the Pink Opaque is the angel of death that killed Jews with cold, no breath. "From The Flagstones" says "no, thanks - I can know you from right here in the driveway"...never ask me the nighttime-at-sea haulocaust on the cover is? What Christ saw when he died? A bright light and big voice calling him until spoken at?

"How Do You Know You're A Marxist" By Doug Moon 04/26/07 1858
So, how do you know you're a Marxist for "Karl Marx" no such person or you're about Lenin's son as he was communist and poor? Just (2) two things:
1) Your parents died when you were young - you shoot people dead no matter what and mean it still;
2) You drink milk as fluids only - is black only, really.
No such person - is a studied labor ideology because labor is black and burnt up, usually.
Karl Marx hates communism but is always only black.

If someone asked Doug Moon, he would say communism huddles together and owns nothing separate or privately. Marxism is God versus God's little pets. Will not make people special, but will kill them - a religious doctrine confused with what God thinks - industry versus reward type stuff. No God will speak it says. Marxism is clearly underemployed each day it writes me off.

Across This Great Big World Comes A Great Big Tarmac A Fulsom To Lift 04/22/07 2135
And as all the while still trying is still, dying: Didn't you learn in grade school that the president of our country must be a citizen since birth to a citizen since birth (that is, no emblate checking for simster drugs at hire - one of six litters candlelit in aback, howling after only emit of six in-line to an upside-down mustard-tentoon diaper and besides that proved it to learning), be at-least thirty-six (36) years old at half-natural note plus ten (10) courts more, and not be a woman - ever have. You have to die once too they won't say it I will prove you that prayer breakfast it works with or without you "I'm praying for more bacon, skipping that yogurt cheese product winfle-L7 toot bisexuals-conagra 'porgy amen u shitlist." That Connie Franklin is playing with fire though I cautioned her not to shut up but speak your word flask in bits tome or be flush with it all along Mexico's terra diablo once burned up the false ass squirreling its belfast colon at Hyperion's central shit stamper "Por Viva! Quabe Mecall" - "Round Eye". What gives? That one half-black that survived the desert storms coulda been there by popular evince had the real one not gotten paid at week one and got his digs in already. Blacks have their greystoke dreams met as cheaply as me lying around last week playing with my fat dick to videos of your dead son's hairy ass. Have it your way, Mister Man. I'm still in love with blacks for that rascally blend of backwood Jews..."and I helped burn it all down, Motherfucker...the stink still plays in me." Blacks and women caution me daily that they're really on my side while they snipe each other with their own predilections for top-service at Denny's tableside. "I don't pay for that rubber motherfucker to serve me eggs in her own clothes. I'll fly back that rice from here - you sit." Adds one other "You ate here yesterday and still no son of mine can get through to the table to wait to be with me and you for a minute or two less - can you bend it again but back?" Anyway - stop foolin' - England fucked up by having women fascinate its worth over sexual complications and still I can't get Prince William to stop putting a good face on it all well over ten (10) years ago at lunch no threadbare. That saved your husband's asstoon yet be barely the other stabbed at by Jason Priestley wellworth "ALICE." to come yet with Curve, Cocteau Twins et face like wounds.

Don't be the fool.

Every weekend it gets cold because blind melons pinching tit bombs over the ocean think anyone will care if I tweak instead of make you each a swirling pink fart bag in under your vourling pussy bulge hanged in hat denim ((( phaabst-sst-sst )))). I don't work good sense for you...Fleetwood Mac's "Gold Dust Woman" is about a eighteen year-old woman offered a deathly living by spirit if she agrees not to marry ever...not to admit who she is to others beknown? She passes on this for her half-heaven an evenflow of good timmle in steady times and pot or something no coke. Why now? Chains running along bottoms of spacenuts tighten the ramp up once rolted "The Chain (Saharah)". I pull the flaps on your velcro bra as soon as it gets its list of daily egg and dairy demands back from the meat council in New Delhi, by Iman. "No fingerloins reminisce - eat calcis amin" and the grass gets shorter around the clifts of hair in your nashe bedremember you.

One day I'll remember to hate your ass and to hear no other speak of it. "What if we're all Heaven's children?" The last of 'em should be coming out of that hot-lamped cave in Mexico any time now...Nuevo Again For The Asking. That Molly Fink (Shannon) person is Napoleon Dynamite I couldn't eat that sourlperl a geek dying of being seeded grapes in a bunch of wax lips. Check the tags again not - be free of it once to twice fucks it off. Like sperm slippers at the utology receiving window - caution: pate is hot...since then I've seen buttonwoods at it and be midnight.

Fleetwood Mac "Gold Dust Woman" Fleetwood Mac - Rumours - Gold Dust Woman from 1977's "Rumours" LP...we expire May 2.

proof see proof...the hand of god makes it happen my meth
lewis 'alice in wonderland' carroll of course slays the jabberwocky a walk in the woods is all i'd say
a real spirally blooming lollapalooza yet on film...merchandising at amazon

huh? the composer soundtrack for 'alice.' by chris 'nin' vrenna is already at itunes? Chris Vrenna - American McGee's Alice

the 'wings of steam (remix)' sounds good...produced by t. halliday of curve
of course none of this has to be - plus all but ill-timed
you hang in there, bitch...even when you agree some outland unheard unheeded, i'll still have my own misgivings
none of it made sense for me...sure, fuck that my averages hail right in
i'll be all 'what? no...not for me, befool'
alice should be trapped in dirt at first...the hole and it limbs seen too tight!
no mother will come but cat!


Next to Barney's Beanery now westerly...Palihouse. We here predicted Embassy Suites when no one would say. We still highly recommend Motel 6 in Hollywood on North Whitley always.

In the Summer 2007 edition of "OutTraveler" (yes, we get "Out" in tandem, "Elle" too, somehow, and then its "Elle Decor" for what to think with women at, among others dying of it) page 30 asks Gore Vidal ("no sounding board" he says) "why America is so ignorant about the world?" He says we have "no neighbors" having been labled vulgarians and such by Mexico and-or Canada both. Mind over says we have "no friends" as we bully everyone it is said and that is like my Dad talking in the car - nothing gained as nothing is heard. On the opposite advertising page what is a 'jack' in a deck of cards? A deposed king or prior still working against you still. A queen is no longer alive as is king too. Why not bishop or tread on fears? The 'ace' is the bishop a further thought for them sent out again to make amends with you. A deck of cards is a mausoleum then making amends with you. Currently we get "Time" and "People" too plus "Dwell" (the pre-living again get shorts on it as coming back into the ring) and "Stuff" (who mostly died, and while onstage some) all dying of no class ever those photo'd faces are not glam..."Freshmen" May 2007 so good to me this month...that shooting is not real or humble, but warns airlines of abroad tendencies as others leave us. In the head someone in a dorm room asks a small party to break up over no pay or delivery of stuff there a keg or something new. Someone threatens a shot for it 'just go home' type of thing, someone does shoot something at - but nothing major yet. That hand in a crocodile's mouth on National Discovery was shit too. Their teeth just don't cut it. Junk - and I hated seeing it for real without a shark or tiger. Other magazines include Men's Vogue, Details, Conde Nast Traveler, and Fingerhut.

All hear Rosie's planning a bishop of her own from NYC a Norwegian-type cruise but won't talk to people "every day"...her older brother Nick by six (6) years is John Belushi who died on stage in Vermont actually on ludes, then is James Belushi in makeup, then now this regular guy on tv no makeup further - look for him in baseball hat one of those sitcoms about being at home with the kids-type thing. In one, a little girl fanciful refused to take him to the school dance while the mother looked on. Really weird...the dead in an amalgam (without means) family again. Will this show do well? It's as good as any. "Living Single" reeked of money today dressed up like Dreamgirls - thanks.

We ate dinner at Chin-Chin (ne "Grill") at Sunset Plaza on Friday evening (szechuan dumplings, chicken fried rice, coke...shared some chicken and snow peas for with my rices)...thirty-five twenty-four ($35.24) with fountain cokes galore and tip, drinks and yes, got our free burritos on Monday at Chipotle. My first was chicken with black beans, the second, steak with (remodeled kidney beans as) pinto beans. The best? The last one with white rices and lemon grasses. Thanks again you.

Chin-Chin (same as you, same as me - "whatever you order, I'll have" a Mandarin Chinese ablate or half saying - the whole thing is "chin chin chimon" or say "chin-she-en ee-ah-men") will still not make chicken rolls three (3) of them with plum sauce or chicken paste and candeara (a paprika-ish or other spices) rolled in bread less crust and thus deep fried. Rosie says she makes them do it anyway when catering her. Keep watching "The View" online, she says, and I will too. My cousin Cindy Oravsky (Barbra's daughter...all are real cousins, yes) co-hosts as least famous there, but is heavily madeover and I question her being at all. Was Marilyn Monroe.

Update 04/26/07 waiting for meth, poor-underprivileged people to die, payday is recalculated to be on Tuesday now..."God is a fuck" it helps to squeal let them protect us for a change "when the work is done" you will die feeling alone this is care I guess: Rosie says of her imminent leaving "I never agreed to come anyway. The people on the show act like I'm them and I hate that too. Even your cousin says 'you're here and I'm here - let's make the best of it....' and next year I'll decide all myself as is." With strategy afoot, what makes me mad is never mine. I don't bring people back from the dead to suffer me - not on my dime. Rosie is a big deal - don't make her unhappy her last show was all and had all available to eat no matter what, or, the rest go down the drain completely no matter who's money. Know it. People love your show all sitting around with viewers stupid and informing like that (no one needs smarts - just your feelings on things these days and as spoken) but Rosie attracts Barbara - please - like sand to shit or vomit. Clean that up please I'm kitty litter this prosing shouldn't be. My opinion gets you killed Fay Woo 1987-1989. The best year was 1993...ever you. 

The B-52's celebrate a life of lessons learned with 1980's "Quiche Lorraine" The B-52's - Time Capsule - Quiche Lorraine - originally from the "Wild Planet" LP, but now from 1998's "Time Capsule".

Was listening to PBS (please be still, silent) with Marc in tow last evening - his mother says "does you" or your part - doesn't let you think if thinking is so passe. I enjoyed seeing the queen once having her portrait done and it changed my opinion of her (we've since changed back). The narrator I audited says "we go out, has dinner ready." That's why he likes it. "I pay them, they have dinner ready."

here's that picture of marc from 'people magazine' days back and as james marsden (not)...and with original comment in blach guirder
that 'x' is for chris ondy playing roles beside...this is marc's day hi queen latifah! we watch your new show still "living single"
we can't remember kim coles' character's name to save the life of us...we call her "monroe" still (um, "synclaire" a president's name..."johnson", "washington")

What is a Hybrid? Something a highbrow sees - something seen better by a better someone. Nothing you made. The link to scan in something for you West Hollywood.

Remember, iTunes has free stuff (like an episode? no a video) of the tv show "Grey's Anatomy" - Justin looks good on TV Guide this week, no? - if you're low on sensa. Enjoy some with me. Previews of music videos doesn't work here at all, and the movies taken for free stop and start badly (paying for means better service - why?) We imagine this is carriers noise, but make sure you have a deal first with free. Audio-only works fine.

Today April 14, you had to burn something, eat chicken, and meet someone new for sex. One of Abraham's days. Provides GREAT JOY ever after. That's like every day for me. Madonna signing "promos" right now on LaCienega for out-of-town promoters. Some Japanese restaurant setting there (we got our burritos at Chipotle just now 0953).

Also, went to the Container Store at Century City Mall (um, "Westfield") today Saturday. Busy, is of note and online. All manner of paper boxes, plastic boxes, carts, wire rack holders, etc., etc.

Muse "Starlight" Muse - Black Holes and Revelations - Starlight as from the above list and as from "Black Holes And Revelations" the LP (2006) - heard it, liked it alot. Marc Ondy sings again. Marc is Marc Anthony by the way - his mother was Cleopatra and fed snakes in her bathing day. Julius Caesar's son loved him, but saw nothing but funny ways in him - "a faggot, really." Someone made to be ridiculed. "Ridiculous" Marc says, and that got laughs, not hurt. "A wig worn by me got me killed" he says "with a blade in my ass [cheek beg you]" bled to death on Mount Sinai protesting Jews. "I'm God's" he says.

This too by Gabriel & Dresden called "Dangerous Power" Gabriel & Dresden - Gabriel & Dresden - Dangerous Power from the "Gabriel & Dresden" LP (2006). Neil sings with another Ondy - "not the song, the make of song" we say. Note: Cosmonaut Rob Lowe used to do vocals here - he used to. These are his tapes made new.

just got this wood 'madison swivel office' chair from target via ups
total cost for this jail-made shab was $159.88, all-told bank versus bank
you put it together yourself from boxes shorn
we like a little permanent adhesive from dollars flowing upward
no more borrowing for computer as from the dining set!
if quaker matched colonial in feel

"How Do You Know You're A Communist?" By Doug Moon
Communism to me, is purely about women and their woman-like henches. A woman ensues when we are avalued by each other - neither see any benefit to keeping the other around due to argument and hurts abroad. "You aren't worth anything" she says "and neither are you" - sexually and professionally in that order, it seems. Nothing you have is worth anything, either, it said. No houses we built with you or uniformity stemming from such. How do you know you are a "communist" or raging to start over again (and not just because you have nothing to sell and no food in your belly with fuels are as food, basically)?

1) You use the world's money. No money of your own issued by country-state, you have our dollars and exchange those instead;
1a) No airline flights to or from each others' home;
2) No one owns their own car - and as such yours is borrowed from a bank? No, you leave it at home when not working. That is communist - everybody owns yours too and has their say this way;
3) You grow your own food and pay no one to do this for you. You keep extras too - nobody wants them.

Communist countries are pro-feminist (against women and their views). No man works for this and it showed. There are no communist countries, only people describing as such. Close: Paraguay - no wealth ensues here.

linda thinks communism is 'for the rats' of us
meanwhile, 'she' likes amway she's a link <

Adds here: Female impersonator Charles Pierce who is also Maggie Smith is also Linda Evans, Derek - the whole schmeill. Note that. Did you also know John Forsythe is the asian houseman Kato in the "Pink Panther" movies? No, the stars and stripes are the forty-nine (49) previous and current consciousnesses of God, plus the next one (1) just as true as all others. Eleven (11) is six (6) and five (5) stars by four (4) packs and then one more row of six (6) to round off. I would use x's instead or some holes, a weaving or such potholder. How many red stripes? Seven (7), red to red. For the times of day we have thinking and not thinking. Thinking is white only. Coffee break news meth coffee.

mikhail gurybev, stanley musen manager of, charles pierce et al
he is now a little man, old and benign - i see him on the bus always but say nothing
we saw linda evans while shopping on rodeo drive at the height of her career circa 1986
saw mr. t, courtesy of yahoo! images
no, that is not al bundy in wig - al is charles' son george (schlatter jr. - the elder one charles did 'real people')
no, ron levin left the show early on - was 'steve' and 'couldn't take it anymore' he left altogether with no pay
amanda bearse - charles' daughter in real life - paid for it all with mcdonald's proceeds from her and stevie nicks' farms in illinois
no 'they are not lezzies - just friends' no lezzies at all, i hear
madonna bought in and took over with popularity's sake afold
sarah purcell? lee mendelsohn better known as kate 'we can make it work itself out' jackson
so see...remember charles' best-known movie is 'torch song trilogy'

Aaliyah "More Than A Woman" Aaliyah - Off the Hook - More Than a Woman her one big hit as now from the "Off the Hook" LP (2002) I love this song we've been waiting on here too. Lyric: " (i'll be) more than a woman (repeat)" We noticed Aaliyah eating pizza the other day with friends on Santa Monica Boulevard - say nothing, I got mine. "Strange bitch" says she. "Disheveled." Now, "buy the whole record" she says..."too much to you for nothing said." It'll sell too.

Movies at iTunes? Brian DePalma's "Dressed To Kill"...real good stuff with Michael Caine as the cross-sexual - but very stylish - killer of Angie Dickenson right up front! Michael Caine, absolutely fabulous as Chris Reeve's lover in "Deathtrap", is actually director Brian DePalma of Princeton, New Jersey fame. Actress Nancy Allen - a fave of mine - is his daughter only and Stevie Nicks too. Add it all up.
Dressed to Kill

Jethro Tull "Aqualung" Jethro Tull - The Very Best of Jethro Tull - Aqualung is from their newer release "The Best Of Jethro Tull" LP (2001) we've been waiting of it some. Of the dark dutch periods the 70's (Kansas, Led Zeppelin, etc.)? No - just nice to hear a famous riff. Are we blanked out in tablature for a reason? Given to me by mind over: "Has sold in excess of our standards. To be ignored some by those who author such." Do for you only and as per usual some. We remind of great stuff and show our appreciation to they who look on. Neil's father sings "Aqualung" and was rejected for Moody Blues (you hear this) for being "uptempo" to the queen who said "more like Elton John's noise, but not him so other." Also said "Radio can't have upbeat with wars about" she'd also besay other. "Not of ours to say little of. Blacks, whites, strife only in the USA - or else." England is a death camp of it. Always only ornate to me, this must export or why have? Just saw some film on tv - some girl playing an amateur witch-type like from Scotland or northern territories - high cement fences on both sides of the road - has to petition spirits in the woods to make it to roadside and ostensibly pharmacy as others with fail her and leave rains pouring in all in yellow robes with mud daubed. Spirit comes after much demise and is ready to settle with just a youth, someone broken as they, the spirits seen, are special to death and beyond and for no pay is not seen at all. She gets to the roadside and takes medicine back to her clan in the woods as given her from some boy (probably a hopeful to be with either way? not mine to be seen). Why? To cure someone sick in the clan? To keep from someone new coming in yet, I'd say. They show her the lone girl getting solved in her way, but they take and dispose of medicines for future reference. "We throw it away because it is not as useful as what we now have. Negotiate us again." Adds "We are all spirits here and are damned." Needy types in that arena of faith. Have off. An "aqualung" endures people for their good - "a good listener" is all I have. Other songs? "Living In the Past", "Teacher" I see them on else.

Like sitcoms educate hispanics how to talk and all, movies show me everything I need to know. Don't kid in yourself speak it to me.

"Just Writing For No Reason"? Let You Be The 'Why' Part
04/13/07 0959
How 'bout that weather Southern California (all wind, all cold enough)? Not the cause (if we just lift California, Texas with Mexico less Cabo what stay, and Arizona - through to the nubiles or islands north - into the air with our minds = "tri-arch", and then turn upside down here and there or not as just quickly thought of many bad ideas given a green light here "sure, throw him in the water" why not? insert you here for better or worse) I just listen for an extreme and then put my hand on it and nothing that hard last night. We think ghosts do it to protest something I won't ask. I'm not real, neither are you. What to do with being known for it anyway can't go to the store at-whim they know we spy on you too? I get too hagged to care about any of it as my roommate suggests a pay-for-me study with injections, blood draws, and other shit and with no real health insurance - yeah I'll sell my bit pieces to a medical study on nothing special for upwards of $500 (supposedly, I'd be rejected for class anyway - stamp "rejected" for pomegranates, another shit study, study of shit - similarly, we just got alot of cash (about $850 - and that's real cash, helphaving) for examining my roommate's ass with lepers naturally inclined to them with probos, this last one ridicules me somehow...metallic brain scans, trying nasal-type drips after such-and-such, etc). Where does it end I never mention drugs against me ever but tell the dentist I'm gay as unwittingly as you mention your favorite spread or margarine. After all I've done, blacks just wanna know about the word "nigger" -- and as usual well-spoken by it all. Did you get anything right for you? We both agree then. Ships coming into the great lakes deliver cold to you that's why they call them "frigates" or frigid ever after. Alternate key =  simply bad idea meets a screen of hating the result afterward for you, for me. Simply too cruel, but I hate you here and what to do? Otherwise, make me mad you'll get it in-time. Who are you kidding? I follow bitches around every day contingent upon shitty behaviors and most are just better people  - even better than me. I have nothing but less than me still and you bargain me daily. How's it going?

I show you new technologies (LCD screens, MP3 players) as I get them and understand for myself. Can't have all rat talk - you need extras. Happy Birthday to my sister Leslie April 11 you are thirty-nine (39) and going to Mexico soon no gift yet. "You are going to HELL" someone adds. You are the fool's fool. A fool for it. "Your life is ruined." Yours, nascent.

Ghost sitings: One of late sees this tree-type being out front climbing up a ramp with a great bit of difficulty as moving in, kinda. A few legs, but having a real hard time as others watched. I offered help, but I hafta stand and hold a thought and boy! that's tiring too. You on your own mostly I tried. Every time I look outside at night leafy headresses and pomp honoring someone - who knows? When I get the time I go out and stir the pot around but worry I've hurt someone. Other than, we poison each other daily but just as silently I watch. Other than that, there's this big, bald, black guy in white t-shirt, kinda, who stands on the ground talking to a second floor window to hilarious of result. Every night at that window for some reason.

"Those people are gentle." Me too - but I worry about living this forever because I've been too polite at each stop-light calling for aggression, shears of pure light. You are not me yet. "You are nuts." We strive to keep all but under the lip. I tell you some big deal you watch yours from there. Sorry, otherwise, someone is having their say to me yet. Get it? Someone stupid.

A "caveat" (say "cav-ee-ott" or then corrects as "cah-vet" or carry-all from the above adds "except-mite") is a 'catch-all' or exception to be made. A good word is this.

Elton John "Rocket Man" Elton John - Rocket Man - Rocket Man (I Think It&#39;s Going to Be a Long Long Time) from his latest comp "Rocket Man" LP (2007) we listen to this stuff always so hear it again. Obscures: "Candle In The Wind", "Daniel" - we love these and others mostly.

Stevie Nicks "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Crystal Visions...The Very Best of Stevie Nicks - Stop Draggin&#39; My Heart Around who also has a brand-new comp out too "Crystal Visions...The Very Best Of Stevie Nicks" LP (2007) and with the befallen "Street Angel" LP (1994) now available for your perusal (I have it, yes). Obscures: "If Anyone Falls"...cry for the "Nightbird" (look this up from the "Wild Heart" LP, 1983). We never stop bothering Stevie Nicks, no.

"I never think for other adults as insulting to me. Having to rewind and replay stacks of it up I wait to be asked something, I wait for tears - theirs, mine." - dM


black dot says 'not important to me'
or bullets in
at the very least, is a demon with extra knowledges above your own
a bullet in, a crown of bullets
a demon

key: "syllophant" - floats in a shadow to you, nearly invisible, kills people; "heirophant" - floats to you in the air, seems solid, hurts your view won't let you see anything else a vision (see image); "sycophant" - is heard mostly and follows you around in the head...cannot be seen by others is with you only.

Cabbage is grown from broccoli that has stayed its length. You clip broccoli down from a weeded stick and place the bulbs otherwise known as brussel sprouts (as cooked is collard greens - you get 'collared' for taking these it said) in hot worcestershire sauce to make grow in loose soil (as boiled down in this). This produces cabbage (that stinks upwards and outward only - not real but sprayed? why?) once a year in the soil made you. Cauliflower clipped is the seeded version of this. The whole life cycle is almost a year - three hundred sixteen (316) days...a winterleaf. You've seen this stuff - grows when nothing will grows. A frost-eater.

As Fortuned, The Rules For Studio Life In Hollywood And Are As Follows:
1) Never come late - late means you don't care. Get early in;
2) Show up ready to work - not ready to play. Work is work or having to be bothered at all;
3) We don't pay people to work with us, only for us. Did you take an order to be paid for? No? No pay;
4) Show up ready to do business. Business means someone leaves and has the facts. The facts are sizes and weights only. Have facts to do business;
5) Eat at home, not on sets or in studios. No eating means no play. Eat at home first and later or on breaks in commissaries;
6) Pay is secure every week and is salary. No salary agreed to means some tidbits, but don't bother executives here. We don't pay for play and having to do anyway - that is yours alone. If paid, is a gift or otherwise;
7) Someone bothers to knock - open the door for them always as is time spent loading and unloading to you. Do the same always no matter how rote "It's us again" is them (as caveat use 'no knocking' sign);
8) Studio is sacred for those who know how to do. Introduce studio to no one you might know. Studio is God's hand at work and we don't like bother at all - keep that at home where it belongs, and you belong here;
9) Studio has time limits to force you off - get out soon. Studio is mine and is considered play unless demon at tactics. I have mine - do you? Be technical, or not there. Studio is not recording vocals or at-hand, it is techtron only;
10) Studio has no limits for the rich at-play? Studio is limited to twenty (20) hours a week from here on in. No more, or else you lose in jail or making sense elsewhere. Try it to see.

No more then.

Notes On Our New LCD Monitor 04/09/07 1010
We bought this new LCD ('light carrying diode', I guess, then adds 'liquid crystal display' no - how is that parts? LED is 'light emitting diode' as shine not, but glow - this has flow with liquid not, but is canceling circuit see mine first diode is salt and paste of silicones or corn mash of salt that certainly dries out in time a hydrogen paste no water but is nearly that as presses cleanly, not silica or sand) monitor (the LG L1780U Black-Silver 17") from last month at a total billed cost of two hundred thirty-five dollars and thirty-five cents ($235.35) - you can click on the photo to see details. No fan of either or, we keep the old CRT monitors aside in favor of flat screen technologies what consume more memory (up to seventeen percent 17% more made here) but deliver gold aside with no additional bother. Sure, the picture is great and all (these days ready pixels are expensive and not sent always so pale of), but alot of this stuff is just having the money to buy in if you don't mind disposing of your life every day and I still do the sheer of garbage I keep with me. None of this is really mine, though, so we see all come and stay. Now you too.

"What is the screen character like?" Very, very nice. "LG" stands for "Leehovenhoeg (say "lay-ven-hook") Granwich (say "gran-ich")" of England (glasses and parts) and Phillippines (plastic and nonesuch parts). The smile says "just for us here" not others yet as new technologies being tested on you. "A part of the earth and the world" it says.

Light carrying diode? Sure - a stick of light glass runs from top to bottom (and sideways too, sometimes) and pressure cancels the circuit in the bottom as poked through, usually. Carries light otherwise, and affects no others. Liquid crystal was real in calculators - a circuit closed (or completed) lights up a liquid inside plates only. The part lit up was usually a fragment of digital number already formed in the plates - the top part of the number "5" for example basically a "-" on top with all others staying dark yet or awaiting their circuit to light up. Nothing is digital or living then, really - it just looks and sounds about right.

these boom real big, but see is eBay
these are what we use and by request to know
subwoofer and all
has its own power source and is very nice to hear
my mother had junky speakers in florida and they suck!
these have weight and bother it bad don't be left out
we're audiophiles and all, kinda

Our sound system? An Altec Lansing like so, but not matched exactly ours differing but assemble as so such.

Troubles getting Lewis Red Devil Lye? Click here. We tried Drano for eight or so bucks...that has metal-like particles in it, does not burn skin properly, and makes a strong gas you can't even breathe to me the room. Hold the phone or orders: These dipshits send you a home-bottled version with a red devil face on it - ostensibly buffered and steering you off benefits - instead of what brand ordered and I delay here. These fuckers are women and blacks again having their way with your ass. Liquid Plummer's gonna go to hell with them if they don't get ours back to us. All I ever know is I don't have what I want - that's all you need too and with your fourteen (14) years of chemistry answering to me here. Get it done or I'll be.

Update: Okay - this homemade devil shit's okay you gotta press the stick in I can't remember jack shit about the last time I burnt out the nuts in my spine...the stick needs to be jabbed we're perfecting even as we speak.  The confirming stings make me happy enough a whole tube of black scabs douched up in my ass whatever that is must come down this unis. The girl at the devil's fingerhut told me off for demanding recurses visually...well, hell! Still ain't right the ol' bait and switch...fine point print is here too. You don't sell me anything - you don't answer to or meet my demands. You don't approve me for payment. 

get your free burrito they e-mail on april 16th
you bought one with receipt on the 14th or 15th
their form? tax day is sunday, april 15 remind remind

Linkin Park "What I've Done" Linkin Park - What I&#39;ve Done - Single - What I&#39;ve Done a new single as another good one I watched the video and liked it alot as also available here (although it's not clear but fails routinely saving money I guess). Additionally, my little friend Marc wants you to know he hung himself at his ranch house in Texas in June 1996. Problems with "women types" and heroin mostly - let's just say heroin a known depressant used for stagework so scary and women-type of troubles be nervousness. From my experience, heroin does all the work depleting "coping chemicals" in you what serve to make life desirable to us (supposedly nobody wants to live - I'll bet it's true getting up in the morning that bell and maybe working out stressing a horror of it...I couldn't speak to the dead until I knew it was true...I had it for them those feelings a little too). Very ugly stuff...then he came back and tried to get people down (Neil and I have a son in him - we'll take him for now). "I don't sing the stuff - someone else must do it." No, we watched you do it upstairs and you begged not to. Thanks again for not being a charity of it. His father is gun-toting Tom Selleck as in character? OK! Another as yet "amalgam" family of latecomers or something.

Suicide? "It took me forever to get back" he says of it - "six (6) whole years." I personally don't recommend it and as a murder is no choice anyway. Is that right? Yes, no? Some woman as yet undisclosed said in halcyons "You shouldn't have done that - that's not yours" and as I gaze in my closet last night and see a fresh young back hung low to with dark scratches some (from a fight, it seems). Another gift to me from a young mind prospering me however never such scary. End that to me.

Be that'd run from Jesus if you got him instead...that scary holonym on hot topics 'women', 'faggots', 'england's rose' - who is that? Most would stay the fuck down rather than moisten it here.

Happy Easter! Got my swivel ham, easter lily-baby hydra, and other melodromes...remember to dress like the dead: brown suit, white shirt, u's painted on bottom of eyelids...

Download iTunes

Apple iTunes

Maybe We Can Get 'Em Back To The Starting Line Again If Ignoring That First Practice Lap You Beat Your Own Time Again In March 2007
Someone says this is perfect juncture to leave off, to have it say. Sadly, no - we go on like your heartbeat 'brah-dumph', your madnesses 'qui-ca-hoi!', your kiddings to self and from others if would and to be 'leh leh lem'. You are no one new, symbol for symbol exchanged like hairdressor cards from the beauty salon 'belet wondra'. Says here she "won't shampoo no matter what. You do that at home." I wouldn't wash your hair either...bit of conditioner at the end. People tell you what they won't do these days so you don't even have to ask 'wax', 'fidge'. Add to that all of the crime-stopping 'xansis' and social retrofits 'curly perm tout' and still I can't get someone to kick your ass 'relell'. See you in the next bigger box 'zanforth' if you are not mine or nearly mine 'dachler'. Mine I know of, kinda 'renfrom'.